What do you order at McDonald's?
girls only plese help me i wanna be more girly?
Help, how do I step into this bra?
Is being goth a bad thing?
What would look good on me?
Septum piercings: To clamp, or not to clamp!?
What do you think about the way I look?
What can I do to make myself look better?
how often are you suppose to change your nail polish?
How can I become a model?
Girls do you like lean muscles?
What is a really good beauty school?
Is it a bad idea to send someone a picture of me in my bra?
Ugly bumps around achilles tendon?
Salon/spa - what would you think?
Cartilage Piercing? .s?
Victorias Secret Body Spray?
would this be a good halloween costume?
Is it dumb to take a shower before...?
Where are the colored models painted white?
Am I Annoying Looking? If so, why (and don't just say cuz i'm posting my pic on YA) Got it?
what song is this?
What celebrity do I look like? And should I dye my hair?
What do I need to be a model?
what do females think about drummers in bands?
I just need to know. Am I ugly? :S?
who's the most beautiful people in the world???
Ive just had my lash extentions removed and now they are just feral and short, any advice on repairing them?
What color should I paint my toenails & nails ?
I have crazy blonde highlights and I want to dye it with LOREAL dark red and THEN ADD BLACK STREAKS ?
I love everything about pantyhose!?
skin irritation?
what's that cologne called...?
Who is the hottest guy ever?
not sure what i should wear now?
Why do girls wear bras.?
Who is hotter Nelly Furtado,Cassie,Paris Hilton,Cascada,or Rihanna but if u don't like them then who is hot?
why do i bother to ask all of these questions?
does a girl have to have long hair to be pretty?
I think I am ugly.. What is your opinion?
GIRLS ONLY! if your boyfriend cheated on you and was right in front of you lauging about it, wat would u do?
For how long can Lacost perfume kept unused after being used just once?
Wat does my ethnicity look like and am i pretty?
What are some cute DIY nail ideas?
Rustic Wedding...Need suggestions...?
which girl is more attractive?
What color nail polish would I wear if...?
Could I model? (pics included)?
Tragus piercings?Help???????
HELP its really important!?
Does colored contact cost the same as...?
whats your favorite hair and eye combo???
Do you think this girl is Sexy!?!?
What should I wear for....?
answer mine & I'll return the faver! PLEASE it will help bunches?
Which one of these pictures looks better?
What do you think of Lacoste Touch of Pink?(guys& girls)?
how do I remove hem tape?
What can i do to look much better. Please help?
what can i change??? (picture)?
Is 32C big or small?? Apparently I'm that size, but...?
Girls,does Mario Lopes have handsome FACE(not body)?
Does a light brown scarf with pink flowers look good with a light pink shirt?
What is a size 6 haircut?
where can i buy fullers earth? (for a face wash)plz i need details......thx?
guess my height and weight?
What is a GO SEE in modeling?
are they both cute? what would you rate them both?
Rate me out of 10, please? Also, how old do I look..?
What should i decorate my locker like!?
do you think i look hot in this pic?
How Old Do I Look? Picture included?
Just a funny question...rate my looks ..i'm curious as to what ppl think.?
Really good Pink Lipsticks?
Do i look fat in this?
how old do you think i look?
this has nothing to do with makeup and stuff but can you name an adjetive that starts with k? besides kind?
BOYS, do you like the bottom lip pierced or monroe better?
Where can i find some black and white checkered van shoes?
How would you rate this girl 1-10?
Do I look better with glasses or without? ?
How old do I look?
is it possible to remove the polish that was made on a press on nail?
Size 7/9 in high school?
What do u think of these flats? What would look cute with them?
Im a girl and I wanna shave my head?
Does anyoneknow a website that has pics of the Fanta ppl??
How should I cut/style my hair? Photos included.?
Accidently bought a guys product?
do you think lloyd banks is cute?
Can you help me feel better about myself?
What could I decorate my room with?
do guys think it is very unattractive when gurls r a bit over weight?
which picture is the bestest?
My nails are separating from the nail beds... Could it be because of painting my nails too often?
which person is prettier?
Where to get Rena Ryuugu Cosplay Costume?
what do you call a female that steals mens souls by singing to them?
Antone have any skirts or dresses size med or lrg?
Do you think I'm pretty? Yeah highlight that whole mess and you should find the pic!?
Which female is more attractive?
really bored any opinions on how i look?
im 13 and i have stretch marks on my boobs.?
What is the best way to wear you hair at night?
Who's prettier: me or my friend?
victoria secret fantasies?
does any body else on here have eyes that change color with mood and /or HAIR COLOR??
What's the difference between alligator & crocidile skin?
When you shave your legs?
Which picture should I put on myspace?
Who do you think is the most beautiful woman in the world?
what kind of outfits work best with my body type?
am i beautuful? i am not sure what do you think?
what could i do to look pretty? [with pics]?
Where can i find Mirra the beauty products?
Need help w beauty school?
Who will grow up to be the cutest of my sisters (and me)?
Any girls willing to give a guy a makeover?
Doesn't this guy have the hairiest chest ever?
when we take the three measurements?
why do really pretty girls get called ugly or fake while average ones or ugly ones get called gorgeous here?
Is this model pretty? Scale of 1-10?
