what is the best car?
Annoying speed alert beep in Honda CIVIC 2006?
How many people does a Dodge mini van seat?
please help me! what do i need to buy to convert a 305 throttle body injection to carb?
skyline r34?
car question re 1999 Windstar SE Wagon message center?
Where is the 406 areacode form?
do rich peoples drive cars like these?
How do i know if i need to change my 1992 honda accord spark plugs?
what is better the dodge charger or the chevy camaro?
Which is better Petrol or diesel cars?
Underdrive pulley for 2005 altima?
I have a smashed `97 S10/ 4.3 Vortec & was wondering what other years GM body it would drop in easily?
Shopping for unique car!!!?
Name of the World's most costly car?
I need a new car..any suggestions?
ford focus speedo fail then engine cuts out?
03 ford explorer want start turns over want start?
is there such thing as bad gas?
does the toyota place in florida do the holiday sales?
what kind of car should i get 99 eclipse with turbo and intake or honda civic si?
Where is the starter on a 1997 chevy malibu?
how is the Mercedes CL-class?
Is the AEM adjustable gear safe to put into a 98 Honda Civic LX?
where are the 2007 chevy HHR engines made.. china? and where is the transmition made? india?
Does anyone know where to get a diagram to rebuild an injector pump on a 480C Case Backhoe?
Should I buy a Honda Civic EX or Civic LX?
hi, i have a "93 crown vic, thats a ford, i've been been looking for hard to find parts for it, thanks!
Need to find both driver & passenger seats (back seat too! ) for 1964 VW Bug.?
How do you turn on your headlights in the 2006 VW beetle?
Is there any way to tighten the alternator belt on 1995 nissan 300zx?
how long can a 2001 kia rio last in mileage?
could not changing the oil filter on last 3 oil changes make ticking noise?
Good car for a teen, with good gas mileage?
what do u think of the dodge nitro?
Money is not a problem and all these cars exist Do U by the 2009 camaro, 2009 Challanger, or the Shelby GT 500
How is the 2002 BMW Z3 2.5i convertible??? the 2.5, not 3.0?
Using 2010 Camaro for advertisement purposes?
Is that skoda car in the advert really made of cake?
when my car is at idle my headlight is low but while in motion it brightens?
how much would it cost to strip a 1998 chevy silverado and put all new parts on it including a crate engine?
I have a 2002 Honda Passport that needs the freon replaced can somone tell me what type it uses and where I ca
Fuel Filter 2002 Mitsubishi Lancer OZ Rally?
I have a 1990 Mustang 5.0 and i am looking to racing it on the track almost every weekend but i also want to?
what side skirts/bumper, valance gose with this bumper?
what do you think of japanese's cars?
turn left grinding noise does not go away unles i depress brake a little on 1999 dodge durango?
2002 Dodge Stratus Problem?
What is the name of the car that looks like a car in the front and a truck in the back?
Are Ford Rangers any good?
Renault Scenic Blowers Feel Weak?
Would you buy this car for $5000?
what is the expected cost for toyota to build the new 2007 FJ cruiser?
Where can i find 1959 GM truck casting codes on the net?
Hpf stage 1 turbo for m3 e46? Good idea?
Ford 351w aftermarket block question?
does anyone have an exhaust system that pass smog test?
will 15" rims fit my bonneville?
Honda Ridgeline. Anyone have a personal opinion?
1966 mustang headliner installation?
slave cylinder on jeep?
are chevy cavaliers good cars ?
Will a Purple Horny sound good on a 300 inline 6????
is porshe better then bmw becuase my mom and dad have sports editions of bmw and my friends mom has a porshe?
i want a selection of guys to tell me ,skinny or curvey?!?
How do i get a clear title for my used vehicle, when i cant locate the lienholder and its been 6 years?
1995 audi 90cs FWD Automatic transmission problem?
What are your opinions on the hyundai elantra 2003 as someones first car?
Where will I find a used Toyota Rav with lpg in the UK ?
Why do my tyres wear out so fast on my BMW M3?
Is volvo bus go to hoshiarpur from delhi airport?
2003 ford taurus clunking noise?
1996 explorer overheating replaced thermostat,waterpump, cap?
What wheel pattern does a 1996 monte carlo LS have?
How to stop thieves from stealing my center caps off my VW Golf VI (again)?
1993 3.8 thunderbird vacuum diagram?
1991 toyota corolla body kits?
Is the 2013 Volkswagen Beetle a 'Girls' car?
Doesn't anyone hate the BMW 335i more than me?
Rear Lamp Failure on 96 Jeep Grand Cherokee?
Naming my Ford Fusion! Opinions on name?
my parents are getting me a jeep wrangler for my 16th birthday but....?
Odometer not showing on Cadillac cts?
How many different kinds of Subaru WRX are there?
funky number plates?
Tire size for 370z nismo 2009?
petrol or diesel witch is more powerful?
by which car i should replace my old Zen Vxi?
who has a VW Bug???
What do you call multiple Lexus automobiles?
Why does my car engine make a churning noise when accelerating?
what is a celica?
How to make my 1995 mustang gt put out 320 horses..?
is it ok to put unleaded gas into a Infiniti G35 which is a premium gased car?
What would be your 10 favorite cars of ALL TIME!!!!?
Do you have to replace a remote engine stater?
Land rover defender virtual customizer / configurator?
What represents a Dodge?
2004 Expedition or 2007 Explorer?
Can a 2009 silverado motor be put in a 2008?
How much would a tune up be?
I want to buy a 94 GS-R and put a turbo like t5. Can you give me a estimate of the specs?
Do you take pride in your car?
are repair costs high for a 95 bmw 318i?
Which would you prefer to own, a BMW Z4 or a Porsche 911 Carrera?
Electrical/computer problem with 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo?
i just wanted to know if ford contours really gives plenty of problems?
steering problem?
Is a '03 Mitsubishi Eclipse a gas saver?
2003 silverado Z71 steering not resetting after turn any ideas?
2001 Honda accord car starts , then stalls out, has low rpms?
I drive a new BMW 540i - should this need topping up with oil all the time?
which bike should i stunner or honda. cb twister or herohonda splendour?
on my 1999 silverado theres a loud squeak from the engine. what could it be?
what are the widest tire I can put on my 07 jeep wrangler unlimited?
Dashboard lights on Ford Ka don't light up?
1990 honda prelude not charging?
Chevy or ford??
Is micromax funbook infinity is better than HCL Me u1?
Who thinks the new Pontiac GTO is crap?
what kind of rear end gears came in an 86 chevy monte carlo with a 4.3l v6 engine?
Do you know of any dealerships that will let me get a hummer for 100 dollars a month until I pay it off?
95 ford escort gt oil gets into the water?
max tire size for 2001 ford explorer eddie bauer?
I love my mercedes it's my baby?
Ford Focus 2002 fault?
How much mileage can a Dodge Charger have?
Was there a computer recall on 2001 nissan sentra?
How can you tell if its the alternator or the battery that is bad?
which car is better a golf or an astra?
