do we make a cute couple?
How could i have More hips...???????/ Im size 0 zero...(?
would girls care if a guy....?
A perfume that smells like....?
How tall is too tall for a woman?
contact lens question?
how do i look?
Which EOS lipbalm is best?
What to wear with this dress?
What colour clothes go with an olive skin tone?
Best and Cheap Eyelash Curler?
Does any females in here have any prominant hand veins that always stick out that never go back in the skin?
Homecoming: I don't know wether to get a mani petty or jus my nails?
Does anyone know a cute haircut for a14year old girl with a heart shaped face?
in desperate need of honest answers... anyone?
Girls need your opinion here. please help me?
What should I wear?!?!?
What would you say my best feature is?
Why do i took terrible with my eyebrows down and better with them up?
how do you to get emo girls to like you?
what does it mean when a guy puts his hands on your stomach?
can you tell this picture is photoshopped? ?
smoking is still cool right?
How to make your appearance prettier? girls plz?
Which girl would make it as a MODEL OR BEAUTY QUEEN? which one is more beautiful?
Could I be a model? pics <3?
What do you think of this picture of me?
What is it about her that is so pretty?
Which watches are most valuable?
Which girl is prettier?
girls does this guy have a hot body?
Do i look like a STUCK UP girl?
Ladies and girls - How would affect you if...?
Rate my Smile/Teeth, 1-10?
do abercrombie kids jacket fit on tall people?
If you saw me where would you think?
Girls, do you think she will come back to me? I still love her?
Would anyone connsider me......................................…
How do you know if a guy likes you?
Help me please because I really dont know what to do?
do you think she is pretty ?
What are the models measurements?
which country girls are most beautiful ?
Why do women like gay men so much? I am not homophobic...?
eyebrow wax?
Any girls interested in mentoring a cross-dresser?
an oppurtunity for you to be : really nice, or really mean?
if you walk by a mirror do you always look?
kango man !!!?
Which picture of me is the best>?
what are slacks?
Have you ever been asked out or asked someone out?
Is she tanned or just black?
How to be sexy? (in looks and personality) :)?
which couple is the best looking? (pics)?
What can i do to improve my looks ?[pics]?
Please help me choose! Which dress should I keep?
do they have Aveda Hang Straight lotion at walmarts or any store like that in chicago?
Can women have a 'baby face' still as adults?
what color should i paint my toes? :)?
helppp me pleaseee!!!?
should I get this jacket in pink, brown or gray?
Teen modeling agency's in Miami?
length of time to reduce waist by 7 inches with corset?
Would you be offended......?
Yes, one of these again. Who's prettier?
Tips To Look Cute For The New School Year?
Good photo to remake idea with a friend?
How old do I look?
In a nail spa, what atmosphere and services will make you want to return for future services?
Buying Freeman beauty products in UK?
I want claf implants should I get the? Have any of you guys gotten them?
Who do you prefer?? (picture)?
I have a Red Nose? ?
why are more "flatter" than others?
How should i do my makeup for my date?
Am I starting to look better?
what the height the guy is do you think?
is this picture ok for facebook?
What color of eyes are the prettiest?
Black rings around my eyes - Cream for men?
Whats the best perfume for a boy?
buying dangly navel jewelry ?
Do y'all think this picture looks funny?
wat color contacts would go well with my skin tone in the picture?
At Homecoming, do you wear....?
How do you feel the internet can aid you in developing your dreams?
What are good sylish tennis shoes for kick boxing and step?
What are some games you can play at a 14 year old party?
help!!!!major problem?
wht colour of dresses i have to select as i am a dark person?
'Ow much do you spend on clothes per month?
Do I look like Kristen Stewart?
Do I look like Miley Cyrus?
i'm 13 yrs old and have weird bright pink embarrassig lips how do i cover it up for school to make seem real
Is there any other cologne out there that smells like original curve? like the smell of the dry down part?
Girls why do you like guys who are bigger, taller and stronger than you?
Is Claires a safe place to get my ears peirced? I want to get my ears peirced 3 times starting at the lobe?
Perfume suggestions for women?
What do girls look for in a guy?
Do i look like a celebrity?
Girls, what would you think if you got this text?
Do you like this dress?
should i get my cartilage peirced with a gun or needle?
What is your favorite perfume/aftershave?
Mustache or no mustache? (pictures)?
do you think i have a cute avatar. i want your opinion.?
do you believe in for true love?
Does anyone actually like perfumes that smell like talcom powder?
do you think that she is pretty?
Which picture is the best?
Do you think I have the face to be a plus size model?
Bodycon or pelum? black or cream?
How can I improve my appearance? Honest answers please!?
Hi friends,, my eyes are quite big..ANY SOLUTIONS...?? Please help me?
Im 19. crush thing </3 help?
How to remove henna (mehndi) from my mobile?
Girls: Rate him from 1-10?
Where can I get great perfume samples etc?
what do yu think of these girls?*pic?
My friend was approached at the mall by this lady, who asked her about modeling and. .?
Please, please help.....Does any one know....?
GIRLS: HOT or NOT when guys wear their jeans like that.....?
Hello!!! a small survey !! What colour are your eyes??? =)?
What brand of whitening strips should I use?
Could i be a male model?