Keep or ditch my lip piercing?
New Product -"Beard BIB" what do you think?
Which looks CUTER?
is that guy really hot?
im a bit dark. how do i become fair?
Body(girls only)?
What colour would you say her eyes are?
What prom dress did you wear? (:?
i'm a us size 3/4 do you think that doesnt look good on a 5'7 girl?
What to wear PLEASE help!?
guys, what bikini should i buy? provide a link, first 5 that aren't ugly I will add for the summer!?
My friends make fun of me for being short?
What is the color of this eye?
I am have touble with my polyvore sets.?
Is this swimsuit cute?
Teen Haircut Help- Need Pictures?
Where Can I Get Mini Eyelash Curler Replacement Pads at?
Do I look boring to you?
How do I look? (Pic included)?
Is she chubby? (picture)?
i got acrylic nails last night (january 26,2010) and when i woke up they had a yellow tint?
Why do you girls always ask us guys this over and over again!?
A good website to like download a pic of u and try diff hair styles?
which girls prettier?
Is there a knack to walking elegantly in high heels?
Girls: Can you help me find a dress?
Is there anyway for me to get shorter? I'm to tall.?
Need help with finding something or sewing to fix it?
Why do girls have so much pressure on them to be 'attractive'?
im trying to match my pink an orange shoes together what goes with it help please?
my boyfriend is coming home from prison beauty tips ASAP?
DOES my hair look prettyier in striaint or curly hair?
Is Kenneth Shuler beauty school a scam?
will chick-fil-a still hire me if i have my nose peirced?
Be honest.. do you think this picture is emo/scene?
Do I look average? (pic)?
Imagine a girl with green eyes and reddish-brownish hair, what colour dress would look nice on her?
What do you think?...?
Get told I look much older than I am:( do I look older than 29?
How to become a model please help me?
here in the states, guys would like blondes with blue eyes or brunettes with blue eyes?
Can someone help me. Who is this?
LoveBites and Bruises - when will it be back?
Do you wish that you had a clone?
Am i Pretty?
What is the most sexy part on a woman and man's body-other than chest or private area?
shower or bath ? (prefer which)?
i wanna get a tatoo for my 16 b day dose it hert?
An Accident?
Need Guys and Girls Opinions on this!?
which picture is better of me?
nervous about getting a brazilian wax!!?
Does anyone know of or heard about Kade Merab?
Do any of you Females have favorite beauty tips for hair, eyes, lips, clothing...ect?
Where can I find a retail store in Columbus, Ohio that sells Freestyle shoes?
What is the very 1st body part, guys look in a girl?
shaving question.....for legs?
Question about Cheekbones?
Which of these shorts look better?
Could I be a model? Pictures inside, and stats?
question about shaving your head...?
Is it dumb when people say your body will look like your moms when you get older?
Which eyebrow shape do you think is prettier? (PICS INCLUDED)?
By looking at my picture, what would you guess my name to be?
What do you use to moisturize your tattoo and keep it looking fresh?
Could i model? (Pics)?
10 POINTS BEST ANSWER!!!!!!!!!!?
Self Esteem HELP!!!!!! For a teenage girl?
what should i change ???? ?
How to dress European (modern wear)?
Does Revitalash work?
wedding appropriate dresS?
Royal Blue & Hot Pink?
Why do people always say I'm pretty?
how can i be barbie for halloween (pic)?
Do you think I've improved (appearance)?
What is the best perfume?
How old do u think i am?
Which hairstyle should I go with?
Is there a website where you can get free samples here in australia?
how old do u think my duaghter is?
can you rate my friend [= ?
Will I damage my bras if I put them on spinning them around my chest?
do any of you girls have a TATTOO on the low side of your hip, not on the front, does it look good?
Do you think I'm pretty?
Alternate, unique words for beautiful, radiant, unique, pure, clear, perfect?
Guys, What is the most attractive hair color on a girl?
Whats more attractive on guys, long faces or round faces?
Do I Look Better?(pics included)?
ladies only plz? im being given hormones for irregular periods. does that have any side effects?
Where can i start?
Need a tophat Female?
Where can I buy 80s buttons?
how to have healthy and strong nails?
Which one of these guys look the best? (Pics)?
Why do I look different in different mirrors?
Did I look better when I was younger?
Any anti nail bitting tips?
Costume Help?s for who ever helps me!?
look at my full avatar?!?
who do you think is prettier?
Girls, are these signs she still likes me? please help?
is she pretty?or is love blind?
Is my IMVU character pretty?
Which girl is prettier (pics)?
i really want a short poofy dress!?
Is my Girlfriend Sexy!!?? not to sound conceded or anything.?
Can I be a model? Pictures!?
How many times should i shave a Mustache?
Do I look Hispanic, Irish, or Slavic?
Rate me on how I look please? GF wants to compare, she says she's too good for me =P?
Hate Asking This But....?
Please rate this body out of 10?
Do I have a big body & a small brain?
Which hair style looks better on me ?
Which haircut would look good on me? (10 points now & thumbs up)?
Can you wear anything over a crewneck sweater (girls)? & Look good of course :p?
Could You Rate Me, Please ! :)?
Big family wedding this summer,had chemo,I have no hair,is it okay to where a summer hat in a Catholic church?
