2001 Dodge Neon Audio System?
do you reccomend 1986-1993 mustangs?
how can i find out if my car is "euro" version or "grey market"? 85' mercedes benz?
BMW 325iX died after a hard hit on some railroad please?
how to install footwell lights on a ford falcon BA 2003?
engine vin location on an 84 Buick 3.8L V6?
Bmw or Mercedes?
Mercedes-Benz Is The Best Car Ever , Don't You Think ?!!?
why did porsche created the cayman s?
I am turning 16 and i am wanting to buy a 2006 Scion tC. Good Choice?
Can i fit "22 on a 95 M3 BMW?
where is the thermostat located at on a 1997 chrysler sebring?
I want full details on Lincoln cars as from the year 2001?
how much does it cost to repaint my Mustang in Denver?
How can you prevent Car troubles on a Nissan Altima 2000?
Is Jeep Owned by Chrysler?
what chevrolet had a 75 hp 6 cyl engine in 1960s? year, model, etc?
Owners of Toyota Tacoma Pre Runner - Would you buy another one?
what kind of fluid goes in transfer case on a 96 jeep?
Ford Capri in 2013? Or is it just a Concept?
Help with my '93 Camero?
What is nissan motor acceptance corp?
how much money did honda make in 2011?
Would you buy a Toyota?
location for instrument relay for BMW 318i 1995?
where can i buy an affordable used Chevy Silverado?
Whats the best SUV ?
how much is my 64 1/2 mustang (all origninal)hardtop worth?
which is better wagnor lxi duo or vxi petrol?
What are the American car brands?
Are all Mercedes AMG carz electronically limited at 155 mph ?
How do you change the belt on a 2000 Powerstroke?Do you use a break bar on the tensioner, which is one is that
How can I make my car (2006 ford mustang) a little faster?
2004 Nissan Altima 3.5 crankshaft/cam sensor symptoms?
Does anyone else think the Citroen Picassos look like they are reversing when they are just driving normally?
Is it ok to disconnect the parking brake cable on my 1998 Monte Carlo?
What is the gas tank capacity for 1982 Dodge Ram 150 Truck?
4-wheel drive on Expeditions?
On a Toyota MR2, what does MR2 stand for 10 points for the first correct answer?
what color should i paint my 1986 cutlass supreme brougham?
what country is Ford (car) made in?
Which is a better car, Jaguar XJ8 or Audi A6?
my 2002 vw passat 1.8t displays "brake fault" "service manual" when take right turns.?
whats the WORST THING about a Corvette?
Has Mazda Stopped Making the RX-8?
How can I turn off the alarm feature on my 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee?
honda civic question?
Balancing brake and clutch?
what size engine is 3.5?
Who taught u how to drive?
Hyundai Class Action Lawsuit for overstating gas mileage? Any lawyer starting one?
How much is a 1990 ford probe gt worth?
My 93 ford ranger won't move?
Toyota camry 2007 reserve tank?
I'm 18 with a 2007 dodge charger (is this good considering my age)?
I have a question for all the mustang lovers...?
Ford Taurus Stalling?
I have a 1998 chevy cavalier and its at 166,000 miles how much longer will it last?
Does anybody know where I can find breakdown diagrams for a 350 chevy motor.?
will older 350 motor work in newer pickup (carburetor tothrottlebody?
What kind of car can I get if I trade for 2002 ford taurus?
If you won a prize to choose a car.?
does a 427 and a 454 look identical?
My Nissan 3.5 will not start! Carb is clean,Fire is Great?
93 jeep wrangler front wheels?
How can I reduce the road noise in my scion xb?
Any body out there do the jeep wave?
Where can i find a 2000 lincoln ls chrome molding for the front bumper?
what kind of car(like brand) should i buy..???
where can I get a duplicate car central lock remote for my 2003 Toyota Rav4?
Is it possable to put a mustang 2 Front Suspension into a 66 mustang?
How many miles do you have on your Honda?
looking for the price of a bmw 328 junior made in late seventies or early eighties. excellent shape ,?
What car looks like a thunderbird and a corvette mixed? Probably a concept car, but it's cool!?
Why do Volkswagon Beetle owners have flowers in their cars?
what are the differnt body styles of the honda accord look like ?
Is a bugatti a german or italian car?
My 1999 Mercury Cougar screeches when starting?
1995 pontiac am antifreeze type GM1825 is that Dex-Tron ?
who was the first man to mass produce cars?
Where in AZ can I get mods for a 1999 bmw 740i engine? Specificly a performance chip?
can you get pink Aston martons ??????
is the diesel plug in power chip safe for a mazda bt-50?
What is the song in the car commercial for the chevrolet cobalt?
how much pressure on cooling sistem?
what do you think about mustang(pics)?
Air filters on a 2003 Tiburon?
How much would it cost for paintjob on 2002 Pontiac Grand Prix on rear right bumper?
How to make 500 hp out of a ford 400?
I have a 1997 Toyota Avalon. I have a full trunk and I think there is a pillow jammed and I cannot open it now?
whats the best year mustang ever made?
Hey ppl What is Better Chevy or Ford?
can you pop this switch up from the door?
How do u change a non remote key to a remote key on a mk4 vw golf?
How much would it be to change wheel bearings on a 2001 Chrysler PT Cruiser?
1994 Honda Accord EGR problem ?
i have a polo 1999 1.4 that cuts out while driving,?
Any feedback on 2008 Ford Escape XLT 2wd would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!?
I just bought a 1999 dodge intrepid and its pulling to the left ...?
How hard is it to replace a rear bumper on an '05 Ford Freestyle?
What is the full specifications of Mazda Axela Sedan 1500cc Auto Car - made in Japan Domastic?
Toyota Supra... what is the difference between MA70 and 7MGTE?
Whats the torque on a 1992 Chevy 2500 flywheel?
does anyone know what engine (make) does vue saturn 200 have, i know that 2006 has a honda?
are mazda trucks any good?
How many o2 sensors does a Golf mk4 1.4 have?
Looking to buy a 2010 or 2011 JETTA in Tuscaloosa , Alabama?
What will make a 91 ford run hot?
from which site can i download user manual for Honda city 2004 (Pakistan)?
Is it possible to find a good deal on a 2004-2006 BMW 325i?
Where can i buy engine parts for volkswagen parts?
would it be a good deceision to go for maruti swift?
Does a 97 Honda Civic have an AUX jack?
What can cause rear end howling in 99 forester?
Jeep Liberty going wonky! Please help.?
What job can make me afford a rolls royce just list them and please no dump answers?
What's the song played in the Mercedes Benz commercial?
in a drag race what car would win, a lamborghini countach or a lotus espirit v-8?
06 mustang gt has a ticking sound also giving me trouble code p0345 please help!!!?
Does a 2002 nissan sentra have a timing belt or a timing chain?
2003 Kia Spectra help!?
Beef or chicken?
2005 toyota corrolla vibration when in idle and car is in gear?
Does a geo Metro from Chevy 1995 have a ground shift or a manual shift? Also whoever has owned one...?
How do i know what model my mustang is?
