Is Sabon really good quality bath products?
Is This Pretty? (Pics Included!!)?
what african american exotic beauties do you know of in hollywood?
What is polar fleece made from?
How to be more pretty?
Fashion advice? I don't want to spend more money on stuff?
why am i so ugly? im 21 never had a gf ( pic included)?
What are good nail products?
how can i become more smarter?
Would this dress be suitable for a natural pageant in the Jr. Teen Category?
tell the truth do u really think i am ugly?
Do you think my ears are to big?
when does globus have sale?
Who sells air jordan shorts for men?
Do eyelashes grow back ?
Girls. Looking my pics (360), in which country dou you think that I was born?
should i try modelling?
Hair tips and flips:) and the dark knight question to and i have a hard time doing emo hair my hairs kindalong
how can a haircut change how you look so drastically?
Best unisex scents (fresh/musky/etc)?
Which perfume do you like better/smells the best?
Are bellybutton rings sexy?
Do I just keep getting them filled or am I supposed to get them off?
Best nail polish / product to harden and grow thin brittle nails.?
Okay so I'm kind of offended.. is this picture retarded. Don't be rude but PLEASE be honest?
how do u found out if your using the right detergent for ur clothes?
Do I even look like the same person?
Myspace or facebook?
I need a makeover..i feel like crap! pic included?
Can I get a Belly Piercing ?
what the height the guy is do you think?
What summer haircut should I do?
is this 15 year old good looking?
(ONLY GIRLS)What would girls think if i get this haircut?pic?
What is the best way to get rid of stetch marks?
Do I sound attractive?
School pictures- Help!- Dont want to look bad.
What size jeggings to wear for smaller woman able to wear girls Abercrombie clothes?
Which girl is prettier?? (pix)?
POLL: Do you wear socks at night?
Do u think im Pretty,PIC?
what girl is skinnier?
anyody else find this REALLY creepy?
Would you wear this?
holiday for 24 days? should I wax or just shave?
if some one dosnt like me because they think im ugly, what should i do?
What to wear to a Country concert?
What's Your Favorite Thing About the Opposite Sex? (Guys and Girls)?
should i drop the extra 10 pounds?
How old do i look? [pictures]?
Girls?? need your help?
what is sexier brown eyes or blue?
How old do i look and what would u rate me?
whats your first impression of me?
Please i need advisee about my boyfriendd?
how do I make my crotch fancier?
what is this style called does it even have a name?
Why can she break the dress code?
Do women's feet smell nice ?
how can a girl be elegant and graceful?
i bet next time they'd crown a man as miss universe!!!?
How should I were my hair with this dress..Pic Included?
How to look older please read?
how do you know wen it is the right time to ask a girl out?
what color braces should i get?
Glasses or No Glasses?
what do you think of my FORMAL dress?
What Are The Worse Deodorant/Antiperspirant?
What age can i start wearing contact lenses?
what were the best fashions from the 60's?
who is more cute please?? ?
Be the first to answer this and you get best answer!?
Are my breasts really small?
rate me on a scale 1/10?
What do you think of school uniforms with really long skirts?
Which Perfume is your fave and why?
Do you have to worry about earring holes closing up if it's been over a year?
Which girl is Prettier?
I'm 16 and have my belly button pierced ...?
Coffee cup help? please?
ummmm JUST HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!?
what would this fashion look be categorized into?
your secret crush asks you on a date but it is also your best friends birthday who do you let down?
what do u think my name is? pics?
Wha do you think of neon yellow nails (pic)?
Dont these 2 make an adorable couple! ~~Pics~~?
is she pretty? or not?
Are you happy with your life at the moment?
Which pic is best?? help :)?
Where do I come up to on somone who is 5'8?
Do you think this is a good photo?
i am 13 and i still dont shave my legs. i dont know how to tell my mom that i want to. what should i do?????
What Spray Tan will make you look very dark 100% with no shades of orange and is inexpensive?
who's prettier? blondes or brunettes?
does drinking alcohol make you fat?
i wear a 36a ina bra size,do u reccomemnd ay special ones for that size?
Are skinny to little to wear a catsuite?
What colour are my eyes? (pics)?
Who's prettier, me or my friend?
Makeover Ideas (Pics Included)?
Am I pretty??
better pic for facebook?
What are some good ear piercings to get that are not boring?
will i loose weight in 5 months and how much would i loose?
Taking fake nails off?
Whats it like at school dances?
What to do with old clothes ?
frm wat country do hottest asian gurls come from?
what kind of clothes should girlz wear to turn on guys!!!?
What is your favorite smell in the world?
Back to school makeover girls!! :)?
Is there a difference between forever french manicure and permanent french manicure?
Do women like men with big eyebrows? Or do they even notice eyebrows at all?
Which wrist does a lady wear her watch on...??????
I want to be an actress, work in tv, radio, media magazines, where do I start?
Characters with long pink hair?
which nail colour is HOT, and which one is NOT, and why?
Can i still look good...?
DO YOU THINK.........????
Is there a pill/medication that can make you put on weight?
Help with ear gauging please. (:?
How often you look at yourself in the mirror?
Are big ears unattractive?
does these clothes match?
how do u like to move your tongue when u kissing a man?
