I'm really ugly, aren't I?
name some good perfumes?
Please someone answer ?
looking for the name of a material that allowed you to tan through the material?
skinny or curves?
can you have a heart shaped face without a widows peak?
first time waxing?
Am i pretty? I'm SO self conscious...*pics*?
Am I the only one who thinks Lana Del Rey makes suicide look beautiful?
Omg please help me my name is all over the school?
Colored contact help please!?
Could I be a fashion model? ***pics included.?
Do you think I am pretty?
So girls..would you wear this? And guys, would you like it if a girl wore this?
Do you think Id be a good model? with pics?
How can I make myself look older?
which girl in the picture is the hottest..?
Am I somewhat pretty? (pics)?
Could i be a model?I think i could
Which hairstyle should I wear to a party?
Why don't guys like me anymore? Am I ugly (picture included)?
can this be a male model body? pics?
does this turn u off?
How old do I look? (Pictures)?
Which girl is prettier? (Pics)?
How do you put on a sari?
What profile pic to use on facebook?????? Help!?
13 year old GIRLS ONLY: what do you weigh?
What do you find most attractive about the opposite sex?
Am I okay or decent looking?
chipping nailpolish?
Finding a good modeling agent..?
are there still debutante's in today's lifestyle?
Is beauty very important for sex?
Who does she look like? Rate? (:?
Who is prettier? Left, right or middle?
question about clothing and dressing styles?
Rate me from a 1-10 on the pretty scale ?
I know I am not pretty but could ou please help me with my look?
how much does a chanel cambon wallet(the long one with pink interior) costs?
corniest way to ask for a number?
Is 5'4" too tall for a high schooler?
what to wear with this dress?
i bought a white long sleeve dress?
clairol for eyebrows?
Long lasting body spray for girl? ?
Taking senior pics for highschool?
What color do blondes look best in?
Are Physician's Formula cosmetics any good?
What's the difference between Giorgio Armani and Armani Exchange?
Which girl is more beautiful? How can I get eyes like that?
is it wrong to get a piercing at 20?
Where can I get a slim jeans?
Is 'Deisel Models' worth doing, or is it just a scam?
What do boys think when girls (women) where really short skirts?
Whaddya Think Of Meh? xD?
omg plz answer this question 10 POINTS?
Dressing tips for men?
any suggestions? advice about this:?
How do I look to you?
Black nail polish?
Does anyone have any ideas for a fast and easy costume?
Do you think I need to loose weight? picture included.?
where can i find cheap leg warmers and in differnt colors?
what/who would you describe as beautiful?
How to be like a posh totty?
What do guys like the most about what girls wear or do with their hair?
Would this cardigan sweater be approptiate for a woman to wear to a late cocktail party?
Which photo do you like best? (PICS)?
slencky Hey guy's when was the last time......?
Why does a guy have to wear pink?
how are BRACES viewed by the fashion conscious? i've never worn anything other than a belt to keep my...?
How can i get my sexy uncle to notice me?
Help! Anyone kn how to sell 18K solid gold earring charms online. Been trying on ebay to no avail for weeks...
I'm growing my nails?
Why are my ear piercings infected?
what are some girly websites to get belly bars from?
would i look odd with brown hair?
How is a fart created?
I love to wear cologne, which fragrance drives you wild?
Would I look good blonde? :)?
Which picture do you like better of me?
How to get a crystal-clear face? (Photo)?
i had mac and cheese for dinner?
what colour lense is better for olive face?
is it true that dark skinned hispanic girls never date /marry white american guys still nowadays ?
Girls only!!! Do you like a guy that compliments about your toenails?
how do you deal with girls who think there the hottest things walking?
what natanilty do i look?
What should I wear to a bonfire/party?
How old do you have to be to start using Anti Aging cream?
what is the darkest spray tan? and if there isnt a realy dark one is there a way to make it darker?
What hairstyle would look good with this dress?
Nipple rings attractive or not, girls only?
Ideas for the best and ORIGINAL Halloween costume.?
What can I improve? [Pictures!]?
What’s your BEST natural beauty remedy?
favorite thing to sleep in(clothing or lack there of) open to male and female. identify your sex with answer?
How old do you think I look?
what do you dislike about yourself?
is it just me or is this girls forhead huuuugeee?
Questions About Piercings?
Why is slouching/slumping bad when women look so pretty when they do it?
I want to reinvent myself....?
acrylic vs.____?
what ethinicity do you think i am?
what do you guys think about these grades?
what would you rate me ?
Do you think I need braces ?
♥Does anyone know how to order some Burt Bee's porducts online?
i cheated on my bf?
Which pic looks better?
How old do I look and what ethnicity do I look?
Is this girl hot or not?
Was your experience good at Sweet and Sassy Salon?? :) :) :P?
Beauty Tips?
How much does personality play a part in a person's beauty?
2D Nail Art Sets Available in US?
I tried waxing my bikini line with a facial kit and am left with a sticky disaster. Any tips to get unstuck?
What is there to do in Fargo, ND?
What do girls look for in guys?
I have a question about my body, boys or girls can answer?
Do bluish green eyes exist or is it gray?
how can i clean petroleum jelly off an adhesive bra?
Do you like this edited picture?
What color eyes do you wish you had?
