what do you think about the dodge charger?
difference between 2007 chevy silverado ltz and 2009 chevy silverado ltz?
Would a 2000+ mustang be a good first car?
Lexus vs. BMW?
How much money per month would I pay for a Nissan maxima 3.5 sv?
Which one Lexus, or BMW?
In which model years was the Ford Ranger redesigned?
scorpio is good or not?
Honda civic engine light?
1979-1982 rx7 radiator drain plug location?
Where can i find a cheap ls1 supercharger?
looking for the firing order for 86 f150 302 engine?
2006 evo ix or 2006 subaru wrx sti?
how to take off a starter on a Isuzu rodeo 1999?
how to find out the original engine in my 1960 chevy impala using the vin number?
realy need help on my 1995 eclipse gst?
what would be cooler, van or truck?
What is your favorite kind of car?
Audi A4 Orange oil can with min?
my dad has 2000 s500 mercedes and the air conditioner doesnt work?
For thoses who think Mercedes last forever, what do you think about these articles (linked below)?
گربن کارت من اعتبارش در سال 2005 تمام شده چه کار میتوانم بکنم؟?
I want to have my car painted.I wouldlike to find prices online for Modesto, CA?
What is the best motor/engine that is affordable to swap into my 95 civic eg coupe ?
What is the best car? 10 POINTS TO BEST ANSWER!!!?
When is the Nissan Versa Hatchback coming to new jersey?
Can I bring back a 2012 jeep back to the dealership and get a 2012 dodge charger?
tie rod replacement problems on a 1999 honda accord!?!?!?
1965 chevy impala or 1962 falcon which is better?
1995 Toyota Celica Convertible Alarm Help?
How do you disconnect the theft system? It keeps coming on and leaves you stuck in the middle of nowhere.?
I have a 97 civic automatic, and thinking about making it faster any suggestions?
Peugeot 206 2003 sidelights not working!?
What do you think of Chevy Tahoo's?
in the mid-late 80's, if you were super rich - what was THE car to own/drive ?
Does anyone have a 2004-2005 Mazda6?
2001 honda civic break lights will not go off?
1998 Mercury Mystique $1000 Good Deal??
poor heat in my dodge truck?
did the old time volkswagen beetle come with an automatic transmission ?
what sound deep on a V6 honda accord?
Suzuki alto: the remote release for the fuel hatch isn't working. Where's the manual override?
I would like to buy a new Toyota for gas mileage, but which one?
What is your favourite Pontiac model of all time?
Subaru ABS light on, can't shift out of park, no rear brake lights.?
swap engine honda fit 09 AWD?
I've heard timing belts on Accords need to be changed every 60k miles. Any opinions?
Stage 2 Cobalt SS Supercharged 0-60 time?
Is the 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo stud or dud?
Ford V-6 5w-30 or 10w-30?
any body got a jeep for sale in orange county or neer here or any cheap car?
Is 130$ for a battery replacement too much?
Mini Cooper Maintenance?
How many Ford Mustangs have you owned? What years?
i need a reliable car for less than 2000.00?
Death Cab For Cutie or The Shins?
escort diesel heads or complete motors?
Car problems for a 2001 dodge stratus?
Where is the central locking module on a ford fiesta mk 4 1.25?
Engine light p1404 caused by bad altenator?
How to replace a 1998 Subaru Outback trunk hatchback lid strut?
what is the name of this car?
My 2001 Monte Carlo won't start?
Do Ford Gts have a V8, V10, or a V12 Engine??
Best fit tire saize for 1999 Toyota Camry?
what does a blinking check engine light on a 1998 Chevy mean?
How Many Miles Are Typical???
How much would it cost to put an manual in my automatic?
My '93 Jeep Cherokee cruise control is broken. How do I debug and fix it?
I drove my 1993 ford explorer with my emergency breaks on?
Can I switch my factory xenon headlight assembly to standard halogens?
where can I find the repair manual of kinetic honda?
02 Grand Prix SE rims question?
what else could be wrong why my 1994 or 95 ef falcon rear lights are not working. Bulbs are okay, fuse okay.?
Any feedback on a 2003 Saturn Vue?
Dim headlights on 2002 cavalier z24?
How can I fix up my Jeep?
Why does my 2003 dodge stratus seem like its going to run out of gas when driving it and theirs gas in it?
will a 89 2.9 liter transmission out of a ford bronco fit in a 91 3.0 ford ranger?
jeep wrangler driver door wont close?
is tinting my car windows a good idea?? girl needs guys!!?
What hybrid cars are now available in the Philippines?
How many miles can you drive when the gas light comes on?
Are there any other car tires that would fit my VW beetle 4 bolt pattern tires?
How much will it cost to replace a door on a 93 honda accord?
How can you tell if its the power steering belt?
Was there ever a worse piece of crap made than an 86 Toyota celica GTS????
looking for weekend car hire audi tt?
I just got a 2002 4Runner. Where is the jack hidden on this thing?
need help with h22a1 motor?
Where can I find a Fuel Tank Pressure Sensor on an 02 Ford Explorer?
How much of a hitch ball drop would i need?
2002 Civic EX vtec swap.?
what is the price of good state Honda civic 1990 on dollars??
which is the luxurious car on the earth and who owns it?
Hummer H1 Center Console?
where can i get a car phone for a caddy?
My car was broken into, do you know who did it?
What's the real mpg for 1993-1996 Cadillac Fleetwood?
My 93 Honda Civic hatchback (DX) has NO SPARK and won't start :(?
1991 mercury capri smokes and the motor knocks/ticks?
coming from the completed plate climb the stairs and guide your faith climb to heaven afraid to drown the temp
how many parts on an average car?
Will filling up the gas tank with water mess up the car?
old ford vin decoded F25acb50882?
Honda S2000 or Mercedes C230?
Apexi filter real or fake?
Subaru Impreza 2003 or Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder 1998?
2009 genesis coupe pros and cons?
where can i get a free key code for a 98 ford ?
Should I get a 2003 Jetta (93K miles for $6K) or a 2004 Hyundai Elantra (90k miles, $5500)?
I have a 95 & 96 Nissan Altima they both leak power steering fluid is this comon for this car? any thoughts?
I just bought a 2010 maxima and only had for 3 weeks?
Can a man drive in a Dodge Neon?
1997 Honda Accord Steering Wheel Issue?
how much did it cost to get your brakes replaced on a 2003 ford escape?
How much is a 1994 Toyota Camyry LE worth? It has new tires, new belts, new water pump, new vavle cover...?
2009 Nissan Altima coupe pros and cons?
If BMW 5 2012 was towed on a flatbed with the gear in Park position..could it cause any damage to aut. transm?
can u get a ford mustang in rugulaur numbers for the spedometer?
How do I use the clutchless semi-auto trans on my 2004 mazda 6 ?
Can a jeep car be used in any country?
how about knorean car's quality?such KIA, HYDUNAI?
how much faster are EVO 7's compared to EVO 8s?
Aftermarket ideas for 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo? LEDs, exhausts, etc?
Why do Ford and GM trucks have 4x4 on them?
