does nokia asha 306 support youtube?
How do you remove the rear seat from a 2004 Nissan maxima?
Do girls think Ford Mustang GTs are sexy?
What is the ideal assurance do you expect from your car insurance?
which car would you get?
how do i reset the alarm on a 2000 chevy malibu?
what is the greatest car ever made?
mitsubishi stock engine selling price?
cars are made of??????
nissan primera 1.8 petrol losing power?
What do I need to complete my motor?? 468 big block Chevy?
Where can i get a drinks holder for an Audi TT?
Filling radiator with water instead of 50/50 coolant?
is a 2005 dodge neon a good car?
I have a 2003 chevy trailblazer how do i get rid of the funky smell coming from the heater?
2009 acura tsx or 2008 acura tl type s? same mileage?
Whipper Snipper Is Stalling.?
I need taillights for my 1992 toyota corolla.. How much??? Anyone know anybody who has a set for not alot of $
when is mahindra going 2 launch renault logan?
what's the best color for a scion tC?
What has the fastest car when it comes standard in the u.s. based on top speed on a long straightaway?
Austin Martin or Ferrari??
What is the world's most widely produced model of car today?
My daughter has a 54 plate clio diesel. indicators/hazards and heater have stopped working.?
do you know anything about chevy 4wd 6 lug axles with 5/8 wheel studs?
how to set watch/time / radio in toyota 1998 model ?
Is there going to be a iPhone 6 or 5s or something like that?
Setting timing on a Taurus 3.8?
My 1993 Lincoln town car anti lock light wont go of?
What classic car have you wanted since you were a kid?
What kind of diesel would fit into a 1974 Ford F350?
Which is a better sportscar out of these two?
Is there such a car as a Honda Integra or is it just Acura Integra? Is it only Honda and Acura that have vtec?
Does pepboys sell parts for honda civic?
what mods can i do to a subaru impreza rs 2008 ?
which are better: Muscle Cars of TODAY or Muscle Cars of YESTERDAY?
do you like ford or chevy more?
Is a 2012 Honda Civic EX worth the extra money from a LX model?
what is the actual horsepower in a 305 boss engine?
1500bhp Viper does 275mph...?
did the 1968 Chrysler 300 come with a 383 or just a 440?
Anyone drive a Rav4 ?
Maruti Alto celebration edition features?
i have no heat and car is at running temp.?
chevy corvette 2005 wheels have vin number inside the wheel?
What can you say about Henry Ford the car manufacturer?
I own a 1997 Chrysler Cirrus. I don't know how to program the garage door opener on the visor.?
My 2002 nissan altima blows out grey/white smoke?
is a 1975 ford granada a good derby car for midsize?
What is your dream car? I cannot afford mine?
Would this car keep up?
300zx white smoke by the battery?
does anyone else think that SUZUKI Forenza's are JUNK?
why is fuel coming out of the vent tube on a B model rochester carb?
Will 185/75 R14 tires fit on a 2006 Chevy aveo?
i have a 94 nissan altima which all the lights flickers when the engine is running.?
Mustang or Corvette??
what can i buy to make my car faster.?
Toyota Camry's ugly??
91 honda civic si help?
My Jettas 1st and 2nd Gears Stiff! Need Help ASAP!!?
What type of BMW should I get?
does lexus make toyota
Can I replace Big end and main bearings without removing engine on 1986 BMW e30 325i?
how do I know if my truck has a cam? (see details)?
02 civic overheating ?
what is the origin of polygons?
is 50k mile on an Audi A4 2010 Prem Plus too much?
ive got a mazda 3 and want to change the back lip spoiler to a raised one?
UK question: can anyone tell me how much a 1999 T reg Escort would cost? what are the specs etc?
my 2000 vw golf was overheating bad today?
Is the Dodge Charger a badass car that I can buy?
will be lower price of hybrid?
i have a 1994 s15 gmc jimmy 4.3 liter vortec i need to know if it has a detent cable and where it is at?
SI? What does it mean?
is there anyone out there that make a baja kit for the new beetle ('99)?
corsa 02 plate..overheating?
99 vw passat flashing check engine light?
which is the fastest volvo?
Can a "Chevy Man" and a "Ford Women" really live happily ever after?
What is the the best Corvette engine, pound for pound, ever produced in terms of horse power and speed?
We've just bought a new 2009 holden captiva AWD, and we are planning on going up to Ninghan Station.?
2005 chrysler sebring frontend question?
1999 chevy silverado 5.3?
does volkswagon last for long times?
Which Jeep is better?
1998 mustang gt shutting off when theft light starts flashing?
where can i buy or how to switch out my rectangle headlights on a 77 caddy deville to round ones or a bezel?
How much is a Mercury Grand Marqui 1993 worth?
any good names for my car? Something funny perhaps?
eclipse exhaust system?
What will a potatoe stuck in you exhaust do?
how many cores does it have the OE jeep grand cherokee 93 radiator?
I am looking for a 1972-1976 Chevy Impala for body parts...doors, hood, fenders. I need help fast!!!?
how many jeeps are sold each year?
I'm 16, Should i buy a Classic VW Beetle?
Who can give me tips on Running my RSX type S good?
Problems with VW Passat?
how easy would it be to put a transmission mount on a 1999 dodge stratus?
A car has a 16 gallon tank and can travel 464 miles before needing to be refueled. how many miles per gallon?
i have a 1991 firebird and it wouldt crank or charge?
Should i buy cheap or expensive Oxygen Sensors for '02 Civic?
Why do people always upgrade civics instead of accords?
Is the Prius Gay?
Wanna hear a good joke about FORD'S?
where can I purchase a caddillac in france?
my 93 altima cruise control does not work, any suggestions on how to fix it.?
10PTS: Car won't stay running/idle?
Location of rear speed sensor 02 envoy?
how much was the tucker tornado priced?
what does BMW stand for and who was the founder of BMW?
95 f250mpg, mods, ideas?
How much does it cost to fill up a 2006 dodge charger?
What is your dream car?
97 ford expedition stock sub-woofer problem?
Honda automatic Transmissions ?
What should i do buy a 1997 camaro z28 or buy the v6 and put subs in the trunk?
why does my lincoln 1995 show check engine light?
1988 honda prelude engine swap?
how can i find out what the code means for my 1994 camaro?
coolant recomended for chevy lumina?
Whats Unique about the 2000 Acura integra Special Edition? whats special about it?
my truck made a squeaky noise then something came undone under the dash!?
I need a template for drilling the holes for the rear letters on a 1970 corvette.?
Which car is better? BMW M5 Or 550I?
Why is the Bugatti Veyron Street legal and the Nissan SkylineGTR34 not street legal?
where are the fuse panels located on a 2001 dodge caravan?
is there a site that list vokswagen dealerships by state?
which is the best value for money k series alto or beat or estilo or wagonr or figo? give ans if u r correct?
Do you like my 2001 subaru impreza outback sport?
Daisy/ Jaguar Questions!?
where is the break light fuse located in the 1998 Toyota Sienna?
1995 Toyota Camry Driver side Window(s)?
whats the bigest truck on earth?
