Do you think I'm pretty or not?
what is the best skin fairer lotion?
what do you know about the name Jurgita?
Has anyone ever tried or used GoSmile Whitening Products?
Do you think I have the potential to be a model?
Bored. rate me 1-10. :] Honesty is key.?
Thinking of getting bridesmaids dress for we 2 girl is this color ok? Or any other styles?
what does this mean ?
Who do you think is prettier?
What kind of animal do I resemble?
Guys Only: Do you find neck tattoos on a woman sexy or trashy? Honest answers please! Give ur age too please!?
If you were a sophomore in high school, & you were hitting on a 7th grader, how would you feel about that?
is he cute or am i weird?
automatic vs solar watch?
Do I look better with or without a septum piercing (pics)?
How much is a tailor usually?
What are the prices at your nail salon?
What Is Cher Lloyd like?
Should I Get A Nose Job? (pix)?
What shirt can you wear with an army skirt and black leggings?
need help with more information about bath and body works products?
How can I go natural without cutting off my hair? (African American hair)?
How do I look? (pics)?
How do I put?
What do you smell like?
What is The Best Cologne To Use?
Is 6'5'' a good height for a guy to be a model?
its me (pic) its not edited or anything like that what u think?
How to look like Cara Delevingne?
how can i look prettier than i am now?
Do you think i could do any type of modeling?
Could i be a male model?
Ideas to describe character in appearance?
Girls only braless?
Am I ugly? (please be honest)?
URGANT What is my bra size?
this question is for those guys that weigh 160 to 170 lbs.?
hey guys how do i convinve my mum to......?
Are my eyes freakishly big?
Tanning Twice a week?
I was told I look Brazilian. Is this a compliment. I'm fully black?
would a new piercing look alright on me?
How to be sexy in the bedroom?
Which look suits me? PICTURE'S?
What is your favorite eye color?
Has anyone used Igia Finally Gone, according to the ads it removes unwanted hair permanently?
Why is kevlar used to make a bulletproof vest?
Do you think i'm anywhere near good looking?
HELP!!! I feel ugly :(?
Hips tattoos. . . hot or not?
I have 33 tattoos that pretty much cover me. Do people as a whole look down on people like me? And why?
rate me please? thank you!?
How should I paint my nails?
hey girls and guys:) i need some help here! :D?
First Kiss, when should it happen?
sterling silver?
Is shaving arm hair normal?
Which is the MOST Famous Spa in Singapore?
Opinions on how the media's influence contributes to negative body image in female adolescents?
Am I cute or what n yeah?
Girls; Which are the prettiest nails for Christmas?
getting my eyebrows done?
which picture is better?
Do I look bad without mascara?
Who is the bellhop in the degree commercial?
what is the best way to grow a beard?
Do you think she is pretty, she goes 2 my school?
Is she pretty?! Bff. Picture included?
what do girls look for (girls only)?
Dose this make me vain?
What color bands should i get for braces?
Why am I so ugly....?
my mother wants to buy me school shoes that are NOT leather,is that OK,will my feet sweat badly?
i lam 5fts.and i look so thin. and i have cute face thats is why i look below from my age .?
side swept or full bangs (picture)?
Hunger games nail varnish problem, could you help me?
Do you think i could model??
is this hairstyle popular?
Tasting Feces?
Is there a way to get knee high boots altered???
Has modelling become a white collar job of flesh trade?
What do you guys think ?
Do you think this girl is pretty?
Have you used the Finally Free permanent hair removal system?
One side of face Ugly?
What can you tell by this picture?
is rejuvicare safe??????????
How do I make myself look "pretty"?
do you like my name?
Weird smell when I wear fake tan!?
GUYS: What is your opinion on freckles on a woman?
if u wear a tank top do you have to wear deodorant?
Where can i buy Ring Mata Kambing?
What size do you think I wear? (Random?!)?
What's a tumblr girl?
is this a good picture?
Clothes made in China often contain formalin - are there manufacturers who do not use formalin?
Who is older? pics included?
Any information about stocking/pantyhose?
Hair around nipples!Pls help...?
What ''beast'' means? and how..?
Are my lips really that bad?
I have to buy some prefume for a birthday present for my sister?
What should I wear with this?
What are my strengths and flaws in my facial features?
Do I have weird eyebrows? Pics?
do I have any interesting facial features?
Do I look attractive? Im a guy?
What color contacts would look good on me?
Someone who is a piercer?
How can I grow my nails?
What is the COLOR of my EYES?
Hollister application/interview?
Would this look slutty?
Do i look alright with glasses?
How can I make my school pants look skinnier?
How to figure out the right swim suit for your shape?
How much is tax in Newyork?
Which guy is hotter guy 1 guy 2?
Which girl do you prefer (aka who is prettier) and why?
Why Do Girls Get Angry...?
How to feel more attractive?
How old do I look in this picture?
How much would I have to lose to model?
Do I look tan to you (pics)?
cosmetologist??? advice?
tomorrow I'm going for a modeling interview.. what type of questions will they ask me?
It's so not fair, how come i'm the only one whose so weird.?
Is there such things as edible perfumes?
What is the best brand for womans basketball sneakers?
girls/women only. question about shaving?
very very ugly or not?