Ford KA isue with rust?
cleaning mould off inside of mazda bongo rooftop?
Do you own a Jeep so you can take if offroad or is it your daily driver?
Nissan 200sx window problem?
would u rather buy a honda civic or a CRX?
2005 Ford F150 King Ranch 4x4 vs 2005 GMC Sierra Denali Quadrasteer 4x4?
what is the name of my car?
Bmw z3 2.8 manual question?
Should i feel bad for owning a BMW?
What kind of car do you drive?
Is Chevy Camaro 1998 Airbag Control Unit Japanese made?
How much horspower does a 2003 Chevy Silverado have, stock?
What is the most cost effective way to add power to a 98 Integra?
Will a 2009 Corolla spoiler fit on a 2006 Corolla?
Infinity speakers worth?
i want to buy a sports car ,but i confused for colour ,please tell me which colour is nice?
Dodge Ram 1500 or Ford F-150?
Cars with Parking Brake! Who else has it? Toyota Camry?
How much would this dodge Viper cost?
2001 toyota celica problem?
Whats the torque on a 1992 Chevy 2500 flywheel?
which was the maximum speed of chevrolet el camino 8cyl 350HP 1968?
problem?Radio in 94 infiniti (Bose) works intermittently. Installed new radio-still no work. Where IS?
are Mini Coopers good cars?
has anyone upgraded the Singapore standard navigation in 735i BMW 2001 to a NZ Standard ?
Are there any reliable cars out there? 99 honda accord has bad tranny that constantly needs rebuilding.?
What kind of car or truck do you own?
Why does my 92 Volvo 240 stall when putting it in reverse?
What company makes the best Lift Kits for a Jeep Comanche?
Speed control Why my gmc cut off at 100 mph?
Where online can I buy taillights for my camry (2004) that are made in Taiwan?
What would be a good name for my car?
How to make a 92' Honda Accord More Modern Looking.?
Have a 97 camaro V-6 with fluctuating temperature gauge. Has coolant,fan runs and engine doesn't feel too hot.
who is better looking paris or nichole?
daewoo car or tv ?? ?
Why are some performance motors limited to 155 mph?
2006 Civic?
Should i buy a honda civic si, or civic hybrid?
should i get this 2003 VW Volkswagen GTI VR6 85,000 Miles?
whats better ford or chevy?
should i learn automatic or manuel?
Where is the ac relay for Mercedes benz kompressor c200, 2005 model?
my ef b16 not shifting?
whats better nissan patrol 4800VTC or Landcruiser efi4500?
Coud anyone help with copies of their California DMV commercial driver exams, gen, air bks and pass endsmt?
how do i reset starting security on volkswagen beetle?
What is the meaning of word "Sedan" ?
AM i alone in thinking the BMW e30 M3 is one of the best looking cars ever?
what if you hear a knocking noise?
Is bus travel safe for 5 and 6 weeks pregnant woman for approximately 17 or 18 hours in a volvo bus or train?
How fast is the accelaration of a Citroen C4 Sport?
what nuts and bolts are needed to replace catalytic converter?
what type of anti freeze do I use for a Buick 2002 Alero?
What is your dream supercar?
removing upper part of back seat in 98 cavalier?
Why do people drive Hummers?
Is a 1994 Honda Odyssey For 1600 a fair price?
how do i check for error codes on a 1992 mitsubishi diamante??
Chervolet Silevrdao or Toyota Thundra , which one is the best?
1" lift block in the front suspention of my 2001 F-350?
Can I take my beetle through the carwash when it has tail light covers on it?
Value of a 1979 Mercedes Benz 300SD Turbo Diesel?
Why don't we have cars that run on biodiesel?
Is 200 horsepower fast for a car?
1967 Lincoln Continental.....?
American Cars??
Does the Gearbox ECU on a Peugeot automatic need to be paried to the BSi?
Can a 1992 jeep Cherokee sport run 2 rich?
is Lexus an American car or a Japanese car?
firing order diagram for 2000 chevy s10?
how many kilometers is high for a honda?
1966 Chevelle with a Chevy 350 4-bolt Main?
Any body using the new Nissan saloon to inquire about fuel economy.?
Anyone driving the Honda Civic Hybrid?
Has anyone ever thought that station wagons were attractive?
my 2005 mustang seems to be eating batteries? Help?
2002 VW Golf Won't start?
anyybodyy havvee aa reallyy goodd slogann onn drugg freeweeek?
Stock horsepower number for a 1987 Toyota Corolla GT-S?
What is an "accumulator package" and why do I need one for my brakes to work?
how dangerous is the Toyota MR2 Spyder in an accident?
What do you think of these cars?
1975 trans am 400 vs 1979 trans am 403?
What is a Toyota car that looks like a suv/jeep and is compact?
Bulb failure warning light comes on?
Why won't my car start?
Can Nissan Bluebird Sylphy 2002 use E10 Gas?
What is the average mileage you can get out of a Mini Cooper?
air intake for for a 2000 alero?
I have a 91 ranger with a 2.3 an i changed the timing belt an now i cant gt it started. ?
Hyundai Excel Tow Capacity?
2004 subaru impreza wrx lack of power when accelerating?
I am planning to buy ford fiesta 1.4 Petrol. Ford claims the mileage to be 14/L in city conditions.Is it true?
Does anyone know where I can get a vehicle handbook for a Mazda 2 1.3 TS2 5DR?
Can the old VW bugs drive on or underwater?
2000 Passat 1.8t. 80Km. 150HP Stock?
how many miles can you travel with 16 gallons of gas in a 1993 dodge dynasty?
Kia or Toyota.?
How is the ride on the street with a Jeep Wrangler Rubicon or any jeep wrangler?
what does it mean when you replace an engine in a 99 grand am and the car jerks when it shifts?
How good is a stock 2bbl off of an 85 Chevy truck with the 250?
were are the spark plugs on a chrysler 300 2.7?
What are some good jokes about fords?
i dropped a part down the defrost vent on my 04 toyota tundra. Is there anyway i can get to it?
Benz bluetec?
belt route for 98 honda passport????
whats the gas mileage on an eclipse with an 4g63 engine?
where is the air filter on my citroen c3 hdi exclusive?
Im thinking about buying a 1999 subaru wrx but im worried that with a car of this age that the turbo wont last
Repairing A/C in a Dodge Stratus?
Where can i get a full turbo kit for my 5s-fe engine?
Which is a better choice for a family of 3, a honda civic or a honda fit?
Jealous of a friend's BMW?
I have a couple of questions about a Ford Explorer?
I need a stock radio wire diagram for a 2001 ford explorer sport. two door.?
I have a car hood for a Ford car.Would like to know what it fits - 1ZWFT61LAY5639678?
tag lights,running lights,and insturment cluster 2001 nissan maxima not working?
Where can I buy a Jeep Wrangler?
Is my Toyota Corolla 2007 compatible with this Viper Alarm System?
Does anybody knows the name of the classical song in the new Mercedes C Class Break commercial ???
1998 ford ranger Any one know how to program the lock and unlock remote ?
where can i find a website dealing with 1982 lincoln mark vi?
