Why do people think that blonde hair........?
i want to wear a skirt!!!?
what should i buy my best-friend for her engagment party?
Cutest girl in the picture? Be honesttt thanks =)?
Dior Homme or Davidoff Hot Water?
Could I be a swimsuit model?
Do you like your Driver's Licence photo?
anybody got an injection fetish?
Is he obsessed over me?with me?
hot or not dudes painting their nails?
Which picture would be best for senior pics? Opinions?
owh baby. picture?
How can i prevent myself from biting my nails, and make them grow longer?
What to wear to first year anniversary dinner?
do you think they are pretty?
how old do i look?
Will plucking facial hair cause more hairs to grow or is this a myth?
does this pic look better in b&w or color?
How much is too much to pay for sunglasses?
Fake tan.. Anyone know if this is true?
WhAt Do You consider yoUrSelF?
am i an ugly looking girl?
i don't feel beautifull?
How do you train to become a beautician in the UK?
What can I do to improve my looks?
Do you think she is pretty/attractive??
tell about my personalities?
so .. WHO DO YOU THINK IS PRETTIER? : alicia keys or rhianna?
What kind of nose will suit my facial features? (PIC)?
Best razor and shaving cream?
do you know if is reliable?
Im freaking out? Ugly?
What should i wear to party?
Are braces and glasses dorky?
Best store to buy sneakers?
A guy with his tounge pirced turn on or turn off ?
I am looking for a way to make a bit of extra money doing some modelling.?
GUYS Does this sound HOTT!?
If Been Looking For Old Rye T Shirts Were can I get One...?
do you think my legs are too fat to be wearing short shorts? *pics*?
how to become fair from weathish shade?
Do you think im pretty? or ugly?
hi, my frnd gave birth to a cyte girl 3yrs ago but she still has a bumpy belly. Doz any1 knw a way 2 reduce it
Any Beauty & Fashion Blog Directories?
Is She pretty? i just want an opinion?
What's your favorite/least favorite perfumes?
how can i become a actress/singer..??
Am I honestly that ugly?
ok now what if your still kinda big and still unhappy with your self and don't know how to dress sexy?
Guess how old I am in the picture?
Am I Really Ugly?? [picss]?
Rate this 13 Year Old Guy Out of 10?
Rate my looks please? quick and easy?
How can my nails grow in 2 weeks?
What kind of haircuts can men get?
do you think this hair cut would suit me?
zoo york shoes for girls?
how do i ask my mom to wax my eyebrows?
pretty or not.......?
Do I have a pretty smile? Should I try a different hairstyle? (pics)?
Most beautiful woman in the world?
how to keep yourself warm in a gown e.g. a tube long dress without a cardigan etc?
I want to be a model?
Which girl is prettier?
Only for the girls ! Is Jason Kay sexy ?
Where would you get free sample perfume bottles?
How to break the habit of biting my nails?
which one of these girls look better ?? (pics)?
question about this if it would make me sick or somethin?
which is the most attractive parts of boys?
Women with tattoos - nice or no?
how to keep earring holes open?
Can you get dimples by putting a eraser on the spot you want?
How can I take care of my hair, skin,nails, etc?
Fancy dress party, please help me out (PICS)?
Is it okay to pluck your hairs?
Private School Uniform?
I can't help feel I dont look attractive , could anyone give me and tips on how I could improve my image?
Who's the prettiest? We're all friends so it won't hurt!?
I'm having a mid-life crisis at 19 - i want to get something 'done' i.e. tatoo piercing - any ideas??
I feel Ugly((please help))?
How to get lighter skin all over?
do you think that i need to lose weight?
Can someone PLEASE help me look better?
Huge Next Year Makeover?
What color should I get in the Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse foundation?
Ladies... a question if you please! over 18 please?
What are some different looks I could do?
whats THE BEST TIP youve ever got from answers that youve just thought, WOW!!?
How can i look prettier? GUYS AND GIRLS!?
What are some things that I could do to change up my appearance?
Do you think I could try blond hair? *pic*?
does it look odd?
what size should I get in strechy jeans?
Rate the girl in the middle 1-10!!?
Girls: Can you help me find a dress?
can any girls help me out here?
Nail art brushes for acrylic use?
Those of mixed race, what do you think, what looks best?
am i pretty?
i really need to know where there is a primark?? please help ! xx?
i wanna grow tall.please help?
What color shirts go good with these shorts?
Is it weird that i like to eat my ear wax?
what hairstyle should i get? [pictures]?
How do you get the smell out of Mossimo Jeans?
GIRLS PLEASE: Is this guy hot?
@@@@..Key Necklace..@@@@?
wich pictureeeee pleaseee?
how to get a flat stomach and thinner thighs?
Is she pretty? (guys and girls your opinions please...?)?
What is so ugly about me? I dont see it?
Should guys manscape?
what colour shall i paint my nails?
What is popular right now to buy and specify who for?
Why is it that all the good lookin' babes shop at the mega malls and the heavy butts plow through WalMarts ?
Good website about style ?
does any one know of any shoes that i can buy that have realy good grip?
My skin is VERY fair, what is the best sunless tan product for someone like me?
Do I Really Look Like Beyonce?
As a woman, should I shave my head?
what is the most leading brand in the philippines?
