What faceshape do I have? (: pics inside?
What is so ugly about me? I dont see it?
Have i got high cheekbones?
ford models?
Guys and girls! Please Help ME!!!?
The girls at school are so awesome looking and has a 'perfect' body.?
does any one know about bella capelli in bakersfield?
Which is more classy?
princess perfume opening......?
Teenage girls fashion?
my pretty? friend!?
How much $ do you make by working @ Victorias Secret? And how old do you have to be?
how do you get fid of freckles?
What would be some advice for a pale brunette with gray-blue eyes?
How can a white girl get dread locks?
can you be cosmetologist with basic education?
Ah help me I'm stressing!!!?
Girls - Do you wear a bra whilst in bed?
what do girls wear to grad nite?
How can i get my eyebrows to grow back? please help?
how can i improve my looks? [pics]?
Why did I get so lazy?
Is it good for a girl to be curvy?
what would you change about me?
question about real long mohawks?
What would level 6 highlights look good on level 5 all over color?
Warm Spirit?
I have brown eyes, and i want to try to find (not too too expensive) DARK DARK brown colored contact lenses.?
Ladies,what size shoe do you wear?
isit ok to shop alot?because i go crazy on shopping specialy jury.?
Would I look good with Zooey Deschanel's hairstyle?
What is the best way or product to grow my hair?
Would you rather be [girls] ?
How many real, true friends do you have?
How old do I look?! (10 EZ POINTS!)?
Who is the most beautiful?
Would you call her fat?
Who is the most beautiful woman, and most handsome man in the United States?
What could i wear with these shorts?
which eye colored contacts looks best for brunettes?
Should I do my bed as soon as I wake up?
How old do I look? ( pictures )?
do you wear sleeveless to get a flu shot?
What to do about a big nose? Pics..?
At the Build-a-bear workshop, does it cost any money to get it stuffed with fluff? If so, how much?
sex question (w/pic) plz i need help?
Is 13 Too Young To...?
I bought a wrapover dress today to go over my trousers?
My friends make fun of me for being short?
Could I model ( FACE ) ?
How can I look pretty? *pics*?
Which one's prettier?
i need falling asleep tips!?
I want to get a sew in weave do i buy the hair?
i don't now what clothes i like and match my personality... help?
First time getting acrylic nails?
Does he look like he's out of my league?
Why can't a 5' 2" be a model???
would this make a good vampire costume for an 18 year old?
Fancy Dress Ideas?
do i sound pretty to you?
what do you think of me? [pics included] ...what makeup & hairstyles would look best on me?
what in a guys eyes and smile are women atracted to?
i want to omit girls so that i can study now and be with girls after how will i do that?
Is she pretty...........?
what type of clothes do you like?
Which one is better?
What kind of printing can I do on polyester lycra?
Do I have what it takes to be a model?
is 5 ft 7 tall for a 13 year old girl?
what kind of out fit should i wear?
Im in year 9 (uk) so what options can i take for gcse?
TIps for a beautiful woman, please!?
What do you recommend me to do to stop being ugly?
has anyone kept their contacts in for a couple of days?
how can i know that i am beautiful?
whats the average gauge for lip piercings?
Good scam free modeling agencies?
Nightclubs in Montreal Canada?
Where can i get justin bieber's perfume in india?
how do i style my hair like this?
how would i look blonde?
What are the signs of a beautiful woman physical in the face to you?
Rate my jawline is it considered attractive?
Should I try modeling...?
???????Which girl is cuter?
labels nowadays confuse me (EMO, GOTH, SKATER, SCENEKID,GANGSTA,SLUT etc) what would u say i would be?
Everyone share the wackiest dream that you've ever had!?
Which country has the most beautiful women in the world?
can anyone tell me about ? i was checking it out to order perfume and was confused because of all?
Who would you say is the hottest man in the world?
Does vinegar really help eliminate underarm odor ?
Where can I find me a handsome cowboy?
I'm a 12 year old girl and I have a mustache?
How do I look my best?
My school has to wear unifroms! Ick !!!!How do I make them more cute?
Girls: Could you last a week without wearing makeup and doing your hair?
Evening wear party dress?
Why do so many women fight their femininity?
how much would it cost to have a spa day with my friends for a birthday?
What do you think of my picture?
is there any tips how to get rid of black heads?
Ladies, What's a good razor for legs?
Which photo is cuter?
What's the easiest way to apply false eyelashes?
GIRLS-Do you ever shave your arms?
What do girls think when they see a guy who has his nails polished with color?
Opinions anyone???
What would you think if you saw a guy wearing this jacket?
real nails and acrylic nail?
Do girls think I am ugly?
What is Von Maur's Policy On Piercings?
How to get readers for my beauty blog?
where can i find cher lloyds perfume?
Guys what do you generally look for in a girl in looks and personality?
what FACE SHAPE does this person HAVE!? [picture link] ?
How old do I look to you?
Am I attractive?? (Im a Guy)?
spa break newcastle upon tyne?
What famous person do I look like to you?
dating question? (girls only)?
Am i a good looking person? Hot? Sexy?
Should you use a hair straightener when your hair is wet/damp or when it's dry?
I was in the mall with my friend andd ....? Helpp ):?
