What age could/should wear this dress?
Is my body really super disgusting? (PIC)?
How do I find out what I will look like when I am an adult for free?
Who is the prettiest? (pic included)?
Whos most likely going to get the boy all three girls are in love with.?
i have purchased a dress whoz top is too much with can i reduce d flair?
Am I the only one who really doesn't care if products are tested on animals?
Why are people mean to me when they answer my questions?
how do i remove fake nails without removing the nail polish?
Do you like my homecoming dress? (pic!)?
Who is this scene girl?
how much are lip peircings?
plus size home coming dress!?
What do you think of this girl?
Do you think i'm pretty?
hair removal for men?
this is a question for girls what do you look for in a guy how do you let a guy know you like him?
Is my eye color strange to you?
Bonjour, do I look French?
Does my skin look shiny to you? :(?
will UV gel set under an LED uv lamp?
What is your favorite eye color?!?
Is it normal for a rook piercing?!?
Would I be prettier if I lost weight?
Would I look good with these glasses? (pics)?
Help trimming eyebrows?
are there any facial remedies that can...?
why does a ex talk mess about u when ya'll brake up?
ughhh I know im okay looking and my cousin is pretty but i think we kinda?
Where can I find India ink?
What is my bra size?
america's next top model is in Sydney?! WHY???!!!?
how do you get a high level of estrogen?
girls..whats the best style for black guys?
what do you think about the picture?
What is your best beauty secret?
Why does my beard make me feel more sexy?
Should I get my ear re-pierced, and what style would you say fits me?
what do you think about body piercings?
Petite modeling agencies?
how much smaller should my corset be than my waist?
Which girl do you think is prettier?
Approximately how much would shoe 'tailoring' cost?
What comes to mind when you see this picture?
what kind of out fit should i wear?
What does $20 economy shipping from outside US Mean?
which is the best LED monitor between DELL, LG, And SAMSUNG????????
Which do you prefer? Tattoos or piercings?
OPI Acrylic Nail Base Coat ?
I am trying to think on choosing which colored contacts r best for me?
girls hlep...what kind of cologne do you like for a guy to wear???
can i bleach ......?
What is your favourite hair & eye colour combination out of these five?
People say i look like a girl ? why is it ?
My Prom you like?
how could i do this nails design?
Do you like these eyebrows? :)?
who is hotter sonny moore or pete wentz?
Is the human eye perfectly roundd? TEN POINTS?
Childhood problems rised again?
I'm the fat friend..?
which celeb does my friend look like?
Hi, What's the best make-up and clothes choice for me...details in qeustion.?
What are the height requirements for junior modeling?
What color are you nails/toenails this week?
What do you think my style is??
Where is a good piercing place in PA at?
i need my bulldog trash?
Tattoo Question?
i spilled nail polish remover in my bathtub, is it safe to take a bath?
Do I have an exotic look?
Is it normal for eyes to turn gray?
rate me!! [picture included]?
i look like a slut in my homecoming dress, what should i do?
who is this girl?
What to ask for my 15th birthday?
do you shower in the morning, evening or both?
what makes a girl sexy?
What is your impression of this girl (pic)?
Do you think this girl is pretty?
Do girls like Black guys with fade haircut?
Should i cut my hair if im trying to grow it out?
Retain natural lip color back : Rosewater and ______?
ii kno its dumb but whos prettierr
Where is everbody meeting when they find a group on answers they have alot in common with?
I have a few questions... *PICS* 10 points to best answer!?
Im 17 but i look older, how can i look younger? (picture included)?
are there nail salons in or north of austin that use the polycrilics?
why don't boys like me?
Should I buy this Varsity Jacket?
Does anyone have a career in skincare/aesthetics? You know doing facials/microderms/mudwraps?
(uk), I got vouchers from "the perfume shop" and it just looks like a receipt..?
sewing services in uk?
I hate my boring, ugly brown eyes?
what does a rabbit mean?
Does 'L'oreal Elvive Smooth-Intense Anti-Frizz Shampoo' really works!?
plus size model material or not? do u guys see any potential?
im really embarrased of my body..could i wear shorts to school (pic)?
why do everybody want chris brown but cant have him?
what do u think of these girls? (pics)?
what kind of syles of clothing would you want to see made or being worn more?
Should i return them? what do you think?
Beauty pageant camps in Wisconsin!?
whats the best eye cream to cover dark circles?
soooooo ladies.... how do i look? (pics included)?
What should I wear with these?
Are most pageant girls mean and fake?
Do guys like long or short nails on a girl?
Need Solid Fake Nails?
Do you think tall women looks good ?
How do you make a fringe on your jeans?
What age would you say I look?
Men: Should I keep shaving my pubic area?
Where can I find this OUTFIT? (Will automatically pick you as best answer from now on)!?
What should I do if people keep calling me a guy because of my uniform?
What do you need to be a Beautician ? What qualifications do you need ?
What are some things I can do to act/look more feminine and girly? I'm a crossdresser btw :)?
does it really make people feel better about themselves if they...?
Is this a good Pic?? rate !?
Lady's..... do you like Moustaches?
Honest answers please: Am i ugly?
Teens: How often do you go shopping at the mall?
