What does the PT in PT Cruiser stand for?
Any ideas how to reset immobilizer on a peugoet 406 hdi 1.9 diesel 51 plate ?
Are Ford Expeditions good cars? Arent those the trucks that were flipping for no reason?
my auto transmission is stuck in gear?
Best way to replace2001 Mitsubishi Diamante transponder key?
How a neon 2006 clutch system works?
Where can I find a 1996 acura integra right hand vent?
How often should i tune up my nissan sentras engine?
what is the fastest BMW?
Can carmax do this ?
ne1 got a good deal on an eclipse spider?
how do i change the color of the cupholders in the ford fusion hybrid?
What is the best hybrid car value?
Where can i get 20 inch chrome rims for a honda civic cope?
I want to restore a 67 Camaro, how difficult is it to find original parts?
on mercedes cars if it has the word KOMPRESSOR does that mean that it is supercharged?
I have a 97 ford f150 4.6 L. and out of no where it wont start?
can you make a 2004 hyundai tiburon gt fast with mods?
whats the metric lug nut pattern on an 05 mustang?
Chevy Corvette ar Ford Mustang???
Gear shift without Clutch possible?
Honda Q. can you put a non vtec head on a Vtec engine block?
Where are the o2 sensors on my 02 volvo s80 T6?
1996 nissan pickup crankshaft position sensor location?
Will a broken cam belt damage the engine on a Renault Clio 1.2 - petrol engine - year 2000 model?
Ford F-150 unlock/lock remote?
MY new ( way used ) 2000 Ford zx2. It doesnt have original gauge cluster. And i cant determine which...?
Ford Or Chevy????????
How to take out a transmission in a 2001 dodge grand carrivan?
do you think people are jealous when they tell you that you are ugly?
Which Honda civics look the coolest?
i have a 91 mustang 5.o hatchback & my hatch wont latch-trunk wont close?
I have a91 capri, how can I hook it up and trick it out? inside and out. photos, suggestion anything.?
what should i do to my 2005 dodge ram rumble bee?
Why can't women drive?
does indica v2 have a petrol version?
Are Ford's reliable?
Led lights under dashboard?
Is the hummer a bullet proof car?
I put a 1996 Ford Aerostar 4x4 transmission in my 1995 Explorer perfect other than overdirve?
Just bought a Mazda RX8 and wondered if sum1 could recommend best type of oil to buy for this type of car?
whats some good mods and parts to get for my dodge Ram?
i want to get rims for my bmw x5, budget is 2200 is hartge and ac schnitzer available, including tires?
HONDA CRV Do you have one?
How reliable is a 1996 Neon with 210000 kms?
96 mustang..speedometer not working?
which car would win a race?
What is the best Honda with a Vtec engine I can buy?
how to change timing belt 2004 chevy aveo?
Squeaking noise from back of car?
I have a 1995 Honda Civic that keeps overheating, any ideas?
why does my 4x4 not engage?
1995 eclipse gs rough idle\stalling\surging?
what does BMW stand for?
Cooling fans on 97 acura cl 3.0 wont come on?
how many days it takes to build a car?
Do Enkei 92's fit a 1995 honda civic ex?
From where every part of the perodua kancil car that produced in Malaysia?
What can i name my bmw?
Help with jeep tires and wheels?
reset service reminder on a V50?
will a vg30dett fit in a86.5 nissan d21 and what will it take?
Value of a 1994 ford ranger?
In a chrysler sebring 1997 convertable 6 cyc, are there any down sides? gas mileage? repair cost?...etc.?
whitch one is your favorite car and why?
will a 2000 ford f250 with a 5.4l v8 get better mpg than a 1997 dodge ram 1500 with a 5.2l v8?
What muscle car is better the 426 Shelby Cobra or Eleanor?
My son has a VW Golf and he changed the oil but put the wrong grade in. Will it make any difference. Cheers?
Radio for 2005 Tacoma?
anyone know the maximum speed for the 2006 honda civic?
Changing my Ford Focus for a VW Passat or a Vauxhall Vectra.?
Which is better a Ferrari 360 or a Porsche GT3?
Front of car shakes while braking.?
what was your best car you had..mine was a ford capri,it was 1.3cc which is now a 3.0 it go's like ****?
What is the color of the paint code 704-A on a 1958 chevy apache pick up truck?
how much will the Pontiac Solstice GXP cost? base/loaded?
my 90 jeep bucks at 1 forth throttle?
risks and benefits of ECU chipping a car?
91'Cavalier odd overflow problem.?
Acura TL vs Ford Mustang?
should i use seafoam on my 92 ford bronco?
Which is the better car?
Why are the brakes on my 2004 Toyota celica locking up after being parked for a while?
how do i install the speedometer cable on a 1989 toyota supra, non-turbo?
What is the best and worst name that has ever been given to a car.?
will the stock oil pump shaft on my 1993 302 going in a 1965 mustang putting an hei distributor in work with t?
Pontiac g6 and no ethanol fuel?
what is the color code for a 2006 nissan sentra in silver?
Wanting to buy a dodge dart should I?
I have a 2004 Chevrolet Silverado, and I have questions about putting a plow on it?
which was the maximum speed of A.M.C rebel 8cyl 340HP 1970?
My peugeot 106 look petrol gauge on dash not working..?
Opinions on the 2004 Ford Freestar please?
whats the exact difference between a 5 door and a 4 door car?
How much an original 1967 Cadillac Deville worth. It has been sitting in a barn for 20 years. New convertible?
citroen picaso no wipers or indicators battery light comes on central locking also not working?
Intake system price For honda?
Is a 2000 Mazda 626 a good car?? or how about a Honda civic 1998 DX which is better??
I have an old Ford POS why can't I use Dex/Merc?
I need a template for drilling the holes for the rear letters on a 1970 corvette.?
I really want to buy a Miata. Any problems with this model?
2001 Chey Blazer no start\power?
can a mustang Saleen really hit 200 mph like the speedo says?
2005 Renault Clio Rush the boot won't open. ?
carnal knowledge! what car are we talkin about?
was winner of Prius raffle at Milwaukee Car show 2006 notified or published?
Can I install xenon aftermarket on a 2008 mercedes c300?
will i need to adjust my renualt laguna wheel arches to fit 7.5x18" alloy wheels2?
How much is my 1965 toyota corolla worth?
AWD Turbo vs. FWD Turbo?
How much does a 1992 Suzuki gsxr 750 weight?
who else thinks mustang is the most popular car?
Is it possible to program your Lexus remote so that it unlocks all 4 doors with one press?
How many horse power in a 5.7 hemi?
What is a better 1st car?
Can I change the body appearance of my 1999 chevy silverado 1500?
How do you make a citreon AX cool?
Why can't I buy French cars in the US?
1987 Dodge Raider Fuel Filter?
1995 Nissan pathfinder has rough idle and sluggish acceleration?
2000 Cadillac STS Landau roof.?
What is the best family 4x4?
I own a 2001 Honda Odyssey with DRL. One light intermittently goes out .Warning buzzer. Bulb is good. Help!?
