would it look bad if i dyed all of my hair blonde?
How can I talk my mom into letting me getmy ears peirced a second time?
rate this guy from 1 to 10?
do u like this dress-yay or nae?
Do you think this girl is pretty/beautiful? [pics]?
Was your experience good at Sweet and Sassy Salon?? :) :) :P?
any good beauty tips websites?
is this a bad picture of me?
can we delete bad thoughts from all living things by a mouse?
When did YOU get your first kiss?
what makes guys not like me like that?
do you think im pretty? rate me?
I want to be a model, what can I do?
How often do you shave?
What colour is your hair? ?
how old do i look, and am i pretty?
what should i wear for this?!?!?!?! haha?
Which of these sisters is prettier ?
How to make an off the shoulder shirt?
what colour are my eyes?? pics!!?
Rate my friend please!?
What do you think of my overall "look"?
how to convinvce your parents you are resoponsible enough to get a belly piercing?
Which girl is prettier ??? Girls and guys?
Cleaning my belly piercing?
do guys like girls that are thick or slim better?
Should I cut my HAIR? (PIC INCLUDED)?
How can I make myself prettier?
How would you spend $800?
Is there a difference between American inches and UK inches for Shirts/Jackets etc?
Can you rate my cousins and I?
What R U wearing???
Are you ever jealous of anorexic girls?
what do u think about south tamilnadu girls?
Two girls at my school like me one is a blonde and the other is a brunette who should i choose?
What do you think about Antique Cameos?
want a real good girl friend.?
can white gold jewellery be dipped ?
What's your opinion on size 0 models?
What are jobs that a 14 year old can do?
do you like this dress?
rate him out of 10 (pic)?
What is a good name for a BEAUTY SHOP?
i havea ring well its real sliver and i wanted to know how much it would be wroth and wants it called thanks?
Whos prettier? with pics :]?
how does one feel beautiful?
Who Is The Main Model For
Are my eyes green or just hazel?
am i pretty ??? (pics)?
would brown hair look good on me?
Which picture is best?
Who? What? Where can I send my daughters pictures for a chance at modeling?
Do u think i am pretty?
Would I look good in this jacket and these pants?
where can i find a local tax chart for atoka oklahoma?
trouble finding tight pants?
Which bioelements products do use?
could i model??? pics....?
which T-Shirt do you like?
GIRLS ONLY, What can you say about this hair?
Do we look like twins?
what should i do for my 13th birthday?
: ) What's your favorite store to shop at?
Im transferring schools in January but I got my phone taken away for 4 months?
am i pretty do i look 13?
Cheapest way to whiten teeth?
Cologne in body shaped bottle?
do braces change the way u look?
How do you make your face look more feminine if you're a girl?
GIRLS FACE . which comes first : eyes , nose , hair , lips ?
Does my unibrow match my dress?
when was santa fe cologne discontinued?
people think i look russian?(pic)?
i want to be more confident in my body. Can anyone give me some tips?
Pageants in BC, Canada?
do you think i'm pretty?
has anyone kept their contacts in for a couple of days?
Guess How Old She Is..?
Best Hair Removal Cream?
What does it mean when someone you haven't talked to in awhile wears a gift you bought them?
When is the bath and body works semi annual sale?
looking for photos of former ford fashion model, Laylia Young?
Which one's pretty/prettier ?? Answer pleaseee !?
Is pale skin in this spring?
What size should I get for Victorias Secret Panties?
Girls whats your favorite eye color on guys?
How can I stop biting my nails?
what hair cut is this called?
which girl is prettierrr?
What profile pic to use on facebook?????? Rate me 1-10 if you want haha?
whats one of your secrets?
I need ideas for helping to redecorate my room. and I need to use objects from around the house?
How mn_sassygirl seems so cute?
What country has the most beautiful women?
What's the best lifting serum you ve used?
Will I ever be happy?
Male Model: how to...?
What does authenic Tiffany necklace says?
best JLO fragrance help! Live Luxe,Love at first glow,Glow after dark,Still???
Wearing this? is it appropriate or ok?
Could I be a model? *Pics*?
what kind of panties? poll?
Do I look good? (need fashion advice...)
Do you find mixed girls attractive? Easy 10 points if more than one word answer!!?
Haircut style question help?
Can someone who is average become gorgeous? Is so, how?
Why do people age??
how do i tie a tie?
Should I go take a shower?
Where should I store my nail varnish?
what to do before xxx waxing?
which picture (pics)?
What ethnicity & age do you guys think i look?( picture included)?
Girls- Is having green eyes a turn on?
Are you to sexy for your job?
Do I have high cheekbones?
which is prettier (pics)?
Please help me. Do you think these skirts are cute? I need opinions please:)?
Is there anyway I can....?
how can i get the ladies?
whos look do you like better?
are italian made neckties, that can be purchased from china, authentic?
What should we wear to Christmas Party?
Is my nose too big?
Girls do you..........?
I'm too tall!?
has anyone used an anti-aging product named PREVAGE?
How much weight will i loose if i throw up 3 times?
do you think i could model???
Hey Ladies im Patrick What do you think? 1-10?
Girls, do you think I'm ugly?
How do I look rate (pics)?
Any one knows any good body piercing parlour in Bangalore?
i JUST RE-DiD MY BEDROOM!? you like?