1998 chevy s 10 shifting light seems to come on early before u need to shift has anyone had this ?
What is the Toyota rav4?
vacuum line diagram 1971 pontiac grand prix?
what is the average interest rate on a used vehicle (05) for a person with good crdt and a person with ok crdt
1995 mustang GT stock to increase HP?
How to remove rear side door panel on 2004 Lexus LX470?
Are v6 mustangs good on gas? ?
2.8 sensors?
How to replace the radiator (Vectra C 2.0 DTi)?
I need a relacement engine for a 2001 4.7 liter V8 Dodge Dakota in Mid Tn area?
How wide is the cab of a 1928 model a ford pickup?
Dodge Intrepid 2002 2.7?
1997 BMW 540 key gets stuck in on position but won't start the car?
how would i go about putting airbags on my G5?
Titan pulling power?? Easy points ?
I use 93oc gas and i wanna no if that's a good Choice with a 2010 dodge charger SXT 3.5?
What is top speed on the 2006 Honda Civic Coupe (USA)?
Ford Windstar?
How to put front license plate in NISSAN SENTRA 1995?
Vauxhall Zafira Problem?
2002 Impala LS Cassette Player "Error"?
Which headers are better for a jetta lll 2.0L 1995?
Where to find some nice Rear Diffusers for my 2008 Subaru Impreza WRX STI?
Owners Manual For A 2002 Chrysler Sebring lx?
About how much diesel can a 1990 ford f350 crew cab hold? And what is the MPG?
What do you think is the best car (no trucks) made by Chrylser, Plymonth, or Dodge?
good first car for a girl?
does a catalytic converter only function in automobiles?
my ratio is 2.30 in an 82 ford cutaway whats up?
Crate motor or motor rebuild?
Changed the spark plugs in 2005 Chrysler Pacifica now car revs up by itself?
dents and dings and small body damage in dodge?
Help bmw m3 e46 gtr body kit?
the fan comes on when zetec over heats but the temp needle shud just stay in middle any way but its still over
Some good, 4 door cars?
I bought 2003 Chevrolet Venture. I'm looking for owner maunal book. I needs to know how set the clock on radio
95 nissan 240sx needs to be jumped everytime to get running?
will 235/55 tires fit on a 2007 pontiac convertable?
volvo 1992 960 rims fit 16" with same bolt pattern ?
BMW M3 vs Nissan 350Z?
Which Jeep Grand Cherokee should I get?
how do i reset a honda civic airbag?
renault clio 1.6 ,keeps cuttin out?
Which one yould you choose: Dodge Charger RT or Mustang GT Premium?
What is the highest that a mileage on a car can go? Is it 200,000 or 300,000 or what??
Where can I find the cheapest Gobi roof rack for my H3?
Am I too tall for a 1998 Firebird?
Which of these (*only!*)do YOU like:*'96 McLaren F-1 LM*, *95' Bugatti EB110 GT*, or 91' Mercedes Lotec C1000?
1994 Honda civic headlights?
how to change front brakes and rotors on 04 nissan xterra 2wd?
honda vs mitsubishi?
92 Buick Century Engine & Temp Light?
I believe Ford cars suck when it comes to lasting, who agrees with me?
what do you think about bmw?
is hyundai a good car to get?
How do i get the air lock out of a cooling system on a northstar 4.6?
Which company makes Acura?
Master Cylinder 2003 Ford F350 turbo diesel?
1990 mitsubishi lancer GSR?
getting copy of 1992 w-2?
how is the diskbreak of pulsar 220?
will a 98 dodge pcm 5.2 work in a 97dodge ram pcm 5.9?
Bmw 330ci or bmw 530i or mercedes e320 or clk 320 or c320?
anyone know the steps for removing frt fender on 1968 chevy pick up?
2001 saab 9-3 won't start...?
1996 Mercury Mystique transmission filter at?
Auto Transmission not wanting to catch in drive when cold/rainy?
I am possibly purchasing a 2005 Ford Mustang V6 with 109,000 miles on it?
satellite radio for 2009 toyota tacoma?
How do I install rear speakers in a 1995 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme?
where is the cheapest place to have a front right strut replaced on a 2002 525i bmw?
anyone love there VW?
where do i find a govener for a gas engine that is made by hoof products co?
how too put on power steering belt?
which lamborghini would you prefer?
Where can I find a firing order diagram for a 1998 Toyota 3.4 L V6?
What kind of oil does a 2001 Volkswagen jetta take?
how to diagnose electric power steering motor fault on the fiat punto?
2004 Camry beeping upon turning on?
How much wil it cost me if i give my maruti swift vdi for a full service..?
Info about Mercedes-Benz?
Maruti swift vs swift dzire.....which one is better if feature and comfort are concerned?
How much is my car worth?
which car do you like?
how to turn on 4wd in 09 honda pilot?
Would a 2006 dodge charger be a good first car?
how to do a 12 inch lift on a silverado?
How can I make my tank of gas last?
is buying a late 2007 saab 93 diesel a good idea?
What cars look similar to the 1995+ model of the Ford Scorpio?
Witch truck you guys like better and reliable? Ford Explorer vs Dodge Durango?
I have a question regarding an 05 chevy aveo.?
Replacing peugeot 307 stock speakers?
Petrol Consumption for kia RIO 05?
looking for jeep accessories?
can i fill a 93 ranger bed with water if i had triangle jacks to help support it ? it is an extended cab?
Fuel for 2003 honda accord?
best gas mileage?
head gasket problems subaru 2.5 engine?
How much is a BMW 330i?
can you turbo a supra after 180000 kms?
I need to know how to put a pickup box from a 1991 chevy onto a 1980 chevy pickup or if it is possible.?
1969 caba jet mustang 302 boss?
Should i get a 5 speed for my first car?
Acura RSX 2004 How do you get access to the parking light bulb so you can change it on an 2004 Acura RSX?
How do i change my spark plugs ib my 2008 nissan quest?
1985 chevy s10 swap!!!?
What has been the best ever Lancer Evolution.?
what does BMW stand for?
Would you buy a Cadillac Escalade for 18 year olds?
which was the maximum speed of international travelall automatic 8cyl 253HP 1971?
Will a 350 chevy fit into a '78 dotsun?
240sx nissan silvia s15 front end conversion?
I keep seeing VWs after I decide to try to buy one?
The best polish (brand name, model # needed) to use after Brilliant Black Dodge Avenger 2008 2.4L was painted?
How much room does a Jeep compass have?
I think BMW drivers are arrogant. Do you agree?
what do you have to do to put a 350tbi in a 91 s10 4x4 blazer?
i need to find any used hondas in connecticut for sale or any type of car for sale?
How do I get the key mechnism out of steering column on a 1991 Ford F150?
how do i get more HP out of my mustang?
the insterments on the dash of 2000 jeep stoped working. the lightsnhorn radio blinkers all still work ?
IAT plug honda civic ex 2001?
how to sell high end used cars?
how many miles will a 2002-2005 cadillac last?
