if your a size 13 in jeans and a d boob are you fat?
I like it when people say I look like a boy...?
Am I an attractive guy?
Do you think I'm pretty?
Which are the world's most beautiful women?
My bottom lip sticks out?
ok what is the best way to stop biting your nails if your a guy?
if you girls stopped waxing your legs, plucking eyebrows,applying make up "etc "etc,how would you look.
What is your style??
please tell me why am i so ugly?
How to stop biting your nails?
I want to be a male model, any tips?
all my family tells me that i have to short skirts and shorts should i stop wearing my cloths or buy new cloth
I've been wearing glasses all my life now and I want to switch to contact lenses.?
Do I have a chubby or curvy body?
How to get him to talk to me?? PLEASEE?
Are yellow eyes rare?
What is best for bags under eyes, and easy to get hold of?
Wgat hurts more, snakebites or having you ear done?
bangs or no bangs? (pictures)?
do we look like sisters =) ?
what color highlights should i get? pic*?
How do you think I look?
girls does this guy have a hot body?
My friend is in a national pageant and she is at a loss about what to wear for her next shoot advice? ideas?
Girls: Would you rather be 5'0 or 6'2?
where do you think i can find nail polish that will change colors?
What do I wear with these things?? [Pics!]?
you think Michle Mouso is cute?
Why do nine year olds act like teenagers?
Which hair color looks the best (wild) on girls : blonde, black, brunette, red?
Which girl is prettier???? (pics)?
had my librae peirced, a week later it's growing ovcer on the inside? i think.i dont know what it's doing,help
Pretty or ugly, what should I change to look better?
Would this be considered an eye smile?
Who is most your type?
Can you tell they're sisters? [PIX]?
Am I average height and weight?
Does my hair look okay?
Girls, am I hot? Pic. Included?
Tips to a better life style?
What outfits and make up go with a dark skin tone?
I just found out i have SCABIES!!?
Would I look better without my monroe piercing?
Looking for coconut perfume?
is thin not attractive?
GIRLS ONLY PLEASE! rate this guy!?
Tips on getting a belly ring?
Dyed hair, Hair Extensions, Fake Eyelashes and Color Contacts?
Anybody who once participated in National miss (name of ur state) pageant I need advise!?
this is roosterman i changed my name to roosterwoman i appreciate all the advice you women have gave me?
Men wearing nail polish?
What kind of perfume do you use? what is your favorite ?
Do I have the potential to look pretty?
is this gurl fat?
Guys,rate her please?
do you think she is pretty?
Could a girl be overweight and beautiful at the same time?
What would I wear with this? Very hard to decide!?
What is Victoria's secret?
how to look taller? any idea?
What could I do to improve my look?
How much do you think I weigh? Closest answer gets 10 points?
Powdered or natural brows - Which looks better?
Girls who wear color extensions in there hair?
Help, I want to improve these things....?
Does anyone else agree that Aero, Hollister, Am. Eagle, Abercombie all look the same?
help! will i look like a nerd?
why do old people smell?
How does a guy who is waiting to see a woman again, cope? (while he is waiting to see a woman again)?
What color heels/accessories should i wear with an off white dess?
Do you like these shorts?????
Okay, High school. Need some answers! thanks!?
wat can i do to make me look a lil better?
Can you use inverted nail moulds with any acrylic or is the a special kind to use & where can i get both ?
What causes you to blush?
IS THIS GIRL Hot? (Pics included.) x?
I gauged my ears to a 14g. need some information.?
is what i ate today ok if im trying to lose weight?
What eye color is this...?
What makeup counters does westside carry in new delhi?
Only girls.?
How do you like these piercings (pic included)?
Which is more attractive?
What's the best cologne for a teen guy?
Help! I am just too shy!?
wax eyebrows off?
what is the best deordorant to stop pespiration? i have tried so many but none have worked?
is it weird for a girl to wear these things? (pics)?
Do 13 year old Girls like being touched On the butt?
Do you think I have what it takes?
Do I have a good bone structure?
what you can do when you have forced permission to live on place that situated far away of your home?
Where is Paradise, is it anywhere nearby or is it still so faraway that its unattainable?
Which girl is prettier?
How can i find an online jewelry store i saw but forgot the name of the store but i have the name of the item?
hello im natalie petes gf?
What do you guys this of this picture?
Is My Cousin Pretty?
Has anybody had Laser treatment for anything?
What are height to be a model?
How should I wear my hair with this outfit? 10 POINTS!?
whats the average waist size for a women and a man?
Which is the best masculine perfume?
I need everyone's opinions on whether or not I should buy these?
which girl do you think is prettier? pics included!?
Do i have wolf-like eyes?
What can I wear to a christening?
what kind of jumper/sweater is this?
girls/women with beauty experience only!!!?
How many time do you spray on perfume on yourself?
These Vans shoes on a girl?
Dark PURPLE/VIOLET colored lens?
favourite perfumes *girls. ?
What is this nail design called?
which perfume is best......... AXE or any?
Best nail polish / product to harden and grow thin brittle nails.?
should i use retin-a only at night for uneven skin tone pigmentation and acne scar, can I apply other creams?
DO i have an ugly nose??