Do I look fat to you? (Pic)?
Opinions on this Halloween costume?
do you like clay aiken with his new looks?
Why under arms get darker after shaving? How can I change it?
would i look good with black hair? (picture)?
First impression of me when you see my picture?
Guys, how was your Halloween dressing up as a woman?
Do looks actually matter in high school?
Does anyone know anything about this perfume?
GUYS:What scents do you like on a girl?
How can I make myprivate school uniform better?
I need help. I bite my nails and I want them to grow. Any tips on how to help me stop?
what color clothing looks best on brown skinned guys?
is she pretty? (20 characters)?
what is the hottest colour to paint your nails?
Is he good-looking? *pics*?
What do i call the nails?
Should i use fake blood or fabric paint to splatter my dress?
How can I look more girly?
Nail polish question?
What colour Vans authentic should I get?
Do you think im pretty ???????
What are you supposed to wear?
whats size shoe do you wear girls?
Do you shower everyday?
Is it just me who thinks my sister is beautiful?GMut0AA03109181809002"> about how much would it be to get your nails do at a nail school?
Wolf Contact Lenses?? WHERE?
What Do you Think About Brazilian Women Beauty?
How could I convince my mom to let me stretch my ears a bit?
My left boob is quite bigger than my right one!?
How old does she appear to be?
what looks girls look for in guys?
How old do i look? pics?
how can you make yourself appear taller?
How can i make my face smaller?
How to make acrylic nails?
i want to be beautiful like my friends.?
do i look like this person(pics)?
Why are Caribbean and Brazilian blacks so much prettier than American blacks?
how much does contact lens cost that are not disposable?
how can you make your legs shiny after shaving?
do i look like a cheerleader?
Do you think I'm pretty?
poll: am i pretty enough to be a model :P could i be a model?
which picture looks best?
Honest opinions: too fat? Too skinny?
Should I cut my nails?
how to remove blackheads easily without having to hurt myself or leaving a scar behind?!?
What styles should i go for, I need 6-8 (:?
College Christmas party tomorrow, what should I wear?
What's the best thing a girl can look for in a teenager?
FOR MEN ONLY : wud u prefer to date a girl wit curly hair/straight hair? wit a thin/fat figure?
Is it possible to get tips after i've already gotten gel put over my natural nail ?
What is the best way to apply fake nails?
Do I look better blonde or brunette?? *pics!* thankss!?
Am I skinny or average?
If a girls teeth are not perfect would that be a reason not to date her?
I need REAL honest opinions PLEASE?
How Do you think I look?
Why do i look bad (pic)?
This dress, yay or nay?
Guy insecure about a lot of things (esp looks) how do I get over it? (Pics)?
rate my looks 1-10 and be honest?
Favorite perfumes?! What gets you the most compliments?
Roxy Brand Clothing Junior Size to Regular Size?
how can i look better (pic included)?
Make over help!? Beauty people, this is an emergency?
Ideas for a character's appearance/looks?
how can you decorate the homepage??
Do you have 2012 prom gowns?
why are they called polka dots?
Do you have to be a stick to a model?
rate us all out of ten, please?
If a guy likes me how could i tell?
Is there a way I could start practicing cosmetology early?
Good name for a chic plus size clothing store?
how to know what you really look like?
what would you think if you saw a teen girl wearing these trainers/sneakers?
Is this fat, curvy, or maybe healthy?
What color highlights could try?
Should my hair be short or long?
Can I wear a dress I bought at the thrift store for a first date?? Pic included...?
What ethnicity does she look like?
What to tell my Parents?
is this a good hair color for winter?
What is this pattern called?
what size boobs would u guess she has?
how can i get my eyebrows like selena gomez?
what to do shave or wax?
am i too fat for a bikini? pics?
what kind of physique would suit me?
Back to school wardrobe!?
Do I have wolf/vampire eyes?
Changing state cosmetologist license?
What makes a girl ugly?
How much does color contacts cost?Lets say you're going to get them at walmart and from an optometrist.?
Girls how do i look attractive?
what do you think about guys shaving their legs?
Does fake glue on nails give you fungus?
is this a pretty picture or not?
girls are you ok with older guys finding you attractive?
Piercings- Would I suit this?
what kind of perfume smells really good?
Ear piercings?
Hair color and style suggestions?
Do i have any nice facial features that stands out ?
what girl name do you like best?
What's a good perfume?
Where shall I have my dermal anchor?
Hw good or bad i am looking in these pics.which one is best.give ratings plz 1 to 10.thx all i am waiting for?
low self esteem. help ? pictures
When you meet someone new after an hour or so what do you notice first Beauty or Personality?
Is this a nice dress?
Where can i buy these gauges?
Okay i'm 5'6 Pretty tall for a girl i know..?
Where can i find a 3 way split (heart) sisters necklace?
How many calories has 1. one orbit sugar free chewing gum?
Do you think i could be a model?
can you help me?? i would lyk to find where to buy Tulisa Contostavlos from n-dubz clothing etc, any1 no?
what is your impression on me , an what can i do to change my look 10 points for best answer;)?
what color r ur unmentionables????
do u know of any VICTORIA'S SECRET offer codes ?
Where can I find (decent quality) men's dress shirts online for about $20?
how do you get rid of blackheads in your ear?
favourite eye colour?
