I have a big nose how i could hide it?
Girls only--why does it look big on me?
Is there a place to contact for pro-bono plastic surgury?
my sister wants to know how to keep a manicure when she has to go back to school and do gym?
would you ever wear this outfit???
Would you date a girl who doesn't shave her pits?
Is this picture good or bad?
Should I be mad about this? boyfriend trouble?
Would any guy be interested in me?
Inspire ice braces help!?
Is your favourite colour green?
How can I start a Manicure Business?
are my legs fat??? *PIC*?
Is it weird for a girl to wear guy boxers?
who is the most beautiful girl in the world?
Is 6ft a possibility?
A Few Pedicure Questions!?
Easy ten points! if ur good plz answer!?
Halloween Costume for School?
Do i have nice eyes?
Can you provide a tattooist a full coloured/black picture that you want, or does it have to be an outline?
Have you ever tried Proactiv?
How to take my acrylic nails off?
Is this dress good to wear to a wedding in the Fall?
Do u know anybody named Traci???
do i look pretty kinda like a victoria's secret model?
would these bridesmaids dresses look good?? (link for my dress works now)?
Am i pretty? I feel so ashamed of being Asian?
Why are girls so cute and fun?
Black vs brown hair, which do you like better?
who is the most beautiful woman in the world in ur opinion?
Is it cheap that i show a lot of cleavage?
Should I get a nose stud or hoop? *pictures*?
Strong women perfume...any suggestions?
how to remove the pimple remarks left on ur face?
Help Fashionistas! What should I wear?!?
Tanning bed...plz help?
Where can I but these nails?? Pic included?
What was the worst your body has ever been (share a pic if you can)?
which girl would you choose?
What color purse should I get?
How to be fair again??? Please help?
What makes a girl beautiful??? (Guys, your answers please... but anybody can answer... hehehe)?
how many ear piercings does melissa joan hart have?
Do girls think this i'm ok? (girls only)?
Good Beauty Guru Names?
How could I persuade my parents to let me buy colored contact lenses?
Girls, opinions on guys with black hair/Gray eyes?
How old is jenn curbstomp?
Is this company fake ?
What re your thoughts on this picture of me!?
My smile turns girls on?
What is the difference between a jacket and a blazer?
Should woman shaving pubic hair?
ladies do you sometimes have a thong slip ? (whale tail)?
How important is Height when choosing a Boyfriend?
I'm a guy with no hips. It's weird, I know. How do I get hips?
Which indian guy is cuter? answer fast?
I WANNA DANCE!!! add a comment if u feel like dancin now..lets try to mak over 200 comments?
need coupon code or discount at
what would you rate me?
Where can I buy a nail clipper that's still made in the USA??
should every women wear eyeliner to be sexier?
Ladies- what can i do to look more attractive?
belly button peirced?
am i goth....or how can i be?????
what to wear with purple sequin pumps?
Girls please answer!!?
Men: What is your favorite female body shape?
I live in Indonesia its dificult to find the cure of stretch mark here?
for anybody that has a cosmetology license?
what color goes best with by skin tone?
Who do you think is prettier?
do i have any model potential at all?
Are fibreglass nail extensions and gel the same?
can you combined 2 ulta rewards accounts?
is it true?
Ladies, Do you wear your bra to bed?
Is Adam Lambert really gay?
Shaving question help please !?
Think Of 1 word to describe yourself ,what would it be!?
GIRLS - Can someone explain to me how girls think he's attractive (pic)?
Am I the only one that thinks when a larger woman wears a really TIGHT bra...?
Do you think she is pretty or strange looking?
What hair color would look best on me? *PIC*?
Which Color shoe lace will look good on these?
What northface osito size jacket should I get ?
Girls, what do you think of us? rate 1-10(pics of each guy)?
if u wax ur upper lip, will the hair grow back finer/less visible or not?
Never had a bf, is it my weight?
how much are manicure tables?
Which name do you like best, Alicia or Bertha?
what are some good modeling websites for teens?
Why did Marcia Brady cried because she had braces on the Brady Bunch?
be completely honest. Am i pretty.... =/?
What do guys like in a girl's dress sence?
Is this short for girls??pic?
How old do i look to youuuu?
I have really low self esteem...?
Are there any home waxing kits that actually work?
Should I pluck my eyebrows?
How does this guy look?
just to even get him...?
What type of face shape do i have?
what editing website lets it seem like your hair is shorter?
what website can i buy...?
What color are my eyes??? ?
Has Anyone Used Neutrogena Sun Fresh Sunless Lotion?
what would look good with these shorts?
Doing acrylic nails indoors?
Scene (ish)Hair Style suggestions? =]=]?
Honestly, am I fat or ugly?
Girls, why do you never think you're beautiful?
Do you know where I can buy Seven For All Mankind Jeans, I only found the site
I don't like my engagement ring anymore?
Colored contact information?
What namess do they look like they have?
Ladies...aren't thongs unsanitary???
What are toes for?
Did you bring Sexy Back in 2006?
Before or after? (pics)?
Where can i find????
Is she pretty? w/pics! ?
what country have the most beautiful women?
What does pretty mean to you?
Men's duffle bag LV?.?