How do you change the battery on a 2003 Jetta keyless entry remote?
1985 toyota celica intake?
how do you open the rear hatch to 2001 porsche 911 when the battery is dead ?
Does anyone know how much to replace a clutch on a Celica?
Can I swap a 2000 civic front bumper onto my 2001 civic?
Feul efficiency of a 4.3 litre petrol engine?
Why would a 2010 corolla lose all power in the middle of driving?
Why are Mitsubishi 3000GTs so damn heavy?
how to get air out of radiator of 98 chevy venture?
How do I reset the OBDS on a 2010 Dodge Avenger?
question about chevy cavaliers?
Is this a guy car or chick car?
where is the fuel pump located on a 96 Infiniti i30?
Vauxhall astra 1.4 loosing water (HELP)?
Information on 2006 VW Beetle?
My turn signals wont work even after new bulbs and new switch now what?
ford or nissan?
So my 1996 Nissan Sentra sucks!?
Volkswagen golf question.?
84 corvette stalling problem?
Who owns Raymond Buick Pontiac GMC Trck in Riverhead, NY?
How do I disarm the anti-theft on my truck?
What does GTI stand of on a car?
how to eject a stuck cd from an 05 nissan titan?
Mercury Sable Transmission Problems?
Id like to no wut kinda civic i have and is it vtec?
What size Rims would you put on a 2004 toyota solara?
Peugeot Mopped Vin DECODER?
Is turning the air suspention off on the 2003 Lincoln Navigator bad for it?
MERCEDES 240D AUTO trans is their other trans that will bolt to this motor?
who likes dogs and cats?
How much should I pay for a used '05 Toyota 4Runner Sport?
I would like to know the other chevy Geo Tracker and Suzuki Sidekicker looking vehicles are. The names please.
What kind of hood can I get for a ford escort?
Is 3000 too much to pay for a 1999 lincoln continental with 52000 miles?
copart help please.....?
2003 Honda Accord price?
1991 chrysler new yorker serpentine belt diagram??
Wer is the oil filter on crysler town /country mini van?
Chevy Impala.....?
Is Honda CRV the best value for my money?
05 Jeep Grand Cherokee Rain Sense wipers, automatic headlights and drivers seat, not working correctly?
Can you tell if a car is diesel or petrol?
Would you buy an Audi if you had the money? Why or why not?
i have a 2000 mustang gt it has a poping sound and a missing sound ...i have changed the plugs and coils?
I can use my 2003 chevy venture tires 215/75/R15?
which car is better at drift? acura or mustang or bmw?
What are some 4 cylinder/fuel efficient vans? (90s-early 2000's)?
Can I put a 357 engine that's a boosted into a 1968 dodge charger?
merits & de-merits of MARUTI SUZUKI RITZ ... please...?
will 225 45 17 size tires fit on my 8th gen honda civic si without any problems?
what one is better Ford or Chevy???
2002 Chevy Avalanche Hitch Receiver Plug fits 2" and 1.25"?
I have booked a maruti swift dezire with 30000 but now i want to purchase bolero is this possible?
Cherry Bomb Glasspack dodge Charger Question?
are american cars better than asian imports?
powersteering help needed?
What should i do if a Maintenance Required light comes on on my new honda civic with 10,000+ miles?
what is the coolest car in our time?
my dads mercedes single wiper motor failed(out of warranty.)?
why is white smoke comming out of my cars exhaust?please help!!!?
1997 Chevy 3500 vs 1500?
Why doesnt my 88 mustang gt 5.0 5-speed reving and doesnt pick up speed?
engine diagnostic light on on 2001 picasso?
Ford Mustang, Manual or Automatic?
I just bought a 2010 VW GTI and the next day, the MIL came on?!?
how much would it cost to convert a 1993 automatic 240sx to manual?
rough idle, stalls when stopped. 92 cutlass supreme?
Does my d17a non-vtec sohc engine in my 2002 Honda civic have a timing belt or timing chain?
what is the best car for less the 15000 dollars?
how to change transmission oil on mazda 1990 626DX?
Who is Better? Ford vs. Toyota?
2000 Volkswagen Passat GLS - $3,595?
Looking for info on 1960 Ford Falcon Ranchero?
honda civic coupe flashing light?
How many miles do you have on your Honda?
what car do you have?
is there a car made from ugoslavia that starts with a u??
What are the Specs on a 65 289 Mustang Engine(like HP,TQ, and stuff like that)?
Does it cost more to own a Mercedes than other cars?
I need good name for my 1998 Camaro?
whats the most unreliable car ever?
Which timing belts do I need for Honda Accord SE 1993?
Baron rotunda wizard101?
Is it safe for a cold car engine to be warmed up quickly by reving it up at a high revolution?
98 jgc when it shift into 4th gear it starts to grind and turn od off it stops?
Will there be ANYTHING new to the Cadillac DTS for the 2012 Model? ANYTHING at all? Maybe Engine Upgrade?
econoline van pictures?
help with a 98 VW bug with unlocking the radio.?
Will this subwoofer fit in a 2004 Toyota Tacoma extended cab?
does anyone know how to put the back seats down in a peugeot 406, t reg? thanx?
Where is the knock censor on a 97 prelude?
does the engine motor of 1995 lincoln continental fit on a lincoln continental 19974.6L also?
Is a Volkswagen (VW) considered a "chick car"???
should i buy a 2003 Merc. E320 25K miles for 29,000?
1987 Ford F-350 Super-Duty Quad-cab 2WD?
My 2006 Nissan Pathfinder Failed NJ inspection because of OBD/Emissions?
how to unlock a dodge intrpid without the keys?
What's your favorite car?
Rear bulb holder for Citroen C2 VTS 2007 model?
05 ford explorer 4.0 L negative and positive touched together for about 5min while driving im guessing?
Is 100,000 miles on a car too much ?
Oil: Castrol Syntec 5W40?
Is the Volkswagen gti a good first car?
tundra or titan? opinions welcome!?
Whats a good teen car?
Volkswagen Help PLEASE ASAP!?
does I high Flow cat change the sound of your exhaust?
how often do change the timeing chain in my 1999 chevy S-10?
Grand Am 2.4L Compression test results seem too high?
how can i buy a used car in nigeria?
Is it possible to ram a Hummer off the road with an S-10?
are all Honda dealers marking up the Fit $1500?
95 Civic, Need Help Parts From Ebay?
how do you turn off the headlights on a 1995 mercury cougar xr7?
Is Subaru owned by General Motors?
How can you raise the scion's fr-s 200hp?
blonde girl driving a jeep wrangler...?
What is a popular car for a woman?
How is the gas mileage for a 1982 Mercury Grand Marquis?
Why are Mazda Miata V8 conversions seemingly always done with Ford motors and not Chevy motors?
1978 VW Super Beetle Convertible parts?
New speakers for my 99 Dodge Durango?
i need how to instruction on how to refinish my wheels on 88 mbz?
what is the oldest model of maruti?
How much should it cost to clean Throttle Body and IAC?