♕People say I am pretty,I want to be hot, How to be "HOT''?
where should i get jeans???
first date, kinda.....?
Thanksgiving Party Dress?? Help!! Help!!?
What is a good way to introduce yourself at a "King and Queen" pageant? What should we say?
homecoming dress heeelpp! please!?
is he better looking?
why does so many people say slouching is bad when women look so sexy when they slouch?
How to make you lips bigger? Also wear can u get sunscreen that's SPF 90?
Am I beautiful/pretty/average/ugly?
girls i need some help/opinions???? (pic)?
Body Mod Question - Specifically Dermal Anchors?
Best razor and shaving cream?
do you think this guy is good looking?
☆Do I have natural beauty?
Is this girl too skinny?
Where is the best site for me to buy a style of grey cotton skirt? Pls help me.i will be here await for.?
Would someone give me some prom dress advice for shorter people?
MY daughter wants to model, Can someone give me a name of a good teen modeling agency. NAMES please!?
Toms owners help please?!!!?
What do you think of this girl?
are there any sites that will take my picture and tell me how i can make myself look better?
Ear Piercings Trashy?
whould u consider red-maroon?
Why Do I hate you?
Is There A Website That Sells The L-R-G Dead Serious Hoody???
how can v keep head kool?
Do some people naturally look horrible when theyre over weight?
What do you think of my make-up attempt?
Do you like Facial piercings?
Which Bikini should I get?
Both my parents have blue eyes, I have green eyes. Why did I miss out?
Any ways i can improve my look??
What brand of colored contact lenses would turn very dark brown eyes into a convincing blue?
What would be a good color scheme to match my furniture?
Can you get rid of blackheads that has been their for around 14 years?
I dont know if his is showing up or not, but i need help!?
How can i look better? [pix included]?
I NEED HELP Quickly!!!
Why do the nails on my left hand grow faster than those on the right?
Calling Alllll Pretty Girls!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
Is he too cute for me?
Would you treat me differently because of my bad looks?
Do you think im cute?
Pedicure Question?????????????
How do i look with a lip stud?
What is the difference between these artificial nails?
What is your secret to enhance the glamour in your life, everyday?
Do I Look Exotic?!??!?!?!?!?!/!?!?!??!?
how many boys like to play with boobs and how do u do that to make the girl happy.?
What do to with gray lips?
Which of these girls is more attractive? *Pics included*?
How do you put on a sari?
How should I remove unibrow hairs?
can you have a faux-hawk without putting gel in your hair?
are braces hot????????????????
Should i go blonde??? or stay dark brown?
Is 32C BRA SIZE too small for 15 year old Girl?
how do I make myself look better?
I'm Obviously Socially Stupid, Twitter Help?
which pic of me is prettiest?
do you know beauty ,brain and money can not find in one person ..?
On a scale from 1-10 how much do I look like a MONKEY!? xD/ Online Speed Dating...?
So l want a new perfume l just don't know which one to get?? Which one is your fav....?
Do you think this is cute?
Does Fashion give you confidence?
Am I pretty? (pics inside)?
Is he too handsome for me?
Good fancy dress ideas for children in need?
What do you think of my profile? ?
Im color blind. Whats so great about people with blue eyes?
which girl is the prettiest ? pic?
at what age do u think ppl should get acrylic nails??♥?
Beautiful A names for girls?
How is it like working in a spa?
What can I do to make myself look younger? I am 40.?
Girls, if you could teach guys one thing about clothing/fashion, what would it be?
Should i get my nose Pierced?(pictures)?
Name for me ur best Perfume ever ..?
is curly hair okay looking?
How do you get rid of dark circles around eyes?
Getting my fake nails to last longer, they're already on?
Do men like when women where big or little earings?
What does it look am mixed with Guess?
What "just in case" items should be in every woman's purse?
your first impressions?
Guys... do you like blue-eyed blondes?
on average how much do industrials cost?
Why under arms get darker after shaving? How can I change it?
Can anyone help me with this? i look good??
What are the dimensions of a 100ml Chanel Perfume Bottle?
Is blephorplasty a dangerous surgery?
What is Threaded?
apricot scrub changed its tubes.what is the new name of the medicated scrub?
I want to be friends again?
What do you think about this girl?
what time is it?
Help with bra size needed?
What would be the best night cream/moisturizer for me?
what is sexier booty shorts or thongs?
Do you think this guy is hot girls?
GIRLS do you like blond or brunet guys?
Who's the more beautiful princess?
(Girls Only) what size is your feet ?
I bought new shoes. do u think they look nice?
Are those fake $5 nails that you can do yourself bad for your nails?
who is prettier?
Growing back my eyebrows?
R U planing to do plastic surgery ?
Does anyone know anything to even skin tone? please help me!!?
can i buy sensai beauty products at walmart?
trying 2 find...myself...?
I'm 13 and I would love to be a model?
Is it ok to get a tattoo of a bra on your boobs and then never wear a bra ever again?
How much is a nose job?
Rate me 1 - 10 :) What can i do to improve?
How do dELiA's bathing suits fit?
Am I skinny for my height & age? pic given?
14-16ish year old guys (unfamous) that are hot/cute like jeydon wale?
Im trying to find website for bermuda bay clothing. Any help please?
