does any one know what type of haircut will smith had in bad boys 1 EASY 10 PTS?
Opinions on these converse?
how can i look latina.?
Does size matter????
How do you know if you have ptosis or not?
How long should I wait to change my belly button ring?
Average price for bright green color contacts?
Do you think I should model?
How can I become beautiful & skinny?
Guys.... and Girls.....Sexy or Shy?
Am I ugly? Girls? 1-10?
How many photos do you take till you look like yourself?
I need a website with pictures of pin-up girls, the kind in tattoos, World war 2 era.?
Does 'L'oreal Elvive Smooth-Intense Anti-Frizz Shampoo' really works!?
Do I look bad in a bikini?
what colour are your nails painted?
what can i do to improve my looks?
Do I sound pretty to you?be honest?
could I be a cute girly?
women's clothing store starts with a?
How do i look.. Rate me 1-10? Easy s.?
GUYS: what scent should I wear?
how does my friend get away with breaking dress code?
Lip piercings?
Can i clean my monroe piercing with soap and water?
Which girl do you think is the prettiest?
Looking sexy when overweight?
wat do i do about braces!!!!!!?
Waxing and Shaving. True or false?
What's a good push up bra to buy?
How old does my friend look? (Pictures included!)?
my mother bought me a fake prada bag, should i wear it?
Clinique or Liz Earle skin care?
Why are scrubs so comfortable to lounge around in?
my teeth became yellow because of tobacco and battle nuts. how i can do it white?
Why are guys taking pictures of them in t-shirts with one shoulder pushed down?
How ugly do you think I am?
do i look better this way??
how to feel prettier?
which one is prettier?
whats a wholesale website?
what to wear with a cream sweater?
Can I please get some advice on this situation?>?
Are these girls pretty:(?
Is this a bad photo? /: No one seems to be commented on it on fb..?
How old do I look? Older than my age?
heyy any help plz? ez 10 points!!?
Who cane I contact to get my sons into modeling?
I am lazy and overweight....what do I do?
how could I improve my looks?
What should i wear for "chipmunk" concert?
How do i get lighter skin? :)?
Which name is better?
Can you have a big butt if you exercise?
Am i ugly, average, rate pls?
Party Dresses ( Pictures included)?
Semi permanent eyelash extensions?
how many times have u pierced your ears?
Is it considered unattracitve to wear glasses?
My boyfriend aked me yesterday if he could go to a strip club with some of his guy friends.?
5'6 & weigh about 165ish, modeling an option?
Am I decent looking <please answer> ?
If you have pierced ears, do you ever regret having them pierced and why?
.s How can I be a LOT more attractive?
Do you think this girl is pretty?
Is this guy famous????
what should i do to make myself prettier?
Salon/spa - what would you think?
I wanna makeover?? recent break up. pic included?
fake nails...?
How to improve how i look? (i want a change before school starts) pic included?
What Color contacts would look good on me?
am i uglyy??
What perfumes get you a lot of compliments?
What to wear with blue wedges?
getting the cartlage in your ear periced?
Favourite Eye Colour On A Guy ?
What would you rate yourself looks wise out of 10?
describe my looks in one word?(:?
Has anyone used dermisa skin fading cream ????
is it hott or nott??
i need my dress tailored, or a better dress sizing?
Please answer my question...?
is it okay to have pale skin and black hair... ?
Can i get in the bath tub after having my belly pierced if i put epsom salt in it?
which country has the most beautiful women in the world?
what is the best self tanner?
My eyebrows are starting to connect...?
do these two look alike in your opinion?
Beauty & Organic Trend in Australia?
where can i purchase a black tight office skirt?
should i wear these or noo??? am i too big?
ladies : do you like any of these outfits?
Which Pic Of Me Is Better? Opinions Please? (:?
Should I remove my nail varnish?
What are some ways to stop biting nails?
are or promising?
Smells like Abercrombie & Fitch for Women?
What size should a girl be general?
i like dress as a beautiful girl or women and how i can do it?
Should I get this dress in black or red? (picture included)?
how should a lady dress at home in order to be sexy?
does it hurt when you have your legs waxed ?
what are some good catalogs like the lakeside collection?
Is 14 too young to consider a nose job?
Is this a good looking casual shirt to wear with dark blue jeans?
strap up sandals that tie up around leg?
I am 15 Years old and i want to lose 30 pounds in 6 weeks.?
Trying to convert to thong underwear?
different coloured eyes?
How much do you weigh?
is this a good picture?
who do you think is the prettiest out of all of us? [picss!]?
How can I get my hair like Georgie Thompson???? (Picture)?
have you ever seen a westerner is single-eyelid?
You think I look old enough?
What would you rate this guy out of 10?
Eyebrow shaping/plucking tips?
Would you say me and my friends are ugly?
How to get better skin? and scars?
How To Be Beautiful? Please answer ASAP!?
In pretty little liars who is the killer and who is A ?
are we pretty (: xxxxxxxxxx?
My sister has a little problem she needs help with.?
Import modeling?
I just went to have eyelash extentions, how do they look?
do you think this picture is cute? lol?
Blue, Green, or Purple Contacts?
