where is the idle speed control motor located on a 1988 ford ranger.?
What is the horse power for 98 Honda Accord GLI? and its specification please?
can someone tell me between lexus and mercedes what should i chose?
I'm locked in this chastity belt!?
whats the best Porsche ever... please do not include the GT?
Would I look best in a navigator or an escalade?
How can I improve gas mileage in my 2002 Ford F-150 XLT?
I have a nissan sentra 2001 the guy said my relay in the alternator is gone. Is it ok to still drive?
how many vehicles has chevy sold to date?
What is the best car manufacturer in the world?
2002 Dodge Caravan E Codes?
Chevy 305 Cylinder heads?
what year model should i get a 4runner bumper from for my will the toyota brackets work?
1993 Jeep Cherokee Cruise Control PLEASE HELP!?
what are the pros and cons of a '75 jeep truck?
What is the best oil for my 2003 kia sorento?
2005 6.0 powerstroke?
Is it normal for a chrysler 300 kinda sorta jerk back?
where is the honda 99 crv timing mark?
Should I worry about mileage on a used Audi?
Is 150,000 high mileage for a Honda?
pilot bearing size for 318 dodge?
Volkswagen Jetta Battery and RPM issues?
haw to remove and install camshaft bearings in a 1995 pontiac grand pre 3100 v6?
2004 ford taurus turning signal works intermittenly?
I am trying to buy a Pro-M's PIH Kit does any one have any idea where to find one?
What would cause a rusty whitish color fluid in my radiator on my 66 ford pickup?
has anybody built a 307 roller cam motor with around 300 horses?
Where is the outside temp guage on a 2000 Chrylser Concorde?
Why is there rust on my 2002 subaru forester?
Are the FR rotors and pads on a '96 Lex. sedan much different the average American car?
why is it so hard to get another car after my was trashed by a hail storm. my car was total.?
Question about Honda Prelude?
WOULD THESE rims fit my jeep ( new link)?
what is slogan for toyota car ?
Moon roof 1994 accord ex coupe doesn't work?
Tata Indica Vista is a beautiful car how many of you agree with me?
On a 1998 Pontiac Grand Prix GT there is a screw on top of the thermostat housing. Question is: While the car-?
D SLIP and VDU lights on d dash board keeps coming on on my Nissan Xterra & have spent alot of money. HELP!!!?
2005 aultma when I turn on the air the serpentine belt begins to vibrate?
How many miles can a new 2012 SL Nissan Juke cover?
Whats the cost of a honda accord 2000 V4 engine?
Which is the best Mistubishi?
Whats wrong with my 03 beetle?
How does a Ford Fiesta work?
Which is much more classier, BMW or Mercedes Benz? And why?
Car modification webs UK?
Should i buy a Lotus Elise or a Lamborghini Countach?
06 mazda 5 door or 06 honda civic?
10 points. What kind of car is she driving?
should i get a cheavy silverado or a ford f150 rapitor ?
How many Brabus Rockets have been produced?
What other type of Honda engines can I place into my 1993 honda civic?
How can I hange a 2003 Toyota Camry's Torque and raise it's Horsepower?
Looking at a car?
VW Passat warning? Brake Fluid - STOP - Service Manual?
What would happen if you clear coated Rhino Liner?
I have a vwjetta 2002.The reverse light in on when I drive forward.?
Is it possible to replace a Pontiac G8 hood with one without the hood scoops?
Honda vs Toyota?
where is wiper motor located on 65 chevy nova?
Help! Serious problems with 74 dodge dart swinger, PLEASE HELP, all advice is valued?
Car Audio, If you have an Ipod and a 2001 Pontiac Sunfire how would you hook it up?
why do people buy suv, they are the worst cars ever?
Why would you ever want to use "B" (Engine Breaking) in a Toyota Prius? Is there a ever a real need for it?
Samsung galaxy s3 clock bug?
Why do VW drivers always want to be in front of my BMW 320?
UConnect - Chrysler?
Could the car starting only when the wheather is hot be associated with the ignition switch?
My friends keep is stalling?
How to change Peugeot 306 dashboard lights?
Toyota yaris transmission problem?
What happened to my 2007 CRV (Yellow exclamation point) and should i be worried?
name a fast car?
1:18 Bugatti Veyron PLEASE READ?
If you were a teenage boy which of these cars would you get?
What is the best rotors and brake pads for 2010 honda civic?
whats the difference between the f-150 triton and lariat edition.........and chrome edition?
which is considered the best luxurious sedan in the world?
do you consider a 1985 a classic?
"check engine light"....can you rely on that nasty little bulb to tell the truth?
antipollution fault on my 206?
How reliable is the 2007 Nissan Altima ?
Does the 1989 jaguar xjs coupe have airbags in the steering wheel?
Does road side assistance from hyundai cover my flat tire?
'07 Wrangler Stereo?
why are 1967 vw bug body parts more expensive than 66 or 68?
Significado de expresion "a punto de caramelo"?
My new breaks still squeak?
E46 m3 daily driveable?
hello is a volvo 940gl a goodcar to buy i have been offerd one for 450 tax and mot very clean and tidy?
Why are Honda Accords more expensive than Civics?
POLL: what is your favroite Ford car/Truck/SUV/crossover/any vieical they make?
98 Mercury Sable chip draining my battery overnight?
I want to rent an E-class Benz for a couple of hours on my birthday.What would be the approximate rate of it?
i want to upgrade my turbo for my volvo 940, where can i get a bigger turbo?
97' Nissan Maxima bank 1 sensor 2 location?
How do rain sensing wipers work?
are corvettes expensive on gas?
1968 Ford Mustang Problems. Any ideas?
2004 kia rio won't start?
Is a 2001 Jeep Cherokee Sport a 4x4?
Chav cars ?
what is a buick?
How do I registar my husbands 1973 Dodge Challenger to trick my ride? I want this ti be the ultimate surprise!
AX4N noise whine under load?
I am looking to buy a mustang, as a big guy will i fit? 6'6" 300lbs I drive a caprice wagon now.?
Cadillac CTS CD player rattling noise?
I spilled gas inside our truck, any ideas on how to get the smell out?
Is a '96 mustang for 2500 with 86000 miles a good first car?
Mustang Gt build.? Camaro Iroc?
Would a flow master exhaust sound good on my 2000 Audi TT? how would it sound like?
Does the 01 beetle and the 01 jetta have the same tranny/ engine?
What's the difference between a Pontiac Starchief and a Chieftain?
I have a 2001 Ford Focus and I can't seem to get my radio wired right. The color codes are abnormal, help!?
Infiniti g35 coupe hp?
What is the difference between a Chevy truck and a GMC truck?
I own a 2000 audi A6.the heater isnt working and car is overheating.?
1997 chevy 3500 w-4 needs a knock module?
what is the fuel economy of the 2007 toyota sequoia?
which is a better car?Nissan 350z or Saturn Sky?
Is it possible to ram a Hummer off the road with an S-10?
I cannot get my classic Volkswagen Beetle to start.?
How do I change the spark plugs on a 2007 Chevy Aveo?