Where's the speed sensor in a 08 Mitsubishi Lancer?
I have A 84 blazer have R 12 Its OUT cuz it blows HOTT AIR 2 CONVT CAN I USE A KIT OR $250 @SHOP?
how to fix head gasket in nissan 240sx?
Should i buy mahindra mini xylo or xuv 500 ?
I am interested in getting a 2003 Ford Explorer. Does the V8 engine really suck up more gas than the V6?
when i sit in a two seater car am i sat in the front or back?
what is the life expectancy of a 2003 honda accord 4 cylinder?
how do i recharge my air condition on my grand prix? where is the port at inside the engine?
how many persent of goods in werhouse (in car factory) is related to spare part for machine?
So I'm 16..lookin possibly for an older fixxer-upper Porsche?
What song is used in the new Lexus commercial? Sounds like Sarah McLachlan but it's not.?
What kind of car does Smiley drive on his intro to Travels with Smiley as seen on
2000 S10 isnt running right?
Importing mk2 astra LHD to uk,insurance costs ?
would owning 92-99 bmw be cheaper if....?
2001 BMW 5-Series 525i Help me choose?
1998 ford contour, installing a new radio?
What's the worst car you've ever owned and why?
my street racing geo metro isnt fast enough help plz.?
Did the 68 camaro come with a 350 HP 327 CID as an option?
i am having trouble finding help with my 85 olds cutlass supreme 3.8. It is not running well or smooth.?
how many miles do 2002 or 2003 ford focus usually last? pros/cons?
'95 Chevy 1500 4x4 transmission problems. Can you tell me whats wrong?
I have 998 million dollars what do I do with it ????
Whats the fastet car you'v ever drove?
I like Ford cars. Which do you like?
1997 Honda Accord Alarm question?
what does a triangular light and an exclamation mark inside it honda accord 2004 just lit one?
i was looking for racing seats for my car when i remember about the side air bags.will i have any problems?
Keep a car standard/stock or pimp it out to the extreme?
Timing chain for micra 2003?
Which one should i get?
Engine size of a 2002 ford focus zx5?
Honda Prelude SRV V-tech 1996, preformance wise.?
What is better MUSTANG06 or CORVETTE06?
First drift project help?
How do YOU pronounce Audi?
Why do people complain so much about 2002 jettas ?
is a 330ci and 302 same block and bore?
cherokee price in egypt,model 2006 and 2005?
what is a bowtie?
Is there any way to touch up a scratch on a car without taking to body shop?
end of stream fix in minecraft?
What are you paying for a 2006 Honda Pilot in the Atlanta area?
I don't see why people adore Vws?
chrysler 300c expensive ?
Why doesn't Ford make Bronco's again????
HUD feature in corvettes?
Why are Vauxhalls rubbish?
i have to let my car warm up before i can drive off?
Good Mazda Tribute Modifications?
How to do a C230 Komp Oil Change?
2001 PT Cruiser startes ticking then quit?
difference between bi-xenon and xenon headlights?
whats with civic drivers?
1997 Subaru wrx boosting problem?
I say Escort, you say...?
What comes to mind when someone says Chevrolet Corvette?
do u think lambo doors would look good on a 1992 camaro rs?
when did the corvette first come out?
If having Hybrid vehicles are such a plus to the overall picture, shouldnt the prices be affordable?
My Ford E 150 will crank but won't start!?
all of my light are flickering in my car and i dont know what to do?
Good cars made by ford?
Yukon or Envoy?
need the procedure to change the heater core on a '65 mustang?
can you put a 1999 honda accord 4 cylinder drop kit on 6 cylinder? both are 4 door.?
Suzuki Baleno GLX?
How can I get a key for a 02 sl series saturn?
How to make a 2004 c230 kompressor faster or buy a 2005 z4 3.0?
What is a good alternative if you dont have BMW, Mercedes, Audi, VW money?
I need upholstery for my 1991 honda accord sedan.?
Can you put any V8 engine to a 1969 rs ss camaro?
what car should i get? is a jaguar a good car? good on gas.?
How is the on road performance report of NEW TATA Indigo XL?
Which is better ford or Chevy? Why?
how do i lower the front of my vw t4?
When I check my trans fluid level should the vehicle be running? 97 Dodge stratus?
what are the common issues with 2005 srt-4 neon? i want to buy one for 9k has 78k miles...what yall think?
I have a 2004 Dodge Stratus. I accidentally hit the panic button on the remote. How do I make it stop?
Fastest way to learn about air-cooled engines?
why does my 2006 mazda 3 die when i come to a stop?
Can you install 4 wheel drive on an 07 Nissan Pathfinder?
can a/c mounting bracket for a 99 civic fit a b18 in a ek swap,?
Is there suppose to be a protective boot for all 3 bulbs in a Mazda 3 headlight?
Can I send my 17 year old son to go to Toyota and get the car oil changed?
my ford escort double locking system has stopped working central locking still ok how can i repair/test it?
Can the grill be taken out easily on a 1985 Oldsmobile 98 Regency to reach the hood latch?
How much does an original 2011 f-150 ecoboost lariat regular box rear bumper cost?
what is a beemer bmw or bimmer?
where is the IAT located on a ford escape?
expnsion of bmw?
how much it costs for Nisaan Altima 60K maintainance?
Is anyone else tired,- REALLY TIRED !- of the stupid "Dr. Z" commercials?
Can someone out there please tell me what the difference between a GMC and Chevrolet? Look the same to me!!?
Where is the heater fuse located and if you know what number is it?
2003 Jeep cherokee limited ignition?
How much horse power does a 1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse have?
looking for apc euro style tail lights for a 2006 Ford F-350.?
who do a change the brake light on a Ford 2002 Esacpe?
where can i find info on a 1973 ford ltd with a 400 engine 2 barrell?
2003 Subaru Legacy help....?
New Renault Twingo Problom with accelerator sticking?
how can i get a lost title for a car?
mercedes benz e320 abs and ets issues?
GTI engine fit 2.0 vw golf transmission?
looking for a free diagram for timing for a 80 to 82 toyota tercel?
i have a 1980 pontiac trans am im on a tight buget so help?
My VIN number says Trans Am, but the trunk says Firebird?
how many cubic inches is a 5.7L V8 TBI OHV 16V?
2001 audi tt quattro convertible vs 2002 Acura cl type S?
is a scion xb a good car?would you buy it?
How could you tell if a infinite g35 coupe is a 350gt skyline?
Real vehicles don't wear bowties!!!?
goto cuba via canada?
i own a 2006 acura TSX manual.what are good efficient upgrades for my money?any brandname parts in particular?
1999 chevy silerado 4.8 problems?
Why does my radio shut off when I press the brake in my 93 civic?
What to do with an unlimited amount of tires?
When will the Saturn Vue hybrid be for sale?
I added green coolant to my 08 ford fusion yellow coolant. Is that ok?
How do you continue to repair these very expensive Camry's?
The Hyundai Sonata. Is it a luxury car?
what is better dodge journey crew or R/T?
