Does a 1998 Ford Mustang GT have A Chip in the Key to start it?
Where in jackonsville nc can i go to get some jeep decals?
what would be one of the best make/model car to drive?
I had a spark plug blowout on 2002 f150. Fixed that only to have fuel leak on a couple injectors. Changed o r?
Metal to Metal sound in a Jeep Compass?
Is it true that GMC trucks are heavier duty than Chevy trucks?
how to soup up a Mitsubishi eclipse 1998?
We are reconditioning a 1987 Chevy Monte Carlo. We are looking for new Monte Carlo lettering or emblems.Help!?
What's the cheapest Car Model that Toyota is currently selling?
What is the abbreviation of "BMW"?
How do i make my miata more masculine?
Why did My 91 Mustang dash gauges suddenly stop working?
The car does not start and makes a clicking noice continuously when I try to give ignition?
i have a '97 dodge ram. 5.9ltr. having troubles accelerating, like something under the pedal.. why/?
Where is the fuel filter located on a 08 mitsubishi lancer es?
lost my car key toyota previa R reg about to sell it where get another one?
Does tiptronic adapt to the way you drive?
how much is my 1953 ford worth???
would a 92 front bumber fit on a 91 accord ex?
Has anyone else ever had an 80's Peugeot 505 in the U.S.?
Whats the value of a 1977 porsche?
Where can I find a purple car that is a 5 speed?
Anyone own a new Jeep Commander, if so how do you like it?
how do I change to security code on my peugeot 307 (p reg, early model) ?
How do i adjust the automatic choke on my vw beetle?
94 gmc suburban 5.7 350 k1500 ...way too much fuel from tbi injectors ??any advice?
Is purchasing an extended warranty worth it on a Subaru Impreza (reliable car)?
Is anyone selling Parts for 1992-98 BMW E36 2-doors?
anyone else like me want to rip their eyes and ears off when they see that stoopit f'ing nissan ad?
What do you think will be the Tata's One Lakh car be like?
what is the best oil to use in your car if you want to make your engine last as long as you can?
How do you find out what your girlfriend is angry about?
looking for a 1989 to 1991 honda civic?
1988 full size ford bronco?
Who is the manufacturer of the 2006 Cadillac CTS navigation system?
Chevy fans - Which Small block motor would you build ?
2007 bmw 328xi service light?
can't find the fuel filter in my 1996 acura tl.. ?
how do you change the belts on a 87 volvo 760?
2001 Dodge Caravan, what do you think?
how much??
how good is the rs in the rank as the fastest car in the world?
Any opinions on Auto Body shops in Astoria, NY? Looking for a good, honest shop.?
Where can i find primary Documents for Karl Benz?
Has anybody seen the new VW GOLF R32?
How would I install a metal hood ornament on a Porsche without drilling holes?
i need a bench seat for a 93 nissan pickup?
conversion from gsr to evo?
how do i adjust a steering wheel to my liking in my 92 2+2 300zx?
01 Jetta Cooling fans and A/C not working?
05 dodge Stratus rt 3.0 cant get code p0455 gone?
What should I buy? An 03 SVT Cobra or an 05 Mustang GT...Help!?
Can anybody help name my silver car? It's a Mazda 6?
Is a 2006 Mitsubishi eclipse a good first car?
Is it worth putting an ECU chip in my Audi S 4 2011. 11?
What do you all think about the new LEXUS RX hybrid? How is it working for you?
how do i jack up my 87 chevy caprice classic?
most reliable wagon?
What color should I paint my 1975 Dodge Dart?
Why does the 7 series bmw lose value so quick?
Is $15,995 a good price for a 2012 Mazda 3?
Acura Integra, slammed, lowered, dropped, stance. Questions!?
1989 Toyota Supra... Short squeal from engine. No power. Help?
Code 10 on a cbr 929?
2007 dodge caravan check engine code P0302?
i bought a 94 1.9 cl diesel mark 3 golf sunday last and im jst curious bout the kind of mileage a tank of ?
Mods 04 Ford F150 k&N & magna flow?
I have a 2010 Prius. I just got its oil changed to a nonsynthetic oil. When should the next change be?
Can I this kind of Infiniti g35 spoiler on this kind of car.?
What are the main differences between a 2008 bmw 5 series and 3 series?
What is the best time of the year to buy a new automobile?
What is Prius of Toyota?
what is the fuel pump secondary circuit?
Petrol prices in litres but manufacturers and road signs use miles or miles per gallon. Why?
g35 coupe vs. altima coupe?
i would like to add fog lights on a 2009 murano s,?
My 2000 New Beetle won't play CDs?
how do you repair or replace a 1993 chrysler lebaron heater core?
Slight engine knocking.?
Why do American's put the American flag on there foriegn car? Isn't that kinda retarted?
Woud YOU buy this?
Favourite car?
Mazda 6 ? any reviews ?
99 Toyota Camry o/d switch doesn't work?
Do You guys like smart roadstar?
My 2000 New Beetle won't play CDs?
how to get rid of security light in gmc 2500 hd?
Are fords really bad in long run? I heard so manyyyyy bad feedbacks against ford and how it sucks in terms of?
Automatic seatbelts and sunroof on 1992 Saturn...?
Performance shops in oc area?
BMW e90 angel eyes question?
I bought a c230 kompressor 2002 3 years ago. It is in a very good condition, I only take it to the garage to j?
Are Lexus vehicles built locally or are they all imported?
What trouble would "heavy steering "indicate in a renault modus?
horn will not chirp and lights will not flash when locking car doors?
which is better - santro Xing with erlx or maruthi wagon R?
Recommendations on Modifying my 2010 Honda Accord Coupe?
I'm stuck; Toyota Yaris, Scion Tc, Honda Fit or Honda Civic coupe?
Where can I find a 2005 Chrysler 300 under $6,500?
What kind of car do you like best?
What is the kelly blue book on a 1995 VW euro camper with aa options and 47,000 miles?
93f150 wont crank but its getting fire and fuel ? Any ideas?
2013 Range Rover Sport vs 2013 Mercedes-Benz GLK?
my vw bora tdi makes squeaking noise as i bring foot off of the clutch what could this be?
The mirror fell off my 2003 Nissan Denita. Is there an easly way to repair the mirror without removing it?
Which would you prefer to own, a BMW 5 series or a Mercedes E class?
what is the firing order on a 1994 mazda miada with DOC 1.8cc straight four with electro magnito ignition not?
What are the major parts of a car?
i'm thinking of buying a mini metro am i mad or am i sad?
Toyota Corolla 2004- inside lights won't turn off- help quickly please!!!!?
bmw m5 - original or fake???
How will they ever actully make cars out of corn? How will they work? How will they make them into oil or gas?
Can the rear seats in a Nissan Cube be removed?
2004 Hyundai Santa Fe Radio problem.?
I drive a new BMW 540i - should this need topping up with oil all the time?
how much dint to fix in a 2008 honda accord lx its on the door.?
Do all 2000 Toyota Camry LE have the same engines and specifications?
what is a good price fore a 1993 Honda civic 2 door coupe?
