is the pontiac solstice worth buying?
how far can the average 6 cyl. car go after the low fuel indicator light comes on?
Is there a Nissan Pathfinder chatroom out there?
flowmaster 40's or glasspacks?
Looking for buyers advice from 07 BMW 328i owners?
wiring of anti theft system in ford cougar?
What steps (in order) are required to remove the steering column in a 1990 chevy 1500 series pickup truck?
dodge challenger new vs dodge challenger classic 70s?
Can chevy tahoes have console shifters?
I need leather interior for my 2002 Ford escape. Any suggestions in the Bay area?
can anyone tell me how much a 1972 chevy c10 short wheel base truck weighed from the factory?
Toyota aygo wiring question?
1998 Ford Ranger engine swap from 1997 Explorer 5.0?
honda civic 2002 wont start?
is my truck the 97 gmc sierra the most fuel efficent truck there is?
What does the Honda Element look like to you? A toaster oven? A British taxi? If you've not seen it, see:
ford gt 40?
aftermarket halo projector headlights for 2002 nissan sentra?
Saw a question that got me thinking if infinity is luxury of nissan, how come the coupe cars about same price?
Will these tires fit my Dodge ram 1500 2wd?
does anyone know where i can get the original wire harness for a mustang?
how can i get better gas miliage out of my 2003 volvo xc90 t6?
mitsubishi eclipse gst or gsx?
troubleshooting 95 ford wndstar?
dont know why my pontiac grand am 02 wont get power to the starter when everything else works,fuze box i think?
How will it effect Ford car owners in Britain if Ford goes bust?
Should I lease a 2013 Ford Mustang or keep my 1997 Ford Explorer?
german made car called may bach?
motor blew,replace or fix?
What color should i get THIS CAR inn?
how much is a turbo kit for a volvo 98 s90?
what could cause a dead battery over night on a mercedes benz 2001 e 320?
what kind of transmisson do i have 1990 acura integra ls?
which was the maximum speed of peugeot 505 turbo injection bosch 4cyl 142HP 1985?
Guys! Opinions about a blonde girl driving a jeep wrangler?
Mi si è spostato lo schermo del pc.. Come si sistema ? ( windows vista)?
How do you hide the undercaraige of an 05 mustang?
Is a Ford (Mazda) Probe a good car for a first time driver?
cj7 renegade question?
Jaguar XJR questions and opinions?
2004 Jeep Wrangler Sputtering?
the value of my Honda Odessy 2000 EX 173,000 mls?
i need a shifter for a sm465 can anyone help i need one asap $?
My Nissan 300zx sometimes has a hard time starting then other times fires right up.?
Most reliable and unreliable car makes?
How much is the insurance for a 2005 ford mustang?
1991 22RE 4cyl. Toyota Pickup top speed?
How much does it cost to install a GPS system in a 2004 hyundai elantra?
Lets talk "HEMI"?
how can i make my stock gauges work with my swap?
Do Volvo s60`s come stock with HID headlights?
can i keep my 1980 automatic 3 spd tranny with a 1982 302 engine?
Is Cheap Supra UK a legit site?
24 or 26 inch rims on a ram 1500 5.7 HEMI!?
10 hp engine can run 10kva alternator?
BMW Drivers???
how to change the battery in a renault scenic?
Do you think it is worthwhile to purchase an extended warranty on a used Honda Accord(70000 mi) for $1200?
How can I get my 1.3 toyota conquest to push out more power ?
In 1964, Chevrolet had the Impala Super Sport. Was there also a 1964 Impala Sport Coupe?
How do I make my 03 Honda Civic EX not sound like a Honda?
What year was the best for the Chevy Chevelle?
Does adding a spoiler to the rear of a car serve any real purpose..?
i have had alot of problems with my car damm i LOVE my car its a ford 2006 what should i do it has been in the
what is the easiest and cheapest way to add horsepower?
Do prople like the new 2006.5 KIA Optima?
Where can I find a tire cover for my jeep?
would it look bad to have a 5 inch lift with stock tires on a f150?
does anyone know why my car vibrates.?
If you traveled 10 miles making nothing but left turns, would you end up back to the same place?
94 civic ex w/abs part from ex w/o abs?
Should I consider buying a 2003 Jeep Liberty with 300k kms on it?
1998 yukon flowmasters?
Where is the air conditioning port for a 93 honda accord?
Can you suggest a classic car for everyday use?
I have a 1991 eclipse rs, i bought a cat back exhaust and headers, do i still have to get a cat converter.?
Pontiac stock radio decks light has burnt out or dimmed severely I can only see it in the sun light I think?
Is the Hyundai Auto Assembly factory in Alabama unionized?
Nissan Maxima Or Nissan 240sx?
How can I find out the Gross Vehicle Weight rate for my 1999 GMC Sierra 3/4 ton extended cab pickup?
I have a 2002 Celica with a sunroof and the sunroof has developed a film on it.?
My 1999 chrysler 300m won't start, i need help?
2012 Dodge Charger SE or SXT?
How to open the trunk to sedan deville caddilac without a key?
Does anyone know the subaru impreza wrx sti 2015, im sure the car has been revealed just cant find on google?
What kind of car would you like to be & why?
Is 88000 miles too high for a 2000 honda accord?
How can i get 300 rwhp on a 2002 3.8 mustang?
What Model is Better The 2012 Dodge Charger Or The 2012 Dodge Challenger?
VW Golf diesel NA stalled, wont start. What's wrong?
I took this down too soon - I want to hear more opinions - Why do you own a mercedes?
I have a 93 jeep cherokee i need to get fluid out of the cylinders.. any idea how i do that or where i could?
working as a escort?
How many miles can a car last?
Should I buy 2004 acura with 90k miles?
I got a 98jeep Cherokee put ATF a type trany fluid. Isthis pk?
i have a 93 nissan pathfinder the wheels are 6 lug what other vehicle brands are compatable with my lug patter?
dunno what to buy manual transmission or automatic, help?
Who thinks a 1976 Trans Am is a true American Classic?
Is Camry better than Honda Accord 3.0 Litre.?
Will 315x75x16R fit well on 16x10 wheels.?
Where can i find aero bodykit for 06 mini cooper?
i need to know my pickup bed size? its a 2002 ford f-150 supercab styleside?
97 taurus overheating and blowing white smoke?
i want to know about toyota n series diesel engines?
What year and model Mustang is your favorite in looks and speed?
looking for images of subaru impreza wrx decals?
Problem driving in rainy weather?
Do Audi's (specifically the A4 or S4) have a lower reliability then other comparable cars, i.e. BMW or Benz?
less expensive lease for BMW 3 or 5 seriesAny one who knows a gut deal on BMW?
Is 53811 miles to much for a 2008 Nissan Maxima?
How much will 2013 accord coupe cost?
Every few days my BMW 316i cuts out, in the middle of normal driving, starts again after 30 mins.?
problems installing headers for a 1987 pontiac trans am gta?
what is the recommended psi for a 99 chevy prizm?
What was the MSRP for the Ford Bronco in 96?