I am wheatish complexion my forehead skin is turning black,i dye my hair to black will it be reason help me...
What would your ideal man look like?
Do you get more attractive with age?
Awesome ways to make pics on nailpolish?
What goes perfect with a black shirt and blue jeans what can i add to make it look classy and
what do you think would be the perfect weight for some one whos 15 and...?
What color are my eyes?
How can i stop biting my nails?
Uhm Question for Europeans?
who do you think is prettier? 10 pointss!!!?
how's the beauty tips on tips website?
Any shoe makers out there?
What does the saying, "Beauty is only skin deep" mean?
Cute uncomforable jeans or comfortable "so-so" jeans?
who do you think I look more like?
whats do women find sexier? long hair or short hair? on men?
Is it really that bad? I posted these photos asking who is prettier?
Which frame is better,i need get glasses?
Are there any Happy Bunny fans out there?
what do guys find atractive in a gurl??
my girlfriend is gonna dump me because im gonna wear glasses what should i do?
do i have model potential?
Who do you think is prettier?
Would you wear this in public?
What is a good perfume?
Who is prettier?(picture)?
Guess how old i am?
How to look good in a photo booth PLEASE ANSWER?
Do I look wierd?
how old do you think i look?
Can someone please give me tips on being pretty and confident?
Young Ladies only plz..Whats the best/most sexy cologne for a young man?
what do you think of me?
Please help me and tell me Why I have no girlfriend?
What would you do if you knew you had one more day to live?
Is the greaser look hot for girls?
Should I put this pic on facebook?
Is it a kind of fashion to have a replica handbags? Such as jimmy choo handbags?
which do you think is the most flattering/do you like the best?
Can all people wanting piercings and tattoos please just do it and never look back?
are these okay woman measurements?
What to expect after getting my cartilage pierced?
Do you think this girl is pretty? (What do you like about her/What can be improved)?
What do you think of me? [pics]?
I have and 11 year old daughter and she wants to wear makeup and dye her hair im ok with make up but the hair?
Do you like this swimsuit?
Whats better cinta aveda institute or marinello school of beauty?
Changing state cosmetologist license?
how much would a epilator cost?
Study guide for Illinois State Board Exam for Cosmetology?
What is the best gym near Los Altos, California?
Can you tell me, in good faith, that it would be OK to wear Converse to prom?
Rate one through ten?
How do I make high heels more comfortable?
What sally hansen product is better for nail growth?
(GIRLS ONLY) Need advice!! Do you think there could be any changes to my image to attract women?
What Do you think and whats your type?
Is she pretty?! Bff. Picture included?
Does getting your nose pierced hurt?
Where can i find a nose right / nose huggy in singapore?
is it ok for a guy to wear a ring?
Am I Seriously That Ugly?
Has anyone had a deep chemical peel?
I just bought these moccasins! What should i wear them with?
should i get a nose job?
What is a scene haircut supposed to look like?
Where can i get a jacket like this?
I need to dress up as The Wife of Bath?
How can I make my round face appear slimmer?
Girls, Do you think I should stay clean shaven.....(pics included)?
Where can I buy cheap blue contacts online?
what is eyelash tint?
please help me?
Do you think people will regret having a tattoo?
how tall am i do you think? (short?, average?, tall?)?
What is the best website to go to for Beauty ideas?
how can i get nice legs?
do you think this girl is pretty?
Sexy makeup/clothes/hair for a beach theme dance!?
Do you think chanels coco mademoiselle smells like an older lady's perfume ?
Which pic do you like better?
Who is your favorite fat girl?
What is an OSMS shopping party?
best way to lose wt?
Could I be a model? (pics)?
emmbarassed bout cometics?
How do you get a colored contact lens more curved?
Want to look more like an adult...?
Ladies: Do you wear your bra at night when you go to bed?
What haircut should i get?? *pic*?
okay i dont need insults just honest answers?
Why can't I look younger?
opi, nail varnish ,what do you think of it?
Who's this designer? Its so gorgeous.?
will u rate me? please? :)?
Who's prettier?!--- no offense to either of them.?
Unpoppable zit?
Who likes my grade 8 grad dress?
What's gives a girl, swag and attractiveness?
how can i marry with one prrety model?
Teenage boys, do you find fake girls more attractive?
Am I too fat for a bikini ( pic inside)?
do any ladies have on high stiletto heels that?
What color is my eye?
Ivory Tie - Black Suit - Shirt Color?
Ladies- what can i do to look more attractive?
Pin up Girl help? Pic*?
Is it okay for a guy to wear a skirt?
please take a look at these photos?
Is modeling for mode models worth the time if they are interested?
Where can I find some some sexy dangly belly-button rings?
Is he showing signs of interest or digust?
Guys and chest hair, opinion.?
do you think she's pretty???
i want some jordans but i dont know what kind 2 get?
Have you ever been called ugly?
Good costume ideas for blonde hair?
I'm incredibly jealous of my really good friend....?
How to dress down a dress I wore at a wedding?
What colour are my eyes?
what are somethings i can do to make myself prettier? lol..?
i feel less attractive because im flat-chested.?
What do you think about Antique Cameos?
in your opinion, how should a 14 year old girl dress?
