How old do i look? Pictures.?
do you think i could model?
What celebrity do I look like?!?
How old do i look(pic)?
how old do i look (pics) ?
Girls: Do you ever suck in ur tummy to make it look smaller?
how to get of acne scars in puberty? PLEASE HELP ME IM LOSING MY CONFIDENCE;?
Ok any girl give me a makeover?
why do guy's lie to us girl's if we give them sex and other stuff thay want?
How do I get ink/dye out of clothes?
how do you feel about the baby name. . .?
What is your school mascot name?
Do you think that I should shave my legs?
quick pick one tap or hip hop? and y.?
How do I get a specific kind of tan?
Scout machine who are they?
Obsessed, need help.?
why does a waterfall appear artificial in photos?
What do you think about waiting till marriage?
I need some tips on fashion and style!!?
Do you think I'm pretty?
which photo do you prefer?
Isn't she like the prettiest person ever?
How to look like ledamonsterbunny?
do i look better wtih straight hair or curly?
Can i wear this hoodie or is it out of style? And which color do you like?
What to wear to a bowling party?
Girls are these two guys hot?
What piercing would you prefer on a guy, ears, lip, or eyebrow?
Will this nose stud fall out easily?
Would this look good?
Whats that perfume name?
Do You Think I Need 2 Lose More Weight ? - Pics IncLuDeD-?
What is it that makes a girl beautiful?
Please help! How could I style this dress?
Your first impression of me? (pics)?
Hair styles for an 8th grade girl <3 (10 points)?
Is band discoloration common when jewelry is repaired, sized, etc.?
Is my skin tone considered olive? Pictures?
Dental insurance?
How can I look like a twelve year old? ?
What color are my eyes?
I'm starting a beauty channel on YouTube, what should my username be? (Look at details)?
For girls, which one of friends is best lo okin, an in order. s!!!!!!!!?
How old do i look?
is there any good plus size modeling agencies out there???..i really want to become a model!!!!!!!!?
what makes ear wax?
Where can I order a free sample of perfume online?
Which picture do you like better?
what kind of small business can i start?
I need good/free websites where I can find up to date fashion advice/trends, etc..?
I am worried that my new nose ring is gonna go completely through the hole...I have heard it is normal. What?
Which pair of girls are better lookingg?
how do I get vera wang perfume over the net?
Nails on la..compton?
what are outfits that are in style for winter ? (please inlcude pics)?
Where could I find a cream colored button down hooded sweater?
(Girls Only) what size is your feet ?
why was i born so ugly?
First Prom, what am I doing right and what am i doing wrong? (also, hair advice!)?
Any good nail salons in the Racine/Milwaukee area?
Tattoo covering? How did it go for you?
What's the best teeth whitening product?
How I becomesing hansome mens?
girls,men who have pale skin look immature and childish? would you agree that?
if you have gauges in your ears, help please(:?
College interview help please?!?!?
How can you grow long and strong nails fast?
Do you like my new glasses (pic Inside)?
Do we look good together (picture)?
Does only feature beautiful girls?
Ok did I do the right thing? *Pics*?
Am i ugly/pretty?? (pics!)?
Hey Sexy Lady.......?
do i look like any famous person?
I want to know which school i should go to?
wacha thnk my mixed race is and how do i look(guy pictures)?
Am I pretty or ugly? Any tips for looking better as well?
How much do I have to pay if I unsubscribed magazines from marie claire but got one?
Do you think this girl is ugly or not?
What Style/Cloths Would suit me ? Pics Included.?
is it easier to get approved for a loan in mexico?
i'm trying to tell my friend not to date fat chicks but...?
do think i'm pretty?
Ladies i feel intimidated? PIC
Exercising with a lacefront wig on?
do you think that i am cute or ugly?
How much does a set or acrylic nails cost at Walmart?
Is a person with plastic surgery more delicate?
Do I look better now or worse?
what should i do for my sweet 16?
Is it "PC" to paint yourself black for a fancy dress party?
Am I ugly? My friend thinks so... (pic)?
how do i contact V05 via web?
any cute haircut ideas?
Is it true that Texas girls are one of the most beautiful in US. Could you provide pictures?
What makes you feel beautiful?
best barbie pink nail polish?
How do you become a model?
Girls,what do you think of pink converse shoes for guys?
What are the best and inexpensive places in Georgia to have mani/pedis?
im getting my hair stipped of its colour and dyed light, will the hairdresses do my clipin extensions too?
which one is better?
*pics* What do you think about meee?
how often should one take a shower?
Please help.....?
HELP! Which of these bikinis do you like best from V.Secret?
if a person eats the same piece of gum you just chewed after, is that normal?
Girls] True or False you prefer red lipstick to any other color.?
Does anyoneknow a website that has pics of the Fanta ppl??
How can I improve on my looks and get a girlfriend?
Who is prettier (pic)?
Which photograph is the best? (:?
Why do the ppl on TV look so PERFECT??
do you find this guy attractive ....?
what ethnicity do i look?
does anyone know which drugstore definetly has "revlon skinlights" powder?
10 point which last name do you like best?
are vs pink and forever 21 similar in sizes?
What would you think of me if you saw me in the street?(pics included)?
Does you image on the mirror motivate you?
How pretty would you say this girl is?