Any good fashion and makeup websites?
Beauty Question (POLL)?
Which dress looks best on me?(pics)?
which girl is prettier and why?
Girls, what would you wear with this top?
how do i get rid of bad smell between my legs and bad breath too.?
How can I make myself look younger? (I'm 18)?
Do You Think Im Pretty And If Not Why?
Do you think i look ok?
will myeonghui and i get married?
What shape should my eyebrows be?
Does music makes us beautiful????
Why do people judge other people???
I need help with my gauges.?
What is the best grooming kit for men?
i spilled nail polish remover in my bathtub, is it safe to take a bath?
How to stop biting your nails?
have you got long nails if so how much would it hurt if u scratched someone? would u use them in a fight?
Bringing Sexy to Vegas?
What eye color is this?
Hairy legs!? Please help me. I am desperate!?
What do you call it when girls don't think they're pretty? I went mind blank.?
How to make body fit into jeans?
What made them say that about me?
difference between hair dye and hair bleach products?
Just because women look sexy in tight clothing does it mean its okay for all women to wear?
Do I look better with Black hair or brown?
Can you wear morphsuits to school?
About how old do we look??? Thank you! ?
Out of these 3 outfits, which one is nicest ?
do YOU think im pretty or ugly?
i'm i the only person who thinks this would be cool?
What would you rate me from 1-10? thanks so much?
Am I the only one who really doesn't care if products are tested on animals?
im unhappy about my looks,wt can i do about it?
How to Reduce Pain- Epicare/Bellabe?
stuffing bra with......?
What is the best eye brow waxing product?
How old do i look and what would u rate me?
sony memory card please?
Questions about National Miss America Pageant?
Im color blind. Whats so great about people with blue eyes?
Halloween Costume Ideas?!?
Who do you think is prettier?
im 15 years old. my chin sticks out a good inch or two. what can i do to fix/hide this? thanks!?
Would this suit look good on me>?
Does this look better in purple or pink?
How do I become popular?
do you think that i'm sexy?
Lips: thin or full? Elaborate?
How can I get colored contacts that are colorful and bold, but look real?
Do you like this? (PICS)?
Is this appropriate to wear to an engagement party?
What's your favorite part about fall/autumn?
What colour gilly hicks top should I get?
i've noticed majority of the north indian ladies wear saree below navel(80%)! why is that?
Tips for teenage skin, Please?
What kind of top would you wear with this springy skirt?
What do you think bout what i look like?
Is going into Fashion pointless?
How to look/dress/act like a vampire?
My fur jacket went missing?
Frowny Piercing, totally pointless?
Just curious, am I pretty? What's your opinion?
Should I shave my forearms?
in which american city do you live,how often do you see black girls/white american guys couples ?
Which is a good picture of me? (if any)?
i have an extremely major problem right now?
how much weight would i loose if i dont eat for a week straight?
How and when did perfume spread to America?
Which makeover do you like the most?
Which girl is prettiest (1 pic)?
Please look at this dress and tell me if it makes you vomit.?
Pretty???????? JustWoundering?
who do you think is the most attractive movie star?
To any woman that reads this: What are some examples of guys showing confidence, that are attractive to you?
Who is more attractive? (Pictures)?
Girls why do you think............?
on a scale of 1-10 how bad does it hurt to get your eyebrows waxed?
What is a way to make your butt look bigger?
How can you make your lips softer?
Imagine as a girl you fell interested in me, write me a sentence and I will choose the best one!!!!!?
How well do I sing? Good? Average? Badly?
How to remove my tan?(Pics Included)?
The most overrated thing in the world is..?
Could I Model?
please can u come here ! and tell me what u think?
would it look silly to wear this out in public?
Should beer carry a warning about the chances of waking up with ugly women?
What percentage of people do you think are physically attractive?
Do you think I'm pretty/attractive? Rate me?
Why do most girls think that.....?
what colour looks good under back?
Polite People Needed
Is edward Arredondo going to out whith me again??
How do I become a print and commercial model in Perth, Australia?
How can I stop my eye lashes from falling in my eyes?
How do i make my eys stand out more (pic)?
Site model? Photogenic?
what do a cosmetology license look like?
Some girl said i'm ugly... am i?
Is this bag cute or ugly? (pic)?
Be honest about my looks!?
ages 13 through 21 please?
Left handed ink problem?
What piercing should I get?
Tell me what do you think of me?
Starting high school, what should I do to improve?
what is a silk wrap for nails?do you prefer a pedicure or manicure or manicure for my first spa visit?
What should i wear to homecoming?
Is my mother beautiful???
Do my sister and I look anything alike?
does anyone know how to tie dye jeans?
Beauty skin question!?
Why are people so mean on here?
I'm looking for a specific Nicole Miller Wedding Gown! Can you help me find a place to buy it?
How can I improve my self esteem?
What should i wear on a date?
How do I get rid of dark circles?
Do you think she is good looking?
What is true beauty, really? What do you think? Please share!?
I want to look good so bad? Do i look good?
false nails... pros and cons ?????
Best (cheap) nail polish?
Should I grow my hair out? Women and girls only please. (pic)?
Would I look good with Zooey Deschanel's hairstyle?
Random Question..............
Good Tips for a transfered middle schooler?
