Has anyone got any beauty advice?
Who is the prettiest? Rank us!?
Which American state has the most beautiful women according to your taste?
why does this happened to me?
What are good websites to get sexy lingerie?
WHICH COLOR do you prefer? {nail polish}?
Seventeen magazine buckle shirt question?
cleanser & face cream help?
K-Swiss Ariakes Start At 6.5 And Not 6?
I want to put this pic on my fb profile, do you think it's too bad?
how can someone get thin really fast?
steam sterilisers in brighton ???
I want to open a small studio that does body waxing. How many of you get waxed?
Should i dye my hair all dark? ( picture )?
[Ladies] Are big quads(thighs) on a guy attractive? (PICS)?
Guys in skinny jeans look hot?
What to wear for a forever 21 interview?
Who is prettier?
which hair straightner is better?
Where can I find this dress?
Girls, why is it ok for guys to have huge nose but its not ok for a girl to have a huge nose?
Who do you think is prettier?
does this sound like a nice outfit?
Do i have what it takes to be a model?
Rate me 1-10 please??? :)?
Do earring backs vary in thickness?
Do strapless bras still have the same support as normal bras?
is my face round or square or what?
How can I look older? I'm 24 years old, but look 18-19.?
How do you put on an associate's hood?
Do u like this name for a girl?
Thoughts on belly button piercings?
Am I ugly??
What to wear with this jacket? Plz help!?
How do you make fake snakebite piercings or lip piercings?
how can i look better?
i have a dark burgundy dress and i got deodorant marks on it how do i get out?
I am opening a beauticians and need a name for it! Any suggestions please xxx?
Do you think that i look ugly?
Can anyone suggest a couple ideas?
what do you think about people that wear mostly A&F and Hollister?Like just judging people on clothing?
How bad does this look?
What in your opinion makes beautiful eyes?
How many hours did you spend at the mall today?
My employer requires women to wear pantyhose even in the summer. What do women feel about that?
Do they look alike or what?! mitch hewer ;)?
What sort of haircut would look good on me?
ladies only?
Does this bra looks like it fits me? Serious answers only please!?
soooo tempted to cheat!!!?
Can I pull this look off?
...How to be a model?
What are the color of your eyes?
Feel so UGLY!?
GUYS: do you like freckles?
Should I get my nose pierced?
I'm on a dating site, but why do some people mail me saying my Photo's look American, even though they aren't?
Middle school cologne?
what country has the hottest men ?
Did you watch fashion rocks?
waht would you rate me 1-10 i know cliche?
does my sister look like carrie underwood?
who's prettier? hilary duff or miley cyrus.?
which girl is prettier?
What are some good websites for women sandals? Sites that also gift wrap.?
which of these skin tones do you like?
what does it mean to have a good complexion?
If I'm a Chicana with dark brow eyes and tan skin, what color should i dye my hair?
What do you think of my looks?
i get bullied alot y?
Are hairy legs a turn off on a guy?
What would the prefect girl/woman look like?
What length skirt should I make my daughter wear to school?
Which DRESS is the best?
Cheap, large cup bras?
What is a "skinny bath" as advertised by spas?
do these two look alike in your opinion?
Do the Bath and Body Works aromatherapy products work?
Modeling questionnnn?
How to stop a strapless bra falling down?
Is it possible to keep your own clothing for a long period of time if you tke good care of it?? How did u kept
Would I look good in this jacket and these pants?
Which looks CUTER?
does my haircut make me look like i'm 10?
Do you think I will be able to be a model?
Does this dress look good on me?
Am I Pretty?!?! *~*PICS*~*?
christmas present?
Would you be able to get a tan?
Does anyone know how to get this?
Are there guys out there that can get almost any woman they want?
What are my best and worst features?
If you could change one thing about you what would it be?
where can i go to buy a swim suit, im a big girl with a small chest so its really hard to find something good?
is my figure (weight) similar to blake lively's?
What type of great dane would suit me?
how much is a snake bite at?
Why do I always wanna look "perfect"?
Can you identify this facebook person's body type, height, weight, etc?
Aren't we sooo hot?!?
Is it okay for guys to wear pink?
Is this dress cute?
What color are my eyes?
Do i look like angelina jolie?
Help me please...?
How are you supposed to clean a letterman jacket's wool outer and leather sleeves without damaging it?
Girls I am excited what undies should I order and why put links up which are sexy and cute girls undies only?
who's PRETTIER **pics included**?
What makes a guy HOT! For the girls and gay guys!?
are these good outfits?
am i pretty? hah everyones asking, so why not?
better with our without?
How old do i look!? pleasee answer?
for puerto ricans with braids?
I Cant get My Belly Button Ring in Help!?
rate me please!!!!!!!!!!?
i am thinking i should go emo i am 11 years old and i am depressed and hate my life?
Complete self-makeover help?
am i hot or not?
is my back to school outfit cool ?
pretty or fake? (pics)?
should i lose weight?(pic)?
when is the miss universe contest taking place this year?
Rate my friend (pic includeed) its a guyy.?
Which picture do you think looks best?
If you were to do a Plastic Surgery... What would you change?
OPINIONS PLZ!!! do you think...?
The Age Old Question: Blonde's or Brunettes?