Is Nissan owned by Toyota?
Gran Turismo 5 Subaru Impreza TC?
What is the most mileage youve gotten out of a vehicle and what type?
Is there a Plug&Play HID kit for a 2009 Mercury Milan With a Good warranty?
Does anyone have 1999 GMC Jimmy 4 x 4?
What your favourite make and model of car?
$Texas for Turd Ferguson.?
import a gts-4 to the states for show (skyline)?
which is the maximum speed of these vehicles?
what is the actual gas mileage for 2009 honda civic, according to drivers' experience?
is 111000miles a lot on a 2000 nissan maxima?should i trade?
how to turn off the beep in the toyota navigation system?
Is it pretty easy to replace valve cover gaskets on a 1990 ford f150 4x4 witha 5.0 v8? Estimated time too??
Im looking for info on Ed Newdson. Former General Motors President and head of National Defense Advisory Board
Where to find a good condition VW van/bus from before 1980s?
can i put a 98 accord ex sohc head on a 96 accord lx can it fit?
I have a 96 328ic. today the electric windows stoped working.?
Which Jeep is better?
Brake light temperamental in an 00' Acura Integra?
jeep grand cherokee vs rangerover sport?
How much would someone buy an all black used 2011 Unlimited Jeep Wrangler?
find a6, when a1=17, r=1/2?
Odd noise in a Chrysler Sebring 2004?
does anyone know the measurement for the trunk opening for a bmw 3 series sedan?
Who was the actual person who invented the first car?
How many sticky notes would it take to cover a 2002 Ford Focus?
Are Volvo's reliable cars? ?
What tranny I'd better for BMW m3 standard or SMG?
1997 bonneville not blowing hot air in two positions?
68 ford mustang colors?
is 108k mileage too high for a 1999 vw golf 1.4? it has full serivice history btw?
what do ya'll think of a new mazda3 for a sixteen year old??
2006 ford freestar mini vam?
Does anyone know what the thickness of the rear brake pads should be for a 2006 Ford Escape?
98 toyota corolla VE trunk lock broken?
Dodge Caliber OWNERS?
I want a chevy, which is the best to buy?
I just bought a 1968 442 oldsmobile convertible and I need to know what kind of oil (synthetic or semi or 30w)
What is your favorite car?
Lancer ls manual swap?
Ford 351w aftermarket block question?
Who likes Alpha Romeo's?
my 2002 honda civic turned off and will not turn back on?
Which WRXs do not have turbos on them? (which years)?
does anybody no of the problems to look out for when buying a fiat punto gt?
What would my 1991 Ford Explorer be worth?
Xmas ideas for my boyfriends "project car."?
What's your favorite classic car?
What has been your experience with Volkswagen's turbo diesel engines?
How many miles per galon a 1997 dodge stratus gives?
How much does a timing belt cost to change in a 2005 Audi A4 3.0?
What's the best replacement tire for a 2005 Hondo Odyssey Minivan?
Just wondering if anyone knows if ZJ fairlane front end would be a bolt on fit for an xd or xf ute? cheers?
Is 122k miles high for a ford focus?
Looking for a picture of a 1965 Ford Mustang V8 Convertible, Midnight or Metallic Blue, White top & interior?
What is the nitrous purge kit used on the 2 fast 2 furious Nissan skyline?
miata iat location?
What is a good radio for a scion tc?
1999 f-150 xl reverse lights on cab wont turn off even when there's no key?
How to use V_ag Tacho 3.01+ Opel Immo Airbag scanner ?
what code reader do you use for a 1995 e150 van?
i smell antifreez on 57 hemi?
Do all Dosdge Vipers come with manual transmission or can you get them automatic?
What is leaking under my ford bronco?
Location of fuse panels for a 2006 Pontiac Solstice?
What's the performance specs on a Comptech Supercharged S2000? i.e. 0-60mph, 1/4 mile, etc.?
2001 Pontiac Montana. Service traction control on and when I step on the brakes the turn signals glow a bit.?
If toyota would give you a free prius, would you take it?
Does anyone know the name of the chevrolet font on the 1954 belair?
Where can I hire a vw beetle cabriolet for a day in the gloucestershire area?
where is the fuel switch controlr on s10?
94 acura legend speed sensor?
why people slow at making gas and battery for the van. The gas is going to stay high and not going down offen.
Why is my 2001 bmw 330i's service engine soon light keeps turning on and off?
How much will the acura nsx cost?
How can i find a 2003 mits lancer es manual?
ESP/TCS lights come on when 2008 Jeep Patriot 2x4 is turned on?
What kind of car do you drive?
why would anyone buy a .........?
is the dodge magnum a considered a sports car?
Does the 2007 Toyota Corolla SE have bluetooth connectivity options?
how can i make a scion tc look less girly?
What is Tata SA postaladres and Faks No?
2002 v6 Ford Mustang?
Who loves the state Michigan?
Hey, okay so my brother owns a 2005 Holden 3.5L V6 Rodeo, and over the weekend it has Started a loud noise.?
Would you save enough gas in a hybrid to justify the extra cost if you own it for five years?
Do they still make VW minibuses?
why does chevys always breakdown?
HELP!!!!Got a 2006dodge 2500 and dumpin black smoke and acceleratimh by itseng?
Looking for buyers advice from 07 BMW 328i owners?
Where can i find performance parts for an acura cl 3.0?
How many motor mounts is on a 08 nissan versa?
what's a good name for a camaro?
Turn Signal Problems - 94' Chevy Corsica?
What Model Truck Is This Ford?
what did i just drain out of my Ranger?
What would one need in order to drive across the country in a VW bus or Vanagon?
What is the title of the jazz song of the Renault advert (i think)?
Where can I buy 1979 Jeep Cherokee parts.?
Are Mercury Grand Marquis usually reliable cars?
Was the Porsche 356 a budget sportscar when it was still new ?
Peugeot 205 dashboard screen?
I have a real nice Black Mustang GT 2002...I want to personalize a licence plate. Any Ideas.....?
About beetle? do you still have you vw?
Is it normal for my 1995 Honda prelude vtec to rev so high?
Where can I get a Chrome Grille for my Hilux!?
Why did AUDI name their cars after pieces of paper..?
Will mustang rims fit on my dodge ram?
If you won a free car would you pick a Lexis, a Mercedes, an Infiniti, or a BMW?
97 gmc 4.3 Distributor issue?
OK, I have a 75 silverado trailering special 2WD all stock suspension. Can I lift the front end? want spacers?
How do you remove the windshields washers nozzles on a Ford Taurus 1996?
anyone need help with there toyota in montreal?
fuel filter location on a2005 chevrolet trail blazer?
How to remove a 1998 Honda Civic Radio?
I'am shopping for a new car. What's your opinion on a Subaru Forester?
Transmission questions for 97 Cavalier?
What make model & year cars use the frame bracket to hold the motor mount for a Pontiac 455 motor?
how to set up a turbo in a acura integra?
what would u do if u saw a person destroying there own 68 charger?
Which bmw is better ?
1999 Cougar dashboard lights?
what is the best 4x4 ?
