2000 Audi a4 turbo change?
What color Mini Cooper do you think is the hottest?
i want to buy my first porsche 911 pre-owned i have a 30k budget whats the best model and what maintenance cos?
03 infiniti m45's.. did they make them manual trans?
ford focus 1600 chip???
Where can I get a Blue & Me manual ?
how do you fix kia sadona staling?
What tints to get for black 2011 Mustang?
Coilovers for 2011 corolla?
Infiniti g35 sedan or lexus Is350?
Just got a used car with the keypad on the door. How do I reset this code? The key card was not with the car.?
2003 Chevy Impala 3.4L CIG/AUX?
I am getting a Mazda Rx 8 and a turbo should i get a manual 6 speed or a 4 speed automatic?
What do you think about 03-05 Infiniti FX45 or FX35. If you have one tell me about it.?
I am in Somerset pennsylvania,i own a 91 jeep wranglerand i need a local receiver hith dealer/installer help!
where can you get a manual for a antique vehicle.1951 Ford F4?
Passat 2002 no spark no fuel ?
Cheapest place to get a toyota hubcap?
How much would it cost to replace a fender on a 2009 toyota camry?
where could i find a bike rack for my honda delsol?
My Jeep Cherokee is getting louder. Sounds like around the engine and progressively getting louder.?
1998 Nissan Altima will only take a few gallons of gas.?
which do you prefer: a 2 door or a 4 door car, and why?
was the Ford Escort available in the US?
Nissan Maxima Or Nissan 240sx?
Well my 1998 dodge truck shakes in fifth gear and I am trying to find out what's wrong with it?
parking lights for 1997 geo metro?
what can happen if I install 255 35R18 in the rear tires for a BMW 528xi when it calls for 245 40R18?
BMW E30 325i without kit?
Do I have a racial profiling case? I am a young mexican naive american male bald and was driving a lincoln Tc.?
99 Mazda squeaking when I started up, how much cost to fix it?
What is your favorite car or kind of car (convertible, coupe...)?
Does anyone know where I can buy a 2006 White Mazda 6 Die cast Model Car 1/18 ?
What do you think about Hyundai?
Hows the 3rd row in the Audi Q7?
Why did the engine on my 2004 Honda accord cut off and I don't know why. Help!!!!?
Do you drive a 1970-79 Firebird?
We Just Saw A Suspicious Person In A Ford Car. What Should We Do?
Can You Tow A Chevrolet Upland behind a motorhome?
can a 2003 toyota matrix xrs be turbo charged?
Where is the fuel filter located on a 2004 Dodge Neon SXT 2.0?
Putting a 454 in my 95 monte carlo please help?
Is 77000 miles a lot for a aftermarketed 2005 Subaru STI?
2000 Acura integra Gsr (b18c1)?
How can i augment ground clearance to a skoda octavia?
does a motor have to run off of pistons?
What car should I buy?
What is the model and make of the car used in the television show: Las Vegas?
About the populer sports car 'Porsche Carrera GT', what does 'GT' stand's for and what does it mean?
Vauxhall Corsa 02 petrol 1.0 oil type?
Whar noise does a idler pulley make when it's going out?
Saturn Sky Redline or Pontiac Solstice GXP?
which was the maximum speed of ford F-7000 truck diesel 6cyl 140HP 1974?
Ferrari or Lamborghini?
Looking at a 87 RX7 - 100K on the engine, rebuilt transmission for $1,500.00. Buy it?
Honda prelude si build for boost?
Is there a way to get a Chrysler Friend code? ?
What all do i need to add turbo to my 1990 honda prelude 2.0si?
my friend is a mechanic and says my car exhaust has a hole in it. is this legal?
What kind of fuel pump would fit a 99 grand prix gt?
170,000 miles on my car...Should I sell it??
Cars And Women (BMW)?
is the body specs the same on all the 1996 honda civics? (like ex, dx)?
hello i have a qustion the the 2007 chevy malbu i am having a problem with the heater and the ac i just got?
Anyone else who has or had a 2002 Ford Mondeo, had any problems with fuel gauge?
Book price for Citroen Saxo Forte, 1.1cc, X reg, 37000 miles?
which was the maximum speed of pontiac le mans 8cyl 200HP 1972?
ford mondeo zetec-s 2.5 v6 estate?
Is there a 1965 buick skylark GS ragtop that came with a 465. What is the production number?
how to install leave springs on a jeep?
Has anyone been able to get their Saab Digital Owners Manual on GM Owner Center on ?
Which is better dodge nitro or jeep commander ?
I'm looking to buy a VW beetle (my first car!)..not sure if I should or save my $! Is it worth buying??
Honda Legend or Toyota Lexus or Nissan Infinity?
how much would it cost to get a 1998 honda accord 4door lowered about 2 inches?
does anyone have a 2000 grand caravan sport whose "parking brake" light does not seem to ever turn off?
can I install a skunk2 cam gear in my single cam vtec?
what is the voltage that the fuel and temp gage on the 1983 ford escort works?
How many MPG does a olsmobile ceira sl v6 sadan 4 door get?
Who here believes the 93 ford Taurus is hardest hard core car around?
What kind of tires are best for my toyota supra?
Passenger airbag in a 2007 Passat?
Where is the interior lights on a 1995-2000 Chrysler Sebring Coupe?
1972 Mustang starting problems?
camaro headlight brightness?
top speed for 2006 Scion tc?
which one is better zen estilo new one or i10?
Average fuel consumption for city in toyota yaris 1.3 VVTi? (manufactured in 2001)?
what does TCL mean!?
Why do American's put the American flag on there foriegn car? Isn't that kinda retarted?
Maruti Alto 800 launch confirmed or not? I want to buy it on Diwali.?
can you tell me where the starter is located on a 03 saab 9.3 turbo?
Why my 99 jeep wranglers front tires are locked as if the breaks are locked?
2007 accord coupe or 2008 scion tC?
Repair manual for 2002 Lancer?
Which Borla exhaust should i get with my 2011 mustang v6?
What does the "O-D off" light on a 2004 Nissan Sentra mean?
Who thinks Ford is having problems?
pt cruiser cutting out after cold start then fine rest of day?
Whats faster, a BMW M5 2006 or a Nissan Skyline R32 2005?
what size gas tank is on a 2002 Chrysler sebring 4 dr LX?
Snowboarding Overseas with a Ford Territory?
Will a late 90S 318 magnum engine botl up to my 91 dodge d100 transmission, i have a 318 stock engine in there?
I have a 99 honda accord, how do i make it faster to like race?
98 ford expedition best trailer mirrors?
1996 Chevy Silverado Backfiring?
Which car brand is better?
answers by makes and models for "slim jim" applications ?
what does P.I. in magnum P.I. stand for?
Considering selling a Honda Civic?
how do i change a motor mount on a 99 4wd s10 blazer?
1990 Daihatsu Rocky vacuum?
1981 mercury capri problems running?
location of bcm on 2003 mercury sable keyless entry module?
Who sings the song for the Subaru commercial for?
torque coverter and pump?
how many bmw e30 m3 convertibles were made.?
prelude car ignition problem?