What is the difference between Corolla S Auto (GS), Corolla S Auto (Natl) and Corolla S Auto (LE)?
I have an 05 lexus es330 w/factory HID I want to install aftermarket HID Halo Projectors. How do i do it?
How much does the 2013 Honda accord cost? ( with Sunroof?)?
i have a 2007 gmc yukon slt. what rims are good?
Can E80 gas be put into a 2005 Chevy Impala?
Holden Viva worst cars on market for fuel economy?
I have a 2000 Audi A6 Quattro. The Alteration and battery are new, over 3 months.?
I saw a Volvo with a Red and White European plate, why was he driving with this and not a US plate?
Dodgy Ford KA Bodywork job?
I need car help...?
How can I create a virtual car?
the hunt final! somewhere?
I have a 93 chevorlet 1500 keeps stalling out normally when its been on for awhile?
Who is this girl from the volkswagen commercial?
which is bigger, a V6 3800 or a V6 magnum?
What kind of Car would you like to drive?
What is an "accumulator package" and why do I need one for my brakes to work?
Who loves Ford Mustangs?
Chrysler Transmission?
What is my civic 97 ? A dx,lx or ex ? What model?
What do you call multiple Lexus automobiles?
Four door, six cylinder car, what should I buy?
prob w/ van need advice?
My vw wont start with remote control key but start with spare key? ?
toyota landcruiser FJ55 frame # 103664. what year is it ?
Sports Manifold on VW Polo?
I have a 1988 Oldsmoblie Cutlas Supreme Classic. what is it worth?
Will A 5.0 V8 fit on a 4cylinder automatic transmission?
if a car only has like 90 hp, can it go past 100 mph??
Disabling the DRLs in a 2001 Toyota Tacoma...?
2002 Hyundai Elantra strange fuse box noise?
how do you romove the c clip from the rear axle of 2001 E150?
Nissan 350z 2004 car problems?
is there a website for problems with citroen saxo cars?
Should I get a Mercedes AMG Cl500, 63 or BMW M3 e90 or a EVO FQ420?
Questions about the new Audi A7?
Are the Ford Crown Victoria and the Toyota Crown related?
does a 2001 chevy lumina have a gas light and when will it come on?
can u get a ford mustang in rugulaur numbers for the spedometer?
2010 honda accord coupe for a first car?
If toyota would give you a free prius, would you take it?
How much does my engine weigh?
why is my hydrolic clutch sticking on my 91 accord?
Audi a4 not picking up speed?
02 Grand am locked keys in car?
Have 2007 jeep compass this light is on (4wd!)what does it mean?Just to verify,it's not the 4wd on light?
HELP! Gauge cluster not working (Multi function display)?
any important things to know about the 352 FE v8?
Your Opinion on DIFFERENT Relationships.?
Should I turbocharge or supercharge my 95 civic?
would the rb26 engine fit in a 1994 nissan 240sx hatchback with the s13 conversion?
Wht size rims should I put on a honda accord?
What do car manufaturers logos mean?
i need to know where to find a drum to disc kit for a 50s ford truck front end please help!!!!!!!!!!?
when changing gearbox sump on a 2006 skoda superb 1900 tdi do you disconnect the driveshaft?
i have a 95 camry and needs to know where its located after the converter?
which was the maximum speed of ford thunderbird automatic 8cyl 300HP 1961?
Is a 1988 Mercedes-Benz 420 sel Worth buying?
What Products did general motors launch between 2003 and 2007?
How did the Red Flag Law affet the development of automobiles?
Will my driveshaft from my 2001 f150 v6 5 speed work if I put lincoln navigator 5.4 and auto tranny in?
Mazda Owners: How do you like your Mazda? Would you buy it again if you could go back and do it over?
Can you convert a Dodge stealth R/T FWD to a single turbo? or supercharge it?
how to set up a turbo in a acura integra?
How To Tell If My 1997 Honda Crv Has Keyless Entry?
rear driver side door for nissan altima?
b16a or b18c?
My 83 250r makes slap or tock noise when kickstarting what's wrong it won't start either?
How does the new Dodge Charger compare with the old Charger?
why didn't a new model of a ford SVT lightning come out ?
Is $1000 for a 1986 Chevy S-10 that is in good condition, an good price?
mercedes price in pakistan model 2003?
Advice on removing rack & pinion off of a 95 Honda Civic EX?
What is the lowest price on a 1 owner 2008- 2010 Jaguar?
Autolite / Motorcraft Carburetor Question? 72 cougar?
Best car in the world?
kia sportage 2005 recalls or class action?
my ford f150 will not start!!! what will cause it not to fire.?
If I want to import my car from India to uk what do I need to do that and how much will it cost?
h(t)=-5t²+20t+1 Question Please Help!?
where can I find a hood and fenders for my 90 civic wagon?
2003 passat speaker removal?
Im considering getting a Jeep Wrangler....?
Hd grille for gmc Sierra 1500?
How many vehicles have you owned that were made by Ford so far?
how much should i lower my 01 civic?? will 2.5" in front and 2.0" in the back will it be too much??
How do you turn on your headlights in the 2006 VW beetle?
Gas light turns on how many miles Lexus rx330?
Ford tarus gl 1995 oil in spark plugs, 5th cylinder misfire,?
were is the airbag module for a 2005 ford mustang?
2005 Honda Accord owner's manual/question about 'dummy' lights.?
What was the MSRP for the Ford Bronco in 96?
my 92 Jeep Cherokee shakes wildly on the highway when it hits potholes, why??
Which is better: 2008 Camry, 2008 Scion, or 2008 Matrix?
i am planning to do a 8 inch lift on my jeep what brand should i go with?
Which do you like better: Camaro or Corvette?
who parts for a lexus sc 400?
What's that one car that's looks like a Nissan cube?
Quick release steering wheel for my 97 Integra?
Does anyone know how to download info from disk to sat nav on a jeep?
should i use seafoam on my 92 ford bronco?
Mitsubishi Galant Starter, car part layouts?
Can I put a trailer hitch on my 2006 Ford Focus 3D Hatchback?
94 explorer hard shifting 1st to second?
the history of the sterling 827sl?
I'm 6'3" tl & i'm cnsidrd t b talst n m area & i've bcm a laughng stck fr evrybdy.plz tl m wht shud i d?
In my 2000 Ford Focus sx3 my vent fan only work in 3 and 4 and my AC light in position 1 and 2?
Can anyone tell me what type and year this honda is? (picture)?
which lamborghini would you prefer?
1994 OLDS 88 LSS front end shake between 65 - 85?
why is the petrol consumption so high on BMW 6 series cars?
Engine swap for toyota corolla 2003 ?
Toyota Camry has trouble going up hill. What can it be?
how do you find the price of a car before retailers mark it up?
Custom building a vehicle from the ground up should i use the Cummins 4BT?
Have you seen the new "Smart Cars" from Europe soon to be on sell in USA?
i have a 1994 subaru loyale 1.8L (not XT) cant find timing marks?
98 idle problem.........please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
where is the fuel pump located on a 1998 Subaru impreza rs?