Who else is sick of people posting pictures on here asking if they are pretty or not?
guys, what is your favorite feature in and/or on a girl?
Can eyebrow pencils work with bushy eyebrows?
which picture should be my facebook picture?
Is she pretty?
Do I have a baby face? [pics]?
Help with this jacket ?
MODELLING: Which pictures should i send off?
What website will teach me how to do pretty designs on my nail?
do you think i could be a model?
Where can I get a custom made portfolio book to store my modeling pics in?
Any Modeling tips or Companys?
what's the best cream..............?
What Face Shape do I Have?
What kind of body is this?
Who has a lazy eye?
ok so to user woodstock where do i know you from?
What ethnicity do I look like?
Guys??and girls who is hotter??? PICTURES (hair) PLease help?? = D?
Would getting a manicure help my nails grow longer? And what other products would?
Any good cheap like hipster/boho online stores?
How old does she look? And is she pretty?
what would you rate me [pic] & what could i do to improve my appearance?
Medieval Total war?
What is my eye color? Blue? Gray? I asked before but only got a few responses, thanks for your time everyone!?
Prefer Guys Only: What do you honestly think of me?
true or false,the most beautiful girls dont wear make up?
Ladies: If a guy told you he had an intrest in women who had holes in their socks, would it bother you?
if u look ugly?
Eyebrow troubles, could someone help?
what color are your eyes??
Mustache wax for men?
can a guy wear a pink tinkerbell hoodie ?
What's the best kind of gootie on a 17yr guy wid spiked hair??
Why Chinese people has small eyes, yellow skin?
for piercings, does anyone think this is a good idea
Piecing ear with stud earring?
Getting Ear Pierced At the top.?
Is this an appropriate dress for a Bat-Mitzvah?
Could I possibly be a model?
Whats your idea of the perfect guy?
What is a color to wear to get someone to take your seriously?
Do i look ugly?????
ourworld players pleaseeeeeeeee?
Which of these men you consider more attractive and sexy and less sexy one?
Shaved or unshaved legs for woman?
What malls in NC have the hot topic clothing store???
Thinking about change in appearance?
At what age do models typically stop modeling?
Do you think My girlfriend is hot?
Why do people always tells me i look Russian/european?
What should I wear with a nude cardigan?
has ne one had there cartilage done at claires?
hey boys: hair color seems more beautiful, blond or red for a girl?
Am I pretty?
why do girls hate on other girls for everything and or so stuck on them selfs?
How to write an absent note to all teacher?
Why do people wear jeans?
Whos prettier? rate both from 1-10?
what piercing would i look good with? (i have 2 accounts)?
How long would you keep nail polish on?
I can't afford pretty clothes?
How can I look like a teenager?
Are these "model like" pictures?
Curly Or Straight? [[pics]]?
halloween is just around the corner?
how to appreciate a girls beauty?
Ladies, when is the first time you ever wore heels?
u wanna rate, haha really bored :)?
what are some good stores to look in for cute women's cold weather clothing?
Cyber Goth Fashion?
why dont i look good with dark eyebrows?
Does anyone know of a website where I can look at pictures of tatoos to get an ideal of what I want?
I think all girls should wear skirts and throw all their pants out the window;[?
tank top? (which one)?
What separates ugly people from beautiful people?
Do you prefer tall or short people?
How can i become desirable to men (Pics) ?
Wrinkles under eyes at age 14?!?
GIRLS: Are muscles attractive on guys?
How do you get along with hyper-critical people?
If my crush said this.......does he not like me then?
LADIES: What do you think of this guy....Attractive?
girls do you think he is cute ?!?
Halloween fast aproaching....?
What do you think of me? on a scale of 1 - 10?
♥♥piercing shops in brisbane♥♥?
Please Rate me (pics - male)?
The Perfect Image?
What is "the perfect man"?
which dress is better for my wedding?
Why do guys sag their jeans?
Would putting this on my eyebrows help them grow in faster?
Whats the name of this girl?
Why do black girls have a different scent ..? (no racism )?
Prettiest Girl in pic?
What do u think of my new haircut???
Is this a modeling scam?
does any one read 17?the art of make up thing how do you get the fingernail polish to drip like that?
Forever 21 Wet Seal or Bebe?
Do you think this is the perfect nose?
How old do I look............?
Is she pretty? What do you think?
What colour braces should i get?
FREE 2 points. EVERYBODY leave a comment...Lets make the longest question with answers ever!?
is it true your beauty increases as you get out of high school?
who are more attractive, blondes or brunettes or red heads?
How do I learn to put curlers in myself! my mom always has to and I would love to be able to do it myself!?
girls/women only. question about shaving?
Whats a good lip gloss container and home made lip gloss?
Has anyone had teeth whitening done with Brite Smile?
I'm 13 and want acrylic nails?
Can anyone sort me an outfit?
Is this woman beautiful / pretty to you?
why cant fat people stop eating?
do u think im ugly? (sorry about repost)?
Looking for small/mini manicure kit...?
describe his looks please?
Can someone please help me?
?'s about nose piercings!!?
What do you think of my body? PICS?
which is the best prom dress? (picture)?
best smelling shampoo & con.?
Isn't this guy really hot?
Why do girls want to be tall?
Feeling Generous and Kind Toward Less Fortunate?