I have a 1968 VW beetle that smokes when you start it. What causes this.?
2000 jeep wrangler will not crank but lights will come on?
I am doing a cylinder head job on a chevy 283 engine. should I reuse the head bolts or buy new ones?
Would a mechanic need to unbolt the exhaust from the manifold to change the trans in a jaguar?
Which is better a Ferrari 360 or a Porsche GT3?
Have you ever seen an AMC Pacer with a lift kit and 33's?
Porsche 911 Carrera (996) reliability?
Can I turbocharge my engine?
Honda Accord or Honda Civic?
I have vibration from my tires @ 100 kph. but not @ 120 kph?
Is there a such thing as a convertible truck?
99 Lexus es300 HELP?!?
93 jeep wrangler 4 cylinder cutting out when driving slow?
What is your favorite 1970's car and why ??
Blinking check engine light, what does it mean?
What ever happened to the GM V8 Oldsmobile diesel ? I had 3 of them.?
What is better Honda or Yammaha?
is the saleen mustang cool?
Is the 50,000 mile service worth getting for a 2001 Jetta?
im planing on street raceing when i turn 18 so how much is nitro????
CHECK CHArging system in 2006 ford taurus?
Is an 09 yukon XL denali a good car for a 16 y/o?
a list of all car models and the years they were built.?
I want to upgrade my New 2011 GT 5.0 CS, what should I do?
advice on 2005 Suzuki reno car?
how do I know if I need a new car battery or its the alternator?
Citreon C3 Pluriel, where can i get roof bars/racks?
08 Ford Edge...Good Buy?
Im thinking about buying a VW beetle 70 or a 73super. Both need complete restoring . What am i getting into?
which nissan should i get?
Question about wideband air/fuel gauge kit?
whats the best Porsche ever... please do not include the GT?
what is the top speed of 2006 honda accord?
Oil in ignition coils?
What color rims for my blue ford focus?
where can i get a service manual for a 1995 camry saloon?
Speed control Why my gmc cut off at 100 mph?
My 2003 Ford Explorer won't start. I changed the starter and replaced the battery and still won't start.?
Anyone knows where i can download a free car manual for a toyota ipsum?
What are my options in a van that keeps having problems? Compressor out! Now whining noise! 2006 E-150?
2002-2005 Nissan Maxima Recall?
my dodge ram 1500 oil gauge droped to 0 i did hear some rattiling noice, were do i start?
2001 Jeep grand cherokee I6 or 1996 Chevy Camaro v8 for first car pros and cons of each?
Where can I buy a wire harness for the dash for my 95 acura legend coupe.?
what year and what kind of car was an all aluminum slant six offered in?
what kind of car was driven by Mr. Poe the attorney in the movie "the misadventures of lemony snicket"
Question about my Nissan..?
Speedometer cluster swap on a 99 Corolla?
Nissan Pathfinder Evap Can Help!?
If a car manual only recomends premium instead of requiring it can I use regular gasoline?
Is there a fuse for the gas guage in a 97 alero?
i m selling my 1988 f250 and looking to buy a 1990- 95 f150. should i get 1? whats the mpg?
My mercury villager starts wanting to shot off.....?
How do I remove the chime from my 2000 Lincoln LS?
Ford ranger 5 speed manual tranny rebuild motor size 3.0 v6?
My Lexus cuts out but always starts about an hour later has if there was no problem?
The miles per gallon also for the Honda Accord, the Chevrolet Cavalier, and the Ford Focus?
how hard is it to replace tie rod ends yourself?
Would my Scion Xb make it to Tahoe okay from SF, or should I rent an SUV?
Tuning Up My 91 Camaro RS?
ang one selling a 1998 chevr lumina car.?
Where does the SAT NAV disc go in toyota rav4 2004?
Where do I find a vacuum diagram for an Olds 3.8 v6?
need car help please!!!!!!! pontiac grand am?
Just got an r33 stock wheels 16x8, just want to know what is the biggest size i can go on?
1996 LT1 camaro miss/backfire after warm?
What car under 25K would you buy and keep for 10 years?
Why isn't street racing made legal?
will a 04' STI steering wheel fit in my car?
what a good way to make friends???
Would you consider a Corvette and "exotic" sports car? Why or why not?
I need a owners manual for a 2002 chrysler town & country ex where can I find one?
how many ford explorers were produced with a 5 speed manual transmission?
where is the 1998 model buick century located?
What is the average cost to repair an 2000 model holden astra?
2005 Tiburon GS vs 2001 Prelude?
First Car: BMW E30 or E36?
Nissan will have a new hybrid-powered Altima in just a few months-- will Infiniti have a hybrid-powered G35?
Please help me, what type of Jaguar is this..(see link)?
Car speaker sizes in a 2008 vw rabbit?
My new 2007 honda civic hybrid is getting only about 32mpg in the city. Anything wrong?
84 Corvette: Have purchased a 84 corvette. I can not find the button/switch to release the hood. Help Please?
How do u start a Honda quad?
When do I have to change cam belt in Audi TDI?
Enzo Ferrari?
How much money do BMW Technicians make for starting pay?
What are the specific differences between the Volkswagen GTI and the GTI Autobahn?
2005 Audi A4 quattro 3.0. something is wrong! need help?
Do you guys Honda should come out with a V8 engine?
what car am i talking about, anyone?
how much transmission fluid for a 2003 ford focus?
which brand of car is the most durable,strong and reliable.?
Constant problems for the 1992 BMW 325i Sedan?
Does all Renault meganes have trip computer button on the wiper stick?
is buying a $56,000 mercedes E320 CDI worth it?
Thinking about leasing the new Chrysler 200?
my car is a Corolla 1995. which parts do I need to change regularly?
I might be getting a 2002 jetta v6 im 16 by the way is it reliable im also going to be driving to school?
whats so special about the BMW I3?
Can anyone tell me what type and year this honda is? (picture)?
What would cause the bearings in a engine to start making noise?
What do u think is the best engine for a 92 honda prelude si?
Where can I find some videos on Henry Ford (other than Youtube)?
i have a ferari at home?
I have a 1999 Chevy Silverado 1500. I want to put either BFGoodrich Baja T/As or Pro Comp Xterrains on it. Als
If James Bond was American, what kind of car would he drive?
1995 Cadillac De Ville Heater blower motor Run when car is not?
if you had $100k would you get a porsche or an aston martin?
Who owns and still drives any AMC car?
I would like to know if a double din dvd player will fit my 1995 pontiac grand am?
what year is my car?
# 1 muscle car 1967 GTO one sweet goat!!!?
How much to lift my Toyota?
What is your favorite Car Joke? You know the ones that you heard growing up ?
does any1 know which relay works the electric windows on my ford seirra 1991?
What is the cubic inch for my 3.7l dodge?
How much is a 1953 Ford 8N tractor in great working condition worth?
What all would i have to do to rebuild my 1997 dodge avenger engine?
What Kind of oil uses A bmw?
does suzuki ritz has a rev limiter?
What Mercedes am I thinking of??