What do you wear for senior yearbook photos?
ohkayy, is there anyway i can get this ink tag off my jeans?
What is the difference between an acrylic manicure and an acrylic full set?
should i get a haircut?
What's the maximum amount of weight you can lose in a week without surgery?
Am I too ugly? Too short ? Too fat ?
Should I shave downstairs? - I'm a girl?
Should I buy a Northface?
what color should I dye my hair?
how do you think i look?
Cosplay white/silver hair?
Whats the best smelling deodorant to girls?
tomorrow I'm going for a modeling interview.. what type of questions will they ask me?
Honest opinions of this girl?
Shellac Nails with tips ?
GUYS: what scent should I wear?
*** ( PICS INCLUDED)*** Do I look better blond or brunette?
hw to get rid of deep,costly?
What would i wear with this tomorrow ?
Which of these Sims is prettiest? (Sims 3 Images) x?
Rate me out of 10, please? Also, how old do I look..?
does she appy top coat in this picture (using ESSIE)?
I want pls help me?.....?
How look good all the time (for a guy)?
Boys: i wanna dress sexy for my boyfriend...would you rather your girl wear...?
where can i find a modeling agency?
Why are they so jealous?
Ladies....what is your favorite......?
tips on wearing a garter belt?
Would I look good with a nose piercing(pic)?
Ladies!!! Do you find chest hair sexy?
Never had a group of girlfriends...did I miss anything?
How to be scene HELP ME!!?
What first comes to mind when you see this picture?
Who's the prettiest?
How long can you keep henna hair dye AND HOW DO YOU STORE IT?
What kinds of questions does the Miss Teen New Jersey pageant ask?
Please help! Which dress should I get?
which shaving gel/cream/foam is the best?
Does anyone like to wear rings from Claries or Icing?
how to get fair skin? or will the skin become fair?
how do you paint your nails?
help me ! dark or light ?(pics)?
do you find freckles ugly?
i'm a sexy monstar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
who can i make myself look better by Halloween?
Do you think my hair looks long?
What r u a girl or a boy?
do you like this picture????
What should I wear to the black light dance?
Survey: Females only please - What is your shoe size and your jean size?
Who's the prettiest?
GIRLS ONLY.what makes a guy really really stunning gorgeous?
who is from the Lowell Mass. area???
Why are there so many bronzers and tanning products for indoor tanning?
Can you be in HIGH FASHION if you're a shorty???
Who is the most beautiful woman in the world?
I think I shop too much and I can't stop! what should I do? I'm getting broke!?
Is this dress nice to wear to a christmas party?
Help with makeup and hair?
Hair Help ; What to tell the hairdresser?
What colour should I paint my nails? :)?
Is there something wrong with my belly???
soaps to lighten skin complexion?
Out of curiosity ?
Honestly, how old do i look.?
do guys like a lot of eyeliner on a girl?
best nail salon in elk grove?
Something ugly happened to me after shaving?
what size do i look, mention whether US or UK size?
Is my body proportionate? (photos)?
What's the best colonge that girls love?
what girls has the worlds biggest nose?
I'm a guy with a v shaped jaw =(?
HELP PLEASE Where can i get a dress like?
Do you like long hair or short hair on me?
what's the name given to the latest entry into 'nina ricci' family of perfumes?
i have hair all over my boobs. how can i get rid of them?
what is the beauty package?
Gel nail fill & information?
How can i get my hair to grow in less dry and frizzy?
why do peple worry abuot the way they look i mean im flat as cardboard front and back so what?
i have no friends because of the way i dress what can i do?do i change my love for fashion and makeup?
Why do people find these fashionable.....?
looks wise- what's the most important facial feature?
Acrylic paint to paint nails?
How to make perfume last longer?
Getting my fake nails to last longer, they're already on?
Would they be cute together?
Has any cellulite treatment worked for you? Which one?
any body have any tips on getting a tattoo?
Would this look okay on me?
Personalised kanji rings?
What kind of style do I have?
Just wondering what my rating out of 10 would be?
Is there any guy who will ever like me?
whats a good way to use lavender baby oil?
Which picture please? (pics inside)?
which hair color looks better on me?
my make over is complete!! do i look better?? (pics)?
What would girls rate this guy /10?
How cute am i??? pic?
Where do you usually buy contacts?the different color kinds.?
how can my friend become a person who anit a nerd?
Who do you think is prettier?
What do you think? (pics)?
What color clothing looks best on a brunette with hazel eyes?
What are good modeling agency that is searching for young girls?
Is 5'4 short for a 16 year old girl?
What COLOR shoes?
poll!!!!!!!!guys and girls.......?
Glamour modeling in america??! please help?
What do you think about this outfit?
Whites of Nails Not White!?
can i model i have pictures ?
should I use this pic as my myspace default?
How much will 3 tattoos and a nose ring will cost?
Can I wear this top like this?
what nail colors are in this fall?
Please help my friend and I settle a bet -- Which couple would be cuter?
Should i go brunette or blonde for a red dress?
what is the best cologne for a 14 year old trying to pick up a single girl?
Does any body know where to buy these earings?
what do you most dislike about your appearance?
does my body looks too athletic?
what's that cologne called...?