How much would the insurance be on a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution?
I have a 98 Passat that has a metal sound coming from the engine compartment.?
Any of you Mustang Drivers ever spanked a Porsche 911?
Whats the best sports car around at the moment, that celebs have etc?
I would like to know the other chevy Geo Tracker and Suzuki Sidekicker looking vehicles are. The names please.
how can i find out how many MPG my jeep provides?
When is the BMW X7 coming to market?
1961 plymouth valiant?
What do mercedes-benz cell phone charger look like?
i have a 1999 cougar that will not start.?
Where to get in-dash navigation system for honda accord?
2006 Volvo S60 2.5T CD Error?
What's the best sounding car engine you've ever heard?
What can i do to make my 97 Mitsubishi eclipse run better?
93f150 wont crank but its getting fire and fuel ? Any ideas?
1964 mustang, 1967 corvette , do they exist?
Will a vehicle with bigger engine bypass a vehicle with smaller engine when both are cruising @ the same speed
when I depress the gas pedal of my car, it takes a long time to accelerate. Why?
i want to build a 1966 chevy c-10 just the way i want it?
I have a 93' Ford Tempo and it shakes really bad, does anyone know why?
what is the unlimited top speed of 2006 american honda accord V6 and 2.4liters?
Ferrari or Lamborghini?
a quick riddle, .s to whoever gets it first ........................................…
What shop people think of the tata vehicle?
according to u, which BMW car is the most beautiful....?
Why is there a problem with 2011 GMC Terrain recognizing iPod through USB?
my van wont start some times in morining battery is good?
When choosing BMW dealer, what makes you go this dealer over others?
Ford Motor Company Vs. General Motors?
What's your thoughts on a Jeep Wangler?
ford ranger colors in 1993?
Which car has the most powerful engine?
Pontiac G6- how do you like yours?
Did I make a mistake buying this new car?
Do you think year 9 is a year which you have to focus in?
1995 GMC Suburban 1500?
automobile college?
having problems with my 1500 2003 dodge ram hemi?
Help volkswagon polo clutch 2001?
Cadi Deville Miles Per Gallon?
Do you think it is okay for a 16 year old to get a BMW for their 1st car??
97 honda civic crank shaft position sensor?
how many liters is a stock chevy S 10?
how can i open the bonnet of my porsche boxster?
Should you keep ASR on for a 99 SLK 230?
Who out there thinks the new mustangs are seriously ugly?
whats the name of this type hood?
I have a 2005 Mitsubishi Outlander and would like to change the transmission fluid . Is this a do it yourself ?
Wich one is faster the jeep srt8 2008 or the jeep srt 8 2013?
Would You Rather Have A Brand-New Ford F150, Or A Chevy Volt?
GPS on 330 BMW has anyone ever just change the monitor screen?
1994 Jetta Volkswagen?
what is the timing for a 460 ford motor?
What makes of cars have you owned?
Which car do you think is an overall better car? The 2008 Nissan Altima or the 2008 Nissan Xterra?
What is the sweetest car of all time?
I need to decode a VIN on a BMW /2004 /545i-- 2 know how it is equipped with-The Trani is prioity?
Which is the best Car by Tata Motors?
Ford,Dodge, or Chevy?
were can i buy a hogs breath grill badge for a fg ford falcon?
Idling issue with my 93 Nissan Maxima?
What car would you rather have??
Shaving a tailgate. lord fusor?
Was the ford pinto really a bad car?
where is the fuel filter & pump of a 1999 new beetle 1.8T?
I want to install N2O in my VW R32. Does it worth it?
Engine makes ticking noise? What could it be?
Is it possible to drive a Mitsubishi Eclipse at night without headlights?
My 2001 Monte Carlo won't start?
My horn in my 91celica?
When Will It be Time for a new Car?
How to turn oil light off on 2006 ford explorer?
Is there a posted list of cars that are ready for E85 gas or Ethanol only?
Where can I find mitsubishi 1997 montero sport radio code?
would you buy a car that had?
How is the Market review of Grand Vitara?
BMW radio code someone help me figure this out.?
94' corolla, adding freon.?
Mystery Battery Drain, 1990 Chevy Camaro RS? Any Ideas?
Suzuki forenza headlight problem?
which is better porsche boxter 99 or mazda mx5 99?
Is there a MPG drop for the 2013 Chevrolet silverado 5.3L vortec?
what is the largest wheels that will fit a '94 lincoln mark 8 without any suspension adjustments?
i have a pt cruiser 2001...when i turn the heat on i hear a load noise?
2000 VW Jetta starter motor problems ?
1991 Honda accord air/fuel ratio?
How good do you think gas mileage will be in 2015?
Muffler recommendations for 3g Eclipse?
Will Honda Accord redesigned by the next year 2007 ??
The cruise control on my Plymouth Grand Voyager 1997 quit working can you tell me what the problem might be?
Is the 2005 chevy Blazer the same as the 2004 Model?
What's a good nickname for a 1971 GTO?
what can i do about my honda civic?
A.I.R fuse on a 2000 chevy truck"?
Wich is better, the SRT Neon or the STI Subaru? (Stock)?
v8 2005 mustang ball joints?
mazda cx 9 keyless entry?
1972 dodge w200 gas mileage average?
I want to buy a 2012 Ford F 150, what do I need?
Does anyone know if Impala's are gas guzzlers?
1997 ford f-150 turns over but won't fire?
what is the cost of HERO HONDA SPLENDOUR 2006 MODEL?
Where can a kid 13 years or under send a car design to???????
About longbeach cigarette's?
are mini coopers meant for girls, boys, or both?
2005 Ford Explorer 2nd row seat mod?
which is stronger and better Chevy or GMC?
2002-2005 Nissan Maxima Recall?
What is your favorite convertable that has a back seat?
Where can i get my Maruti Baleno customised for Rallys?
what do you thing of "Mercedes-Benz"?
customization for a 02 pathfinder ls?
does the 2011 dodge charger have a trim with AWD?
What are the screens for on the 1996 Mitsubishi Galant?
i need to find a gmac automotive specilist in the los angeles area?
if you where to put jump leads on a car te wrong way round what damage will it do 2 ur car?
Car logo that looks like a Mazda sideways?
Where can I buy a used engine for a 1994 Honda Civic DX 1.5 in Columbus, Ohio?
what's better sx4 or dezire?
Is the Mitsubishi Montero Sport a good, reliable vehicle?
Where can I get a key for my 91 honda accord?
What automobile is or has been your favorit dream car/trunk or both?
what is a ct2006 (type of car)?
how do i locate my old car without a vin?
Question about Cadillac's from an Aussie...wanting to trade a Honda???
What is a Chevy gen 3 silverado?
firing order ford escape 2001?
Chevy Avalanche leaking in the back.?
Does a Chevy Cavalier have automatic transmission?
nissan sentra engine vibration?
What kind of cars do people drive?
ive got a mazda 3 and want to change the back lip spoiler to a raised one?