Who is prettier? [Pictures]?
I have a question about ear gauges?
How I look ?
Is it true that women actually like tall, dark haired and handsome men? Just curious!!!!?
How old do I look?
Do You Think I am Pretty?
1-10 how pretty am i? girls and guys?
where can i get the evening gown?
Are skinny girls really so disgusting?
I just bought my first thong and...?
Anyone find women in Greek dress really beautiful?
Ladies, help with embarrassing situation
girls, question about a movie and my boyfriend?
What colors eyes does it sound like i have?
What do you call a person with beautiful hair but, an ugly body and face?
Facial hair removal cream for guys?
my butt has very many irregular dimples wat can i do 2 remove them minus surgery?
Which one looks better?
Could I model? (new pics) be honest!?
what are unexpected items that every woman should carry in her purse?
Who is the prettiest?
are you suppose to wear socks with water shoes?
How bad is it to put 16g in mormal holes?
Do I need to start wearing makeup (be honest)?
Can I use my fragrance (Intimately Beckham: Yours) even though the actual bottle has been broken?
i really want to become an site model and no one would respond and let me be one of my site models...?
Ladies, on a scale from 1-10?
Anyone else love chubby girls?
does anybody here go to dickinson high school??
Is my nose Big??????
.s How can i be a LOT more attractive?
rate these people???
How old am I?
i was just kidding?
Is this look too feminine for a guy?
What color hair do i have?
good cameras for under 200$?
Need Serious Advice, Girls Only! (I am boy) be understanding! Answers please!!?
Do I have a baby face? (pic)?
i have a-s-s chin whan can i do about it?
Why are my ear piercings infected?
GIRLS! What's your favourite perfume?
Girls: How tall are you ?
how long will her suntan last?
Is there a safe way to lighten your skin?
in polyvore, what model is this?
What do ya think of my picture?
What to wear....................?
Do I have wolf eyes? People say they're scary...?
Does anyone else find women's pointed-toe shoes scary looking?
why do I look different?
how much will it cost to get my hair done like this for prom?
HEYY !! plz help with my hair im mixed blck and white?
Website for hair color?
What are your 2 favourite stores to buy your clothes?
How do you do a voice-over?
Which girl is hotter?
What facial shape do I have?
What do you think of me (pic)?
Eye color contacts??
What do you think are our best features?
tobacco odor in rubber dress, how to remove odor?
which one is hotter?
For women.?
in shaving what can make your body hair grow less (girl)?
I think there are moths in my room eating my stuff!?
My friends make fun of me for being short?
What hair/eye/body type do guys like on girls?
WHICH IS BEST diamond or platinum?
am i fat?` [pic inside]?
wha color do these eyes look to you?
what's your worst fear?
What hair style would look good on me?
Why in western Asia males have small penises?Do You envy us, mediterranean guys or africans?
Long noticeable nose?
Can you put a diamond in this setting?
How can i make or get a costume similar to the ones maddie and brooke wear on Dance Moms for halloween?
What aftershave do you women find irresistible?
why can't guys wear shorts above the knee?
My glassese are really thick help me?
Kylie's new perfume...?
Am I beautiful ??????? (picture included)?
So this fashion of young girls in low cut jeans with short an open midrfiff area is still in vogue?
Do i look like a scene girl?
How old do you think I am?
How do i compliment two girls at once?
Beauty blog feedback?
I have a class ring which I wear a size 7, but when it's hot outside I sometimes need to wear a size 9?
how to wear Nav Vari Saree,Woman generally Wear In Maharashtra. Can you Give Rough Drawing.?
Advice about helix cartilage piercing?
Can anyone tell if my watch I got from my brother a real Patek Philippe Tourbillion as he told me?
Mani Pedi for Vegas Question!?
What shower gel, lotion and perfume do you currently use?
best place to get a scene /emo haircut in austin, tx.?
How can I improve my appearance?
How do i make myself look older....?
Why do people say myspace is not a good place?
what side should i get my tragus peirced on?
Do women really like the 5 o'clock shadow look on men?
Does anyone know where I can buy mini OPI nail polishes?
emo haircuts ideas?!?
I need help with a rock look. help me please.?
How to look like Eleanor Calder in this picture?
as you grow up do ur looks change?
Is this an appropriate dress for a Bat-Mitzvah?
Girls: do you prefer skinny or fat guys?
What eye color do girls like best on guys?
Fall clothing options limited! HELP!?
I need help so click on the link please?
What is your favorite lipstick?
does anyone know about how much it is for a nose job?
what are cool dress up games sites?????
First thing you notice in a face?
is smoking bad if your young......?
free online virus-free virtual makeover websites?
Do I look too skinny?
Earring help: is this normal to do?
Which girl is hotter?
What should I do with my nails?
What colored top would go with a red pleated skirt?!?
Do girls actually like this....?
What eye color is this...?
Which girl is prettier?
How long should I stay under sun to be tanned?
Good perfumes for a 15 year old girl around £20?
Who is prettiest? Rate 1-10 (PICS)?
Girls, should I send this text? what do you think?
where can i find a store that sells denenes baby cologne?
How do i keep my coloured contacts from moving?
What is attractive about a girl? FILL IN?
what nail place is this?
who is prettier in this picture?
