Jacking points for a 1999 Honda Accord (front center)?
1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee Window Regulator? Passenger Window?
will a dodge part number 51440429aa a 2000 grand carvan?
2000 explorer 5.0 in a 1995 3.8 mustang?
how much does it cost to replace a 2010 jetta windshield?
94-97 f22b motor OBD I OR OBD II ?
what's the car make/model?
Given the recalls and safety concerns recently, would you buy a 2011 or 2012 Toyota?
would a mustang be a good first car?
Check engine light?
which is good Fiat Palio Stile or Santro xing erlx?
How to turn off car alarm for pathfinder?
silverado rattle from tranny only when in drive, not park or R?
are 1992 acura integra GS engines good for anything?
Check engine light on 09 mk5 gti?
Which is a better brand... Lexus or Mercedes?
key code for ford fiesta MO53228?
can i use the rear bumper off of a 2002 chevy cavalier LS on my 1998 chevy cavalier z24?
chevy help?????
size of chevy caprise steering wheel?
when to change transmission fluid in my 2008 tundra?
What do you think the fastest car is?
what is the different between a type r shifter and a gsr shifter?
Does a stock 2005 honda civic lx have a vtec engine?
Firebird or BMW!!!!!!!?
how to replace brakes on a mini cooper?
2007 cadillac CTS reliability?
Should I judge my father if he is unfaithful to my mother?
Do you have for sale a front bumper for a 2003 Pontiac Grand Am?
Is 100K miles on a 04 Xterra to much?
toyota fx '93 parts and accesories. Anybody know where to buy?
Looking to buy a 95 - 98 M3?
I am a dealership, I need info to advertise at your website?
Website that has the following information for at least 50 Car makes?
I have a 1993 Grand Marquis?
What Performance upgrades can I do to my 79 280ZX?
Losing oil pressure in my 95 dodge when motor gets warm?
toyota avensis y reg 2001 1.8 is this engine fittrd with timing belt or chain?
Does anyone own a Kit Car?
2008-2010 Honda accord coupe 0-60?
What happened to these?
is a Pontiac 389c.i a big block ?
How much does it cost to get a porsche 911 carrera Gt Turbo Engine?
Does an exhaust manifold from a 2000 ford f150 4.2 fit on a 2000 mustang 3.8?
where can i find pictures of a Lincoln navigator?
I thought of changing my car from a Alfa to a Kia?
what are the difference between lancer cb1a and lancer cb2a?
What gasoline us best for 2006 pt cruuser 5 speed?
What do you all think of the 2008 Nissan GT-R?
Has anyone heard anything bad about Dodge Intrepids?
Should I buy the new mercedes CLS55 AMG 2006 ?
where can i find euro taillights for my 2000 xterra?
Plastic Strip on side of honda pilot?
Which is cheaper to do swap or rebuild(honda civic)?
is it expensive to own a bmw?
How do you like your 2007 Toyota Camry Hybrid?
a chevy stroker build?
Why do new Mercedes-Benzes lack reliability.?
Where can I find a side-car?
who makes a ferrari 250 gto replica body?
What is the best car? Mazda CX-9, Nissian Rouge, or Ford Edge?
How can i increase MPG on my 2002 HONDA accord?
2000 Honda civic ex tune up?
How can I override the protection on the Toyota Avalon Navigaiton that doesn't allow u to use it while driving
dunno what to buy manual transmission or automatic, help?
Toyota Prius has 8 years/100k miles warranty on hybrid batteries in the US. but more in Ca?
Where is the cheapest diesel fuel?
is shelby mustang made by ford or chrysler???????????????/?
What is a really cool BMW?
where do you get ecm and prom matches for GM vehicles by VIN ?
2007 Yukon Denali or Cadillac escalade? why?
2001 ford escape runs hot?
2006 Mercedes-Benz s500, what you know ?
is or the hope line reliable?
2000 Hundai Accent loss of power?
What is the best car ever made and why?
How do I fix a broken shifter on my '94 ford aerostar? Please get me out of park!?
A car is parked on a cliff overlooking the ocean on an incline that makes an angle of 20 below the horizontal?
How do I remove the radio cage from my Pug 306?
How do you replace a starter in a 05 cadailac deville?
Putting a 351 Windsor motor into a 1996 v6?
I have a 2004 Pontiac Grand Am GT, the materal on the arm rest?
where can i find guild book for 1999 granprix?
nissan 180sx?
whats the gear ratio on a dana front axle...?
another honda issue. can someone help me out with this honda accord on its 9th life.?
91 crown victoria headlight assembly?
Can i fit 15" rims on my truck?
how do you bypass or reset a nats1 micra immobilliser/alarm?
lift a 2wd...someone help me?
What is the Correct Bolt Pattern for a 2004 Chevy Malibu LS V6?
Is a 2007 Ford Taurus a granny looking car?
Which do you like better? 1965/1966 Ford Mustang Coupe or the 1965/1966 Ford Mustang Fastback?
is a saleen the fast car in the world or is it a maclaren?
how to adjust the door on a jeep wrangler?
01 Jetta Cooling fans and A/C not working?
is this a mustang V6 or GT?
Which should I do, replace or buy a new car?
my interior light in a 96 blazer wont shut off.?
2013 Marucci Black 2 or 2013 Easton S4?
Mercedes 1975 230-4 ignition wiring?
what tire brand & size came on a 69 ford 351 shelby mustang.?
what is power drive in 2001 issu trooper?
my convertable top on my 1996 z-28 "swells"up at speed.can this be repaired?
Would u consider the 4th generation of mustangs girly? (not the current ones but the previous ones)?
1997 honda civic cruise control problem?
Does the larger engine in the 2003 Land Rover Discovery save you in gas?
Will the price of the 2010 and earlier models of the jeep srt8 go down because of the 2012 version?
Is the Speaker size for the 1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee the same as a 1993 Jeep Cherokee Xj?
I have a 1999 Ford expedition that makes a clicking sound when accelerating.?
How do i get a 65 shelby gt350 in gran turismo 5?
Pros and Cons of buying a Jetta?
Should i get a nissan 350z nismo or the other versions?
attention toyota owners: what do you think of your toyota, and who has the most miles?
Do you think is it a good idea of buying a car on credit?
How can I increase the horsepower of my 1981 corvette?
What is the USP of Hyundai?
does the bmw dealership have high interest rates ?
does anyone know where i can purchase upolstery kits for 66 nova and 57 chevys.?
How does a Ford Fiesta work?
Would this be hard to do on an Automatic Shifter?
what kind of exhaust should i get if i just want a nice rumble. nothing too loud or annoying.?
What do you think the fastest car is?
Isuzu Rodeo 2002.. Are there any major problems associated with this vehicle?
How many midgits can you fit in the trunck of a 72 Chevy Caprice?
Information in taking a part 89 ford escort distributor to get the distributor pick-up out.?
What's a good site for used car's in Texas?
Why do people like chevys so much?
I Need A 96 Cavalier Auto Mate Alarm Wiring Diagrams Were Can I Find One For Free?
i have changed the ignition barrel on my 406?
