helppp me pleaseee!!!?
Would you rather be Sexy or Beautiful?
Am I really that hideous?
haircut time?
bf wants me to shave "down there" ....?
Weight problem, please help?
I need peoples opinion of my looks because I think I am ugly.?
How do you know what you look like?
which is better for birthday gifts?
Which of these 3 girls do you think is pretty?
Nail people help please?
do girls like guys with nose piercings?
Are people who constantly ask if they're nice looking or not insecure or just vain?
How can my nails grow in 2 weeks?
Do these 3 things work?? Look at details..?
Can some one help me please I need advice into getting a girlfriend?
do futons fit 2 people or just 1?
When handing out a cv for jobs what do you say?
Salon Bronze Airbrush tan?
A girl I used to be good friends with has moved to a bigger city and changed alot.?
What face shape do I have?
im 14 and weigh 9st 2 pounds i want my weight to be 8st 5 pounds has anybodt got a diet pln i can follow?
Has anyone any tips on how to get rid of suitcases, sorry I mean bags (!!) under my eyes. I've tried ice,?
I'd just like to say, ladies?
Too sexy for a wedding?
ordering clothes from forever 21 confused?
Please rate my looks!!! PRETTY PLEASE!! Thanks.?
How to get more Blog Views - Beauty, Fashion and News Blog?
RATE her looks out of of 10!?!?
im not a confident person, but why do boys think im ugly?
Am I spoiled?
Should girls wear more makeup than clothes?
Can you guess my ethnicity?
Ugly or Just Ugly ? Updated with picture?
I look so good in the mirror, so why then do I come out looking so ugly in photos??
how do i remove my acrylic nails?
preppy people hot or not?
Why are jeans so popular?
I have eye bags....and I look kinda miserable?
How can I make myself stand out?
A woman who likes a neatly trimmed mustache on thier guy is my kinda girl,are you one who does?
Are vneck sweaters..?
How much do cosmetologists have to pay for their station?
What the rings which men and women prefer these days for an engagement?
are artifical nails bad for nails?
how can we rub permenent ink from our clothes????
which girl is prettier? (pic!)?
Is this the same person? Pics included.?
How do I get-started with a girl?
Judge My looks.....plz.?
how i m looking in that pic?........?
HEY, i am an under confident girl of 13 and i want your opinion?
how can one stop hairfall?i really had very beautiful curls which due 2 my own callous attitude got damaged .?
Whats your best flammable liquid?
Hi! which of those profile pics should i choose? 10 points :)?
Does a mans hair mean anything to a woman when dating?
I hate looking young, Suggestions?
Would you date me? *pic included*?
Do you think my sister should model?(pics)?
What colours of pants/jeans would go well with oakwood colour shoes?
Is it possible to say that i'm very good looking ?
Really Insecure! Please help!?
How to look like Taylor Swift?
Why are you people up so late? It's 2:51 in the morning!!?
GIRLZ ONLY!!! What did you look like at 13?
Which hair color do you like best? (PICS)!!!?
Acrylic nail question, can I paint new polish over them?
How can I conform to today's mainstream culture?
Which one do you like the best? (Pictures included)?
Which dress do you like best?
where do i go on the net to find some great airbrushed nails designs in a wide variety?
Did Edward Cullen wear eye-liner?
Girly Advice Only! Need Advice! Please Help?
does anyone any brand of contact lenses that you could keep on for the longest time?
Do I look crazy or weird in this picture?
how much do i look like i weigh? (pic)?
About how old do I look?
who is the prettiest?
what are you like kind parfume?
from high school dance?
do u think i'm hot from the description?
Girls am i too muscular?? (Honest Opinions please) pics and vid?
Is My Cousin Pretty?
Does it mean you are attractive if a random man comes up to you and hits on you?
Does sitting infront of the computer for Long periods of time make you LoOk Bad?
need help with dress?
Petite Women?
World Book Day Idea's?
I plan on getting my penis pierced-- thoughts ?
What color do you like best? Pics!?
Rate 1-10? How could I improve my looks? TELL HONESTLY?
why can't we pick our own shoes for our avatar?
Dress-up suggestions plz?! ^_~?
Do you think it's safe to let a friend do this to your hair?
Will? Help me pleaseee?
I feel so ugly [Pic]?
Do you think she is pretty?
Can't find a bra that fits?
I've had the same haircut for a long time. Can anyone suggest some styles?
Do you think this girl is pretty?
Am I pretty? Be honest! (picture)?
How to make my boobs look bigger?
What do I do to fix this?
what can i do to make myself look prettier?
Do you think im pretty?
What are emos?
how does Gigi Microwaveable Tweeze less Wax Face Upper Lip work?
i really need help with a sweat problem?
Why should this girl in my P.E class get to wear her earrings during P.E?
What should I do for a surprise party?
What are earlobes and cartilages?????
what are a good variety of browns?
What colour clothing should I wear with a black and white bag?
What size would you say my lips are?
feet sweat with boots and dress shoes?
Can you tell me if im pretty and how i can improve myself please?
whats the worst complinent youve ever recieved?
What age could/should wear this dress?
What's the shape of my face? 10 points?