2005/2006 Nissan Altima?
What racing games have a Lamborghini Reventon?
DO HID healights ever burn out?
What do new struts for 2006 pontaic Montanna cost?
what size engine is 3.5?
I have a 1996 dodge caravan. It won't start but it is trying to turn over but won't. Battery is good.?
1998 Honda Accord Speakers.............?
Do I have to put 89 gas in my BMW?
I have a 1967 Avanti 327 corvette engine and auto.?
Why Is My Honda Civic 1996 Keep Getting Stuck On Parking And Neutral?
can you add a push button start to a dodge dart?
Is fuel reimbursement to an executive taxable?
1987 Ford Bronco II Windshield washer problem?
which one is better zen estilo new one or i10?
Is it possible to get a tata nano in pink or purple?
2003 Saturn L300 belt problem maybe?
how do you know if a girl is a virgin for real?
BMW 330d or Golf GTi ?
BMW E36 Interior Lights Stopped Working?
can anyone tell me the displacement and diffrent variants for the honda civic sedan which sells in USA?IS VFM
what is the fastest BMW?
will the 2011 buick regal be available with AWD?
what do u like better fords or chevys?
1999 pontiac grand am GT problems!!?
98 grand cherokee fuel problems? ?
What is the name of the GMC V8 that can also run on 4 cylinders?
does anybody know what is the best web site for pictures of the izusu dmax cobra crew cab?
What is the name of the volkswagen car that looks like a Jetta?
When will Chrysler finally just die off?
who be the badest terrorist in the US?
Rx8 exhaust tips? Want loud exhaust system.?
My boyfriend wants a Jeep Grang Cherokee 4.0 with a straight 6. What is so great about this motor?
Warning buzzer comes on irregulary when hitting rough water Mercury 135hp saltwater series.?
What is better, a Silverado or an F150?
What years did ford make their 427 SOHC motor , was it a true hemi ?
What wrench to use for Toyota 7afe Heads?
2002 Pontiac Sunfire won't start.?
My car manual says change cambelt every 60,000 miles or every 4 years...... I've done 28K in 5 years....?
pre-approved for $26900 from mountain view chevrolet in chattanooga tennessee by mail?
05 scion xb, timing belt?
Whats better? Vauxhall Corsa 1.0L or a Nissan Micra 1.0L?
Induction Kit for Corsa D 2008 1.0 litre?
is 150,000 miles on an acura too much?
What Things Does An Explorer Carry With Them?
Scion tC or Acura RSX???
nissan, honda or mazda?
For my 16th birthday my dad is getting me a car he said either a Ferrari F430 or a Lamborghini Murcielago?
hey, what do you all think of my truck....(Pic)?
can i swap my motors from a 2.0 to a vr6 in a 2000 jetta?
Cruise-in Skyline?
Air intake for 09 Lancer gts?
What years were new body styles for the Lexus gs?
Why will my VW Camper not run properly?
how to change language on toyota dvd player?
Whats the blue book value of...?
do 1991 ford f250 have fuel pumps?
Should I buy a Subaru impreza wrx?
Does anybody know how to or what Zing a ranger frame means?
will car rims really flat you tires easier and it will affect you suspenion and you braking time?
Is 113,000 Miles in a diesel car to high? The car is a Ford Mondeo and is 2005 reg?
Is Toyota losing it's edge?
What year is this F150? .s?
does anyone drive a mustang in nascar?
Some cheap ad-on for my mustang?
honda cr v question, safe suv?
my tail light fues keeps blowing out why?
Honda Accord Type R 1998 Manual?
Yesterday my drivers side window stopped working, but all other windows work...Whats the problem?
How can I tell if my '84 Olds Toronado is front wheel or rear wheel drive?Seems to me its rear wheel, but?
do you think that the dodge charger is the best muscle car in the world?
2003-2008 Toyota Corolla HID lights?
error codes P0174 and P1151 on my Mustang?
just been released from prison girlfriend cheets on me ?
Money is not a problem and all these cars exist Do U by the 2009 camaro, 2009 Challanger, or the Shelby GT 500
are you invincible?
Which country manufactures the Proton Cars?
What should I get guys? 1998 Nissan Maxima or 2004 Chevrolet Cavalier?
my 95 honda civic will only start if i push strart it?
What's the gas mileage for 1973 Oldsmobile Delta 88 455 V8?
is the pt cruiser a chick car?
What is the tape strip on the back of the rear-view mirror on my Mercedes?
how much horsepower does the f 150 have?
SLR maclaren should i get it?
I love you chevy Owners!! All of you show your car off! What kind do you have old, new tricked out or not!!?
Starter motor staying engaged?
who makes this firebird hood? I'd like to find out so I can see if they make one like it for Corvettes?
Timing belt change for Mitsubishi eclipse Rs 97?
is lexus a poor mans mercedes?
Does any one know what the blue book value of a 1972 Chevy Nova is?
How many sensors does a 2001 Ford Escort SE have?
Can I put big bore pistons in my BMW X5?
Rate my video for a BMW Ad competition?
How do I find out if the timing belt was previously changed on my Mitsubishi Eclipse GT?
how to disable the alarm system on a 1999 chevy monte carlo z34?
Hyundai i10?
Informations on Deamg ac500?
What is the difference between a truck engine and a sports car engine?
Is it possible to put a shorter bed on a long bed?
2001 Nissan Maxima Still Revs After being at 3 shops?
Q: Best Looking Body Kit for a Mk3 (94-98) VW Jetta?
What's better? A Supercar or a Muscle Car?
how hard is it to install an aftermarket remote keyless entry?
how do i reset bmw alarm?
Whats wrong with the name Vauxhall?
Is it true that BMWs are unreliable and constantly nickel and dime you?
Are there any emission-free vehicles on the market?
Is Dodge an american make?
2003 maxima data link connector location?
how many cadillac eldorados were produced in 1977?
What's the Black Plastic Guard attached to the Bottom of the Front Bumper Called?
What kind of Nissan 240sx body kit is this.?
did chevy sell this to the public?
01 dodge neon wiper and headlight problems. Help!?
I am considering buying a 2002 Acura RSX?
How much should it cost to have cruise control installed on my 2004 Ford Crown Victoria?
what is the fastest stock mazda?
what is the cost of ebike and performance comparing to ordinary ?
diagram for a 1970 c6 transmissin?
In what year was the first camry discover to the auto world.?
What would you like to ask?I have a renault clio 1.5 diesel the radio station and temp has stopped displaying,?
Is there any possible way to finance a nissan 240sx? ?
Should I spend £30k on a new Alfa Romeo Spider?
where is the knock sensor on a 2001 ford escape?
what car is better a 2002 honda civic or a 2003 dodge neon?
Does anyone have a Mercedes- Benz, if so, what kind of Mercedes?
Dust and debris blowing out my 2000 Honda Civic EX vents?
whats better a Chevy or Mustang?
Is yellow th best color for a car or suv?
where can i find a cheap turbo kit?
hey. looking for a ford explorer sport trac with desent miles. has to be no higher than $5,000 seen any?