Am I chubby or Fat? (PICS!!)?
just men----who is the hottest woman on earth?
Should I wear this??????
What should i do?
Do you think pale girls are pretty?
Are there any Bath and Body Works scents that smell like Victoria Secret's Dream Angels Heavenly?
Do i have what it takes to be a model?
what dress can I where for prom?
what is an easier way to put your contacts in your eye?
should I start wearing short shorts ?
what do you think? (picccy)?
How or where can I get these kind of glasses?
ladies, how attractive am i?
Are these people Good-Looking?
I want pls help me?.....?
is having a plastic belly ring good idea?
What can i wear to an interview at a beauty salon?
Guys; what type of girls do you find attractive?
Is my face going to mature any more?
Can I peirce my own ear with a peircing earring?
Should i wear this dress on my first day in a new office?
High school Halloween party?
What can she do to improve her image?
who is the most beautiful man of the world?
Am I Pretty or Ugly? I have to know for sure...?
Please Rate me (pics - male)?
Does American Eagle sell straight jeans in store?
What Race Do You Think I Am?
honestly: How old do i look?
What do I do?
which girl is the most beautiful?
Do you care about what style or clothes is in or out?
Would I look good in yellow?
Does anyone else get annoyed by the "Who's the prettiest" questions?
Am I pretty (picture)?
Is a gown and a dress the same thing ?
There is just 1 thing that all womans carry in their purse, can you tell what is it?
Hey answer people please read trust me !?
Am I model worthy..or just sears catalog?
what do you honestly think about my looks?
Is there an more effective way to tan in a tanning bed?
Whats In Style?
Has anyone had laser hair removal using the alexandrite system? If so, thoughts?
Where can you buy a ear piercin device called the Sleeper?
Does my nose look big to you and do do I look like an oger?
Why do most red-haired people have freckles?
What Hairstyle Would Look Good On Me?
Beauty box 5 question? Please answer!!?
what color of dress does these heels go with?
What race other than your own you think has the nicest looking people?
What are my strengths and flaws in my facial features?
I want to become a model, but I don't know how to start. Can someone advise me?
GIRLS: do you mind it when a guys boxers are showing?
I sprayed my uggs with water repellent and after they dried they had these wierd lines at some parts? help?
Can any one help me with so0me beauty supplies??
What to wear to by boyfriends rainy lacrosse game?!?!?
Whats the most common eye color?
Is artificial tan only for white skin?
could i model for hot topic?
How to get rid of Freckles?
Which of these haircuts do you like best [[pics]]]?
Is there a way to make the face smaller?
What are some cute teen swimsuits?
what should i do?? my eyebrows look sooooo ugly?
Why Men should never have their eyebrows plucked, waxed, or shaped ...?
what is the best hair style?
what do you think of the girl in the middle?
which dress? ive narrowed it down. . .?
Is this allowed at a private college?
L:ooking for Bare Traps shoes Brand Deliliah?
Should I be washing my face before I shave? Should I wash my face before or after I wash my hair?
do you think this is right?
Girls Only - Is it true that I have nice eyes (PIC INSIDE)?
is Mix it a good brand?
can this girl model (pics included)?
Am I THAT Ugly??????
Which would u prefer, real boobs or implants?
Is it ok for me to were brown girls 2inch boots to shigh school im 16 and i look awesone in them?
Wtf is with this?
Nose job???[20 characters]?
why do girls look the other way or downward when I walk by them?
does this sound sexy for a tall thin paris hilton kind of body, dinner party?
How do I add a small room myself to a commercial business? Steel framing?
Who do you think is prettier?
What are the none sexy Corsets called?
Shaving your legs?
Do I look young for 16?
Could I model? Pictures included?
Am I too skinny?
do we look alike? pics, please help?
Are people serious when they say this?
Ideas for elf hairstyles and outfits?
Omg please help me my name is all over the school?
Would I look good with this haircut?
why do people stare ?
Why do girls like to do things like...?
Why does Jim Bob Duggar make me so hot?
Should i get this hair cu style? pic insiddee of me & stylleeeee :D NEED LOTS OF OPINIONS :)?
whats a good comeback?
think she's pretty?
Will it make me prettier if I get my eyebrows done?
going to a beauty school for service?
Are these contact lenses safe?
What sort of person do I look like?
Please click :) It's about modeling!?
curly or straight? photos included?
What was the name of DKNY's original fragrance?
How to be handsome without mustache?
Would you rather be drop-dead gorgous but really stupid or einstein-smart and not at all good-looking?
What could I change? Any suggestions?
How far could I make it in the modeling industry?
is she pretty? im kinda freaking out?
how to remove a moustache on a girl?
Who would wear these leggings?
How to get started in Fashion Designing, for teenagers?
Should I shave my forearms?
who do think is more cute-brittney spears or lindsey lohan?
Dark Under eye rings?
How to remove hair dye stain from eye glasses?
what do you honestly think of this photo ?
ladies...what is the best deodorant?
Describe a beautiful skin using "J" letter.?
i think im going to dedicate my life to being hot?
which picture do you like the best?
How should i shave??
Girls, do you think I look good?
Do I Have a Big Nose? :o?
Old Exclamation by Coty fragrance?
Which picture is better?
what looks better?? or our both ugly?