Does this loook like same girl to you?
Is it okay if a guy uses foundation to cover acne?
WHICH PROM DRESS DO YOU LIKE BETTER? (they are all beautiful I just can't pick one!)?
Any Wild Outfits?
How should salon employees or staff behave or treat their clients?
could i be a model?
Am I too skinny?(pic)?
In the O.C season 3 Marissa wear a red/ brown nail varnish what make is it and what colour?
Are the Feather Light Nails from Kiss safe to use on nails?
Do you agree with me that i am fat and ugly?
Beauty tips? (picture)?
How do you thicken your nails?
Is leah a horrible name? YESSSS!!!!!!?
how old do i look?
Can music affect your style?
Has anyone used Clearisel Ultra and makeup?
Which dress is prettier and why?
Be honest. (pics)?
Am I easy on the eyes? Serious inquiries only please.?
Guys:which picture is cutest? 10 IMMEDIATE POINTS?
How often do you weigh yourself?
Am I really ugly? just say yes or no haha?
soaps to lighten skin complexion?
ladies: What to buy for a?
a 5 question pageant on answers?
Does anyone else agree..?
Healthy Fast Food? Any Ideas?
i was wondering if any one out there no how to design the background of your picture..........?
do you think my friend is pretty?
my eyebrows are almost meeting to form a single brow?
Is this nail dryer safe?!?
For the women: IF a woman's SINGLE, most attractive trait is her beauty - what is a mans?
What sort of sunglasses should I get?
how can i delete/ cancel my account on shoe
Good nose ring websites?
GIRLS!!!! What is the most effective hair removal?
I need help finding this TOP (I will automatically pick you as best answer from now on!)?
What look would suit me?
Do you think I could work at hollister?
Do girls enjoy when you look at their boobs?
What color would you think my eyes are??[[pic]]?
Do I look emo....................?
What's prettier please help :)?
Face is skinnier on one side?
If you saw me walking down the road.......?
How to style my hair diferently??? an change my look :)?
What color shirts best match the following jackets?
Which outfit looks better? (pics)?
Women, what celebrity do you find most attractive?
Are bath salts illegal in all states?
How Much Does It Looks Like I Weigh...?
Does euro clevage cream work?
how much money do u get a month at wall-mart?
Please Help? Pics included?
Measurements Please!?
Lost a bet to a girl from my school?
Girls, which guy is hotter?
Before and After photos..?
What are you wearing?
What kind jacket can i wear?
How do I look?
Tips to becoming prettier?
rate these jeans for best? (which two would you buy)?
how old to i look? :)?
what is it about my face that people think looks ugly?
Which pair of Isabel Marant Sneakers is better?
The best vintage store in detroit or an online store please.?
What kind of shirt is this?
Girls do you find it........?
beyonce knowles , or tyra banks who is better looking?
Truthfully look at my pic and please tell me if I'm ugly or not?
What is the best shopping place in the Philippines?
Which one of these boys looks better?
Where can I find a Shellac Starter kit for cheap?
what do you think of me??
Do You like his dress?
should seventeen year olds still be wearing hollister or is that too immature?
do you think weed should be legalized?
help me plsssssssss!! im having my nails done and...?
If you are talking to somebody and they have a booger in their nose what would u do?tell them or what?
How do I look make myself look older?
brow shaping?
What is the required height to be a model?
How far down would a 33" dress go on me if I'm 5'3"?
ive lost my mojo - how do YOU recommend i get i back?
does an overbite change how your lips look?
What nail polishes are the best. Which ones have the longest wear?
How can you clean nail polish off acrylic paint brushes without ruining the brush?
Cheap brand name clothing websites?
Is morbid obesity considered hip these days?
i need serious help!!!!!!!!!?
Why womens/girls don't sweat much as mens/boys?
Do you think she is exceptionally pretty?
is this a good hair color for winter?
Girls, would you date a guy who is chubby,5'5", and has little mustache?
I look horrible????help?
how old do i look?
How can I look older?
ugh what do i do.......?
Are blondes really better?
Help on piercing your eyebrow.?
which photo shows my new hair colour the best?
How do I get the yellow stains from cigarettes off my nails?
What can u do to have healthy nails?
What color attracts girls most?
Which one of us looks better?
HELP I have short nails and I don't know what to do?
what is the best hair removal machine?
How do I wear my school sports uniform for my first Netball match?
How do I grow my nails?
What kind of peircings would I look good with?
Has anyone of you ever had been to a finishing school?
megan fox? someone want to explain..?
Tips for getting ready for school?
Which is better?Very Irresistible - Eau de Parfum or Eau de toilette?
Can you plz tell me what you think about me? apparently i'm really...?
is this good photography? NOT a 'rate me' question? please answer?
Just HOW sexy am I? On a scale of one to ten. Ten being sexier than something really sexy.?
ANYONE!!!! please help me!!! *important*?
should i wear a thong to the dressing room?
What to wear to a house party?
things to look for in a sports bra?
What do you think of me seriously? (pic)?
Does Davidoff Adventure Smell almost exactly the same as Abercrombie & Fitch Fierce?
Do You Think I am Pretty?