Does a fuel pump from a 1998 Buick Regal GS fit a fuel pump from a 1998 Regal LS?
2006nissan maxima shifts hard?
Is the Audi TT a sports car?
what do you of the fiat multipla jtd elx diesel?
turbo chargin a 1990 prelude and engine swap?
Minnesotan Accent- help!?
My 01Audi A4 1.8T has iS on the left rear.Is this a factory upgrade/what is it?
which company make the civic type-r a car?
1997 mazda miata cruise control wire diagram?
i got a question about a 68 nova?
Straight Pipe or True dual outlaws?
Acura TL 1999?
I have a chev. cavalier, it has a skip to it. No plugs. What would cause this?
Is my car a peace of junk?
whats the price of rice in china ?
where is the fusebox inside a mondeo mark 2?
How much does a timing belt replacement cost on a hyundai?
What is the equivalent to the English ford focus rs for under 10000?
2004 Ford Explorer XLT with tons of problems after wreck and insurance fix?
general motors will be what?
Vauxhall vitara head settings??
why is chevy a better truck than ford?
Is Mila Kunis the car model in the new Dodge Caliber commercial?
JDM chip for 2.5l Jetta?
Are Nissan skyle illegal on Illinois?
Bmw 316i turbo charging?
Be 100% honest with me please. 87 IROCZ?
Where is the fuel filter on a 2007 Pontiac g6?
which was the maximum speed of chevrolet corvette L--82 8cyl 220HP 1977?
My 94 acura integra smokes out from the muffler, why??
2003 VW Passat is acting strange help?
windows foggin up bad in my truck?
Why is the Jetta such a hot car?
the front passenger door broke on my 2003 Intrepid?
difference nissan silvia s15 spec r and spec s?
i have a 2001 audi a4 which the tail light indicator light is on but all lights work?
do u think i would be called a brat if my first car was a bmw?
Who likes Lincoln Navigator????
Car for everyday use keeping sporting engine in mind?
New 2011 Toyota Rav4 4x4 Base model, is this a good deal? ?
Toyota convertible top care?
HHR or PT Cruiser, both look similar, which do you prefer & why?
Why did Ford decide to not sell the mk 2 Focus in North America?
1996 Cavalier - please help! :-)?
current comparable car to the size 1997 honda accord?
When is that new Chevy Camaro supposed to come out?
vw caddy 1988 wiring diagram?
Why Toyota Corona was never sold in the US?
Is it hard to drive a 2013 WRANGLER UNLIMITED?
WHere is the coolant temp sensor on a 2003 chevy suburban?
can a 1984 Nissan King Cab z24 5 speed be towed in neutral with no modification?
I have a 2001 PT Cruiser with 160,000 miles on it and a blown head gasket. What should I do with it?
Honda Accord 1991 dashboard lights not working?
The new Lincoln Zephyr 2006. Thumbs up or Thumbs down?
I own an 03 Honda Accord EX, thought they were supposed to be problem free cars?
what is the largest size rims that would fit on a BMW 323ci?
Will Hyundai ever be taken seriously in the luxury car market?
Do you have any information on 97 saab 9000 cse fuses/fuse codes?
2007 Shelby GT500?
What does BMW stand for?
How can I turn on my rain sensing wipers in my 2003 Chevrolet Trailblazer?
Why do people rice out their hondas and whatnot?
How much are iPad minis?
How to fix my blazers heater?
95 mustang hood clearance?
Doe any one own a Envoy?
1966 Mustang GT for $5000?
An investment in a van.?
whats the best engine and year for a ford bronco II?
will 17" aftermarket TSW alloys which fit a new shape celica fit my 1991 mr2?
Should I get a nissan?
What size socket is it to remove the flange bolts off the inner cv joint on an Audi a4 s reg ,are tey Torx and
What do you think would be the best modification to a honda crx a hf model which has 117 hp stock?
where is the fuel pump on a 1995 camaro and how do you get to it.?
Is BMW xDrive bad in snow?
Who thinks Ford is having problems?
How much would my insurance on average be for a 2007 V6 mustang with allstate?
chevy colorado throttle body?
how to program keyless entery remot for 1996 Acura TL 3.2?
what size engine is 3.5?
Acura RL body shape question?
how much to change a break spark plug?
What is the best way unseize a 1998 vw passat engine?
Information about jimmy chungs????
Can you convert a 2002 Ford F250 2wd to 4wd?
who be the badest terrorist in the US?
What are things I can put on a new Black dodge charger to make it look more "flashy" that will help resale val
what is the meaning of mileage?
How do I install a Sirius radio behind the dash on a Honda Element? Thanks?
Is a Ford Taurus a good first car?
what transmission fluid does my 1995 ford bronco take? its the eddie bauer edition with a 5.8L v8?
can anyone buy me a cherokee jeep pleaaaase?
whats the harness under the dash of a 1993 honda civic cx hatch?
Is Nissan owned by Toyota?
Toyota Prius - 2005 Static noise on all AM stations. FM ok. Antenna on roof is ok. What component is bad?
I drive a 1990 Volvo 240. What does that tell you?
Im trying to buy a 4 gti 1.8T.But i want to check if the turbo is damaged.Is their a way of knowing if its ok?
Which K&N air filter should I get for a 2007 Ford F150?
Is a 1971 Chevelle Malibu 2dr a good first car?
Where can i find the cables for a toyota voice navigation gps?
A friend has a new Ford Mondeo Ghia for hire. They cannot find the bonnet release leaver - where is it?
Astra turbocharger help please?
what color should my porche be?
How do you turn off the car alarm on a 2004 mitsubishi diamante without the key fob?
First snow: Sabaru Impreza hit a curb?
How do I make my Tiburon sexy?
Were is my tunning screw on my 1984 xd mercury 25 hp motor?
my truck shakes when i slow down?
1995 Honda Civic Si Won't pass emissions test?
94 Ford Ranger Clutch Problems?
Ok, 2013 GT Mustang 5.0 or used 2011 Shelby GT500? What are differences in insurance? Any opinions?
How do I set the in dash clock of a 1998 Ford Mustang?
gas mialage for toyota cars?
Guys, do you think the 1987 Iroc Camaro was ahead of it time. I mean the car is so clean, and you get one?
Power steering pump for 97 mitsubishi eclipse spyder?
what is santro zing mileage?
HELP! squeaking noise coming from my corsa c?!?!?!?
2007 Lincoln Town Car Signature Limited - the B and C door posts, which are black are beginning to discolor.?
What does it cost to make a Smart car meet US standards after you bring it into this country.?
Honda civic won't start?
how to fit hub assy-rr wheel on a hyundai lantre 2000 modle?
Warning lights on Passat?
how do i fix my leaking t-tops on my 76 corvette?
Any hints on removal of the headliner from a NON-tilting sliding roof and lubricant for sliders?
Can you put 2nd gen neon seats in a 1st gen?
Which car should i buy? Lambourghini, Audi R8 or Aston Martin?
Ford or Chevy?