Do you think Filipinas are beautiful? Why?
Should i go blonde if so what shade should i choose? please read *pictures included*?
Girls, Do Hairy Chests turn you off?
How old do I look? (pic)?
what kind of illegal drugs that will make your body sexy?
do my legs look good enough to wear shorts or a short skirt? please be honest.?
Ladies what's the most attractive thing to you on a guy?
do you think this girl looks like megan foxx?!?!?
Are 3/4 sleeves or pushed up sleeves in style now?
What do you think of me?? (pics)?
What's a good list of cosmetics and body stuff to have? (body cream, hand lotion, make up etc)?
Everyone whats your shoe size? Does anyone have small feet or think a size 5 is small?
How bad are tan salons?
What should i change my nose ring to?
what makes a person pretty?
which girl is the prettiest?
Urgent! How do I tell my hairdressers what kind of up-do I want?
I need a really good intro paragraph consisting ......?
Best way to wear leopard print wedge ankle boots, for plus size lady?
What color is my hair??!?!?!??!!?
Help with my French Manicures!?
Good birthday presents for a soon to be 1 year old?
how can i prevent from getting very handsome?
Girls, do you like ponytails on guys or not?
okay- im 14 yrs old and i look like 16- whne i go to the mall all the older guys hit on me''?
Who do you think is prettier?
I'm 17 but people think I'm way older! What do you think?
how to look like miley cyrus?
Do you think 12 is too young to...?
what color are you finger/toe nails this summer?
Is this a cute cover photo for my facebook?
hairstyles and makeup?
9ct Gold Nail wanted?
Did I Eat Too Much Today..?
What Do You Think Of Me With SNAKE BITES (PIERCING)? (10 points)?
how to make guys like me and not my friend? how do I become pretty?
What do you think of us? pics?
What colorare your eyes?
Girls what do u think abt guys getting facial , pedicure and manicure?
Do girls tell their......?
am i a slut!!!!!?
Do i have male model potential?
is there any white people who look good with dreadlocks?
is she ugly?
Beauty therapy/salon apprenticeship?
i think im!?
who is finer TYRA BANKS or BEYONCE?
Guys Only! Tattoos or piercings?
Is it good to look different?? Or bad?
My North face has an annoying dent in the side, how do I fix it?
Which victoria's secret model is this?
Do you think people will regret having a tattoo?
Do you think i could be a model? need help...?
looking for free stuff in the usa?
do u think shes pretty? guys need ur help...?
Why don't cheaper cosmetics/creams/hair products work as well as high end ones from Neiman/Nordstroms?
do i look like katherine heigl? should i go blonde?
how old do you think i look?
What facial features make a boy and girl different?
What celebrity do i look like the most?
what can i wear with this shirt?
Girls,give me your opinion about each height for men(10 points)?
what to wear someone help???!!?
soo confused!!!???????????????
What size shorts should I get if I'm between sizes?
Is it better to get a belly ring after you lose weight?
How can I improve my appearance (pics)?
Mystery Avon perfume?
what are some cool, dark, unused tumblr urls?
If i trim my eyebrows with scissors but afraid?
do you think 5:25 is too early to get up for school?
Can a person seek help if they have ugly feet?
How old do I look to you?
I want to get a feminine makeover to see how I like it?
Where do I find beautiful skirts online?
for ladies plz??
does this picture look too "myspace"?
DO I have chiseled face,,,,,,,????Just wondering...?
ladies what's better cosmo or glamour???
do u think im pretty????????????
Online contacts?
DANG! im getting braces soon.....any pointers???help???
Numbing spray..piercings?
Am i PRETTYY look like my avie and pic inside?
how to lose 40 pounds?
What is your favorite store to shop at?
Do I have ugly feet, picture included?
another style question?
Can a guy have the Name Brittany ?
Which color is the best looking of these?
dress for ladies choir?
what color eyes do you have?
Is my friend just SHY or does she not like me? I'm so confused!?
which girl....?
is being classy attractive?
[Pics] Is this chick hot?
On a scale of one to ten, how physically attractive would you say this girl is?
I have yellow teeth, how do I get them white?
have you ever seen a black girl date a white american guy,if yes how often and in which american cities?
i think im ugly im a 5th grade boy i need help????
Where can I find a halloween costume like this?
what skin/hair/eye color combination is your favorite?
what does dnky's be delicious smell like?
What does she look like help please?
is 153 cm considered too short?
personal opinions from guys and girls, please?
What does a 6' guy look like next to a 5'4 girl?
do you like this look?
Are These Measurements Okay For A Model Whose 5'11"?
Am I model material? What do ya think?
How much does she look like she weighs ?
Do you prefer shopping online or going to shops?
is it okay if i think im very attractive?
What Colour Are My Eyes? (pic included)?
Will people look at me as a slut/hooker?
how do i clean suede shoes without a shoe brush DIY style?
do you like my hair better before or after i dyed it ? (pics)?
Atlanta & vicinity residents** Do you know of any nail salons that do fiberglass or dimond nails?
How old do I look to you?
Glasses or Contacts?
compliment or insult that people say i look like?
About Snakebite Piercings?
underwear under a green silk dress?
