will the mazda millenia supercharger fit on a mazda kl engine?
1000 CC engine(Here CC stands for what?.)tell me some thing about CC. Is this is a scale?.?
Going to change the ignition switch on a Honda?
Does anyone know a good mechanic for VW's near Costa Mesa, CA?
If you won a free car would you pick a Lexis, a Mercedes, an Infiniti, or a BMW?
What years did Mercedes-Benz manufacture its W 113 vehicle?
What makes an engen crank shaft turns continuously?
Why don't you own a mercedes?
what does 2.4L L4 SOHC 16V mean?
can anyone tell me whar BMW stands for?
I need help on a 93 thunderbird 5.o hp ford ?
How will 22s look on 92 buick park avenue size tire is 235/30/22?
How to install a pioneer deh 1300 mp in a accord?
chevy cavilers?
wht is the meaning of tc?
How much are my 1973 original Chevelle rims worth?
Why is there no flipper panel betw. the 2nd & 3rd row seats, when down, on the 2006 dodge durango limited?
how to dissconect an odometer on Lexus GX 460?
How do you I convince my girlfriend to buy the Toyota Camry XLE over the LE?
why wont my 2001 ford ranger start ?
i have a 2001 lincoln ls and i locked my keys in my tunk. no spare key and doors are locked. can i get inside?
I am 17 buying my first car:Lexus GX460vsLX570vsHummerH3vsToyota FJ CruiservsLand RovervsRange Rover?
New Radiator for 2001 Honda Accord?
Im thinking of buying a 97 1 ton chevy wit6.5 turbo I haul cross country non stop will it last?
Are VW Jettas good cars?
454 throttle body on 350 engine wiring issues?
Could i take the headlights out of a 96 nissan quest to clean them?
2008-2012 4 cylinder Chevy Malibu gas mileage?
What are the pros and cons of a 2nd Generation Subaru Outback?
Truck Problem 1999 dodge ram 1500 107xxx miles?
Can you swap the motor out of a 1996 Nissan 200sx?
Someone who knows cars-Shouldn't I save money by getting pre-owned?!?
how does nissan determine mpg on nissan leaf?
should I buy a ford fiesta or a hyundai i30 or prius c?
Is there an oil in the rack and pinion of a honda accord 95?
How can you tell if a Honda civic si is a real si or just a replica?
honda accord 4 cylinder lx acceleration problems?
How can I remake a ford mustang shelby, yeAr 2005-09?
question to shut my friend up, do you think a 1987 monte carlo ss is a true blue muscle car or not?
Scions. Who makes them?
i have a 1999 buick riveria candy blue black leather on 22s i not sure if i can fit any thig biger like 24 or?
Is there a way to stop my lights from coming and staying on in my '99 gp gt?
how much hp would a twin turbo produce on my 3.0 engine? and where can i find a twin turbo for my audi a4 2002?
Why is my 98 dodge ram losing fuel prime?
where can i buy a Nissan caravan cabin.?
best car for a college student with only about 3-4 grand to spend?
More horsepower 2008 dodge avenger?
My car after hitting a small bump quit while going down the road. It has no powder now. What might cause this?
BMW 5 series problem with the ABS?
Is a Nissan xterra a good first car?
What parts do I need to make a cold air intake for a 2003 Kia Spectra?
What kind of a Vehicle?
Car subwofers wont turn on?
My third row chevy venture seat is broken and I can't get it out?
tires on a dodge durango.?
What are some good websites to buy acura rsx parts/accessories
Can I fit a V8 engine in my 2003 Hyundai Tiburon?
Anyone who owns a Chevy Volt (serious replies only)?
where is the tcm located on 93 voyager?
Is a ferrari or lamborhgini stick shift or automatic?
Monte Carlo SS?
2001 Civic LX issues with startup?
cadillac escalade 2008-2010?
? MPG on a 2002 Ford F-250 Diesel Truck 38 gal Tank?
2003 V6 Mustang exhaust?
How to turn my 2008 WRX into a "Frankenstein" STI?
Can an engine run on hardwater?
what does BMW sand for.?
2005 Mustang v6 4.0L straight pipe exhaust mod?
I need to get some mods on my truck any suggestions?
How to swap this ford ranger engine?
Need opinion on the Dodge Challenger, ***only if you own one***?
What are the specs for evos that are here in australia?
What kind of car should I buy that doesnt have seat belts?
How To Unlock The Key Switch On A 97 Mercury Sable?
who here likes a 1991 toyota supra?
what is the rarest car in the whole world?
Kia forte koup pros and cons?
Is iPhone 5s coming out next year?
What kind of rim's should I put on my 2002 Honda civic?
What is the insurance price for a 2001 Audi tt and I am sixteen please answer price not comments?
2000 Infiniti G20 question?
Good name for a car?
which fuse is which on the indoor fuse box of a 92 mazda Mx3? where is the ignition fuse?
Challenger, Camaro, Mustang?
2002 c240 mercedes?
what axle is in the front of my 1994 chevy k2500 z71 extended cab with a 5.7l 350 7200 GVW?
If i step on the gas pedal of my 06 mustang will the computer restrict me from going into the rpm redzone?
Simplify what a torque converter is?
05 mustang was running fine then died and wont start now?
whats the vote out there.. Toyota Corrolla or Honda Civic?..I need a new car?