Guys:which picture is cutest? 10 IMMEDIATE POINTS?
what do you think of me?
What skin color is hottest?
how to be chic and feminine?
Difference between wrlens website and lensmarketplace ?
WHY am i so ugly?
what will i do !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
should i stay blonde or go back brown?
Eyebrows tinting ( pic included)?
Answer Ittt Booooooooooooo_*♥?
what ear ya'll think an industrial piercing look better?
Do i look better with long or short hair?
What eye color do you think is beautiful the most?
look better ??? ''pics''?
what is my face shape?
Who is Prettier? With Pictures!?
I want to know... (pics included)?
What can I wear??? I'm fat?
ACRYLIC.. is the acrylic sets of there good?? like the powerd and liquid and that? please ancer?????:D?
Where can i find something like this?
How can I tell my girlfriend how beautiful she is?
do i have the face to be a model?
What axe deoderant stick smells like recovery spray?
Should get a good camera or glasses?
slim and curvy but chubby calves...what dyou think?
Dip dying extensions blue?
how old does she look?
am i common loooking or could you pick me out of a crowd?
Guys only: perfume turn on or turn off?
acrylic nails experts...?
Anyone know where I can buy the Rio Nail Art Kit in the stores?
how do i make my nails grow faster naturally?
Who is the prettiest? (pics)?
What is a 'classic beauty'?
Which one do you prefer?
can anyone please tell me what hairstyle this is?
Climat & Magie Noire by Lancome?
Who do you like better?
What would my waist size?
What color eyeshadow should I wear?
the north face? for snobs?
any tips on nail growth?
how old do u think i am?
Girls what makes a Guy stand out to you?
i need help with my style?
I saved my money for a Polo...?
How should I do my makeup for Halloween?
which color do you like better?
What colour nail vanish shall I wear with pink dress?
am i super ugly or something?
Myspace or facebook?
Do I look like any celebrity?
what do you think of me?
So I got invited to a christmas party but I don't know what to wear! I havent been out in a while!?
Why do celebrities love to have white and hair free underarms??
I would like suggestions for a sexy middle name that would go with Christina.?
How is my hair looking,, many dont lik it?
Should i go blonde? read description below really need a new look?
How do you buy jeans according to your waist size?
How can I make myself look like Anastasiya Shpagina?
What face cream would you recommend???
Which Hair, Skin and Nails formula is best?
Is there a difference between gillette fusion power and gillette fusion power phantom?
Do you think we should do it so young?
Which girl is prettiest to you?
Wearing classic perfume?
What Appearence do you like better PLEASE HELP?
What would look good with these boots? Girls only!?
What do you think of my appearance?
I have a habbit of bitting my nails and i've had it all my life (26) do i stop??? HEPL ME!!!!?
checking email!?
besides waiting or extensions what can i do about my bangs that were cut too short?
For the ladies... Do any of you know any pills that make your breasts bigger?
Something to lighten the face?
does anybody stand out in this photo?
first word that comes to my head when you see my picture?
Does jessica Simpson have big feet or is it just me?
whatever feshion i do(like heir style or color) so how will i be look in any particular style.any web site?
do you have to cut your nails before getting acrylic or gel nails?
Ear piercings bleeding? pleeeaasee help!!?
Sexy Panties, I hate thongs and G strings!?
Why do I look better in the mirror than in pics?
Womens' honest opinion?
Which bikini should I get? (w/ pictures)?
men and women, who are more beautiful in the world?
perfume..... what one do you wear?
How old do you think I am?
What hairstyle looks best? I cant decide! (pictures inside)?
Question for girls who have had their eyebrows waxed?
What qualities must a beauty queen have?
what is your favourite eye colour and why?
Is it true that you have to be a C cup to model for Victoria's Secret?
Taking fake nails off?
What should I wear tomorrow?
Where can I find this prom/homecoming dress?
Who do you think is the cutest?
What is ur favorte find of sweet?
smoking is still cool right?
how old do i look? (pictures)?
what nationality do i look like and how old do u think i am?
Have you used the Finally Free permanent hair removal system?
Girls what is your favorite perfume?
I need your opinion, AM I UGLY?
Do girls find soccer players hot?
Give my your opinion about this outfit I want to buy? Is it sexy?
who's prettier?! pics?
are these shoes cute?!! for a retro/unique look? or are they just ugly?
Does my friend look like hollister model material?
what is the weirdest dream u have EVER had? =)?
is the importation of coca leaf to the US legal?
Omg please help me my name is all over the school?
When do you think my body is best? Thicker, skinny, or average?
who's the prettiest out of us?
Girls only. how would you rate?
Am i really that ugly ?
After I take a shower...?
What does this saying mean ?
What is it like to go to a spa?
Pleaseee PLEASE help!?
Which do you think is a better photo?
How to look stunning.?
help shaving for girls?
would u go for a guy that looks this?
i wanna be fun and crazy?
What are some creative Birthday Parties?
What color flowers should i get on my corsage?
Fun bride ideas crazy ides anything is welcome thanks for advice n ideas pictures?
Whats the difference between getting your eyebrows waxed and getting them shaped..?
How can fingernail polish remover with acetone in it strengthen nails?