I love the smell of cardamom. How can I make a cardamom perfume?
Am i good at doing somewhat scary make up?
Best way to remove Acrylic Nails?
Little girls and the way they dress?
What makes a girl pretty?
Glamour modeling in america??! please help?
ONJLY GIRLS,Which pic is better?
Portfolio ideas?
Are you a girly girl...or a tomboy like me?
Do girls find Gingers attractive?
do u think hes hot? what do u think of him?
What can I wear with a tuxedo jacket?
What is the best firming cream/lotion I can use on my breast?
Should I get my ears pierced again?
i wanna wax my eyebrows but im scared does it hurt? *it will b my 1st time*?
which name do you like better?
first date beauty preparation tips?
what is a good nail polish clolour is natural colous, colours bright colours...???
chicken fillets?
where is a free chat room?
Is there software that you can upload your "clothes" to?
Are my eyelashes long? What would you say they are? (pics)?
Do you get tired of this too?
I need a style. Or attire of sorts?
What beauty product is relatively unknown, but you absolutely love it?
why i am so sexy?discribe in me please i am 2day so hot and heavy...?
GIRLS: Why do you always make that kissy face in pictures?
Please Answer My Questions!?
want to help me be lazy for a day?
What is a good gift for a guy friend?
How can i quit biting my nails?
What are these painful acnes on my butt?
how can u make not hurt as much wen u pluck your eyebrows?
Are you happy with your life at the moment?
Looking into modeling....?
Campho Phinique. Can i only get this in the U.S.?
Whos prettiest?? pics..?
Does the perfume Aquolina Pink Sugar have a website?
does being short make me look younger?[pics]?
Is my friend pretty?
If you could afford it, would you have plastic surgery?
Dear smart friends, I need some serious help with my look!?
So i bought this long sleeve dress?
What are the exact color of this contacts ?
Does my body look okay?
How much do you think I weigh? Closest answer gets 10 points?
do girls like a 6ft teen?
Tragus piercing aftercare?
Why are my nails having a yellowish tint?
Where to find a short hot pink dress?
marilyn monroe or paris hilton?
Girls, what do you think? Too many girls for one guy?
how old do i look?
How had you made makeover of a BUNDELKHANDI woman in a drama?
Does this picture look better in color or in black & white?
Everyones doing it on here?
So... What do u think?
WRINKLES and FROWNS....??? General Beauty help... please help!!!!?
Should I shave my legs for the summer?
How can I be gorgeous?
Favourite clothing brand?
Shoe problem lol?
MEN - Do You Find Bigger Girls Or Thinner Girls Attractive?
which girls pulls of purple hair better?
Which girl do u find prettier?
is my friend ugly?
Favorite color?
Ladies -- Shaver or epilator ?? which one is better and why?
Are there any good African American Beauty Supply Stores in LA?
Which youtube username should I use?
My toe nails gone all wierd?
Girls, do you consider yourself chubby? I think girls that are a little chubby are so attractive?
where can i find inexpensive leg warmers/spandex?
What shape face do I have?
Strapless Blue Dress?
do we look alike? pics?
John Mayer is in love with me! Help?
how many tattoos does zayn malik have and what do they mean?
How much do you think she weighs?
What is wrong with my eyes???
Am i a strong enough 14 year old?
How do I convince my parents for me to get a belly ring?
what do you think of her without makeup? what nationality does she look?
How can I stop envying girls I think who are prettier then me?
Is it bad for a guy to have a wide nose while pursueing modeling?
what race of girls are the prettiest?
RATE ME! am i goodlooking??(pics)?
(pics) Why do I weigh so much more than I look?
what is the first thing that comes to your mind when you see this pic?
Am I pretty or not, just wondering, please be honest. :)?
i want a radiant,glowing,fresh,clear and healthyskin?
How do you use tape to make your breasts look larger and close together?
what is.....?
A fashion blog that as its header has a black and white photo of a girl from behind.?
What should I wear to my job interview?
am i fat or to skinny?
What is ur favourite Fragnance?
how can I look less ugly?
How Do I Look (With Picture)?
What emotions, values, and beliefs is this Rihanna ad portraying?
Has anyone ever heard of using a vacuum hose to plump your lips?
"pimp/cool" three colour combinations?
how to look hot?
I'm really insecure about my looks?
can i put a green tea bag in my pedicure bath?
do you like these? PIC?
Why should a dude even pay attention to what his girlfriend says if he is extremely handsome like me?
Do any women find corsets sexy or is it just men?
Green eyes or blue? What do you prefer?
what is the best scent of perfume line?
super glue vs nail glue?
What's the difference between Giorgio Armani and Armani Exchange?
What the heck is so attractive about Jessica Alba?
Does anybody know any good modeling agencies for babies?
Figured I would go USUAL for my last one......."What are your opinions on how I look?"?
10 Easy points(: appearance question ?
Belly button piercing? help!?
what colours suit pale cool complexions?
How do i get rid of this problem?
Rate This girl in Picture below...?
What Hapened To Individuality?
i want to start getting waxed hate shaving, is this a good idea?
There are ways to grow taller, but are there ways to get shorter?
Sephora beauty insider card question?