What is a good single-note jasmine fragrance?
Do you think Sleeping Beauty should take more vitamins? ?
what would you change???
Which one should i use?
do famous celebrities get their hairlines surgically perfect?
Question about Cheekbones?
nair hair removal cream question.. urgent help needed!!?
Is it possible that oil based ointments can curl your nails?
What is the very BEST one you have ever...?
wta do yah wear 2 a concert?
Why are they so jealous?
First impressions, opinions? Just curiousss.?
Taylor Swift's Wonderstruck vs Wonderstruck Enchanted?
What is the best flat iron out there for curly haired people like me? (Pics)?
How do I get into modeling?
my eye colour is blue right now i want to put a contact lense what colour do u think i should put?
Do I look fat ?
Ladies... what is your fav perfume and/or lotion scent?!!?
what is the darkest spray tan? and if there isnt a realy dark one is there a way to make it darker?
What do you think of my boyfriend? Pic?
How to look prettier? (pics)?
Im 5'10" and a girl. i'm 15 nearly 16 Im pretty sure that ive stopped growing. Am I too tall?
Can I be a model with bad stretch marks?
what do u think of plastic surgeries, and other hurtful methods to become beautiful?
Please help! I'm depressed!?
Whats the difference between a French and a italian nose?
do we look like we need to lose weight? (PIC)?
What face piercings can I pull off?(PICS)?
Are you planning to have a make over for your image this year ?
do i look different(stomach)? Progress photos? *GIRL*?
Good Halloween Costumes: For a Guy?
Getting your nails done...?
is a 32" waist a size 10?
Should I dye my eyebrows?
A quick girls fashion survey - need lots of answers, please help!?
what are some kinds of hairstyles I can wear for school?
am i ugly D:?
ladies i have a question about make-up and hair?
Which kind of axe do girls like on guys?
How old do I look?
My hair and nuisance it has become!?
I'm not saying every girl is like this but...?
am i ugly?please be honest?
what up with women wear pajamas in the street so tacky I guest they sleep in them also?
My friend often gets told she has a face like a ballerina's?! what does the typically look like?
Curly vs. Straight...?
What's the first thing you notice when you look at me?
perfume that smells the same as Eau De Eden by Cacharel?
do i look better with or without glasses?
hmmmm is this cute outfit for my birthday...I'm seventeen!!!!
name of few best perfumes not cost much more, for male and female,i am Indian?
Your shoe size?
How attractive am I ladies?
Would you date someone with bad skin like this person?
what is one of the most beautiful thing you have ever seen in your life?
Does this picture look good or weird?
Growing out my nails?
What can I do to be pretty/hot?
how do you get an accurate bra size measurement for a proper fitting bra?
Help with the weekend? please?
Who's the prettiest one?
How Much Do Hair Sytlist/Cometologists Make?
Does every girl pluck their eyebrows?
How to get defined jaw line?
i want surgery to look like miley cyrus?
What are the best holiday scented candles at Bath and Body Works?
Would you date me? *pic included*?
Am I too fat/ugly to become a model????! pictures?
Tips on how to grow long and healthy nails?
My eyes are two different colors?
Best Bath & Body Works Items?
Acrylic Nails?
Should I wear my hair curly or straight? Pic attached?
Do I look a little feminine and girly in this pic?
French Manicure?
Does this Halloween costume look ok? [pics]?
Girls: what thongs do u like better?
Looking for a certain kind of perfume, have you seen it?
when i ask a question about my sister, i always get the same answers
Ladies, how does this haircut look on me?
How to make a fat girl look sexy in a parent friendly way?
What is my face shape? (pic included)?
How do I look? (Pictures)?
Do you have to use shaving cream everytime you shave your legs or can you use water?
Do I Really Look Goth in This Pic?
Is there any way to know what bath and body works's upcoming sales are going to be?
What ethnicity/background does my last name sound?
Question about bikini waxing...?
Is she beautiful? Answer pleaseee.?
How can I make myself look sexy?
Ed Hardy Perfume for women?
Where would you get free sample perfume bottles?
Do you think I look like Kendall Jenner?
hot? cute? beautiful?
Girls ; suggest some hairstyle that will make me look more attractive?
how can i impress a boy?
are there any side effects in using stiemycin?
Sweet 16th Idea Themes?
Which hair color do you like better? (pics included)?
Last halloween (2005) i know someone who was a ninja, now this halloween 2006 what should he be?
Best unisex scents (fresh/musky/etc)?
Am I pretty (photos included)?
how do i look?[picture..]?
How can I become a good beauty guru?
Are you willing to wear uncomfortable clothes to look good?
Who looks better in these pictures?
Is the drink Four Lokos back in Ohio ?
I'm too tall to model?
if u know jessica white or lanisha cole are they dark-skinned?
which girl is better looking?(pics)?
girls rate me on a scale of 1-10?
Need Expert Shaving Advice?
What do you think of these boots?
Does anyone know when Bath and Body Works Semi Annual sale starts?
From 1 to 10, how attractive do you think I look?
eye cream?
Is 5'6.5 / 171cm too tall for a girl?
Girls when it comes to a Guy's looks......?
okay i dont like this girl, what do you think of her?
what should i wear to be the coolest girl in school?
are really really attractive girls more attracted to a less attractive guys?