Do you actually think she is pretty?
Some guys at my school said they liked my "whale tale"? What is that?
Would this shirt look good on someone pale?
People say that Indians are ugly? Does that mean that I'm uglyy?
What are the best modeling agencies in the world?
how to look better in pictures?
Will This Jacket Shrink?
How can you know if color tattoos will look good on you're skin?
Do ilook like the evil step mother??
What do you think of my appearance?
How many piercings do you have?
lip peircings?
do you think supermodels are attractive?
What do girls see in a man to love him?
Would I look good in a lip ring?? and these bangs? PIC?
Victoria Secret online coupon code for August? For use with Credit Card?
How can my eyes look better?
question about nivea cream?
Am I Pretty?????????
How bad to belly piercings hurt?
Would this look be okay for prom?
Can I go from acrylic tips to shellac nails?
how old do you think i look?
on a scale from 1-10.....?
Which girl is prettier guys and girls opinion
What should I wear to a friend of the familys wedding?
Is aishwaria rai the preitiest lady in the world?
My little sister thinks she's ugly so i'm proving her wrongg.?
What to wear for a job interview for a girl?
Why dont i look 18 or older?
Breast enhancement pill reviews?
Would purple contacts look creepy?
what's your favorite perfume? looking for a new scent.?
What to wear to church for girls ages 10-13?
did u look cute in ur graduation book?
Where do I go to get my eyebrows trimmed (I'm a male)?
Women & Tattoos......What do you think...Hot or Not...?
How to look more alive and less ugly?
what do you REALLY think of this person?!?
pretty or no?? pics included?
Are all the women on maxims Hottest 100 women list over 18?
How can we look beautiful?
what would you say about this person (photo)?
Girls which guy do you find more attractive and why?
HELP!!!! i've got braces?
Bangs or no bangs?! (Pics :P)?
Is 5'5 short for an adult female?
What age and ethnicity do you think I look?
I'm really flat chested and I hate it?
Should I make this picture my Facebook profile picture?
People tell me I look like a little kid! How can I look my age?
Do you think I'm pretty?
what colour i pod should i get?
Can I model?
girls, do u like when?
What is the best way to dress for a guy to impress a girl?
do you feel guilty burying old shoes in the garbage with old leftovers?
what to put on a brad paisley shirt ! ?
Why does everyone single out Megan Fox as the most beautiful woman?
Wat are guys most used lines to get wit a gurl?
Will rubbing alcohol take permanant marker off of fingernails?
What facial shape do I have?
How do I get an icon for answers?
Question for men?
What can I do to help or prevent from acne coming?
My boob look smaller than the cup of the bra size, why?
How to give myself a pedicure ???
Should I get a boob job?
Highlights or not???????
How to get the pixie lott look?
Calling all Hollister Employees!!?
am i pretty?
which woman is prettier?
What hair color will bring my eyes out more?
i wear acrylic nails and i was ripping open a box at work yesterday?
can anyone help me with my dress dilemma?
post here if you have a french manicure?
No make up beauty tips?
Best type of bra to use?
How old do I look? (Pics.)?
miss universe's getting uglier every year?
any tips on nail growth?
britney is hot or not?
What are some things to do at newport dunes, in newport CA for a day trip?
any tips for me to become.. not ugly. (pics)?
Why are most people ugly ewwie?
On A Scale Of One To Ten, Ten Being The Highest, How Would I Rate Beauty-Wise?
is she pretty could she be a model?
Thong and Pads together?
high school girls: how many of you are intimidated by good looking guys?
Help, I'm only 17 but I look so OLD! How can I look more my age?
im a teenage guy, how should i cut my nails...i know its impokrtnat?
Which pair of colored contacts should I get?
Where could I get this jacket?
who's better, blondes or brunettes?
Want to change my look.. advice needed and pic included?
What would you rate me?
Tops that look like one piece bathing suits?
Removing Nail Glue..?
Ladies - Would you do this for charity?
Which of these girls is the prettiest??
trimming bikini area?
My nails are real shiny?
Did I Eat Too Much Today..?
What kind of bathing suit would work best for me...?
How good looking am I?
Why does a corset make my back hurt?
What is prettier, Tori Spelling or my dogs sphincter?
What are the essential pieces you should have in your wardrobe?
In the O.C season 3 Marissa wear a red/ brown nail varnish what make is it and what colour?
Do you think guys with thick legs and butts are sexy?
Calling all teenage girls.?
Your favorite color of eyes?
how do i remove those nails thatr you get like, glued on at the slon? how are thay removed at home?
best wax strips for bikini area?
boys if you could choose any haircolor for you girlfreind..what color would it be,?
where can i buy nice bags in nashville,tn for a reasonable pice?
i want to look good on the 1st day of school for my crush what do i do?
Should I get the Naked palette 1 or 2?
Do wheatish skin tone and olive skin tone same?
Pretty or not? please help!?
Silver colored cavity fillings... embarrassing? should i have them covered or removed?
who do you fancy the most, skinny smoker or fat non smoker?
Which country would you find its people's eyes most attractive?
How to get a clearer complexion?
Is UK the only European country where the women have all pubic hair removed?
What do you think? Pretty, not? Pls rate.?