POLL: Who is the cuter girl?
What color should I paint my toenails for the first day of school?
am i pretty? HONEST OPINIONS!!?
do you think you're attractive??
Permanent Extensions?
Does Baby Oil Stay Shiny When It Dries?
How to come out of the closet...Six months ago I started smoking cigarettes, but I have kept it from my parent
How can look like my real age?
ladies can i get your opinions on this?
Am I ugly???(pic included)?
On 1 -10 how attractive am i from profile pic AND REASONS?
How can i look like "blossom" from the power-puff girls?
Do you thinks she is pretty?
im goin into 8th grade and half of my friends just moved away?
do i need a nose job?
How come my lips are naturally bright red?
am i ugly?
Are legs like these attractive on a female?
I feel bad about myself what do you think pics included ( Be honest i can take it)?
saddle brook, nj?
Do Girls like Guys that wear tight pants?
Making your baby girl more beautiful...?
Guy insecure about a lot of things, esp looks.?
Does my sister have a big head?
Our likeness?
iz this to young?
what would you think if u saw a guy wearing this hoodie?
Does this work and is it worth it?
Tops that look like one piece bathing suits?
Shaving oil versus shaving foam?
Boys would you date me?
Where to get a great facial in Silver Spring, MD?
Do you think I will be able to be a model?
Which one of us looks better?
Picture Included Tell My Face Shape Second ?n is Do i Look Weird Means Kid sort Off?
Could I possibly go into modeling?
Which one of these guys do you find attractive? (Pictures!)?
whats the simpleist way to get help starting a beauty saon?
What would be a great haircut for a oblong face? (PIC included)?
What is my face-shape?
can u tell me the site name for superdrug karoke at v festival in stafford last weekend?
What do you think?
Throwing a themed party..... Golf Pros and Tennis H()'s whats something I can do to set this off??
What would i be on a scale of 1-10 ?
What sites sell OPI, China Glaze, Essie nail polishes, and etc online for good prices?
What do you think of this girl?
what do guys consider sexy?
Face Shape Problem! So confused?
GUYS : blond girls VS brunette girls?
Where can I get the duck feet/flare nail style tips done at in Medford Nj area ?
does it look weird having one ear that sicks out more than the other?
Beauty tips? (picture)?
Girls what makes a Guy stand out to you?
Am I an Okay Looking Girl?
I want to be a model, but......?
how comes..?
I'm 14 and I have small boobs...?
guys answer plzz?
Which picture is the best?
what do u think of me?
Does a 34 c cup on me look huge?
my little..?
Making Rose Water...what color is it supposed to be?
Which is better looking style of Coach?
Please describe this girl in one word?
do you think my avatar is cute?
help me find a hilarious costume?
Questions about first kiss...?
Can you really tell the difference between a 20 and 25 year old by looking at them?
Can you tell me if I look good or bad?
Why isn't being plus sized, beautiful?
Do you think I could be a model?
Do I have a babyface?
I did something I regret doing to my eyebrows.....?
Which is better... redheads, blondes or brunettes?
Lighter or darker hairwise? (pics)?
what are the quailitys that make a heart throb?
what are some easy home work outs that i can do to make my legs look thicke and my butt look fuller ?
What color should I get this dress in?
Nipple piercings...?
what ethnicity mix do you think i am?
Im really attractive... why dont guys like me?
am i a good photographer?
Should i get this hair cu style? pic insiddee of me & stylleeeee :D NEED LOTS OF OPINIONS :)?
where can i buy the emilio pucci perfume vivara?
Hi! which of those profile pics should i choose? 10 points :)?
Could I work at Hollister? **Pics**?
I'm really flat chested and I hate it?
Should I work out or not? Guys and girls answer..?
I have lost a bet Please don't be mean to me....?
how old do I look....?
I have BRIGHT red hair ( 'rihanna red') what colour should my prom dress be?
please suggest me a nice shampoo brand name and tag line?
Fellow Girls.. Would you still like a guy if you learned he wanted to become a hair stylist?
Is it love at first sight or Infatuation for me as I m feeling her presence in my life from the first day?
How do i look older/more mature?
Fynns Models ( Are they SCAM?
Is it safe to wash faux suede?
what should i do for my 16th birthday (girl)?
Which hair and eye color is better?
URGENT help needed. what color dress should i get? pic?
Do you sometimes look in style magazines like Vogue and the like and wonder how ugly the style and models are?
How to look like Victoria from Corpse Bride?
is it safe to assume this?
What can I do to improve my looks?
Being emo?
I need a girl so bad what can i do?
What Color Should I Dye My Hair? (PICS OF ME!!)?
how can i get back to my original skin tone?
How attractive am i?
Blondes or brunettes?
What do I need to do to improve my look?
Do i look ugly? Tell the TRUTH please, lol.?
Girls...I'm 22 and was thinking of having a girls night in slumber party with my friends.?
Suggest me some of the world's finest glasses dudes!!!!!!And beautiful gals, which 1 brings u up ?
what do you say to a girl that you like?
Why do so many girls dislike cheerleaders?
Hero costume/dress up ideas?
Paul Walker --- HOT or NOT?
Scared putting in contact lenses (first time)?
Does the smell of weed linger for long?
what do u do 2 get rid of a wedgie in public?