What picture looks best out of these?
new look...?
what is your favorite eye color on a guy?
Am I Pretty or Ugly? I put this on the end because it says I need 20 characters?
Why is it so sexy when women wear capri pants and open toed shoes?
what does a epidural feel like && does it hurt ?
want to pierce bellybutton, but i have a question?
What to wear PLEASE help!?
What's your favorite cologne, or perfume?
How awkwardly big are my glasses? (pic)?
grapefruit/ lemonade/ pink lemonade perfume help?
Wheres a good place to have my pubes shaped?
Does this girl look like a W*ORE?
What has happen to Love?
Have You Ever Been Told You Look Like A Celebrity?
How old do i look?
Body Image? Do I have a good or bad body? What can get better? Be harsh.?
What's the name of this model ?
which of the girls is the prettiest?
Hairdressing trail? help?
Who is prettier out of this 4?
Rate me on a scale of 1-10?
Swimwear with a high sheer rating...?
warm or cool skin tone????????
Is a 21 inch waist small enough?
What do you think?
Where can I find this dress?
Which pair of glasses (pics)?
Did i damage my nails?!?
Do you think 44 too old for modeling?
who else here thinks that Pink Passion perfume by Lee Stafford smells really yummy and delicious?
Men and women: what were the last beauty products you used?
am i ugly please tell the truth?
Should I use strawberry blonde hair color, or neutral blonde for the desired result (strawberry blonde)?
Who wants to have corsets back in fashion, say "I"!?
whos prettier..?
Do I look fat to you?
any tips on plucking your eyebrows?
Would I look good in this jacket and these pants?
What do Tyra Banks And Paris Hilton both have in common?
Rate me please.Easy points!?
How to hem bootcut or flared jeans nicely?
Do you think i have potential to be a model?
Can you make your own bubble bath?
Do you think it is wrong for a preacher's wife to wear a swimsuit?
look!! please!!?
Is she pretty?
What do you think when you see this girl? (she's my friend)?
What does it mean to have a thick skin growing underneath the tip of your nails?
Is She Pretty, Hott, Sexy, Ugly, Cute, !!!!!!???????
can i or not?
How to bring punk style to my school uniform?
Everyone, do you think this person is pretty?
how would you describe yourself?
i know this sounds stupid, but is your thumb a finger?
Can eyebrow piercings migrate after eight months?
Rate me out of 10 please?
what is the most you've ever spent on lingerie?
SHOULD I GET A NOSE JOB?? (theres a picture)?
How to regrow hair fast whether naturaly or not?
What's your morning routine? How can I improve mine?
Too ugly for girls, thinking about giving up entirely?
How can i improve my looks? (pictures)?
Are these women considered dark skin to you?
Is this a flattering photo? Y or N?
how do i tell a girl that the whole world can see her thong?
Would I look good with a lip ring? (pictureee)?
What Nationallity Do I Look??
How old would you say I look?
whats another name for smoking weed.?
Which girl is prettiest to you?
why am i so ugly please?
what would u change in me?(pic included)
I have a picture of a sexy jeans. It has string wrap opennings of both sides of bum.?
is it ok for a man to get a facial?
Am I pretty at all, I feel so ugly it's not even funny?
Would I look better with slightly darker hairr?
Girls: How do I look?
how come you girls ,,,,?
What things do you girls look for in a guy? o_O?
What should I wear to the batting cages?
Please let me know has any one? Tried/bought the nulase laser or zeno or clarisonic?
How do Hazel eyes change color?
Who's prettier in your opinion?
are braces hot????????????????
Do girls find a pierced ear attractive???
What is the slang term for a tattoo on a woman's lower back?
What color Braces???
How can I look and act older?
Which haircut would I look nice with?
What do i do? PLZ HELP?
how do i make myself cry ?
Want to book a chest wax for my hubby but he is petrified. What exactly happens?
do my eyebrows look horrible?
Am I chubby?????????
give me your opinion about my look ok? thanks?
Does anyone know of or heard about Kade Merab?
Can you tell me how i wash whites? Please im 13 :)?
What Should I Wear To The Wedding?
Which hair color suits me best?
i want to be popular wat can ido?
Weird hairline ...some suggestion please?
Puzzle ring...............................?
If I only wear the acrylic nails for two weeks, will my natural nails be really damaged?
In Homestuck troll cosplay do people gray their arms, hands, ect?
Do i look.......(pics!)?
Does my smile make me look younger?
Only girls awnser what do you think makes a guy hot?
Why do people all ways make fun of people?
eye brows HELP ME!?
Question for models plz?
how do you feel about the baby name. . .?
Is a 28 waist size big or average in my case?
What would u rate me?
sun tanned!!!!!?
why do girls always hate on my boobs?
Where can I find appropriate sundresses?
What are some of your favorite Essie or OPI nail polish colors?
dose this new hoodie make me look gay?
Do girls like it when you call them dames? (I Know kind of old fashion.)?
What color evening bag should I wear with my senior prom dress?
Girls!! Opinions needed...?
to slutty for office party?
nail extentions - which are the best?
Help! I cant pick out anything for my first day of school outfit!!?
What do you think of this face?