Masculine clothing trends for woman.?
eye lashes??
Who in your opinion is the most beautiful woman ever past/present?
Does anyone know of a great site for haircut photos.?
how can i ship a package to hongkong without paying a fortune!!!?
do u lilke to go shopping????? even if u dont have any money???
how to make my cheeks chubby.?
Need a name for a duo of party girls?
On average, what would be the cost of a smalll/medium tattoo?
Which do you prefer for my hair?
Which Black Woman Is The Most Beautiful?
Do you consider yourself attractive?
Do you pay for your portfolio?
I need some boy advice. Please help!?
Is this too fat ?
What are the best teen modelling agencies in Northern Ireland?
Do you think pageants are dumb?
guys- i need opinions. pic included.?
Who else thinks you can only see the true attractiveness of someone when they age?
was high school really hard for you?
is it trashy or hot?
What makes a girl pretty?
People say if you look closely, I look like a.....?
How to get the most fabulous stomach?
rate us 1-10 *pics*?
Does she have a lot of freckles? Or just a few?
***what did you think of beyonce's "deja vu" video****?
Just a question for girls about face stuff?!?
Glossy Eyes...........?
HELP-How can I..?
Is this girl pretty?? :)?
How many calories has 1. one orbit sugar free chewing gum?
Why is your idea of exotic?
Looking for Victoria's Secret *Limitied Edition* Love Me perfume?
what do you think of tattooing your own name?
which pic has better makeup?
What would you rate this girl?
Which girl photographs better? Which is the better model?
i cant belive this... but?
Is there an age limit for converse shoes?
Does anyone else find miley cyrus insanely annoying?...?
i know i'm a woman, but why cant we put mascara on without opening our mouths?!?
Would you hire this person for anything? (please look!)?
Any cute nicknames for the name Emily??
Where do they sell ear tunnels (gauges) that you can store things inside?
where can i buy shirley may black car perfume for men in UK?
lol. they say i look scene? I BEG TO DISAGREE!!!?
stretching rock climbing shoes help please!?
What color eyes would you say i have? (pics)?
Rate me on a scale of 1-10?
A question for all teenagers (:?
is there any tips how to get rid of black heads?
how are you beautiful?
GIRLS: It looks like a bowl cut!!!! How can I look hotter??? How should I change my style? PIC INCLUDED!!!?
Where can I get cheap colored contacts?
Girls, who is the hottest superhero of 2012?
should i pierce my nose,my eyebrow or [next] my mouth?
Do you think I'm pretty or not?
Am i........ what???????????????????????????????!!?
Im bored...heres my number?
well i get confused why people class other as hot, sexy, cute, beautiful or pretty..arent they all the same?
What would you change about this person to make them more attractive?
Why do people expect me to wear makeup and stupid dresses?
I am very self conscious but am i pretty like every one say?
girls ,would you check out a cute guy in he had on tight jeans chiffon pink see thru blouse and lacy bra?
why is she soo pretty?!? :(?
DO PPL GENERALLY LOOK BETTER with or without side bangs?
What Piercing would look best on me?
HELP please?!!!?
Do I have a big nose?
What do you think I can improve on my looks?
nails. tips && fill. confusedd..?
Do I look like Demi Lovato?
any modeling agencies?
Is this bathing suit sexy enough!?
how can i delete somethig i write on toolbar?
why are ugly girls called beautiful?
a jewerly bends gold into a beautiful ring what type of change is this?explain.?
GUYS ONLY: HELP!!! (well girls too if you want) is it cute to blush?
Am I the only one seriously, ladies?
how can a guy be smart and seemed handsome?
What do you think? Pics included?
would this haircolor look good on me? with pictures.?
my complexion it s very sensibile what can i do?
Where is the best place to get a bellybutton Piercing??
Reebok 80's workout clothes?
what shape would you say my face is?
Girls, Is looks my problem?
What should I wear for a job interview at Ulta (beauty store)?
Whats a good workout routine for a teen girl? 10 points best answer?
what eye cream is best?
Can you rate her guys?
Why are you so pretty?
Do you think I could be a model?
Think we are twins or not?
Would this be a good skiing jacket?
in the fashion industry when can a woman start to wear white shoes in season?
about my character?
Why don't more women wear pantyhose these days?
Do i (pics)..................................…
What should I wear with this?
Hey What Is Your FAVORITE TOILET Tissue?
Is looking good important for every girl?
Whats my face shape (pics )?
nice names for a nail salon ?
What are some quick , pretty hairstyles to do in the morning ?
What do most girls prefer?pretty boy or rugged guy(10 points)?
Do I really look like a douche to y'all in this picture?
how many times do you most people shower daily?
What do you think of this picture?
Me and my friends want to know, WHICH GIRLS PRETTIER!?
What color rubber bands for my braces??? i dont want them to be UGLY!?
Should i get a nose job pictures included?
Uggs with a jean skirt...yay or nay?
what is the beauty package?
does charolette russe have a website i can go on to look at the clothes?
Where can I get Ear Lift at a store?
How do you make your nails longer?
What is a Hall-Borchert Dress form worth?
heyy. can someone tell me what size in woman's clothing i would be if i can fit into a size 1 juniors?