How old would you say I look?
I am in serious need of advice!!?
How to dress like a playboy bunny without wearing lingerie?
i need help with my eyebrows :O ((pictures))
Where can I find Shadow & Light White Tea body lotion?
how old do i look to you?
What to wear with this dress?
why do guys wear clothes 4 sz too big?
How do I remove intimate hair painlessly and effectively?
What would you guys give her?
i've never been able to wear a watch, any ideas why?
French Manicure- Classy or boring?
how tall are you ? and how wold are you ?
Shaving your armpits?
Do you think I can become a model?5'10",128lbs,87-67-95? My face is very beautiful,my stats concern me
Please check these photos. Am I losing hair?
Has anyone used ProActive and found it to be not effective?
Okay, I know this is stupid, but please tell me how I look?
Would we make a cute couple?
On a scale from one to ten, ten being the highest, how would you rate me, beauty wise?
my cartilage earring.. Help!!?
I need some ideas???
Girls!!! wax shave or trim?
Abercrombie & Fitch Vs. Hollister Co. where would you rather buy and wear clothes from?
what body type do guys (teens) like best?
Help with the weekend? please?
What are your favorite nail polish colors?
Can I use white out to fix a small chip in my just done french manicure?
rate me pleaseeeeeeeeeee?
Do I look more attractive with longer or shorter hair?
How old does she look? Picture link included?
Glasses vs no glasses? Not sure?
Are any of u guys beauty gurus on YouTube?
I want to re-decorate my room! Does this sound like it would be cute? What suggestions do you have?
Can you change your voice?
Could anyone send me a free victoria's secret coupon for a free panty? if you are not going to use it?
Am i pretty? rate me (PIC)?
Where are the best fashion schools located?
What makes Michelle Keegan gorgeous...?
Is it really possible to change/lighten eye color with honey?
Why does my face look so different in pictures?
Which should i have as my facebook picture? (Choose one) x?
Am I just generally unattractive?
DESPERATE! highshcool cheer leading state appeal (please read)!?
how many girl like boys that cry and how many boys like girls wild?
what are sexy pants ?
Rate me please, guys and girls welcome?!?
Why dont guys wear make up?
Legit Teen Modeling Sites?
Why gents wear baniyans and ladies waear panties?
Do I look my age?
who wants to rate me 1-10?
Do you think this girl is cute or pretty, or hot, or anything else(PICT)?
How bad is it to put 16g in mormal holes?
How do you get rid of freckles?
Where can i buy a banded dress?
what is good for pitted acne scars?
girls that have used sally hansen extra strength bleach or Jolen for dark hair bleach...?
Who is prettier: Victoria Justice or Selena Gomez?
Im 13 and im very interested in modeling?
i am so unbelievably beautiful...and im constantly getting stared do i deal with this?
How do I look as Hermione? (pics)?
What Is The Best Perfume For Women?
is it possible to buy american products in spain?
Guy's, do you really like super skinny girls?
Are Tampons really necessary for women?
Does it look like I used photoshop in this picture?
Everyone tells me I should model! What is the best way to break into the business?
Which girl out of the 3 is the hottest and why? Pic included?
Do you think that women are more attractive with make-up?
Why are you so pretty?
if u know jessica white or lanisha cole are they dark-skinned?
Anybody else think hes hot?
Pics, Which type of beauty do you prefer?
I am using contact lenses for the first time........Please answer....?
Do I look bad in this picture?
Cleaning Your Shoes.? Help Me.?!?
does it hurt to get your belly button pierced?
Please choose one of these dresses!!?
Which of these girls is the prettiest?
i have opened a new boutique and i want a gud hindi name for that?
what do you think of her ?
Full Lips??????
how to grow your nails without them being brittle and thin?
Do I really look like a younger (mid 30s) dr Phil?
Boy in a Cheer Uniform Is this fair for losing a bet?
Which out of the three of us do you think is prettier?
how does this picture look?
What's your favourite colour?
Is this guy hot? He's 21. (pic)?
A perfect face but average teeth or an average face and perfect teeth? ? secrets to layering?
Is there ANY Playboy mate that isn't a fake-blonde fake-tanned or had plastic surgery?
I am 14 and will be 15 on Augest 4th, How would I go about entering a beauty pagent in Ohio as a beginner?
are my acrylic nails falling off because im taking biotin?
any tips on how to fix my eyebrows? PIX?
which perfume is best......... AXE or any?
Is model Shakara Ledart in a Pantene Relaxed & Natural Commercial?
Would it be vain if I got a mirror for my bedroom?
Where can 14 year old girls look for places to model?- thank you?
ok soo.... need some more opinions?
Do you think she's beautiful?
What Are Some Nice Colognes With Strong Smell ?
Pics, Which type of beauty do you prefer?
which country has the most beautiful women?
why do women?
which of these girls should i invite to my party, if any?
What do you think about the most popular people at our school?
Belly Rings?
How can I stop biting my nails?
Which eye color do you think is prettiest?
What does it mean to have cute expression ?
question for nail techs!?
Do you like this picture of me?
Is 5"6.5 tall for a girl?
Could i wear nothing under my jacket to school?
How do you naturally dye your hair?