My AC/heater blower for 07 Lincoln Navigator is staying on medium and then on high when i turn off the unit?
Mitsubishi Magna 1995?
My car keeps overheating. We've changed the thermostat, coolant and radiator. None worked. What's next?
I am in my prime but would like a faster car with a bit of oomph?
It hard to change the head gasket on a 2003 dodge neon .how would i do it?
What year was the first Mini cars made?
Does anyone know the size of the FACTORY speakers on a 2006 Chrysler 300 Limited? (Rear deck and front doors)?
How do I lower my 2002 Ford Focus ZX5? I have the springs I just don't know how to start.?
how do you disable the seatbelt warning reminder on a 2005 chevy trailblazer?
The brake lights on my Honda Accord are not working, why??
lambo or ferrari?
Citroen C5 jumping out of gear and stalling?!?
I am about to purchase a BMW 3 series 2004 from my friends dealership, 120xxx this a good deal?
How hard is it to work on a tiburon?
Who agrees that FORD is the best car (not a high end sports car)?
Subaru Impreza 2.5 RS vs. Honda Civic Hatch?
How can I turn the check engine light off on a 98 Altima?
Will a b20b fit directly into my 1991 prelude that has a b21a1?
Why does Nissan say "shift" when they major transmissions are CVTs which cant be shifted. Ironic?
What Car Would Win?
does anyone know what?
what does ext. stand for?
peugeot 106 gti coil packs!!!can they be replaced individually or has the whole coilpack got to go?
i want to know official website of suzuki motors pakistan?
Which of the following car is the best?
What are some good rice burner cars?
how much would you pay.96 blazer w/170k also rebuilt eng&trans, and 2005 cavalier with 10k?
how is the Mercedes CL-class?
2000 ford explorer oxygen sensor?
What is an AUDI?
Are Honda's engines built to last a long time?
what car do you drive? and what do you think it says about you?
2005 Dodge Magnum Fully Automatic Window Switches?
best year for the MGB Roadster?
on the volvo 940,s 1993 model what is it when the revs are rising with out putting my foot on the accelrater p
Chevy fans - Which Small block motor would you build ?
Help 1996 Audi A4 Transmission Problems?
Can someone tell me the steps to convert a 99 gmc Sierra to a Chevy Silverado ?
Honda Accord help me!!!!!?
1990 4runner shudder?
Help me decide: Chrysler 300C, Caddy STS, or a Lincoln? I cannot make a wrong choice, but which is better?
what happens when the water in the radiator runs out?
Where can i find a driver's side doorknob for a '73 barracuda/cuda?
when do toyota camry 1995 clutch break?
Mercedes Benz forum?
Why is my '95 Pathfinder struggling to start ?
1995 Honda Civic Timing belt and water pump?
2002 Dodge Caravan over heating?
Fiat Punto Overheating?
Need a driver side door for my 97 civic ex. Will one off an si work?
What re the best Brake Rotors and pads for a 2003 Ford Mustang GT quality and price?
how to change the temperature gauge from C to F in 1995 mercedes s320?
Is it possible to convert a 1991 Fuel injection Toyota vaccum system to a carborator?
06 altima 2.5S, upgrades? Cometic suggestions?
i want to know wich is better to have in a truck more horsepower are more torque and which is easier to create
Where can I get seat for a honda civic that is made for tall people?
Can a stick shift car have cruise control?
if i want to do a 5 minute burnout am i better off with 3.08 diff gears or 3.7?
Is the Bestop Supertop soft top difficult to put on and take off?
How many ping pong balls can fit in a gossett fiat?
What do you think about the toyota recall? Will you continue to buy their cars?
01 accord made in thailand diagnostic port?
Car Addicts only please??
Have you ever seen Citroen BX in US/Canada?
New gas station has Price of 8.88$ a gallon?
which was the maximum speed of chevrolet C-70 truck diesel 6cyl 137HP 1970?
how turbocharge is made?
Having Marina coil removed?
Where can I find a Rear Differential for a 1979 Lincoln Continental?
What is the real price for Toyota Camry ?
is a Porsche a vehicle for everyday driving (constant use)?
Hey Jeepers, Do you know about ZDDP?
Metaphoric vehicle question?
Is the plural of Lexus Lexi?
Is Honda part of General Motors?
nissan 240sx car help please!?
what kind of material is used on the exterior of Japanese vehicles why is it so thin and cheap?
would a mustang be a good first car?
make nissan altima 2013 sporty?
What are the downsized of buying a hummer? What are some of the major problem to be aware of?
Poll - Favourite Car?
03 Mustang 3.8L chugging?
could my fuel pump be bad even if its comming through the fuel rail on the motor?
I am getting a new car and I am considering the Toyota RAV4. I heard a new 2013 model is going to be out.?
i put deisel fuel in my cadillac cts car how do i get it out?
Will 215/60 R15 tires fit a 1999 Ford Escort?
Interested in ppl's opinion on 2002 Daewoo Lanos.?
Question about 1994 Cadillac Sedan DeVille...?
how to fix my Ford Escort ZX2?
Which one is better petrol or diesel?
I have a 99 400ex we have replace all electrical stuff new plug adjusted the valves reset the timing and still?
would i have to revamp my hull to put a v6 in to replace a 4 cylinder(motor mounts)?
what between fuel rail and throttle body could interfere with starting?
why R elephants so big?
when i take the key out and open the door it beep sound and wont lock the car?
Which of these cars woud you choose?
Know any good DSM sites, for help, maintenance and FAQs?
I need to know the gas mileage,Car length,0 to 60mph in sec for the ford f-150 in 2010,11,12 also Toyota camry?
Who will like if the Toyota Supra comes back for Sell? I will!!?
what year did chevrolet start using cat converts?
Which "old" car is the fastest?
Are the 2007-2009 Nissan headlights any good?
Will Audi be coming out with a Quattro option for their A3 2.0?
I want to make my 2002 pontiac firehawk sound more aggressive, any ideas?
can you replace incandescent headlights with LED headlights?
How much does a motor cost?
is a mini-cooper a gay car for a man to drive?
where can i find a six speed trans for a Chevy 350 that will hold a lot of power?
Peugeot 405 won't start. Immobiliser problem. Please help!?
i am looking for a body for 1994 dodger intrepid to put my motor, in body because my wire burn in my car so i?
What is B.M.W short for?
Is a 2000 Pontiac a good car?
How to install coilovers on a 1993 Honda Accord?
I Am considering buying an old Porsche?
How much for a starter motor on a focus?
What are the opening and closing times for TJ MAX?
tensioner pulley 1994cavalier?
seeking to buy used maxda car with sunroof and auto transmission. Where do I look?
Cummins in F150 to make Fummins?
2001 audi tt quattro convertible vs 2002 Acura cl type S?
I have a 1999 ford escort 4cyl and i just replaced the battery, but this morning it was fully dead!whatdoido?
I am looking for information on a rare 1959 desoto convertible exported only 14 made. thats what I was told.?
Where's the power steering reservoir on a 1998 Buick Riviera supercharged?