Are these boys being honest with me?
Best looking?
small gauges on girls?
favourite perfumes *girls. ?
Are girls sweaters suppose to be a lil baggy?
Girls, could you give your honest opinion on him...?
what is the best feeling in your life?
What is the best size rings for a naval piercing? (pics please)?
Whats the best thing to use if you run out of toilet paper?
Which girl is prettiest?
So, how about Miss Puerto Rico?????
If I wear a shirt long enough to cover the waistband, would you still be able to tell these are chick pants?
Which one do you like best?
do you like this dress?
do i need plastic surgery am i ugly?
should I try out for modeling?
On a scale of 1 to 10, how attractive do you think I am?
there is a boy that likes me and i don't like him he is UGLY wat should i do?
who would you like to date ???????????
What should I be for Halloween?
How many bikinis are sold WORLDWIDE?
.s How can I be a LOT more attractive?
does the guy in this pic look a bit fake?
Would I look good with a diamond lip piercing?
fragrance question... what is the difference?
What is your favorite smell in the world?
Style - your own or fashion dictated?
[Girls] Why Can't I get a girlfriend?
do you think im pretty?
Is this skirt too short? you have?
GIRLS: hair or makeup?
Do I look good with dark hair?
Do you think this girl is pretty?
is my sister fat? pics?
GIRLS BEAUTY . is it somthing created by man's mind & eyes ?
How Can I Be A .... ?
GOOD, FAVORITE, Beauty tips ?
How many texts do you sent monthly in average?
Which picture should i use?
is there any way to make life more fair?
what is your first impression of me?(pics)?
Who is the prettiest? (picsss!)?
what outfits should i bring to my photoshoot?
New guy and sex?
How do you pluck your eyebrows for the first time?
How do i convince my parents to let me go back to my old school!?
How old do you think i am?
do a skirt and la gins look go whit flip flops??
How do I get less shy/?
Guys! What are your view on makeup?
which picture of me do you like better?
How do you avoid getting yellow armpit stains on t-shirts? Or better yet, how to get rid of them?
How old do i look (honestly) pic included?
Could you tell me if these two persons look alike?
what makes her so pretty?
Are these outfits OK to wear to school?
PreTTy or UgLy???
do i strike you as lesbian?
hey how old does my boyfriend look? :)?
my family think im ugly its really effecting me ????
uuuuhhhh my??????????????????
Will small ears look bad with an industrial bar?
(please open!)Do I look Chinese in this pic?
How do you girls stay confident?
How can I conform to today's mainstream culture?
question about scars...?
Guys...what is your dream girl?
i have a good question?
Whose prettier (hard descision)?
Girls only pretty please!?
At what age do models typically stop modeling?
What are the best nail treatment's to buy and use to grow and strengthen nails?
Does glitter glue come off of nails?
Can i be a model or should i not bother?
POLL: Do u prefer someone with tan skin or pale skin?
Do people still wear these types of hoodies?
green or brown eyes?????
Am i good enough to model high fashion??? pic included!?
how to fix my fat nose help??? pic included?
I want to change my style what style should I change to?
how sturdy is a duct tape dress?
What hand do you wear your promise ring on?
Last question,which one do YOU think looks better? VERY indicisive?
What Does Waxing feel like??? 10 points for best answer!!!!?
I think I could look better.... alot really, help anyone... female OR male...?
Do i have wolf eyes? People tell me I do.?
How can I sex up my image? (photos)?
i have really ugly nails...?
Do I have a pretty face?
Do you like this dress?
i have question about something?
An Accident?
Homecoming court dress help! Links given, please just pick your favorite?
nose piercing on women feminine and sexy or goth and tacky? voice ur experience and opinions on nose peircing!
Which dress do you like the best?
(women) do you like men with long hair and stubble or is clean shaven best with long hair?
Do I look like them in your opinions?
I have a party wear cream suit....Which shirt should i wear in my sister marriage.?
What Spring fashion style will u be sporting for Spring/Summer season (((girls/woman)))?
i always wouder what people think of me and i dont no what they think about my hair or what kind of close i?
What is texturizing paste?
what eye colour and hair colour is more common?
i'm looking for a site its dwc*divine its suppose to advertise wrinkle cream but i can't find?
asian layered haircut with side bangs?
What kind of shoes would look good?
Do I look okay in this picture?
remington paraffin spa how long to keep wax on your hands?
should I get plastic surgery?
Hot topic social collision jeans?
Who is the hottest girl? She's my ex best friend.?
I have just figured out how to put a picture on this. It looks like me in real life, what do you all think???
How can you learn not to be so sensitive? Can someone give me an inspiration quote or somethin?
Which one of us is prettier? *Pics*?
Hi im looking for the neff pony white and blue high tops with the palm trees can any1 help me out thanks vm?
Why do guys have such long eye lashes?
what shall i wear out with my boyfriend tonight to look sexy for him? going to pubs/club?
Do girls find uni brows on boys attractive?
true or false,the most beautiful girls dont wear make up?
do nobody jeans run larger, smaller or normal?
Help me! I need custom made shoes?
How can my nails grow noticeably longer in one week ?