Why do Mercedes make cars with 612 horsepower?
golf mk4 suspension problems?
Will a GM 2200 engine bend valves if the timing chain goes bad?
what are the raised back dots on my cars windshield near the rear view mirror?
How do you make a citreon AX cool?
got a toyota carina estate 1996 manual gears it is over heating?
How to replace the side mirrors on a 1995 through 2006 Ford Explorer all models?
how can i adjust the parking brake on a 2000 mercury mountaineer?
which was the maximum speed of pontiac firebird trans am 8cyl 220HP 1979?
where is ODBII interface on 2004 hyundai elantra?
changing back disc brakes on 2004 f 150?
How much does a timing belt cost to change in a 2005 Audi A4 3.0?
Is the Audi A5 stick shift or Automatic?
97 mercury sable radio?
is ATF fluid water soluble?
Which one is cooler a Corvette ZO6 or Porsche 911?
Ford five hundred dash button..?
Camry or Accord?
will a low key battery,cause my engine to disable its rover 75 2lt diesel?
1973 Chevy Nova Fuel Sending Unit?
information on 1980 el caminos?
What are some cool Alfa Romeo Facts?
I saw a gorgeous car today and don't know what it was!! help!?
Is this Dodge Avenger good on gas?
what can i do to my Nissian 300ZX YR.85 i think?
If you get your car detailed before you try to sell it to car max will you get a better offer?
1990 honda civic with a check engine light, help?
are repair costs high for a 95 bmw 318i?
Any one has the new Nissan Xterra?
Why is the 2007 Ford f150 Harleydavidson w/supercharger $5600 and 2008 model only $615?
I have 2000 Kia sportage and I need replace front suspension so how much will it cost?
is copying a key with an aluminum coke can bad for the vehicle?
where is the transmission computer located on a jeep cherokee 2005 laredo 4x4?
what is the engine size of a 1998 grand am pontiac?
How Do I hot wire a 95 ford escort?
what is the name of the site where you can switch different rims on your car?
BMW 325i will not start... Low oil pressure light.?
1995 accord engine replacement?
does anyone know where i can find out the origanal color of my truck..?
Why does my 96 mustang idle high for several minutes when i come to a complete stop before it dumps down ?
how to change a 2.5 chevy coil?
Pontiac Grand Prix gt battery saver active shows up on my dlc screen everytime I go on a drive it happens like?
do you think the saleen s331 was a good idea?
How much Torque do you apply to a 2004 mustang gt smooth idler pulley bolt?
Jeep Wrangler Timing Porblem?
do yall think a brand new 2006 honda ridgeline is good for a 16 year old?
largest engine swap for a 85 (Ford)Mercury Capri 5.0?
i am looking for images of a 1962chevy 2door nova2 hardtop?
Where is the vin number please on my 2008 Chevy Equinox engine block ?
What law resulted from Pontiac's Rebellion? Why?
Are BMW parts expensive?
Is Hyundai Sonata 2.4 better or Honda Accord 2.0 in terms of APPEARANCE,DURABILITY,PERFORMANCE & HANDLING?
the abbrevation JEEP?
is there a drive car show for 2011 prius?
What does a 1984 Dodge Charger look like?
Please Help!! Ford Escort?
Mechanics! Should I fix or sell my 2002 pontiac sunfire?
How much for a 1997 M3 (E36) with 6000 miles on the clock?
Best way to spend up to $1,000 to make a 1995 camaro z28 faster?
Should I buy a Volvo S40 or a Mazda 3?
Which car has a similar look as Audi TT ?
where can i find a cheap but nice 1968 or 1969 or 1967 pontiac gto?
BMW Z4 2009, What Is The Following ?
2008 Infiniti G37s Journey Coupe....?
What engines can fit in a 1994 SKODA Favorit?
86 s10 injector not grounding to fire?
Where would I find a flasher Relay on a Pontiac Grand Am 1997?
I have a 94 crown victoria and it has stalled on me a couple times. No lights or anything comes on?
How much does an entry level diesel mechanic make at a Ford dealership.?
Do catalytic converters in cars reduces the power of the car and also increase fuel consumption?
Differences in 60's/70's Ford 3-Speed Transmissions?
Steering wheel shakes when brakes are applied on vehicle?
Settle this argument - Aston Martin or Ferrari?
i just bought a 1999 chevy suburban . i need to find the tow ratings for this model, with a 5.7 motor.thanks.?
Will car prices drop?
How to reset factory alarm on 2000 saturn ls1?
Is it possible to put a K20 motor in my audi a4 1.8t?
2007 Chevy Tahoe top speed?
should drivers of SUVs be penalized for driving gas guzzlers?
Why are land rovers so great?
Free abode flasher place?
does any one know of any buick collectors club websites?
Would you buy a Toyota?
Lost master Key!!!!!!!!!?
Where and how much will it cost?
Honda Accord,70,000 miles, no dents or major scratches, $3,700 but had 2 owners. Should I buy it?
Thinking about buying a Honda Odyssey from Carmax?
i am looking to purchase a 2005 leftover GTO. What have other people who have purchased it recently pay ?
who invetted motorcycle?
I need a b20 high comperssion motor?
Anybody else Have a horror story about a '99 Cavaliers crappy failing brake system?
What kind of car am i thinking of? (10 points!)
what weight can I carry on my mercedes medium wheel base?
what does volvo mean?
how to reset the oil change on 2007 chevy silverado?
Does anyone know of lowering springs or coil overs for Ford Focus Station Wagon 2002 model?
How to make a m6250x303 cam work in a 5.0 mustang with gt40 heads?
Witch is better Ford or Chevy?
Need help with 95 bmw water pump removal!?
do americans have a car to match the mercedes benz?
When will the 2007 aveo come put?
Is it cool for me to drive a 1994 jaguar to school?
Continuous honk on ford escape 2002?
How does the technology in the Toyota Prius smartkey system actually work?
will a 1989 302 mustang engine fit in a 1992 ford f150?
Which car is better???
How can I make my Lancer Evo XIII quieter?
what looks as good as an acura nsx....for half the price?
where is the crankcase breather hose on a 2000 volvo s40?
How do i get a really deep note, whilst both idling and reving, in my 2005 xr6 ford. ?
Which one is better, a Koenigsegg CCX, Ferrari Enzo, or a Mclaren SLR? For use on the German autobahns?
Burning smell from my brand new 2012 Camaro? What could it be?
can someone direct me to the cheapest aftermarket hood for a 2000-2004 mitsubishi eclipse?
My friend has a 2003 model Ford mondeo (bought in 2003) . has a major problem pls help me.?
does the camry hybrid come in different trims like LE or SE?
2003 toyota echo fast idle?
2012 Volkswagen Polo 1.4 match opinions?
I have pinkish/red coming from underneath my Jeep?? what is it??
which head units will fit my 2006 toyota 4runner? 10 points if you can give me a list!?
why does my blinker blink slow?
what is the engine code on a '90 crx si? is there a "Z" in it?
Would a 2001 lexus is300 with 171,000miles be a good deal?
why do fords break down alot. which car is better ford or chevey????