Which supercar is faster between a Pagani Zonda and a Koenigsegg?
Am I old enough to drive a 2013 BMW X5 Sport activity Model xDrive35i M Package?
whats a good engine for a 1980 camaro RS, i was thinking 350 or 400 small block, any other ideas ?
Why is EVERYONE buying foreign??????????????
Why my Gmc 2002 envoy oil gauge falls below 40?
what is the number for ford?
would you drive a VW?
Ford Edge 2013 Turn Signal?
hey ladies help me out?
coolest car for teenage boy: acura mdx, lexus rx350, infiniti fx35?
Looking for a Santa Fe steering wheel cruise control piece?
I have a 2001 nissan pathfinder.?
What are some things i can do to my 94 civic?
what is so special about a subaru STI?
with no specific kind of car asked which would one choose a V8 or V6 money not an option?
What is the name of the song in the chevy tahoe hybrid commercial on the internet?
Anyone know where i can get this part (picture included)?
1991 Subaru Legacy Throaty Growl?
Where can I find black chevy sonic emblems?
what do you think about the ford galaxy zetec tdi auto.2001.?
should i put hanging baskets on the inside of my porsche or the out side?
How to install hid lights inside ford explorer?
I want to rebuild my 318 in my 74 Duster?
which country is subaru originated from?
Oldies Mustang lovers, some quick questions:?
what is an HEGO sensor on a 88 ford truck?
My 98 ford escort wont start on first turn of key?
How Could i make this look good?
My honda gen-pro generator 3000 watts is not working.?
Can someone give me free mini beyblades?
2005 subaru how do you change gas pedals sensitivity?
how do you change the shift knob on an automatic 2010 jeep compass?
will a 1995 dodge ram 1500 gas auto transmission fit on 1995 2500 5.9 L diesel?
Where can I find a hubcap for a 1973 Ford LTD?
renualt code for stero?
My owners manual is all in german!?
Does anyone know the average horsepower of a 1998 Pontiac Trans Am?
Which do you prefer Chevy, Dodge, or Ford?
If you had achoice to pick a BMW which one would it be?
Where to find a reliable 1999 Dodge Durango 5.9L remanufactured PCM?
My 2004 jeep grandcherokee is running rough what can I do to fix it?
can't find volkswagen jetta 2000 radiator?? where is it located??
2000 Honda Civic rear lights wont' go off?
How to fix my security problem for 2003 Grand Am?
Why did they stop selling fiats in America?
2000 Chevy Malibu ABS/Brake light?
Address of mitsubishi service center?
The thermometer on my 2003 Cadillac CTS is broken! The dealer wants $1300. Is this fair?
Who will agree with me in saying that scions SUCK!!!?
Should I buy a Corolla S or an LE and should it be a used '05 or a new '06??
how do you know when to replaced a pcv valve on 2003 ford explorer?
Sometimes my car overheats, but now it overheats all the time?
Should I turbocharge or supercharge my 95 civic?
ford taurus sho help?
I'm interested in buying a used 1998 subaru impreza over 100, 000 miles, can anyone tell me if it's worth it?
2005 Ford Explorer stuck in park?
What are the downfalls to the Camaro, Mustang, and Charger?
My F-150 shakes alot at 60 mph.?
What color is a UPS truck?
Anybody know about old GM convertible top hydraulic fluid?
what size tires do i need for a 1999 hyundai sonata?
What do u think is better? Chevy or Dodge? Personaly i think chevy but i want to know what other people think?
Is there a vehicle -- new or old -- that's uglier than the Pontiac Aztec?
I think Lotus's are the best cars on the road....?
Whats the fastest nicest best car in the world?
2008 Nissan Xterra OFF ROAD Model?
Why do the English hate Rover cars?
What is the reserve fuel for a Nissan Micra 2006 1.2?
I recently had my Mercedes Benz Hood Emblem Stolen... How much will it cost for me to replace it?
does the 1993 7.3 have a turbo and was it even available at this time on the F-250?
Why do people try every little thing to make hondas go faster?
Audi A5 Lights?
What is the price of New Pulsar 150 dtsi and pulasr 180 dtsi in Chennai?
Does anyone know where to get a replacement turbo for 84 saab 900 turbo?
how can i tell if the originalmotor is in my 57 chevy?
What MPG expected for 2002 Dodge 2500 V-10 pickup?
what was your first car renult clio?
what is the best car ever?
What is the Name of the car which has four circles as its symbol?
A friend has a 2008 Jeep Patriot and he wants to install a CB radio inside, but there is no place to install?
wanted Renault senic drivers manule?
why does my alarm on my audi a4 keep going off al the time on its own?
Where can I donate my Car?
i have a 2004 jeep grande cherokee the back power window goes down but wont come back up what can i do?
2005 dodge dakota transfer case replacement?
Do you think all mitsubishi is the most popular car company here in the Philippines????
2000 Honda Odyssey Car not moving? Transmission problem?
im looking at buying a 89 toyota pickup?
is a toyota celica a good car?
Location of rear speed sensor 02 envoy?
Best muscle car ever made..?
Technical Specs For Porsche 911 GT2?
do you like ford or toyota more?
What is causing the black smoke on my Land Rover Discovery 300TDI?
my 03 expedition's high beams wont go off?
Most awesome cars < 30K?
HELP! What causes my 2002 Grand Prix TEMP light come on....?
how do i find assemblyline classic car toys volkswagen?
Inexpensive All Terrain truck tires?
What is another car that looked like a Chevy El Camino in the 1960's?
Ford Ka 1.3i Reliability?
i have a Chevy cobalt should i supercharge it or turbocharge? which would be better? How much hp would i gain?
need information on a 1944 willys jeep #20647482 S?
Volvo Saint Helena s 'The ladder' please help all i have so far is 17065s.?
location of inertia switch on a 1994 ford f-150?
where can i find a d16z6 or d16y8 head?
Toyota xtra cab reliability?
who likes the 2009 mazda cx7?
lines going to my 2002 ford taurus heater core are not getting hot and heater blows out luke warm air?
so im about to purchase a jeep with the steering wheel on the right side. Im excited yet nervous at the same t?
Any of you Mustang Drivers ever spanked a Porsche 911?
i have a 94 chevy truck that is supposed to have a 4l60e transmission ?
How reliable is a 196 Neon with 210000 kms?
Best way to silence my loud exhaust?
I Am Buying A New Truck!What Color Should I Buy????????????
I'm looking for a reliable used car. What are your thoughts on a 1998 Ford Contour?
Why won't my 2002 Jetta tdi not start?
I overloaded my Honda Civic 2000 model. Could I probably damaged my suspension?
True top speed of a 1974 honda 750?
2005 Toyota Corolla S, rims & tires?
are eibach good springs? or should i go with neuspeed? And, is 1.3 inch of a drop fron and back noticeable?
1999 Chevrolet Lumina LS good for my first car?
Hyundai Genesis Coupe 2013 reviewS?
What's your opinions on this matter?