How old do I look?
Modeling material, at all?
What do I do about Acne???????????
How old do i look?? Pics... ?
Who is the prettiest in this picture? your oppinion?
GIRLS, Do you think he's cute(:?
Do I look like George from Seinfeld?
what is your age range of dating???
Why do I look so young?
Guess how old I am in the picture?
Eyelash growth/eye questions? (: Please help. 10 points?
where do I buy QVC returnes for resale?
Did I Eat Too Much Today..?
do I look fat in this?
(For teens) how do you you feel about girls wearing the hijab ( headscarf)?
What are your first thoughts on this girl?
Is being 5'6'' and 115 pounds underweight?
Why do my nails break so fast?
What Am I 1-10? Be Honest And Tell Me How Old I LOOK?
Would this make a good fb profile pic?
who do you think is the most attractive movie star?
Any reputable nail salons that do airbrushing art?
How to make your appearance prettier? girls plz?
plz help me and my lips 2 become kissble becoz my lips rily look dry, im a male 16 yrs old?
Should i go completely blonde or keep the highlights? Pic included?
Girls: am i sexy? ~_-?
Would I look good blonde?
Help me pick something for character day at my school? (spirit week!)?
plz help!!!!!!?
Guys , take a peeeep ?
Does my smile look okay?
is compolsary that the lady should be a virgine to participate in miss world contest?
Quick one. Down, spiked, or slicked back?
Is a 40's lady is still attractive?
Would I look good in dark hair?
Tell me a stripper like Dita Von Teese?
who is the prettier one out of these two ?
advice on what to wear?
what curling iron should i buy?
On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate yourself>?
what do you think of this girl?
Which girl is prettier? Be honest?
Jordan(Katie Price) or Liv Tyler, which is most beautiful?
Am I skinny? how much do I weigh?
What do u do when you see a girl dressed in the oldest fashion possible while your trending it?
Where can I buy inexpensive bomber jackets?
how can you tell when colors clash...especially with makeup and clothes?
does anyone know where i can buy a 54JJ bra from????
does anyone truthfully know a great plastic surgeon in the toronto, canada area?
Any ideas? Need help asap?
Would you rather be poor and stunningly attractive or ugly and rich? (If you couldn't get plastic surgery)
What would look the best for my Winterball?
what would you think if you saw a teen girl wearing these trainers/sneakers?
which pic is better? 10 points?
Am i pretty enough to model?
What do you think about this girl?
How can I be more popular?
Could I make a Good Model? <Pics>?
Do girls like to see guys naked without having something with them?
Do you think i look like any CELEBRITY :) ?
Do you find this girl such a beauty ?
,Acrylic nail polish?
How do I perm my hair like this? What rods?
What do you prefer to look like?
What to wear with this?!?
Does anyone know where they sell Orca/Killer Whale items?
What lip piercing suits me best?
What would you never wear?
What is the difference between Aveeno positively radiant and clear complexion moisturizers ?
What is your first impression of me?
can i get curvy?
Which dress should I get?
where can i get these earrings?
which haircut would look better on me??
what are the best places to sell me hademade natural soap?
Could I possibly do commercial modeling?
Girls , what is your favorite perfume?
What teen perfume would you suggest to buy?
what do you think of my stomach?? *pics* is it pudgy?
Ok so like i only have 60$$$ to spend ok and?
Does this make me a slût?
can i use nair on my chest and if so which one?
what the scope for fashion designers in canada.?
10 points..which last name do you like better?
Another one of those "Am I Pretty?" questions... sorry.?
On a scale 1-10 how HOT am I?
HAHA another one. "Am I ugly?"?
Which one looks better in your opinion?
Guys Vs. Girls (A Acceptable Agruement)
Which of these girls is prettiest ? and which are less pretty ?
Should i go for this beautiful girl? 10 points?
Do latina girls find black guys attractive?
what type of girl do you think would be attracted to my style?
Why do some people hate Abercrombie & Fitch?
Why I think tan skin is so ugly?
Guess which nationality I am ( pic included)?
What is the hot, "in" style for ladies eyeglass frames?currently?
How to look more mature? (With makeup or whatever :) )?
Ladies, have you ever wished that you were a boy?
Anyone ever wear "Crazy Age" jeans?
All girls please answer this!(boob delima)?
Am I fat? [pictures]?
Is this a good photo of me?
What do you think of this Prom Long Dress?
Piccolo/Flute Section Shirts?
Are there any gorgeous models..?
does anybody know francisco aka chito?
Do You Like This?
do you think i would look good with a fringe?
does Garlic Nail polish works to help your nails grow?
Would you rather have a beautiful face or a great body?
do you think i am skinny?
Do I look fat in this pic? :(?
what can i do to get bags from under my eyes?
how do you remove artificial toenails?
Is Merlin Monroe the sexiest woman ever?
What do you look for when you first think someone's hot?
How attractive am I?
well honest opions ? :)?
Are 32 inch legs long, short, or average for 5'5?
Whos cute?
Do you think she is pretty...?
good picture? good editing? pretty girl?
Which color would this jacket look best on me?
I had Acrylic put on my real nail (some questions)?