What do you think i could improve on before school?
what are you attracted too?
about what age would you sayy?
why can you love your curves but I cant love my bones?
Can a tall girl be cute?
Best feature in guys? girls only..?
I'm really tall. How can i look shorter?
is it wise to wear top and underwear in girl hostel or changing naked in front of gals?
who is hotter?(pics)?
Who's the girl in this picture?
Do u think this girl is too pretty for this black guy?
How would u define a proper Face cut in a man?
What do you think of my look?
For those of you that wear contacts?
I need help with a beauty guru name?
How can i look beautiful on my birthday!?
Do you think you care too much about your appearance??
have anyone heard of a person modeling being disable?
what to do when you are getting bore in these hot sunny day?
Can you guys give me an estimate?
is the girl in this video chunky?
What do you think about this guy?
What do you think of my outfit for the girls night out?
how do youu know which braa is a push up braa?
Whats your fave Perfume? And why?
Sizing at AE/A&F/Hollister?
Rate me. I want to know what you think?
Are you sexy???????¿????????¿??
How do you do a perfect french manicure at home with no professional training?
GIRLS:Do you wear coverup?
Ladies Only: Ladies I have a question...?
Where can i find a chic/fashion varsity jacket?
what kind of jeans does jason wear in true blood?
ahh how can i stop blushing whenever a guy talks to me?
What age do you think I look?
Wet N Wild Creamy eye shadows?
What to wear to a punk concert?
How to dress down a dress I wore at a wedding?
What is the best way to remove a full set french manicure at home, without damaging your nails?
What are the best fake nails available in Canada?
how come mirror reflections make people appear smaller?
Do i look ugly or not? Honest opinions please, whether they r nice or mean.. I just want to know?
Please anyone who has purchased the E-Pen?
Who is the cutest?
Could I be a model? (various pics included)?
What's your favorite Perfume/Cologne?
What do you think of this photo? Need lots of opinions!!?
how to make my cheeks chubby.?
could i be model status?
I'm a 13 year old girl and I have deep bags under my eyes. What should I do?
is there a website "athena" something for sex toys etc?
Y do ppl answer more ?'s about looks than serious situations?
how do you smile? photogenically?
does eye color matter for having pretty eyes?
How can I make myself look better?PIC?
When will I ever look mature?(Appearance)?
Question for the guys! Whos hotter?
how do you get rid of unwanted hair, only for girls? help plz.?
Which would you rather be called GORGEOUS OR BEAUTIFUL?
Am I pretty?
Should I return these boots?
what is the best haircut for tall people?
Half year ago I bought bunch of finger nail?
Do i look mean (pics)?
Which girl is prettier?
who do you want to win BNTM?
What color are my eyes?
Your favourite perfumes?
Anyone ever heard of Cake Enchanted Soaps?
Do you think I'm pretty? Pic included?
Tweezing better than waxing?
what would you rate this girl?
questions (pics)?
Any ideas.....(pics)????
Why do most black boy like girl with a big butt?
Which one of these curvy girls has the better body?
whats your favorite eye color?
What should I wear.....?
Fellow beautiful people: Do you agree that being beautiful is overrated?
who is more beautiful?
Ladies, i really neeed tips ((:?
why don't most white young teen try to ask black young teen out on dates?
how long dose it take to grow your nail back?
Which of these over 40 women is the most attractive? Why?
Clothes seem to be getting larger but when I look in the mirror I look fatter?
How can I reshape my eyebrows?
what is a hoodectomy?
do guys like girls that are thick or slim better?
What is the best facial cleanser to use that is inexpensive?
How can I make my self look skinny in a pic?
Should I Just Pluck My Eyebrows Thinner?
How do I look with short hair?
i dont feel need of moisturizing - any tips?
Is this girl pretty/beautiful?
How do I look older to fit my style?
Where can I buy cheap perfume online?
Models aren't allowed tattoos ?
Can olive toned people pull off pink?
What do you think of this emo girl?!!?
which name do u like better?
Should I go into modeling?
is there anyway to contact someone like gok wan?
what is............?
Should I Keep My Fringe Or Not? pics?
Is Essie a good quality brand like OPI?
why does everyone only decide on how good you look and not what you think.?
How can I improve my looks?
Is the power button on the Gillette Fusion Proglide Styler waterproof?
What are the "You are the Stability/Technology" ads advertising?
Do you think im pretty?
where is the Best place to get my nose pierced in L.A?
What do you think of preppy people?
Are you reasonably pretty? even if you have some extra pounds is your face cute?
Why don't most males like dark females?(not all)?
On a scale of 1-10, how do I look?
do i look like summer bishil?
which guy look better looking and more italian?
How can models be sooo skinny on the catwalk? They dont eat or what???
Is this a nice dress?
What Should I Wear To My Basketball Pictures Tomorrow?
is school cancelled for you?
Hi i am a guy and was dared to paint my nails?
do i look good?
What does it mean when ppl say I am "insecure"?
How to improve my body? *pic*?
am i pretty! EDITED!?
Which picture do you like better?
my bf says weird stuff over the phone when we....?
has anyone tried the mary kay acne treatment gel???
has anyone used under eye bryten eye cream or the ponds white beauty detox range?
People that were/are already in high school?
Do you think that I'm pretty? (PICTURES)?
