Ok i wanna get an earing right , once i get the one they give me or the stud i think its called ? Do i gotta?
Please tell me, which stars wear clothes by Tally Weijl..?
im proud to be pale, why arent you?
Wet to Straight Flat Iron?
HELP!PLEASE!!!how and what r some good modeling ancencies?
Best waist training corset?
What is the legal age to get facial piercings and tattoos in NYS?
Barbie is real?!? Can you believe that this is a real person?
Can I drive with 4 to 4.5 inch sexy pumps on?
define hot for a girl?
What perfume smells similar to Taylor Swift Wonderstruck?
Any suggestions on what shade of red will look good with light/medium brown hair?
how to have angelina jolie's googly eyes?
Is having big eyes bad?
Hot Topic or Hollister?
Am I halfway decent looking?
how many people has brown eyes in your family?
getting their eyebrows waxed?
What is the name of the software that you can upload a picture & add or edit it? Also where can I find it?
Tips on how to get my nails to grow faster ?
Pretty or ugly?
where can i find fashion games?
Do you think that I am pretty?
How old are you, how tall are you, and how much do you weigh?!?
Can anyone help with hair and nails?
♥is long hair prettier? answer, thankss(:?
Whos More Beautiful Gena Lee Nolin Or Adriana Lima.?
what thing can makes my face clear and beauty?
What colour vans out of these?
is it okay to look like a bum?
Need a recommendation: What steps should my wife take to discover her outer beauty and personal style?
who do you perfer blondes or brunettes??
What Body Spray or Perfume Smell attracts you boys?
Could I be a good model?
My son just came home from school and he had messed with a girls boobs.?
not to be a freak......but guys wat kinda piercings do u want on ur girl?
How long does it take eyebrows to grow lengthwise?
This girl didn't seem to care that I kept touching her & sending her flirty texts...she likes me right?
its a french perfume called tejoymorois?
What is your responsibilities as a member of your community?
Am I Pretty??? Please answer :)?
What are some cool nail ideas?
Bikini Shape...?
What is your favorite eye color?!?
I want to study beauty but i cant wait?
I keep thinking something is bothering me but its not? Anyone else have this problem?
Do you like puka necklaces?
why do my nails grow so long with fake salon nails?
do me and my boyfriend look good togeter? (PICS!!!)?
what is good for pitted acne scars?
Where in the UK sells size 4 skinny jeans?
help! i need someone to make this decision for me! it wil only take a second..?
Do you think I'm ugly, o.k., pretty, or beautiful?
Do you think she has nice legs?
I want to become a hair stylist!!! Boston?
how much will you be spending on your school clothes?(for high school kids)?
what do you guys think of eyes like these?
What makes a girl sexy?
Isn't it cute when a girl tiptoes barefoot?
I got my bikini line waxed about 5 weeks ago & theres a dark skin discolouration in one patch. Why is this?!?
is this girl pretty?
I want micro ring extensions. how to make?
Does anyone know if body wraps or corsets really work and where to get a good corset online cheap?
can a person be emo without the emo look?
Ohmygoshh! Helpp mee!?
what size do you think is the perfect clothes and breast size ?
Which picture do you like da best?
what is sexism ?
I have really really low self asteem...?
How can i look very handsome, my slutty fiancee wants me to look handsome as possible?
how do you guys think this will look? such thing as a modern day Bettie Paige?
where to find male actor blue eyes for modeling work in los angeles?
How to be popular at a new school?
Help us pick out outfits for engagement photos? (10 points to winner)?
how can i whiten my nails?
I was voted the 8th ugliest person in my school?
what should i wear with this dress?
what is the correct age for girls to start doing their eyebrows?
Which Bra do you think is better??
you think this will look nice?
Is this hairstyle too dressy for a birthday party I'm going to?
What to wear to a zumba class?
1-10 for this pic??
Is it ok to wear these earrings?
If I start wearing sunblock everyday, can I get my natural skin colour back ?
Who is the most sexiest girl in Karnataka, India, and entire world?
at what age did u think u got a generally accurate picture of your attractiveness?
shopping for Christmas?
What does it mean if you are told you are beautiful in a "different" way? Should I be offended?
Is Zeno the pimple remover good?
yves saint laurent Pop Stick Blush?
what colour eyes do you prfer on boys?
Which is the best facial to be done for engagement?and what would be the price range?
what does this mean ?
Any answer will do.....THANKS! :]]?
too be in a run way for fashions too show people your clothes you can show them it even if your big and even i
How can I look like a hipster?
For people who have used Eos shaving cream?
Girls what would be your reaction if I told you this?
Favourite Piercings????????
Do girls like dark guyz.. i mean really dark!! guyz....(black))?
how do you get rid of eyes that are reeally red from crying?
i don't dare to cut my long hair?
Can you see that I am a girl?
Question about cartilage earings.?
How to look girly?
What is the main color you see when you look in your closet?
Look at the pic. Do we make a cute couple?
What are the advantages of being very handsome?
can you buy cream to lighten skin in the uk ?
what glasses frames should i get, i need answers quick?
Do I need a make-over?
How fat am I (pic included)?
How good do I look? Girls, please answer?
How am I supposed to laugh?
what color should i paint my room. (im a girl)?
21 and I've never worn make up.... help (picture included)?