What should I wear with this outfit?
What colors are the most flattering for a girl who has..?
how to make more friends?
I have a company picnic next month. Im trying to find an outfit that will be stylish and sexy, any ideas?
One side of face Ugly?
How can I look good in pictures?
if u were 5'1girl would u rather be 90, 100, 110, 120pounds?
How can act pretty bad and sexy at the same time?
does my x still like after the stuff he put me though?
what is the best way to keep....?
Do you think that light brown women are more attractive then dark skin women.?
Which of my friends is prettier?
where can I find help crossdressing in San DIego CA?
Am I pretty, average, hot, cute, or ugly?
how to look at the beach and cover cellulite?
What do you think of my apperence (pics)?
my friend always goes through my stuff and when i open her drawer she freaks out its very annoying?
what color are your eyes?
Medium brown/dark brown. to go blonde?
do i look like ke$ha?
How do I get nail jewels off my fake nails?
which one of these girls could be a model?
Bright Red Hair or Not?
Pretty or not? give your opinions please?
Anyone got any advice on boys?
To Guys: What kind of girl do you like?
how to be more cute and handsome?
Where can I buy silk wrap or fibre glss nails?
What styles should i go for, I need 6-8 (:?
How old is she?
Wat are boys most used lines to get wit a girl, that they c she is very attractive?
Why do my eyes almost always look tired?
girls, do you play fashion wars?
How can I get that sharp cheekbone effect that celebrities have?
Girls, do you think Shia Labeouf is....?
How to look good after a workout?
would i look good with any piercings?
Which girl has the prettiest face? (picture included)?
Restricted question: For women only!?
Black skinny jeans cool? or emo? what over colours look casual? (for guys)?
What hair styles should I have when I on a hot holiday?
Which girl is prettiest?
How much more weight do i need to lose (pics)?
Help with looking good for school?
What do you think about this girl? Is she hot, average, or ugly?
Cant find a site for Institute of master photographers?
Some questions about navel piercings?
massage oils?
What color would you say these eyes are?
my measurements for modelling ?
Do you think that I am pretty?
Do I have a baby face? (pic)?
ladies i need a new style?
Question for teen girls....hollister jeans...?
What colour do you think my eyes are?
I want to apply at the DEB clothing store, HELP? what do they look for?
Question for the pretty ladies?
which atractive thing in boy influence a girl very much??????????
Push-up bras vs. regular bras?
Who is this model? - Please copy the text pasted below into google, its the first result?
Would you say that I am pretty?
am i ok looking or not so good looking?
Im straight guy and I don't like sports...I like shopping for clothes?
how to ask the people at the nail salon for what you want?
Any tips?(pic] (10 points!?
going to my first "huge" party. help?
How can I make rings like this one?
Do you care how you look?=)?
How can I hide my Ear lobe piercings from my mum?
Does being honest make me a bad person?
Has anyone ever heard of Starduck
Which smile do you like on her? Teeth smile or close lip smile? Why?
exfoliating and moisturising?
lips problem!?
what should i wear with this dress?
Beauty tips on how to look like a model??
should i shave my mustache or use facial cream?
What should i wear to a one direction concert? 10 POINTS BEST ANSWER!!!?
will any of these hair style work for me?
how can i look pretty?
What can I do to make my hair look better? ?
Do you think Chris Brown is cute?
Do you think a slightly bigger girl can be seen more attractive if she has a pretty face/nice features?(PICS)?
Im ugly & a bit depressed?
what do you honestly think of my appearence?
Do you think im pretty? or ugly?
what can I wear with suede chukka boots, Im male?
what is a good nickname for emilly (ihave 2 lls) besides emmy?
Good tips for fashion to look good for the next school year?
What can I wear to a christening?
how can i get rid of my freckles?
Guys, which costume is hotter?
buying dangly navel jewelry ?
It looks like there are tiny black spots developing on my diamond, how do I get rid of them? Help!?
what kind of surgery can enlarge your eyes?
I am a female and I would like to look older?
If you could afford it, would you have plastic surgery?
Would skin79 bb cream pink label get rid of dark undereye circles?
Has anyone bought belly button rings online?
Do you think I'm pretty?
should i wear a bikini?
Are there any makeover sites similar to this one?
What personality do you think she has?
l'oreal youth code good for teen boy (15 years old) ?
how do u make mehndi dark?
What do you think of this 16-year old girl?
I wish to fair and handsome?
the song crush ???????????????????
am I attractive? (girls opinion only)?
Do You Think I Am Pretty?
how can i improve my appearance? (pic)?
I have a really chubby round face (picture attached) what are some ways that I could make my cheeks look small?
Do I have the potential to look pretty?
Where's a good place to get cosplay wigs?
Always calling me cute....?
why do guys wear clothes 4 sz too big?
Who's the prettiest? We're all friends so it won't hurt!?
What haircut should I get so I can style a faux hawk?
Do you think pakistani girls are pretty?
Do you think I can be a teen model???
what style matches my personality?
What color do I paint my nails? *URGENT*?
Please help me find a good looking haircut?
question about lotion/skin moisturizers?
How can i look like Khloe Kardashian?
Should I go for this natural red? (photos)?
Help me please Im seriously gonna die?