How do you get rid of unwanted body hair cheaply?
what do you guys think of this man?
Fads and trends suggestions?
what makes someone ugly to you?
Do you think I'm attractive?
I came home last night and caught my boyfriend in my underwear and Old bridesmaids dress, he says that?
What do girls think about axe?
Am I really just that ugly?
*Hot Back to school looks*?
will this look stupid for work?
Does shaving make it bigger?
POLL: if you had too look like one of us, who would it be? (picture)?
Do I look anorexic? (photo)?
Do I have too much or too little makeup?
I'll be 19 tomorrow and I'm not really excited, is this normal?
Is 'Deisel Models' worth doing, or is it just a scam?
Which girl in this pic is the prettiest?
Modeling thru a webcam?
where do i find free samples without having to do sponsor offers?
I played a prank with conditioner and nail varnish remover?
what do u think of me? (pics)?
girls, how sexy do you find these guys?(i'll choose a random best answer)?
What qualities do guys like in girls?
why do people shop at Boots?
only one nail....? (: <33?
Ladies, should I cut my hair?
which girl is prettier? (pics)?
well can anyone help me?
What do you think of this girl?
Can men do more than 1 thing at a time?
thinspiration friend ?
Why are there so many ugly people in this world?
I need shortish male haircut ideas?
am i pretty???????????????????
Which woman do you find more attractive?
Someone said this picture was it?
how much smaller should my corset be than my waist?
What's your opinion...? (PICS)?
Which picture of me is best?
do acrylics ruin your nails and do they easily come off??
Are my breasts small?
Looking for some fun tips and beauty videos?
I need stretch mark cream/lotion that works!!?
HELP... IS HE OK?????
why do girls look the other way or downward when I walk by them?
Is it bad that I don't always cover my belly (pictures)?
Is 5'6.5 / 171cm too tall for a girl?
how old does this chick look? and rate her 1 to 10?
Could I become a professional model?
Which Sweater Looks Better?
blondes, brunettes and red-heads?
Is he handsome? Rate 1-10?
what do you think of my myspace?
How to get this colour hair? (picture inside)?
Scale of 1-10? 10 being the best?
rate my brother?? [[me too]]?
Are there any salons in Seattle that offers calgel nails and/or 3D nail art.?
Can You Wear Glasses Over A MorphSuit?
How does it feel to be skinny and beautiful?
Question about tanning beds at LA Tan?
Do you think this girl is pretty?
how old do i look???????
Why do most people find blondes attractive?
How do you rate her? Hot or not? How old does she look?
if brides are beautiful why are mother in laws so ugly?
Does my hair suit me?(guys preferrably, girls too)?
sexuality problem?
Boots OR Superdrug ツ?
Should I start out on a 14g or 16g for stretching My ears with tapers for the first time?
What is wrong with me?
Is it more important to be fashionable or to be thin? What do guys take notice to?
Is this dress red or pink?
shampure aveda??
Whats the difference between brazillian/bikini? What do most girls prefer.?
Why do girls wear short shorts in church?
Is it weird to see someone dress up in highschool?
Wanna curl hair with a YouTube tutorial?
Does anyone know this perfume?
How many times do beautiful girls change their panties in a day?
hey I just met you and this is crazy?
Ladies, have you had men tell you....?
who's prettier, natalie portman or kate hudson?
What is this shirt called?
Help: 18 year old that needs to look older for work?
Am I really that ugly?
how to remove acrylic nails?
What colour should I dye my hair?
Who won America's next top model?
What hair colour do you like best?
I love you like a.....?
Why am i just so ugly :(:(:(:(?
Does getting a tattoo really hurt?
Should I dye my hair brown?(pic)?
does pheromone spray really work?
how i can become hot and sexy?
be skinny...and still beautiful!?
Why do you need to have a liscense to Purchase beauty products at warehouses like the salons?
Does this match? a white shirt, dark blue jeans, and a white headband with black dots?
I have never been to a nail salon help please?
Brazillian wax at home (Lilly?!?!)?
I want to make acrylic nails in Cairo & I don't know where, does any one know please?????????????????
is to be fat ..means u look ugly...?
I've never had a manicure before. I want to get it, but cluless?
Do teen guys need to have a skincare regime like moisturising and cleansing, etc?
Which is a better photo of me?
What is the source for relating skin and hair color to the four seasons i.e. fall, summer?
How much are Ralph's cupcakes?
What is the best way to remove various facial hairs?
Stretching your ears and flares on a plug?
even thongs show thru tight minis so whats wrong with wearing no underwear?
Asalamalkum?please tell me what or how to get ride of black sports on my face n sreach marks on my belly?
how can i improve my appearance?
Has anyone used opalescence whitening? Does it work?
Which feature do you like to enhance with makeup & why?
Beauty pageant question?
what is the most accepted color for a nose of a red red standard poodle ..... liver, brown or black?
I have a big nose how i could hide it?
do girls who wear red nail polish generally have low self esteem?
If you sign up to aveda pure village do you get points for online purchases?
What do you think of allanah looks?
Rate me out of 10 be honest please?
How much weight does it look like i've gained from this time last year?
Ladies have you ever used the men's bathroom?