What pericing is sexy?GUYS ONLY ASWER?
do you guys agree?
can you dye converse?
am i fat????????????????
What should I name my beauty channel on YouTube?
Is there a place in San Diego that does cheap or free Dental Work?
What is the difference between "B- Medium width" and "D- medium width" on shoes?
Has anyone used ProActive and found it to be not effective?
Anyone find noses attractive?
PERFUME Question, please help!!!!!????
Are these hoops nickel-free?
Do you draw on your eye brows or do you have a unirbrow that goes all across your forehead?
How do you "KNOW" if you're ugly,cute,average,pretty,hott or beautiful?
will a mohawk look good on me ? (pic)?
what kind of shoes should i wear to a wedding?
Girls! Bra Question!(:?
Which girl do you think is prettier and why?
Do guys like painted toenails or just natural? Also long fingernails nails or short?
(Girls) Should I be self-conscious about my appearance?
Why do girls look better when they are wearing mini skirts? It's driving me crazy!?
Scale 1 to 10 ?. How beautifull I am ?
I want to be Emo. But how do I become one?
is this a good deal, yes or no?
I know I'm ugly, how can I look better?
who looks better taylor swift or selena gomez?
what is nipple?
what could i use?
Are you DIY-er or Salon goer?
How old does she look? [[pictures]]?
Am I pretty? I need real honest answers... even if they are mean.?
why are people SO judgmental these days?
why do girls usually wear their pants shorter than guys?
Could I get into modeling?
How to shorten my shower/morning routine?
If I wear glitter all over my body like the Vampire in Twilight will more girls like me?
What is the best way to remove various facial hairs?
2012 Senior Jersey Ideas?
GIRLS in highschool, answer please :)?
Is this girl ugly?
which of these two girls is better looking and whose name fits on who??
Most Beautiful International Woman of Australia in 2007?
Model potiental? :) xx?
I want to be a model but i have two problems that i can't seem to fix....?
Nail care?!? How to keep manicures clean?
Do I Have a Big Nose?
Men's long to short hair?
What are my body measurements?
Who looks like Kendall and Kylie Jenner?
Question about oils when making perfumes and colognes.?
question about page parkes ????
what you have to talk with some one but you can't because you shy?
Hard and Soft?
hi all! i'd like to know where can we get some good not so expensive perfume, (4 my sisters birthday)?
What would be appropriate clothing for an interview?
Do i look okay help please (:?
teeth whitening question?
which picture is better of my friend?
I have little hairs above my eyebrows?
How is a leather jacket supposed to fit?
How can I clean my Vans? they're a bit yellow from drying them in the sun?
80's qustion!!?
What kind of shirt styles make your stomach look slimmer?
i like this guy but im not sure he like me ??????/?
If you could have ANY eye color what would it be??
gift cards- where's a good place i should get a gift card from?
Why girls in chennai, India are comparatively Shy?
Does casting couch exist in the modelling industry?
Which actresses do you think have natural beauty?
is it a turn off for girls?
What body type do people prefer out fo these 3?
Is This An Ok Display Pic?
What do you think??
Fart, what kind?
Is it possible to become a hairdresser AND nail technician?
How many pounds is 51 kilograms?
what is there to do on a sat night if u cant go anywhere?
should i buy an engagement ring online or in a store?
what hair cut should i get?
I'm going to high school and I'm tired of the way I look so have any suggestions?
which picture is my prettiest?
Why are skinny girls prettier that fat ones?
Guys what do u think about a blonde?
In your opinion whats the most desired race of women?
Girls: Cologne or no cologne?
Lucky Jeans... Do you like them?
Is this photo too slutty...?
How much a liposuction cost?
do you wear flip flops in the shower?
What would be the best men hairstyle for medium frizzy and a bit wavy hair?
Has anyone had eyebrow hair take more than 4 months to grow back?
whats the difference between ovation and legende in pointe shoes (brand: sansha)?
i fall in love with someone but i can't speak with her. But i have no problem in expressing my self.So help me
Where can I buy the new Heely shoes?
Should a girl shave her arms?
How do a make my nails grow longer faster without spending alot of money on products?
can u help me to find job in newmarked in canada?
How old do you think I look?
What color braces would look good on me????? 10 points!!!?
my weight?
should I model? (im from sc)?
What to wear to this wedding help!!?
How old do I look???
nape piercing!!!!!!!!!!?
What kind of nails/ designes would look better than just plain fake french manicures?
Uggs? : Loathe them or Love them?
What are safe complements for a girl you like?
Should I wear this dress?
People think I am bisexual?!?
Am I pretty/ugly?? (20 characters)?
Why Don't Some Guys Respect Women?
Anyone that has a blog?
What is your favorite Lush soap scent?
What do you think?
what is the best Plastic Surgery in lebanon ?
How old do I look(picture)?
What is a Queif?
What is your first impression of me?
poll (girls only) how many females wear boxers?
What colors would look good with dark brown/black hair and beige skin tone?
Girls advice!What should I do to make myself look pretty?
A fun poll for girls!!!Would you ever go out with a 17 year old guy?
Please Rate Me Ladies?
do you like kate moss?
What is the best way to wear suttle make up to school? ( Please suggest brands)?
is it wierd for a non-girly girl to...?
What ethnicity do I look?
Is anyone else tired of this season's fall clothes?
How to lift my (asian) eyelashes?