Do you think this girl is cute or pretty, or hot, or anything else(PICT)?
I want to be a model but i have big hips?!?
For Ladies....Is overbite a big turn off?
What should I do with this fashion photoshoot?
What teen or fashion magazine is really good, the kind that answers all your needs??
In a model casting, why do they ask for?
will I ever get a girlfriend (pic included)?
Where did painting nails come from and how did it happen?
I want to go into cosmetology...?
I need opinions of teenage boys?
sally hansen nailgrowth miracle?
How do I get wrinkles out of my shirt without an iron?
rate me out of 10 please?
How can i intenisfy my indie look?
how do i get my nails white?
Back to school makeover girls!! :)?
How can I get my eyebrows to look like this: PIC INCLUDED?
whats a really good cosmotolegey school near alabama???
Does he like me or did he find out that I like him?
woman: does shaving with a razor worse than using cream hair removal?
anyone know where can i buy juicy couture bags ( auth ) at cheap prices?
what's beauty in a person? is it the make-up or the personality?
I have tried everything to straighten my curly hair, all types dryers, it takes too long any suggestions?
will Hitler's mustache come back in fashion?
Do you think I'm pretty?
Why am i still single?!?!? Is it because I don't look good enough...?
My homecoming is coming and i don't know how to style my hair or do my makeup. Can anyone help?
Like seriously guys do I look 12?
what kind of a hairstyle would look good on me? Pictures*?
am i a healthy weight/size?
i have a purple dress will pink shoes go with that?
will any of these hair style work for me?
Too sexy for a wedding?
My style is stagnated, help?
I wnt to model i am 15 i took modeling classes for a year i am a black female with hazel eyes and weight 126?
how do i make my self pretty so this foot ball player will go out wit me?
What do you think of this girl?
Need help ASAP its for tomorrow?
Which hair cut looks better on me ?(male)?
Nervous about the first day???...FRESHMAN!?
Do girls like tall guys?
For all the straight girls Do u think watching girls making out is gross or beautiful?
Girls what do you think?
blonde or brown? ( picss )?
What color shirts go good with these shorts?
Would he look good as a blonde?
how do i know what clothes would suit me?
how did the women in the mafia dress and how was their hair and makeup?
Which deodorant works the best?
Which Girl Is Prettier?
When you hear AUSTRIA, what's your first thought?
how can i look good? plz help me?
What girl do you think is prettier?
does any filipino person know if they have Bape clothing in Phillipines?
help me with this waht do i do?
which bikini coverup do you like the best?
how do you do it?
Please answer my question:)! is 81f to hot to wear shorts and a sweater?
What can I do about open pores on my face?
How can I become a model agent?
Why do girls smile at girls?
Do you think I could model???pic!!?
What do you think about me?
What kind of vans era should i get?
I dont get it. Why do a lot of people say that crying makes your eyes look prettier?
what would you rate this guy 1-10?
who is more beautiful?
Does anyone else think that collagen injected lips look bazaar on some actress's?
Is Einstein's brain kept in a bottle in a Kansas City doctor's office?
Why do women show off their bodies if they want men to love them for who they are?
do you like clay aiken with his new looks?
Reputable Modeling Agencies in LA or OC?
*******HAIR HELP********?
Do I look fat? pic??????????
Is she cute? rate 1-10?
Do I look better with Black hair or brown?
Long or Short Hair???
What is makes a spa an eco-spa?
heyyyy girl heyyyy. i have a question for anyone.?
Would You Consider This Skinny? (Pic Included)?
Whats your Favourite Perfume?
does waxing eyebrows hurt the first time??????
Would you go out with a girl who farts?
how do i ask a question and add a pic with it?
Did you see anything new yesterday that you would have bought if you had the cash?
16.Male: Should I Shave My Pubic Hairs?
does anyone find this woman attractive?
Which one should I use...?
Am I... What Do You Think?
Would I look good with.....(pics)?
Does my new haircut make me look Asian?
Is there much money in the nail business?
Homecoming outfits ideas for guys.?
Which do you like better?
should i keep on wearing them?
Any tips on what available methods on how to shave bikini area?
What color eyes do you have and what color are you attracted to.?
Ear Piercing Pain...?
Fat... ? *pic*?
Is it bad if i wear a dressy dress for a party?
what should i change?
I sprayed my uggs with water repellent and after they dried they had these wierd lines at some parts? help?
What color jacket should I get?
rate me 1-10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lmao?
what do you think? (picccy)?
is this an ok picture?
is this an ok picture?
For Anyone Who Has Had Plastic Surgery/Cosmetic Surgery....?
Please comment honestly!! am i pretty?!?
what can i improve on?(picture)?
___Are these pics too bad to put on Facebook?____?
Who's hotter me or my bff (pics)?
Is it weird for a girl to wear guy boxers?
Do you like green or blue??
Daily toric contact lens price?
Hair near nose & cheeks.Do i cut them or pluck them so they don't get dense or effect skin.?
Flamenco dancing dress?
what color would look best on me...piks instead?
I need some opinions on my hair..?
My hair..straightened or natural?
Do u think this girl is pretty. Some ppl think so and some dont so just asking other ppls opinion!?
how can you nail the perfect man?