What color should I paint my nails?
what is the first thought that comes to mind when you see me?
do i need a nose job HONESTLY!!?
Wedding Dress?{Pics}?
Was this a Drive by flirter? Or no?? Need help easy 10 points!!?
I look terrible at the beach! HELP?
I have corset training questions?
I'm almost 16 and i still have an A cup bra?!!!?
Best way to wash a push up bra?
do girls look at guys butts?
what's the most beautiful country in the world?
what is the best man cologne out there?
why doesn't anyone think redheads look good in pink?
Lame question, I know, but can you please comment on these pictures?
are you happy with your looks? ?
Solar nails?
Gauging my ears help...?
Any Girls like the perfume called Pink Sugar?
Help me figure out what size pants I fit in juniors?
Which glasses look the best?
How far down would a 33" dress go on me if I'm 5'3"?
Do you like wearing bras?
GIRLS ONLY - Which celebrity male do you think is hot?
do acrylics ruin your nails and do they easily come off??
how to be popular w/ alot of people?
where are good places to get a bat mizvah dress?
Is 30-26-36 to irregular for a fashion model?
Does she look like she could be a suicide girl?
How can i become desirable to men (Pics) ?
is this nose big?*pic*?
female body measurements?
Do we really look alike? w/pic?
How to get a pretty face with and without makeup?
I'm self conscious?
does this dress look good?
If your close girlfriend kinda has masculine facial features do you tell her?
How old do I look in my yearbook picture? (pic)?
girls what do you think?
how old do i look?
Best fundation for Pale Asian skin tone with freckles.?
Are stretch marks on a woman a turnoff, especially if she has kids?
Whats a cute bag store ?
Based on these pictures, what kind of girl do you think I am?
Poll: What is one skinny jean colour you havent seen before?
Where can i get a cheap but good quality fursuits?
Where can I find good boyfriend sweatpants?
If you were interviewing a TV presenter?
Question Perfume For The Ladies Out There.?
How do i look ? ^^ i am curious and i wanna know ugly or pretty :D?
Am I fat and ugly? Pic included. Opinion please?
Which countries do you think have the best and worst dressed people in the world?
how do u know whos your friend or not?
who is the prettier girl out of the two?
does my sister look like carrie underwood?
Which ear piercings do you prefer?
should I get plastic surgery?
what can i do to look older?
What do you think of my appearance?
Rate 1-10 lalalalalallalalalala (pic)?
anyone else love poking their finger in their ear and smelling the wax, I love the smell of ear wax.?
Protruding chin on a guy?
am i only one with uneven skin tone?
Average size of a south indian girl?
am i that ugly looking to you guys?
Can Someone Help Me Find the Perfume I'm Looking For? ?
which girl is prettier? picsssss?
What could I do to make myself look better? Pictures Included.?
On a scale from 1-10, how bad does it hurt to get your armpits waxed?
Do these two girls look alike?
Do I need to wear more make up?
What is the point to put rose petals in a bath?
Hate to ask this but... Am I that ugly?
What kind of body do I have?
Who's The Most Attractive??
I dont like how i look?
Guys - do you prefer skinny or curvy?
Where to get this kind of jacket?
How can you become/grow taller?
How to become a model at age 15?
I just got a job and need to hide 10g earlobe piercings.?
are bangs in??
Would I look good with feather extensions? If so what color?
Which girl do you find most attractive? Why?
Is an 8.8 rating on appearance good?
Could You Come Up With Some Nicknames For Me?
Ok so like i only have 60$$$ to spend ok and?
Did i eat too much today?
Where can I get skinny grey school trousers from?
Should I get a TAN or Does PALE SKIN suite me?
Is this size ok?.?
Ladies Only Poll: Would you call this a bubble bath or a huge bubble bath?
Would platum blonde suit me? [pics inside]?
Do I have nice think hair? What else can I do with it? I am a boy.?
Is this normal for Uggs and how long do they take to dry?
Are there really any "SuperModels" left on the planet?
I have a chubby belly on a skinny body do people assume its from beer?
how pretty is this girl scale of 1-10 (pic included)?
how to fix hooded eyes?
Do I have "true" green eyes????
Skin problems below my mouth??
Girls, what do you think of me? pic?
honestly am i ugly? (pics)?
has anyone used laura gallers beauty products? If so don't you think $31.92 is expensive for blush?
I'm 13, Should I get a monroe piercing??
Do you think that I'm attractive?
Is she good looking?
which girl looks more attractive?
Make up and hair tips anybody? (Pictures included)?
Why do I look ugly in pictures?
Does my hair suit me?(guys preferrably, girls too)?
does anyone know any coupons that work?
What should I wear...?
Do you think chinese girls are pretty? What makes them different?
why do skater guys wear girl pants if they need room to do their stuff?
When you get older, will you let your kids buy Abercrombie?
Where can you buy fake eyelashes like these?
Which of these 2 would look best? PICTURES!!!!?
I don't know how to wear my hair? :)?
Do you think im gorgeous too?
Do you think I'm ugly? Also how old do you think I am?
Who thinks Gok Wan from C4's How to Look Good Naked is really cool?