383 engine in 87 dodge d250?
transmission filter?
ford or chevy?
how much does it cost to paint a 1990 lexus ls400 front bumper?
i have a 2 door 98 accord the tail lights and the 2 side blinks don't work is it a fuse or a short?
Is $18,900 a good price for a brand new 2009 honda accord?
Cars and Women?
was the charger the first car to have a hemi?
will an h22 vtec engine and transmission fit in a 91 honda civic hb?
Mechanic help needed!! 03 Dodge Caravan. 2.4 L.?
'07 Santa Fe: Can replacing Evaporative Emissions canister/Purge Valve fix hesitation/stuttering?
95 honda civic ex. 1.6 vtec.....?
what is the episode when they take meredith's car and an alcohol bottle rolls out from underneath the seat?
how do i make my 94 geo prizm faster?
do u think lambo doors would look good on a 1992 camaro rs?
Hyundai Tiburon 2004, passenger side power window not working?
Bugatti or Maserati?
So how do you keep your honda civic from being stolen?
How much will a 2007 Chevy tahoe cost in a year?
Muffler Pipes?
Are the Lexus cars good?
how is a car manufactured? what are the steps?
5.2 L dodge motor?
I have a brake question for my 1966 mustang?
How much a 2006 Pontiac Grand Prix Key cost me?
what oil do i need to put in my nissan micra tropic?
I need a nice Valentine gift for my boyfriend, who is BMW mad?
What is best BMW or Mercedez Benz?
Can I increase performance of suzuki en 125 and how?
My 95' Ford Taurus wagon, wont stay on?
what is the best oil for Mercedes-Benz 1992 s320?
Nissan terrano clutch problem?
1997 Renault Megane 1.6e Coupe Sport - Throttle/Carb stuck open causing engine to rev when in neutral...?
What is Diesel #1 listed as at cenex?
Where can I get my 1994 lincoln town car lifted for 26 in. rims near texarkana,texas?
ford figo diesel or maruti swift diesel?
Can a R8 easily go over a Speed breaker/bump?
car hisses when you turn it off bmw?
How long can I expect to drive my 2001 Toyota Avalon? ODO 189,142 miles?
How to set oil light on toyota highlander 2007 model?
Want some knobby tires for titan that dont make much noise?
where i get a online catalog for interchangeable parts for 1979 suzuki sp500?
jeta diesel transmistion full but hesitating going into gear.?
which car is better? GOT PICTURES!!!?
what BMW stands for?
If you could own any 4x4 vehicle which would you choose?
EB2/ED Engine 4.0L lifespan from new?
What transmission problems do you get with a 1987 Mercedes 260E?
what is considered high mileage for honda civic?
I want to know what year of the VW Beetle that people think is the best for whatever reason?
how to make a car?
GENRAL QUESTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
1996 mercurey sable leaking antifreeze?
which is better merceydes or bmw?
need to find out details on swift danette caravan?
What do you think about peugeot 307cc?
My navigation CD player in my lincoln navigator won't eject the navi cd from navi unit in consoul?
What size speakers are in my 2007 Ford Escape XLS?
How much horsepower does a 2006 Acura rsx have?
What is best ? BMW 3 Serie or Ford Mustang?
how to repair a vehicle thats running lean?
Is there a website that offers free service/repair manuals in a .pdf or something for a 1984 Dodge Ram pickup?
where can i get a owners manual for a bmw 1 series on a 56 plate?
hi im inquiering about a turbo rebuild kit for a 2005 saab 9-3 linear and i was wondering if you could help me?
Pontiac trans am 1996 question?
The Camaro?
Whats better Ferrari or Porsche?
1966 ford bronco question?
What is the year, make, and model of the muscle car John Milner drives in the movie, "American Graffiti?"
Is there a way to install a USB port in my 2006 Ford Focus so that I can listen to my ipod?
Ok car fanatics... Trans Am v.s. Mustang, any generation which would you rather have?
Best car in the world?
where can i get a 1966 mustang radio?
what is the best,chevy dodge, or ford?
code needed for car stereo Peugeot BLAUPUNKT 1996?
what is the 0-60 mph time for a 1989 volvo 740 turbo intercooler?
What does the AG stand for in DaimlerChrysler AG?
what is the top speed of a 2005 r2 Mazda rx8?
What is the meaning when you car shows a message check the engine soon?
I am looking into purchasing a used vehicle. I need info on 2003 Audi A4 3.0 or 1.8T Sedan.?
My name is Joseph. I am driving a BMW 528i year 1997. ?
Planning on getting Subaru brz?
What Is That Box Under The Resivor On My 95 Volks Golf GTI Where All The Wires Run 2?
You think a Mini Cooper is cool car for college guys?
why my 08 honda accord steering wheel hard?
head gasket on a mazda milliena?
2003 Mazda 6, 2.4 engine sputter?
Does anyone have two toddlers/infants and a VW Passat, is it big enough?
Do you have a hybrid? If you do with brand is it?
Anyone own a new Jeep Commander, if so how do you like it?
how to increase horsepower and torque?
Brand new Suzuki gsx-r750?
Are Mazdas good cars?
what size engine does my truck have?
about my 2000 pontiac grand prix?
My Nissan 3.5 will not start! Carb is clean,Fire is Great?
what does it mean by sports package in ford focus?
Would you rather have a Porsche Carrera or a BMW M3?
Is a Hyundai Elantra(2001) a good first car?
1967 muncie 4 speed diagram?
1999 Pontiac Grand Prix Transmission Continued...?
2002 vw golf. 2.0 timing belt is good but no fire?
What is your favorite generation of Evo, and why?
How to fix my car's paint job?
how do you pronounce porsche cayenne? I am a Norwegian and I've heard (kaienn) (kaienne) and (chayenn)?
Green Coolant in 1992 Volkswagen Cabriolet?
i need a diagram for alternator belt,for95 nissan altima?
05 Vauxhall Zafira Milo counter LCD display light wont come on with the rest of lights?
do it yourself repair on?
who would like to do a volkswagen site link exchange with
I have an 05 ford explorer and the vents give off a bad smell like something died, how can i clean it out?
To all the chevy lovers i have a Question??
what is a toyota camry?
were to find work at home assembly?
Name my wifes car it is a Pepper White Mini Cooper?
I hav a,mazda 6 o4 five speed i seen it hax a boost senser what is et a turbo?
89 honda accord lxi 2.0 sputters and pops under load?
Is a 2006 Ford Taurus an economical choice.?
Would 2003 F-150 rims fit on a 2010 Ranger?
where can I find a grill replacement for a 2000 Solara?
will wheels from a mazda 323 fit a vauxhall corsa b?
Ford explorer with idle issue.?
a/c pump problems 03 reg a4 1.9tdi?
Is this a good price for this?
Mitsubishi Montero sport oil leak problem?
where is the low side service port on a 05 Taurus?
99 VW passat door problem?
rebuilting dodge ram transmission?
02 Chrysler town and country stalls?
Vauxhall Cavalier MkIII 1991. Ignition problem?
04/05 Subaru WRX Owners Stage 2 help!?
how many bmw e30 m3 convertibles were made.?