More Future Homecoming Ideas?!?
What to wear with these boots? Best Answer!?
Is it weird for a girl to not wear hollister?
Where can i buy a social dress ?
Please help guy and I plucked my eyebrows and it looks very bad now(10 points)?
Dress idea help, please?
Which of these two should I put as my profile picture? (pics)?
I have and 11 year old daughter and she wants to wear makeup and dye her hair im ok with make up but the hair?
Any stories about guys getting dressed as girls?
Nail Polish question?
which girl pulls of her look the best and seems more attractive?
Which hair style for school suit me best?? [PICS INCLUDED]?
Help: 18 year old that needs to look older for work?
IS this GIRL pretty? Tell me what YOU think!?
guess my ethnicity?
ladies, how do i look? what do you think if i told you that im studying biomedical engineering?
Do you think i could be a model?
how are girls friends when they post "whose prettier" on here?
What's the best fragrance for fall?
in need of a good hairdresser!?
its me (pic) its not edited or anything like that what u think?
Is there any way to clear a zit within one night?
am i pretty/attractive?
is this an awkward picture? do i like, look weird?
How to look gorgeous in 7th grade?!?
Is my sister even ugly?
belly hair on a girl?
I want to be a hairdresser. Whats everything thing I need to know?
mi date un consiglio?
Good websites to help me pick out outfits? (10 points).?
Which ones your favorite?
What is so special about my eyes!? (Pic)?
What's your favorite eye color?
What do you think about my eyebrows?? (pic included)?
hair los ?
How to be the "belle of the ball" at school?
why do men look at me now, but not before?
Does AnyBody Know Any Spas In Essex Which You Can Get Into If Your Only 13 For Like Manicures And Pedicures?
Can I wear these earrings?
What is the color of my eyes?
Do victoria secret workers get paid for their modules? (Best place to work, Best at bras, best place to shop)?
what do you think of my body?
Model management/scout factory/models and extras?
What should I do to look prettier/better?
What is my face AND eye shape?(PICS)?
Do you whiten your teeth?
what do you think of me?? (1-10)?
Women will never be able to outsmart men so why do they keep trying?
are girls smarter than boys?
Female opinions on guy pics (links working this time ;D) What do YOU think?
Which girl wears the bathing suit better?
Is your hair suppose to feel more fuller when you grow it out or falter?
do u think this girl is pretty?
Do you think i'm ugly?
Am i attractive to guys?
Pink or Hot pink what one is better?
What colon would a guy in his early 20`s wear?
im 18 and have a small penis?
How old do I look (picture included)?
Help, I want to improve these things....?
Are french tip manicures trashy?
Where can I find a BEAUTIFUL dress for my fifth grade daughter?
ok im 15 and i have... like a mustache... if i kiss someone will they feel it? or should i just wax it? :/?
*Guys* Help a girl out?
Does meditating make you look younger?
How old do you think she is?
Why do perfume ads make no sense?
Rate my picture 1-10 please! :)?
Guys please! what do you think is hot for a girl?
are la senza sizes different?
I am looking for the nail polish that strengthens your nails and is made in Columbia not in America?
Am I a good model?
tips or peek a boo?
I got a haircut and its too shortt!!!!! any tips on how to make it look longer?
Can fat people wear skinny jeans?
what color is your room?????
Where Can i Buy Naomi Campbell's Perfume, Cat Deluxe?
Help! How can I dress to impress?
What kind of Axe or Tag do u girls like?
Type of Earrings For Cartilage Piercings?
I'm just so ugly?
Girls or ladies, in this scenario, what would you do?
I'm looking for pure simplicity rosemary lip balm. it has been discontiued at bath & body works.?
how can i have japanese physiognomy?
Do you guys think I'm to pale?,picture?
My forehead is 2 inches, is this big?
GIRLS I have a small head and wide shoulders&I need help on what to wear to a 18th party?
Hi :) What nationality do I look?
What is the best way to clean sterling silver jewelry?
Could i be a model?
where is a free chat room?
Do you think I make an good looking girl ?
what do you think of this girl?
Is this a good Pic?? rate !?
A girls only bra question?
what do YOU feel naked without???other than clothes...?
halloween - which one to be..?
" Fruit Basket"?
Are my friends beautiful, pretty, average or ugly?
what is so wrong with men enjoying the finer things like getting their toes painted and their nails buffed?
how do u get acrlyc nails off.?
Do you like bangs? Should i get them?
Should I try for a summer fling with this guy ?
Beautician Required UAE Ajman?
Models aren't allowed tattoos ?
What color would you say my eyes are (PICS) ??
how old think you think you have to be to go to the mall by yourself.?
what is the best product to get rid of wrinkles on the forehead and around the eyes?
What's a Great Store to Find Good Fitting Bras?
What do you think of this guy?
What do you think about girls with tragus piercings?
I want a haircut like albert einstein?
Could I be a fashion model?
Why do so many people associate Bald men with goatees as bad or ruthless people?
do you think it's normal to...?
would i be considered emo?
who would you say was or is the most beautiful woman in the world?
Which jacket do you like better?
I think she is hot, what do you think?
Should a girl shave her arms?