Are guys okay with short, skinny girls?
What do you think of how I look?
Am I skinny enough for modelling?
Would I look good with short hair!?!?! (PIC INCLUDED)?
!10point..Which name sounds best for a business person?
what stores sell piercing kits?
How to look gorgeous and chill?
My nails peel and are thin.?
How to wear these tops? help me please BEST ANSWER?
when i pluck out my eyebrows?
do i look anything like vanessa hudgens???
what are some good beauty pagents to enter in Ontario, Quebec, Buffalo or detroit area?
Do you have fake finger nails /tips? Or do you just wear your own?
ew. are my feet ugly? (picture)?
Are blues or green eyes sexier on guys?
This woman has the hottest bod i've seen in a very long time!?
What Procedure Would I Need To Fill In My Cupid's Bow?
omg, i'm crying now.?
what do you think of this girl?
iwant a cartoon pi c how please?
Pageant miss ?????? help?
who has a crush on somebodey in school?Tell us your feelings about he/she?
why do my hips look smaller?
is there an easy way to get fake nails off!?
is it ok for a 13 year girl to wax her upper lip or am i too young? oh and is there an alternative to waxing?
What should my little sis wear?
DOES MY face look normal in this pic?
How do I look here....?
How girl what man to look like?
Do boots and shorts together look kinda slutty on me?
How can i look rock chick whilst still wearing a school uniform?!?
Is she copying her style/look? *pics*?
Do I wear too much eyeliner, or does it look okay?
Would a Monroe or Madonna piercing look good on me? Or a lower lip piercing?
do i have small eyes?? (pic)?
I am 36 a mother of4, Is it ok to wear tight shirts and short shorts . I am 5'4 and 105lbs.?
why are boys doing this?
Girls&Guys! Who's prettier? Honestly...?
How old do I look....?
Pentecostal women can you wear perfume?
Time for second bikini wax?
what age may i work at sally beauty?
How old do I honestly look?
What's your favorite/least favorite perfumes?
Okay how bout this pic?
any 1 know how i can get in modelling?
Can you where white gold and yellow gold together?
Anyone out there with good fashion?
Which Girl Is Prettiest?(:?
Hey there! I'm trying to come up with sence names for Shelby. I'm having a hard time, as you can see. ;.;
Have a real complex about having small breasts...?
Which picture is the best?
I have lots of pimples on my face, how can i get rid of them???
While using Epiduo can you have facial waxing?
Do you think i am pretttty [[pictures]]
Need help from Italy!!!?
Make up question?
Do I look horrible in this picture?
Worried after threading my top lip!?
Ever slept in the bath/shower?
What is the most popular boho chic haistyle worn by celebs? and what celebs are boho chic?
why do some girls shave their eyebrows off completely then draw it back on with a make-up marker?
i live in G-Vages i want to know a natural way to lose my belly and the fat on the side?
Eyebrow Threading Places?
Why is it considered bad for men to wear pink?
would you get put off by a woman if you discovered she had hairy armpits?
is there a sale on coach bags at macy's this time of year?
Im 15 Do you think i can be a model?
I'm a light-skinned black girl who is 14 years old. I'm only attracted to white boys, but...?
i'm going on a model showcase?
Does Anyone Like to get their Eyebrows Threaded in Boston area?
Free websites that airbrush photos no download?
Is this girl attractive/hot to you?
How could I make this look good?
Big Butts... Sexy or not?
what colour bra to wear on a night out under a white shirt dressed as a school girl?
Which picture of this girl do you like better for my AP art project??!?
Can someone please tell me where I can buy White Fire perfume by Grossmith?
does anyone know where they bleach you butt?
Ladies: Do you treat yourself to spa treatments every once in a while?
is his bone structure bad?
Is Shaving your arms OK?
Do you think I am ugly?
What muscles do Girls actually like?
i mean if people dont liek the way i dress why dont they say something insted of giving us dirty looks?
Which perfume of the following smells the best in your opinion? Read Below...?
To tan or not to tan, that is the question.?
How long before i can change my belly buton ring?
Anyone have a recommendation for a pediatric dentist?
What girls do you find beautiful?
Is it normal for a man to not start losing hair until he is in his 40's?
What Appearence do you like better PLEASE HELP?
Girls! Do you like this outfit?
which heels are better for a formal party?
What do you do the day of prom?
is a guy who is 5'9 considered "short"?
Are these vans cute?
would you get a nose job if you had a nose like mine?
how many nails salon in Cherry Creek?
Is anyone subscribed to EXPRESS E-mail??!?
Is there any difference in formaldehyde & toluene free nail enamel/polish than there is to normal nail polish?
What do you thinK?
i want to change my side bangs back to their middle parting?
Could I Model. If no, why? Can I change something to look better?
teeth straightening HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Does she look her age at 17?
What haircut would go?
How do i talk to people while cooking food in front of people?
Rate her look. How pretty is she?
To the guys...Is it a myth that thongs are hot?
why when i take photographs i look ugly ?
Which swimsuit? Guys Q. (PIC)?
what is the average price of a pair of SEVEN jeans?
Girls with large backs... Ugly or not?
I pierced my cartilage at home the other night. Should i be using hydrogen perioxide or alcohol to clean it?
Am I ugly? If yes, how can I fix it?