Hummer H2 Or Escalade???
Pt Cruiser Ac Issues?
Should I put regular or plus gasoline in my new 08 Toyota Yaris?
Fair? $2000 for 2001 Kia Rio?
2006 Accord Engine?
On the 2011 Kia Optima, what is the plastic oval directly over the driver's head?
How do i remove the headrests from my 2006 Volvo S80 D5 LUX?
What is the best colour/strip for a Dodge Viper?
How much gas money will I need to travel from Gainesville GA to San Antiono Tx in a Nissan Sentra?
what do hyundai required to their suppliers?
I have a '98 R33 GTR Nissan Skyline that I imported, renovated and registered. what is an appropriate price
Kindly let me know whether it is worthwhile to buy a hyundai Accent (2006 Model) with low km.?
Will 1999 mitsubishi 3000 gt headlights fit on a 95 dodge stealth?
where does the fuel injector pressure regulator go in a 99 toyota sienna?
how much do you think it will cost to replace the exhaust on my Fiat Brava?
What is the white plastic tank underneath my battery in my 2005 Camry?
2002 Mercury Marquis baby car seat assembly?
what's the value of a Yugo?
Does all corolla cars come in only 4 doors?
Will a newer OEM gmc radio work in a 2005 Sierra?
Can anyone tell me where I can find info on repairs for a 1987 olds cutlass?
what is the cost of a 1972 camaro?
mk1 fiat punto problem?
Owned a Borgward?
How to make explorer?
What do you think about the FIAT ABARTH?
How do i reset tpms on a 2009 ford fusion?
how do you program remote transmitter for 1998 ford f-150?
Should I get a convertible or coupe Shelby GT500?
Help with cars! MK3 Supra or 300zx TT? Pros and Cons?
2000civic si.The CEL came on and i got a reading for p1457. evap emission control leak detected- canister?
Does Lexus make the IS model in a 2 door?
How do you release the ignition switch on a chevy s10 model 98?
Jeep Wrangler Unlimited for first car?
what would be the best way to get a porsche?
How do u reprogram a computer for a nissan sentra spec V SER? car start but die when u let go of gas?
what is the firing order for a 1986 ford 302 engine?
How to change my hazards light switch in my renault clio?
what is THE most beautiful car ever produced?
Who has a honda civic on 20 inch rims?
My clutch on my GTI lost compression and stayed on floor?
Is the tacoma prerunner package better for towing?
Cavalier starter problem?
I have a 2000 dodge 2500 truck 4/4.reverse works drive doesn't,please help?
1990 Chrysler new yorker odometer doesn't work?
what rear end and gear for a 900hp 57 chevy with a six speed?
1968 mustang gt fastback or charger?
Finding 2004 Xterra Rims?
Kia soul gas milage low?
Land Rover 2a Information?
problems with car window?
Why do people think honda civics are good race cars?
First car...which model do you like better?
95 integra ls reliable car?
Is $200.00 A good deal for a really rusty 1969 Ford Mustang Fastback.?
how wide is a 2012 Nissan Sentra trunk?
What are you comments about Tata nano 2012 model?
bad fuel milage for 1992 jeep cherokee?
what is the best 4x4 ?
I have a 97 honda accord, I replaced the slave and master cylinders but my clutch petal still falls and stays?
Where to find a ford mustang cobra r front bumper?
I have a question about a radiator for a 94 corolla?
Would you ever consider?!!!?
I have a 98 dodge avenger that just recently started making a lot of noise what could it be?
how difficult will it be installing a 4inch suspension lift from RC on a jeep yj?
II have a 2007 Ford Fusion, I suddenly only have instrument panel lights when the night lights are on.?
song on acura american lemans commercial?
What could cause my 2002 grand am to overheat???? Please any help?
how much should a radiator repair cost for a 2002 chevy tahoe?
How can I tell if my 98 civic EX is a vtec?
For you Jeep owners that are convinced Jeep is the best brand?
Can I put a Honda H23 head onto a Honda F22B1 Block?
whos car called (the car of the people)?
will it hurt my 1993 honda prelude, if I drive with no power steering?
How safe is the Nano?
1999 Toyota 1.3 g6 t-reg UK model?
will car prices come down?
Can you use Barnes Tipped TSX bullets through a battlecomp compensator?
why do they call the Pontiac GTO's Goats?
My Dodge Durango is bad for the environment, How can I recycle?
can i install a Ferrari speedometer on my yukon xl 2000 because i know it goes faster then 100 mph?
what's the best thing about driving a honda?
i got honda accord 1992 and i want to replace all water hoses need info ?
Is there a turbo or superchargher foe Montero Sport 3.0 litr, where can i buy it?
lexus is 300?
Where can i find a suspension lift kit for 2010 ford ranger?
Can a short person see in a 05 mustang?
1991 ford ranger wont start?
Should I sell my truck or keep it?
Accessories for Jeep Patriot?
How is the wheather in Los Angeles now?
How do I repair the threads where a spark plug blew in my 1994 Honda Accord?
Tell me about 2010 Nissan Versa Navigation Satelite System?
which is the best ford focus car to buy?
My 02 ram 1500 lamp out light is on ?
1998 Jetta stick problems?
We did not find results for: hi i have a 96 cherokee sport lifted with a 4.5 rough country lift with 33 inch b?
What is the stock HP on a 97 4.3 V6 vortec engine?
I love you chevy Owners!! All of you show your car off! What kind do you have old, new tricked out or not!!?
Ford F-250 Leaf Springs?
Audi a4 convertible 1996 roof not going down?
Stupidly powerful porsche...?
Burning smell when driving?
What is the name of your Ford?
is it a good....?
2004 Nissan Frontier A/C issues?
Where to find the trasmission oil in a 1998 BMW 528i?
Looking for brush guard For Jeep!! Help?
Dodge Neon getting error codes P0340, P0442, P0455?
Mercedes Vs. BMW?
1998 dodge neon torque converter solenoid?
Where can I find the tail light wiring diagram for a 1998 f350 ford superduty?
1994 honda accord battery drain?
how could i make my car sound/ and preform better?
silverado 2003 ext cab tint?
My Civic has 100, 000 Km on it. My Honda dealer suggests I replace the timing chain. Is it necessary?
would it be stupid to try and drift a scion xb?
Calling BMW 740i 1995 owners?
How much would it cost for paintjob on 2002 Pontiac Grand Prix on rear right bumper?
Peugeot 206 - Engine management light help - Throttle sensor?
Is a BMW too good for a sixteen year old?
Could Anyone Tell me What Car this is?
insurance between 1972 gmc truck or a 1998 pontiac grand prix gtp?
changing jeep wheel studs?
Now that Ford owns a Jaguar, should I be worried about the quality of Jags if I were to consider buying one?
I want to have my car painted.I wouldlike to find prices online for Modesto, CA?
Starter Kill Switch question?
what are some tricks when driving a honda civic coupe? drifiting?
2003 dodge ram my abs light turns on only when i make a left turn what could it be?
Replacing ac compressor on frontier?