Thoughts on this pic ( be honest ) ?
is this ugly????? opinions!!!! :)?
Going to a wedding need some ideas for nail colours lol?
Which of my friends is prettier?
What do u think of my new haircut???
how do I tame my curly hair?
is there any way to make life more fair?
What is your opinion (pics)?
Girls only!!! Do you like a guy that compliments about your toenails?
Which person looks the smaller uk clothe size , what sizes do both people look?
are these shoes cute?!! for a retro/unique look? or are they just ugly?
Which name here is the prettiest?
Applying St. Tropez Mouse then shower?
ACRYLIC.. is the acrylic sets of there good?? like the powerd and liquid and that? please ancer?????:D?
please rate my singing? i have a video?
for ladies... what for you is the best brand of bra, in terms of enhancement, style, comfort, price?
Do you think I need a nose job?
can bikini waxing be done when i'm having my period? Please reply me asap.?
how old do you think i am ?
do you know the adress of elegant store in downtown (losangeles),i am going to buy blowdryer ?
does anyone have any tips on how to get glue out of clothes... nylon warm up?
What is the best way to look thinner?
will dark brown hair look good on me? pic included! [no meanies!]?
get fit and look good in summer?
i am a size 2 in american eagle. does that make me fat. also do you know any stars who are a size 2? i am 14?
who do you think she looks like?
MEN only! Girls with crooked legs are cute?
can u get me to hawiian tropic 2003 kid winners so i can see the winners?
If a person had a more roundish, squarish face with high cheekbones, how should they wear their hair?
Whats your favorite?
how to be a scene girl?
How am I supposed to laugh?
I feel really ugly please help?
What should my raver name be and where's the best place to get kandi??
How to make my eyes loook big!?
What are your three favorite fragrances...?
is it ok to NOT wear undies?
Nose piercing question?? Pics inside!!!?
What can I do to look better.?
What is the difference between the Eiffel tower and the great wall of China?
How do I look? be honest.?
What Colour Would Suit Me?
Splat semi permanent hair dye?
Good stores to shop at in Minneapolis?
what would be the best SLOGAN on ur T-shirt?
Weird question... about fingernails
Is this a good costume? would people get it?(guys and girls opinions)?
do i look like camilla belle?
What colour shorts should I get?
What color does my eyes look?
What jacket do you like better?
question for girls please?
is there any place else besides sally beauty supply store where i can find alter ego herb ego fresca lotion,?
What could I do to look better (desperate)?
Help! Anyone kn how to sell 18K solid gold earring charms online. Been trying on ebay to no avail for weeks...
Best place to spray perfume?
Who is hotter Drake or Justin Bieber?
What do you think about this haircut?
Where do I find specific contact lenses?
maybe it was a bad picture... but are these really ugly?
does anyone know where i can buy minature bottles of perfume?
What should i wear tomorrow for a yearbook picture?
How old do you think I look?
Ugly? =[.........?
Should we trust the mirror or photos?
Do you think i'll be handsome?
Why would "qtpie" choose the lifestyle of a transvestite?
Porcelain Veneer/teeth Price in UK?
Girls: how would this look?
Pictures! yes/no hot/not, lol....yes. Another of these ?'s.?
party emergency!! help!?
where can i find tapers for cheap?
Do You Think Fat Is Ugly?
Should a women get a tattoo?
Am I unique enough to model?
Can you help me dress tacky?
Help on piercing your eyebrow.?
i just wonder.............?
Do you think pale is pretty?
on a scale from 1 - 10 how would you rate your looks? (be honest)?
I need to know what to wear to middle skool this year?
do i look ugly?
is it a good sign if a girl gives me her number then asks for mine?
if i buy something from the Victorias Secret website can I return it in an actual store?
What is a good brand of leotard that absolutely does NOT rise up at all?
Am I pretty at all to you?
how to know if you have BDD or if ur just ugly?
how can you make your nails grow faster?
Is 17 too old to start modeling?
what do you think? (pics) send me a picture of a dress you think i'd look good with also?
Help! really dry skin, going to a wedding?!?
What do you think of a girl who's 110-120lbs?
(Girls please answer quickly )What do think of this guy?
Opinions On These Bags!(pictures)?
Why do i look so young?
do girly girls like headbangers?
what state do i look like i am from?
Ideas for at-home spa day with MALE friend?
Should men have thier eyebrows done? Does it make them "gay" ?(no offense to anyone, i do it to)?
Is this dress too attention-grabbing?
Rate my outfits? School this week (pics)?
Ear Stretching- thin lobes?
Which colors match my skin tone best and am I pretty?
What comes to mind when you see this picture?
Hey babylovee ! <33 I have a ? ! I also have pics :)?
Has anyone shopped at this place? (orange county)?
Have any one tried Bulgari aqua does it smell good?
How tall is too tall for a girl?
what eye contacts are these?
What black coat can I wear with these boots?
I need an 11 year old actress that has black hair and green eyes?
Which picture looks better?
whos prettier?
could i SUDDENLY become beautiful?
school starts soon and i need help! please read!!!?
What is your favorite toilet paper?
what would u think of a man who has peroxide hair and wears a thong which he shows off?
How often do you shave your legs?