I have been trying to find information on the 2007 Toyota Corolla and am wondering if they will be made in 07?
Blower motor Pontiac Grand Prix?
Which preowned vehicle is the better buy Lexus ES 350 (2010) or Lincoln MKS (2010)? Please Help?
Suzuki Grand Vitara 4x4 Size: 1.9L diesel?
Removing Front and Passenger Seats of my 2000 Ford Mustang Convertible 3.8L V6?
98 durango heater not blowing hot air?
what would be the most likely cause of a late 90s/early 2000 something model of a honda civic?
what is a good website for real cheap rims for my acura cl type s i will be really thankful?
I'm considering buying a used Buick Rendezvous. Has anyone had any problems?
Do you like your honda civic?
Swapping carb v8 engine for a fuel injected v6, where can i get info on the connections an stuff?
Someone know if there is a honda cruise club in Connecticut?
Car wont crank. HELP? 1990 honda crx si?
BMW 525i Performance Modifications?
2001 3.0 Ranger XLT keeps over heating driving up a hill.?
Will PT crusier come out with a V6 engine.?
where can i find the blue book value of a 82 mercedes 300 sd turbo??
Are Audi a 6 reliable dependable cars?
Do u think a nissan altima will make...?
where can i get ferrari?
what indash navi fits on a Hyundai tucson 05 something cheap with a large screen?
Was back up camera even an option on a 2008 CTS?
Can anyone help me find a diagram for a 2000 Ford Taurus station wagon fuse box for the relay switch?
in my 1990 civic my speedometer and odometer stopped working?
I have a 92 honda accord that is getting no spark.?
is audi a japenese or german car?
How much is a 2001 VW Jetta with 200,000km?
Question about An Audi a6?
what's the future of Delphi?
would a 3.1L,1990 v-6, match up to a 2.8L,1988 v-6 transmission(chevrolet)?
Witch jetta is manual?
i have a 1992 toyota corolla when i try to start it does nothing not even a sound.?
Which muscle car is the best in the history of cars?
what is the closest manufactory recomended suction pressure for a/c in a 1989 chevrolet celebrity?
What is this noise coming from my engine?
Is Acura Integra engine fit in 93 Honda hatchback?
What`s the reason Toyota overtaking Generalmotors?
does my mazda have active headrests?
The BMW 550i or the BMW 745i?
what are recommended car services for pt cruisers?
2006 charger seems to lose power after 5 mins or soand charge light comes on why?
what is the better muscle car?
95 taurus ignition control moodule?
Why are the transmissions on 2005 Chevrolet's impalas so bad? Is there any recall for that problem?
are thier any kenworths left from smokey and the bandit? if so who has one?
Which is the best car with low maintenance between maruti esteem 2002 and mitsubushi lancer 2000.?
How do you remove the headlight assembly on an '03 Mustang V6?
2001 Ford explorer air bag light on?
how much horsepower and torque will a power chip give me for a 2003 V6 mustang?
Do you spray the inside or outside of tail lights to smoke them?
What is your opinion about Toyota.?
I need a fuel line diagram on a 01 ford E350 7.3L engine ?
Know where i can find 12" rims?
how to fix up a nissan sentry se-r?
When (and where) exactly can I buy a 2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser near Boston MA?
what year was bandits trans am?
Does a 68 Charger look good with the front bumper painted the same color as the body?
Where are buzz buzz's made?
I want to buy a Jeep but im not sure what model it is that i want...Maybe you can help?
In all aspects of performance whats the difference between a Chevy Z28 Camaro and a SS Camaro?
What is the exact model of a 2000-2005 jetta that does not have a huge storage space above the stereo?
name one car and one truck you'd love to own...?
About how much diesel can a 1990 ford f350 crew cab hold? And what is the MPG?
Does anyone want to buy my fiat 126?
I have a nissan maxima 05, which is better Ksport GT damper or should i wait for the Tein SS-P coilovers?
03 Mitsubishi eclips?
What is the rating of a 2003 Passat with 1.8L engine w turbo?
97 nissan maxima dies out when it is shifted to drive or reverse but it starts really good?
I have a 1993 Nissan Maxima And im having problems with the anti Theft alarm system
Where could I get stock car carpet for an Acura legend?
How fast would a 2000 Mustang GT have to be traveling at to flip on a sharp turn?
i am thinking of getting a car,which is best-toyota or vauxall?.?
How do I replace rear track bar in buick century 2005?
2002 Mazda Protege Check Engine Light?
why did ford mustang go from 5.0 to a 4.6?
what car is classified as the bench mark?
Need to know if my problem is the distributor or ignition module on 1980 318 doge ram v8 engine?
What is included in a 2010 Mazda 3 S Grand Touring that isn't included in the S Sport?
why would my 94 caprice cut off after revving the engine but not at idle could this be the cat?
What gas should fill my 2012 Altima?
is a automatic 2005 mustang considered a sports car?
do toyota SUV's & nissan SUV's really run forever ? I hear like 200K miles before they keel over ??
Should I buy a used 1997 V8 mustang GT?
Who thinks Chevy can beat a Ford?
How can I 'pimp' my black 99 Golf GL? (from both aesthetic and performance perspectives)?
99 honda civic si wiring under dash?
I have 2003 chevy venture 3.4 v6, i was looking for a cold air intake for it,would one from a grand am fit?
key for a golf tdi 01 reg will not open or close all doors with double click?
Citreon C3 Pluriel, where can i get roof bars/racks?
Do 2007 Altimas have fold-down rear seats for extended trunk space?
Does a 2000 volkswagon jetta come stock with a cd player?
how much does a u joint cost for a 2004 Jeep grand Cherokee Laredo?
Are mazda miata's considered a gay car?
What would the gas mileage be on a 2003 Gulf stream Sun voyager class A 37 foot motor home with a V8 engine?
is the 97+ isuzu rodeo drivetrain the same as the 97+ honda passport?
Ford F-150 owners, is the 4x4 worth the extra money? Or is a 4x2 a better buy?
where are the 2 BOSE amps located in a 350z?
Can you take off the rear chrome spoiler on the 2008 Infiniti G37s Coupe?
what kinda car do you have? year/make/model?
Mustang GT spacing?
I just got a '02 Jeep Liberty and the inside lights don't come on when I open the doors. How can I fix this?
How do I replace a thermostat in a 95 Chevy Monte Carlo?
what type of side mirrors are on this 2005 subaru impreza sti?
How are Mini Coopers in the snow?
why still people think that Hyundai is a bad car?
How can I make my car (2006 ford mustang) a little faster?
guard grille toyota T100?
Rear bulb holder for Citroen C2 VTS 2007 model?
Convert Jaguar 6 speed Semi Automatic gearbox to Flappy Paddle or button Gearchange?
what motor would fit in to a 1973 datsun 240z?
is synthetic oil or a synthetic blend better for my car than regular motor oil?
can I get the free news about automotive technology?
Which Porsche?
what does P.I. in magnum P.I. stand for?
How can I make the duplicate keyfrom my originial one with transponder chip of my Infiniti i30 ?