Anybody know of a winch and snow plow that works with the 07 Honda recon 250 ?
What is included in the Mercedes C230 60,000 mile service?
I have 98 chevy malibu code p0118 battery light on temp gage stays down coolant fans stay on ac dont work?
what was the price of camaro 1972,in 1972, $3,621,5,295, or 6,750.?
which lamborghini would you prefer?
Hyundai Genesis Coupe 2010?
which is better porsche boxter 99 or mazda mx5 99?
does a 1990 civic dx have a carb?
How do thiefs steal cars and what can i do to prevent it?
how much would you pay.96 blazer w/170k also rebuilt eng&trans, and 2005 cavalier with 10k?
I have a '95 Ford Police Interceptor..?
How much cost to re upholster the 2 front bucket seats and rear bench seat in a 99 mercury cougar?
What is you favorite type of car?
Does anyone own my old car '87 Chevy Camaro. If so Please cantact ASAP Thank you?
In the 1999 Honda Civic, what was your experience with the factory CD Player?
1994 Chevy Lumina?
how do I order a spare ignition key for my pontiac firebird?
I need help finding the navigation code for my 2001 acura rl?
Do people that buy a BMW feel like they have "arrived" & want a BMW trophy?
How much was the price of the toyota solara 2004 brand new?
expensive or inexpensive repair?2001 Ford Taurus 2001 SE (1)transmission fluid leaking (2)coolant leaking.?
In a Swift with 205/50/16 will the performance be good?
Can I get help with a Nissan Altima 2005?
Where is the traction control on a 2009 bmw 528i?
95 escort Sticky gears?
front driver fog light been pushed in, vectra sri19 cdt?
how to fix a 85 f350 dissel it turns not starts?
can someone scan your manual in english for me?
Why does my security light come on in my 2004 chevy impala?
Tires on cars?
Book value of 2006 Bentley Continental GT?
how to contact or email honda japan to complain about honda...?
how much to fix suspension on a hyundai?
how to test a 02 nissan altima fuel pressure?
toyota 2004 tires question?
will a dodge hemi head fit on a gm2.2 push rod 4cyl?
What song is on the New X-mas Saab car Commercial?
what is your favorite type of BMW car your like?
What's the wires used for the Porsche gaming steering wheel?
What is the best car ever made?
Can I replace my honda computer box b16a engine by ordinary honda accord computer box?
Is Chrysler making a 300 convertible?
I have a 1995 camaro z28. will not start. where is the fuel pump relay switch they all look alike?
Are The 4x4 Ranger 5 speeds reliabe?
How much do u think i could get out of my Tata's on ebay?
Toyota is a car brand, but what else is it?
who loves nissan skylines? and what do you love about them?
who is the stig on top gear?
Do You guys like smart roadstar?
which mercedez benz class is a good one for a 4 door sedan w/ a sporty look and feel to it(how it handles,etc)
Do you tthink Morris Minor cars quite cute?
How much would it cost to have a timing chain in a 2006 Nissan Maxima changed?
I drive an 04 honda crv and i accidentaly turned it off while it was in drive, i wasnt moving help please?
My 1989 Mercedes 300CE idles rough, but runs just fine otherwise. What would cause this?
Best way of mixing 2 stroke for the 12A Wankel/Rotary?
when do you change the timing chain on a cadillac northstar engine?
have a hi-idle on an 86 chevy malibu and will not go away. tried just about all. suggestions appreciated.?
Header to big for exhaust?
05-08 Ford mustang V6!!!!?
how do i find what kind of vw motor i have who can i contact for history on my engine?
Buy the Nissan Maxima or NIssan Altima?
I just got a 1998 jetta im trying to set it up nice and looking new any suggestions .i want it to turn heads?
Why do Toyota's and other Foreign made trucks last longer, and most of the time drive faster?
PT Cruiser?
Are Mercedes-Benz automobiles good quality?
93 civic engine swap?
Is the Audi very high maintenance? Is is very expensive to buy parts?
Is the Miata a girlie-car?
2000 opel vectra....?
are Nissan good cars en general?
Bmw or sports car?
Does anybody have contact information for recruiters at Nissan? I would like to work for Nissan in Nashville?
Can you switch the odometer between miles and kilometers on the Toyota Sienna 2007?
Hyundai's are they Good Cars?
how many gallons for gas does a 1994 Ford F-150 5.8L V8 hold?
Latch system for a 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee for car seat?
cost of replacing front of 04 Cadillac?
11x + 6y =15310x -3y =156?
is the gas mileage on a 2010 challenger R/T good?
Where is the hand crank for the sunroof on my Pontiac Grand Am?
How do i run my parking leds on my BMW 520d F12 when driving?
Difference between 2012 jeep patriot and the 2013 jeep patriot?
How fast can a Suzuki 1993 160cc ATV go?
If you traveled 10 miles making nothing but left turns, would you end up back to the same place?
Which car is faster? A....?
My chevrolet S-10 wont start?
how do i make my V6 mustang faster?
2012 Honda Civic BLack dust tailpipe ?
Is A Pontiac Grand Prix gt a girls car??
How would an x-force exhaust sound on a grand prix?
what mark is 88%????????????????????/?
Who makes BMW?
im looking 4 custom leather interior 2 tone and its not coming up i need some websites for my car?
On Ford diesels what does the C in TDCi mean?
Look for Toyota Camry repair manual?
how many people can you get in a ferrari 599?
what is interior noise resonance ?
How to make my 1997 Honda Accord VTEC faster?
What is a Ford J10 ???
have a 2005 dodge magnum,headlights dont come on with switch but does when key turned on?
Who else wants the new Dodge Challenger?
I hear Toyota is makeing a 2007 Supra is there any truth to this?
Will they fit on my 04 f150 fx4 ? ?
which is the maximum speed of buick opel sport coupe 4cyl 80HP year 1978?
where is the fuse box 2002 grand caravan?
Whats your muscle car of the day?
95 dodge intrpid es anything good or bad?
what does PT stand for in PT CRUISER?
what color should i get for my 2008 accord?
where can i find the fuse for the brake light and interior light for my 97 honda accord se?
which was the maximum speed of ford mustang cobra jet 8cyl 339HP 1968?
What type of transmission fluid goes in a 01 chevy silverado?
Which car is overall better in (1)quality? (2)reliability? (3)maintenance?:?
Can my pvc hose on my 98 honda civic cauust it to overheat?
whats infiniti+infiniti?
Is a 77 camaro a cool car?
Where would I find a parts listing for a 1996 4WD GMC Silverado?
Turbo or supercharged change handling of car?
I have a truck, it is a 1968 chevy the vin number is not 17 char. long. I need info on this, can't find, HELP
Is it ok to disconnect the parking brake cable on my 1998 Monte Carlo?
Why does Honda build such ugly cars?
1980 camaro;distributor connection and front wheel adapters.?
1980 trans am or 99-04 mustang?!?!?
05 scion tc door locks?
I have a 2009 Toyota Camry?
1992 dodge ram van b250 5.2?
2005 chevy malibu owners manual fuse chart?
2002 wrx sedan weird problems?