How much does one need to make in order to afford to purchase an Audi A6?
which is a better brand ford or chevy?
hey my 16th birthday is coming up pretty soon and which car do yall think i should get a range rover or a benz
I need a replacement engine for a peugeot 406?
Getting a Citroen C1?
What does NC27 mean on a Honda motorbike mean.?
is there a way to change the backlighting behind all the gauges and speedometer, ect. to a different color?
Where's the oil drain plug located on holden vectra 2003?
Should I use super unleaded in my truck?
Unstable idle, and rpm limited to 2500 no matter what. 04 SE-R Spec V. Help please!?
how does the new version renault laguna lok , and drive?
1999 subaru legacy outback catalytic replacement?
How much is my '73 Ford Gran Torino worth?
What type of gas does a scion fr-s automatic transmission use?
〖 4 x〗^2+ 7x -3=0. how?
how much would a bmw m3 gtr cost?
what is recomended rpm for honda civic ex '97?
1922 oldsmobile roadster?
Question about 2003 nissan altima?
why are my answers for hyundai been reported abuse?
Does anyone own an 07 Nissan Versa? If so how many gallons of gas does it hold?
What should i put in my car? (a 1999 mitsubishe eclipse)?
What type of fuse does my nissan altima have?
the 2.8 capri has a rev limiter in the rotor arm,would this fit into a 2L dizzy?
where to install the block heater on a 2011 kia sorento?
cost to fix driver's side power window of 94 Mercury Cougar?
How do I set specific stations for my 2012 Ford Fiesta?
top speed of cars?
what sites can I find cars for sale?
What is the best car to buy?
will a 1999 ford contour speedsensor go into a 2000contour?
please help i need to know how to reset my date and time on the display of my audi tt?
Has anyone ever thought or tried to attempt a 2jz swap into a Toyota Previa?
what is the fastest lamborghini ever mph please?
1998 gmc jimmy electrical problems?
I just bought a 2000 Ford Explorer XLS and need a copy of the owners manual.?
i installed gta 4 and the roads are not coming only roads and cars are coming how can i fix this?
True or False? pls answer?
Will radiator for 2.5L ford ranger work in place of radiator in a 3.0L ford ranger?
high idle dodge caravan?
what car do you drive?
porsche cayenne seats?
Which is faster/better performance? A BMW M3 or a BMW 318i?
I can't start my Toyota Celica 03?
Need a funny or cool license plate for my 2009 pontiac G5.?
What causes the car to make a knocking noise when i put it in gear or turn the sterring wheel real sharp?
Is a Jeep Grand Cherakee a good car to have? ?
what is the crappiest car ever manufactured?
Why manual cars are preferred over automatic?
Can a Vtech engine be installed into a BMW?
who will build me a street rod?
My toyota camry 2008 model Ac keeps coming on and may work now when I start the car and the next time?
Ford Zetec Engines. General opinion ?
Would you recommend Volvo, from personal experience?
Does the lexus gs have a 4cylinder engine?
i need a wiring diagram for 93 chevy astro?
Where can I find a original 99 stock body kit for my honda civic?
airbag lamp golf IV?
price inflation in two years?/??????????????????
94 sonoma oxygen sensor relay location?
How do I turn of beep on Toyota Prius 2005?
Why do hyundai tiburons have alot less hp on V6 engines than the other V6 brand cars ?
i still have no spark i changed coil pack crank sensor camshaft sensor and still no spark what do u suggest ?
how many miles a toyota yaris can run in 1 litter fuel ?
what does 232 stand for 3.8l v6 232 mustang?
why is does my 2000 ford explorer xlt shake after 30mph?
Tips on driving a V6 Mustang 2011+ ?
where can i get a wiring harness for a 09 dodge charger rt with nav. I need a wiring harness and a mount.?
What does the "Si" stand for in Honda Civic Si?
Whats the best sports car around at the moment, that celebs have etc?
1981 mercury capri problems running?
Hhow hard is it to do a main rear seal in a 1985 ford ranger 2.8 ltr. v6?
My 96 ford ranger accellerates on its own?
How do you turn on the audio system in a 2005 Chevy Cavalier?
Where can i find a car for 300 dollars?
How to find the highest seating car/suv from car specs?.?
What is better 2010 Ford Mustang GT500 Super Snake or the 2010 camaro ss?
05 chevy impala hard cranking condition?
Is there anyone that want's a Red 93 eclipse w/automatic trans and a 2.0 liter ?
What are the 13 world firsts in Lexus IS250?
some accessory for my Chevrolet Spark LS?
wat kind of car is this?
1993 Ford Taurus Transmission Question?
fuel filter location on a2005 chevrolet trail blazer?
Need Tire Recommendation for a 2004 Audi A6 3.0 Quattro 16 inch?
why would you lose oil pressure at high rpm???
Will these tires fit my Camaro?
Hey I need to replace my supercharger belt on my 2001 toyota solara.?
Vauxhall Corsa b cuts dead after a few minutes running?
How do I fix the air conditioner in a 2001 Audi A4?
What type of engine can I put in a 2001 Crown Vic to make more power?
is a Porsche a vehicle for everyday driving (constant use)?
Which "old" car is the fastest?
How many Series has BMW have?
Where is the fuel filter for a 1994 Infiniti G20 located?
1999 buick lesabre custom 3.8L engine want crank?
Who has a Kia Soul, and what can you tell me about it?
C.A.R.B legal cold air intake for 2012 Ford Mustang V6?
96 Ford Explorer w/ 5.0 engine issue..Please read & help?
Im lifting up my 2006 F150 and I need to know if the skyjacker lift kit makes it level or if the fronts lower?
a quick riddle, .s to whoever gets it first ........................................…
how to install a 1997 Chevy lumina hood?
I got a chevy xtream as a first truck, are those good?
the truth, is jdm b20b same as b20z? heard too many different things.?
When checking the transmission fluid on a mustang do you leave the car running? ?
how much is a waterpump for a 1999 ford taurus?
intruction to r/p alterantor 4 a 1990 nissan 300zx?
bmw 528i 2.8 what grade of gasoline is best?
what do you think of BMW's?
how do i get the shifter knob off of my 5speed 1989 honda accord DX?
Is a honda prelude a good car with potential to be an awesome car?
what transmission will fit in a Toyota Cressida?
Volkswagen Karmann Ghia?
I lost my keys to my 2005 GMC Yukon, what do I need to do to get a new key?
98 bmw 323 i.s. and a 04 dodge truck for sale.... what the best method to sale them..?
honda accord 99 deck installation?
why is it better to run a car on petrol than gas?
what kind of car is this?
do all 2002 honda civics have computer keys?
What are some other jeep wrangler type off roading cars?
what is the most miles you have ever seen on a car?
I say Escort, you say...?
I'm looking for a Class 2 tow hitch for a 1998 Hyundai Elantra. Do they make them for this car?
Honda odyssey aux plug?
Have U Seen The 2008 Subaru WRX?
Has the Mercedes SL65 AMG been released in the UK?
Audi multitronic juddering?
Anyone used BMW M5 rims and tires on a 2004 530i that doesn't have sports package?