Question that needs to be answered.?
Do u prefer...........................?
someone please help! kim kardashian perfume SMELLS LIKE?
Girls...How tall are YOU???
Opinions on this video? I was speechless.?
where can I buy matte top coat in Montreal?
What's the difference between a prep and a popular?
What color are your eyes?
Adding rhinestones to my nails...?
I feel so ugly all of a sudden? (Pic)?
getting a bikini wax?
Help Me With My Fashion Paragraph Please Winner Gets 10 Points!!?
which is prettier pink and green or pink and black?
What would you give for a caption for this photo?
How would you classify these body measurements?
Hi girls. Is it really bad to pluck your eyebrows on the top?
Where do really skinny people shop?
Which of these pics looks the nicest??
how would i look as a blonde?
Does anyone know how to get this?
Does Your Avatar Look Anything Like The Real-Life You?
twilight? please answer?
How old do I look??????????
Could she model (pics)?
ladies, who's better looking?
Which eye colour on girls?
What do ya think of them?
does any female in here have any prominant hand veins that always stick out in the morning noon and night?
What looks better? pale or tan?
where can i get a Paramore backpack bag?
out of these two girls, whos prettier??...?
Girl/woman, can you give me your opinion?
Blondes or Brunnettes?!?
Do you think i could go into modeling?
How to fill out a Birchbox profile?
What should I do to look prettier/better?
what kind of petals should the flower girl have?
Do You Think My Little Finger Nail Is Normal Size?
I NEED OPINIONS!?! please!!! picture included! :)?
Am I tall enough to be a model?
how many times in a week should a girl have a shower?
Business Formal for teen guy?
What do i need to become a beautician and hairdresser?
Most attractive photo?
How old do I look? (with pics)?
How much would you pay for a bar of soap?
Rate us on looks? (pics)?
what is best for my nails, gels or acrylic i am so confused .....?
i have high cheekbones and dimples is that classed as ugly or pretty?!?
girls, do you play fashion wars?
What are some Beauty Tips?
do guys like freckles?
who would rather have Jessica Simpson or Jessica Alba?
Gauge My Ears-Where to Start?
Am I Over Weight? +Photo's?
Do you think I look emo/scene?
(girls only) rate me 1-10?
How to grow hair super super fast?
guys, are belly button rings still sexy?
Is the girl on the right prettyty? like out of 10? shes my cousin.?
I want to get a new haircut?
How can I get a mermaidish look?
what do you think of this dress for my prom?
What's a good comeback for when someone tells me I'm too fat for a bikini?
dont you think its ridiculous how stores like hollister, aero., abercrombie etc.......?
Does height matter to wear high heels?
Girls....what things do you do that make you feel girly?
what do you think of me (pics)?
Is a 7 bad on the appearance scale?
Just by my description do you think im ugly?? Funny question!!!!!!!?
body fats problem!help!?
Every order from Cherry Culture?
for puerto ricans with braids?
do i have an attractive style?
Is the eyedrops brand, Eyedew, only sold in the UK?
Who are your curvy or plus sized beauty icons?
What do I wear to my homecoming dance, ADVICE!!!?
Do You Think I Could Have A future In Modelling?
How to dress like a playboy bunny without wearing lingerie?
Is this girl pretty average or ugly?
Is 14 too young to consider a nose job?
Last time I asked a question, I said....?
What are good colognes that you can buy at shoppers?
does anyone think one-piece swimsuits for women are sexy?
which picture is better out of the 3?
do i look fat to you (pic)?
i want a spell to make me pretty?
girls do you think skinny jeans on guys is sexy?
What color are your eyes and...?
What celebrities do I look like?
Teen Clothing!?
should he grow a goatie yes or no?
Is Meatsickle HOT and sophistocated, or what?
What do you think of me?
what do you think of my costume?
Silk-Epil for male beard removal (or any other product)?
Am i emo or whatever?
When did you lose your virginity ?
Is E2 the same as EE in boot size?
Shaving that area? Girls only please?
How to solve problem of hair that is growing in as a consequence of shaving?
I don't look like one of those 'scene kids' right?
What do gothic girls act like?
how old do i look????
where is Dubai?
how can i rasie money for laser surgy for my eyes?
What Not To Wear on TLC! Who would you nominate for the show and why?
What should I do to my hair for my graduation picture?
Does she have the "prep" look?
My friends say someone likes me and I like him but what if i tell him and my friends were wrong?
which one looks better....?
Would the "scene" Look suit me? [Pics]?
Indian Woman : Wanna wear bikini in GOA. Plz help?
hmm with or without braces?
How old do I look and where am i from?
is it true that.....(ugh)?
has anyone applied eyelash extentions on themselves?
which sweat suit would look best on me/ is cuter overall?
how do you think i look and how can i make myself look better?
How do you think I look?
What's my face shape?
im a guy and i like wearing make up im not gay do u think...?
I want to be a model.?
Is this the hottest Victoria's Secret model you've ever seen, or what?
How old would you say I was?
Okay - some pictures of me - I have to pick one to take to a modeling audtion!!?
What do you think when you see this girl?
Do you like curly hair?
Can you use Halloween cream makeups for daily use?
Can i stretch my 16g snakebites to 14g?
How To Clean Nails HELP PLEASE?