Make up for very dark brown/black hair, blue eyes & tan skin?
What to wear to an outdoor/prairie style wedding?
chunky sunglasses?
What are things that guys should know about girls?
What kind of free gifts will compel you to shop at a retail outlet?
Black Blondes?
my mom told me i should wear this?
what do you think about "emo" style, attitude and looks?
Would you find it weird if someone wore wigs daily?
beauty spots?yes or no?
ladies...can you explain this?
Would a 36" inseam be considered long for a 6' tall woman?
What's your favorite color to wear?
do my new glasses look good on me?
What are some signs that you will get your period soon?when you.........?
What Is Your First Impression Of Me?
white part of nail being reattached?
The girls at school are so awesome looking and has a 'perfect' body.?
hi looks problem?
Need teenage girls opinion?
Is this the scariest picture or what?
I need a makeover, help?
bill nye the science guy?
How old do I look? (pic)?
What is your first impression of me?
wich looks better , ripped jeans or just plain jeans ?
Do Girls Wear Abercrombie's FIERCE cologne?
what kind of perfume smells really good?
Is this a big bra size for a 13 year old?
shld i dump by boyfriend?
How old do I look? Rate?
Are most pageant girls mean and fake?
Gordon Moore's toothpaste?
DESPERATE! highshcool cheer leading state appeal (please read)!?
is it me or do guys look stupid in pink?
How come Victoria's Secret doesn't sell 30a bras in stores?
3 new bathing suits!!! pictures included!?
What is cellulite?
I'm in fashion show- how do I prepare?
What do I wear to a gangster party?
How did the chasity belt get it's name?
Bored. rate me 1-10. :] Honesty is key.?
Only attracted to big booty girls........?
I want the emo haircut?
how much does contact lens cost that are not disposable?
which is better???
why do i look so ugly in school mirrors but good at home is that how i really look?
What do girl in the age of 13-15 like about a boy except there looks?
I wrote a girl a letter. Help.please?
i was wondering if i bring in pics of jimmer fredette to my surgeon will he be able to makr my nose look -?
am i too skinn??? pics included?
Contact Lenses On Black People?
Trying to stop biting my nails and growing them ?
How to be cute INSTEAD of sexy?
Where do I find that finishing touch; Rainbow Lip Gloss?
_____Which is a better picture?______?
what is miley cyrus phone number?
Fynns Models ( want me to lose weight!?
What colour eyes would look best with my hair colour?
Friends, please say which perfume is heavenly for women?
Exfoliation vs. Microdermabrasion?
Am I ugly? Everybody says I am.?
Straight up.. Looks or Personality??
Sidney Crosby Hot? Or Not? Why!?
does any one know of a really good nail salon in st. petersburg, fl?
do i need to lose weight?
Do you think she is pretty, she goes 2 my school?
should i/ can i be a male model?
What color should I paint my nails?
Is she pretty?
Ladies, What do you rate my looks? honest opinions?
Looking for Tiffany shampoo and soap?
what are gel nails?
need help with some perfume suggestions.....?
if you have a 'monroe' piercing... can you answer a few questions?
do you think this person is scary?
Orange & Pink / Blue & Pink?
Do you like this picture? Yay or nay?
How often should you shave each area? (Ladies)?
My cape got caught on one of those swoosh doors, where can I get it sewn back together?
Whats The Most Expensive Thing You Own?
Why do round heads look younger than they are?
Be honest, is this a bad picture? All my friends like it but I think it's creepy?
is it ok for a 14 year old boy to cry??? if its not y,, if it is y?
what does it feel like...?
Am I hot? Am 1,86m 75kg, very nice face, wearing stylish cloth, all girls around me ask for date, but I had?
What should I wear to a house party?
is it ok to try a cigarette just once?
do i look better with straight or curly hair?
Asian Culture of Ear piercings?
A question for all teenagers (:?
do I look emo?
Do the damas for a quinceanera have to pay for there dresses?
Should i cut my hair or leave it the way it is ?
Honestly, how do I look?
What are you wearing on your feet?
how can i get back to my original skin tone?
Jr. High fall dance? :D?
how can i become as beautiful as her?
does ANYONE know when FOXYLOCKS will stock up next?
Ok im 16 and how do I.....?
How long does it take for a person with a fast metabolism to gain 1 stone in weight?
How tall does she look?
ddo you like my new picturee? i think itss uglylylyy?
What does the T in T-Shirt really mean?
are we ugly??
What can I do to improve the way I look?
Which type of makeup looks better on me?
has anybody purchased davinci perfume from the house of rose?
Which prom dress do you like better?Be Honest? Pics?
how to get rid of black ring around the eye?
contact: using oasys acuve: why r they hurting no when i put em in?
whats the best cure for a toothache at 3am?
What do guys think about girls who wear glasses?
How do I get rid of and stop ingrowing hairs on my legs?
21st birthday present ideas?
Who looks Hotter? ladies only....?
Is this dress good for a party?
Is this girl pretty? Is she model type?
What do I wear with crop top?
my friend has harry arms and...?
Is There A Website That Sells The L-R-G Dead Serious Hoody???
Modeling, photographer fees up front!?
Design Help!!??