What is a Good Kind of bra for support?
What are some good ear piercings to get that are not boring?
Who is the prettiest of these?
what do you think of suger baby fke tan lotion?
Anyone else addicted to buying beauty care products?
how can i look more like a ghetto cute latina?
If a girl kept herself up very well clothing, grooming, general appearance wise...?
What shoes should I wear with my peacoat?
Do you care about what style or clothes is in or out?
How to be Stylish?
do you think i look fat? (pic)?
whats in style when it comes to make up and hair styles????
Do you think your pretty?
GIRLS ONLY: What is your favorite cologne on a man?
Too early for UGGs? 10 points for best answer!?
so..80 Kcal's burnt in the gym is? how much?? im so confused?
How can you tell your feeling to someone in your class?
Would a nose ring look right on me?
Girls, do you think I look good?
guys please rate me(: (pic included)?
How can I enhance my features?
Girls, do you think this guy is hot?
When you go get your eyebrows done, can you have them reshape them a little bit?
She makes me feel sexy why?
Ladies, do you look good without?
Clinique Pore Minimizer?
drill for acrylic nails?
Where can I find "Bathing Apes" Shoes for Women?
Do you like this dress?
Rate me? (20 characters)?
glamour kills model....,...?
I got a haircut and its too shortt!!!!! any tips on how to make it look longer?
Cosmetics Company Outlet return policy?
Just curious how do I look? ?
How do you get a good 'base' tan?
Why do all my teachers hate me?
HEY! do you think he's UGLY?
Why am i still getting dark rings?
Do you think 44 too old for modeling?
What is the best brand of nail polish?
Should I shave today?
Cow nail stamping plate?
What do you think of these nails?
do they sell jcrew perfume?
does this girl's face look photoshopped?
Which one should I pick as my senior picture for the yearbook?
How to look beautiful all day long?
Who do you think is hotter Jesicca Simpson or Britney Spears?
Do you wear ankle bracelets?
How do you get a stain off of suede shoes?
Any opinions on Arleen's Beauty Academy in Clinton, OK?
Should I Model? (With pics)?
Guy wearing leather pants to class?
How to get this hairstyle? plz help 10 points?
tips on blogging and video blogging?
You know you want it ladies?
Why cant anyone ever guess how old I am?
How long would it take to grow my hair to this length?
Would just like unbiased opinions.?
Makeover fashion ideas?? Help?
Do I look really bad in this picture? Unattractive?
why do fat girls wear bikinis?
Does anyone have pageant help?
Where can I buy a fat suit?
Should I consider becoming a model ?
how cute is this boy?
What should I wear tomorrow at school with this scarf please Help?!!?
Please provide Mary Kay's song lyric.?
which picture should i use as my default.?
Do mail foils go on false nails or real nails?
Which are u attracted to??
Whos cuter/more handsome..?
Do I have what it takes to be a model? (pics)?
Does this look right?
do you like my name(rylie)...... i dont!!!!!!!?
Is this a dimple or what?
Will my 18 gauge helix piercing fit a 16 gauge earring?
Would you have your jaw wired shut if you were guaranteed a 30 lb weightloss?
I want to be a fashion model .. Helpful answers only please?
Would it be trendy to wear a vintage print T-shirt with flared jeans and accessorize with pearls?
should i get a haircut? yes, no.?
What is your perfume? do you always buy the same one or do you change all the time?
Is it possible to say that i'm very good looking ?
Is it normal to feel a bit dizzy after wearing contact lenses for the first time?
what kind of person am (preppy, emo, geeky, etc.) i judging by the clues i give you...please...i need to know?
what are a few modeling companies that are open?
homecoming nail design?
Do my bangs suit me better clipped back or down?
OMG....2011 need new looks?
I realy dont like plastic surgery unless you realy need it!?
how to remove blackheads easily without having to hurt myself or leaving a scar behind?!?
Where Can I purchase Customized tailored Bras for women?
I need makeup/hair/skin/body advice! Who can help me :)
with a blck shirt and white collar,with bage pants and a black belt look good all together?
Should I change my look?
how do i get rid of pimples?
Ladies, which is more important to you: being considered smart or 'hot'?
do you like tall girls or short girls in height.?
Should i buy this coat? Can it be worn for both formal and casual occasions?
Tell me like it is......?
where is a really good website to find prom dresses?
Am I ugly or pretty? Rate 1-10! *Pics*?
What makes shatter nail pollish, "shatter"?
Is she attractive and why or why not?
How do I make my butt longer?
whos prettier? ?????
Am I ugly??? Because I feel it.?
Do I have a chance as a photo model?
what are you like kind parfume?
which couple is cuter? (pics)?
I have gauges and need advice on stretching?
What fragrance do you like that has the greatest difference in top, middle, and base notes?
What do you think of this girl?
If I pluck my mustache would it grow back longer?Or even waxed it?
wha should i wear today?
What colour grade dress should I get?
how long does it take to get certified as a Nail Technician?
What's the least damaging way to get dyed dark brown/black hair to blonde?
Where can I find some hot cougars, any places I could check out?
Girls, do you find me attractive?
Do I look like Taylor Swift?
Girls, do any of you fart even though the 'stereotype' says you shouldn't cos your not a guy?
Clear polish for guys?