Do you think me and him actually make a............????
what editing website lets it seem like your hair is shorter?
Should I stretch another gauge or two up? I'm a girl (obviously) and at 4g?
girls do you find me attractive?
what is progesterone cream?
Trying to find the colors that look best on me.?
What makes girls with tattoos so appealing?
What do the words physically attractive mean to you?
Ever notice how some people appear to be smiling when they're talking...?
How can I look like a teenager?
can i kiss my wife when he has fever?
Which girl is more beautiful?
How do I rate on the "hotness scale"?
Is there anyone in Mississippi looking for a serious relationship?If interested check out my 360.?
Someone of Facebook answered a question that I have a face only a mother could love and said yes.. isit true?
Do I look better hair fixed or natural?
What is the difference between a "SUCCESSFUL" model and a model who is a "FAILURE".?
what cn i do to make myself look better?
One side of my face is UGLY?
Do guys care about your nationality?
Would you rather be Sexy or Beautiful?
Ideas for writing a narrative on Lightness to Dark ASAP PLEASE?
what color would you pic?
hey check this out! fashion trends!?
OPI Acrylic Nail Base Coat ?
What should top should i wear with these jeans?
How does my secretary Emma improve the strength of her nails?
Which girl is prettiest?
Can a guy have the name Kaitlyn?
How to make my hair look like this? (picture)?
which name is best SHWETA OR MAYURI?
I swore at my teacher then hit her sevrel times?
What does an "attractive" jaw line look like?
why do guys look at butts?
im a blonde and i have blue eyes and people underestimate me because im a blonde?
Should I get rid of my unibrow or not?
Harajuku Lovers perfumes?
How can I make my eyes "pop"? Lol ***Pic***?
How bad do belly peircings hurt?
aaaaaaaah help me please!!!!!pic included?
Which outfit looks better? (pics)?
Who's prettier in your opinion?(with pictures)?
am i rly ugly? [pic included]?
Round face, high cheekbones, chubby cheeks, asian american?
Which girl makes a prettier bridesmaid? A or B?
helppp plzz?
How can I improve my looks - pictures are included?
Website to Kardashian store Dash?
Should I size up in victoria's secret bras?
What do you think of the name Salixx?
how can i remove acrylic nails?
When was braces a trend?
Which eyes are the coolest?
i need ur help ... do i have to be scene girl?
how to wear a "hippy-ish" blouse?
How do Anti cellulite cream work?
Why is it risky to have a nose job on the tip?
What do you think of me?
what is the easiest way to take out the acrylic nails?!?
Don't you hate when skinny girls say that they are fat?
Can a black teen girl be "harajuku" or "lolita"?
How old do i look?
tell the truth. what do you think?
Need a tophat Female?
Can anyone say laser hair removal really worked for them???
No Hoodies Allowed in School?
Who makes the candles that have the sprinkles in the wax?
Which dress would look better on a dark skin tone?
Do you get your nails done?
Where do I find the latest shopping competition on TT?
how much hair should a girl leave on her private?
Has there been any supermodel who didn't get support from her parents for modelling?
Have you used the nubra?
I Stretched My Ears With Some Tapers I Just Boquht Like A Month Aqo But What Szie Are THey.?
What could I wear with this skirt?
everyone thinks my older sister is prettier, what do i do?
South Korean Husky New York wallet, help me find where I can buy a new one?
Girls, lip rings or lip studs on guys?
Are those lips real or fake?
Anyone have CUTE and FUN organization tips?
Same question again (the weird-looking one) better picture?
Does this girl look fat ?
where can I buy tommy hilfigier aftershave cheapest at which shop or website?
What do you ladies think?
what do you think of this girl?
What should I wear to school tomorrow (pictures are appreciated)?
Who is prettier honestly!?!?!?
Ladies do u find me attractive?(pics)?
What would be a good title for a fashion show showcasing unfinished outfits in deconstructed state?
How does it feel to be skinny and beautiful?
what kind of syles of clothing would you want to see made or being worn more?
Which is betteer profile picture?
Am I fat? Do I need to loose weight (pic)?
Is "Hugo" by Hugo Boss, a good cologne?
How do u take ur e-mail and IM off of ur profile so no one can im or e-mail u?
You think I'm pretty?
why am i so ugly and what could i do to be prettier?
do Frenum piercings hurt or not?
'bout how much do diapers cost for an infant per month?
attractive? ugly? **PICS!**?
What skin colour is this?
which would be better please help?
please HELP! easy pts :)?
Anyone tried the DKNY perfume Be Delicious? How did you like it?
What is your favorite perfume/aftershave?
How much time should i allow for make up and hair?
How do you get the smell out of Mossimo Jeans?
Please Help,, i need a nice backpack that can hold lots and is able to be shipped to Australia?
Bath questions 10 points?
how can I find exporters to Belgium?
How can i improve my looks? (pictures)?
Does black hair look unnatural on me? please be honest?
Will you please rate my friend?
Is it likely that someone would lie to you that you're pretty?
i am looking for neutrogena instant nail enhencer buffed sheen 01 which i bought from a local shop.sold out.?
What is the sexiest perfume a woman should wear ?????
Will these clothes look good together?
What kind of nose will suit my facial features? (PIC)?