Is the 1993 Saturn SL a car worth buying?
how many pounds of torque does a honda civic produce?
Should I trade in my TOYOTA RAV4 V6 SPORT 4x2 2006 to Nissan Rogue SL AWD 2008? Why?
How much to replace the transmission on my 2003 Saab 9-3 Linear?
Isn't the Infiniti considered a luxury car?
what is wrong with my 1996 s10's transmission?
My daughter has a 1997 Mazda 3000 3.0 liter I think the issue is vapor lock but not sure what is needed to fix?
where is the diesel filter on chrysler voyager?
i repair the transmission on 96 ford ecplorer 4r55e but only first and second works sometimes reverse and dri?
What is the name/model of the square "box on wheels" Kia??
2002 7.3 F250 Cold Air Intake?
i recently bought a 1998 TT Toyota supra...?
What transmission fluid do i need for a Audi A4 Multitronic transmission 2003 model, 1.8T.?
Why do people call the Toyota Prius gay?
My 1996 eclipse is ****** up?
how do u dim the interior lights in a 2002 ford excursion with the hatch still open?
looking for a ford f-6150 pick-up truck?
I'm confused now,Which?
Cars need names: What's a good name for a Pontiac Aztec GT?
black book price of 1995 mazda millenium L?
Which is faster 0 to 60: an 09 jetta 2.5 or an 09 eclipse gs?
What will cause high fuel pressure on ford E450 2006 triton v10?
1999 Subaru Legacy L Key Fob Won't Open Trunk?
portable garages for rent or any auto storage unit?
Is it true that GMC trucks are heavier duty than Chevy trucks?
I have a 91 Ford explorer . And my muffler is getting really hot . Does that mean my converter is cloaked ?
the engine cont'd 1 fuse is out on my 2000 nissan maxima. what does it mean?
Pontiac or Honda???????????
I have a sticking gas pedal on my 2002 ford explorer let?
What is the main difference between a VW Golf and Polo?
My 2008 Honda CRV locks the doors automatically when my speed reaches 10 mph. How do I disable this?
How to kill a 97 Honda civic ex Engine?
Which is much more classier, BMW or Mercedes Benz? And why?
a fuel filter can be a cause of good acceleration?
can i replace my abs(brake system) on a 1986 lincoln mark VII with a thunderbird mastercylinder?
peplace alterator belt 1994 Honda Accord LX?
2010 Corolla is making a jackhammering sound?
Bad shaking in my '86 Z31?
1991 Ford Ranger 4x4 transmission. Starts and runs good but when I put it in gear any gear the truck dies?
my 93 dodge stealth has no spark why?
are aston martins built with ford parts?
Why does my lexus gs400 make noise?
I need help with this spoiler problem?
why my 2006 jeep commander air condition only blows cold on drivers side?
Hyundai Accent RB remote question?
Why would anyone buy a Cayenne?
10 points ba - Which cars faster?
suzuki equator 2011,where can i find top rail tailgate protector?
what do you think of the chrysler 300c or dodge charger for a man in his 60s ?
Bleeding brakes in 1989 Toyota Supra. Do I need an ABS tool?
whats needed before a turbo?
I have a car queston?
what exactly is a ford master technician?
My Audi keeps jumping out of gear.?
Are Nissan Skyline legal in Puerto Rico and how much to get one their?
y Grand Marquis makes a noise on the dash by the speedometer sporatically What causes this does it need?
I have a 98 ford escort. I have no power to anything. the key sings but there is no dash lights, head lights?
does a 2005 ford escape headlights fit on a 2002?
do all stock 1982 2880zx non turbo's have a dropping resistor ?
how to make I/M readiness ready on 04 PT Cruiser GT?
i changed my transmission fluid.?
1985 oldsmobile cutlass ciera has code 42 and 44?
Differences between GT Deluxe and Premium for the mustage by ford?
I have a mustang 96 I need to know with what other cars the wheels are compatible?
If my engine coolant is low and i fill it right away and it emptys within 10 minutes,what could be wrong?
Where is the fuel filter located on a 2004 Dodge Neon SXT 2.0?
How much will it cost to fix power steering on a 95 mazda millenia by a mechanic?
how many car manufacturing companies established in pune? & which?
code 54 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS 95?
Does that Chevy truck commercial seem racist?
My 1999 ford explorer keeps burning fuel fuse?
Who is the woman in the cadillac escalade commercial?
I have a 2003 Chevy Trailblazer that has lost power on take off?
what is Tirptonics?
'99 Camry- Locked Glovebox.. How to open/no key?
Is a Volkswagon Jetta a good car to buy for new drivers?
89 camaro with a 2.8 V6 manual trans ... Do I have to change trans to put a 305 V8 in?
I want to ask about a Ferrari F430, LP-640, Porche 911 turbo?
What's more classy and prestigious: Audi or Lexus?
Does a 2006 Acura TSX have to have 93 octane?
What size Rims would you put on a 2004 toyota solara?
2002 VW Jetta turn signals stop working?
I have gone to dealerships. I'm not a rich man, I don't have that kind money.?
How much would a dodge viper owner make per year?
2004 Chevy Impala 4 Dr SS Supercharged Sedan, good car?
What size rim can you fit onto your 1999 Chevy cavalier z24?