How do you know if your ugly?
Do u think my cousin is pretty. i think she is gorgeous (pics)?
what can i say to people who make fun of my skin tone?
What hurts more Brazilian wax or laser hair removal?(women only)?
How old do i look (picture included)?
must haves for a 13 year old girl? girls only plz!!?
What impulse spray smells the hottest?
Ok Ok, I know I am the best looking woman on ?
Arent i stunning ????
girls do you like physically fit guys with 6 pack abs that loves to protect you?
How to get this look?? (PICS INCLUDED)?
What do people really think about people who wear abercrombie?
What are some good names that go with Joanna?
How can i improve my look? (PICTURE INCLUDED)?
In your opinion, how old do I look?
Am I Pretty?
Low self esteem issues? Help, Make up tips?
I'm looking for a perfume named McTaylor. Where can I get it??
Compare these girls please?
Do you think I could model? (pics)?
Should I get my ears double pierced or cartilage?
i like to wear a bras?
Are my measurements okay?
Am I not attractive......?
Keep my hair light brown or dye it dark brown?
Based on appearance, how old do I look?
Do we look alike?
Rate her 1-10???????????
Brits, is Sarah Bush pretty (.url included)?
I'm ugly :( :'( help me!?
Girls: do you prefer square tip nails or rounded tip nails?
how old do you think i look?
Can you use blade less stuff ged rid of underarm hair?
Links to a cute short pink dress under $40?
do u think getting contacts just to change your eye color is stupid?
Am I ugly?
for the guys?
Why does everyone LOVE Ugg boots?
Both my parents have blue eyes, I have green eyes. Why did I miss out?
my eyebrows that bad?*Pics*?
best self tanner?
which girl is the prettiest?
Easy Question! How old were you when...?
Should I try to model?
How can I improve my look without spending alot of money?
Do you think im too big for my dress?
any website where i can get get nice pictures of swag and tails design?
What is the best way to make perfume last longer throughout the day, besides using the matching lotion.?
I'm 5'4 do guys think thats too tall? I do :(?
what do you think of me?
I'm not allowed to wear red anymore?
i want to know what you all wishing for,for your life?
how unattractive is this guy?
Is this girl pretty , or not ?
Do you think I'm pretty?
What do you love about yourself?
where can i find a dress like this? (pic included)?
Is there anyone single who would like to date a black 15 year old female? Let me know.?
air hole bubble in my nails....?
Can you tan with a healing belly button piercing?
can anyone recommend a nice sanitary nail salon near Dearborn Heights MI ?
how pretty is she to you?
What is your sign and why do you like your sign so much?
Wanting to become a plus size model?
How to look better i wanna look prettier?
Where can I get gold eye contacts?
How much would you guess I weigh?
What kind of peircings would I look good with?
Where are some places i can get my nails done that are really good, and are in KC, MO?
What are names of cliques in middle and high school?
am i attractive in your opinion?
Is this Girl Pretty?
Why are ICE CREAM Jackets so expensive?
how do i avoid having pimples at my back?
rate me, and help me pick a picture ? :D?
why do so many people dress so ugly? i don't understand what it's like to dress so bad..?
Citros Essentials Shampoo & Soap?
whats more imporant to you, personallitity or looks?
aren't I beautiful?????
Never want this to happen again - feeling embarresed?
What is a good way to remove a girls mustache ?
Girls, what things do guys do that annoy you?
What do Women look in Men in Indian concept?
I am a brunette. Should i wear a cream white winter hat or a brown one?
Am I Handsome???????
what is the one thing a guy can do to make himself apear more feminine?
Is This Too Mean?
Why can't I look younger?
Do u find this guy Handsome/Attractive?
Do they make chapstick-type hand lotion?
favorite summer look? winter look? (read details)?
why do people...?
Which is a better photo of me?
Can scene hair look good on a tall guy/ Hows my look?
Can you please subscribe to my blog?
Xeryus Rouge 2.4 oz deodorant stick...?
Who's prettier?
is there a different way getting a bigger bust besides breast implants?
Where can i learn how to do make-up for free (or small cost)???
Girls, do u find stubble attractive on guys?
Do I have any shot at modeling?
If beauty is only skin deep, then which layer does it stop at?
only way is essex party, what to wear?
what is a good freebie site!?
How many of you were involved in the bombing of Mumbai?
Do i have green eyes or hazel eyes?
are my EYES boring lol ?
girl stache!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
what do you think about THESE FEET? (PICTURES)?
Could I be a Disney Face Character?
What color would look good on my sister's hair?
what is hoops, from the flava of love, real name?
omg im so bored... wbu?
How old do i look?*pics*.?
Should I take this as a compliment?
what do you say to someone who is only saying you look good to be nice?
Where can i buy "jean paul gaultier le male le trompe fatigue" face balm?
what would you think of me if you saw me in your high school... wat would ur 1st impression be?
Tummy shapers?
Is there such thing as different types of beauty?
~~**What nationaltiy do you think i am?
Ugly? Hideous? Disgusting? Scary?
Is there a way to smooth a bony scalp without surgery?
How can I improve my looks?
Why is it so hard being some one your not!?!?!?
Tanning question..?
My eyebrows look horrible! Pictures?
What can I do to fix this?