Steps for a girl getting ready?
what's your favorite laundry soap?
Who all starts school tomorrow?
who is the prettiest?
Is Sabon really good quality bath products?
Who is the ugliest woman in the world?
Which girl is prettier and why?
To all the girls :) *Beautiful*?
Does this present look good? pic included?
How would i become a male model?
moment of drunkeness, please indulge me :)?
What country do you predict this girl is from?
do you think my sister is pretty? 1-10?
How should I use a concealer?
Are redheads unattractive?
Is this an ugly shirt?
Where do you buy copper nails?
uggs? how much help! ?
Are the e-mails For you health Pink,,,,? I am getting them too hundreds everyday?
Is this skirt too slutty for school?
What color should i dye my hari? Pictures.... :-)?
whats sexier an accent or none at all?
Can I remove a person's clothes from a picture?
Should I cut my hair or grow it out? [Pics]?
Could i model. seriously.?
Pretty or Not? between these 2 pictures which one is the prettiest?
Good facial moisturizer to wear under makeup?
i can't work out my bra size! My band is 29 inches, bust is 33 inches?
what exactly do protein shakes do?
Do girls have belly buttons ?
Beautiful Much?Pretty Lady.?
What are some of your favorite...?
Do you like this pic!?
which of these do I look like?
Do you think its weird to shave your eyebrows?
What was your first opinion when you saw this photo?
Which is prettiest.?
what would be an ideal party dress if i kept the theme as 'to beache'?
Is this a good idea for a party?
Maximum age to become a model?
What to wear to party?
which out of these perfumes has the BEST smell?!?
Ladies... If you go to the salon or spa, please answer my question?
should i wear make up or no? answer pleasee ><?
would i look good with side swept bangs?
What picture should i use for my profile pic? *pics included*?
can you define my style?
so scared for exams any exam/study advice?!!!?
how can i look alot better?
What would you guys like to see in a fashion blog?
What makes me ugly? I have pictures to help you decide.?
Can you get plastic surgery with a parent's signature?
so how bad do you think it would hurt to ger your clitoris peirced?
would you consider me a tomboy?
what do you think of me
How old is too old to wear a belly ring?
I need someone to customized my wedding dress. where and who can do this for me?
Which color is the best looking of these sandals?
I have a wide face and i'm a girl is that a good thing or a bad thing?
Which name here is the prettiest?
what is worse- stretch marks or cellulite?
what picture looks prettier? 10 EASY POINTS:)?
Best Shades of Ox Blood Nail Polish?
I'm a major tomboy? I need fashion help?
How do you take off acrylic nails without acitone?
How to clean a new bellybutton ring?
How can i dress emo if i dont have long hair?
what nationality do you think i look most like?
What is having a good style mean to you?
Do you think Taylor Swift is pretty?
Do you think she is pretty/attractive?
has anyone heard of a limited edition perfume put out by bath and body works right before the millennium?
which dress should I wear?
What's the most common skin type?
wat is the reason of kissing lips?
Are you beauty or beast ?
I tweeze my eyebrows every week but its starting to leave scars that are noticeable...what should i do?
O.P.I Nail Envy application?
My friend is ten and 141 pounds. How can he lose some weight fast?
How can I look sexier and make more of an impression?
Do gelatin pills really help your finger nails grow??
my feet stinks after wearing sliper, sandal or shoes..hw to get rid of dem? Everyday i wash n scrub my feet..?
Guys: do you like it when girls wear...?
Looking for a new Perfume....any favourites out there??
why do it seems like all the fine girls live in the ghetto?
Help me with my hair style ( pics included*)?
where else can i purchase the Marc Jacob two toned dress?
Green eyes?
why can't guys wear tight and short sleeved shirts like girls?
Girls, what things would you like to hear a guy say if....?
do you think that my doll look good?
Can anyone tell me what the website is for the women's clothing store, Papaya?
what are some clothes that will flatter my body figure?
I want micro ring extensions. how to make?
Which picture is better?
Let's play would you rather....?
Do you like being chased or chasing? BOYS ONLY!?
Do you think i look good in my bikini?
What is a scene haircut supposed to look like?
Do you like my new sunglasses?
Do you think belly piercing look good?
am i pretty?
for halloween I want to dress up as a really cute baby any ideas?
What is the difference between sapphire and blue sapphire?
well hi im a bum?
do guys really like women in pantyhose???
Will you vote today? (Or have you already?)?
Is there something online where you can take a picture of yourself and determine your face shape?
why do perfumes flame on?
What color should I paint my nails for homecoming?
Do I Look More Like My Dad or Grandpa?
Do I look good, average, etc.?
What should I wear wear for retro day?
What turns you ON and OFF?
What are good slogans for beauty products?
do u know the relation between your two eyes?
I HATE being skinny. Do you ever feel like this?
Do you like this idea for a tattoo?
Is this pic good enough for fb profile pic?
Yellow smiley face tank top? Where to get one?
Whats a good perfume for a 15 year old?
What color should I get this duffel bag in?
who do u think should have won miss universe????
Okay, like this boy at my school told me i look like a barbie doll? ?
A cute beauty guru account name for YouTube?
Hey, I'm curious.. Am I weird looking?
do you think glossy lips are trashy???
What is your favorite type of dog?