What is the favorite thing about your body *ladies* be proud?
I really want to be a hairdresser?
how old do i look? picssss?
Belly peircing only likes gold bar?
Can I go barefoot inside my Nike Max Airs?
Difference between these 2 dove hairsprays?
How to get fernando torres' hair?
can some 1 please help me with dis!!!?
how can i grow long nails.?
What color would you consider my eyes to be?
what is the average price of a pair of CHANEL sunglasses?
Which hair color do you think would look best on me (pics included)?
Please Answer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Which garneir product is better for my hair?
Does beanies look good on a big head ?
should i wear this to homecoming? (pics)?
tips or fake nails?!?!?
My hair is completely damaged,..should i get a wig, helpp?
Does anyone know how much laser facial hair removal costs (canada)??
contacts lenses?
How come i'm so much hotter in a mirror than I am in pictures?
Are we ugly? (photo included)?
What is the very 1st body part, guys look in a girl?
does pearl vision have these?
How old do i look? pics included?
rate this guy please!?!?
What does it mean when someone tells you to email your inquiries?
Does this dress look too short?
homecoming, plz help!!?
Is it okay if I like my girlfriend's older sister?
Do you think I should put this picture on my myspace?
am i depressed. why do i feel this way? its getting worse.?
Can I be a model? Pictures!?
What's so great about Boobs?
Shoe size conversions: womens to kids?
How to make your face look smaller?
Does anybody know where I can get this jacket in a size small?
Why have my big toe nails gone yellow?
How to get rid of bumps?
Is she pretty? Or not?
Should i get yogas from victoria secret or pink?
will you vote for apryl in a modeling contest???? PLEASE?
Do I have brown hair or black hair?
is it bad to sit with your legs crossed at the knee???
Can someone tell me how i look in this outfit honestly?
Whats your fave perfume?
I have a terribly low self-esteem. Do you think that I am pretty?
What are the March 2010 code words for Seventeen Magazine?
which would you choose?
Why am I so ugly ? And how can I make myself better?
Does her beverage look alcoholic? (Pic)?
opal is a very pretty name , right ?
How could I improve my physical appearance?
question about the sally hansen french manicure pen?
i'm looking for pictures of female career wear/ professional business suits?
I look like a boy, but im a girl.......? Help?
What Columbia jacket should I get?
Where can i order good plus size bras?
Wat would you rate me???[[Pics]]?
Do you think this would be a nice design for a tattoo on my foot?
UGLY GIRLS: How do you feel when all the pretty girls get the attention?
does girls like to get kissed on their toes?
Is it appropriate or sexy to leave your?
Am I not very pretty?
What does unisize and 9131 mean?
What's a good hair style?
What is European style tanning?
How does someone with a fair complexion get a tan?
Is it better to look more fiesty or easy?
Hairpro permanent hair removal?
What's a good website to get a beautiful dress for a school dance?
what s your favorite eye color ?
are you tired of this???
Pin Up Girl of The Month?
Am I prettyyyyyy?!?!?
GIRLS: do slim fit jeans look good on guys?
In your opinion are you a "high maintenance" person as far as your looks are concerned?
Shaving Eyebrows? Good or Bad?
Should kids in elementary school be dating?
Why dont i feel pretty?
a name in french for my new nail beauty shop please..?
Guys- what sort of body would you say is hotter?
What do you think about this photo? Need more opinions...?
What product can I use to remove bikini line hair?
Easy nail art ideas? :)?
what is the "eastern european" look?
What makes me look prettier, please i want to be pretty? (pics)?
help me im scared a person has been imin me and i never talked to him?
do we look the same?
which girl is prettier? (pictures)?
who do u think is prettier???????????
Do you guys think this girl is pretty?
Help With Hot Topic Sizes?? Pleasee :]?
I think I'm ugly?
[With pics] Am I getting worse or just... ?
I need to paint my toenails. These are my options?
how old does she look?
I'm thirteen and pregnant? ?
who would you say is the prettiest?
Would anything happen to this ring if it was worn in the shower?
Is this a good formal dress?
best undies for girls links?
I will give me crush a note and it will say ---------? You fill in the blank for me i am clueless!!!?
Where's the best place to shop for shoes online?
If you could change something about yourself....?
are long natural nails a turn off?
my mom told me i should wear this?
What profile pic to use on facebook?????? Rate me 1-10 if you want haha?
Any suggestions for a hangover?
Taylor Swift vs Emma Watson?
Do i look Ok?
what do you think of bbw's be enchanted fragrance?
What do people think of JLo's perfume deseo?
Which SHOES should I wear? HELP!?
My mother wears thongs at the beach. Is this gross for a 40 yr old woman?
would u say im pretty?
Who's prettier and why???? (please answer)?
I have a craft business and want to know if I should be charging sales tax.?
Do I look better with bangs or without?
Do you think Miss Japan should have won Miss Universe?
My chin points out when i smile. Any tips on how to flaunt it?
Are guys who lift weights attractive?
What can I do to become more pretty? [pics icluded]?
How old do I look to you?
hott or nott [pics included(:]?
Do you know any mom with there cartilage pierced?
Do I look like any celebrity you know?