Is a ferrari or lamborhgini stick shift or automatic?
How good are 06 Pontiac Grand Prix in the winter?
Which SUV is better Toyota FJ Cruiser of the Nissan Xttera?
What do u like about Toyota Camry?
turn signals, flashers, lighter, clock don't work. checked all fuses. good?
except Iraq what will be the next war that the soldiers of America will fight?
How do I tell if my Mustang is a "numbers matching" Mustang?
The hunt for Diomede Island - Please help?
How many gallons does a 1994 ford explorer xlt's gas tank hold?
How many miles can I drive before I have to refill a Honda Civic GX (CNG) (Natural Gas powered)?
Should I get a Lamborghini or a Honda accord?
Quiet clucking noise at bottom of 2002 Toyota corolla?
Iam looking into buying a 1998 mustang gt but it has a problem?
My Nissan Micra's reversing has stopped working and the bulb and fuses are fine. Please help !?
What is the Fireing order of a 97 Volkswagen Jetta 2.0?
which car do you think is faster the porsche carerra Gt or a saleen s7?
is the body specs the same on all the 1996 honda civics? (like ex, dx)?
the 1998 Chrysler Cirrus appears to have a different type of brake system, I cannot find the adjuster?
How many midgets would you be able to fit into a "Ford Festiva" what tools would you use?
How do i reset the Passive Anti-Theft System on my Ford Escape?
1986 chev truck fuel guage problem?
1995 Ford Thunderbird inspection question?
Will GM ever make anything like Pontiac Fierro, Saturn Sky, or Pontiac Solstice ever again?
What could be the cause of Honda Civic engine sudden shut off?
whats the nicest car you`ve owned, tested or borrowed?
My 04 Ford Taurus will start, but when I left my foot off the accelerator it dies. What could be causing that
What can i do to make 20 inch rims fit on my 1999 toyota corolla ? and around how much would it cost ?
What's cheaper and better, a 911 turbo or a corvette Z06?
Where can i get softer suspension?
Camshaft sensor relocate on 99 chevy Suburban?
What do you think of the 2006 Saturn Ion 3?
mazda pickup defroster pushes cold air why ?
How do you shut off daytime lights on 2005 grand am gt?
Are all Chevrolet's junk?
how do i remove the ECU chip from a 2001 volvo s60?
Do you like my 2001 subaru impreza outback sport?
Mini Cooper? Your thoughts please.?
Should I sell my c70 Volvo hardtop?
Is there a 2007 mercedes S 350 v6?
Did I misunderstand my Dodge salesman? If you buy a new '08 you have a warranty for life?
how can i get rid of acid reflex?
Why does my check engine light keep coming on?
92' Honda Accord power steering not working...what's the most likely cause?
Honda Civic or Honda Prelude?
My volvo s40 2005 stalling?
Spark plug change in a Renault modus. does anyone know where they are located and what tools are needed?
Did Ford make Mustangs in 1962?
1996 nissan sentra cluster?
can i fit a 89-94 s13 rear 5 lug on a 95-98 s14?
Where can I find a convertiable BMW for less than $5000?
My 93 Dodge Dakota uses the old type of freon for the AC, BUT?
Why does my honda not excel over 80 mph?
How do I get the theft device on a 2002 mustang to let me start my car?
is a datsun 1200 ute good for a 16 year olds first car?
which is the most expensive car in all over the world ?
2001 hyundai sonata hesitating?
is the tailight design the same between the 1999 mazda b series pickups and the 1999 ford ranger?
2003 Ford F150 2wd, where is the location of the turn signal flasher?
Do they make automatic ford raptors?
How do you change a heater core on a 92 olds archeiva?
I want to buy a new car, But confuse in Maruti Estilo or Hyundai i10?
What would be the benefits of putting a performance chip in my truck? Also, how much do they cost about?
how do you change the headlight on a 2004 ford explorer?
where is the PVC value located in a 2002 ford 4.0L?
I put oil in my honda atv now it smokes like crazy why?
What's better in terms of appearance? Camry 2012 or Altima 2012?
94 honda accord speedometer is stuck on 20 mph whats wrong?
What car should I get? 07 Lexus is250 or 04 BMW 530i?
Rear Brake Adjustment?
Puncture on a turbo trainer?
what does sulv stand for?
I have a new Suzuki Cruiser Motorbike with spoke wheels.?
HUMMER 1 wont start?
what is tiptronic shifting (standard in some VW cars I am interested in buying)?
1999 Nissan Altima Driver Window Won't Go Up, But Will Go down.?
97 Saturn S series/2 door - good car or not?
I have 2006 maxima when i crank it makes a clattering noise it comes from the valve cover, does any know?
are 2002 rsx easy to steal?
Why buy a 4.0 liter engine instead of a four cylinder for a Jeep Wrangler?
Where was the Pontiac GTO designed and manufactured?
in a drag race what car would win, a lamborghini countach or a lotus espirit v-8?
98 dodge avenger 6 cyl starts but runs rough getting gas but could be injectors air noise some oil plugs front?
what is a mechanic that work with an import tuner called?
Quick question about check engine light on an older model nissan?
How much for a 1995 honda accord ex tune up?
Horrible Gas Mileage in 2002 Grand Prix..... Please Help?
2001 f250 power mirrors?
1987 Z28 305 V8 camaro need help with engine issues?
key is stuck in 96 acura?
Does chevy have a truck to compete with the 2nd gen f150 lightning?
Does chevy still make the '64 impala?
what is the name of the song on the new hyundia commercial where it goes front back side to side?
What would you choose, an '07 BMW X5 4.8 or an '07 Porsche Cayenne S?
who is peugeot ?
integra GSR front bumper question?
I have a 1974 mercury capri with a bad roof and i was wondering where can i get a new one?
When is 2013 Audi A7 coming out?
Can a 87 or 90 jeep pioneer 2wd be turned into 4x4?
Which Studebaker had a telephone in it?
Wich is better, the SRT Neon or the STI Subaru? (Stock)?
what car is comparable to a honda civic si in speed?
How to repair blown head on a 02 ford mustang?
Would you rather drive a Ferrari or a Bentley?
coil overs for my 99 mustang.?
How to remove the front seats from my Nissan Rogue 2010 ?
Bigger engine for 2000 honda civic ex?
broke wire in Toyota engine?
Does anyone like the name Brooks Ford?
what year ford will work on a 84 wire harness?
I am cosidering buying a 2001 ford focus but it needs a new fuel pump and the computer needs to be reset. ?
what is the tallest building in the world.....and the usa?
Best body kit company?
what was the factory delivered price of a 95 porsche 911 coupe And did they offer a single turbo in the coupe?
02 Chevy Impala Cruise Control Issue?
Power ports on a 2005 Ford FreeStar
In car all in one dvd player for Zafira car?
Why do people not buy Subaru's?
There is a constant fan-like sound turning on & off in my '04 Nissan titan, what is it?
Why do people rice out hondas?
What is the cheapest 2006 Mercedes Benz i could buy that is not used?