Perfect Girl? (Pic Included!!)?
Please Help!!!!!!!!!!!?
help finding current sample offers?
Does anyone know the name of the retail store that allows you to create your own perfume scents?
how old do i look? (pic inside)?
Where did painted nails originate from and what was it's original reason behind doing it?
do me and my boyfriend look good togeter? (PICS!!!)?
How do you get a more defined jawline?
Does this picture look... edited to you?
What are some good blue colored peacoats for women?
What's your best feature?
tongue web piercing pain?
What eyebrows would suit me?
What is best to wear if....?
How do i look.. Rate me 1-10? Easy s.?
I got a facebook request from this guy, but his account looks fake, i don't think it's a real person, what do?
If you have used the Whitelight tooth whitening system, can you tell me how well it works?
Guys - do you prefer skinny or curvy?
Who wants 10 points?
Who is the hottest girl in the world?
DO I Have a strong jawline? is that supposed to be good?
Sexy vs. Cute vs. Hot vs. Handsome, Which is the best?
How can you tell if someone is jealous of you?
I am making a costume for a school project and I was wondering how I could make this skirt...?
Do you think she is pretty?
Am I skinny or average sized?
How do I make myself look skinny?
My hair and nuisance it has become!?
What do you guys think of me? (Pics Included)?
Am I a bit chubby? (pics)?
why are boobs so cool?
Any tips on our apperance? pics?
how old do i look?
Could i model?
I'm a redhead, and i'm sick of being ugly. how do i get pretty?
Recycling posters... where can I put them?
Do women find young clean shaven police officers good looking?
Shaving, facial hair, concealer?
Do I have a big forehead?
What is a good eye-cream for women in their late twenties with oily skin?
What do you think about this look?
i straighten my hair but i wanna try something different?
piercing help?? Would this look right?
Do you think I'm fake?
am i too fat for skinny jeans--pic included--no BS remarks?
What is the best electric toothbrush available now? No more than $150 retail!?
How can I make myself stop believing that I am Ugly?
pretty enough to model?? (pics)?
Ladies, do u think theres an even amount of beautiful girls and handsome guys in the world?
How can I improve my appearance and get a boyfriend?
How to dress and act slutty in school? (I lost a bet -_-)?
How to wear shorts with thick thighs and a big butt?
What sunglasses are hot this season?
Parfume or toilette?...?
How do you know if your ugly?
What does the Lush "Magic" Bath Bomb do? ?
Do these look like "nursing shoes" to you?
What if George Bush makes it illegal for woman to use make up?
Does anyone know how to make their own acrylic artificial nails?
How do you think this Haircut will look on me? (pics)?
do i look like the average asian?
How can I change my look?(pics inside)?
am i really that ugly?
I want a name for FB album ?
Which girl is prettier?
what is a good pair of gloves to wear when im home relaxing?
What's the difference between EDP, EDT and Body Mist?
How to get a waxing certificate?
What does it mean when people tell you that you have the perfect complexion(on your face)?
POLL: Was Sex & The City all that it was hyped up to be?
For those who think I'm unattractive, what can I fix?
How much do acrylic nail fills cost in GBP?
Does Simona Moneva love me?
- which one is prettiest (pic)?
would you guys consider me pretty?
How do i feel sexy after having two kids.?
American woman had something put in her breasts to make them grow?
In the morning what do you do first?
What does clairol color refresh do?
where can i buy plain 18 inch hat boxes in austin,texas?
Is Big beautiful?
How do I size myself to buy clothes online?
How old do you think I look?
How to improve my looks?
Do you think I dress slutty?
Am i an hour glass figure?
What do I need for gel nails?
Do you get prettier as you age?
do you think they are pretty?
What are some simple ways to make your day go from ordinary to extraordinary?
Whats Prettier And Whats Better ? (Percings)?
Which car do you like the best (with pics)?
i want to ask my previous question again!! about the dress thing?
What are the rules when wearing a blazer with khakis?
remington paraffin spa how long to keep wax on your hands?
MANY ANSWERS PLEASE!! Hey girls...what's the most important physical trait in a guy to you?
do i look better before or after i have pics :)?
Out Of These 2 People, Who Looks Better?
What to wear to a modeling agency?
Have you girls heard of YonKa, what do you know/think about it, and how do you like it?
Gimme one cooool- 't-shirt slogan' plz.?
is this girl ugly or attractive?
How to dye a school uniform shirt?
so i have this dress that the top part is rather see-through type and i am not sure to wear a normal bra or...?
Is it possible to to make my eyes allign?
best way to get rid of......?
I've seen beauty experts mention a 2%creme to be used to lighten dark necks etc... It starts with H but is
how can i tan?PLEASE HELP!?
who is hotter zac efron or dylan sprouse?
Why does nail polish not dry up in the bottle?
This is what I find sexy in a guy, GIRLS tell me how taht sounds to you.?
is it possible to say that i'm very good looking ?
Do I have weird eyebrows? Pics?
How much do the prescription Rayban Wayfarer or RB5201s cost?
boys do you like skirts or bikinis?
Do girls think that I am ugly?
girls - does anyone here have weird proportioned feet like me?
im dying my hair hot pink and getting long black extensions...?
rate me 1-10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lmao?
Would you pay $100 for a full body wax if you were really hairy?
is my blog any good (beauty/fashion )?