How do I check that the parts in my car have been changed or not?
I have a 2000 chrysler 300 how would I know if the timming belt broke?
Can you remove the bar going across the grill on a Jaguar XK convertible?
1968 Mopar 318 Automatic Transmission Shifting Ranges?
Mystery Battery Drain, 1990 Chevy Camaro RS? Any Ideas?
what cars are similar (style) to the honda civic Second Gen (1981)?
why did ducati stop making 999?
What is the fastest way I can get a BMW?
Is this what i think it is?
1996 grand am sensor problem maybe something else?
how serious is a burnt valve or a valve that isn't seated?
Where is the fuel cut off switch on a peugeot 406 diesel 1.9 diesel estate ?
whats better Toyota celica or hyundai tiburon?
i have recently bought a honda civic 2.2 cdti sport could anyone tell me what bhp it has?
which car brand is better?
Accord or Civic?
I changed the pressure hose on power steersteering on a 1997 toyota corolla, now the steering wheel goes crazy?
what mercedes benz do you have?
Back to the honda check the fuse and its good new Battery still no power To the switch.?
Honda d16 turbo? ?????????????
Honda civic (opinion) and what do you know about them? (problems) (pros and cons)?
Honda Pilot - Why does my steering wheel shake at low speeds?
door lock help on a 2001 seat leon ?
Maruti has decided to launch a new car and brand it Zen, is the news true or false?
Is buying a 91 Mercedes E300 with 296,000 for $600 a good idea?
Why would you buy a Ferrari when a Ford F-350 has 650 horsepower?
2010 Ford F-150 Raptor, Will you be my muddy valentine?
where is the water pump on a 87 nissan maxima?
How to remove glove box from a 2003 VW Beetle?
How do you ajust service brake on honda civic saloon p-reg?
Will a 2006 Chevrolet Corvette 7.0L V8 fit into a 1999 Chevrolet Cavalier?
How do you shut off daytime lights on 2005 grand am gt?
What kind of exhaust should i get for my 99 eclipse?
My 2006 Chrysler Sebring Shuts off at red lights sometimes, how do i fix it?
trading a pathfinder for a 300zx?
If a fox is hit and knocked out by a Volkswagen Rabbit, does it feel embarassed when it wakes up?
Disable 95 Chrysler Cirrus alarm?
How do you add a Ford Mach System to a 1998 Expedition?
How do I turn off the CHECK ENGINE light on my Hyundai accent 1.5 CDX?
I have a toyota... will i die?
Where Do I Get a AEV windshield Banner for my jeep?
where is the crankshaft sensor on nissan altima 2005?
How do I install a turbo in my 94 accord?
How do I know what size Catylitic Converter to get?
Whats take home price of Tata Indica Xeta GLG and PLS in Bangalore?
How do I remove the old stereo mount from 1996 VW Polo?
Where can I get a key for my 91 honda accord?
I HAVE just got a toyota corolla t3 vvt1 YEAR 03. is the fuction light ment to work on muti display?
Can 03 fuel pump would fit a 96 corolla?
i was wondering what do guys think of a girl that drives a truck..I drive a dodge?
what engines did the nissan 240 sx come with in 1996?
what the best ball joints for a 1996 chevy blazer 4wd?
Driving a Dodge Durango?
What are greener and cheaper alternatives to the Toyota Prius?
info about the cars on hgtv?
2003 cummins high output?
Whats a good classic/american muscle car?
Engine miss 3.8 v-6 Pontiac?
Hi for about the same price(15000) should i buy a 2000 porsche boxster or a 1999 911 carrera convertible both?
BMW M6 coupe, Z4 convertible, or an M5?
What's faster? 4.0L 2005 Nissan Pathfinder, or 2001 5.4L Ford Expedition?
My 2001 chevy blazer shakes and skips really bad.?
I want to know if my 1972 ford f-100 360v8 had a catalitic converter?
2001 honda s2000 or a 2003 lancer evo (no leather)?
I am trying to wire a 2006 chevy cobalt radio, help?
1997 Dodge Viper GTS Coupe price?
Car doesn't start up after getting oil changed?
I need to name my ford escort. Help.?
How reliable is the 01-03 BMW 3 Series?
Karo-Syrup or Aniti-freeze in gas tank?
Will a 70 AMC 304 and tranny fit in a 82 dodge power ram?
Has anyone noticed that the Jeep Wrangler resembles those antique cars from the 1930s?
problems with my 97 ram 1500 4wd truck not going into od?
Are stock Toyota supras fast?
I need a code for my Mitsubishi tv. I have a Innovage remote.?
I have a 1997 honda civic ex four door,and also 1999 honda civic ex 2 door.?
What is a 92 dodge stealth timing marks for the timing belt?
how does a turbo work?
got transmision probs?
Does anyone have a new Ford Mustang?
rpms at 2,000 on Suzuki Esteem? Fix?
2nd Gen. 91 Toyota 4runner 3.0 V-6 emission's failed twice?
Whats the fastest and cheapest way to make my 1986 Toyota Celica GT faster?
What is your dream car and why?
what year was acura started?
I have a 96 Mitsubishi eclipse, where can i find a cover to put in the trunk to cover up the inside?
Battery wont hold charge in my chrysler 2000 lhs?
95 eclipse finding shifter cables?
Where can I get a 1994 mustang sunvisor replacement?
Where can I find a power wire in run and start only on a 1985 ford mustang lx?
I want to know which is higher in armoUred level?isit B6 or B7?
What is the best car company? Chevy, Ford, Kia, Saturn, Dodge what you think even if none are?
Anybody know where I can buy a inexpensive replica of a Mustang Shelby betteween 1975 and 1979.?
Who would be the best to rebuild my '97 camaro to a high performance engine?
my sister has a budget of upto 5 lacs and is considering buying the tata indica vista.. any thoughts?
'93 Honda Accord LX window won't go up!?
can I get background info on a 1979 car that has a 13 digit vin number?
'69 Mustang or '06 Mustang?
Can i import a new Chevrolet Corsa to Canada?
i have a 2001 yzf600f and its stuck in gear how much would it cost me to get the tranny rebuilt?
Location of a/c valve for 1993 toyota camry?
Fuel pump fuse for a 99 nissan maxima?
what a good way to make friends???
For a Dodge Challenger 2010 v6 what kind of pipes can I put on it to make it sound better without rattling?
How much would a swap for a 93 prelude cost?
Whats up with my HID lights for my 2001 Nissan Maxima?
how do I check fluid level in a 2000 ford focus with manual transmission?
to fix my cruise control in a 2008 GMC sierra?
how do you turn off service light after a oil change on a 2006 honda civic?
I am not founding BIT Ctg_93?
What makes some vehicles so expensive (Bentley, lambourghini, etc).?
Where can I get my 1995 Acura integra lowered?
can you make a sentence useing the word"eulogy"?
1991 nissan 300zx where is the crankshaft position sensor?
i have an 89' lincoln town car wen i drive i hear a clicking noise in my engine especially wen going up hills
Any one got a Kia Sorento?