Can you give me some tips on how to look sexier?
boob bouncing on bus?
Does anyone know who this girl is?
What scene queen is this?
How to stretch a suede garment?
i need to find cosmetology classes in mansfield ohio?
When I use face masks the parts of my face I have redness in disappear?
Easy 10 points! What age do you think is the right age to have a boyfriend?
what kind of bangs would look good with an oval shaped face?
Is She THAT PRETTY!? pic?
is there a perfume factory in chester?
Does getting ur ear lobes Peirced Hurt bad ?
This question is mostly for guys, would you like french manicure or red nail colour on long nails?
Which of thses girls is the prettiest?
which one is prettier? YOU PICK!?
Whats a healthy nail polish?
barbizon beauty tips?
what is zac efrons fav . .. ?
Making Reflective Nail Polish Solid?
What should i wear with...?
Is this a good picture?
Is it possible to get a cosmotology lisence in high school?
Do u think this girl is pretty. Some ppl think so and some dont so just asking other ppls opinion!?
how can i make my indoor tan look more natural?
What are some beauty products that are really great?
Which cologne smells best?
Do you think dimples are nice looking/cute/hot?
What do you think of this guy's appearance?
Guess my age (picture included)?
Where can I find a nice waterproof bag?
Shaving/Waxing your....lady bits at what age?
What colour eyes do you find the most attractive?
D'you think I'm pretty? follow the link for pics?
Prom look: makeup and hair HELP?!?
Which girl is prrettier?
How do you change your nickname on this net?
What is your first thought when you see this girl?
do you think this asian male is attractive?
What should I wear to church?
Scale of 1-10,, how pretty?!?
If you saw me where would you think im from?
Is this a cute vintage inspired dress?
what do you prefer to use?????
Do you think that I'm fat? Be honest?
how do i get my hair to grow, FAST!?
Please be honest, am I pretty or ugly? (Pictures)?
Is there an age limit for Victorias Secret Angels/models?
Not sure what size ring to get for my lip?
Do I Have a Big Nose? :o?
guys: which legs do you prefer?
How can I describe Fall?
Isn't my avatar hot?! Mostly want to hear from the boys.?
Do you find hiim hoottt? =]?
Is this Victoria's Secret tank top available anywhere?
Is there a way to make my Sperrys a little darker tan?
im 13 and what do you think are the most appropiate age to wear thongs?all my friends wear them?
How old is this woman?
what does a middle aged man wear?
Girls, when rating a guy's photo on a rating site?
Would i look good with monroe? (pics) :]?
im a 16 and have big boobs but little waist do you know anywhere i can get bikini's to fit for cheap?
What hair color should I get next ?
skinny or curves?
What race(s) do you think i look like ?
Am I the only one who really doesn't care if products are tested on animals?
What do you think of Chet from the Real World Brooklyn?
What size gauge can you go up to, that will let you back to a normal earring size?
Why do women think it is so gross for a man to adjust himself?
Is is Ok to be sexy?
which is a better look for me?
Am i pretty? I?
Do you think dark brown eyes are boring? How can i make them more exciting?
are u wearing nail polish? if so what color?
How can I fix my eyebrows?
how do i deal with having a big butt?
people said i look like aisharyarai how can i look more like her?
Hairstyle: up or down?
Can you get surgery at 15?
What scent of AXE do girls like the most?
Should I buy American perfume at the airport or should I buy it at a store in The USA, which is cheaper.Thanks
At your school what are the popular people like?
how do I stop being a short idiot?
how do i get my nails to get long quick?
Am I at a good weight?
Is their more to life than being really really really insanly good looking?
Which picture of me is better?
South Padre Island Texas?
Which hairdo would look better on me for 8th grade graduation????
I have a fashion dilemma?
Is he cute? (Picture)?
Where can I find Tutti Dolci products other than ebay and bath and body works?
Anyone know any petite modelling agencies in Dublin?
Ok im going into th grade and im scared about changing infront of everyone any help?
Do's any one have any prom hair styels? I am in real need!!!?
New services being offered in Beauty Services?
What do you think? (pics included)?
What time is it where you are?
i wnt to become fair what can i do for that?
Does anyone know the name of that really expensive scent that comes out of the middle east?
What or why people want you to be a model?
Rate me 1-10.How do I look?
Did i had already success in new look.?
How Long Will It Take For My Nails To Grow Back?
Okay, honesty time. Do you think she is ugly?
Help me tease, please!?
Am I ugly????????????????
What animal does this person ressemble and explain why also rate his looks on a scale from 1 to 10?
What colour is my eye....?
iam 22yr old n facing a problem while i am cutting my hair around my private part. Kindly give me some advice?
Question about boob size (not another 'how can my boobs get bigger' question)?
How can I make this boy like me?
Am I barely pretty or not at all?
Whats everybodys hair/makeup/fashion secrets?
How do you girls stay confident?
Can someone give me some bra help/tips?
whos or my friend?
How old does she look?
help me. all my friends have boyfriends...ugh?
Nails! gel or acrylic? Can I take them off after a month?
what is the best way to thin fingernail polish?
Why do....?
Who is the prettiest?