What is the Sephora 2012 Birthday Gift For Beauty Insiders?
Which pic is the best?
Are these sandals cool or not for women?
How to get darker irises?
Where can I get colored contacts in toric lenses?
Any good and cheap perfume for men?
How does one get into modeling?
which bras are better?
Do guys like BIG or SMALL boobs? why does it matter?
i want to shave my eyebrows for fun?
Teen bedroom ideas?help!?
What colors look best with my skin n features?
Simply, How old do I look?
Get rid of these stains on my UGGs?
How to text super girly?
what do you think of this tube top...?
Guys, what is your favorite style for girls to dress in?
Um. What do you think of me looks wise?
What do you think of this girl?.. (Pics Included)?
Will long hair look good on me?
♥What do you do when your depressed?♥?
Would i look better if i had my nose altered?
are we a cute couple? pics
Diet question ( 10 point for the best answer )?
Calling All girls??!!!?
How can I hide my Ear lobe piercings from my mum?
Any good drug store shampoo for blonde hair you suggest?
Who is the prettiest scene queen?
About my hair color...?
who is the most Beautiful person in the world?
What Age Where You When You Got Youre First Kiss?
Ladies, I need your opinion (Pics included)?
How to get a waxing certificate?
Omg, it's crawling around in my bra!?
does any guy like a girl with darkish blonde with light blue eyes??????
Please help.. just bought a new jacket?
give me anew name?
Will blonde look good on me[picture]?
How old do you think I look? (pics inside)?
Every now and then I try to do a little something different with my appearance, but I am running out of ideas.
is it weird that a 14 year old guy wears men thongs?
do you think my beauty channel name is good ?
what's the best new haircut and color ?
Was I wrong to pierce my nose?
If you were a shoe what kind of shoe would you be?
HELPP!!! i bleached my best friends juicy sweats!!?
How do you normally dress?
What's your clothes size?
Ladies, is pale skin a turn off?
Am I the only girl that feels sort of uncomfortable in a bikini?
Girls, what do you find more hot in guys? Big Muscle or Fit?
will waxing remove some of my tan?
Which girl in the pictures is prettier?
How do you remove acrylic nails yourself?
what is a pep rally?
will I look stylish and decent enough for 8th grade if I buy these shoes ?
What colours your eye..?
Where will I find out how to apply acrylic nails myslef?
How Do I Get The Creases Out Of My Nike's?
My girlie friend would like to know ......?
comment on how proactive is working for those who use it<3 please!!?
Am I a good looking guy? (need quick answer!)?
how can i accept being ugly?
Do guys stare at average looking girls?
people I'm a girl who gets mistaking for a boy how can i show I'm a girl?????
I've got 350 pairs of boys swimming trunks to get rid of, HOW do I do this?
how do i get my body mist to be noticeable but not overwhelming?
What hairstyle do girls like on guys?
how to be/look like summer roberts/rachel bilson?
Can Native Americans get freckles?
Is it slutty to wear a black bra under a white shirt or blouse?
How do you stop your nails from breaking?
Honestly, do you think i'm pretty or not?
acrylics for your nails, for cheap?
Why is Avon not available in Sri Lanka ?
What would stuff from Romancing the stone be called?
How to get words to focus on the computer?
Has anyone ever heard of Starduck
does getting your ears peirced hurt?
Am i a prep?
am i too old to have a LaBrae? (sp?) (lip ring)?
why are you awake??
which picture is the best one?
Who do think the most beautiful woman in the world is?
How would I look with an eyebrow piercing?
does victorias secret not sell thin anymore?
first impression???????
Are girls suposed to shave their arms?
what makes me sexy?
Lack of experience going out and socialising?
What is the book influence about?
Which photo do you like better?
do guys look hot with earrings/studs?
Guys would you date me?
what do you think of this girls appearance?
did 14-15 years girl grow their nails as in fashion?
How to get words to focus on the computer?
How should I do my hair and makeup for an non-formal JR High dance?
Do you like the name Annalea Rose?
Who is the prettiest out of 3 girls? Pics included?
okay so i am not photogenic???
Narrow Ankles.. problem with high heel shoes?
What type of underwear are u wearing? :P?
Thoughts on my appearance?
I am still looking for an eyelash tint kit to buy in the USA please someone help me.?
what exactly do you think of me ?
whos prettier? pics!?
Is this pic sexy enough?
Do i look good in my bikini?
help me ! well i have to make a small dorm room for project ?
Am i pretty (picture)?
Girls: to you look pretty without make up? ?
Do you like my prom dress?
is she pretty(shes my best friend)?
What color braces should I get?
What do you think about her?
Where can I get Ring Size Adapters. Ring liners, usually vinyl or plastic?
What do you think of this picture?
I got a nose job. What do I say to my parents(pic)?
Which girl's hotter (pics) ?
(pic) Hi, I was wondering if anybody knew where to get clothes similar to the clothes the french guy is?
Do you take a shower at night or in the morning?
How do I look?
guys opinionsss....whos prettiest?
what can i do to look better? please help (pictures)?
What kinds of food cause acne for a teen??
why do blck people have bigger butts?
hey girls has any1 tried RoC skin care products?
Perfume Help!!!!?
What do you think of this guy? is he cute?
What to wear with a varsity jacket?
my 15th birthday??