What Color Eyes do you Have? And what is ur favorite eye color?!?!?
Do hoops stretch out your earlobe holes?
What colors would look good on me?
How can I make suspenders out of my neckties?
Do you like the font for this tattoo (pic inside)?
What color bands should i get for braces?
what piercing are hot on guys?
How much do belly button rings cost? :)?
I'm in Iraq and having my wedding ceremony when I go on leave...need advice for bridal jewelry.?
Am I too tall to wear heels?
How old do I look to you guys?
I'm 5' 10" and i weight 108. I'm 14 years old. Would a make a good model?
Im 5'2 but i look taller?
Shellac nail polish info?
Does she look her age at 17?
my lips turn black when it's cold. what should i do???
Help me choose a picture to send to my bf?
what is the best victorias secret bikini top?
Veet ready to use gel waxing strips?
What can a guy do to look good all the time?
How do you know when to get a cup bra?
should 16 yr old girls be shaving their legs?
Which are the contestent in ur list for miss world 2011 just pridiction?
what should i do to make my hair look better? (im a guy)?
LADIES! Am I at least decent looking?
Whats the most important part of a guys physical body?
which picture do you like the most?
How can I have swag ( for girls)?
Who is the most attractive in these pictures?
how can one create a new stunning look and maintain it?
Am i pretty? (pic included) plz help?
How hot/sexy do you consider yourself?
What can i wear with this?
men only !?
Do you think dark brown eyes are mysterious?
I am looking for information on becoming a Make-up Artist & Hair stylist for TV Shows and Movies?
What are your favorite colors that you wear and decorated your home with?
Do girls like these certain things on a boy?
Where can I buy Selena Gomez's perfume in Canada?
Can everyone please rate my looks from 1-10 honestly?
why does this happened to me?
i need to make my boobs look bigger for my homcoming dress!?
what foods are best for a belly?
How can i make myself look better in one day (for tomorrow)?
Do bigger ladies use the word curvy to make themselves feel better?
how to be as pretty as my friend?
how to make short bangs look longer and make them into short side bangs?
Would a short pencil skirt look good with a tank top and a leather jacket and flats?
Who would you pick as the most beautyful woman in the world?
do you like this dress and shoe ideas?
how do I get clothing beauty products, hair stuff donated to me? from retailers,beauticians, designers etc?
How to look like an "It" girl?
What are some tips for healthy nails that are long and strong?
how do girls shave down there?
Do you think I dress slutty?
how to dye sassy silky straight human hair extensions ?
Who's Prettier? (pics included)?
Describe your clothing style?
Do you think i'd look good blonde?
Where can I get coupons for Christian Dior Fragrance Hypnotic Poison Body Lotion for Women 200ml?
can someone help me with my bra size?
so guyyyssssssssss........?
do i look fat? ): [pic]?
How can I get my 18 year old daughter to STOP biting her nails? I've tried everything!!?
Is this dress appropriate for a prom?
is this good photography? NOT a 'rate me' question? please answer?
What should I do about my hair?
Girls which would you wear? Guys what would you think a girl should wear?
is it true that midwest women are the most pretty women in usa?
do you think I'm ugly?
Describe Hollister's Ryder perfume?
Do you think I'm pretty enough (PICS)?
tips and websites on belly piercing?
¿Duele ser bell@?
What is your favorite color?
how much water should you drink in a day????does water effect your skin??
How can I make myself look better?PIC?
What would my waist size?
Is this a good picture of myself?
whats the best style of a wedding gown will be perfect for women under 5 ft?
Why did my hair randomly get lighter and blonde again?
How do I get NOTICED!!?
Guys what does your dream girl look like?
Muslim clothing stores near san francisco?
can you use soap dye for perfume?
What are some good "free sample" sites?
Products like "Its a 10" but cheaper? :)?
what is soo attractive about asian girls? guys?
How do i talk to people while cooking food in front of people?
Do I look like a boy?
Is cosmetology school hard?
does being baby-faced have any advantages?
Do I have the face to be a Victoria's Secret Model??! w/pics?
does anybody know where i can find a picture of a butterfly tattoo on a females ?
Guys Shaving their Legs ,chests and nuts ,is it WEIRD?
what do you think of this picture?
Does Rickys NYC interview you right after you hand in your application?
Should I Leave My Skin .. Freshly Washed - No Toner, No Moisturizer? Help please :)?
Girls....I'm starting to find my feminine side and want to become girlier....what things can I do?
Are freckles looked upon as flaws or what?
Lip rings or lip studs?
Homecoming questions. Any help?
Any make up or beauty tips on how to make my features and eyes pop?
advice on pageants please?
Want me to make you an outfit? (first 10) ?
How old do you think I look?
Do u think she is ugly?
How would you rate this girl? (1-10)?
80s Iron Maiden style outfit ...?
oakley sunglasses scratch repair kits?
What are some ways that I can gain weight+a few other questions?
Could i be a model???
Hottest? Uglest? (Pics in description)?
what can i use to help my eye brawls grow back faster and how long will it take for them to go back fully?
I am quite self conscious about myself and have been. I want to look sexy and feel sexy. I was not always?
are albanian girls the best?
Tongue Piercings- in or out?
How do I become an eye model?
Should I dye my hair more red or golden (PIC incld.)?
do i honestly need a nose job?