Which Bath and Body Works lotion should I get?
is it good to use a face exfoliant twice a day if you have dry skin?
What do guys notice first in a girl? Like, eyes or smile....etc.?
is there such thing as a bust size of 27?
i like this boy?
who's prettier? hilary duff or miley cyrus.?
how to get rid of uneven skin tone? 5stars?
Benifits of not eating sweets chocolate or junk food for a month?
What do you think of these tops (blouses. Just 3)?
HEY YOU!! pick who's prettier please! :D?
what would you notice faster a girl with jet black hair and light skin or a blonde girl?
EOS Costumers!?!?!?!?!?!?
if my bra doesn't fit anymore what should i do?
Girls......Am i good looking?
Is she pretty (on a scale of 1-10)
I have a question on price of a Calvin Klein perfume?
Improve looks? Picture included.....?
On meez there is a paper bag on my head what should i do ?!?!.?
Am I too ugly for you?
Hair (cut & color) question. Answer please :)?
If a girl had a boyish shape but a really attractive face?
I dont understand why this girl is getting so much attention from boys?
which girl do you think is the prettiest?
What's your favorite flower?
Fashion 911?
Do u think that if i wanted to know question and that people started to come at me wrong that it is right.?
How much does it cost to hire a print model per hour?
Looking younger than ur actual age- is it gud? i feel uncomfortable wid it.?
Who do you think I look more like? ?
I WANT Abercrombie red coat soo badly!?! Anyway to earn money!?
Whos prettier out of these two?
How old do you think I look?
Which picture is best for default?
My two sisters and I are redecorating our room. If you have a cool room please email us a picture.?
Will you please help me out?
What do you think bout me? [pixx]?
Red nails or a french manicure for the holidays?
is she ugly to you??????
Can a boy do bikini waxing to a girl in American/ Europian countries ?
Why are the girls on here so jelous?
please answer this! how old do i look?
what is your impression on me , an what can i do to change my look 10 points for best answer;)?
how can I look EXACTLY like her?
is it safe to assume this?
Teen girls, this one's for you....?
Style: Which Look Should I Go With? Pics +10?
can a girl???
Can nail polish damage nails?
Which one is more accurate???
Whats ugly about this picture..?
Can I Possibly Make It To The Modeling Business ?
OMG so embarrased???
What Do You Think Of Me? (Pictures included).?
I feel really guilty about something?
Blonde, Blue Eyes, Green Eyes, Brunette? !!!?
How to improve my look?
Where can i get a portable mini sunbed like the girl on wildchild?
where do girls get those leather type slip on shoes?
what style of clothing is in right now?
A good feature and a bad feature?
do i look better emo or normal? (pics)?
Could I model more/build a portfolio?
Have you seen someone so good looking that you felt you're going to faint?
do i look better natural or made up?
XD Which one Do you like The Most( Trust me you'll like it) Answer plzz?
Pretty or not? give your opinions please?
what does IMAO mean?
Where can i find a one shoulder jersey dress?(Casual, Daytime) (read on..)?
Question about my tongue ring?
Looking for a picture of a girl in parking lot smoking a cigarette?
Am i pretty???????????
Men, how do you tuck your shirt into your boxers so it still looks neat?
Would I be a good England (hetalia) cosplayer?
Throwing up in the shower?
Does anyone know if Dove Energy Glow really works? Also, does it work for dark skin or only for white skin?
Can those blade-free hair removers be harmful?
is this girl prettty?
What's wrong with my face??
Girls, should i change my haircut?
I have corset training questions?
clothing sites for guys?
do you feel lonely on Valentines day?
how to get mileys cyrus hair and makeup from the film 'lol' ?
do you think she's pretty?
How fat am i really?? :S?
Do you think this dress would look good for a prom themed party?
How can you gain weight quickly and easily?
Do i look more hourglass shaped or pear shaped?
do the girls think i am ugly? be honest.?
On a scale from 1-10 how do I look? (For girls)?
What do girls want? (girls only)?
What does it mean when a girl gives you eye contact but then looks away really quick???????????????
a random array of questions....?
Push up bra makes big boobs droop?
What hair/eye/body type do guys like on girls?
how do I choose the color contact lenses, I am confused which one should look good.?
Malays look like Filipinos, dont you think so?
Could I be a model? child model? Im 13?
How do i look? Any new ideas?
what is the best perfume for a grandma?
How do I look?
How old do you think I look?
Can you get STDs from getting your bikini waxed at a salon?
What do you think of this figure, please? *pics included*?
Bratz barbie doll look?
What is ceramide and why is it in my nail varnish?
Which smile do you like? Teeth smile or close lip smile? Why?
can you make your boobs grow?
my make over is complete!! do i look better?? (pics)?
Why doesn't she like me?
Do you think she has a sexy body?
Model potiental? :) xx?
How do I look like a guy?
is this a cool looking picture?
How do I tell a beautiful girl she needs less make-up?
Can chin waxing cause you to bleed?
is there anyone here that still likes barney?
Which name should I have?Faith or Hope?
What do i do. girls only?
How to be beautiful????
how to grow your nails longer?
Service at Banana Republic?
Do i have wolf-like eyes?
How do I make myself look ugly?