What would win in a drag race? 2009 dodge ram 1500 sport 5.7L V8 HEMI or a 2009 Audi S4?
is there a recorded problem with water in the passenger side front of the car?
What is the cost of BENZ S CLASS?
convertible with towing package?
manual needed for toyota lucida 1994 model who has one?
How much is a 79 Pontiac trans am with a 405 worth?
what is the average interest rate on a used vehicle (05) for a person with good crdt and a person with ok crdt
Why won't my shifter shift out of park in my 97 Escort Wagon?
What maintenance is required for auto air condition systems?
How can a pre 2000 Pajero have a 2002 number plate?
where do i find new gauges for a 1962 lincoln?
is there a Maybach Coupe Exelero for sale?
Where can i find a front passenger door pannel for a 1994 chevy corsica in grey?
What does rt stand for on dodge charger rt?
What mod body kits do they have for honda accord 94?
Where can I get a lift kit for a 2000 Nissan Frontier?
Can my Ford F-250 pull a 4-horse trailer?
Does anyone know how to remove a Chevy Tahoe's front bumper?
is fuel cells made as replacement for engines in mortor homes and cars?
does anyone know where i can find a supercharger for a 1990 oldsmobile cutlass supreme?
Do you know the engine specification of BMW 520 24 V?
2007-2008 toyota rav4s?
Anyone like the '05 or '06 GTO's?
What is the biggest rim size that will fit on a chevy nova 1969?
What free accessories should I get with Swift Dzire Lxi?
How do I link my ipod to my 59 Mercedes clc?
how do u make duck tape hats?
do i need to swap the ecu's if im swapping motor from a manual 1993 honda civic to a automatic 1992 civic?
cost of 98-01 GS-R blades?
How much should a tune-up of a 1997 Saturn cost?
How much will it cost me to insure monthly a Porsche Boxster 2.5 2dr Roadster 1998.?
What size of the gas tank is Honda Pilot 4WD EX-L 2009?
Is there a way to get a necklace out that fell into the air system of a 2007 Toyota Corolla?
Rims - Made in U.E. ?
Suzuki Florenza won't idle down?
how does a convertible top on a 2005 mitsubishi eclipse hold up?
what was the start of the company?what was the rise of the company?what is the future of the company forNissin?
Is anybody else finding Toyota to be highly arrogant in recent years?
What is your favorite car?
Favorite BMW?
1989 Jeep Comanche Electrical issue?
Were red Nissan 200sx SE-R 's made with tinted windows?
my speedometer no longer works, all my other gauges do though?can any one help?!?
antifreeze leak after i shut off engine on toyota supra 93 na?
can i add a tach gauge into my existing insturment cluster?
it is normal my subaru 1.5L water temperature at 95C to 100C in Singapore weather?
I have a 95 Ford Explorer that wont let me switch gear Why?
How do I clear a check engine light on 2000 Hyundai elantra?
Does anyone know when the 2007 Toyota Corolla comes out?
looking for car i bought and never received?
help with a 98 VW bug with unlocking the radio.?
what does the puegeot symbol stand for?
hI i would like to buy seat covers for my toyota corrola so?
how do i fix my power windows on an 2004 mazda mpv lx?
2003 civic ex coolant loss?
Where can I find free 2000 Volvo S70 Manual online?
Aftermarket moonroof for a 2002 Ford Focus Lx?
why doesnt my 68 vw bug start.?
03 ford deisel truck won't start?
Is a 1969 mustang a dangrous car to drive?
How much would a salvage 2005 nissan altima 3.5 go for? it has 115,000 miles?
Where is the other neutral switch in a 2003 Kia Spectra?
Guys!?! and girls?
what is the largest box size that could fit in the back of a ford expedition with the back seat removed?
volvo hunt tropic of cancer?
Do you drive a Merc?
Where can I get Toyota 4Runner 1st Gen accessories?
Where is the oxygen sensor located on a 1991 Toyota Camry 2.5L V6?
What can be causing a "sloshing" sound when I take corners or curves in my 2009 Honda Pilot?
Do Jeep Wranglers really tip?
Need help on a chevy pick up truck engine swap?!!?!?
Honda Civic 2002 buckle does not hook up!?
would like to know how to properly remove and reinstall a brake booster with a master cylander?
what will win 94 prelude vs a 01 mustang v6?
To Kia Ceed owners...?
1992 honda accord brake help!!?
expnsion of bmw?
Where are all of the 13th Cajun Jeep Jamboree pics?
Loss in Mileage and Power Civic 2009 ?
Neon acelerates itself?
How do I open the trunk Toyota Echo 2000?
Do any of you really know?
How do I reset the TPMS light on my 2007 Rav4 base model?
What are the rates and prices on the 350z lease?
What types of motors can i put into a 2m6 fiero without changing anthing?
What should I name my 92 firebird??
1995 cadillac deville problems with over heating?
Why is my Dodge Grand Caravan jerking and making noises?
why does the new Shelby GT 500 Mustang suck so much?
how do i turn a turbo up on a 1999 volvo s70 awd?
I want to buy a travel trailer. Will my 2005 Toyota Matrix pull it.?
Is the Jetta getting a complete makeover this august?!?
2010 Dodge Avenger SXT 2.4L?
1997 pontiac sunfire that starts to over heat?
How much would a 2008 Dodge Caliber SXT cost at trade price?
Is it worthy to ship Ford Mustang from Canada to Europe (Bulgaria) ?
2004 Saab 9-3 Aero Auxiliary Input Help?
should i do this to my car???
which country is toyota from?
2002 ford ford 150 xl 4.2 standard?
can a dodge dakota 1996 rear bumper fit on a 1998?
which was the maximum speed pontiac tempest 6cyl 110HP 1961?
I have a 2001 bmw 525i it shuts off all of a sudden and you wait an hour and it turns back on?
Where can I hire a merc, AUDI in chennai?
The Suzuki SX4 crossover's I-awd system.?
How do you pull out a 1996 toyota land cruiser radiator?
Which brand in Coilovers or Suspension is the best out of: Tiens, KSport, or D2 Racing?
98 civic d4 blinking?
How much would it cost to fix a head valve on a '96 Jeep Cherokee?
Why wont my 2001 Prius start?
does any 1 have an 2005 sonata what battery should i get for it?
why doesnt Subaru make an Suv/Truck?
beetle runs fine but sometimes wont crank for over a hour.?
Buy a civic Si or a GTI?
what is the fastest lamborghini ever mph please?
bmw wont start?
where can i get a blank cadillac key in chicago?
I dont have a spar on my 1999 honda. what can be wrong with it?
quad boob i really needd helllppp
i'm having problems with my ford mercury sable and i need help trying to figure out to fix it.?
What insurance group is a MK1 volkswagen golf caddy petrol 1.6 manual? What sort of price would this be?
how many miles to the gallon from 2006 maybach?
how do replace a cabin air filter on a 2009 chevy malibu LT?
Acura TL 1999?
Audi a4 convertible 1996?
2000 Volkswagen Jetta Grill Installation?
Has anyone got an email for Ford customer relations?
Mazda 6 power windows issue?
thinking of leasing a GLK350 4matic 2013?
