How can I make my 2000 grand cherokee limited 4.7L v8 faster?
are all ford high boys (70-77.5) a manual transmition?
Need advice on a 2002 ford focus 2.0 motor replace?
how to fix heat on a suzki xl7 2008?
94 saturn DOHC making a knocking noise, can it be something besides a rod?
How long do you think my 1998 Toyota Corolla will last?
How much faster can the scion frs get with aftermarket put into it ?
what engine shoul I put in a 69 coupe mustang?
when the clutch is released in neutral rattling occurs, anyone got advice?
Tint question?
My vauxhall zafira has a rattle between 1800-2200 revs? anyone know?
who manufactured the 4 cylinder engines for 2002 chrysler sebring?
should we get our daughter a bmw?
Which car is better? BMW M5 Or 550I?
Which one of these cars should i go for?
where can I find after market stuff for my Audi A6?
Does anyone know what the "G" stands for in the Pontiac G series cars?
Can the Honda Jazz/Fit run on regular unleaded 88 octane gasoline?
Are their Xenon headlights that fit 2005 accord?
2000 ford F-150? driver side leans down about a inch from the orher si?
are there any cars that cost about $400?
1998 Mercury Sable? A few questions...?
i have a 95 honda passport,it needs a transmission,what will interchange with it an what year of isuzu rodeo?
If I sell my old car, do I remove the old license plate and place it on my brand new car?
How do I go through winter with a soft top for Jeep?
Hi I have a Holden vn witch is loosing water But there are NO leeks and No water out the exhaust.?
why is there a buyback on cars?
what is the best toyota or hundai ?
how do i change the time on the stereo in a toyota echo?
Can you make a classic vw engine sound like a Harley?
1976 dodge power wagon shocks?
VW beetle. Should i buy it?
What does every one have against American cars?
Will a civic work in Minnesota?
what may be causing my instruments to not work(speedometer, tach, gas gauge, windows)?
Is it easy to program my alarm remote for my 2004 Acura tl?
What do people have to say about nissan sentras.?
I was in a car accident & my air bags did not diploy!!?
should i drive with the overdrive on or off, in the city in a big v8 Crown Vic?
Turbo for mk4 astra 1.6 16v?
Is Volvo vnl64t430good?
Questions about a 2012 Ford F 150?
Info about Mercedes-Benz?
how do i remove back cover of 6x9's in a 2000 impala?
transmission or torque converter on 1983 dodge ram charger 4x4?
1971 Fiat 124 Sport Coupe?
how do you disable alarm on mitsubishi montero?
1986 Honda Civic gas?
Can a 2003 to 2006 Buick Park Avenue Radio work in a Chevrolet Impala?
How can I get an auto report from the USA of my old car which imported from the USA?
گربن کارت من اعتبارش در سال 2005 تمام شده چه کار میتوانم بکنم؟?
06 Accord Transmission Leaking?
Should i get a 1995 Audi S6?
Pulsar 180 milage in city?
i put diesel in my ford escort instead of unleaded,whats the best way to sort this out and will the car run ok
what do the computer box do in the mitsubishi galant?
Will a 00 or 03 ford focus driver seat fit on a 06 model?
how to unlock the smart car engine ?
Without breaking a window or kicking it, how do i test if my car alarm is working?
Who has heard of Ford's new concept vehicle the Super Chief? What do you think of it??
Question on Mazda 6..?
What's a good site for used car's in Texas?
My convertible top will not work on my Chrysler Crossfire?
is crx nicer tha a del sol?
Why did they stop selling fiats in America?
in the act can you drive a wrx on your p plates?
I have a 2000 Nissan Altima and it overheats when I drive it and shuts off. It cools down when the air is on.?
Kia optima 09 question?
If you were dying in a lift would you press the up button?
no heat in car radiator full?
2000 Dodge Neon Wont stop alarming or beeping!?
98 dodge oil pressure gauge?
Which Jeep Is The Best Buy?
how many miles can a ford mondeo do before my engine will blow up?
is there a trailer hitch on the 2001 dodge stratus SE?
How much do you think my 1993 Toyota Tercel is worth?
American or Japanese Car?
How many miles does a Mustang get?
Nissan UD 1400 boxtruck transmssion problem plzz help ?
how to replace a 2003 mercury sable lighter port?
گربن کارت من اعتبارش در سال 2005 تمام شده چه کار میتوانم بکنم؟?
Concerned about gas milage?
2002 ford escape wont start. replaced fuel pump.?
where can I order 1999 Ford Taurus SE battery cables, my cables are totally corroded & car won't start,?
How many people can be seated in a Hummer H1?
does a 94 3.8lr motor work with a 95 ford mustang?
What car screams -- Successful young professional?
how much would payments be for a used wrx?
Does a rebuilt engine for a 1990 Mercedes-Benz 300se, boost the blue book value?
Ford contour auto start questions?
Toyota Supra... what is the difference between MA70 and 7MGTE?
yes it runs fine when you manualy turn it off?
Help with old Ford warrenty badge codes.?
honda crv 2001 gt has ping ping ping sound when I start up and noise disappears at higher acceleration help?
What to add to make a 2010 Mustang GT louder & more aggressive?
What is a 1957 "Dual Ghia" convertable and where is it made? Any other Info you know about it? Serial No. 105
i am looking for recalls on 1998 chevy cavalier?
What do you think of Mercedes E class?
I would like to know from someone who owns or has accurate knowledge of a 1998 Ford Explorer (Eddie Bauer 4x4)?
Mitsubishi Eclipse shift hanging?
Dodge vs ford?
Aftermarket 03 hyundai tiburon?
In your opinion, which car do you think is better in style?
at what mph should my toyota corolla 2009 shift?
Price to rebuild/replace a mopar engine?
Clifford Responder LE 3.3x remote start not working.?
a good way to sabotage a 07 eclipse?
where can I find an exterior door handle for a 1988 Chevy Spectrum?
Is a '91 Camaro reliable?
98 gand am signal, brake, and daylight running lights dont work?
I need help.. i can't afford a 911 twin turbo porchse?
I have a Ford Taurus 3.4 sho v-8 engine. I want to put it in a dune buggy. How would I program the computer?
Engine troubles ford explorer V6 4.0 sohc please help?
What is the average price to change my timing belt on a 98 Honda accord?
Any opinions on Crown Auto Sales in Belfair, WA?
what is a TCCL censor for a chrysler Concorde 2002?
Will anyone help me with the Volvo treasure hunt?
What is the life span of a rebuilt Ford transmission?
How to set oil light on toyota highlander 2007 model?
1995-1999 sentra motor?
looking for a new 1g 6 bolt turbo engine for a 2g gst? jdm engines?
Ford ranger question?
my fuel gauge on my 1990 wrangler is not working showing past full mark?
I have a 2002 nissan altima?
Stinger Hoop brush guard?
Can Tatas compete for long with international car makers with such low quality cars like Indica / Indigo?
where is the brake switch located on the 04 neon?
1979 Holden VB Commodore SL?
how do i fill coolant in a 2000 vw vr6?
