Girls - you have to see these guys!!!?
In your honest opinion, bad or good face?
When do boys grow taller?!?! I'm sick of being tall.. lol?
Are girls unattractive with braces?
GUYS: Is my nose unattractive?
I need some answer for this, tq (:?
Do you think this suits together?
Group day ideas?????
is this a good pic....?
you are from which country?what is your hobby?
how can i be as pretty as her? (pics) ?
I feel bad did I ask the nail salon too much? What you think?
What type of navel rings are safe to wear while playing sports?
beauty in fashion assignment for art?
What's the BEST way to take off gel nails?
wrinkles on dresses?
do you think its wrong if a 13 yr old has a nose piercing?
What do you think of hinestones on bras?
what color should i paint my nails?
Do I have a bikini body (pic)?
Which girll is prettierr?
Am I Prettier?
Do you think i'm pretty?
I signed up to sell Avon--and I have no clue what my district number is!!!?
is this a ghost in my photo?!?!?
What is emo?
What is your favorite perfume and why? Which ones do you get the most compliments on?
Anyone with bad/good experiences with eyelash extensions?
What does it usually mean when girls have cat eyes?
What is your selection criteria when buying a deodorant?
What color would look best ombré on me?
Is about 40 minutes long for a shower?
For the ladies.?
emos, in or out?
Help Me Find Photos?
Do I need a nose job?
Which girl is the most attractive?
Need help to grow nails SUPER fast!?
ok, there's this guy on here and his name is man and he doent even anwser the question?
what can i do to look better?
Your view on emo/scene/rocker kids.?
what should i call these bangs?
Do you think I could pull off the full bangs look?
how do i...???
What is the best or most popular Lacoste Cologne?
How do I be one someone else?
i need some answers about contacts!?!?
How do you add the rvp 100 border on top of Instagram?
Am I short for a girl?
how can i make my nails grow faster?
where is the best place i can get my colored contacts form for under $19.00 or $20.00?
How hot am I? (girls only)?
Please help.. just bought a new jacket?
What is your favorite lingerie/undergarment?
What do you think of my eye makeup [PIC]?
Do dermatology centers usually take insurance?
Help PLEASE!!!?
Who is this UO model?
which way should i get my haircut?
How long can I expect my earlobe stretchings to shrink back from a 6g to a 12g?
I'm so effin ugly.........?
hola, necesito consejos para depilarse, para que despues de depilarse no se sientan y se pongan feas.?
What if someone calls you ugly?
How to stop biting my nails?
who is most beautiful woman in the world at this time?
Are babyliss hair clippers from boots under 20 pounds any good?
how do i look?
Is the drink Four Lokos back in Ohio ?
Can anyone suggest?
do YOUU think im FAT......?!?!?
I hate my cheekbones?
hi!i'm unable to find a mail address of Kookai,the fashion company.I need a parfume(for mom)L'eauDeKookai.thnx
I need boobs! Help, please, I beg!?
What kind of wedding dress is this?
where should i go???
Which haircut will best suit on square face?
eyelash tinting?.s.?
Hey Guys do u think i m handsome?
I have to dress up as a character for school..I have brown hair and want it to be somethin girly if possible?
Do you like the RED dress or BLUE dress better [PICS] ..?
what colors make people pretty?
How can I make my bf's tool show up a little under his jeans... It is a turn on for me when I can see a hint
i need jeans for my fit?
What to wear with a blue bodycon skirt?
will shaving pubic hair hurt?
Can you guess my ethnicity? PIC INCLUDED?
which girl do you think is prettier?
Different between suncare ( or sunblock ) cream and aftershave?
how would you rate me?
Girls... how am I on looks? Ugly, handsome, "alright", what?
soo whats my eye color?
Which haircut treatment prolongs facial hair growth more: shaving cream, or shaving cream with hot towel?
What do you think about how I look?
My dad said men who get their earpierced are on the breeding grounds for drugs and homosexuality. is that true
do you think my friend is pretty?
What should i wear to riverfest and whats in?
Could I be a model with this type of body? :)?
Popular Vs. Unpopular question? w/pics?
How do I make home-made bikini wax?
If given the choice would you rather purchase organic jeans or regular jeans?
what's your worst fear?
POLL: Which is best for eyelash growth? Vaseline, Castor Oil or Vitamin E oil?
Which girl do you think is better looking?
Girls, what is she thinking...?? pic?
What facial piercing would look good on me? Vertical labret?
How do you wear your hair on a daily basis?
How angry do i look!?
how do u get a guy?
Do you find me cute or ugly?
Say one positive thing and one negative thing about yourself!?
Which do you think is prettier?
okay, is there any way to get taller soon, i am 5,2 and would love to be a victorias secret model. im 13 now..
What would look good with navy blue shorts?
Am I Ugly???
Any advice on self-pedi's?!?
How should i improve my look?
Am i the only one who gets offended by this?
Would it be weird if I showed up to school on Monday wearing makeup for the first time ever?
Girls, what do you think of me (pics included)?
what does a rocker chic look like?
who is the most beautiful girl in the world?
Do tan colored tops looks bad?
which one is prettier?
Am i a good looking person? Hot? Sexy?