I'm a guy with a ponytail..should I get a short, cleancut haircut?
How come Victoria's Secret doesn't sell 30a bras in stores?
Girls help me please!?
What color strip would look best in brown hair?
What is definition of the word "Diva"?
where else can i buy victoria secret body mists/sprays?
Who do you think is the prettiest?
Me and my sister are twins and we wanted to know your opinion..?
How do you hide your nipples when wearing a tank top?
What race do I look, also please rate me?
14 Yr Old with Big Forehead?
should i go out with a nerd and ruin my cheer career or what?
how do i look? on a scale of 1-10?
im going to be a cowgirl for halloween?
rate these girls out of 10?
I want to be a model but i am not fit the look?
Do i need to lose weight please read?
Am i the only girl that doesn't like to get bras from Victorias secret?
do you think she's pretty?
girls, what do you do when u see a huge bug on the floor near you? and why do most girls scream?
POLL: Are You Wearing Nail Polish Right Now *and*?
Girls, what do you think of me (pic)?
what's my skin color and what ethnicity do I look like?
Why am I ignored by every guy at my school?
Which photo is better??! Need Brutally Honest Opinions?
Good nail technician courses in London/Essex?
What's the best men cologne?
suggestions please?
what color are ur eyes?????
what is the difference between skin divers and dermal piercings?
My jeans are falling off me! What's wrong??
Homecoming dresses...?
Rate This Girl Out of TEN (Picc)?
my boyfriend wants to shave his mustache?
Who's prettier? (Pic included)?
Am I photogenic? Why do my pictures look terrible?
How Old Do I Look?
which male celebrity makes women lose their minds?
ear stretching problem or is my ear just healing?
Mac help? There's a black box around everything?
I want to tell you something important?
Could I be a male model?
What makes blondes prettier than brunettes?
what is the name of the blonde girl billabong model?
this qusetion is for guys.?
Sephora beauty insider card question?
How can I make chiffon super stiff?
What is the biggest beauty disaster during a hot date:?
Should I go brunette?
I am really interested in modeling? Opinions please?
Padme's Lake Dress?
Question About this Dress Please Help 10Pts?
Which colour Havaianas look best?
What's the appropriate age for a girl to start shaving legs?
How much does jewelry engraving cost?
Will i look like a slut if I wear this to school?
How can i act like a greaser ?
girl said i look like a pornstar?
If you could be somebody else for a day who would it be and why?
Do you prefer wearing a bra or not?
why does girls have attitude?
Question about sisterhood of the traveling pants movie/soundtrack...?
which pic do i choose? help! :)?
Does she look better with or without bangs? (Pics)?
Which picture do you like best?
i dont think my bra size is right? (got measured)?
cheap websites in the uk for womans clothing??
Why in 99% chubby girls in USA call themselves Princess or Hottie or Super?
Men and women: what were the last beauty products you used?
to look good in senior portraits?
Whats ur fave colour?
Why do people say i look gay (PIC)?
Am i an hourglass shape or pear?
everyone says she is sexy what do you think?
How can I make my eyes look really big?
Trying to Convert to Thong Underwear?
Do you think im chubby?pic?
here try going to my photobucket?
am i ugly or cute!!!!????!!??!!??!!?
is there anyway to make ur nose look smaller besides makeup?
which is the better photo, edited or non edited?
Pretty or ugly?
Girls,which is most attractive in a guy?tallness,style or tan skin?
Why dont they have new clothes for the avatars everyday?
girls tell me which mens deodrant fragnance you likes the most?
can someone please tell me some LEGIT modelling agencies?
what the best perfume in the world?
For pad users only: My daughter and her friends are using the *new* sanitary belts. Anyone here tried them?
Is this post too sexist?
How i can be like jasmine Villegas ?
Whitening Teeth Techniques?
Will beige look okay on bitten nails?
I am making a costume for a school project and I was wondering how I could make this skirt...? I look like a girl? O-o?
Which of these boots are nicer?
Are my friends (guys) good looking?
Which picture do i look better in?
What kind of physique do you prefer your guy to have?
Do eyelashes grow back?
where can I buy feather extensions in AZ?
how do i remove my acrylic nails?
Could i be a model? (pics included)?
How can i become desirable to men (Pics) ?
Can you rate me please?
Do you think we would look good together?
girl advice ! please please please !!?
Girls,what's your opinion about this heights for men?
How can I look prettier/ Am I pretty ?? w/pics?
WHY DO PPL think it's weird that I'm 16 and I never had a bf?
Boys what are the best features on a girl?
Young lady jewelry...?
Trying to Convert to Thong Underwear. What's the Secret?
Ladies, my gf wants me to strip for her ...?
What can i do to make my boobs grow bigger without getting surgery or buying a bra that make them look bigger?
Is it possible to lower your nose bridge with rhinoplasty.....?
are you high-maintenance?
how do u get gel pen out of clothes?!?!?
5'6 girl: which would look better: 104 pounds, or 114?
Are people afraid of beautiful people?
ok yall dont take it presonal but the wrold revole aroud me?
are there any long rock and roll hairstyles that would improve my look ladies?, i'm not cutting it?
Am I pretty/ugly/average?