Do girls think guys that are clean shaven with a defined jawline are sexy?
Where was leather made?
How should I wear my hair tomorrow?
How do I look?
If people compliment girls looks more than guys looks, are girls more shallow than guys?
Tattoo placement recommendations?
Do you straighten your hair?
need to know industry code of practice in beauty salons also gas safety regulations in same?
girls how do i look 1 - 10?
Who has bigger feet? Teen girl or preteen girl?
What ethnicity do you think I am?
Why am i still single?!?!? Is it because I don't look good enough...?
How old do you think I look?
Does this girl look too skinny to you? (photo)?
how do they do nail refills?
What is "outer beauty"?
what is the easiest way to put a tounge ring in after u havent had one in in a while?
I live in fear! What should I do? 10 points!?
How can I prevent my freckles?
Does this photo look okay? Do I look okay?
Like my hair which COLOR? *for school* *pics*?
do i look fat to you (pic)?
Which color suits you the most?
What do you think of my new look?
what eye color of contact should i get? (green,blue,grey,hazel)?
please tell me if im ugly or not?
why are punjabi girls so beautiful?
I have the worst skin tone. I am african american but my complexion is fair. I need to find a good foundat?
How long does it take for a belly button piercing to close so it can be re-done?
Unsure about my skin's undertone?
Guys wearing eyeliner: HOT or NOT?
What hairstyle would look good on me?
i have very thick friends tell me to remove the excess.the problem is am scared and heard it hurts
Is it better to epilate or wax?
Do you think she's pretty? Which one's do you like best?
Weird question?
Does a girl like a boy that get manicure like colored manicures?
Pictures being developed?
What to wear with a mini denim skirt?
Do i look better with or without glasses?
Which hair cut looks better on me? *pics*?
What can I do to improve my look? (Pictures)?
How can i stop biting my nails?
Do you know exercises that can be done for toning the butt, abs, arms and thighs?
My vans are white but they turned yellow how do I get them to be white again...?
Am I meant to shave all of my pubic hair?
Do I Have a Big Nose? :o?
Do I look better now (pic included)?
What is a faster way to grow out your eyelashes?
Does this look a cute way to paint your toenails?
where can i buy some colour contacs from?(:?
Do you think im pretty ???????
I think i need a makeover. . . .or do i?
How Old Do I Look?
Where do I find a simple silk bandana to protect my neck from the sun?
Do you think I'm ugly? ?
Hair ideas?
If you wanted to look very sexy, how would you dress?
Whats your favorite bodywash?
Where can I get Fragrance Free Tanning Bed Lotion that is a Bronzer also?
Should I wax my back?
what does the shirt from A&F mean? it says, "behind every great girl..." someone please explain!
How can i darken or get more freckles on my face?
What are this girls approximate measurements?
Where can i buy these gauges?
Am I done growing? Helpp?
What color are my eyes please?
What size hair curler would I need to get this type of wavy hair?
Would it attract attention to my teeth too much?
Which girl do you think is prettier?
Concept for cosmetic kiosk?
how can I get the best friend I wish to have?
What do you think!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! pics?
Is this a bad pic? (photo included)?
Acne is part of puberty, right?
what can i use to get rid of stretch marks?
How do i know i can model?
I feel like I want a nose job but I'm unsure and scared?
Y am i prettier than everyone eles!?
Do you think this picture is nice for profile pic?
what kind of bra for the full figured woman is the best flattering?
Who is hotter and prettier?
Will this 'looks based society' corrupted world end?
How can i tell my skin type?
Honest Opinions please?
I'm very tall and feel bad about it?
im searching for miss canada's gown that she wore in the miss world contest. where can i find it?
Is this creepy or what?
Could I start modeling?
who is prettier (pics)?
How do i get rid of the musty smell from my pillow?
what do u think?
which girl is the most beautiful?
Do you think he will come back again?
Do we look a like?
how to look appropriate at college?
describe me(: what vibe to i give off?(pics)?
Who is the Model in this picture?
do i sound that bad...?
Makeup (foundation) suggestions?
Men's health care basket, help please?
How old would you say she is?
You're not hot enough?
does being baby-faced have any advantages?
How can I look sexier and make more of an impression?
How to look like Andy Sixx?
does anyone here familiar to amira magic cream?
Awkward body shape :/ what am i.?
what should i wear to a christmas party?
What happens if we never had soap, shampoo, or mirrors? and why?
are cheerleaders stuck up???
Do You Think That I Am Pretty :DD?
what color is ur hair???
girls what do you think of his body?
why do teenage girls wear so much make-up and revealing clothing?
I don't feel atractive no more?
How do black girls get such shapely bodies, workout or genetic?
What is definition of the word "Diva"?
7 people have called me drop dead gorgeous and they mean it. So do you think i would be ?
Am i ugly?? Truthfully?
Do I look Italian? [pic]?
What beauty product is relatively unknown, but you absolutely love it?
Is it good to look semi-lanky?
How do i tell my mom i want to wear shorts (and i have a tan line)?
if i have1,78m and 60 kg, am i skinny?
do u think we look good togather?pixx inculded?
What do to with pimples? How do i get rid of them?
Please tell me how and when an woman get angry?
what is a pep rally?