Just out of interest.....whos the most prettiest and why?
Do they even look related? (pics)?
How many times does a woman look in the mirror in one day?
Wat kind of Girls u prefer??skinny girls or normal girls?
what is a mentholatum?
What should I wear to a fair?
Where can i buy Sally Hansen Extra Strength Brazilian Bikini Wax around Montreal Canada?
Work boots smells???? ?
What is the most beautiful thing in this world?
is this girl pretty?
Am I attractive???!?(pic)?
getting my ears pierced?
Do you think this picture is cute?! Should I use it as my profile picture?
dus any1 no where i can get a henna tattoo in leeds (UK) or manchester (UK)?
modeling ( with pictures )??
how can i stop biting my nails?
What do you consider a turnoff on a girl/guy ?
how is my schedule next year? going to COLLEGE?
Can You Help Me Find Some Music?
How can I improve? *pics included*?
what colours suit pale cool complexions?
what is secrets of girls?
Do I have the potential to look pretty?
Help! What should I do?
Which dress looks the best? <pics included>?
Does anyone know how much cartilage piercings cost in tattitude in didsbury?
I have a situatiooonnn?
What do you think of me? Pic?
Do I have warm skin tone or cool?
How can I Stop biting my fingernails?
Which is harder to achieve, a pretty face or a hot body?
Does she look like any celebrities?
What are some more really good nail ideas?
should i go all brown or blond?
I had a training at Bath and Body works.?
Semi formal advice please?
Does anyone else here get pissed when unattractive girls think they are hot stuff?
writing my gf a poem for christmas?
Is it too early for a 13-15 years old person to epilation?
which one is betterrrrrr?
Which picture should I use for a profile picture?
do you like brown nail polish?
What are some cool nail art designs I should do for my blog?
Where am i from???????????????????
can you put a tonuge retainer in as soon as get it pierced?
Should a man wear a pink dress ?
this boy at school said i have man hands but my hands are beautiful what do i do?
Rate me please?!? (1-10) (pic) ?
Cute/Short Quotes/Sayings/Lyrics?
Stubble or No Stubble?
Is beautybaby44 from youtube rich?
What should i wear for my picture day in school?
How come you are so beautiful?
I know it is expensive, but has anyone ever used Cellcosmet skincare?
why do guys like to use gurl products and not their own?
Girls:How old were u when u were aloud to start shaving. honset! Do i have model potential..?
I am prett much in love with this guy but my friend likes him and she doesn't know i like him what do I do?
Tattoos: Trashy or Classy?
do you know how old i am?
So.. I want to be sexy, but for one man only.?
How can I improve my looks?
Doesn't it kind of annoy you when...?
the prettiest girl and best dress?
Where can I buy stillmans bella aurora cream?
what do YOU feel naked without???other than clothes...?
what is most attractive? red heads, blonds, or brunettes?
Where is a cheap place to get colored skinny jeans?
Are these pants too tight?
poll: am i pretty enough to be a model :P could i be a model?
Ladies: Do you find this male model HOT or NOT?
How can I make my self look skinny in a pic?
I can't decide if I should get my belly button pierced??
what r the bodu\y mesurments of top model Heidi Klum, heights and weight in Kg?
What do you think of the TV show 'More to Love'?
what color contacts should i get?
Do i look like...(pic included)?
does my sister look like ashley tisdale?
Should i keep my hair black? picture!?
Why would "qtpie" choose the lifestyle of a transvestite?
Is something wrong with my scale?
what really happens when......?
take a look at my profile(picture) and tell me how i look and what would you rate me.?
Sunless Tanning?
What size 100% polyester shirt should I get?
How can i look pretty/beautiful?
can you rate this for me
Do you think he looks like justin timberlake??? [pics!]?
Has anyone ever had a bone chilling experience...scary, ghostly experience?
Is there a fast way to get rid of dark circles?
How can I be attractive?
Which guy looks hotter/cuter?
Nail help please.....?
How can you help tinted moisturiser stay on throughout the day ...vain guy.?
do you think am i ugly?
I need female opinions, although guys can help out too if they want :)?
Confidence is what you have? Or is it learned?
Anyone knows of a good place to do studio portraits of oneself?
Why are there so many ugly people in this world?
how do you make your face look thinner?
Do I look Good for a 17 year old?
who do you find more preety?
Is there anything I could use as a shaving cream that isn't shaving cream?
Can chubby-ish girls wear bikinis without looking bad?
What should I wear tomorrow to school?
is this too cheesy? (20 characters errr)?
Am i spoiled?
First impression? picture?
who looks better?
How do I get clevage for a A cup bra size?
Has anyone been to or heard of this beauty college? scam?
Who makes a better strawberry shake than McD's?
Do you think I'm pretty?
What color should i dye my hair?
Would a guy date a brown eyed girl ?
Do you think a girl can pull off all kinds of outfits if she has a beautiful face?
Is their perfume for ball sweat?
Girl likes me cause i look "macho"?
What should i be for halloween?
Helpppppp need some information?
Anyone, please help me find a Miracle Wave machine in Hong Kong. Thank you very much.?
How can i make myself prettier? i get hateful comments?