Where is a cheap place to get colored skinny jeans?
miss universe's getting uglier every year?
my confidence seems to be missing, have you seen it? [pictures]?
who thinks that Sofia Vassilieva is pretty?
Girls do you find this guy hot/attractive?
Which smile looks better? [pics]?
What is a good birthday present for a 14 year old girl?
What kind of face shape do I have?
I can't decide which dress to wear!?
Would nail salons allow 14 year old girls to get a manicure by themselves?
What was the price of a shoeshine in the years of 1944?
My girlfriend doesn't take showers and she smells like rotting pigs. Should I dump her if she won't shower ?
What do you girls think of this hairstyle on guys? (pics)?
Pierced ears?
What are some really good songs?
Would this hurt your feelings?
honest opinions regarding my appearance?
Can I try to model? Not Phishing for Comments, Im a guy?
How can I start up in the modeling business?
Pretty or not...? please dont delete?
Do these sounds like pretty features ina women?
guys please rate me(: (pic included)?
How do i stop nail biting!?!?
Does my hair color look good? [pics]?
What do you think of me? Bad, average, good? Rate from 1-10?
Someone called us "sexy beasts." Is that true? How can we improve ourselves?
Do I look like any celebrities ? PICS ?
What ethnicities do i look?
does nordstrom really give you your shoes?
Best Prodcuts out there for beauty?
what are you wearing right now?
Whats your first impression of me? (pics)?
Girls,what do you think of these heights for grown men(10 points)?
wuht happens when yu don't get any boyfriends?r u like uglii or sumthin?
Haircut style question help?
physical appearance...? is it that imporant!?
i want to study so how can i omit girls?
is black nail polish fashionable now?
when dooes you school start? and which school? pleez answer?
How can I STOP thinking I'm so ugly?
take my stereotyping poll/survey?
Big butts or small butts?
Nailene Nails (fake nails) question Help?
what's is my face shape?
who else has a lifetime toe nail clipping collection out there?
Whos better looking????????????????
Is it ok for guys to wear a thong at a beach?
Im looking for a software that will let me download a picture of myself and change appearance.?
Are Barbra's Nails Really Her Own?
Who likes my shoes???
Girls do you ever think.......?
I can't stop biting my nails! Need tips on how to stop!?
How do I look like a "black gothic"?
Is a 6/10 on looks bad?
good and close shave electric shaver?
Girls, which which guys look better with long hair and with short hair?
how do i access county records of residential addreses in my are a for free- i want to do a mailing?
Who is more attractive?
For the Girlies! Do you like guys that....?
what do u think of me?
Lack of experience going out and socialising?
if someone loses 37 or 40 pounds and is 16 will he/she have loose extra flabby hanging skin?
How to look gorgeous for my college trip/sleepover?
Trouble getting contacts in. I really want them...?
what color should i paint my nails?
Sexiest eye color?????
who's cuter?
Girls, what things would you like a guy to say to you if.....?
Smoking is cool right?
What to wear with this dress?
What is the prettiest eye color a person could have?
Which one?!?!?
Is mascarar good for your eyes.?
What brand of contacts do you like?
I need a new look!!?
Do i look okay for my dance?
Am I ugly or attractive?
What color of eyes do you have?
Is it normal to sweat excessively when plucking your eyebrows?
girls with BAD experiences of tongue piercings?
must you sleep for a cream that you are only supposed to "apply nightly" to work?
Can you wash suede shoes to shrink them?
Boobs question - What would you consider more unattractive?
What body type to women find most attractive on men?
I'm 14 and i want a moustache?
Am i attractive???????????/???
Why are girls so obsessed with "First day of school outfits" ?
i need a screen name!!?
i grew my nails a few months ago but they were very weak?
Do you think i am traditionally handsome?
Would you say I changed a lot over the years? (pics)?
i'm at the library and they blocked the abercrombie and fitch site. how stupid is that?
Can anyone please make me an outfit on polyvore for school?
which nail paint would suit me ?
is she pretty.please answer.?
What are you favorite products from LUSH Cosmetics?
Do I have very skinny, impressive measurements?
Do I look like any celebrities?
What color are your nails.?
Which color is the best looking of this backpack?
do my legs look good enough to wear shorts or a short skirt? please be honest.?
Weight loss and carbs question?
Which would you rather wear?
from a 1-10 how pretty do you think i am?
question about real long mohawks?
what is that stuff they put on tips?
why cant i get a woman???????/?
*Picture's.* Should I change my hairstyle?
What physical features make a girl pretty?
Is anywhere over 120 fat!!?!?
am i hot, pretty, cute??? pics included?
Help prom night nothing to wear no boy either!!!!!!!!! What do I do!?
Would this piercing look good on me?
Who's prettier? (Pic included)?
Some questions about laser hair removal?
girls, do you feel sexier in heels?
What Are Some Outfit Ideas?
Do I have a receding jaw / receding chin / weak chin? s?!?
how can i loss weight in just 1 week?
Do you think my hair looks good like this?
please beautifull and sexy girls which is your favorite scent or cologne for men that you like most?
Rate these girls in order from prettiest to least pretty?
IS this GIRL pretty? Tell me what YOU think!?
Which of these body types (picture included) do you find the most attractive?