Should i buy a 1972 VW Beetle?
need parts for a 2000 f350 crew cab short bed,?
What electrical problems could cause a 96 nissan quest to shut down after about 5 to 10 minutes after being?
1990 Honda Civic DX stock to B16Y7 swap?
Individual parts for 2001 VW Beetle?
i'm thinking about buying an mgf convertible, is it worth it?
CAN YOU DRIVERS WHO OWN Dodge or Plymouth "NEON" cars tell me how dependable they are ??? thanx?
What is a "chunkier, hunk" of a vehicle? A vehicle that makes you grunt like Tim the Tool Man>?
Pros and Cons in going for a 2003 BMW Z4?
most reliable wagon?
What is the biggest number of turbos that was used in a car?
where is the Suzuki Grand Vitara made and assembled??
How hard would it be to find a blue 1995 Ford Thunderbird?
Why are automatic cars any less valued than manual? (masculinity, etc.)?
honda integra??
03 dodge dakota trany?
Fords or Chevys? Your choice?
95 mazda mx-6 fuel pump location or access?
which company is better toyota or ford?
how do i reset the tire monitor on my 2006 gmc tahoe?
what is the capacity of the gas tank for a 1966 c10 chevy p/u?
Your Car! Fill in Please?
Will wheels off of a jeep cherokee fit my 97 chevy c1500?
I still cant figure out what happend to my petal?
How many quarts of oil does a 2001 VW jetta 2.0 liter engine take?
How to achieve readiness on altima?
How much is a Mercury Grand Marqui 1993 worth?
Toyota says i need a new "catalytic converter" for $2500!!! do i really need this? any way to get it cheaper?
What's the trim for this Honda Civic?
What is good about Hummers?
Upgrades to a grand prix gtp?
What does the tire sensor on a Toyota Sienna indicate?
2005 suzuki boulvard makes a click when i hit the start button?
i have 2006 jeep liberty why does tires leak air all 4 of them with out a hole in them?
Which type of car is the fastest?
can you tell the difference after installing K&N air filters?
Is a Honda Civic and Accord good on gas???
what is wrong with my explorer?
1995 F150,Day time running lights are staying on 1/2 hrs to 45 minutes after shut-off?
what color car should i get..?
What is the difference between 4Y engine and 3Y engine for pick up cars.?
Address of mitsubishi service center?
which was the maximum speed of dodge dart GTS 8cyl 275HP 1968?
Can you paint over the wheel speed sensor on a rim?
question about cold air intakes installed ( 1.8t jetta)?
porsche 924s bar guage?
Why does my throttle stick on my 99 Ford Mustang?
Vaxhall Corsa 1.0 - faster accelleration!?
Whats better a acura rsx or a honda civic?
i have a Fuel leak in my 2002 porsche 911?
i have a 1.8 L '95 subaru impreza wagon. i was wondering if anyone knows of any good speed upgrades?
I am getting a lamborghini gallardo superleggera!!! What color should I get???
jetta 1995 my car give start sound but doesn hold the electricity to run what can be my problem?
how do you remove a oil pan from a 1998 grand prix, 3.1 liter?
POLL: BMW or Mercedes?
My 2007 Caliber has a diagnosis P0016 crank sensor not aligned with cam sensor. I have no ideas? Rosie?
where is the fuel pump located on a 1998 Subaru impreza rs?
Hw do u convert mercury in a 1litre botle into grams?
Trade in my 04 celica for 07 scion tc?
tell me about toyota previa lucida car is it a nice car??
Why does my check engine light keep coming on?
2000 Chevy S10 Clutch is Soft?
how much for a camaro windshield?
I want to add spoliers to my Cayman S? where or which websites should I go?
Is dual exhaust factory on a 98 ford f150 triton 5.4?
I'M planning on buying a 1989 firebird 2.8L. are they fast at all? or are they slow, accel or topspeed better?
alfa romeo best model?
What do you think about the 2006 Ford Explorer and Mercury Mountaineer models?
does anyone know what kind of bike rack can fit on a prius. For road bikes?
Ask Bill Ford about the auto industry?
Would a guy look gay in a Mazda Miata?
Standard 106 exhaust for 106gti?
Anyone with a mk6 fiesta/fiesta st what is the best hid kit?
My 1991 mercury gran marquis motor has been knocking .?
How do rear heaters work in kia sedonas 2004 im having some issues with mine?
Which brand of clutch is better for my nissan 300zx twin turbo exedy or act?
why does #6 fuse keep blowing on my Lincoln Town Car?
Watching top gear,anyone know who is the Stig?
What is the fastest you ever went in a car?
what is the last production year of the air-cooled 911 porsche?
Has your car ever been vandalized by a jealous person?
looking for complete metal top for 0002 thunderbird.?
I am buying a nissan 350z track at 102,758miles is that a good or bad idea?
would 195/65R15 size snow tires fit a 2010 Honda Insight?
Is 10W40 a good oil for a 1985 Dodge Truck that leaks a little bit of oil?
My Toyota steering wheel shakes back and forth when I am driving at highway speeds. What is up?
Customizing a 1963 Buick Riviera?
how do you remove the panels from a taurus floor shifter console?
My 2006 hyundai accent parking lights stay on?
Old MX-5 light problems will not go down?
What do think is the best first time car?
Was ford a uk or us based company when it was established?
does a '06 chevy cobalt need transmission oil?
Is it possible if I had a OnStar subscription to set up OnStar RemoteLink for my 2002 Chevy Impala?
Is a 2002 audi a6 3.0 a valve interfierence motor?
what do u think 2 a golf r32 twin turbo?
How can i make my 1999 ford mustang v6 look like 2004 ford mustang GT?
how do i update the gps in my 2006 dodge magnum, it has a disk that has a # of 05064033ac?
Toyota prius 2001, ebay# 260968852048 is it a good year, willing to purchase 4k? any thoughts from the pros?
shaking when my van shifts?
Can rims from a 99 ford epidition fit on a 99 ford crown victoria?
I just asked this question about the 66 mustang thats 9,800 dollars and has 135,000 miles on it but heres some?
'99 Dodge Durango mysteriously stalling!!!?
How to play mp3 using my iPhone in Volkswagen Vento RCD310?
here can i find a transmission for a 1989 ford mustang in illinois it needs to be a 2 wire one?
How do I fix my 1995 Saab 900 SE convertible roof?
my car colour skoda fabia reg ve61 xwk?
How much mileage is too much for a used Toyota Corolla?
What do you guys think of the chevy cobalt ss supercharged? I'm thinking about trading in my 05 cobalt ls for
have a 1999 ford f150 with about 150000 miles , have smoke coming from exhaust upon start up ?
how do ou detach a transmission from a engine for a mustang gt?
Has anyone experienced any problems with used Alfa Romeos 156?
engine noise that dont sound good?
How can I tow the 2006 Ford Explorer from the front bumper?
72 Volkswagon Super Beetle?
Differences between the 2010 2011 and 2012 V6 Mustangs?
Throttle body not getting fuel?