I think I'm ugly, how about you (picture)?
what is tne difference between bited nails and strong nails?
Could I Make It As A Model?
Who looks better and why?
*PIC* Does she look more like a Sharpay or a Gabriella?
Who is the hottest girl in the world?
Why am I so stunningly good looking?
why i'm so ugly ???????????????????
Why does girls wear pads on their panties?
What do you rate me..? =3?
Why is it that women are not teaching their daughters about good hygiene?
Morphsuit size problem. Help please?
Girls would you say i'm attractive or not?;P?
What color nail polish would I wear if...?
whats your first impression of this girl?
Could I be a model? Pictures?
1800's Womens' Boots?
Do you think that I'm pretty?
Girls, rate please :p?
Clothing websites for small teen girls?
I'm really shy and have low self esteem, do you think I am good looking?
Need advice on a haircut style?
I wanna take good care of my nails... can anyone tell me how?
Where can i find photos of beautiful hair an nails?
Could I pass for age 16?
Girls ONLY!!! is this guy hot or NOT?
Can anyone give me an article on need for environmental legislation 11 class basis?
Out of curiosity ?
Homecoming?Im a male and I dont want to wear a tie?
Formal Makeup Help! Please! Stressing Out!?
Is this Halloween costume pretty or not?
visa gift card? HELP PLEASE. *online shopping*?
On a Scale of 1-10 How Would You Rate Yourself?
I want to look hott for school..any tips? (PIC INCLUDED)
What do you think of my looks?? PICS?
Can anyone suggest an alternative to Right Guard for my dad?
Are these boots cute or UGLY? (pictures of ME) s?
What should I be for halloween?
how can i get beautiful lips naturally?
I have extra dry skin what is the name of a good moisturizer?
Can i wear nilam (blue sapphire)?
Please rate me.... Am i pretty??
Do you think this girl is pretty?
Whos prettier and why?
Model Question In regards to whom it may concern?
Cleaning Your Shoes.? Help Me.?!?
Which picture is better?
is a bra size 32D big?
got dark circles and dark eyelids too...any home remedy? plz help,engagement soon?
guys do u like girls who r ?
Do i look better with light eyes or dark eyes? (Pics included)?
rate me please? (1-10)?
what do you think of this girl?
Do your eyes look bland with indoor light?
Wilkinson Sword Vs Gillette?
what length of yoga pants to get?
Do guys prefer natural or fake girls?
When do boys grow taller?!?! I'm sick of being tall.. lol?
Please help me understand?
I need boy advice?
Asking a girl out to the winter formal?
What To Wear ?? Can Anyone Help ?
Which Crest WhiteStrips to use?
what do i do about my small boobs?
Am I too fat? [photos]?
Which Victoria's Secret Pink Perfume is Better?
best bargains?!?
Whats a nice smelling perfume?
What do you think of these shoes. Are they in style?
rate me on a scale of 1 to 10!!!!!!!!!!?
i've heard that taking a lemon in the morning before eating anything else makes our eyes brighter, is it true?
Which girl do you think is has better looks.?
does mila kunis have high cheekbones?
Is my profile visible?
How can I improve myself with my appearance and confidence?
Girls can't fart but guys can?
Do i stand any chance of being a model/tv presenter?
Am i pretty???????????????????????
Do I look bad without mascara?
ok so i want to model/act/
who i can find buyers of manicure in uk?
i fall in love with someone but i can't speak with her. But i have no problem in expressing my self.So help me
why cant we chose our own make up style for the avatars?
Whos prettiest? rate 1-10 x?
would you rather be pretty or ugly?
is there a hairdresser in Atlanta area that can fix hair at home?
Do you think she is pretty?
Hi, i'm 19 years old and Ivenoticed wrinkles under my eyes - especially when smiling. There are ...?
which one ...... (PICS)?
Good clothing stores for a High school girl?
Do i remind you of any celebrity?
Your ultimate dream girls day with a guy?
What would you wear with this top???
how would you describe my avitar?
Would I look good with Zooey Deschanel's hairstyle?
do you like this Dress ?
can yellow sapphire is worn in silver or copper?
tips on new look! :D?
Is she testing me????? or just not interested anymore?
whichh girl is hotterr?!!?
Tall or Short (For girls)?
Why are females so jealous of me? Is it my fault i was born beautiful? am i pretty?
AM I SHORT? 5'4 1/2 and male?
boyish but sexy look for a girl?
Why do redheads have freckles????
Do you think i look emo?
ummmmmmmmm, i was wonderrrrrrrring....?
Where can i go for work experiance in london?
I'm really getting tired of my Colognes! None of them work!!!!!?
Are my tattoos and the way I dress too immature for a 21 year old?
Do you wear underwear under your pyjamas?
how can i improve my style?
girls, what is a great cologne/perfume for a guy that you like?
Lakehead modelling agency in thunderbay, ontario.?
IM SO UGLY ! HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
How old do i actually look?
Who is the prettiest? PICS Included?
what embarrassing things happened to you?
What is the best perfume to give girlfriend for Xmas?
do you think this girl is pretty?
Cosmo project!! ideas needed ..?
Girls, do i look atractive?
what do you think of these three pictures i edited? do you like them? which one is better?{pictures included]
am i hot or what?
calling everybody how tall are you and how old are you?