I have a 2000 Ford Explorer and have to replace front brakes every 15-20,000 miles, is that normal?
My honda CRX won't start?
Help with 1987 RX7 project car?
Are Ford Motorcraft batteries only availablr at Ford dealers?
1991 Honda Accord- Is burning oil rapidly. Not leaking, but burning. What is a possible cause?
do you know where to go to see a model of a 1995 honda civics engine?
What is an oil filter adapter for a 2005 ford mustang?
pontiac grand prix air conditioner fan not working?
how can I find out the year of manufacture for a mercedezbenz if I have the chasis or engine number?
Are Cadillacs good cars?
What's the best (2-4") suspension lift kit for a '04 Jeep Liberty?
Toyota Chaser 2.5 Tourer V or Nissan Silvia S15 Spec R or Toyota Supra RZ?
What is a good alternative if you dont have BMW, Mercedes, Audi, VW money?
Why do people always upgrade civics instead of accords?
No air con or clock in my Toyota supra 1994?
Why Do You Love Volkswagens ?
Is a Honda Prelude a good car?
Toyota Supra 1994 Input Code or Sequence?
I am about to purchase a BMW 3 series 2004 from my friends dealership, 120xxx this a good deal?
Is Mila Kunis the car model in the new Dodge Caliber commercial?
I have toyota celica 2001 GT. i want to hook it up..can somebody suggest the best rims and body kits? thanks?
what speakers go in a 2004 cheverolet ext cab?
Should I buy a 2000 Volvo S80 with 98k miles for 7k?
besides the adaptor plate what else is needed to adapt an engine to a trans?
what are the measurements for the wood cover to the spare tire compartment on a 2000 honda civic?
whats up with the benz?
which is better car between Santro & Wagon R?
85' 944 porsche window problem?
are there any bodykits for volvo s40's?
My 96' Mercury Mystique has a loud "hum" coming from apparently under the hood/engine area.?
how can you tell an acura integra type r from a gsr?
How much would it cost to get a Peugeot 206 custom painted?
Automatic Transmission to Manual Transmission (Help)?
Need help with my 89 Honda CRX.?
'07 saleen supercharged mustang?
How to drive stick shift?
What would give my 06' RSX Type S the most horse power a supercharger or and turbo charger?
Change Mitsubishi head lamp bulb?
Can anyone tell me where to get Altezza tail lights for a Ford Explorer Sport Trac under $100.00?
should I buy a 2007 Nissan Versa?
what the metals in a car are made of??
Do you have the 2006 Mercedes Benz C-Class C230 Sport Sedan how do you like it i may get it i need a opinion?
Should I buy a Ford Fiesta or a Jeep Compass?
who knows what is a Proton?
I have a 07 dodge charger and just started yesterday when first driving it after min the rpm rises and wont?
What is the highest and cheapest engine for a 240sx?
What is your favorite year(s) for the FORD LTD?
where can I find 1972 vw parts?
Have rebuilt a toyota h 1978 dieael and oil not getting up to the rocker shaft?
My 2005 nissan frontier truck 4x4 has a problem with heating just when using a 4WD in the sand tracks?
what is the A.I.R. on a exhaust manifold, and where is it located?
Suzuki Swift 1.0 liter or Volvo 240?
Is a 2013 Scion tc a good car for a 16 year old girl?
how do I reset 2005 dodge town and country dvd player?
I need to find out what enigne I have helppp?
2000 Plymouth Voyager oil light problems?
what is in the w6 package in a pontiac trans am?
I just bought a 1997 BMW 740Li. It has 133,000 miles on it. How do I know what type of oil to use?
Ign. timing 93 toyota?
Would you rather drive a cheverlot or ford?!?
ford fusion radio keycode?
Would you buy a Bugatti Veyron?
How many tons a isuzu npr 1997 can carry?
My Chevrolet is so much better than your ford any day?
I missed God. Will he come tomorrow?
Can any one give me a good website for Nissan car accessories?
Gauge lights quit in my 99 mustang?
Would an 04 Ford Ranger have a light for low transmission fluid?
R33 Skyline GTS 25t is making a hissing noise when under load... what could the problem be?
Slammed Cars & Speedbumps! jdm, acura, honda, mazda, nissan?
What's the difference between a Mini one and a Mini cooper?
BMW 650 in the winter?
When should i have my corolla 05 oil change?
Where to find online a rearview mirror for my 2002 Ford Focus ZX3? NOT side mirrors. Thanx!?
Ford or Chevy????
how do i explain how to rebuild a 76-79 yr chevy truck alternator in one easy lesson?
what spline gear is on a 96 chevy z 71 transmition?
I'm looking for a front lip for a Nissan altima can somebody help me?
Acura gs engine swap NEEDD HELPPPPP?
Would these tires fit my Nissan 240SX?
Hi guys, have 2004 honda civic lx, hears rattling sound from the engine when clutch out. what the problem?
Is Mercedes-Benz A Good Car To Buy?
I need pictures of 1992 Passat Door lock and handles. to see how I can put mine back together?
i have a 95 honda civic.....?
I have a 2001 Ford Mustang Gt, i have a problem that the traction control when its on it flutters the engine.?
how to disable anti theft system in nissan maxima 2001?
Is it true that Japanese brand cars are far more better than American brand cars, in terms of quality?
squealing brakes?
Is a Subaru legacy a bad car?
wiper motor in a 1999 c-230 mercedes benz?
What causes when my jeep steering wheel easily wiggle when on running condition testing on a freehand wheel?
does anyone have the apple iphone intergration in there BMW three series? if it worth getting?
Where is a good place to sell my 66 VW Bug?
will big block chevy heads fit on a cadilac 500?
How do make my corolla look better?
how do you add transmission fluid to 2006 audi a4 3.2?
Renault Scenic Radio Code.?
07 Subaru Impreza dies while idling to a stop?
02 jeep gr cher misfires on #3?
Do you know what an SRT 4 is??
My ford mustang won't start. It makes a clicking sound and won't turn over.?
how do i get my 1992 gmc van to sit forward, or tughen the rear suspention?
Which is better and faster a chevy monte carlo SS or Dodge charger?
Which car company make a 4 x 4 model called a Grand Vitara?
I purchased my car not even a week a go and the service engine light came on How can I return my car?
stopwatch timer in turbo c?
Trade my 2010 f150 fx2 for 2009 Audi a4?
Did Ford make Mustangs in 1962?
What do u think about Mercedes CLS 350?
Which are the good and bad points of - Smart car ? ?
How do you change e g r valve on skoda octavia?
Dodge Charger question?
Why wont my mitsubishi eclipse stay idling? It is a 2003 GT?
what does "2500" mean in a 2500 dodger ram truck?
How do u kno when u need 2 replace timing belt on 2005 dodge neon?
what is the second fan for on a 1998 kia sportage?
What are the factory settings for a 1988 jeep wrangler 2 barrel carburetor?
What do you think of Volkswagen?
Question for ppl who have had a dodge ram or knows alot about it?
Can I turn "OFF'" the windshield wiper fuild tank heater on my 97 E420s?
what is the car called?