Should I buy a G35, 350Z, EVO, WRX, OR RSX?
What do you think about a 1990 Camaro RS?
Fault on front wiper motors VW GOLF MK4?
What motors were available in the 1967 pontiac grande prix?
Girls, would u rather be in a car with a guy with a racing custom civic, mercedes, a nice jeep, or a bmw?
Do you like my truck?
which is better?fuel injection or carbourated 88' jeep wrangler?
Whats so good about living in a caravan?
installing a cd player in a bmw 318i?
who is the stig off top gear?
cambelt on my recently bought ford puma is 3 years overdue company i bought it from says they are not liable?
Is a 2.4 Petrol Hybrid Toyota Estima economical?
Looking to buy an 02-04 Acura RSX, how many miles is too many miles?
Widest tire for the stock 13 Camaro LS steel wheels?
does seafoam get to all cylinders evenly?
what is faster? a 97 m3 or a 97 svt?
2013 chevy cruze vs 2013 hyundai elantra?
My 2000 ford focus lx has a serious reverberating vibration as soon as its started.?
is dodge having any "specials" on vehicles in january 2008???
Lowering springs/coilovers for a 2008 civic?
Is a 92 toyota camry le worth $2,000.00? it has 160,0000 miles.?
I have chunks of ice come out of my vents on my 1990 dodge dakota with ac on any ideas why?
American or Japanese Car?
My issue is I am trying to put on 02 dodge crew cab on top of an 03 engine and transmission.?
is mitsubishi a good car?
I have a CP240 Mercedes. Automatic.?
how do i fix my drl lights on 2000 monte carlo?
where is a good site to find out about early model ford cars 1928 - 1934 what were the differances in them?
Is a Dodge Intrepid a good car?
Can a Turbo 2009 Honda S2000 beat a stock 2009 BMW M6?
how would you mod a 2011 challenger srt8?
auto the first year the vw van was made?
Ford M5OD-R2 overdrive ratio?
How much does it cost to repair a Mazda 3?
replace brake pads on 2006 ford taurus?
I have three autos one full coverage the other two just liability we had a hail strom and it damaged all autos
How do i find plate number and vid number for my dodge intrepid?
Which is the best dodge car?
why are my headlights on my 2001 nissan altima so dim on bright?
Ford Taurus stalling at start?
toyota avensis y reg 2001 1.8 is this engine fittrd with timing belt or chain?
Does anyone know where I can buy a Rover 100/metro?
What do you guys think of Peugeot's 206 and 207 and which model do you prefer from these 2?
What size speakers does a Honda Civic coupe 2002 use?
I need a name for my car. I know, it's weird LoL, but I would like some opinions please =]?
2002 Toyota Sequoia Changed Battery?
Tuners:Mitsubishi Lancr evo 9 vs subaru impreza Bikes: 999r vs ninja trucks : srt8 jeep vs cayeene?
does a nissan x terra 2001 have a beverage warmer by manual shift?
help replacing 95 civic radiator?
Blinkers and hazzards dont work?
Ford Ranger rear differential?
How can you customize a chevrolet silverado to be like a cadillac?
How to change a thermostat in a vw golf 99?
Why is my 2001 Ford Escort zx2 smoking under the hood?
can i add a turbo muffler with a 3 inch inlet to my stock 2" piping?
What do you think of Renault cars?
My 1996 Ford Tarus tranny does not have a burning smell?
im looking for a hood for a 96 Mercury Couger?
what are some quick and easy engine upgrades that can be done on a stock 85 mustang 302?
is purple a good color for a car with gold yellow inside?
What does the initials, "GTO", in 67 Ponitac GTO, stand for ? ?
Hey U, YES U, Whats Your Favorite car and Why??!!!?
How much would it cost to buy new rims and tires for 2002 civic?
Tire replacment cost for a 2003 Corvette?
ferrari enzo or porche cayman ?
common problems with a 1998 vt commodore?
Is a Toyota celica roomy?
Where do you find a diagnostic tool for a 91' pathfinder?
Where is the BSi on a Peugeot 206 1.4 Automatic 51 plate?
The differences in handling between Honda cb550, 650?
How can I tell a true 1970 Nova SS from a clone?
Crown Victoria vs. Toyota Camry?
what is the Fj in toyota FJ stands for?
my 95 jeep grand cherokee flashes codes 12 and then 11 what are they?
YOUR dream car ???
ferrari enzo or porche cayman ?
can u legalize a 91 volkswagon cabriolet with the vin digit begining in W?
Does any one know the production numbers on the 95 thru 98 240sx, individually?
I have a 2000 Nissan sentra that seems to want to stall out and has the engine light blinking,?
Pros and cons of the Outback Sport?
Maintenance for 2009 Corvette vs 2009 mustang vs 2009 mustang v6?
will 19inch rims fit on my 2003 330ci?
4WD Tyres for Mitsubishi Outlander?
Olds '98 w/3.8: Plenum issue - oil contamination also?
one thousandth (0.001) of a liter?
Do you know of a reputable Volvo mechanic in the Portland, OR area?
What is the most mileage you ever saw on an original car motor?
what does a fuse look like for a car?
What could cause a chevy 6.5 diesel to suddenly not start?
Do you like the SLK 230 Kompressor?
Can some twin turbo a ford fiesta?
what will a fully loaded nissan skyline er34 do in a quarter mile?
what is a cheap lift for a 1992 toyota 4runner?
Mitsubisi eclipse 98 help?
My temp gauge rises real quickly while sitting still. Bad thermostat, water pump? 1993 ford tbird 5.0L?
how much horsepower does the f 150 have?
I have a 96 mercury sable and as I climb hills iam at 70 and in the middle it drops to 45 or 50 what could be?
2003 Nissan Pathfinder ticking (maybe lifter) noise. Any Ideas?
What is the major difference b/w coilovers and springs?
about mercedes-benz,i have problem with starting the car,it is an E-240---2001 year model.?
what is the maximum speed of a F1 car?
Is there any new pulsar 220 coming this year or next ?
how wide is the bed of a 1999 chevy s10?
2006 Chevy Colbat and it turned off, won't start. Jerking for past 3 days. clicking noise no turnover?
Can I stick transmission fluid into a 92 Nissan Sentra MX?
I've heard that GM owns part of Toyota, is this true?
dodge exhaust is this ok?
do i need to change computers if im changing my mustang from an automatic to a manual?
question about my civic?
new introduction of TATA NANO to indian market is healthier to environment or not?
Engine wont do anything when turning the key in my 2000 dodge ram 2500 v10?
A 2006 Toyota Prius one owner?
Hyundai cars?
Central Locking?
BMW 328i Coupe or Infiniti G37 Coupe?
How many miles will the timing belt in my 1994 Honda Accord EX last? I have a 155,000 miles on the original?
How to reset the PCM 01 grand prix?
GPS on 330 BMW has anyone ever just change the monitor screen?
What is the best car Chevy currently makes??
problem with acura tl 3.2?
Performance Upgrades on a BMW 323i?