If you could hook up with a famous person who would it be?
Would You Say Im Pretty Or Ugly?
beauty over brains,what would you choose?
Whats the difference between Ea Du par fum and Ea Du toilette?
Who do you think is the hottest female in the world?
Do I look weird in this picture?
How old do you think I look?
Would I look good in front bangs?
how much do you rate me?
What colors look best with my skin n features?
What color should I paint my nails?
Woman's Sideburns Question?
Which earring would look nicer on a guy?
Modeling how do I get started?
why do guys always like the cheerleaders?
Why do girls.............?
Does this girl's face look model pretty, pretty or not attractive?
Re-vamping my style?
I need help on life?
what should i do?
Is my nose a huge turn off? Pictures included?
where can i find a witches/ vampiress costume in plus size 26/28 on the internet?
Teenage beauty life? Please answer?
help on piercings?
what do you think about my new haircut?
Easy 10 points just need a facebook login!!!!?
Am I too ugly to model?
Is red nail polish ok with a red dress or is it too matchy?
Hottest star without make-up?? look at pictures?
Is a AA smaller than an A? Is there such thing as an AA 36?
Do u girls like the five o clock shadow and stubble on guys?
Can you buy period undies in New Zealand?
i was just wanting help. am i pretty?
Can pale skin and black hair ever be concidered pretty?
i bet a million girls are asking this...?
Girls locker room smells horrible!!?
what is the best body shaping under garments?
Does anyone ever see people they think are so attractive they should model??
how can i keep my skin looking good and younger i want healthy hair and body?
do u think i look like this celebrity?
Whats your fave Perfume? And why?
Text Messengs?
GIRLS: Are muscles on a guy attractive?
Do you think that I am ugly? Guys always reject me.?
How to be a model :] ?
How can I get into minor modeling?
which bikini looks best on me?
What are some of your favorite beauty secrets?
does any one know of a good nail salon between folsom and Roseville?
how many "flavors" of brut are there?
How to get a sexy cat flick?
does make me cost money?
Should I return my Denim Jacket?
Why do people always mistake me for a male? Do I look like a guy to you (pics inside)?
hott or nott [pics included(:]?
WHY can't I get a boyfriend? (Almost 15?!) - Picture.?
GUYS ONLY!! Your opinion of me?
Does anyone have piercings...?
Why do my nails hurt when I don't wear nail polish?
how do i get beautiful skin?
Should I get rid of my bangs? (pics)?
"Beauty" is skin deep"commet?
Breast Implants?
Hairdressers, do you like your job?
What colours suite the soft and subtle look?
Is there any cheaper one out there?
Aren't most actors and actresses, who play the roles of teenagers, actually people in their 20's and 30's?
Who looks more like my mom? my sister or myself!?
Do all the Harajuku Lovers Perfumes smell differently? (By Gwen Stefani)?
What color nails would look good with a blue dress?
I wear thick-framed glasses. Will I look alright if I pierce my nose?
How old were u when u lost ur v-card?
What is best for crow's feet wrinkles around the eyes?
I´m looking for an independent Beauty consultant of Mary Kay from USA and than she speaks spanish?
Natural or Silver tips on acrylic nails?
Hey guys, pick who you think is the prettiest! Rank us :D?
Can you wear Tripps to a rave?
is this chick pretty?
Am i hawt???????????
whose prettier taylor swift or miley cyrus?
I have never seen anything more revolting than the American pastime of subjecting children to Beauty pageantts?
What do guys look for in girls?
Ladies, do you like to wear sexy bikinis?
what color converse should i get?
lol we did there hair(pics)?
how to clean cowboy boots?
would this be tacky? help?
girls what unattractive about him ?(body and face)?
Who is the most famous American G_Y?
Acyrilic Nails?
does anyone know where to buy turquise nail polish? i looked everywhere and can't find any.?
Can you rate me please?
Getting my braces off early?
Whats the longest u been without a shower or bath?
How do you get invited to fashion week in New York ?
who has aim?
I have a white skirt, what color shirt would match with it?
What is your eye color?
Does this jacket look good on me?(pic included)?
Would you Smash or Pass?
What cologne/perfume would you recommend for me?
where can I find a shirt like this?
What colored winter boots should I wear with green and pink Jeggings?
Girls what would be your reaction if I told you this?
What should I do with my hair?
Modeling advice?
Do short girls (petite) look strange w/ tall heels/wedges?
How many of u can't stand it when u see a good looking man with a ugly woman?
How do I look make myself look older?
Is he too old for me?
Are there any clothing that compliments the shape for black women?
Planning on getting a haircut soooon, helpp?
Where can I get pedo bear shoes?
Hi, i'm having problems with ingrown hairs when shaving.?
Do you still find your partners body attractive & why?
Would you rather be called...?
Could i be a model honest opinion???? pic included?
I have to do an about me project for my 9th grade health class, creative ideas please?
What does it mean to have a long bridge? In terms of noses?
Is 65 degress fahrenheit cold?
More Red In hair without Chemical Dye?
Do you have nail polish on??
do i look better with or without glasses?
Guess how old I am :P ?
Do I make a better boy or girl?
what do guys look for?
What eye color do you think is beautiful the most?
which picture looks better? and why?
do you like this photo?