Piercing of Child's ears - For or Against and why? My 3 yr. old g'daughter had her ears pierced - I'm angry.
Fake tan for a beginner - what would you recommend?
I feel like I look like a total cow... am I fat?
What do you think of this guy?
Do you think I could be a model?
what are some clothes that will flatter my body figure?
Can anyone tell me what these clips are called and show me some pictures for style ideas on how to wear them?
who is prettier the one on the left or right???
how do i get popular friends?
i start my 1st yr of highschool in 2 weeks! what do i do?
Am I hot ?
what size bra am i? please help!!!!!?
Girls, do you think she will come back to me? I still love her?
Victoria Secret Very Sexy Gel curve push up bra?
Do girls think I am ugly?
What does unisize and 9131 mean?
POLL: What Do You Think About Long Nails?
are women smarter than guys or are guys smarter than girls?
GIRLS PLEASE ANSWER!!!I am going to be a girl for halloween, but i don't know what i should do or wear??
How to rock pajamas to school tomorrow?
Please help me, pleaseee!?
Does a bottle of perfume go bad over time?
14 and want to kill myself?
What are your views on the banning of overly-thin models?
guys, do u like brunett belly dancers?
am i pretty ??????????????
Girls: DO I look better with longer hair or shorter hair?
can some people make me a polyvore for the first day of school?
Where is the best nail salon in killeen,tx?
Do you think Halle Berry should be voted most beautiful of all hollywood women?
is there another company like blusphere?
What shape am i? 13 HELP?
How can i look like a plastic barbie doll?
Rate me on a scale of 1-10? picture included.?
Am I that bad looking?
Which name sound more posh for man (10point)?
Is she beautiful? Answer pleaseee.?
Where can I find matching cheaper but good quality bra and panty sets for plus sized girls?
am i an attractive person?
girls is this guy goodlooking?
what makes a teenage girl LOOK prettier?
What color are your eyes?
What does the 'YKK' on zippers stand for?
Is it cool to be tall for girls?
is this weird?
Which two of these five photos is the best?
Thalgo Pure Radiance?
I have green/blue eyes and I want some colored contacts to make my eyes look brown.?
is bleaching my hair the only way the color will show up ? [my hair is really dark ]?
i want to be pretttyyy... plz help me... (pic)
what would you do to improve my image/look to make me look better?
Ladies: What's your bra size?
What colors look best with my skin n features?
Piercings; is it true if you have to much piercings on your ear, your ear holes become black?
Is this the same person? Pics included.?
deep condtioners and face masks?
Ladies, what is your idea of a good looking guy?
Do you have any suggestions..?
whats your first impression?
Do a lot of men wear loafers? Should I get them, are they even for guys? LOL?
Any fingernail/toenail tips?
Makeup, hair, skin, clothes tips?
Please let me know has any one? Tried/bought the nulase laser or zeno or clarisonic?
Has anyone ever finished an entire bottle of nail polish?
Is it good for my sister?
how old do i look?
lookin like Barbie?
Help!! my daughters stuck...what to do?
Would I suit black hair?
should i get an ear piercing on both ears?
Any good fashion/beauty manga?
does boob size matter?
Why there are some people whose lips are dark at the upper lip?Is there any way to make it redder?
Is this a 70's theme look?
Are Vera Bradley lunch bags insulated?
Is my nose really as big and horrible as I think?
are skinny jeans ok on guys?
Who is my celebrity look alike?
What good qualities does a popular girl have?
what is the best way to get rid of pmples and blackheads?
Which smile looks better? [pics]?
Am I weird looking...........?
Where did Lindsay Lohan get her skirt in one of the Mean Girls scenes?
would i look cute with a lip peircing?? **pic**?
Where can a find a 3/4 or a good coverage masquerade mask?
Why do girls find gay men attractive?
Men, how do you tuck your shirt into your boxers so it still looks neat?
Does anyone have any information on the employee benefits for working at Burberry, Hugo Boss or Gucci?
Do you think belly button rings are "cute"?
flattering clothes for me?
Anyone want to cheer me up?
i am going to a party tonight.. how should i wear my hair? scrunched or straight?
Big Bust vs Big Butts: Which is preferred?
A massage package to save money?
how old do i look?
How to style an oversized t-shirt?
What could i wear with this brown faux leather jacket?
GUYS!!!!!!!! Do you find girls that take care of their nails attractive, or get a manicure done?
How can I take my acrilic nails off at home?
60's go go girl jewelry makeup and hair?
Should I get my Bellybutton pierced?
Do i look better? as a blonde or a brunette?
Starting a Beauty Therapy Course Help!!!!! (Ladies Answers Only!)?
Help asking to shave and use deoderent?
Laser hair removal for xmas?
Is my jaw line attractive? (pic included)?
what do you say to someone who is only saying you look good to be nice?
beauty guru channel: video ideas!?
1968 party. What to wear?!?
I hate my name..........?
what kind of panties? poll?
do i have the face to be a model?
i dont know which way to remove my body hair would be both healthy and would last longer.... im 16????
Are You Black, Hispanic with wavy or curly hair?
Which prom dress do you like more?
Which do you prefer a one piece bathing suit or a bikini?
Something cool I could buy?
