wanting to buy a new iphone case. Need help choosing?
boy troubles HELP?
compensating for weakened nails?
Do my eyebrows look feminine?
what famous person would you say you look a bit like?
Good Halloween Costumes: For a Guy?
i had a long waist and short leg, i m 5 ft tall, what outfit is suits for me ?
Toothpaste on pimples.?
does buffing dry out your cuticles or nails?
Do you think she is pretty?
Beautiful Belly Bar Jewellery?
im 5.1 should i get tall or short uggs?
why do you look so pretty/handsome tonight?
braces hmm...!!?
How do i make my boobs smaller in sweaters?
Where's a good place for beginning yoga classes in San Francisco?
why are guys not attractive to me :/?
What Shoe Size Do you Wear?
How old do I look? Do I look pretty, or average?
how much calvin klein one should i spray so that the females will notice but not 2 strong that people complain
party emergency!! help!?
My face is UGLY!!!! Mentally disabled?
What celebrity does this guy look like?
do you think i could model? (pictures)?
when staying beautiful, which do you ladies prefer most? a nose job, eye job, face job or chest job.?r?
how do i keep my girlfriend from shaving her mustache ?
What kind of girl do i look like?
i want to be like zayn malik.?
should women wear a bikini if they are over 250lbs?
Some questions about hair rollers for hair straightening?
what scents or perfumes do guys like?
do you like this blouse?
did i do my eyeliner okay?
3D nail art in portland?
Would this piercing look good on me?
What do you think of her?
Which girl do you think is prettier?
Do any girl here have long nails?
Do I look pretty or ugly? PLZ ANSWER?
do you think i'm pretty?
Do i look like angelina jolie in this picture?
Is it true that if u eat RAW egg you would get taller or stronger ??
My face is deformed!!!?
Which colour dress looks beautiful on girls?
what do you think of her?
Why do women wear lipstick?
Is this slow??????????
If you could choose between two girls one is short with nice **** and the other is tall with long legs?
Which picture should I set as my myspace default? Pic included.?
when should i kiss my boy friend i never get to see him because he always has baseball pratice?
know any good sites were people can rate you on your looks?
Booored. What would u rate me?
How old do I look to you?
H e l p ! ://////////////////////?
What are etiquette guidelines for ladies who wear (dressy) hats?
Should I Be this Size?
Do I look like a man in disguise?(pic)?
Why is my hair so long like a girl when I straighten it?
cute hair styles for school?
whats happened to my friend? (pics)?
I think my eyebrows are terible!!(pics)?
Girls & Guys... DO you think this girl has desirable features?
Does a getting a pedicure make you just need more pedicures?
What kind of new piercing should I get?
I am 16 year old girl: Is this normal?
How does a Brazilian work?!?!?
What should I wear to my Tomb Thumb interview?
How can I look older?
How do I become an eye model?
Any other cleaning habits to be a fancy prep?
what are you getting your bf/gf for valentines day? thanx xxx?
Hair grows kinda fast on my legs after i use veet hair removal...HELP...?
Advice on how to become beautiful?
who is this model?
is handsome opposite of cute and beautiful?
Eliza (Elisa) spellings?? HELPP!?
Should I wear this??????
how can i be the most populer girl in my school?
I'm a girl... with a moustache? PLEASE HELP!!!?
Do these 2 girls look alike? (picture inculded)?
are there any pro nail artists on Y!A?
Where is the best place to get your nails done in the Glens Falls NY area?
How can I stop biting my nails?
easy tips to get a bf ?
Will I look good with side swept bangs?
what do you think is the most attractive thing in a guy or girl?
Rate these pictures of me?
Online purchasing and billing?
Will you have cosmetic surgery some day? If yes, what procedures would you consider?
Should I be a Mark. Representative?
how do i make my jeggings bigger?
What do you think of preppy people?
how are converse suppose to feel/fit?
Is my friend pretty? (pics)?
does anyone else loves..?
PLEASE LOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
What are some good stores to buy fake lip rings. Easy 10 points?
Need girl and guy advise please, anyone and everyone is welcome to help!?
am i really that ugly?
What truly makes you goth?
Would you get Someday Valentine by Justin Bieber or Wonderstruck by Taylor Swift?
MY BRACES ARE GONE! do i look pretty now?
bikini waxing?
Is this a good outfit for a funeral? (pics)?
Why are guys taking pictures of them in t-shirts with one shoulder pushed down?
long term effects of acrylic nails?
Can we not make a single paste which can serve as toothpaste, saving cream, moisturiser, bath soap & shampoo?
Do you like being a woman?
Be honest, how bad does waxing really hurt?
Lady thought I was 6 years old?
If you see this question write somthing!?
What is your daily routine for the night before the first day of school (8th grade) and the 1st day of school?
Does anyone know if the perfume "Clean" smells good? If so, which scent is the best?
Can i wear these things in my bra and not have a problem going through security at the airport?
Looking for an Anti-Wrinkle Cream Commercial?
i shave down there...and is that the problem?? help please!?