94 Buick Real,no turn signals front or rear and no brake lights?
2004 dodge ram 1500 quad cab short bed laramie 4wd?
help with loss of power in vauhall astra 1.8vvt-2009 model?
what does the spark delay valve do?
1991 buick skylark question?
Chevy S10, Ford Ranger, or Dodge Dakota?
An investment in a van.?
I saw this lady driving her Vulva down the street the other day and she looked pretty happy - why????
What do you think about Ford Focus?
Nissan altima 04 s 2.5 pros and cons?
What 2 cars would you pick?
4x4 Dodge Dakota snow/off-road performance?
car doesn't start?
Ford or Toyota, which is better for a first car?
is suzuki hayate a best bike and vfm?
trans am ws6 cold air induction ??
what is a good cam for a 5.0 with gt40 heads?
Does anyone else just love their Saturn ION?
Shoes are smelly dog crap peanut butter cups in the sky?
i have 05 camry toyota that keeps overheating?
vauxhall astra 1.8 sports button?
Why have Ford sold Land Rover and Jaguar?
Ford or Toyota?
What is the base horsepower of 90 ford 5.0 in a crown vic?
should i do this to my car???
what are the functions of the buttons on my nissan b15 remote?
what are the most common problems reported on the 1998 nissan altima?
are mini coopers meant for girls, boys, or both?
what nickname " Merc" stands for?
will the rear bumper of a pontiac grand prix gt fit on a 2003 pontiac grand prix se?
difference between stratus coupe headlights and stratus sedan headlights?
What can raise the mpg of my 1964 Ford Thunderbird?
What Is The Abbravation Of The car Name BMW ?
will 34 inch tires fit under a 4 inch lift kit for my 1988 ford bronco?
i have a code to override procedure to my bmw where do i enter the code at?
why does my digital instrument panel not work?
can u tell me how much insuance will be for a 16 year old for a z-28 camaro 93-98?
2001 Nissan Altima turns over but won't start?
How much does it cost to get internals done to my 1997 honda civic D16y8?
BMW E36 Interior Lights Stopped Working?
What is the best engine to drag race a 1973 Chevy Nova?
what is the best sports car for a 16 year old?
My 97 honda accord has trouble shifting gears?
Can I use a K&N air filter on my stock air intake pipe?
How can you disarm your security system on a 2002 Nissan Altima?
What is Subaru known for?
Can someone explain the Chrysler/Jeep 0.0% Financial Deal to me?
Infiniti G37 or Audi TT?
How do I change the power steering pump on a 1995 Ford Explorer?
Is it worth putting an ECU chip in my Audi S 4 2011. 11?
Car trouble 04 Pontiac sunfire?
Are the Tatas in India smaller than those available in other parts of the world?
Easy route from Reno to Seattle. NO FREEWAYS!?
Porsche Forums to get info?
The Nismo emblem... what nissans can you put it on?
Can anyone post the Acura part number for an alternator rebuild kit for a 92 Acura Legend? Thank you !!!?
Check engine light is on after about 5 minutes of driving. Lincoln 1993 Town Car?
what is toyota?
Will a car with 90k miles on it last awhile for $7k Toyota corolla 2005?
97 dodge stratus, poppin fuses.?
How much it cost a Pontic Trans Am 1990?
fix or repair cd in grand vitara 2002/suzuki?
1996 Ford Taurus Battery problem?
isnt VW GTI the best car ever???
CRX with Ls swap, A/C for crx or the b18b1 engine?
Which is faster? A Lambogini or a Ferrari?
Is their a standard online job application for General Motors, Ford & Chrysler?
are plans available on the 1998 chrysler cirrus? I'm having problems with the moonroof opening and closing.
I am looking for a 1972-1976 Chevy Impala for body parts...doors, hood, fenders. I need help fast!!!?
Which car do you think is better Mazda MazdaSpeed6 or Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X?
1989 toyota truck. mickey moused by someone esleto get the truck running that was their goal not doing it?
2003 Pontiac GrandAm starting problems?
Low idling on a 04 ranger 2.3?
92 volvo wont shift into overdrive?
whats the bolt pattern size for a 2007 mazda 3 gt?
Chevy Chevette or Chevy Citation?
will there bea better car hybrid like mercedes benz or bmw?
Chevy Cobalt: Ultra Silver or Yellow?
will a 1989 302 mustang engine fit in a 1992 ford f150?
I have a 92 comaro RS does anybody know what size the gas tank is and what kind of security system it has?
nissan skyline gtr r34?
what is the biggest size of wheels one can put on a skoda superb?
1976 BMW 2002i for sale- whats the lowest price for a steal, but still be fair?
fiat punto can you help when you drive at about 50-60mph you have a loud knocking noise from the back of car?
What is the Battery for Oldsmobile Alero Keyless Entry?
I am thinking about redoing my stang?
Are Volkswagons as dependable as Hondas?
03 Jetta won't start. Lights up inside/out & radio will come on. Just a clicking noise. Any idea? Thanks!
Do you have a girlfriend yes or no don't lie to me Okay.?
are scion dealers pushy?
What engines will fit in an 89 LeBaron besides the stock engine?
How do you jump a starter solenoid?
Is it wrong that I like the Audi A4 so much and I would buy it even if it's unreliable?
10" or 11" Which do you think it is?
Do all Peugeot's have problems?
how can i get more horse power out of my car?
what year is this ford truck?
Can I put a Viper 4103 remote starter in my '02 VW Cabrio?
Does anyone know of any company that make replica mk5 fiesta zectec s bumpers/skirts?
Does a Honda Accord 2 door coup with a 6 cylinder have a timing belt or a timing chain.?
I have a 1983 ford honey class c motorhome. I am very new to rving, are there propane tanks already installed?
can a stock subaru beat a stock 04 mustang cobra?
Can you downshift revmatch in a 94 del sol?
1999 Dodge Caravan overheating while idling (plus other info/question)?
1969 firebird wont crank over?
my dad has gone on holiday, what is the best way to steel his evo 4 ?
do toyota JBL 3-In-1 Premium AM/FM Radio With 6 Speakers play mp3s?
where can I find the repair manual of kinetic honda?
should i be charged for this
Renault Espace 2.2 DCI Diesel auto?
Which car make is better, Ford or GMC?
My Z34 engine cuts off at high speeds.?
which color is better on a BMW?
I bought a Chevrolet Equinox in Minnesota and have since moved to Manzanillo Mexico. Is my warranty good in M?
1981 gmc or chevy complete diagram?
Car shifts hard upon RE-acceleration only. 2003 Ford Focus ZX3 Automatic?
have a 1991 ford f-250 that is spewing fuel from the rear tank like it is under pressure what could it be?
Ford f-150 fx4 5.4 and I want to make it very fast?
The volvo 850 R is suprisingly quick, what other cars does it compare to?
ford focus petrol pump?
looking for vw t25 camper van starter motor?
Would rims off s ford taurus fit on a lexus?
Is a mini cooper better than a honda civic or accord?
Chav cars ?
1997 Sable ls wont turn over?
2004 Volvo C70 T5 vs VW golf 5/6 GTI?
does anyone know what is needed to put a v8 in a 1987 jeep xj?