Tanning Lotion Question: what do you use?
i heard a surgery can get rid of acne?
Attractive???????????? [pix]?
What size shoe is my boyfriend in women's?
Question for girls...................................…
Can you tell me if i am pretty (guys please)?
Are there any 9th graders from western PA?
I didn't know there was chicken in this soup...mmm mmm ______?
Is 22 inch waistline too little for 5ft9?
do we look like sisters =) ?
I'm an eleven year old girl in jr. high...and well i've got some boy trouble!Please read my question details!!
i have been tryin 2loss weight but nothinhelpin?
How do i get my bangs more like this?
how can pro photographers take really good pics of you even when you are not looking?
Where can I learn to be a nail technician?
Is it normal that I like Flat girls?
What are some good blog names?!?
Is there any cheaper one out there?
Did Audrey Tan-Zubiri model Kamiseta? Or some other clothes line?
What do you think of the name "Salon de Beaute Lotus" for a beauty salon?
Can I be a model????
Why do women these days wear less clothes showing belly legs cleavage?
I think this is so wrong and unfair.. what do you think?
What do you think of my photography?
Good top coat nail polishes from Priceline?
ONLY GIRLS:Which Picture should I use for my profile Picture?
help with becoming a nail tech?
Can I look beautiful? more...?
do these underwear look good on men? ladies look!!?
@@@ Am I good looking ?
Girls plz help me :)?
Moschino Couture Perfume...was it discontinued?
Is this nail dryer safe?!?
How much would it cost to trim your hair, thin your hair,and die your hair bleach blonde in wisconsin?
How can I fade or get rid of beauty spots naturally?
Homecoming dress nail color?
How do I get wrinkles out of my shirt without an iron?
do you think i would look good with.......ANSWERRRRRR: ]
How can I make this dress a little sexy?
Should I get a nose job (no pic)? Am I doing it for the right reasons.?
I live in Ocean County New Jersey where can i go that's close to Toms River to get my Wedding pictures taken?
Does Primark sell good push up bras?
Can girls dress Gal-O?
Whats A good way for making your Thighs/Hips look bigger in Jeans?
what eye color is better? green or blue?
What do ya think of my picture?
Tygirljojo , one of the other members here sent me Pics , her friend says she has warts in her crevices ?
Do I smell good? I'm just wondering.
Im 15 & want to model !?
what do you think of me ?
what do you think of Freckles?
girls, am I very attractive? (2 photos)?
why does everyone hate cheerleaders so much?
theres this guy???......?
What is the difference between acrylic fake nails and uv gel? Which is better?
Would i look better with blonde hair or should i stay brunette?
Lol do I actually look OLDER than my mom?
which of my friends is prettiest?
what does my name mean in spanish?
Why do I look skinnier in photos?
Girls, would you wear this jacket?
Difference between wrlens website and lensmarketplace ?
Who has the prettiest face?
How old would you guess I am? (pics)?
Decent modeling agencies in the UK I can contact via internet?
should i get my cartilage pierced?
Who is the most beautiful?
how can i improve my appearance? (pic)?
Help! I cant pick out anything for my first day of school outfit!!?
I am going to start a new youtube beauty channel and i want to know what u want.?
Am I ugly? If yes, how can I fix it?
how long does it take to get certified as a Nail Technician?
Do you think she's pretty? Which one's do you like best?
How ugly am i from a scale of 1 to 10?
On a scale of 1-10 how good looking are you?
Poll: Do you wax your upper lip?
How do you get a picture from photobucket onto your iPod?
helpp,,beauty tips<3?
could I be a model?Plz pic included?
Do I look good in this photo?
I want to start a production of a cosmetic/beauty product containing chemicals - who to talk to?
HAPPY NEW YEAR!....what is your New Year's resolution?
What colour are her eyes?
What would make me look good?
Trendy mom hairstyles...where do I find them?
could i be a model???
Is This Fake Or Does It Look Fake (Pic Included)?
How can i change before highschool ?
Is a person with plastic surgery more delicate?
airbrush for nails?
Do I look Chinese to you?
urgent help please (emergengy)?
What to wear with this dress?
Who is hotter Mary Cheney or Dennis Hastert?
Okay... How hot with my shirt down am i?
could i be a model???if so what type?
what do you think about a guy that wears rings?
how to dress more mature?
Does she needs to get a nosejob? -Pic- PLEASE ANSWER?
Green eyes blonde hair?
Would this haircut look good on me? Please help.?
Rate Please: Glasses or no glasses?
Why is he calling me this?
I want to be a model but i am not fit the look?
is it fair my brothers look like this and i dont?
How do I get rid of out of my specs and I am also scared with the thought of laser eye surgury?
How to look pretty while wearing glasses?
What's the first thing you notice when you look at me?
Do you think people should try to be popular if they aren't and want to be?
Do I look better with more makeup on or less?
could i do this? please help. 10 points best answer.?
girls only please. purse must haves?
urgent fur dying help needed!?
y do ppl like black?????? i mean ew!!!?
can guys be girly sometimes?
best default/profile pic??? [[pics]]?
Nose Piercing: Sexy or Trashy?
Blond vs. Burnette Which one?
i want a pic like that too=(?