I need your opinion.?
your first impressions?
how do i make my butt bigger!? PLZ HELP EASY 10 POINTS!!!?
Is it weird for a freshman in high school to be dating a freshman in college?
Does this picture look retarded? I mean do i look retarded in it?
wht did girl find in thr boy friend?
Match these photos!!!! 10 points to ANYONE who does!!!!!!?
help!!! i need a better face care product?
hair for a guy Shag hot or not?
In a model casting, why do they ask for?
ear piercings help plz help?
what would you do if you liked someone and they liked you back but they are 2 years younger than you?
If a woman wears low rise jeans, like another wards sagging her jeans, does that means she is a tomboy?
Men's Cologne?
I am considering becoming a woman (im currently a strapping lad)...shall i?
What color does a girl prefer pink or blue?
Help for an Even skin tone?
what girl would you choose? (photo)?
How do I look everyone, any suggestions?
Can somebody help me find a classy little black coat to wear with a strapless dress?
What do you think of these teenage girls lookswise?
Why do some girls always talk trash about models or pretty girls?
I want to be pretty.?
I like to lick shoes and boots, what are your favoruite shoes to wear on a night out?
How can I be more pretty?
Cosmetology college classes for 6 to 8 months?
I want to get some beauty shots of myself where can I get that done in the UK for a decent price?
Can anybody tell me the name of this KNOCK-OUT Asian model?
Why don't I ever seem to attract boys?
what pic is the best out of the 3?
How to make legs look/feel incredibly soft?
highschool...scary or fun?
Could she pass for 15?
How do you make people stop calling you fake?
Bra size question????
Which is best Nikes or Vans?
how do i look ugly/alright/cool?
Is there anyone who knows about the procedure Bone Lengthining, for Height?
What color of leather gloves do you wear?
is my friend............?
Can I Model?
YouTube tutorials? s!!!!?
which looks better on me girls only?
How to get nail glue off?
WHo loves the movie High School Musical?
Girls onlyyyyyy,(:?
On a scale of 1-10 how good looking are you?
why do girls take longer to change than guys?
I love the orange top & sweater in the care dot com commercial that often airs. Anyone know who makes it?
1-10 Looks. How would you rate yourself?
What are your thoughts on Mary Kay products????
what do you wear to sleep?
hot or not? 1-10? very ugly,ugly,average,cute,pretty,just okay?
wanting to tan outside?
Y am i prettier than everyone eles!?
Are these knee high boots cute or ugly? s?!!!?
Rate Me? 1-10... please and thank you!?
Is it normal to wear 6 bras at once??
What about Boxies?
Who was the most beautiful woman in the history of the world?
HELP!!! perfume:"Cologne for Men Eau De Parfum Spray (EDP)" means?
Guys whats ur favorite outfit on a girl. girls too if you want?
Do you like this picture my girlfriend and I took?
Am I that fat?
do u think shes pretty?
why oh why oh i so gorgeous,i just dont know,?
Please tell me how to look elegant!?
can i be a model? pixs?
Are you happy with your body?
Am I Annoying Looking? If so, why (and don't just say cuz i'm posting my pic on YA) Got it?
Pretty hairstyles for a middle-school girl?
I need makeup/hair/skin/body advice! Who can help me :)
What color are your eyes?
what colour are your eyes?
Do you like my homecoming dress? (pic!)?
I'm obsessed with perfumes? SHould I stop and How?
any differance in getting rid of them?
Am I, like, a complete prep?????
Are young people waking up that Obama is a Kenyan and they will vote for Romney?
Do you think i could be a male model?
How To Talk To This Guy I don't Really Know?
How to be more like a teenager?
Hot Topic Coupons/Promo Codes ?
Why do I always feel like clothes look better on someone else?
my eyebrows are different!:(
What are your first impressions of her?
Allthatglitters21..? i need your help..?
How can I improve my looks? (pics)?
What is the difference between high cheekbones and prominent cheeckbones?
Help. Why didn't Folica charge me but its already being shipped..?
how it is called the jacket in the picture ?
Advice Please?!?!?
I've been made fun of about my big eyes my whole life....are they that bad?
Do cartilige piercings look chavy?
Ladies, my gf wants me to strip for her ...?
What helps you to grow or look taller?
i have long silky hair which i love but at the same time want to get a trendy hair cut .what to do?
what is the best lip plumper on the market? cost? available where?
very low self confidence...?
Anyone ever used indoor tanning lotion from Sallys Beauty Supply?
Cheapest way to whiten teeth?
Do I have a big nose?
Am I a gay man if i shave my armpits?
Do cartilage and third earlobe piercings hurt?
What works better nutra nail or sally hanson?
What is the charge for an acrylic fill?
do you think im pretty? rate 1-10?
I'm nearly 18. 5" 5'.Male. I have no ID and need to look older for when I go to a club on my birthday?
Prom hair and makeup?
If I get my nose pierced with a hole to fit an 18 gauge stud will a 20 gauge stud be too small and fall out?
does this look good?? girls only !!?
How can I get into modeling?
Do you like this dress?
Why Canadian wemom considered to be the ugliest in the world?
Does anyone know any home remedies?
IS 16 TOO YOUNG TO get your makeup done at a counter?