Im going to a college party tonight and have no idea of what to wear, any suggestions?
Length of beauty school just for nail tech license?
**Rate Me On My Looks** (Pretty Please)?
have you seen the gay orbitz commercial?? i saw it on bravo. the girls kiss.?
people are calling me whore,slut,...?
This skanky girl actually thinks she's prettier then me I KNOW HARD TO BELIEVE!?
Which homecoming dress would look best on me, and which one is the cutest, pictures included?
Girls would this make your day?
What facial fetures does a girl look for in a guy?
For girls, which one of friends is best lo okin, an in order. s!!!!!!!!?
who repairs DKNY glass frames?
Are we a hot gang? (we are girls)?
Am I Cute, Pretty? PIc included?
my son was wondering how you loose your voice fast please dont say screaming?
can you guys go through these and tell me which picture is better?
What is the difference between acrylic sculpting and acrylic overlay? Which is easier to learn?? Thanks!!?
How can I stop biting my fingernails?
do you find brown eyes pretty?
Do you like this hair style? (picture)?
do you think guys would like me?
What are some good nicknames for "Fernando"?
Has anyone tried arabic wax ?
how can I be more pretty and beautiful?
LIPs surgery/Implant?? (for fatter Bigger Lips) Anybody underwent surgery for lips?
Is she attractive?
Girls,I'm 22 years old guy and I'm 5'5" this a good height?
does this bra look cute and would you wear this?
What do you think of this trench?
Fashion tips for a tall girl?
be completely honest. Am i pretty.... =/?
honestly? what do you consider me?
What do you look for in a fashion blog?
where are you?
What are the longest fingernails you ever seen in person?
how do i grow my eyebrows in 3 days asap i need help girls?
do these look fake?
Do you think i look ugly?
Help me find a magazine to distribute to people similar to the avon company or world of products?
Did you forget to laugh when you looked at yourself in the mirror?
Guys do you think this girl is hot or to fake?
Is there a rate-my-pic sort of website where I can post pictures and see how ugly girls think that I am?
When getting pink & white nails.. If i don't want the white. can i get color?
Which picture do I look best in?
Modeling Question?????
My mom has really good skin but just needs an anti-wrinkle cream? Which is a good one?
Is the pefume 'Byzance' by Rochas about to be discontinued in the UK ?
I HATE MY NOSE, do you think i need a nose job, be honest?????? (PICS)?
What was your first shaving experience?
Relaxing bath? please help. 10 points?
I dont know which hairstyle should i get!!! Suggest me some please! Specially Girls!!!?
Ladies...interesting bet i have with my friend?
Which legs do you prefer?
Is she sexy? Rate her 1-10.?
Everyone says I'm pretty, but I don't belive them what do you think?
I am changing my eye color with contacts which color should i get? (pics included)?
Ladies, what features on a guy do you like most?
how can i get Tulisa Contostavlos look?
Do I look better with Black hair or brown?
how to look smart and handsome?
What color would be the best nail polish for a purple dress?
Why do ppl say i look like a boy??
Is this a good picture?
Does anyone else get jealous when they see really pretty girls?
how can i heal an infected belly button piercing?
What is the best way to smell good after eating lunch?
do we look mean? pics?
do you find me.........?
how much weight can a 16 yr old female without having loose flabby hanging skin if she is not obese?
how can i be a model ? moddeling?
Do you fold or scrunch your TOILET PAPER?
Do u find this guy Handsome/Attractive?
do u think its going to look good?
distiguish b/w handsome and beauty.?
I really hate pimples!!its everywhere on my face!!help me to reduce it pls.?
How do you get rid of a question that you posted?
can i get a steamer for home facial somewhere.which is not very big and also cheap.?
Do You Think Im Pretty And If Not Why?
Is It Bad To Shower Everyday?
Do I have a big nose/look likea an oger pictures?
how to get popular in schiool?
Which one do you think looks better?
How can i feel more confident of myself?
What size gauge should a 11 year old get?
Does Bath and Body Works lotion expire?
I hate being ugly! Hate it! What can I do to be less ugly?
Can someone explain the difference between all the different Hawaiian Tropic Tanning Oils?
if i buy oversized skinny jeans, will they look like normal jeans?
aww... no one cared....?
do you think i should get contacts or not? cuz i have glasses and i think i feel really dorky in them!help me!
i was born with naturally curly hair? would this work?
How to have hippie/boho style?
Is grade 8 too early for dry humping and grinding?
Does she look like a yoga teacher?
What should I do about my half closed ear piercings?
Toothpaste on pimples.?
Why do hot girls at school only flirt with me when I do up the top button on my school uniform polo shirt?
What celebrity do i look like?
Should i keep this jacket?
I have been put down my entire life. I have a low self-esteem. Am I pretty?
What do you prefer cute or sexy?
Do you like my hair style???
Do you boys think a girl with a fat body ,skinny,or have the curves are hotter?
what a healthy boy should wear on a function? which will look awsome on it?
Do i look more hourglass shaped or pear shaped?
Do any of your men shave their armpits?
Beauty Schools in adelaide?
neon colors 4 back to school...or sweetheart look?
what kind of bangs go with round face?
How to wear chelsea booots and jeans?
Why do my friends and my sister think I should become a model?
has anyone tried lip plumpers and they worked for you- like the lip-gloss type products(not fillers or injects
where is the sexy wabcam sides?