Gap from eyebrow to eyebrow?
how come when you shave your legs they get white but your knees stay dark?
Am I fat? Serious answers, please.?
Do you think it is ok for a preacher's wife to wear a swimsuit? How should I dress?
how do u remove chewing gum from clothing?
Which is better for men? Long hair or short hair?
shower or bath?
Do you think that anybody who was great was ever once a trend-follower?
What do you think off when you think "Model"?
I've got a hair and make-up question?...?
Which girl do you think is prettier?
girls, what perfume would you request?.....?
What size do you think I wear? (Random?!)?
Which color frames would look better dark brown or black? I have blonde hair green eyes and very fair complexi?
Can you guess my name?
Guys, what's your favourite women's perfume?
Do I Look Like This Guy?
i wan't to start competing in beauty pagents?
how can i find out if a company is ligit?
This is the worst....I SuperGlued fake eyelashes on my lids. How the hell do you get them off...?
what's my skin color?
Question for the ladies?
Wet Seal fashion? website?
home remedies for starting wrinkles?
Whats a good height for a 15 years girl model?
Which dress do you like best?
What can I do to be prettier?
am i supposed to shave my arms?
do i look like any celebrity (pic)?
do you like this pic?
what is the most important physical appearance?
which one of these two girls is prettier?
a question about appearance?
who is prettier?
how do u get a guys attention when he likes someone else ?
Girls: Are retainers attractive on guys? Don't Care? Or Unattractive.?
Makeup close to Makeup Forever HD foundation?
how to look good in high ponytails?
what is a hoodectomy?
does anyone know what the name of this song is???
car for my 17th birthday?
What are good ideas for twin day, it's this monday 9/19/11 and me and my friend stepanie need something good!?
makeup for grey eyes and good foundation?
Shaving your eyebrows, do they re-grow?
i need some help choosing...?
what color are your underwear?without stains?
whats your ideal dress size?
Skin Issues?
What do you think of the sweet on Paris? From Bath & Body Works.?
hollister child slavery?
people who are always asking if their avatar looks good..?
How can i wear redlipstick in daytime?
Which moisturizing facial cream is the best for healthy beautiful glowing skin?
Does anyone know the name of a modelling website with the word STAR in it?
How ugly am I? Honest truth?
How do I know which product suits me?
"kiss kiss" perfume?? please help!?
I bought a green corduroy sports jacket to wear with jeans. What color polo works with it?
Which girl do you think is prettier?
help me plsssssssss!! im having my nails done and...?
What is X-factor?
Have you worked in a store for little/tween girls?
Guys,What do you think of me?(pic)?
Do i look cute in this video ?
which top is best?
Which of my friends is prettier?
Girlsss; What's first?
What can make me look slimmer and my dream hair style????
I heard witch hazel is a good thing to use to clean your face?
Isn't she like the prettiest person ever?
What color should I paint my nails for Fall?
which ones prettier?!?!?!?!!?!?
List of csmetologist in india?
Personal Girl question ????????
whats a really good sexy eye color shadow on girls??? guys and girls hahahah?
fat chicks?
is being classy attractive?
has anyone used E.L.F.- cosmetics the website?
What has meaning then a name ring but isn't clothes or jewlrey?
Would you rather brains or beauty?
What makes a woman truly beautiful? How can a woman enhance her beauty?
Girls, am I hot? Pic. Included?
Which girl is prettier and why?
where can i buy these shades?
Should I shave my head or keep it? - Pic included?
From this picture what would you say my style is?
Which piccccccccccc????????????????
Is this sewing machine good for fashion designing?
Does it mean im gay if?
Does the shoulder seam on your shirt pass right over your shoulder? Or are my shoulders curved forward?
I cannot paint my nails for the life of me!!?
I'm 20 years old, but people think I'm 16. What can I do to look older?
Do you think this is a nice dresss (pic)?
Does nyone no how to get a Layout for myspace page and how to do it ???? Please Help ?????Come visit my page??
How long does gel nail polish last?
are aries stunning or what?
help im going 2 be 15 next month and dont know what i wont any sagehens?
What color looks best? *PICS* points to best answer?
Is there any way...?
where can i learn how to body pierce in tucson ,az?
Do you shave your public hair?
help please thank you very much?
Is this not the coolest picture ever?
Tragus earring urgent help!!?
Just kinda curious ..?
how to dye a 100 polyester neon yellow shirt?
Girls what you think about this?
eye/makeup color questions, please help?
is my friend ugly? [pictures]?
Are we really THAT ugly?
Cute phones? need ideas?
Is my girlfriend pretty? Self-confidence issues...?
What should I do before I can model?
Do bangs look good on me?
Should I be girly or scene?
could i model MAYBE...?
Can I request acrylic nails with no drill. I want a french manicure, but my nails are varying lengths?
What one person you know he/she can wear anything and always look good in it?
Thigh-high boots. Stylish or sleezy?
Ear Piercing Pain...?
has anyone used the bum cream called curve?
Do you like my hair curly or straight better?
Skin tone of my future child?
How can I change my style without spending too much money ?
Girls, what sort of clothes do you think makes a man look sexy?