Is this girl capable of modeling?
What clothing flatters glutes the most?
At&t customers I need your help please!?
why beauty is dangres?
What did you think when you...?
Very deeply confused about my bra size..Help anyone!?
Would I Be 34A or 34AA Bra Size?
Am I attractive/pretty/beautiful? Be honest!?
Should I get my [fake] nails taken off?
what is your favorite victorias secret perfume?
How old do you think I look?
Where can I replace a lost earring?
How to Stop Dermal anchors From Growing Out?
What are your favorite flags of countries?
I like biting my nails. Is here anyone who has this habit and enjoying this? My ex even liked my stubs..?
Sally beauty supply, is this similar?
girls only please?
Do you like these shorts?????
Why don't a look like a DD but DD's fit me?
PLEASE RESPOND!!! I need help with a name for a beauty blog!!?
I have wrinkles under my eyes, or at least they look like wrinkles or bags, help?
could i be a model???if so what type?
Whats your impression on Lot29 Looney Tunes Shirts. I have one of Marvin the Martian on my shirt?
How do I make myself look skinny?
Which one is better to match dress?
What do you think of Victoria's secret's beach sexy tan extend body lotion?
do you feel lonely on Valentines day?
My herpes are flaring up again. is there anything i can do?
Straight up.. Looks or Personality??
Which of these pix is best for myspace??
What's the best perfume you've ever used?
what is your opinion about plastic surgery?and why?
How do I get rid of the slight fuzziness on my upper lip? My employees say it isn't that obvious, but still?
What can I do to improve my looks?
what do you think of me?
Does this type of figure sound attractive?
i want to wear see-through shirt with no bra, where should i wear it?
Which girl is prettier and which has a better resemblence? pic included?
Random Beauty Questions sorry for the lack of orginization.?
first impression of me ? **pic**?
Anyone use Tumblr? :)?
Nail care?!? How to keep manicures clean?
what could i do to improve my look?
what do you think is the most ugly piercing?
Girls Only: When you are feelin' sexy what do wear?
who got voted off Americas Top Model last night?
WHAT is your opinion on freckles?
I feel my legs are too long. Is that advisible to wear a mini skirt?
fetishes and appearance?
Which DRESS is the best?
which hair style looks better on me (pictures)?
What color jeans will look better with a navy blue blazer?r?
Do you like this dress?
Do you have to you have to be in New York to be a Victoria's Secret Model?
what nail colour makes women girly or feminem?
do you think i can be a model?
Do I look fat? *Picture*?
What to wear with one of these tops & tell me which top too clink on the link in the details?
What will help my Eye lashes grow longer?
How can you remove nail polish without using acetone?
How to be more like a teenager?
how does my haircut look?
Do you think I look cute?
am I Pretty, Ugly, so-so?
if you were going out with someone you wanted to make a good impressing on what would you were & why?
More defined or bouncier curls?
Do you think 5'7 is tall?
what should i wear with grey vans?
If I were to get a MAC paintpot, should I get painterly or soft ochre for my skin tone?
Would you consider me attractive?
How bad to belly piercings hurt?
11 year old son getting itchy skin after baths?
Are you...emo,goth,preppy,or..a jock?
Is Child Modelling hard?
Tell me a stripper like Dita Von Teese?
Facial piercings on women: trashy or classy?
What color are your nails painted?
Where can I buy trousers that have like a shine to them?
Blue eyes, Hazel eyes, or green eyes?
whats your height? and is this an averge size?
what do you like about miley cyrus?
Question about stretched ears?
Who reading this lives in the apple valley area?
Could you rate this boy, girls!!?
Do you think that I'm pretty? (PICTURES)?
Dose Proactive work?
Which is the best epilator to buy?
guys: do you think its sexy when....?
what pic of me looks better?
Do most girls hate Axe?
Do guys care if girls are tan or not?
Christmas party wardrobe? Gold?
I think im ugly because i never had a boy friend (pic included)?
At what age did you want to start wearing a bra?
Is this dress HOT or NOT?
Is him much better looking than me honest opinions please?
Are adhesive bras good with strapless dresses?
I need someone mature enough to answer this question...?
new to youtube check out my channel?
What should I do to improve how I look? (pics inside)?
What shade of blonde should I go for?
Where can i buy pure acetone?
What to wear?! spirit week?
How old do you think I look?
Is she Beautiful?????????
What is my faceshape? Really need help!?
Whats in fashion right now? For grade 7 girl?
How does i choose the best quality nail clip-ons?
Have do I get awesome clevage ? What are some tips?
Do you like singing or dancing?
beauty therapists..... where can i purchase?
so what is the recommended process for cleaning your face?
Is there an ouchless way to remove acrylic nails?
Why do people think I look like a boy?
GUYS, is she hot or not?
How old do you think I am?(picture)?
What's my best and worst feature?
I want to be llike Cat from victoious?
A Bath and body works question( please answer!)?
how to you make the people at the make up counter stop?
I am tired of people saying I smell so good. Will smoking a pack a day make people back off from me?
Who do I look like.... if anyone? *pics*?
Rate meeeeee?!?
Can I pull off short hair?
What type of great dane would suit me?
sunburn from tanning bed?
do you think you are beautiful? or plain or decent?
do you think I look bad blonde?