Can you put any other transmissions on a Lincoln Mark VIII?
How can I find out the original style rims for my car?
How do I get my Scion?!?
True patriots drive Ford & semi-patriots drive Chevy?
How much should it cost to replace the brakes on a 67' Mustang?
Fair? $2000 for 2001 Kia Rio?
what is the bolt pattern for a 2002 vw jetta gls 1.8t?
C'mon serously people, are Fords really that bad?
I have a 2001 chevy impala 3400 size motor i changed the fuel pump but it still wont come on?
price for pulse generator for transmission hyundai accent 2002?
Scion FRS or Subaru BRZ?
Can you put 2nd gen neon seats in a 1st gen?
BMW M6 or M3 which one looks better?
VW Polo BlueGT - Cylinder Deactivation?
i have a 2006 hummer with 42000 miles on it and wondr if i take it in for service will i have pay 4 oil change?
Is 113,000 Miles in a diesel car to high? The car is a Ford Mondeo and is 2005 reg?
When is the bmw 4 Series coming?
fiat punto - first car?
What kind Chevrolet Cylinder Heads do I Have #3898920?
What engine layout/setup is this Modified Subaru got?
im 5'1 do u think i could fit on a crf250r not the power do u think i could fit on it?
Would U get a new toy yoda,or a new Toyota?
2003 kia rio body kit?
1976 chevy truck radio, what other model 1976 chevy car radios would fight stock in my truck.?
What is B.M.W short for?
where is the fuel filtter on a 96 chevy beretta?
2001 dodge ram 1500 door pillar sticker?
How do you set a clock on a 2002 Honda Civic?
when should I change the cambelt - fiat stilo 1.4 56 plate?
Could you help me...............?
Why do people always hate on the Civic Si? And all of Honda's high.reving engines?
Vauxhall Astra Club 2001. The central locking does not always open or lock with key fob..?
What is going with the low beams on my 06 ram 1500?
How much is my used mitsubishi colt worth?
I need help with a huge decision...which one shud I get!?
Would it be better to have a Magnaflow 13236 or a Flowmaster Super 44?
i have a prelude, i want to make it as fast as i can what should i add?
2003 Mazda 6 2.3 ignition problem?
Is 70k miles too much on 2004 BMW M3? owners please help me out :)?
how to installing a 98 ford Taurus radio with scosche harness?
Hello. I just bought a Subaru Impreza STi '07. I wanna know if I put a catback exhaust,wud it give me more hp?
Do you think that Ford will be out of business?
rubbing sound coming from rear of 307?
2000 ford focus heat/air questions..?
What's the 0-60 of a '95 Dakota V8 2wd ext cab?
I want to make my F250 loud?
top speed of a 2002 chevy tracker 2.0L?
how wide is a suzuki samurai?
tail light advice. details for more information?
where can i get scion XB chin spoilers?
Ford KA help? - temperature gauge?
civic honda?
We know that "GMC" stands for General Motors Corporation. Do you know what "BMW" stands for?
2007 Audi A4 2.0T S-Line, making whirling noise when I start the engine?
what does the word Phaeton mean its the name of one of volkswagons higher price cars but dont know the meaning
replacing my rear oil seal on my NP231?
1991 nissan 300zx 2+2?
audi a3 or bmw 3 series ?
If you could have a classic car brought back into production, which one would it be?
I have a 2001 jeep grand cherokee when you let off the gas about 25 mph after taking off from stop it pops?
2003 buick rendezvous power windows?
Ford Windstar remote locks.....?
need new brakes in my BMW 325i, should I go with the ceramic brakes?
Are Fords built by union workers?
Is it possible to have my dealership install Bluetooth to my manual transmission 2013 Hyundai Elantra?
I need a b20 high comperssion motor?
Why is my Dodge Grand Caravan jerking and making noises?
i have a standard 1.2 clio can i make it faster?
what is the best air intake for a 5.4 ford truck?
what turbos come on the bugatti veyron?
Car stutters and dies with low RPMS....fuel pump?
in your opinion which would you purchase- a 96' gmc sonoma or a 94' jeep cherokee?
i have a 97 olds aurora and my driver information center does not work what should i do?
Is the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII Manufactured in Japan?
What RPMs are acceptable for my Mazda6 2.3L 4 CYL 5-Speed Auto? Specifically, how does cruise control factor?
i have a 1989 535i bmw it may need upper controler ball joints how long should then be change?
what year did the 5.7 lt1 appear was it in 1994 ?
why infiniti g37 rpm is not going more than 1000 in p Gear?
Citroen C5 jumping out of gear and stalling?!?
Whats the life time of a 2005 Honda Odyssey?
Is navigator a good search engine ?
Is the GMC terrain worth trying?
what company ownes ferrari?
how do i adjust a steering wheel to my liking in my 92 2+2 300zx?
Illegal Or Not?
Do you like dodge?
where is the best place to mount a xfm antenna on a corvette.the antenna is a magnet mount. thanks?
who thinks that ford mustangs rock?
Will wheels off of a jeep cherokee fit my 97 chevy c1500?
Does anyone know what make of car Gibbs drives in NCIS?
Why would a G.M. Dealership treat me like this?
looking for payoff on my vehicle,how do i find ?
which truck is better: Ford Ranger or Chevy S10?
where do all of the import cars meet on sarurday nights? in houston?
where can i find some catalogs for parts for my 1980 oldsmobile cutlass?
Alright people, what is your favorite truck....Ford, Dodge or Chevy? I am a Ford man myself.?
I am looking for a part number for a ford focus 2001...can anybody help me?
What type of gas do I fill my BMW with?
what the main difference between gmc truck & chevrolet truck?
wat is the spec of new Tata Sumo Gold?
which car is the fastest four doors car?
I have a 1999 Suzuki Esteem and my Gas Lines are Frozen.. I don't have the luxury of a warm garage?
who make jeep?
peugeot v- clic doesn't start with electric start?
I might be getting a mesh top for wrangler...?
I have a 2001 nissan maxima and the dealership just replaced the IACV but it is idling very high?
which one is better zen estilo new one or i10?
Replacing Oxygen sensor on 2008 Toyota Avalon?
Does my car really need Premium gas.?? Mercedes E320?
Mitsubishi lancer vs ford fiesta?
1998 Plymouth Neon Engine IGN Fuse Problem?
will these 99 accord o.e.m. 16" rims look good painted a glossy black?
2009 Honda Pilot?
how can i get the keyless entry code for my 2008 ford escape?
should i be charged for this
Hexbug nano or Hexbug Ant?
How do I give my wife an organism?
if a tree fell in the lake could it swim?
2004 Audi A6 Quattro 3.0 Automatic Need Advice On Catalytic Converter?
where can i find a v-tech head to put on my 1996 Acura integra LS?
Do you like Ferrari Enzo or F430?
what happend if i blown head gasket?
Can any locksmith make a key for my car door?
I have a VIN # on an old chevy elcamino would like to know everything about it as I am gonna restore the car ,
My 1993 Toyota celica st is idling at 350-400 rpm when in Neutral and shuts off?