Is she overweight...?
how old do you think i look?
Opinion on belly button piercings?
Guys, what kind of girls turn you on ?
I really want this kind of dress for my prom but in black?
whate an elite modeling meeting like? pleasseee?
Do you think I'm attractive?
How long do you soak your hands in clear gelatin for your nails?
can anyone suggest any modelling competitions in london?
how old do you think I look?
How do I intimidate guys? I don't even look that great...10 points?
guys; rate the girl on the left?
What should my date wear for my school little version of homecoming?
Which Kind of Pimple is the Ugliest?
Why am i so ugly without makeup? :(?
how to become a plus size model in NYC?
Girl passing you and then STARES in the other direction? So weird. Why? (college girls)?
do i look better before or after i have pics :)?
10 points..which name is better?
Getting thinner?
im 15yo and and aspiring model.How do i get started?
How to look like Sasha Pieterse?
Do YOU take a good care of your FACE & HAIR..if it is so HOW?
Am I pretty, ugly or average?
Is this a good picture or do I look creepy?
medi* in plano?
What color should I get this dress in?
Which picture is good for facebook?
Please rate out of 10 :D?
Best place to shop - Boots or Superdrug?
I Need A New SN Really Bad Can Anyone Help?
How do I get more popular?
whats the youngest age to ____?
What is an effective method to measure one's bra size?
What should I wear on a cold night to look noticable good?
My mom hated my present...?
What do I look like?
who do you think is prettier?
What color would you say my eyes are?
Just from looking at this picture...?
What is the BEST beauty product out there .....and why?
what kind of jacket does marilyn manson wear?
am i pretty or ugly???
Can someone rate the brands of contact lences in color, by quality of look ? From these which lenses look the
what are the best webs to find free erotic stories on Air Hostesses?
has anyone heard of explore does anyone know if it's worth it or if it works?
R vest tops cool? Bright coloured ones??
girls AND guys 10 points lets answer this ?
How can I make myself look pretty?
what does "emo" mean to you?
dark circles?
confused of beauty at college and education etc..?
Is a nose ring attracting?
why Madonna wouldn't want to come and visit Luang Prabang?
Shaving your legs after a spray tan?
i don't like the way i look? What should I do?
high school girls: how many of you are intimidated by good looking guys?
i have double eyelids but only on one side. how can i even them up naturally?
Is it bad to know your pretty?
PLEASE HELP!!! I need ideas for a name for my new beauty blog?
What do you think? Pretty or not?
What are your top favorite perfumes?
My boss just finger *** me? Is this sexual harrassment?
I plucked my eyebrows too thin in one long will it take for it to return to normal?
Low self esteem help?
could a man get an hour glass figure using a corset?
whats your top favorite color?
Should I return these boots?
GUYS: What fragrance can a girl wear that drives you crazy (in a good way, of course!)?
Girls, what do you think of me? pic?
how did rockabilly's dress?
Are these items of clothing cute?
What should i bring to an interview at bath & body works?
What are the BEST false eyelashes that STAY on?
Can you change your shape of your nose?
How can I look more like a girl?
What do you think of her look?
boys why do you do this and girls has this happend to you?
Rate? 1-100? Just wondering ;D?
acrylic nails with artificial tips?.?
Who lies super long fingernails?
Am I Pretty?
Whats your favorite brand of jeans?
who is the latest miss universe?
How much more will I grow?
What should we do?(girls sleepover)?
What are GUY'S opinions on cl!t(hood) piercings?
Cute nail ideas? Any suggestions?
What's the best thing a girl can look for in a teenager?
What are the fashion trends at your school?
Who do u know could use a major makeover?
What would be some advice for a pale brunette with gray-blue eyes?
How can I get a bedroom like Daphne's from Switched at Birth?
Do you think this girl is pretty? please answer!?
do u believe in horoscope if so y?
alright i got a couple of things to do tommorrow but what order should i do them in?
Is having nice teeth an important feature on a person?
does the new fair & white work?!?!?
Calling Alllll Pretty Girls!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
Where can I buy cheap perfume online?
What should I wear to this party?
how can i get my nails to grow faster?
What color are my eyes? And what shape would you call them?
What color braces should I get?
Can There Be 'Teen' Swimsuit Models?
what is it like to lose your virginity?
Is she copying her style/look? *pics*?
What does Marcellus Wallace look like?
do you think i am too skinny?
can a black person be emo???
how do i dress like the popular girl on teen wolf?
I was told I look Brazilian. Is this a compliment. I'm fully black?
Good skin what is the secret?
What celebrity do I look like? And should I dye my hair?
Who's Hotter?
Which name sound more posh for man (10point)?
girls.guys.answer my question !! Thanx ..?
What shape should my eyebrows be?
please help me?
Why do many girls think....?
Help with facebook pictures?
Is it ok to wash your hair once every six months?
dark or light hair color. *pics*?
My Logitech Quickcam won't open?
Who is the prettiest?
Are there any good magazines out there that focus more on beauty and fashion instead of sex?