I need a good attention-getter for my presentation.?
what would be your first impressions of these girls? picturee.?
How do i look? People think I'm ugly?
What celebrity do i look like?
What should I wear to a amusement park?
how to give sperrys the appearance of having no knot?
Boyfriend arranging Brazilian wax for me?!?
Different hair styles for school?
What is the best nail varnish?
Do my sister and I look alike?
Do you think my friend is ugly ?
Is this dress HOT or NOT?
girls, am i hot.attractive or ugly?
Girls only pretty please!?
how do i take care of my ear ring?
Do me and my sister look alike?
Where to get jewelry engravings?
How Old Do I Look? Guess? *PIC*?
I can't stand my _______________?
Is this dress too short?
what are these sneakers called? The outside is blue and black and the inside is pink, the laces are black.?
how do i get myself to stop biting my nails?
To the people who said no to smakin a girls nice booty!?
Do you think I'm pretty?
Which body do you find most attractive?
What do you notice first in the opposite sex?
all my friends call me emo ;; do i look like the style?
Which picture should I use?
Are you disappointed with what you see when you look at yourself in the mirror?
Rate these girls ! (pics)?
Lazer Hair Removal? Cheaper Countries?
how many calories are in a spoon of cooked rice?
what colour eyes do you have?
I have a bad habit of bitting my nails and cuticles how can I stop?
Is this good hair and makeup for the first day of high school (pics)?
Do my sister and I look alike (pictures included)?
What should I wear in marriage functions in Nov & Dec ?
What do you think my face shape is?
Would you notice the little holes in someones jeans between the thighs and crotch area if?
How to glue on artifical nails so they stay on for a long time?
Nailene Nails (fake nails) question Help?
Why don't ladies wear button down shirt as much as men?
Why are Americans such sell outs?
My cousin told me look at album to see my picture?
how should i wear my hair tonight? [picss*]?
Tattoo Ideas?
Is there anyone who suffer the cold so much to wear the coat in the house or in repeared pleces?
I want to try a new look... help?
what is a zentai?
Tips on learning to pout?
how tall does a girl have to be to be a model?
What do you think of this guy?
If you saw a 16 year old girl driving a BMW what would you think???
whats the difference between ovation and legende in pointe shoes (brand: sansha)?
Hydration vs Moisturizer?? Which skincare to choose?
How much to nose jobs cost the in US?
Secret Body Sprays?
Never had a gf, almost 26, is it because i'm not very attractive?
What is your favorite perfume?
how do you take tips off?
Will you please watch my fashion video?
which one do you think is better?(pictures)?
Whats your fave Perfume? And why?
What does cleavage means?
If you have pierced ears, do you ever regret having them pierced and why?
I'm naturally ginger, help?
Am I Pretty? (Twenty Characters)?
What is your favourite perfume & what are you wearing at the moment?
What would you call a person that does famous people's hair, makeup, nails, ect?
Do guys like?
Why does my girl like too wear very revealing clothing when we go out ?
Poll: What is your eye color?
How do i go from being ugly to gorgeous?
i'm only 5'5'', can i still be a model?
i think im going to dedicate my life to being hot?
what do i do im about to get braces and im worried about what my boyfriend will think ?
What's the Pain of a Tongue Web Piercing?
This guy keeps calling me fat.?
I have a really huge problem !!?
Why is it sometimes I think I look so pretty and other times I think I look so ugly?
brown hair or blonde? with both...??
Which picture should I use?
Am I an hourglass figure?
Could I be a model? (link)?
Should I Get A Tan Or Bleach My Skin? Which One?
I make hot-process soap, and the bars become gel-like?
Which of these girls should be my gf? (pic)?
Does Avon perfume, body wash, lotion, expires, they have not been open i've had them for approximately 5-6 yrs?
Do I Look Better Before Or After My Make Over?
girls is his body Abercrombie modeling material?
Do you think painting your fingernails black is bad for a Christian girl?
Which colours suit my skin tone the best?
(Guy) Do I have an innie or outie bellybutton (PIC)?
Does any one like paris hilton or preppy people?
Poll:(girls only) Do you think girls who wear push-up bras are fake?
Question about the body shop?
PREttY H0t 0R PREttY N0t?
Am i pretty? How pretty am I?
Girls - is it uncomfortable to wear a bra?
Good Beauty Guru Names?
Good books.................?
How many pairs of shoes should a woman own?
How many girls here wear bra's to bed?
Do you really think this girls pretty? I dont see it!?
Any one know a good hair salon in Toledo OH... HELP!?
I'm nearly 18. 5" 5'.Male. I have no ID and need to look older for when I go to a club on my birthday?
Am I pretty? Pretend this is an honesy box. I wont be offended.?
when you see a tall and skinny girl, what comes to your mind?
Do I have a big nose/am i fat?
Im breaking down,.... please help?
am i too thin??
Am I what you call a metrosexual?
Do I look like my best friend?
Is it easy to get a tan in the Amazon?
boys do like them stick skinny or curvy?
What colour are my eyes?
how do I look? (pic)?
what do you think? would you date me?
does having a part fringe for a girl make her face look longer?
i need advice ! **10 points ?**?
Rate me please, guys and girls welcome?!?