Which girl is most attractive.?
why is so important for so many people to be trendy??
I have skinny calves. help me pleez????
i hate getting my bikini waxed and cream makes me spotty so does shaving ..any other alternatives?
How to improve on perfection?(Please no uglies respond)?
how many licks dose it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop?
How long do Mystic tans last?
Anyone have a Mansfield Beauty Academy class ring for sale?
Rate me 1-10 ???????????????????????
do i look like kristen stewart?
How to feel comfortable in your own skin?
Is my body really super disgusting? (PIC)?
_____Which hairstyle suits me best?____?
What kind of nailpolish are you wearing right now?
Can the sun bleach your teeth?
why are some girls obsessed with being popular?
Does anyone know the name of this model?
whats your favorite mens colon?
Do people think we look alike because we're both black?
What facial piercing should i get? [picture]?
Color matching? turquoise, pink, and very little white?
i have nice tanned skin but on my face its a little bumpy what workes best im in AUS. any ideeas??
Hiding Forward Helix Piercing?
help, i need advice on dating.?
how to style this jacket? 10 points to best answer.?
How do you become a fashion model if you leave in the middle of no where?
i want to cut down d fat around my belly area and leave my hips as they are?
what nail colors are in this fall?
Has anyone ever used Pheromones?
Do you find me good looking?
Is Elliot Brown commercial modelling agency still running?
Why do people enforce European standards of beauty on non-euporeans?
Is chest and belly hair preferable?
How do I get pretty?
which celeb do i look like :P?? pics in link?
who did audrey hepburn quote for her famous beauty tips? :"For attractive lips, speak words of kindness..."
Girls,is it normal for a guy to have less shoes than his girlfriend(10 points)?
GIRLY Makeover for boy :)? .. help!?
what picture should i use?
do I look good with or without makeup?
which is prettier...?!?
How would you define a person as classy?
What is something you cant live without?
what to wear to a club in new york?
Girls 13-15 rate me 1-10 10 being highest?
Too skinny? Answer honestly please!?
A good messy hair style for a guy?
am I model material?
which girl is prettier?
how to be more approachable?
What does Revlon Colorstay Foundation do?
Which Girl is prettier, 1 or 2?
Am I pretty? Average? Ugly? :D?
is she attractive?
I'm a redhead, and i'm sick of being ugly. how do i get pretty?
To girls:which man perfume do you like?
What should I wear for a job interview at Ulta (beauty store)?
Anyone in Edison NJ area looking to buy or sell Mary Kay?
What are good colognes that you can buy at shoppers? is it for real?
Which Levi's jeans has the lowest rise?
who is the most beautiful?
hard costume question!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Should I wear this onn the boardwalk? Picturee ;)?
How can I get rid of dark circles under my eyes?
What's your first impression of me? (pics)?
What would you say my body shape is? (pics)?
How terribly chubby am I?
why does this picture keep getting reported?
Clear braces or metal?
50's Day at school??
I'm thinking about modeling, tell me what you think.?
10 points best answer!?
Can anyone help me with this PROBLEM? girls required//?
Should I go dark or light blonde?
Should I wear this to my girl's homecoming?
I've just signed up to this model agency and want to know if u think it was money well spent. Pics inside?
where can i find a shirt for big men that says grandpa on it?
Guys, what Is attractive?
How to make my nails grow into the acorn shape?
what do you thinkk? honesttlyy? picss includedd !?
What is your favourite perfume / fragrance?
Do you think she looks like briteny spears?
Which abercrombie perfume smells better? abercrombie spirit or abercrombie fragrance?
Calling all girls!!?
17 female, 5'9 (Picture) Can you guess my weight...?
Does this look work for me?
Is there a bay to close ear piercings?
Girls...what does the word "girly" mean to you?
Is it safe to wear contacts that r smaller than our eyes?
I need a new bikini...?
Eyebrow help ;) [pic]?
Help me with shaving problem?
How do I get a body like tailor Laurent?
Good hair cut for me? am i overweight? (pics included)?
is it bad to be rated a 7 out of 10 by a boy?
is it weird if girls have a mohack?
What does a 'full body wax' actually include?
Is she pretty? rate 1-10?
What skin color do I have?
Does this look on the wrong side? [picture!]?
Girls,which is most attractive in a guy?,tallness,tan skin, fashionable or deep voice?
GIRLS ONLY!! Personal ques.?
What to wear to an interview? I'm a guy?
is this a good way to lose weight?
I need contact info for modeling agencies in chicago to represent a woman like me...?
what is the purpose of drinking lemon and water?
What are some must-have perfumes?
who likes the song on my myspace?
Do you think I could model?
Take a look at this pic !! Girls only!!?
How can I improve my appearence?
my hairdressers was weird?
Stores like forever 21 or Papaya ?
How would you wear a white/cream sweater with a black skirt? What colour tights?
which outfit do u like better?
is being a bookworm bad?
How do I look without makeup?
How do people get Hairstyling apprenticeship?
Would you like a guy/girl if he wore contacts or glasses?
Why DONT women do this?
Which looks better on me? Contacts or glasses? Pics included....?
What veronica mars episode????????????
Which male size is most beautiful?
who has ever peirced thier own nose?
Make-up/fashion tips?
which one of these heights can make a girl more attractive?