Do you agree that its easier for girls to become sexy(10 poiuts)?
What can I improve about myself...?
Which Spelling Of Ellie Looks Prettier?
I'm constantly biting and picking at my nails, how can I stop?
hollister sweater emercency!?
How old do i look???(pic included)?
do you agree tat beaty came from inside????
What bra size should I wear?
.s.which last name sounds better?
Who will win American Idol?
what to do ?
Where can I find the kit for KONAD nail stamping art in HONG KONG?
Any ideas for hairdresser birthday?
whats the differance between emo and goth???
What should i change about me? [[Pic]]!?
my daughter is 5 years n wanna do modelling so pls. tell me how n where to start from esp. in delhi- west?
contact info for a store called VaVaVoom at the Marina Mall in Salmiya, Kuwait?
how does this guy look?
What should i wear this party ?
do I look good with my red hair or would I look better blonde?
what is a good cell phone company?
what are the cons of being in beuty pageants at 13?
Do guys really notice when a girl has her nails and eyebrows done?
What eye colour is suitable for me?
Ladies, why don't women wear button down shirt with jeans just like men do(10 points)?
Guess my age/ethnicities? pictures included?
effective answers for an personality contest?
ive tried the karma sutra and came up with the kamakasi move can u come up with a better one?
What colour of bench jacket should i get?
is she pretty in your opinion? [picture]?
do you think they are a good couple...agian?
What's the best compliment that truly made your day?
Changing a navel ring?
on a scale of 1-10, how much does a cartillage peircing hurt?
Do padded bras make your boobs look bigger?
Is she hot?
Where to buy the Clarisonic Mia2 in Ontario?
Amm i pretty? (pics included) easy 10 points!?
do i look anything like vanessa hudgens???
What nail place in boracay offers full set acrylic nails?
GRADUATION present for this week HELP??
How do i get an irish acent?
do we look fake,flirty,slaggish?
how many senior pics should i order?
What do you think of Chet from the Real World Brooklyn?
i think i look ugly!?
who do you think is prettier? the girl holding the baby, or the blonde girl? PICS TO LOOK AT?
What color are my eyes anyways?!?
are you jelouse...?
Will you buy a perfume that has no alcohol in it?
What kind of dress should I wear to my cheer banquet? Help me!!!?
How to hide a thong-line in a dress?
Can you believe how hairy this guys chest is?
Are these outfits good for a night out in Las Vegas?
what do you boys find attractive?
Is my cousin fat?(Pics)?
Massage therapist shoes?
Is it wrong that I wear an eyeliner and I'm a guy?
What to wear to get his attention?
What would u Rate me?
10 point Sport bra question?
Which girl do you think is prettier? pics inside?
How to make red eye shadow *WITHOUT BUYING IT*?
Ladies, mens nugget rings...yay or nay?
Is this dress nice to wear to a christmas party?
Girls - question about songs?
Glasses change your face shape?
Which is the best form of modelling?
What do you look like?
Has anyone else had a HORRIBLE experience at Jessica Mcclintock stores?
can a 10 year old wear nails?
What Hairstyle Would Look Good On Me?
Bam Margera?
what lotsion works best curel,palmer,or jergens?
What age would you say the person in this picture is?
What do these guys have in common (physical features)?
Piccolo/Flute Section Shirts?
Is a beard an solution for my weak jaw line?
what kind of nose jewelry would look good on me?
People tell me i have wolfy vampire eyes...?
help I need to know if I should invite a boy to my party?
dose anyone know of a nice fairly cheap day spa in the edmonton calgary area?
who is more pleasing to the eye?
Why is that most of the time I get called cute by girls but rarely good looking or handsome?
is this 15 year old good looking?
is it normal to wear girls panties and bras if you are a boy?
Is it about time we had separate men's rooms for "Gents" and "Blokes"?
Which of these photos, if any, would be okay to put up on my myspace?
Does this hair color suit me? Picturessssss?
GUYS: what is the impression you get when you see a girl wearing leggings as pants?
Beauty therapy/salon apprenticeship?
What are some good modeling sites to upload pictures?
Girls only: What can i do to look better?
How do I make myself look taller and more mature?
Wat'cha Think!? (Pics)?
'rate me?' well how do i look?
What kind of sweater should I wear on top of a red t-shirt?
ever wore genuine DRESS shoes for school ? what type and brand ?
Whats the best eye colour to have?
i would like to be a model?
do i look like a girl?
How much would you charge per hour for babysitting 4 kids?
Bra Size help/advice?
Best eyebrow shape for me?
is it ok for guys to wear lots of make up and look pretty?
Is this guy hot or not?
What Race??
even skin color?
Do i look better with bangs or without bangs?
what height do most guys prefer on a girl? 5'0-5'11?
how did all the bad things about girls know frm whr they get information about it?
what kind of girl do you imagine when you hear the name?
What does the perfume Obsession smell like?
Who do you think is prettier?
who is the most sexiest women in the universe?
which one of these two girls is prettier?
Where can you buy a ear piercin device called the Sleeper?
Will my back dimples show more? (photo)?
Can you be pretty but not attractive ?
What can i do to look pretty?
What is a woman blouse?
how can i im press myself for this boy that is so cute but doesnt like me like how can i have him like me?????
How does one become photogenic?