What time do you guys wake up for school?
Are eyelash perms damaging to your eyelashes?
I have a lot of little black heads on my nose and chin, what is the best way to get rid of them?
what can you say about this ?
do you pick your nose?
how old do i look with my glasses on?
Does this picture look good?
what makes guys not like me like that?
I want to get hairdo by jessica simpson?
How old do I look???
Do we look alike? who do you think is prettier?
How do you define Beauty?
where do i get materials to do my own acrylic nails?
Do they look like sisters?
What is a really weird outfit?
What do you think of my haircut?
Which Hair Cut Is Prettier? (PICS)?
Please help me, pleaseee!?
how to make my little sister look prettier?
Do I Really Have a Big Nose?
i am going to be 14 and want a salon/spa bday party thats inexpensive, cool and in the neighborhood of Chicago
Halloween Costume Help (points for best answer) and all help you!?
what ethnicity do i look?
What's the best place to buy high quality emerald jewelry on the web?
What does steampunk mean?
My eyebrows are starting to connect...?
Am ii like really like ugly?
would you rather be?
how do you make nail polish?
What is the best pubic hair style for men?
how do I look? pics included!!?
Question about tips?
Do I look like Ke$ha? (repost better link)?
Why are so many girls asking if they are pretty?
On a 1-10 scale? Why no date to homecoming, or a boyfriend?
How old do you think i looks?
Do you wear any rings?
Do I have the potential to look pretty?
wat is more important for a woman....Beauty or Brain?
Am I Pretty? Just wondering...?
Do you think I can get better at perreo dancing if I practiced?
What are the "You are the Stability/Technology" ads advertising?
Do you think they're beautiful?
Good Drugstore AIRBRUSH Foundations? :)?
Are long shirts better to make someone look thinner?
have you know about burmuda trayangle?
I am trying to find a hot, new, classy and conservative look.Any ideas?
which is the best epilator?
what would i look better with?
I'm 12 and i just got glasses and people make fun of me what should I do?
what hair and makeup would look good with this dress?
wat to do when your ex wont talk to you anymore but you really love him and miss him. and he wont let you.....
how can i be prettyer?
i cut myself.....i think i might be becoming emo.....?
I dont know what my faceshape is?
What should I wear with this dress?
I feel left out... please help?
if my bra doesn't fit anymore what should i do?
my parents won't let me do anything! help?
Do mirrors and/or pictures lie about the way you look?
What color are your eyes and what is your favorite eye color?
Hey EVERY1 im 5.2 16 and weigh 117lbs. do my legs and belly look normal...... PICS!!(FIXED THE LINK)?
Which picture should i use on myspace?
Do i favor any celebertys? Please answer!?
Do you like these pics? did i look 12?
belly button piercing?!?
for girls, what is the best cologne for summer?
If you use DOVE EXTRA STRENGTH deodorant?
Girls...what do you do that makes you feel girly?
WHat nationality does this one look ?
How would you rate this guy?
Can I go without makeup? (Picture)?
do i look like her?
Whats the name of this earring post?
A vampire costume for Halloween?
I've been looking for a cologne by Jovan called "Woman" . Does anyone know where it is? I'm in Mesa, Az.
How many pale people are there in L.A?
what color should i paint my nails??
What edits did this girl use to get her picture to look like this? (Pic included)?
What can I wear with these shorts?
what are good perfumes for 15 year old girl!?
Men: Do you think nose, lip, eyebrow, tongue piercings are sexy?
Does LiLash Work to Grow eyelash?
What do you think of these guys?
Do I look weird or ugly?
What to wear with this?
(girls only) tips for waxing?
who is the best looking...? (pic)?
my ear gauge :D taper?
Should I pick out an engagement ring I like?
i think im fridgid - help?
white people say i look scary & make fun of me?
Find it hard to make friends with these people? Give up?
What should I wear wear?Help?
can i wear a double helix spiral with two normal helix piercings?
I got my aesthetician license in 2002...........?
Did i mess up my eyebrows?
Whats everyone's favourite eye colour?
Do u find dark brown eyes sexy.?
SHOULD I get this hair cut? yes or no?
I Stretched My Ears With Some Tapers I Just Boquht Like A Month Aqo But What Szie Are THey.?
I need help finding out where this store is called weahtervane and the website?
how should i make my post-apocolyptic future costume?
How can I look attractive?
how to grow your nails faster and stronger?
Does Aloe body lotion whiten your skin tone?
how old do i lookkkkk?
would you answer 21 questions about sex?
where do I find Girls pants sixe 22 waist and length 27/28?
Which of these girls is prettiest?
Why do girls wear low waist jeans and show their *****?
My eyebrow is gone?!?
Which to choose? Parissa or Sally Hanson for waxing??
Who is the prettiest?
Does a fresh start ever really work?
Best photo of me(pics included)?
what are the best hair skin and nails pills that arnt that expensive and you can buy at walmart or wallgreens?
Can you help me to select some clothes for me?
by my avatar where do u think im from ,my personality , and a good name for me.?
I need an emo screen name for AIM?
Does PacSun have good quality clothes?
What is your.......................??????
How to get this hair style?
How do I look???????