Am i too skinny!? *picture*?
Okay i'm 5'6 Pretty tall for a girl i know..?
sponser fee??
Which Picture Do You Like The Most? (=?
How can i make my eyes pop more naturally?
Rate me from 1-10 please?
What do you smell like?
Miss Heart Of America Beauty Pageant?
how does this out fit look on me?
help with homecoming?
just a curious question.. who is prettier?!?
Does the scarf make me look gay?
Which picture is best?
Will side bangs look good on me or not?
Am i fat, should i lose weight?
Girl: Do u wear ur underwear or bra to sleep?
which names do you think is better?
is it true many celebrities use la mer? why? do u think it works to prevent aging?
do you think i have a chance?
Ugly exterior makes me feel ugly on inside?
Whats sexier, a police officer or a fireman?
PROM DRESS 2011!!!!!!!!?
What are the most popular boots for teen girls other than uggs?
Can you make rosewater, if so how?
How do u think I look like?Do u think I'm beautiful?answer please?
which dress is prettier?
Odered from FOREVER21 online and have a hole in my shirt!?
any home remedies to make wax?
Why do women have to open their mouth when putting on mascara?
I'm really short and just started high school today everyones so tall!! helppp??
How old would you say!?
I'm a 14 years old guy , should I have my moustache?
Should i go into fashion?
Girls, what do you think of this text? 1-10?
My girlfriend is pushing me to send my pics to a model agency...?
Do you think Miss Japan should have won Miss Universe?
is there any way to get blood out of jeans?
What is the Best Perfume a person of the opposite sex ever wore?
When the lady is waxing your eyebrows?
How much do snakebites hurt?
What should my UK shoes size be?
Honestly, glasses or no glasses?
Do you think I could model?
anybody know how to make nails stronger?...?
Folica question?
false nails... pros and cons ?????
Be honest.. do you think this picture is emo/scene?
Am I pretty? Ugly? Normal?
would you wear this outfit?
How much do spider bite piercings hurt?
Why do you sneeze when you pluck your eyebrows?
my friend dressed me up?
Do short girls (petite) look strange w/ tall heels/wedges?
Do I look at least average ?
How happy would you be if your name was 'Santiago Carlos Rey-Hermosilla'?
If you are a cosmetologist or if you studying a cosmetology, why is that important for you?
Think of a make-up routine for an 8th grade girl, please?
Im a guy and I'm really pale, help?
should i use lighter or darker make-up? (pics)?
should i go blonde or stay brown?
what should i dress/do my hair like?
Best picture out of these 2? (links included)?
Steve Jobs During Young?
Could I be a model...............?
What type of haircut should i get to hide my receding hairline im a 15 year old girl..... thanks!!!?
will a brown north face (denali) coat look good with my comlexion?
How do bangs look on me?
When you hear these names what do you think of?
Do i look like some one you want to eat?
I have a terribly low self-esteem. Do you think that I am pretty?
What should I dress up as for hollywood spirit day?
What is an excellent fashion magazine?
model status?
For the ladies, what facial feature do you find the most attractive in men?
Please help me understand?
can someone help me...?
Do you think that im too?
Would we look good together....?
Help Please ers :)?
Should I get surgey on my feet?
Which Hairstyle suits one best on a sari?
Do you think I am pretty at all?
Where to buy these kind of leggings? (10 points)?
How do I stop biting my nails?
Poll Time!!!!!! This or That????
In your opinion whats the most desired race of women?
Does anyone know what undertones a neutral complexion has?
How old do I look? Am I attractive/pretty?
If people think blue eyes are the best then why didn't I get as many compliments when I wore blue contacts?
HELP ME!!!!!!CHANGING MY NAME!!!please!!?
Before you die, what are the THINGS you want to see/PLACES you want to visit?
Ear piercings bleeding? pleeeaasee help!!?
Can perfume be stored on its side?
girls-can u rate this guy?
PLEASE HELP my boyfriend is moving schools!!!!! we have been together for 2 years!?
Help Please! Returns on river Island!?
Does anyone know anything to even skin tone? please help me!!?
Honest opinions? which photo of me do you prefer?
I know, I know but is she pretty?
Laser treatment!!! please share your experience..?
where can i find women that look like the women in those music videos. because they are not in my city "kansas
Can I get a Belly Piercing ?
im reaaallllllly self concious. what do i do?!?
hey guy if u really like a girl, how she looks, does it meter for u that she has her noes done & ets?
hey girls ;)........?
Any opinions on Rikeesa Salon & Spa in Cheshire, CT?
How do I look just has a major revamp!!?
Which would you rather wear?
What Race Do You Think I Am?
Who do you think is prettiest?
does anyone know of a good place to get a trendy haircut in San Antonio?
Any sheepskin protector sprays apart from Ugg kit?
Anyone know anything about starting a modeling agency?
omg, i'm crying now.?
Is this dress good for a party?
How old do you think I am?
I'm wondering if a .52 carat engagement ring is too small for a ring size 7 ring size hand?
On a scale from 1-10?
Do you think this is a good costume?
should i wear this?
where can i find waist binders for women?
What are some ways that I can gain weight+a few other questions?
Valentines Day, and i need a good hair style!!?
Is this a cute outfit? MINT pants..? s?