Do guys wear suits to homecoming?
i was just wanting help. am i pretty?
do you think she is pretty?
Girls,is this style good for guys(read here,no pic,10 points)?
Aside from, What is a good place to get NFL Cheer Audition Tops? It needs to be a cute half top.?
How can I not get checked out by guys?
What is the best way to shave ( girl ) downthere without iritation?
Do any of you think that it is?
Anyone know this model's name?
pretty or ugly?
What's the significance of wearing an ankle chain?
pretty? ugly? beautiful? yuck? yummy? etc?
Beauty Tips?
why do guys care about boobs.?
Girls do any of admit to passing gas?
Am I somewhat attractive to guys?
rate my friend (1-10 scale)?
am i a tomboy?
For guys: How musch does it really matter what a girl wears?
why do i always have dry lips?
nuggets guys!?!?!??!?!?
I need names for this girl *pics*?
Is fair skin pretty in your opinion?
What is best to cover/get rid of redness on guys??
What should I be for Halloween?
Do you think this is the perfect nose?
is cute just as good as being called pretty?
Please help me and tell me Why I have no girlfriend?
What are the prettiest colour eyes?
how can you avoid infection using your contact lens?
Do you believe in ghosts?
Do you think George Clooney is handsome? Why or why not?
is there any good way to permenently remove the hair of different private places ??
Who else thinks he's HOT?
Could I be a model?
Should I change my look, or stay the way I am? (picture!)?
Which is better? Abercrombie or Aeropostale?
Where can i buy some beautiful clothes?
realest most natural contacts?
What are some good dress lengths and styles for me?
Please help me!>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>?
guys...what do you think of different types of lipsticks on a woman??
My name is Chelsea and I need a nickname, what should it be?
She is average right? She thinks she's pretty?
Is gel nail polish bad for your nails?
Does anybody else think that nair smells DISGUSTING?
Which hairstyle suited me best?
what should i wear to my modeling/acting interview tommorow?
What kinda style would you say a girl like this is...?
How old do you think i look?
Any teen book recommendations??
Hot or Not?
I wanna look like a barbie doll..?
happy new year to everyone!?
who do you think is prettiest?
Do you think I'm ugly?
I feel ugly what can I do?
what do you think?
Do my legs look fat? (pics)?
honestly am i too skinny?
Always told I'm ugly, honestly am I:(?
Where can i become a Model?
Why Do Boys have Nipples?
i feel like crap help?
What is your all favourite perfume ?
What is their best feature?
How did you manage prom with a long dress?
Why can't you get a tan on your palms?
Im straight guy and I don't like sports...I like shopping for clothes?
Who is prettier (pics)?
Never been asked out.....?
Kaya Skin Clinic: Help (if a dermitologist even better!)?
Am I model worthy..or just sears catalog?
Do you remember when the thong was a shoe?
How attractive an I from 1-10 AND tips for making myself more attractive?
Do you think im goodlooking?
What Can I Use To Get A Clear Complexion?! HELP!?
Girls......Is this one handsome dude or what?
ladies Hugo Boss Bottled vs. Calvin Klein Truth for men...which fragrance is better?
Do I need to start wearing makeup (be honest)?
Best beauty products in CVS?
what are some good teenage girl shops? please xo?
How old is the Ute Culture ??
Who is the girl in this photo?
How much do you think she weighs?
Does anyone knows which shoe is better the avi motion or the easytones?
Would you rather pretty and dumb, or ugly and smart?
Does this look cute? *pic*?
Guys! What are your view on makeup?
i seriously am starting to HATE myself, to the point where i feel like killin myself (BUT I WONT)?
Which of the two girls is prettier?
Which Hair Cut Is Prettier? (PICS)?
can you keep gauges in one size?
Where can I buy coach shoes? I only found .?
alternative modeling ?????
Sleeping with Bra's on???
Why do I get nasty looks just cos I wanna dress sexy and femenine???
why is it that everytime i use a bath product or even shampoo, my skin dehydrates?
What can I use for nail glue instead of the glue that came with the nails I ran out?
Acrylic nail questions!?
Which girl is the hottest?
Question for the ladies??
From prettiest to least pretty..?
Questions For Girls ?
How do I get Ladies Join My Avon team?
What hairstyle will best suit me?
Where can i find wallpapers of girls with beautiful sexy eyes?
Should i sleep with my new eartapers?
Girls what do you think of this guy?
what earrings look best on guys?
good hairstyle for winter dance?
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder but there are people who can "pull" in about zero time?
What's your opinion on these leather gloves?
Would You Consider This Skinny? (Pic Included)?
I like to put nail polish on my eyelid?
Guys' perspective? Should I wear a bikini (pics)?
where can i find a witches/ vampiress costume in plus size 26/28 on the internet?
Different hair styles for school?
Why do we keep promoting tanned women as "beautiful"?
Please answer, ill answer you questions! :)?
Does my hair look better dark or light?
I have a question about clinique?
I can feel a pimple coming? :S?
Why do they keep offering me random jobs?
4 guys only?
is it normal to think guys only look hot when there younger like say late teens to mid 20's?
Do you think I'm attractive?
