Do I look of average weight or chubby (pic)?
what color will look good on me?
Blonde White Girl With Dreads?
What to wear to Justin Bieber concert?
im going to the breaking dawn release party~ what could i add to this shirt i made to make it POP?[pics]?
Do you think most people are starting to think Blonde is?
How to make myself prettier?
Who is the most beautiful woman in the world?
okay, really, do you think i look like a guy?
What is a good costume for me to wear to the club?
what could i wear for my boyfriends 16th party?
Do you think the movie "The Skeleton Key" is scary?
Do you think I am a 'cute' girl?
Should I care about looks now (just turned 14) Or should I not and focus on school?
What features of my face are best?
will sunscreen make my skin lighter?
What color should I get for my braces? (easy s)?
Do I look as ugly as I think I do?
I am looking for some cute pin up style clothes on-line any suggestions?
would this be a nice hairstyle to get?
whos pritter? really need help?
which of my sisters friends is the prettiest ?(pictures)?
Coloured lenses?
What cologne compares or is better then A&F Fierce?
Did I look better when I was younger?
2D Nail Art Sets Available in US?
does she look good in a bikini?
Does anyone here work at any Ralph Lauren related store?
as a girl how to become an attractive to the boys?
rate me? suggestions?? (pictures!!)?
Do women find young clean shaven police officers good looking?
cute couple? yes or no? pictures included !?
Girls, im 5"6 and im 22 years old is that a good height?
Am I even the least bit pretty?
sewing machine help!?
What are the diff between asians look?
what color would you say my eyes are?
How much can I expect to make yearly as a...?
Why do I feel this way?
Do you think she's cute by decryption and do you think skinny girls are sexy?
Which belt would look better on a 21 year old girl?
what ethinicity do you think i am?
is it true that black and dark skinned hispanic girls never date /marry white american guys still nowadays...?
Do they make a cute couple? (pics)?
Which Bath and bodyworks scent is better and why? MOONLIGHT PATH or SWEET PEA?
I'm looking for those Skateboarding Shoes!!?
Pretty or not? Tips! Please?
hourglass figure? barbie doll shop? what?
Where to get fake braces?
Do I Look Skinny, Fat or Normal?
im moving to new hampshire from new york. hows this gonna work?
why are my eyes changing color?!?
Help me pick between these dresses! Please :)?
Do you like this dress?
How to look/act like Kylie Jenner?
Do I really look trashy?
What age should you be using anti wrinkle products?
which T-Shirt do you like?
How to ask for a piercing (15)?
how can i look positively trashed?
What is the longest you have gone barefoot?
What colour should I paint my nails? :)?
Do I look a lil chubby? (PICTURE)?
thongs or boyshorts? <3?
Black, red or white lingerie ? Which of these are more sexy?
Hi i planned to wear saree for my friends wedding i look dark lean and tall. Pl tell wat colour saree i can?
Do you think i'm pretty?
Is it bad to be short?
rate me pics.......................?
girlss question, please help ?
just wondering what a healthy weight for me is...?
Does it really work or is it a scam?
Bit of a personal question, ladies helppp?
Does smooth away work on upper lips?
short eyelashes?
how can you make your eyes a diffrent color with out contacts..?
youtube beauty video ideas?
Should I let my girlfriend work at abercrombie and fitch?
flipflops or sandals?
My friends think that i am not eating!?
can i wash my shoes?????????
what do you most like about hair shampoo and conditioner?
What colour shirt and tie would go with a bright pink jumper and black trousers?
Use web site shoe Dazzle?
Which one?!!!!*pics*?
What was the worst manicure experience you've ever had?
How can I stop biting my nails?
this is an open question !easy 10 points?
what does fashion mean?
wat makes her so pretty?
Am I pretty do you think?
Wrinkles in my thumb nail?
howww old?
how can i be prettier?
why do boys be so mean to girls?
Which Picture should be my facebook profile pic! i cant decide D :?
my digitilcamera is no working all I can tell you is that?
Rate me 1-157(my looks)?
What top with these jeans?
rate us! =) please nothing nasty we're just curious =) also guess how old we are!?
Hey girls, could you help me with some brands?
Why do people pick on................?
Questions about Gel nail extentions?
Do you like to tickle your beaver with your two fingers or one ?
When do your boobs stop growing?
What do you want to see on a girls blog?
Am I pretty?????????????????????
people, be honest, am i ugly? some boys said i am?
What kind of shoes can you wear with a black pea coat?
My sister got me a grey sweatshirt with the words Maine and a lobster drawing on it. She says women will like
Ripped off at NAIL & STUFF (nail salon) 147 W 33rd Street ?
I need a girl's opinion on this?
are brown eyes ugly???='[?
How has your perspective changed as you’ve gotten older?
i want a "plastic" girl look . like barbie?
Trendy mom hairstyles...where do I find them?
How can I make myself look prettier? need beauty/fashion advice please read?
She Left Burning Wax On My Face!?
I m 31 yr old 5.7' height with long face,wants to go for make over. Kindly suggest young style so that ....
How long do you have to wait before you can change your cartilage earring?
what to do to change my look?
What's the truth? (In your opinion...)?