Bright Red Hair or Not?
Are all guys from New Jersey ugly?
How old do I look and do you think I'm pretty?
How Old do u think I can be?
Is there a site to see what you would look like before and after a nose job?
if you were being held by an attacker...?
GIRLS PLEASE ANSWER!!!I am going to be a girl for halloween, but i don't know what i should do or wear??
"princess" vera wang?
im a guy but i was thinking about going out as a woman should i wear tights or pantyhose since its cold?
does anyone know where i can get moon drops perfume?
Is it true that ppl who wear braces are nerds ??
guys, do you think red hair and glasses isn't pretty?
Ring Helix 16 Gauge on a guy?
Where can I find the the cheapest price to buy cologne for my husband of Carolina Herrera 212 3.4 oz.?
im 13 years old and i wear a size 3 in juniors pants and a medium-large shirt. is this big?
Rate this picture please?
Do you like this idea for a tattoo?
To all the ladies: What is your favorite color of nail polish?
Does the store debs have cameras?
Why do i hate who i am?
Is this fat, curvy, or maybe healthy?
Girls: Do you prefer guys with long hair or short hair?
Do you think I'm pretty?
I need some ideas to make a couples halloween custume?
I'm a boy,Could I model????????????
i need a new cheap purse that will go with everything i own as in my clothes no totes though?
how do you get rid of zits? ?
why does this happened to me?
Fashion trends 1998 to 2012?
Could I be a model? everyone around me says I should be?
what would u rate me 1-10? (girls only)?
I know everyone asks these, but am I ok looking?
why does this world have to be based on looks?
Appropriate age for nose and cartilage piercings?
Is there are cream or deodorant that can help lighten darkness in the armpit area?
What would you tip on a $10 eyebrow wax?
can i get this dress or anyone like it?
Do you think that i am pretty?
Which picture of me is the best? [Pics]?
Girls what stores do you shop at?
How to make smoke ring as big as this one ?¿?
French Manicure- Classy or boring?
Pimps do u whant a dime or a below?
How often do you te?, and how much do you think is too much?
Help with Jane Crocker cosplay?
Name that perfume by bottle shape?
How do you do your nails?
What editing app is that ?
how do you get nail glue off of your nails?
How can I look older? Pictures too.?
Has anyone waxed their pubic hairs?
What to use for my hair?Picture?
haircut ideas for a girl...pretty/hot one you can find for me?
im i pretty or ugly on a scale of 1-10?
Perfume help!!!!! Answer ASAP!?
does the way i look scare you?
How can i get my eyebrows to grow back? please help?
I want to date a nice guy, where can I find him?
Any good fashion inspiration websites?
Do men notice girl's flaws as much as women notice them?
i hate my body? (pics included)?
what do you honestly think about my looks?
how did all the bad things about girls know frm whr they get information about it?
If your tall nd skinny can you pretty much be a model ?
need help finding PERFECT haircolor!!?
i made my first pair of daisy duke shorts(they are rediculously short). what else will help me snag men in ..?
Where can i find someone to help me into the modeling buisness,and help me out with photo shots.?
What is the difference between sunblock and sunscreen?
ear cartlage?
Name of this haircut? please help me!?
Think I could be a Model? [Tell me what you think]?
Do i look like any celebrity?
Am I Pretty?!?! *~*PICS*~*?
How attractive am I on a scale of 1 to 10?
how can I earn money?
How can i make myself feel beautiful with out putting on a ton of make-up?
am i pretty?? or at least decent?
I got voted on Homecoming Court? HELP!!!?
How can you tell if you're pretty/good looking?
Am I ugly??? Because I feel it.?
Do we look like we are related?
Do woman like the idea of having a man to clean her shoe/boot collection?
What should I change about myself? *Pictures*?
why do some beautful women hate them selves when their loves says to them that i have stoped loving u?
Who's got an awesome Halloween costume idea?
girls how does my body look?
Why does everyone think..........?
Again nisha! studying 5th std. how to redce dads pot belly?
Who is prettier? (pic included)?
what would i be rated on a scale of 1-10?
How do I look on my facebook pic?
rate my body??? pleeaase?
Looking for the name for those really ugly skirts that are long in the front and back and short on the sides?
What colour do you think my eyes are?
why do boys be so mean to girls?
Is she Beautiful?????????
whose cuter? ..[pictures]?
what place to you take up in...?
What is an appropriate tip for getting a fill at a nail salon?
Hey is it ok for a guy to wear these?
Is it okay to put a small amount of paint on your lips?
How can I make my self be a slut?
How would you feel if you dressed up really nice and not one single person said anything about how you look?
What % of girls use vibrators/dildos?
do i need to shave???pic included?
Do I look better with Black hair or brown?
What do these guys have in common (physical features)?
what kind of Chap stick do women wear on there Lips?
where else can i buy a gold braclet like this?
Why do people think nail salons at walmart suck?
where can you get freederm at?
why did members decided to make a fiendster.?
How to be cute INSTEAD of sexy?
I bought my boyfriend a bracelet, but I think it may be tarnishing?
How to get rid of flabby legs?
how old do you have to be to get your belly peirced alone?
Which new perfume is perfect for girls?
modeling question and how to get started?