I have 2003 ford f150 a get trouble code po171 and po174 can you help me why?
is it just me or are ford's a big head ache? Fix Or Repair Daily(FORD)?
what type of ignition does the Ford Fiesta have?
BMW or Mercedes? Which do you prefer?
what kind of gas does a 1996 ford taurus sho take?
What car had the lotus suspension but wasn't a lotus?
why aren't porsches aerodynamic?
What MPG expected for 2002 Dodge 2500 V-10 pickup?
My son needs to know what corvette used to like in 1955 to 2010 can someone help me?
i need a pharagraph about cars like who envended them,how long hav they been in use etc.just a little one help
why does the overdrive go out in an aod transmission?ihave two 88 town cars with no overdrive?
Lights on dash of 2001 Impala do not work?
Start/Stall problems 99 Durango?
1998 500SL soft top problem?
Does anyone know where I might get a picture of a 1955 chevy 4 door green/white ?
If i lift my truck 4 inches will i have to get new driveshafts? 1994 Chevy K1500 4WD?
how do i find out the value of my 1987 ford ranger?
what's the labor rate on a fuel pump in the gas tank of a 1990 Pontianc Bonneville?
Is Mazda foreign or American? who owns Mazda?
what could cause 2001chevy cavalier not to crank when it runs out of gas and you put gas in it?
How can i beef up my tranny in my 2006 nissan maxima sl?
`im looking for a "black wrangler jeep" to hire for6 days in ibiza from the 1st of june till the 6th
What are motor mounts.?
ferrari is better or porche why?
what car is nicer?
What is the speaker size for the front and back door speakers in the 2009 Nissan Altima 2.5s?
Where to find a replacement seatbelt for a Mustang?
Just bought a suburban. Need help, think the transmission is slipping?
2002 Toyota Camry Stereo Help?
what would be the best colour?
Trans Am or Firebird?
the eclipse is today I live in orange county, how can i see it without blinding?
how do I get the code stereo of renault scenic?
I have 1997 FORD CONTOUR and when i turn on heater or head lights is starts missing and car stops running?
1997 eclipse gst firing only on 1 and 4 need help?
Are Ford trucks reliable?
What type of fuel system does the audi RS5 coupé have?
Dodge stealth vs. 3000gt?
Whats everyone's Favorite Car?
What does this exhaust peace do?
tips on pimpin my Jeep Wrangler?
4-wheel drive on Expeditions?
My truck cranks but won't start?
What do you think of a 2010 V6 mustang for a girl?
2003 ford Taurus sel check transaxle light on and receiving these code what should I do p0750 p0760?
How much would it cost to supercharge a mustang?
cost to replace 1999 lincoln town car engine-cartier model?
Where can i get good, but used altezza taillights for my 1998 Dodge Neon?
Anybody has any comments about used 2004/2005 Chrysler Pacifica?
2001 Honda Accord Fuel Leak?
Is mahindra duro dz rune by diesel?
How do you know if the MAP sensor in a 1996 Ford Probe GT is bad?
Taurus has knocking problem?
where is the gearbox on a ford escort?
best type of halo headlights for 2002 acura rsx?
BMW or Mercedes what is better in a 300 series vs Mercedes?
What is the best american car maker?
I have a 96 chrysler lhs and i went to pull off just a min ago and it would not drift off like it normally ?
what cars are similar (style) to the honda civic Second Gen (1981)?
My VW touran passenger front door will not unlock. Can I remove the trim with the door still locked?
What would you buy and why: A Toyota Prius or Nissan Altima Hybrid?
which it is for you the best sport car?
how much is a stock 1972 ford f100 ranger xlt?
Is a 98 chevy silverado 1500 reliable?
my car is moving slow even when i'm speeding?
mustang question?
application form for land rover/jaguar.. anyone help?
I want some facts about the toyota supra 1993-1998?
What car should I get a Jeep Wrangler or a other type of car?
what's your favorite kind of porsche?
My husband wants to get my 14 year old daughter a jeep wrangler?
2004 Honda Civic ????? What Model is....?
wat is the most coolest looking car u've ever seen?
Is my 2000 ford focus fuel pump or fuel injector bad?
What classic car have you wanted since you were a kid?
1973 mg midget steering column?
what is ur favorite exotic car?
What is the make & model of this truck?
how do u steal a cutlass?
Is purple Chrysler Sebring generally a chick car or can men drive it without being tagged gay?
Largest tire size on a 1996 tacoma 4x4?
Why does my 1989 Jeep Cherokee's front wheels wobble after I hit a bump at 55+ MPH?
Whats the difference between a Golf TDI COMFORTLINE and a Golf TDI TRENDLINE?
93 prelude vtec suped up rims body kit are 04 rx8 I have to choose help please?
Where can I find a wiring diagram for a 1999 buick ultra park avenue for free?
rear transmission seal on 1999 4WD chevy suburban?
Lifespan of a Honda civic?
is the 1976 mustang cobra called the cobra II?
Where To Buy VW Touareg 3.6L Cylinder Block help!!!!!!?
mlp sensor?on a E40D transmission?
What does it mean when your Nissan Sentra says engine check soon?
Over Exaggerated speedometers?
Can someone please tell me what kind of vehicle this is?
Does anyone know where i can get a new front Number Plate from?
1968 mustang auto-manual swap?
What size speakers can i put in my 2000 dodge durango?
where can I get clip-art of antique automotive headlights?
where can I buy a Monte Carlo LS front end in LOS ANGELES?
The Volkswagen Touareg shares the same platform as the Porsche Cayenne? Because there are many similarities, b?
my toyota celica value?
how do i change the front blinker on my 1999 honda accord?
What is the fastest I can go without traveling backwards in time?
How much is a new heater core for a 99 mercury sable?
How can I upgrade the firmware for my Scion XB stereo?
Display Qustion In The Mercedes GL 420?
I am searching for a new Dodge Grand Caravan SXT 2006/ in Akron, Ohio preferably black in exterior color.?
Where to find a 1950 Mercury body for sale in the uk?
1998 2.5l ford ranger?
What dose SUV actually means, I forgot?!?
what is the 411 on leasing a high end vehicle (mercedes)(cadillac), vs. purchase of same?
Question about the Nissan Altima Coupe?
Do you think these tata's are cute? (pict included)?
How long can a Ford Escort last?
Daihatsu Sirion?
Is it me or is the 2010 mustang ugly?
DIY Wanted: Removing 1998 Jetta MKIII Dash Removal.?
how many 04 ford mustangs were built in the color Screanin Yellow.?
removal of hub assembly on 96 dodge 2500 4x4?
I just bought a 2008 ford focus, blue. Is this a chick car?
whether it is good to purchase maruti swift vxi model car?
I don't know how to drive a manual transmission car.?
Where can i rent a Mazda Miata in MA, CT, RI or NY?
The Honda Civic Sedan 2011?
how to fix cigarette lighter in 1995 ford explorer?
Honda nerds and techs?
how to fix a dissel ford truck?
should i swap corsa for punto???????