Do you prefer Japanese cars or German???
Is there a difference between Mercedes Sport package and amg sport package?
I need to find information on the replacement of a drive shaft on a 2001 dodge 4x4 3/4 ton. thanks?
i want to buy a car that would suit enhancement, both to the engine & body= the fast and the furious?HELP?
What do the letters BMW stand for?
My break light on my 2003 Honda cb900f 919 hornet isn't working?
Anyone have problems with their Explorer Sport Trac?
what do u think of the dodge nitro?
need car help please!!!!!!! pontiac grand am?
97 corolla battery issue or other?
how can you find out if its a true SS car?
If I drove a Toyota Yaris hatchback, would it ruin my tough guy image?
How long do I need to leave my key fob in the port to recharge, 2009 Nissan Altima?
where can I buy a complete wiring harness for an 84 dodge w150?
Performance parts for 2009 Suzuki gs500f?
is it a good idea to mod a little on a 94 nissan sentra with 190k?
My 97 Honda accord se is rattling?
How many stores does honda operate in Canada?
what kind of oil shoud i use in my 1973 cadallic fleetwood?
Got the power? Ten points to best answer.?
2008 Lexus Roadster concept price!?
will a 3.1 malibu 99 alternator fit a 3.4 grand am 99u like to ask?
2000 Chevy Cavalier has no heat while driving?
where can I look to get a colored diagram for a 77 ford mustang cobra emission control system?
how can a bugatti veyron improve society?
1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse passenger rear knocking noise?
how hard is it to replace a front bumper on a mazda protegia?
Are the 2011/2012 Mercedes Benz E Class Cabriolets chick cars?
2001 Plymouth Neon Not Starting?
1994 Honda accord transmission codes?
How to remove a 1973 Plymouth Fury III fuel tank?
How do i unlock the brakes on my 1988 chevy silverado 1500?
will a 1996 crown victoria engine fit in and older muscle car body like a mustang or firebird (pre 1990)?
2002 chevy 1500 fuel pump replace?
Where is the speed senser on a 1999 dodge caravan?
Recommended oil viscosity for a Ford 2.0 2bbl Ford Ranger Engine?
I want to buy the Lexus RX330 good and comfortrable car?
'69 Mustang or '06 Mustang?
Toyota Tacoma 2005 Sound Enhancer?
would my car look good lowered??(pic of car)?
2004 ford excursion diesel?
What Kind of paint should I use ?
Where can I find some cheap rims for my trailblazer?
What car should I be looking alongside the Honda Pilot 2006? 7 seat capacity essential. Any bad Pilot reviews?
98 V6 Mustang vs 02 Impala LS (Drag race)?
how to check control arm bushings in a 2000 ford tarus?
I have a91 capri, how can I hook it up and trick it out? inside and out. photos, suggestion anything.?
is a 2000 1.6ltr civic engine compatable with a 1992 1.5ltr civic car?
I have a 1998 VW beetle.?
best economical new car 2005?
what is the weight of a 1990 gmc vandura: for emission test purposes?
How long should i wait to trade in a new ford f150?
I have a Mercury Sable wagon. The back door only works manually but not with the key or electronically. ?
my heater doesn't come on at all in my 2002 dodge durango. all fuses look good. any suggestions?
Have1990 civic 1.5 need to know?
Can I put confetti in the tailpipe of a Toyota Paseo?
Installing new gauges on a 2003 Mitsubishi Eclispe?
lincoln ls or honda accord??? please help?
2004 Lamborghini Gallardo or 2009 Mercedes-Benz SL63 AMG?
Is it just me or has anyone else noticed how much the new Ford Mustang looks like a shark?
Are MINI's Coopers expensive to maintain?
What is remanufactured?
What is the cheapest, Yet best way to make my 350z sound better?
customizing a new car?
why are there so many cars today?
Estimate on cost on repairing a sway bars on a 2003 Mitsubishi eclipse?
which is more reliable and why, a Pontiac Grand Prix, or Chevy Cavalier?
Anyone driven the new Chevy Tahoes?
Hey ford fans...What gives with Ford closing American factories to bust the UAW?
Has anyone heard ablout the new "Charger" by Chrysler, that is coming out in 2008?
What if i remove the air filter out of my ram air box?
FJ Cruiser Fuel Economy?
My 2005 Fored Explorer is idleing rough and says I am getting 8.6 MPG?
2011 Dodge ram longhorn says no maps available on NAV?
is nissan 350z(both nismo and not nismo version) advisable for drifting starter?
how does nissan determine mpg on nissan leaf?
Koenigsegg Agera R or Pagani Huayra?
Where can i rent a luxury or exotic car rental in Arkansas?
Push start button for Chevy Cruze?
How can I identify a 250cid straight six cylinder motor. They said it came out of a chevy van, maybe a 73-83.?
94 Saturn SL1 need a rocker arm shaft,,Anybody know where a reasonable one can be found?
do toyota JBL 3-In-1 Premium AM/FM Radio With 6 Speakers play mp3s?
Dodge Charger as a Police Vehicle?
Please help with clues on Volvo the hunt treasure map.?
Whats best to have on a mustang? Super Charger or Turbo?
how do I save gas and fuel?
1996 lincoln town car cranks but wont start?
Honda integra '93 help!!?
How can I check the working condition of the compresser and condensor on a 2001 honda civic LX?
What is wrong with my 2002 dodge neon?
What your favourite make and model of car?
Why does BMW name its car series with 328i and 335i?
is the nissan skyline illeagal in the united states?
05 civic coupe spoiler on 07 civic sedan??
Ford focus 2007 flat battery?
Im trying to buy a 4 gti 1.8T.But i want to check if the turbo is damaged.Is their a way of knowing if its ok?
question to shut my friend up, do you think a 1987 monte carlo ss is a true blue muscle car or not?
What do u think of a nissan murano?
I am getting a new car and I am considering the Toyota RAV4. I heard a new 2013 model is going to be out.?
2005 Dodge caravan code p0113?
Which car is better???
What is your favorite model of Jeep?
Who thinks the new vw beetle is better than the original shape?
does E85 gas effect my gas mileage on my 06 truck and will the new trucks made for E85 get better gas mileage?
How much paint is needed for 3 coats on a ford probe?
Does my 00 VW GTI have a Digital Speedometer?
how much 2012 TOYOTA CAMRYsl per motnh with out lease?
Will a 2012 Dodge Charger SRT8 front bumper fit on my 2012 R/T?
01 pt cruiser..any idea what this noise could be?
Why do people like chevys so much?
what is the difference between nissan titans built before and after march of 2005?
miss fire kia spectar?
Does anyone know of a good of a reputable Long Island Custom Mod Shop? I am trying to get hids put in my Bmw 5?
Is buying a 2002 Ford mustang car for 5,000....117,000 miles a bad idea?
suzuki vitara steering 1994?
Why is my 2005 Mazda 6i A/C compressor cycling so much?
what oil should i use to break in my rebuilt crate engine?
is this a girly car?
Did anyone know that ford stands for "Found On Rubbish Dumps"?
SLR maclaren should i get it?