My 96 Chev lumina car has P225/60R16 tires will P205/70R15's fit ?All seasons.?
Any suggestions on a color?
What is the best year model for the Ford Mustangs?
I have a 2003 Ford Expedition XLT and I need to know how to fold down the middle seat in the second row.?
should i go for a used bmw under 20000 or a new honda accord coupe?
Is the "BMW Z3" a girls car or can guys drive it to?
Why are auto makers comming out with these very Compact cars?
How do you greese the front end of a 2000 ford explorer, there are no greese fittings at all.?
91 automatic mazda b2200 fuel injected converted to manual transmission?
How much does Liebherr LG1750 cost in the USA?
i was wondering, i found a '92 ford for $900 and i want to know if there would be anything wrong with it?
è meglio una scirocco 1.4 122cv o un apunto evo abarth ?
Ok car guys, answer me this, which car is a better car...the Nissan 350z or the Infiniti G35 coupe?
Nissan patrol 1999 2.8 turbo diesel car problem?
Tire size for '08 Subaru Legacy?
Is there benifets to a front mounted intercooler on a non turbo car?
How do i remove the exhaust system off a 2001 dodge ram 1500 sport?
what is the difference between key and master on mercedes key?
i need an opinion about the 2003 vw jetta?
What kind of oil does a 2006 kia sorento take?
97 taurus radio wont work after battery died, do I need program codes and if so where do I get them?
How do you replace an oxygen sensor on a 1999 E320 Benz?
how to reset service engine light on 02 maxima?
can a company go into my checking without my knowledge and take out money for a bill?
What is required to replace the wheel studs on a 2001 Hyundai Santa Fe, 2WD, V6?
How to install a bearing into 2005 chevy aveo?
What make and model car do you have and what colour is it?
What year is 'Miracle Civic'?
2006 Accord Engine?
Is the Corvette the shoddiest sports car of all time or just the most overrated sports car of all time?
Nissan altima 2004 3.5 Manuel trans AC not working?
what is the A.I.R. on a exhaust manifold, and where is it located?
is there a break in period for a performance cat-back system like magnaflow?
my 1997 ford f250 wont start?
Does a 2006 Acura TSX have to have 93 octane?
in 1971 Mercury painted there Capri's with a green do you know the paint code?
I have a 1994 Buick LeSabre and need a map to find where the fuel pump relay goes?
if my washer fluid light comes on what should i do?
2003 mustang cobra whipple smog question?
oil burning on turbo and ehaust.?
What type of fuel system does the audi RS5 coupé have?
is a 2 wheel drive dually f350 good for back country riving off road no mud?
94 Dodge ram with 318. Engine bogs down and shudders when you put a load on it.?
what country does the car maker toyota come from?
Are the Tonino Lamborghini heels real, if yes how much are they?
what is hub reduction axle and how does it works?
how good is a honda pilot lx4wd?
bmw 840ci transmission help?
money is not a concern, what ten cars would be in your garage? year and make.?
Can I use my 4AGE Silvertop transmission to my 4AGE 20V Blacktop engine?
1984 toyota cilica supra?
Would you buy a Toyota?
can i fit accord euro 03 headlights with 05 headlights?
can i put a carburated cylinder head on my fuel injected toyota pick-up??
Is a scion really a Daihatsu, with a different name and brand identity.?
Witch is better Ford or Dodge?
what do you think about new car and why??
which is better to have Honda Accord 2005 or Toyota Camry 2005?
Which company has better call rates tata docomo or airtel........?
how do i make my 93 chevy corsica v6 sound real good?
If you made a car ,what would you name it !?
Low tire indicator (tell-tale) stays on my '06 Toyota Rav 4?
Subaru Impreza 2.5 RS vs. Honda Civic Hatch?
where is fan switch for 1994 acura integra?
Where to get this RS center trim?
I have a 2001 Mercury Sable, new battery, 2 of my 3 keys will no longer start the engine.?
What is wrong with this Ford Ranger?
What deos an Acura TL 2007 top out at i hear it is 240 mph?
I have a 03 Dodge Durango SLT. Does anyone know what SLT stands for? I tell everyone its Super Loaded Truck?
Is it possible to install rear defogger in swift vdi ? if yes then from where ?
Why does Japan make better cars than the U.S?
Would a Short Ram intake fit on a 1996 saturn sl-2 AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION?
True patriots drive Ford & semi-patriots drive Chevy?
hi friends, what's ur opinion on new tata nano car, it will effect the indian economy?
how would u go about putting highdrualics on your car?
Is the qouted bhp on a bugatti veyron at the crank or drive wheels?
Service Department problems - BMW?
does anyone know where to get new corvette covers at a reasonable price?
i have had alot of problems with my car damm i LOVE my car its a ford 2006 what should i do it has been in the
what years models Chevy buckets will fit in a 1991 chevy truck ?
bmw light repair in MA?
Ford Mustang 1968 v8 first car?
What is the plastic light cover on the trunk of an Audi called?
Repairing a 1994 Suzuki Rm 80?
What is the 3 wire plug on the back of my 2004 pontiac montana radio for?
Is the BMW GTR faster than the MB SLR Mclaren?
what is a torque converter and what does it mean when is is out?
how much more power do you get out of an engine if you add a turbo booster.?
Starter works but won't turn motor over?
When can I find an inexpensive hard top for a 1999 chevy tracker?
2003 Dodge Ram 1500, 4.7, Trouble starting, occasional stalling, High RPM Miss.?
i have a 1990 honda accord something is wrong with my injectors?
Nissan Primera speaker help.....?
95 nissan pathfinder. wont start ?
2004 Honda Civic LX 4 door Sedan Automatic, Salvage?
is there a company that can make an exact replica of my car?
what is this a picture of?
My 05' Chevy cobalt's horn went out, what could it be?
what was the stock torque converter in a 1975 corvette with a th400 tranny?
RED HONDA BADGES for civic vi 2002?
Iroc-z camaro or trans am ws6?
I just got a 98 civic and id like to no if its a vtec or not. i dont no alot about these cars?
remote key fob cutting?
Toyota 4 runner : Which engine Still runner better with a higher milestand V6 or V8 -?
What is the best minivan today?
How long will it take for the transmission to be repaired/rebuilt on my 2005 Jeep Commander?
Can I put a racing seat belt harness on my stock seats in my 1991 Camaro without a roll cage?
Cost for a Mid Level Tune up?
pick one! ford focus, opel astra or a citroen xsara. all around the 2000/2001 year.?
will car prices come down?
Is it a bad idea to have a k&n typhoon 69 cold air intake in the cold weather for a 2004 Acura TL?
Gauthier Chrysler Dodge Ram Trucks Jeep?
How quick is a 1968-72 Chevy Nova with a 307?
How would I install a metal hood ornament on a Porsche without drilling holes?
I have bought some Audi A4 alloys for my VW Passat. Do the wheel nuts need changing to Audi A4 ones?
How much MPG exactly does a 96 Monte Carlo get? Highway and City?
that's the best cars?