Are there any good brands for a girl to wear for graduation?
should i take a shower at night or in the morning?
skinny or curves?
Whats the quickest way to grow your eyebrows thicker?
Which dresses would look best on me?
Would u Believe this is my sister? PICS to compare....?
fugly butt ...?
What should I wear?
Is it possible for a pre-shrunk cotton tshirt to shrink in the dryer??
Are you as goodlooking as your avatar?
What would you describe as a unique face in your opinion?
Honestly, how do I look to you? 10 points!!!?
how to get a lighter skin tone? :(?
What is 14/20 gold?
is it possible to put bleach to lighten your skin on your face are there any face bleaching creams available?
Can I do commercial print modeling?
just wondering,,,,?
How Do I stretch my Plastic headgear visor?
Do you think this is a good profile pic?
How do i get rid of the fat around my lips?! Picture included?
What should I change in my style and look ?
How do Breathalyzers make your breath smell better?
Do you think Im pretty?
Is their something you can use to wax with that you find at home?
am i prettty? please tell the truth:)?
Girls,is cowboy boots sexy on men?
What do you think of this guy?
Do you think models show too much skin?
ideas for tiffanys and Co. Sweet 16?
What should would look good with this dress?
Pretty or not ? opinions please?
How do I make them look better ?Pics.?
Please answer!!?
Girls am i too muscular?? (Honest Opinions please) pics and vid?
do people think size 14-16 is fat?
If the temperature is 59 degrees fahrenheit, what should I wear?
i really am noticing that im prematurley aging im 29 and im noticing lots of deep lines and open pores with?
how much do you tip a hair-dresser for a $20 haircut?
How old do I look? Also do I wear to much eye make-up?
How do I replace my avatar with a real picture of myself?
How old do I look and do you think I'm pretty?
i heard its good. not sure though?
what are you favorite scents ?
Skin tone of my future child?
what kinda look do girl's go for?
Advice on how to improve how I look?
If you could choose any celebrity body to have for a day,who would you choose?
Should i wear something under these tanktops or should i just let my bra hang out?
do u think guys should wear skirts?
Other than candles and bath salts what is the best way to get a woman to relax/de-stress?
Pretty Pretty Who The Prettiest In these 3 Pics?
do i have a fat face?
LADiES!! LADIES!! your opinion please thanks?
What Color Does Brown Go With?
ugly? rate me.?
tide commercials?
i am really ugly what can i do?
Am I ugly? How can I improve how I look? Do I look my age?
Can I pull off a girl's Halloween costume? *pics*?
What is wrong with me ?????? (PICS)
what should i wear when i'm bored with my style but on a budget?
Which one should I choose? Prettier?
Girls do you feel powerful and sexy when your high heels click?
What's the perfect bra size?
Who's prettier out of these two...?
Do I look like any celebrity?
What color corset would look good with this dress?
How do people know what is normal?
Please help! I lost my mom's ring!?
I'm color blind and need to know the color of these eyes?
Help navy blue dress? Girls!?
How much can a nail technician make?
How can i tell if a shy girl likes me? shy girls now is the time to speak up lawl xD?
Are there any 9th graders from western PA?
ladies when was the last time you....?
Size requriements for high fashion catwalk modeling?
How was Marilyn Monroe so beautiful?
Do you have any ideas for alternatives to corsages?
Which girl is prettier? The one in the elmo shirt or the one in the stripes?
Is it wrong to love myself more than anything in this whole entire world?
Is this offensive to a girl?
Which should be my senior picture?
Do you think she's pretty?
What kind of dress is this?
What are some good sites to order cologne from?
what do yall wear to bed?
Can girls wear morphsuits?
Where can I find "just for fun" eye glasses? Specifically non-prescription plastic lens and frames.?
Which would be the best magazine to intern at in terms of prestige?
What fragrance at abrecrombie is the one you smell when you walk in?
What skirt/dress will look good with brown and tan flats?
Is it worth me making beauty videos ?
would a boy be interested in ugly girl?(pics)?
Whats your perfect girl/guy?
What is a long inseam for someone who is 5'2"?
Bangs or no bangs? (pics)?
what do you think about tall girls?
Is my blog (beauty/fashion) any good?
Do guys find it hot when a girl wears leggings?
How old do I look? (pictures.)?
I need advice! Help please?
Guys (or girls) do you like when girls wear makeup?
What are the most artsy teen stores?
Does any one use a Fake Plastic Hand to practice acrylic and gel nails?
bellybars? any help ?
People from which country do you think are the Plastic surgery junkie and why?
Girls, do you like...?
Is it true that women actually like tall, dark haired and handsome men? Just curious!!!!?
does anyone think theres a age limit on being gothic.or do u think its a childish phase teens go through??????
Perfume oil or a substitute?
Whats your favorite perfume?
I know there's no answer, so why do I keep asking?
do i have yellow undertones?
I need YOUR opinion....*Photos*?
whens the right time to tell a BOY YOU LIKE HIM?
am i that ugly looking to you guys?
is there anything i can improve on before school starts?
How do I look in this photo?
is my gift box for a co-worker appropriate (earthling/angel)?
About what head circumferance would each size be given this link?
what color nails do you like the best?
Wet N Wild Creamy eye shadows?
Guys Please Help!!!?
Is she beautiful? Answer pleaseee.?