We Just Saw A Suspicious Person In A Ford Car. What Should We Do?
Engine swap mazda rx8 300hp?
Is GM buying Ford or is everyone crazy?
What is the size of the gas tank in a 2003 Toyota Highlander 2WD?
How long do toyotas last? In comparison to honda?
How much would it cost to fix a speedometer on a 92 Volvo 940 Turbo?
We are reconditioning a 1987 Chevy Monte Carlo. We are looking for new Monte Carlo lettering or emblems.Help!?
Is a nissan sentra gxe 1999 a stick or automatic?
Any Mazda 3 (2006) drivers out there???
What kind of family vehicle should I buy?
can i paint my whole car with spay cans if so how will it look?
does it matter which grade of gasoline i use in my 2003 audi a4?
is it true that volkswagons aren't reliable?
What would you consider an acceptable Fuel economy for a small car these days?
What kind of engine in the nascar 2007 camry?
I have a 1999 Toyota Corolla, Where underneath the car will I find the starter?
2009 Jeep wrangler rubicon?
1986 f150 louder exhaust?
Why does FIAT have a really bad reputation?
What's is the most reliable car in the US?
how much is a Ferrari F430 and how much would the insurence coast?
E46 Speaker Choices and Sizes? JL Audio or Infinity?
how do I boost my horse power for my 90 honda accord?
what do these bmw codes mean?
What type of Nissan 350z is the best.?
1989 nissan maxima used car information?
How to take a rear door panel off?
can you fit a 4bt cummins in a toyota?
I need help attaching my front seats to the frame of seats (they seem loose in the rear)?
Dodge ram Van 2500, load limit?
Fan making too much noise on Jeep grand Cherokee Laredo 1996?
why does my 1989 plymouth voyager have no reverse?
Camero or Mustang?
What would you like to ask?2004 chrysler pacifica PICTURE OF FUSE BOX?
Would a Vortec 6000 fit a 1955 Ford f100?
What do people think when they see someone driving a convertible Mercedes Benz around town?
Help with 1991 GMC Sierra horn?
What are the trouble codes for my 1989 dodge shadow?
Blinking check engine light, what does it mean?
code po101 is on my cadillac ext , I need help.?
A simple question?
changing rear brakes mazda 3?
Hi...I lost my Mitsubishi car model no is triton 2x2?
If I have VIN of my Toyota Land Cruiser (1992), how can I know the engine number which was originally fitted?
How much is a 68 mustang worth?
planning for a car & need help?
Jeep Wrangler Steering Column Bearing?
how much should sell my 93 accord ex for?
how to turn off the beep in the toyota navigation system?
My 1997 jeep wrangler front defroster does not work.?
Need help modding my 04 Tiburon GT?
used car parts for a 1994 chevy lumina euro?
I broke the arm/suspension on the front ride side of my '04 chevy Aveo what is the average cost for repair?
1992 mazda protege 4 cylinder engine help?
2000 Dodge Dakota V6 3.9L will not start. Whats wrong?
Is it possible to install rear defogger in swift vdi ? if yes then from where ?
What happens when a water pump fails?
what car has an animal name?
how to remove a factory car stereo from a mazda 626?
will a vehical operate without a thermistat?
brake lights on my 1995 nissan sentra will not work?
RAMALAN PMR 2011 :Dimana Boleh dapatkan Soalan Ramalan Matematik PMR 2011?
2001 Dodge Dakota misfire on cylinder #6, help?
How Do I Make A 2002 Nissan Frontier Quieter Upon Ignition?
Why wud u buy an Audi?
Do you think the 2007 shelby gt 500 is worth $25k over sticker price??
How do i get the check engine code on a 1994 dodge dakota v6?
why do'es my ford diesel mondae lose power whenever I use my airconditioning?
how long does a 13b motor non turbo last?
Would 19 inch rims and tires fit on my 2001 Nissan Altima?
Should I buy a 1998 Subaru Impreza with 180k miles?
How to remove radio cluster panel from a 2002 Town & County?
Is an S5 tiptronic a faster shift than a traditional S5 manual?
hooking up brake control for my 2005 f150?
best sports car for tall people?
i own 98 escort ghia people say they are badly engineered i find it a reliable motor wots your opinion.?
whats infiniti+infiniti?
Mi si è spostato lo schermo del pc.. Come si sistema ? ( windows vista)?
2003 Ferrari 360 check engine light is on, and gear 1 not getting enough power?
Where is the CD player on the 98 Toyota Corolla?
Can anyone give me more information to the new 2007 Mercedes Benz S550 or the 2007 Mercedes Benz GL450??
Which Civic should I choose?
Which muscle car is the best in the history of cars?
2012 Dodge Charger SE or SXT?
Speedometer not working on a '97 Ford Taurus GL?
why are hummers teh best car in the world?
Do you think the payments for a 2011 honda cr-z ex hatchback hybrid would be alot?
Radio code for saab 1997 900s?
if you won the lottery wat would b the first thing u would buy?
Ford buying Chevy?!?!?!?
I got selected in Tata Consultancy Services on campus.what future I have in company?
I have a 1973 Lincoln Continental mark lV that I'm trying to sale. I live in chicago. need buyer soon. Ideas?
where can I get a paintable front bumper for my 2000 ford superduty?
Destroking a Chevy LT1?
would 205 75r14 size snow tires fit on a 2001 acura integra?
Whats better to buy, the 2012 toyota camry se 2.5 liter , or the kia optima ex 2.4 liter?
Type of belts in a 2001 Mazda Protege ES?
where can i find a 94 celica drivers door?? and for how much?
Dose any one buy FABIA 1200cc?
i have a chevy 383 stroker and i need some info... ill award best answer?
How can I get my name off a car that I am co sign?
Is keyless entry standard on 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee Base Laredo model?
Will 08 Pontiac G6 OEM seats fit an 07 Pontiac G6?
Re paint 2001 Mazda Protege?
can someone tell me what year this dodge truck is?
2002 Honda Accord Ex Coupe Key?
Why is my Honda CRV inside lights blinking?
just bought a 2.2 2005 vauxhall vectra been running great for the past few days and now its not turning over?
Proper techinique for driving a standard tranmission. Hubby says I'm doing it wrong. I own a 94 Chevy Camaro.
What is your favorite model of Jeep?
which nissan should i get?
Front speakers dont work while connecting my radio help. Will chose best answer?
Emergency .Hyundai verna diesel top modle. manul or auto ?? me suggest me with reasons.?
I want to buy a car , Please help me in choosing between Swift/Wagon R Duo/Wagon R.?
Any good machine shops in Colorado springs?
I have a street race problem?
Mercedes Car Key Program?
what is the price of aford 4x4 p/u 1968 ?
Any ford mechanics out there i need a little expert advice on a 2001 f150 we were replacing the alternator and?
Looking at buying a 99 golf gl 2.0 with a 5 speed. It has 150,000 miles. Body has no dents.asking 2500?
Does anyone own a 2005-2006 Ford Escape?
What are the names of apanese auto parts stores in japan?