88 Toyota Pickup Gear Ratio?
how many vehicles has chevy sold to date?
which is better as a clutch kit for MY 99 Eclipse Gs 2.0 , Rhinopac , sachs , or Duralast ?
my tire keeps having a slow leak every time i buy a new tire on the right side of my car the same thing happen?
Is a Chrysler car dealer riping me off?
Chevy Equinox, Kia Sportage, or Honda Pilot....Which is better gas mileage? Has great reviews? Which would you?
To all the chevy lovers i have a Question??
Ford Mustang VS. Chevy Corvette?
Will18" rims from a 2011 Lexus RX350 fit my 2005 Lexus RX330?
I have a mitisubshi diamante 2001?
dash lights and keyless entry stopped working and then airbag & ABS lights on?
If you are a male do you laugh when you see a male driving a BMW?
Whats the colour of your Car?
How to take out water out of motor oil in my 2001 Chrysler?
Which car would you like to own 2001 corvette coupe or factory five cobra?
Any Idea how much it would cost to swap a Honda Accord auto to manual?
do anyother 16 year olds want their first car to be a kind of crappy car from the 90s?
Is 10w 30 oil okay for 1990 toyota camry? Or what does it need?
is 100,000 miles too much for audi a3?
Which one is better ? benz or bmw?
How good is the sequential manual gearbox on bmw 530i?
transmission making knocking noise? 2003 manual silverado?
What are the basic things to check when buying secondhand car?
91 Honda Accord Heater/aircon problem?
How would the 'Porsche 911 Turbo' be on fuel/insurance?
Which color of 2007 Acura TL do you like best?
why my vauxhall astra 1.6 is consuming too much petrol e.g 21-23mpg.?
1991 honda civic SI?
VW OWNERS! VW reliability?
How do you take off a 1999 Toyota Camry LE 4 cyl, OEM spoiler?
What are the speakers size in a 2003 convertible mustang?
what website can i buy performance parts for 2000 eclipse GT?
What is the new car commercial that features a person's "FAST" in the back seat that looks like a demon?
is it good to install gas for maruthi 800,city use?
Any good tips im becoming a new car salesman in 1 week ,,,,,,,help?
ford expedition or land rover?
Is a Toyota Corolla better than a Honda Accord?
I need to replace the head gasket in my 94 Toyota Celica? Can anyone help?
wen is the nissan skyline gtR35 goin to be released?
does my 2002 ford explorer have an engine oil cooler?
Better intake for Altima Coupe 3.5L?
How do you buy advanced transmission fluid for cars in india. A BMW 5 series steering is groaning a lot?
what is the fastest car in the world?
Hey got passed St Helena but now Stuck on Diomede Island please help!!!!!?
Which Volkswagen Bug?
honda civic hatchback?
If you own a Car do you give it a Name?
I want to start a towncar service in minneapolis.?
My back door on my 02' Nissan Altima won't unlock does anyone know how I could unlock it?
How to disable Saab car alarm?
Ferrari in the winter?
Is the BMW 750il a good buy?
2007 chevy colorado parking lights and tail lights won't shut off?
My 1992 Camaro continues to run hot. It is not the thermostat or air in the hose. Any ideas?
Does anyone know any engine specs of a Vauxhall Astra Van?
What is a Passat?
Where is the valet switch in a 2000 mitsubishi eclipse GS?
Where can I buy a Jeep Wrangler?
What could be the cause of my 98 GMC jimmy to stall out and die as soon as I take my foot of the gas?
Anyone have the 2008 Nissan Altima Coupe???
Car hesitates whendriving or jerks bad when I start to accelerate and come to a stop and then reacceralerate.?
Best oil to put In a 97 Dodge Dakota with 172,000 miles?
wat do you think of these hybrid vechicles?
is a 99' eclipse gs fast?
1972 vw bug gets hot quickly?
I have a 2008 dodgeram 1500 4.7 jumping cables were placed on and when turned on the checkenginelight turn on?
Why is it the richest car manufacturer in the world (toyota) brings out such souless, bland and ordinary cars?
Should i buy a Lotus Elise or a Lamborghini Countach?
how do I remove yellow stains from a white vinyl convertible top?
PIMP my car! lol?
Do you agree that a 9 year old BMW is better than a 2 year old Ford?
How many miles per gallon does a 2001 ford f 150 5.4 liters Super Crew.?
What do you think about guys who drive Camrys?
I'm looking to buy an exhaust system for my 1998 V6 Mustang what are my possible options?i only have $100?
Will it happen?
is it ok to get a corvette as a first car?
Does anyone have a copy of the fuse card for a 2002 VW Jetta 1.8T? Lost mine, would be very helpful. Thanks!?
problems with GMC being out of alignmeant from the dealership?
2004 Kia Spectra- Refuel Problems?
Is this a fair trade?
possible get a gt in trade for a v6?
95 honda civic hatchback DX OBD Port location.?
How do you change the battery in a renault clio?
what is ur dream car?
how do i change the rooters on a 1997 dodge ram 2500?
is the russian car lada still in business?
What is your favorite sports car???
ford sport trac problems?
what is the full form for the abbreviation BMW(car)?
How much whould it cost to put a turbo into a 00 civic dx?
I need to know the gas mileage,Car length,0 to 60mph in sec for the ford f-150 in 2010,11,12 also Toyota camry?
Question on a 1996 ford f250?
Would you recommend a Chevrolet s10 pickup?
I'm getting a Holden Ute! Anybody drive one? What do you think of them?
Where is the crankshaft sensor on a 05 nissan maxima?
what is the bolt pattern for the 2009 dodge journey?
1995 Grand Am Tensioner?
Are the new Mustangs good cars?
Kia sorento;small deep dent on crease of door.?
Dodge or ford ? Witch do you prefer ?
BMW naming system question?
Are Mazdas good cars?
Which is better? Honda Dio or Activa?
Which car would you pick and why?
Short throw shifter!?
4.10s vs 4.56 gears on a 2005 mustang gt?
which is the better car the pontiac gto or the ford mustang gt?
Which car will you choose?
Have 77 ford -351m nice clean truck, looking to restore and would like to know about fuel injection options?
How do I find out if my 1977 Corvette has matching serial numbers?
What would cause rear wheel(s) on an 2004 Kia Sedona to lock-up when parked?
A CAR QUeSTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
1990 Ford F250 wont shift into 4wd?
Do you have a VW Golf? How does it treat you?l?
Do i have an accent? heeeeelp?
Have 99 dodge stratus new cam and crankshaft sensor new plugs plug wires new coil pack new o2 sensor car shut?
how to install engine ina1994 chevrolet?
bmw 328xi vs lexus is250?
I feel so "Z" so ziggety,ziggety,ziggety cuz Iam floatin in E.....?Do you know what song is that?
where can i find a store name pro street auto peformace?
1996 Audi Quarttro 2.8l Speedo.?
where can i find information on porsche strategies for reaching global markets?
Can you convert a 2 wheel drive jeep to an all ti e 4 wheel drive?
how do you make the seatbelt sound go away when not wearing your seatbelt- toyota fortuner 2012 philippines?