'77 Vette - Can the gas engine be replaced with a diesel?
when my car is at idle my headlight is low but while in motion it brightens?
How much is a power steering pump for a 99 grand am?
Im looking at a 1990 jeep comanche. It has 170,000 miles on it. It has the 4.0L I6 in it. Should I buy it?
What can i do to make 20 inch rims fit on my 1999 toyota corolla ? and around how much would it cost ?
will the Metra 99-7872 made for honda fit 2007-2008 fit in a honda fit 2003?
which is the better car the pontiac gto or the ford mustang gt?
How do you tell by the numbers on the block which series of GM 6.5 turbo diesel it is?
are there any issues with a 98 eclipse spyder gs?
2001 chevy malibu in theft mode. HELP!!!!?
what engines would fit my 1971 baywindow VW camper T2?
What colour car do you have?
I have a 2006 red bmw 325I with most of the i asking too much at $34,000?
'01 Suzuki grand vitara xl7 doors?
what does a blinking check engine light on a 1998 Chevy mean?
My 3000gt is giving me problems?
Is there difference from a K20 to a K20A Engine on? What's the difference? Which one is faster?
what transmission will fit in a 1998 dodge grand caravan with a 3.3l engine?
What is a good website to find Honda Accord parts?
what your age?
What size muffler for 2013 lancer GT?
whats better, a Jeep Grand Cherokee or Hummer ?
problem starting up my 97 jeep cherokee help!?
longitude and latitude on the hunt i dont understand....?
Mercedes Benz exhaust tips?
Is a mini a girl or boy car or is it both?
What kind of car is a sicala or a sicola im not to sure how to even spell it.?
which is better to have Honda Accord 2005 or Toyota Camry 2005?
which truck is better, chey,dodge,ford?
I have a 08 Ford Fusion and the ABS lights come on only when I reverse out of the parking lot which is werid?
I need a diagram of toyota car front wheel bearing assembly, I want to see before I remove the hub...please?
i have a pretty old toyota corolla stick shift car and it keeps dying when i release my clutch. what do i do?
is the 1997 chevy lumina front or rear wheel drive?
Jetta gear shifter is stuck!?
Cheak this out!!!....?
i have a chevy cobalt should i supercharge it or turbocharge? which would be better? How much hp would i gain?
How many motor mounts in a Mitsubishi lancer?
What are the issues if the BMW 325i is not filled with premium gas as it is supposed to be?
Which is a better car maker Kia or Suzuki?
How to stay safe in a 1975 VW Super Beetle?
my mustang has dens how much will i get if i trade in for a 09 edge sport?
Camaro rs wiring is screwed up?
We just got the ok to produce the brand new Camaro.. what plant do I work in???
Where is the speed sensor located at in a mitsubishi galant?
WJ Grand cherokee Lift?
plug in prius electricity cost?
My 97 vw jetta one of the wheels stick out more than the other can that be an issue with wheel alignment?
what is the firing order of a 1980 ford truck with a 302.?
My bora 2000 model comsumes fuel unneccessarily. It also trips off when the AC in turned on. I need HELP?
Removal of Headlight assembly on 2003 Toyota Highlander?
what type of body is a 1970 dodge dart?
What's more powerful ?
Do any 7th gen. Celicas come with 5 speed?
used automobiles with $0.00 down payment?
Should I buy a 2007 V6 Mustang for an entry level driver?
Should I trade in my 05 Buick lacrosse with 89000 miles on it for a 2010 charger?
YOUR dream car ???
How do i know what model my mustang is?
Why does the air con in my car smell of wee wee, when I put it on? How do I get rid of the smell?
How do you do a burnout with a 1996 Chevorlet Blazer LS 4 Door 4WD?
why did VW stop production of Generation V ,1.4 FSI Golf?
will 31s fit my jeep grand cherokee stock?
What transmission is needed to make a 292 automatic?
What are the chances that this is a 2.0 litre base engine?
How much would I get for my 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix on trade in?
I have a '97 Tarus thaat wont start-- nofire, just turns over-- what should I look for?
How can I save gas on my Ford Explorer?
I got a job delivering cars for bmw. They pay 10 per hour. I dont believe this is reasonable. Do you guys?
how do you replace a heater core on a 88 chevy suburban r series?
I have a 1997 Jeep wrangler and it will crank but will not start and i dont have any volts coming from the ign?
Is it ok to put premium gas in my car? I have a 2001 Honda civic ex?
what year did the chevy suburban first introduced?
What is a better car; Toyota Supra or Nissan Skyline?
Who made a car called the "aronde"?
2008 Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG price in 2013?
my son wonts a 2006 z06 corvette for his first car is it a good first car?
Need email address of Toyota Japan.?
88 thunderbird v-8 will not stay cranked?
My ford Taurus lost all oil and coolant. What could it be?
Manual transmission problems shifting?
Where can I find a original 99 stock body kit for my honda civic?
Which car should I get ?
nissan maxima 2010 warning indicator CVT, what does it mean?
chevy truck will not start?
How to replace temperature sensor bmw m40?
how abaout gear clash when shifting in manual transmission? (in gearbox only)?
What's the full name of BMW?
Wait for the iPhone 5s or 6 or take my upgrade to the iPhone 5?
how to connect boost controller in skyline r33 series 2?
Is it worth learning to drive 5-speed manual?
84 Dodge D150 360 specs?
My 2007 nissan sentra check engin lite came on?
Does 206 steering wheel boss kit fit 405?
2000 Odyssey LX with CHECKMATE Alarm?
Any one looking to buy a 1974 Ford Maverick?
how can i add horsepower to my Audi A4?
How come my ignition coil gets power but wont release power in my 1990 murcury sable?
Toyota Supra or Nissan Skyline?
#3cyl missfire 1996 3100 v6 put in new plugs and wires still missfire on #3cyl pontiac grand prix?
why does saudieArabia get the crown Victoria and we don't?
Would you recommend the Porsche Panamera Diesel?
1998 dodge ram 1500 ignition problems?
Can a 2005 Ram 1500 be converted to a dually?
are there any body kits for a 94' or 95' ford escort?
which one better 2002 ford explorer Eddie Bauer OR 2004 Volkswagen Passat?
Will a 99 Honda civic ex trunk fit on a 97 Honda civic ex?
Is there such a vehical named a Buick "Roadmaster?"?
The Chevy Avalanche can have headrests with DVD monitors. Are these the same as the headrests w/out monitors?
BMW vs. Lexus, which car would you choose?
Does anyone else have the problem with a loud clattering engine in a 2003 4-cly Honda Accord?
What is the speed rate on a 1992 Toyota 4Runner?
how long to build a suv in a gm plant?
Acura cl transmission problems?
74 challenger info?
Can I put a racing seat belt harness on my stock seats in my 1991 Camaro without a roll cage?
can I install a skunk2 cam gear in my single cam vtec?
What is the top speed on the 2009 Volkswagen CC without the governor?
what is the goodest car to drive?
what rear end is in a mazda B2200?
can anyone tell me what is(tire reset) button in a 2002 FORD WINDSTAR used for???