I drive a new BMW 540i - should this need topping up with oil all the time?
can a mustang Saleen really hit 200 mph like the speedo says?
Can i connect my fog lights by relay from one of low-beam socket?
Does anyone know the correct tyre pressure for a Peugot 206 1.4GLS. I cannot find it anywhere?
why my tires are having 26 psi in front and 32 back?
Cars similar to Porsche 911?
which was the maximum speed of dodge DD-900 truck diesel 6cyl 130HP 1980?
why does 2001 ford windstar bells continue to ring when headlights are on ?
Is a 1992 Chevy 1500 regular cab a "small" truck?
how reliable is the turbo of the audi tt?
Can I drop a diesel into my Ford?
Which Nissan, 350z or 370z?
2003 toyota echo fast idle?
what do you think is better ( in evrething ) the lexus RX or the infinti FX??
VW Diesels, how many miles and what year you have?
Steps to modify my 1996 dodge ram?
What cant u guys stand about fuel costs?
On a 99 Jetta model that was made in Mexico I cant go more than 140 kph (90mph) what is the reason for this?
which is the best deal for the money... Highlander vs. RAV4?
Honda nerds and techs?
do you think that the dodge charger is the best muscle car in the world?
Why do VW keys cost so much and where can I buy one?
car problem?
Does anyone know of a website that shows how to remove the side view mirrors on a Hummer H3?
Will the cold air intake and wing on my Civic give it 100 more horsepower?
What is causing the black smoke on my Land Rover Discovery 300TDI?
1994 BMW 525i starts right up but backfires and dies when i let my foot off the gas?
I Need Help With My 2004 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer !?
How are the 2012 Mustangs, V6 and GT models?
Anyone know how many NEW Volkswagen Beetles have been built?
Can someone decode truck for me?
is a 67 camaro a great car?
1979 ford f150 electrical issue ?
I have a 1998 Toyota Corolla, how can I make it go much faster for less than 200 bucks?
I have a 10" thing?
Is a Pontiac Trans Am a good buy?
I'm 18 and drive a pearl white 370z touring sport. ?
what is better tire for nissan maksima 2001: fuzion touring or dsw?
What type of transmission is in my 21' winnebago brave i have a dodge engine?
I left my keys inside my BMW?
whats the fastest car?
Jeep Grand Cherokee V8. Good Buy?
I need to change my 86 chevy impala 5lugs for a 6lug rim.?
Where can I find a cheap 1995 BMW 325is exhaust? Online?? ?
how do you acually say Impala -Impola or -Impa(short a)la i need to real way not just the way you say it?
ford quality really better today???
Installing an Air/Fuel gauge in an Impreza?
HELLO i hope this message goes to a person who is in the uk.As i get messages from people who are abroad?
why do car alarms go off for no reason?
what gas do you put in a 1998 mazda protege? regular or plus?
where is the a/c compressor relay fuse in my 2004 honda accord ex?
Will a 90's b series integra/civic shift linkage fit a eg hatchback?
Change ignition switch,but car won't start,acura integra 98 aut.?
Starter stuck on in V8 Ford Ranger?
just changed transmission control module on 04 quest and problem is still there. do we need to reprogram? how?
What car does David Spade buy in the movie "Joe Dirt"?
Mazda Protege5 overheating?
i have a 2004 ford explorer XLS 2wd. what is the best exhaust system for a deep, throaty sound and sport?
Ferrari The Car Makers From Which Country?
Faster car in a 1/4 mi. drag?: 98' Grand Prix GT or 98' Eclipse GS.?
Can I whip donuts in a 2000 Chevy Blazer - 4 door LT {Specs Below}?
What auto make do you guys/men/dudes like to drive?
How much would it cost to repair a rust roof on a 1986 pontiac praisenne?
Ford cars, which do you like best.?
what is the new adress for Craig Hind Chrysler Dodge Jeep?
Honda is better than Hyundai read this!?
One of renault models can be easly changed from left hand drive to right hand drive. Which 1 is it?
New Diesel trucks which one should i choose. Ford Chevy OR Dodge?
are the 2010 jeep laredo reliable?
does my 2000 jetta have a chip in my key that wont let spark to the coil?
2008 Infiniti G35 Sedan: Motordyne XYZ Pipe help?
Compatable Chevy S10 Part Swap? Help Please.?
Stock rear ring and pinion ratio for 1988 Ford F250?
2005 sentra 1.8S w AC serpentine problem?
Where is the fuel filter located on a 2001 Subaru Liberty wagon?
anti coolant leaking......?
I want to buy a jeep, are they good vechiles?
Help me find a 2001 Audi S4 Steering Wheel Badge?
I left my gas cap at the gas station... do i really need one?
What is evevrything that you can customize on a Honda Civic 98 DX? I want it to be the fastest!?
I wanna buy a wrecked 2006 dodge charger.?
Which and where is the fuse for a 2002 Chrysler Voyager?
The vsc light came on my camry hybrid 2007.Is it worth fixing for $2700 ? it"s off warranty.?
Which team would win a demolition derby?
Head job done but oil and water still mixing?
Ford focus 2006 radio code?
Edge Evolution F-150 Program.?
1993 Mazda mpv overheating. New thermostat.?
ideas on customizing my 03 gmc truck and maybe pictures so i can get a visual?
Will 24" rims fit on my car. 1998 Dodge Dakota Slt?
Where is the liberty bell is?
where is the heater resistor located for 01 f150?
Car Temp running hot worse when idling?
im a 17 year old im looking for a good SUV but not a big suv a smaller suv?
i need help to get the crank shaft pulley bolt off when pulley is loos?
Ford Wiring Harnesses?
Is the V50 worth the money? How about the XC90? How do they compare with BMW 325xi or X3/X5?
I bought a car that was brand new and it has been nothing but troubles - what do I do?
does the internals from a 91 accord tranny interchange with a 94 accord tranny 5spd?
Starter stuck on in V8 Ford Ranger?
What mods should i do to my 2003 focus zx3?
Is a '91 Camaro reliable?
imports vs domestic?
Honda Tuning?
how to program a key fob on a 2000 cavalier?
2008 Honda Accord (70k mi) making loud roaring noise upon acceleration?
Is a Jeep Cherokee good on gas?
In need of car help ;-;?
Is my transmisson going out?
2012 comaro or 2012 mustang?
someone has road & track magazine of the 70s?
5.3 liter gmc air in gas in line fuel was ran low?
i saw this awesome corvette................................…
Is a MX-5 H Reg with 110,000 worth buying?
Astra GTC or Ford Focus?
installing cd player in 2003 impala need digram on how?
Campers ARE cool, No doubt about it! Anyone know of any North of England clubs or events coming up?
i wanted to know what kind of cars the public likes.. can u pls post ur favorite car?
I have a Chevy Cavilier?
i have a Renault laguna 1 (1995) 3000 v6 automatic with problem at computer gear box?
i need to now how toget my boyfriends car redone on overhaulin he is a very wonderful man please help?
so what do you think of ford cars?
Help, I spilled mercury!?
Stay away from Hyundai?