Does my bf look handsome on the T-shirt I bought him :P?
How would you describe your AESTHETIC sense?
where can i edit pictures for free?
Would you rather be exotic beauty or all american?
is this a good pic....?
how should i do my hair for Spring Formal ?
Body polish look...!!!?
my bf says weird stuff over the phone when we....?
Has anyone seen the AIX shower gel commercial?
What do people usually wear when they graduate H.S.?
What is a good eye cream?
She is still getting over her ex, what shall i do?
How much should i tip the Great Clips person who cut my hair?
is every girl 20% more beautiful than she thinks?
How do I make my dress look longer?
Guys.... What makes a girl pretty.?
what do you think about her?
Do I have fat thighs?
Would you say I changed alot in my body? And would you consider me pretty? (Pictures)?
Which one should be my profile picture?
Girls...if your friend invited you over for a "girly night in", what would you expect to do when you're there?
who is prettier??(pics)?
What color is my hair....? (Pic)?
Different hair styles for school?
Should I wax my eyebrows (pic inside)?
Which picture for my myspace? :)?
Who's prettier & why???
which girl is the prettiest? (pic) ???
Septum piercings....?
Do you have a favourite colour and what does it say about you?
should i have my friend pierce my body if she has did a good job on others?
1 - 10? what d'ya think?
Who do you think is prettier? pics included?
Do you think I have the most beautiful eyes you ever see on my id?
OOPS I slipped and said something DUMB what 2 do?
I look too innocent!?
yo fellas what is your preference??? Thigh High stockings??
I have no idea what to wear, what to do for my hair, and makeup help!!?
guys only: What kind of attire would you wear to a dinner dance, and what colour is more appropiate?
Beauty skin question!?
does this picture look too "myspace"?
how can i look really hot ''pics''?
How to be more like Effy from Skins?
Is this a good picture to put on myspace?
Girls what do you think of this guy?
do you like antique shops?
.s which name is better?
Should I try for a summer fling with this guy ?
How old do I look?
bump on cartilage piercing?
can someone help me? girls only.?
Is anybody p.o.'ed about my last question?
What colour clothing should I wear with a black and white bag?
honest opinions about my appearance?
What do you think...?
What Celebrity Does She Look Like?
Does that Saint Ives Apricot Scrub really work?
Hot or nott?? PIC INCLUDED?
Is My Nose Ugly/Big? ( pics )?
Do you think the 80's was a cool decade?
I'm growing my nails..?
hello.i wonder how much expensive is to make shoping clothes in SUA?
Getting acrylic nails off?
does it hurt to get ure EAR LOBE peirced!?
Biches delema? CURVES?
Which of these female look the smaller uk clothes size? what uk clothes size do both look?
what's the first thing you do in the morning when you wake up?
Do athletic guys make girls drool?
Would this dress be suitable for a natural pageant in the Jr. Teen Category?
can you dread dreadfalls like regular dreads?
GIRLS: do you like it when guys sag their jeans?
Rate this outfit from 1-10?
Pic of body.... your opinions?
Why am I so ugly....?
Where can I buy the glycerin silicon hand cream?
do you think she's preatty?? PICTURES INCLUDED?
Ladies,what height do you consider short and tall for a white American man(10 points)?
Is she pretty? What do you think?
Witch outfit do you like best?
Why do a person tell you that its not you in the picture ?
should i go from 14g to 8g?
A Bath uses 50 gallons of water. How much water could a person save in a week takin a shower instead of a bath?
How could I convince my mom to let me stretch my ears a bit?
how do I look super sexy?
Whats the diffrence ??????????
sweet thing to comment on a girl's facebook photo..pls help?
best tattooist ion the world ?
Honest opinions please and abuse me if you must but is this a bad photo?
what do you think about me?
would you say im pretty?
how do i look???
Makeover?... Please help.?
do you believe this when 2 pretty person marry with together, their child will be pretty too?
shaving/ natural"down there"?
What is the best way to prep for homecoming?
I think all women are beautiful in their way, don't you think so?
Where are three some cool teen clothig in hamilton or a little bit farther?
Is this girl pretty???
What shape face do i have? (pics)?
Plato and Symposium and beauty?
what canadian city has the hottest chicks?
Men: Boxers, boxer-briefs, briefs?
Feeling young?
was it a big mistake dieing my hair? pics?
Can I use soothing after-hair-removal cream on my pelvis?
What is your honest opinion on these two pictures?
Where can I find Pictures?
is every girl 20% more beautiful than she thinks?
gift store?
I don't usually do this, but girls, do you find me attractive? I'm 15?
does circumcision affect sexual function? if yes how . i wud like to know how it affects men and women?
Re-vamping my style?
It is said that no matter its well quality shoes in the site of, who can tell me at once?
who thinks Albert Pujols is Fine?
am thinking about becoming a goth, how do i do it? what do i sign? where are all the black clothes shops at?
Going to a nail salon, is it worth it?
Is Jason Kay sexy ?
i came to know that iranians and arabs womens are the most beautiful one in the world, is it right ?
How would I look blonde?
whats more practical:bifocals with lines or a progressive lens ?
I want to know what i look like on a scale of 1-10 and i want the brutal truth?
Tans vs fair skin?
what other bathing suit would look nice and sexy besides a bikini?
what eye colour is the most beautifull?