2013 Honda Accord Sport?
89 civic hb starting problem..cranks but wont start?
how do i remove my front seat in town&country 2005?
How often do you change oil in Honda?
have a ford 600 tractor and my hydraulic lift wont raise?
is it hard to replace the transmission solenoid on a 1993 ford SHO?
The cruise control on my 2003 Jeep Wrangler only works part of the time.It kicks off and won't come back on?
Locker vs. limited slip, which one would better suit my needs?
Please only answer if you own a Mazda 6?
Positioning a spoiler on my '13 Mustang before installing?
Boost maximum and minimum retard?
Why would anyone buy a Kia?
Do you think Ford would ever stop selling the Mustang? or is it their trademark car?
Took my 2004 dodge neon to get bushings and control arms and about 1 week later tire falls off?
Does anyone else agree that Ford has TERRIBLE advertising? Who is their ad agency? Time to fire them?
Does anyone know what car this is?
Which is the safest Honda vehicle and roomiest, which car from the Honda family do you have?
Who likes Fords Better than Chevy's?
replace brake pads on 2006 ford taurus?
who made the buggati veyron?
Is BMW z3 a good choice?
Who Has A Hyundai Santa Fe? Would You Recomment This SUV?
Will f250 shocks/springs fit on a f150?
What is a really nice blue paint to spray a s2000?
what is the cause of the constant ticking noise in the engine of my 96cavalier?
Michelin tyres for skoda octavia? Need advice!?
Where can i buy or find parts for a 1set gen Xterra?
Box under air filter fell off my 1994 Honda Accord?
I have a question about a radiator for a 94 corolla?
Peugeot 205 repair costs and value?
Dodge Charger 2009 alarm system help please? Car theft..?
which street in abudhabi suzuki car showroom located?
how to open the back door on my bora as the child lock is on and wont open from in side or out?
For you Jeep owners that are convinced Jeep is the best brand?
I have a 1999 Ford expedition that makes a clicking sound when accelerating.?
What's BMW stand for?
Infiniti g35 coupe hp?
What have you done to tarnish your Subaru Legacy?
is dodge an american company?
Just Wondering and need help !!!?
93 nissan 240sx rims to a 98 nissan altima?
What's your favorite classic car?
I have a 2001 mitsubishi galant and my heat dont work. My ac works fine. What do I check for.?
Is the Mitsubishi Montero Sport a good, reliable vehicle?
What is the poshest car?
any where online i can down load free tech manuals for 1995 jeep wrangler?
Is the Cadillac cts coupe nice for a 20 year old?
How long would a 96 camaro with 124000 miles last?
2005 Acura TL trunk leak?
Which truck should I buy, a Chevy Silverado or Dodge Durango?
is the russian car lada still in business?
where is the fuse panel on an 86 crown victoria?
Parts for Acura/Honda Legend 3.2L V6 (1995)?
I have a 96 sentra with 200k about when will the starter need replacement ?
2002 lincoln town car?
How often do you need to change the oil in a car?
mpg of manual excursion diesel?
my 95 wndstar hesitates at low speeds. please help?
where can i get a 5speed transmision 87 nissan p/u 4cyl.Z24i engine,in the dallas tx area?
94 Ford Explorer Fuse Relay Box sale?
Can someone help me on a car question about a 1998 Mazda 626?
Rockford Fosgate or powerbass?
What does the "S" mean on Porsches?
If you had to pick one car, which would it be?
Is my friends old car worth hanging on too?????????
how to put brakes on a ford taurus?
2008 Ford Mustang GT as first car?
what generation civics are the best?
Nissan altimna 2005 won't start sometime. I have to wait couple hour then it would start again.?
Shock and strut replacement replacement 2002 ford focus?
my dodge caravan is smoking, shaking and is having a hard time getting out of first and second gear.?
is there suppost to be a light in the glovebox of the 2009 chrysler sebring?
if I lost the key to my Ford Taurus, what can I do to get a replacement?
how much is a tune up for 1991 acura legend?
Where can I find a mandrel bent exhaust system for a 1995 Chevy Blazer 2-door with a 4.3 Vortec?
can you show me some picturs & price rates of a honda accord 5 speed years between 1995 to 1999?
Rear bulb holder for Citroen C2 VTS 2007 model?
How do I reset the maint required light in a 1991 jeep wrangler?
how does the chineese bulb work?
how to change timing belt 2004 chevy aveo?
how to fix my Cadillac CTS 2003?
my emergency brake is stuck on?
How much does the car AXO2 CVS mercedes car cost?
Throttle response issues on my r32 skyline?
Audi A4 1999 1.8T quattro goes to emergency mode when accelerate?
Volkswagen Rabbit'08.What's the News?Good - Bad?
Where can I find a listing of the different models by year for a Toyota Sienna (ex mpg for 2002 vs 2003)?
Where is a shut off at on a doge neon 1995?
Fuse panel 2001 ford van e250?
How to mend a car diesel engine making too much noise?
What is the life span of a 2003 GMC Sierra 2500 HD 6.0L Fuel pump?
are saab 9000 turbos any good?
93 grand cherokee 4.0 idles rough & hesitates at low rpms?
what are your dream car(s)?
should i be charged for this
What year did the first Ford Mustang come out?
What Ford Mustang is the best?
mazda 3? made by ford??
Help bmw m3 e46 gtr body kit?
hood modification to dodge?
1997 Oldsmobile Cutlass brake problem?
HELP! Gauge cluster not working (Multi function display)?
does anyone have a stereo wire diagram for a 93 pontiac sunbird?
Would it matter if you install an ignition control module w/o lean burn, dispite a car has a lean burn system?
are repair costs high for a 95 bmw 318i?
diy-how to replace front and rear brake for 2001 honda accord?
I need a dash or circuit board for '95/ V10/ 5 speed/ 4WD /ram 2500?
I lost my car keys, is a BMW 325 2012, can a sattelite or GPS help me?
How can i take a spoiler off of an eagle talon?
Can someone please explain alpina bmw to me?
how much would it cost to totaly restore a 2000 chevy 1500?
Buying a audi a4. What should I look for in terms of mechanics?
I have a 2006 Ford Freestyle the tow rating is 2000 Ibs I want to tow a boat that weighs 2800 Ibs?
How do you say it?
How do I adjust the headlights for a 1998 chevy k1500 truck?
Which car is better? grand prix gt or chev impala?
1986 F350 Crew Cab.Front tank only,working.Looking for troubleshooting diaghram.?
Toyota Levin BZR Mpg?
Wiring harness kit for 2001 s10 tail lights?
Dome light not working in 1997 GMC Sierra?
how do i release a seatbelt with an item in it?
acura or honda?
Who likes cars?
Can i fit in a ford ranger?
What makes the car makes a nocking sound when you crank it?
at what speed do i shift gears in a "toyota celica gts"?
im getting a Mercedez benz C300 (sport) for my birthday but what color?
what would you pay for a '02 VW jetta GLS 1.8T TIPTRONIC with 48k?
honda engine?
what motors would fit a 1992 vw golf gti ?