When getting an industrial ear piercing, how bad does it really hurt?
Is my jawline attractive? (pic included)?
Silk-Epil for male beard removal (or any other product)?
how can i improve my looks/how can i look like her?
I don't know what the issue is...?
What is it about her that is so pretty?
are keds out style for girls?
Who do you think is prettier?
Will my tan ever fade entirely?
What should i wear to a My Chemical Romance concert?
where can you get your eyebrows professionally done at for 8 dollars?
When was beauty pageant developed?
How to do this hair style?
Features of cultures?
which girl is more beautiful guys? pics included?
Do girls like guys with hair on their chest?
i want to get my teeth whitened - what works the best and how much does it cost?
What celebrity do I look like?
Anybody know why Pamela Anderson?
Girls, are you more attracted to the face or body of a guy?
Are chubby cheeks cute or ugly? (Pictures of me included!)?
My nails are very LONG! But i bit them an its stuck?
Help me decide on pictures?
Does modeling for Victoria's Secret sound sluty?
What age do men usually stop growing taller?
Im a girl, should i have hairy armpits. Do guys like that?
what curling iron should i buy?
new school look and more help?
who likes to wear layered?
How should i do my bangs?
Silly girl, What color do you mostly wear, Suntan!?
what do you do if your cousin buys you something that is ugly like clothes & she wants u to wear it right then
am i really that ugly?
i want to look alot better then what i do im 13 and im trying to look alot cuter and i dont know what to do?
I still wear...?
•☼Which girl is PRETTIER☼•!!?
What does being a 'classic beauty' mean?
Should I Make Being Black illegal?
Who is more beautiful, a boy or a girl?
would u reject or accept the fact that ur guy wears tighty whities? and why?
Do you prefer Avon or Mary Kay?
what is the song in elizabeth arden beauty commercial?
One side of my face is ugly?
Question about shaving pubes?
whats your first impression of this girl?
Do you think i look weird in this picture?
am i pretty at all? pic (guys mostly -girls adivce)?
~*~Do i look better with straight or curly hair?~*~?
Which girl is prettier? (Pics)?
do people look stupid when they wear jumpers on hot days?
rate me please!?
Girls, do I look attractive?
are my leg/thigh too big or small? am i underweight, average or chubby?
how can you get rid of these kind of hair?
Whats the pain factor of waxing your underarm? Whats the feeling like? comparable to eg.?
Who's prettier/hotter: Lilly allen or Hayden Panettiere?
What do you think of these dressed? (Pics)?
what color should I dye my hair? (pictures included)?
Who do you think looks better?
I look younger than I am, like help?
How would you rate me from 1-10?
which one of us is prettier?
What Do You Think?
^_^ I need some scene name help!!?
Big knots in my ears where my earrings go!?
vision how do i imrpove me eyes they are getting worst?
What piercings look good with an industrial?
here are my favorite perfumes. do they have anything in common? like what would you say my preferences are?
What ethnicity/background does my last name sound?
Could I fit into a girls 16R at Abercrombie?
Gabriel Union is 40, I want her secrets so when I get to be in my 40s that I look like I am still young.?
Do I look pretty?
Who do you think is prettier : ) ?
How much for the tip??
QUestion about beauty?
Guys, What is your opinion of girls in black knee boots?
what kind of hairstyle should i try?
blood in stool help?!!!?
What color should I get this dress in?
What can I wear with these Jordans?
Anyone know names of site modeling agencies?
Which photo is the best? (pic)?
I asked what I look like and people say I look trashy and ugly here on YA! while in "real life" people call me?
Justin Bieber thinks he has better hair than Robert Pattinson?
Should I get bangs? (pic included)?
Am I model worthy..or just sears catalog?
Do you think im gorgeous too?
Guys, what do you prefer on a girl?
Looking for small/mini manicure kit...?
am i looking feminine (pic*)?
I'd like to be?
(GIRLS ONLY) Need advice!! Do you think there could be any changes to my image to attract women?
What Is Your Shower Routine?
Weird question but.... What Race do I look like !??! (Pics)?
Do teen guys need to have a skincare regime like moisturising and cleansing, etc?
Can I use the two for one twice?
Spa/Beauty workers out there please help!?
I could have sworn I saw someone today at the mall who posted their pic on here asking how they look...?
boys like wut eye color for girls?
What is there to do in Fargo, ND?
GUYS: are belly button piercings a turn on?
Who is this model ?
i'm interested in modeling and need help finding a free online modeling website.?
how does ur BOY/GIRLFRIEND look.? do u like how dey look(be honestly)????
Should this work forr pimples/blemishes?
What do you think? Rate 1-10(: ?
do you think these shirts are slutty?
Girls...what things do you like to do when you're in girly mood?
Which photo is better? this guy ugly?
Who is the prettiest? (just for fun)?
imovie cuts off half my video?
Do I Look Like Any Celebrity??? (pics included)?
How do you look make your self look older?
Is a tall woman attractive?
soaps to lighten skin complexion?
Do you think I'm Ugly?
Where can I get samples of Jo Malone's new cologne "Nectarine Blossom and Honey"?
Gorgeous Dress,Wrong Size,No Food,Possibly Fit?
What day does Ross get its inventory?