Out of this group of girls, who is the most striking/prettiest?
advice for the fashion challengled?
Out of curiosity?
How do you get the smell of rubber off of a pair of Converse?
Which color is cutest in this dress?
What celebrity do i dress/look like? :)?
Philips SC2000 Satin-LUX - anyone tried it?
What is my best feature / what do you first notice about me?
I wanna get............?
where could I get circle lenses in San Diego?
What Should i Wear Daily ?
how can i get out of stress?
10 points..which boy name do you like best?
Good Tips for a transfered middle schooler?
Girls, please answer?
Blonde hair without bleach?
looks to be male model yes or no?
where can i get used underwear used by another person?
What color do you wear the most?
Best haircut for heart / narrow shaped face?
Ladies, what color/model watch (links included) looks best on a college student?
What are My Best Features ? PICTURE inside?
Who is prettier?????????? just wonderin?
Is this girl too pale to be pretty?
Girls, what do you think of him?
How do I become teen model?
Do You Like this Outfit? (Picture)?
I am fat????? Tell me the truth!?
how can i lose some wieght without giving up smoking?
How to convince my parents to let me get a lip piercing?
hpw do you spell airapostole is that right?
What clothes size would a mans 30 inch waist be for a woman?
Do boots and shorts together look kinda slutty on me?
Boobs or Bum.....(for guys).....?
why does my finger nail look like a penis?
How to clean a new bellybutton ring?
where can i find promis jure rouge parfume by Yanni Bal---?
any one know of a good product to whiten fingernails???thanks!?
abercrombie model?? im 17 (pic included)?
Good name for Beauty Channel on YouTube?
Is there a perfume that turns you on?
what do you think of me ? "pictures"?
teenage boys only!! ( if not don't answer at all)?
Why are women so into flowers? As expensive as they are, wouldn't you rather have the cash?
what color do my eyes look?
Girls which guy do you find more attractive and why?
Yay or nay? (guys and girls)?
Celebrity perfume - common and yuck or are there any good ones out there?
Excuses... excuses!?
party wear lehenga for marriage?
Do you believe that its easier for girls to become hot than guys?
help guys, fashion gurus?
Critique me?(rate me?)?
should i post it on myspace?
What are some of your favorite Essie or OPI nail polish colors?
Do you know this perfume? (I've described its box)?
How can I attach a fake piercing?
Acrylic nail set? (beginner)?
how old do you think i look ?
How too make a long philtrum* appear shorter?!!!!?
What are some really good teen websites to go to?
Know of any good costume accesories?
who is the most beautiful girl in the world?
Ladies, should a 5'10"/5 guy wears boots since he's not tall?
Can i wear a tank top?
Where do u think wuld b the best place 3 throw ah sweet sixteen?
What types of pictures do elite model look 2012 need....?
How can I look better overall?
Where can I buy Bundle monster nail stamping plates?
Should I get my hair cut?
Could you rate me please?? (w.pic)?
which picture looks better?
GiGi's hair removal cream?
how many girls actually were thongs and why do u wear them?
What size jeans would I wear in Hollister?
Where can I get this?
Pageants in BC, Canada?
Cute Fashion/Beauty Usernames for Youtube?
why grils are more beautyful than the boys?
Where to buy element bristol white/blue skate shoes?
How do I look?(picture)?
Which hair cut looks better on me ?(male)?
do you believe in love at first sight?
Girls: Cologne or no cologne?
Has anyone ever bought anything from
I got white tip acrylic nails and want them cut down... is that possible?
POLL: Which girl is prettier(PICS)?
Just kinda curious ..?
Do I look like I have talent as a photographer?
Is anybody like me?
IS 16 TOO YOUNG TO get your makeup done at a counter?
should i cut my hair or leave it the way it is ?
How many times do women paint and re-paint their nails per week?
GIRLS: do your hate it or love it when guys wear their jeans low?
Ladies do you prefer guys with long hair or short hair?
What should i do with my hair? (pic)?
What do you think is most important in a persons appearance?
does sally's beauty supply store have a website?
i am ugly. HELP ME!?
how do i return defected nike shoes?
Do I look repulsive to guys?
Do you like freckles?
Can you guess my ethnicity?
Reducing Patting in Bra?
Adriana Lima?
NAILS/TOES: Your Opinions On This Girls?
Good names for a pageant business?
Is there a difference between perfume bought at a drug store vs. a department store?
Anyone here tried Glamour Shots?
Does it look fake to you?
Is it because of my nose, help girls?
Will smoking make me glamorous?
How do I look confident?
What hairstyle would look best with this dress?
A tall girl VS. A shorter girl?
What is that smell in Zumiez?
Which one do you find more attractive?
does anyone know of a reliable online perfume store, that would ship to the uk?
What can I do to make myself look pretty?
what kind of earrings, mangalsutra, jewellery does an upper middle class rajput woman wear?
whats the difference between perfume and eu de parfum?
Should I get my nose pierced?
Who's this designer? Its so gorgeous.?
are there thigh high chuck taylor shoes?
How do I get Ladies Join My Avon team?
What pic do I look better in?
how can i go platinum blonde?
Curly? Straight? Which look is better? **PICS**?