How long does it take to become a cosmetologist?
How do u put nose rings in?
LOOK AT THIS Pic!!? pleasee?
Will I look good with side swept bangs?
What do ya think of this person?
Does seche Vite top coat for nails work well?
who's the most attractive girl in this picture?
How long does gel nail polish last?
does this picture look real to you ?
how should i wear my hair ?
do you like this picture?
How can I enhance my looks.?
What makes someone hot?
Sunburn Help!?
Some axe body spray questions Help?
How to look good in an oversized suit jacket?
Are my teeth unhealthy/disgusting? please answer!!! (pics included)?
What type of perfume should I get?
Hair growth and vitamins PLEASE?
Do u think im Pretty,PIC?
My Best Friends A Model?
my friend asks if she's fat?
What are some good pants/jeans for people with no a$$?
What to wear with this dress?
am i really really ugly?
Which girl is prettier?
Am i too skinny?
does anyone know anywhere i can get a Black, red...or hot pink...victorian style suit in england?
how many times have u pierced your ears?
Girls: Who looks sexier-soldiers, cowboys, or a guy in a sharp suit?
What is a model like?
What makes shatter nail pollish, "shatter"?
How long should a jacket be? (A guy's jacket)?
Whats Your Opinion on my body?
I am a petite girl. How could i choose formal dress? is this one ok?
Should I get my haircut? it just me or something?
How to grow out my eyebrows?
Is it me or painted nails are really ugly?
what s your favorite eye color ?
What else should I add to this, its about posers?
Profile picture help?
please tell me which photo is better....?
i want to go for face surgery, READ BELOW?
is this girl pretty. not myself?
Hey Does anyone have any good hair style ideas?
Do you have the link for claytons hair and beauty treatments in bangor?
Do you find flaws attractive?
girls, can you explain this to me?
What brand colored contact is good?
Where can I find a similar belly ring to this picture?
Is she copying her style/look? *pics*?
Do I look okay in this dress?
What do you wear underneath an open-stitch sweater?
Best spring/summer candle from Bath and Body Works?
Do you have a unique fashion? May I review it for my new blog?
What are the shoes called that were before crocs?
Why is summer better than winter?
How to be a teenage model?
I put my cell phone in a bag with my water bottle that was leaking for about 2 hours.. Please help?
Alright, I need some help?
I don't want a fat guy?
what should i wear with this?
what shape is my face?
Has anyone ever used these foot roller things to massage their feet? [pic]?
What nationality do I look like?
so do you think im ugly :(?
There are people who care what other people think about them and sum dont give a ef what others think of em??
worst/best 80's fashion?
I can't sleep and I always look awful?
Do your nails turn yellow if you keep the same nailpoish on them for to long?
Could a salon fix my hair?
Where Can I Get Those Bright Neon Crazy Coloured Suits?
which is the better picture thanks?!?!?
Do guys prefer girls with longer hair?
Should I get this dress, yes or no?
How Do I?????
I'm a b cup and really need a cup bra?
who is prettier out of the 2?
am i pretty?
How to make my eyes look better?
What time do you wake up?
How much weight should i lose if i want to be a runway model? *pic*?
How do you remove acrylic fingernails??
why do women?
what would you rather be : pretty or ugly or just OK looking ?
what do you think about the lebanese girl?
How long does it take a 2 years old earlobe piercing to heal up?
Best modeling industry for me?
SHAVING question, please....?
Why do girls like Uggs?
do you think that i'm sexy?
What are some different sleeve styles?
Do you think this girl has a really big, nasty butt?
What color would look best on her?
Are my hips too small medium or large?
trying to grow our eyebrows! any drug store items?
does anyone out there have webbed toes or fingers?
were can i get a dress/skirt like these?
Another shoe question for this dress?
why can you love your curves but I cant love my bones?
is AHA peel similar to superficial peel?
Is emo or scene still in style?
How to look like lucy hale or kristen stewart?
what kind of face shape do i have?
What kind of clothes do people in your country usually wear?
Hey please help me with this?
are there any guys that find larger girls atractive?
Ladies!!!!! Question for you?
Which hairdo would look better on me for 8th grade graduation????
Puzzle ring...............................?
is it rong for me to want to dress sluty at 13 ?
What is the best treatment for face wrinkles?
A website that you can try their optical glasses on YOUR OWN PHOTO?
Do you think I am overweight at all?
Know what I notice about mariah....?
Ugly, pretty, average?
average looking or beautiful?
my girlfriend normally wears panties and not thongs.?
How Can I be More Prettier?
Best nail color/style for homecoming?
How can I remove the yellow tint that my nail polish left on my nails?
Why am i so unlucky in my life?!!?
Girls - How do I look?
what color of dress will look better on TV?
Are Green Eyes Rare? Are they Pretty?
Do you think I should be a model?
Can eyebrow pencils work with bushy eyebrows?
what is the best way to apply my extensions?
When signing up for Ford Models as a client, what does it mean by 'Ford Model Contact'?
Which do you prefer? (girls only)?
will snakebites look good on a 22 year old?
girls..Would you ever sharpen your nails?
Do you like this dress?
how old do i look like? be honest?