Any professional cosmetologists here? What do you like and disslike about your job?
how can i improve my appearance?
I'm dying my hair blonde (like paris hilton blonde) , i have blue eyes?
I cant believe Im doin this but... Am I pretty?
how can i find a girlfrind in the internet ?
Should I get this dress?
Who do you think is prettier? And rate out of 10?
How can I make my nails grow faster?
Which Ones Are Cuter????????
How do i make my legs look long and sexy?
how much are braces for your mouth?
What hairstyle you guys think i should get? Pics?
facial piercings?? least painful and not to "look at me!!!!! if that makes sense....?
Does this haircut look good?
rate these 9 girls from 1-10?
PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!! asap! [girls ONLY] (10 points)?
When do you feel at your cleanest?
What to wear to vegas Dec.20-27? Also need hair and makeup update.?
which pic do i choose? help! :)?
if your lips get stung by bees every day, will they stay plump?
What would you call my eye color?
Is it okay to put a small amount of paint on your lips?
What do you think of a girl having a gap between front teeth?
How do you get rid of scuff marks on shoes?
am I attractive at all? if not oh well but I'd still wish to know?
How pretty do you think i am on a scale of 1-10?
Do gel nails tend to lift easier than acrylic nails?
I know this is gonna sound gross but its a question for girls...?
is he hottt or what?
what are some fashion trends with german teens?
What Celebrity Perfume would you buy?
10 point. which boy name is better?
do you think we're pretty? which one's more attractive to you?
I have a daughter that is tall and beautiful and I think would be good at modeling. How do I get her started?
How can you get rid of blackheads overnight?
who in YOUR opinion is prettier?
What hair color would suit me?
Haircut question...mohawk!?
Help!?! Answer these questions for me please?!?
How to completely change yourself in one year ?
Sore nails after taking nail polish off?
be more sexy?
How can i look older?
Insecure about skinniness?
who is so beautiful women in the world?
Bras BRAS BRAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
What to wear for my audition?
My skin hasa changed?
how do i get my dad to stop frowning all day long?
Girls, do you think he is too musuclar?
what is the best stay-on make up? i keep on smearing my make up on my shirts...?
What is your favorite perfume(s)?
Do U Thick Im Sexy?
I'm going to a bat mitzfah Saturday! How much makeup should I wear? What should I wear?
Why am i so sexy and good looking?
Why does everyone hate plastic surgery?
Any women find my avatar sexy?
what the hell is coming out of my nipple?
help plz??????????????????????
i really need help like big time!!!?
how long will it take me to grow my eyebrows out like megan fox?
colored contacts???/?
How do I make myself look skinny?
What would be the sexiest outfit you dare to wear to shop at the mall?
What color dress would look best on a blonde?
Non-black people: What do you think when you see a girl's hair look like this?
What do you think of this piercing, is it trashy?
Do I look alright without any makeup?
contact lenses, are they perminantley uncomfortable?
My boss just finger *** me? Is this sexual harrassment?
What is the average price for a french manicure?
Who would wear these leggings?
Which girl looks the best?
What are some Urban Clothing stores for women?
do braces make a girl look ugly?
Has anyone ever worked out the perfect way to dry yourself when you get out of the shower?In what order do you?
What are some model agencies that are in Ontario?
What should my little sis wear?
Is there a product I can use to dye the inlay of a rose on my leather coat?
Do you think Tyra Banks is beautiful woman?
im trying to download music from its not working.i have the 16digit code for 3 can i?
which is the best epilator?
Am i ugly? D:?
am i fat? pictures included?
What kind of guys do you like and what kind of guy do you have?
Would these Osiris' look good on a guy?
Modelling.. Where To Start? Could I Cut It? What do You Think? Helllp :)?
Laser eye surgery?
Cant Seem to Find a Good Strapless Bra?
Does this girl have a nice body? (pic)?
Kirtie Allie attractive?
Hair styles for an 8th grade girl <3 (10 points)?
How to make your eyebrows grow faster?
How do I look better?
where can i get nail rhinestones and stickers?
Is an 8 year old too young for a padded bra?
Which girl sounds prettier?
What is the best mascara for dramatic thick extreme volume lashes? clump free?
GIRLS ONLY please help me?
which is the most attrative thing in a boy in the view of a girl?
How can I be pretty, or prettier ? (Pics)?
How to not be self conscious?
What's the new lynx 2012 final edition supposed to smell of?
Which girl is prettier? (Pics)?
(picture)what is the first thing that you think of when you see this girl....?(pic)?
how do i stop biting my nails?
Who is the woman bodybuilder in the new JC Penny Commercial?
What does getting eyelash extentions feel like?
I think black eyes are hot. Help?
Any opinions on Almeda Beauty School in Houston, TX?
do guys prefer girls with make-up or without make up?
What kind of jeans are these?
Can I have your opinion on these pictures? Which one looks best?
slim and curvy but chubby calves...what dyou think?
Dress idea help, please?
do you think i'm an ugly guy?
Do you have a website? If no,would you prefer a website or blog?
HELP! (Girls only!!)?
Best drugstore moisturizer?
I do not like to dress fancy or look rich?
how do i loook?