Who is the model in this photo?
What does outer beauty look like to you?
Well,is my goth look goin good?
I feel so ugly...Am i?
Make-up What do you like best?????
how fierce am i?!!?!! pics!!?
Does LiBrow really work?
which haircut style suits me better? (PICS INCLUDED)?
im a really loud person and im always in a problem i want to be the quiet one that people. how do i do that?
which colour eyes do you think is the pretties/most attracrtive?
to androgynes and David Bowie lovers: how do you feel when some people persecute you about the way you look?
:P At what age did you....?
How long is Crystal Gayle's hair?
What does it mean to have an exotic look?
How on earth do you rock a long skirt?
do i look any better or my age with eyeliner?
I need some advice about my girl?
Can i be a model? (pics included)?
Megan Fox or Demi Lovato?
what stores carry escada cologne?
Boys: Help me choose which ones best :)?
Which piercing should I get first?
best self tanner?
Is it just my glasses that make me look geeky?
Calvin Klein Euphoria for Men OR Polo Black?
Should i get bangs ?
What makes me average looking?
Which kind of guy do you prefere...?
Would it be wierd to wear this???
Would you say im a bad looking guy??
Girls do you think i could be a male model?
ru a prep if......?
I think there are moths in my room eating my stuff!?
Have you managed to light a fart?
I live in New York and I just ordered from Forever 21 yesterday and I need it by Thursday or Friday?
Do I have to straighten my hair?
did joan crawford ever pait her finger nails?
Bras never fit me?!?!?
Should I go on ahead with a texturizer?
how to get a perfect shapes of my body?
Ladies,does it look good if I wear black button down shirt untucked with grey jeans?
what face shape do u prefer.....oval or round?
If you could change how you looked, what would you look like?
How do you think I should do my make up for this custom? PIC?
What Earring should i get (boy)?
Recommendations For Good Gel Nail Brands?
Where is a good place to get your eyebrows done in Wichita Falls, TX?
Does this dress look bad, good, okay, or sexy on me?(picture included))?
triple ear piercings help!!!!!?
What are the requirements to be a model?
Rachel Mcadams Hair Colour in the notebook?
Does anyone know a good gynecologist in the Valley? I don't have insurance.?
Blue, green or brown eyes? Which eye colour is the prettiest?
who has the most beautiful eyes?
am I ugly, very ugly, beautiful, very beautiful or acceptable?
what's your fave bath and body works scent?
What do you think is the #1 message that is important to instill in young women’s minds these days?
Will doing squats get me toned?
Girls: Rate My Friend and I(1-10)?
what is the name of software for stain Glass design ?
how to look cute and stay warm any cute outfit ideas?
How do you clean swede fabrics (i.e. a purse) without ruining it?
how can i impress girls?
someone popular that is not mean and stuck up....?
Which one is PRETTIER???
does a girl have to have long hair to be pretty?
Does anyone know any beauty tips that are free (or under $5) to follow?
Is Sabon really good quality bath products?
How can I get more volumized hair with out any styling tools?
what is the first thing that comes to your mind when you see this picture?
How Old do i look?
Would I look good in a lip ring?? and these bangs? PIC?
confused on skin tone...i look better in silver but my veins are green?
which of these pictures is best?
How much money will i need to save up for holiday+school trips?
Curly or straight? pics..?
hot or not?
How to get shiny eyes?
Girls...I'm a guy who wishes he was a girl...what things would I enjoy most about being a girl?
What is it like to be beautiful?
How can I tell my friend that she needs plastic surgery?
Is Hot Topic good.....?
I NEED HELP!!!!! pic's included?
I need help for Halloween?
Girls! am i alright looking? (pics) 10points?
which girl is prettier, honestly? (PICS)?
Do women prefer men with a beard or not?
What facial piercing should i get? [picture]?
Would you let your boyfriend wear this hoody?
ANYONE!!!! please help me!!! *important*?
Weird Reaction When I Asked This Girl Out!?!?!?!?!?!?
How to change from an average looking girl to a really gorgeous one?
Why am I not photogenic?
Is this girl pretty, beautiful, ugly?
I'm really self conscious of my looks (pic included)?
What is the cheapest way to ship a ring, or any other small piece of jewelry?
to what celebrity do i look like? (pic. included)?
im a teenage girl who'd like to become a model please give any info you'd think would help!!?
Does anyone know how to clean suede?
What do guys like in a girl?
If people say that blue eyes are better than brown, then why'd I get more compliments with brown eyes?
What are the top modeling agencies and designers in the Philipines?
do you like men to see your panty top when leaning over?
where can i get nice fancy but cheap clothes in Toronto,Canada?
Am i ugly?? (girls 13-16 respones wanted)?
How many one clips Hair Extensions will it take to have easy scene hair?
How old do I look? Please be honest.?
What is the best way to stop a dog from..err.."humping" your leg?
Rate me 1-10?
who sees you in your bra and knickers?
oakley sunglasses scratch repair kits?
Ladies, what are your opinions on guys with big butts?
how can i keep track of all my hair ties?
What is that Porn Stars name? Patricia something... Shes from Europe?
Which pic looks better?
Light brown/blonde to dark brown?