Is it okay to be wierd?
What is a good cleaning solution for white gold. My wedding ring is dirty and I would like to clean it.?
does your face change, or stay the same ?
am i pretty? im sorry i just have bad self esteem ?
do guys like girls with curves or that are much thinner?
How old do i look?
ladies at home do you ever wear any footwear?
Do i have chicken legs?
what do u wear to bed?
Thanx Guys, you really helped, well some of you at least!!!?
Which is the prettiest Name?
What do gothic girls act like?
Do you think im pretty?
Would i look okay as a blond? (Pics)?
WHich of these girls is the most beautiful?
would god prefer boxers or briefs?
latest looks for winter?
what would you girls rate me as?
gel nails / and gel toes?
Mirror Mirror on the wall, who really is the fairest of them all?
girls only- would you date this person? pix?
I want to change my look, How should i change it?
i wanna to talk to my mum to tell her that i want to wear briefs not boxers but how do i tell her?
braces hmm...!!?
Do I look like any celebrity?
Just Another Question About Appearance (For Girls :p)?
what make a person sexy,pretty and outstanding?
Am i a good looking guy ? will i get your attention GIRLS ?
Ladies,what size shoe do you wear?
What are the most artsy teen stores?
Do you think most girls that have beautiful faces don't have great bodies?
i want to be a model......?
Would these look good together?
Do I look like any celebritys?
classic question?
Should i get my ears pierced? Guy?
Cotillion dress help??????
what you guys have against Brazilian waxes?
Tongue Rings On Girls, Hot or Not?
what do you think of me
What can I do with sensitive skin and shaving?
What are the Best self tanners?
What do you think? (pic included)?
how do i ........................................…
Which dress looks best on me?(pics)?
Is it fair that unattractive people get treated worse than good looking people?
If you were 12, what would you want for your birthday?
Right i have dark brown yeah?
lacoste touch of pink?
Looking nice for a special event?
What perfume should I get?
Where can I find an Aveda hair t-shirt?
How to dress "indie" for a party?
Good modeling sites?!?
plzzz help ist beauty problem?
GIRLS!! would u wear this......?
Why does everyone make fun of the hair on my skin?
Could I potentially model (pics)?
where would you rather shop and why? Abercrombie or Hollister?
i would like to be a model ?
Where can I find an engagement ring in my size?
what is the most important thing for attract a handsome girls?
How old should I allow my child to pierce her ears?
Hot Topic Coupons/Promo Codes ?
what can I do about my lip injections?
Your favorite season????????????
What nationality do I look like?
What Soap Do I Use While Washing My Thongs?
When a guy asks you "what color dress are you wearing"?
Is anorexia nervosa or EDNOS a more severe disorder? Why is that one more severe than the other?
Name one thing you'd change about your appearance?
I wish I looked like her?
Girls: What physically makes a guy handsome?
what should I add in mehndi for better color?
How do I get rid of dark circles under my eyes?
so how do i look? pic?
i know you hate these...but...?
Am I considered good looking?
SOmetimes the beauty of the world overwelms me so much that I want to just throw?
What is the secret of why black people dont like water?
Why does it matter what you wear or...?
What are some good and cheap stores for teens to shop at?
Helppppppp pleaseeee?
toilet paper or babywipes?
Guys, would you date someone like Queen Latifah, or an uglier, but skinner girl?
What do you love about yourself?
what do you guys think of eyes like these?
Who is hotter and prettier?
i shaved my upper lip!! what do i do!!?
Girls, have you ever wished you were a different height?
who is Paolo Gucci?
what would you do if you could be the opposite sex for a day ?
Can anyone give me a way I can wear my hair?
Does anyone actually choose to wear stuff from Wal-mart or is it a matter of budget only?
Does it look like I've matured within the past year?
I want to lose about 25 lbs. and am wondering what's the best way to lose it?
What kind of tights have a control-top like texture down to the toes?
i want to pierce my bellybutton myself?
can a guy wear this jacket?
What can I do to look better?
(Guy) Do I have an innie or outie bellybutton (PIC)?
yellow-ish eyes?
First Kiss, when should it happen?
Do you honestly think this is the prettiest girl you've ever seen?
Are we a cute couple?
Does it matter how many followers I have on my blog?
What celebrity do I look like? (pics)?
are purple streaks in my hair a bad idea?
First Impression and Age (picture)?
Is there any difference between braces and invasalign braces as far as result,quality, and cost goes?
If you live in Chicago, what are some great spas to go to?
Can you file down acrylic nails yourself?
hair ideas for school?
This is a question for the men and women, what is the best cologne for a guy to wear? Any favorites?
Apparently I Look Emo. . . What Do You Think?
do I look like a model?
who do you think is prettier?
in your opinion am i really chubby?
How often do you bathe or shower and which soap & shampoo do you use how often do u wash ur hair??
Who is prettier??? 10 POINTS!!!?
would you consider this a good jean size for my height ?
well i need another persons opinioon?
Underwear and American Eagle Jeans?