Check Engine Light On on my 2006 Nissan Pathfinder?
peugeot warranty work help!?
How safe is a bug car......???
were can i find a shop manual for a 1972 dodge sportsman camper?
Fixing Ford Fusion Interior?
whats the best cam for a tbi 350?
im 5 feet 10 and have very long legs...would i fit into a mini cooper?
Can the new boxer Diesel engine fit in a 2003 subaru impreza?
Will the taillights for BMW 2001 325i fit on BMW 325i 2002?
why does my mercedez stall and die out?
Whats the fastest you have ever driven?
Philippines Mazda 3 Hatchback 2007 difference with other old models?
Hello, I was wondering if C6 Corvette rims would fit on a 1984 Camaro and if so how?
What's the history of the Chevrolet "bowtie".?
which is better - santro Xing with erlx or maruthi wagon R?
I just bought a 1969 Chevy Nova. What should I do to it? And whats better a supercharger or turbocharger?
Toyota Supra: Difference between US and Australian cars?
Saturn 1999 SL-2, Stops off and runs rough at stops and idle.?
how much for a 54 plate ford focus st170?
2002 Mazda B3000 CabPlus Topper?
Can somebody post what a 92 civic dx catalytic converter looks like? and even better would be a bad one.?
Door locks in my passat?
2002 jeep wrangler,the instrument light for 4 wheel drive not working?
why on a 1985 volkswagon jetta does the starter solinoid have two secondary contacts.?
Will any other engines and I mean in my 2000 Toyota Celica GT?
What is your favorite car?
Need a Ford Expert?
Where and how do I replace a "Fresh Air Inlet" hose/tube for a 1991 Jeep Wrangler 4.0L?
what time is 15:03?
suicide doors on a nissan 350z?
What is the firing order of the spark plugs in the 1991 ford explorer.?
What engine will fit in my vehicle?
What is the top speed of a 2003 20th anniversary Volkswagen GTI?
How can I get an auto report from the USA of my old car which imported from the USA?
BEST COLOR FOR MY FIRST CAR ??? (click on the link)?
How fast is a 2006 honda civic ex?
changing hydraulic tappets on a zafira?
The truth about Dodge Diesel Trucks?
Wheather Nissan Sunny or Maruthi swift is worth of a money?
Need help picking a luxury car. (benz, bmw, infinity, audi...)?
Would buy an toyota with over 250+ miles?
Which Car is good for Women in India?
Do I need to reset my car computer after installing an output shaft speed sensor? If so how do I do that?
1991 honda civic fuel pump issue?
1997 ford 150 gem module water problems?
93 Toyota Camry help?
i need help finding aftermarket parts for a kia rio5?
Is the Aero-x Saab ever gonna see production?
What color racing stripes should I put on my Mustang?
Ford Diesel Indirect Injection pump failure symptoms?
what ever happened to a real chevy pickup truck?
where is the fuse for cruise control located on a 96 ford probe?
are mercedes bulletproof??
Why has our Zafira broken down?
I have a 2001 Hyundai Trajet and my stop lights won't work. Also changed globs and fuses.?
can you put a glasspack on a 2006 volkswagen passat?
civic swap and turbo.?
2004 Jeep Liberty Cooling Fan Problem.?
I have a 1995 ford aspire front right side axle came out?
how did Ford and James Brown die?
I want to buy a company fitted CNG car. Confused between ALTO 800 LXI CNG & WAGON R LXI CNG. Pls suggest which?
91 crown victoria headlight assembly?
What do you think of the new Toyota FJ Cruiser?
My astra 1.4 is loosing water (HELP)?
Mitsubishi lancer air cabin filter?
I have an 84 Firebird with 4 cylinder EFI. I want to put a v6 in it.?
Would this car sell for above $700?
2000 monte carlo not shifting into O/D?
is it possible to put the clock back on a ford focus 02 reg i want to take 50k off?
Nissan 2011 altima... Discontinued?
should I buy 2005 Honda Coupe for $13,000?
What does condensation in my oil mean? ?
what does bmw stand for?
Are jeep Wranglers any good ?
2003 ford taurus dohc p0191?
1997 Volkswagon Passat wiring diagram?
I like 80s Soarers. Are they going to give me the speed and power that I want?
If the car in the invisible is a 1969 chevelle why are the tail lights wrong?
how would i put a turbo in a 1994 mazda mx-6 v6?
For sale.92 chevy lumina ONLY 1500$?
i cnt find the fuse box?
is a mazda 3 a good car? ?
170,000 miles on my car...Should I sell it??
Which car is the fastest? (See Details)?
Whats wrong with my 1988 chevy camaro?
Rhino Liner vs. Line-X, which is the best spray-in truck liner?
my 94 accord squeeking help?
factory 4wd honda crx?
do the 1970 ranchero and torino use the same windshield?
2002 Lincoln Town Car dashboard lights going off?
Car wont even turn over, but has power, all lights are on?
2010 hyundai elantra problem !!!!?
5+5x5+5=? what's the answer?
1991 Ford Mercury Cougar wiring diagram, Wanted?
Have a hard time fueling up my "02" V40 Volvo.?
2000 Mitsubishi eclipse dies when the a/c is turned on?
2000 mustang GT or 2000 Celica GT? which one should i chose both are the same price?
f-250 door key lock need one made?
What auto manufacturer made the Erskine?
Which one is better, Susuky Grand Vitara, Toyota Rav4 or GM Equinox?
slim jim instructions on a altima?
Do prople like the new 2006.5 KIA Optima?
Whats your favourite car from below?
1981 Suzuki RM125 horsepower?
I have a 1969 Dodge with a 383 engine with radiator problems.?
where can I buy a new honda civic hybred at sticker ?
Which is a better vehicle:BMW or Audi?
02 altima cranks over but won;t start. put new battery in and still won't start?
Hi, I am moving and will travel about 2800 miles. How much weight can I put on my 2002 ford focus zx5?
Jeep wrangler or Ford ranger?
Anyone have a camaro they're not happy with?
Hey there I have a question about an 89 dodge raider.?
s-10 swap with v-8?
how to fix up a two door camry?
Dash Lights on Ford KA?
What car do you drive,and do you name it?
are the bearing supposed to be exposed on hydraulic cooling fan on 01 grand cherokee 4.7L?
My '73 Mustang keeps turning off every time I turn on the head lights. Why?
1998 Ford Ranger engine swap from 1997 Explorer 5.0?
What car is better: A Mustang Cobra, or a BMW 528i?
subaru forester - rear passenger door is getting stiff?
What will a 93 cavalier 3.1L efi v6 engine fit into?
how much to replace 1999 mazda miata brakes?
civic or eclipse?
whats your favorite nissan product?
Is it worth it to buy a 2005 Nissan 350Z for 80,000 miles?
I just bought a 2001 KIA sportage and smell gas?
98 gmc sonoma engine?
What can i do to make my mustang faster?
my honda is over heating?
I drive a fiat punto and the windows keep steaming up.?
will my 1997 cavalier coupe winter tires fit my 2007 cobalt lt coupe?