Well this is the question car guys get asked alot................Chevy,Ford,or Dodge?
Car making odd noise?
2000 Ford Mustang V6 vs 2002 Pontiac Sunfire.?
Should I rent a Rolls Royce for my Sweet 15 grand entrance, or would it be to over the top?
Alternatives to the Golf 1.4 GT Tsi.?
How do i make my Honda Civic Faster?!?
2008 Suzuki SX4 AUX connector?
Does anyone know what my stock gear ratio is?
can i take a supercharger off a 3800 series 1 motor replace with 3800 intake?
any mazda performance shops in the Toronto area?
OK I have 2 completely opposite answers?
What started the whole "Punch Buggy" thing?
dodge ram 1500 suspension! please help!!?
Which company makes the Hyundai? Is Honda a partner?
common chevy tahoe problems?
how do you put a starter soloniod on a 1998 mustang 3.8 liter?
1993 ford ranger leveling kit?
Does BMW Year 2000 E46 330i [European model, 4 doors] [M54] questions?
57 chevy motor swap.?
Do you need to change valves if timing belt breaks?
Mini Cooper, or VW Beetle?
i have dodge intrepid 2002 engine 2.7. i have problems with ignition someone know why?
Im running a t3 kit n have a wastegat that stays open at all times wats wrong with it?
my car is making a very loud ticking noise after i turn it off. Its very fast and subsides after 1 or 2 minute?
hypertech econ for an 03 wrangler sport?
Do I need a certain intake system for my golf or are they universal?
Key will turn the door lock, but will NOT unlock the door?
if a girl that told you that she had sex wit one of ur best friends before yall even meet wut would you do?
what do you think about girls that drive big trucks like dodge rams and escalades?
Purchasing BMW 330i.?
What's a car with really high speed and really good handling?
what car can i get for under a grand?
Is a Ford Mustang Boss 302 good for a 17 year old?
Which diesel is best (better quality) to use for a 2010/2011 BMW X5 XDRIVE30D...BP? SHELL? CALTEX SAFEWAY?
my 86 13B wont start it turns over but wont start and my whole fuel system is clean but gas drips out exaust?
My speedometer in '94 Civic acts like it's posessed.. It will work fine, then bounce wildly (even at idle)..
1991 Honda Accord LX problem with S light staying on?
What is a person called who makes wagons?
Please Help! The Cig lighter in my 2005 dodge neon stopped working.?
what kind of grease &how much do you put in 2003 f-150 supercrew5.4 4wheel drive?
Is a 91 Ford Mustang a front or rear wheel drive car?
Rally/Touring cars overheating bet!?
Is there a website that gives locations of oxygen sensors on a 2004 Hyundai Sonata?
is a ford bad company or good?
Who Likes the Nissan Maxima?
Honda civic (opinion) and what do you know about them? (problems) (pros and cons)?
what parts fit a vw bora?
Which one is cooler a Corvette ZO6 or Porsche 911?
What is the price of the new M3 and does it come in sedan?
How can a person decrease the top speed limiter on a vehicle from say 110mph to 70mph?
what famed two-word ad slogan did William Bernbach dream up to launch the Volkeswagon Beetle?
what is the largest size tire that will fit my truck?
why do people prefer to buy foregin cars instead of american cars?
where can I find a pdf version of the owners manual for a 2001 Audi A6?
BMW drivers never wave!?
Will a Z-Tube make a diffrence?
What Car Is the best Choice?
Would anyone be interested in buying a 83' chevy caprice? It's in good shape.?
on mercedes cars if it has the word KOMPRESSOR does that mean that it is supercharged?
4 wire trailer hookup for silverado?
The hood is slightly damaged but not worth replacing. What's the best remedy?
Tata Manza Aura Vs Maruti swift Dzire VDI?
Is a RSX Type s motor supposed to get twice as loud once u pass 6000 RPM's?
vw bora 2001 whats the remedy for codes p0171,p0300,p0303,p0302 and p0304. misfiring?
Volkswagen upgrading help?
What is the fastest you have ever personally driven a car?
When Is Wolfram Alfa coming out?
Is it true that the engines in Honda Accords manufactured in the '80s 'last forever'?
2001 Ford Taurus Fuel Pump Not Sending Fuel Randomly?
What is the best lookung car you ever saw ??
i have a mid 80s cutless i am turning into a pure stock, how can im make it louder?
choppy steering in 2001 ford focus?
I saw a small cute Chevrolet truck but I cannot find it in Chevrolet's website. Does anybody know the type?
Does anyone know of a Honda Dealer in NY / NJ area with good prices?
what is the correct tyre pressure for peugeot 206 xt?
Toyota Camry Problems?
how much does a mercedes Benz car costs?
What cc VW engine would work best?
How to replace 1991 volvo 740 sedans fuel pump?
How come my 1999 GMC Jimmy won't GO when I step on the gas?
does anyone know why my car vibrates.?
03 grand prix se shifts hard..?
BMW Horsepower increase..?
Can you swap trannys on a 1994 bmw 325i?
What would be the mileage for an Hyundai Accent petrol car available in the Indian market now?
Im looking to buy a 1993 Mercedes SEL600 v12 is this a good car?
I Need Help With The Wall in Cozumel!?
Buying a Used BMW 325ci?
Landrover freelander engine swop?
Whats the difference between two cars of the same model, from different years?
What do you all think of the Acura TSX? Worth the $30k?
if you had a choice which one would you choose from?
vw polo initial mileage?
do u like scions?
what is all the chatter? it only does it in 4WD?
whats your FAVE CARS?
The honda oddysey?
chrysler 2006 awd bolt pattern?
can anyone let me know if they find a 1969 charger or a 1970 challenger BODY?
My 2000 ford focus lx has a serious reverberating vibration as soon as its started.?
1990 eagle talon overdrive light comes on but no overdrive happening what could be causing this problem?
2000 volkswagen golf with cylinder 2 misfire detected what are possible causes?
1992 nissan sentra distributor issue?
Did GM make a drop top in 1974?
how to get more boost out of my turbo, But I don't have the money for any programs/mods. It's A VW GTI 1.8T
Is it possible to turbo charge a 2007 Mustang GT?
which was the maximum speed of ford F-350 truck diesel 6cyl 86HP 1965?
How do I find a 1980 Honda Civic hatchback?
2013 Shelby GT500 or 2013 Camaro Zl1?
What oil does a 2011 nissan versa use? (1.8 engine)?
Whats the difference in a 65 mustang and a new car ?
what drives edward site to win volvo wont load phase 6?
2008 dodge avenger sxt?
I have a gray 09 civic sedan, im wondering if i should get black or alloy rims. Suggestions please.?
1995 Chrysler LHS won't start? help?
does anyone what to buy a 85 ford mustang in kansas?
Can I find spare parts for old Bmw's in Florida?
1993 ford explorer 4x4 eddie bauer edition red book value?
camper for my vw beetle? What can I do?
What is the fuel capacity of a citroen piccaso 1.8 sx?
I'm trying to install a Kenwood KDC-MP238 radio in chrysler concorde lxi 1999?