How can I tell if I have variable assist power steering or if I don't?
How to keep brake roters from getting worped and having to turn them so often?
1993 Honda Accord SE?
2000 mitsubishi eclipse for cheap!!!?
how much is a stock 1972 ford f100 ranger xlt?
If oil touches a charger can it still work?
vs commodore wont start?
A safety and recall challenge to ford lovers.?
How much would it be to change wheel bearings on a 2001 Chrysler PT Cruiser?
where is the in put and out put transmission speed sensor on the chrysler crossfire?
my renault megane 2003 does not start ;steering locked, and steering not locked; msg?
1967 Chevrolet Impala?
Where do i get a Trueno AE86?
Would you reccomend a Fiat Multipla 100 16v as a family car?
I want to buy an audi but i heard they are un reliable..?
How much should I sell my non-running 1999 VW Beetle for?
Transmission slips: acura TL 2002, 70k miles?
1980 Mercedes Benz 300D Non-Turbo with automatic: How many forward speeds? Also, what is the RPM for 60MPH?
When I fill up my 2004 Mitsubishi, it will not start easily. Seems to vapor lock. Any ideas?
What are some 4 cylinder/fuel efficient vans? (90s-early 2000's)?
What is the spark plug gap for a 1998 Mitsubishi Lancer CE II GLXI?
hey for all of you gmc techs i have a question for you?
Is there a basic turbo kit that would work on a 300zx N/A?
is it uncool to drive a old car?
can i plug my ipod into my 2000 corolla ?
What is the typical lifespan in maximum road mileage for a 1985 Saab 900?
Looking for Chrysler dealership, Sacramento, Ca.?
Bad shaking in my '86 Z31?
2006 Hyundai Sonata A/C not working?
which is the maximum speed of chevrolet cosworth vega injection 4cyl 110hp year 1975?
Toyota Chaser 2.5 Tourer V or Nissan Silvia S15 Spec R or Toyota Supra RZ?
My Daughter has just had her 18th Birthday and ,,,?
best looking rims for a 2010 altima dark slate?
I took delivery of an Audi TT Coupe 2.0 yesterday - do readers think it is a good car to buy?
Is a 99' honda accord EX with 240,000 miles worth paying $5500 for?
Is a Jeep Wrangler a good first vehicle?
How can I find out if My 2003 Ford F150 Supercrew has a alarm installed?
2007 honda accord sedan LX?
Should a Renault espace have a thermostat ?
What is your faveourite car and why?
Ford Fiesta Zetec - S: Is this a good time to buy a new one?
problem of water bocal of polo classic 1998?
Visual difference in a VW 1.8 and 1.9TDI turbo.?
how to replace tie rod in a 1994 acura integra gsr?
What is the publics opinion on the 1995 BMW 325is?
Do the lights situated on the bottom of the rear bumper in a Honda Accord Euro 04 model light up?
chevy s10 2.2l engine?
Fiberglass bed for 2005 Duramax LLY Reg cab.?
Is a Nissan Sentra a good reliable car?
Whats the most reliable brand of car ?
2012 beetle turbo stufffffs!?
Car problems, again.?
Problems with the power of my passat?
What do you think of the 2006 Ford Mustangs? Are they cool? Do they suck? Tell me what you think. Please?
2003 Honda Accord? what are those two black trim-like things on the roof called?
how to find out the original engine in my 1960 chevy impala using the vin number?
what repair manual should i use for a 1973 ford thunderbird with a 460 in it?
1990 honda civic???????
Any Mustang GT rivals..?
What is the bolt pattern for the 2005 impala?
Why do people rice out their hondas and whatnot?
daewoo car or tv ?? ?
I have toyota celica 2001 GT. i want to hook it up..can somebody suggest the best rims and body kits? thanks?
how do i get more power out of my vectra 2.5?
sound of gushing water when i stop & start to pull off in my renault scenic can anybody help?
my 1999 chevy suburban fuel pump keeps going out in a 8 hour time frame.?
what causes a car to overheat?
I need a remote car starter for a new car with a key less system?
Are my CV joints bad in my 94 Acura Legend?
Volkswagen Beetle for first car?!! :)?
In the new movie CARS do you know if there is a DeLorean type car? or what types are there?
having a sports car?
looking for a free diagram for timing for a 80 to 82 toyota tercel?
who is the worlds tallest man?
Where is the TCU in 1993 Honda Accord?
Ranger 2.3 with edge ride height?
how much is it to install a stroker kit into a jeep 4.0?
Are the Tatas in India smaller than those available in other parts of the world?
1972 Mustang starting problems?
having trouble loacting EVAP vent solenoid on my chevy astro cargo van 2002?
where can i get a cat?
On the TV show The Fall Guy what year is his GMC truck?
i have a 98 lincoln continental, but my passenger seat wont recline forward even though it reclines backward?
2000 mustang or 3000gt vr4 in the snow?
Citroens - are they really crap?
How many horsepower would a racing stripe add to my el camino?
Apparently they don't make small mini-vans anymore?
1999 Ford Taurus idle issue?
my 429ci cadillac runs decent, but smokes. is this normal?
What are the average lifespans of cars?
93 Ford Tempo Fuel problem?
what is load capacity for 02 ford windstar?
what hawk brake pads are the best fro my eclipse?
2009 yukon information ?
How much would insurance cost for a '07 Nissan 350Z for a 19 year old driver?
could i refinance my 1997 ford f-150 and get cash back?
need to find a price on a 1995 ertl 1/18 plymouth prowler concept vehicle the word chrysler is spell wrong?
READ: have you upgraded your BMWs power? are you into "SPIRITED" driving?
I have s 1999 escort that has 128,000.00 miles on it, I am having a hard time starting it. I had a mechanic?
what year was the 1st car that runs on elec+gas invented?
what is better to drive chevrolet or ford?
What is wrong with my transmission?
where are he timing marks on a 2002 mazda milena s 2.3?
What do you think of when you see a silver volvo?
who here loves mustangs?
Diagram for changing a timing belt on 2005 dodge stratus?
I have a 2003 Mitsu. Lancer oz Rally edition does anyone know where my IAT plug is located ?
Dose anyone know how to remove valve purge 2006 jetta 2.5?
1999 ford ranger hesitating, code P0320?
insurance for 2005-2007 mustang?
Isn't the Aston Martin brand ranked above the Mercedes brand as far as the level of luxury?
what do the dashboard lights mean on a renault scenic 1.9dci?
Anybody else like muscle cars?
how many miles will a 2004 Hyundai Tiburon last?
free staad pro V8 where to download?
what are the name of the?
What's wrong with my car?
Would a Honda Civic be a good first car?
Mistubishi Eclipse 01 Speakers?
Is iPhone 5s coming out next year?
how does a gasoline powered car work?
My 87 jeep cherokee 4.0 laredo stumbles on acceleration and over all has no power?
throttle body - nissan maxima?
Nissan Sentra Power Decreased significantly?
which one would win between the mitsubshi evo 8 v-iii or the bmw m5 v-10?
which do you think is better mercedes m-class or bmw 5 series ?
my 94 honda accord is leaking water below my starter?