Pug 106gti brake sensors?
i live in manitoba. i'm thinking of purchasing a 2006 sienna xle from the usa.?
1995 Camaro with a 350 engine has an ABS code 95. What does that mean?
Ford five hundred transmission problems?
What engine swap would be best for a 1988 Integra RS?
What do you think of this car?
Help with 2000 Honda Accord?
Are v6 mustangs good on gas? ?
can you Install a cold air intake in a Celica GT?
which is a better car ferrari or lamborghini?
Please Help!! Ford Escort?
Is buying a honda civic NEW a good investment?
What is your favorite year Dodge Charger, for design and asthetics, NOT SPEED?
I really want a Mercedes. What are the pro's and con's? Is it worth all the heartache?
1987-1992 camaro v6............?
what is the difference between a 1990 acura integra RS to an LS?
How much would an impreza wrx sti insurance cost at the age of a 21 year old citizen?
aftermarket parts for 2007 trx250ex?
location of iat for 1991 toyota camry v6?
dose anyone no or have a wiring diagram for a 86 honda 200 atv 4 stroke?
Are Korean cars one of the cheapest cars in N.America Market on average...??!?
04 Acura TSX Overheating ?
Looking for a good independent mechanic specializing in VW in Southeastern MA, any ideas?
Ford Escort indicator stalk hot when lights are on...?
torn between scion tc or vw gti?
How many quarts of oil does a 2000 saab 93 2.0 turbo take?
Any websites for cold air intake for honda odyssey?
Is the Audi 2.7L same as Q7? Do all 2.7L have air bags that raise 4"? Towing Capacity?
my daughter wants a 1970 Cadillac Deville to fix up does anyone know where to get one?
which one has the most interior space and boot space the landrover discovery 3 or range rover sport?
Can I put hubcaps on my Mazda 626 from years other than what it is, as long as they are the same size? 14"
where can i find a fiber glass shop in mo? for auto parts.?
What is your favorite car make?
my vauxhall astra is juddering and is loosing power although the revs are up. why?
Scorpio, difficult? ?
where do you pour the transmission fluid in a 1998 chevrolet cavalier?
is an audi tt good for a first car?
what are the pros and cons of a '75 jeep truck?
Should i buy a audi tt or a Honda 2000???
My rear hatch door does not open with the key or the keysless system. It is a 1999 Town & Country?
Hello All, I need help finding the fuel pump or fuel filter on my 1985 Porsche 928?
I am thinking of buying an eclipse for my gf... prob. 1997-2000. what to expect?
Where to mount tow hooks?
Is it possible to change a chevelle malibu a Super Sport?
HONDA CIVIC tour? (please help?
Are Volkswagon Golfs good cars?
What new models is Lexus introducing in 2007?
99 jeep cherokee wheel hopping?
where can i find a set of new rear tail lights for a 91 chevy camaro?
What do I do about carbon build up on a honda civic?
A car is just a car right?
why do people respond to questions to which they obviously do not know the answer?
what kind of motors would do good in my nsx?
should I buy an audi 4 or bmw 3?
Whats the difference between a Infiniti G37 coupe journey and the G37S coupe?
What do you think about the new shape Subaru Impreza?
Scion tc. 07,08,09? What are theyre prices and differences?
Does anybody know where I can find breakdown diagrams for a 350 chevy motor.?
My boyfriend is buying a new Honda S2000. Is it comfy for passengers?
7.3L IDI information?
Why wont the fans in my VW jetta work?
Should the C7 Corvette bring back the flip up head lights?
how can i find savage honda odessey cars?
2001 kia optima making a louder noise when accelerating?
How can i put the saab 900 convertible top down by hand?.........?
i have 89 ford f150 300 cu in dual tanks front tank gas was flowing out whats the problem?
Wipers for a 2009 Pontiac g6???HELP?
How much would it cost to repair the back window of a 2009 Mazda RX-8 model?
1997 Firebird Formula $4500 good buy yes or no?
What engine has more horsepower a LT1 or LS1?
How much is my Jeep worth?
speed sensor on 2000 ford ranger.?
Where can I find the current Chrysler Jeep financing and rebate incentives?
my 04 trailblazer shuts off when idle?
Problem w/ '89 Chevy pickup w/ 305 v8?
How can I id my chevy small block?
Hi i have a 1999 grand marquis
how do you change your e mail name?
What do you think about the Scion xB?
Is it possible to download an owner's manual for my new ML350?
2001 ford focus sohc split port does not start?
i need to know why my car won't start. When I turn the key there is a fast rachet type noise.?
my truck shut down with cod 128s254 07?
Passenger Airbag in RHD 300ZX?
prices 2006 chrysler pacifica?
Does the 2008 Nissan Altima 2.5 S w/SL package come with Bluetooth Hands-free Phone System?
How do you program a car remote for a 1996 ford contour?
Vauxhall astra 1.4 loosing water (HELP)?
How do I access the Passenger side Central Locking wires on a 2003 Renault Clio?
3S AWD help...?
cost of bmw 750hl?
how to down load mpg gas app from android cell phone to 99 ranger truck computer?
2000 chrysler cirrus lxi v6 wont start no spark please help!!!?
Which is better Lexus or Infiniti?
My 98 dodge neon is smoking, no sure what it is!?
would a 02 lancer be good tuner?
importing equivalent of chevrolet caprice?
Where is the Electronic Control Unit Port on a 94 Plymouth Voyger?
1994 licoln towncar..traveling from Phx to Mi?
Loss of power on a 2.0 petrol VW T4 92 Caravelle/Transporter?
94-97 f22b motor OBD I OR OBD II ?
Jetta gear shifter is stuck!?
1990 jeep wrangler, straight 6 cly. Changed the water pump and now it overheats with the thermostat installed.
Where are the specs?
92 honda civic power steering?
Will I go faster If the ECT SNOW button on my moms Toyota Highlander?
Truck heater core/heater question?
where is a good site to find out about early model ford cars 1928 - 1934 what were the differances in them?
toyota tacoma questions?
Subaru question regarding AWD?
transmission Help on a 87' Rx-7?
Can i put a 1999 Chevrolet Suburban Transmission and transfer case on a 96 Chevy Tahoe?
Will I go faster If the ECT SNOW button on my moms Toyota Highlander?
How much mileage can I get out of a BMW 325xi if I take good care of it?
Your opinion abot Toyota Yaris and the rivals?
Does anyone have a diagram of a Ford Fiesta Zetec 1.25 Serpentine belt routing?
what cherokees came with the AX5 transmission?
Bugatti or lamborghini ?
honda vs girlfriend issues???
What country are Volvo'sfrom?
Why does Ford suck now ?
How many miles should I go before I need to get the oil changed?
Why aren't the speakers on the right side of my 2009 Audi A6 work?
looking for class mates of mercedes tx?1984?
Reflash a genesis coupe?
Help with my car. 2001 Mitsubishi Diamante?
Why can't you be a real man and drive a chevy truck?