Where can i get a free 2001 ford explorer sport radio wire diagram?
Led lights under dashboard?
What did General Motors do to the Chevy Impala in 2004 to increase the MPG so dramatically (32 hwy)?
2003 VW Passat V6 GLX 2.8L Engine and Transmission mount replacement?
What kind of car alarm can i get for my 95 jeep wrangler?
Is there a special tool that gets a therm sensor off of a 1999 ford tauras dohc?? its 15 mm but i cant get it?
tyre pressure for a ford cargo?
my expedition keeps over heating. i put in a new thermostat,water pump allready. help please?
How reliable and safe is the 2001 Land Rover Discovery Series II SE? Can anyone find me a FULL report?
Best used car to have BMW OR MB years from 1994 2001and why ?
I have a custom exhaust why does my car back fire so much when i shift gears??
what does the M G in rover M G stand for?
Wat is the best sort of air filter for a honda cbf 125?
1995 Chevy S10 Pickup 0-60?
Whats so good about living in a caravan?
How much would a 1996 ford ranger xl with 300,000 miles cost?
2008 Chevy Malibu Help!!!!!?
Vauxhall Corsa 1.0 or Toyota Aygo?
How many 76 chevy silverados were made and how many are left?
How do I get a car with bad credit?
What's the best Ford 'Sports' car?
When will Tata sell in the USA? If I got 2 of them for my wife would she have a bodacious set of Tatas?
can a 572 big block engine fit in a 1986 ss monte carlo?
Air Filter for My Infiniti?
Why does my 91 honda accord shuts off after I put it in gear?
1998 Chrysler Sebring jxi standard features?
Why does my 1989 Toyota Camry have Cruise Control Buttons but no Cruise Control?
automatic gearbox for peugeot 206, 1.4, 2001 SAME AS 2000?? Please reply ASAP?
What DOHC V-tec engine will fit in my 94 Honda Civic Hatchback?
Ford Fiesta 1.25 Zetec, first car?
where can i buy a chick magnet for my rusty 1994 fiesta?
is refurbished the same thing as remanufactured?
Where would I find my compliance plate on my 2002 Nissan Pulsar. I need to check the engine number? Thanks?
Does anyone agree the lack of an engine oil dipstick in new BMW's is a bad idea?
Is there no demand for cars like the Toyota Aygo or the Volkswagen Up in the USA?
Will a volkswagon gti golf 2.0 mk3 brake discs (front) fit my golf 3, 1.9d??? 22 mm i think they are??
what vw engine is this 6204227?
castrol is more than just ordinary because?
is it a bad idea to put 60 series tires on a lowered vw baywindow bus?
Does a honda del sol have room for a spare tire in the trunk, if subs are in there too?
Why is my car hesitating on acceleration? Do I need new spark plugs?
adventages of american cars?
i want to put lambo doors on my 96 chevy tahoe but i don't want to buy the hinges. how would i make them?
Which brand can honda be compared to?
Lamborghini or Ferrari?
Favorite Sport/Super Car?
who thinks ford and pontiac are the best cars?
How do you like the Nissan Vesra?
Mazda Rx8 or Toyota Tundra?
Poor power and mpg?
where can i find a roof rack for my subaru impreza?
Question about Honda Prelude?
My 03 infinity g35 tail lights went out how do I fix?
How do i replace the shifter knob on my 2001 bmw z3 sport?
1998 vw bug 2.0 help took battery cables off and now wont run.?
2003 PT Cruiser Turbo-Cranks but No Start!! >.<?
How mach is a galexy s3?
Did The 1965 Ford mustang have an air filter on top of the carberator or not?
Why is my Mustang Gt making a whining sound?
how to change a fuel pump on a 1994 Buick Roadmaster?
any reviews for renault duster?
240sx question?? Sr20det?
what is the best Car ever?
How do I go through winter with a soft top for Jeep?
scion xb- how do i remove the foam from under the hood?.?
I have a 97 honda accord, I replaced the slave and master cylinders but my clutch petal still falls and stays?
Where can I get a part to extend the gas peddle of my Taurus so my short wife can drive the car?
which was the maximum speed of mercedes benz 1112 truck diesel 6cyl 110HP 1965?
where is the thermastate on a 2004 nissian murano?
what would a 1994 5.8 L V8 210 hp 325 lb·ft Ford F-150 engine compare to now.?
95 VS holden exhaust tip?
How do you like this car?
First Car? Mazda 3, Corolla, Civic, or Focus?
BMW E30 325i Assistance Required?
Gear ratio help?!? Please?
Nissan Sentra 2008 2.0 S tuning options?
first car.. a honda with 212,000 miles on it...?
What is the gas tank size and mpg of a '91 chevy lumina?
Do you like the SLK 230 Kompressor?
where i can buy a wheel for my hummer??????
Where can i sale my 91?
ford wiring diagram turn signal switch?
Is a vx220 a great car?
Sony Xplod Headunit Not Working..?
1991 350 TBI Sounds like deisel after ESC Swap?
What kind of car do you drive?
What do you think of the Pontiac Sunfire 4 door~ specifically year 1997?
The name of the salvage yard in Putnam, Conn. that specializes in Lincoln Continental parts.?
Can a fromt benchseat be added to a Ford F-250 if it doesnt have one?
general motors, fremont,ca numi?
How can I get a good aftermarket transmission for a 97 Pontiac Grand Prix gt?
I have a 05 monte carlo and it was shifting hard when i frist took off,i want and changed the axles?
what is the difference between the monte carlos?
Wha is the marketing mix(4Ps) of Chrysler?
Hyundai's are they Good Cars?
why does my 2008 chevy cobalt sport suck so badly?
2006 grand prix remote start?
Need some tips on jeep parts?
Is the Front Axle and the transmission the same thing on a 2001 Ford ZX2?
s-10 swap with v-8?
Vauxhall corsa W reg beeping?
Why are people so proud of saying they have a "Hummer"?
I need a diagram for a 2000 volkswagen diesel beetle showing the location of the fuel filter?
Which one is better, honda civic or toyota corolla?
2002 Nissan sentra se r spec v timing chain cover?
2005 dodge neon wipers turn on when i turn on my headlights on?
how can one access Chilton or Haynes auto repair manuals online?
Hottest Car for Girls??
is there a converter for a ford tow command on a 2007 f350 that can be used on electric over hydraulic?
How to turn off safesearch?
Chevrolet cruze 2011?
Should I buy a jeep with 200,000 miles?
Why is the glove compartment called the glove compartment?
Help! E46 BMW making rattling sound after waterpump change?
which one would win 440 -455 -427 - 460 - 512 ?
Best/loudest exhaust for a 2005 Ford Ranger?
How long does it take to change a clutch on a 1.2 renault clio?
Where can I find a front wheel hub for a 93 honda civic dx sedan?
what is the width of 2001 ford explorer sport 4x4 tire rim?
would a 1997 or later Transmission control module work in a 2001 jeep cherokee?
i have just inherited a 1977 ford f150 with 302 engine in it. I could not get it to start. Just cranks and cra?
How to fix a speedometer?