I may buy a 2003 2.0 L. JETTA GLS sedan with 28k miles for 14k. Any opinions/recommendations for a diff car?
Jeep wrangler question?
1995 5.0 mustang gt. how can i get 300 horses..HELP PLEASE!!!!!!?
Camaro rs wiring is screwed up?
What makes a person want a super fast car? Small genitalia? Or just beat up in school?
Is Hyundai still considered a Throwaway car?
Who is the maker of Jeep, my father says its Ford and that's why he doesn't want to buy it?
hi when will the 2010 ford f150 harley davidson come out and how much will it cost?
is the ford ranger XTL a good truck?
Can you put any V8 engine to a 1969 rs ss camaro?
Without a super or turbocharger, how much hp could I pull out of a BMW Z4?
Which is a better car to buy? A ford taurus or a ford fusion? Please explain...?
how much can i get for my 1998 bmw 528i?
HELP small block ford engine?
how to remove 83 volvo 240 ignition barrel?
need cylinder head for 1985 renault alliance 1.7 engine?
Honda prelude as first car?
which is the cost of a bmw 750???
why does my 1992 lincoln run hot?
2003 Honda Accord is hard to start?
07 Ranger I-4 Automatic?
Black Mazda 3 with Black rims?
What was a UR Torana?...?
does the glass on the back of the nissan rogue 2012 trunk open?
what make of car is a civic?
1999 v6 honda accord ex dash gauges light problems?
i have a 1992 toyota corolla when i try to start it does nothing not even a sound.?
1999-2004 Ford F250 for sale!!?
what is the realistic lifespan of a Cherokee. I have a 2001 with 90K miles.?
Are the front doors on a 2004 F-150 SuperCab bigger than the doors on a SuperCrew Cab?
How do you turn on your headlights in the 2006 VW beetle?
What would you do 2005 Audi?
My 1995 Jeep Cherokee only starts now when it wants to.?
99 cavalier. well when I start my car I get a machine gun clicking sound an won,t start I?
What kind of motor is in a 1997 Linclon Continental 32v v8 & how many horses does it have?
Is there a relation between Acura and Honda?
Why does the Toyota Tundra suck so bad?
Why is nobody buying my pulsar 200 ?
i have a vw polo 1.2 that's used at least 6litres of oil in 9mnths. is this normal for a 3 cylinder engine?
Location of my obd plug onm my 92 honda accord?
Are 2012 Mitsubishi Eclipse good reliable cars?
van or jeep?
whatn is the full form of si unit in si?
will a pioneer avic-d1 fit into a 2002 lincoln navigator?
My Honda CRV wont start after an engine wash,it started well after i finished washing it but 15mins later it w?
why does the overdrive go out in an aod transmission?ihave two 88 town cars with no overdrive?
2012 BMW 335i Headlight bulb?
Diesel Fuel Price .. £1.30 per Litre in Bristol UK ....?
i want to make my 1960 dodge truck into an automatic?
What do you think of the Chevy 400 Small block?
Should I keep it or not?
Why are opel cars called Vauxhall in England?
Japanese Car or American Car?
which is the maximum speed of these vehicles year 1972.?
Where can I find body kit prices for my 2005 Mazda 3 Hatchback S?
nissan march 1988 series?
I have a 2004 S60 2.5T AWD Volvo with the check Engine light on.?
What is preferred to as a heated mirror on a car???
Which should i buy, audi A4 otr VW golf tdi?
what color looks sexy on a bmw black or white?
how did they make the skoda car cake Advert?
Is a ferrari or lamborhgini stick shift or automatic?
i have damaged key immobilizer on my van how can i get it to run?
what size is the boot for the honda civic 2001? (pic included)?
Whats a better car Chevy Impala or Honda Civic?
why do ford cars fall apart?
Where can I get a part to extend the gas peddle of my Taurus so my short wife can drive the car?
How do i get my handle for my window off if you can't see a c clip and there is no screw holding it on?
2012 Honda Civic LX dashboard lights?
how do i know what rims from one car will fit on another?
picture of cougar eliminator?
"Engine Oil Change Soon" indicactor is on?
which is the maximum speed of peugeot 505 STI injection bosch 4cyl 97HP year 1982?
07 Subaru impeza sti noise in trunk when hitting road bumps?
i just put new brakes on my sonoma on the rear need help?
Thinking about buying a 2000-2002 Lincoln LS...?
Is the gas mileage better top up or down?
What is the bottom intercooler for? turbo kit?
What is all the wheel fixture dimensions for a Saab 900 se ?
Where is the vaccum tube for the 2007 Nissan Versa located?
Is a ferrari or lamborhgini stick shift or automatic?
how big is the gas tank on a chevy cobalt?
Whats the service reports on a Jaguar x-type?
Does anyone hate the Ford Focus as much as I do?
I don't know what body trim my 2001 dodge ram 1500 is.?
headlights on my volvo don't come on?
how do i change my water pump on a 1995 mazda mx6?
1996 Grand Prix SE engine removal- from the top, or the whole subframe?
1980 trans am or 99-04 mustang?!?!?
Can you tell by the VIN number whether a 1988 Prelude Si is 4ws?
Where do you get a remote for your car?
Whats better Chevy or Ford?