Is this picture ugly? cute? stupid? cool? or what? what do you think!?
Help!school uniform !!!?
i want to wear sexy outfits but im afraid so & have doubts doing it coz i got scars on my legs?
If nobody compliments you, does it mean you are ugly?
Why do girls who date someone you used to try to duplicate your style?
Any recommendation on which FACIAL hair removal cream to buy ?
Am i rich?! I feel like i am!!?
Quetion about Acrylic Nails?
Color of Zuleyka Rivera's gown/dress in Miss Universe 2007.?
Bikini/lingerie model question?
What causes nail polish finish to bubble once it is applied to the nail and dries? How to stop it?
What do you think of this girl?;x?
Do emo people wear corsets?!?!?
i dislike my eye color. your opinion?
question about beauty school?
What are the special features of acrylic inspirations?
cute cheap nude/beige high heels?
are any of you girls this crazy?
Do women like guys with flared sideburs? (women only)?
What are these piercings called?
Gift ideas please.?
are my nails too long?
Do you think i look ugly?
my dad wont let me wear shorts?
Fake tans: sexy or tacky?
In the O.C season 3 Marissa wear a red/ brown nail varnish what make is it and what colour?
Qould i look cute with these bangs? **pics included?
Why do so many women wear trousers nowadays?
Has anyone ever used elizabeth ardens flawless skin foundation?
how to be like this alot more?
do you respect the dark side of beauty?
Who do I call for a complaint about a nail technology school not doing their job in nc? Plzz answer :)!!!!!!!!?
bikini waxing?
what's a new nice perfume that won't break the bank??
lacoste thick-frame eye glasses??
Im sick and tired of being called ugly by boys!?
Do you like these names?
thick eyebrows?should i wax them or just pluck them?
Ladies, When Did You Start Shaving Your Legs?
even thongs show thru tight minis so whats wrong with wearing no underwear?
who do you think is prettier???PICS!!!?
who would you pick?
Girls, please help me?
Is it possible to find woman who hate jwellery?
where do i get eyelash extentions on and what is the process....the good and the bad?
What is cheaper help?
What is your favorite eye colour?
Does anyone know what kind of shoes the Texas A&M yell leaders wear?
What will you feel if all girls are as pretty as their Avatar pictures?
how can i look prettier..?
Best way to get your home/mobile Nail Technician and Beautician busisness up and running?
Can someone answer me HONESTLY? thanks... :'(?
The best Foot bath/spa?
I need haircut ideas:(?
What is Chris Brown email address?
do you think boys would like me if i wore this?
What do you think about of brand "CAROLINA HERRERA"????
Where can I get a homecoming dress?
Why do I keep getting these whiteheads?
Is there such a thing as too sexy?
I kinda lied to this guy? What should I do?
A tall girl VS. A shorter girl?
what colour are these eyes (picture)???
Am I a man or a woman?
Do you think that I am pretty?
questions about my new ear piercing plz look?
How old does each woman look in the picture?
Where can I get a halter strap for my swimsuit?
What kind of personality do my looks give off?
Do i have high cheekbones or are those just cheek blobs/fat?
what piercings do you have?
Why is he calling me this?
Do you think eyes that have two colours in them are really pretty?
Big nose , affect attracting girls?
What to wear to the part Saturday? (see details)?
what can i use to help my eye brawls grow back faster and how long will it take for them to go back fully?
have a look. serious answers needed. please?
What is the BEST store?
Are we really THAT ugly?
Should a women get a tattoo?
Omfg! My earring has just fallen down the drain! Can I get it backk!?
How to sniff money???????????
What do you girls think of me?
whats ur fave color out of these??
Which picture do you like best?
which one is the most beautiful?
Could I be a teen model? *pics*?
I would like to know what the black stuff around the top of the earring is called?
What do you think of this dress ? Girls?
do you think girls get intimidated by the way you look?
Do we look like these actresses? (pictures included)?
Facial muscles used the most for (smiling or frowning)?
Good fashion gurus on youtube?
What shoes are these called? 10 points?
Why don't women wear button down shirt as much as men?
at what age was your first kiss?
Can you rank in order these girls' prettiness?
what is it about leather and latex that turns people on so much?
Which haircut treatment prolongs facial hair growth more: shaving cream, or shaving cream with hot towel?
ladies - do you like the feeling of looking and dressing sexy?
When was your first kiss/makeout?
how does Gigi Microwaveable Tweeze less Wax Face Upper Lip work?
Which is better... redheads, blondes or brunettes?
Why do girls do this......GROSS?
I need to get shorter, help!?
GIVE ME A MAKEOVER s best awnser?
Do i have what it takes to be a model?
Has anyone smelled Beyonce's new fragrance Heat?
my fingers are look like monkeys. coz i practice lot of martial can i fix back to normal.?
8th grade graduation?
why do girls get curves and guys dont?
what is the name of the perfume from the 90's...?
Do Pink and Purple match?
what can i do to improve my appearance?
skin simple products by Elizabeth Arden?
Question for anyone who thinks they have a bubble butt?
rogaine and hair loss?
Where can I find Butterfly Bedding like the one "Cassie" had in the show "Skins"?
what color eyes do u have???
How can I be attractive?