2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse Starting Problem?
How does the Honda Odyssey drive in the snow?
Was this a good decision or not?
Is a 2007 Dodge Charger SE a good first car for a 20 year old?
Can the split bench seats from a '94 Ford Ranger fit in a '94 Mazda B2300?
Are Nissan Silvia s13s legal in the U.S?
Where can I buy 2005 Kia Amanti parts?
70 vw beetle coil won't fire?
what are the performance figures for a rover 25is?
93 ford escort problems. Please help! ?
Honda sh125i?
94 VW Jetta 2.0 L timing marks.?
I'm actually thinking about buying a KIA Amanti. Is this a good car to buy or should I buy a Nissan Altima?
What was the last year the cadillac sedan de ville was manufactured?
1998 volvo 70cx awd is it a turbo?
2001 Chrysler sebring No crank, No start, NO BUS on dash?
Shelby vs cobra? Which is better?
I have lost my keys for my 94 grand cherokee. Anybody know where or how I can get them replaced. Please help.?
1990 Dodge Shadow Oil Problems?
Temperature Control Stuck on Ford Focus - No Heat or Air Con?
Is the last gen toyota celica vvtli a good car?
Terrible City Gas Mileage 2001 Ford Escape?
2001 Audi s4 my car start hesitating bad?
Why in the u.k. The opel cars, are called vauxhall?
thinking about a used chevy trailblazer as my next vehicle?
Weird noise from rear end on my 2003 VW Turbo Beetle?
1984 Volkswagen Ventura Coupe - Worth it?
how are the cylinders numbered for a1993 jeep grand cherokee stait 6?
Just got an r33 stock wheels 16x8, just want to know what is the biggest size i can go on?
Help please! I need an electrical wiring diagram for ignition cylinder wires for 1981 - 1984 mercedes 500 se?
cars that look like a 2004ish Saab 9-3?
what is the gas mileage of a 1960 v6 gmc stepside 3/4 ton truck?
What aftermarket parts off a 95-99 eclipse can be used on an 97 avenger?
I have a honda civic hatchback dx 91 automatic 1.5L stock i wanna swap it what would be a good engine?
i want to buy a vauxhall corsa 2001 and the exhaust is about to blow?
2003 Jeep liberty trunk dimentions?
2013 F-150 questions?
What car color looks more tight and sportier? ?
Im 17 i hve a 1.4 citroen saxo west coast, nd te lowst insurance ive found is £2300! cn an1 suggest a company?
1982 gmc jimmy or a blazer with removeable top......?
Restoring a 1953 GMC?
I want to put a 8" suspension lift on my 1973 ford F-100, What lift kit should I go with?
Why doesn't ford add more horsepower to the Mustang? I mean accords and altimas both have just as much HP!.
mazda rx8 for first car?
Can an 80s model ford truck back window fit my 90s model ford truck?
Help, I need advice on selling an Audi TT Roadster, Quatro 2000, with 30,000 Miles in good condition, how?
will a 1971 GTO Judge Convertible Front Bumper fit a 1971 Pontiac t-37?
Is it really expensive to service used Mercedes?
what company have the #1 cat back dual exhaust system for a 2006 Dodge Charger 3.5L V6?
oil leaks in a ford f-250 7.3 liter diesel?
Why does chevy break down so musch??
how long do you have to wiat till you get your drivers license in alabama?
dodge caliber 2007 heater only blows hot air out driver side vents?
when your car will not go over 40 miles what should I look for???
When I apply breaks on my car at high spped it is shuddering why?
1991 Honda Accord LX problem with S light staying on?
can i put a 15" wheel on my 2013 jeep wrangler?
Fuel gauge for a 1987 Chevy C10?
1990 ford falcon S colours?
Is a lighty crashed 94 honda civic for 600 bucks a good deal?
I need a fuel line diagram on a 01 ford E350 7.3L engine ?
how much does it come out to when lifting a tahoe?
67 gto need help tony 865 882 9553?
How reliable would a '03 Dodge Neon be?
dear jaguar land rover,Quantity< before Quality< or RFT,?
Corvette Owners! Car Guys?
How much did a ford vehicle cost in 1950?
where is cunto?
Buying a 2000 mustang with 150000 miles good idea?
new introduction of TATA NANO to indian market is healthier to environment or not?
What is the best car you have owned?
what's so special about Ford?
can i make love in a aston martin?
I have recently bought a y reg Peugeot 206, and on the V5 log book it says date of registration as 2004,?
where can I rent a prius to drive from Monterey, ca to southeren calif.?
What makes civics so good for street racing?
Is $1000 for a 1986 Chevy S-10 that is in good condition, an good price?
Programmer in my truck?
Audi A6. Cruise control?
is purple a good color for a car with gold yellow inside?
In which model years was the Ford Ranger redesigned?
what chevy block has casting number 14010201?
How do I attach wood paneling to my acura tl ac vents?
I am looking at buying a 2004 Toyota Corolla it has 101,000 miles on it? Is it worth buying?
If you could smash up one car just for the fun of it, What would it be?
ok if i put a 350hp motor in my 1971 chevy nova how many mpg do you think i would get?
does the 'Vauxhall Astra J' have a 12v socket or lighter socket on the console (front of car)? HELP!!!?
how much would it cost to convert a mazda b3000 to 4 wheel drive?
1990 chevy pick up truck, coil no spark?
i want to know if saab 900s r good cars?
1995 Chevy Blazer Help?
my 95 honda civic will only start if i push strart it?
Chevy 383 stroker vs a Pontiac 455?
which was the maximum speed of plymouth barracuda 8cyl 275HP 1970?
My dad is a Mechanic and is looking to take my Ford Mustang 88 and put a turbo kit on it.?
Alternator stuck in my 2003 Ford Focus?
My 2006 Jeep Commander is Only Blowing Out Warm Air. Do I Need a Recharge Of Freon?
1994 Mitsubishi 3000GT vr4 ?
Help with Chrysler LHS. Is the computer faulty?
Porque se prohibio el skyline en usa?
which is the better vehicle? a vw tiguan or a suzuki grand vitara?
Can anybody help name my silver car? It's a Mazda 6?
Why are BMW owners trhe worst drivers in the UK?
Chevy dodge or ford for first car?
ford cigarette lighter, is it 12v?
Buying 2000-2005 Chevy Impala with 100,000 miles a good idea?
I need a fast civic?
2003 Ford Taurus Vibrating Gas Pedal?
what kind of car is this.?
what is a nissan 240 sx 1996's average lifespan?
What are the best mercedes benz models?
2004 Chevy Malibu LS or Ford Focus Hatchback 4 door?
Bad transmission Pontiac 4l60e rwd?
my car keeps overheating and spilling antifreeze 4 mechanics cant diagnose it what could it be?
what does lambda sensor do?
Please could you tell me how wide is a Ferrari 360 Modena,?
Door color with a red interior color for a 1965 Ford Mustang Fastback?
What are the differences between 2008 and 2009 Ford Focus wagon?
Is a honda Accord a chicks car or a guys car or both?
Need help finding a lowering kit, '01 Corolla?