Do you think these can be used with jeans and look good?
what are some sexy lotions/perfumes?
soooo.... how come YOUR on answers at this time????
Odd question about hair!?
Rate my friend please- thankx guys<3?
do you think they are pretty?
what would you guys want to see on a web show?
What kind of haircut should i get?
Am I a curvy-less / too skinny?
clothing for people with broad shoulders and big thighs? (girls)?
Smokers only please: Best cigarettes for starting smoking?
GUYS & GIRLS! which dress is nicer?
Bleaching From Red To Blonde hair?
do i have a wierd shaped nose??
Whats a quick and efficient way to lose 10 pounds before a wedding in a week?
Who is more pretty girl 1 or 2?
wich is best (photos)?
Whar does CREOLE LADY mean?? what if somebody call u like that?? please explain?????
Do you like seeing seeing people wear puka necklaces?
what model of dress shirts is this?
Which girl out of the 4 is the hottest & WHY?
Should i get multiple bra fittings to be very exact or is one enough?
beauty over brains,what would you choose?
Do you know what is written?
Tell Me; Pretty or Not?
i want to be a model....?
Can you lick your elbows?
What year USA ladies domestically began ( optionally) wearing slacks ( rather than dresses)?
Which prom dress should i wear?
what is the best style nails to have on a woman?
transitional lenses?
Self-Tanners? HELP!?
what should i buy when i go the usa/canada?
what kind of guy do girls like "girl's only"?
how do u take measurments for a tuxedo?
Call Of The Wild Help Please?!?
Girls only pleaase, why do youwear dresses/skirts so rarely ?
advice or support on getting eyeliner tatooed on. Does it look good? recommend to get it??
I can't get my nose ring on!?!?
is this a cute jacket for a guy to wear?
How do Brooks Brothers polos fit?
May advertise my business with the help of YAHOO?
I need help with my outfit.i can not decide what to wear?i?
Swelling between the eyebrows?
do you think that skinny jeans?
Hollywood fancy dress ideas for young girl?
Super embarrassing bra situation?
Is there a website where I can see what different bra sizes look like?
Where do i find a "clasp" or "'tie" to hold swimming suit straps together in the back to tighten the top ?
what sould i wear with a lace cream top i have no clue help?
Do you know about a game like this?
Why is my friend so ugly? ;(?
GIRLS: does he have a nice body?
What muscles do Girls actually like?
Do you think I'm sexy? I weigh around 410 pounds?
I'm a 21 years old virgin!!! HELP!!!?
Abyssine Cream by Kiehl's any good... and other skin question?
people say im ugly. pls be honest rate 1-10 scale?
Am i pretty enough to be a model? pics?
what color are Andrew Wyatt's eyes?
Is this a good body type for a girl?
anyone got model help? please?
what do you think of this dress? (pic)?
Where can I buy proactiv in malls in or around Boston?
Waxing or shaving legs?
how to remove nail polish stains from your nails?
Do you like this pic!?
What makes sephora good quality?
What is the SEXIEST quality in a girl? GUYS PLEASE?
Is it weird for a guy to file his nails?
What do boys like better????
is the durasoft 3 colors in baby blue the same as the freshlook colors blue only better?
girls.guys.answer my question !! Thanx ..?
who is 15 and below and should i wear to much make-up?
Girls, your opinion please? what do you think? pic?
Do you think freckles are cute?
what do you think of my looks?
What kind of pant do you usually wear, and why ?
What emotions, values, and beliefs is this Rihanna ad portraying?
Ladies,do you like this style for men(no pic,just read)?
How accurate is
What do you think of me? Picture inside?
Massage therapist shoes?
I'm I pretty?????????????
What style of nail would you call each of these that rihanna has. like i mean square tip acrylico tips somethn?
Do You think I'm pretty?
Question for Express employees: If an offer says "May 28-June 3", is it still valid on June 3rd?
Hi so this may be weird but im trying to crossdress on halloween and would like to know what would be easiest?
i hate...........?
Does anyone know about the Olympic contest for Nail Art? I would like to know how to participate and rules.?
What's a tumblr girl?
What color would you say my eyes are?
Would i look good with this haircut?
How old do you think I look?
do you think i look punk, emo etc.?
In your opinion, who do you think the prettiest girl in the world is?
Can you guess my weight.?
What should I change in my style and look ?
Suggestions for a site model name?
When I go to get my stomache scoped should I wear pjs?
why dose people think their so popular?
how old do i look to you?
Does anyone know how to get this?
do you think shes pretty?
I have a very bad habit of biting my nails and is there a way that I can stop?
how far shall i remove the hair down there?..S.O.S.?
Why haven't they come out with Hunger Games costumes? 10 points!?
my *** is whiter than the rest of my body?
which do u guys think is hotter goth emo or scene?
Do you think this person is cute/good looking ?
Nobody likes brown eyes :l?
I need help with Prom..Any tips?
Comebacks for a fat girl ginger.?
What size shoes are you?
victoria beckham's fragrance? is there a site and whats its name thanks!?
how do i stop biting my nails?
In YOUR OWN OPINION what countries have the most beautiful women youve seen?
Girls...what things do you like to do when you're in girly mood?
Where can i find a shop that does a watch buffing?