How exactly does a 9 year old do a pageant walk in a formal gown?
Which is the best masculine perfume?
Are All China Glaze Nail Polishes Matte?
tobacco odor in rubber dress, how to remove odor?
I have to go duty???
how can I earn money?
Why when girls wear boots it makes them look really hot and sexy , especially with short skirt?
Which of these women is more likely to turn a man's head?
Help Me Girls ?!?
Are these women alike in anyway? Fixed the pics :)p?
What do you think these guys?
braun pulsonic or braun cruzer4??
Favourite Piercings????????
what should I do to make my legs longer?
Can I change my earring?
Who thinks I have a big nose ?
what does it mean when guys look at your chest?
Are piercing eyes attractive or scary?
Does he like me back, or is he leading me on, or what!!!???PLZZZ HELPPPP?
why shouldnt you wear white after labor day?
Are French women the most beautiful in the world?
Have you noticed that in like, almost EVERY "am I pretty"/"rate me" question, the girl is always beautiful?
would a red dress look good with dark orange shoes?
Tokio Hotel Shoes Where Do I Get Them?
I want my best friend to take part in Miss MO pageant... How does she go about doing it?
How do I make the perfect kiss mark?
Women who don't shave?
How to look hot but not slutty with DD's?
What do you think of these? Thanks a lot!?
Was I rude to him....?
who thinks that keira knightly is so pretty??? (from pirates of the caribbean)?
Umm.. Do I look okayy? [pics]?
Is 'beauty sleep' a myth or fact? How has it affected you?
Does this blue go with this brown?
do you know the adress of elegant store in downtown (losangeles),i am going to buy blowdryer ?
How tall will i be ? thanks?
How do you know when someone wants to buy something from you on My Clozet?
Is it normal when I eat fried/rotisserie/grill chicken I feel like I white heads?
How old do I look?? :)?
What could I wear to a PJ party?
Rivercruise ideas?
Can I magnetize my ears to my head with piercings?
i want my tragus pierced but i have to swim?
What are the physical traits that makes a classic beauty?
My cousin asked me this Do you think I am sexy?
my cousin is ateling my guy oppurtunities!?
Should I get this dress?
shaving my legs they really itch ?
Who is the most attractive FEMALE celebrity that you know of?
am i fat?` [pic inside]?
Is this the perfect body?? (pics)?
Hot or not?? Rate us from one to ten
Whar color Havaianas look good?
do u think im pretty?
What eye shape do I have?
How Old Do You Think I Look?
i wan to be a glamour model, what do men want?!?
Are colored tips on arcrylic nails cute or annoying?
Am I too skinny or just right?
Are they pretty? (pics)?
When you're as handsome as I am (Pic Included) Do you?
my hair turned out black so i want to look more tan ?
do you really look the same to other people as you do in a mirror?
I dont know my color in Loreal?
Recommendations For Good Gel Nail Brands?
Is Miss World a cheap beauty pageant and why?
Jennifer Anniston hot or not?
how do i flirt?
who is the sexiest women in india.?
Would this haircut look good?
If I get my hair done at Merle Norman, do they still charge you for a makeover?
Girls, do you prefer rugged manly looks or boyish good looks?
Ladies,is boots hot for men?
LADIES which under wear do you prefer to wear and which do you thik is sexier?
Are these boots good?
How can i get eyebrows like these?
Ford Models Application?
I want guys to notice me and want to be with me, should i lose weight and get a makeover or just try harder?
Aria Montgomery's style...?
Why don't guys shave their legs?
ear peircings?????????????
Are my legs really that bad?
What do you think about each girl? (pic)?
What country have the most beautiful faces in the world, in your oppinion?
How do I get the bugs out of the knots in my nose hairs?
how ca I be a sweet girl and that kind of stuff?
I'm really scared about prom?
Does boob size mean brain size ? Or is it all insecurity on the females behalf?
What makes a guy look like a 'geek' or a 'nerd'?
Which girl looks prettier?
How can a guy wear fashion?
Do I look less terrible with short or longer hair?
eyelid tape help?????
How Can I Get A Bigger/Nicer Cleavage?
I need help with an engagement ring.?
Which country has the most beautiful women in the world?
How to be a scene girl like brookelle bones?
What to wear with this dress?
What do you do when your sunburn starts to itch?
How can I be city when I live in a small town?
Does anyone know how to cover up a birthmark?
How can i dress more white girl and/or greaser what good brand of clothes should i buy?
Hi! I have job interviews next week. Professional business makeup and style advice please? Thank you.?
FROM NOT TO HOT!! PLZ HELP?!?!?!?!!?!?
A perfume that ONLY smells like Violets?
girls turn off or turn on guys paintig there nails black?
Elliptical machine resistance help? Can you lose weight on the elliptical machine?
What is the best way to lose weight in 5 days?
Why do girls everywhere always flirt with me?
What would a girl find attractive in a guy?
Why do women wear gardening gloves when they drive?
i like dress as a beautiful girl or women and how i can do it?
am i a pretty girl? im so self concious.?
My hair long enough to get this?
if you were defending yourself from a rapist.....?
Curly hair, or straight hair?
have a 7 jewel elgin watch, at least 65 yrs. old, what is its value?
Am i pretty, because alot of people call me ugly (open to anyone)?