I keep being criticized about my appearance?
Could i model, or not...?
What should I wear to a decades dance ?
Dermalogica Creams/Moisturiser?
What color looks best on me?
nail buffer, what is it made of?
Pleasee Ratee Mee?? 1 through10?
Which girl out of these 2 do you think is prettier?
Rate me out of 10 be honest please?
Who else thinks crocs are ugly?
is it ok for a male to get a manicure and pedicure?
what is the cheapest price for nail tips?
please i need help does anyone know who this girl is?
What kind of home waxing kit should I buy?
could i do modeling,photography,or make up? (pictures to help your dessison)?
Can you find me a poem about modeling problems?
how to fix my cuticles after a pedicure??
I feel ugly,so am i?
i washed a 59 fiftey fitted cap and its all out of shape is there a way to fix it, lot of creases?
Girls my age (14-17) please help!?
What good camera/video camera should I get for a school project?
Brown or blue eyes????
Where can i find more pics of her?
Homemade Cosmetics-Does anyone have recipes to make homemade eye cream, cosmetics, lotions, cleaners etc.?
Where can I buy designer dresses online? Betsy Johnson.?
Does my girlfriend want other guys?
hey what do you lot think?? (pics)?
Girls, do you prefer to be called pretty, cute, beautiful or hot?
polllll! for ladies:)?
Why wont Men wear tight Flare jeans to turn women on like we do for them since all you men said you like them?
where to get nice skirts from?
How can I improve? [pics]?
would a girl look trampy if she wore her thong visibly above her jeans?
What are Fibreglass Door Canopies?
i need help asking a girl out ?
What is the sexiest part of a guys body?
Would you say I'm pretty?
Do you think I look chubby?
ladies what black male celebrity do u find sexy?
Boys: What do u when a girl like me?
why cosmetic alcohol,alcohol? i no it would kill you if you drank it so why is it called alcohol?
What colour looks good on me?
what dose it mean if u have a butter fly in your stoumic feeling in the morning?
I need help on life?
the most BEAUTIFUL REDHEAD on earth?
aren't they the coolest ever(pic)?
im 12 how do i make myself look 16??!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Are we pretty? (pics)?
perfume??? which one?
Guys what do you prefer - waif or hourglass?
How to make already fair skin creamy looking?
How old is this chick? PIX
wat does it feel like 2 have ur nose peirced on a scale of 1-10 & does it just sting or wat tell me details?
What do you do when you want to change your look?
How Much Do You Think I Weigh?
Why do women go to such lengths and pain to pluck all of the hairs from their eyebrows only to draw them back?
Isn't She Pretty? s?
Could i make it as a model?
could i make it as a model?
Beauty blog feedback?
Which girl is prettier/ more attractive?
What clothing colors would look best on me?
Why do I look Depressed in my Pictures!!!!?
what 1 thing do u really like about ur appearance?
Girls, what is the best cologne for a guy to wear?
bf wants me to dye my hair blonde..(pic)?
who likes my avatar(it looks sorta like me)?
How do I get rid of under-eye puffiness?
How much is the new Christian Dior oui ring (white gold) and where can i get it?
what is the best cologne?
which girl is prettier?
How to match purple and green?
Can I wear a bikini if my boobles are 34E?
Little help with my wardrobe (holiday) please?
Did Michelle Phan or Bubzbeauty get Plastiv Surgery?
ever sick of being the girls with a personality?
I've been wondering what does the five stars tattoo means? I'm seeing it on girls arms and legs a lot.
Do I Look More White or Hispanic?
My hair gets frizzy because I straighten it?
Polyvore groups? how do they get popular?
I want to know what you guys think about best bath store products!!! :D?
who's the best looking in this picture?
What to wear with a pink lady jacket?
is this a good makeover??
What to wear to graduation?
Can't find any pants that go well with jean jacket, need help!?
which girl is prettier?
What kind of dress would compliment my body?
Do I look better with long hair or short hair?
How do i look? Website included.?
What say about my looks....??? :):P?
What top ten things do women look for in the other women to see if they are better of worse then the other?
girls will i get your attention when i walk by you in the street or at school ?
Are there anything like crocheted birkenstocks?
What are colors of nailpolish I can mix to get a new color !?
what exactly is a good body?
How can I look older?
I hate my life .i need help for the last time? Help i want to die?=(?
I want to get a special kind of three-ring binder made, where would I go for this?
who has aim?
Which girl is prettier?
Hello.Are you sophisticated or natural?
Can u rate me 1-10, 1 bein ugly as can be and 10 being beautiful PLEASE!!!???
would i look good as a brunette?
women who wear fashion capes are they really sexy?
Would I look good with Zooey Deschanel's hairstyle?
Is this a flattering picture of me honestly?
how do i make my boobs look bigger;)?
My dad was decapitated in a freak bowling accident. The problem is my mom wants an open casket funeral.?
Who is the prettiest/please rate us?
Why do nine year olds act like teenagers?
Do you think i'd look better with a tan? [pics]?
Is it okay to wear linen after labor day?
Random Beauty Questions sorry for the lack of orginization.?
Is this a good amount of make up for a 14 year old?