Hi, i'm 19 years old and Ivenoticed wrinkles under my eyes - especially when smiling. There are ...?
How much weight will i lose?
Air yeezy size help ?
is this really THAT inappropriate?
what do you guys think of this women?
why don't i feel beautiful?
who is cutest? (5 pics inside)?
is it possible to be pretty and not photogenic?
Have you ever asked to be rated?
What can I do to look better?
What colour eyes are nicest???
GUYS: Brunettes vs. Blondes?
Model Question In regards to whom it may concern?
What do you know today that you wish you knew 10 years ago?
Would I look good in this haircut? (pic)?
Do you think I could be a Model?
what do guys look for in girls?
will my bf like it plz help!?
Hey can someone help me try and look like cheyl cole?
do short side swept bangs look good?
Are these leather sandals water tolerant?
I just want to know ALL that I need to know about the National American Miss pageant.?
Are chubby cheeks cute or ugly?
how could i look prettier?
CHIN AUGMENTATION AND BUCCAL FAT REMOVAL, anyone had these procedures? how much? pain?
I feel insecure about my looks?
ok, i want a "makeover"?
Can skinny girls be attractive??pictures?
who is the most beautiful woman to ever live?
am i really that ugly? (picture)?
who do you think is more attractive?
Is it wrong to feel beautiful? beautiful???
Be honest....Whose gonna watch Paris Hilton on Larry King tonight?
Becoming a male model?
Sleepover birthday?
Why am i so sexy for my body?
Thoughts on my eye color? *Pictures*?
(pic) do you think hair like this is cool?
What's up with my new nose ring?
do girls like boys in retainers?
Who wants 10 points?
Are you barefoot right now?
Who do you think has changed the most? (PICS included!)?
Modeling? what do you think? (pics)?
I look ugly with contacts? :(?
Do you like singing or dancing?
How would I go about becoming a model?
Which girl in the HOMECOMING PICTURE looks the prettiest?
Why do my nails break so fast?
is a bench BBQ jacket suitable for cold tempratures?
Would I suit this hair cut?
Is it good to look like Veronica Lake?
Which of these would make the best default picture (Which do i look best in?)?
Why is she so gorgeous?
How many leather jackets do you own?
Dark or Light Brunette? should I go blonde? (PICS)?
What to wear to a foam party?
Do you dare me...?
What are the four bases again? I forgot,haha someone told me once but whateve?
I want to model help me?
Are These Modeling Pics Trashy or Classy?
what do all the guys see in her??! (pics) ??? !!?
After looking at all of these photos, which girl stands out the most to you?
What eye colour suits me??? (pics)?
I feel like I'm ugly a lot of the time?
Girls answering this would be best.?
what is flirty little secret lotion thing from victoria secret?
im going to a dance today wearing a semi formal dress. should i wear stockings with my dress or not?
Bikini Wax?
Girls, is looking good worth the pain and effort?
Do guys in high school like chunky girls?
what would be sexy?
Have you been told you look like someone?
Do guys like girls with sixpacks?
Is it okay to drink my cologne?
what does it mean when someone tells me "you look camp"?
Blondes or brunettes?
I heard witch hazel is a good thing to use to clean your face?
wat type of girl do u like?
how old do i look?
Which of these 4 girls is the hottest?
How do I keep my skin from turning dark after shaving?
Is this too dressy to wear to my boyfriends Air Force Basic training graduation?
is a 7-8 on a looks scale 1-10 bad?
abercrombie or Hollister?
Can eyebrow pencils work with bushy eyebrows?
What is your favorite signiature collection scent from B&BW from these choices:?
sooooooooooooo whaddya think!?
What should I wear to my Tomb Thumb interview?
which nation is considered most beautifull nation in the world?
I have side bangs,and i want to style them like how shld i make them?
What's your favorite perfume/body mist from Victoria Secret?
How Can I Be Different Or Stand Out ?
Girls, what would you think if....?
why do muslims and christians create hate?
Would I look good in this haircut? (pic)?
my bff is moving and i dont want her to what do i do?
modelling agencies help?
how to choose a good suit(dress) and who makes the best suit.?
What should I wear to a Bar+Lounge?
Can you say he's a male model ? (body and face pics)?
Which Indian actor(female)/model is most beautiful?
Sexy U tanning lotion?
i have red red on my cheeks,when i eat spicy food it becomes more red i don't no what is dis?
Do you love nail polishes? Rite Aid deal!!?
Ok, so this is a "deep-thinking" question, but it's very interesting...(OPEN!)?
Looks for strawberry blonde hair and pale skin?
Am i really bad looking? (pictures)?
I know it is expensive, but has anyone ever used Cellcosmet skincare?
ok.does it bother guys when....?
what would you rather be a blonde with brown eyes or a brunette with blue eyes??
How old do you think I look?
GIRLS......a guy needs some help ....plz!!!?
Do you like my Messenger Bag for Middle School?
Thoughts on my appearance?
how much does contact lens cost that are not disposable?
what do girls look on boys?
can i wear these things in my bra and not have a problem going through security at the airport?
what is the differance between a young 39 year old and aold 39 year old male?
How to be the girl that everyone knows in highschool?
Pics included are these girls pretty?
What is your favorite type of girl ?
Are my eyebrows bad? (pic)?