How much is a second hand porsche 911?
Finally I have my dream Corvette a 1998 Black?
wHAT IS THE NAME OF this car!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????????
what car do you drive, and what do you think it says about you?
Is all gas the same?
Toyota Camry ... How much can they lower in the price? ?
Why does my cigarette lighter work but no other charger i.e. sat nav, phone charger not work?
Can someone give me advise on RX-8 problems?
camaro v8 swap questions?
Should I get my car windows tinted 35% or 20%?
Does the 2012 Subaru Impreza WRX STi come with turbo?
how can I increase horesepower on my 2005 dode ram daytona 1500?
Have you ever seen an Asian person drive a Corvette before?
lack of engine power of my car mitsubishi 3000gt?
I drive a fiat punto and the windows keep steaming up.?
What will the 2007 Ford Super Duty truck look like?
Chevy Camaro vs Dodge Challenger (2010)?
i'm ha ing a problem with my 94 chevy camaro 3.4 v6.?
How do I turn on the 4 wheel drive on my 2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo?
my 85 volkswagen cabriolet won't start when it gets hot?
how do i find out the payoff on my truck?
Will a 1999-2002 Mercury Cougar V6 fit in a 1999-2004 Ford Focus?
1988 F-150 4x4 1/2 ton with a 8.8" rear end with 3.55 gears and limited slip. Replacement questions!?
What would I have to do to my chevy Impala to fit 24 inch rims?
need diagram on window repair for f150 pickup 2004?
Is it possible to lower a 1992 Toyota Hilux by removing a certain number if leaf springs? ?
I have a 2001 chrysler town and country loud grinding noise coming from the engine.?
How to turn off car alarm for pathfinder?
Illegal Or Not?
Where was the Pontiac GTO designed and manufactured?
Why is it so hard to find a used Nissan Titan to buy?
I have a 1998 Honda Accord but idk if its LX DX or EX can anyone help out!?
I just bought a used 1995 Lexus ES300 with 149K. Should I have transmission fluid changed?
Cadillac vs Jaguar? Which would you choose?
Is GMC C5500 Tandem good?
does an 98 wind star have key less entry alarms or a lock remote?
who loves nissan skylines? and what do you love about them?
changing heater core in 65 chevy impala with A/C?
Which is better? '05 Pontiac Grand Prix or G6?
Is it possible to have A/C, power steering, and power brakes on a 1966 Mustang?
How do you get the spare tire out from under a 2000 Ford Explorer?
I have an opportunity to get a Neon with 50K miles. Any opinions on the Neon?
Can a 1997 Mazda 626 motor fit into a 1999 Mazda 626?
The cigarette lighter in my 98 civic si is giving no power, help me troubleshoot?
what is the horsepower on 1973 oldsmobile tornato?
I'm looking into buying a 2002 used ford focus, I was curious to how many km on it would be to much?
What is it like driving a convertible?
help with mercedez C200. car internal air circulation button.!?
will 18in rims fit on a 2000 kia sephia?
how about this one, it just makes my head hurt.?
180sx lights on a s13 Silvia 1990 plz help?
What is the difference between LED daytime running lights, LED lights, and Xeon lights on an Audi?
How much is this Corvette worth.?
How do I get more horsepower out of my 2005 Acura TL with a minimum effort?
I have vibration from my tires @ 100 kph. but not @ 120 kph?
what is a faster car?Bmw or a Mazda.Be honest.?
where can i find a free 1991 honda accord service manual online?
what is 15% of $985.85? please help.?
what name should i call my new car? its deffinately a women!?
How reliable are X-trails?
Lambo doors can i buy just the piston/shocks and if so bigger ones to make my 45 degree kit a 90 degree???
where can i find the embale for lincoln?
where do you get the bluebatmobile headlight overlays for a toyota Matrix?
whats a complete list of volkswagen cars?
If u had the money would u get a Bugatti veyron or a Konigsegg?
(Americans Only) What do you think of the Pontiac GTO that was built in Australia?
Which car will you choose?
whats better a corvette zo6 or a viper?
the new ford mustanges. do you like them?
Where can I find a B18c type r?
What is your Fav car?
what is the best car to street race ?
How do i set time in my mazda rx8 ive tried everything ?
1/4 mile time for a honda torneo SIR-T?
I have a 2002 Pontiac Aztec , I have noticed that when the fan comes on there is white smoke .?
Where can I find offroad tires and rims for my WJ?
2005 Grand am factory colors?
What is the earliest year of Honda civic that is automatic transmission?
What Measurement speakers fit in a 1999 Ford Mustang?
can anyone give me a link for a pic for a white bmw 318i year 1984?
BMW or Hyundai or Toyota?
Lexus IS350 vs. Infinity G35 Coupe?
What is a better car overall? A 2004 Toyota Celica GT-S or a 1999 Honda Prelude BASE?
Do you know the meaning for BMW (those beautiful cars) ?
ford probe tapping sound?
honda question here?
Jeep's V-6 engine boasts 16 valves.That's 2.66 valves per cylinder. How do they configure those?
Repairing Honda City's scratched bumper?
How much can I sell my Toyota Land Cruiser 40th anniversary for?
Which one is better, Susuky Grand Vitara, Toyota Rav4 or GM Equinox?
Is the new Dodge Charger a reliable one?
Kia or Toyota.?
which is better Honda or Hyundai?
how do you remove a cd player from a Chevrolet Aveo?
My Dodge Durango is having problems when turning, itjumps as if the tire is hitting the well but all is clear?
My 2003 Dodge Stratus SE won't start and is giving a "No BuS" message.?
I have a 1996 ford 460 in an rv.?
how to turn on the overdrive on/off in white 2003 suzuki xl7?
Where can I get Angel Eye headlights for my Explorer Sport Trac?
Who wins if it's a 2012 Acura TL vs. 1986 Buick Grand National in a race ?
Lamborghini or Ferrari?!?
2002 Honda accord coupe seatbelt not retracting?
Is 125,000 to 150,000 miles alot on a honda civic?
I have a 2004 civic coupe without power windows. Is it possible to replace the doors to have power windows?
How do you remove the front speakers on an 86 Dodge Colt DL?
What is the coolant capacity in an Astra 1.6i Club Auto Estate please?
Does anyone know where I can find a 1996 to 1999 right hand drive Subaru Legacy for delivering the mail?
what kinda car do you have? year/make/model?
2006 Toyota Avalon w/ GPS Navigation Syatem?
did pontiac put a hemi in any of there cars?
What engine will fit in my vehicle?
any one have dana44 exploded view showing parts?
I need information about an 1989 mustang Boss302?
my 2000 ford explorer appears to be gurgling coolant from the thermostat housing. what could be wrong?
Toyota Supra battery issue. Help?
Do you have to remove the engine to change a timing belt on a 2000 toyota tacoma?
looking for someone that repair filber glass rear spoiler?
Adding transmission fluid to Dodge Grand Caravan?
Top 3 cars?
My 2004 malibu wont start, we moved it from the carport to clean it out got ready to back up and wont start?
Why when I turn off my Chevy Carprice the engine stayed on for a little bit then it stops?