98 dodge avenger 6 cyl starts but runs rough getting gas but could be injectors air noise some oil plugs front?
My 2008 Chrysler Pt Cruiser isn't shutting off all the way.?
How to make my 300c faster?
I just change the thermostat in my 99 toyota camry ran a few days then ran hot again?
where can i get a vw key made?
thinking about a used chevy trailblazer as my next vehicle?
2002 Chevy Impala: Driver Window is the only one that wont work, but other 3 will?
My 87 jeep cherokee 4.0 laredo stumbles on acceleration and over all has no power?
Is there a website where i can buy a custom flip key or switchblade key for a 2001 - 2005 chrysler sebring?
Where can I find the VIN # for a 1964 Chevrolet Impala SS 2door coupe it was assembled in Doraville,Georgia.?
Does anyone know where i can get a REAR DRIVER SIDE DOOR FOR MY 2002 PONTIAC SUNFIRE...i am having the hardest?
Which is better in terms of reliability and value for money, a C240 Sedan or C230 Coupe?
How can you tell the diffence between a 5.0L 305 V8 compared to a 5.7L 350 V8?
What would you prefer??
what are some gas saving facts?
1997 ford escort electronicle problem?
I have a 2001 audi tt quattro coupe....I changed the audio to kenwood top of the line exel.. 995?
Honda civic head lights not working?
Need a 4" or 6" suspension lift for 99 4x4 explorer where can i find one or what other lift would work?
Is 1970's Corvette a good starter car ?
Where is Ashley Denise Cochran, is she still in Jackson,Mich?
In terms of diesel trucks, who's the best?
Lately my 1998 Honda CR-V has been stalling at slow speeds or at a stoplight?
sway bar knocking and rattling when idle? 2004 rsx base model?
91 capri they have a stock blow-off valve if so where at?
My 2004 pontiac grand am wont crank or start but radio turns on?
Can anybody out there tell me how to identify a Vortec V-6 engine head? Or tell it from a '91 or older one?
I am looking for a Chevy 350 V8 Big block. Do you know where there are any that are used and in good shape ??
2006 Jeep Wrangler Shifting problems.?
Which Country Makes The Best Cars?
I have a 2004 Corvette and the front right tire is always low on air, but I find nothing wrong with the tire.?
Is there anything you cant do with a ap1 Honda S2000 that you can do with a ap2 s2000?
Would you rather have a 1968 corvette convertible with a 327 engine or a 1968 Camaro with a big block.?
The nissan altima 07 stock tires are r16 right?
Apa kelebihan dari ipad...?
The check engine light in my 91 honda Civic keeps coming on. What could be wrong???
chevy S10 with 383 V8?
Which of these cars are better:?
What all would I need to purchase to put a turbo on my 2001 Honda prelude ?
1998 Ford Explorer....a good buy?
How much would nice rims cost for a 2005 Impala?
Which car has more expensive maintence costs a 2008 Mazda 3 or a 2008 Honda Civic?
i want to buy a new car but i have 2 options thes550mb or the745 I bmw which one should i buy?
Is a 89 toyota pick up reliable?
i have a 1995 honda civic it turn on with out pushing the Clutch?
why is dom light flashing on ram 1500?
BMW M6 Help????????????????????
Honda Civic Si or Honda Accord?
What are all the counters on a corsa c 2004.?
Where can I find side window deflectors for my 1999 Subaru Outback Sport?
How much does it cost to replace rocker panels on a 9 Dodge Caravan??
You cant believe this...just answer!!!?
buying a used car - Accord or Audi?
in kumba lagan mercury in 11 house?
where is the scion made? is it north or south Korea?
Ford Escort, 2001 - should I buy it?
Where can i get a vw golf mk3 cab roof cover? And can i change 4 stud hubs to 5 studs?
Why wont my 2001 Prius start?
What's wrong with my 2001 Ford Escort??
How do I fix the washer fluid sprayer on my car?
What is the price of a Mazda RX7 FD3S?
what's the backspacing on a 2000 cherokee steel wheel?
1986 Nissan Sentra won't fire to start.?
What was the original price of a 1972 Chevy Camaro?
06 Chevy Impala does not cool outside air, only cools recirculated inside air?
peugeot 206 problems, gas pedal stays on even if not pressed?
Key stuck in ignition?
Will Hyundai ever be taken seriously in the luxury car market?
how long will a timing BELT last on a 90 toyota 3.0?
why won't my 2002 saab 9-5 2.3T start?
Citroen c3 won't start since replacing the battery , the battery light keeps flashing, no spark either!?
Do neon tetras get alon with all other tetras?
Who likes ford Ka's!?
I have a 1992 bronco with 5.0 in it, with a E40D transmission?
what is the cause of an intermittent fault on the speedometer of a renault kangoo van?
what does ext. stand for?
Help fitting a cable in an 06 Vauxhall Astra H?
Would The Purchase Of A Ford Focus Help With My ADD?
My 1997 Honda Accord showing "Maintenance required" light?
Is 160k miles good on a 95 Ford Mustang?
where is the multi cd changer in my 2004 bmw?
to make a panasonic in dash dvd work on 2000 opel stearing controls?
what is the bolt pattern for a 1995 yukon 2 door. 4x4,?
What size v8 is in this 2008 Chevrolet?
What is the difference between a supercharger and a turbocharger?
will a 20" rim fit on a 2012 fusion properly?
What is the firing order for a 2002 dodge dakota v6?
What is so bad about a Pontiac?
I am getting a gift of a Ford Escort 1.6, T Reg. What modifications can I do to it?
What car do you have and what modifications did you put in it?
Insurance for a 2010 Audi r8? How much?
BMW 328xi Coupe AWD and DSC malfunction help?
I am looking for a bmw luxuri hood emblem where can I find one it is a special edition?
is their any people in kerala who modify petrol car?
What cars look similar to a Chevrolet Corvette?
I am thinking about leasing a 2005/6 Chevy Silverado- is this a good idea?
My car does 29 miles per gallon - is this poor?
2012 passat have any problems?
I have gone to dealerships. I'm not a rich man, I don't have that kind money.?
how do i make a strawberry bananna smoothie?
What's better an Aventador or Gallardo Spyder?
VW golf transmission. does auto mean tiptronic?
What does a 1993 Chevy Concord look like?
I have a 1974 mercury capri with a bad roof and i was wondering where can i get a new one?
I have a chevy C1500 4x4 that is according to all papers. yet am told that is not possible. what on earth is?
real world mpg for the kia forte?
JDM chip for 2.5l Jetta?
1986 Honda Civic stalls when cold?
Screenshots for a Huawei Mercury?
1989 Jeep Cherokee oil cap problems?
did you have a problem with shifting at opel astra?
what would win a race 1/4 mile?
91 Nissan maxima, eng.temp gauge goes Normal to full high in 2 sec, back to normal Temp sensor replaced NG.?
Chrysler 300M tail light problem?
Forgot my password in Eclipse Flyff?