Ladies only: what is an easy way to get rid of hair down there w.o leaving bumpies or itchies?
what color eyes do you have?
why do people always say i look like a slut?
Cake for aunt's birthday?
should i get my eyebrows waxed or done with the string?
umm... well im a guy and just wanted ur oppinion on how i look?
How can i be popular?
Guys i need your opinon and awnsers com here please??
Do you think she is attractive?
Do i look better? as a blonde or a brunette?
My mom bought me a really ugly pair of pants...?
Which picture for my default?
How to look prettier to get noticed in junior high?
What Do you look like?
what do you think of her? is she pretty?
am i pretty??? or ugly???? (picture)?
Do I look like Dora??? From the show.?
what do u do if u still like ur exboyfriend and he likes u but neither of u admit it n should i still b nice?
do you think he's hot?
answer plz?
How do I handle the fact that she's much prettier than I am?
Am I Pretty? I doubt it ?
the brand of this ROLL ON PERFUME???? I AM LOVE , I AM PASSION?????
Convince my mom to let me buy FiveFingers?
how long should you wait before having sex after a brazilian bikini wax?
Do guys like girls w/ long nails?
Just CURIOUS :-)?
I know there's no answer, so why do I keep asking?
What kind of jeans are these?
Who thinks girls are too wild? Shouldn't they be more lady-like know I mean?
Which foundation should i buy ????? IM TORN BETWEEN THESE TWO!?
When getting pink & white nails.. If i don't want the white. can i get color?
Girls: Big Eears, Turn Off Or Not?
Manual transmission..?
am I too skinny?????????????????????
Clitoris piercing...?
How to wash acrylic scarf if it curls?
Do you think Mariah Care is still beautiful without the glits and glamour?
Which girl is the prettiest?
Do i look young for a 15 year old ? (just turned 15)?
What's your best feature?
How old were u when u lost ur v-card?
Can you wear a tank top under a AFJROTC dress uniform?
where can i buy some colour contacs from?(:?
Ladies: What's your bra size?
perfumes whats nice?
Is this a nice vintage dress?
What do you do to stop bad breath?
Where can I find Pictures?
Where is the best nail salon in reno?
I hate my boring, ugly brown eyes?
I'm going into 9th grade. Do people still use binders?
What do you think of my overall "look"?
how can I lure a Girl?
Should I get my lip pierced with a small subtle gem stud? ( below lip-right side) What do ( guys think)?
My daughter is flipping out because she doesnt know what purse to buy for school.?
Ladies who do you find more attractive!!?
do me and my mate look alike?
What hair colour wuld you say this was?
what should i wear on non uniform?
My name is..but i want people to catch on to a nickname?
what are my worst and best features?
My personal feeling is that people who say the word cool are really not yo agree?
How come you are so beautiful?
I feel worthless because I'm not curvy. Why can't any girl be perfect enough?
if your a man how many t shirts do you own or do you feel its important to have?
Would this eye color be considered Dark brown eyes or Black eyes? Thanks :) ?
Konad Stampers.......?
which picture of me is better?
Pretty, hot, beautiful or cute?
what is the nicest girls perfume?i cant make up my mind lol?
What are the top modeling agencies and designers in the Philipines?
hair for a guy Shag hot or not?
What are some popular myths around skin ageing?
whose prettier??
Dr. Middleton any good?
What to wear to high school homecoming?
Elizabeth Arden's Red Door perfume?
Girls only!!! Do you like a guy that compliments about your toenails?
Anyone try bodyflex breathing exercises? If so did it work for you. Or do you have anyother suggestions?
Do I look pretty to guys?!?
i just got these 4 strappy black inch heels what length of dress would go with them?
Cute SIMPLE nail designs?
Question for men?
National American Miss advice?
Girls whic of these boys do you think is cuter!?
where or on which site i can find the cheapest discounted parfume from Hermess "Eau de Merveilles"? 3.3 oz
Self injuries - piercings.?
how do you strip at a bachelor party?
Do you think this prom dress is pretty?
Do I look young or are people just mistaking my age?
looks or intellegence..which is more important?
Would any girl want to be with a redhead guy?
Do I look like any celebrity?
who was prettier?
Where do I find Pareos for an Hawaiian luau in Pasadena Tx?
Do you think your nice looking?
i'm torn. what should i buy?
What should a business woman look like? How do u see her? Her character , looks?
what color should i dye my hair?
are you having fun stuck in a certain time era?
what is the concensus on a man shaving his pubic area?
is this a good Groupon deal?
What do you think of me ?
what do you think? (picccy)?
Contact wear to glasses wear?!?
What's the coolest city in the world?
We like to paint our house. Can you suggest some colour combinations.. Please....?
hair removal for women, very Private!?
Which girl do you think is prettier?
What are the best fake nails available in Canada?
Which blouse should I get?
Skincare products help! :o?
Does a beer belly ever look good on a man?
What color hoodie out of this selection is your favorite?
would i look good?
girls ur perfect size??
should i not go to the pool tomorrow?
What hand do you wear your promise ring on?
wat age did you lose your virginity?
Would I look better as a brunette? (w/ pic)?
how old do i look thanks for answering?