Why is it so hard for petites to become models?
what age does your features become more prominent/sharper?
do contacts agervate or hurt?
can a guy wear a pink hoodie ?
People say I look Conceited, Stick-up & Fake...?
boxer shorts: its a guy question?
Some beauty opinions/advice?
What is a good eye cream?
What's your favorite book on beauty?
Is it just me?
can i use veet wax strips to wax my chest ? im a girl?
Whatcha think of this poem?
does drinking alcohol make you fat?
Do girls like this kind of guy? ?
Who's the girl you have seen the most beautiful?
Am I too sexy and I know it?
i am 19yr whch bra should i wear?
why did they call me ugly?
Girls how can I make myself look more attractive?
plzzzz tell me about any one of your special incident which took place when u were small?
Tell me if I am Hot? only for guys!!!!?
Girls will you go out with a male model(pic)?
i just bout some contacts and one ripped?
i'm so ugly what do i do?
who here likes to get pampered like a princess?? wat do u get?? manicure, etc...?
What is the best perfume you have ever used and what store did you get it at?
Do you think brown eyes are pretty?
What do I look like in your eyes?? Pics?
How to make homemade ear retainers?
Could I be a male model?
What flowers (or colors of flowers) would look nice at a wedding with these colors?
Is my friend pretty ......... ?
Are aspirin masks for acne dangerous?
What is the prettiest eye color?
Abercrombie Employees?
Model type? :) (link included)?
rate me 1 -10 .1 ugly 10 pretty?
What kind of face peircing would look best on me?
I'm 18 and still single (PIC)?
What beauty blogs do I need to follow on tumblr?
what is the regular treatment for feet & hand ?
What can you do to become a more fun and interesting person?
Whta is too thin??
How is this guy cute? (pic included)?
What hair color is this?
Is wearing just a cami in public immodest?
My sweatpants are WAY too long?
how do i look?
Is it ok for guys to wear girls clothes?
Do you remember when the thong was a shoe?
I'm a salon owner and would like to know what would attract you to a salon.?
How do you girls feel when you wear high heels?
How long does a gillette Venus spa breeze razor last?
i've heard that taking a lemon in the morning before eating anything else makes our eyes brighter, is it true?
Does She Look Filipina?Pics Included?
Men - shaving in the 1940's?
Rate me and tell me what could i change in my style?
Fall Shopping Ideas (14 yrs old)?
how old do you think i look?
Do u say Pop or Soda?
EASY 10 points, if you can correctly guess...?
what do you think about THESE FEET? (PICTURES)?
What would u call her haircut ??!!?
Victorias Secret PINK link question.?
Can anyone help me with this?
how to change my Avater's cat costume ?
picccccctuuuresss. ;D?
What are these hoop earrings called?!? photo?
What actress has wavy golden brown hair and hazel eyes?
i got my ears peirced without telling my parents. what should i do?
are belly button rings sexy?
Do women have the same technique as men where they smell their own underwear to find out if it is clean?
Do you think this girl has a really big, nasty butt?
who's prettier, me or his ex? *pics*?
where can i find a makeup/cosmetic school/classes in houston tx?
Where Can I Find A Waistcoat Like This?
i have 2 dollars left on my credit card. what should i get?
What picture should i use?
Am I an ugly or pretty person?
Am I pretty?
What is the best pic of me?(pics icluded)?
Why I hate H&m , although they have some really nice clothes ?
Are my eyebrows bad? (pic)?
What do you think of me?
How do i get into a modeling agency?
How do you tell someone that you don't like them?
What do girls think about 5 o'clock shadows?
am I really the ugly ducking compared to my sister? See Pictures?
who are the current reputable modeling agents in NY state?
What color are her eyes?
How would i describe this haircut to a stylist?
plese tell me a site in period?
Does she have a big chin to you or face looks weird? s?
How to be more pretty?
Do you think shes pretty... im falling for her?
Going for a spraytan?
best price for nails in Corvallis?
What is the best smelling johson lotion?
How can I be more attractive (pictures)?
is this dress flattering?
Recommended Brand of Tampon?
Cheap-er pills for acne?
Am I fairly good lookin or ugly?
What colour are your eyes?
Quick question about modeling for A&F/Hollister/(Anything that genre)?
Why is it acceptable in today's society for women to enhance body parts?
Who's hotter? Asians vs. Mexicans & why?
Do I look a little like Leighton Meester??
Do I look like Ariana grande?
Am i pretty, ugly or plain? (pics)?
Is this an ugly shirt?
how do i look?
Am I pretty? ?
What kind of jacket is this?
guys and gals by this description would u date me?
I am opening a beauty salon. should i rent the treatroom out to people or hire staff which will cost?
Has anyone used the strip nail polish sold by Avon?
cood i pull this off?
Which body looks better?
Is this TRENDY?
does anyone get anxious when going to the hairdresser's ?
Which dress is prettier and why?
I need a make over HELP!?
Good Cologne?
why am I so handsome???
Do we look like SISTERS?