Is it bad to consider yourself as beautiful?
umm elite modeling managment ?
braces hmm...!!?
which one is better>? short forehead or a long one ?
Are the new bronze summer looks/make up hot? Guys also please!?
How do I tease my hair correctly?! (READ)?
would metal or Bioplast "plastic" bellybutton rings be better?
Which outfit is the cutest (pics)?
What is wrong w/ my looks?
Which picture is more model appropriate?
i hav a chubby face,wat can i do to make my face smaller without going for any surgery?
What shape face do i have? (pics)?
How old do I look? >_>?
Ladies, what do you think of a guy who shaves his legs?
What is the best anti wrinkle cream?
where do you put glitter on my face to look skimpy?
any one know who this is?
Which girl is prettier ?
Do you think your nice looking?
do i have tiny boobs, a flabby stomach, and a huge butt?
ladies do you smile when.....?
Sally Hansen: Naturally Bare Honey Wax?
Did I make my chin this OILY? Can I undo the oil?... Please HELP!?
how do i look good at work?
How do you girls feel when you wear high heels?
What namess do they look like they have?
Whats your EYE COLOR?
do u like justin bieber?
Who is Prettier out of all these 4 girls?
i got my ears peirced without telling my parents. what should i do?
Do I even look like the same person in these pictures?
How do I get started in the modeling industry?
what age does your features become more prominent/sharper?
Hi, tell me what you think? [pics included]?
Is it bad to have girlish features?
whats the best kissing lipstick ?? and where i can find it.....?
which girl is prettier? (pic!)?
how to become a massage therapist?
Do any of you use Avon nail polish?
Where cam find a invader zim gir back pack (iknow the fans know lol)?
My extensions are very stringy! What do I do?! s!?
do we look alike? pics, please help?
How much should me waist size be?
girls why are you attracted to the tall masculine men?
what are the best colored contacts for people with black or brown eyes?
fake nails- i just got nails put on and have some questions about them??
What brand of nail polish will give me at least 7 good days without chipping? it just me or something?
Why do people always look at me?
am I ugly?
Is this woman FAKE or NATURAL-looking?
DO you think i have a big nose?
what can you do to shave your legs and not get an irritation?
How Old Do I Look?
info on shaving 'down there' for girls?
Am i attractive? 18 year old male?
00 gauges in. Will my ears shrink?
How do you think a pastors wife should dress?
Do I make a better Blonde or Brunette (pics)?
Do you think these girls are pretty?
how old do I look? (pictures)?
what is your dream female or mal???
Eyelash glue to create a mono lid?
Which design is better/nicer?
how can I find a store I'm looking for?
Spring pictures for school what do i wear?
tweezerman or revlon eyelash curler?
Guys:; what do you think about girls who are 110-120lbs?
girls, are you sometimes glad you dont have balls. i bet it hurts real bad?
dancing on ice, itv 1?
what are some good face mask to use like normal stuff like avocado and things like that?
which picture is best? :]?
I "look like a dancer"?
Am I really that ugly? (STORY BEHIND THIS QUESTION) *pics*?
What to do for my 15th birthday?!?
is a 33' dress short someone my height?
Who is the online Aerie model with dark skin/hair for Fall 2011?
what do you think of me?
Am I ugly - or am i not?
Am I Ugly? or just alittle crazy?
i want to get my tongue pierced, but i don't know how bad the pain will be. HELP PLEASE?
How do you say beautiful in spanish?
Where can i get Tribe perfume from Coty these days that was popular in the 90's?
good gift bags for sleepovers?
Do you think I am pretty?
How long is the shelf life of a perfume when this is still unopened or unused?
what haircut would u suggest?
how old do i look? [[piccc]]?
List online stores that accept laser card?
Guess what my age is?
In which color would this jacket look better on me?
(attractiveness) on scale 1-10 how important is the nose?
Sexy or Skanky (Short skirt and boots)?
do you think if a boy wears skinny jeans it automatically means their gay?!?!?!?
halloween ideas pleaseeee?
i want to buy some bama shoes...where? I am in the UK.?
my face feels dry and is breaking out...?
Do you think I'm Pretty?
Do You Think Im Pretty.......?
What do you think of this model photo? Do you like it?
is this good photography? NOT a 'rate me' question? please answer?
Please i want honest answers! Am i "dog-ugly"?
POLL:WHO HATES PRIMARK??...............?
Women and head shaving?
do you think i have a cute avatar. i want your opinion.?
what is the shelf life of eu de perfume?
what do you think his ethnicity is?
would you rate me 1-10 scale?
Pretty or whatever?
I am a media professional -- what I use ?
Do you find this young lady attractive? Unattractive?
is this a bad picture of me?
If someone has bigger upper lip is that unattractive?
What should I wear tomorrow I'm 14?
| want to rule the school next year?
What kind of prom dress should I get?
so do you think im ugly :(?
lip piercing/monroe which one looks better on me???
what is botox?
modeling help!!!!!!!?
Bread scented spray? Can you buy this?
Girls, im a hairy guy! Do you like me?
What bra size will i be when im older?
Could i be a model (pic).................?
Im 16 but never had a boyfriend??what's wrong?
Girls Ouuutfit heeelp?
what style of eyeglasses look best on a fuller face??
how should I do nail art designs on my dominant hand?
How do I open Claire's nail glue?
What are names of cliques in middle and high school?