Which Dress Do You Prefer? For Grad? :)?
Do you think I'm fat?
How much a liposuction cost?
I want a new perfume..?
how do i get a boyfriend?
Is He Pretty?
Does wearing a brace make you automatically ugly?
How old do i look?
I feel so insecure about myself and the way I look. Is there anything I can do to make myself feel better?
guys: which kind of body would you prefer your girl to have.?
a way to get rid of or reduce dark circles that really works?
Should I dye/highlight my hair like thisss?
what can I do about my lip injections?
I want to be a model, but I have noticable, yet small, bump in my nose. Will that be a problem.?
free city?
GIRLS: Do you like shy guys?
Girls, what do you think about me?
Question for the ladies?
Thoughts on belly button piercings?
Real or Fake Chanel No 5?!!!?
Which Belarus wig is better?
what were you for Halloween?
I'm a female and my ring finger is longer than my index, like a mans?
What do you think of my pic?
Ladies... about my bod...your opinions please?
Who is beautiful for you?
Give me a stereotype based on a description of my looks?
Relaxing bath? please help. 10 points?
Do people from all over the world find white people to be the most beautiful?
do you think i'm pretty OR UGLY?
Heres a tough one, where can i buy Victoria Secrets Very Sexy for Men Deodorant? Not from VS, i know.?
How can I be a size 1?!?
she wont stop!?
why can't other girls except the fact that i am prettier then them?
So I have a party that I am going to on Saturday night does anyone have any way to get really lean quick?
i dont no what to wear?
How to be like Barbie?
am i too "big" to be a model?
What do you find the most attractive about the opposite sex?
What would you name the nail polishes?
Do you think my eyes are ugly?
Are you still a wax virgin?
Which Girl Is prettiest? With Pic!
are women or men cheaters???
how do i look?
am i or not?? and sorry for it not being in color?
i want a new style; how does this sound?
Yellow smiley face tank top? Where to get one?
Which girl is more pretty?
What is your favorite perfume?
do i look alright with a mohawk?
whos better looking from the three of u s????
Does EVERYONE who has blonde hair, tan skin, white teeth and blue eyes..?
Men shaving their legs?
Is she good looking?? please be honest?
how do these look on???
Left or right? Please be honest?
Anyone know sites where i can find VIDEOS of beauty pagents walking on the catwalk?
can you suggest me suitable under eye cream which is affordable yet effective arond asia?
Girls:What do you think & first impression???(Girls need your opinion & advice)Please answer?
What is the easiest method to use on getting fatter lips?
how not to be shy dancing in front of people?
Is this dress evening wear?
Can i change this girl i dressed please?
What is your favorite perfume?
style of a leather jacket for a young man more in side?
What kind of haircut should I get?
Girls or ladies, in this scenario, what would you do?
how to get rid of freckles?
which friend is prettier?
am i scrawnny? i dont think so, see me here.?
does anyone know a website that offers free samples?
What Could I Improve on? Please? Sorry!?
Christmas present for boyfriend?
I need some........?
Konad Stampers.......?
where should i look (online) for a winter jacket?
who mini girls that have big round booty?
how to use almond oil for dark circle? is that usefull?
I have this stressful life,feeling depressed...what makes me happy?
Does it look weird to wear armwarmers over a long sleeved cardigan?
what should my waist be?
How would you rate this girl 1-10?
What are the (legal not spam) websites for free sample products? (i.e. and
First day of high school?!?!?
Who is prettier??? 10 POINTS!!!?
Am I decent looking for a 17 year old guy?
Would Hollister hire a redhead?
tuxedo etiquette- is the cumberbunds vents up or down and is it true you should not wear a watch?
Facial Piercing? For me? (PIC)?
Can you rank these people?
What do I do about Acne???????????
Whats your Favourite Perfume?
Does anyone agree with me that HSN charges too much for S&H?
how can i be the most populer girl in my school?
why do some girls pose in their underware in pictures?
get my Legs to look longer?
if I want to whiten my teeth..can I just use clorox "soft scrub" and a q-tip for a few minutes?
Do U Thick Im Sexy?
what is common between SUN & Woman's Underwear?
Ease the pain on removing my earrings?
which one of these girls do you find the most attractive?
If an asian girl own big eyes will you think is beautiful?
I need a pic......? Easy 10 points!?
Blondes or brunettes?
If I wear a 7 in women's shoe, can I wear a girls shoe 6.5?
what would you think if you saw a guy wearing this hoodie?
!.s which name is better?
Blonde or Brunette?
how much is just me by paris hilton??
How does standing with your ankles back against a scale give you your "actual" height?
Girls 13-15 rate me 1-10 10 being highest?
Do my eyes look better with or without colored contacts?? CLICK ON THE PICTURE LINK?
is my name pretty?
who are the male top 10 models of the world?
Why can’t I smell the difference between imitation perfume, and the designer brand?
what kinda look do girl's go for?
Gold chain thats too short?
Whats the most random word I could say to my bf right now that would make him think wtf? lol :L?
Which girl is more attractive?
Why do women look up when applying maskara?
Back To School PT. 2...?
which girl is the prettiest?
how to lose 40 pounds?
healthy nails?
how can i make my waist slimmer?