I just trimmed my eyebrows way too much how long till they grow back?
Looking at my avatar picture...?
fingernails weak and can't use hard as nails?
If you suddenly got bald, would you decide to wear a wig?
how would i become a mystery shopper?
Whats your first impression of me?
Do I look prettier now or no change?
hey guys is my style alright and how do i look?
What's your favorite Victoria secret perfume ?
Do you think im pretty?
How can I tell my mom I want to shave my legs?
What size shoe is my boyfriend in women's?
how do I get on the porgram "how to look good naked" from the lifetime network? Can't find a link on the site?
What is the fashon for girls these days?
am i fat? please answer?
Please please please help.?
What is the best indoor tanning lotion to use on kind of fair skin?
How do you get tickets for fashion weeek and where?
What is you opinion of this?
Can't understand if my contact lense is inside out or not?
Belly ring question? Help?
What is the age category of this product?
Painting over gel nails?
Is this guy REALLY HOT or is it me?
I've got lots of pimples....?
what about this look?
Help me chose my kik username?
Who's hotter? Asians vs. Mexicans & why?
where can i get this thing i have been hearing about called a mirror?????:S?
Do I look like a celebrity?
Hi, how can I look my age...?
Am I pretty?
why are there balls in the end of my sleeves on my North face jacket?
what does this mean.???
Which bra should I get?
trying to find the phone number of felicia brown she lives in new kent london england?
What is the best electric shaving machine for men?
i want extentions but need advice?
Guy/Makeup/Hair/Clothes Advice!!! Please(:?
what should I add in mehndi for better color?
Should men pluck their eyebrows?
do i have to worry about my barbell earring?
What's a lightweight Aveeno moisturizer?
How do I stop biting my nails! Please help!?
Best store to get bust measured?
What is the purpose of shower gel?
II got a spray tan but have bloatches of tan on me. I?
Have i over plucked my eyebrows? pics.?
what should i wear to a Justin Bieber concert?
Which is sexier a woman with or without tattoos?
how do u get a double eye lid?
Does Gabe Sapporta smoke cigarettes?
Please help! Why is this ..? *10 points for best answer.?
How long does a nail buffer usually last?
What should I wear for a job interview at Ulta (beauty store)?
People never tell me I'm pretty?
Guys only: What clothes do you like on a girl?
What can I do to be prettier?
HELP!PLEASE!!!how and what r some good modeling ancencies?
mens jeans on sale cant find my size or know the brand?
Is Superficial Halo & Ilovesimba888 online? (only for them 2 people)?
Are my eyebrows messed up? (pics included)?
What color are these eyes?
Rate out of 10? :D (with pics)?
Should i get surgery (nose job) ?
What is the point of trimming the eyebrows?
How would you wear these??
about cosmetology school?
do you think its wrong if a 13 yr old has a nose piercing?
How you look?
Is it safe to wash faux suede?
How should I clean my Tiffany's necklace without ruining it?
how tall are you when you're 13 and how tall are you now?? :)?
Can you recommend a good day spa in London?
Do I have a weird looking belly button (guy)?
What do you think of guys getting both ears pierced?
does pop nail polish test on animals?
Which way does it look better..?
I am not sure if I have what it takes to become a proffesional model.?
How to be handsome without mustache?
Beyonce - Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover girl?
Which girl is prettier? [pics]?
Ok wat if the whole word look al ike wat whould u do?
when you were 13, or if you are?
Halloween dress up ideas?
GIRLS ONLY what should i be for Halloween?
Who's Hotter?
Am I PRETTY!! Picture attached, thanx!!!! RATE ME!!?
am i fat??????
what is your fav cologne or pefemte?
"Classy" Party - What Should I Wear (Persona - Woman)?
Why bother getting used to thong underwear?
Hey could u rate me please?
Can't find the Chanel engagement ring I want anywhere. Please help!?
Why do ppl keep asking if they are pretty!!!?
On a scale of 1-10, how realistic does this picture look?
unique or not?
which picture do you like? :)?
How can I make myself smell nice and clean?
Does this guy look 26 to you picture included?
So freaking unconfident...?
Know any good stores that are cheap?
Do i look like Amy off the Secret Life Of The American Teenager?
Wat does this mean? wtf i dont get it?
This is not an advertisement of any sort, it is a legitamite question of opinion! Would you shop here?
What would u rate jessica alba's smile?
I would like to put my hair in other color, and my skin color is a little dark what color should I put?
scentura creations indiana?
what is exfoliate?
How many women have experienced having facial hair?
What photo should I make my profile picture?
This girl told me?
what are the most 10 popular gemstones in the US?
modeling plz help me ?
im having trouble getting even eyebrows?
Girls...I'm a guy who wishes he was a girl...what things would I enjoy most about being a girl?
helppp! okay so i like him?
what size shoe do yu wear???
why do i have low self esteem?
When does school start for everybody??
What do you think of my looks?
Isn't she Gorgeous? (Picture)?
Is it just me or do sexy women in open toe high heels look incredibly sexy!?
where can I fine some cute close at?