Where are you?
Is it possible to put Twin Turbo on the new Scion Frs?
what is the payload for a 2000 2500 gmc sierra 2wd 6.0 liter truck extended cab 6.5 ft box?
1979 jeep cj7 4.2l 6 cylinder lift 4"?
98 Durango won't stay on please help?
acura 1997 integra good price used and new?
okay would it be possible to "revive" plymouth because i love their brand?
When buying a used car, what's the highest mileage I should accept?
i need to change the clutch in a geo tracker?
What's the meaning of 'Volvo'?
Can the oil pump go out without blowing up the motor in a vw passat?
Does anyone own a Kit Car?
Should i buy a Jeep Compass or Kia Sorento?
chevy or ford?
What's your dream car?
Is a VW Polo 1.4 SE [60bhp] any good?
Just bought a new BMW M Roadster.....what do you think?
what is a steering wheel from a 1964 mustang gt worth in good condition?
my 2001 chrysler sebring wont start?
How do you fix a parcel shelf on a Toyota Starlet?
Fiberglass Body Kits????Anyone was a Flex Fiber Composite body kit?
does volkswagen caddy 1.9D have catalytic converter?
where can i find the nissan logo animation ******* the honda logo?
How to do a transmission flush on my eclipse gt?
how good is the ford escape hybrid?
What kind of flowmaster exhaust system for a 2002 Ford Ranger?
What do you think of the 2006 RAV?
01 chevy blazer,seems dead but battery is charged and clicks when you take the key out?
will car prices come down?
is the 2001 dodge ram 1500 4x4 9.25" (posi) rearend housing compatable with 1998 dodge ram 1500 4X4?
What is your dream car?
My boyfriend is buying a new Honda S2000. Is it comfy for passengers?
what year trucks will the front end fit a 1992 chevy 4x4 truck?
benz 230 and nissan primera 1.6 with speedometer calibration reading of 100km/hr. pls tell if both are at par?
Is it ok to drive in the S mode for Toyota Camry SE 2012?
what is the component of breackshoes of automobile?
i`m looking for a 3rd brake light for 1988chevy truck thats custom with bow tie that can be painted red.?
Who likes airsofting? If so what is ur favorite gun?
Can a BMW M5 with 4 of your friends really beat a Corvette?
Good places to get truck lifted?
how many companies have made variationscof the Ford Mustang, ive seen a shelby and saleen version?
1938 chevy master deluxe vehicle weight?
what is the best car in the world?
Used Car Value for a 2008 Nissan Sentra?
how much does a rolls royce ghost cost?
Where is the diagnostic link or diagnostic connector on a 1999 Cougar?
Lamborghini Reventón?
Toyota 4runner: V8 Engines - Were many produced?
which is faster?
Up to what mileage will a 1994 toyota camry last?
Is 200 000 km (125 000 miles) too much for a BMW 323 1999 (For first car use)?
Anyone knows the name of the song in the ford focus 2008 car commercial in spanish?
what are farming tractors used for?
What car will rule in 2010 - Mustang GT or Camaro SS?
dodge caravan tranny leak?
Where can I buy a b18?
performance mods for a 1981 ford mustang 2.3 liter?
Which would you prefer, a CORVETTE or a MUSTANG and why?
convert a 2.4 gas engine in a volvo to a diesel. Will the transmission hook up?
What is the most popular car ever built. Was it theVW or the Mini?
The dash board of Toyota Corolla 1990 model shows a sign of engine when it is running. Whats problem is this?
Honda 89 crx engine swap D16y8 prices? Parts needed?
I have 1999 Dodge Intrepid and the engine is knocking hard and my mechanic said i have to buy a new engine.?
68 california mustang special value?
is a 95 chevrolet cavalier good to supe up?
where can i find pictures of a Lincoln navigator?
wire harness diagram for 1995 ford escort wagon?
anyone have a "classic" sentra se-r ? what mods are done to them? cost? hp?
Ford Transit tipper fuse/relay location?
What type of transmission fluid is used in a 2012 Subaru impreza premium?
which was the maximum speed of mercedes benz 1112 truck diesel 6cyl 110HP 1965?
Is a 2004 Chrysler Pt Cruiser a good first car?
Would you ever buy a Cadillac? Why or why not?
what is 69?
Is a Hyundai a good car?
replaced fuel filter and pump in 2001 nissan sentra. Whats the problem?
41 MPG Volkswagen Bus?
what does it mean when you replace an engine in a 99 grand am and the car jerks when it shifts?
which country is volvo made from?
Will it increase the value of my Jaguar X-Type 3.0 if I put a Ford logo on it?
what is the bhp of a maserati quattroporte v8 evoluzione?
Is the Ford V-10 or Desiel, better for a work truck?
2010 dodge charger 3.5l v6 looking for the #4 cylinder and the firing order?
mini me swap honda civic 94 d15?
where can I find the code of my 1997 BMW 328i audio system?
What type of transmission fluid does a 2006 Suzuki Forenza use?
How do I engage 4WD in a pajero io?
Car Decals: Cool or Blah?
fiesta mk6 bumper question?
1999 Ford Taurus blow cool air instead of heat. check heater core hose both side cold, how to bleed the line?
where are land rovers made?
Honda vs Mazda New Car ?
my 94 ford ranger manual transmission is hard to shift once it warms up. can this be corrected by a DIY'er?
I have a pug 306 1.4 xn 1994 i have kitted this car up for my wife,what can be done to make it alittle faster?
Which is a better off-roader? Jeep Wrangler or FJ Cruiser? Any other suggestions?
Who are the most annoying car owners?
Does anyone own a 2004 Chevy cavalier? I may be buying one how do you like yours?
HI I am looking for a stock jeep cj7, 1984 radio?
why does heavy black fumes emanate from the exhaust in a vehicle?
The cruise control on my Plymouth Grand Voyager 1997 quit working can you tell me what the problem might be?
why on a 1985 volkswagon jetta does the starter solinoid have two secondary contacts.?
2001 Dodge Neon losing power while driving then coming back on - what can it be?
What Is That Box Under The Resivor On My 95 Volks Golf GTI Where All The Wires Run 2?
How come I lose my cigarette lighter power when I turn on my headlights?
Size of stock steering wheel in 2005 Nissan Altima?
Hi i have a MITSUBISHI EVO 8 MR 340 that I've modified up to 422 bhp can anyone beat that :O)?
How many miles per galon a 1997 dodge stratus gives?
Clanking Noise on Truck?
Which should I get? The Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X or the Subaru Impreza WRX STI?
where do i find a pcv elbow for my car?
where is the transmission computer located on a 2003 f-250 super duty?
99 tahoe bend push rod?
Why do people who own BMW cars act like a jerk?
Do you still trust toyota?
What will happen if I have a bad TPS sensor on a dodge stratus 2.4L engine.?
Why the BLEEP did Toyota/Lexus make a hybrid SUV that costs 50 thousand dollars?!?
how much is the price of peugeot 405?
does any one know any movies that have a charger in it?