How can i become pale?
Perfume suggestions for women?
Do I Look Like Brenda Song??
What is your fav body wash or soap?
Do you Females think that i look ugly?
How do you think i look?
how to change this picture?
Girls, lip rings or lip studs?
Decided to change my look?
Please Help: How come this doesnt hurt?
describe me?
Do you think I'm pretty?
im new when it comes to nails, what is this?
Why are so many clothing stores making it so difficult to return stuff???
describe his looks please?
Ever known an Indian (India) guy with a girlfriend or wife who was not Indian herself?
How do you guys feel about other countries and B-style?
Dark Brown Hair!!!!!?
Could any girl be as skinny as a celebrity?
do i look like taylor swift?
Ideas for Scene Hair/Makeup, and how to?
Ladies! Has ur boob size grown over the years?
Do YOU think she is really THAT ugly!???...?
Does anyone or has anyone ever used Greek skincare brand 'Apivita'?
French Manicures and the spa?
Piercing my lip, question about hollow point needles?
I would like to model for a store?
Where can I find Shadow & Light White Tea body lotion?
What's so damn wrong with me - my look?
What to wear to high school homecoming?
question about barbie, bratz, my scene, etc...?
Anyone know any simple break up spells or any free sites for good ones? I need easy break up spells and fast.?
Which is the most addictive woman perfume you have ever smelled ?
what is actually beauty means?
Victoria's Secret bra for mastectomy patient?
how to have an at home spa day ?(:?
How bad do my eye brows look? (pic included)?
boys, do you find pale skin attractive on a girl?
what do yall think of this picture?
are thongs right???????
where can u get custom made prom dresses at in new jersey?
Guys what do u think about a blonde?
Do you think I bad looking?
What is my skin tone? Need help?
What's causing my "muffin boobs?"?
i have a question for girls only?
Myspace? Pictures? Which are the best?
What girl is prettier?
What color are my eyes please?
Girls whats your favorite eye color on guys?
who do you think is the prettiest?
What do you think of labelling people?
What henna tattoo kit is the best?
best estee lauder perfume?
Is she pretty? hot? be honest.?
Can I use hot wax, or Nair, to remove hairs on my Siberian Husky's stomach?
Do I Have a Big Nose?
Whose more prettier.....White Girls or Black girls?
How do i make myself look older? .s to best??? please help!?
Anyone who works at LUSH cosmetics?
when is the miss universe contest taking place this year?
How to improve my looks?
should I use this pic as my myspace default?
Which girl is the most attractive?
5 stars! girls i need your opinion!! Which pic does he look hotter in?
is she beautiful?help?
How do I get my legs to be really long like Tinkerbell's?
What should I wear to my sorority's pledge party?
Is this Axe still good?
Hair Products?
how to persuade my mum♥ 1O points?
Which dress is the most beautiful and why?
Am I pretty? (pics included?)?
An I really ugly? (pic)?
What are some sweat proof & heat repelling types of clothes?
I feel "hot" "down there"?
Would These Piercings Suit Me?
what do the colors on a mood ring stand for???
which look is hotter?
Would you consider this fat or average (picture)?
@ what age should young girls pluck their eyebrows?
am i ugly?
Who do you like better? Lindsay Lohan or Hilary Duff?
What is your all time favourite perfume/aftershave?
Where can I get cosmetic dental work done in the West Midlands (UK) and is the work a relatively easy process?
Which picture should I chose?
I get bullied because I am ugly?
Should I dye my hair?
Do I have a big nose (pics)?
Does this outfit look ok for college tomorrow?
When was the Toledo Zoo built?
How can I improve ...(pic)?
Do I look better with curly or straight hair?
"smile lines"?
what to do before xxx waxing?
am i ugly?
Does black hair look unnatural on me? please be honest?
How should I improve the way I look? What do you think of me? (picture)?
Most Beautiful International Woman of Australia in 2007?
Best way to avoid hangnails?
Could I Be a Fashion Model?
For women, when you have choice, would you wear a dress/skirt or pants?
help, i need advice on dating.?
How hot am I? (girls only)?
how do i get fuller lips?
victorias secret "free" tote bag?
suggestions for homecoming hair and makeup?
Blue eyes?
How can i have red lips without lipstick?!?
Do you like Olivia Wilde's face shape?
which one is the best choice?
is calvin kleins "contradiction" perfume being sold anymore?
Am I too fat for a belly piercing?
hot or not?
Would I look good with Zooey Deschanel's hairstyle?
What are some cool sayings that you might want on a shirt?
how long does it take for one pair of buckle jeans to be shipped?
GIRLS ONLY.what makes a guy really really stunning gorgeous?
Why do guys like it when girls shave about the leg?
This is so DUMB!!! I'm tired of this!!!?
contact information for solano county department of health?
Is it very important for girls in the way guys dress?
hair question? (pics)?
Opinion on how i look *pic*?
help! nails anyone?
Is 5 10 too tall for a girl?
Are people serious when they say this?
what should i do if i want to change how i look?
beauty issues...?? any advice?
Rate on a scale of 1-10?
Would you like a guy/girl if he wore contacts or glasses?