Ferrari or Lamborghini?
Is it really worth putting premium grade petrol (98 ron+) in a high performance car? ie BMW M3, would it hurt?
Should I drive a Hummer H2 or a Chevrolet Corvette?
What kind of damage does this look like (PICS)?
Clutch pedal to hard on crx.?
Do you like Tray-Slides?
How can you tell if your car is male or female?
Mazda3 alarm availability?
i want to buy a used car .can u suggest me which one is better?
2000 Black Ford Mustang GT V8 Man or woman???
wheres the #1 tower on the distributor cap?
What do you prefer? The older square shaped WRX or the new rounded shape?
how do i change the heater core on a 2001 jeep grand Cherokee?
Problems with the fuel system on a 1994 Ford Ranger?
What do you think of the APPEARANCE of these 3 recent cars?
where can i find a phantom body kit for chrysler 300?
will the bumper from a srt-4 fit my neon sxt?
does my mazda have active headrests?
Muffler Pipes?
Why don't my tail lights work on my 2005 Ford Explorer?
Anyone else have engine problems with low mileage Ford F-150?
what is the average mileage for the life of a Jeep Grand Cherokee?
Should i get a used Mercedes A Class or a Used Toyota Prius?
97 acura cl engine help please :[?
What are good modifications to make on a 1974 BMW 2002?
Clutch on 2003 Jeep Wrangler?
i have a 1979 honda xl 125 4 stroke?
is an infiniti g35 2003 a good car?
Why is my "add coolant" light on on my BMW X-3?
how many passengers can a toyota highlander fit?
Why won't my Civic go into gear?
99 mustang v6 handleing kits?
My 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee will not turn over?
Hood scoop for 2005 Subaru Outback?
Ford f150 question please help?
Wath is the code 1456of honda crv1999?
Mitsubishi Galant 99-03 owners, don't you think they have the sexiest body of all Mitsubishi lines all time?
1987 mazda rx-7 weird engine problem?
How many model did Mazda have for there '87 RX7?
Where is the BSi on a Peugeot 206 1.4 Automatic 51 plate?
How many miles can you get out of a vw passat 1.9 tdi v reg?
does a cj7 fuel guage have an adjustment?
What is the most fuel economical car to buy?
my son has a 1978 ford f 150. we need to get a wiring scematic for it. can you help????
1978 bulck regal manual?
Would you buy a Toyota?
help my house is on fire what should i do does anyone have the number for 911????
Hyundai cars...what do you think?
MW2 Title and Emblem combination?
Anyone breaking a honda crx del sol 1992 >???
Is an Lincoln Ls a good car to buy from year 2000-2002.?
what car is cooler?
does a cadillac seem like a grandpa car?
I have a 2004 Dodge Durango and am getting odb2 trouble codes Po700, po845, po846, n c2500 what do they mean?
my ABS light is on on my 93 camry what is my problem?
06 honda civic radio code?
An Infiniti G35 coupe (2005) or a 2005 BMW 5 series. Which would you rather go for?
My Ford E 150 will crank but won't start!?
how many 62 chevy bel air sport coupes where built?
How do you fix a gas guage on a 1992 Volvo 740?
Jeep Liberty - good, bad, ugly ???
Advise.....Jag or BMW?
Toyota salesman told me don't put a lift kit on a new tundra?
BMW vs.Mercedes-Benz, which is better?
What is the car company Gamballa?
flasher unit 98 subaru outback wagon?
2012 Nissan Frontier Bumper Replacement?
Looking For a 1987 Honda Accord Lx Carberator Automatic?
In your opinion which is a better car, mercedes benz, or BMW?
I'm looking for a web site that will give me information or statistics on a old chevy truck.?
WiLL SoMeBody PlEaSe!! TeLL Me WhAt a 2007 Toyota Solara Sport!! is Worth!? thanks?
How do i install an intake on my 94 nissan sentra?
Why won't my 1997 Nissan Sentra start?
What do i get Mustang, sti, or evo?
What are your thoughts about the gmc safari? Is it really costly to fix (labor charges) for access reasons?
'99 VW Jetta Transmission problem?
i need to find a car for sale by owner in laporte indiana?
Is the Pontiac Grand Am a good car? What do you think?
I just got me a 06 mx5, its a hot car?
How to install outside door handle on 94 toyota corolla?
I need help with my 1998 Chevy Malibu....?
Where is the crankshaft positioning sencor located for a 95' dodge dakota 4 cylinder?
how many 1993 caillac allantes were produced?
fiat grande punto OR skoda fabia ?????? plz help?
Where would the fuel pressure regulator located on 05' kia spectra?
Hey tyq090 I found more info on the dakota?
buying used car need advice ASAP with details?
Cars And Women (BMW)?
where is the pcv valve located on my 2010 ford escape?
How do you make a Toyota Celica 7th Generation faster?
which 3 series bmw should i get?
where is the filler plug on a 2004 kia optima? ?
I neeedddd helppppppp?
My 2001 Subaru Forester has a burning rubber smell?
what is a bowtie?
My 1996 ford escort 1.3 has got a flat spot and is missing, any suggestions would be welcome?
Help with an 05 Nissan Altima 3.5 SE?
What is the Shelby GT500E Super Snake?
Have you ever seen an actual Bugatti?