My Hair is weird?
If i went to your school, would i be popular? a nerd? a nobody?
While in school does ur life go down or boost up.?
am i uglyyyy? pictures included !?
Which one should be my myspace default??
I like to buy this fashion could you give me some suggestion? is it great?
what to wear under too-short skirt?
I need a new skin care regime?
Will I look stupid if I wear this?
Should I be a model? Am I tall?
What size bra am i? o:?
Please share some of your favourite beauty secrets?
Am I spoiled? Help? ((10 points)?
What is the definition of "beautiful" to you?
Where can you get your nails done really cheap?
Does Your Avatar Look Anything Like The Real-Life You?
Trying to stop biting my nails and growing them ?
Halloween Costume (i know it's kinda early but still)?
14 year old perfume??
Homecoming dress nail color?
looking for quality perfume oils....?
What should your hip to waist ratio be?
What trends/fashion do you hate on guys? ?
What should i wear tomorrow for a yearbook picture?
is juicy couture out of style or am i just older?
How old do i look??????????????????????????????????
Someone called my picture fake today?
can anyone please tell me what hairstyle this is?
HELPP!!! i bleached my best friends juicy sweats!!?
How should I change my look?
Opinion on how i look *pic*?
What perfumes do boys like on girls?
Should I get contacts?
How do you know if you are pretty?
Everyone in my school calls me a sl**? Do I really look like one?
Does Lamisil really work? please help.?
Which is your favourite perfume :-] ?
WHICH PROM DRESS DO YOU LIKE BETTER? (they are all beautiful I just can't pick one!)?
what is the better way to keep our eyes attractive or exotic?
What Shoes are better, Es's or Etnies?
Am I pretty? Just curious...?
Which girl is prettier?
What are 3 really girly items guys should have to wear at least once in their lives to understand women better?
I have black eyebrows with some going white. What would you recommend for coloring them?
Do they make a cute couple? (pics)?
does anyone know of a good nail salon in oxnard or ventura?
Is black more masculine color or feminine color?
I'm almost sixteen and I've never had a boyfriend/been kissed.?
Do you think im pretty!?
Ways to wear my short bangs?
Which picture should i use as my facebook dp?
matching eyes with silver hair?
Why do I like to wear bras & thongs???
can any 1 be pretty?
How to get fernando torres' hair?
This girl is threatening to beat me scared...please help?
is this girl pretty, or is it just because i'm freaking out??
This guy thinks he is UGLY (PIX) :0 opinions? revised?
Are they attractive/cute/pretty/ugly?
What hair style do the gotti's have?
I turn on women??? And girls?
What's a good casual look to impress girls?
Rate some pics, 1-10!!?
Glasses or contacts? (pic)?
Which is better on a guy nice arms or a 6 pac?
What do you think of me ?
Girls rate me 1 to 10 :D?
To buy a $400 boot or to save the money for a rainy day?
What is the best indoor tanning lotion to use on kind of fair skin?
Can I still order even though....?
what is the best body spray for guys?
do i have too much fake tan on?
Do I look like Megan Fox??? (PICS)?
where can I buy feather extensions in AZ?
Does getting lip piercings hurt ?
What is your opinion on celeb photos being airbrushed???
Should I rest before my period?
looking for free stuff in the usa?
Who will win American Idol?
this is for the guys. what do you guy out there like the most about grils????
what is a good spicy floral scent?
It's 2 o'clock, should I take a shower?
how often should one change underwear?
What is the top ways to get rid of zits and get ur hair n nails to grow?
What kind of person do you think i am? (pics)?
i'm i the only person who thinks this would be cool?
How do yall feel about...?
Barbizon school of modeling? makeover? [PICS!]?
What Should I Wear To My Basketball Pictures Tomorrow?
Ok ladies, I need your advise!!!?
Tanning bed...plz help?
plastic surgery?
pinterest help please?!?
Which guy is the least attractive?
what's the nicest perfume you havee?
what is one part on your body?
How to be pretty/popular?
Do you think she's pretty?
Could I Be A Model?
Guy's, if a really hot looking woman comes to your house trying to sell something will u buy it?
model status?
Can anyone tell me the best way to trim my eyebrows?
Do I look overweight (pics)?
GIRLS: Are muscles on a guy attractive?
where can i edit pictures for free?
will eyebrow massage make the hair fall down?
Is this haircut better? (pic)?
Why are some girls cuter than boys?
Do YOU think she is pretty?
How often do YOU personally, shave your legs ?
What is the most important thing/person in ur life?
Do you think Freckles are cute , ugly or whatever ?
Are there any women at work wearing pantyhose?
what are sexy pants ?
GIRLS: Which personality do you prefer for a guy?
Do you think she's pretty (I'm not a sicko, I just want to know what you think)?
what is a good salon to get your eyebrows wax in denver co.?
What size gauge can you go up to, that will let you back to a normal earring size?
AM I PRETT!!!???? (1-10) PLZ R8!!!!?
i'm going to a casting call tomorrow... advice?? pointers?
how attractive do you think you are?
am i fat ?
belly ring questions please answer?
Any models out there? Tell me about the industry and your experiences...?
how could i change my looks. ladies?
chicken fillets?
this is for my gurls?