What does it mean if "Height" is lit up on my 1990 Lexus LS400 dash?
Worth the money? Or waste of time?
jeep cherokee srt8 available to buy?
Information on 1977/78 Dodge cars.?
Australia Jetta TFSi - Steering wheel buttons?
where can find a 2006 new Ford Crown Victoria P-71 Police Interceptor for sale?
My 2004 Corolla makes a rattling noise in the front right side when i turn left only at high speeds?
Can i change and use a battery from Toyoto Corola for Mitsubishi lancer?
sweetest ride?
Driving mercedes benz at school?
What Thule bike rack do you use on saab 900s 1994?
did pontiac stop making firebirds???
What will a potatoe stuck in you exhaust do?
what is an electo hydraulic actuator?
How much money would you pay for a 1997 Mitsubishi Eclipse?
I need a wiring diagram and images for a 2001 grand prix ignition harness.?
how much hp can i get for my prelude?
2002 VW Jetta turn signals stop working?
how do you tell the difference between serial numbers on an north American Mazda motor to a Japanese motor?
Value of 1984 Chrysler 5th Avenue?
why do people buy a camaro or mustang with a v6?
i have had alot of problems with my car damm i LOVE my car its a ford 2006 what should i do it has been in the
Toyota still make Supra's?
2001 audi tt quattro convertible vs 2002 Acura cl type S?
Ford Mustang 1968 v8 first car?
What will happen if general motor loses their title of being the number 1 motor manufacture by end 2007?
I want to clean my Infiniti I30's engine and just refresh the whole system, how can I do that?
how to install engine ina1994 chevrolet?
Nissan patrol 1999 2.8 turbo diesel car problem?
how much it cost to fix the oil leak on ford festiva?
90000 miles good or bad on an pontiac aztek 2004?
I purchased my wife a Porsche and now she is mad because she wants Blue not Red?
350 turbo trans shifts into 2ed while in low?
How much is it for a new door key for a Lexus?
92 4cylinder yj wrangler ignition issues?
witch car should i get a bmw or mini cooper?
is $1000 canadian too much to pay to keep a 1997 Aerostar running, with over 290000 on the odometer?
2000 jeep cherokee sport passenger seat sub woofer mount?
96 Honda Civic brake issue?
can someone tell me how to change shift solenoids on a 1998 dodge grand caravan le and where is it located?
When putting turbo on 1997 honda civic ek coupe what else must be done to car?
is audi a japenese or german car?
1985 Toyota 4x4 long bed pickup?
What reputation does the Chevy Cavalier LS Sport Coupe have?
I have a ford 150 with a palladium 92519 alternator which Autozone alternator should I replace it with?
ford 4.6 missing or something on 3&5 changed coil pack still missing, shop says they can't find what's wrong?
Where is the vaccum in a 2002 honda accord?9?
Will toyota corolla's model be changed entirely for the 2007 model? If so, when will it be coming out?
I have a 2006 Silver Nissan Altima 3.5 SE
How to replace tps in ford focus 2000?
who agrees with me that BMW 2007+ models totally sucks ?
DO I HAVE TO, use Premium gas?
How to replace Jeep Wrangler body mounts?
What Parts Do I Need To Do A H22a Swap Into My 90 Honda Accord?
What is the best durable car ever?
How will a Ford GT perform against a Ferrari Enzo?
Are Fords bad? Should I choose Dodge over Ford?
what, could stop ignition from functioning?
Should i buy the new honda accord v6 or the new jetta also v6, both with all the iop options?
What would u think if a petite woman jumped out of a super jacked up ford 250?
how do you get trouble codes on a 85 celebrity?
Can a car-tracker interfer with the brain box of Honda cars?
Where are the instructions to program door locks,located on a 1996 Ford Taurus LX?
What was the sticker price of the first Corvette?
Can anyone tell me where can I download a Mercedes Benz 2000 G500 owner's manual??? ?
What type of jeep does the model Sean O'Donnel have?
cluch really loose on my 240z?
what is the difference between key and master on mercedes key?
How are Volkswagen Golf strut mounts different from other cars?
factory code for ford ka?
Can someone tell me how to get crash facts on the 2005 Saturn VUE?
Windscreen wipers not working on VW T2?
Does anyone have a 2004-2005 Mazda6?
I bought a 1984 Chevy 10 Silverado long bed with 305 engine. Can anyone tell me anything about this truck?
my toyota corollas audio system does not read CD?
Is 65,000 Miles on a Mercedes Benz to much?
what color should my mustang be with racing stripes?
What engine could I put in my 93 H23a Prelude besides the H22a to get more power?
What kind of car is this? Picture included?
Does a rebuilt engine for a 1990 Mercedes-Benz 300se, boost the blue book value?
what's the fastest car? and what is it's topspeed?
CAN ANYONE TELL me i can download a haynes or other car manual for a renault laguna thanks?
what engine should i swap my 94 accord?
Help what are some ways to mess up and ex car?
Improve mpg on ford explorer?
Did 1996 Isuzu Oasis come with vtec motor in "ls" or "s" model? I searched and only can find that it is 2.2lt.
could you ever build a ferrari?
Are Chrysler Voyagers a good car to own?
How do I get the key mechnism out of steering column on a 1991 Ford F150?
Mercedez-Benz or BMW?
I have a 2009 Toyota Camry?
what causes my abs on my suzuki grand vitara to slip?
Rough idling...2003 Honda Pilot?
I have an 04 Acura tl. I dont want to do a cat back exhaust but want to increase performance. ?
i want to put v8 in83 cj5 with automatic what will i have to do?
How much will the 2012 charger SRT-8 cost?
can i put a flame thrower kit on a jeep cherokee 93?
which drive is more reliable in automobile, front wheel drive or rear wheel drive?
What should I name my 2011 Hyundai SONATA?
rear wiper on 06 pt cruser do not work ,wiper good?
Rear antilock light keeps coming on?
can someone PLEASE find a hummer ad with a woman in it?
does mazada make a reliable car?
Honda Civic 2006 Car Alarm wont turn off after changing battery?
replaced 1990 nissan fuel filter now i have problems?
Whats the MPG for a 1997 Nissan Sentra?
Which car is good in Small Car segment?
Why is my 2003 avalanche dripping antifreeze from under firewall?
Anyone have a problem with water flooding inside a 2000 Echo?
Shift kit on 97 gmc sonoma? ?
whats happening with mg rover?
my hazard lights do not work on my fiat cinq 1.1 sporting?
Exhaust System Brands?
I have a 1995 dodge ram 2500 v 10 what fluied do i put in the transfer case?
Im 6,7 and was wondering if I can fit in a 1996 BMW 328is coupe?
What is the most popular car ever built. Was it theVW or the Mini?
what is the number of specific cars sold world wide any brand and model?
Question about Ferrari Red?
In sports car which is a better option stick-shift or auto-gear ?
Average amount of miles that a 2004 ford explorer engine runs?
2002 c240 mercedes?
1988 chevy s10 head lighs start bling how can i fix this ??
Which second generation Trans Am is best for me?
how to replace license plate light on 2006 bmw 650i?