Can you help with my LUSH interview next week? uk.?
Kareoke version of Girls Just Wanna HAve Fun?
Those who own samsung blackjack please answer?
Do I look better with bangs or without?
Pink or Coral?
Who wants 10 points?
National Award Level 3?
Do girls really like natural red lips on guys?
How much would it cost to trim your hair, thin your hair,and die your hair bleach blonde in wisconsin?
What do you think of colored contacts?
Do you think I'm pretty?
Who do you think is a prettier star
What should I wear with this?
Girls,do you even notice guy's clothes(shoes,etc) or how they dress(10 points)?
eyebrows need serious reconstruction?
How to convince my parents to let me get a lip piercing?
does this bikini look too small?
Why is it that almost every girl i know wants to see their boyfriends dressed like a girl?
Is 6'2 the perfect height for a guy?
Hair gel and Gelatin?
Guys wearing chap stick?
HELP, homecomings in 14 hours and my hair looks GRAY!?
How long does a nose piercing take to heal?
acuvue oasys 24x7 wear?
Is it ''fake'' and un-necessary to wear colour contact lenses?
How do you think I look?
Do you like purple?
how should i get my nails done.?
Do i have wolf-like eyes?
Who's the prettiest ?
what do you think about this girl? opinions? s!?
If I buy my boyfriend a navy blazer, would it match the black shoes he would probably need to wear with it?
What is the most sexy part on a man?
MODELS&SCOUTS: how much $$$ does a Runway Model make typically?
Who is prettier (With PIC!)?
Semi permanent Eyelash Extension?
what do you think of me? pls dont be mean but, i want your honest opinion.. pls see..?
how can i be barbie for halloween (pic)?
Do i have a big nose?
Do girls with round faces look pretty with high ponytails?
Are italian girls nice?What do you think of us?
What are good modeling tips?
how cute is this boy?
What are scene names that start with H?
Why does everyone think im stuck up and conceited cause i said this??
what shampoo makes your hair smell the best?
Who do you think is the Sexiest Woman Alive ?
OK. what do you think of this tattoo ?
What do you do when calgel nails grow out?
How come all the monster high girls hav beautiful figures?
Which slogan sounds best for my business BDazzle Creationz?
Do I look too young for my age???):?
how much does a manicure and pedicure cost at star nails?
Confused and sad. help please?
Is this girl pretty?
can i get a longer face?
What shape am I? Pear, Hourglass, Apple, Ruler?
how can i get my eyes to look like this?(pics)?
What to wear to town with the girls?
do cameras that are used in commercials, do they have photo shop in them? Because the people in commercials al?
Wheres a good site/store to buy contact lenses at??? (for looks)?
whos the sexiest and hottest?
Which girl is the most prettiest from these girls? and why ? ?
What are some cute hipster/punk outfits for a girl for the summer ?
There is guy that likes and his friends are telling me to out with him????
what shall i wear out with my boyfriend tonight to look sexy for him? going to pubs/club?
I would really appreciate it?
how old do u think i am?
What Color Are My Eyes??
FAV. beauty product??
Ways to feel/look beautiful without makeup?
Help Me Please, Should I Get This Haircut?
I need some ways to *-pimp out-* my too big t-shirt?
Why was she starring at me today if she said she doesn't want us to talk anymore? s?!?
is my friend pretty!?
Elle vs. Seventeen? What should I get?
Am I pretty enough to be a model?
Why is a man called Handsome while females are called Beautiful?
how can my icon get hollster clothes?
Cuticle Pusher Questions? Pls help !!!?
Does it matter what you look like to get a nostril piercing?
are my eyebrows too thick?
when in the shower do most people wash their hair first or last?
Does 'Le parfum coffret' by Thierry Mugler still exist?
Are eyelash growth stimulators just hype?
do women have to wait to look beautiful when everything is right or they shouldn't wait for the right moment?
How old do I look?(:?
I've a question for people who's shopped at district lines before?
what is a good outfit for school pictures?
Those who own samsung blackjack please answer?
how do i make myself prettier
Which girl is the prettiest?
How would you (girls) rate my appearance?
ear wax question?
What eye colour suits me??? (pics)?
Where can I get a shellac manicure in San Antonio, Texas?
Could I make it as a fashion model?
What would a 30 year old wear?
Which pic should i use as a myspace default?
What to wear to a surprise party?
do i look like beyonce? pics included?
How hot/sexy do you consider yourself?
Question for girls and guys: Which girls are hotter chubby, average, or skinny?
trying 2 find...myself...?
What do you think of this girl?
Please.How to make a good facial massage?
coach purse question?
How to get bigger breast? And is 34b to small?
What is the sexiest color of eyes on a guy? Assuming he has pretty eyes anyway (long lashes good shape)?
The right pair of jeans?
What is wrong with me?
How should I wear this?
How do I get rid of a blue tongue?
Rate me on a scale from 1-10. Let me know what you think HONESTLY!?
My name's Kate and i need a good emo modeling name?
Will wearing fake nails for a day ruin my natural nails?
Rate my bored self, and guess my age too?
can you be fat/chubby and get a smoking hot girlfriend?
Can i use both "Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser" and "Physiogel AI Cream" at the same time?