AM i too tall for my age?
When did you start plucking your eyebrows?
any way to fix tights that are too short?
im really bored what should i do ?
GIRLS!!!!!!!!!! wierd Question but......?
Miss USA fell down again during evening gown competition of Miss Universe 2008 Pageant!?
guess my age please!?
How many guys would love to have a girl with cute dimples on her face?
How do I make myself look prettier?
How does this person look?
how do i get the emo look?
do any of these names fit my face? (pics)?
Girls ONLY!!! is this guy hot or NOT?
after waxing, does hair grow back spikey?
Are my feet big for my height?
is there such thing as non-tarnish or non fade costume jewelry?
Getting braces really soon! Should I get hot pink and turquoise?? Would it look cool?
I need help!!!?
Is it okay for guys to shave their arms and legs? If so, under what conditions?
hahah chooosing a picture .. help ?!?
which girl is prettier?
My friend is piercing my septum, WHAT ARE THE RISKS?
Fake nails!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
I want to be a model what do you think?
Is a 14 inch shaft height to tall for me since I'm 5ft?
do i look better this way??
what instrument do i look like i play (pics included) ?
What is the meaning of blue eyes :)?
Do you think i'm pretty?
I want to get a lip piercing but.....?
Miss freddy kruger costume?
Do i look better with or with my glasses?
does she resemble Angelina Jolie?
What is the gender category of this product?
do situps make my back stronger?
Whats the most beautiful image, place, thing you have ever seen? Why?
when does your first day of school start?
where can i get my eyebrows done in newyork permanently?
Ideas for my quince look?
What to wear to a staff party?
Do you find braids attractive?
What stores have XS and S junior clothing (girl)?
Which one would look best?
why do not women have hairs on leg/chest(breast)?
Why do some people think its cool to let your underwear hang outta your pants?
First Impressions Of me?
Out of this group of girls, who is the most striking/prettiest?
Would bangs look good on me? see pic?
do you think this girl is pretty?
What haircut looks best on me and why?
This item I'm watching is ending in 21 hours 48 minutes what time would that be??
What exactly the different cup sizes of Bra implies? For eg A,B etc etc.?
I'm 18 but I look like I'm only 13.. how can I look more mature?
cool water perfume for women?
What is your opinion on this?
Do you think she has the potential to go far in modelling?
Do you think I have a chance at modeling?
what do you think about this girl?
"changing look" i'm a guy?
Question About this Dress Please Help 10Pts?
getting rid of scars on my leg?
Should I shave tonight?
Rate me. (Pics included.) Yes, another one of these questions!?
are these light brown or dark brown eyes?
Which one would you buy out of these? please help leaving soon to go buy one of them?
I'm so jealous of this girl. Isn't she so pretty? (pic)?
What color tank top would look best?
What is a must have item in your purse?
Keeping legs hairs tidy. (men)?
what facial piercings should i get & what colour will i dye my hair?
Guess my name based on my appearance?
my friend is gonna wax her arms for the first time..??..any tips??
Do you think I'm pretty?
When a guy calls a girl a cow,what does that mean?
Who is prettier and why? (Pictures)?
Which girl is the prettiest?
Warm, Cool or Neutral Undertones?
What kind of helix piercing would suit two small plug earrings (male)?
fashion designing?
Tell Me If You Like This Prom Dress?
Rate me from 1-10 (pic)?
how 2 lose weight fast?
Are nose piercings on a girl a turn off?
What would you say my age was?
Do you like this outfit?
how are veet wax strips (girl)?
please answer this..... it will help so much!?
what country have the most beautiful women?
What does it mean when a girl pretends to be mean to you ?
where can I get facial tape from?? Any recommendations out there?
What do you think my name should have been?
How do you blog/?
I want to make my freckles fade?
Why do people think its so trashy for teens to wear thongs?
¿ Why british women do not pluck her armpits ?
On a scale of 1 to 10 what would you rate me?
i really want this bag? (pic)?
How do I ask my mum if I can get my eyebrows plucked?
Do you think I'm still too fat? What would you rate my body?
which perfume u girls use and reasonable and famous and easily available please tell?
How can i stop guys from looking up my skirt?
Who do you think is prettier?
Which one of these tow haircuts should I get? (photo of myself included)?
How do i look sexy?clothes help..?
Anybody with knowledge of belly rings?
Why should this girl in my P.E class get to wear her earrings during P.E?
Please help me find this song?
Should you shave your moustache?
Would you consider this body type attractive/sexy or no?
are there any leg or foot fetishist in Austin,Tx.?
How can I be city when I live in a small town?
do i look emo or scene?
For relaxing in a bathtub, do any of you have secrets of what to put in!?
Do you think Im pretty?
can i get a steamer for home facial somewhere.which is not very big and also cheap.?
How old do i look? (pics)?
Dudes? Examples of natural beauty?
Rate me? ive seen loads of these, thought id try.?
Any advice on good asian haircuts?
How to straighten synthetic hair... ANSWERS PLEASE!!?
Anyone experience the storm?
whats hotter wearing a bra or not?
How to be beautiful? Please help me?
Should I wear suspenders....?
Earring infection? 6 months after getting them Peirced?