OMG! I found a dollar on the street!?
Which country has the prettiest girls ?
Bad or good profile photo?
should i try to model?
Can someone edit this photo for me? :) I wasn't sure which category to put this in, sorry!?
am i pretty or not????
is it just me, or is it that most guys have a fantasy for stick-skinny girls? you know like 90 lbs and 5'6
Poll:girls how many days out of the month, week, or year do you wear makeup?
What do you think of these pictures i took?
Would u say this man is beautiful?
what are chrome teeth????!?
What you think of my mohawk ?? (pic included)?
Where can i get a cheap puffy ballgown PromDress in DallasTx that will make me look thin in pink or turquoise?
Is this pretty beauty photo? :) (Picture included)?
What would you rate from 1-10 [girls]?
what can i do for my cuticles?
Which shoes should I buy for my boyfriend?
why are my acrylic nails peeling at the sides?
What do u think of my body type ?:/?
what are some innapropriate video clips??
Do my legs look too big at all?
Pink toenails or red?
Hey moms, do you ever feel like you want to be attractive to other guys, but not do anything?
How to convince my parents to let me model?
why is one nail a diffrent color than the others popular?
can an individual person use trade name w/o franchising? he`s husband given name is the same as the one traded
So why do women wear sexy clothes, then get mad when guys look at them?
How old do I look?
who has a better smile? (pictures)?
Where to get this perfume at the cheapest price?
Am i gay/ weird if i wear skinny jeans Read below?
Honest opinions please!?
Is a space between the front teeth sexy?
I feel like I cannot wear long-sleeved t-shirts?
Blondes or brunettes?
Can anyone tell me how old they think this girl is please (pics)?
what color nail polish are u wearing right now?
Am I Pretty? (pics included)?
Homecoming princess slogan help? Creative people?
do i look like kristen stewart?
Do you think this colour would suit me?
i hate it when people comment me on how SKINNY i am?
opinion on this haircut and what is it called ? :)pictures?
Am i pretty? be honest please.?
What is your secret to enhance the glamour in your life, everyday?
do girls like the men that tell them that they are beautiful or the ones that give them stuff?
what do you expect the pretty girls to look like?
what is the best self tanner for fair skin?
Do you think I would look good with this hairstyle?
pretty or ugly...?!?
How do all these stars get so thin.?
Can I make my eyes look more blue, LOL?
Do You Think I Am Pretty?
Could I model? 15 years old?
is it weird i still take sponge baths with my brother?
How to lighten/fade khakis? HELP?
I was asked to be a face model? (PIC)?
Which one is prettier?
Do I look indian to you? Easy 10 Points!!!?
which one,prety face or prety body?
what is your favourite perfume to wear?
ne one has an idea about permanent Hair removal from EARS?
plus size home coming dress!?
Which girl is prettiest (1 pic)?
Would this look tacky?
Would I look good with Zooey Deschanel's hairstyle?
Can i get piercings done while being pregnant ?
What is the best shampoo for fine color treated hair?
My face is ugly & overlarge?
Which girl looks like the best romantic heroine?
this hurt me a lot. . .i know im not pretty, but am i THAT ugly?
How do I get into modeling?
What happens when someone faints?
Where to Buy kathy van zeeland in aust?
What does "Drag Queen" mean?
what can i wear to a christening?
After the eyebrow pluck?
Is it suppose to look brown?
Are you popular at your school?
Can i melt my acrylic taper? (ear stretching)?
Crossdress black dress?
farewell -whats the solution?
who's prettierrr??? answer 100% truthfully. the girl on the right or left?
Do you know if there's something similar from PBTeen?
Would this haircut look good on me? Please help.?
what does it mean to have dramatic facial features?
Tattoos or peircings? Turn off or turn on?
Im i what you would call pretty?
Do I need to get my eyebrows done?
girl and guy names?
What's wrong with me?
How to have flawless skin?
Does anyone know the best product to use for waxing your bikini area?
Help I Need A Harmless Sleepover Prank!?
Whites mixed with jeans?
Why are females so jealous of me? Is it my fault i was born beautiful, no its Y?
what does it feel like to be really pretty and really handsome?
Would I look good with this haircut?[picture included]?
halloween costume ideas?
Know where to get a cute bag for all my cosmetology tools (curling irons, etc)?
who is prettier?
What do you hate about yourself?
Haircut style question help?
is it safe for you get a monroe piercing if you have braces?
What is a model like?
which girl is prettier?
does it hurt?
my friend got her pics from her modeling photoshoot thing what do u think?
Where to buy 30C bras?
how old do i look? and am i pretty? cause i dont feel like my bf ever tells me that..?
Are there any lip glosses/lipsticks or other non-prosthetic ways to make my lips pouty?
Is this look okay for clubbing?
Can i get acrylics?
have broad broad shoulders and am also short.wat kind of clothes shld i go for?
What kind of hairstyle should i get for the summer?
Rate me on a scale of 1-10?
i want to do my eyebrows and my mom wont let me... what do i do?
the most unique sexy perfume for taurus male?