If you saw me on the street, what would be your thoughts? pics uncluded?
are u wearing nail polish? if so what color?
which is better looking?
Does anyone know a good pair of Wedgie free Panties I can buy?
What's a perfect diet?
What would look best with me? piccs?
Help please...?
personal question (girls only please..) about bikinis..?
Classy looks for spring?
what is good for pitted acne scars?
One sIde of face unattractive?
Am i Pretty?
Help with clothes sizes?
Who is hotter? Simple (Picture)?
whos the cutest in this pic? hehe?
beauty things to do at teenage sleepover?
Why should i have a bath everyday?
please .... look these pictures and help me to choose who is the best girl!!?
what is specail about the new martha stewart collection?
Should im go bleach blonde?...... see pic?
Would A Slightly Raised Mole On My Cheek Be Removal able By Laser Surgery?!?! 10 Points!?
Women Only!?
any good places for men to get cornrows done ? (London)?
Who are more beautifuls indian ladies or pakistani ladies?
AM I SHORT? 5'4 1/2 and male?
Is there a earring for your tragus that you can wear is sports, and which is also safe?
if anyone knows the linkt o get the polo witht he polo logo all over it please send it to me thank u?
how do i can make my eyelash grow?
What is the difference between sunblock and sunscreen?
what should i get pierced?
which name is better for a girl ....alex or lexie?
How to look different?
only way is essex party, what to wear?
Girls! Suggest a name for a character, and best anwerer will get a mention in my book!?
What are some fun and appropriate games for a sleepover with girls ages 12-14??? I can't think of any.?
I am ugly.WHY????!!!!?!!!?
i wear clear contacts i was wondering if you have to get like a whole other perscription for colored ones ??
What's one word you would use to describe this girl?
uneven skin color - help?
Puma El Rey Shoes, Singapore?
Do you like this picture or not?
who's hotter BEYONCE OR RIHANNA?
Why are American girls prettier than British girls?
Honestly if you saw me in the mall;?
Why do some people think its cool to let your underwear hang outta your pants?
She makes me so jealous [pictures], what do I do!?
people I'm a girl who gets mistaking for a boy how can i show I'm a girl?????
how do you think i looked at prom( picture)?
is 13 too young to get eyebrows done?
iam scared of planes and i have to go on one?
Which kind of girl is the most beautiful all over the world?
Are old Avon perfume/cologne bottles worth anything?
Muscle or Flab?
A good recepy for beauty?
how to make friends that are nice people?
Can I use ripstop or dacron tape on my blazer?
Is 5'10 1/2 or 5'11 really tall for a girl?
Is this girl that bad looking?
Guys, how would you feel if a hot girl walked up to you and....?
GUYS --- what is the first thing in a girl that attracts a guy? (frank honest answers pls)?
can anyone tell me wherei can get full range of calvin klein bra in delhi? ?
Would you rather live in Paris, France or Chicago?
What is your first impression of her?
who do you think is a prettier?
Which girl do you think is prettier?
double chin?
Should i post this pic on facebook or not?
were can you find a lotion to clean the drak area on your knees?
LADIES: I know my girlfriend got paid today, I desperately need 40 bucks for weed!?
do they have Aveda Hang Straight lotion at walmarts or any store like that in chicago?
What would you say my eye colour is?
what is the value of $224.95 (£ 129, PKR 13,497) in indian money?
Do I have a long face? (see pics)?
do you like your name? if you don't what would you change it too?
do you think you are beautiful?
Has anyone heard of crusade shirts?
who should not take swana bath?
What should I do where to start and look?
What is my eye shape?
do you prefer fake nails are real nails?♥♥?
Do guys like girl water polo players?? (guys only please)?
Whattt nationalityy do i lookk(pic incld.)?
girls, do you find long nails on guys a bit werid?
I pierced my own tongue, where can you buy cheap tongue rings?
What should my beauty guru name be?
How old does she look? Picture link included?
How do i get my bangs like this? (:?
What are good plus size clothing sites?
Survey : What type of person does the person in the middle look like?
How old do you think i look?
nose piercing question?
Do I look pretty? average? or just damn ugly?
which color of these boots look better? (pics included)?
What is the best nail color for me?
On a scale from 1 to 10 one being the worst how handsome and pretty would you rate me?
Girls....whats the best thing(s) about being a girl?
Should I do this or not(Please read full question)?
Ladies,which style do you prefer on men(choose one option,10 points)?
Good nail salons???! help!! :)?
i really want this bag? (pic)?
Which Snapback looks best?
Girls ONLY Questions?
Does it look weird to roll down boyfriend jeans?
Is my hair too long (picture)?
who is the girl in the Caddy ads with the sexy voice.?
want to help me be lazy for a day?
For Chapped Lips What Do You Use (Product)?
Stretching my lobe and random lump?
Beauty School Hair Nails Makeup ... No Ged or Diploma required?
has anyone used laura gallers beauty products? If so don't you think $31.92 is expensive for blush?
what can you say about an architecture student???
I need shortish male haircut ideas?
is it possible that i will be prettier when i will be older?(pic)?
Gpmwmqjpjg gjpjp pjp jg?
i got gum in my pants...?
whos the cutest/most beautiful girl?
Do girls like it when....................?