How do you frost a metal surface to change its appearance from shiny to frosted?
can any one tell me a site to find indian guys .?
Comapring beautiful girls, which country do you prefer?
should my girlfriend have stayed with me tonight instead of partying? (18+ older opinions please)?
Why do the nails on my left hand grow faster than those on the right?
What coloured socks should i wear with my dr martens 1461 cherry red?
Do you look pretty in PINK?
How can I thin my eyelashes?
Am I Really that ugly?
does she look emo?????
why is it so difficult to find coloured toric contact lenses?
My friend is trying to get me to wear make up at age 17, what should I do?
Under what catagory would I find questions about pageants?
Has anyone tried the clinique system?
how to look prettier at school?
What is Your Eye Color???♥?
Do they look like a good couple? (picture)?
What do you think of her body? To fat?... To skinny?... Just rite?
on my last question do i look gd hairspray im terning 12 in months?
why do all guys always only think blue eyes are pretty, what about our big brown eyes with thick dark eyelash?
People have told me I look Indian, Arabian and Egyptian...where do you think I fit in most?
Does anyone think these pictures are interesting? Good? Cool?
What's the most common skin type?
Could I Model?
what color are my eyes??(close-up pics included)?
What do you look for in a fashion blog?
What does a modeling portfolio look like?
Uggs or Bearpaw in Ivy?
help!. disney costume ideas??!?
what is the beauty package?
Why do modeling agents just want the tall girls with weird looking faces?
what is the difference of using a brief, a boxer and a boxer brief?
Bobbi brown beauty rule book?
Please stop and read. What should I do?
eyebrow threading?
Picture Number 1 or Number 2?
what's the best perfume from bath and body works?
Girls do I look ok - yes or no?
Inches into Sizes?
What's the colour of ur eyes???
What's a good hairstyle and makeup?
can u make me at least five outifts out of these??? PLEASE!!!?
Why are engineers such horrible dressers?
Do u like my avatar?
Online contacts?
who is beautiful???????????????
Okay this might sound very conceited, but which picture do you like better of me?
Am I too skinny? just wondering.....
How much do tip a person who gives you a manicure/pedicure/full set?
How to make your BLANK....?
Opinions? Pics included!?
What girl is the prettiest (Pics) x?
Can somebody please tell me what a "scene kid" is?
SOmetimes the beauty of the world overwelms me so much that I want to just throw?
My friend is always biting her nails,, i always tell her to stop is there anyways she can stop ?
Do Asian girls have natural C cups?
What color are my eyes ????? (Pic included)?
Would this look alright?
What colour jacket should I get?
what kind of style does hmong girls wear these days?
I am thinking of getting my tongue piereced?
what fragrence do you like the best?
I feel so ugly what do I do?
Are Tigi S-Factor hair products good quality? (10 points!) Thanks so much! =) <3?
i have really dry hair! help!?
What can I do to stop looking asian?
Where can i get a cheap puffy ballgown PromDress in DallasTx that will make me look thin in pink or turquoise?
You think I look old enough?
cosplay : eyebrows and wigs?
What happens when you over exfoliate?
Is this model pretty? Scale of 1-10?
My eyes are quite similiar to hers are they deep-set or what?
wedding dresses?
What ethnicity do I look?
So ladies, which of my friends....?
rate me pleaseeeeeeeeeee?
Why am i so darn sexy?
Shaina Twian Question??????
Am I pretty, what could i fix to be prettier?
Is he ugly ? (picture )?
On a scale of one to ten, how physically attractive would you say this girl is?
How long do Mystic tans last?
Why do people have freckles?
Do you think I should start using tamponds???
Bond Girl 007 Parfum - Avon?
Girls, is this true....?
Which color is the best looking of this keychain?
what to expect in 7th grade?
has anyone ever heard of One Source Talent?
Are you a vain person? Honestly?
How do you picture someone named 'Melissa'?
colored contacts, which color?
Why was almost everyone born so much more ugly than I?
Other than red or green, what other colors can I wear at Christmas?
Do you think I look like Jessica Alba?
why am i so handsome and irresistable?
what kind of jumper/sweater is this?
how much is microdermabrasion in nyc? does it really work, only for ppl who have first hand experience?
what would you do if some one broke into your house but all they did was start cleaning ?
Should I take this as a compliment?
what is the most fun you had skipping school?
Chataristics of a heart and oblong shaped head/face?
guys do u like girls who r ?
Cheap Spas In Manchester!?
Do you like pretty boys or manly men?
Should I get a navel piercing without my parents knowing?
how old do i look to you? (link included)?
Should i get an earring? im a teenage boy?
Please HELP! easy pts need help :)?
Why would a guy call a obviously beautiful girl ugly?
Which do you prefer a one piece bathing suit or a bikini?
Have you seen avatar's new clothes for fat people and what do you think of it?
Is this dress too much for my piano recital? [picture included]?
Am i okay or somewhat decent looking?
im short and slim which lines would fit me best?
How can I make my skin lighter?
How many times can you wear dress pants before washing them?
Is he too cute for me?
Shoe advice? 10points?
Is this look too feminine for a guy?
how tall do you have to be a model?
why are brown eyes generally considered less attractive than lighter coloured eyes?