My wife sells Park Lane Jewelry. Can she make money at this or do people make just enough to buy more jewelry?
who is prettier???????????????????????????????
how can i look more sophisticated and older?
what do i wear with a jacket like this?
Aeropostale promo codes?
do girls like chiseled faces?
What to wear with my girl retro Jordans?
Modelling.. Where To Start? Could I Cut It? What do You Think? Helllp :)?
Could I be a model at all?
Is it okay to not remove my necklace when I take a bath and when I sleep?
Should I grow a beard?????????????
How old do you think I look?
Are redheads unattractive?
if you could take any celeb to prom?
How old would you say these girls look?
ladies what is more attractive, a guy with contacts or a guy with trendy and fasionable glasses?
Do you find skinny men attractive?
I just wanna know my eye color!!!!?
Perfume help! I can't decide?
What is the best picture?? *Pics, ?
Can you get gel/shellac after having acrylics?
nail help?!?
Good Halloween Costumes: For a Guy?
Does he look out of my league?
favourite eye colour?
girls just wonder if you ever had put on a new nice pair of pantyhose and got a run in them?
Who is more cuter!?!?!!?
Do you think they are hot or not?
Girls,Im 5'5" this height good for a 22 years old guy?
Do I look bad without mascara?
good haircut for my frame?
Which girl wears the bathing suit better?
Tips for doing a home brazilian wax?
Girls, what do you think?
Am i pretty???
If she had a great time then why did she Flake?
I'm I pretty?
I don't like my engagement ring anymore?
How old do my best friend and I look?
Should i get my nipple pierced?
i need help with my bangs for a new haircut. please read?
what do you ladies think?
I'm looking for a plastic surgeon who will recommend a Dr. who gives face lifts in San Diego or Tijuana.?
How should it fit??????
Do you consider these heels to be stripper heels?
How to look like a NORMAL 16 year old?
sexy bbm girls pins...?
Ok whats better a short girl or a tall girl? A blonde or a brunett?
Help me with HAIRCUT please? (pictures included)?
Who was the most beautiful woman in the history of the world?
Where's the best place to get a tattoo?
Hey ladies, what's your favorite fragrance for a man to wear?
Would we look good together (pictures)?
What eye color does she have?
what do you think about me xP?
Are you an entraprenuer of a Spa?
Everyone Says I am Astonishingly Beautiful, But I like Make-up.?
How pretty am I be honest ? (pics included)?
feb 10 i have a dance comin up and i dont know what to wear does any body have a good place for me to look?
What would have to happen in order to make the whites of ones eyes blue?
What is perfect about you?
Am I disgusting?
Tounge ring question...(guys only plz.)?
Is it okay for a woman to be six feet or over in heels?
How do i get into modeling?
why does my toe nail have a stain!!!?
Will red lowlights look good in blond?
whos more attractive, taylor lautner or this model?
Are my legs too long? Unattractive?
What do u think of cheerleaders?
Beauty for the face simple question?
Would it be okay to use the Neutrogena wave and Cetaphil cleanser on the same day?
Information about my lip ring?
is it wrong?
Where can i find wallpapers of girls with beautiful sexy eyes?
Do I have an hourglass figure?
Where to get jeans for a girl with curves?
Do you think this question was necessary? s?
How to impress someone I like?
do i look asian to you?
why are clothes sizes altering?
How can I get my best friend to stop rubbing her beauty in my face?
be honest how do i look?
halloween costume help!!!!! for teen queen of hearts!!! plz :)?
Do you think its weird to see a girl 5'11 and guy 5'7 dating?
How old do I look? how can i look better?
What are some good exercises for the butt?
Where can I get Canadian statistics on who uses home exercise DVDS?
Old fashioned movies that teenage girls would like?
does leather deteriorate in hot water? (shower)?
Are you a golden ratio face?
Is it ok to wash your hair once every six months?
would you agree with what this person said?
Whats a shoe lining? genuine shearling?
What should I wear to this party?
who do you think is more pretty?
Is this a cute skirt?
Bra sizes?
How can you get an amazing complexion if you have sensitive skin?
Girls only??????????
What is retro?
Is cameltoe bad?
How old do I look here?
I'd like this one for a party coming soon but not sure of the kind of shoes, any ideas?
Which hairstyle is more attractive on me-newly single and trying to look my age (28)?
What would be your first impression of me!?
What is the cause of those white specks on fingernails?
I'm ugly and I hate it?
How to dress classy in high school, without looking too fancy?
ive lost my mojo - how do YOU recommend i get i back?
what other thing besides nali remover gets polish off?
What do you teen girls want for christmas? (:?
im tired of how i look,i need to make over my style any ideas of how i can start?
what earrings look best on guys?
y gals like 2 hide their age??is lookin younger is more important tan truthfulness?
how to look good?
How cool is cool?
What are your top three beauty must-haves?
What should I wear to a amusement park?
What is the most fashionable clothes for school including accesories, hairstyle, and shoes or slippers.?
what to wear to a fancy dress party beginning with an E?
IS MY DREAM HOPELESS? or worth it?
Do all the Harajuku Lovers Perfumes smell differently? (By Gwen Stefani)?
My finger nails grow too fast and it is a hassle. Advice please?