I find tattoos on girls such a turn-off. I am the only one?
what is the meaning of life?
what color nails do you like the best?
do u think i'm hot from the description?
Question about purity rings.?
Which one do you like, brown or blue eyes?
which one is prettier?
Do you think I should start using tamponds???
Rate my Smile/Teeth, 1-10?
My Logitech Quickcam won't open?
How do models stay so thin?
How do people know what is normal?
Nail Dilemma?
Is pale skin ugly (pic)?
Which make up looks better? (pics)?
what r u????
changing my look to quick?
scale of 1 to i pretty?
Do people smell their own perfume?
I am a model for Abercrombie and people are really jealous and say i think i am "all that" what should i do?
can I have a free runescape account?
how can i tell if a girl like me?
where find girld in hte internet for dating?
Hey! Do u think shes pretty??!!?
wat do u think of me and my frend? rate us!?!?!?!?!?!?
Need a recommendation: What steps should my wife take to discover her outer beauty and personal style?
What shoes to wear with an Alpine Girl Halloween Costume?
I have a big nose?
who is the sexiest girl in the earth?
Guys, am i attractive part 2?
Which person would you rather be friends with?
Do you think i could go into modeling?
Who's prettier? Left or right?
which is the most liveable place in the wolrd for u|?
How to draw on a T-shirt?
would this work?
I am thinking about getting a this haircut, your thoughts?
has anybody used st tropez self tanning spray? is it meant to come out a greeny colour :S?
For women! Do you like to wear satin blouse? Satin blouse sexy for you?
What kind of glasses with this haircut?
what do i do about clothes that smell after washing? what causes the smell and how do i remove the smell?
i feel less attractive because im flat-chested.?
Feeling down..............?
boob bouncing on bus?
How can you tell a real louis vuiton item from a fake>? give me some tips and trix?
what are longline shaper tights? how are they different from regular tights like control top or super soft?
How do you make a dark tan look like a light olive complexion with home remedies?
Where can I buy a nail polish rack?
is it me or do guys look stupid in pink?
At what age do women start to want to look younger?
U HavE To AnSwEr ThIs OnE!?
advice plzzzz?
Im a natural redhead and I am going to dye my tips an unnatural color. What unnatural colors will look good?
Guys!!!! What makes a girl sexy or hot?
and how i have to change myself to impress?
who do you think is prettier???PICS!!!?
this dress in red plz?
how can u get a boy to like u?
shaving probelm, Advice needed ladies?
I dont know what i look like?
PLEASE help. What do you call this haircut?
Rate Me? *PICS* (I'm not insecure. Got called ugly :( )?
i think i look ugly!?
Can I change my earring?
Where can I get Maja perfume (Spanish I think) in the US? It is my favorite...but so hard to find?
Does Proactiv really work?
Ok Which one of these is the best face product line?
anybody else feel this way about hco jeans?
Never had a girlfriend and I'm 21.. is it my looks? Any women willing to give their opinion?
how does everyone do they're hair? im tired of my style and i need some new ideas?
GIRLS: Do You Wax Your Mustache?
Who's prettier?(pics)?
I Am Beautiful Or Ugly................?
Who do you think is the prettiest?
How would you know in advance how the posh spice haircut would look on you?
Do you want to smoke when you grow up?
how do u look photogenic?
how can i look prettier..?
are you supposed to button coat on tuxedo with tails? Or are you supposed to leave unbuttoned?
A poll for the girls?
What are your experiences with buying beauty products online?
Ummmm..What do you think?
What trends/fashion do you hate on guys? ?
How much would you sell a cosmetology kit for?
Am I Model Material? (pics!)?
whats the oldest age a personal stylist should be?
What stores might i like? i love forever 21, french connection and topshop!!!?
SEVEN NYNE have u used this? by linsay lohan sold by sephora?
true or false....handsome is the opposite of pretty?
which picture is prettier/ betterrr?
Should I paint my nails all black, or one hand black and one hand dark purple?
Is my nose ugly? I want a nose job.?
Can you help with kendall jenner fashion tips?
what makes someone ugly to you?
Im 13 and dnt kno what 2 spend mi mulaa on?
Which of these girls is prettiest ? any celeb lookalikes?
Will this jacket be warm enough?
please help im begging!!!!?
Boys Only!!?
Why do guys sag their jeans?
First Impression of me? (I am NOT looking for words like "ugly" "pretty" "average"?
Good perfumes for women under $40?
to skinny??
How to get rid of the flesh around my hipbones? With photos for reference?
do you think my friend looks like 50cent?
where should I spray perfume to make it smell good when people get close??
Am I "pretty"......?
How do you think I look?
Am I pretty?--I know every one asks, but I'm bored, haha(: ?
I'm a girl and I have an adam's apple?
how much does the iphone 5 cost?
what deodorant is the best for guys?
Why do women with revealing cleavage in public get mad when I look at them? Don’t they want men to look?
Which picture is best?
if you paint your nails with real paint instead of nail polish is it bad?
What is the color that attracts guys the most?
does girls like the color blue?
how to quite a really bad personal habit?
Beauty! Youtubee!!!!! :)?
How are ways I can empress a girl?
Whats your favorite eye color?
Do I Look My Weight..?