Does a 2003 MINI Cooper take regular or premium gasoline?
Mounting a wingmirror on to a 2002 vauxhall corsa?
1986 Nissan Sentra won't fire to start.?
Who is going to buy a 2007 Eclipse Spider when they are released?
what is the color for clasic mercurey motors cars?
how do u dim the interior lights in a 2002 ford excursion with the hatch still open?
What is the fastest Mercedes Benz?
How much will it cost in 2014 to import a Skyline R32 GTR to the U.S, and get a DOT registered importer?
2002 Ford Windstar stalls at start up?
how much money would yo pay for a 1996 red with graphics dodge neon?
Can i get my ipod touch (4g) to play in a VW Touran (2007) and how?
What could cause a sudden drop in MPG for a brand new Honda Civic 2012?
Tires on cars?
what is full form of BMW car?
Tell me why I should go Chrysler?
how many tanks does it take for an Altima to travel 565 km?
Does any people like in their 20's like Muscle Cars?
How do you tune up a 2010 toyota corolla s?
plzzzzzzzzzz answerrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!1?
my ford f350 with a 2003 7.3 engine wont start easily if it sits for more than a day?
how to fit new lower front rear wishbone bushes on a 1998 1.1 peugeot 106?
why does my engine shake when starting my 2008 ford ranger?
Ford Mustang GT 350 Shelby Cobra?
Would you rather buy a BMW or a Mercedes-Benz?
1981 cb900c Honda backfires out exhaust?
What car gets the best gas mileage these days?
should i get a 2005 or 2002 BMW M3?
Now according to a guy i spoke to in the pub last night, The car in the Dukes of Hazard was not?
I have a SUZUKI ESTEEM 2000 1.8L that cuts out, it does not see to be the alternator or fuel filter...?
what is the fuel economy of the 2007 toyota sequoia?
I left my keys inside my BMW?
Still unsure!! Mitsubishi L200 or Toyota Hilux (it'll be double cab whichever I choose)?
Why fuel mileage low on 1999 ford explorer v/8 just sucks gas new rebuilt moto?
2012 chevy equinox bluetooth language change?
So I'm 16..lookin possibly for an older fixxer-upper Porsche?
!!!!__do toyota hiluxs 4x4 flatdecks have airbags. 1991, 1992,1993,1994,1995?
who would win in this or nissan ?.........................?
what do the letters B M W stand for in the car make?
1997 F150 4.2L rough idle, cuts off, system too lean?
On my Dodge Caliber 2007 the low beams ligths aren't working at all?
I have a 1998 chevy cavalier and its at 166,000 miles how much longer will it last?
Bought a Hyundai (a lemon)... How can I let people know that they shouldn't buy Hyundais? They are bad cars!!
03 Ford Expedition weird noise?
1972 vw bug gets hot quickly?
Toyota sales are down. Any bargains at this time? New or 2 yrs old?
How to set timing on Honda Civic d15b?
what should i do to my 2000 honda civic?
HYUNDAI: How do you pronounce it?
What car is this?
How is ttl.for a 1998 crown vick?
What are the rates and prices on the 350z lease?
need web page for madza?
2001 Hyundai Tiburon Calipers?
Honda B Series Parts number needed.?
I need good name for my 1998 Camaro?
how to get better gas milage from a ford excursion v 10??? it has a k and n air filter. what else can i do???
which is better -a hyndai santro or wagonar?
Any opinion on the Mercedes CL500 2000 0r 2001? Mechanically reliable? Your likes and dislikes? Key to watch?
My 2006 Volkswagen Jetta TDI leaks antifreeze?
expand BMW?
Is there an adaptor kit for a 06 Nissan 350z transmission to a 04 350z engine?
I need a new clutch for my Integra Type R 1999 model, it's 1.8L. I'm thinking o a exedy sports clutch.?
What would you rather have, man Aston Martin or a Ferrari?
01 Honda Accord 2.3L with acceleration problem?
What is a spectrolb sx-5 nightsun?
If you were my keys where would you hide from me?
What is the ugliest car in America?
What happens when premium gas is put in a regular gas car, Ford Escort?
Problem with 57 plate Astra Estate 1.7 Diesel?
Measure from the pistons and i had a 350 so could that small 305 starter made a difference?
1999 Fiat Seicento Sporting Abarth tyre size enquiry...........?
Where/How can I buy a F1 Honda Engine?
Used 1999 Infinity 4 door 140,000 Blue Book value?
please help me! what do i need to buy to convert a 305 throttle body injection to carb?
Tires on cars?
would a dodge ram 2500 be able to pull 3 cars?
Do you think a 1999 Chevy Camaro RS with T-tops is a good looking car?
What could cause misfire on my Peugeot expert 2.0 hdi?
What is better Mitsubishi eclipse gt or a BMW 328i?
Holden blue 6 flywheel bolts! where can i get new ones?
help with 1992 jeep Cherokee that won't start.?
dose dual exhaust increase gas mpg or decrease it in my 01 chevy silverado ext cab 5.3?
1993 ford lightning wanting to buy?
Does anybody know who is making Mercedes MB100/MB140 in China now? After Mercedes sold out its plant in korea?
why are new automobiles so expensive?
I have a mustang 1967 and i want to put a new engine on it what should engine size should i put on it?
Unique BMW's.... Yay?
Does my honda prelude 2001 need to be running while i bleed the clutch?
My 2000 dodge neon hesitates to turn on & when it does turn on i put it in gear it will turn off.?
Why does my 2006 Suzuki 250 four-wheeler's starter relay click and not start?
no fluid in transmission.?
Would a 91 Dodge 1/2 ton pickup truck haul a 2000 pound Bridgeport milling machine?
Question about the supra engine?
High mieage on Ford Fiesta?
honda or toyota?
Buying a 350z, what's the difference between the models?
are you a?
Is your VW breaking down? Please respond if yes or no.?
what is the bolt pattern on a 1999 cadillac deville hearse its a 6 lug?
Is there a camp jeep on the west coast?
Car Question (1990 300zx)?
Bmw 5 series petrol, will i GREATLY improve performance?
99 Civic ex won't start. No turn over. Nothing?
Ultimate car??
What kind of battery is used in a 2006 Chrysler Sebring (4 door)?
where can i download a copy of booklet 3.4 for my volkswagen soundsystem?
Whats the value of a 1977 porsche?
How to take off a radiator on a 1997 Honda Accord?
i have a pretty old toyota corolla stick shift car and it keeps dying when i release my clutch. what do i do?
Renault Megane Trip Computer displays "----"?
Did the Morris Marina save the British car manufacturing industry?
Why is the Viper?
Should I buy this car?
i have a 1992 ford f150 with a 302 5.0l engine and ill drive it down the road and it dont stay running?
1992 Nissan 300zx pipe cherry red and missing real bad what's wrong'?
toyota pickup 22re radiator?
what can beat a honda civic si?
is bmw reliable?
just got a used 2002 alpine white m3, need help?
How much does it cost to have a small truck painted at Maaco?
Will a honda accord 99 roll over going 40 sharp sliding turns?