Tips for a new stripper?
Am I pretty or uglyy?
Should I care about looks now (just turned 14) Or should I not and focus on school?
What is your favorite perfume?For Girls Only!!!?
Please help!!! What is the best electric razor for shaving a beard or shaving legs?
in which movie do you like Paul walker in the best?
I Need A Dress For My Middle School Semi Formal Dance !?
how old are ur parents?>?
am i ugly?? any opinion?
Bath and Skin care products, Critique my Etsy shop?
I want to start modeling, but I'm not sure exactly where to start. I need a professional's advice.?
do you think i could pull of a nose ring?
does this dress look pretty or not?
Do you like this haircut? [PIC]?
Was the fact that I am overly confident the reason I got kicked off the show?
what is the best bath soap?
braces or glasses??
Do ya like my name?
Would this outfit look good together?
What should i wear...for a dressy denim party for a Bar Mitzvah party next weekend?
Girls, is this a good text to send her? I want her back?
Which picture is best for a myspace default? pretty?
how do girls get so pretty? :(?
I think I am ugly.. What is your opinion?
What is your morning routine? Girls (:?
what is the easyest was to Dx?
Circle Lenses wearers - Help a fellow Uzzlang out :0?
Acrylic nails help, first timer?! ?
help me please my eyebrows! SH AVED?
which woman is better looking?
hi my name is amara j v.t.k.w.t.w. doumpa.i want to marry u.s president qurop,so are need some mothy to marry
Why are girls so mean on here when rating other girls pictures?
Is the age difference a problem?
Do you think its OK let for a13 year old (who will be 14 in May) get a belly piercing?
My husband wants his ears pierced, what do you guys think?
Do you think overweight people should wear 2 peice bathsuits to the beach?
How can I ensure I don't buy things I will regret later?
10 points Which one is best?
what is your favorite part of the human body?
Have you had veneers applied to your teeth?
i know this is stupid...but am i pretty?
how old does she look?
Am in two minds if I should get a boob job ?
do you think i'm preety (with pictures)?
How can i be pretty?honestly?
What Colour of These Jordan are the Best?
hi this is just for fun,Monica Bellucci was voted the best looking women ,in a few polls,what do you think?
what is the meaning of glocalistion???
How much would you rate my looks?
HUGE pimple?
will UV gel set under an LED uv lamp?
im soo lost!?
Do you still change after you're 18?
Should i cut my hair into really short layers? ...long straight hair?
How do you ladies like your artificial fingernails?
I like him alot, and he hurt me. Was i wrong to kiss his friend? and is it bothering him?[read details please]?
What Celebrity Does She Look Like?
Why can't I find any jeans or pants where my draws don't hang out?
what is the first thing you do in the morning?
Which tattoo do u like best?
Am I pretty? Plz Answer?
circle lenses and astigmatism?
Stidex Day & Night Cleaner?
Could I ever model? Serious question... pics.?
Women Only!!!?
GIRLS: what body type your prefer?
Home remedies for your bath?
What to wear with dark green skinnys?
please i need serious help?
Which eyebrow shape do you think is prettier? (PICS INCLUDED)?
Can employer ask you to remove nail varnish?
Dip dying extensions blue?
Which clique style do you think would look good on me?
Which color would look better on me?
Who's your fave between Paris Hilton and Pink?
What color Panties/Boxers are you wearing?
How tall do you think I will be when I get older?
timee for a new profill picturee:) helpp plleasee?
what do people think about big tattoos on girls???
How much a liposuction cost?
Good concealer for acne?!?
rate this girl out of 10?
leather jacket junior girl 10 points?
Are regular leggings acceptable?
where can you get these kinda shirts? [pictures?
Where can I find uGg boots?
What does everyone think? Hot or Not?
If a guy likes me how could i tell?
Every Girl answer ASAP ?
Is the female body a work of art?
Perfect size loop earring for men?
What is BB Cream? What is BB Cream characteristics?
Do you think i look ugly?
which homecoming dress?
What's your best asset?
What do guys find attractive on girls.?
Do people think youre pretty?
If I Buy Contact Lenses With Color, Will It Hurt And Will It Damage My Eyes?
[see pics] Should i try out for modeling? [see pics]?
Where can I find a device to connect my wedding ring and band?
Is it unattractive for a girl to have a big nose?
Is my IMVU character pretty?
Crossbody Bag (Fossil)?
rate me from a 1-10?
What's the best way to remove bags under your eyes?
Is my smile THAT ugly? [Pics]?
What should I wear to a summer wedding?
What would you rate meee? =)?
If you were to do a Plastic Surgery... What would you change?
Do I Look Like any one famous? with photo link?
which is better? Highschool or middle school?
which girl is the most attractive?
hey boys: hair color seems more beautiful, blond or red for a girl?
Am I too young for a Mitt Romney haircut?
OMG! Are my freckles the kind that will.....**PIC**?
Who is more attractive?
girls do i look decent?
Is this the same person? Pics included.?
How 2 Brazilian?
What would you rate me??? 1-10?
I need some advice about this dress.?
who here likes to get pampered like a princess?? wat do u get?? manicure, etc...?
What is a good moisturizer to use for oily skin?
rate him out of 10 (pic)?