Does anyone know if Cotton on body (in New Zealand) sells 8a or 10a bras?
Any tips/ideas for making a good sucsessful beauty blog?
Whats in style for teenagers?
I started plucking my eyebrows in the past month( and I'm only 10) is that okay for a girl?
what site can u look at nails for celebs and stuff?
I'm looking for a costume like sharon stone in batman, any ideas?
Where can I buy Fracas?
how to get more beautiful and pretty?
Is there something online where you can take a picture of yourself and determine your face shape?
what soap is the best to wash ur face with?
Is he cute ? (PICS)?
I purchased an acrylic nail art kit to use over gel nails?
How do you get more guys to notice you with out turning into a prostitute?
Do I look like Megan Fox?
does anyone know where i can get my baby started on a model career?
Hi, How Old Do I look :D?
What should I do, If I want to model?
What do you think of the name Molly?
please answer!! =]?
How do i become more attractive then my friend?
Do you look different in every picture?
How old do i look like?
My fake tan has gone a bit streaky. How can i get rid of the streaks?
have you watched YOU TUBE?
which of these four are the prettiest
How would you describe a woman with my measurements/proportions? (38-29-39)?
How to have a at home spa day?
Can anyone out there tell me what's the best (a favorite by majority) perfume for guys (teens)??
I need honest opinions. .. what do you think of this picture of me? and should i put it on my myspacee?
i brush my teeth 3 times a day and still have bad breath. why??
(PIC) Is there anything I can do to improve my hair?
LUSH products? just a opinion question about lush?
yo what u think about this guys hair?
how much is the new kardashian glamour tan?
How can I become a human Barbie?
what should i wear on the first day of school?
where can I find this sweater?
can i change the ball on my lip ring?
whats a good site whare you can upload ur pic and c what you look like with diff hair colors and styles??
Girls, would you rather have a guy who...?
What piercing should I get?
do you think green contacts would look good on...?
How can I look/act good to impress guy?
Do I Look Fat?
Manicure Question?
Can you advise on sari blouse designs?
Is there such a thing?
Who lives in SC and where??
Hi, is this an okay pic?
What's the best way to apply nail polish so it will last?
do I have the right look and features to be a teen model?
Do men find very fair porcelain skinned with dark brown hair attractive?
Should I try modeling...?
couple picture...kissing?
How can a boy improve his look w/o makeup?
What to wear to a night beach party?
Girls - What's the first thing you notice about a guy?
My 11 year old daughter wants a piercing?
which hair cut looks better on me ?(male)?
how to be more girly?
Real quick ways to style hair...? (Seriously, anything will help!)?
Is Unforgivable Black the same as Unforgivable by Sean John? If not what is the difference?
do u think she's pretty? [picture]?
Why do girls wear lipgloss?
Which song should I sing for the talent show?
Who's celebrity body do you like?
who do i look like(pic inside)?
What is your opinion on guys who paint their nails?
Can i wash stuff OTHER than dishes in my dishwasher?
Cosmetology school .?
Ladies! When you shave your legs...................?
I'm making a beauty book. What should I include in it?
How do you get rid of beauty marks?
if someone dyes there eyebrows doe sit luk like thye've been dyed and wat do they do about regrwoth?
another style question?
Which of my friends is prettier?
What do guys like the best about a girl?
colour of ur eyes?
am i pretty? what are the pros/cons of me? (pics/videos)?
What apps would Alison DiLaurentis have on her phone?
ok need some help in understanding!!?
What Body Washes Complement These Colognes?
How would you describe my face?
Permant Body Hair Removal Questions?
Why are african girls known as ugly girls?
What to wear with black nails?
Is this a Brazilian Look?
How can I improve? *pics included*?
do you think this girl is pretty?
What does an "attractive" jaw line look like?
What do you think about the most popular people at our school?
what sort of basic things always make a girl look prettier?
hot? cute? beautiful?
Please give me some advice..sorry i know its kind of long but i really appreciate it?
Which one is the hottest one?
What kind of clothes do heroin chic people wear?
How do you find out if a nail salon has had health code violations?
do i have fat legs? *pictures*?
What are the best skin care products that are cheaper than 20 dollars?
Which picture is the best?
Please answer my question ? thank you?
how can i become a fashion model?
Can anyone please make me an outfit on polyvore for school?
who really said...?
Looking for a perfume which smells like gummy bears?
Does my avatar look good?
what r the lyics to HAnnah Montana- if we were a movie?
What's up with 5th graders on answers?
my friends call me ugly but I think I'm hot?
How do you get white scuffs out of black patent leather shoes?
is it possible to pierce your tongue the third time would it damage it?
What catagory would this style go under?
Do I look good with a nose piercing (pics)?
guys, what is the sexiest thing(clothing) on a woman?(before there naked)?
What shade of pink suits me?
What do you think I look like?
Do you wish everyone really looked like their avitar?
Are modeling agencies a scam?
Is hair removal cream painless or does it sting?
honestly do i need to lose weight?
I don't have many friends. Am I ugly/look like a weirdo (pic)?
Is it o.k. to want to change my style, or will people think I'm trying to be someone I'm not?