Does anyone know the best way to keep fingernails from breaking off?
Am I too ugly? Too short ? Too fat ?
Whats a good tanning lotion for tanning bed's?
Male Modeling Job (13yr old)?
What is your best and worst feature?
What us the best gshock watch model for an Army Special forces guy getting ready to deploy?
Do you think Leah is a pretty name?
looking for new haircut ideas?
what do you thinkkk?
Do I look good in a thong? Or do you think my body needs work?
Tragus piercing bump :(?
Girls if a guy wore Uggs in fall and winter would you not date him?
i need to decide between 2 pairs of glasses, which one looks the best/less nerdy?
why do guys always want some azz befor they leave them?
Whats hot about Francisco Lachowski?
Which picture do you like more?
how come i can`t?
Which would you prefer??
Do you think they look a like?
Anyone go to Dr Jacqueline Cheng (Los Gatos, CA) for eyelid surgery? Success or fail?
One thing you hate about yourself?
is this really THAT inappropriate?
what sites are good for desining things like nails and stuff?
am i model material??
The white part on my nails keeps moving down!?
What could have caused my acne?
wat should i do if suddenly in d morning i c my lip swollen up 2 my nose?
does anyone know where there is a beauty school in jacksonville nc?
Ladies, where can you find the best quality and support bras?
What do you think of these pictures of me?
Who is Prettier!!?? Survey!?
Am I ugly or am I just not photogenic?!?
What facial shape do I have?
Myspace Picture Ideas?
Do I tip the nail salon "owner" if they did my nails?
Eyelash Curler?
make my face pretty?
Why do models look so different in pictures than in real life?
how do you figure out how attractive you are?
What is a blouson? Is it a ciat or jacket?
I live in CA, Sacrmnto. roughly how much is it gonna cost me for nose plastic surgery?
Neutrogena and Oil of it ok?
what do you think of my pic ?
long white tall tees that go to your knees..where do u get em for cheap!?
What are some essentials for a teenage boy's wardrobe?
Do I look too skinny to you?
Mrs. Lara's beauty Shool?
PREttY H0t 0R PREttY N0t?
Which picture looks better?
Am i cute? A little? What are the problems of my face?
nape piercing!!!!!!!!!!?
How do you think I look?
girls would you be emberassed if....?
Are there Hot Guys in Macedonia? Example: Enrique Iglesias...?
Is my hair considered light or dark?? (pics)?
What senior picture is better?
i'm a girl with it true that 'm not beautiful just because of these?
How can I grow another head?
I like motorbykes, and think guys who ride them, they look so?......?
What color nail polish should I wear?
DO you think zac efron is hot?
Guys...:] How pretty is this girl?
are eye lash extensions worth it?
Are pircings turn-on or turn-off? pics)?
how old were you when....?
How come Victoria's Secret doesn't sell 30a bras in stores?
Am I ugly or just your average? 20 year old virgin?
what do u guys think about a c cup,with 75 kg and 160 cm high girl? doesn't she look sexy?
What is my face shape?
Who's more beautiful: Maggie Smith or Vanessa Redgrave?
gel vs acrylic nails??*please read*?
Hey girls, what do you think which color should be my walls ?
Girls!! What is your opinion on dreadlocks?
Pictures of girls with the 50's, jazzy, classy marilyn monroe type look with dreads...?
I caught a man looking up my skirt at the library!!!! What should I have done?
do you think i really look ugly?
I dont wear any bras?
where can i buy this perfume ?
Do you think I'm pretty?
will this hairstyle suit someone who has a round face?
Do I have the potential to look pretty?
Aren't thin girls with beautiful faces and dimples really cute sometimes?
Am I good looking honest opinion?
would this haircolor look good on me? with pictures.?
Which hairstyle should i wear?
What race of guys/girls are you most attracted to?
Spider Bites [piercings :3]?
My hair..straightened or natural?
How physically attractive am I? Score of 1 to 10? Any suggestions on how to improve my look?
I want to get my ears pierced BUT I JUST CAN'T bring myself to do it!!!?
Isn't she the one of the prettiest girls ever?
I need advice...?
whos more handsome sendhil ramamurthy or george clooney?
This lowers my confidence!?
Can an ugly girl look attractive if she wears the right clothes/ makeup?
Im 13 and have a garden party tomorrow night but I have no idea what to wear?
Abercrombie tops?
whats the difference from being cute, pretty, sexy?
How do I make myself IRRESISTIBLE to all the guys in my school?
Anyone own Converse All-Stars?
am i pretty? (piccccsss)?
OK, honestly. Does your avatar really look like you?
La Senza Vs. Wal-Mart Bras?
Girls, is looking good worth the pain and effort?
HOW DO YOU DO THIS HAIRSTYLE?!?! D: HELP!!! (((Scene hairsyle)))?
is any one interested in a 16 year old female?
How can I look prettier?
HOw tall are you..........?
why is it that some doctors are so stuck up?
This is really a SERIOUS Question........?
By which shop i can buy alesa gel in delhi?
Chloe Will does anyone know where she lives?
Whats you're definition of ugly?
Which of these girls is prettier?
how do i get popular help?
Why do girls like long hair on guys?
are my eyebrows too thick?
How do I look more attractive?
Which slogan sounds best for my business BDazzle Creationz?