Are my eyebrows crooked? (pic)?
Do I have really big eyes?
How old do you think i look?
So, I want to give myself a makeover/make me feel better about myself.?
what can u say about the beauties of filipina?
Some advice?
What celebrity do I look like?
girls, what do you look for in a 15yr old guy?
tyra banks?
Women, do u have unwanted facial hair?
How do I do my toenails?
Am I really that...ugly?
Which is better - Urban Decay Naked palette or Too Faced Naked?
Where can I buy Keds near Alabang Hills?
What is your favourite perfume and why?
can we make stuff fopr our avatar?
need your hair or nails done its free?
Could I be a bikini model? *Pics Included*?
where to get a beauty rep sales job?
what is a zentai?
What do woman find more attractive? Longer indie style hair, or shorter spikier?
Would this be a cute outfit?
who makes police glasses and how do i find a supplier in gloucestershire england?
How hot does the conair mini pro straightner get?
Should I make this picture my Facebook profile picture?
(Girls) would this be a good male stripper costume?
What kind of piercing should I get?
What is the best waxing products available?
who is the prettiest girl in this picture?
For Anyone Who Has Had Plastic Surgery/Cosmetic Surgery....?
Should I wear cologne even though i'm only in highschool?
Why someone is able to keep their lips tightly closed for ages and is not stressful for their jaw muscle?
Which Beauty school is better? Marinello or Federico?
Need help ASAP Need it for tomorrow?
what do you think of piercings?
Do I look good with bright red hair?
How can I find a good eye doctor in Houston, Texas?
HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1990's HELP!?
Best Time To Buy At Bath And Body Works?
What shade of blonde should I go for?
which girl is prettier? (pics)?
Is it okay to let my male cousin to dress as girl?
Why Won't It My Lip Studs Go Back In?
Why have I never had a boyfriend?
Got £250 in my pocket... what shall i (an average teen girl)spend it on??? Anything good out?
Are my legs really that bad?
What is the best perfume for a preteen girl?
French manicures?
help finding current sample offers?
why should i buy a rolex? should i really spend $2500. i am not rich. i do like it. just what about the watch?
Would blonde hair look good on me? (Pics)?
What do you think...............?
how to be ulzzang !~?
what would you label my style?
How to know if you're ugly..?
Arent brown eyes pretty too?
Thin enough for a bikini?
Should I be embarassed to be in a bathing suit in front of other people?
Boys question!!!?????(pics)?
what do you think?<pic>.......?
Am I a good-looking guy ? please rate my pic .?
what style of bangs that's fit to the shape of my face?
Why is my mom being so mean to me?
can you send me the formula of some easy homemade beauty products and some tips.?
How Old Do You Think I Am?
What's most disgusting : acne, freckles or facial moles?
[With pics] Am I getting worse or just... ?
Do you know any herbal hair removal cream?
i have a baby face ,and everyone thinks i'm a 14 when i'm 20 ..some help?
do you think i can model?
When you pick your nose, where do you put it??
y indian kuddi is shy??
Do you think I am pretty?
Argh--are pointy teeth kinda cool or too vampirey? (Photo)?
Do you think this looks cute? or sexy?
Perfume similar to Chanel Coco Mademoiselle?
how do you know if you are physically attractive?
Is this Victoria's Secret tank top available anywhere?
Terry Cloth Pull-ups.?
would you describe his face as elf -like?
is there another company like blusphere?
Do you wear polo shirts? What would you wear with them?
where can I find a plastic piece to place in a new ear piercing so i can participate in sports?
Why are most people ugly ewwie?
what are bras used for?
Girls HELP ME??????????????????????????????
Thinking about getting my haircut. Pic included?
Could any henna enthusiasts give me some tips?
how much does Jane Norman pay its sales assistants?
Will dying my hair black look bad?
Which teeth smile do you like on her? Why?
I am doing a superhero theme for a camp i'm going to, and I need ideas for decorations, any ideas?
Nails on la..compton?
What color looks best on a guy?
Do you like this jacket?
Help needed for my denim short dialema?
R thongs good to wear with s?
what is the difference between a blouse and a womens cut shirt?
what can i do to make myself more attractive to men?
i need a makeover?
What is the difference between acrylic, gel, and solar nails?
Guys! what type of girls do you like?easy 10 points!!!?
How can I just relax and be myself?
How long does it take to get acrylic nails done?
Do you think I look cute despite being a single mom ...?
After 6 weeks of my ear piercing can I put on any kind of earring?
i'm so good looking i find average looking ppl yucky 2 be round, oh well he he?
Does this dress suit me?
Which would you rather get for your birthday (girls)?
What haircut looks best on me and why?
What are some good perfumes Walmart has, and how much are they?
Is it a good idea to go to tan at the gym instead of a salon???????????????????????????????????…
GIRLS ONLY: Is Keanu Reeves attractive???
Some guy called me thick, am i?
am i descent looking? (pix)?
Is it weird for a girl to wear cologne?
Where can I fing a plus size lolita maid costume?
Can I wear Acrylic/fake nails working at Wendy's ?
What do you think my race is?
Which one is your favorite?
What skin colour is this?
I have really really low self asteem...?
I know I'm just setting myself up for criticism, but: Do you think I look 'fake'?