In your opinion, do you find red heads attractive?
Girls: Rate me 1-10 please? haha..?
Question for highschool girls on guys?
How many piercings should I get?
Is Old Spice shaving cream discontinued?
you mom is on ........?
What race (or races) would you guess I am?
Which girl do you think is the prettiest?
how can i look older?
Do girls date preps?
Could I become a model?
why cant fat people stop eating?
If you could have any eye color, what would it be, and why?
best numbing cream for waxing legs, underarms, private parts, and bikini areas?
Calvin Klein Summer for Men?
What nail polish color are you wearing?
Could i be a model & do i come off as a sl*t?? (pictures pictures)?
Based on appearance, how old do I look?
beauty contest and their impact on the life and psyche of women?
Do we look like these actresses? (Pics Included)?
what do i need to fix about myself?(pics)?
Why would a girl say I'm *ugly*?
Who would you define as "beautiful?"?
Hey ladies, what is a beauty must that you always keep in your purse?
Whatt iss a wing bra?
Could i ever be a model?
GUYS- what makes a girl attractive?
Would this hair color suit me s best answer?
Pretty or not, rate out of 10?
girls, how sexy do you find these guys?(i'll choose a random best answer)?
how old do I look???????????????????
Ladies why do you cross your legs?
Acrylic nails.. 10 points!?
what are the most 10 popular gemstones in the US?
why am i so ugly?
Getting scene haircut, help?
does waxing eyebrows hurt the first time??????
What should I do when my nail is about to break?
Is this makeup good with my eye? (pic)?
am i hidieuous?
AM I GORJUS? (pics) i think i am?
Which pendant Is better and Hotter?
Do you care about about your looks?
How do I look more like a girl?
Which one is the most beautiful?
Who is prettier?
what should i do about my neighbor?
Advice on how to make this prom dress cuter?
what could i pull off?
Is this a good bikini figure?
What hair color suits me better? (pics)?
What I want to know is...Am I scary-looking??
Could i be a model for teens?
Does anyone know how American Eagle Real for women smell?
Is this color red or pink?
Am i pretty/sexy/hot?
wich bra is cuter?
How to get rid of freckles?
i asked this before but it didn't work. picture. rate me?
i want to make my own pretty phone case but i dont know where to get rhinestones other than online ?
what do I wear?
As we grow older, does our style change and mature? ?
Just curious, what's my style?
would it look wierd if i just stopped shaving?
Does having blonde hair really make you more attractive to men?
how do I look to you? (picture)?
I look too long in the mirror?
Which Ray-Ban Eyeglasses suits me best?
What color does a girl prefer pink or blue?
i have a friend that slept with my boyfriend. should i still be-friend her?
Whose prettierr me or my m8?? Pic included <3 rate?
Do i look what age> ?
Uh, weird question but, ?
Are my eyes too far apart?
Avon's Imari Mystique Sample?
I just got my nails done and i think something is wrong...?
Do my cheeks look chubby?
on a scale of 1 to 10 (1 being painless and 10 being VERY VERY VERY painful) how much does waxing hurt?
are u wearing nail polish? if so what color?
Lip formation?
Can I get some suggestions for EXCELLENT nail salons in Magnolia/Tomball, TX?
How old do I look????????????
how to change this picture?
why people like salma hayek although not beautiful?
♥Can I exfoliate my face with a loofah?
How to get the most fabulous stomach?
what is sexier booty shorts or thongs?
What is the most attractive colour on a person?
how do i make myself prettier?
PLEASE, HELP!?!?!?!?!?
business name idea for my new nail studio?
What color of this jacket would look best on me?
Good sites for the lastest haircuts??
What cologne should i get as a 16 old male?
Do we look like twins?
How long does it take to stop hurting after a brazilian wax? Also, when does the hair start to grow back?
why do ppl think its weird that i remove the hair from my arms?
wats d most sedductive part in a girls body??
Is this jacket good for spring and autumn (10 points)?
boyish but sexy look for a girl?
Would a fringe or bangs look good on me? pic included?
Which girl is the prettiest (pic)?
Do i look okay help please (:?
How do you think i look? Rate me from 1 through 10?
Help me pick an appearance for my character?
Any girls interested in mentoring a cross-dresser?
Which photo do you think I should use as my profile picture?
who do you think is prettier?
How much does sally's beauty supply pay?
could I be a fashion model? PIC?
Can you tell me who's better looking?
Dressing as a girl for a party?
what are good stores for kids u no for back to school?
I need help so click on the link please?
What do you call a guy who makes silks?
What colour coat should I order?
How to impress the hottest girl in high school?
Girls, can you tell me what to do to...?
Do we look alike? who do you think is prettier?
Which of these photos, if any, would be okay to put up on my myspace?
which 1 do u GUYS like better girls w/ blonde hair & green or blue eyes?!?
Which boots are cuter? 10 PTS?
Girls, what sort of clothes do you think makes a man look sexy?