2001 VW Cabrio not starting... :(?
People are saying that 2001 Dodge Neons are bad, but I like them and I wanna know if I am making a good choice
What is best water for car radiator?
where can i find a dashboard w/airbags 4 a 2003 vw golf?
I've got a jeep cherokee with a suspected ed cylinder head, what should i do?
need to know about Kia cars and trucks?
What are the pros and cons of a toyota celica 2000?
why is it on bmw questions some idiots slag beemers they are the best cars on the road?
What is the camera like device on the chrysler aspen?
What makes 4age's & 2zzge's engines growl a low rpms ?
I am doing a cylinder head job on a chevy 283 engine. should I reuse the head bolts or buy new ones?
what size are the pins that hold the splash shield on a 2005 nissan altima in place.?
which was the maximum speed of mercury grand monarch ghia automatic 8cyl 140HP year 1976?
Black Scion tC..What color window tints should I get?
Are all cars top speeds electronically limited?
Can i put the stock radio of a 1999 mercury grand marquis into a 2008 mercury grand marquis?
I have a 1994 Toyota Celica with 197,000 miles on it.....I love this car, would I be smart to put a rebuilt en?
Loss of power/misfire astra g?
ABS light comes on randomly? VW Polo 1.0 E (2000)?
What are Mitsubishi Delicas like to drive and own? and resale value?
Would an 04 Ford Ranger have a light for low transmission fluid?
How do you know it's time to buy a new car?
2001 Hyundai Getz. Do I take the engine cover off with a screwdriver, or a socket wrench?
2003 ford taurus dohc p0191?
Why does my truck make a clicking/knocking noise when I start it up first thing in the morning?
Need Pro M Benz help?
why does my 1966 chevy start fijne but dies after it runs for 30 seconds it dies out?
Where is the fuel filter located on a 2000 Chevy Blazer?
03 Jeep liberty. Per Diag replaced 02 & tps sensore. chk engine light still coming on?
Mitsubishi Eclipse stereo code -- Help!!!?
free auto repairs on line?
Bad gas mileage on 2012 corolla Le?
Does anyone else have a bad glare problem on the windshield of a Honda 2012?
How to transfer my blackberry contacts to 2012 VW Passat thru bluetooth?
2002 TJ. Ignition doesn't work if car interior is cold. Anyone with a similar problem?
What could i do to my mustang?
fords. .. chevy's... holdens .. or what eva is your favorite make ..model car?
Ford diesel truck motor problems 2002 to 2004?
i still have no spark i changed coil pack crank sensor camshaft sensor and still no spark what do u suggest ?
when does the new 2007 Toyota Highlander come out?
I'm thinking of getting myself a Ford focus ZX3. People who own it- what do you think?is it a good choice?
what is the top speed of a 1995 honda civic lx 4-door?
Nissan Canada Director of Marketing contact information?
03 Ford escape misfire still?
What is a good website to order Chevy Camaro jackets?
Will these rims fit on my 2010 honda civic lx?
high idle dodge caravan?
what's the banging noise from the rear of my 325?
air conditioning for a VW Beetle?
i have a 2004 V6 Mustang, i might want exhaust, i don't want it to be too loud, any suggestions?
What Model Mustang Is Faster A Gt Or An Svt Cobra?
2002 Acura RSX (K20A3 engine) poor MPG and sulfur smell from exhaust ?
common problems with vw passat's? & how high is to high of mileage? for a used 2004?
Mitsubishi L200 windscreen wipers?
Is purchasing an eight year old BMW 325i a smart idea?
how would u go about putting highdrualics on your car?
I see people with huge 22-26" wheels on old cars w/stock 350 motors. Don't huge wheels strain the motor?
what car is better-the ford focus or the toyota matrix?
Crank Sensor Won't go Back On 99 chrysler?
Saturn SL1 2001 Won't even start, help?
What is best value tires for my 2001 Audi TT quattro? I want all weather.?
2000 or 2003 impreza wagon?
Are Fords really crap?
I am 15 and want to by a used jeep wrangler unlimited sport?
Buying my first car, a Kia Soul, but don't know when to say "no way" on the mileage-- Help?
1992 chevy truck problem please help me!!!?
How come they don't sell a Chevy Luv in the U.S. I only see them in Mexico.?
volkswagen reliabilty?
'95 Honda Civic Problems HELP POR FAVOR!?
What is a reasonable price for a ford Crown Victoria 2004-2009?
Is Jaguar X-type is a entry level luxuary car as Mercedes C-Class in U.S.A? Does it has the same prestige ?
Do all 1992+ Crown Victorias have the same 4.6L engine?
what is the spark plug gap setting for a 2000 mazda 626 es with a 2.5?
I am looking for a website that sells visors with the jeep logo.?
What is the weight of a Cadillac Escalade ESC?
Please help me, what type of Jaguar is this..(see link)?
? re Mitsubishi Pinnin's?
Does ford buy gm transmissions?
06 Jetta; is it set so that the wipers go off when you step on the brakes?
shorty headers?
what should the cylinder compreesions be on a ej20g?
2006 Honda Civic Sedan EX Programmers?
I have a 1991 Honda Civic Si Hatchback 1.6, can anyone help me with these two engine questions?
How much would it cost to buy a new front bumper, back bumper, && engine on a 2003 Infiniti G35 ?
is this car ugly?
who is the stig on top gear?
anyone have a "classic" sentra se-r ? what mods are done to them? cost? hp?
can a 1984 Nissan King Cab z24 5 speed be towed in neutral with no modification?
how do i change the starter on my 99 toyota corolla ce?
How is the all new Supercharged Rangerover for 2010.. I am really thinking of getting one..?
volvo V70 XC wagon or Subaru outbck?
what one is better Ford or Chevy???
1987 chev pu sometimes won't start,whats the problem?
99 Chevy Tahoe-How can you tell if your vcm needs reflashing or replacement?
help! keys locked in car?
2001 plymouth neon pcm?
2007 Titan and when i come to a stop harder that usual it jolts or skips a little after I've
What does DTR stand for in my bmw and what does it do?
I need the timing of my 91 honda accord spark plug wires to the distributor cap?
I have a 2000 ford taurus and when drive it down the street i don't feel the gears changeing but i had some ?
Advice 2003 GMC Sierra 2500 HDs reliable?
Ford Ranger kijiji help?!?
M3 or M5 What would you go with?
I have a 06 model truck with manual door locks. Is it possible to get power door locks.?
To help win an argument with my 9 year old son I need to ask,"is the SKODA cake car really made of cake?"
Why does my 2008 Dakota's EXTERIOR temperature gauge only read accurately while moving?
does a nissan x terra 2001 have a beverage warmer by manual shift?
who loves nissan skylines? and what do you love about them?
Mercedes Benz W210 Series Service and Repair Manual book?
2008 Rav4 tranny in a 2002?
I wanted honda activa in good condition in Hyderabad. contact on 9866559767 if u want to sell?
What is the best year for the Chevy Caprice.?
whats better a el camino or a camaro?
Opinions and advice on my first car choice...?