If you could be...?
What top looks good with plain blue cute knee shorts.?
My butt is getting bigger and rounder, why?
Whats the dress size limit for taking in dresses for a size 2 person?
Shaving???? Tips and help?
Have i changed in the last 7 months?
Winter fashions?
Is it me, or does this dress look funny? (Pic)?
Who do you think is prettier? (LINKS)?
Where can i find a hat like the one in my pic?
what haircut would look best on me(pic)?
What is a pandu?
does my hair look good like this?
Like my new piercings? (pics)?
How can I make my avatar winks??
is it true tha guys think "Victoria secrets" has the best lingerie in the whole world?
In life are we all meant to get a broken heart?
Where can I buy The Kiss brush on gel nail kit?
Is this the right kind of dress?
Who is prettier?
Straight or Curly? Age guess!
Should I lose more weight? Am I still fat?
what do guys like very skinny or curvy?
Ok this is a pretty long question...See inside?
What should i do if me and my friend are both fighting over a boy?
Do I look professional???? Easy 10 points?
What's your opinion?
What is the difference between sapphire and blue sapphire?
how do you get guy avatars my daughter made mine?
Which of these Sims is prettiest? (Sims 3 Images) x?
What should i wear on my first day to not look like a slut back to school?
Could a guy wear this shoe color or would it be wierd?
What should I be for Haloween?
Which colour of dress you like most ?
Do I look better with red or black hair? (pics!)?
I want to get married in a red dress, but what color should I put my bridesmaids?
What hair style would suit him most?
Why girls like to hang out with "sissy" boys, y they tend to leave MEN and have fun with (somehow gay) boys???
why do i look far better in the mirror to what i do in photos?
My self-esteem took a beating today. Please look.?
How much weight will i loose if i throw up 3 times?
This kind of fabric suitable for a dress used for a homecoming?
Which of the girls is the prettiest?
Nail website help can't fin it??
what can I have for dinner?
where do you find non-prescription color contacts in vancouver/portland area?
looking for a good self-tanning cream for face?
how to avoid looking "trashy"?
A different Hair Cut for me?
how to avoid pimples? help me,,,,?
American Eagle Sizing?
How to get your correct bra size?
What gets rid of mouth sores?
how can i sell Merlen Norman products online??
What Would You Rate Me??1-10?
How old does she look?
Why do girls like Uggs?
should i do my eyebrows?
how much more will I grow?
Is There A Site I Can Go To That I Can Get Free Samples Without Subscribing to a club?
Any one intrested in sexyest blonde youve ever seen?
Seriously, why doesn't anyone think I can model (pics)?
what do guys prefer for a girls hair part?
Would I look good with angel bites or a monroe piercing?
Where can I find this OUTFIT? (Will automatically pick you as best answer from now on)!?
What do you stick to fabric to make it more rigid?
what design should i paint on my nails?
Do I really look like a douche to y'all in this picture?
ahah ratee me 1-10 (pics)?
Which bathing suit do you like better? Pics.?
How to Gauge from a 4 to a 2 ear ring?
Who keeps deleting my questions dude geeez....??? Does this guy want sex or a meaningful relationship...?
Do I look like Kendall Jenner?
Cologne. I am debating between Davidoff Cool Water and Bvlgari Aqua. ?
what race does this guy look 2 u?
Do me and Channing Tatum look a like?
Questions about dimple piercings?
Is she fat? What do you think?
Is there any way to get the perfect mustache?
Name strts from letter J?
does anyone get anxious when going to the hairdresser's ?
Gals- Do you like guys with a peirced ear?
Can someone explain the difference between all the different Hawaiian Tropic Tanning Oils?
Has anyone tried the Amazing bra or Angels Fantasies bras yet ?
i just got braces do i look good in braces?
If my girlfriend wheres a size 8 and a half, and i want to buy her mens shoes.What size would they be in mens?
How old do you think this girl is ( PHOTOS)?
what do girls think of skinny/anorexic guys?
I really want to get french tips (acrylic nails w/ a french manicure), I was really convinced until...?
sexiest part of the male face and the male body?
How should I act on the first day at my new school?
Girls, which brother is cuter?
Am i fat (picture included...)?
Want to get eyebrows done.. But is?
which is moooooore pretty ?
please help with pant sizing?
how old do you think i look?
What's this accent?10 points for native speakers?
**PLZ help*** outfits for these boots?
Beauty of a woman,how to be determend.?
Eye color?
What's your first impression of my name? Easy 11 points!?
how are bubbly bath bars supposed to be used?
Which pic do i look better in?
What color are my eyes? Green or hazel?
HELP ME! costume ideas needed?!?
Help! My beautiful highlift blonde has been stained! Any stylists out there?
which pics would you put for your facebook etc. profile pics?
What are good things to wear for a glamour shot session?
Any stories about guys getting dressed as girls?
Help please!!!!!!!!?
Home Remidies For Bags Under The Eyes?
This guy thinks he is UGLY (PIX) :0 opinions? revised?
Womans Favorite Calogne??
How do I know my septum is infected?
Tips on how to start dressing more maturely?
Estheticians! help!?
Please rate me! 1-10 please?
who has da biggest nose in da world?
girls: do you perfur short or long
yo what u think about this guys hair?