What type of vehicle (make/model) is this?
How do you tune up a toyota previa?
FJ40 front axle assembly-birfields......are they weak?
i have a nissan frontier year 2000 4x4 v6 and my motor oil is watery, muffler makes noise, water leakage?
Redex - Ford Fiesta Si (1998)?
2007 dodge caravan check engine code P0302?
Hello i am doing a report and i would like to know which car u prefer Lexus or Jaguar?
my car wont start?
Mitsubishi Airtrek Turbo-r 4wd?
brakes grating?
Dodge neon acceleration problem?
1988 mazda 323?
I need a website from were I can order Mazda 6 tuning parts like fog lights and spoilers in Europe?
Whats the length of the brake line on a 1984 ford F150?
i am triing to hook up ac and generator power to an 89 bus how do i do the electrical wireing?
What's the best car in the list?
I have a 2005 Ford Explorer and cant fill the gas tank?
Is 240 horsepower in the Range Rover enough?
I have a1998 ford with a 7.3 turbo diesel in my RV looking to improve fuel mileage any help? e?
Pls help me out on stcw 95... how much does it cost?
my 1994 chevy s10 shakes and sometimes dies when I put in reverse! I have had the trottle body cleaned.?
How can I convince my wife that we should get a mid-80s 300TD as her car?
What kind of car do you drive?
My 91 GMC Jimmy will not start!! Please help!?
What does BMW stand for?
What should I look for in a performance exhaust?
my is my 300zx 1990 dont start?
Whats the best mustang?
What is your dream car??
what color seat cover would look good in a black volkswagen beetle?
I want to know more about suzuki ERV.?
What is the cheapest car to insure, and what makes insurance go up and down?
how do i key program my 2002 nissan sentra?
witch car should i get a bmw or mini cooper?
Clutch shifts worse yet horsepower is better?
Fuse 15 Honda accord 98 ex keeps blowing out?
Why do people always hate on the Civic Si? And all of Honda's high.reving engines?
Ford Escort Starting problem?
Why is yellow such a popular color for jeeps?
I am doing a cylinder head job on a chevy 283 engine, what kind of head bolts should I use?
How much Horsepower will my bronco gain?
Where can I go and pick up racing seats and steering wheel in Los Angeles?
my 97 f150 make a loud thump, clunk noise when i turn the ignition. won't start. Any ideas?
What is a Ford J10 ???
How much is my 1984 Alfa Romeo Spider worth?
Illegal Or Not?
what engine (size, and engine name) is in a 1991 turbo diesel isuzu pickup?
where can I go to get the best price on a new 2006 honda civic ??
2000 Chevy blazer 4.3?
Rear wiper relay clicks on a 1998 Ford Windstar, wiper does not work, why?
Audi radio code? (I need to exit safe mode) 2000 a6?
what was the hightest selling price on ebay?
Do you like ford vehicles ?
2007 ford escape review?
Where is the fuel pump located on a 2000 Mazda 626?
Nickname for a Dark Green Grand Am?
what do you think is the coolest muscle car?
How do i install Cabin Air filter in Toyota Corrolla 1998?
What are the benefits of a 2011 Lincoln MKZ Ultimate over 2011 Ford Fusion Sport w/402A and Comfort Package?
what is meaning of automotive service advisor?
Audi vs. BMW in everything?
what are the measuremnts of a 2002 ford f150 bed for a tool box?
ford explorer wont crank?
Mercedes Benz error: dashboard says malfunction visit workstation.?
The code po455 showed up on my 2005 scion tc..Whats the problem? oh and is it safe 4 me 2 drive until i fix?
2002 dodge ram van 3500 5.9 no start?
Does this car seem a bit too good to be true?
Crx 1.6i zc JDM engine model 1987?
what is the highest speed a car can go?
2001 kia rio keeps blowing fuses help please?
i have a 91 subaru loyale .im in the midle of timing it what marks do i use on the crank pullys?
2003 Ford F150 2wd, where is the location of the turn signal flasher?
What is a better car?
where can i find classic chevy car glass?
I am doing a project to find info on cars, How do I write an introduction on a book about motor cars?
how to remove brake rotars from 2002 honda accord dx?
what is the number of the bulb to get for my 07 grand prix?
survey- 2009 mustang or 2009 challenger?
ok it's me again. my civic got fixed works great. changed a fan sensor& thermostat.?
where is the scion made? is it north or south Korea?
04 F-150 5.4 with K&N & Magnaflow?
what kind of spark plugs do you need for a 1998 chevy cavalier?
does the 2012 jetta 2.0 have a timing belt?
ugg dakota moccasins size?
Thinking about getting a new exhaust.?
which fuse is the tail light fuse for an 99 honda civic lx?
where is the engine control computer located on a 1995 buick rivera V-6 supercharged?
Approximately how much will it cost to fully restore a 1968 Pontiac Firebird?
oil capacity for 2001 jeep grand cherakee?
If there a freeze valve on a 1997 Chrysler Concorde or is it jusr a freeze plug?
i have ford galaxy 96 model at 70 mph i can feel little wobble (not constant only if road has irreguralities)?
How do i find out if my 98 Chevy Tahoe is 2wd or 4wd, its not in the manual and i cant find it on the car.?
How do I spell "Google"?
on a 2005 mazda 6, what is that steel reinforcement right in front of the radiator called?
Are your Saab leather seats worn?
which was the maximum speed of peugeot 505 turbo diesel 4cyl 80HP 1981?
what to get my boyfriend?
I need a nice Valentine gift for my boyfriend, who is BMW mad?
A/C filter on a 2009 Honda Accord?
2001 toyota celica problem?
How do I remove and install a Pontiac Grand am 2001 Fender?
Can i git 1500hp out on my 350 engine what can i do to git more hp ?
is there a web site that you can build a custom car online?
Lexus RX300 transmission failure?
i have 2006 jeep liberty why does tires leak air all 4 of them with out a hole in them?
I have a 2000 ford focus zx3. What signs would it show if my cat is bad ?
Someone agree with me that a new 6 cylinder Mustang isn't a bad decision?
Where is the starter located on a 2004 Civic SiR 2.0 K20a3?
Engine rebuild or swap?
2005 Dodge caravan code p0113?
what is the cost of a replacement engine for a Porsche Boxster?
1968 Mustang Vinyl Top Coversion to hard top cost?
Car companies are under pressure to be green, does this apply to the sports cars aswell?
how hard is it to replace a factory automatic for a manual trans?
Is 211 hp a lot for my 86 gt or brz in America?
how do you know if a girl is a virgin for real?
2008 Mini Cooper non s hatch back base bleeding screws for radiator?
How do I replace the starter on a 200 Daewoo Nubira?
Thinking about a nissan x-terra purchase.2000-04. Any info.....thx.?
What kind of car was in Jay-Z video for "Lost One?"?
How come Volkswagen was initially associated with Nazism, then it went on to have connotations with 'hippies'?
How much does a Honda NSX-R cost?
How come my Chevy K1500's engine size isn't in the oil filter lookup books anymore?