I also have a 1983 RX7 and can't find the flasher relay. I have looked everywhere. Pleeeeese help?
How can I make my 2001 525i BMW faster without spending to much money?
Cost of putting brake controller in 2011 Ford Expedition?
where can I find white face gauges for a 2000 hyundai sonata?
I wanna buy either Suzuki Swift OR Suzuki Esteem. Which car is better?
Ground/Light Problems on a 67 impala?
Cooling fans wont kick on when they should, 99 Malibu?
95 Chevy Blazer, 4.3 Vortec, p0300 only?
How to remove center console in 2000 Chevrolet s10 pickup?
Do VW's have special maintenance cost?
Toyota hybird and honda hybird?
Will my 215/65/R16 winter tires fit my new Chevy cruze which call for 215/60/R16?
i need a wiring diagram for a 1992 cadillac seville for the ecm?
which ethonal can be used in older cars?
i need gm vin engine code for 2000 and newer cars & trucks?
How do I change the rear gas struts on the boot of a vauxhall vectra ?
can a 1970 350 chevelle beat a 1966 289 mustang?
Are all Volkswagen Beatles standards?
1998 Chevy Malibu Gas Gauge?
my 2002 vw passat 1.8t displays "brake fault" "service manual" when take right turns.?
Subwoofer Box Question?
how can i repair a siezed brake cylinder?????
how much is a 1970 GMC Jimmy 427 turbo jet worth? in excellent condition. Is it rare?
Renault Laguna Hand Brake Problem, is it common?
Is a Pontiac Trans Am a good buy?
i fancy a PT cruiser?
Is the Toyota Corolla a good first car?
How do i run my parking leds on my BMW 520d F12 when driving?
does the Dodge diesel 6 cyclinder have the power needed to pull a 16 ft. inclosed trailer? ford 7.3 better?
2001 VW Jetta VR6 strut mount?
which one is best mercedes or bmw?
i need directions on how to flip my shackles for extra lift. i am
next upgrade on a 94 integra?
Where is the VIN on a 1968 Ford Ranger 150 truck?
If I got the new Fiat Abarth is it possible to get different headlights?
i need to change my headgasket on my chevy cavalier,how do i know whatthe torque is?
Car light with spanner not switching off before starting engine on diesel astra?
Cost of sound muffler for hyundai i10 1.2..?
Would a 2005 acura rsx type-s be good for someone just getting their lincense?
Can a 1999 Mercedes ML320 roll up its windows using the car key?
What's the most hot V8 engine sound? Isn't it The BMW M5's?
Is 10W40 a good oil for a 1985 Dodge Truck that leaks a little bit of oil?
my 1995 Nissan Altima GXE wont turn over, i get nothing.?
Ford Edge 2013 Turn Signal?
Where is the oil filter on a 2005 Hyundai Tuscon?
whats the difference between the f-150 triton and lariat edition.........and chrome edition?
chevys vs fords????????
Honda Accord 07 HELP!?
why doesnt my toyota prius give me enough MPG?
where is the brake light switch on 2002 ford explorer?
OK Why does this happen only on the right side??
putting suburu wrx engine into toyota celica? possible?
how fast will a 2002 nissan xterra supercharged v6 run from the factory?
hi i have just purchased a 91 320i bmw & have no idea how to change the clock?
Toyota Supra or Nissan Skyline?
How many hours to replace half shafts 1998 honda accord?
What's your favorite classic car?
What song is used in NIssan Commercial 2012?
Need help about my car its a nissan altima 2004 .?
Timing marks for Mazda 1998 p/u B2500 2.5 engine.?
2003 ford focus help?
My suv calls for p235/70r/15 tires, instead I have 225/70/15, does this matters much?
2007 Honda Accord SE-V6 question?
2007 chevy cobalt issue?
I'm thinking about purchasing a Hundai Elentra. How do these cars perform?
Toyota Yaris 06 plate?
Are 1997 honda civics a good car?
what is the cost to replace upper and lower control arm bushings on a 1993 s10 Blazer(2wd)?
Ford or Chevy and why?
i have a 2007 toyota camry v6 feel like it wants to stall out when ideling at stop light?
reviews for a Kia Rio 2002?
1995 Honda Accord or Civic?
Take off resonator in my 2007 ford focus Yes or No?
How are VW's in terms of reliability?
97 Ford Taurus radio?
how should i increase my 1988 sierra hp and torque?
2004 Chevy Cavalier LS Sport "HIDDEN HITCH"?
I have a black rsx type s and I was woundering what rims would look good.?
Can you reprogram a computer to a car without taking it to a dealership.. Its a 2002 Nissan Altima..?
What would be a good air suspension kit for my 2003 TDI Jetta? How can I get this and how can i install it?
knocking noise from engine?
2001 Volvo s60 non-turbo throttle body HELP? White sticker T.B.?
i need info on chevy camaros.?
where can I get a pitman arm?
What is better a 2007 Toyota Avalon, or a 2007 Nissan Maxima?
97 Cadillac deville wipers, cruise, mirror compass, cig lighters all dont work?
why do my car shut off when i hit the brakes?
which is the best small car in Petrol version and diesel version?
Can you lift a Mercadez Benz a little higher!? Help plzz!?
engine management light come on my audi tt?
I have a 2008 Ford Freestar and the rear climate control is not blowing any air?
if i have shock i still need to buy springs?
Which car is faster the 2013 ford focus st or the 2012 scion tokusetsu tc?
my 1988 Mercury Grand Marquis starter problem or idk?
what should i name my new 08 dodge avenger?
how to program a key for a lexus is200 after new batteries are fitted?
I have been stuck on Pulau Jong on the Volvo hunt for a week please help?
i need a diagram for vaccum lines for a toyota carolla to find out were they go?
Is the 3.2l v-6 engine interchangeable with the 2.7l v-6 in a 1999 dodge intrepid?
1922 oldsmobile roadster?
What does DX mean, for example, in reference to a Totyota T100 pickup truck?
What country has the most Lamborghini's?
I was driving my 93 jeep cherokee it started too smell real sweet and then smelt like it was on fire seen alot?
If you could have any vehicle, regardless of cost, what would you get?
What are the drawbacks of the Korean automotive giant, Hyundai?
Any seat covers for 2008 Cobalt?
I want a chevy, which is the best to buy?
What is the best vehicle, chryslers 2006 300 or 2006 nissan altima?
Whats the difference between a peugeot 306 d turbo and a 306 HDi?
01'Jeep Grand Cherokee check engine code P0340...?
Flex Pipe for Kia Rio 2002?
what is a beemer bmw or bimmer?
Is the 4 Cylinder 420A engine in an eclipse GS reliable?
My 90 non-turbo 300zx is not getting fuel to the engine?
I'm looking for a repair shop (no dealer) to work on my 98 new beetle diesel?
who safe is the convertible vw beetle?
what honda motor makes the most HP Stock?
is buying a porsche 944 as a project drift car at 18 a bad idea ?
honda accord 98 heather dont work?
is it bad to use 10w 30 oil on a honda civic DX?