Does WRC cars have any special components?
what is 5 percent of 1500?
im driving Alfa Romeo 156 sales speed .. the problem started yesterday , when i started the car .. i heard som?
I have a 57 chevy that keeps stalling out on me. Why?
rear main seal leak in honda accord 1998 113k miles?
What kind of body kit is this for a mazda rx7 fd?
hello i own a 98 honda accord and its standard a friend of mine offered me a intake for my car i dont know?
which is the best Mercdes benz?
What is your opinion on Ford's new Fusion?
teen girl with an 89 volvo?
Is it possible to trade in a 2012 Ford Explorer for a 2013 dodge challenger?
1999 Lincoln Continental air ride suspension issues?
part # ford 7.3 powerstroke glow plug connectors?
where can i find info on a rare automobile.specifically a nector?
which car is better quanto or duster?
Nissan Maxima Or Nissan 240sx?
Do you own a Ford Expedition, and has this happened to you?
09 jetta tdi block heater cord?
How do I properly install a taxi meter in a Scion xB?
My explorer revs up to 2k on startup, normal?
Honda is better than Hyundai read this!?
gmc sonoma fix door ajar wind blows in?
will the new bbs air 2 ck rims fit my 92 honda civic 4 door ?
Where is the fuel pump relay located on ,my 1988 ford f150?
In a race, 69 GTO Judge Vs. 69 SS Camaro, who would win?
Lexus is250 high mileage?
what is the significance of an ERG code on a 300 mercedes(1996)?
When do I change oil in my car on a 2006 Chevy Malibu?
I need help on a renault laguna 3.0 24v v6 initiale paris i have problem with my gear please help!?
2007 Honda Civic Coupe - my wife is thinking of buying it - your experience?
why are hummers teh best car in the world?
wots the best kit: pearl master primium birch or sonor force 1007? vs.
what is an mustang?
Exhaust help borla atak carback or axleback?
how do i open my trunk on a passat?
the best car to make a stock car?
Is the ford escape a girly car or not?
Can you put 87 gas in a 2000 BMW 323?
only those who have a scion tc . . plz answer?
98 Malibu, idle problems?
Are 1990-1993 Honda Accords good cars to start off with?
information about keyless entry on 1998 volvo reseting keylessentry device?
Where is the vehicle color code on a 2004 VW Jetta?
My father bought me a mustang 2006 for $7000 but it has 133000 miles on it?
Which is more fun to drive, a Porsche or a BMW?
Balancing brake and clutch?
What is faster integra DC5r or Civic type r 8th gen?
Are BMWs practical cars?
How to insrt lwr radiator mnt on 2001 impala?
what would be the best colour?
how can I fix a bad knock in an '88 Chev 350?
what size transmission does my ford explorer have?
97' Nissan Maxima oxygen sensor?
Has anyone ever drove a 99 Mazda Protege, how is it?
is the Toyota tundra crew cab made in the u.s.a? is it made by a union automotive?
which head units will fit my 2006 toyota 4runner? 10 points if you can give me a list!?
What car do you drive ?
which type of Mustang would you buy?
what is faster? a 97 m3 or a 97 svt?
Why did someone have to steal our car?
when will eclipse come out ?
2004 crown Victoria ?
What type of rim finish is on the 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland Summit?
I was replacing the fuel pump on my mazda millenia and in the prosses i broke a round little plastic part?
1989Honda accord stops running w when I touch the gas pedal?
campervan 1998 registration?
would a kale co auto Spark Plugs will work in a 2000 mitsubishi mirage standard?
in 2016 or 2017 could u import a skyline r34?
what glasspack fits a ford ranger 01?
If Ford brings back the Taurus model of car should they rename it the Clitaurus or the Taurass?
Putting a 5l v8 mustang engine into a 3 series bmw?
MyEngine Wires Got Burnt,I taped Them All Up,Still Got problems,WhereDo i look next?
1987 ford bronco 5.0 302 help!!!?
Is the Chevy Cobalt a good buy? I was thinking of getting a 2006. I'm just concerned with the amount of power.
How much would this cost?
Escalade or Lexus?
can you tell me what 1st car yu ever bought,,,mine was a vauxhall viva?
read codes all ok except cpm? is replacement needed?
how do i look up a data plate info for a car?
2005 Dodge Magnum Glove Box?
Does Mitsubishi still make cars?
2002 Pontiac Grand Am wont start?
B20 or B16? Stock wise, which is FASTER?
Mitsubishi Eclipse: female car?
How do I get at Citroen C5 (2001) daylight sensor ?
i was trying to put 22 inch rims on a 1993 maxima will they fit?
review on mercedes a class?
I have a 2003 mishibishi Galant?
How many Bugatti Veyron SuperSports have been sold?
i have a toyota yaris t-spirit.. it is automatic and manual [ semi-automatic]..?
How to sync my phone with Bluetooth in a BMW 325CI 2002?
How much is it to change out the spark plugs for a 97 ford f150 at the ford dealership?
where can i find emissions decal for a 1979 pontiac grand prix 301/150 hp 4bbl??
how long will a dpf last on a skoda 1.6tdi?
Does anyone have a rusty Mercedes 1999 onwards and what have Mercedes done about it?
Why does my 1976 mercury cougar keep going dead?
Which is better Toyota hilander or sequoia?
what is the blue book price on a 1994 toyota?
How much will it cost around to get new exhaust for my 1999 Honda civic ex coupe?
Pontiac Grand Am Multiple Problems (over-heating, coolant, etc)?
How much would it cost to fix a burnt valve on a 1992 honda accord? 4 cyl. automatic?
i would like a 2cv can any one advice on what to look for and the bad points it will be a run around car?
1992 Jeep Cherokee Sport information, Please help?
What's the 0-60 and/or quarter mile time of an A4 3.0 with a PES supercharger?
Is this car out of style?
dodge dakota not accelerating all the way. help please?
I lost my key with little chip on it how do i bypass the anti theft system on a ford taurus 2005?
do you think a 1966 restored fastback mustang is a good daily driver?
Stock horsepower number for a 1987 Toyota Corolla GT-S?
Please Help! 2002 Chevy Impala Hose?
My husband wants to get my 14 year old daughter a jeep wrangler?
Gas. Mileage,2012 Kia Sorento?
2000 ford escort wont start...?
Looking to build Electric Sterling Kit Car :) Need information!?
ford ranger xlt still lookin for the horn relay. horns are good fuse is good?
Toyota Avensis 2003 steering column problem?
my dad is buying me a car for my 16th birthday.Range Rover Sport or Benz clk350?
My van wont stay running when u have it in gear? 93 plymouth voyager van?
I left the keys on the ignition! Help?
automatic or manual?
Please help? 95 honda civic dx?
help me decide on my new car please?
I am looking for information and photo of 1924 Chrysler 2 door sedan.?
Would an 1999 chevey calvaler spark plugs cause it to spudder out?
Anyone had their VW air conditioner fixed?
how much will repairs cost on a ford?
front bumper on nissan versa?