What's the full name of BMW?
What do you think of this car?
06 Murano wont start?
My 2500 silverado is making a strange noise?
cars allowed on a motor bike licence?
Program Sentry Key for 2004 Dodge Durango? (more than the usual question on this)?
what does volkswagon mean?
Ratan Tata?
can a 1970 350 chevelle beat a 1966 289 mustang?
which was the maximum speed of ford thunderbird landau automatic 8cyl 300HP year 1964?
I have an '09 vw jetta tdi and it has a fuel leak somewhere on the fuel filter canister. Any suggestions?
where can i buy a cheap reliable engine for a 1984 toyota pickup?
Whats better 2012 toyota le or se and whats the difference between them?
95 Nissan Maxima w/ power windows that dont roll up or down, but the motor still works. Drum and cable set!?
will a evo 8 front mont inner cooler and cat back exhaust fit on a lancer x?
how much work would it be to make a mitsubishi eclipse gsx naturally aspirated?
2005 ford explorer PATS issue, starter, or should i try programing another spare key?
I have a 2000 convertible mustang v6?
what does the name ford stand for.?
69 Fastback or the latest, what's your fave Mustang?
Ia a Suzuki Swift Ignis a reliable vehicle?
whats better ford or chevy?
Looking for a site to find a JDM nissan front clip or engine swap.?
Where can I find stereo wiring diagrams for free?
Can anyone pls. let me know about the NEW MODEL(CAR) OF BMW & its COST IN INR?
Which car do you think is an overall better car? The 2008 Nissan Altima or the 2008 Nissan Xterra?
If you had the choice between the new mercedes C 63 AMG or the BMW M3, which would you choose and why?
I own a BMW that just came out of warranty. Its a good idea to keep it or to buy a new one?
Can I get a 2006 Civic Si in an automatic?? Or are they only manuals??
is a scoin tc a good first car?
is it worth $1200 for a DVD navigation system in a new car?
Jeep alarm remotes for primary and secondary?
what is the value on a 1978 mercedes 280sl with 128,000 mill es?
I am looking for a used auto part application or fit guide like they use at salvage yards, or the name of one?
Is a Chrysler 200 good for a 16 year old?
which version of M3 is better (racingwise) the E36 or E46?
Is a 77 camaro a cool car?
How to reset Tpms on a Pontiac g5?
How to replace the radiator (Vectra C 2.0 DTi)?
What is a,anti serpentine kit?
Do VW's have special maintenance cost?
Toyota Parts/Accessories?
Toyota Camry Transmission Slips?
Anybody ever hear of the Bugatti Veyron?
2004 VW jetta GLS 1.8t TIPTRONIC..?? break pad sensors?
Where is the other neutral switch in a 2003 Kia Spectra?
Land cruiser chassis?
which tires to put on 15" acura blades?
i need a painted bow tie?
What Does The SS In Chevy SS Stand For?
Problem With Renault Clio - 2003 - 29,000 Miles?
can you bypass a rear view camera with upfitter switches on a 2012 ford?
Can a 1992 jeep Cherokee sport run 2 rich?
When I apply breaks on my car at high spped it is shuddering why?
What is the diff between a Honda Accord Ex and the Lx?
How can I fix a seatbelt with a knot that has rachetted up to the top?
anybody now what are the shoes from theken block's subaru sti gymkhana video?
can i use brake fluid to top up power steering on audi a3 1.8t?
New Diesel trucks which one should i choose. Ford Chevy OR Dodge?
has anyone heard good/bad about the ford 5.4 pfi sohc 16v diesel engine in the e-350?
How much will paint will it take to paint my 1994 Toyota 4Runner?
2002 dodge dakota command start and sound system.?
jeep wrangler rear diff ticking noise?
Dana 44 front vacuum axles - can you replace the two shafts with one of the older long ones?
Does Acura offer a towing hitch package for the MXD?
Another Focus ZX3 Q?
98 dodge grand caravan...shifting problem?
Modifications for Chevy Impala?
Subaru Legacy or Scion tC?
Can I put 24" rims and tires on my VW Beetle?
Camshaft for my car 77 camaro?
Why did The new Pontiac GTO went downhill!?
Is my 04 acura tsx okay?
which is the best maruti car?
what's the difference between a volvo s70 and the s60, s40?
Can i install Traction Control On 2000 Mustang V6 that does not have it?
Which is faster, 1986 Civic or 1991 Probe?
What does a P1269 code on 2000 VW Jetta mean?
best used convertible under $5000?
92 integra 5spd tranny help?
Is there anyone that want's a Red 93 eclipse w/automatic trans and a 2.0 liter ?
The design of the Maserati Gran Turismo?
Longivity/Durability of 2007-2008 toyota 4runner Engines?
Is anyone else tired,- REALLY TIRED !- of the stupid "Dr. Z" commercials?
3 Questions for Le-Baron GTC?
I'm looking for a programer (chip) any suggestions?
do they still make chevy astro vans?
does anyone know how many 1931 plymouth coupes were produced?
What are the contract lengths available on Renault Hire Purchase agreements?
looking for s10 pickup in price range of $6,000 or under?
I have a 1996 grand marquis with 97000 miles will it make it from florida to michigan?
1994 Q45 door lock issues?
Mitsubishi Evo X vs. Subaru?
any reviews for renault duster?
Where is the ac relay for Mercedes benz kompressor c200, 2005 model?
Maruti Suzuki 800?
1987 Z28 305 V8 camaro need help with engine issues?
I want to rent a classic Studebaker car in the Washington, DC area on June 24, 2006 for my son's wedding. Help
Auto Battery Problems! My battery has been being a point where it cant be recharged...?
I like fast cars and I Love to Race? Does a guy find that attractive?
Are the new Ram trucks reliable? Like the 2011-2012 models?
What does anyone know about the Scion xb?
What does a series 1 BMW state if owned and driven by an 18year old student?
Honda Civic DX 1995 HOW DO i MAKE IT FASTER?
Who would win in a street race, 2007 Lexus IS 250 AWD or, a 2007 Chevy Cobalt SS Supercharged?
Are you able to put an armrest in the new vauxhall corsa sxi?
Does anyone own a 1991 civic 1.5? Does your engine quiver every once and awhile at idle?
vw jetta turbo exhaust?
How do I build a Boss Mustang clone?
Honda Pilot owners. Negative feedback please?
Starter stuck on in V8 Ford Ranger?
How much does a 2007 Suzuki Forenza Cost?
I have a 2004 Nissan Titan, why does the truck burn my fog lights. had to change four times.?
can you tell me where the fuel filter is located on a 1986 toyota corona with a fuel injected 2.4 litre 22RE?
I need help with my 1995 Acura Integra Special Edition 4 speed Automatic. Will not change gears on its own?
2003 impala ls owners please..?
Why did General Motors discontinue Sportside beds on their GMC and Chevrolet truck lines?
How does the bugatti veyron twin engine works?
Which is the native place for mahindra?
What stang would you buy?