I don't ask to become fair but atleast tell me how to lighten dark skin & make skin glow?
am i gorgeous? could i be a model?
Public treatmentt???????????
Guys- what is the first feature you look for in a girl?
Which photo is the best?
what do you think of me asking yankeegurl on a date?
Are sunken in cheeks unnatractive?
quick pick one tap or hip hop? and y.?
Modeling questions ? :)?
Would I look okay in a bikini?
OK is this a god profile picture?
Has anybody tried Laser Hair removal?
What is the best beauty magazine for teenage girls?
Which shoes should I buy?
What games are good for an at home beauty party?
girls tell me can i wear this?
Is this true that when you look in the mirror you don't really see how you look?
Is gray eyes on a guy attractive?
Can anybody help me find a dress that looks like Anastasia's for my Quincenera?
is this a compliment?
Who is hotter Drake or Justin Bieber?
How do you think colored contacts look on people?
Do a lot of girls wonder if the guy they're dating is the one they might spend the rest of their life with?
I know I look good enough with my natural hair colour, but I would like to colour it just to look trendy....?
Does bubble gum really stay in your stomach for 7 years if u swallow it???
which companies make inexpensive organic/natural makeup?
Help me please because I really dont know what to do?
Is this really the perfect man's body to a woman (link provided)?
I have oily/combination skin with lots of scar from acne can i use a vitamin e toner?
Can you give me an honest opinion?
Am I wierd for a guy? (Asking the ladies)?
Why do I look WAY different in certain lighting?
......why do i repel men?
What could I do to look better, and how I look please :)?
Could i be a blonde?
Is Vurt Cologne Good?
My Prom Dress (The first didn't work out, tell me what you think of these)?
How do you think i look?
Chemically Straightened Hair?
good looking people ...?
I dont know how to focus my energies positively...??
How do you get your body spray or frangance to stay all day?
Is it worth buying a cheap eyelash curler?
I want a new look/ new hair style ?? [picture]?
Girls, how tall are you? And do you like your height?
best profile picture?
I want to give myself a makeover. I have tricitillomania and need help.?
What % of girls use vibrators/dildos?
which iphone 5 case should i pick?
Do I look better as a blonde or red head? Pics included.?
how old do i look? do i look young?
i need a specific reply please thankyou?
Which girl do u think is more pretty?
Girls do you find this guy hot/attractive?
What do guys like more a good body or a pretty face?
I really need help talking to this guy!?
I got my nose pierced?
Best photo of me(pics included)?
Do I look better with Black hair or brown?
[Pics] Is this chick hot?
do u know of any places u can rent room for a party for danceing in michigan by commerce twp. or farther away.
Would I look good with freckles?
What is the most amount of earlobe piercings you can fit in one ear?
do you like to shower? Or dont like to shower?
hey why is an account suspended? and can i get my account back?
Tattoo parent's initials?
Looking for a redwood/cedar scented perfume (unisex) from the 1970's or so. Anyone help? Not AquaVelva either
10 points..which boy full name is better?
how to be chic and feminine?
I feel so ugly because...?
Why do people always ask if they are pretty or ugly?
What could this face model for?
what is the cheapest price for nail tips?
do girls like exotic men?
Super long fingernails-scary or sexy?
This girl in my grade has the same jacket as me?
(please answer only if you're 15 or older). how long does it take you to get ready? and what do you do? me with my appearance? *pics*?
How would you define a person as classy?
Give me you're honest opinion, pretty?
girl and guys please click on this!?
SPLITS!! getting my right and left split!! .s best answer!(and any tips for getting a better toe tuch?)?
I have a pair of cheerleaders boots (same as in photo) will they be OK for regular streetwear?
How old do you think this person looks?
What would you do...........?
I'm a 32c. What size should i get in billabong tawny underwire bra?
do u think im pretty? [pix]?
Ideas for 80's outfits?
which is the most attractive size for girls?
whos prettier??
Which cleansing pads are the best?
Who thinks they are cool?
Why is it that LookBook...?
who is the cutest actress on the sitcom Friends? you like men with facial hair?
how can u tell if a boy finds you attractive???
which is the best bubble bath?
do you think i am pretty?
Abercrombie & Fitch playlist names!
Which hairstyle suits me best? (EASY 10 POINTS)?
what shape is this face(pic included)?
A question about these colored tips you can get at the fingernail shop?
Nipple piercings...?
A question about glasses? Help!?!!?
y r some people so anti emo?
ideas for face for fancy dress?
which belly piercing looks better? (pics)?
most attractive eye colour?
if i wash my face with milk?
how can I make my legs more fat?
with a blck shirt and white collar,with bage pants and a black belt look good all together?
How old do i look???How do i look?
Do you think that you're attractive?
How does standing with your ankles back against a scale give you your "actual" height?
what country can you find beautiful people?
GUYS ONLY please: would Jessica Alba be less or more or same beautiful if her hair was black?
I want to me a male model, tips please?
Do bangs look good on me?
Will gel's ruin my natural nails ?
Which pic is more appealing?
Boys, What would you want a girl to wear on a date with you? ( anywhere but your home )?
Whaats yoour faave color?