Any tips on front license plate colors for a White 2004 Mustang?
how do you remove the front bumper from a ford escort p reg,1600 si?
how do you change a 1995 toyota corolla rear speakers?
97 honda civic failed due to monitors not been ready?
Does the Peogeut 206 cc have a timing chain?
i got a 309 j reg Peugeot,how do i get it to run on chip oil.?
What is the most cost-effective way to improve the horsepower of the 4 cylinder (5S-FE) engine on a 20?
C230 Cigarette Lighter/Charger?
I have a 1998 F150 Ford,when i drive it runs rough, misfires feels like plugwries, but i don't know.?
01 Impala Power Lock Problem?
SI base unit for time?
what is the hottest car out there today/?
What causes the Service Engine Soon light to come on in my 1997 Chevrolet S10?
Which car do you like best?
how would i go about fixing a bright light switch shortage in my 2000 vw beetle? how much would it cost?
my 99 windstar the trac off lite blinks and my ABS lite is staying on any ideas?
my 550 powerstroke will only start with Ether? Why?
What is your Dream Car???
Jeep wrangler 4 door vs 2 door?
1987 honda accord fuel problems?
Who makes the best truck for longevity and reliability?
Can you put any other transmissions on a Lincoln Mark VIII?
PT Cruiser seat switch?
emission control light came on 2001 taurus with duratec engine (DOHC 24 Valve) . Why?
Is it safe to chip a non-intercooled powerstroke?
Does my car really need Premium gas.?? Mercedes E320?
How do you like the new HEMI?
how does a 13 year old make money?
Volkswagen R32 transmission
What's the best, rugged, hybrid SUV on the market today?
Where can I get a 1994 mustang sunvisor replacement?
2005 Honda Accord EX Spoiler Replacement?
when is the 2007 wrangler coming out?
What would cause the A/C to start blowing HOT air on the driver side of my 05 GMC Sierra 1500?
what is the best car?
Is the new Jeep Compass a safe car for a new teenage driver?
How much could i get for my 1971 Suzuki TS250?
can i swap this into my honda?
Is a 2002 volkswagen Jetta 1.8T a good car?
Ford F-150 Airbag Accident?
which is a better car?
what the main difference between gmc truck & chevrolet truck?
Why does my 2002 F -250 get 10 mpg V -8 5.4 l?
What are the good points and bad points of the yaris?
Mitsubishi lancer evolution vs Subaru impreza wrx sti vs BMW vs Audi vs Mercedes benz?
2007 mustang 4.0 temp is fluxuating and heater blowing cold?
Volvo s80 or Jeep Wrangler for first car?
An Infiniti G35 coupe (2005) or a 2005 BMW 5 series. Which would you rather go for?
Where can i purchase taillight covers for a '91 Acura Legend Sedan?
why does the new Shelby GT 500 Mustang suck so much?
what is the cause of the constant ticking noise in the engine of my 96cavalier?
1991 Chevy 1500, 350 v8, longbed. How fast?
04 Jeep grand cherokee, how do you fix an overdrive off light that wont come back on, tried pushing the button?
DVD-based NAV in I G35 play DVDs?
Who makes the better cars, Toyota or Ford?
can a bmw and mercedes engine reach 300k milege with no problems?
the passenger door on my 2000 Dodge Grand Caravan started making a strange noise today, is this something that?
Front Brake Torque Specs 2007 Ford Fusion SE?
supra automatic transmission problems?
honda active on road price?
Which fuse controls the Check Engine Light for honda civic?
Can I get a brand new Chevy Impala 1967??If yes,what would be its rough cost?
is the "tree" song in jeep commercial written by runner up on INXS bandmember search?
tata nano or second hand alto?
how do i fix a sun visor on a toyota forerunner?
Subaru used car buyers advice?
Where is the fuel pressure regulator located on my 91 ford bronco 5.8?
Is it better to do your driving test and theory test at the same time or do the theory first?
What is the invoice cost of a BMW M3 to Melbourne Australia?
i have a 1990 Honda accord EX and it starts but it doesnt stay on. ?
I have a 2004 Dodge Stratus A/C Problem?
What could be possible wiring problems for 81 chevy between the ignition switch and starter?
What kind of car should I get? It's my first car and I need it to commute to work.?
What would win my 2000 honda accord v6 vs my freinds 2001 v6 dodge stratus?
Chrysler 300s? Any thoughts? Reviews? Considering an 05.?
how often should you change your transmission fluid in a 1991 honda Accord?
tips on doing up my 1999 au xr6????? going for red theme?
if my car is a grand am, what is it a chevy, ford??
Dodge charger Srt8 2006?
What coolants can be mixed with Dexcool?
Is it true american made cars are not as reliable as foreign made cars?
Do you think the Toyota dealers would have....(continue)?
How much would it be to change/repair/fix the blue smoke coming from my Toyota Camry 2005?
how about this one, it just makes my head hurt.?
Do you perfer American cars or Forign cars?
how much are strech limos?
How much freon does 94 honda accord a/c hold?
what years of corvette will the t tops from a 1977 corvette fit?
hi ,i have a Nissan Almera 1500 petrol se I have done 47000 miles and the car is a 2002 model.?
Would you buy a 6 year old Passat with perfect service history and condition and 105,000 miles on the clock?
A Toyota will Kill 1 person every.....while this kills every week all across US!!!!!?
How to replace a Chrysler 2.7L fuel injector?
On a Chevy 350 which is the number 5 cylinder?
Ranger vs explorer for first car?
383 engine in 87 dodge d250?
What was your first ever car ?
What is you fav car and movie?
How well is a ford?
I am having a problem with my 2002 Ford Focus ZTS?
75 camaro v8 350 better throttle responce?
I have a 1993 Pontiac Sunbird, 4cyclinder.?
where to buy cheaper car tire ?
is 300k miles on a rebuilt engine bad?
what is all the things i can do to my 1979 corvette to get alot or the most hp it can get?
71 Volkswagon camper bus, location of serial numbers
premium it a waste of money?
would like to know how to properly remove and reinstall a brake booster with a master cylander?
do i have to reprogram my cadillac dts if i replace the crank sensors ?
vauxhall corsa problems - loss of dashboard gauges then engine cuts out?
what would be the best way to get a porsche?
How to reset code for 2000 Ford Taurus?
Will the New Nissan GTR (Skyline) Dominate the other sports cars in america today?
For me the most Beautiful Woman is Aishwarya Rai.. Do you agree also?
Does anyone know how to remove a Chevy Tahoe's front bumper?
Is it true that all of the cars in America are automatic?
where can I get a TRD upgrade kit for my 2012 scion tc ?
what is the comression specification (psi) for a 2007 ford ranger with a 2.3L engine?
Need engine....MAZDA 3 2.3L Manual....looking for trusted websites.?
I need upholstery for my 1991 honda accord sedan.?
1990 honda civic manual trans. slow take off sputters smokes and just doesn't run properly?
I hear air coming out from my car steering wheel. Should I be worried? It sounds like air exiting a balloon.?