HELP! Which 1 of these Nikes should I get?
What to change to boost self confidence?
Do you find her pretty or not?
omg no or yeah?
Can anyone suggest a perfume that smells like Venezia perfume for women by Laura Biagiotti?
Am i hawt???????????
Which of these muscles is most attractive in guys?
Eyebrow shaping help?
Do you find yourself attractive?
What are good haircuts for round faces?
can a guy wear this hoodie?
Where can I find?
What color would I look best in?
How old do I look to you?
Do I look like any celebrity?
does he like me or not?
I am quite self conscious about myself and have been. I want to look sexy and feel sexy. I was not always?
Who do you think is prettier?
Where is the best place to buy plus sized teen clothing?
winter leather gloves or driving leather gloves..... how much do women like them (female answers only)?
Which is the prettiest eye (pic)?
How old does she look?
Um. What do you think of me looks wise?
How does a man look glamourous?
any tips? Help me, please!!?
Do you think this picture is nice for profile pic?
Whose better looking of the two?
Girls most probably gonna be useful?
which nationality of girls do you find most attractive or you would like to date ?
I think people think I'm a bad singer, but I'm really REALLY good, what should I do?
where can I buy Dante nail polish?
teen modeling?????????????
what color eyes do u people like?
any guys out there?
Do you like/dislike colored contacts?
ladies: Is He Cute???????????
what do you think of these girls?
Anyone have any BEAUTY TIPS?
Why do people fake their pictures or say the person in the picture isn't them?
Girls:If u had to choose....?
clothing for people with broad shoulders and big thighs? (girls)?
How to get over socialphobia?
How does on know if hes either a baller, A peeeimp, or straight Boowsss?
an original costume ideaa?
how can youprevent bright red hair dye from running into blonde hair whenever it gets wet so that the hair?
This question is for Czechs, and it is about the Miss Czech Republic Beauty Pageant 2011?
Jingle Ball Dress help?
Have i got what it takes to be a model?
Who is hotter? The guy (blonde haired, tan) one or the girl (black one)? Also why?
what does my avitar look like?
Does Bath and Body Works always have a 3 for 10 sale?
Maybe this is a weird thing for a guy to ask but I have a style question?
are these shorts too short?
Should i put this picture on my myspace?(picture link.)?
what should i be for halloweeN?
pants to match with this top pls?
(Guys Only)- If I was to hit on you, what would you think? (pics)?
What do I do?
Fake piercings?? Please answer!?
will dark brown hair look good on me? pic included! [no meanies!]?
what do you think about these photos? chance in modeling?
how can i get the butt like jessica biel?
I want a sexier style. Pics Included.?
How were slave narratives collected?
How to improve my looks? please help!?
If you had to choose between a gothic and a beutiful blond girl what would you choose???
hi how can i be really pretty?
Whats your favourite perfume?
how old do you think i look?
Do I look like a lesbian to you?
Why do ugly people act conceided like they are "all that" when they're not?
elegance gracefulness beauty which one applys to you beautiful women of the world/?
Prom questions hair ect :)?
Im getting a haircut, What hairstyle should I get?
can some 1 please send me a link to americas next top model application and eligiblity reqierments?
Should I store my nail polish in the fridge?
Rio laser hair remover system?
Best looking girl in the world? (UR OPINION!)?
which picture is better of me?
Hey guys, please rate him on 10?
girls what kind of face do i have?...are my cheeks very chubby?
Pleaseee PLEASE help!?
do u think this hairstyle suits me , i have natural curly and wavy hair.?
Boy help! How can I get him to notice me (photos)?
How much does it cost to ship stuff to Canada from the US?
why would someone all of a sudden notice a crease in their neck that looks like a necklace was too tight?
is it more painful to wax or pluck?
+GUYS+ what Perfume makes you go CrazZzy for a *girl~?
Do i Look "Scene"ish?:D?
What's the best lifting serum you ve used?
What would you rate her from 1-10 in beauty (be honest)?
What can i do to make myself look better? make up, hair, anything?
Spray tan for wedding day?
Sports day costume design ASAP!?
what do guys look for in girls?
what is most attractive? red heads, blonds, or brunettes?
Will my poofy dress be hard to walk down stairs in?
braces, anyone?
which do you prefer curvy or skinny?
NAILS/TOES: Your Opinions On This Girls?
Quick! What color is your shirt!?
Girls what is your preferred way to dress: "sexy" or "stylish"?
My boyfriend and I want to get married; we're 17 and 16. How do we tell our parents?
how to make your eyes beautiful?
Botox users? What are the side affects? Good experience?
Would it be vain if I got a mirror for my bedroom?
why do I hold back in making myself look attractive?
Can you pierce your jaw.?
a nice wear your hair for a girl?
I know im hot but how hot am i ?
how do you get your picture not an avatar but me?
What color jacket should I get?
do you think i could be a model?
I have a question..............?
What is the difference between a full set of acrylics and a full set (colored tips)?
What cream or lotion is good for stretch marks?
Which color red should I go with s best answer?
i put a bit of eyeliner on, yes im a dude?
What can i do to change up my look?
how to more atractive face?
Debating between two dresses. Help me choose?
as of my looks, do you think they've changed in the past few years(pics)?