1991 Ford Ranger ext cab, button atop 4 WD control unit behind jumpseat?
I have a 2001 Honda Accord EX and I need help...?
Anyone knows what's the 'SAMAND LX'?
I keep shredding tyres on my BMW M3.?
what can you say about the new 2006 toyota rav4?
2004 mazda rx-8 engine problems?
How much will it cost to replace a windshield on a 1997 mazda Millenia?
Where can i find a 1993 or 1995 toyota mr2 in myrtle beach,sc?
okay i live in australia (perth) i am going to turn 16 soon i want to buy a sport car?
would i be right in saying that mercedes have a better build quality than BMW.?
Honda civic J swap question.?
Whats up with my 2001 v6 mustang?
Which was the worst year for the Mustang?
Is putting a procharger on a 2006 ford mustang V6 worth the money and cost in mods in engine?
How much to fix starter on '97 Honda Accord coupe?
Baterry size for a nissan sentra 2006?
will a th350 work with my 350tbi in my 87 2dr 2wd?
what is the price of Mahindra XUV 500 in Kolkata?
Dodge Ram 1500 Shocks?
Which is a better brand... Lexus or Mercedes?
which is best for salarys Marine Engg or Automotive Engg(Audi)?
What do you think of the new Dodge Caliber?
Is it better to do your driving test and theory test at the same time or do the theory first?
Did VW ever produce a manual shift 4motion Passat wagon in North America?
how many gallons of gasoline does a 89 porsche 911 hold?
I am looking for an old Jeep Cherokee chief?
Define German, Japanese and American cars each in one word?
Renault Clio - Cars revving up and down and ticking noise (Electric Fault Light)?
do u all think they should of made knight rider a up dated Trans AM yes or no?
whitch super charger is the best?
Is there anyway to find out what year car you have by looking somewhere on the car?
Top 20-or-so luxury car brands you can think of?
will 235/60 r 16 bmw rims fit on a 1969 lincoln continental?
VW Beetle just for girls?
How much are my wheels/tires be worth?
what is 46 + 8976?
Ford explorer with idle issue.?
JDM head lights have no horizontal adjustment?
Peugeot 205 TD Websites?
im a girl and i have a question about a car......HELP PLEASE?
What is the difference between a 2010 Volkswagen GTI and a 2011 Volkswagen GTI?
by having legall emisions are u talking about o2 sensors>? and yes its isnt loud i have a quiet borla exhaus
How many miles per gallon does a 2004 chrysler 300 get?
Is it true that if u let your gas drop below a 1/4 tank that it could cause your fuel pump to explode?
who is going to miss the taurus? and why?
is the solenoid in the starter on a 2001 chrysler town and country?
auxilliary belt layout for renault laguna?
Fuel tank size in ford windstar?
Can I put a 454 Pontiac engine in a 69 Chevelle?
GMC sonoma 1993 dually automatic?
350z tachometer not working?
im about 2 buy a jeep CHEROKEE it has 202k mi. is that good milage 4 a jeep CHEROKEE r what?
what will i need to install a 2005 sti engine and trans in a 2004 wrx?
which non-hybrid car has more mileage?
i need to find a tribal art decal with skulls for a back winshield and it has to look rocked out.?
Is my car rear wheel drive I have been told it is but am not sure it's a skoda superb elegance 1.9tdi?
do you know the main companies that supply toyota parts to build their cars?
What color should I paint my car?
Corsa SRi and VXR differences...?
What's the best way to improve horsepower on a Mazda RX8?
1995 del sol si. steering wheel turns like a toy and the tires wont turn. HELP?
which was the maximum speed of mercury cougar eliminator 8cyl 290HP 1970?
i was wondering i had a 1993 honda cr 80 .. with a big bore kit how fast do u think it goes?
can I use the toyota sienna tires 215/65/16 in toyota camry which normally have 215/60/16 size tires?
2012 mustang gt roush super charger how muh of a diffrence?
Which do u think is better Dogde or Ford?
Toyota GT 86 or Subaru BRZ?
can you add a push button start to a dodge dart?
what store sells cargo netting for SUV roof top?
Identify this part on VW Golf IV PLEASE??
Do I have to be skilled to call 911 while my gas pedal has stuck causing me to go 90mph for 22 minutes without?
when to fill/refill transmission oil in corolla 1999?
I have a 1987 Chevy Pickup, need opinions?
Car factories in Spain?
Volvo- insurance costs and maintenance?
Grand Cherokee 5.2L All Track is overheating.?
what is the engine size of a 1998 grand am pontiac?
2003 bmw z4 2.5 central locking fuse keeps blowing and keys stop working. HELPPPPP!!!!!?
Should i buy a audi tt or a Honda 2000???
Turning signal is stuck on ..98 Eclipse?
What is the name of the song that Raphael Sadiq sings in the Toyta Prius commercial?
what is the worst way to die?
Does anyone have trouble code definitions for 91 honda accord ex?
Is a 16 year old with a fairly new Mercedes really stupid?
Do you think s2000 is a good car?
What feedback can you give about 2007 Toyota Camry?
which of these cars is much more suitable for me?
Can someone give me advice on my buicks AC system?
Which car you rather buy (New BRZ or Used 335i)?
What does FBMWSH stand for?
What does D.B. stand for on a Austin Martin DB5,7 or 9?
What type of Jaguar is the one used in the 'Double decker' challenge on top gear UK? (see link)?
What type of Gas goes in my 2005 Volkswagen Jetta?
can someone tell me how to change shift solenoids on a 1998 dodge grand caravan le and where is it located?
Honda Civic 1999 The car turns off by itself?
How do i put myconvertable top down manual on my 1990 500sel mercedes?
should get Unleaded or diesel toyota hilux 2004?
does anyone know u have to get your money back if your not happy with your car?
why isnt my aux working on my landrover lr3?
what is the general fuel consumption fo a polo playa 1.8 1999 model? Mine is 9 km/l?
is there a difference between the flywheel for a 1987 mustang and a 1982 mustang?
when is lexus financial year end?
how do you start car again 1992 acura vigor if factory alarm is activated and i dont have keless remote?
What kind of MPG does a 1993 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 get?
Which empty fuse spaces can i use in my civic 2010 to connect neon lights?
i was trying to put 22 inch rims on a 1993 maxima will they fit?
I have an Iridium Silver CLS 550 and want to tint the windows blue, where can I go in So. Cal?
Mitsubishi pajero io, free download manual?
Ford or CHEVROLET which do u prefer?
Clear code on a mercedes c 280 1998?
1990 Nissan 300ZX? Do or Don't?
How to fix a speedometer?
How do you remove stock radio from 2008 dodge dakota?
Toyota MR2 Bigger Engine Swap Project ?
why is my car's clutch slipping when the engine is cold?
Problem with My Ford IKON 1.6 ROCAM Petrol Car?
what is bmw japan specification?
Where can I find a VW New beetle for under 3000 ? I live in Ohio.?
pls.tell me if what is the fuel consumption of my mitsubishi space gear intercooler turbo deisel 4m40 engine?