Which teeth smile do you like on her? Why?
A question about these colored tips you can get at the fingernail shop?
am i pretty(pics included)?
What's the best concealer to use under mineral make-up?
how to look good in ugly bridesmaid dress?
how about now?
how do I keep my eye lashes curly?straight?
do you like to be called beautiful or hot?
What do you think about beauty pageants?
what would you rate my looks on a scale of 1-10?
Am i as ugly as i think i am?
Denim Question For Men?
How to make your hips look smaller?
Is 5'6 classed as really tall or perfect height?
A question for perfume Addicts?
I REALLY want to be a model! can I do it?
4 boys,,what u most like in girls or what u hope ur wife look? (charachter&looks)?
GIRLS, how do I look? advice?
is this Goodpicture?
What Could I Improve on? Please? Sorry!?
what lotsion works best curel,palmer,or jergens?
Which one is the hottest one?
What are homecoming parties or proms for?
Can you please sign into my virtial makeover account and tell me what I should do with my hair?
Women only!!!?
what do you think it takes to become a model?
Is this a pretty combo on a girl..?
what should i do to brighten up my complexion??
Does he look chubbier (before and after pics)?
whats the best way to remove fake-nail glue from ur nails?
If I am ugly as a teen may I possibly be beautiful as an adult!? selling fake merchandise?
Hollister sizes?
latin male here?
How much would it be to replace a 1/3 princess cut diamond in engagement ring?
what do you think of this picture?
a 2nd labret question?
which of these 4 girls is the prettiest?
Does getting a tattoo really hurt?
what do you think????? please help!?
who shops at sephora? i need help?
Who is the prettiest?
Girls...what are some things I can do to make myself feel more girly and feminine?
Which one is the best pic of my back (most muscly) pics?
Can you shorten acrylic nails after theyre on?
guys only?
What is sexier?
so i've been told before that i look like?
Which girl has a prettier face?
''Shoping at shops for fragrance this christmas smells so good to me because.............................,
Am I going to regrett this?
Do my wide set eyes make me look unnatractive?
[[PIC]] What are my worst facial features?
why am i fat even though i weigh 125 and i am 5'5?
What does a fun card and j-bucks do from justice?
What would you rather get?
Brazilian waxing vs. Full bikini waxing?
Is my nose big? *Pics*?
~*~ need help for the first day of grade 8 ~*~?
laundry help?
What to wear Clubbing ??? I'm a little chubby thats why i'm wondering.?
how old do we look? guesss?
how can I sort out my face and hair?
i look like a slut in my homecoming dress, what should i do?
favarate star?
Why are human beings such ugly animals?
Do You think I'm pretty?
Is there something wrong with my head????????????/?
Can anyone give me some info on rhodium plating over white gold?
I have to do an about me project for my 9th grade health class, creative ideas please?
Catwoman costume trouble?
Do older girls like justin bieber hairstyle?
Why do people think I look older than I really am?
What do you think of the perfume Pink Sugar by Aquolina?
Masculine Prada perfume? ?
What makes U smart ???
What is prettier, skinny ankle jeans, or skinny flare jeans?
Glasses or no glasses?
Do you like this jacket?
Should preteens wear sexy lingerie?
top 10mens aftershave?
would this be a nice hairstyle to get?
Why are they so jealous?
where can i get these boots?
at wat age do u bathe newborn pups?
This skirt, yes or no?
I'm in 6th grade in MN, how can i be cool?
my friend has really knocked my self esteem?
Girls! Lets play a game! Cutest guy?!!?
Which girl is prettier? [pic]?
how to best apply a spray cologne for men?
What does it take to become a Victoria's Secret model?
do you think korean girls have good body shape?
What hairstyle would look cute on me?
when is my birthday? lol?
How do i get rid of the musty smell from my pillow?
Help!? Shaving legs! Please?
Do I look strange in this photo?
Which girl is prettiest?
Is she a 'Winter' or 'Autumn - color analysis?
i want to buy the cover girl concealer. where to buy in singapore?
do you have a favorite pair of jeans?
What do you think of gray nail polish?
am i really really ugly?
how do i look?
who is prettier? honestly?
A diamond is a girl's best friend, what's a boy's best friend?
Drugs... Smoking... what do you think.....?
Question about my eyes?
has anyone ever used the brand joey new york?
Can original rosebud salve be used as perfume?
Am I really that ugly?
are bangs in??
Help for Youtube beauty tutorials?
For the girls, I feel too skinny and underweight (pic)?
How old does this girl look like?
girls, do you feel sexier in heels?
Does this picture of me look scary?
Ughhhh high school?
I want some outfits made from SCRATCH and I went to a tailor and the price is OUTRAGEOUS! Help?!?
Rate her on a scale of 1-10. Is she pretty?
do people really look at looks before meeting anyone?
Stretch Mark Cream!?
Why doesnt perfume stay on throughout the day?
Pink or Hot pink what one is better?
how old do you think i look?
Whats your favorite inexpensive store?
Who do you HATE the most on Project Runway?
Abercrombie kids problem help?
Can anyone tell me how i can stop biting my nails??
Who do I look like from pretty little liars?
Am I wierd for thinking that some of these guys are hott?