Do girls actually like the Axe body spray or not?
What should my bf wear to prom?
Should I get extensions?
Who are these two girls?
How do you style your hair?
why is it so difficult to find coloured toric contact lenses?
I wear dickies with white undershirt or wife beater and have shaved head. Am I stuck in the 90's?
How Can I get rid Of my "Emo" look?
where can you buy Garnier body and face product in the US?
Who is prettier? Answer please!!?
Does anyone think she PHOTOSHOPS? honestly?
What's the difference between cute, pretty, and sexy?
When is too much chest hair too much?
I hate that my arms look so gross and ugly?
How can I dye my white pants gray?
can a girl???
Soo what would you rate me? 1-10?
Is this girl hot????
Guess my age? =] *20 characters*?
is this a good pic....?
What do you think of my fashion/beauty/lifestyle blog?
How do you remove the bags under your eyes?
Who is better looking and why?: Aaron Eckhart or Eric Bana? Jessica Alba or Scarlett Johansson?
What are words EVERYBODY uses in your town?
where can i get this....?
What can you do to stop breaking out when you wax your eye brows?
Would you consider this guy attractive?
On a scale from 1-10?
Am I dateable?? Guys never seem to bust a move on me!! :(?
is this sweater pretty?
do i look too old for my age?
Do you think a person that gets Hollister Co. XS only is a snobby rich girl and is too thin?
how to persuade my parents to let me be scene?
What r u a girl or a boy?
Self conscious about my looks, am I pretty?
Girls Only?
I heard that it's good to cut down on water a couple of day before a photo shoot?
Girls, what is your favorite scent of cologne on a guy? also Guys, what cologne have you had best luck with?
See my picture. What are your first impressions of me?
im really bored what should i do ?
what do you wear to morp?
Good cheap aftershave? guys or girls.?
HELP(: i need help with color wars(:?
false eyelashes: hot or not?
shave or don't shave down there?
am i pretty ??????????????
If you were my hairdresser and you were giving me a haircut for a date what would you do?
How much does Waxing hurt?
How do I look? Attractive, weird, kind? What would you recommend?
Is juniors size 5 fat?
what do u think of my avatar u can say i look the same?
Who is prettier in this pic?
What is wrong with young girls theses days?
Do you think a beautiful or an average girl can see herself ugly as hell? or Can she be really ugly?
arcylic nails what are infill treatments and why are they necessary?
Alright, how do i stop biting my nails?
Please answer my question:)! is 81f to hot to wear shorts and a sweater?
How can I look like I'm a girl and wear girls underwear?
How does my makeup look?
Shall I change my nose stud after 1 month?
How to grow your nails really fast?
how do i become a model?
What color are my eyes?
are these girls pretty?
why do shirts have a hotizontal button hole for the lowest button when all others are vertical?
Tanning Towels?
Would you say 5"6 is too tall for a girl?
Modeling Question?????
How to get the most $$$ for a never worn leather jacket???
Don't you hate when skinny girls say that they are fat?
what is the best quote you have ever heard?
Pretty? which one is the prettiest?
Do these two girls look similar? How? (pics)?
im not a confident person, but why do boys think im ugly?
how do i look?
What does polyester spandex look like?
Can A guy wear this shoe?
Do I have any worries when I get my first massage and get an erection when I am on my back?
In YOUR opinion, what makes a person beautiful? What is beauty?
How old do you think that I look?
haircut help!? want to get it like enrique iglesias?
Whats the special homemade perfume Serena Van der Woodsen uses?
How can one girl tell me I'm a 5/10 (ugly) and one tells me I'm really hot (10/10) ?
is it true that tall blonde women don't age well?
Family picture color combo help please?
Are there great sales on Jan 1st?
Are My Eyebrows Too Dark For My Haircolor?
Should I get new bras?
what do you think is the right age to date?
What should you do about a serious question but....?
PLEASE help. What do you call this haircut?
are these skirts pretty for school?
i am 23 and i am joining my new job.and i want to change my look . Please help me out.?
advice for a friend about a guy?
What do you honestly think of Cathie Jung's 15 inch waist?
Tanning for senior ball? Mystic Tan?
Am I good looking and where do you think im from?
Your favourite perfumes?
what will i look like with braces?
Girls rate me!? Thanks..?
Which one of these two guys will get your attention at a swim meet ?
can everyone be a beauty therapist?
Is this corset too much?.?
Where can I find Revlon limited edition 'The spy who loved me' nail varnish?
what matches with orange, black, and white shorts?
are they that shallow?
Do a lot of girls wonder if the guy they're dating is the one they might spend the rest of their life with?
A couple beauty questions?
Why are girls so annoying?
Guys, be honest: Am I pretty?
i feel sooo ugly please help?
Do you think Im ugly, if so what should I change?
what cn i do to make myself look better?
do you think this is weird to wear?
What are some good nationwide beauty salons where you can go in and look like a celebrity?
Why am I cursed with always being the prettiest girl in the room?
How can I make my crush notice and like me?
which color on a car do you like better: white or black?
how old do i look? :)?
What color should my girlfriend paint her fingernails?
why do i always feel like this?
Which girl is the prettiest?
What to wear at Dave n Busters?