What eye color looks best on me? Blue or Brown?
help!! do i look like peaches geldof? pics*?
which color of these boots look better? (pics included)?
Which picture of me is best?
Is there a free website that allows you to,?
Who do you think is prettier?
When is fashion week 2013?
Does anyone know what the perfume is that is in a leaf shaped bottle?
Does petite mean short or skinny?
How can I improve my looks (Picture included) ?
Is this girl attractive to you? What could she change?
Am I fat, please tell me honestly, I think i'm really fat, how to loose wait?
What are the best contacts?
Converse??? What Color?
Do I look like Selena Gomez?
Sammy Dress Reviews ?
Is it okay to use acrylic paint on top of nail polish on natural nails?
I know you .even I want you to be my girlfriend?
Gah I want to be fake!?
what color dress would look best on me? pic.?
Look Down For Question Please?
Am I too tall for a girl?
ladies have you tried the sally hansen salon nail stickers?
Green eyes blonde hair?
Does this shirt smell clean to you?
Why are fake nails a not?
idk what cream to get help 10 points?
Do you consider dark eyes to be beautiful?
is painting your nails black gay?
Pink & White vs. Acrylic Tips?
What can I wear in a house party?(im a dude)?
My Bf thinks i am just Ok looking :/ how can i improve?
Can I apply UGG stain remover to just the stain, not the entire boot?
my nails they never grown when they grown they snap?
am i ugly????????????
i am the shortest kid in my class i need a nick name what should it be?
do i have the face to be a model?
would you steriotype me?
What hair color would look best on me?
Is this website real, or a scam?
which piercing do you like better?
Has anyone had or know someone who has had plastic surgery in Thialand? or India? and how did it turn out?
What is the best night antiaging cream for someone over 30?
Which hairstyle is more attractive on me?
Rate me 1-10 please >>?
Have you ever wondered if there was more to life, other than being really, really, ridiculously good looking?
hand modeling for Tiffany & Co.?
Which hairstyle looks better?
How do you shape your eyebrows?
Ladies, would you ever wear thigh-highs in public?
Do YOU think im pretty.. ugly.. cute ..very ugly?
Should I use this picture?
What age do I have to be to get piercings?
How do i dress like a pink-lady?
Is my Style Grimy or Gross? Pictures?
For how long can Lacost perfume kept unused after being used just once?
Which one of these two guys has better face and body ?
why do eye colors change???
ok so i want to model/act/
How can I make my face look manlier?
are these good pics 2?
nail fills....?
My Reputation is down the drain?
Do the length of your fingers tell you how tall you will grow? Then how tall will i grow??? Please read on!!!?
what physical feature do women find most attractive in men?
Any ideas on how to reduce the puffiness under my eyes?
Is this pretty beauty photo? :) (Picture included)?
what exactly is a lace wig/ how long do they last?
from this info am i fat?
What country do you think has the most beautiful people?
Anyone worked at Sally Beauty Supply? If so, how did you enjoy it?
Paper Problem? please read on...?
Am I a very skinny or avg sized 18 yr old? Pics!!?
what do you guys think of the Ulzanng & Gyaru look?
Do you know any good online makeup guides, especially those that cater to olive skinned women?
are we pretty.. (pictures)?
why did my girlfriend get mad at me?
Punk haircuts/styles for long faces?
what are outfits that are in style for winter ? (please inlcude pics)?
do you think I could be a model?
acrylic vs crystal nails???
gimme ur opinion? ' pics included.?
hair removal cream?
Im a boy who wants to be a girl but im too embaressed to buy makeup,nail polish, and dresses and im too scared?
Is the Lush skin line any good?
I want to model. Advice please. (:?
Could i be a model (pic).................?
Would a fringe or bangs look good on me? pic included?
Do i sound pretty?
what are gel nails?
A synthetic wig install?
Girls - do u shave ur legs in winter ?
easy ten points?
Is it bad I didn't tip this nail tech?
i wanna model for abercrombie?
What should I wear tomorrow to school?
Do Men Or Women?
What is jean yip price?
i want to have a french manicure?
Can plastic surgery make anyone look good?
How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?
how can i make my hairs look black and shiny without the oil and gels?
What is this perfume called? Does anybody remember it?
What would you wear to a cruise party?
Do you look good first thing in the morning?
How do i know i can model?
rate me 1 -10 people?
Where can I find Free Dental Services?
Does this guy look good?
weak jawline(small jaw)?
any one here bite there nails allot like Way to much how much do you bite them tell what point do you stop ?
what to do for chubby cheeks?
Which girl is prettier?
are violet eyes sexy?
are large chins unattractive on girls?
How old do you think she is?
Why do people say myspace is not a good place?
what are the world new perfumes for woman?
Can anyone give me a good smelling perfume with citronella oil?
What is the best fragrance to wear on a first date ?
What is the best anti wrinkle cream?
What does "true beauty" mean to you?
what does it mean when someone tell u have mad eyes?
Does New View Management Group modeling agency make you pay money?
What are some dance studios?