If money was no object what kind of sports car would you buy..?
2000 tacoma sometimes runs rough?
How big is a gas tank in a 2000 Dodge Neon?
4.6motor installed in a 1967 fordfairlain?
Should I buy a 2000 acura TL with 230k miles from a dealer in MN? he says its mostly highway miles?
Should I buy a Nissan 350Z, Subaru Legacy GT, Chevy Cobalt SS, Lexus IS 300 or Mitsubishi 3000 GT?
Does a Audi a4 Quattro have Bose?
2003 mustang problems, help!?
Can anyone tell me about these codes for my 2002 nissan altima?
New Honda Civic or Toyota Corolla?
Why are the Chevrolet Corvette's not a everyday driving car??
What does BMW stand for ?????
How fast is my Camaro Z28?
2002 dodge ram seat back lever?
2005 BMW 325 I 4D Sedan is it a good buy?
Which is the most expensive car in the world & what is the cost? What is the cost of Mercedes Mclarens SLR?
? About chevy prizm/Toyota corolla?
Dodge charger sxt 3.5 vs chevy camaro v6??? ?
350z tachometer not working?
1994 Ford Mustang Cluster?
Do BMW e46 come with adaptive headlights?
what other engines can fit in the rx8?
What is the biggest sized alloys wheel you can fit in new vauxhall corsa sxi 1.2?
Whats wrong? Could it be my fuel pump?
Engine swap on a Honda?
which was the maximum speed of ford F-7000 truck diesel 6cyl 130HP 1974?
how do i remove my Renault clio mark 3 headlights to put new ones in?
1992 talon tsi boil in antifreeze?
Are MG Rovers a good car?
1994 jeep cherokee sport 6 in line 4.0 L autmatic?
2004 Lincoln Town Car Instrument Panel lights and Auto Lamp not working?
How much hp do you think i have?
What does the XR stand for (eg. Ford Escort XR3)?
350 turbo trans shifts into 2ed while in low?
What kind of oil for 2002 kia rio?
99 dodge durango fuel pump problems?
Scion Wheel lock key?
98 Dodge Grand Caravan. Heater does not work, AC works fine.?
Ball joint for bronco?
what kind of car is reliable, fast with lots of horse-power?
how do you tell the difference between serial numbers on an north American Mazda motor to a Japanese motor?
What was the last 4 cylinder Pickup truck that Nissan produced for the United States market?
I am planning on buying a brand new...?
Has anyone noticed that the Jeep Wrangler resembles those antique cars from the 1930s?
Should I buy a Volvo S40 or a Mazda 3?
What is the horsepower of Maybach 62?
Are Skodas fast,powerful?
I heard that MingZHU Turbocharger from Wuxi with good quality, can anybody had an similar experience?
How do I get a code for my '94 BMW 525i radio?
How old must a car be to be considered "Antique"?
1999 Dodge Durango shuts off by itself?
Where can i buy a inside door panel for my 1998 chevy malibu?
can a pick-up truck run without a thermostat?
OIl leak 99 Acura Integra?
Honda Civic Problems (1998) can anyone diagnose this problem?
how do I get the low tire pressure light off on a 2000 chev impala. pressure is good in all 4 tires?
I have a 2006 vw beetle and on my dashboard is a light on that looks like a water pipe, what does it mean?
Would you buy the new Dodge Viper GTS (or w/e model is street-legal)?
Cost to replace fuel filter and 4 fuel injectors in 2000 cavalier at a mechanic? $1300?
Where is the oil presure line location in a toyota 4k engine?
i need fuel pump help for 94 chrystler new yorker?
Where is the cold side of the intercooler on a 2003 duramax chevy diesel?
What if the brake lights won't go off, does it need to be repaired then?
How much is a infiniti g35x?
How do I economically customize my car?
Can you convert a V-6 mustang (64-68) to a V-8?
do toyota SUV's & nissan SUV's really run forever ? I hear like 200K miles before they keel over ??
were can i buy geostar tires in rockford,il?
Oliver 88 Engine Mods For Tractor Pulling?
what kind of turbo will fit a 1995 3000gt?
94 Ford Taurus SHO has occasional erratic idle and sometimes stalls. Whats wrong and how do I fix it?
I have a 2.3 ford omc cobra inboard I can run it hard for about five minutes then it seems like it starts drag?
Should I buy a Toyota Tacoma or Nissan Frontier?
how much would i have to pay at the greek customs for a bmw x3 no more then 5 years old?
does the toyota solara v6 require premium gas???
i want to get my wagonR converted to CNG...plz tell me about the disadvantages and the effect on engine.thanks
Does anyone know the stock lug pattern on 1970 GMC rims?
Where do i plug in diagnostic machine in 1991 jaguar?
How to replace 1991 volvo 740 sedans fuel pump?
What price should I sell my 1991 Olds Cutlass Ciera?
2003 hyundai elantra steering problems?
Pontiac Grand am Hesitation?
How much for a used chevy colorda?
2001 Crown Vic P71 steering?
History of the Roamer?
Is it normal for a 2001 VW Jetta VR6 to need a tune-up at 51,000 miles?
will a 1988 Fiat uno 60s rear axle fit a 1990 fiat uno 70sx?
Saab dealers near El Paso Texas?
Hello. I have a problem with my 2003 Kia Sorento
So have the tables turned on the Japanese auto manufacturers?
does ne 1 know how to install an electric window motor/regulator in a saturn?
Is it a bad starter or bad battery?
Does anyone know where to get the jeep from iCarly?
2006 DODGE RAM 4.7L gauge not reading properly. what can i check?
Toyota 4runner sitting for 3-4 years what should i do before starting it?
Difference between Mini Cooper S 2010, 2011, 2012?
What do people know about the 1996 Dodge Neon?
I got a 98 civic ex how do i tell if its a vtec?
What model of Lexus is the 2000 Toyota Avalon?
Is the Audi very high maintenance? Is is very expensive to buy parts?
Would you rather drive a cheverlot or ford?!?
Why were toyota echo discontinued?
When I accelerate my car makes a whistling noise?
What are the major differences between a Honda CRV and a Toyota RAV4?
vitara/sidekick lowering?
I have a '98 Passat 4 cyl turbo. The turbo is shot. Car still runs fine. What's the cost to rebuild the turbo?
I have a 05 monte carlo and it was shifting hard when i frist took off,i want and changed the axles?
i dropped a part down the defrost vent on my 04 toyota tundra. Is there anyway i can get to it?
What could be wrong with the gas gage in my 2001 Chevy is giving false readings?
What kind of car do you drive?
I left my gas cap at the gas station... do i really need one?
will my chevy run ok for a few days with regular coolant instead of dexcool?
what is the actual horsepower in a 305 boss engine?
where can i find a free 1990 ford tempo ignition wiring diagram?
01 Ford escape suspension?
E46 P0340 Error Code Still Comes Up. Sluggish Car!?
1989 crx si wont start sometimes.?
did they make a electircin car in the 1930s 0r 40ds?