Are middle eastern men the ugliest of all races?
Attractive vs pretty?
Why do you or do you not like Ralph Lauren's fashion lines?
Wht do You want to be for halloween, How long did u dress up?
best shampoo for long think and wavy hair?
Are my eyebrows to bushy? *pics*?
Whos prettier?? (pictures)?
Are these sandals cool or not for women?
what do people think of really dark skin?
Guys & Girls ::: HOW TALL ARE YOU ?
How old do I look? Please answer!?
what do you consider to be beautiful in a person?
any good salons near eatons center?
Anyone know anything about starting a modeling agency?
On a scale of 1-10, how do I look? 10 being the best, 1 being the worst?
Do I have pretty or normal eyes? (picture)?
Do you like these shorts? (Pics.)?
What's the best push up bra for me?
What should every girl own?
do you think wearing a bra and undies is the same as a bathing suit?
How can i dress emo if i dont have long hair?
what can i do do make my dress code fashionable? what stores?
stone walls just built i dont want to plaster the wall what decorative colours can i use?
How can you make your lips appear fuller?
Removing contact lenses with long nails?
Is a guy wearing color contacts ok?
What are some ways that I can gain weight+a few other questions?
Which photo of me looks the best?
girls rate me on a scale of 1-10?
How would you dye/change the color of fur?
Is she pretty or ugly? and why?
Guys, what's your opinion of piercings on girls?
Which of these haircuts do you like best [[pics]]]?
Is smoking a turnoff for women looking for a man?
are most super attractive girls introvert?
is this a good flyer for a teen babysitter?
Beauty Related Challenges for a BDay Party?
Random Conversation Ideas?
Blond or brown on me??????? :)?
Which girl is prettier?
is being 5 feet and 4 inches tall a short or small person???
Boys! Only, do you like a girl with a belly piercing,?
What is the most natural looking push up bra from Victoria's secret?
Thoughts on this pic?!?!?!?!?! :o?
Am i pretty.? Just having fun?
what other make-up and hairstyles would look good on me?
Am I skinny? Or not really?
Help me make my outfits more my style in dress code?
How old do you think I am? (Picture included)?
Chemically Straightened Hair?
i wnt to buy sum formal shoes yet not very expansive from wher i can get delhi or mumbai?
how do girls get exited?
do you think i look fat? (pic)?
Question about shaving pubes?
Isn't Corinne the ugliest name ever?
How can I find out if my type is witner, summer, fall or spring? Girls?
is this girl avrage or beautiful?
what should i do???
What Skin Care Product Do You Like?
Manicure help!!!!!!!!!!?
where is all the cute clothes?
Any real success with Winsor Pilates?
How do i reduce the growth of hair?
Fancy dress, R and F?
What should I put In My School Bag For Teen Girls?
Should I get my hair Cut like Alexa Chung- Picture included?
Should I get extensions (pictures included)?
Wear can you get Uggs for no more than 110 $ for Women?
people, be honest, am i ugly? some boys said i am?
How can i quit biting my nails?
what do you girls thing the most attractive feature on a guy is?
Who is prettier? Green or purple?
i dont like the way i look in my face what should i do?
you think Michle Mouso is cute?
Where in London can i get Azzaro mens aftershave?
straight hair?
Am I really..=[?
how do i look? (girls/gays)?
What is this hair color called? (Pictures)?
I'm slightly overweight.. should I be aight at a hot tub party?
Benifits of not eating sweets chocolate or junk food for a month?
please answer. easy points.?
10 points which is better?
Can i make a good model?
Ladies, I need some help, please?
my mom's hairy armpits?
What kind of Bra would be the best for me?
Where can I find an Aveda hair t-shirt?
Does anyone know when the Victoria's Secret Semi-Annual Sale begins this year (i.e. July 2008)?
good foundations for very dry skin?
Impression? Facial features (pics)?
should i drop the extra 10 pounds?
ladies..would you still be attracted to guys if...?
Embedded earring !!!! HELP!!!?
Does she have a hot body?
sweet sixteen........?
How long does a nail buffer usually last?
.::Serious question for girls 17 and under::. (self esteem issue) ?
What is the easiest way to remove artificial fingernails, without going to nail salon?
Whixh girl is prettier?
How can i stop biting my nails?
How to look cute on Pajama Day?
Prom dress ideas - not too fancy?
which are the root of love?
what's a good, unique halloween costume?
School uniform in sixth form?
Are people getting shorter?
is 5'2" too 17???
I'm wearing this but I need a little more advice (pic)?
is myy frienndd prettyyy.?
Homeone beauty washes,cleaners etc?
Do you think I'm good looking?
Is this girl pretty?????????
Which belt would look better on a 21 year old girl?
Do I look better with or without glasses?
I need some good, inexpensive beauty products?
beauty and governement?
What really happens during a bikini wax?!?
Is this dress evening wear?
What piercings would I suit? *pics*?
•••••Who likes or hates these shoes•••••??
What's attractive in a girl?
U HavE To AnSwEr ThIs OnE!?
Girls only: What do you think when a guy has multiple ear piercings in both ears?