Hollister on July 16?
whos prettier the blonde one or the one with black hair and why?
whos the hottest girl (pic included)?
Can anyone help me with this PROBLEM? girls required//?
Do i look fat skinny or in the middle [pics]?
What do you think? (pic included)?
do you think this is a pretty picture?
girls how old would you say i look?
how is everybody style with fashion!!!?
what 1 thing do u really like about ur appearance?
Is my boyfriend hot?
Am i fat? please be honest *pics*?
which girl is prettier and why?
what piercing would look better on me?
Ladies Am I Hot?
Honestly, who do u think is prettier?
Would you say she likes me? And how much? (college girls opinions please!)?
What is best to wear if....?
GUYS!! or cheerleading lame?
do u wear a bra when u sleep? or is it better not 2?
Is there a perfume that is similar to Abercrombie 8 that is less expesive?
YouTube beauty channel?
I want to meet a obease or large lady 50-75!! That wants ayounger man that lives in the Hickory N.C. area!! Th
Ladies,is it normal for a guy to have less shoes than his girl(10 points)?
Please give your honest opinion of me.?
what do modelling agencies look for in a model?
I look at photos of myself and I really hate the way i look?
Bad or good profile photo?
Veet hair removal on ladies area yes or no ?
ppl say i can model and i just dont see it........... ?*pics*?
Ladies, do you find height attractive?
Do you think this girl is pretty/beautiful? [pics]?
do any guys out there still wear Polo cologne? The original??
Beauty care in Muscat, Oman?
Do I have to straighten my hair?
is this attractive? ((pics))?
Do I have a nice body?
Which sunglasses look better on me?
i have a contact question. . . . . .?
How to look alike leona lewis...please help!?
what job will allow piercings?
what's your favorite thing from victoria's secret?
Girls what is your preferred way to dress: "sexy" or "stylish"?
For the girls, what do you think about Asian Boys?
a very personal sexy question?
Which one is the most handsome?
What colour dresses match a freckled skin tone?
How to become a supermodel?
Where Can I Find Avon Forever Amber and Delicioius Dessert Comfort Scents Perfume?
I'm going to an 80's party what is something a girl could wear that is cute?
guys look at this?
Fake nails problem? Tips & Tricks?
Who wore saddle shoes growing up?
Is waxing expensive if you do it yourself?
People say I should do modeling but I think I'm ugly and fat?
what would you label my style?
How to get rid of mouth lines?
How do some of you think I am ugly.?
jacket that looks like a north face.?
Am I Pretty??{{Pic Included}}?
Am i pretty???
Picture of the most beautiful girl in the world?
Girls, listen to my song I made for my girlfriend?
where can i buy clear nails in toronto?
Are braces in 8th grade a turn off or turn on?
What to wear to a middle school semi-formal?
ARE WE PRETTY? people think we look alike,?
My high-heels cause blisters/sores on the back of my heels...?
Am I too fat to wear this (pic)?
Before and After Picture....ladies please rate..?
Which picture is the best?....?
Should I cut my HAIR? (PIC INCLUDED)?
where can i find this shirt?!?!?
what is wrong with me?
Does the Finishing Touch Eyebrow Shaper really work?
40's pinup girl hairstyles?
teenage girls ! HELPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP ! (:?
What is your favorite color?
Avon buy sell? Do you want to buy Avon at a discount? or know anyone who sells?
Is it unusual to have uneven toes?
on a scale from 1-10? rate me?
Which models are 5'7 or shorter?
I feel lame, but does anyone...?
what should i wear to my friends sweet sixteen?
Guys, what would your perfect girl be like?
What's so attractive about Chace Crawford?
Am I pretty? Ideas for improvement?
I NEED HELP!!!!! pic's included?
serious answers please, how can i ask for plastic surgery?
What are the four bases again? I forgot,haha someone told me once but whateve?
Does she look mixed with anything?
Am I ugly?
Should I dye/highlight my hair like thisss?
Do boys like girls that have long long nails?
My Nails..?
who should i go as?????????
My daughter wants her ears pierced. Is 6 too young to make that decision?
Why do women go to such lengths and pain to pluck all of the hairs from their eyebrows only to draw them back?
help me for getting an emo girl look! (10points)?
i need a list of louis vuitton stores that i can visit physically.preferably near or in north carolina.?
The Prestige? Helpppp?
Why would most women choose beauty over brains?
Formal wear for advertising major?
am i underweight? :(?
how do i look cool in school? i go 2 a private school with uniforms and lots of stupid rules?
Does anybody know where I can get this jacket in a size small?
What nail designs have you never seen before?
how much hair should a girl leave on her private?
What do you think would be the best color eye shadow for me? Picture included?
Which one of these two guys would you rather pick ?based on looks ?and why?
Last one week life style?
Girls Only - What do you think of back muscles (PIC INSIDE)?
how attractive (scale of 1-10) am i?
why does my hairline (tapeline) look crooked on webcam but perfect in the mirror?
Do I have a big butt?
is my picture nice or i should change it to a much better look for me??????????
which picture do you like better?
i pluck my eyebrows. Does that make me gay?
please help me...really importan day tomorow!?