All about belly button piercings?
Girls, Is looks my problem?
Need opinion on which actor is better looking?
Where can I get these shoes??? mcr?
how to look at the beach and cover cellulite?
Do these glasses look funky? Should I wear them?
Do you think this woman is UGLY?
How can I get the material safety data sheets for Creative Nail Products?
how do you put on a diamond grill?
Who do you say the most beautiful woman in the world is? I would say Laryn Franco. Photos of her to prove it?
is this a good picture to put on myspace?
should i buy an engagement ring online or in a store?
ahh girls only................................?
10points....which last name is better?
How i become a model?
I want a new look, make up, hair ect?
Music Playlist? Easy Ten Points!?
Do you have to be popular in middle school to get by and if you are popular at the end of the page type this 1
how to stop redness from zit?
how old were you when....?
Would he look better with a haircut?
Am I ugly?
which eye color do you prefer? blue or purple?
Am I pretty? How can I make myself pretty? [PIC INCLUDED]?
Know a place where i can find a model search that you dont have to pay for uploading pictures?
A dress that looks exactly like this?...?
Can I model? {pictures}?
Is it just me?
me and my boyfriend need help! plz help us(pic)?
Beauty schools in Maryland?
Where can I find a sewing website for teens?
How old do you think i am?
I need some advice for dressing up?
Are legs like these attractive on a female?
I am a wheatish complexion girl wants to get fair complexion suggest me what to do .?
How old do I look? Older than my age?
how to tell my mom i craked my acrylic nail?
What supplies and things do need when I start Cosmetology School?
Im getting acrylic nails and i have a few questions...?
GIRLS! what can i do to make myself more attractive?
WHAT TO WEAR, HELP!? local band playing in backyard, rainy day!?
What can I do to imrove my looks?
how do you.....nails?
Name strts from letter J?
Do you think that I'm pretty? Serious answers only please.?
Narrow Ankles.. problem with high heel shoes?
So, I was at the mall yesterday, and I saw all of these little girls running around...?
I am just wondering what kind of boots look good with bell bottoms if any?
Which one is better out of these?
how old do i look??
Am i ugly???? please no nasty comments, honest opinions please?
why is the base of many perfume sprays made of alcohol?
What is your oppinion on girls with belly rings?
What is the perfect female fragrance for daytime and the perfect female fragrance for night?
What do those white bits on my nails mean?
Why am I being told I look like a comic book character?
Who is the girl in this photo?
what will i wear? I'm meeting my boss for afternoon tea and it's raining?
Guess my name and my age?
how should i dress to impress?
does anybody know who is the most beautiful woman on earth?
does Parisian sell work boots?
Whos cute?
thinspiration friend ?
What to wear to a pop rock concert? URGENT!?
Is he too cute for me?
Big lips: A good facial feature or bad facial feature?
What does it feel like to be a beautiful girl ?
Can you swim with fake nails from wal-mart on?
Am I hot ?
What type of girl do guys prefer?the glamorous beauty?or the cute girl next door?
do i look good?
whats your opinion on me?
Am I fat (picture included)?
which one is prettier?
how a girl can be a pornostar?
Inventory cost of becoming a mary kay consultant? I have been yold $600 to $3600.?
which girl would you be more likely to be friends with? (PICS)?
what is the company???
Why do skinnier girls have...?
Please help choose a jacket style for a present? 10 points!?
What length elastic is needed for medium sized pyjama pants?
Does this photo look inappropriate?
Do you want to buy designer fashion items from us at ?
Do any girls wear contacts and have acrylics?? How much harder is it to take your contacts out when long nails
does daisy fuentes perfume smell like her hairspray?
girls,what do you look for in a guy?
what celebrity do i most look like?
*pic*Does she have a fat face?
How can I look prettier/ Am I pretty ?? w/pics?
Do you think I'm pretty?
Eyelash serum? Does it really help?
What party, prom, cocktail dress styles do you like the best?
GIRLS ONLY: What kind of earrings do you like to wear?
what are some examples of eau de fraiche?
can you complete this sentence : the boy ......the girl?
Photoshoot tonight... do I look ok?
Lost back of spike....?
Exs new gf: Is she attractive at all?
White Beauty is innately superior and the objective standard of beauty across the globe?
GUYS:what do you like better?
When did I look best? xD (pics)?
How old do you think I look?
Could I be a model? Or compete in Pageants
Why not cut a wide 'u' shape at the front of mens trouser waistbands?
how can u tell if a navel piercings healed?
Could I make it as a model? (Pics included)?
Do you think Monroe piercings are attractive?
(GIRLS ONLY) Need advice!! Do you think there could be any changes to my image to attract women?
Who looks best ouf of these 2 guys?
How can I be more hot/pretty?
How old do I look????
Heres a questoin for you Boys and Girls. Awnser this please. Easy question, give good answers.?
What's Your Favorite Thing About the Opposite Sex? (Guys and Girls)?
Do i look hideous in my picture?
girls,rate my friend 1-10?
hollister declined my credit card but it looks like thier still shipping it. Will i recieve my order?
Are round eyes Japanese?
Are Tampons really necessary for women?
I'm trying to find the correct spelling for a perfume. Tou joi ouis?