Do i look stupid with a belly button ring ?
do you think that i will look good (photos)?
How can i do my nails by my self? n still cool?
how can i analyse or describe this sentence?
Don't you think Adam Lambert is HOT!?
Can you look more hotter by working out?
I have curly red hair and braces. Does that make me unattractive?
I'm a 24 year old woman and I'm starting to get facial hair! Help!?
How Sexy Am I?!!?
Whats is EMO ???
Just Wondering?
do i look like kristen stewart?
Going from brown to blonde...?
what cologne shud i get?
How do you think i will look with this tattoo, will if effect me or draw bad attention (pic of me included)?
do you like Mr Bush?
what qualities does a woman need to be the Ms Universe?
Girls, would you wear this dress for a night out?
Loose bra straps (guys and girls - help)?
What is the best treatment to reduce the size of nose without surgery?
Do the colors pink and gray go together?
My daughter wants her ears pierced. Is 6 too young to make that decision?
What is it like to get second holes?
how do girls get exited?
girls: what do u think of baggy pajama pants?
Is wearing just a cami in public immodest?
is it ok for a guy to wear colored contacts?? imma dude and im jus wondering?
All the guys say I look like Taylor swift but all the girls don't ?
what is a good height for a 15 year old boy? (what height do girls prefer?)?
What does this mean.................?
Who has a better face structure/ look?
I have recently just went tanning, about how often should I tan?
Uggs email problem help?
How old do I look? Wiith piccc.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
do you think a Monroe would look good on me?(PICTURE INCLUDED!)!?
What is your personal opinion?
Do I need formal qualifications to be a nail technician?
for being 16 am i too thin?
Could i ever be a model?
What color eyes do you have and what color are you attracted to.?
Am i really that ugly ?
Am I a model material?
Why did my boyfriend leave me for an UGLY GIRL?
do i have an ok stomach for a belly button piercing or am i too flabby?
what do you think of my style?
Hey please help me with this?
is ceteayl alcohol halal i have read the ingredients of my body lotion and think it is haram????
Celebrity who's still beautiful without make-up?
am i pretty? *better pictures*?
Can you wear a black dress to a wedding?
i there any possible way i can change my eye colour??
Do hair buffers like Hair-Off make hair finer/thinner?
What is there to worry about when it comes to madusa piercings?
What is a good age for girls to wear a thong?
does anyone know how to thicken hair ???
could i be a model, honestly please?
Wondering if this dress would look ok or not-details below?
I want to re-decorate my room! Does this sound like it would be cute? What suggestions do you have?
What color are your nails painted right now???
help needed please!!?
what color matches purple and white?
Fun little game-thingy:D?
When is the Semi-Annual Sale at Bath and Body Works summer of 2011?
I need to dress professionally for an upcoming event...?
I'm 5'3 is there any modeling i can do?
How to dress like a stereotypical soccer mom?
About the miss universe 2009 winner?
How can I make myself look sexy?
My life sucks because I'm ugly...what do I do!?
Is there something wrong with me?
So what is your 'real' clothes size....please see chart?
Where can I find a salon in or around the Nashville area that does eyebrow threading and artificial eyelashes?
My nails are real shiny?
what color corsage should i get for a red dress?
What is your favorite clothing store and why?
Permanent Extensions?
do i look like the average asian?
Today... Contence of beauty, Puerto-Rico, 18-year old girl.?
Does this makeup look ok on me?
how to pronounce the luxury brand CD?
who is the hottest girl?
Honest opinion am i attractive?
rate this guy!!!!!!!!!?
????????Who LOOKS What!!!!!!!????????;)?
Is it bad to look african?
what to do if a girl stays on your case?
UK online body store?
Ok guys...again....?
Big Makeover and I have some questions so PLEASE ANSWER!!!?
Girls only: What do you think when a guy has multiple ear piercings in both ears?
I want more confidence......?
Who is my celebrity look alike?
does anyone know who this is?
AM I HOT or what???!?!?
How old does this girl look?
How Do I make my hair thinner?
Is yellow a girl color?
Who is more attractive and why? *Pics*?
Who's more attractive? Friendly roommate arguement.?
Who is the prettiest?
Fall nail color question?
Do you wear glasses or contact lenses?
Please tell me what you think?
When is it okay for girls to start wearing fake nails?
Bed time for a 13 yr. old ...?
Should i not get anymore piercings?
How old do i look included are a couple of pics?
Is Retinol safe for younger skin?
I feel so ugly...Am I? (pics)?
What does eczema look like?
Can you look more hotter by working out?
dkny green apple : cheaper in canada or US?
im so ugly i cant even stand it anymore!?
Am I a decent looking guy? ?
what color eye is this?
Am I model material?
guys do u like girls who r ?
what do boys think about girls who have moustache?
Purple toe nail help!?
Where can I find a Pepsi hoodie??
How to grow your nails asap?
hair, better or worse!?!?!?
Which jacket do you like better?
Gals, what's happened to all the women with long, natural fingernails in the USA? What are your thoughts?
What are some modeling agencies that don't require a 5'8 minimum height?
is this girl BEAUTIFUL in your opinion?