Would this be an alright haircut for me (pics) Any other suggestions?
can you rate me 1-10 thanks(:?
how much is the new kardashian glamour tan?
who is victoria's secret tv commercial model?
I'm not too skinny am I? *Pics inside*?
Girls do you like piercings on guys?
What is a "born again brazilian" wax? As opposed to a brazilian wax.?
Does my skin look to orange? Picture Included?
Do you find braces unattractive?
How to get this hairstyle? plz help 10 points?
I need a cute, easy and not too revealing costume for halloween asap!! help!!?
Do body moisturizing cream really work? Do you believe that it will seal moisture in your skin?
The Age Old Question: Blonde's or Brunettes?
beauty secrets :)!?
can you rate or say who's the prettiest?
is there a name for the fluff found in your bellybutton?
Rate Me On A Scale Of 1-10?
what kind of nails should i wear to formal?
Would you consider this fat or average (picture)?
I dont want polish or to drink milk what can i do to have long nails in 1 week?
Which hair color should i do?
can you be cosmetologist with basic education?
Why do people always ask if they are pretty or ugly?
Which shade of nailpolish best suits my complexion?
Is the website daily makeover an expert in hair and face shapes?
If You Could??????????
Does sleep make you look Better?
Beauty survey for girls...........?
what should i be for halloweeN?
How can i keep my fake nails on?
How to stop biting your nails?
Do men like ful lips......jus wondering bc i think i have nice lips but my sis makes fun of me haha?
Girls 9-14 Would you rather be barefoot or wear socks inside?
are my eyebrows too thick?
what are you wearing right now?
Do you know any websites similar to birchbox or beautyfix?
Care to explain this girls?
Why always girls have attitude more than a boys????
What is up with my daughter?
how to look really pretty, attractive,sexy?
Are there any places in Miami to make your own perfume?
Friends with a freshman?
Where can I buy decent shaving gear?
looks on scale 1-10(physically)?
I just bought my first thong and...?
What do you think of me? (PIX)?
Does she have my dream guy because she is prettier?
Who? What? Where can I send my daughters pictures for a chance at modeling?
Is this too much makeup for an everyday look?
Is this picture of me and my girlfriend too corny for facebook?
my nose is too big !!!?
new tattoo (pic) should i add too it?
What do you think about Birkenstocks?
What do you think of my picture?
Abercrombie jeans question?
does anybody stand out in this photo?
Do you think that technology has made our generation "better-looking" than generations before?
I really want to be Popular in High School..............?
Curvatious vs Skinny (Pic)?
which male celebrity makes women lose their minds?
Are Barbells the same as stud?
What should I buy?
Hm how attractive are they?
personality vs looks: your opinions?
SUBSCRIBE? its quick?
Ladies!!!!! Question for you?
Is having someone like Nicole Richie or Paris Hilton be your role model bad?
Girls: Do you like skinny, average or chubby guys?
Stumped on resizing a ring?
I really want this kind of dress for my prom but in black?
Does anyone know where to get a perfume called Jealousy?
these girls.....(pics)?
Do hoops stretch out your earlobe holes?
which couple is the best looking? (pics)?
am i ugly in this pic?
My friend wants me to look like her and get my hair colored brown. Should I do it?
Can anybody recommend a plastic surgeon for a boob job in Australia on the Gold Coast or in Brisbane?
What is the real deal? For females and open to men.?
are these okay woman measurements?
is a guy who is 210 pounds and 6 feet tall with blue eyes and long blonde hair good lookin?
How to stop biting your nails?
Anyone have a recommendation for a good day spa that offers full body massage in Cincinatti?
okay, is there any way to get taller soon, i am 5,2 and would love to be a victorias secret model. im 13 now..
I'm 13, Should I get a monroe piercing??
What do you consider wrong, rude, or just straight out tacky?
Ladies,is it normal,cool or odd if a guy has bigger closet(more clothes) than his girl?
what is one part on your body?
guys: Im seeing my crush tomorrow! hair up or down tomorrow? (pics)?
Best nail color/style for homecoming?
Clip in (human) hair extensions for length not volume?
do laser hair removals cause any allergies and also do they have any side effects?
how to increase the boobs and look sexy?
What causes you to blush?
academic honors diploma ?
What Do You think About this Photo? (PHOTO included)?
Asian Culture of Ear piercings?
How can i make myself look older?
Is a better figure slimmer or curvier?
how do i refine my taste in perfume?
Girls, Should i keep my hair short or long (pics)?
Nose piercing experience? And pain?
A perfume that ONLY smells like Violets?
Advice to make my self look more attractive?
What is your favorite perfume(s)?
Old Navy- Black friday?
Do I have any chance to become a model?
What to wear to a wedding that is outside at 5pm and the dress is dressy casual?
What is cuticle oil for nails?
Old elegance look for outfits?
just bought a pair of bobs do they hold?
Scooter or Motorcycle?
Monroe Piercing, What's the pro's and con's?
Which haircut do you like more? (PICS)?
do you think my friend is gorgeous?? pic included?
How do i reduce the growth of hair?
Am I really just that ugly?
do you think i should have a nose job?
First impression help! important!?
Does anyone know if is legit? As in, will I get a shirt if I give them money?
i had blond hair and everybody wanred me. Now i have red hair and still every body want me. why?
Do you prefer hazel or blue eyes?