BMW M cars top speed and fun to drive?
i have had alot of problems with my car damm i LOVE my car its a ford 2006 what should i do it has been in the
how do i make my camaro louder for free?
Do you like this concept car from toyota?
My 2003 town and country is leaking red fluid..?
I have a 2001 Chevy Venture.After rains the drivers side floor is wet. Am looking for repair service bulletin?
Does anyone know anyone with 22" rims on a chevy blazer? If so how does it ride?
I have a 1990 dodge caravan 3 L and my water pump is leaking but i keep water in it and it hasnt over heated?
Subaru WRX with 200000 km's with no mods. Reliable or ready to die?
why my vauxhall astra 1.6 is consuming too much petrol e.g 21-23mpg.?
Is there a cam position sensor on a 1997 Mercury Sable?
need to find website for va trading post?
2003 toyota matrix problems!?
2002 VW Jetta 1.9 tdi question about a roll back/slow start/kick when first taking off after immediately ...?
Would an automatic jeep be more money then a stick?
why do I get cramps in my toes, they try to cross each other.?
need to remove the right window on my 56 chevy pick up?
I want to make my 1996 ford ranger FAST!?
Jeep 4 door questions?
What do people think of GMC Sierra trucks?
where do i get a double din for a 1996 mercedes e320 or what can i do to meke my single din to a double din?
1995 Chrysler Cirrus having problems?
VW Passat 2003 blown head gasket?
I am thinking of buying a 2000/01 S-class Mercedes, is this a good buy?
What parts should i put in my 1990 honda accord ex?
how many miles between port allegany pa and linton indiana?
I have a 99' Toyaota 4runner llmited. What are good spark plugs that you recommend to get?
Honda Civic 1.6 SR Vtec (1996-7) Engine Problem, bad pick up?
I have a 2008 chevy silverado crew cab with a 5.8 bed what fiberglass cap is interchangeable?
Any known problems with the jeep liberty diesel?
91 Cherokee blinker doesn't work?
diamond kote peeling off truck?
How do you repair a front pump leak in the transmission on a 1999 v6 mustang?
96 Lincoln Towncar, Door Keypad, Roll Down Windows?
2001 Pontiac Sunfire Glove Compartment problem involving reassembly. Can someone take a photo of theirs?
Is it possible to install a cruise control system in a subaru impreza 98 wagon?
how to take catalytic converter off 2002 gmc 2500 hd?
Estimate on price to turbo and forge 1997 honda civic D16y8?
what makes my car make noise ?
1999 Cavalier Caval Coupe Shifting Issues. Advice?
can you find for me a retailer for exhausts to fit my pt cruiser in england thanks?
Audi TT or Peugeot 307cc ?
Can a 1985 Toyota Pickup 4X4 straight axle fit on a 1988 Toyota Pickup 4X4?
i fancy a PT cruiser?
Is there any difference in the 2007 mercedes e350 than the 2008 mercedes e350?
1997 nissan altima heater fan works on high only?
Which would u choose and why...Toyota Yaris 1.3L or a Nissan Tiida 1.6L?
I want to buy an AMERICAN car, but I drive a JAPANESE one, is it really OK to do so ?
what is the compatible number for: A0275450132?
whats the most unreliable car ever?
how do i know if my 1990 jeep cherokeehas keyless entry relay wires?
Where is the computer plug on 2008 grand vitara?
who invetted motorcycle?
where can I find custom wheel for a 1985 ford crown victoria?
If you could buy a corvette would you?
how do I find original pictures on ebay for a car I bought in april do I do archive?
Antique Dodge Brothers light shade?
Can someone diagnose this problem for my 95 Chrysler Cirrus?
Chevrolet caveleir 1996?
How do I remove a dent from the front bumper of my new 2007 Toyota Camry??
what is the tallest tires i can fit on a 2003 dodge with a 6'' fabtech lift.?
theoretically, how many hp will a chevy small block 400 bored .030 with dome top pistons +mild cam produce?
Will I look gay driving a 2000 Ford Escort?
which one looks better mercedes or bmw?
What do you think of the new design of the Camero?
what is the model of trans in a 1955 t-bird with the small v8 292cid?
Tips on how to throw a curve ball in dodge ball.?
Will 4th generation Pontiac Firebird front and rear seats bolt down in 3rd generation? without adjustments.?
What's the bolt pattern for a nissan frontier 2006??
what is the name of the color for a 1965 ford galaixie 500 when it says h in the color code?
who thinks ford and pontiac are the best cars?
how do you know if you have a bad wheel bearing?
Camaro Iroc Engine Swap?
where can I get a TRD upgrade kit for my 2012 scion tc ?
How much does horsepower does a regular Corvette have 2003 ?
What is the difference between a Ford Mystique and a Ford Contour?both have the same design but different name
Does anyone know where i can buy pictures of the michelin pilot escort cosworth rally car?
What kind of car do you all drive?
what is the biggest size rim that will fit on my 1998 lexus ls400?
Help I'm Blonde and i cant get my car to start?
Headlight bulb issues with my mk1 ford focus?
how to install a windsheild on a camaro?
My van wont stay running when u have it in gear? 93 plymouth voyager van?
I found a 1999 528i BMW with 231,200 miles should I buy the seller is asking $2,600 US?
Identifying Audi a3 common oil problem.?
What does DRP occurred mean?
Which Car is more reliable? A toyota corolla or ford taurus.?
1998 Pontiac Sunfire 2.4L MAF Location?
In what city and country was the 1999 VW Beetle Bug built?
need info about jeep wrangler 1994, anything. website.....?
2012 BMW 335i Headlight bulb?
New car, 2013 Hyundai Sonata Limited or 2013 Kia Optima EX?
Ferrari or lamborghini?
what are the good things about a fourwheeler?
is a nissan altima a compact car or a economy car?
My 1997 Honda accord lx 2.2 non vtech won't start ?
how to change the timing belt on a 97 toyota hilux 2.8 diesel?
Should I buy a 1996 Neon with a Motor knock?
When is the c7 coming out?
Who makes BMW?
What causes power steering fluid to leak?
how do you change your e mail name?
I am like a really wierd indie/earthy person and want a hybrid car should I get a solar powered car?
What is your favorite car?
How to active bluetooth in BMW 530i 2004?
Freeze plugs on a 97' mustang v6.?
Ford Mustang VS. Chevy Corvette?
Lately my 1998 Honda CR-V has been stalling at slow speeds or at a stoplight?
What's good good looking mud tires for Chevy s10?
How do I find a 1980 Honda Civic hatchback?
How much is a 2001 mercedes m-class ML320 worth?
1982 chevy has no sound system?
Pt 141 does it really work to make weman horny?
What is the name of this pulley on a 1994 Chevy S10 Pickup?
windows foggin up bad in my truck?
Can a cop give you a ticket on private property,he flashes his lights after you turn onto property?
Should I replace a distributor on a '95 Nissan Altima?
1996 Cavalier - please help! :-)?
other than the motor tht is in it. is there a cheaper motor i canput in my 2003 dodge stratus?
what type of a/c relay do need for a 1997 honda accord?
Would you buy a 2010 Toyota Highlander right now?