GOTH FASHION WALK ideas on how to walk the cat walk like a goth :S?
Could I be a swimsuit model?
Which perfume commercial is it?
LADIES where can i find a good bras for a size 32D.34D AND 36D?
Which picture do you like more?
body shape question ???????measurements and pics help?
Help! What do I do to with this problem?
Am I classified as too thin?
can you please help me find some good frends out?
What kind of style should I have?
Does perfume have a expiry date?
I just trimmed my eyebrows way too much how long till they grow back?
is it true that lemons get rid of freckles?
am i ugly?? or not? say the truth?
do you think i can model?
Why dose every body like to wear those huge cover half of their face sunglasses?
Sale ending! Homecoming dress help?
Do I have a high fashion model body?
Will my looks still change over time? (I'm 15)?
How to be confident about bold looks?(Pictures)?
Black French tips to a formal occasion at my age?
I've noticed 'liver spots' appearing on the back of my hands.How are they caused 'n get rid of it?
which is the better photo, edited or non edited?
Would you rate me on 1-10?
i want 2 design a t-shrit the things is i need it by friday and i only want one most websites i've been?
Whos is this scene girl?
Hey girls, which one of these 5 ugly guys look best?
Does anyone use Mary Kay products?
I am in the process of developing multicolored hair extension for pubic hair what do you think.?
Am I even attractive [pics included]?
brazillian waxing...where??
Any tips on applying false eyelashes?
what do you think of this bag?
What do you think of my eyes?
I am famous and..............?
Rate Me? 1-10... please and thank you!?
who looks better?!?!?!....?
What nationality do i look like?
Do you think dark hair and blue eyes is nice on a guy?
am I cute...beautiful...pretty...sassy or wut...plz judge me?
What do you think of a woman who doesn't wear underwear under her jeans?
Are chunky heels good to pair with skinny jeans?
I'd like to bring "sexy back". How should I do it?
what should i wear on the first day of school?
where to find a locker frame..?
Would you leave a little dent in your car ?
I'm buying essential clothing for school.. What all can I get for $100?
girls only pleeease!?
How to become really prettyy?
whats so good about my hair?
am i okay looking??
What nationality do i look ? :)?
I have to buy some prefume for a birthday present for my sister?
i'm thinking about getting my lip pierced. on a scale from 1-10 (10 being the highest) how bad does it hurt?
Should I dye my hair?
What is the prom theme at your school?
How do you think I look? Is the third one a good picture?
im getting my tounge peirced but im so scared ill get paralyced is it worth it im only 14?
Can a lot of sitting affect on the size of your butt?
how do you know if people think your pretty?
Why are girls always so mean to other girls?
Good places for eyelash extensions?
Question about gauges. 10g - 6g?
Do you think this guy is attractive?
Do you eat breakfast?
what do you think of me?
What supra should I get?
Are these eyes rare? [Pics]?
I am a guy who is straight but wants to get a french manicure, and pedicure. Would that be gay? Or Hot?
would i look good with bangs? pics included?
How to look pretty or beautiful?
Does anyone have a list of ingredients used in any perfume or know where I can find one? ?
What Color Are These Eyes?
How can i improve my looks? (pictures)?
Which girl is prettier?
Which girl is the hottest in your opinion?
Rate this girl on a scale from 1 to 10?
Is this girl pretty? (pic included)?
how tmake your fingernails hard and keep the from breaking?
eyebrow waxing..any tips?
Help me I don't know what to do? Delayed puberty?
Do these glasses suit me? (pics)?
Do you have a picture of you I can see?
Is it an insult if someone tells you that you have beady eyes? (photo)?
Do some girls really like nice dressed guys.?
should i really wear this to school?
Should I wear these together?
How do I know if I am a geek, a stud, ugly or cute with out sonding stupid?
What to wear to to a casual job interview at Calvin Klein?
Did Elvis Presley have long sideburns in the '50s?
is this an alright picture of me?
Are the bows on this top ok?
Help me pick the best top to buy for a guy?
are my eyebrows to thin?
Who is better looking?
Whose had a violation and then seen something a million times worse?
What facial piercings would suit me?
Could I try moddeling?
I'm tall and I can't find good fitting pants anywhere!!!!?
Fashionistas help me!! im going on a trip tmrw and need advice?
I'm got 34C's- at 13, how do I do a little reaveal without looking like a *Total* slut?
what is the best moisturizing cream?
what are some great party ideas?
Could i be a model? (pics)?
Am i pretty and how old do you think i am?
Rustic Wedding...Need suggestions...?
rate her what do you really think?
Do you think Miley Cyrus is pretty?
Any websites or ways i can border or decorate my pictures to put on myspace??
Which outfit is better and cuter for Disneyland?
What are some of your favorite beauty secrets?
do you think she is pretty?
Rate please! what could she improve on??!? {{{{Picss}}}}?
What do I do I think Im in love???
Do women like men with very manly facial features or more feminine features?
Do i look kind of chubby?
Easy 2 points! just help me win a bet by answering anything u want on this question!?
Why is it acceptable for women to wear trousers but men not kilts?
What hairstyle would look best with this dress?
how to stay beautiful and young?
Opinions on this girl?!? *photos*?
what cream or lotion should i use to become light skinned?
here are my favorite perfumes. do they have anything in common? like what would you say my preferences are?