1994 Vigor ABS Problem?
does the valet key on a 2001 honda accord limit rpm and speed?
1997 Mercury Sable help?
were can i buy a contour svt motor?
Chrysler or Toyota???
How many miles do you have on your Toyota?
which car is not applicable to people that donot have enough budget for a 1 liter gasoline? why?
How is the 2006 Camry-Solara?
Do i need to let the turbo on my new 2012 evo x spool down to avoid damage?
what car company has the little black thing that sits in the passenger seat and directs the driver?
2000 dodge Dakota speed sensor?
Is the tata's 1 lac car gonna be a true value car?
what car has an animal name?
what is the stock exhaust piping size on a 2005 cl 600?
How to test relay fuse.?
What are the major parts of a car?
Honda Prelude Rims, Any Suggestions?
Which coloured car do you own?
I'm looking for a front lip for a Nissan ultimo can somebody help me?
have a bad smell in my kenmore coldspot model 106?
Forester GX Cruise Control Light no longer works, but cruise does, how do I fix it.?
what's your problem?
found an old hood from 1940's with a star on front emblem any ideas as to what it is?
1996 honda civic si chassis?
How do you think about 2003-2008 Renault Megane DVD-based Navigation System?
what was your first car?
Can I use parts from a 96 gmc to convert a 94 chevy to 4x4?
how to download 3 series bmw navigation dvd for free?
Why did my explorer do this...?
what is the biggest motor that I can fit everything from my 2.8 V6 on to 3.1, 3.3,3.4,3.8???
I have A 1993 Ford Cougar RX7 V6, 3.8 cylinder.My idle is very high,,i replaced the throttle sensor,?
I have a Peugeot 206 Roland Garros, (2000 - W).?
looking at buying a 2003 ford cobra..?
Find OEM replacement seat covers for 1998 VW New Beetle?
2000 Hyundai Elantra car starting problems with check engine light?
can 6 bolt block fit in 95 eclipse gst ?
buying new nissan micra?
how much for a new ecu on mk2 punto?
DRL's with HID kit?
Bike racks on hondas?
guys mercedes benz most popular luxury car for old people?
Would a Cold Air intake be good for a 2012 jeep wrangler?
I need a oxygen sensor for a 96 nissan truck xe that was built on 4/96?
can I change my 98 camaro to all wheel drive?
I wreck my car how much should insurance pay.?
which fuse is for radio in 1995 toyota corolla?
can u help,need to know if this is the name of a car and the correct spelling?
2000 bmw 323Ci, 72k miles, $11500. is this a good deal?
0n a 1998 jeep Laredo heater controls off but heat still comes threw vents?
Who would you like to be stuck in a lift with?
When exactly is the new Toyota FJ Cruiser scheduled to go on sale?
Will a LX mac exhaust fit a 1994 cobra?
My 2005 chevy impala 3.4 will turn over but wont start?
Would you rather drive a Honda or a Toyota?
how do I make my 2003 Astro van go over 100?
my rear tire on my 2000 blazer smokes what could it be?
What are the more popular ford models of the 60's and 70's?
Price on rear strut replacement on 2005 Subaru Impreza WRX?
What happens when premium gas is put in a regular gas car, Ford Escort?
Tata Manza Aura Vs Maruti swift Dzire VDI?
2012 camaro HUD question?
How Long do Nissans Last?
Who makes the car Tuscany?
Are people really getting the estimated 60 mpg with the Toyota Prius?
Is there any difference between the 2001 325ci and the 2002 325ci. Body, engine, interior, looks, ect.?
I have a 1991 Acura Integra LS and the heater just abruptly stopped working, what can i do to fix it?
how much HP would a camaro z28 5.7 v8 after market 6sp trans 100 hpchip,flow masters,headers,cold air intake ?
What is the most mileage you ever saw on an original car motor?
Range Rover or Toyota Land Cruiser 200?
Are Alfa Romeo cars reliable?
Can you make a door key for a 2008 chevy aveo that does not have the transponder?
how can i get a BMW?
How to use the Shiftronic in Hyundai Santa Fe, any certain speed or terrain to use this,
I have HondaAccord1993 I was told tht gas 93 better then 87 for this car is it true in tems o mile/gallon etc?
head gasket or piston?
I have a 2007 ll29 Renault trafic does anybody know the wheel stud diameter?
What has you experience been with Mazda vehicles?
Apart from the looks is the new toyota camary good at its performance? what is the overall verdict ?
is a abd racing split second electronic boost controller any good?
Where can I find a tilt steering column to add to my 2005 Ford Focus?
Ford F150 paint job cost?
2000 Eclipse GS starting and running problem?
I've been looking for either batman car seat covers or superman car seat covers,but I cant find any?
96 sebring conv. driving/fog lights?
Anybody else feel like prefer BMW over everything else?
Why do people rate Toyotas - they've been awful cars in my experience ?
What is the Road tax for a Mazda RX-8 (55 reg)?
what happens to my Benz if I put regular gas in it?
Isn't the Aston Martin brand ranked above the Mercedes brand as far as the level of luxury?
how much are 1986 monte carlo rims worth?
Ferrari or Porsche for my 16th birthday HELP!?
What's the difference between regular, plus, and supreme gas?
how long can my honda civic last?
Have air flow problem with my car a 99 honda civic?
Where is fuse box of suzuki cultus 2002?
could someone give me an estimate to having basic autoplan isurance on a 2006 bmw?
jdm b18c / gsr?
What would give my 06' RSX Type S the most horse power a supercharger or and turbo charger?
Can awd Porsches drift?
Anyone else in here hate Mustangs with a passion?
95 honda civic ex. 1.6 vtec.....?
What websites are good to find parts, and accessories for my 1985 nissan 300zx turbo?
Should i buy a Mercedez-Benz or a BMW?
95 honda civic hatchback DX OBD Port location.?
How to promote Subaru Brand?
97 v6 to v8 or just supercharge?
2009 Jeep Rubicon questions?
how to fit hub assy-rr wheel on a hyundai lantre 2000 modle?
what might I expect from a hypertech 3 programer on a 2003 S-10 4.3 V6 for engine hp & trans. performance.?
Is a hyundai sante fe a good car? What about the hyundai tuscan? Has anyone had any problems?
Where is the rear window wiper fluid reservoir on an 04 Trailblazer located?
Nissan 240sx, Lexus sc300 or Mitsubishi 3000gt?
How do you replace a rack and pinion unit in a 2001 Ford Ranger Edge 2WD?
2003 buick oil light comes on for 30 seconds then goes out-oil just changed 2 weeks ago-whats wrong?
Why does a rally car sound like it does? (Knowledgeable people only please)?
How much is a 68 mustang worth?
what kind of transmission fluid do you use in a 90 nissan maxima?
New base V6 model or used Premium V6 model Mustang?
Help with steering wheel for Integra?
91 celica doesnt start, any solutions?
Why did the engine on my 2004 Honda accord cut off and I don't know why. Help!!!!?