Are Mercedes Benz for rich people?
How to find out my wheel model # for 2012 hyundai elantra?
Have you ever seen an actual Bugatti?
can i find a bumper for a 1999 green passat?
How come Dodge Challenger is thought of as slow compared to Camaro or Mustang ?
I'm just buy chrysler 2006 pt cruiser for $8000!!!?
2000 Hyundai Elantra headlight problems please help!!!?
1989 nissan stanza misses after its warmed up?
sooo im 16 years old and im looking for ideas on what to do to my Jeep Grand Cherokee 2002 Laredo?
How do I remove the center wheel cap on a BMW Z3 to replace them.?
whats better acura or lexus?
1991 plymouth laser timing belt?.?
Plymouth Voyager Front Brakes - 14" Tires VS 15" Tires?
Honda class act?
1996 honda civic no crank no start?
If I put a 2006 Honda Civic Si Sport Exhaust on my 2006 Honda Civic Ex will the hp or anything change?
2002 ford taurus wont start is it the battery, alternator, or something else?
what is the difference between subaru wrx sti and subaru wrx?
what is the current price of mrf tyres for maruti zen?
What kind of Struts, and springs should I get for my 2006 Prius?
How many gallons of gas does a 2003 Nissan Altima carry?
97acura cl3.0 slips in rev /4th new 3/4drum bushings in shaft tc cluchs seals shift a.b.c liner sellunoids i n?
Do you think I'm selfish for wanting to buy a porsche?
Is 2012 Honda CRZ fast?
whats faster a camaro or a mustang?
Shold I tinker with my 2007 Mustang GT, or leave it be?
How many miles is too many miles when looking to purchase a used Volkswagen Beetle?
how long do BMW's last??
Performance and more horsepower?
Do I need a new Prius battery?
coolant low in my vw jetta 1995?
what car brand do you prefer,.. chrysler, GM or Ford?
What colers wires go to spark plug ?

What is the liquid in a car battery?
Why people prefer driving German cars rather than others??
how can i find a book for vw vanagon 1991?
New clutch slipping on 1990 honda civic?
I want to make my 97 Honda civic faster, but I live in NC and have this emission crap. Any Suggestions??
How much would it cost to get a fuel pump replaced for a 2000 chevy trailblazer 4 door?
Where is the best Toyota mechanic/body shop in west la area?
Gti time belt changed 3months ago this year. I heard a noise coming from the driver side. Could it be belt?
What time will the eclipse happen in california?
VW golf transmission. does auto mean tiptronic?
my 2002 ford ranger will not go into gear when it gets hot. What can i do?
What is the most expensive car in the world and why?
Should i buy the new honda accord v6 or the new jetta also v6, both with all the iop options?
1998 Nissan Altima will only take a few gallons of gas.?
Is an Audi a poor mans Mercedes?
My exhaust rattles but only at low rev's 2000 Hilux?
Does my Honda really need an oil change every 3000 miles?
What happened to the throttle in my Toyota Sienna?
who thinks the Porsche Cayyman is rubbish?
Can we store both audiSEA and China audi?
Is This a good deal for a Grand Prix ?
Land Cruiser 2013 vs. Lexus LX570 year of 2013?
overheating engine for a honda civic ex 2000?
If I just bought a vehicle and I dont like it anymore what would be the best way for me to get rid of it??
im looking for a good used car in wichita kansas around 1,500 dollars?
geo tracker ecu chip compatibility !easy 10 points!?
What do you think is too much mileage for a 2004 Acura TL?
Fastest engine that will fit in a Datsun 310 hatchback ?
would anybody know if a well taken care of a 93 toyota camry with 100k miles would be a reliable car?
i have a 2006 f150 a 5.4 engine. while driving it says check gauges and in less than 10 seconds it shut down a?
How can I get a BMW with an Interlagos Blue color? How much does it cost? Thanks ! :)?
Did any 1996 Mitsubishi Montero model come with power seats? Thank you../?
Is a Honda Civic and Accord good on gas???
Buying a car , need help!?
What car company is the dumbest/suckiest?!?
where can i go online to find a 22re toyota engine?
Peugeot 206, cutting out?
can you find me a black 1980's ford F150 4x4 extended cab?? thats still in good or great shape? please. thanx.
I am looking for both the right and left rear fenders to a 2003 GMC Sierra Denali Quadrasteer. Any thoughts?
1999 toyota tacoma automatic ignition key switch does not turn, is it the key or the switch?
have 03 chev pu wont start?
Where is Porsche from?
What does 649 cm mean on honda shadow engain mean?
i have a 1998 jeep grad cher my ac is stuck blowing at the window even when i turn the nob have any1 have this?
What's is you favorite muscle car (Make, model, and year).?
My lenovo ideapad s10-3 wont boot up how do i fix it?
Remote Smart Key Programing for Suzuki?
Minnesotan Accent- help!?
I have a 1995 Honda Civic that keeps overheating, any ideas?
How does a 4dr Renault Megane compare to a Hyundai Elantra 4 dr hatchback in terms of space?
2002 honda civic is this a good deal?
Honda vs Toyota-which one is better?
How muc horsepower does a Porsche 928 have?
Overheat light keeps coming on in 89 crown vic ltd?
Why would people buy an e30?
location of diagnostic port for 99 ford e150?