I just bought a 2000 mitsubishi galant and wondering how they do in the snow....?
escort van brake problems?
toyota corolla 2001. timing belt broke, does it haRM head valves?
Just bought a '98 VW Cabrio - any comments?
Whaf type of bulb fits on the fj cruiser(2007) ?
Where can I find air bag covers for a 2002 Ford Mustang?
Is it ok to drive in the S mode for Toyota Camry SE 2012?
96 Dodge neon stalling when hot?
Approximate value of 1976 Nova Concors sedan w/305 V-8?
How does Quattro work and is it different from other new types of all-wheel drive?
any solution for my 2011 land cruiser's crap FM reception??it has inbuilt glass
Is the Mercedes-Benz CLS 550 w/ AMG being sold outside CA compliant with the 50-State Emission Standards.?
Will Ford let car rental companies rent the new Fusion?
will 22 inch rims fit on a 1996 buick park avenue?
i just bought a 07 toyota corolla, the head lights come on when i start the car and stay on is that normal?
Decal on 2008 Honda Civic?
vw passat loose ignitin wire?
What is the best Front mounted Intercooler for a 2003 1.8t Jetta(mk4)?
How reliable are Fords?
2002 chevy 1500 fuel pump replace?
91 Lexus ES250 rough idling and bad gas mileage. What could it be?
how crossflow and down flow Radiators work?
Hemi swap a 3.9 Dodge Dakota?
which was the maximum speed of pontiac firebird trans am 1976?
does anybody have the 2006 Mitsubishi out lander? thinking of getting any feed back?
Should I rent a Rolls Royce for my Sweet 15 grand entrance, or would it be to over the top?
what web site can I go to so that i can pick a car and do what ever to it?
1993 Dodge Dakota 5.2 V8?
Informations on Liebherr ltm1800?
why are all the late model chargers 4 doors ?
Where can I find a firing order diagram for a 1998 Toyota 3.4 L V6?
Why battery wont hold the charge in my chrysler 2000 lhs?
How much lift would 3.5 or 4.5" tj or xj lift springs give me on my 96 zj??? I'm looking to do the f->r swap?
how do we design a car body?
How many miles do you have on your Toyota?
when is Eclipse the movie coming out?
01 jetta dash lights off?
Is Volvo vt64t880good?
Jeep Liberty - Terry H. - Your responses are great, anyway to contact you for other Liberty Info?
Where can I find vintage Ford Econoline VIN number info?
2000 ford focus a/c compressor wont turn on?
How does a Hyundai Equus get compared to a Bentley Mulsanne?
where is there a place to purchase parts for my 2003 altima?
Do they make Turbo Kits to add turbo to an '87 Mazdz RX7 SE. And if so where is a goo place to look?
how long can a accord bottom end last?
I have a BMW Z3, do i look like a hair dresser? or is it perfectly ok for a man to drive?
Why does my 2006 Ford Taurus clunk?
Dodge neon problem?? hits rev-limiter?
1989 Oldsmobile Cutlass Cierra (need some personal reviews)?
I have a 1995 nissan sentra driver side window works but the rest won't go up or down check fuses all good?
why are new automobiles so expensive?
what would make a bmw stop running ? Shutt off about a year ago and wont start no matter how many times i try?
who makes a diesel hybrid car?
do turbochargers increace or dexreace your fuel economy?
Honda Accord 1991 dashboard lights not working?
5 percent tints on a all black mercedes benz ?
why is the temperature gauge not working on my 89 taurus but the cooling fan does?
Minnesotan Accent- help!?
Where can I get a 2010 convertible beetle for under 20k?
Help i have a Peugeot 206 it wont start its had 1diagnostic didn't show anything Peugeot say its needs deep
Looking for Pictures on the Ford Skyliner?
is a porsche a girl or guy car?
Is the Nissan skyline legal?
How are Alpine Type R's?
Honda civic ex vetch might need pistons or rods?
2004 honda odyssey the transmission go bad only whenever gets warmed up?
Where can you rent a VW GTI for a week or so?
I'm looking for a body kit for my '99 Acura 3.2 TL. Does anybody have any idea where i can find some?
how could i make my car sound/ and preform better?
1998 Ford F150 4x4 4.6l?
The value of a 1973 dodge charger ralley 440 super commando with factory 4 speed?
Where can I find a carburator kit for a 76 chevy luv with Isuzu engine?
How many us gallons of gas does a 2003 Pontiac Grand Am hold?
Honda Rancher - oil?
Who loves the state Michigan?
would a 1988 monte carlo ss be fuel injected or carbureted?
Audi 2000 A6 4.2 L V8-----Instrument cluster repair? Where can I get this done?
Around how much will a 98 Volkswagen beetle cost?
I think about getting a 1969 ford falcon xw v6 auto?
Most common pressure gauges?
is it called vauxhall in england due to opel making german military vehicles ?
How much horsepower does 1996 celica engine?
Vibration while accelerating and shaking at high speed?
What is the life expectancy of a Volkswagen?
problems with a 1996 chevy g30 cargo van?
About My BMW 520D Sport?
What is the best motor/engine that is affordable to swap into my 95 civic eg coupe ?
wiring the negative pole of Ford Fiesta battery?
does a 2002 Hyundai Elantra have an adjustable clutch on it?
2000 ford focus HELP!?
Where can i find car parts for my BMW 7series 1979? in the UK?
are all honda civic 92-95 AUTO transmissions the same as 96-00?
What engine is this?(PIC)(HONDA CIVIC)?
99 tahoe-what's the problem?
Help with a 1998 Nissan altima starter?
2005 Volkswagen Jetta TDi blow off valve. diesel question?
how do I change an engine belt in a 2002 ford ranger?
What do I do when code 0077/fuel guage sender G open short circuit to positive is diagonised on AUDI TT ?
What colour lamborghini do you think is best?
Why do a lot of people with sport cars (mainly 95-99 eclipse) have their exhaust moved to the left a little bi?
Will they fit on my 04 f150 fx4 ? ?
who is better, ford or chevrolet?
how to line up marks on a twin cam nissan 4 cylender engine?
What is that stuff under car hoods that looks like fabric or something? i need to replace mine-it's old?
Which one is better? Nissan Tiida or Mazda 3?
What is wrong with my car?
Does anyone know where I can find an old Cherokee Chief in South Georgia??
Who wants to give a thumbs up for classic American automobiles?
Whats the downside of purchasing a white car?
Should I haggle for this 04 Honda Element?
what do you think about the scion tc?
What MPG expected for 2002 Dodge 2500 V-10 pickup?
Looking to purchase a luggage shade (cargo cover) for a C6 corvette. Any suggestions other than from Chevy?
Review for Mercedes 250TD (124) 1992?
what do you think if your man was out all night says he out with his freind?
My 1979 Firebird won't start?
2001 Saab-95 Flashers and Siren not being able to turn off.?
where can i find resistor to blower in 1991 oldsmobile 88?
My break calipers sticking on my 95 Honda?
shaking in 91 chevy blazer?
My W126's 380SE headlight won't fully switch on?
What engine swaps are best for a 2001 infiniti g20t?