Can I use this on my arm?
how whithening my teeth?
Do i have the looks to be a model?
which photo shows my new hair colour the best?
What's the best way to lighten the appearance of freckles?
Wheres a good place to get body piercings in Dublin ?
Gift ideas? Please?
Whats your opinion on this?
beauty questions and such?
does anyone know why once of my nail creased ?
Between beyonce and jessica Simpson who would you choose?
Which prom dress would suit me best? (pics)?
is he using me to have a fun time?
How tall are you? do you like your height?
Orange hair.. how do i get it lt brown?
Red Hair Dye for 1 1/2 month?
Who is Prettier!!?? Survey!?
What lip piercing suits me best?
What are some cool nicknames for the name Olivia?
What do men think when they see a beautiful woman?
Vertical ridging on nails?
Do nose piercings hurt?
Would someone rate my icon ? Trying to win a bet here ;)?
amika flat iron light?
could I be a FORD male model?
Color Contact Lenses Question...?
what makes a girl sexy?
what is the #2 perfume fragrance in the world right now? i know it's chanel sumthin.?
Crayola chalk in nike shorts?
middle school?
ive been thinkin bout names for a daughter for when i get old, wat do u think of sierra madison ?
What does boys think about girl that having nail polish?
Who is the best looking?
question about the girls in the picture?
How to make photos like just girly things?
Doing nail art tutorials on YouTube?
How fat am I (pic included)?
Girls would you rather be called gorgeous or beautiful?
Short hair or Long hair for girls?
Would I look good with Zooey Deschanel's hairstyle?
how can i be pretty :(?
Ladies, When you look in the mirror do you think that you look attractive? Do you like what you see?
How to clean white converse?
does anyone know any person who can get someone to tell me where i can get those convere high tops juno wears.
How long does it take to recover from a non-surgical nose job?
Do you have flat feet?
Am I just cute...????????
If skinny was so hot, then why do most men love curvy women? Not fat, but toned and curvy like J-Lo?
!.s Which surname do you like best?
Do I have the potential to look pretty?
Sending pictures of bras?
2 questions (makeup-related). Re: Clinique Lip Gloss & Victoria's Secret Perfume?
who is the most beautiful man in the world?
anyone no on average how much beauty therapists earn a year?
is a 2002 mazda 626 a pretty car?
No hot girls! helllppp?
What should I name my Puppy?!?! **10 POINTS**?
would i look good blonde?
Do I need a makeover?
is my body really bad? pics.?
How old do you have to be to give clothes to playtos closet?
Do you guys think I am ugly?
Clothing like cristiano Ronaldo ?
Do You Like Twilight?
Which girl is hotter (pic)?
I'm a 14 yr old boy. Rate me :)?
Shod I have trouble getting a girlfriend with this body?
urgent!!!!! pleeze tell me wat u think!?
can you rate or say who's the prettiest?
Does my sister have a big head?
Does I look better as a brunette or blonde?
What's the appropriate age for a girl to start shaving legs?
Why do girls wear bras.?
Can somebody tell me Natalie Portman 2009 Oscar dress more fuchisa or more purple?
Girls- Is having green eyes a turn on?
Which is more attractive????...?
Hunger games nail varnish problem, could you help me?
which on of my friends is prettier?
Which twin do you think is prettier?
Do you think i could be a model? (Picture included)?
how should a lady dress to dinner in order to be sexy?
What could have happened to my jacket?
Which mermaid tail is best?
Does this girl want to get in my pants?
could i model? be honest...?
what do u think of this girl?
Do I have the look to be a male model?
Methods for how to stop biting your nails?
How to look more feminine?
How can I thread eyebrows correctly?
How big is a medium tank top compared to a small?
What famous person do I look most like? [pictures]?
Which girl is hotter? The brunette or blonde??
Does this picture look weird or good? i cant tell....?
how do i look from 1-10?
how to dress?
what do you think about the blue eyes???????????
do i look fat in this? (pic)
How can i look pretty (Pics) ?
should children look up to the people in these magazines?
is the Anti Bumps Shave Gel from Bikini Zone good?
If there was an alternative for facelifts without the surgery, what's the maximum you are willing to pay?
What Hapened To Individuality?
MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation?
Would you come to my room?
Which Picture should be my facebook profile pic! i cant decide D :?
What color rubber bands for my braces??? i dont want them to be UGLY!?
anyone know how to get nail glue off your nails?
Do i look good in my bikini?
Know what I notice about mariah....?
where in ontario canada can i buy the new pauly d fragrance?
am i pretty?
what do you'll think of nike shox?are they cool ?
What color are your eyes and hair?My eyes are dark brown and my hair is blonde.?
Would you consider this girl pretty?
Acrylic nails ? Acrylic nails? Acrylic nails? Acrylic nails?
how to be like zoey brooks from zoey101 like her everything her hair her clothing?
Teen boys crossing legs? yes or no?
Where can i get studs for my nails?
I'm getting a pedicure today, what color nail polish should I pick?
are gel nails good?
Can we Consider Toes&feet a turn on?
how much does it cost to have a painted design on nails for a full set compared to airbrushed?
How do I know which product suits me?
HELP!! Hair styling tips?
how many girls actually were thongs and why do u wear them?
How long is Crystal Gayle's hair?