Wheres the fuse box in ford 2006 freestar?
Ford or Chevy?
Can someone help me with my Altima?
90'honda accord,just make one click when trying to start?
is their any exhaust available for the 08 ranger?
I would like help identifying a car.?
My gas indicator is not workig in my Lexus LS400 what could be the problem?
whats a cooler first car bmw 3 series or bmw z4?
where can i locate auto auction sales in the United States of America?.?
what would cause plumes of white smoke to come from an 1981 VW van air cool engine happened twice today?
how do i find out the payoff on my truck?
Volkswagon Beetle NO BRAKES! Cant seem to fix it.?
Tire size for Jeep Wrangler with 3" lift....?
Where is the fuse for the horn in a 2001 Honda Accord LX?
What is the best Ford motor to beat a 04 Dodge with a 5.7 liter Hemi?
My 2002 honda civic's driver door wont lock?
1995 Nissan Sentra SL?
Does anyone else have these problems with Ford Taurus?
Abbrevation of BMW ?
which is better? Prelude 4th gen or Beetle?
what type of electric fuel pump do I buy for 1979 4wd toyota pickup?
Will the rear window glass from a 2000 Kia Sephia fit in a 2001 Kia Spectra?
How do you change the time on a 97 audi a6?
Is it true that Toyota makes the best vehicles?
where can i find a 1988 gmc S15 cyclone?
How can I create a virtual car?
whats faster a ferrari or a lamborgini?
small cars in the philippines?
My 98 saturn was smoking.?
Is the car at the end of the new "The Streets" video a porsche 968?
what does volvo stand for?
Hi...I lost my Mitsubishi car model no is triton 2x2?
1989 240 Volvo help!?
Does anybody know the MPG for Jetta 2.5 L?
My 2005 beetle turbo has trouble starting in the cold, and i live in Az. has anyone else had this problem?
1.6l,1.8l is written in back side of the car what does that mean?
What is the best way to change the fuel pump on a 97 ford 7.3 diesel?
How do I relpace the light for the shift console on a 1998 Ford Escort Automatic?
Why does Ford make such lousy cars ?
WOULD THESE rims fit my jeep ( new link)?
I purchased a car through Finance in England and now cannot get response from seller/agent an no car yet
What is the name of this car?
I have a 03 ford ranger, my check engine light came on, i bought code reader and i produced a read of : p2004 ?
GT500. Getting what you pay for?
Pontiac Fiero Parts?
Where do I find lots of pictures of a 1987 Honda Prelude 1.8 Liter 4 Cyl w/ sunroof...?
I am getting a 1967 Mustang with an 8" rear. Is there a 9" rear with DISC brakes that will fit?
2009 Audi TT........?
How do I install a turbo in my 94 accord?
2002 Volkswagen Golf disabling door chime?
Clutch slave cylinder leaks on 95 Camaro?
Anyone got a 1.2 Vauxhall Corsa 2007/8/9 Sxi car? 3/5 door?
ferrari or lambourghini?
96 jeep cherokee high miles?? how much left?
what rear end and gear for a 900hp 57 chevy with a six speed?
i have a 2000 nissan sentra my dipstick tube is clogged about 9 inches in and it blocks my dipstick from go in?
What should I name my 2000 VW Black Beetle?
what is a mo par?
What does BMW stand for ? (the car)?
What country are Hyundai made in?
2002 Vw Beetle 1.8t 90k or 2002 Vw Jetta TDI 94k?
Chevrolet 454 ss?
I have a 2003 Ford Explorer. The key remote doesnt work, battery or replace the remote?
Is it true that maruti swift's quality is deteriorating?
How much is worth my 1977 mgb is fair condition black on black runs great?
how do i program a 2004 honda remote?
can i put a 92-95 sec gen?
Honda Prelude Engine Swap?
Can someone tell me differences between a Camaro and a Firebird?
Girls, would u rather be in a car with a guy with a racing custom civic, mercedes, a nice jeep, or a bmw?
A Ford Mustang - What model?
for stick shift drivers?
What changes will the 2007 Honda Civic have?
First car... Should I choose a 2003 Honda accord v6 or a 1997 ford explorer v8 xlt?
how are acura vigors?
Toyota 4Runner Tire Fitting?
RE engine clicks ford escape?
is peugeot 206 a reliable car?
What other engine can fit in an Oldsmobile Alero?
HELP!!! My cell is under the passanger seat in my BMW & I can hear it dying, the dealer wants $$$?
How can I make my 98 Mustang to sound more sporty or loud without spending alot?
Why do people hate fords sooooo much?
My hatch keeps falling while ihave the hatch up. Is there a way to fix it? Its a 96 Jeep G. Cherokee Laredo?
What Do You Think Of Chevy Blazers?
97 Honda Accord Catalytic Converter?
2000 Chevy S10 Clutch is Soft?
Where is the starter relay located on a 1999 Ford Escort Zx2?
What is the maintenence costs of a 2000 Dodge Durango 105k,miles 5.9 engine 4 wheel drive?
What car???
i am looking for an engine swap for a 1988 toyota corolla fx?
Looking for the dohc head for my stock 2002 lancer oz rally.?
scion tc rim upgrade question?
Who would win in a race Between a 1968 Buick SKylark and a 1967 Mustang Fastback ?
Upgrading 2008 Dodge Charger?
where is the fuse box 2002 grand caravan?
2004 Mazda Rx8 with low compression but says still turns over?
have a 2008 ford fusion and saw that the passenger side floor?
how do you change spark plug on a 98 toyota sr5 2.7, 4 cin. it has a plastic tubbing in the middle.?
Is it a bad idea to buy a 2004 Toyota Highlander if it has 150,000 miles?
volkswagen golf mk3 1.4 immobiliser isnt flashing at all?
is proton satria neo a good car?
Jeep Wrangler Unlimited for first car?
how would i wire a switch on my ford probs starter/READ DETAILS!?
Im looking for a pair of interior door handles for '73 Chevelle Deluxe, who has them?
What is the max horsepower and torque a stock 2009 mitsubishi lancer gts engine and transmission take ?
Vibration with new tires and still no answers!!!!!?
what does this mean "no bus" on a jeep?
What kind of battery does a 1999 Pontiac grand am have?
is there a website that shows ways of fixing up (body & engine) a 1996 mustang?
Honda Civic has been sitting for 6 years?
Anyone know what the silver car is?
Why is my 92 ford bronco with a e40d tranny shifting hard,please give me some ideas on what it could be .?
how many miles per galon do you get on the passat?
how to deactivate check engine light ford windstar 98?
Blown head gasket?! video posted of the car running?
What type of rim finish is on the 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland Summit?
drove 1992 Accord to the store,A.C. worked great. Come back out and A.C. won't come blower... nothing
2002 land rover Discovery II won't start , quits,think has something to do with alar system?
what is the best german made car?
what is the horsepower in a 93 f-150 with a 302?
When do ss chevy cobalts 05 or 06 start to go bad if driven maturely?
when to change transmission fluid?
Land Rover 110 SVX Modifications?