Can bowlegs getting worse?
Does anyone think this girl is pretty?
Where can I buy Keds near Alabang Hills?
whats my face shape? (pic)?
how do u know when a man is cheting on you?
who do i look most like between my parents?
Rate me?? 1-10 Be honest and Nice!!?
what exactly smart fabrics are??
On a scale of 1 to 10 how much would you like to spend the rest of the day naked?
how to look good in the water?
Hey Yall... Pointless question Here!?
I need a nail polish that is free of acrylics and parabens. Is there such a product?
how do I look? (pic)?
what do i wear?
how long should i wait before changing my belly ring?
Can you fake a smile?
What to wear?
are there any women in alabama who would like to help me be more girly?
Looking for some fun tips and beauty videos?
Do I really look like Michael Jackson? pics included?
How do these DARK PURPLE contacts look on me?? (pics)?
Which Jessica is the prettiest
How to make my boobs look bigger/become bigger?
Ill be 14 is this too much makeup or does it look good? Honesty please :)?
Why are Cover models different for Men's and Women's magazines?
What's your opinion on tall girls?
Where to buy evening gown for plus size figures?
Which are more common, outie or innie belly buttons?
Would blonde hair look good on me? (Pics)?
how do i grow my nails back?
what does shoe size 7d mean?
Does this jeans look too tight on me?
I'm 5'6, tall, blonde, and slim?!?
do u think u're pretty?;))?
I found this super cute scarf online...but I want to add a COLOR to it! Can a tailor do this?
Should i dye my hair jet black?
Has anyone had dealings with Miss Cyberface?
how do i make a zoro mask out of black material, black felt and card?
Do I have a reason to be insecure? (pics)?
where can I get stickers or picture to put on my nails, WITH HOLIDAY THEME?
would i look good with a septum piercing? urgent pictures included.?
how to become a massage therapist?
Girls... how am I on looks? Ugly, handsome, "alright", what?
PLEASE ANSWER! Do you think i am pretty?
Getting scene haircut, help?
Need Help with a playboy bunny costume plz URGENT!!!♥?
Quick Help!! Parts On Chi Digital 1" Flat Iron?
How can i look very handsome, my slutty fiancee wants me to look handsome as possible?
do i look better with or without contacts ?!?
Do i have high cheekbones or are those just cheek blobs/fat?
okay, can anyone help me??
About how old do we look??? Thank you! ?
Would we look good together....?
I'm Obviously Socially Stupid, Twitter Help?
What colour Havaianas do you wear?
trying to give daughter a manicure?
guys is this girl is attractive?
Guys' perspective? Should I wear a bikini (pics)?
Why am i so ugly? please read?
What do you think of this for my prom dress?
who do you think is prettiest?
GIRLS: What do you find...?
Should I go to a fancy dress party dressed as a muslem?
how to have style and class as a mature woman. My icon is Cary Grant but he's a man.?
Am I attractive? HONEST opinions please :)?
What do you love about yourself?
Am I pretty enough to be a model?
How can I look cute to a guy?
Make-over suggestions please! Pic included!?
Do I need a nose job?
piercings that look good on boys?
what celeb do I look like? and what style would I look best with?
Brother lost bet, dress like girl,,?
am i pretty?.............?
GUYS:What scents do you like on a girl?
Am i model material???
I have been told I am underweight. Am I?
Why do people age when they're exposed to a lot of stress?
whos the prettiest and uglyiest in this picture?
Do I really look like 9?
What would the vital stats be for a living Venus De Milo? Height ,weight, cup size, waist, hips, inseam etc.?
how does it feel?
would this be a good yearbook picture?
does the Aerie Emma push up bra run small?
where can i get these boots?
Help choosing perfume!?
10 points..which name suits a blonde hair boy?
Just Curious...what do you think is my ethnicity?
Omg Help =[=[=[=[!!!?
Do I have feminin looking eyes? *Pictures*?
what do you think of my progress so far? *PICS*?
i need to stay awake?
Ideas for decade day?
I am having a b-day party tomorrow we r goin 2 the Mall what should I wear 15 points 4 the best answer?
Where is the best place to buy a Timex Watch Online ?
how do I become a goth?
Rate my friend and I(1-10 female opinion preferred)?
What Guy is Hotter? Number 1 or 2?
how do you sterilize a belly ring?
Guys only!!!!!!!!!!?
What sort of haircut should I get? ?
Looking for a site that has cheap affordable, hip clothing for women in their early 20's.?
HELP: Septum Jewellery?
I was wondering if anyone knew of any place to recycle old beauty products?? like nail polish?
which type of collar shirt is that?
Girls what can I wear with a bustier top? 10 points!?
HIGH SCHOOL baby!!!?
What is the best face cream to use to help prevent wrinkles and such.?
Neutrogena Acne Scar treatment?
My brother has a really gross picture of a lady?
How to be sexy? (in looks and personality) :)?
i have a purple dress will pink shoes go with that?
What do you think of this?
Is her teeth really bad?
How old do I look? With 3 pictures?
casual every day outfit for high school? (pics)?
Hello, I'm searching for a perfume, but I forgot the name. It's name (should be)start by an A?
Which guy would you choose/should I choose?
does any1 no how 2 get whiter teeth?