My T reg Hyundai Coupe has just failed its MOT ?
About 1986 Ford Escort?
should a 35 year old or older drive a cool car?
Mr lincoln????????????????????
Which car should i get?
Where can i get a Computer Chip For a Jetta?
What do you think of Jeep Cherokee , are they any good?
dodge/parts for 68 model?
96 chevy cavalier?
what color should i paint my car?
My 1998 Ford F150 will not shift from 2nd to 3rd gear, why?
So i have a 98 mitsubishi eclipse 98 gst. When i drive it, it doesnt go pass 3000 rpm when i push the pedal?
What aftermarket parts off a 95-99 eclipse can be used on an 97 avenger?
Can a 1999 Acura TL engine fit a 1992 Acura Legend Coupe... both are automatic...?
2001 Chevy Silverado with gas gauge stuck at half a tank and no odometer? Happened simultaneously?
Is a Subaru WRX STi 2005 a good car for me..?
What is the torque of a car?
, I have coil sleeves for an 89-91 honda civic my car is 1994 honda civic vx hatch they fit in my car???? . t?
how do i correctly put my wired back into my 1986 mazda b2000?
What are requirements for safety inspection (Texas) for a l983 Datsun pickup?
were do i go for a custom built front axle for my 1994 jeep cherokee 4x4?
Does anyone hate the Ford Focus as much as I do?
Acura 3.5 rl with navigation?
i'm as fat as a car (literally) what should i do?
how do i check electrical wiring for a short in my car?
When and how can I pre-order the BMW Z4 Coupe?
what is the meaning of vaz as a russian word?
Removing a brake booster on a 1993 Toyota Land Cruiser?
I have a 1985 ford ranger 4x4 ?
which car is better- ford fiesta 1.6 or honda city zx?
Where is a good place to go for a Supra engine swap in Florida?
1997 Toyota Camry check engine light, transmission issue?
2001 Grand Cherokee 4.7L issues?
Ford dealership - changing contract agreement?
why did some clown give me a thumbs down on bmw 328 i suddenly stopping,question.?
Car wont start, 69 mustang, any ideas?
which was the first car launched hunday in india?
What is so smart about those Smart cars?
where is santa?
Best Oil Separator for 02 Ford Lightning?
302 5.0 duel spline supercharger or a twin turbo?
Nissan Murano or Pathfinder ???? Help me to choose one?
grand civic?
What is a good name for a green chevy?
chevy nova engine id!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
is there a better short throw for the 09 civic si coupe than the mugen?
Can i use a 2003 chevy tahoe 3rd row seat in a 99 chevy tahoe?
Need help with rims for a 2012 Dodge Charger?
Do you absolutley have to run premium gas in a Chrysler 300C with the 5.7 liter hemi?
opinions on wheelchair accesible vans?
my toyota corolla 94 headlights were off at the same time, fuses are good. What could be the problem?.?
track vehicle from build?
Are there Any Dodge Pick-up, Clubs to Join?
Where can i go in south florida to get my ford bronco customized into a mudding truck?
How many 1954 ford couries deliveries were built?
How di you install onstar fmv in a ford fusion?
1995 Ford Mustang-Can you help me get it running?
Is the 2010 Lincoln MKZ a good car for a teen ?
2001 Sebring Drivers Front Convertible Window Regulator Roller?
my 91 camaro rs 305 tbi mil is flashing and doesn't stop the car will not crank what is the problem?
X-Trail SE 2wdr it a good buy, Nissan lost so much in the past years?
What is causing squeaking sound from rear end on my 08 silverado hear it mainly going over bumps?
what is this wire for in my jetta?
Timing gear broke.. how much would it cost to replace it? on Ford Bronco II?
My Mitsubishi space wagon 1994 model have difficulty starting in the mornings.Could it be the distributor ?
does the ford explorer 2004 model v8 utilize all the 8 cylinders at all times?
Where can I find a used Honda for $5,000 dollars or cheaper?
2006 Toyota 4 Runner dash lights are partially lit - half is working for the clock?
Why manual cars are preferred over automatic?
Ford Mustang Ford Focus?
Will newer mustang rims fit an older one?
Will the 2007 Toyota Camry Hybrid look the same as the current Camry?
is this real that the maruti suziki had short listed my resume from
HELP 2002 Jeep Liberty?
2000 Chevy Silverado mileage expectancy?
what would u buy??
How do you get a Honda DeSol to lose the water that accumulates between the seats and the trunk?
Looking to buy a VW bug with a manual transmission. How many miles can I expect one of these to go?
Toyota Sienna vs. Nissan Quest?
Does Base Model Corolla have 60/40 seats?
Help me pick new car please?
new paint job monte carlo $$$?
how much for adding a glass roof to the new beetle 2012?
What is a vaccum leak on a 96 Dodge Van?
what is the best car to have 2006?
mercedes air con compressor?
2004 Ford F-150 has no HEAT?
What does SE mean on a car?
what speaker sizes are in a 98 mustang?
what is a jeep cj-3b?
1998 BMW Aplina V12 Price Help!?
what is the firing order on a 3.4 92 chevy lumina coil pack from left to right standing in front of the car?
Does anyone know of a place online that sells bodykits for a 2001 toyota echo?