What are you wearing this fall?
has anyone been to MN nails in prior lake, just wondering what they are like price wise and experience wise?
If a girl says you look spiffy?
am i fat?? please tell me!?
I am searching for a design of earrings worn in old days in Hyderabad. It is called "Dandi patthi"?
Why are Smokers Skinny?
What am i on a scale of 1-10?
Where Can I Get a Customized Hockey Jersey?
tory burch sizing help?
what can i use/do to lighten my skin on my butt and on my knees?
Does it mean you are attractive if a random man comes up to you and hits on you?
What color are my eyes?
Are there any Australian beauty gurus?
Can I try to model? Not Phishing for Comments, Im a guy?
How do you get into modelling in Ireland?
Do girls like it when....................?
How should I wear my hair next saturday?
Does anyone no were to get sexy homecoming dresses?
Could you prescripe any medication that will prolong size of male insertor to keep it looks long?
WHO is Prettier?
Would we look cute together? ?
Haow Can you Tell if A diamond is real?
Can you return jewelry bought at one of the jewelry stores in the mall?
Whats the difference between beauty sleep and sleep?
What color are my eyes ????? (Pic included)?
OK Guys I need your help!!!! PICK one?
how could i be pretty enough in his eyes :(?
{PICS.} AM I hott!? Well I know I am but what do y'all think? ?
Why does beauty have so much significance when judging others?
Guys and girls: How can I be sexy without being slutty?
Hi, I am a skinny, tall guy, no kinda clothes, look good on me. So what clothes can I get that would look good
should i get bangs???????
Do you find any of these guys attractive?
Which girl/guy would you give a perfect 10 to?
How can I look more asian!!!?
Am I ugly??? pictures...?
do i have the looks for modeling?
Is this a good dress for semi formal?
Is there anywhere that I can find a wig in the style of Bill Kaulitz' hair?
cost of getting wax in beauty parlor?
Why don't ladies wear button down shirt as much as men?
How do I make my butt look better?
How do I get my nails to be strong, long and healthy? EASY 10 POINTS!
What should I wear to this party?
Do you think this girl is pretty(Pic)?
My eyes turn green when I'm excited. Why?
what do you think would be the perfect weight for some one whos 15 and...?
is a monroe piercing trashy?
Am I bow-legged? (pictures)?
how many shirts should I have for school?I am a 13 y/o girl going into 8th.?
How to look Attractive?
how should I do nail art designs on my dominant hand?
What to wear to a baby shower?
I can't believe I went out with this girl! Pic provided?
How do i look? Rate me please.?
why do man think woman should be skiny?
What kind of haircut should I get.?
Am I fat?Do you think I should lose a LOT of weight?
whats your favorite brand of shoes?
How do u say good afternoon in japanese?
What Kind Of Uggs Do You Have?
How do you make your smile look more genuine in pictures? My smile always looks so forced and fake.?
Which jacket is more stylish for a guy?
What do you think of what she is wearing?
Am I fat*(PIC)*?????????
hey do you like socks?
When is too much chest hair too much?
Whats a good top coat for your nails?
has anybody used police- dark for men perfumes and deo's? was the experience??
Poll: Are your hips: slim, medium, or wide?
Who grows old more Gracefully MEN or WOMEN????and who keeps there looks more ???
What's the best type and brand of shaving cream?
OK, honestly. Does your avatar really look like you?
What should i wear to party?
Looking for a bare bones baby nail clipper.?
How can u make ur makeup stay on longer??
How do you say, in your language, that you don't really need... :) ?
How do I look with a shaved head?
what are all the things drinking lots of water will help?
Making out and kissingggg....i need help.?
What is your favorite type of shoe to wear?
Should I go lighter or darker s!!!plzzz choose which looks better?
I think im ugly what can i do?
cheap website to customize greek letters?
Would this be an alright haircut for me (pics) Any other suggestions?
What color should I paint my nails?
what are some ways to become prettier?
Would you consider her pretty?
People keep on saying that I am pretty??????? Hahahaha.?
the good facts of plastic surgery?
Am i actually pretty? or are people just lying to me?
question about barbie, bratz, my scene, etc...?
That feeling you get when you get into a hot bath, when you're cold?
What's the meaning of "Let it be"?
Too skinny? Answer honestly please!?
Do I have high, good cheekbones?
how many bottles of perfume do you buy in a year?
What do you think? (pics included)?
Some girls treated good and others bad by guys...?
I want to go into modeling...?
Is this weird??? READ?
Girls. on a scale of 1 to 10 what am I (Pic Included)?
what should i wear to go here?
What shoes are you wearing right now, if any?
schools tommorow and im really nervous?
Girls advice please thanks in advance ?
Am I ugly? And was uctting my hair a mistake?
I need boobs! Help, please, I beg!?
Do you like any of thede usernames? Which?
do u look like ur avatar?
Rate me on a scale of 1 to 10?
Do I Look Like A Chav?
Pale on girls is not pretty?
How to know if the perfume is original or imitation(fake)?
How could i be prettier?
What does i take to be sexy?