Who do You Think is fitter, Katie Price or Pamela Anderson ?
are all gurls like this? give me an opinion!?
Short girls. Yay or nay?
I'm hopeless.I can not control myself from eating snacks.I'm hungry all the time?
Are you satisfied with your looks?
changing my name - not sure yet?
which PICTURE looks the best!!!?
Rate me? Could I be a model?
Is there a way to make my lips look less red?
Fashion designing my theme is hippies and i have to draw coustume sketches on this theme,its my first theme? h?
About how old do we look??? Thank you! ?
What style should I make my hair?
what do you wear to morp?
So why do people think i am a geek/nerd/dork/loser?
I look like Butterbean?
Do these yoga pants make me look fat? Pics included?
Racist designers only make clothes for certain races .which ones do you konw?
is there any kind of stuff that u use to remove acne .. i tried many but it none really worked?
Would you wear this jacket?
i need a cute costume for halloween im a teen and i need and idea fast?
Do you consider yourself pretty? Or in a guy's case, handsome?
Help i neeeed Help plz read abt my face as whether to use glycerine or not if yes then how???
Hollister Interview Attire?
how do you measure your nails for false finger nails ?
how old do i look?(pics)?
do you think i could pull off a nose ring?
very easy competition for 10 points! hurry?
People who have or have had clip on extensions !!!!!?
Is it just me or is this model way to skinny?
Bath & body works sale?
Is my boss out of order telling me to change my clothes? (pic)?
Do I look like "model type"?
Female Opinion Please, How would you rate my body? (pic included)?
Should I wear these boots to college classes?
iv had my bellt botton pierced for about 3 weeks now but it still is red and puffy is it normal or is it infec
I want to try a new look?
How old do i look?- project (pic inside)?
Tragus piercing healing?
how difficult is it to become a glamour modle?
How do you think a guy would look in this jacket?
I'm allerigic to the new herbal essences?
What uk clothes size does this female look, she is 5ft6?
Haircut/colour ideas?
Where to get body to body massage in london?
What are the signature looks of different fashion retailers?
I am a girl with really broad shoulders. What can I do about this?
whats your ideal dress size?
what do you look for?
Who's the prettiest?
Gucci or hugo boss for perfume?
what to wear to a party in the winter?
could i do modeling?
I wore my converse shoes out and now I'm looking for something a little different?
I know this sounds weird, but is it possible...tan?
My two sisters and I are redecorating our room. If you have a cool room please email us a picture.?
Ladies: Do you find this guy attractive?
do you think am i pretty?
Rate me please?!? (1-10) (pic) ?
How to rock pajamas to school tomorrow?
looking for Natural remedy relaxing bath salts, was sold at Target, can't find?
Please help, this is really important.?
What do you think about me and my boyfriend hot or not? :)?
do me and my friend look alike?(pics)?
does the Aerie Emma push up bra run small?
Are females supposed to shave their chests?
Ladies,do you like dark colors on guys or bright colors on guys and why?
Do I look like Ariel from the little mermaid?
Which girl in your opinion is prettier?
girls does this guy's abs look okay?
how do i get abs instead of this stomach ( pic )?
A Little Help Would be very Appreciated?
am i pretty? depressed , plz help?
How Old Do You Think I Look?
girls/guys, which do u prefer on a girl?
What outfits should I wear?
What hair color do you think would look good on me? (no pic, sorry!)?
why r u all jealous with SriLankan cricket team ????????congratulate Mahela Jayawardena...?
I am going to my Family Reunion in Mississippi, it will be about 90-100 degrees..What to wear to Banquet??
looking for a cream called Youthful Secrets Instant Face Lift, by SETA?
French nails without nail glue?
Does this look okay? (Fashion advice) Preferably girls))?
How many guys like long fake (acrylic/gel/silk) nails on a chick?
can anybody tell me who is this guy?
What is one thing that makes you beautiful?
Men on Runway?
How can I get a copy of yesterday's news story from CNN about "Secrets to Supermodel Perfection" emailed to me
im sooo pretty and popular and rich. what should i do?
Why men like looking satin push up bras and corset and what make men excited? Men love cleaveage!?
How can you make your school uniform look nice?
whos the hottest girl on answers? O.o?
What are My Best Features ? PICTURE inside?
Why do bubbles form when you paint your nails?
Do you think I'm okay looking?
does hair really need to be 1/4in long to be able to wax it?
That you I wear glasses Do I look beautiful appearance in front of the girl who wears glasses?
Sweet or Edgy look? pics included?
GOING to Puerto Rico and I hate my BODY?
should he grow a goatie yes or no?
is a guy who is 210 pounds and 6 feet tall with blue eyes and long blonde hair good lookin?
Do you think she's pretty (I'm not a sicko, I just want to know what you think)?
Rate my brother 1-10 ?
Am I Ugly? Please Say If I am or Not?
Could I be a model?
How old do I look, in your opinion...?
OK. what do you think of this tattoo ?
What is your perfect Man !?
why is when a girl likes a guy she don't tell him..????
Do I look good? (pics included)? you consider Britney Spears "FAT" now??
am i fat/thin/average????
How do I stop myself Mumbling, My friends always complain they can't understand me?
Do I have awkwardly shaped legs?
Do I look better blonde or brunette?
please rate me? (looks/face and body)?