I want to modify my new Honda Dio 2012?
'98 Mustang problems?
When putting turbo on 1997 honda civic ek coupe what else must be done to car?
1958 Volkswagen van project?
i need to buy a high output alternator (190 amps or more) for a 2001 mitsubishi eclipse?
How much does it cost to rebuild a VW 2007 Jetta transmission?
how much cost subaru brz 2012 ?
what would get better gas milage a 383 stroker or a big block chevy?
Why are Toyotas the "Best Built Cars in the World"?
Question about a TSB?
anyone know where i can find honda cb900f 1982 speedometer?
2G Eclipse Halo Headlights?
My power top on my Porsche broke???
vauxhall radio/nav trouble cd70 navi says display safe?
only guys opinion?
Cold air intake problems. 1999 civic ex?
What general problems do you have with conver. 94` Mustang?
Does anyone know what AMG by Mercedez benz stands for? Or what BMW means?
2002 gmc sierra 1500 starting/idling problems?
Someone Tell Me?
anyone have passat value edition interior pictures?
what are the cons to buying a ford mustang?
01 Dodge Stratus a/c blowing through defrost vent.?
the cover of my keys broke, can i get just the front?
I have a 99 dodge intrepid and when i start it clicks about three times and it starts?
extended warranty on F150?
Would selling the soon-coming GMH VE Commodore as a re-baged Chev improve sales?
95 grand cherokee laredo radiator help?
Why are all farrari's red?
why are honda drivers jerks?
where do i go to find out how much it'll cost for a 1997 jeep wrangler to be painted and lifted.?
I Bought a mustang to restore and am curious if it is worth the effort?
Automatic transmission fluid leak on 1999 Peugeot 306 cabriolet - should I worry?!?
Does nebody else think the toyota guy on the commercials looks like the pringles guy? lol?
what does 2.4L L4 SOHC 16V mean?
I am searching for a new Dodge Grand Caravan SXT 2006/ in Akron, Ohio preferably black in exterior color.?
what is this 2006 mustang gt worth?
Fiat Punto active sensor not receiving code from key?
I need 24 thousand dollars in order to buy a 2006 Audi A3?
what is the ideal age for a guy to buy and drive a subuaru wrx or mitsubishi evo?
Swapping 02-04 rsx headlights/backlights with 05-06?
i have a 1987 masda pick up that will not rev pass 3500 unless the aircleaner top is removed timing is perfect
Classy luxury car suggestions?
renault clio 1.5 dci glow plug/electrical light fault?
Who Likes the Nissan Maxima?
Driving an Automatic- Arguing with friend...?
Is it now safe to buy a Toyota car under recall?
If I buy a mazda miata, will my friends think I am homosexual?
What size tires should i get for 98 neon?
which would you choose the bmw m3 e92 or the c63 amg?
In an a collision, would you rather be in a Toyota Camry or a Mercedes E Class (read my details below first)?
Land Rovers do 9 miles to the gallon.........environmental crime?
how much weight can a V6 pull?
Ford 429 Bored Over HP?
Ford -OR- Dodge?
87 honda accord miles?
Does anyone know the name of the Audi theme tune ? - The girl who sings it has such a haunting voice.?
if u could go into illegal street racing what car would u use?
I have a 1973 Lincoln Continental mark lV that I'm trying to sale. I live in chicago. need buyer soon. Ideas?
What is the Fiat Punto GT 1996 1.4 Turbo 136hp Consumption?
Toyota SMT transmission/engine mating?
why does my lincoln 1995 show check engine light?
where can i get a copy of the original window sticker for a 2002 suburban?
what is the torque spec for a 2003 E500 Sport Edition lug nut ?
why does my oil temperature guage does not work even after changing sensor on my jeep grand cherokee 1994/?
94 Honda Accord AC Clutch AC Condencer Fan not coming on.?
Is the Bestop Supertop soft top difficult to put on and take off?
Nissan will have a new hybrid-powered Altima in just a few months-- will Infiniti have a hybrid-powered G35?
Where would I find running boards for a Ford escape in San Jose, ca?
How can i tell if my car is a male or female?
2003 Honda Element's engine light came on and the car is acting jerky. What do you suppose is the problem?
Why does a Nissan Skyline have the 'Skyline' badge on the back written in English rather than Japanese?
Where the hell is the engine number for a ford festiva 1995 model?
Does a 1968 Ford Galaxie have shoulder belts in the front?
How much fuel will the VOLKSWAGEN, EOS, 2.0 TFSI Convertible consume per 100km?
I have A 1995 Chrysler Labaron automatic transmission that appears to be stuck in first gear. what to do first
Anybody know what the PT in PT Cruiser stands for?
I have a 2002 daewoo lanos sedan. I was told I need bushings but I don't see it on the internet.?
Ford or Chevy?
What is the MPG for a 1980s Volkswagen Passat?
What are the gauge dimensions on my 2005 Altima 3.5 SE?
Help with hids in jeep projecters.?
Mechanics: could a faulty oxygen sensor make a false reading of a fault EGR valve on an E-check?
VW Beetle Belt.. What kind of belt is it?
Are Nissan frontiers and xterras good?
Volvo S60 idles at 2000 on startup?
Urgent - Which of these makes of car should I buy tomorrow?
What is the highest mileage that you have seen on a car?
where can i buy a good used mercedes car? how much would it cost?
Upgrades for an 05 Honda Accord LX?
Where is the power window relay located on a 1997 Ford Explorer?
Taurus has knocking problem?
what does it mean when you replace an engine in a 99 grand am and the car jerks when it shifts?
What would u do if someone said the Shelby 500, Mustang GT 300 and Lamborghini 2009 Gallardo were ugly/boring?
engine question? Have a Van 90' dodge that got rain on the engine. What should I do?
Why wont my 98 Buick Regal not start?
Why wont my automatic nissan micra start? 2001?
Constant problems for the 1992 BMW 325i Sedan?
female Jeep Wrangler X owner: Does an inch really make a difference?
Which is more powerful:the rx7 or rx8?
How do i get rid of the old gas in my 1992 Toyota 4Runner?
Where can I get a 1970 Dodge Charger around my area?
what causes a car to overheat?
book showing how to fix and show where parts are for volkswagan auto are located?
Should I get the 2007/08 Audi A4?
problem with "Temperature" on a range rover?
i have a 2000 ford tauras flexfuel with non-working gas guage..i changed sending unit, instr cluster, read on?
A car make beginning with " M " , thankx?
Where can I find reviews for truck exhaust systems?
Is the firing order for a 2000 ford mustang?
what car do you have?
help e4od ford tranny won't stop loosing fluid?
Mycar is running strange and missing out it has the 3.1 v6. It is a 03 chevy malibu?
Should I stay or should I go? Pin striping on 2003 Volkswagen Passat?
how do interchangeable parts help out customers?
what does GTP stand for in pontiac grand prix gtp coupe?
I took this down too soon - I want to hear more opinions - Why do you own a mercedes?
where is the oil pressure sensore unit located on a 2003 jeep grand cherokee larado?