Wearing classic perfume?
I want my bangs layered but i don't know exactly how i want them. any suggestions?
Should I get cosmetic surgery or guitar lessons?
are fake eyelashes reuseable?
email address ideas?
Who looks better.......?
Pealse rate- do you think I'm pretty?
How old do I look? And am I attractive?
Ladies: How you think I look?
which one is prettier?
do you think i have what it takes to be a victorias secret model?
Is it true your face looks older after many years of wearing make up?
This guy thinks he has the same birthday as me but we really don't/ What should I do?
Men, R blond or brunette women hotter?. School project...?
Would this haircut&colour look ok on me?
. . .Which hair color should I dye my hair?
Do girls notice if.....?
which flipflops look better? (Pics)?
me? (with pics)?
Which one should be my profile picture?
Where is the cleanest, safest, fairly priced place to get a piercing in Cardiff?
What do you think about me?
Supra kids Skytop size 9 uk?
What is this nail design called?
Does any one have any victoria secret coupons for the free panty they arent going to use?
What shoes to wear with an Alpine Girl Halloween Costume?
Will a hot bath help relax my body?
Where do i find cheap colorful skinny jeans?
plz help me!! im 14 but planning for the future already?
Guess How Old She Is..?
What is a good name for me?
How do I get my AVATAR to show up on e-mil account?
Where can i get a cream faux leather jacket with cream plastic buttons?
why do skater guys wear girl pants if they need room to do their stuff?
I'm getting a super girly girl makeover what should I expect?
Breast cancer awareness robe?
Best eyebrow shape?!!!?
What shoes to wear with my blue floral above the knee sleeveless dress?
What should my raver name be and where's the best place to get kandi??
what do you think?
Does getting ur ear cartilage hurt more than getting ur belly button pierced?
Please asnwer truthfully: am I pretty???
what is good and bad about his features?
My friends want to know if I could be a model?
Which girl is the hottest?
If you paint your toenails, do you have to paint your nails too?
how do we look together?
Do people think this idea could work?
How do I get rid of my acne without paying alot of money?
Do I have high, good cheekbones?
What fake item doThai kids wear to make themselves fashionable?
How to seriously.Please help?
What colour is your pee?
How do i look.. Rate me 1-10? Easy s.?
why do i bother to ask all of these questions?
What would my color season be?
nose ring questions!?
Do you think I can be a teen model???
Will i still get taller?
10point. which surname do you like better?
WHO <3's EMO's?
What are the best pendants to wear? (very basic, not too flashy)?
How can I stop biting my nails?
How can I grow Long Toenails? How Acceptable is it For a man to wear them?
How to pluck my brows?
should i get my lip peirced? im 14, and ive always wanted it, and im aloud, im just afraid it will look bad.?
curly hair or straight hair?
What is sexiness to you?
Is it easier to wax or pluck your eyebrows?
Which haircut treatment prolongs facial hair growth more: shaving cream, or shaving cream with hot towel?
is she PRETTY??????...................?
how to get rid of redness off your face?
if you are a big brother fan tell me who is prettier and why IMOGEN or ASHLENE?
Am I attractive? PIX*?
Where in the UK can I buy 'Kiss Big Toes Nail Kit' from?
How old do I look??
if u were a boy wat is ur favorite physical part, and if r a girl wat's urs??
is this a good deal, yes or no?
Please help choosing a color jacket? 10 points!?
Ladies: it's time for a new look, starting with the undies. Are bikini briefs okay on guys? Thanx/mat?
What colors compliment my skin tone?
Where is the best place to take a video to see what you truly look like?
How old do I look [since everyone else is asking]?
Whats your idea of a perfect..?
How Should I Dress For A Party?
what age should you start wearing eyeliner?
Is it ok for a guy to wear a girls tank top.?
How to be "age appropriate hot"?
megan fox? someone want to explain..?
Which rings should I get
Should I get a side fringe or stay without?
Is it okay to be unhealthy but happier?
Has anyone (who's a kid, or kid at heart) ever rode salon chairs, by going up and down?
Would I look ok with these type of bangs?
How to become a teenage model in Australia?
Cherry vanilla shower gel?
i want to look the prettiest then any other girl in the world?what should i do for that?
What is the first thing you notice about me ? ( picture !!! )?
who has a preeiter face?
what are your favorite shoes?why?
which shakira do u prefer?
How do I become scene?
What is your opinion of MAINSTAY's fresh cotton scented candle????? You get it at walmart!!!!!?
Could i be a model? (pics included)?
To tan or not to tan, that is the question.?
what oil is it again?
why do people stare ?
How to counter this claim?
can i get the personal address and telephone number of pulkit samrat?
Enrique Iglesias?????????????
How to dress like Olivia De Havilland?
Which is worse: going grey at a relatively young age OR having facial hair?
Are my eye really bad or people just fooled me?
I look average without makeup?
What should I be for Halloween?
Who are some blonde site models?
Where can i find tight pants... not jeans i think they are called yoga pants or something?
how do i look? why don't i pick up any nice guys?
how many pairs of t shirts & shorts should a man have?
Why do humans have finger/toe nails?
Am I "okay" looking (i'm a guy)?