Why does everyone think im ugly?
what haircut should i get?
rate me please!?
Which are more common, outie or innie belly buttons?
do you think i would look good with.......ANSWERRRRRR: ]
...Can I mix together 2 steriotypes?
hurry! plz answer!!! =)?
what do i realy look like?
What do you think of my new series of pictures?
Can I change my earring in my piercing yet?
How does inseam compare to height?
whats a good name for a beauty therapist business?
Do you think I could be a model or I have potential?
Which is the best hair removal cream for legs, hands and pubic region in India?
Dress up suggestions?
Any beauty or fashion tips for teen girls?
Septum and Acrylic Jewelry ?
Which one of us is prettier?
am i suited for modeling? PICTURES?
IS SHE PRETTY? whats your first impression?
How can I make chiffon super stiff?
which one???? pics included??/?
(please open!)Do I look Chinese in this pic?
Do I look good in this glasses?
Just please answer (pic)?
brains or beauty, which one?
Face has gone can I get it back to the oval shape it used to be?
Personal question. [girls only]?
Help me out? Prefer girls opinions?
Is this pretty, or do my eyes look weird?
Do I have hooded eyes?
What Would You Rate Me(Girlz Only)?
is there any way to get rid of bags under your eyes?
which of the girls is the prettiest?
Do I need a nose job?
Size 14 Woman's waist size...How much would she weigh ?
qvc ... grace perfume?
How old does this girl look?
How can i wear flat bill hats? skinny jeans?
rate me pleasee! 1-10?
What do you think about big girls with pierced belly buttons?
am i too skinny? [ pic inside ]?
Love my bubbles or booty pop panties?
I've been told I look like an old hooker, also a circus freak, which do you think is the better description
Girls: How tall are you ?
On a scale of 1-10 how bad....?
Is it possible to have colorful lolita?
How do you trun your messenger colors?
why we see the pornostars in movies wearing the cross. is that from chritians religion thoughts?
What ethnicity do you think I am?
do i look that ugly to you?
Quite- ?- Question!?
What is my skin tone?
I would like to make french manicure at home. I have whole set ans everything but I cannot make it look nice!?
heyyyy girl heyyyy. i have a question for anyone.?
White chick with dreadlocks, hot or not?
How do I look pretty for school?
What should you do when you put on too much cologne before a date and don't have time to shower?
Does this look stupid?
facial hair or not?? FEMALE OPINION REQUIRED.?
Do any girls here smoke and what brand do you smoke?
Is my nose big????????
please rate?
What's my best feature?
I wanna be a fashionable designer and i wanna be like armani what shoul i do?
aint i prtty? wuh bout my body?
What color prom dress should I get? I have brown hair and brown eyes and olive skin color.?
Do I look Russian to you?
Where to get nude/beige high-neck leotards?
does anyone work at Forever 21..?
I have to lose 70lbs! Can anybody help me?
I need a name for my upscale women's and mens swimsuit line? Suggestions PLEASE?
How can i get rid of blackheads?
An I handsome or ugly?
Does my hair look better curly or straight? xx?
Can i swim with fake nails on?
Do you think my friend is pretty? Rate her out of 10 please.?
Do male models flex their muscles in lets say in a magazine ad?
What should be my bra size?
what kind of dress??????
Tongue piercing help?
Shaving down there??
whats a good site modeling name for Payton Marene Avery?
What kind of guys do girls like?
How do I make my nailbeds look pinker?
How old do I look? Thanks (:?
What kind of dress would look best with my body type?
anyone who has gone spray tanning how long does it last and does it wash off in water?? how much does it cost?
Guys, thongs hot or not?
average or below average?
This is just for fun! [pics]?
Lips or eyes?
Girls Do You Like Guys That Aren't Slim But A little Bigger?
what is the difference btwn perfume and body spray? eau de blah what do they mean?which 1 is longer lasting?
Acrylic Nails... Which works?
Could you rate us both out of 10?
whats the most expensive article of clothing you've ever bought?
Do anyone here catalog shop? if so what catalog, and do you have to run your credit?
how shoud i tell my mom that i want to pluck my eyebrows?
What do women think of a man who has a french manicure?
Favourite Eye Colour On A Guy ?
Do you think i'm pretty? Pictures included.?
Where can I get old issues of Vanity Fair magazines in Toronto?
What compliments these shirts ?? ?
how can i tell my coach purse is not a fake?
I'm so ugly, I'm sick of it why can't I be pretty?
best and worst facial feature?pic***?
anyone who has gotten a nosejob...?
What's up with my new nose ring?
which picture of me is best?
Where can you get exfoliation products?
Guys love curvy women, Im super skinny how do I get hips?
Survey : Which person looks hispanic in this pic?
Could I be a model?
Has anyone heard of these aftershaves?
Who More Beautiful Laetitia Casta Or Heidi Klum?
can u please tell me how to get rid off from those extra waist calories without doing exercises?
What do you guys think about my gap tooth. Ugly, not that bad,BAD!u don't wanna be mean but i need honesty :D?
my nails on my middle fingers start to curl under after they get to a certain length, is there anything that i
What am I stereotyped as?
Do women like dressy men?
Do you ever feel sad when children/ teens say they want cosmetic surgery?
I really want plastic surgury...what do you think?
how can i use the nose strips well?