Should I paint my brake calipers?
Which is better, Porsche Boxster or BMW Z4?
Anyone know where a small knocking noise under hood comes from?
Is it true that a Hummer is cheaper to operate than Honda Prius at 150,000 miles?
Why is the BMW Z4 basic model expenisve in Australia(Aus$77,000) when compared to theUSA(Aus$47000)?
what are the mileage of one full tank toyata hilux 2.5?
Car companies are under pressure to be green, does this apply to the sports cars aswell?
Stuck caliper on accord?
Lincoln academy math answers?
My 1997 Honda accord lx 2.2 non vtech won't start ?
what is the best car to have 2006?
What are the reasons for a jeep to go into a pond ?
97 mits eclipse misfiring PLZ HELP?
How do you reset a 2002 Lincoln LS?
who is the second richest man in the universe?
Should i buy the Lamborghini Murcielago lp670 sv or the Ferrari Enzo?
Random chime while driving?
Nissan Armada or Toyota Sequoia?
Main/Ideal Demographic of Audi?
92 honda accord CODE 8?
The Good & Bad of owning a 2000 Cadillac DeVille?
What is normal RPM for 2006 jeep ?
how much does a ford expedition serpentine belt cost?
Singel Turbo Kit for my friend's Supra?
I need to contact Customer Service at Nissan Motor Acceptance Corp.?
is toyota unamerican?
what size motor in a mazda 626 96 says 121.5 cu. in.?
How many miles can you get out of a vw passat 1.9 tdi v reg?
1992 ford temp still chirping?
who is the STIG in top gear?
Is the Toyota FJ Cruiser a good suv?
Who makes the best trucks and how so?
Is lifter expensive to fix on 92 lexus gs400?
where are ferraris made?
I just found an old thermometer or themostat that is broken. Is it dangerous? Does it contain Mercury?
Where can i get the Technical Manual of the Maruti 800 car?
What kind of gas mileage does a new Honda Civic SI yet?
what country did the Ferrari come from?
what is the address to pontiacs car factory?
I need to find out how much a 1966 chevy chevelle convertible is?
i'm thinking of buying a mini metro am i mad or am i sad?
2007 dodge hemi engine cuts off?
is there two editions for the headlights of 1969 pontiac GTO?
i got a new nissan 350Z and i want to put twin turbo in it , which brand to choose for my car ?
what's faster than a v10 engine?
Car makes weird noise when turning right?
I think I lost my keys to my Nissan Maxima?
what is a good site to buy a engine off looking to swap D to B?
now i'm really confused. should i buy toyota cololla or hyundai accent?
Where do i put transmission fluid in a manual 1996 ford contour?
I have a invention for Ford auto mobiles but need help finding were to go to make it real?
how do you remove 92 camaro tbi 305 intake manifold correctly?
how do you remove a gas tank in a 2001 ford contour?
is this to many miles?
Peugeot 406 1996 which fuse controls the electric mirrors?
What is the name of the Blue and White car in the new BMW ad?
Where can I find a car body for a 1994 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme, 4 door, with a 3.1 liter engine?
88 ford bronco wont get fuel?
what would i have to do to put lambos on a civic?
Where can I find a speedometer for a 1992 Honda Prelude S?
02 v6 mustang upgrades? Help?
Should i buy a Lotus Elise or a Lamborghini Countach?
Ranger tranny issues?
which was the maximum speed of ford mustang match 1 8cyl 300HP 1970?
What is the headlight and foglight bulb type for a '13 Mustang?
How much is the labor for rear shocks Nissan pathfinder?
mercedes car lights problem?
have a 98 ford ZX2 twin cam 57K miles perfect body, but I still worry that something may go wrong, should I/?
Does anyone have a Rx7 or Rx8? Is the rotary engine costly to repair and mantain? Is it worth it?
What type of BMW is this?
Ford telstar. $1200. No mech issues, good buy? Petrol prices?
Ford vs Chevy?
How to Make a 2000 camaro 3.8 v6 fast?
what can be done to prevent my check engine light from coming on ford windstar?
Is it better to buy or lease a car?
i need a speedometter cable for a 97 geo tracker?
1998 vw bug 2.0 help took battery cables off and now wont run.?
I have a 1995 Dodge Neon and I am having a problem trying to start?
What is wrong in my transmission?
Should I buy a 2002 Ford Taurus?
I'm thinking about buying a 2013 BMW 328i?
I need to know a ballpark repacment on a mazda 3 clutch.?
What car is the best donor for a chevy 350 swap?
Someone who knows cars-Shouldn't I save money by getting pre-owned?!?
What is the spark plug gap for a 1999 Grand Am Se?
My vw wont start with remote control key but start with spare key? ?
WHY OH WHY does acura make front wheel drive cars????
Is a MAZDA 3 a good car? I am wanting to downsize just a little, and get a cheaper car payment. And i was.....
2012 Dodge Ram Question?
how do i get info on mercedes and its pictures for printing?
what is the fuel line pressure on a 2003 chevy cavalier supposed to be?
Which automobile manufacturer made DeSotos?
How do I remove the original equipment pneumatic Hood Lift Supports on my 1988 Taurus GL?
2003 Ford Focus bent frame?
what mods can i do to a subaru impreza rs 2008 ?
Why'd They Stop making the Honda Prelude?
is 230,000 miles on a 2006 honda civic worth buying?
Has anyone ever had a automatic 2001 v6 mustang?
2001 Chevy Blazer gages drop/engine power lose.?
what does the i stand for in bmw 325 i?
b16a or b18c?
Why Was The Audi Logo Chosen?
1993 Ford Ranger 5speed Man. Trans. Loose stick shifter?
How much is my Honda B18C motor worth?
Suzuki Swift 1.0 liter or Volvo 240?
I want a remote for my car that will, unlock n lock the doors, it that possible?
Automatic jetta check engine light after wash and late gear shifting?
I need help in timing!!?
My 1998 nissan pathfinder has not been able to get out of 4 wheel drive and makes rattling noises in reverse?
How do i make my miata more masculine?
Ford or Chevy?
How does the 2006 Audi A6 compare to the Lexus ES 300?
Aligning '94 Ranger timing belt?
Gauthier Chrysler Dodge Ram Trucks Jeep?
I have a 94 Yukon with a new 350 engine in it. The engine is now showing a check engine light erg problem?
08 jeep compass 4wd problems?
In your opinion, which car do you think is better in style?
Starting issues on 96 Accord?
Why doesn't my 2009 Shelby gt500 racing stripes go over the spoiler?
Can you get a Pontiac GTO with automatic transmission?
I purchased a car through Finance in England and now cannot get response from seller/agent an no car yet
1991 Honda Accord LX problem with S light staying on?
How to remove sun visors in a 2001 mustang?
I'm looking for info for a 1971 international harvester 1210 pickup?
Which is better, the Ford Fusion or the Toyota Camry?
Hi where can i sell my frontera 2.2i ?