Help my 93 explorer plz!!!?
what is the 0-60 for a 1997 devile cadalac?
can you make a sentence useing the word "cacophony"?
Timing chain guide/tensioner in 2002 grand cherokee 4.7?
Experience With Nissan Vehicles...I need Advice?
Should I buy a 99 honda civic with 198k miles on it?
watch this video. doy you think tha alfa romeo 8c may be the best sounding car ever?
Do older models of Toyota Sienna's require Premium Fuel?
my peugeot 307, keeps beeping at me n a red light flashes?
97 VW Golf doors automatically locking BUT manual door locks?
trying to find more info on toyota's magazine called "moving forward"?
Are Honda primary and secondary O2 Sensors the same except for wire length and connectors?
How do I fix the air conditioner in a 2001 Audi A4?
My 05' Chevy cobalt's horn went out, what could it be?
which was the maximum speed of ford F-600 truck diesel 6cyl 135HP 1968?
whats a better car?
My 2002 honda civic wont play my burned cd!?!?
Just got a 06 mazda 3?
93 changed to 97 tbird now tranny problems?
Aftermarket turbo lines?
Why does my transmission seal keep busting on 99 dodge ram?
Why doesn't the odometer and speedometer work on my 1991 Toyota Corolla?
Is bmw sport & m sport the same?
I am trying to find a V8 emblem for a 1954 ford truck. I cannot find one on ebay. any suggestions?
how much would it cost to convert a 1993 automatic 240sx to manual?
My 2004 Lincoln Navigator's Driver seat works intermittently 5% of time. How to fix?
i have a toyota corolla II windy 97 does anyone know a site where i can buy extras (original, used parts etc)?
will 235/55 tires fit on a 2007 pontiac convertable?
96 golf GL oil pressure sender...........?
Should I do muffler delete,slp louthmouth, or glasspack?
2000 Honda Accord EX V6 Cigarette Lighter?
How good is 2001 Mercedes ML320 SUV? I am buying one. Need some reassuring reviews on the same.?
2006 Pontiac Torrent SUV All Wheel Drive - Need An Answer?
Should I buy a 2006 dodge charger R/T with 118,000 miles?
What do you think of the Impala SS?
honda s2000?
What is the oldest car you have seen on the road?
How many miles does a a bmw 1994 last?
hi can anyone help me my grandad had a small blue mobility car in the 1970s it had 3 wheels wat was the car?
How much should a valve job cost on a2001 chrysler pt cruiser?
Has GM Done Good?
Honda prelude mods to start with?
i need a painted bow tie?
Can I raise my car's horsepower from 173hp to 200hp without a turbo-charger, super-charger, or nitrous?
what is the 0-60 and 1/4 mile time of a 2001 mustang gt?
Whats the problem with suspension on this ford Ranger?
my 1998 mitsubishi eclipse gs only has 1 rad fan relay?
Where can you buy the CD changer mag for a 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo Special Edition?
What is the value of a Dodge Caravan 1997 in the USA right now?
Rear wheel drive???
Is a Toyota Highlander a good first car?
As a female, how do I know if my rims are steel or alloy?
are BMWs good cars?
del sol running on 3 cylinders?
What is the cost to get a key made for a 2001 ford explore?
What causes a loud knock in a 3.4L 2004 Impala?
Mazda 6 timing belt replace every 100,000kms?
How do you turn on the small headlights on the bumper on? Ford Fiesta Zetec 1999?
How to replace 1991 volvo 740 sedans fuel pump?
Ford Ranger Fuel Pump?
99 accord transmission ID?
How do I install satelite radio into a lexus IS 300?
does any one know where ot buy RAM HORN tube headers. ( for chevy small block engines)?
Is a Mondeo chavs car?
How would you pick the window trunk lock on a '71 VW Bus?
how do i find the year of a nissan sentra by the serial number?
im gonna have the JDM K20A type R swap. is it ok for american smog test?
Do you find the Dodge Charger a sexy car?
What makes a car good on gas?
what is the hottest car on thae market is it the ford gt?
why is dom light flashing on ram 1500?
How does Toyota Altis' ABS NO.2 look like and where is it located exactly?
ABS traction control waning lamp stays on permanently on ford windstar, any ideas?
Is 94,000 miles on an 01 escort too much?
What is the point of a concept car?
What other kinds of Engines can i fit into my 2003 dodge neon sxt? Or should i just buy a different car?
automatic gear 3 in toyota car?
2001 jetta MK4 vr6 misfiring on cyl 1,3,5?
2000 honda civic noise/ Squeal?
how to replace broken windows lift on beetle?
2005 pr cruiser touring convertible?
Whats the first car you brought? (Uk)?
whats the vote out there.. Toyota Corrolla or Honda Civic?..I need a new car?
Does a 1993 Ford Escort LX have airbags?
Emergency brake light indicator light stays on when the brake is not engaged.?
i would like to know how i can make my 1993 740 bmw 's headlights look newer.?
Saab turbo drivers; don't you love it when...?
My '73 Mustang keeps turning off every time I turn on the head lights. Why?
I am considering the Scion TC. Is this a good Car?
2001 suzuki grand vitara v6 transmission problems?
i have a mercedes and am thinking about a new car. what do you suggest?
Evo IX or Suburu WRX STi?
What does a dodge Durango do when it needs a new water pump?
I have a Honda Accord 1998 Ex v6, its rpm seems to be over accerlated. need help!.?
I have a 85 bonneville that has 59000 miles on starts up on the dime but sumthing under the hood makes a?
I'm looking for a front lip for a Nissan altima can somebody help me?
which was the maximum speed of G.M.C PICK --UP amarilla automatic 8cyl 240HP 1978?
A couple questions on my buick riviera?
Cooling Problems With My Eclipse?
How can i go to update the new version of !?
who designed the vw beetle?
what does fuel pump controll out of range mean on an 06 tarus?
AMG or "M"?
206 hdi gear problem !!?
1969 Dodge Charger Engine Problem...?
best performance upgrade porsche 964?
how often are toyota siennas stolen or broken into?
saw a "turbo vent cover" with chrome inserts. It was magnetic, so it won't hurt the paint on your car.
Where can I find a transmission for a 67 chrysler New yorker cheap?
2005 Sonata transmission name?
how can I clean the inside of my coolant recovery tank?
Is lack of power indicator for bad catalytic converter with code P0420 in 1998 Toyota Sienna?
Is it ok to shift from D(drive) to S or S to D while driving a CVT honda city?
best car ever?
Suspicious Break Light Question.. Please help?
Will the ignition controle module on my 1987 chevy truck still send a signal to my coil and not my injectors?
Can any tell me the miliage per gal from the new nissan note 1.6 auto petrol?
keys locked in boot on el ford?
Is toyota company of ford?
Does anyone have a floor modifier for explorers of time?
What is the size is 09 toyota tacoma truck bed?
Whats your favorite car?
How does the Honda Pilot ride at 65 and 75 MPH in comparison to the Toyota Hylander?
i would like to sell 1980 olds tornado with disel engine nice car?
Who is the best car makers ( Japan , Germany , Usa ) ?
who has a jeep commander?or has had bad experiments in one?ARE THEY GOOD VEHICLES?