Head job done but oil and water still mixing?
04 nissan 350 z or 05 ford mustang gt?
rattling noise from the front of the neon?
how is the process of lithographed dashes in antique cars done or restored?
Please-name which 4th Generation Grand Luxurious SUV coming for you from TOYOTA family?
Is the Mazda 3 a good car?
Which car is is your choice for what i should get?
Anyone else have problems with a 2005 Pontiac Sunfire?
1993 ford lightning wanting to buy?
i wont to look at rims on my car where do i go.?
Porsche or Mercedes?
How much would a 2001 jetta vr6 cost if the it had hail damage, broken air conditioner, and 168,000 miles?
what job do you need to buy a lamborghini...........?
How well is a ford?
Anyone know about VOLVO wagons....2001 V-70?
Which one is the best ? Skoda Rapid Or Volkswagen Vento?
Will Nissan Warranty help with these issues?
1998 VW MK3 HELP 2.0?
bmw3 vs g35?
is a jeep liberty a girl car?
What car company first invented the S.U.V?
What engines can be successfully swapped into a 1999 Mitsubishi Mirage DE?
03 Impala key wont turn steering wheel isnt locked and key will not turn please help?
Is the Audi A4 or the BMW 335i a better car?
I have a 2006 Mustang GT. I found my passenger side floorboard soaked with standing water. What can it be?
do you really have to use 91 octane fuel in a Mazda RX8?
Can I put a racing seat belt harness on my stock seats in my 1991 Camaro without a roll cage?
2004 subaru impreza wrx lack of power when accelerating?
how can i find access to 1989 nissan maxima service/repair manuals??
2000 saab 9-3 cand I use any other engine than a b205l with the vin h?
Is this bad for my car?
Transfer case for a 2004 Kia Sorento?
Volvo s60 a/c problem?
what is a fair price for a used 1998 Isuzu Rodeo 3.2 lt duel over head cam motor?
What brand Fuel does FORD require to be used in a 05 Mustang?
2007 accord coupe or 2008 scion tC?
in the movie Training Day?
i hear a lound clunk when making a left or right turn in my 2000 f 150 and dont know what it is?
My Audi A4 is adding to my back problems. Is anyone else experiencing this? The lumbar is not so great.?
Ford focus instrument cluster failure?
can i put 22's on my 98 marquis with spacers?
2003 Ford Winstar VCR Entertainment System upgrade to DVD.?
does anybody know what kind of car this is?
I was wondering if anyone knows of, or is part of, any Honda prelude car clubs in San Diego?
How do you remove fuel injectors from a 1997 mustang GT 4.6?
i want to find out what the specs are on my infiniti q45, Nissan are?
2002 Malibu turn signal/hazard switch defect?
How do you change the brake master cylinder on a 1990 Ford Festiva?
Any thoughts? Scion xD?
1999 Mercury Cougar?
Whats the right price on 1995 honda accord engine supports,aftermarket, not genuine? can anyone in? can anyone?
What are some Lincoln forums i could join.?
Just wondering if you can take hardtop convertible cars to race tracks such as an m3 convertible hardtop ?
my odometer on my 92 lincoln towncar does not work, where can I get it fixed and what is the cost?
Who thinks General Motors needs a class action lawsuit against them for engine gasket failures?
Can a 1988 Toyota Tercel be considered a classic or an antique?
what is the location of the oil filter for a 1988 Honda Accord?
where is the oil pan on a 1993 thunderbird car?
Is the Hyundai Elantra a good reliable car?
is a 99' eclipse gs fast?
2004 Chevy malibu classic will not start. Already did the reset trick.?
Are you considered rich if you buy a mustang?
Can I use a 98 Astro AWD trans. case control module in a 2004 AWD Safari?
1998 Pontiac Sunfire 2.4L MAF Location?
What is a 1999 Cadillac Fleetwood Limited with 109800 miles worth. It has remote control VCR, a fold-up desk.
What is the correct starter wire orientation for a 1991 chevy s10?
I have an Ford Villager 2001 van. I need to know how I can get another alarm. (to set it from keychain?
1966 candy apple red mustang 3 speed manual fastback?
2001eclipse engine swap?
Where i can repaire my honda parts?
Affording an Audi r8?
99, dogde, grand caravan,auto trans,3.0 engine. Three forward gears, no reverse. Help, how do i fix this prob?
In all aspects of performance whats the difference between a Chevy Z28 Camaro and a SS Camaro?
How much horsepower does a 1997 Explorer have?
I just bought a Mitsubishi Pajero iO - 1999, auto transmission model used.?
Dash warning lights flashing when S10 is turned off?
Will a ax-15 transmission work on my 1990 4 cyl jeep yj?
i need a air ride suspension for a 2004 gmc envoy 2wd?
Does anyone know what the shroud is called, that was mounted underneath the engine on the 84' Honda CRX?
How do I get more horsepower out of my 2005 Acura TL with a minimum effort?
Ok so i have a 2002 bmw 325i ..?
how do you install fog lights on a yukon?
i bought a toyota yaris today!! did i do good???
which is more reliable the ford explorer or the ford explorer sport?
If a girl had a nice pair of matching Tata's, would you consider dating her?
How reliable are the newer Volkswagen GTI's?
15-03-1985 birthdate rashi?
I was looking at new cars today and I found the 2008 Scion xB, the people at the dealership?
What is a loud rattling noise when reaching over 2000 rpm in a 1994 dodge intrepid ? Thanks?
Where Is The Starter Located On A 1988 Toyota Corolla?
What wheels from other cars will fit on my Toyota previa thanks?
1994 4Runner 139k 5spd, O2 sensor question?
I have a "91" Corvette. Can I get a copy of the original window sticker?
would you buy a car that had?
Supra pulls to the side. Bushes? Struts?
what is it when you go over 45 miles and the car starts shaking from the tires?
Ever drove a 59- 300-E convt. 413/ Dual Quads?
How to disable the seat belt chime on a 2011 Corolla?
How can i know that my honda civic has vtec?
How much will 2013 accord coupe cost?
can not get car to run 1968 dodge dart did whole tune up getting fuel. firing and tried to adjust timming?
I am getting ford tattooed on my stomach on the bottom. Any ideas?
Mercedes-Benz E Coupe?
replaced u joints but still getting noise from driveshaft?
is synthetic oil or a synthetic blend better for my car than regular motor oil?
New beetle Convertible Mods? Asap please?
Who manufactured the audio tuner/panel in the Ford Taurus/Mercury Sable?
Where is the cold side of the intercooler on a 2003 duramax chevy diesel?
98 zx2 escort, bad vct solenoid?
1999 oldsmobile alero high rpms at low speeds?
What is the AC compressor rating (cc) of Maruti 800?
is it safe to take apart a mitsubishi vs-60703 to get it through a doorway?
What is wrong with my 96' Mercury Sable (Drives then doesn't then does again)?
I bought a cheap audi a6 with oil leak worth to fix?
What is the best make/model of the mitusbishi eclipses and why?
Is The Dodge Intrepid the most exspensive piece of garbage in the world!?