For my first car..2000 Acura Integra or 2000 Honda Prelude?
Why would my compressor not come on in my 2002 ford focus?
What gas mileage are you getting with a v-6 Jeep Liberty?
Dealer cost honda accord coup v-6 2006?
Whats the world fastes 4 cylinder car? is it still the eclipse gsx?
what is the number for 911?
no iteria light?
I'm looking for a stage 1 engine upgrade kit for my 03 ford focus se (not zetec I think) - any suggestions?
I don't know but does any body notice that ford KA is a crap of a car?
i want a muffler for my 1996 ford mondeo.... just too make it sound a bit deeper/better, suggestions?
Clanking Noise on Truck?
How many people does it take to make a ford focus?
i am gettin a 350/430 hp engine.?
I have a 1995 mazda lantis and i would like to know what would cause it to drive in. neutal?
2005 Nissan Murano "Bose Radio" ?
i need to figure out my gas milage on my used car.its in litres and km.per hr. can you explain how to do this.
Don't know if i have saab linear or arc?
What is the knocking noise on my Peugeot 206. Starts around the 20 mph mark and increases with the car speed?
will a 2006 nissan 350z engine fit in a 2003 nissan 350z?
Trans problem with a 1996 96 Automatic Honda Civic?
nissan sentra won't start in warm weather?
does anyone think that a delorean is a good first car cause i do and i need opinions so please tell me?
What is the oil capacity (inc oil filter) of a 2004 BMW M-3?
Fox 11 Audi contest keywords.?
is it alright to install a Blow-Off Value on a 2002 Jetta?
When is the BMW X7 coming to market?
where is the cam sensor for a 2000 nissan altima?
Better gas mileage full or half tank?
2005 acura tl performance chips?
how do i change the front diskcs on opel astra 1.6 from 1997?
My 96 civic dx shakes violently when putting it into 1st gear?
If i was to buy a a ford e 150 5.4 l 2WD with 200000 miles what would the mpg on the highway most likely be?
can anybody help me, i need the code for honda civic radio 2006 serial number is U3000 L6715?
Exhaust and Cold Air on Honda?
chevy 05' trail blazer fuel filter location?
Need HELP!! Civic 2006 or 2007?
Where can I find a photo of a standard 2000 Honda Civic muffler assembly with a part number?
why do bmw drivers not use indicators?
how to drain the radiator on renault trafic?
2003 New Beetle Convertible easy 10 points?
What is the top speed on the RX-8?
1995 Lexus 259,000 miles. $3000 is it worth it?
my car rattles..??
my car key won't turn?
2006 GMC Sierra, won't stay running, fuel pump OK?
2001 mustang GT. What kind of automatic transmission comes stock? Can i buy a shift kit for it and what kind?
What do you think of my dream car?
subaru knocks in rear end?
2009 Corolla - Headlight question
Lack of engine power VW caddy?
what kind of aftermarket parts should i put on a Mitsubishi 3.0?
What does it mean if someone says a car has 212,000 miles on it, but the motor has 150,000?
when turning steering wheel on my car a loud poping noise is herd from front of car?
Can anyone lend me £84,000?
what is going to happen to the silerado ss.?
Troubles with my cars security system?
My steers with grooves in the road, WHY?
E350 ford van transmission does not shiff?
What does R/T on a dodge charger stand for?
What can be causing a "sloshing" sound when I take corners or curves in my 2009 Honda Pilot?
how do I replace or repair a burnt clutch on a 91 GEO Prizum?
I need to kniw what is wrong with my van!?
What brand of diesel engine does GM put into their trucks?
should i buy a 1999 Volkswagen beetle?????????????/ helpppp?
1994 Mustang GT shakes after going 55 mph?
Honda Civic 98 Battery & Oil Light?
Does LEXUS really mean "Luxury Exports to US"?
eg hatch honda civid (daylights)?
How bad will my turning be when i put my 22" rims on my 98 chevy blazer? Will it really be a problem?
What should I change tuning my Chevy Cruze to make the most torque and horsepower?
Burnt Valve in Ford 302 EFI?
How do I sign up for wheeloffortne?
Does anyone have monoply game piece #944 or #928?
looking for used engine 4 ahonda civix b-18 or h-22 anything dualoverhead year95 can any one help?
Mitsubishi Pajero Warning Light?
does anybody know the story on the old volkswagen fox and castle emblem?
Should I get a convertible or coupe Shelby GT500?
Hummer H3 or Jeep Wrangler?
Is there anyone here that will admit to buying an Austin Allegro? especially the Vanden Plas one?
What's top speed for 93 300zx non turbo?
Gold Emblem on Toyota Celica GT?
Now Fiat owns Chrysler-what is the net worth of Fiat-UAW-chrysler company as of today 6/l0 before l7B gift?
how much would it cost to fix an axle on a 2003 Pontiac Aztec?
How to fix Fuel Backsplash when filling with fuel on a Dodge Stratus?
2005 ford mustang v6?
Which tires are best for 2002 Honda Accord EX 4dr,4cyl ,michelin or bridgestone potenza G009,potenza RE960 PP
dtc 1545 1999 vw passet?
Pontiac 6000 le station wagon 1986?
If i bought a Pontiac Firebird how hard would it be to change the body to look like a camaro?
Who Makes BMW?
2004 Dodge 1500 5.7L Crew Cab Hemi or 2004 Ford F150 Super Crew 5.4L V8?
What are the best mercedes benz models?
I want to buy a 2012 Ford F 150, what do I need?
1999 dodge Durango engin help?
what tpye of transmission goes in a 1991 ford f-150 pick up ?
2013 F-150 questions?
Should I buy a 1997 Dodge Dakota?
how to take a stereo out a 2001 mitsubshi galant ls?
i need to change the clutch in a geo tracker?
what is the fastest 300zx in the world?
Jeep Owners! 1995 JGC with no AC.?
which was the maximum speed of porsche 924 automatic injection 6cyl 110HP 1979?
Why do American's put the American flag on there foriegn car? Isn't that kinda retarted?
is the New Tundra worth it?
can i lift my base 1985 toyota pickup?
VW Polo Fuel Problems?
What tire measurements fit well on a 20 inch rims for a 2008 dodge charger SE?
changing back disc brakes on 2004 f 150?
what would be wrong when you bleed your brake system and the brake still goes to the bottom?
Mustang Exhaust help!!!?
pleas help with 95 mustang gt?
Ford F-150 unlock/lock remote?
Is the Mazda 323 Astina, a good 1st car, for P plater?
how much is the motor with regulator for mitsubishi 2002?
where can i buy a pressure control solenoid for a 2001 mazda protege?
Why was the iPod integration not offered to all MB models?
which one do you think is the best car? (2009) ford mustang,chev camaro or dodge challenger? i want to own one?
If my mustang ran 8 sec in the 1/8 what would it run in the 1/4 about?
You think the Dodge (Grand) Caravan has any handling?
Got a good deal on a 1994 supra turbo?
I am considering purchasing an '04 or '05 mazda rx8, Is it risky?
What is this 1958 Chevy Apache Worth?
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