What is your favorite perfume from Victoria secret?
help me plz?
Am i just a normal 14 year old?
gel vs acrylic nails??*please read*?
Can anyone tell me Where I can get a denim jacket like this?
Nail salons in southern los angeles?
what kind of dress is this?
What Kind of bangs should I get? I'm doing them myself...?
What problems have people with flat feet experienced?
Pink toenails or red?
What perfume should I try for this Fall/Winter?
who is prettier out of the 2?
ladies what is more attractive, a guy with contacts or a guy with trendy and fasionable glasses?
I want to look better...?
which girl is the prettiest ? pic?
Should i go completely blonde or keep the highlights? Pic included?
Size 7/9 in high school?
Is it OK to use a Gillette razor on your tongue to remove all the crud?
I always get commented on how I look I don't think I look that good?
How can I get hips??
Which is prettier?
Good lookin or not? (not vain, just asking) pics?
Picture of me Modeling question?!?
how do you change your picture?
i feel really fat =[[[ HELP!?
how i should propose a unkown girl?
do you have confidence about your looks?
Super fit with a small bust, or super out of shape with a big bust?
Why do girls wear lipgloss?
Would you consider this fat or average (picture)?
do you now were the sell swimming trunks and bikini tops together?
how do i respond to a wedding invitation when the card is blank?
Is 5'7" too tall for a girl?
Pressed powder or loose powder over foundation?
How old do you think she looks? with pics?
How can I get guys to call me pretty instead of hot?
Why can't I grow hair on my butt chin ?
what size and weight of womens body is medically considered BBW?
Which one is not so pretty? galz only plz..?
What is the average height of a runway model?
Did Sandie Rinaldo have plastic surgery?
Which pic of me looks the best?
Hair is really Hot to me?
My ear piercing holes are huge?
What celebrity do I look like?
what piercings do you think look hot on girls?
Im turning 18 this year and i want to look special how should i wear my hair and what should i wear?
Am I ugly.?
I am in desperate need of help!!! is my dick too small? ive listed the measurements here:?
IS my friend trying to make me fat?
french knickers?
do you think im pretty?
How can I make myself feel pretty?
Can a lesbian become a fashion model?
See that pretty face in the mirror there? Who can that attractive guy be? What a pretty face,What pretty eyes?
Does a teenage girl has more sex ability than the boys?
Who do you find more attractive?
what kind of person do I look like to you? Be honest!?
Do i have any nice facial features that stands out ?
Could I model?!>?!?!!?
what are the trends?
what can I do to improve my looks?
What is your eye/hair color, gender, and heritage?
What's the first thing that comes to mind when you see this girl? *pic?
Girls is being too tall a turn off?
Red Hair Dye for 1 1/2 month?
Girls do other girls flirt with you?
Which is more likely to result in a GOOD LOOKING kid: Ugly guy with hot girl, or ugly girl with hot guy? Why?
I've heard you can use tea bags for eyes....?
What is your favourite beauty product?
Do they look like brother and sister?
Which girl do you think is the prettiest?
My friend is a very talented Holistic and Beauty Therapist. Does anyone want to offer her a job in Devon?
why light brown eye girls looks sexy in magazine, movie, fashion show and advertisements?
What's the best thing to wear with a pixie cut?
Is There A Website That Sells The L-R-G Dead Serious Hoody???
can i use noodle head curling cream on my hair i am black with permed hair?
How can I get bangs like this?
Where do I buy bulk wax, like at a salon? ?
Am i proportioned like a girl?
What is the type of jordans all girls in high school are wearing?
"The Dark Ages" article?
Has anyone tried youthful essence?
Girls, would you wear this?
the most BEAUTIFUL REDHEAD on earth?
what do you do when you have a shower?
One sIde of face unattractive?
Why do so many Girls want to look Orange?
What does your name mean?
Fun bride ideas crazy ides anything is welcome thanks for advice n ideas pictures?
do you think i can model?
What are the fashion design journals and magazines?
Good perfume?
what do you think of MAN BOOBS?
What is my best / worst feature?
Which dress is more suitable to wear to meet my husband's parents?
How many times a day do you use chapstick/lipgloss?
y do ppl like black?????? i mean ew!!!?
Guys Only: Be honest! Am I pretty?
Do you resemble your avatar?
what do men really think about fake tan or would they rather a girl be white???
are women smarter than guys or are guys smarter than girls?
how much does it look like i weigh? (please answer honestly!)?
I feel so ugly all of a sudden? (Pic)?
Does anyone know a cute secret sister gift idea?
am i fat ? (pictures)?
Do you think im pretty, cute, okay, ugly, fugly, beautiful, gorgeous? ?
Could I model???????????????????
I need to dress up as The Wife of Bath?
Is light blue jeans nicer or dark blue ones? (suppose they're of the same design and cut)?
do you really care about your looks?
what type of dress would you describe this as?
What color are your eyes?
Looking for the name for those really ugly skirts that are long in the front and back and short on the sides?
Who is the hottest celeb. GUY???
how do i know my secret is posted on sixbillion secrets?
what type of facial piercing would look good on me?
Guys! Whats your favorite eye color on a girl?
What nationality do I look like to you? (Girls only)?