Jeep Related Baby Names??
is 60,000 miles alot/to much to have on a 1970 chevelle? and how long would the engine last?
Audi A6 3.0 quattro Avant?
What are the correct spring rates for a street driven 1995 cobra w/ front-rear coilovers?
honda crv 2008 is it timing belt or timing gain?
Whats your favorite cars?
is there a vw junk yard nere orlando?
98 envoy transmission?
I need pictures of 1992 Passat Door lock and handles. to see how I can put mine back together?
tata nano vs rolls royce phantom? which is better?
what's the surface area of a 2007 ford mustang?
How fast have you gone on the highway in your car??
Camaro running rough?
I have a set of four Rancho adjustable shocks. I also bought the compressor and guages and tubing. no manua.?
I saw a Volvo with a Red and White European plate, why was he driving with this and not a US plate?
is gmc or chevy nicer?
Cost of head gasket for a Clio?
Nissan Cube 1.8S 2011 review who has it? florida?
what country is most visited?
How do I jump start my 2001 Chevy Lumina?
who likes the toyota supra?
Please help I need the code for the radio on a 2001 Ford Fiesta, serial number M093414, can anyone please help?
what can you tell me about chevy blazers?
what car make do u like better chevy ford or dodge?
How much would this coast (help)?
what is the fastest production truck ever made?
I have to go to court for my car and I dont want them to take my care what should I do in order to keep my car
Interior modifications to a 2001 sunfire?
I want to upgrade only the stock speakers on my Fiat Linea e-pack.My budget is Rs10k.What choice do I have?
Any comments on the Volkswagen Jetta?
What kind of car should I get? It's my first car and I need it to commute to work.?
My voltswagon bug won't start?
chevy guys please help!!! why do most small block chev headers say " WILL NOT FIT ANGLE PLUG HEADS"????
Do 2004 chevy impalas come with amplifier?
does anyone have a jeep wrangler?
are there turkmenabat 2004 grups?
I have a 2008 Town n Country.Rear Blower?
Tlming March 1993 Ford Escort?
How many miles is too many miles when looking to purchase a used Volkswagen Beetle?
how do youu change a headlight on a 2003 eclipse spyder if you have big hands?
What is your dream supercar?
Can you really feel the difference that the BMW 335 offers over the 328 in terms of horsepower?
Audi TT or Peugeot 307cc ?
Would the manufacturer's warranty cover a turbo?
How do I make my suzuki gn125 faster?
2003 Mitsubishi Evolution- engine upgrades?
Which cars are better, Honda Accords or Honda Civics?
My Toyota Echo has engine check light on. I replaced oxygen sensor ( spent almost $ 290 ) but it is still on.?
Are the new Ford Mustangs good cars to have?
Will 215/40R17 tires fit my 94 Honda civic?
Audi Concert stereo both fuses which are ok but there is no power going to unit Help!?
I don't see why people adore Vws?
How much does it cost to repair a Honda back-windshield?
I have a regural cab 2002 sonoma 4x2 with 4.3?
1993 gmc sierra 2wd extended cab questions?
why is the ford oval blue?
Has the G-body cutlass supreme ever come with a floor shifter (except the 442)?
can anyone tell me what kind of car this is ? ?
what do you you think is the best looking "Lambo"[Lamborghini]?
tata nano or second hand alto?
How can I put newer stock Jeep wheels on my 99 xj?
Subaru Wrx or MazdaSpeed3 or VW GTI?
Ok I sold my 99 civic Si clean title to a person that called me from my ad on criags!!?
Would you be able to put H13 12v 100/90w 170/160w on a 1999 slk 230 kompressor?
What is your opinion on VW automobiles?
2002 jeep grand cherokee mods?
Does the 2002 Ford Taurus use real leather?
is it worth it?
09 plate Saab linear and vector what's the difference?
mercedez Benz? Good or not good!?
1993 ford turus,the parking brake pedel is way to high?
1996 ford f-150 4x4 question?
im getting a Mercedez benz C300 (sport) for my birthday but what color?
Can water get into brake fluid and dilute it.?
tips for modding 2005 honda accord v6 automatic?
how much horse power does a 1986 chevy corvette zr1 have ?
What can you say about the Honda Element? Is it worthwhile for a family of 5? How about power?
sway bar knocking and rattling when idle? 2004 rsx base model?
My 93 Jeep Cherokee cranks over but won't start.?
Does Lexus have what it takes?
How to drag race in 2011 Toyota corolla?
Do all Grand Vitaras have low range?
How many miles can I do on reserve fuel?
I just found a small version of the oscar meyer weiner truck. What company made this truck?
is bmw better then honda?
What is the top speed on the RX-8?
What is the best car you've ever owned?
Need a 4" or 6" suspension lift for 99 4x4 explorer where can i find one or what other lift would work?
2007 Nissan Sentra w/100,600 miles selling for $7,300.?
Should I get a Mini Cooper S or a nose job?
Volkswagen Help PLEASE ASAP!?
Do Saabs ever break down?
Where can I buy Honda Civic 2006 car key?
should i buy second hand ford ikon?
How can I turn the check engine light off on a 98 Altima?
How much does it cost to get a porsche 911 carrera Gt Turbo Engine?
Is a 2000 eclipse good on gas?
I own a 1995 Ford F-150 4.9 pickup?
Missfire on numbe 5 on 2003 explorer?
i have a 06 rav 4 4x4/ 4 cyl when i step on the gas to overdrive from 0 to 50 when stop smelles like raten egg
Whats the best mustang?
can you really hear a ford rust or is it just a myth?
Engine troubles ford explorer V6 4.0 sohc please help?
are chevy cavaliers good cars?
My 1998 honda civic is leaking coolant under the distributor housing.?
Ok, are the Mass air flow sensor, and Air flow meter the same?
guys i have a car ????
how do you build a 2002 Dodge Durango?
xterra model?
My steering is loose when I drive over 50 mph I cant figure out what the parts are called on 91 chevy silverad?
I changed the pressure hose on power steersteering on a 1997 toyota corolla, now the steering wheel goes crazy?
nissan GTR 2009(midpipe -cobb tuning) vs Ferrari 458 2011(bone stock)?
where is the running light relay of toyota corolla 1990 station located?
Can I put fog lights on a '99 V6 Mustang?
2001 A6 2.7twin turbo engine misfirring?
What is the engine of nissan 180sx?
I want to buy a Jeep Wrangler..what do you think?
Question on the 2012 and 2013 ford taurus sho.?
96 dodge cummins quite shifting, lost soeedo and tech and getting various dash warning lights?
history of car with 10 digit code ford fairlane?
what country made volvo?
what is your favorite nissan?
how do I change my password?
Would a 2002 Nissan Altima Bumper fit a 2005 NISSAN ALTIMA?
'96 ford explorer gas mileage any comments?
What is the lug bolt pattern on a 1996 dodge ram 1500?
how much increase in power will i get out of my 93 mustang 5.0 if i swap mercury mountaineer gt40p heds intke?