Which dress looks the most beautiful and why?
how do i become a scene girl?
what are better blones or brunettes????
every1 please asnwer! <3 thank you =]]]!!!!!!...?
Microdermabrasion Alternatives?
What do you think of my appearence?:)?
online fashion/beauty blogs?
Rate me out of included?
can this girl model (pics included)?
Girls why do you look so amazing in a dress and heels and lip gloss?
MY daughter wants to model, Can someone give me a name of a good teen modeling agency. NAMES please!?
Are my lips thin?Picture included?
What should I wear with these?
About the miss universe 2009 winner?
Is there such things as edible perfumes?
Girls,I'm 22 years old guy and I'm 5'4" that a bad height?
Girl - rate me 1-10, bikini pic (:?
If your nails keep growing but you put nail polish on, then do you have to keep reappling polish?
Do I Look My Weight..?
Does my "tan" look fake?
What can I wear with these Hi Tops?
Any suggestions on how to stop biting my fingernails?
wheres my doll, i really want to play with it but i havent seen it in weeks?
Is this a cute outfit? MINT pants..? s?
What is your 1st impression?
how do I make myself look better?
what do you think his ethnicity is?
do I have the model look?
who is the best looking...? (pic)?
What word would you use to describe her looks?
do u believe in horoscope if so y?
Has any body used this website
what is a single eyebrow hair called?
How SHould I Dress My Body?
And what would you rate her?
owh baby. picture?
going to a beauty school for service?
Why are people who don't worry about the way they look prettier?
Describe beauty in your own words!?
My silver jewelry has turned dark gray/black..any good cleaner?
teen clothing online?
Do I look good with my hair like this (pics)?
what colour lense is better for olive face?
What does the term "cougar style" mean? I see it all the time in Hollywood beauty articles.?
is my nose ugly ?????/?
does veet hair removal make sunless tanners come off?
Im 16 and i look 12. Why?
Is it okay for a 13 year old to wear a push up bra?
How should I do my makeup for my sister's wedding?
should i go all brown or blond?
How old do you think this girl is ( PHOTOS)?
How do i go from tomboy to girly?
Does this photo look okay? Do I look okay?
urgent help please (emergengy)?
Do you think I could be a model?
How long to color contacts last?
What girls name that starts with an H do u think is the most sexy?
Do lace front wigs damage your hair?
If my boobs are too small, should i get implants?
Septum piercings: To clamp, or not to clamp!?
Do you think this girl looks like jessica alba?
Do you think i could be a model?
what time do you have your shower?
do you think this is an okay way to get the piercings i want?
Do you think I look good for just having a kid?
DIY goth clothing?
What do you think about my looks? (I want to model)?
oh my god, my nose is huge, what can i do?
How would you say that you look sexy,hot,beautiful,muscular,or just down right ugly!?
necklace???please help, easy s?
i never feel pretty anymore.?
Who sells Faded Glory womens slacks besides Wal-Mart?
Is this girl pretty/beautiful?
ok what do i do shes has everything?
Who is more pretty?!?
Is my boyfriend ugly?
My eyebrows look bad??(PIC)?
woman: does shaving with a razor worse than using cream hair removal?
christmassssss yanoo ???????????????//?
Is Being HOT better or Being SEXY better?
i need help finding a punkish or indie rocker haircut.?
Do you think redheads are pretty? Or ugly?
Whos is prettier?
WHAT CELEB DO I LOOK LIKE?!?!?!?! pic included?
What shall I wear to the Ball?
do you normally paint your toenails? if so, why? if not, why not?
good for facebook?? ten points!?
Do i sing well?? *****************************?
am i to big to be a model?
How to create dimples naturally?
Which type of clothing do you think is better?
What should i wear on t.v 2morrow?
plz suggest me some nailpolish colors which r now in trend and also suit my hands with nuckles little bit dark
Any ideas on what to put in a bridal shower gift basket?
Honest opinions of this girl?
What shall i wear for halloween?
How can I make myself more attractive?
What face shape do i have?? ***PIC INCLUDED***?
What color corsage will look best with this dress?
How to Be Popular Girl? (help!)?
do i look high in this pic?
Do you think this girl is fat?/overweight?
Who is prettier?
On a scale from one to ten, ten being the highest, how would you rate me, beauty wise?
Guys, have you ever been beaten up by a girl?
do i need a nose job??
Rate 1-10 lalalalalallalalalala (pic)?
Why do teenage girls wear short shorts in the snow?
Baby face =( ............?
I just need to know. Am I ugly? :S?
What style is this girl?
Guys wearing chap stick?
hey all i have a problem with finding poo in my wardrobe....?
Please rate me 1-10!!!!!?
ok so i am having a sleepover in 3 weeks i am plang on a prank of shaving my friends heads while thay sleep?
Do I have a disproportionate body for a 13 year old girl?
Who wants to but vintage cigarette lighters 1940 on from me? They start at $35 each.?
How do I get my avatar to sub for my picture on mysapce?
How to tell a guy what to wear to homecoming?
who's the prettiest? pics.?
i'm really sexy. why are so many girls jealous of my looks and my cool clothes?
Should I Get A Nose Job? (pix)?
How old do we look?**PIC INCLUDED**?
can a guy have the name Kaitlyn ?