I'm thinking of buying a 2003 Range Rover HSE?
how much is a new 2001 dodge stratus engine?
1990 Ford F150, E40D transmission problem...?
I have a 2001 Volkswagen Beetle GLS and...?
Is a Nissan Titan 2wd good for towing/docking a boat?
I have a 1999 35th anniversary Ford Mustang GT 160,000 miles note check engine light on?
How can I make my car exhaust as loud as possible?
is there a toyota dealership in Corpus Christi,TX if so do they have a website?
where is map sensor for 96 nissan quest. thank u.?
I want to restore a 67 Camaro, how difficult is it to find original parts?
backhoe injector pump rebuild kit 1980 480C?
manual book on 1989 Jeep Cherokee Pioneer?
Does a 2002 Dodge Dakota truck have left handed threads on the passenger side lug nuts?
Best motor oil for a 94 BMW 325i?
I bought a camry 07 xl?
what is the real gas mileage of the Infiniti G35X and the Infiniti M35X?
which is the best car in the world now?
How much can I trade in my mustang?
2006 bmw 325i performance?
Can I fill my truck bed with water?
What is the record for the highest amount of miles for a Toyota Corolla???
Should I buy my son a Corvette ZR1?
what cars have the same motor as a 95 mustang? looking for a direct fit replacement motor.?
What automobile is or has been your favorit dream car/trunk or both?
what does SSR stand for?
can someone tell me between lexus and mercedes what should i chose?
What year/model etc Mustang is this (PICTURES INSIDE)?
were can i get a free (online) owners manual for a 1990 subaru liberty?
2005 sonata v6 throttle lag?
my battery went deae and now my radio want come on?
how can i get the door panel off my 2003 ford f150 su? the power lock is making a bad noise on the drivers sid
My Subaru Impreza makes clicking noise on the front wheel when steering wheel turn left or right?
are nissan skylines legal in the USA?
What car would win in a race, a 2001 Honda Prelude type SH or a 2002 Acura RSX-S?
Radio for 2005 Tacoma?
f6a suzuki engine overheats. Engine rebuilt twice, head gasket replaced
Citroen Xsara Picasso (petrol) pulls back when driving on motorway?
How to stay safe in a 1975 VW Super Beetle?
apexi power intake kit for n14 pulsar?
where i get a online catalog for interchangeable parts for 1979 suzuki sp500?
how do you change rear rocker cover gasket on a 99 3.3 dodge caravan?
Is $995 for a Porsche 994 a good deal?
Is a 1999 mercedes benz c230 with 0 miles good to buy from the city auction the benz has 0 miles?
What makes the car makes a nocking sound when you crank it?
camaro vs mustang witch one is better?
Do 1964 Mustang convertables have airbags?
what suv is the best / landrover is it good !!!?
what is the gear ratio on a 1990 chevy 4x4 4.3L?
My car just blew it's radiator hose, so I'm replacing the lower one. Should I get both replaced anyway?
here is another one. Why do cars bounce around when u put coilovers or lowering springs????and do u fiz tht??
where to purchase a CITROEN FLAG BANNER?
what is the full form of BMW car industry?
How do i make my 2012 V6 accord faster?
1993 linclon town car has problems?
2004 Jeep Liberty Cooling Fan Problem.?
Where can I buy the Ford/UAW license plate frame that says "I Work For Ford, I Drive A Ford"?
I have a vauxhall vectra 1.8 V reg?
Acura rsx, or Lexus is300?
is the pontiac solstice worth buying?
what is audis capital and revenue income?
Have Audi A4 (2002), dont have demister working on windscreen.?
Is the firebird ever going to be re-manufactured in 2007?
Renault espace blowing oil from exhaust?
'07 Charger R/T Carbon Fiber Mirrors?
1999 Hyundai Sonata $400?
Replacing a welded differential?
Did you ever drive or ride in a Fiat 500 or Mazda2 (preferably late models)?
Black body with gunmetal rim for 2009 maxima?
can a nissan titan 4x4 2006 se plow snow?
How to set oil light on toyota highlander 2007 model?
Would you buy a 2006 Chevy Colbalt with 169,000 miles?
what does it mean when your vehicle drives lean?
i was told that transmission fluid or desiel feul will clean dirty heads?
II have a 2007 Ford Fusion, I suddenly only have instrument panel lights when the night lights are on.?
Is lifter expensive to fix on 92 lexus gs400?
What is the mileage of Mahindra Quanto...?
how much is Audi worth ?
Does anyone know where I can find Halo angle eye headlights for a 2001 Toyota Corolla S?
slim jim instructions on a altima?
I just bought a 2006 jeep liberty, after driving for awhile as i stop i start to hear like a wop sound?
What is a better car; Toyota Supra or Nissan Skyline?
what kind of transmission is in a 1986 nissan king cab? where can i find a manual for reassembly of it?
would a toyota corolla be a good first car?
What are the wiring coloring of my ford taurus 2001?
I have a 1989 Chevy silverado it starts but doesn't stay running . I?
Does having open front/rear diffs mean I can't do any hardcore 4wding? No matter my 4wd set up is(more info)!?
what is the book value of my car?
where can I find a Husky rear cargo liner for a 2010 Highlander?
who is sick and tired of seeing taylor hicks on that insipid FORD commercial?