How fat is FAT?
Do you like the swim suit I bought?!?!?!?
what color should i paint my nails ?
How will I know the expiration date of a sunblock lotion when there's no specified date printed on it?
why do you look like that?
why does Madonna have to adopt so many babies?
Weird Question, i know but my friend is really emberessed to ask.?
Which picture do you like better?
in this pic, do you think im Ugly?
does garlic really works to make ur nailz grow. ?
Would I look bad with a septum ring?
my boyfriend want to go abroad,he ask permission with me, but i dont like is this the right thing to do?
Shower before stretching ears to bigger gauge size?
Am I a pear or hourglass?
do acrylic piercings show up on X-rays?
Would you rather have ugly hair and nice clothes or nice hair and ugly clothes?
when wearing a bikini... are you suppose to wear underwear too?
can anybody tell me what kind of jacket this is?
What's my eye shape?
What would you give for a caption for this photo?
how pretty do you think I am?
Do girls like their guys to have a fruity smell?
How does this look? help pleaseeee?
Who likes my avatar's new hat?
I don't wanna wear a dress to prom?
What is your daily routine for the night before the first day of school (8th grade) and the 1st day of school?
On a scale of 1-10 ?
Which girl is more attractive? Anyone can answer.?
what do you think of me?
Any tips to stay beautiful?
ladies...very important poll.....?
women : chocolates or roses ?
I am a 18 years old girl with kinda dusky complexion.can u let me know what colour clothes should i wear?
Black vs brown hair, which do you like better?
POLL: Which girl is prettier(PICS)?
How can I pull off an empire waist dress?
Fashion advice? I don't want to spend more money on stuff?
Weary of lowered ebay priced perfume?
Where can i get a portable mini sunbed like the girl on wildchild?
What is working at aeropostale like?
Help girlss please clarify this!!!?
Is it just my glasses that make me look geeky?
how do i quit biting my nails? i've already tried, the yuky stuff u apply.?
I absolutely HATE having freckles...?
Question for the pretty ladies?
Any tips to look attractive..... Any help welcome.?
I'm a 24 year old woman and I'm starting to get facial hair! Help!?
What makes me look older! PICTURES!!!?
16 years old. Can be a model? Picture included?
Who do you think is the most beautiful woman in the world (currently alive)?
How do people feel about home hair care service?
Looks arent everything but.....?
Am I cute ... Why I never had a boyfriend?
just curious hope you can help in Height?
who do you think would make a better couple?vannessa hudgens & zach effron or ashley tisdale & zach effron?
i wanna get a boobjob!?
Why do girls my age dress like this?
Is this a good photo of me?
Can you help me with some tips to dress an apple shapped woman?
HELP(: i need help with color wars(:?
can some one check out my pic?
i need a makeover...ideas?
What would you ....Please answer?
How much would it be to replace a 1/3 princess cut diamond in engagement ring?
how many days before prom should i wax my eyebrows?
What are some mod-inspired styles?
am i ugly?
Do you think im pretty? What could i improve on? PIC?
Hey Does anyone have any good hair style ideas?
ages 13 through 21 please?
Do you think this girl is pretty?
Why do guys my age not like me?
Do you think angel bites would suit me?
Make Up. Can it make you Ugly/Pretty?
my friends hate me for beeing emo but other people i know dont mind?
Girls ONLY!!! is this guy hot or NOT?
How old do I look??? (pics)?
How to look "pretty"/ approachable?
What piercings look good on a guy?
Hey girls, which one of these 5 ugly guys look best?
Girls Like Hot or Intelligence?
im proud to be pale, why arent you?
Do you like this dress? (picture included)?
Toms owners help please?!!!?
What is ur favorte find of sweet?
can i wear this to school? *pic?
did anyone go to NYC in st louis???
.s!.Which name sounds best...?
Does any one know the name of this girl?
If I wear a 7 in women's shoe, can I wear a girls shoe 6.5?
is a 32 b bra size considered small?
Much Of A Differance Over A Year?? (Pics)?
Do i look good in this photo?
homecoming dress? thanks(: pictures.?
Which of these 2 outfits should i wear tommorow?
If i changed clothes with you, what would I be wearing?
Which picture should be my default on facebook?
honestly, what do you think of me ?
do u think i could be a model?
confirmation what to wear?
What is an affordable, long lasting perfume?
What color are your eyes?
How many pieces come in a pack o sallys extensions?
hottest actress?
Do you think this set is ok?
If I only wear the acrylic nails for two weeks, will my natural nails be really damaged?
Has anyone tried "Anatomicals Eye Gel"?
Do you think pregnant women look hot in a bikini ?
Am I pretty?? Tell the truth I really don't care, pictures included :] s.?
Im trying to find website for bermuda bay clothing. Any help please?
Who is the prettiest? (pic included)?
Does my hair look better before or afterwards? (pic)?
Where can I get a modeling job?
Urgent. really important questions. please
If I wore this dress with these accsesories would I look like a zombie prom queen?
Is my ears going to get infected?
Am i really that fat and ugly?
Calling any Virgin Vie consultants!!?
Hey Singapore,what is your opinion about temporary tattoo and which is better, real or
Hey girls, how do you wax your eyebrows? Where do you get the stuff to do it at? What's the easiest way?