Why are people afraid of goths? Like really awnserit its a esey 2 OR 10 Points.?
Does this reallly suit me?
How much a liposuction cost?
do you think this picture is cute? lol?
Am I weird for not liking heavily perfumed products?
need help with picking what to wear to my formal .help plz?
On a scale of 1-10, what would you rate me? pics included...?
is this a good/bad pic?
Quick Little Survey: Bras?
Is it possible to not have a "myself"?
What do you think of guys who wear eyeliner?
How do I look???????
do girls reject boys the same height as them?is a 5'8 male short?how tall are you?
Do you guys think dancers are hot, sexy girls?
rate me 1-10. be honest?
DO I Have a strong jawline? is that supposed to be good?
Make up and hair tips?
Is it a bad idea to shave about 4 inches above the knee?
Would this eye color be considered Dark brown eyes or Black eyes? Thanks :) ?
Am I really THAT pretty?
Models of H&M cataloge Spring/Summer 2010?
Why do people hate the Irish?
Could I be an abercrombie model????
How should I style this dress? 10 points!!!?
Make Up. Can it make you Ugly/Pretty?
GirlS who love to SHOP: Need HELP finding the EXACT LINK to this OUTFIT (will pick best answer from now on)?
I want to get my ears pierced BUT I JUST CAN'T bring myself to do it!!!?
are these good pics 2?
How can i get my nails to look like these?
I've tried pretty much EVERYTHING to get rid of my acne but nothing works, what should i do?
Girls, do u like stubble or clean shaven?
How old do I look around?
What is your favorite place to shop?
what's the best clothes to wear for a Christmas Party yacht venue?
Different skin undertones.?
can you use regular clear tape around tapers?
do you ever dye your hair? get something pierced? tattooed? even if they're temporary? what's your "change"?
Guys: A girl with a sexy body and an okay face or cute face with an okay body?
Which do you think is prettier,American girl or Asian girl?
What can i do to improve my image?
GIRLS! what is your favorite cologne?
What do you think of my long hair (guy)? (pic)?
So I have this Mori Lee Short white prom dress and I have no idea how to do my make-up and hair?Send tips/pics?
How would Johnny Depp spice up a work uniform?
How to look older?(serious response please)?
What are all of the things people use Lubriderm for?
Halloween costume ideas? (Pictures included)?
How can I look my best?
I Need A Dress For My Middle School Semi Formal Dance !?
Teens: does this sound like a lame party? haha.?
I was called ugly..Am I?
Am i the prettiest girl you have seen? PICS?
Does anyone know any good ways to stop biting your nails?
Do push up bras work on B or C cups?
Do you think i look okay?
how appearance will help in seeking for a good job?
What to wear for a casual school dance?
what is the best type of bra?
Should I bleach my eyebrows?
how can i get rid of my freckles?
How is a leather jacket supposed to fit?
Girls who use a little perfume?
which one do you think is prettier?
what sites are good for desining things like nails and stuff?
What is a good slogan or catch phrase for a perfume called Fearless Deja Vu?
I have a question about Shaving?
how can i get into modeling?
What to look for in a Beauty College?
free online virus-free virtual makeover websites?
Wow ... am i that ugly.?
Do you like this bathing suit (pics)?
Could the model Doutzen Kroes play the greek goddess persephone?
Pretty picture, or no?
Do I look better as a blonde or brunette?
Would I look good with red streaks in my hair? (pic)?
GUYS.. well girls.. I guess I could use your comments/storys/oppinions too!?
for chics again, a beard on me... ?
Any Advice? Please Help If You Can!?
how should i date?
Who was the prettiest first lady?
how do i make my room fueng shui?
how to be a SCENE kid?
Who is the lady in the light blue dress in the JCPenney's commercial?
How old is does she look? Rate her?
How old do I look? Also do I wear to much eye make-up?
Do you know who this model is?
do you think 21 is old enough to shave your legs and armpits for a girl?
how can i look older?
Do you like tottoos and piercings?
Can a man be hot and not tall?
whats the youngest age to ____?
What does it take to be a model?
Which of these guys is the hottest?
Why is California Cooler?
anyone ever been to cancun mexico?
This hoe thinks shes hot, rate her?
how meny men here have had there body hair waxed?
girls is it ok if a guy walks you to class or is that creepy?
Girls do you think this guy is attractive in a weird sort of way?
Guys,what you like it? Girls wearing jeans/pants on the waist/above the waist/under the waist?
Is the woman featured on ! Health front page PATRICIA HEATON???
we almost open a business with the name is bebe nails & spa . we don't know that name we can use or not ?
what are the best leg hair removal creams on the market?
girls ur perfect size??
Who is your favorite fat girl?
I'm sort of self conscious?
in shaving what can make your body hair grow less (girl)?
how much should a 12 year old girl weigh?
Does anyone out there go to Norland Middle School?
for my face.....?
Please, help an crossdresser !?
which product is better, Rhonda Allison or Aveda?
Is your tattoo a part of your identity, and why did you get a tattoo?
ladies when you are at home are you in your bare feet 100% of the time?
What color should I paint my nails? and why?
Guys in skinny jeans look hot?