Anyone know if 06' f150 supercrews come with locking gas caps on them?
what if you if what if what you if if you what....?
where can I buy a GPS software upgrade for my 2003 BMW 530i?
Is it considered gay to drive a VW beetle (the new models)?
Replacing peugeot 307 stock speakers?
do 2003 mini coopers have semi automatic transmitions when it says its manuel or is it just straight up manuel?
Why won't my power windows work?
1993 Toyota 2wd pickup?
audi and volkswagen not at london motorshow?
1986 toyta van wagon?
____________is the best car of the world?
subaru impreza estate 1997 where and how much can i buy an exhaust inverness?
how do i find out if my citroen c5 is hdi lx 90 or hdi lx 110 as it doesnt say on any documents?
what causes the key tranmitter of a 2003 jaguar s-type to stop functioning?
'88 Ford conversion reliability?
can anybody hook me up with an old volkswagen microbus?
which is better ford or dogde?
How many of you?
buy a lease return acura?
2002 chevy impala will start and cut right off how do you fix this? HELP?
Is a 2000 ford taurus ses a good car ?
how many 1967 ford rancheros were built?
Should i buy a 1993 Ford Probe?
how do i get an extra 50 horses from my mustang?
Jeep Wrangler or Dodge Dakota?
I need to know about replacing a fuel pump on a 94 Plymouth Voyager?
1996 ford f150 won't start?
what is ur favourite car?
I have a truck, it is a 1968 chevy the vin number is not 17 char. long. I need info on this, can't find, HELP
Whats Faster Bone Stock?
I have a 1995 camaro z28. will not start. where is the fuel pump relay switch they all look alike?
Why did Americans become so bad at making automobiles?
How difficult is it to swap scout ii Dana 44's into a CJ5 and what is involved in the swap?
Nissan skyline to USA?
My electronic injectors won't work on my peugeot 406 diesel?
Should I have the head of my engine resurfaced if it only has 80,000 miles?
are the 97, 98 and 99 mitsubishi eclipses identical?
Lexus RX300 Traction control problem?
is the pt cruiser a chick car?
who sings the new (2012) toyota prius commercial?
What is the differences between all the acura rsx? the 2004 2005 and 2006?
Good color for Nissan 370Z?
No brake pressure 1991 civic?
1995 Ford Mustang-Can you help me get it running?
96 honda accord starts but shuts off when you push the gas pedal? this rig any good????????
1992 honda cranks but wont start?
Do you have a Kia Sedona and how do you like it?
mazda tribute 2001 indicator?
Where in the South can I find a Morgan plus 4 for sale?
I need help working on my Honda Civic!!?
Why do I have smoke comming up the steering column of my ford probe?
Can i tune a 88 ford bronco 5.0 gears (OBD1) with its original computer?
Whre can i get ahonda civic hatch back for $500?
Ford Zetec Engines. General opinion ?
Im getting a 2007 Audi A6 3.2l for my 16th birthday?
How can I make my 1994 3000gt sl 5 speed faster?
hi i have a hyundia lantra 1.6lsi its overheating and losing water from the water tank any help welcome?
How does the bugatti veyron twin engine works?
What Is the Gas Tank in My Eclipse?
Dodge dakota tranny changes between years?
What type and brand of headers are legal in CA for a 1987 Nissan 300ZX?
Where can I get a Racing Beat type 2 nose for a '90 Miata?
Is 190,000 miles a lot for a Toyota 4Runner?
what are some of the fastest cars out right now.?
Programming a 93 Ls400 Remote key?
What is the best american car maker?
How do you replace the gear shift illumination on Nissan Altima 2000?
300zx spark plugs?
Speakers on nissan altima sedan 2009 question?
How do I turn on Overdrive in my 1997 Nissan Pathfinder?
Do you know the meaning for BMW (those beautiful cars) ?
what will end up happening in Iraq 5 years from now?
2006 Honda Civic won't start. Tested everything. Won't jump, won't turn over.?
no turn signal and no brake light but have tail lights.?
wrong mechanical diagnosis?
What size lug nuts go on a 2009 honda civic EX?
On a 1999 dodge ram 2500 there is a fitting on the tail housing?
which looks better? A 68 Charger or 70?
Anyone with a mk6 fiesta/fiesta st what is the best hid kit?
What strategies should someone use while driving a Prius to get the best gas mileage?
can anyone tell me if a ford mondeo diesel can be bumpstarted it has a manual gearbox?
1991 honda prelude 5 no start?
what cars will be able to use stock wheels from a 2002 Mazda Protege 5?
what are we going to do once diesel and petrol go?
where can i download diagram of a w56c, manual toyota trucks transmission?
I have a 2006 dodge charger hemi and my gear is stuck in park I can't put it in gear can anybody tell me?
2000 lincoln ls noise?
1997 chevy astro distributer timing!?
I need help with my Venom 400 Performance Chip?
my 2000 hyundai sonata car wont start?
chrysler products?? ever own one of these machines???
HP on a 99 eclipse?
Ford GT vs Saleen S7 whos faster in the QM and in top end?
Can I get a 2006 Civic Si in an automatic?? Or are they only manuals??
Which is better for a MINI Cooper- an automatic or manual? And why?
edelbrock intake help?
Is a 2007 Acura switchblade key compatible with a 2005 Accord?
is this a good starter vehicle??
Where can I find a turbo for my jeep wrangler?
Can anyone tell me why my '94 Ford Explorer will only start when its not hot outside?
Which are the upcoming sedans in India under 15 Lakhs? When is the new lancer launch?
GT500. Getting what you pay for?
i want to lower my 2000 ES Mitsubishi Galant what should I use, lowering springs or coilovers. N e good brands
How much can I get for a gold 1989 Honda Civic LX car?
Toyota Posts $2.3 Billion Profit Despite Recall?
Peugeot 206 wing 3dr same as 5dr?
Where is the key code for 95 lexus gs300?
Approximate value of 1976 Nova Concors sedan w/305 V-8?
If fire engines are proven to be seen on the road in the color RED best then why are some green,white,yellow?
do you like ford or toyota more?
where is the 1989 chevy corvette map sensor located?
hi i fancy a convertible car what is the most practical car to go for?
Mi si è spostato lo schermo del pc.. Come si sistema ? ( windows vista)?
I drive a bmw and noone gives way to me when really they should?
What manual transmission will fit a 99 accord v6?
Cost to replace axle bearings on 2006 Honda Accord?
BMW M5 or BMW 6 series?
When is the next Mercedes Benz S class (W222) coming out?
my problem is: my truck shuts off when idling or when rpm goes to 5....what could be wrong with it?
Why are Toyotas the "Best Built Cars in the World"?
1980 Mercedes Benz 300D Non-Turbo with automatic: How many forward speeds? Also, what is the RPM for 60MPH?
need names for nice looking cars?
Will a 2.5 in x-pipe fit on a stock exhaust on a 2004 mustang gt?
my 03 altima front windows open 1/3 rd down on their own after being parked for awhile.?
Changing transmission fluid mazda 626 1997 standard?
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