What kind of red car is that around 1.37?
how much will bigger wheels affect my punto's performance?
how do you fit an alternator to a ford mondeo zetec 2.0 si n registration?
dodge challenger v6 supercharge or turbocharge?
whats my best bet on upgrading my 95 f150 suspention to a 3/4 ton or a 1 ton?
Does a '03 Toyota Tacoma's stereo have a fuse.?
where can i find a printable advetisement for the 2002 jeep wrangler sport titled "go where few have gone befo
Favorite luxurious car?
What does 5speed Automatic mean?
1999 Mitsubishi Mirage DE transmission troubles?
Can I put 1989 4cyl,4x4 engine from a regular size pick-up into an extended cab 6 cyl. 4x4 1988 pick-up, thes
I turn the key on my car ignition and I get nothing, nosound. The lights still work. A bad fuse? Or what?thank
Why do they remove the vtec motor off the Hatchbacks?
Which is better ford gt or mclauren f1?
how fast can an 2006 acura tl go?
do you have black hair?
Available Turbo for 2.7L V6 for Chrysler Sebring?
Is Y! serious about the Ford Mustang?
what is a good site to buy a engine off looking to swap D to B?
Were there any four-door Ford Thunderbirds made and if so in what years.?
chevrolet suburban 1992 headlight problems?
What is the ugliest car you have seen lately?
Honda Owners?
How do I change the transmission oil on my 1995 740i bmw?
my 03 explorer's temp gauge went up to the max then came back down?
Where can i get a Mini Cooper customized?
Need help buying a corvette! What is your favorite year vette from 2000-2006?
98 Jeep Grand Cherokee I-6?
What color Acura TL should I get, Black or white?
Where is the vtec pressure sensor on 01 accord?
I own a 2000 audi A6.the heater isnt working and car is overheating.?
2005 VW GOLF GT TDI - What Is Involved In 40k Service ?
2002 Used Ford Escape Limited 4x4 : $7,500 +Tax & Lisc. Good First SUV ?
What are your views on the Smart fortwo car?
Does anybody own a Scion xB?
Dodge Durango, Jeep Liberty, or Chevy Trail Blazer?
350z reviews and who owns one and whats the problems they have?
1976 honda cb550 wont hold charge/ idle even after jump and clutch pop?
My warning low battery came on. What should I do?
2007-2011 honda civic coupe dx, lx, ex, exl with spoiler?
ford tempo?
General Motors?
where can i find a good steering wheel cover for my jeep cherokee?
i own an 88 chevy blazer,and im having trouble starting it when the motor is hot.does any one know?
supercharged CRX...Zdyne gold or chipped P28 ECU?
what's the best color for a scion tC?
Ford Contour having trouble shifting somedays its good somedays its bad?
How do i fix a tv with sound and no picture on a 73inch mitsubishi?
What is the horsepower of a BMW 330i sedan?
I need good name for my 1998 Camaro?
What is the best performance bolt-on a 2006 Maxima?
i want to find a virtual car that i can upgrade?
Future Bullitt mustang ?
Whipper Snipper Is Stalling.?
NP249 transfer case to 251 conversion help?
Can I run straight pipes on a 1969 Chevy pickup? (legally)?
How do you rotate all four wheels on a front traction Honda civic?
what is Ur favorite car and why?
will a 96 ex/hx cold air intake fit on my dx civic coupe?
new introduction of TATA NANO to indian market is healthier to environment or not?
Is a jeep wrangler good and safe for a teenager?
what does a fuse look like for a car?
What is the estimated costs of converting a 1965 Ford Ranchero 200 cc to Fuel-Injection?
Chav cars ?
What kind of car do you drive?
what oil do i use for my 97 acura cl 3,0?
how much would it cost for restore 1988 Mustang? This is a G T 302 Original car Im the only owner,and like to?
Why is my 2003 avalanche dripping antifreeze from under firewall?
difference between bi-xenon and xenon headlights?
Ford Fusion+ underbody sound?
which AEM intake would be best for an 8th generation Honda Civic Si?
What's the difference between the Bajaj Avenger 180cc & 200cc.. besides the cosmetics. PERFORMANCE METRIC,pls?
Does anyone know the song from the new Audi commercial with the reconstruction of the house?
What wheels look best on a black 1990 BMW 525i?
I need the convertible top hydraulic actuators for my 2004 Z4 2.5i. Who knows inexpensive resources ?
what does WRX stand for in Subaru WRX?
I want to know some things about Camaros!!!!?
Ford explorer with idle issue.?
What is a person called who makes wagons?
Have u driven a ford lately????
Is Dodge an american make?
What is better Lexus RX 350 or Cadillac SRX?
What super chip would be best for my mustang?
where can I see the vw tv ad featuring Mr. Roboto "crazy guy"?
Are people with Mercedes better than everyone else?
when does the dodge dart come out to the public?
1957 Chevy Hot Rod rebuild?
My sons friend broke the window to my brand new 2008 Cadillac Escalde Hybrid?
how much should i lift my s10?
which company is better? honda or volkswagen?
Why is there no Aston Martin DB8?
2000 explorer 5.0 in a 1995 3.8 mustang?
Does it annoy you when you see a small Toyota truck that has all the letters in Toyota, except YO painted over?
EM1 coilovers help whats the difference between sleeve?
Have Hyundais improved to the point of being considered reliable, quality cars?
What color should i paint my 1974 chevy nova?
what company ownes ferrari?
why dose my 1994 Subaru impreza fwd shake at 65 but not as much at 80+?
What would you do to your 2008-2010 Ford Focus to make it more Responsive?
What european car is a good car for a teen? No japanese pieces of crap, please!!!?
i want to bypass the air conditioner compressor in my 1996 nissan maxima but what size belt do i need?
Can someone please help with our 2004 Pontiac Aztek?
Anyone driven the new Chevy Tahoes?
your current "dream car " ?
Is a Jeep Cherokee good on gas?
Where is the low side freon input for the air conditioner of a 86 Honda Civic? Need to recharge my AC safely.?
Where can i rent a luxury or exotic car rental in Arkansas?
my 1987 S10 2.8 V6 isnt getting fule out of the injectors?
Which year of subaru is best ?
5.3 Vortec Big Block? or Small Block?
Anyone knows what's the 'SAMAND LX'?
Have you noticed ever since the recall on Toyota came out, you don't see any Toyota commercial on TV anymore?
Finally I have my dream Corvette a 1998 Black?
'04 6mt infiniti g35 shifting problem?
Just bought a Mercedes, have any advice for me?
1997 pontiac sunfire light problems?
cars what kind do you have?
Ford Focus wont start?
Plymouth Laser 1989 (or 1990) door window replacement.?
What do u think is better? Chevy or Dodge? Personaly i think chevy but i want to know what other people think?
Is it worth it to buy a 2005 Nissan 350Z for 80,000 miles?
is a bmw 135i a girl or guy car?
should i get a mazda rx-8?
How do I pull the most power out of an 04 camry se?
2003 ford windstar 180,000 km check up How long should it take?
Information about buying a used 2001 ford explorer xlt?
what kind of hood scoop is on the 55 chevy from american graffiti?
how do i install 5 lug conversion for a 89 240sx?
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