Will A 5.0 V8 fit on a 4cylinder automatic transmission?
cost of a new engine or rebuild engine on a 2002 lancer?
Hey, how much would these rims cost for a 99 eclipse?
Mustangs or Corvettes?
O2 sensor on my car mazda protege?
What is going on when a 98 jetta overheats, and has alot of pressure built up in all of the water hoses...?
Best performance boost?
what sports car can i get next?
where is the best place to view 1985 carbuerator for 4x4 pick-up?
my 2008 infiniti g35 manual key is stuck?
What is a better car a MazdaSpeed 3 or Subaru WRX?
how hard is it to change out a 1985 f-250 7.5 engine exhaust manifolds?
Is a 1999 chevy silverado v6 a good truck?
Why wont my 98 Buick Regal not start?
How much does it cost to replace a 2008 Honda Civic bumper?
I own a toyota ist 03 model. how much pressure should i put in all the tires?
1972 VW Bus?
I may buy a 2003 2.0 L. JETTA GLS sedan with 28k miles for 14k. Any opinions/recommendations for a diff car?
how can I clean the inside of my coolant recovery tank?
is an odler BMW a smart first car?
what do you think if your man was out all night says he out with his freind?
I am interested in buying the new Toyota Yaris. Any feedback on this just released car, the sadan s model?
Are all Chevrolet's junk?
What is better 350z nissan or z4bmw?
S2000 Owners. Have you upgraded your sound system? Need tips?
Does anyone know what the cigarette lighter socket volt for Mazda cronos/626?
Where is the VSS located on a 2001 Grand Vitara? (Be specific)?
top speed for 2006 or 2007 ford mustang?
I have a 2002 Audi A4 with 180K miles on the clock.?
Hello My Toyota Prius is having some trouble?
does my car look okay? haha 1993 honda civic?
I have a 2000 Ford Focus and need the torque specs on the nut that secures the rear brake drum?
Was the Mercedes the first car to be invented?
Can someone please tell me where to find the oil filter on a Mitsubishi Galant 1995 V6 Japanese Made.?
How much would nice rims cost for a 2005 Impala?
looking for a car dealership that goes by your job is your credit. and that deals with bad credit?
Bugatti veyron?? See why the driver overcoming the hump on the road like this?
08 jeep compass 4wd problems?
I have a 91 lebaron convertible. Anyone know where the module box and what module is for the rt. running lite?
Are BMWs practical cars?
i have a stick honda civic. when parked, do i leave it in 1st, reverse, or just hand brake?
how are space proportions in tata manza?
Will 4th generation Pontiac Firebird front and rear seats bolt down in 3rd generation? without adjustments.?
any quik help 4 a sunburnt car??
What is the best way to sell by 2004 Jeep Wrangler Willy's Edition?
wherearethe used cars in kalamazoo mi?
What size tires do i need for my 1999 Ford F150?
Audi A6 3.0 quattro Avant?
what is that web site were u can see the rims on the your car?
I want to get a classic yellow volkswagen beetle?
what is the difference in the monte carlo modles of 2000?
what r the common problems for mitsubishi galant v6-24 2001, the shark look?
Whats the point of a spoiler, is there and actual need for it?
I just bought 4 new tires for my Mazda 3. How much does it cost to pay autoshop to install them on my car?
Changed my spark plugs and my ignition cord but I'm still getting a misfire. What else can I check?
I have a broken fuel door for my 2001 Ford Focus and need a new one. Any good online spots to find a kit?
I SHOT the engine in my 83' caprice classic. V8 305. Should I replace the 305 or install a 350?
Vauxhall Corsa 1.0 or Toyota Aygo?
Are Mazda MX5s safe to drive during the British winter period?
Hyundai cars...what do you think?
what engine came stock in 1985 chevy custum deluxe K10 pickup?
Is a Dodge Neon an ok first car?
why is my hydrolic clutch sticking on my 91 accord?
What is the difference between EX and a Honda Civic HX?
Fiat 500 pop 1.2 petrol tyre pressure?
Indicators have stopped working on my gsxr600 k3?
When was the very first car built?
how much did a mercedes benz SL 500 cost new in 1992? 1998? Canada or US.?
How do you set the toe on a 1999 Chrysler 300m?
LT1 Firebird Homemade Ram Air?
A customer of mine hase a 1980 Ford 7000 truck, how do i decode the VIN?
How do i "Open Up" my intake system on my V6 Mustang?
dome light in honda civic?
What a good web page to go to for help fixing my bmw 1985 transmission?
sway bar link 2003 ford focus zts?
What is a normal RPM for a 2006 Toyota Corolla going approximately 70 mph on the interstate?
What is my 1969 oldsmobile Cutlass worth?
Honda Accord with leather seats?
2007 Nissan Altima Rear Floor Water?
2004 Ford Explorer XLT with tons of problems after wreck and insurance fix?
Im looking for a car...??
the fuel gauge on my 98 honda passport fluctuates between empty and full never an accurate reading. any help?
Is it true dodge caravan transmissions have lots of problems?
Renault Clio Heater Matrix?
What engine comes stock in a 1988 - 1989 Honda Accord?
I have a 1990 Ford Ranger the truck is revving up slightly going from 1st to 2nd....?
what was the factory delivered price of a 95 porsche 911 coupe And did they offer a single turbo in the coupe?
Ferrari or lamborghini?
Can anyone find me a front valance piece for a 1995 ford explorer eddie bauer?
whats better ford or chevy?
Is it possible to put a general motors performance parts Ls7 crate engine into a pontiac feiro?
What's the difference between 1993 civic and 1993 desol?
my 97 bmw 328is has pressure building in the radiator?
what is the number for ford?
10 hp engine can run 10kva alternator?
Scion fr-s programmed engine speed?
is there an xm radio in a 2007 impala LT?
Will this dlc work??10pnts?
Does Nissan do profestional paint jobs?
why are there no projector headlights for a 1995 toyota avalon?
i have a 1989 ford t-bird where is a good place to have my tranny looked at?
2004 Ford Focus 2.3L transmission shifts into 2nd gear hard & it has no low gears... What is the problem here?
FRUSTATED Volvo V70 2007 owner - Please help !!!!?
Anybody have any tips on how to gauge fuel remaining when gauges are faulty.?
1988 Camaro TBI question?
What is wrong with my elantra?
can i sell 1984 jeep wagoneer?
BMW 3 series v.s s13?
What is Your favorite Car From Toyota?
I need help on figuring out serial Numbers on a Ford Differential?
how many pounds of torque does a honda civic produce?
Is a 1999 Acura integra with 95,000 miles for 4,999 a good deal?
How do I go about getting a 2inch lift on my 2002 Subaru Forester?
who has a jeep comander?????
Ford focus 2007 flat battery?
same problem. 2000 grand cherokee oil pressure gage showed 0 pressure.?
On road price for verna fluidic in delhi?
ford ranger body lift?
92 GM 305 head swap with votec heads?
who is the stig on top gear?
what does this symbol mean in Pontiac instrument ?
what is a SMG transmission?
im thinking about a Wrangler?
How long do toyotas last? In comparison to honda?