2005 Dodge Dakota Quad Cab, anyone else having trouble with brakes?
If I install a 3 inch suspension lift kit on my 1996 jeep grand cherokee will I need to buy a new driveshaft?
i want to get cool fabric for interior in my truck?
2005 350z: When should I get a tune up?
1996 ford f-150 4x4 question?
does anybody know if there are v8 conversion kits for mazda b series pickups? thanks?
Why is EVERYONE buying foreign??????????????
Is it advisable to go in for a Skoda Yeti 4x2 given the poor response of their service backup ?
what does it take to change a computer in a 1996 2.2 pontiac sunfire?
What does the Dodge Journey come with?
Why make a slow "sports car"?
Which would you rather have?
which was the maximum speed of chevrolet C 50 truck diesel 1968?
What is the name of the part connected to the maf sensor on a 96 nissan maxima?
what is the latest Mercedes Benz car in the market?
How can I make my 98 Mustang to sound more sporty or loud without spending alot?
I streaked nail polish on my car door (white) while opening it. How do I get it off?
need cabin windows for my 89 bayliner 2455 ciera?
i have a '99 honda accord and i want to add a spoiler like on other model accords?
mustang 05 30000 service price?
How much would a 2002 Mazda RX-7 have been when it was released?
Where is the 1990 Lincoln Continental air ride relay located?
I want to drop my Mazda 3?
1996 ford f150 oxygen sensor?
which is the fastest car?
what do you to make a honda civic drift?
Where can i buy a inside door panel for my 1998 chevy malibu?
Looking for a safe, reliable and economical car for my teenage daughter any suggestions?
Why Audi is doing good now?
Need help with my ac on a 91 Nissan 300zx?
Why the 1999 porsche 911 is so much cheaper than a 1997 911.?
who is krishna?
Jeep questions please help?
I am getting a 1967 Mustang with an 8" rear. Is there a 9" rear with DISC brakes that will fit?
2007 Nissan Frontier missing driver's side mirror.?
Is it just me or has anyone else noticed how much the new Ford Mustang looks like a shark?
whats the address to Toyota u.s.a main head quarters?
would an RB or SR motor fit in a 1978 280z?
Where is fuse box 1998 dodge intrepid?
Gibson Exhaust Tip on a dodge please!!?
Can a street legal 1978 Trans Am with some mods go 200 mph? Just tring to prove someone wrong?
2004 cavalier gages are going out.?
is there anyone here knows what type of cv joint do i have to buy for my nissan almera , hatchback '02 2.2 di?
Need help with mitsubishi hd 1080 bad weather tv was't on won't turn on hel?
My Ford Capri 1.6 laser 1982 keeps making a kkkrrrrrr noise when i turn left, what is it?
How do I install an electronic boost controller?
My 96' Mercury Mystique has a loud "hum" coming from apparently under the hood/engine area.?
If you smoke and hold your breath at the same time does it makes your belly button
I have a ford ka heater Dail problem?
Ford Ecosport price, mileage, features and specifications?
What is your favorite car?
I'm preping the chassie to tub a 71 elcamino i need any info to get started tips sources brands etc...?
did 2000 jeep wrangler have a model with front wheel drive?
Will a 5 bolt Chevy truck 15" wheel, fit on Dodge Ram van? Both have same tire, 235/75/r15?
Cold starting a 1980 diesel Volkswagen Rabbit?
how do i adjust the handbrake of my hyundai elantra 1.6 02 model?
2004 Red Nissan 350Z 93K Miles Manual VS 2005 White Nissan 350Z 103K Miles Auto?
What size belt on 1999 dodge ram 1500 Laramie v8 5.2 after air conditioning delete?
Who makes a better, longer lasting 4 door truck? GM or Ford?
Is there a way to find out whether water leaked into your motor thru the heads or the intake?
2003 Ford Mustang brake lights out & stuck in park??? Help?
I have a 1999 cavalier and I need a....?
Should I buy a Pagani Zonda Cinque or a Bugatti Veryon Super Sport?
Converting a 05 Dodge 2500 rear springs to a 3500?
BMW 328xi Coupe AWD and DSC malfunction help?
I have a 4x4 do i liv it on all the time?
Having trouble with 2006 Jeep Liberty?
92 Ford Mustang Gt 5.0 V6 inside speaker size?
Nite Shading taillights?
Can You Give Me Info (Any Info) on the Nissan Micra SE?
Has anyone seen the new Challenger prototype?
95 to 00 chevy s10 coversion ASAP?
Will Nissan charge me for towing? I think my starter is dead?
If I put a turbo in a d16 would I get the same results if I do an engine swap for a b18?
Where can I get Blue Sun biodiesel stickers for my car?
Mercedes-Benz CLK55 AMG Supercharged 0-60 mph {469hp)?
03 Pontiac Bonneville Acceleration problems?
1984 Honda Accord stalling?
What do people look for when considering buying a new car?
If Mercedes and BMW were people, describe their personalities and how they would differ?
2002 Jeep cherokee Laredo oil gauge drops and it'shuts off?
Do i lose money if i trade in my 2010 mustang?
My mechanic removed the thermostat from my 98 Jetta saying it would releave pressure on the system...?
Is it even possible for a GRAND AM to have 400 horsepower?!?
How much are the premium brakes for a 2001 ford taurus?
Which automobile manufacturer made DeSotos?
which oil do I need for my Fiat 500?
Is MOS 88mike or 92 fox better.?
is it uncool for guys to drive classic VW Beetles?
code 420 dodge ram 1500 5.7 hemi?
quad boob i really needd helllppp
How do i make my 98 ram 1500 louder?
my f-250 is still missing before and after a tune up and wasting gas, it has a 460 in power at all?
chevy p/u clutch pedal pushrod came out?
Mitsubishi Sportback Tranny Oil Change?
how do you turn of the door ajar light on a 1995 lincoln continental when all the doors are closed?
i have a 1985 ford f150 with a 302 CID (5.0 L) V8, Windsor FI, 185 hp (138 kW) engine in it?
What kind of coolant do I need for a 2005 Ford Explorer Xlt.?
Who picks the best answer?
Where is the trailer hitch running light fuse on a 2006 F-350 Dually?
how can i upgrade a honda accord engine 1990?
I hit a manhole in my volkswagon passat in it a in oil pan ?
do you drive a mini cooper?
May you please help me understand...?
Help woth my 05 honda civic;plz?
Honda navigation - Mexico?
What cars are big like a cadillac seville? Or powerful like a Nissan Maxima?
What is the cost of used Maruti van 2001 with 37000 km.?
Abs light on ford focus won't go off?
where can i buy an affordable used Chevy Silverado?
What's better: 2005 Ford F-150 or 1997 Ford Ranger?
Problems with the fuel system on a 1994 Ford Ranger?
Where can I find a honda del sol altenator that is mitsubushi(brand not car) and not a nippondenso?!?
How much will it cost to detail an exterior on a car only. I own a 2007 BMW 328i living in Arizona ?
I just bought a 2005 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited and am getting 10 mpg. What could be causing this?
Is the Pontiac G6 Grill the same shape/size as 04+ style Grand Prixs?