Can you tell me how i wash whites? Please im 13 :)?
ourworld players pleaseeeeeeeee?
HELP! how do iI stop biting my nails!?
What are the requirements to be a male model?
What color jansport should I get?
Do you think i'm pretty?
What uk clothes size does this female look, she is 5ft4?
why can't people make their own avatar clothes?
What truly makes you goth?
Hey Guys, Do you find the body shapes of female runway models attractive or unattractive?
which girl is cuter?(pic included)?
How can I improve my look???
rate them.whos prettier?
Does anyone know a clean nose piercing place for Minors?
Pale skin + red or not?
help on piercings?
Do ugly women know they are ugly? They sure don't act like it.?
I want to make a fan made trailer for shiver, and i dont know how to save the clips on my computer. help?
does a nice body make up for a not-so-pretty face?
I need some constructive critisism... please give me your opinion...?
what is size 12 in inches?
Teenage Girl Wearing Heels Every Day!?!?!?!?!?!?
My mom want me to breakup with my boyfriend because she said he's weird. Do you agree?
how can i remove the blackness of my lips?
a few questions for girls?
what retro outfit should i wear???
Which color is the best looking of this top?
Low self esteem due to height...?
SURVEY TIME!!! -- 10 questions --?
What kind of bra should I wear?
what needs most improvment on my body, male, (pics)?
Is either one of these two girls fat (pictures)?
______How would you classify my style?______?
What are some nail tools I need to get started?
Is 5'7 too short to be a model?
Is this a good picture of me? ?
who's prettierrr??? answer 100% truthfully. the girl on the right or left?
I'm wondering if a .52 carat engagement ring is too small for a ring size 7 hand?
Girls which Guy would you pick? easy points?
How long does a nail clipper last, on average?
Should I wear this?! HELP!?
Are you happy with your life at the moment?
What do you think about waiting till marriage?
Why I don't really like pink anymore?
What facial piercings are least painful.?
What are my body measurements?
Would red hair match me?
Does it look like my face got chubbier?
What's a good alibi for a boy for accidentally shaving eyebrows?
Doesnt Sanjayas smile make you melt?
Has anyone ever tried the TanCare tablets from Pharma Nord?
Omfg I can't believe this, I'm happy but like wtf at the same time?
How old do you think I look? People usually guess wrong.?
Could I potentially model>?
good acting/modeling opportunities.....?
Who is Prettier (Pics)?
Is this girl ugly or what?
What do you think of my photography?
My friend said I was ugly, what do you think?
Ladies would it be gross for me to get bigger?
at home beauty concoctions?
PLEASE HELP! I need good hot backpacks ideas for high School!?
How to play with my look?
What kind of hair loss or hair thinning is this?
What do you wear when you go to an amusement park?
I want to try waxing; any tips?
Makeup Advice (Pic of me).?
what would you think if you saw me? *pics*?
Do guys like to see a girl in a thong.?
which is the best eyebrow shape for a round face?
Will I get a sock tan?
Do I look attractive in this picture?
canu pls tell me a tatoo shop located in singapore?
What's the difference between a prep and a popular?
What color are hazel eyes?
What are the advantages of wearing Crocs?
what do you think of this pic of me?
Has anyone bought belly button rings online?
Am I Too Short?????? Im Worried?
How to be beautiful??
Which one should be my profile picture?
One for the ladies. Permanent pussy hair removal yah or nah?
if you don't feel comfortable about your body weight and u don't love yourself what do u do?
This hoe thinks shes hot, rate her?
do sneaux shoes have any arch support?
i am a male and i am a crossdresser but i dont know what size do get how do i know what size to get in clothes
Please dont report! Ladies should i get bigger or not?
how can i improve my looks? am i pretty? (PICS INSIDE!:)?
Any Nicknames For Caitlyn ?
What colour jeans would these boots go with ?
I kind of want to be a lingerie model while in college ?
should i change my advatar?
Would you rather be supercute or beautiful?
i want to be pretter how can i be the prettiest girl in school?
How can I ask my stylist to put over me a waterproof cape when she shampoos my hair?
Can you shave your toes?
Which girl looks prettier ?
i want u ppls opinion on this dress i just ordered...? (pic)?
can't get the little rubber band on my earring?
IS it natural to be attracted to a girls waist (how it goes out like that?)?
Is this a good pic of me? (see pic below)?
cartilage piercing kits?
What type of piercings should I get?
does this dress look pretty or not?
editing website to change eye color and skin tone for free?
do you think i should have a spray tan done before i go on holiday?
could i do modeling????
How do you make a fringe on your jeans?
What chocolate is best for you- Milk, Dark or White?
What should I wear to my sorority's pledge party?
Again, this is my cousin, and she wants me to post this:What can I do to look prettier? you think chest hair is sexy or not?
Need help with ring sizes!?
Why do I feel so ugly?
What nationality do I look like to you? (Girls only)?
Who is prettier?
Ladies, mens nugget rings...yay or nay?
anybody style me on my cam?
Am I ugly? ( Picture Included )? ( link fixed )?
How do you enjoy being single?
GIRLS:Do you wear coverup?
How can I look beat up??
Where should I get a piercing on my face?
in your opinion, do you think i could completley change the way i look..please answer..fairly easy question?