What are the brands of these cars?
Girls do you feel sexy driving a nice car?
corsa fault code 1616?
The fan on my subaru forester L is stuck on 4. I can not move it back to 1 or 2 settings. How do I fix it?
I have a 93 chevrolet s10 blazer and its running hot what might be the problem?
Does road side assistance from hyundai cover my flat tire?
1988 lincoln continental transmission leaks while running, but stops when off. what is problem?
I have a 1999 Honda Accord. This morningthe dash dials, the power windows and the automatic shifter release bu?
Got an '01S500 with 84000 miles that died twice while on the road. Restarts with check engine on. Any thoughts
1989 Honda Prelude 2.0 SI?
How many kms on 2002 ford focus before it dies?
What are your opinions on the 5th generation Camaro?
What do you drive?
Ferrari Or Lamborghini?
NISSAN MARCH (Micra) KE11 fuel consumtion !!!?
What can I do, I have a constant whine from the passenger seat of my Chevy Truck, Need to resolve it?
what is the real 0-60 MPH time on a 1982 corvette?
Is it necessary to take my 03 Subaru to the dealership to do oil change?
code PO 171 and 174 in BMW 325i/04 ?
why does my heater and blower not working in my nissan tino almera car?
How important is hub bore? older Ford?
How much is a 1998 Volvo V70 with no tires and no engine worth?
Mercedes W124 makes noise when not driving?
are you a?
Who makes the best cars?
why is my Intake manifold dripping gas?
Right rear quarter panel and door for a 1993-1996 chevrolet caprice?
what is the value of a 1987 ford mustang?
What kind of fuel mileage does a 1968 M35A2 Get It has the multifuel straight 6
5+5x5+5=? what's the answer?
How many miles can you go with gas light on?
what do each number mean on my 91 firebird gta?
1998 Nissan Maxima Bose CD Player?
where is the reset button for fuel on the 2001 Ford explorer located?
Which do you think would be a better buy? An old 911 or a 98/99 Boxster?
i have a dodge ram 2500 series 2 wheel drive 5.9 is the brakes and rotor inerchangble with any other year or?
corvette vs porsche?
What is the best LS engine i can put in my c5?
40 POINTS! Is a 2004 VW Passat a Good Car?
does a skunk2 intake manifold eliminate the need to wire knock sensor on b18c?
Looking at a 2013 Dodge Dart?
2001 BMW 330ci mk3 navigation problem?
can anybody tell me where i can download a wring diagrams of toyota cars.?
Would a 2000 ford Taurus v6 3.0 be interchangeable with a 2005 Taurus v6 3.0?
Chevy camaro tps problems?
What is the appraised value of a 1964-1/2 D Model convertible Mustang? Older restoration, beautiful car.?
Mercedes-benz manufacturers warranty?
why are used tacomas so expensive?
does anyone knows about code p1504?
Whose idea was behind the creation of the Volkswagen?
when i start the car, it makes noise?
What to do if 99 VW Jetta cannot be unlocked with the valet key?
what is the wheel bearing cone id number on a 2001 dogde durnago 2wd?
In a 95 chevy corsica where can you find the fuel pump?
my 94 pontiac grand am will not start.there is somthing wrong with the fuel pump.I tested the leads, nothing.?
how much pay for green tax for maruti suzuki zen 1997 model?
VW Passat Emissions Light?
How to hook up an air horn to a 200 Ford Explorer?
My 96 honda accord dash gauges started shutting down while driving.?
Are Volvos made in the US?
BMW M3 2004 vs Audi S4 2006?
Does this chip actually work?
Different oil weight for the winter time?
1997 pontiac sunfire that starts to over heat?
Can i power wash my 86 crown vic's 302?
How can I make my 2000 grand cherokee limited 4.7L v8 faster?
Does anyone agree the lack of an engine oil dipstick in new BMW's is a bad idea?
What is the average gas mileage on a 99 cougar?
I have a Ford Taurus 2004 lx 6cylinder U 3.0L sfi I replaced the plugs and wires?
Is Chevy better than Ford or is Ford better than Chevy?
How is it to drive the older style vauxhall corsa 05 plate? I've only driven a ford ka before and worried?
Is the KIA Soul a good car?
Does the 2006 honda civic have premature engine failure:?
How do I find a 1980 Honda Civic hatchback?
I have a 2000 ford Taurus. The engine block on it is ed. Should I replace it or just sell it off?
what can beat a subaru impreza wrx?
2003 Audi A4 1.8T Coolant Leak?
what is a faster car?Bmw or a Mazda.Be honest.?
96 VW golf not getting power to radio?
Some good, 4 door cars?
Does a 2005 Dodge Durango SXT have fog light options?
im a 20 yro n im planning to get a bmw 650 i 2007 the total cost is $ 30,276?
suburban anyone?
size and location of 1965 mustang shelby center and side stripes?
My 2000 explorer sport's transmission is on its last legs. I would like to accomplish a couple of things?
I got a red acura tl year much u think it would be to repaint?
is grody a automobile body stile for chevrolet please tellllllllme?
What songs mention chevys?
Replacing a civic heater blower motor?
1996 mitsubishi eclipse gs transmission problem?
How to program a Keyless Remote for a 1996 Lincoln Continental?
How much is it to replace the airbags in a Ford Mustang?
1993 Ford Bronco hesitates to start?
I need a little help! lexus LX470, Range Rover 4.4V8, or Mercedes S550 4Matic?
What is the gas mileage for a 2002 pontiac sunfire?
Ford water in sparkplugs/coils?
will a 40mm rim offset fit a 45mm rim offset????
Honda Fit or Pontiac Vibe?
what is the make of Alfa Romeo?
Carbon Fiber? Matte Black?
Slow window on my 2000 Honda Accord.?
how many people can ride in the toyota fj cruiser?
do u think that mercury is copying ford?
isnt VW GTI the best car ever???
How can i find out how many miles to the gallon my car averages?
Cars similar to Porsche 911?
why do ford's break down all the time??
Do you have to buy Tatas in pairs?
Please tell me what is the fuel consumption for 300c v6 3.5.If you can in l/100km?
Am i getting a good deal?
whats a good web site to inquire on how much vw buses can sell for in japan?
How much would it cost to have Air Conditioning Installed in a Classic Beetle?
is tinting my car windows a good idea?? girl needs guys!!?
I would like to know more about the bluetooth in the 2012 Camry. How many speakers does it go thru.?
i took my 98 honda civic automatic to O'reilly auto parts they said my code said catalyst system low?
Any one good with lift kits?
Witch is better Ford or Chevy?
howw much money does it cost to fix a water pump for a chevy?
how do ou detach a transmission from a engine for a mustang gt?
I have a 1991 Volvo 740 turbo i need the timing marks for car?
my superchipd 03 dodge 2500 cummins diesel is smoking while in idle.?
Where can i take my jeep off roading near Hanover, Pa?
96 v6 manual mustang not giving enough power? even worse with AC turned on......?
What is a really nice blue paint to spray a s2000?