This is a strange question but please answer.?
Do my boobs make me a more desirable girl to date?
Is this company fake ?
What girls name that starts with an H do u think is the most sexy?
hairstyle and image look?? Your opinion plz?
what shall i wear ???
Is it stupid for me to do this?
how many girls think this is normal?! how can i get like that?
What's your first impression of my name? Easy 11 points!?
Do guys like meduim sized girls?
Girls do you sometimes.........?
Whats the best way of wearing this kind of Sweater (Cardigan)?
do you think I'm pretty?
what were hair and clothing styles like in 1990?
Is This What I Need to Do To Look Better? (pic)?
Do you think my nose makes me ugly?
What colour is your hair?
What to wear???????????????
I really need some help = ( I WILL ANSWER YOURS!?
Who's the prettiest (pic included) x
would a teenage girl wear this?
What is a good way for me to feel a little more prettier, or better about my self?
Why soles and bare heels in body of a woman are beautiful?
What is the name of this nail shape?
Hey everone so do you think boys should wear girls clothes?
What color should i dye my hair?
First time experience, don't know what to bring!?
who is jewelry designer Vicky Sashe?
What is the best perfume for her?be exact.?
guys, and girls. please help!?
whos hottist?????
why girls are so interested in shoes, while guys don't even notice them?
Are there any ladies in Chicago who enjoy wearing pantyhose and care to share why they do. Thanks!?
Boys, y do u do this and girls has this happend to you and what did you do?
Can you shorten acrylic nails after theyre on?
Best type of bra to use?
Unsure about my skin's undertone?
Women in thongs... are thongs comfortable?
what is your preffered brand of toothpaste?
How can I switch up my appearance?
does anybody else find that womans hands can be sexy?
Question about bikini waxing...?
which prom hairstyle would look best on me .. picture of me included :)?
what is the best low priced anti aging cream or serum?
Whos prettier and why?
is it possible to succeed in a modeling career or am i just wasting my time and efforts?
do you think supermodels are attractive?
What high school stereotype do i look like (pics)?
What is a good slogan for a cologne that smells like a cigar?
are lip peircings hot on a guy and if so wich is better a ring or stud?
What can I change about myself to make me prettier?
what do i say when someone calls me four eyes?
What do you think my name should have been?
Is 5 foot 7 too tall for a girl?
Do you think i'm pretty?
Am I short? 5'1 guy 18 years old...(Pic included)?
Do you think she is pretty?
Are these eyes rare? [Pics]?
Does anybody know where I can buy Burt's Bees Wild Lettuce Toner?
Likas papaya soaps?
Does my avatar look good?
How do I regrow my brows fast?
How do you pluck your eyebrows for the first time?
is it ok to shower twice a day?
Do these bikinis look okay on me?
Help with Contact lens?
Would you rather be the most beautiful person in the world or the most intellectual person in the world?
is there a such thing as pear-shaped breasts?
I want you to judge me?
How good do you look first thing in the morning?
Rate me from 1 - 10, please? How can i improve my looks?
do you think tall or short better?
Do I look like.............. (again)?
.s which name do you like best?
Long Hair Cuts??
What prom dress did you wear? (:?
Which celebrity do i resembleee (pic) ?
What name do you prefer for a girl?
Which one is prettier ?
Piercings and Job?
How do I stop comparing myself to other women?
My Prom you like?
how to show my love to a girl who is not outgoing?
UGLY , i know but which picture is better ?
tips on shaving down below?
MACY'S! help!?
I get called names at school, am I seriously that bad?!?! (pictures included)?
There are 14 types of nose... which one is mine?
How to loose wieght in the summer break?
How do I make myself look nice?
How old would you say I was?
words that discribe beautiful? for my girlfriend?
who is goodpal?I?
Do you think you're pretty?
As a Runway Model???????????????????????????????
im a beautition from last 17 yrs can i get a job overseas?
Honestly what is your first though of me by looking at these pictures?
hey all i have a problem with finding poo in my wardrobe....?
Should i get my nipples pierced?
I need a new look help!?
Permanent upper lip corner lift?
what shirts / hoodies/ pullovers go good with american eagle skinny jeans?
If your a single pregnant mommy,is it possible to still catch the eye of a guy and look sexy?
How can you find a reputable nail salon?
Which guy looks better to you?
shut up u pricks?
Which picture should i make my profile pic?
Which of these should I buy in sapphire color?
Do You Absolutely HATE.......?
What is the average age groups that most Cosmetology schools have?
whar do you do when u are being teased about ur looks in school??????
POLL) What would you rate me out of 10?
What should i wear to a concert?
I know this is stupid but i got to ask it!?
who is prettier??????????????????
How much does an eyelift cost?
for ladies... what for you is the best brand of bra, in terms of enhancement, style, comfort, price?
Musical Madess Language?
how come when you shave your legs they get white but your knees stay dark?
What other kind of shoes can I wear in place of heals?
are these shorts to short?
Please, want to find a JOP IN PUPLEX,?
JROTC uniform question?
Any other girls have the same taste in boys as me? Pics.?