What are some great stores to buy from in Buffalo, NY?
how do you make light brown eyes look better?
is it weird that i don't usually wear perfume?
Do you think she is beautiful?
What color should a natural redhead dye her hair?
Girls: Are retainers attractive on guys? Don't Care? Or Unattractive.?
Good combo for Hoildays Nails?
how old do i look seriously?
Does this girl have high cheekbones?
What goes perfect with a black shirt and blue jeans what can i add to make it look classy and
which bras are better?
Do you have to have messanger to use your avatar on messenger?
what can i do for my b-day?
Do you know any mom with there cartilage pierced?
what do you think of me pretty or not? picturess**?
What do you like better eyebrow waxing or eyebrow threading?
Rate on a scale of 1 to 10
Why Do Girls wear makeup!!!!!?
Are redheaded girls pretty?
about chanel perfume?
i need opinions on this picture please??????
why are smart guys always ugly?
the myth of solar nails, can somone elabirate?
can someone tell me what toejam is and do you ever get that? and i don't mean sock lint.?
How much damage does ONE tan cause?
is she pretty?
Whats are the pros and cons of being very attractive?
GIRLS ONLY! I'm an athletic guy who..?
Am i pretty? honest answers please!! rate?
Does blonde hair and brown eyebrows look alright together?
How to look boho chic???
Poll: Who is cuter Robert Pattinson or Mason Musso? (pics included)?
Which dress do u like better?
hey wheres a good place to get makeup samples online?
Which hairstyle would look good on me?
is dirty blonde ugly?
how big of a difference is a size 9 nike shoe compared to 9.5 nike shoe?
How to put colour contact lens?
How to grow out my eyebrows?
How many girls roll the top of their school skirts over to make it shorter?
is this a nice style?
Do you consider me to be attractive\pretty ?
Secret perfume club?????
what is the best color contact lens for black people?
where can i buy cheap fake spanx?
Rate my looks 1-10 and how can I improve?
Do they look kinda the same?
What's my best and worst feature?
Are modelling agency responses this generic?
can this girl model (pics included)?
haircuts for different face shapes?
What is the most common fetish for woman? besides shoes.?
Would you rather have brains or looks?!?
Does anybody know if she is a tumblr girl,or a model ? If so whats her name?
I paint my nails too much!?
Is there a site where you can see what you're going to look like when you get older?
what are the seven shapely secrets?
GUYS: opinion on girls lips?
Don't click here!!!!?
What do u think of us??? (pics, and be nice!!)?
Has anyone tried youthful essence?
Where can I buy bath bombs? Aside from LUSH? Online sites too?
How does Bath And Body Works Carried Away smell like?
am i ugly????????????
Girls 9-14 Would you rather be barefoot or wear socks inside?
tagalog of obsessed?
People say im annoying :(?
who thinks i should go back to having pink hair?
is this girl prettty?
How to look sexier!?
What is ur fav perfume?
i have these small brown bumps on my legs, what are they?
Is there any way to have a Constant eye contact colored lenz???
Am I pretty or ugly please help?
What would you never wear?
iam 63 kg but guys get attracted to me a lot..i feel iam so fat? is is necessary to loose weight? plz ans me..
okay i dont need insults just honest answers?
I want to take the nail technician test I want to know what it will be like and what I should know.?
Is it safe to say there is no good looking redheads?
Why are some girls sexy and some aren't...?
does anyone know of a size 4 jeans, that lifts up your behind?
How to make my nails grow fast?
what do you think of this look ? ( pic inside )?
Does anybody know any good modeling agencies for babies?
girls how physically built do you like your guys to be?
best price for nails in Corvallis?
Will studded ballerinas still be in this spring/summer?
Do you think I'm model material? (please be nice)?
Is she pretty........................?
Survey question: Do you prefer a shorter, medium or tall height in the opposite sex?
how can i be seductive?
What should I wear to a party?
how to wear my hair for a job interview at macy's tomorrow for an on call beauty advisor?
skin irritation?
What shape is my head?
Gals, what's happened to all the women with long, natural fingernails in the USA? What are your thoughts?
Do people still wear big poni polo Ralph Lauren?
Girls, is a 5'7" guy too short for you?
How often do YOU personally, shave your legs ?
What does the word "bimbo" really mean?
Could I wear this to an 80s party or is it more of a 90s look?
Ideas for a MINI giveaway on Tumblr?
do i look fat in this?
What can I do to improve my looks?
What's it like to be beautiful?
IS this a good photos?
Gauging my ears help...?
What perfume smells like Banana Republic Classic men?
how to convince people im not emo??
fun websitessss. help pleaseee=]?
Nail Salon in Loganville, GEORGIA...?
Are we pretty... we are just wondering?
does my hair look good like this?
Girls if you had to choose. would you rather be tall or short?
Would I look good in this jacket and these pants?
Has anyone got any beauty advice?
how much do snake bites cost at essential beauty?
How do I make my butt look better?
is she pretty, beautiful, gorgeous or what?
What causes you to become ugly as an adult?
Is the "suede" used by American Eagle in shoes actual leather suede or just faux suede fabric?
im not that like can i kinda spruce myself up?
blonde or brunette?