TV Show 24: Current Season: Sec of Defense Heller drives off cliff in what car ? Make and Model, please.?
changing alternator for bmw z3?
2003 mitshibshi elipes?
1999 1.8 Turbo Diesel Ford Focus Revving On Its Own!?
what oil do i use on a 2004 QX56?
Where can I find a transportation company that transports vehicles?
what do u think of a 93 jeep grand cherokee?
somewhere in florida there is a body shop that only restores 69' camaroes and i cant find it. do you know wher
i have m40, and the extra fan not blowing at all, why should i do?
can a 2003 ford mustang gt rear end fit in a 1997 mustang gt?
The charger in my 1991 VW Corrado G60 doesn't produce boost?
I want to buy a porsche, but am not bothered about the engine. Just love the shape Any ideas if this is poss?
Where can i find 1959 GM truck casting codes on the net?
Is there an audio jack in a 2007 Focus?
What price should I sell my 89 Honda Accord for?
what is ur favourite car?
is the New Tundra worth it?
vw beetle transmission fluid?
whats the retail value for a 1994 poniiac trans am?
What would make a 2000 chevy astro van just stop working? It has 105,000 miles on it.?
Why wont my motor start i've tried everything fuel pump works sparks compression timing?
why does ram's website still have the 2012 models, not the 2013?
what is this?
What do you think of the way my blazer looks so far?
Audi R8 vs Porsche Carrera 4S vs Maserati Quattroporte?
2007 Audi S-8. What website can i go to and find info on spoilers for the thing?
What's this switch - 99 Suzuki Grand Vitara JLX?
My Car makes this kind of noise! please help?
what is a good site to buy a engine off looking to swap D to B?
HELLO WHAT DOES 140k miles stand for???!!?
do you know anithing about 2008 Ultra V8 engine?
Nissan skyline R34 import to US?
BMW M3 2004 vs Audi S4 2006?
chevy 327 build on a 66 chevelle motor?
Display screen and radio going in and out on Volvo XC90, receiveing error messages on display, what is wrong?
Nissan Murano or Pathfinder ???? Help me to choose one?
Going to change the ignition switch on a Honda?
Is 4 lakh fair price to buy Maruti suzuki swift LDI 2010 model?
what do u think to the civic type r!!?
I need a remote car starter for a new car with a key less system?
If you're in a vehicle going the speed of light, what happens when you turn on the headlights?
Camaro 94" What is this part?
What is the meaning of the word : ( Mercedes ) ?
I have a mazdab2000 i need to know how to hookup a trailer plug 4flat i am having trouble with the brake light
Does the 350z have rivals?
Honda Civic or Toyota Prius?
i've never driven an automatic...?
Pontiac trans am ws6 vs toyota supra?
how come the early 90's yugo didnt make it the big leagues?
The BMW Tuner is it Hamman or Hamann?
What should i do about rally racing?
what color s dose the 2002 chevy comaro come in?
1998 gmc jimmy electrical problems?
Is this a good deal for a BMW?
2007 Mercedes s 500 ...........?
Changing wheels, now my alignment is off?
Do you heard about car named Logan done by Renault in Romania ? What is you opinion about its performance ?
Why is my tranny so much money...?
my dad just got me a X3 bmw..?
what is the cost of front bumper for Maruti A star.?
Can anyone give me info on the newest Porsche C30?
how to buy a bmw with $47000 salary per year?
best nissan 350z model?
1991 Toyota Camry - battery indicator and brake indicator both come on intermittantly but car doesn't stall?
my nissan micra k11 a/t has a forward drive but has no reverse. what could be the problem?
show me mazda 323 car model 2003?
what does it need if your brakes go all the way down and you changed the master cylinder but still does that ?
HELP!,HELP!,HELP,the gear stick in my 206 Quicksilver is all of a sudden like stirring a jar of marbles!?
How do you change a 2001 Isuzu Rodeo Tail light?
what's better sx4 or dezire?
1994 Toyota pickup 4 cyl 2wd manual trans wont start?
Which do people like more? BMW or Audi?
Whats best to have on a mustang? Super Charger or Turbo?
What do you think of this car?
how do I get the low tire pressure light off on a 2000 chev impala. pressure is good in all 4 tires?
Nissan Pathfinder!!!!!!!!!!?
What wins 1999 Ford Mustang or 2006 Ex Police Charger R/T?
Do people stare at Porsches if seen on the road?
What will a Toyota 2nz-fe fit in?
What did you name your VW?
2008 ford focus zetec 1.6tdi half a tank in 1 week?!?
rwhy rough idol on mitsubishi eclipse rs 97?
how can i put an electric supercharger on a s10 that has no air box but has a breather???
can anyone tell me whar BMW stands for?
Do all Lexus' have leather interior or can I get cloth?
Can 6'6" guy fit into Mazda MX-5?
Why Do People Buy Powerful Cars And then Drive them Like Grannies?
Which trim level of the USDM Nissan 350z has the lightest curb weight?
cant get warm air from 2007 jetta?
I have a 96 Chevy s10 blazer with heat issues?
Turbo manifold for 1997 toyota camry LE?
what year did chevrolet impala come out?
Explain why there is not lunat eclipse every month?
My 2006 VW Beetle is driving weird?
What do people have to say about nissan sentras.?
lifted trucks?
Good car under $8000?
Dodge Grand Caravan SXT 2005 Stereo?
What is the physical difference between a 03 and 04 Cobra mustang, which is better?
lexus ls 430 2007?
Where's the power steering reservoir on a 1998 Buick Riviera supercharged?
How much money does Ferrari make a year?
What is BMW and Volkswagen?
What is a good car to get a 16 year old?
Hey, who else is psyched over the new Camaro Concept? Is there a relaese date and/or price set on it yet?
Problem with 02 2ltr HDI Diesel 307?
1994 Ford f350 does not start in park?
why my 2000n jeep grand cherokee has rough suspension?
How long was the Model T in production and what color?
bmw heater problems please please help me?
SLR maclaren should i get it?
Where to find owners manual for 2005 ford explorer limited 4.6l?
2000 Ford Ranger 3.0 coolant problems?
What do you think about the Audi RSQ?
which ford vehicle is roomy and the best year?
How to replace passenger side mirror on 2010 Ford Escape XLT?
I need a name for my car. I know, it's weird LoL, but I would like some opinions please =]?
what is the milage of mahindra rodeo rz?
what are the mpg's (city/highway) for a 1994 honda civic cx hatchback (stick shift)?
what are the best mods to get in a 94 mustang gt convertible?
how do i remove the door panel on a 2007 hyundai elantra?
What's better a white Nissan G-TR or black edition?
what do you think of the new camaro?
fiat ulysse clutch pedal sticking?
are toyota corollas considered gay looking ?
350 chevy timing chain install?
2000 ford escort wont start...?
Why is the Mini commonly called a "Mini Cooper?" Who is Cooper?
installing an AC for a 62 VW Beetle?
87 toyota front fender will fit the 87 Nova?
Can anyone tell me what the production numbers for a 1968 Pontiac Tempest Custom Sport are? I have one! Thanks
which autos do you like, germany's or japan's, and why?