What Size jeans Do you wear?
how to get boys to like me without changing my choles?
Who's kid do you think is cuter?
Girls, do I look mean?
5'5", 138 pounds, am i fat?
Girly Advice Only! Need Advice! Please Help?
Where can i get glasses like these ?
Am I a good looking guy (ladies only)?
Do you think I'm pretty?
Is an only child stuck up and snoby in school normally as well as they are at home?
how long do u have to leave ur nose piercing in wen u 1st get it done?
How can you make your own perfume that smells like...?
do you know what is foot balm?
Guy insecure about a lot of things (esp looks)?
please tell me a site for girls except binggirl!?
Ladies: Do you wear a bra to bed?
How can I feel pretty?
Guys, What is your opinion of girls in black knee boots?
how would you rate me 1-10?
Hairstyle!?help plz?
Should I model, I've been told I should?
How can I become a human Barbie?
anyone know a perfume that smells like aerie's abigail?
girls is this guy goodlooking?
What to wear for free make up at beauty studio?
I cried i look bad i NEED to look good today?HELP?
Would you ever date me?
Do you think im pretty?
What do you think is sexier??? please i need good advice!!!?
What namess do they look like they have?
which girl is prettier? (pics)?
Do you think we could be models? :)?
Please help: Which picture looks best?! (:?
What face shape do i have?
Girls is this normal..........?
Is this girl pretty?
How can I get used to bras?
What do yall think about this girl pics?
in which american city do you live,how often do you see black girls/white american guys couples ?
10 year-old love??????
flexibility question... best answer 10 points :)?
Who looks best ouf of these 2 guys?
Give me examples of tropical scents?
How can i select the best Colour Combination for my Dress, My age=20 colour= fair?
Metro is in?
Is it true that these days........?
is it ok to wear white after labour day?
Is having a strong face a disadvantage? ?
Where can a find a 3/4 or a good coverage masquerade mask?
Prom is next week!! Help!!?
Can I apply UGG stain remover to just the stain, not the entire boot?
in which pic i look fit?
What size in womens odd a 45 inch waist?
What kind of makeup and hair style would look best with a light pink cocktail dress?
What do you think of this hair color?
Thong above jeans SEXY OR TRAMPY?
what race/ethnicity do i look?
Can somebody wake me up?...I'm about to fall asleep at work...?
How do u know if ur ugly?
Are these girls out my league?
What products other than Lilash grow your lashes?
what can u say about the beauties of filipina?
Who do you think is prettier?
National American miss optional contest?
Removing earring in less than a day?
Why do people want thick hair?
How old are you and what is your fav peace of advice?
Can you please rate me out of 10?
do you like this picture????
wat r ur first impression when u look at me ladies?
How pretty am I? What would look good? Pleaseee?
I want to know how I look honestly.?
Why did my mom have TWO PRETTY daughters, ONE HANDSOME son, and ONE UGLY daughter?
Is shaving your beard gay?
Are green eyes attractive?
what should you do to get pimples and spot off your face?
Is he sexy, or what?!?
Snakebite Silver Studs or One Lip Ring?
can someone help me?[pics included]?
which coat looks better for teen girl?
What is it like to be beautiful?
Girls, which build do you prefer: muscular, medium or lean builds?
online shopping?
getting older..more and more i like beautiful women...?
woulds girls rather be called beautiful, pretty, cute, sexy, or hot?
post here if you have a french manicure?
Jolen bleach cream?
Which girl do you think is prettier?
ok ladies what do you think of my tattoo? photo include?
How tall do u have to be to peite model?
which one is cuter? :)?
I'm men prefer their women to be all done up in makeup, nice clothes, nice hair, etc., or...
How to get proper dimples?
Is the most important really what's on the inside or is that just something that ugly ppl say?
ok so am i really ugly the way people tell me :(?
guess how old i am (pic included!)?
Do you think this is a good picture?
What colour nail polish shall I wear?
What are some good night tips and morning tips?
what is the contact number or e-mail for la looks?
Nationals Miss Teen (Insert City Here)?
What do you think of this girls looks?
does anyone have a tumblr?
Do u think this guy is hot ?
Do you think dimples are nice looking/cute/hot?
How to measure correctly for a bra?
Do you think this guy is hot or not? be honest?
Do brunettes really hate blondes?
Question for girls...?
Do You Think White Skin is Ugly?
How do I get my legs to be really long like Tinkerbell's?
Which nail polish would look best for a black outfit: Cherry red or metallic gold?
To all guys what do you want?
I there a professional way to wear an afro?
My first grey hair. The world goes down. What can I do?
Am I pretty?
Massage therapist shoes?
do u think she's pretty??
Whats the difference between sexy and beautiful.?
When will pale skin be IN?
which one will you be serious about for a relationship?
what do u think about..?
Is this a good self portrait photo?
I reallyyyyyyy need advice for my hair?
I want to get my outtie belly button peirced but i want the ring to cover the actual outtie part...?
Profuse sweating?
How old do you think we are?
what is sexier a woman in black slouch socks or a woman in lace white ankle socks with a jean skirt??
Do I have a chance at becoming better looking when I get older (Pictures)?
best price for nails in Corvallis?
Do we look like twins?????
Birthday Gifts for dad .s.