Which color do you like better for this backpack?
do any body have a tongue ring?
Am I fat, please tell me honestly, I think i'm really fat, how to loose wait?
hi,there is abrand name SIZES which sells out cloths for heavy women.plz i wanna know more about it.?
Are her eyelashes real?
Who is prettier, how can they improve?
Earring plugs for men question?
I am into interior decor, anyone knows some good books to use as guide or for developing other styles?
I bite my nails so what would be my best option when getting my nails done at a salon?
What can I improve on..????? Low confidence?? (Links)?
How do you stop/get rid of ingrowing hairs in pubic areas from shaving?
How to dress like the 80's?
i've got longish hair and am 38, what age should us gals call it a day with long hair? should we?
How does she look?
which pic should i profile on facebook :) please be honest?
Which eye color is prettier?
Everyone calls me ugly so now I just want the truth?
Am I just cute...????????
Would this dress fit me?
what color is corral nail polish?
Simple quetion, are Asian Idols have nosejobs?
Would you look good when you dress for partie if you were skinnier?
Should I make the dress code formal or not?
Are redheads unattractive?
do guys prefer blondes or brunettes? GUYS PLEASE ANSWER!?
Why am I so hideous?
good interactive dressing up games?
Easy Question! How old were you when...?
ladies women whos better looking?
what would look good with this? and is this a good look?
DOES MY face look normal in this pic?
problem with eyebrows?
why are punjabi girls so beautiful?
Helppp ! I need a proom dress !?
Fashion designing my theme is hippies and i have to draw coustume sketches on this theme,its my first theme? h?
how old do i look and rate
i want to get my tongue pierced, but i don't know how bad the pain will be. HELP PLEASE?
Rate me ladies..................................…
would i look good or bad as a blond ?pic?
My sister has a little problem she needs help with.?
Is there a good pageant coach for the Miss Michigan USA system available?
Which girl is prettier in this picture??
When will you say this man has got personality?
Information on suit styles?
which is better? pointy.........?
do you think she is pretty??????????????????????????????????…
How to relax with a bath?
Opinion on photo for facebook?
Why are people?
what do u think i should do.......?
Am i too chubby to wear a bikini?
how do i find out if i am a lesbion or not?
Who is the ugliest man in the world?
Appropriate age for nose and cartilage piercings?
How ugly am I on a scale of 1-10?
Would I look good with a septum piercing?
Has anyone gone to be a cosmetologist to get ahead, save for a dream? Or anyone you know? Even later in life ?
Can I please get some advice on this situation?>?
I need help with my winter break makeover!!! please!!!?
Do you have to be popular in middle school to get by and if you are popular at the end of the page type this 1
is she pretty?
Coupon for Club Libby Lu...?
What do you think about anorexic girls?
LADIES: What do you think of this guy....Attractive?
i put straight Vitamin E 56,000 iu onmy face.... once a day for blemishes wrinkles is this ok?
Anyone else get real tattoos after age 50? If so where on the body and what?
Which of these two girls?
shrinking shoe size is it possible ?
(Girls) Am I good looking?
is this an attrative style?
Where can i find breast cancer gear?
I just had a manicure and when I stepped out, I managed to mess all my nails up.?
How old do you think I look? (Pics included)?
can anyone tell me how to remove the wrinkly...?
CK summer one or SJ I am King?
I'm thinking of getting a tattoo...?
What is Leona Lewis' natural eye color? does she wear contacts?
Who are the worlds most entrepreneurial Supermodels?
Products that even out skin tone?
Am I conceited?
Girls!! Opinions needed...?
Belly rings cute lil nondangly ones and dangly ones?
Are they a cute couple? What does their body language say?
Help with tanning (outdoors)?
Mother / Daughter Locket Set. What pics to put in?
Need makeup?
What Can I be for Halloween?
How old do i look,be honest?
Where do we guys look smart, car or bike?
What's a good name for my business?
Id like to get a portrait done for my boyfriend. where can i do this?
Do I look like a prep?!?
Dresses and girl clothes for under $40?
What perfume should I get for the girl I like?
is this girl pretty? what makes her pretty?
How can i make my eyes pop more naturally?
Piccolo/Flute Section Shirts?
Does my avatar make me look fat?!?!?
Which haircut works best? (Pic)
so i went on a diet..but i can't loose the last 5 pounds?! just goes back up.?
Is getting wicked drunk and then answering peoples questions a good idea?
What Body Shape do you think i am?
what is the most leading brand in the philippines?
how old do i look in these? (pics)?
How old do you think i am?
whats the fav perfume men like on women?
would I look good with a tan? (picture)?
Miss Teen USA pageant advice.?
Is there any body jewelry in MALL WORLD? nose rings lip rings or anything?
I don't sleep, very worried- please help me?
Do i (pics)..................................…
How does a person with pierced ears keep their ears open?
lip rings?!?
Pretty or not pretty?
is it more painful to pluck or wax your eybrows?
Hot or not? *pic*?
What is a good name for asian nail salons?
What to wear to a house party?
Where is the best place to get contacts??? Online?
This question is for eleven and twelve yr old girls out there...?
Can you pick the 2 best looking photos?