What do you think about Chevy vehicles?
Lamborghini or Ferrari ?
***What are cars that look similar to the "Toyota Yaris"?****?
Will Enkei J10 16" x 7". 5/108 & 5/115, 38, fit a 93' nissan 240sx?
doe u have a red car and if you do how hot does it get?
Camaro or Mustang?
BMW bluetooth help?
Explorer or Yukon?
Is buying a 91 Mercedes E300 with 296,000 for $600 a good idea?
Is it my alternator or the belt to my alternator?
whats the name of that movie?
Audi,Mercedes Benz or BMW.over all witch is best?
any information about renault laguna ?
2001 gmc yukon make squeling noise?
Honda civic ep3 questions?
does mazda make the 2.0l four cylinder used in the ford focus?
how to open the sliding passenger door on 1999 Dodge grand caravan that is stuck closed?
93 jeep zj noise issue please help?
which is best--honda or chevrolet?
how do i find out what the factory size is of my chevy z71 truck is?
What is General Motors' Mission Statement? Please provide reference as well.?
Can a 2008 magnum bumper fit on a 2005 magnum front end?
Cars Like The BMW 800 Series?
Is GM's worst enemy the American public's cynicism?
What is the miles per gallon of a 1976 Ford F-250?
How can I find out in what order my 67 dodge coronet 440 conv.was made,and how many were made.?
ATTENTION CHEVY LOVERS! Why do you think Chevy is better than Ford?
whats the difference between an acura nsx and a honda nsx?
Outter part of bmw e36 headlight?
witch way does the airflow go on the in cabin filter on a 2003 Nissan Altima 3.5 sl?
Does a Kia warranty roll over?
which was the maximum speed of chevrolet corvette L--48 8cyl 185HP 1977?
Questions about a 92 Mustang?
I have a Ford Ranger 3l TDCI 2007 model as I was driving down the road my vehicle suddenly lost power and what?
witch do you think is the best bmw car?
What are the dimensions of a 1974 Volkswagen Super Beetle?
I wanted someone to give me numbers on performance for that bettle with the wing and ground effects. I think ?
how to buy a bmw with $47000 salary per year?
Super Charger for 1999 Camaro z28?
ford or chevy?
Should I buy a 07-09 Jeep rubicon wrangler?
Cold draft in Jeep Wrangler?
owner manual 1995 pontiac grand prix se?
what's your opinion on the acura rdx?
my 03 chevy sierra 4x4 makes a noise when stopping?
what type of transmission came in the 1986 S10 blazer for the 2.8L V6?
What does the switch marked 'R/A' on Chevy Lumina cruise control modules mean?
How much does Liebherr LTM1800 cost in the USA?
best 4 door car for economy and reliability. second hand?
2004 Nissan Quest S 3.5 L Temperature Gauge in the middle meanwhile it should be further left.?
Is a Jeep Wrangler a good buy for a brand new 16 year old male driver?
2003 Toyota Celica timing belt or timing chain?
What's wrong with my 92 Honda accord dx Manuel?
I have a 2004 Chevrolet Silverado, and I have questions about putting a plow on it?
I drive a passat 1.9TDI V reg, Automatic?
I need to change the fuel pump/fuel sending unit in a 2000 Chevy Lumina.?
fitting wheel hub hyundai i10?
i have a 1995 ford f-150 i am getting a error3 reading what is this?
what do u call the vent controls for the a/c inside of the car?
I have a renault clio (08) a light like a bucket with a droplet of water in it has come on what is this?
I have a 88 ford f150 with 2 gas tanks...?
When will we have cars that can fly?
i get vibration noise from my dashboard in my 07 vw passat is this covered under the warranty?
Wouldn't you say that Honda make the best vehicles? better yet so do Toyota and Nissan as well.?
i have a 2003 lincoln navi and the fan is blowing but there is no heat coming from both front and back?
where is the turn signal flasher located on a 1999 ford taurus se and what does it look like?
whats the best cam for a tbi 350?
what costs more? 2005 Dodge Neon or 2005 Honda Accord?
Who's got an opinion about Nissan Murano 2003?
i have a 1998 lincoln continental with about 95k miles on it and i wanted to add a couple performance mods?
how can i make my 1987 s10 blazer faster?
I have a 2008 Town n Country.Rear Blower?
Are 2004 Kia Rios stick shift if they are 5 speed?
Whats a fast 4 dr car bout 2000 or less ive thought bout jetta what do u think?
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! can you buy hydrolic lifters for a mitsubishi eclipse its a 2000 gs 2.4L?
Is a Subaru WRX STi 2005 a good car for me..?
what is the name of the color for a 1965 ford galaixie 500 when it says h in the color code?
1991 honda prelude 5 no start?
I'm considering getting a 2000 or newer monte carlo. Just wondering if someone could mention some pros/cons?
Did I get a good deal on my new car?
Where I can find a free auto repairs manual?
where is the knock sensor in a 2003 honda accord?
How reliable is a Volkswagen?
What do you think about Subaru's "Impreza"?
why are scions so slow?
did any one got the new pics of hero honda glamour with allou wheels?
Who else here hates their Ford Focus??
I have a 10" thing?
Is a mint 2006 Mazda sedan with 54,000km a good buy for $8900?
What are the symbols and their meanings in the dash board of an Opel Astra Car 1.8i?
if you had a choice which one would you choose from?
is acura made by honda?
what car is nicer?
Toyota 4 runner : Which engine Still runner better with a higher milestand V6 or V8 -?
Whats the fastet car you'v ever drove?
information on classic ford mercury?
Smart Forfour?
Renault Megane brake light and boot lock?
Mitsubishi outlander issues?
i have always like mazda cars,but i cant find what really special about it,and it safety.?
1978 bronco performence tips?
What should I do with my son's crashed honda del sol?
At times, my steering wheel/ignition lock is difficult to unlock. Can this cause a problem while driving?
would a 06 charger bet a impala ss 96 in racing?
Does anyone notice the difference between this Ford site and Toyota site????
what car make do u like better chevy ford or dodge?
Anyone else here have and love their Dodge Intrepid?
Does anyone have the new Yaris?
Can you swap a 6-speed transmission into a 5-speed 1999 Subaru Legacy GT?
Is buying a 2002 Ford mustang car for 5,000....117,000 miles a bad idea?
chevy heavy half ton?
Is it true that the 1956 chevy 210 hardtop is the Canadian version of the Belaire and is extremely rare?
What bmw do i have E?.............?
Good name for a car?
why such a small trunk on a mazda 929?
All New Corvette Owners, Hows the Ride?
1986 Mustang Body Kit?
wher dos door spring gos on chev cavalier 98?
Which is the best Porsche colour?
which is the most populer car in world?
I have a 2000 chevy venture and the heater isnt working, replaced, therms. waterpump, ?
What Car should I go for next?
Can a short person see in a 05 mustang?
tips for modding 2005 honda accord v6 automatic?
Best 10 inch subs for a ford f150?
Need advice on a 2002 ford focus 2.0 motor replace?
Did the 1942 buick have an overhead valve with a straight 8 cylender?
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