Whats the difference between a Ford and a Chevy?
Show me a breakdown of a ford 2008 f350 rear axle housing assembly?
1997 dodge dakota...idle RPMS?
My 2001 explorer sport I need to know if it's coming apart?
Acura RSX?
The alarm keeps going off on my VW passatt for no reason what can I do?
Which Porsche?
Is a honda accord ex (coupe) a chick car?
Suzuki alto 1.1gl front indicator light. HELP..?
Trac Off Dummy Light on 2000 Toyota Solara?
I own an 03 Honda Accord EX, thought they were supposed to be problem free cars?
Chk engine light on 99 Cherokee?
Is the 2009 Camaro out on the market?
What should the correct MAF levels be for a 2001 Explorer Sport with the 4.0 SOHC engine?
wrx 2011 vs sti 2008?
Does Vortec still produce the 8.1 liter V8?
How can i make my 1995 2.2 Honda Accord with am automatic tranny faster?
Honda CR-V rev jump when I floor it?
what does ss in cars stand for? like a 67 camaro ss.?
What is my 199 VW Beatle with 72k power moonroof?
2003 Automatic 4WD Ford Explorer XLT aka MY NIGHTMARE?
hey any body have a doge daytona and its in good shape i will gat a car when i graduate?
my TL says my car has 70 percent oil life left, but i passed 3000 mile .what do you think?
can I have my aluminum cans pre pressed into a 2500 Lb. block?
What are the websites where you can find out how much your car is worth?
trying to find the correct spelling for a car. Karmadia made by Volkswagon.?
I know the value of it,but where do I find collector's for a 1954 Oldsmobile Rocket 88 very descent condition?
2002 dodge neon problems?
I have a 98 honda accord.. my tire size is 195 60R15 can i put a 205 60R15 tire on it to replace it?
68 Charger or 67 Chevelle?
i woke to (97 528i bmw)a redish fluid (looks clean) near inside right front tire, can anyone identify?
How much would it costs to replace a 1999 lincoln town car front windshield?
will 2008 stock toyota camry alloy rims fit on my 2001 toyota camry?
I've just seen the new Cadillac 2007 Escalade. Good grief! Is that any way a Cadillac should look?
Where is the diagnostic port on a 94 honda del sol?
did ford ever produce a mustang wagon?
What's your favorite color to get a Porsche in?
looking for hot rod yearbook 1962?
auto question ford explorer?
i have a 99 civic ex with the d16y8 engine messed up, i recently did a head job and it was no good, wat 2do?
2002 Nissan Altima Value?
What is the gvm and tare for a 06 Toyota hilux?
I just got a 2002 Jeep Liberty. I really need to know how to pre-set the radio stations... HELP!!!?
Why do i still get nervous around women even though i have MONEY a BMW and SWAGGER?
2003 Nissan Altima problems.? ?
What kind of mods can I do to my stock 2004 pontiac gto to make it faster?
vauxhall astra wont start?
what is a good car?
for stick shift drivers?
Fav Scion TC color??
Can anyone tell me only the negatives about the 2007 Toyota Prius?
Does a 1998 Ford Mustang GT have A Chip in the Key to start it?
Which car would be the better choice?
car will start and starts to make a put noise, it has a new starter?
2001 Ford Windstar running horrible, need help!?
I have 2007 mazda 3 it cranks but no start it has spark and good fuel pressure was told about some anti theft?
where can I find a real good quality Wheel for a Quality car not just a huge wheel with lots of chrome quality
1998 honda accord does anyone know what could be wrong I keep hearing a popping noise in the front end? please?
bolt pattern for 07 mustang?
Why do people way over charge for Toyota Tacoma's?
Would a lexus gs430 2003 be a good first car prob gunna be driven every day? Or maby a is 300?
What years did ford make their 427 SOHC motor , was it a true hemi ?
What car company is better Porsche or Ferrari?
where can i buy a full body kit for my 2005 4dr dodge stratus sxt ??????
How do I remove the blinker cam on a 1986 oldsmobile cutless ciera.?
I have a 54'plate medim wheel base mercedes sprinter and I wish to know the total weight that it can carry?
How many lug nuts are on a 1999.5 Volkswagen Jetta IV GLS originally with wheel covers?
I have a 96 Ford f-150 with a 351 and fuel is leaking out of my fill neck (where the gas cap is).?
01 grand cherokee skid plates???
i have a Fuel leak in my 2002 porsche 911?
2008 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited won't start?
98 beetle a/c recharge question?
i want to see pictures of a 67 dodge charger?
what color is best for an 06 wrangler?
Car Question!!!!?
Ford water in sparkplugs/coils?
my 01 jetta has check engine light on.?
what is better miata ls1 swap or turbo?
Can a nissan dealership work on a infinit car?
Is the Porsche Cayman an "everyday" type of car?
Take my poll: White or Black Mercedes E500?
My check engine light is on,but my jeep runs fine.Anyone have any ideas??
1993-94 toyota camry le squealing when accelterating?
does anyone sell b16 supercharger cams?
02 nissan maxima bad fuel pump symptoms?
My 83 250r makes slap or tock noise when kickstarting what's wrong it won't start either?
what is the best lowered height for stock 03 350z wheeels?
1996 Ford F-150 5.8L Engine Codes?
what did herny ford do to impact automotive industry?
Were can I find parts to restore a 1971 ford f150?
What is the average mpg on a 98 Ranger 4x4 4.0 liter?
Where is the fan at?
I have a 96 Jetta Trek with an attachment coming out of the air box that isn't in my 98 Jetta GL.?
Where can I find a 4 door 1952 Studebaker?
A car has 2.5 L Engine. What does this means..?
When did the current Dodge Durango body style come out?
97 honda civic mamual transmission going out 240k how much to repair or is it worth it?
Have you supercharged your Mustang 2005 or 2006 GT w/ Auto Trans?
Car for a 18 year old girl?
where is the tcm located on 93 voyager?
TREK seats in a Honda?
I can use my 2003 chevy venture tires 215/75/R15?
what kind of car do you drive? do you love it? do you hate it?
Can any boby tell me why my car over heats on hills,?
Can I put an RB26DET into a Hyundai Excel?
Will a 99 integra automatic gsr transmission fit my 94 automatic integra ls ?
what parts fit a vw bora?
What was 2006 subaru sti new car price?
What type of fuel does the new Lexus IS250 take?
2003 g35 vibrating violently on decelerating?
fuel pump on a 1991 Jaguar XJ6?
How much would it cost to fix a head valve on a '96 Jeep Cherokee?
Are mini coopers good cars?
I need information about an 1989 mustang Boss302?
is it better to save up for a subaru impreza sti/wrx?
vale on 1970s chevy silverado hub caps?
porsche carrera 4s or mercedes sl 550 which one is better and why?
Will the New Nissan GTR (Skyline) Dominate the other sports cars in america today?
Mazda Tribute/ CX-7, Nissan Rouge, Ford Escape..small SUVs?
Lancer GTS - Cold Air Intake?