Would you buy a petrol Audi A3 with high mileage ?
The temperature indicator on my SUV goes all the way up and then comes down but my engine is not overheating?
I have a 2005 Scion XB, i think its great! what does everybody else think of it?
I have a 2000 4runner V6 and right now i have straits with no cats?
1978 Pontiac Trans Am parts?
where is the fuses in a 04 gto?
i wanna buy a Toyota RAV 4 ... last model ... at what price is the cheapest ?
1980 porsche 924 turbo consistently blows fuel pump fuse after running for 15 seconds, what's problem?
Which car is better?
what is the biggest engine to put in a dodge neon?
If someone gave you a car, In great condition...?
when your car will not go over 40 miles what should I look for???
Where can i get a Turbo for my Honda?
1997 Mazda Protege Check Engine Light Won't Stop Flashing?
Firebird or BMW!!!!!!!?
how does it feel to have a ferrari?
Are the bumpers on the 2006 Subaru WRX interchangeable with the bumper off the 2004 WRX?
why are french cars so hard to work on,why are they so complicated.?
Toyota 4runner sitting for 3-4 years what should i do before starting it?
What's wrong with my friends Dodge?
Seat Cordoba 2001Problem Wid engine?
2003 Toyota Camry steering wheel squeak?
Mazda 6 only starts sometimes?
2004 ford focus manual transmission prblem?
How do you adjust the time in a Honda Civic 2004?
How do I run a battery in the boot of my Nissan 180sx?
how do you tell the difference between serial numbers on an north American Mazda motor to a Japanese motor?
Lancer GTS- Road Race Motorsports short ram intake or Injen?
How do you open the hood on a 1997 Mitsubishi Galant ES?
Will a 5 spd p28 work in an automatic car?
Nissan Frontier vs Toyota Tacoma?
99 altima question about the O2 sensor?
EUROPE ONLY: What small cars from Asia (NOT INCLUDING JAPANESE CARS) are selling well in Europe?
Replacement Engine for 2001 volkswagen passat?
how do I remove my existng car aerial from a golf mk 3?
Which 03 Wrangler X Upgrades?
I have a 2002 ford escape with airbag light on?
For chevy lovers. What is your fav vehicle?
What are the gears 1,2,3 and 4 for on a 1998 dodge intrepid se?
Why does General Motors do so bad when all the independant rattings ar at the top of the industry?
Why wont my bsa clutch work?!?
I have a 1995 jeep cherokee?
when I turn on my headlights, my tail lights go out. What do I Need to do?
If you are given a choice between a BMW M5 and M6, (disregarding the prices) what would you choose and why?
Best car maker in the world?
How much to fix a Honda taillight?
I'm a Scorpio which means I'm awesome?
how much could I sale my 1995 GMC Jimmy for?
what else would i need to Lift my 1989 f150 6 inches?
if you could own 1 car in the world what would it be?
True top speed of a 1974 honda 750?
Which Manufacture makes better cars Bmw or Mercedes ?
i''m looking for a owner handbook for a rover 214se. it come with car when new?
for Hyundai 2003 Sante Fe, what do codes 0445 and 0447 mean?
Did you ever own a Pontiac and what model was it?
How old must a car be to be considered "Antique"?
What is your favorite automobile of all time?
Help! '06 Chevy Trailblazer or '06 Nissan Xterra? Which one should we buy?
What should I get guys? 1998 Nissan Maxima or 2004 Chevrolet Cavalier?
will these rims and tires fit on my 1997 ford explorer?
What is the best upgrade you can do to your WRX for less than $1000?
Wait for the iPhone 5s or 6 or take my upgrade to the iPhone 5?
If you are at the end of your lease of a ford product do you have ?
what car symbol has 4 interlocking circles in a horizontal row?
can i afford a BMW 3 WITH 10$/HOURE?
about how much does it cost to lower a car. I have a 03 focus?
What would be a reasonable price to have a 3 piece mesh grille installed on a 2005 Accord Coupe?
engine swap from srt4 neon to caliber se?
MAZDA 1991 323 ASTINA SP (or 323F) Workshop Manual Required--DO THEY EXIST?
what do you thin of the HHR?
How long do you think a 2004 Elantra can last with 104k miles if I drive it at 10k miles a year?
Fiesta supersport mark 1?
What is the new pontiac sports convertible and whats the usual cost. Thanks?
Will 215/40R17 tires fit my 94 Honda civic?
1995 Ford Explorer antifreeze problem?
How do i change my steering wheel?
Which car is better, BMW M6, or a Audi Q7?
my Nissan altima vibrates a lot on idle?
Do I really need new brakes or was dealer just saying it to get more money?
How to install a oil pressure gauge in a 1995 s10 2.2 with out unplugging the oil gauge aready in the dash?
I have a 2000 mazda 626. my car jerks while going at a steady speed also when shifting gears?
automatic gear 3 in toyota car?
I own a VW Golf (2002) and every time I go on a hump there is a noise underneath the car why?
what is the difference between the 1968 and 1969 ford torino (fairlane) formal roof?
Are MITSUBISHI MIRAGE CE cars models 1997 - 2000ish safe cars?
How do I remove OEM roof antenna ( cap like part ) on 2009 Toyota Corolla?
02 jeep lib heat not blowing warm. Recently had rad. replaced.?
what colour have you got if you have the same colour as me you win the points?
How much is it to fix a gas gauge on a 2004 Chevy Malibu?
how can i install HID lights in my maxima (my current head lights keep going out)?
2000 VW Beetle with 143k mileage?
how much is.the average import cost for a 1999 nissan sylime gtr r34?
If a mechanic says that you need a transmission fluid flush, is this a good idea?
will b16 parts fit my b18c1?
Camaro is full exhaust and lid?
HONDA or TOYOTA? which brand do you think is more reliable, more longlasting, better looking? and experiences:
Citroens - are they really crap?
Should i get a Mustang Convertible?
What's the name of the Chrysler Intrepid ES car that has a tri-leg camera on top of the hood, while the front
Does anyone know about Diesel engines?
problem of water bocal of polo classic 1998?
How much do Acura intega go for?
For more power out of my 87 gmc serria, should i buy v8 or mod the v6 thats in it? and which is cheaper to do?
2007 Honda civic si sedan 2007?
Whats a good small car to buy in England?
i just got a 64 impala SS to restore. There are so many places to start. What is the first thing i should do?
best 4 wheel drive cars?
Where is the chip located in a Mazda switchblade key?
what is the length of a mercury mountaineer?
best economical new car 2005?
check engine light came one on my 01 denali and the guages no longer work?any idea y this happened? thanx?
How many types of 3.9 engines for Pontiac 06' G6 GTP Convertible ?
What cars can you swap a 91 crx engine without lots of work?
i need help regarding the 67 gtx we been restoring for 3 years now,we have a problem with it on the?
looking for 240sx 5 lugs conversion and brembo brake rotors?
Prgram Nissan Pulsar keyless entry remote?
black of silver corsa sxi with thease alloys?