Here is the I pretty or ugly? Be honest.?
i use the jergens natural glow lotion on my chest, and it clogs my pores and i get little zits.?
How old do I look????????
What common household item can be used as a 16g taper?
Which Cosmetology School?
do you think im pretty?
what is the difference between full tip nails and french tips?
Girls: what would you prefer?
What would look better with turquoise: yellow, navy blue, hot pink or white?
A Poll, what eye color is the hottest, Green, Blue ,Grey or Brown ?
do you like my new haircut? (pics)?
I am looking for slimming tights that where show on the View, I think they are called something like spats?
Honestly, do you think I am fat?
What kind of clothes can make you look your age or older?
What is the best fake nail brand to buy?
Chanel No. 5...classic or old-fashioned?
Which pic of me is better?
Do you think this is appropriate?
Single or double cartilage piercing look better?
rate these people???
Crossdrrsser needs help on raleigh , fayettville NC area?
How old do you think I look?
Do i look my age? (i have a pic)?
what color would look good on me?
what do you think???????
How to answer calls for reservations in a boutique?
GIRLS: do you like it when guys wear jeans that fit their butts?
Do I have a defined jawline?
can i use after expiry date..?
Where could I go for fake nails?
who else thinks Taylor parks is gorgeous?
Do you find any of these guys attractive?
Is ava gardner the most beautiful actress of the golden era?
girls can you answer this?
What do girls think is the best sort of bod on a guy?
LOVE IS GOD ! What do u think ?
Which nail color is your favorite?
I bought this outfit I saw this girl wearing...and it just does not look FLATTERING on me :'(?
im a really loud person and im always in a problem i want to be the quiet one that people. how do i do that?
Which girl is prettiest (1 pic)?
Cologne similar to acqua di gio?
What's a good alibi for a boy for accidentally shaving eyebrows?
What nail polish can go with a blue with black and silver dress?
Is Miley cyrus Hot?
What is the best smelling fragrance for women?
what are good modeling agencies for teens in atlanta?
What if your bra 'bridge' doesn't lie flat?
What is Your favorite shoe?
have you tried the " NEW Proactiv "?
Should i get a tongue ring?
can any body tell me what is the correct temperature for beauty salon?
Which one of us would you date?
what do you think of me?
Are women supposed to trim or actually shave their pubic hair?
How old do you think that I look?
What should I do with all these oranges?
What is something on wetseal's sight that you think is ugly and would never wear?
my friend wants to know what u think of her.?
Here is the I pretty or ugly? Be honest.?
where can i get seiko cleancut shavers(for shaving the pubic area )in penang malaysia?
I still can't decide how to do my nails! Suggestions?
Girls, when you shave down there?
anyone else fed up of the 'am i pretty?' questions?
How Do I Get A Big Beauty Collection?
The most expensive jewelry?
What do people really think?
what color jeans should i buy? (pics included)?
kiss kiss perfume bought at Debs store?
how old do i look?
Is She Pretty? (my sister)?
What do you think about women's big faces?
Boys. Would you see me as a friend or no?! (pic)?
Who is hotter? The guy (blonde haired, tan) one or the girl (black one)? Also why?
can anybody tell how to prepare facial hair bleach is lemon juice work for this to change color of hair?
are brown eyes sexier than blue eyes?
What are some beauty pageants in Philadelphia Pa?
what body type do you find more attractive?
_____Which is the best picture?_____?
is it true love when someone comes home from work giving you an attiude and always mean to you?
which pic of me do you like better?
is this a good pic and would i look good with front bangs?
where do i find somewhere that will make me a duplicate perfume ?
Would dark red hair look stupid?
boyish but sexy look for a girl?
Im so ugly i look like a gorilla?
clairol for eyebrows?
is this a nice style for a guy?
I'm getting ready for school. Any tips?
For back to school sopping where do you usually shop at and how much do you spend?
Where can I get a nail strengthener?
Which adidas perfume is the best?
Is it ok to mix bath and body works lotion with cocoa butter?
The Perfect Guy/Girl?
Do guys find it hot when a girl wears leggings?
my moms friend say weird for me to get haircut every week is it?
Out of these pics which one looks the best?
I'm not sure. Can you help me?
Have u tried this perfume?
Getting a cosmetology license?
General Beauty Tips?
Am I fat? I know ur probably tired of this question but please answer.?
have a look. serious answers needed. please?
Getting my nails done....?
Perfect b-day party ideas?
What colour should i dye my hair?
is she considered a blonde or brunette?
Do i suit black hair or lighter hair?
How should I do my hair and makeup? (pics)?
Could I Model ???????????
comment on how i look?
How old do i look???How do i look?
what can i do to look better not a rate me?
What do I look better as: Blonde or Brunnette?
i need your help!....please?
whats the difference with deodorant and antiperspirant?
women answer?
what do you think of mee? (picz)?
How can you make your school uniform look nice?
guys opinion needed!!!?
Girls, what would you wear with this top?
I want to be paler or remove my tan?
I am looking for a fashion magazine i can subscribe to or if not subscribe, buy it regularly....?
How do i know how sexy i am?
How can I make myself stand out?
What scent to men find most appealing on a woman?
When it boils down to it,are hand-me -downs really a bad thing?
Am I fat and ugly? [[Pictures Included]]?
Where can i get ''love to shop'' vouchers from?