What is selenas haircut in this photo?
Do you consider dark eyes to be beautiful?
Girls, Which of these do you hate most on a guy's face?
Could I model (picture)/makeup tips please?
what more rare,having jet black hair being white and with deep blue eyes, or having blonde hair/blue eyes?
summer youth programs in london?
HELP! i have changed my avtar but its not changing in the answers?
Is there an easy way to sell perfume/fragrances online? (Not including ebay or amazon)?
What style should i get miss sexy school trouser in (there for high school)?
Do you think 12 is too young to...?
Looks for strawberry blonde hair and pale skin?
For an interview in Washington, I need women's business attire. Must it be a suit/blazer?
Would it be wierd to wear this???
Why do i look so ugly in pictures/videos?
What is the best way to make plain denim look amazing?
im doin my junior cert,does anyone know a good study website.???????
girls what do you think?
is "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" true or false? if true,?
What do girls find attractive in guys?
am i fat for my age? im 15 (PIC)?
What does <3 mean?
are my arms really fat?? (pic)?
nose surgery or not? pics ?
What pant size do you consider to be fat?
do you think i have a chance as a model (pics)?
Help with acrylic nails?? ?
in which american city do you live ,how often do you see black girls/white american guys couples?
How do you brush your teeth without using your hands?
Which celebrity to dress up as?
Are your nails painted right now? What color?
who is from the Lowell Mass. area???
How to dress and act slutty in school? (I lost a bet -_-)?
how to look more like samantha boscarino?
who is prettier!!?
Do I look better with no makeup?
which bracelet do you like better of these two?
Do i look really ugly with braces?
Do you beleive that you will go to hell or paradise after you die?
Please Help!?
How would you get nail glue for fake nails off your bed covers?? any advice?????
Are my legs disgusting?
Pleeassee BBM Pins anyone?
why do females go to the bathroom in packs?
What part of your body do you like the most?
can you help me??
Hey Ladies im Patrick What do you think? 1-10?
Are my eyes 'hazel' or 'green'?
good or bad picture?
How old do you think I look?
Do I have a bad body for a 13 year old ):?
Do you get top and bottom extensions when you buy Hollywood lashes?
how to grow back my nails (image)?
please suggest me a nice shampoo brand name and tag line?
do you find this guy attractive ....?
Modelling? what you think?
What should I wear to my interview?
i want to be beautiful like my friends.?
Dress helpp?...............!!!!?
Do older guys who used to act cool wear their toupees backwards???
Is Boots Smooth Skin Plus and Gillette Venus Naked skin the same thing?
Why does everyone make fun of the hair on my skin?
how can i look better? rate me?
Which color should I get?
How do you rate my looks ?? Pics included?
What kind of dress should I wear to my cheer banquet? Help me!!!?
Girls...what do you do that makes you feel girly?
Long+flowy skirts for spring and summer?
how to be a scene girl?
am i fat? pictures included?
Which girl makes a prettier bridesmaid? A or B?
can any1 suggest me sum homemade..methodz..2 keep my eyez healthy??
Who here can help me out and give me some tips?
my tummy and thraot growl?
what are some names of the companies that make those glue nails?
Do you think this is appropriate?
Do I have a bad body for a 13 year old ):?
Victorias Secret PINK link question.?
Why does boys only think about sex?
how would you describe the calvin klein one shock fragrance for her?
what are your first impressions about me :)?
How old do you think I look?
can u help me with lens??????????????????????????
guys do you prefer,a little nose pierceing or a nose pierceing?
I got a nose job. What do I say to my parents(pic)?
i just want to look pretty for school?
Girls,do you like guys with perfect skin or do you like them a little rough?
how much does a cosmetologist make a year if you have your own salon?
Does anyone know of a really good eye cream/serum?
why does softening of the nail plate occur?
what would you say was your very best feature?
why is it that some girls are blessed with good looks?
what is a good substitute for shaving cream?
what is the best smelling cologne??
Barber style haircut help?
Girls, do u like clean shaved guys or guys with stubble on their face?
Is it alright for a guy to trim his hairs in the pubic area to keep it sanitary, etc.??
can anybody tell what is my skin tone?
What do you think of this model's face?
I'm looking for the prescription glasses that change with the light of the sun to sunglasses.?
do you pee in the shower?
How can I be girlie and feminine?
What stores in The Gallery at Market East, Philadelphia are piercing places?
Should a 12 taper/ guage be okay to start with?
who's prettier, me or his ex? *pics*?
Pretty or not? Out of 10?
what is the best excercsise to trim my hips?
how do u get acrylic nails off?
How do i find a web site i was on a day earlyer?
Can you tell me if this pic is better in black&white or color?
I feel so ugly what do I do?
Where can I buy Neon Blue Nail Polish!?
do you like the cabo-101 rims? they are 22", and im putting them on my charger, what do you think about them?
Fabulous 10/10 your gorgeous darling, your the next Tyra Banks I love it! lol?
would a lip peircing look good on me?
Nice type of perfume?
What do you think of my ankle length hair?
What are two fun school uniform colors middle schoolers whould enjoy to wear?
Which Bangs look better?
Which is the best hemohrroid cream for under eye puffiness?