Girls, would u wear this 4 your man?
Am I the only girl who thinks Drake is sexy?
Gel nail fill & information?
jesse M. the famous 1?
Be completely honest....who is prettier?
How come I have a foot fetish?
What do you think about these eyes?
Shoud i aske him out?
Is anyone besides me tired of seeing goatees on men?
Does anyone like this picture?
does she look emo?????
16 and never been kissed?
Piercing experts?
Are big ears unattractive?
Do acrylic nails normally feel sore?
Carrie Underwood?
honestly, am i ugly? :( :/?
who thnkz braces r uncool???????
How can i make my nails attractive?
Why do people fake their pictures or say the person in the picture isn't them?
Which Guy Looks Better? (10 Points!!)?
Ugly, Average, or Good Looking?
if I want to do Heidi (headband) braids what is the best way to secure the 2 braids over the head ?
I am a natural red head, and I have always been very pale, what can I do to dark my skin a bit?
Me and my friends have senior mob shots next week and we need creative ideas for class of 2013?
How To Improve Flexibility & Become More Supple?
What race or ethnicity does this dude look?
what are some good outfits to wear for a halloween party?
Do you think that technology has made our generation "better-looking" than generations before?
why am I the only girl in my college class who ISN'T wearing a hoodie or tshirt?
what are the best bath and body works lotion?
How to stop going red when I get told off?
girls, when did you 'blossom'?
Can you get a tan on the palm of your hands and feet?
Who is prettier?
For the ladies in the house. What is the thing that (1 Thing)that you look at most on a guys body.?
What advice do you have for these eybrows? (pic included)?
I need some options. Is plastic surgery my only choice on this?
What is your favorite perfume/cologne?
Would this be okay to wear to my job interview?
What to wear a long navy cardigan with?
Girls HOW do you wax?!?! It's pure torture?
i want to model really bad?
Should i use this as my twitter profile pic? (I'm a guy)?
How to look better for school?
What color should I use under pink le.?
do women like men who wear abercrombie and hollister and american eagle?
How's the fashion in this picture?
have i told you that you look really BEAUTIFUL today?!?!?!!?
I'm dressing up as Misa Misa (from deathnote) any tips?
GUYS: Do you like slim or curvy women?
Is it a good thing to have beauty spots?
Do any of you girls find this attractive (PIC)?
Do you look better with side bangs/bangs or without?
Looking for a good child modeling agency in Wisconsin or Illinois?
somebody send me a picture with a celeberty with a square face?
Am I ugly? (pics included)?
What is the difference between sunblock and sunscreen?
Wats ur fave Chanel's perfume and why?
how old do i look in this picture.?
Shaving/trimming question?
♥Should I be a pumpkin for Halloween?
Tips on how to look fantastic!?
Am I fat? How could I lose weight?
What make-up should i wear with a vintage navy blue dress?
A reason to be OK to judge!?
how to fix poofy bangs?
How long can I expect my earlobe stretchings to shrink back from a 6g to a 12g?
Am i bigger?
How many sprays of eau de toillette? ?
How can I learn to French Inhale and blow smoke rings? I smoke the Misty Lights 120's. They should look?
Am I hourglass shape? pic?
what makes you attractive?
Straight hair or Curly Hair....(pics)?
Do you think I could work at hollister?
what about this look?
.s which last name do you like most?
Why do people think I look like a boy?
What's this style called ?
when to start shaving your legs?
what time is it over there!?
GUYS ONLY!! What do u think when u see a girl with a belly shirt on that has her belly pierced!??
Rook piercing and sports?
What would you label me as?
What is the nail polish that is like a marker and you can just draw on your nail called?
please tell me what u think!? iwedtgbxsx?
what color bikini should i get that matches my skin tone?
what do you have?
What are your thoughts on cowboy boots?
Bed time for a 13 yr. old ...?
What brand colored contact is good?
do i look friendly............i am often told i dont look very pleasing......?
Outfit of the Day: how's my first video look?
40th birthday present low budget?
How old/young do I look?
Do you wear perfume/cologne?
how do you strip at a bachelor party?
Blue, Green, or Purple Contacts?
As you are getting older... How do you feel about the younger girls?
Who is more handsome?
Girls- Please describe- What is sexy?
Who is the prettiest in this picture? your oppinion?
Do I really not look that asian?
Whose more prettier.....White Girls or Black girls?
Am I pretty??
Guys, what is your favorite smell or perfume on a woman?
I have 2 questions..?
why do u need to dress nice to be attractive?
am I blessed with my beautiful girlfriend?
What nationality and age does this girl look ?
curling hair???PLEASE HELP?
do u thnk that 13 is to young to get a nose piercing and belly button piercing?
hey boys... do you like your girls small or tall?
Question about modeling career.?
My eyebrows drive me insane?!?
Why do people consider black women unattractive?
I have a narrow upper lip, how can I make it larger without going to doctor and having injection?
Which country has the most beautiful girls?
Are bellybutton rings 'slutty'?
what do you think of when you see me? look wise I mean?
Who's the more beautiful princess?
How do you transition into padded bras without people noticing?
can any body look funky but polite?
know any good web sites out there for this beauty crap that guys are so obsessed with? i need tons of help!!!?
how much would YOU pay for these (pictures)?
which girl do you think is prettier? (pics included)?