What are the most common reasons for a car not to start?
Is the 2008 BMW 3 series a good first car?
Mechanic wrecked my viper GTS?
my 2000 dodge intrepid blows out cold air when heat is on?
I have a Ferrari Enzo.I have a budget of about $30,000. I have decided to get 6.0 L V12.Anyone have any ideas?
468 bbc with a 400 trans 11:1 compression?
Down payment for a $66,000 vehicle?
Im 16 and want to get a mustang, would this be a good choice? and is it hard to learn stick?
why are american cars whack?
Changing Spark plugs and Wires on 99 Mustsang V6. Help please!?
How to change the time on a peugeot?
i need to know in like the next minute where a fusebox is on a 2002 honda civic! HELP?
Dodge truck steering incredibly jerky in tight turns?
How much would I be paying a month for a 2010 Toyota corolla?
Is the lincoln town car front wheel drive?
is infiniti really coming out with the infinfti gtr ....?
Is Y! serious about the Ford Mustang?
i'm want buy USA car !!! but here in my country the weather hot !!!.which are good in hot weather. town car or
Honda Accord 1992 rough engine?
Chevy truck problems?
What is the average cost to repair an 2000 model holden astra?
2002 Honda Civic or a 2002 Ford Focus?
I just took ownership of a 1989 toyota camry, What is the ECT button for and what is Normal and Power?
My radiator fan on my 2005 ford explorer 4.6 is very loud during acceleration, what could be the problem?
How realible is the 2001 VW passat?
jdm ej20 swap impreza L?
What size duel gas tank does a 1983 ford f150 xlt have?
What is you favorite type of car?
My car tail lights aren't working.My dad says there is grease on the contacts.Is there a good way to remove it
The R-tronic on the Audi R8?
4x4 conversion need help?
Does a 1993 Camry have r12 or r134 AC. I can't locate anything beneath the hood. Can it be refilled easily?
Concerning my '07 Scion tC ....?
peugeot 406 diesel user manual?
Why can I never find 2006 - 2009 Chevy Camaro for sale?
does any one know if a car has ever been turned into a convertible?
Sexy Spanish names for a black Mustang?
My Honda '88 Civic.I turn key: no sound/Battery, starter good//told key won't turn tumbler anymore?
if you were stuck in a lift what would you do??
What's your opinion about Subaru impreza ?
How Long Does It Take To Save Up For a used car 2006 Scion xB ?
how can I improve the gas milage on my mercury grand marquis?
ford focus speedo fail then engine cuts out?
What is the most common car that you see?
where do I install the airbag module box on a 1998 nissan pathfinder?
I need a diagram to install a serpintin belt on a 97 buick lasabre?
Hondacity,Ford fiesta,skoda Rapid among these which one is best?
1975 chevy vega value?
I want to get some parts of my car chrome plated.....???
How to remove a thermostat on a 3.1 chevy?
how much a lamborghini costs?
What does "CC" stand for?
I have A Opel corsa and Please see the expenses i have made in my car is worth for street racing.?
What is the average price for a BMW?
Where can I buy the stiching template or insert for the Mustang GT500 Cobra that is on the front seats?
Why does my 1976 mercury cougar keep going dead?
How do you disarm the anti theft on a 2006 chrysler 300 c?
How much does the new BMW M3 cost fully loaded?
2005 Dodge Stratus Water in BACKSEAT????
I wanna Mini Cooper or a Mercedes?
how much do you suppose 320 miles ( in 4 trips from ma to ri ) would cost in a honda civic per week?
Does a K&N air filter really improve mileage and performance of a car?
teenagers! would you drive a volvo?
Are MG Rover ZR's good cars?
08 nissan maxima had a weak start and then drove real slow like it had no power?
How to put the antenna on a dodge caliber 08 down?
what type of ford has a five point zero liter v8 flomaster?
Why does my OBDII reader not work on Nissan?
what does the MG stand for on the car.?
how can i find out who the owner of a 1977 pontiac firebird is?
I have a vauxhall vectra 1.8 v reg?
What car comes with a decent V8?
my fuel gauge flicker when I open the drivers door on my peugeot 206?
Swapping out carburetors?
why dose my car keep dying?
Whats wrong with my chevy sonic? .s?
My fuel pump on 1997 mitsubishi eclipse gs 2.0 non turbo is not surging gas,but the fuel pump is functioning.?
1996 Ford F-150-sometimes wont start unless you wiggle the automatic shifter handle. What is the problem?
97 Cougar 4.6 V 8 Ign. ( 2 Coil Packs);?
What would you like to ask?how to adjust a saab 9-3 wastegate?
which was the maximum speed of pontiac grand am ca 8cyl 190HP 1978?
readout on tachometer and apexi rsm unit doesnt match up after tranny swap?
Do Jeep Wranglers (TJ) come with an on board tool kit ?
I have a 1989 jeep cherokee with brake system problems?
Why do dealerships say MPG when they really mean KPG?
what would u do if u saw a person destroying there own 68 charger?
Approximately how much should a 90000 mile tune up for a 1998 Audi A4 cost?
How do I make an after market radio power on in a 95 Chevy Monte Carlo?
is the rear axle on a 1987 Porsche 924S Solid or Independent?
cost of a new engine or rebuild engine on a 2002 lancer?
What can be causing my 1991 Chevy Blazer to shake and produce white smoke?
What is better Ford or Chevrolet?
what is a p code of 1443 for a 96 ford scort?
How many miles is the average lifespan for a Honda Civic or Accord? What do you think about these cars?
how much is one plus one?
what is mean GT - grant tourismo?? about my car?
What color rims should i put on my silver honda?
what size are the stock tires for a 1997 chevy s-10 pickup?
What is name name of this Dealership that has Finishes Flags moto?
Why won't my nissan altima start?
Where is scion made in.?
Scion xB - can you buy too cheap?
How much will a brand new Mercedes C-Class cost me?(On-Road Price)?
can 2006 headlights fit a 2000 dodge neon along with a 2006 front bumber as well?
What would you buy? Loaded Honda or Basic BMW, if costs about the same.?
is this integra worth $1300?
Which is the best car suitable for indian roads?
What does it mean when your oil lamp is flashing in your car?
Does anyone know when the body style of the Acura RDX will change?
1997 VW Jetta Forest Green color. need good looking interior colors?
What kind of CAMARO is this?
Forza 3 mitsubishi upgade limit?
What happens to the engine, if an oil filter is loose?
How much of a hitch ball drop would i need?
2001 F-150 5.4 Automatic 4-speed to 6-speed manual?
I have an original '61 chevy impala x-flag emblem w/ the impala across top in good shape but needs painted?
can xuv5oo w8 awd convert awd to 2wd?
how much would it be to replace valve seals on a nissan titian?
If you could only pick between a Nissan Altima or a ford escort which would u pick?
is 150,000 miles a lot for a honda civic?
What can i do to make 20 inch rims fit on my 1999 toyota corolla ? and around how much would it cost ?
Need help.. on how to gain more horsepower on a 1995 MUSTANG GT..?
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