Will 4.6 mustang heads fit on a crown vic 4.6?
Can you use the dashboard board cluster from another year on 2002 chevy impala?
Buick regal '96, Intermittently will not turn over. It clicks with no ingnition sometimes 10-15x's then starts
Audi A8/ BMW 7 series/ Mercedes S class/ VW Phaeton?
Ah, Lots of Scion TC Questions!?
Dashboard lights for a 325i bmw?
if nyone owning scoda fabia,, will tell me bout its id is
Why does a newly charged A/C, cycle the compressor every 10 seconds?
2004 mazda rx-8 engine problems?
98 corolla goes in and out of alignment?
How do I find the colour of my Ford Escort?
Which company beter ford or general motors?
Which car is better, Dodge Charger or Honda Civic?
2005 dodge ram 1500 slt. heater will not blow at foot (bottom) position. all other position defrost etc work?
WiLL SoMeBody PlEaSe!! TeLL Me WhAt a 2007 Toyota Solara Sport!! is Worth!? thanks?
Mustang Exhaust on a V6?
Where is the crankshaft position sensor in maxima 1995?
What if the prius I'm looking at does not have the black square on the door handles?
2005 Dodge Magnum Fully Automatic Window Switches?
which colour cars are the best?
Are Dodge 318 Motors any good?
Fiat punto only 2 yrs old, inside of the front tyre has gone bald.?
Tire size for oem wheels chevy 1990?
Is the 5 door Mazda3 the newer version of the 5 door Mazda Protege 5?
What speakers are in my jeep liberty?
Where can I find a diagram of a 1987 Pontiac Fiero wiring harness?
Chevrolet, Ford, Chrysler, Dodge, Nissan, Toyota or other and why?
I recently purchased a 2001 V6 Mustang, the 3.8 L and i would like to increase my horsepower / torque cheaply.?
Whats faster a B-16 0r a type-s motor?
what car has an animal name?
There's an Audi commercial maybe 2 years old,?
do you rekon a smart fourfor brabus is a good used car buy?
does the detroit deisel 60 series (2009) use the Huei fuel system?
1987 4000csQ is sluggish new cluth, but no torque why? Injection system?
where can i get a data sticker for my 1971 cougar. the door has been painted and the data sticker cant be read
is the smartcar worth buying? i heard the engine goes bad after 25k miles?
How do I make my 96 Honda Civic Ex faster?
Anyone know anything about 1988 chevrolet nova? i have one, and need to know something about the seat belts in
Please need opinion;about to buy 1999 mercury mystique.?
My hyundai sonata has the tpms light on how much would it cost to fix it?
What color should I paint my mustang?
I have a 99 Honda Accord that will try to start but it just will not fire.?
is the 1993 dodge power ram 50 a good pickup?
looking for images of subaru impreza wrx decals?
I need Toyota W55 gearbox bolt patten with shaft location?
can i volvo key be prepared if it is craked in half...nd how much wud it be fore a replacement key?
where is the catalytic converter on a 1980 plymouth arrow truck?
How many miles will the average, well maintained Honda Accord put on before "dying"?
I am the only person in the world who thinks the De Lorean is a nice car?
need part # for the hose that goes from gas tank to gas cap?
what web site can I go to to get a fuse diagram for a 1986 dodge omni?
If my interior car lights are on with the engine not running will battery get recharged next time engine runs?
Need advice on my lowering civic plan?
What is the best motor Ford Motor Company ever produced?
My vauxhall zafira 1.6 petrol gear box is tight why is that does anyone know?
1967 mustang squelched extremely loud at all times?
I'm writing an opinion piece about Toyota's recent troubles... what could I argue about?
98 Grand Prix radiator hose keeps popping off.?
would anyone know wher i could get a kit car to put on a 1989 ford ranger chassis?
"Chick" Cars?
BMW stands for what ?
What should I name my new bright blue vw beetle?
what car is similar to a nissan coupe 2009?
Petroleum vs. Synthetic Oil which one is better for BMW?!?!?!?
Looking to put dc headers on my car?
I have a 2001 F150 with a basic bench in the front. Can I switch out the seat with a 60/40 bench?
What Type Of Honda Civic You Like or Have?
I have a 2001 Chevy Silverado, and my brother was driving it down the road when it started...?
where can i find a 1967-1969 chevy camero body?
How many Chevrolet Malibu wagons were made in 1979?
Got a good testimonial?
Is there anyone out there who knows of someone who owns a 1973 MACH 1 Mustang with a 351 Cleveland engine?
im looking to do a dics brake set up on a d60 rear diff?
Should I buy one...2007 Camry???
1996 LT1 camaro miss/backfire after warm?
is the cheapest mercedes cheaper than the cheapest bmw?
do u think lambo doors would look good on a 1992 camaro rs?
needing a 7 seater with a boot to hold a twin pushchair??
how to change a brake light on a town & country?
Anybody here have any problems with their 92-96 prelude?????
Would this look good with my Mustang?
Should I put racing stripes on my grand prix?
what is normal engine coolant temperature for subaru?
Why is my 1990 Dodge Grand Caravan overheating?
my head lights wont turn on?
can I get the free news about automotive technology?
What have people paid for a 2012 Honda Accord Coupe EXL v6, no navigation, automatic transmission?
My 2002 Nissan Maxima?
What do you think it would take to get 30 MPG on average in a Ford F-150 With a 4.2?
1999 grand cherokee jeep?
1994 lincoln town car probelms?
1990 ford truck 7.5 has fuel spark and red wire on injectors hot runs on starting fluid?
grand am foglight suggestions please?
ford motor number on block is LLA19261 OR LLA1261 WHAT YEAR & SIZE IS IT?
Corolla Verso II Headlight beam deflector positions?
2005 nissan altima won't start?
Ford Cougar 1998-2002 Light Problems?
How long does it take to make a car by hand?
looking for 1936 Ford 1 1/2 ton truck information. Manuals and wiring diagrams. Also pictures of rebuilds.?
ok if i put a 350hp motor in my 1971 chevy nova how many mpg do you think i would get?
ford crown vic body kits???? what site can i find them on the net i have had no luck so far?
88 mini no power. cable behind dash come off dont no where it goes?
Is $375 to much money for a mass air flow sensor & a cam sensor on a 2001 chevy lumina?
Where can i purchase taillight covers for a '91 Acura Legend Sedan?
i have a 3000 gt i wanna make kinda jdm should i put single exhaust or dual?
Can I put high quality oil $16/litre in my 1990 Ford?
Is the Mustang a good car?
what kinda car you have?
Need Pro M Benz help?
do u think all boys want to be a player?
Would you rather headbutt a brick wall or drive a Toyota?
Which kind of car do you prefer in the USA?
Are Alfa Romeo cars reliable?
Ford Probe???
which will happen sooner? $2/gallon gass or an affordable electric car?
How much does it cost to fill up an older VW bug?
what headlight bulbs do holden commodore executives take?
How many Centennial Edition Ford Mustangs were made in 2003? They only made them in black.?
What is your dream car?
How many cubic inches in a 97 Mustang GT V8 engine?
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