Prices for new brakes on a volkswagon passat 2002?
i have a 1998 lincoln navigator and how high can i go in tire size passing the the factory size tires?
What are the most expensive cars?
I want to have my car painted.I wouldlike to find prices online for Modesto, CA?
2003 F-150 (5.4l) Coolant Gauge Problem?
How much horsepower does a 1997 Explorer have?
93' 5.0 manual Mustang LX problem?
Rim size for a jeep patriot?
i have a 2005 chevy silverdo can i put a alarm on it with out hurting it.?
my boyfriends shockers have gone on his bmw m3 where is the cheapest but best place to get them from?
Hottest car for a girl?
Buying a used cluster for 2002 Chevy avalanche, computer will hold same info for mileage?
torque coverter and pump?
need 2 replace 2001 honda accord cd player can i buy any car cd player?
What are the Specs on a 65 289 Mustang Engine(like HP,TQ, and stuff like that)?
any one with experincences on 88 ford rangers?
i have a 98 mustang and want to put a dual exhaust on it?
where can i find BMW X5 2002 4.4i LED tail light?
help on my VW touareg!?
I would like to ask is where is windshield wiper motor located on a 2003 ford super diesel?
did they put 383 heads on dodge 440's?
what do you know about vw combi vans...?
Are the different size ford engines interchangeable?
what color should my porche be?
what kind of fuel does a 2012 Nissan altima take?
Nissan Altima coupe vs Honda civic coupe si?
Who Owns A Mazda3 Or A Mazda6?
what is the lowest cc in cars?
3/4 ton transmission on 2003 5.3l tahoe?
Transmission on 1997 Chevy Cavalier?
Can my 4 cly accord pull 22 inch rims?
Why is rattling at rear of gen 7 toyota celica 2003?
what car do you like best? why? and what color?
I have a 99 pontiac sunfire im expierncing rough idling. Why?
is there a bmw that has a flame shooter for sale in south africa?
What are the best mods for performance/looks for 2013 mustang?
Chevy s-10 1996, anyone else think they suck?
how much diesel per mile does it cost to run a ford focus 04?
where can i get a attachment to fasten my catalytic converter back to body of 2000 ford windstar?
How can I make my 2001 Audi TT 225 faster without spending an arm and a leg?
What is the current value of a 1968 chevrolet malibu chevelle?
Door color with a red interior color for a 1965 Ford Mustang Fastback?
Are mazda 3's good cars???? or I'm I better off buying a corolla?
1988 ford f150 makes weird sound?
How many of you agree with me that the PT Cruiser is just one big gas guzzling piece of junk?
Why '07 Saturn Ion back end slides in snow?
Is a 2000 Mazda 626 a good car?? or how about a Honda civic 1998 DX which is better??
Renault Kangoo radio code problem shows "OTHERS"?
What's the fastest car you've ever driven?
I need to remove the headrest of 2003 chevy suburban. How can i do it?.?
Lower timing gear installer HELP!?
what car to choose,bmw,merc or audi?
I want to rent a White VW bug in NY/NJ region(June9th). Local retal places can't guarantee color. Any ideas?
I have a car (OPEL Astra 1.8i enjoy) with summer tires that are size 205/55/R-16?
airbag for hummer h3 2008-2009?
If i bought a Pontiac Firebird how hard would it be to change the body to look like a camaro?
Open bonnet Peugeot 206?
Engine or Car?
Why shouldn't I buy a 2006 Acura TL?
Is it true the 2008 Range Rover Sport's have way less problems than the 2006's?
Any GMC SUV tailgate problems?
web abaut transponder keys?
Ford F350 wont start ideas?
I need to know how much a grill and a windshield visor are worth for a 1948 GMC truck?
whats your favorite car?
Is it legal to fart in an old VW beetle?
when looking at a vehicle, what does the "1WT" of "2WD w/1WT" mean? What are other meanings of abbreviations?
where is the dipstick on a mazda rx8 2004?
When will we have cars that can fly?
where can i find info and pics on the new silverado ss. i am tired of the classic silverado ss?
94 gmc suburban 5.7 350 k1500 ...way too much fuel from tbi injectors ??any advice?
my girlfriend just got a brand new mercedes what should i get her for it ??
Trouble with my 94 ford Ranger?
Buy 06 Mazda 3 or wait?
How much will insurance cost for x3?
How do I get the Honda slide to unlock on my iPhone?
how do i load cd into chevy equinox?
i am looking for rear bumper protection for lexus rx 330 2006?
My car dealership wants £170 for a new key to my car - is there a cheaper way to get one?
Radio code for 1991 ford focus ?
Mazda RX, toyota celica or hyundai coupe?
What is your favorite kinda JEEP???
where to find the best website for pontiac firebird photos for sale?
my car drives jerky & also idels high?
1975 Jeep Wagoneer gas mileage?
Audi transmission info & questions?
How big of a wheel and tire can I fit on a 1995 (C4) Audi A6?
Looking to purchase a luggage shade (cargo cover) for a C6 corvette. Any suggestions other than from Chevy?
wife selling skoda?
Chevy cobalt odometer problems?
Performance parts for a Sunfire?
Where can I find Halo headlights for a 2012 Camaro 2ls?
switching ac compressor with an alternator?
Where can i find my mazda mx 5 radio code?
2008 honda civic radio code?
One of my tata's sits a bit lower than the other?
which car brand is better overall?
What year and model of, Ford Mustang is your favorite?
What is the most miles you have ever sen on a car, and was it a Toyota?
What happens when you put Premium fuel in a car that uses Regular?
want information about convertible tucker automobile?
Low Profile Tires On Highlander?
Weapon-R Short Ram Intake Help?
How do you install Rear Wheel Bearings on a 2000 GMC Sierra 1500?
Rims for 2001 Corolla off of a 1997 Honda Civic?
How much was the price of the toyota solara 2004 brand new?
Timing Belt?
who would trade a jeep grand cherokee or a jeep wagonner between the years 1993 and 1998 for a 2002 honda?
Camaro doomed to the mustang tend?
Can you help me find this Honda commercial?
99 civic cranks but won't start any suggestions?
Can anyone tell me where can I download lexus gx470 owners manual?
2001 gmc wont start after installing new pump?
how much time would I shave off in the 1/4 mile if I change the gears in my 99 mustang gt from 3.27 to 3.73.?
What year did the make the mr2 2Gen?
Having problems with my gauges?
I am thinking about buying a Toyota Carolla. I should consider 2009 or 2010 model?
how this work?
BMW or Mercedes what is better in a 300 series vs Mercedes?
what is the 1/4 mile time for an 2006 corvette convertible?
Can I fit 2 child seats in 2000 Toyota Solara?
Is the new RAV 4 as hard a ride as the older model?
why the 18 years girls breast there is no milk? the 18 years girls fuching is good or not?
any reviews on the 2005 or newer C55 AMG?
Are jeeps an ok SUV to bye?
what the web site to look up vehicle reports.?
i have a 2002 honda accord se. 2.3 liter 4 cyl. are there computer chips for it to increase horsepower?
does my car have anti-lock brakes?
Where can i get a full turbo kit for my 5s-fe engine?
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