Who is the most famous American G_Y?
veet or nair?
priyanka chopra nose job!?
What would look good with this skirt? (tops and cardigans)?
Anyone know where I could get oversized cardigans?
People tell me how cute my 4month baby is, I want to try and get him in a print magazine or modeling.. Can any
Is a 24yr old dating a 43 year old morally wrong?
Is this cute?
How to get pretty pink lips?
Girls do i have a nice body?
What color is normal wax?
did the teenage girls & boys of the 1900-1920 period wear mostly LACE-UP ankle (or taller) boots as home wear?
What should I do about bad skin?
Help with my ipod plz!!!?
Are really super skinny people atheletic?
Is being size 6 at 17 a good or bad thing? do guys like that?
does any body no any good websites for nail products in cork and that takes laser card too?
How to become pretty?
what kind of hair styles do you think are hot?
Is my friend pretty?
How do you stay organized?!?!?!?
who is this famous fashion designer?
rates these words from weakest to strongest.?
am i ugly????? be honest!!!?
what is the name of the director woman in lacoste?
I have been scammed by a modeling agency!?
rate??? (pic included)?
how can I dance like a slut?
I need to look really good tomorrow?
Where is a good piercing place in PA at?
Girls - What body do you like on a guy?
Am I ugly? :( [PICS]?
Do you ever get told your beatiful all the time, but feel ugly?
What bra size would i be?
what would you call your fashion line?
how do you look after your skin .. ?
survey for girls????????
Does this present look good? pic included?
What are those white bits you get on your nails?
do men like perfume? if so, what kind?
Why are girls so obsessed with "First day of school outfits" ?
Do you think bowties are still cool to wear?
Honestly, what do u think of her?
About Shaving your Legs?
Am i pretty? Rate from 1-10?
What do you think would be a good neutral makeup look for the way I look (pic included)?
what do you think?????????????/?
Whats some good fillers for this gift basket?
Girls rate me 1 to 10 :D?
Im not pretty at all?
Girls, do you ever find unique men attractive ever?
Girls: what was your shortest haircut ever?
Why do girls...?
What color rubber bands for my braces??? i dont want them to be UGLY!?
Brown or Blue eyes??
i cant think of a cute nickname for lisa?
1-10, how good looking is this guy?
do i look anorexic?? (pics)?
BEST home hair dying kit on the market?!?!?
i found my perfect guy, i just cant find him?
Need Catchy Mission Statement for Mobile beauty and holistic therapy business?
I want to make a fan made trailer for shiver, and i dont know how to save the clips on my computer. help?
what dress to wear for christmas party?
Website Critics?
please answer this question!!!?
Just curious but how do you?
I'm receding should I shave it off, women only please?
Am I still cute with short hair?
how much does it hurt to get snakebites?
Do I look handsome in my photo? (Your opinion) Would you go to homecoming with me?
HELP, homecomings in 14 hours and my hair looks GRAY!?
Ladies, do you shave your ampits? But why because they look better natural?
Hot Topic or Hollister?
what does the man wear the pants but i control the zipper mean?
what is the sexiest thing about a woman?
What girl in prettier, the one in glasses, or not?
how old do i look??
have i reallly changed all that muchh ? (pics) [:?
tHe outer edge of my eye is angled up...?
Should I paint my toenails pink?
Give me your opinion?
how do i stop picking my nails?
I think I'm Ugly. Do you agree?
my neighbor needs a makeover bad?
is my face too small?
poll should i shave my legs!!!??!!?
Bangs, disaster, answer and i'll choose u as best answer plz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
On a scale of 1 -10 lol...?
How do I make myself look "pretty"?
Should I get my eyebrows threaded? pics included?
How come women don't wear button down shirt as much as men(10 poi?
Which girl is the prettiest?
Am I Spoiled?
Do ab exercises affect naval piercings?
do you like this shirt?(pic included)?
Should you use a hair straightener when your hair is wet/damp or when it's dry?
Why am I so nervouse around guys?
I'm 16 and flat-chested?
shopping for a good cream/serum for minimizing pores...any suggestions? Price/brand does not matter.?
How to stop mosquitos from biting?
Judge Her ?! (=?
do you think my sis is pretty?
How do I fix my eyebrows-they have no arch in them?? :/?
Im almost a teen should i start shaving?
Whats your favorite inexpensive store?
Sweet And Sassy Fun For BFF's?
How do I look? (pics)?
How does one paint acrylic straight onto nails without using fake nails?
Should I go back to blonde or stay brunette?
What hair color would look good on me?
What size underbust corset based on measurements?
What to wear with Nike Blazers?!?
Do you think Oprah is fat again?
How Much Weight Should I Loose To Become Thinner (Pics)?
how long does it take uggs to get a new shipment ?
What emotions, values, and beliefs is this Rihanna ad portraying?
Does John Frieda Brillant brunette shampoo fade dark brown dyed hairs?
Do I look My age? [20 characters]?
How old do I look in this picture?
Do gel nails weaken your natural nails?
What kind of low heel should I wear for my private high school life?
Is this short for girls??pic?
Is this a good avi?
Could you be some kind of model at 5'4?
I need help with self confidence?
Help solve a mystery: Bottle of L'Oreal Color that Says Three Tone On It?