Who thinks high school are the best 4 years of your life?
:( sister jealousy PICS why is she prettier ?
do i need to lose weightt? PIC!!!!!!!?
difference between hair dye and hair bleach products?
What does you hair look like "down there?"?
How should I do my makeup for Halloween?
♕People say I am pretty,I want to be hot, How to be "HOT''?
who likes miley cyrus?
What to do with my contact lenses? (help)?
Would I look good with a septum piercing?
Do you think this is a good costume?
(girls) whats ur favorite type of pants?
where can i go to buy men cologne?
What should I wear with these?
Why do girls pluck there eyebrows and then draw them back in with a pencil?
hello whats your fav. perfume?
Will I starve like this?
What could I wear with this?
For California Women: Constricting Business Atire?
What life lessons do you wish you knew when you were younger?
Dinosapien Amber Locket?
rather to serve in heaven as a door keeper,than to reign in hell as a king?
Rate me!!!!!! (1-10) Pictures!?
how does my avatar look?
How do I stop looking so posh like?
Who wants 10 points?
do you think shes cute?
Why do people post their picture.....?
Face Moisturizer and Acne?
What do you think of her look?
If you could snap your fingers today and change 1 thing about yourself, what is it and why?
I am a girl but in a boy body and I want a makeover?
have any ideas how to make our butt smaller?
do guys think freckles are sexy?
How long do you take to get ready in the morning?
How could I improve my appearance?
i live in a small house with lil money do i have a chance with boyz next year?
Im trying to find a shirt that has an upside down tree along the neck line with some white birds by the roots.
do i look like a serial killer and dangerous?
Which colored contacts look better?
Are my eyes ugly.....?
Whose PRETTIER? [[pics]]?
how can i look pretty?
What should i wear with my royal blue pencil dress.?
I am kind of ugly like.....?
Do girls find me ugly?
Which nail polish would look best for a black outfit: Cherry red or metallic gold?
What's The Sexiest Colour?
does anyone know how to remove nail polish[on nails] with out nail polish remover?
My brother has a really gross picture of a lady?
How to prevent from getting plaque?? I hate those!!?
What's your favorite skin care product(s) you get from walmart?
Wet to Straight Flat Iron?
closest friends dont like style? helpp!?
Is it cool if I send my pictures to Milan?
is it good to have more shirts or pants?
Why do I look WAY different in certain lighting?
Best eyebrow shape?!!!?
Did Audrey Tan-Zubiri model Kamiseta? Or some other clothes line?
do i look like her? (pictures included)?
What shape is my figure and should i have breasts implants ? PIC INC?
Have you read the books 500 style tips or 500 beauty tips by Seventeen magazine?
What can I do or buy to harden my fingernails?
Guy's, do you really like super skinny girls?
Any Beauty tips for me?
I am 5'4 and 170 pounds with a 36 DD bra size, what size North Face should I get?
Girls please help me!!?
As you age, do you become prettier?
What internet site sells cheap lip jewelry and doesn't require a $100.00 minimum purchase or more?
Is this a good outfit (pic)?
just mention your eye colour?
Are you happy with your body image ATM? (guys and girls) :P?
Why do men like it when women where perfume?
Help! I stained my nails with pink highlighter!?
What is the best thing to get ur pimples out ?
eyelid glue or tape ?
How would you describe your AESTHETIC sense?
Blotchy skin....please help!?
how do you eliminate static from latex clothing?
What is an unexpensive place to buy 2-piece swimming suits?
are there more sites where I can see who's my celebrity match? I've found and
What are really cool costume ideas for haloween?
do you think i could wear this on a first date???
Hair Help ; What to tell the hairdresser?
PICTURE would you say i was UNIQUE looking?
what is your first thought when you see this picture?
Guys: Do you...?
As a Runway Model???????????????????????????????
how to get rid of HICCUPS?
Does this thermal shirt color goes better with light skin or dark skin?
RATE US!!! (my friends and i)
help im ugly!! WHAT DO I DO ??? give me ideas of how to look better please. im stuck !!?
What can i improve on?
were can i buy sexy panties?
Original coke bottles.."the thing" toys..still in boxes?
Beauty schools in Maryland?
how old do u think my duaghter is?
I'm turning 16 within three months and looking to work at Sally Beauty Supply is there any requirements?
how do iget rid of face fat?
Would we make a cute couple?
Help! What do you think?
what to wear to my friends neon bright party?
Do I look like my dad?
guy troubles? does he like me?
how can i improve my flat nose?
Do you think I am pretty/decent looking? :D?
Should I wear my hair straight or with curls?
Rateeeee Meeeee!!!!!?
Anyone had a tattoo removed?
Is this a good profile picture?
what would you rate yourself?
gift ideas for my nephew?
Are my eyes pretty? (pic)?
Am I too chubby to wear a bikini this season?
20 gauge lip piercings?
Survey for girls only!?
Rate this chick 1-10.?
Do you think this girl looks pretty?
Victoria's secret perfume 'PINK' can i get a small sample bottle?
Which one of these guys is hotter???
which is the better picture thanks?!?!?
Making false at home nails?
What sort of face do you need to pull off a monroe?
Girls, do you or have you worn a guys Cologne?