I'm going to an 80's party what is something a girl could wear that is cute?
I love the smell of the Abercrombie store, which women's perfume smells like that?
whats the diff b/w cologne, perfume and Deodorant ?
Should I try modeling...?
A perfume cheaper and similar to Chloe?
What does looking cute mean?
What do you think about girl"s who wear wigs?
Where can I find a place that threads eyebrows in Baltimore?
Do you think we make a qood couple?
*Pic* Does she really look like Katy Perry?
Can everyone please rate my looks from 1-10 honestly?
Give your first impressions of each of us? PIC included?
any one have more than 5 facial peircings?
Help. On a scale from 1-10 how hot or not do I look? Would you consider me average, Hot, or pretty?
please dont give one word comments like "ewww"?
Is there any way to add some extra heights eventhough you've pass your growth limit?
What do you think of this...?
What exactly is indie? can you give me examples of bands, clothing companies?
what do you think is beautiful?
who is prettier? Just curious?
Can I Pull Off This Guy's Style? Or Am I Too Dark?
I have a Fragrance from France. How can I tell if this is for men or women?? It says "parfum" in the back.?
pensacola florida tattoo parlor?
Which do you like better (pics)?
ok so how would i darken the color of my SOCKS?
When you get older, will you let your kids buy Abercrombie?
How too make a long philtrum* appear shorter?!!!!?
does it hurt?
am i pretty? (pics included)?
can you tell me where to find body shop highlight?
would you wear this top with white skinny jeans or black skinny jeans...?
What to wear to an interview? I'm a guy?
Which is a better photo of me?
Am i Underweight??
Accessories on a guy; yay or nay?
Help .... why is no one interested?
working at hollister?
I'm hot right!? Plz rate 1- 10?
Anyone know any sheepskin boot brands like Uggs?
Am I Pretty?
Nails are smelly after I took of acryllic nails?
which thing looks better on me?
Should i be a model ?
hey guys do you think models ever feel ugly at times?
Am i ugly because people tell me i am :(?
What is a good quality hair salon where i can get my hair dyed?
Why does Victoria's Secret have the semi-annual?
How should I do my hair tomorrow? (pics included) s easily?
Could you rate my facial features only and explain why?
What you think about me? how i look?
Women: favorite perfume or cologne to wear. What is your 'signature' scent?
If you were my 53 year old grandmother, what perfume would you like?
Can you answer a few question just based on my looks. (Pics)?
What is the maximum size of waist you can have to be a model?
Are non-reversible mirrors accurate?
Do you think she's pretty?
Do looks actually matter in high school?
Massive Boobs, Help!?
Guess what my age is?
GUYS: Have you ever had a hot female professor? Why was she hot?
can you combined 2 ulta rewards accounts?
I bought new shoes. do u think they look nice?
Is this photo a little too inappropriate for facebook?
Does anyone think my boyfriend is attractive? He's 16. Girls only.?
Pressed powder or loose powder over foundation?
is pleather safe for winter/rain wear?
can female security guards have their nails done?
What should i wear for it ?
Rateeee Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!?
Should I ask for razor layers??
Where could you get purple contacts?
Do i look ugly !!?!?!?!?!?!?
If you could change one thing about you what would you change and why?
can i buy Organic Aid Vitamin E moisturizing cream in Philippines?
What do you you think about......?
ok so emo please answer ;D?
who do you think is prettier? pictures included?
Modeling? Rate me on 1-10?
i want to wax my face...what should i be aware of?
haircut ideas?? ?
I just bought a sunbeam Turbo Hair Dryer1875 Watts and it won't work in my plugs.what do I have to do ?
What are some similar smelling perfumes as Calvin Klein Obsession for Women?
Which one of us is prettiest?
what can a beauty salon do?
am i good looking? (pictures)?
Anyone ever told you.....?
girls, how often do you wear your sneakers or boots without socks? and if you do why?
how do u act like a lady?
How much do you tip your nail tech when you get a fill? (acrylic nails- cheap salon)?
Is it okay to pluck your hairs?
What's the best deodorant?
Cute or Sexy? - Which one would you want to be seen as?
Who's wearing sexy costumes for Halloween?
What haircut looks best on me and why?
what stereotype is she?
people keep taking about me what do i do?
Which one will be the best dress ? Choose one for me.?
Does anyone have 5 dollars?
Please Tell Me Which Girl You Think Is Prettier?!?! Guys And Girls?!?!?! pictures?
What would you rate my friend?
what would you wear to a beach party ? :)?
Where can I buy the most up-to-date lingerie?
what do you think of me?
Girl - rate me 1-10, bikini pic (:?
I'm tired of being "Cute". I want to be sexy!?
Have to look like Avril Lavine, help please...?
Brushed or unbrushed?
What do you think of this guy?
how do I look? don't be too brutal :P?
Why mum keeps asking me to model ?
which of these 4 girls is the prettiest?
am i pretty..... pictures?
How can I improve my looks?
What are some good and cheap stores for teens to shop at?
Have you ever clipped your toenails with your teeth anf then chewed on them?
Tom Cruise or Bekham?
Christmas present for boyfriend?
School pageant and talent ideas?