I would like to put my hair in other color, and my skin color is a little dark what color should I put?
Am i ugly???? please no nasty comments, honest opinions please?
I need a good facial moisturizer?
How to not care if people think you're ugly?
Weird Question, i know but my friend is really emberessed to ask.?
can anybody help????
1/2 day.............?
How to look stunning.?
This is for the Ladies...girls...women...?
What kind of perfume smells like laundry detergent?
Professional Makeup artist is Looking for a job.. Any offers??
What are amy lee from evanescence's undertones?pink or yellow?
GIRLS: Which one do you prefer?
buddytracker question?
How to make bath bombs?
Who is the prettiest? (picsss!)?
GIRLS: do slim fit jeans look good on guys?
i wan't to start competing in beauty pagents?
i need to find 2 matching rings (guy and girl)?
Sexy vs. Cute vs. Hot vs. Handsome, Which is the best?
Do you think we are attractive? Why or why not?
how can i remove my eyebugs so that i will look nice?
Who's prettier out of these two.?
Which dress for prom? (PICS)?
help please?
What are some modeling agencies in the Columbus,OH area?
Why do my gages hurt so badly?
Which Saree is looking so beautiful for wedding ?
Should i get this haircut?
which picture is the prettiest?
Why doesn't anybody on here like me?
what r periods?
Anyone know if Fleur de Paris parfum (perfume) still exists?
Should I make this deal with my mom?
Is this person pretty?!?!?
I am 35 pro.barber .I want to step to real money Can i get in touch with celebrity to show them what i do?
Is Hot Topic good.....?
how to know what you really look like?
perfect dress for anniversary?
Is this a cute dress?
which girl is the prettiest?
Modeling Tomboy style?
What eye color do you prefer (PICS)?
im 13 years old and i have a uni brow is there anything wrong with shaving it or whatever?
Do you like this style?
what is the official website for Davidoff( the maker of Cool Water Cologne)..?
Would you consider this to slutty?
Could I model petite clothing based on these measurements?
What are some good halloween games?
GUYS! cher lloyd skinny or kim kardashian curvy?
Can any GIRL tell me the answer?
what makes somebody beautiful?
What kind of nose will suit my facial features? (PIC)?
bath salts drying??
Rate me 1-10 (pics included)?
Would you please tell me what is pretty about me?
Is 14 too young for thongs?
what colour lense is better for olive face?
Who do you think is prettier?
is it trashy for a 14yr old to get her belly button pierced?
how good are night and day contacts?
fingernails weak and can't use hard as nails?
Wilkinson Sword Vs Gillette?
believe perfume is it good?
Do you want to be pretty?
why oh why has my avatar!!!!!?
Who's prettier? Picccc.?
Should get my bellybutton pierced?
Do you think I'm sexy?
How do I become a fashion designer??? Help?
How long should I wait to go from 14g to 12g?
I need to know what to wear to a not so formal dinner party-xmas dinner with my husband and his bosses?
is it legal for a 22 year old to date a 16 year old?
Is it ok for a guy to get a pedicure??
will you give me your opinion?
Why do girls look at me funny?
Why ban size zero models?
Am i good at doing nails? beginner, look at my picture?
what Haircut should i get?
whos prettier?
Do you wear a toe ring around your big toe?
Why do 2 hot things touching sometimes feel cold?
how hideous am i? honest answers only!?
How can you make your nails grow quicker?
Woulkd dark purple tips look good on a dark brown hair girl?
Is everyone on here like 12?
OMG!Fashion Help?? PLEASE!?
what do you consider attractive in a female?
Dark or Light Brunette? should I go blonde? (PICS)?
Do I have a nice figure...?
Are there any women on here who smoke cigarettes, because you know you look sexy while smoking?
What is your favorite perfume and mascara????
Which of these perfumes should I get?
Please, i need help..?
Girly Girl Quiz?
Do u like this quote?
I'm a 16 year old boy I look at myself every-time I'm in the shower or bath is that a problem?
Is this too skinny?
Who's prettier out of these two.?
what do you think about this girl?
What are the most comfortable briefs?
☆Do I have natural beauty?
Can you get cold sores from kissing?
Do you think im pretty ?!?! with picture?
Why do you have to use a sable hair brush when applying acrylic nails?
Guys >> Boys/ Men..... Do you find yourself attractive?
Female feet are hot especialy painted toenails and anklets etc. Why don't more show them off?
What do you think of my looks?
Does it look tacky for a guy to wear sweatpants and drive a nice bmw?
do I look good with my red hair or would I look better blonde?
where is a good place to beau-tif-y my self?
Should I gain more weight (male, pics)?
What would you say is my best feature? (pic)?
Pleaseee help what color contacts should i get?
are skinny girls sexy??
Give me a name of a girl celebrity that you think is gorgeous? :)?
What is your best makeover advice?
What does a Day Creme do?
Does he look older than me? If so, by how many years?
What do you think of my overall "look"?
what is the best body shaping under garments?
Is there a men's fragrance that smells like the fresh outdoors?
Teen girl halloween costume ideas? confused about the name?
What type of dress or skirt is required for a graduation?
why does everyone say that "I am not their type"? I feel I'm pretty attractive and smart?