(easy poll) What's your favorite car company?
What kind of springs does a 1988 Ford Bronco 2 have in the suspension system?
Infiniti G35?
V-8 Swap kit for my 2004 dodge dakota 3.7L 4x4 manual trans?
information on gmc air bags that did not go off in major truck reck?
Who likes fords?
Ladies!!!!, would you go out with a guy that has a jeep grand cherokee, or a mitsubishi eclipse?
Why is it that people who buy the crappy new V6 Mustangs try and make them look cool?
Can anyone give me sports model Audi that will beat a Mustang and possibly a Corvette?
Cummins or Duramax..and WHY!?
1994 Chevrolet silverado won't start?
My truck won’t pass CA emissions inspection! 2002/GMC Sierra. test says i have a defective fuel sensor?
is a maxima a full size sedan?
Peugeot 207cc GTI Turbo Convertable steering?
i have honda 400 ex that wont start?
I would like to know how to define the engine flash codes on a 1993 F150 ford truck.5.0 engine.Thanks Jimmy?
1996 Ford Taurus idle jumps up and down (shakes the entire car) only when starting warm?
Anyone know where in Los Angeles I can finance a good car with bad credit?
2008 dodge nitro heating problem?
Did you ever own a Pontiac and what model was it?
why does my gmc s15 make a buzzing sound?
is the New Tundra worth it?
i would like to know, were on the 1991 honda accord is the fuel filter located?
Who designed the VW Beetle and the engine?
What kind opf alarm car do you recommend, easy to use, install, perform for a suv tiptronic HYUNDAI 2003.?
how can i make steering in rear?
What kind of car is the best American or Japanese?
Will a Cold Air Intake from a 2004 Pontiac Grand Am V6 fit on a Pontiac Grand Am with the 2.2 Ecotec engine?
Does anyone know if a 1967 Dodge Charger came with a 440 engine.?
do parts from a 1993 Lincoln towncar interchange with 1990 Lincoln towncar?
Ignition Cylinder Honda Prelude?
Loud squeeling noise coming from my 1995 EG Civic?
s10 wont start help!!?
New base V6 model or used Premium V6 model Mustang?
Is Volvo vnl64t610 good?
What are the specs on the batteries on a 6.0l power stroke in a ford f250?
ever feel that you where born to drive audi?
what do the letters BMW stand for?
Is there a store in Wichita,KS where I could maybe buy a military jeep?
ignition switch on 1994 merc tracer, there is a switch behind the tumbler assm. what is it called? any ideas,?
Anyone know where to find a bench seat for a 1988 chevy truck. It has bucket seats but I want a bench seat.?
Why do kids who drive Civics think they are driving race cars?
2002 Ford Taurus Electric Not Working?
Why doesn't my odometer work on my 96 Honda accord?
what can i buy with 10 dollers?
I have a 1995 jeep wrangler 4 cylinder mt that will not start have changed computer. It doesn't pickup asd.
Do you know the meaning for BMW (those beautiful cars) ?
I am planning to buy a 2007 prius package #5 or #6, where can i get the best deal, how could i get the best de
how many gallons of gasoline does a 89 porsche 911 hold?
Are Hyundai cars really that bad?
test fog lights 2005 c240?
whats the better sports car, a ferrari or a porsche?
what is the lb rating on vg30e injector?
My 2003 ford explorer A/C unit works, but the heater doesn't blow hot air. Any ideas what could be wrong?
1997 jeep cherokee SYE?
My whst dose it mean when oil is all o the spark plugs of a 1996 honda accord?
Pontiac or Honda???????????
How to install an HKS turbo timer in an 05 sti?
Where does this wire go?
What does R/T mean on a Dodge Stratus?
Are the Ford Crown Victoria and the Toyota Crown related?
I want to buy a Lancer Evolution IX but have questions and cant decide between the evo IX and the X?
How can i find out how many miles to the gallon my car averages?
First Car?
What are the best tires I can use on a 2007 Altima Hybrid?
When will Mitsubishi release their new Lancer? ?
which is best - Honda civic or accord?
2004 350z 5th gear grind? ?
How do I find out what year my chevy th350 transmission is ?
does any one know where i can get a free vin check or can some one do it for me?
1970 Cutlass or 1970 C10?
Can you put the back seats down in a 2005 mitsubishi lancer es?
which is better BMW X5 or X3?
Which car is better and why? BMW, Lexus or Mercedes?
how do i find the year of a nissan sentra by the serial number?
kia rio or suzuki swift glx?
where is the scion made? is it north or south Korea?
Can the wires be switched on the power windows panel of a 2005 Tarus?
Where is the termostat on 04 ford focus?
How reliable are 1994 Chevy Corsica's?
is it 2007 or 2008? I knoe blonde moment but im totally serious?
Does anyone know where I can find a 1996 to 1999 right hand drive Subaru Legacy for delivering the mail?
how much does it cost to insure a 1932 ford roadster?
pontiac trans sport 1996?
How to turn 2013 Dodge Ram Touch screen radio off.?
i need to ask some questions about my dodge neon! any mechanics or people that are good with tuner cars lol?
Whats the differance between audi tt of 2000,2001,2002, and 2003?
2000 mustang v6 insurance?
What kind of car should I get???
I have a 1998 Dodge Durango and the check gages light just came on, what might be the problem?
what fuse # is the cargo light on a 05 ford lariat?
I have a 93 GMC Sonoma is it possible to drive it when a synchronizer goes out, maybe by double clutching??
1973 Super Beetle. Alternator light comes on stays on. Can jump car but if car dies, cannot restart. Help!?
how many miles can i expect to get from my 2001 1.1l saxo?
My '04 Chevy truck is running hot why is this happening?
How to remove haze on my car windscreen?
What is the best car in the world now?
suzuki verona won't start?
Would I have a problem fitting 18 inch rims on a 2003 Toyota Corolla?
How do I run a battery in the boot of my Nissan 180sx?
performance chip or other perfoemance parts 07 taurus?
99 vw beetle coolant problem?
How long has an original clutch on a Honda Accord lasted?
What is preferred to as a heated mirror on a car???
99 volkswagen jetta flipkey help?
how much horse power does a nissan s13 have?
which car do u like?
1986 Toyota Celica GT?
describe some of the smart car features.?
Jeep Grand Cherokee V8. Good Buy?
I have 1998 savana 2500 runnimg rough?
What type of rotors (brake) does the 1997 Ford F250 HD have ??
1969 dodge charger?
Why is the air conditioner on my 2003 ford mondeo facelift work only 5 minutes then blow warm air ?
Should I spend £30k on a new Alfa Romeo Spider?
I have a chrysler LHS 2001 that the stering wheel locked and won't budge.?
my ABS light is on on my 93 camry what is my problem?
How fast does a volvo 2002 s60 go? are they fast?
honda civic mirrors and acura integra mirrors?
2011 Honda Accord 4cyl Engine Coolant?
i have 2003 chevy 2500 hd with a 6" lift and 35" tires?
Is driving a BMW really worth it?
hey i have a 77 ford stepside supercab?
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