Are these cute VANS? Should I buy them?
i really want to stop biting my nails: have tried stopping, but nerves get me, have tried all the bitter stuff
Do you think we look alike?
whos prettier?
China Glaze, OPI, or Orly?
What do you think of my look? :/?
What is a silk material called sandouq?
teenager beauty survey?
what if I wash my hair everyday!?? :) is it bad?!?
who is cutest? (5 pics inside)?
Which one is which please help me?
Wat would you say is better being thin as a rake or overweight ?
who has the best dress and who is the prettiest??
Rate Please: Glasses or no glasses?
Shirts to wear when going braless?
what do i tell my stylist if i wana get a hircut like this? (see link)?
Do I look better with brown or green eyes?
Girls; tortilla chip, landing strip or brazilian?
Which dress do you prefer?
What do you girls and guys think of me? (with pics)?
what color of cloths is the best for a girl with dark brown hair, and hazel eyes?
who is the only member from b2k who wasnt born in california?are any b2k fans on answers?
Where can you find size 0 jeans that are very long and are under $17?
does anyone know anywhere i can get a Black, red...or hot pink...victorian style suit in england?
How do i grow my nails long? How long will it take?
Ahh. I hate being short?
do you think you're beautiful?
How do I get more volume in my hair?
Does anyone have the ebook "Woman's Body Bible" or know where I can download it for free..?
Is it true that women actually like tall, dark haired and handsome men? Just curious!!!!?
what are the pirices or cost for nail salons?
What should I wear to my sisters wedding?
Where can I get my eyebrows threaded near Weston, MA?
do you like this haircut?
ANTM cycle 10-predictions?
How can i do my nails by my self? n still cool?
Why do glasses make a hot lady look better?
Does Jergens Natural Glow Moisturizer work?
cool nail polish designs?
What is, in your opinion, the prettiest jewel or gem?
Do you think this outfit is cute for winter formal?
I was wondering do you get pretty as you grow older?
can my wife have breast augmentation (from a cup to a c) and have child later, will my wifes boobs sag after?
if you want a french gel overlay , instead of the tip being white ; can i get a different color ?
If you could have a prettier face, would you have it? Why?
My nose!!!! My NOSE!!!!!?
Indie clothing? Forever 21?
GIRLS ONLY: this is really embarassing, but do douches hurt?
What kind of purse do you have?
what should i change for high school?
Who wants 10 points?
[Pic] I am originally from Martinique and I've been told that I can model. Take a look at this new pic. WDYT?
Does anyone know when,and why women started shaving their legs,and armpits?
If you were a baby, born with 3 arms, would you want to keep them all. Assuming they all 3 worked perfectly?
Y is it when i wake up i?
Where can i buy nail wheels/swatches?
Which color red would look good s best answer?
Any 1 ever ordered from
how to be a cool person?
Beauty Questions...Points Rewarded! ?
What kind of bathing suit would be best?
what piercings would look best on me?
Anyone know.........?
what is your favorite fashion?
hottest guys?
am i pretty?
"city of god" clothing query?
going to jail in a couple of hours?
How to get a razor blade out of a Gillette Venus razor?
Waxing: Does it hurt?
Has anyone ever used these foot roller things to massage their feet? [pic]?
Am i pretty? What do you think of this picture?
What do you think of this girl (pics)?
how can i fix my appearance?
what are the best bath and body works lotion?
Where can I learn the art of eyebrow threading in London or Essex area?
How can I make myself look older?
why am i so ugly and what could i do to be prettier?
Do you think my friend has pretty eyes?
honestly, what do you think of me ?
Why is it that Billie Jean King and Elton John look alike ? Do you think they are fat and ugly, or what ?
I want to go from black hair to platinum blonde... how do i do it?
are long natural nails a turn off?
PLEASE HELP!! popular homecoming dress styles??? 10 points!!?
is there any websites where u can try out pierceings?
Which girl is most attractive.?
What kind of panties should a 13 year old girl wear?
Caramel Cutie Fake Tan?
girls can you please help me out with this advice i will help you out with any question you have for me:)))))?
Should tall girls wear high heels or not?
Who Is Prettier Out Of Me And My Mate ?
is she pretty? (image available)?
Opnions on colored contacts?
How do you get prettier when your 11?
i think hot sexy girls like me what should i do?
Is my girlfriend hot?
Do you think my friend saw my question about her on here?
Am i the only one who doesn't find her stunning (look inside!)?
Does she look mixed with anything?
Do you like this picture of me?
My nose is huge and ugly. what can i do about? (pics)?
Did I look better before or after the weight loss?? Pics included..?
New wardrobe help, please?
Help me narrow down these graduation dresses?
Am I too fat??? (pics included)? or am i just self conscious?
Why is the US the the most homosexual yet homophobic country in the world!?
ladies you ever had a guy fake being sweet and charming?
why can we walk around in bikinis but we cant walk around in bras and underwear?
Is being a girl too much work?
Can I use the two for one twice?
What kind of clothes go with my body type?
What do you think of this girl?
what is fiberwraps?
What's a good store to get a pretty homecoming dress?
Could someone please make me a fall outfit?
do you like this outfit? easy 2 points! =)?