How good is the Ford Focus?
what is the distance from Brownsville,TX to Las Vegas,Nevada?
maintenence schedule 1992 corolla 200.000 what is the maintenence schedule?
how can I get a free car manual for my 2003 escalade ESV?
How to find correct touch up paint for my car?
Whats a better car... Mini One or Vauxhall Astra (3dr)???
Mechanical question - 1994 Mercedes E320?
On a 2008 Subaru forester the power train has been reset. Is that bad?
2010 Kia Forte Koup SX Limited Edition?
Who thinks the 1967 shelby gt500 is the most badass vehicle ever made?
What does a Full size Steel Rim Under Body Spare Wheel mean?
how do I change my password?
What is a good exhaust for a 2010 Si ,no fart cans more performance than anything?
is it possible to swap a 96 suzuki gzxr 750 front clip for a newer suzuki gzxr bike like a 03 and up?
what does volvo mean?
need the size and part number for the 2 starter mounting bolts on a 1990 nissan pickup?
Today I pad $3.45 a gallon to fill my tank, experts estimate $4 a gallon by Sept. this year & $5 by late 2009?
which one of these car is the best one to get Nissan Cube|Kia Soul|ScionxB?
Should I drive a Hummer H2 or a Chevrolet Corvette?
now i'm really confused. should i buy toyota cololla or hyundai accent?
the 4wd JEEP what does the JEEP stand for?? thanks?
What's a good 6 cylinder car?
my mazda rx-7 stalls in drive and reverse whats wrong?
horse power of a 1989 chevy s-10 4.3?
Frame Compatibly? 32 Ford Coupe?
How do I replace the ignition switch for a 1986 Dodge Diplomat with tilt steering?
h22 engine died need help?
When I try an start my 99 cavalier it makes a kinda tapping sound an will not start is this the starter?
Chevrolet 2.2 Flex?? S-10??
How much is petrol/gas where you live? It is AU$1.69 litre.?
which bmw model is the best for a teenage driver?
What's a better buy? The Toyota Yaris Sport or Toyota Corolla Sport?
What engine will fit in my vehicle?
I want to prchase an '88 MR2.....?
Which is a better classic:A Lamborghini or A Porsche?
i have 05 camry toyota that keeps overheating?
What are some good fast and lightweight cars that I can get for around for 5-10k ?
How do you change the fuel filter on a 2002 Ford Explorer?
How to program key fob for 2001 Toyota Tacoma??! What is the ECU?
BMW or Mercedes?
Does the 2000 excursion need def?
How safe is a bug car......???
Estimate of cost to replace clutch on 2005 VW Jetta 2.5?
1991 Buick Park Avenue burns up ignition modules.?
i need pop accesible account?
What do you think the greatest car is of all time?
how do i gt a blood donor card?
which car is best mercedes or bmw?
where is the flasher switch on a grand am?
Which should I get? The Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X or the Subaru Impreza WRX STI?
what would be the equivalent model in the U.K to an Opel Zafira Edition.?
HELP 2003 Volkswagen passat started jerking?
Where is the coolant sensor for a 2000 ford taurus?
My 2001 ford Taurus runs fine driving on highway when stop oil light flashes and car dies?
What is the average MPG you Prius Owners are getting? I get about 42-48.?
How can you tell if its the power steering belt?
Acura TSX?
what car mfgs. does ford own?
Should I buy the the Toyota 2007 Hybred model or the XLE V6. Whats the pros & cons of the hybred?
how do I find the model number on a holley carburetor?
My jeep is making some rear end noise?
what do you think about the new toyota yaris?
Can i put 20 inch rims on my 1999 chevy malibu?
what kind of car you like? BMW?
2005 gmc sierra truck has heat only on passenger side/cool air on the drivers side?
Do you have any information on the 2007 shelby gt 500? Colors,cost and how many they will make?
I have lost my car key for my clio & cannot find a spare.Apart from renault, does anybody know where to go?
Toyota Celica?
Fiat Grande Punto...?
I have a 1992 chevy cavalier and i am 16 and I am looking at getting some subs. ?
how to change ignition barrel on saab 900se?
HELP! Scenic radio problems "/?
2003 dodge ram my abs light turns on only when i make a left turn what could it be?
Is a Mitsubishi EVO good for circuit racing?
where is the mini cooper made?
What does the "Si" stand for in Honda Civic Si?
Please help, Volvo 850 keeps cutting out , no spark at coil but low tension power is still there, ...........
I've got a 2000 Passat, 4cyl, manual with 60,000 miles. Do I keep it?
what's more expensive to maintain? BMW or Mercedes?
whats better chevrolet of ford?
Tips on how to throw a curve ball in dodge ball.?
1990 Jepp Wranger, 4.2 6 cyl.. main seals?
what is max effective CR on 87 octane?
Why do Fords only have 1 reverse light?
which is the first Volkswagen's car launched in India?
1985 Toyota celica gts upgrades?
is acura better than lexus?
Is a 2004 Subaru wrx a good car?
In the trunk of my 02 jetta there is this metal black thing screwed to the roof on the right side. What is it?
I have a 2004 Honda Pilot and i have a question... LOOK?
Who has a Datsun 510?
What is better 2010 Ford Mustang GT500 Super Snake or the 2010 camaro ss?
2012 Civic Sedan: Ground Clearance Measurement?
Saab 900 rough idle in D?
I need a to know where is the horn on 1993 ford grand marquis?
2010 Shelby GT 500 with Shelby CS1 wheels and nitto 315/35/20 tire. Will it fit in back with rubbing issues?
Gran Marquis 1994 Subwoofer question?
how to read ford finis codes?
what would make a 94 honda civic dx stall at a red light?
Automatic To Manual?
1991 chevy lumina speedometer erratic?
how do i get a golf gti in line fuel filter off?
Where do I source for parts for a 1980 Porsche 911 SC?
is anybody in love with their car well I am I just turned 17 and I love my mustang more then my boyfreind?
Consider the function f(x,y,z) = 3 x5 y4 z3 Enter formula responses in Lon-Capa format.?
My truck cranks but won't start?
Does anyone know the CEO of dodge cars email address or adress where i can mail him a letter?
How do i remove the shift knob off a 1998 Nissan Frontier?
2000 ford taurus no cassette?
High mileage Renault Megane 2 Dynamique 1.9 DCI 2003?
honda civic won't accelerate fast?
what is the meaning of ss?
Question on 02 civic lx Im looking into????
2003 ION Saturn Power Steering Problem.?
what in the world is going on today?
which was the maximum speed of plymouth valiant 6cyl 101HP 1961?
Why does Honda build such ugly cars?
1997 Sebring Convertable... In Winter?
2008 Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG price in 2013?
Whats your favorite Muscle car?
what is the best off roader?
what does WRX stand for in Subaru WRX?
How can I find past owners on a 1964 Corvette using the VIN?
what is tpms actuator for a nissan 2006?
99 mercury cougar sunroof doesn't work?
which was the maximum speed of ford F-350 truck diesel 6cyl 86HP 1965?