Little Green Men T-shirt?
Do you get paid while in beauty school?
Ok tips on stop tin?
Ladies: Hairy hands? What do you think?
does pot make you look old?
do I look Asian? I am not Asian?
How long do you have to wear earrings if your ears are peirced?
How do you make yourself stop missing someone?
am i ugly? i think i am but...?
i want to find out what celeb i look like?
Anyone have a good name for a massage parlor?
I have a wide face and i'm a girl is that a good thing or a bad thing?
How to make a drab outfit really nice?
Did llyold polite put a perm in his hair?
Lip surgery problem.?
Do ladies love a guy with dimples?
Beauty Therapy?
Which picture??????????
How do I look?
I think I'm ugly but everyone else thinks I'm hot How can I make myself feel better? ?
If this happened...?
What would be some advice for a pale brunette with gray-blue eyes?
Would you call this girl spoiled??
I'm lost- girls only?
Which outfit do you like best/which girl looks prettiest?
will her eyes stay blue? picture included.?
Am i pretty? I'm SO self conscious...*pics*?
Which colour Havaianas look best?
Who is better looking out of the two of us?
Halloween costume, dead woman, chelsea smiles, any ideas?
barbizon beauty tips?
Am I actually pretty?
Are we ugly???? (pics)?
Do you think this girl is pretty?
what makes a guy sexy in your thought? (girls)?
spa ..........?
which picture looks better? and why?
Would you wear these as dress shoes or for something casual?
Tips to look more exotic?
victoria beckham.. pretty or not???
I am looking for the avon site to become a avon door to door ditributor do you know it?
is it bad to be a big flirt with guys that you dont like even if they now that you dont like them????
Hair gel and Gelatin?
how to get a great new look?
what are the 3 beauty products you cant live without?
Profile picture help?
Do you like my nails? (If you're a girl)?
How long should my extensions be?
Are you truthfull on the "Am I pretty" questions?
Do I have a good enough body to be a swimsuit model?
How can you GET freckles?
♥Is the name Baby Phat for a reason?
does this person sound hot/pretty?
How can i lighten my eyes naturally?
what race do I look? and how old do I look?
what is this year's styles?2010?!?
please tell me...?
Good, neutral OPI colors?
Does size matter????
How much to tip a scripper?
What's the best salon for manicures and pedicures near Harrisburg PA?
Have you had a bikini wax?
Am I attractive looking?
Please send me photo links of your favorite summer dresses under $40.:?
Why do i have an unexplainable attraction to blonde hair?
what would u rate my appearance on a scale from 1to 10?
Is anyone else obsessed with Bath and Body works?
Should i get my nipple pierced?
is it safe to wax ur facial hair?does the hair grow back more faster n thicker?
What can I improve about my appearance?
Who is prettier?
How do I make home-made bikini wax?
what does it means when a guy saids that ur cute?
Am I fat/ ugly? Be honest, I feel like I am and the holiday season isn't helping much. Honest opinions please.
Anyone who's been to a playboy casting call!?
what do you call the strips used to wax eyebrows.?
question about non prescription color contact lenses?
Beauty School?
Dress opinion for seniorr banquet (pic)?
Should I drop my friend?
Which picture of me is better?
What are the names of the models in the Celibre ad?
What can I do to make myself look pretty?
omg helppp! easy 10 pointss :)?
Do you think I make an good looking girl ?
how to get a great new look?
how do you remove sweat stains from shirts?
HOW can i get a HAIRSTYLE like her. Yulia, Spikey, but stylish???
honestly am i ugly? how can i improve my appearance?
What is worse for you? (Mostly for the ladies)?
abercrombie kids jeans?
Aussie Teen Gals, What Would You Do For Money........?
"In your opinion,which is more important, beautiful face or pretty limb?
Who is prettier? First on second picture?
What is this pattern called?
Men, what size do you like a woman to be?
why we see the pornostars in movies wearing the cross. is that from chritians religion thoughts?
Is having someone like Nicole Richie or Paris Hilton be your role model bad?
How can i improve my looks?
do u think i should wear skinny jeans?
can different mirrors and lighting change your reflection?
do i need a nosejob in ur eyes?
How to look beutiful!?
Hello, I'm searching for a perfume, but I forgot the name. It's name (should be)start by an A?
bikini me please!!!!!?
what do you think?<pic>.......?
Wearing bra with swim coverup?
Do PRETTY PEOPLE have a easier life, or do they have to work as hard as the average person?
My calves don't wanna tan :c?
can eny one help me please?
how old do i look?? [[PICS]]?
Does anyone else hate getting out water?
do guys like tall girls?
Do you think I'm pretty, ugly, okay etc?
What should I do with my make up? Hair? (pics)?
I need tips on how to dye eyebrows at home?
Do earrings fit me well? -Pictures-?
What should I wear to this party?
when you lose weight, do your eyeglasses still fit?
what do you think about beauty pageants?
How come tanned, brown girls look better than pale girls in a bikini?
Why am I so ugly....? ?
can you help me with this???
I need a website for dollmakers?
I'm ugly what do I do?
Brother lost bet, dress like girl,,?
general beauty tips? (nails, hair, skin, etc)?
Gummy bear breast implants?