PICK 1???? easyyyyyy????????
is it normal for a girls hipbone to hang out?
should I wear a kilt to the electric daisy carnival?
girls can you answer this?
aren't they the coolest ever(pic)?
helpppppppp helllllllllp helllllllp?
I don't usually do this, but girls, do you find me attractive? I'm 15?
What makeup to wear to cheer tryouts?
if you could create your own perfume, what would it smell like?
How old do you think I look?
I love doing my make-up but just hate doing my hair! Who's the same?
Thoughts on these shoes?
what do you think of these jeans?
I would like to know how/where to remove a tattoo?
plz help PLZ............................?
Should i get an earring? im a teenage boy?
Am i really bad looking? (pictures)?
answer plez?
Can I call myself a nail technician or a Nail artist?
Help me choose a profile picture?
Teen wanting to model?
how do you message someone on here???
What piercing would i look good with?
Do you find these eyes sexy?(pic)?
Is it ok to wear..... In this weather?
Am i too ugly to improve?
my eyes change color?
How do you get contacts in if you have really small eyes?
Where can I get a dress like this:)?
Hair and makeup advice.?
How do I look? guys and girls opinion?
does any one know?
Princesses and Beauty?
Summer Look, Outfit, Hair, and Makeup?
Survey : What is your impression on these guys?
girls do you like guys with strong arms, 6 pack abs and that can protect you?
What is your first impression of her?
Ladies.......What do you find to be the most attractive part of a guy's body?
Good Perfume?
women's fragrances?what smells good and is light so it won't affect a person with asthma???
is my boyfriend cute pic included?
What kind of piercing would I look good with?
i want to change my sons name to Kaitlyn how do i that?
do i look prettier blond or brunnette?
would you go through oral surgery,braces,and a retainer just to have that perfect smile?
How do I look? Ugly, Cute, Normal, Homely, Gorgeous, Sexy, Pretty, Beautiful, Ghastly, Etc., Etc.?
What color should i dye my hair?(picture include)?
what do girls wear to grad nite?
Are there any good reputable Dermatology offices or Dermatologists in Kansas City, MO?
I want to know the name of a perfume?
Is it rare to have green eyes and brown hair?
Going into middle school! Help!!!?
How can I get my baby into print ad modeling in Sacramento, CA?
how should i go along with my skin without damaging or changing its unique and originality?
What does "uniquely pretty" mean?
10points to a random answer will be given-who d'u think is more attractive:?
What is the most stylish and popular frame for eyeglasses?
Do my legs look bad in shorts?
Do you think she looks good???
What is the best place to get the nail done in warford?
why are brown eyes generally considered less attractive than lighter coloured eyes?
Do you think Miss Universe 2006 should of won?
Am i short ?
Tanning bed...plz help?
who is the most beauty girl of the world? where is her home?
what do all the guys see in her??! (pics) ??? !!?
Do you think my girlfriend is pretty?
I like motorbykes, and think guys who ride them, they look so?......?
is thick hair good? or just plain annoying?
Questions about National Miss America Pageant?
Do you wear make up? How much?
Please Help with Answers for My School Survey About Clothing Stores!?
guys: what kind of a body do you REALLY like?
Do you need a prescription to buy colored contacts?
GUYS ONLY: what do u look for in a woman (personality and physical appearance)?
What kind of Dress do I wear to a wedding especially if I want to be dressed to kill?
Is this short for girls??pic?
Are there makeup tricks to make your nose look longer?
what kind of hair styles do you think are hot?
anyone know ?
Girls, should I send this text? I want her back?
Wear can i get my nails done cheap? Acrylic or manicure......I live in MI.?
How should I wear my hair with this top?
i am looking for michelle percy of napa ca she is 22 years old and is a fox they dont come any finer?
my ex kept telling me that i should have a boob job ?
Ki Kutsu trainers from Office in the meshed white size 10?????
Do you know when the Victoria Secret Sale ends?
Do you think that im pretty?
Where is a good piercing place in PA at?
Please help me!>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>?
oakley sunglasses scratch repair kits?
can i wear the nail polish color metallic purple in the fall?
What is your all-time favourite fragrance?
I have really big bags underneath under my eyes, and big shadows..?
I popped my pimples too far and now there's ugly marks!?
how to contact beachbaby clothing corp of manila?
Is this guy hot or not?
what is the first thing you look at when you look at someone new?
What cologne is irresistable to women?
Am I really short???
best moisturise tan?
What is up with too much mouth meat (around the mouth, not puffy lips)?
What clothes can I wear to show off my body?
Will it hurt worse than the first time?
Should I get this jacket?
Abercrombie kids model?
first impression? PICS!!!! pretty?
Ok so do you think i could be a model. (PIC)?
Do you consider yourself BEAUTIFUL?
Quick pick a color!!!!?
Do I have the potential to look pretty?
How old does my girlfriend look?
can i be a male model?
I want to be completely made over into girly.?
How old does she look?
what makes a guy sexy in your thought? (girls)?
LADIES how do ya'll shave your legs and armpits?????????
where can i learn to write in european fashion? online preferably?
Does anyone have any haircut ideas?
why am i so fit, i dont understand.. I'm beautiful?
Rate me please. I really need some help guys?
When you look in the mirror before you go out....?
I was wondering, am I pretty? If not, how can I improve? Thank you :)?
Is it ok if a guy wears a little bit of eyeliner?