How to apply for abercrombie kids modeling?
Do woman like guys that are considered "beefcakes'? vs. skinny lanky guys?
Which colour hoody should I get?
What kind of shirt styles make your stomach look slimmer?
Who is more attractive?
do u like this pic?
SEVEN NYNE have u used this? by linsay lohan sold by sephora?
How to become naturally beauitful?
Do most GIRLS look better with EYELINER?
Am I relatively good looking? (With pics)?
Going to a Bonfire at my friends tonight, How can i look/smell/ect good but still dress/look for the occasion?
how can i do my bangs like this girl [emo/scene]?
*Pic* Does she really look like Katy Perry?
Does getting your tongue peirced hurt? I really wana get it done, but i want peoples advice b/c people with?
What kind of pants can match with this blue hoodie?
Become a model scout...?
Pro Beauty Supply Mall Section? [10 Points!]?
i'm a teen and i know this shouldn't matter but i have like no butt.what are some things i can do and are
What r u a girl or a boy?
What shoes with this dress?x?
How can I improve my looks?
What kind of piercing would suite me? [pics]?
Do I Have a Big Nose?
What should i wear to the farewell party? Plxx tel?
are dark men not good looking?
Help, I keep getting different answers. Why?
what's the best smelling perfume?
How much would be a good tip to a massage therapist?
#1 Way to Get Rid of Blackheads???
Am I tall enough to be a model?
What girl is prettier?
Please help!!!?
Do you think i'm pretty?
how do you.....nails?
Questions about Gel nail extentions?
Uggs or Bearpaw in Ivy?
what would u rate him on scale of 1 -10?
Does anyone like the name cleo?
how do u get your arms strong?
Which one has the worse clothing - really cheap bad quality stuff?
who is the beautiful woman and has plenty of money?
I wanna be a 50's girl for halloween. What should I wear?
which of these pictures are gooood?
How do you feel about spetum piercings?
dark spots from ingrown hairs?
Is sleeping with a bra good or bad!?
how old do i look?
Do I look beautifull?
how can i look sexy?
Is this product a Fake M.A.C. help...?
How big is a medium tank top compared to a small?
What do you think of the girl on the left?
Please answer my question ? thank you?
How to look like a NORMAL 16 year old?
Do you think she is pretty?
how do you stretch spandex? PLEASE HELPPP.. i need an answer asap!! please?
Good places to buy bras?
is my cousin a good singer?
how old do u think i am?
How old would you say I was?
what goes with red leggings?
Children's Jewelry?
Can I use base cost fingernail polish as colored polish thinner?
How do i look? I dont know?
I want to take out my normal sized earrings put in 14gauge kind. How do i do this?
call them not to call them?
Is the person in this picture male or female?
Do Rite Aid wellness cards cost money?
which ones????????????????
Getting wrinkles under my eyes and im only 15?
what do you guys think of this girls body?
How Can I Be More Feminine?
Do I have high cheekbones? [pics]?
if some in your class is a pain in the*** and you dont want to make her sad by saying what whould u do?
what to wear to a breakfast coffee meeting?
Help me with my pimples? SERIOUS?
Whos prettier?
rate me 1 -10 people?
would you find me attractive ?
monroe piercing swelling time...?
I want To eat some chips and hang with a friend.Its raining.And im bored.What to do.?
Girls Only...please read more?
Will you give your vote?
Become a real feminine girl?
opening a new day spa would like unusual or clever name.?
name 6 functions of the nail?
Do you think your nice looking?
i need some ideas...?
what is a better picture of me?
am i pretty? *pics. what about my body? i feel ugly.?
People say my eyes are blue, and others say that they're green. What are they really?
My mom said Im big chested. Is she right?
which girl is prettier?
im 13 years old and i have a uni brow is there anything wrong with shaving it or whatever?
'bout how much do diapers cost for an infant per month?
do you Always have to be thin to be attractive?
in a pinch, can room freshener be used as a body spray?
How should i do my makeup for my date?
how would u get dressed in a high society indian marriage?
What does "nag champa"mean??
How to look mature?
(girls) what do u think about the guys who have shaved line in the eyebrow?
how do you get alot of points?
whats another word for "girly"?
what are the colours of ur eyes and hair?
What colors compliment hazel eyes?
Which bikini????? (20 character)?
Advice on my lip rings? Please?
Should I finally get a nose job -- or not?
What can I do to improve the way I look?
Is it difficult when someone is too handsome/beautiful?
Picture Poll?
Are duck faces attractive on facebook?
Please help; I need honest modelling advice:?
First date! How should I wear my hair? Pics!!! s easily!?
Looking for light-dark skinned color site models!?
Do you like long pinky nails?
ENTRY for MY school D.I.S.C.O!!!!!?
Once in a while i get like 3 zits. Should i start using a facial cleanser? selling fake merchandise?
which girl is more attractive?
5 minute review on some good hair products?
Fixes for over-plucked eyebrows?
Can claires pierce more than one set at a time and do they do the second set?
If your partner dared you, would you go to a beach party in a see-thro dress?
what is threading eyebrows??
I should i use self-tanner on my face when..?
If I changed my name what would be a good emo girls name?
is this attractive? (pic)?
Ideas for next top model makeovers?