What is an easy way to make a cute bunny costume?
am i too short?
Girls would you wear these?
would her bangs look good on me?
does showerin with cool water give u better skin tone than showerin with warm water????
Where can I get the duck feet/flare nail style tips done at in Medford Nj area ?
girls only ... please?
How Can i get into modeling?
Do you think big noses can look glamorous?
How do you take off acrylic nails without acitone?
How can i take the strong smell of leather off my leather jacket?
What color are my eyes?
how old do you think i am? (20 friggin characters)?
Nice spas in west Michigan?
What is this chick's problem???!?
On 1-10 how tan am I? Do I look white or what race?
Why do so many guys like this girl?
I wanna bcom fair in 2 mnths as my mrg is fixd. I was fair by birth bt as i grew up skin tone darknd. Plz hlp!?
i hate it when people comment me on how SKINNY i am?
whats the difference between perfume and eu de parfum?
violet, what skin tone is good for violet?
is there a perfume that smell like Piz Buin?
who thinks that keira knightly is so pretty??? (from pirates of the caribbean)?
which picture looks better?
Cheapest place to buy name brand perfume?
Rhinoplasty- GP help?
i get just about everything waxed. from toes to armpits. how can i stay AWAKE?
Am i pretty? (pic) what can i do to be prettier?
Do I look too serious?
What makes me so cool and sexy?
Hot topic social collision jeans?
girls, do you like guys in tight jeans?
why are some people ugly and some people pretty ?
i need help and opinions.. please.. it is urgent.. what do i look like?
good beauty guru names?
Glasses for face shape?
Is Kenneth Shuler beauty school a scam?
Is this a model search and is it for 2010?
How can you get into modelling aged 14 in London?
im a 16-year-old girl & am 5"9inch but I dont want to grow anymore, is there anything I can do to stop growin
Do you think that I'm ugly? Pics included?
Does my hair color look good or bad on me?
rate this girl's looks from 1 to 10.....(pic included, of course)?
Does anybody know where I can get this jacket in a size small?
Dermal piercing infected or rejected?
What age do you find a woman most attractive?
Eyebrow hair growth?
are you people annoying or what!?
Coolest shoes for guys?
please rate me? (looks/face and body)?
Where can I find a dominatrix?
if you HAD to look like someone other than yourself who would you look like?
help with emo/scene razor haircut?
FASHIONISTAS: Help with a problem zipper?
how to make perfumed oils?
People tell me I look like a little kid! How can I look my age?
Looking for light-dark skinned color site models!?
Is it possible to be gorgeous and have a big nose?
What kind of modeling can i do?
Girls: Cologne or no cologne?
how do i make perfume from flowers?
Taking senior pics for highschool?
Anyone have experience with Revitols hair removal cream?
Who Do you think Is stupider Britney Spears or Jamie Lynn Spears?
how do i look??
Why? how do i stop this?!!?
What happens if I get caught with an I.D that's not mine?
How to trim your eyebrows if they are skinner than usual?
did i succeed in making her look slutty?
Acceptable Web tongue jewellery?
How do you remove black nail polisher?
honestly.. do i have a big nose..?
How do I see myself as others see me(the "true" image)? (not philosophical question)?
Why don't some hot girls like piercings?
Where did a Q-tip get its name?
Does anybody have the perfume Ralph Lauren Wild?
Girls, if you were 19 years old would you...?
how is it that i can make my face clear?
Do i look like a celebrity?
how to change my looks? how to become a happening girl among my friends?
Would I Look Ok With Braids? - PLZ ELP?
not to be a freak......but guys wat kinda piercings do u want on ur girl?
How To Clean Nails HELP PLEASE?
What's your opinion of piercings on girls?
Do I look good? ( pics) ?
Whats the best way of wearing this kind of Sweater (Cardigan)?
Which girl, in your opinion, is more attractive?
Somebody helppp? gaga question?
Girls how do I look on my new visual?
What is your favourite crossed legs pose?
Can anyone suggest a good nail repairer/protector for mature hands?
How can I get myself a makeover?
Do y'all think I'm pretty?
how can you tell a real louis vuitton bag from a fake?
video of my cheating ex boyfriend?
How can i get great voice like news readers ?
Lump in my tongue?
Do I have awkward measurements?
Shaving/trimming question?
is it good to be pretty??
How old do you think i am
Is there anyway to make my eyesight better?
Thoughts on my appearance?
Should i wear leggings with this? if not then what would go best with this outfit?
Curly or straight? Which looks better?
Im almost a teen should i start shaving?
Ladies, what do you think of this body?
Those of mixed race, what do you think, what looks best?
what are some good modeling agencies in Kansas?
I'm feeling really down and that's why I'm asking-do you think I'm ugly?
what would you think if you saw a guy wearing this jacket?
What variants of Joop! Cologne are there?
how do i pick up a hot chick without getting embarased?
Do you think that some people are actually more beautiful than others?
Where is a good site to find modest swimwear for fairly cheap?
Are you suppose You suppose to shave "down there"?
Does My Avatar Look Hot, Sexy, Pretty, Or Cute?
Spirit week, what to wear?
Are there different types of castor oil?