Is my old car a piece of crap?
what kind of car is this?
Is the diesel particulate filter that big a problem on the Volvo XC60?
Is it okay for a guy to drive a Toyota Prius?
1997 chevrolet silverado wont start?
Do you know super ford vcm from adk?
how to replace an alternator on a ford expedition?
Has anybody ever heard of an 1981/82 VW Scirocco?
where are ford escapes built?
1990 ford truck 7.5 has fuel spark and red wire on injectors hot runs on starting fluid?
Subaru Impreza 2.5rs Modifications?
Is a Toyota Tercel a chick car?
The heating doesn't work in my 2001 Pontiac Montana.?
I have a 98 gran prix an it stops to often, if im not accelerated over 3, or sometimes when I take my..?
should i buy this acura for $3,999 its a 91 acura legend it has 161,899 mil.need advice?
why are Porsche's better than Mustangs?
Hoodlocking pins for an 88 Bronco II?
how do you take off a power steering gear box?
What is the best repair manual for a 1990 Nissan 300zx?
Ford Focus or Nissan Sentra?
when do the 2007 model year Lexus automobiles go on sale?
i have a 1990 BMW 735IL 3.5 litre how do you adjust vavles?
my battery keeps dying in my 2006 honda accord 2.4 liter lx se. i have a heavy system with over 3000 watts and
2007 Ford Explorer: Heat Only Blows When Truck Is Moving?
I have a 1995 GMC Jimmy and when it rains my car won't start. When the sun is out it's okay. What could be the
Are BMWs worth the money?
Is a ford tempo a reliable car?
what would you prefer?
ford ranger - is it too small?
Does all 2001 VW Jetta manual transmissions have reverse before 1st speed?
What kind of gas mileage does a 2002 Ford Taurus SES V6 ?
How much for a new 2007 Mercedes e320 rear bumper ?
I have an 06 Ford Five Hundred, how do I know whether or not my throttle body is cold weather package or not?
2000 Toyota Celica vs 2005 Mazda 3 vs 2005 Hyundai Tiburon?
What kind of engine swap can you do to a cobalt?
I'm 19 and getting at 98 Toyota tacome that is camo what is a good name for it ?
can u tell me how much insuance will be for a 16 year old for a z-28 camaro 93-98?
what is ferrari's official colour?
Opinions and advice on my first car choice...?
where can i get a hard or soft top for 1998 chevy geo tracker?
I'm looking into gettin an Audi A4. Which is better / faster, the V6 2.8L or the V4 1.8 Turbo?
Where can I get a DETAILED explosion drawing of a stearing colum of an 88 Jeep Cherokee pioneer 4.0 AT?
The 4-door Jeep Wrangler. To wave, or not to wave - that is the question.?
What's the difference?
nissan GTR 2009(midpipe -cobb tuning) vs Ferrari 458 2011(bone stock)?
where can i find a cheap but nice 1968 or 1969 or 1967 pontiac gto?
how much is a sun roof to buy and get installed in?
What Type Of Honda Civic You Like or Have?
Will the new Ford Escape do alright off road?
what type of oil does a 2006 chevy cobalt take?
Is there anywheres that sell 71 galaxie reproduction parts?
How much passengers can a Nissan 2012 Armada in Platinum carry?
I want to buy a Toyota. Should I?
I had my calipers lock up and rode on them for 25 miles, are the brake pads shot at this point??
is it a good idea to replace transmission fluid on my 1998 civic with 120,000+ miles.?
98 accord hp incrase for cheap?
What would be a good size tire for my 2013 Jeep Wrangler Sport?
looking for info on mileage on a 6.7 cummins 2010 model 2 wd automatic with the 343 axle, highway and city dri?
why did the inventor of the beetle volkswagen designed its engine to be located in front of the vehicle?
can 22x9.5 rims fit on a 2008 implala lt?
wheres the #1 tower on the distributor cap?
Where/How can I buy a F1 Honda Engine?
Best Colour For A 99 Civic Si?
Need 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee fuse box diagram?
i have just purchased a 1993 renault espace and there was no thermostat in it ?
will 94 jeep cherokee upper steering column work on a 93 model?
What Car was Vivica A. Fox on the movie Two Can Play That Game Driving?
how much does auto mechanic make an hour?
Best small SUV??????
MPG for 1981 Datsun 280zx?
2012 R35 GTR ( 530hp) vs shelby gt500 (600hp)?
xpand rally xtreme cd key?
Where can I find free wiring diagrams on the internet?
plz help me in modifying my honda activa....?
Whats a good nickname for a Green VW Lupo?
What is the Maxium amount of weight you have have towed with a 2007 dodge caliber SXT 2.0 Litter?
Has anyone owned a 1988 mazda rx-7?
2006 passat airbag light on?
who is sick and tired of seeing taylor hicks on that insipid FORD commercial?
basic maintenance on a peugeot 306?
Zac or Leonard ? Romeo or troy?
how many gallons of gas does a toyota camry 1987 hold?
How many miles per gallon can one get out of a 1984 CHEVY SCOTTSDALE?
what does the m on bmw's m3 stand for?
is a mini cooper stick shift or an automatic????
I have grown up with everyone in my family driving nothing but Chevys cars and trucks, infact I have one?
Lexus Gs 300 1998 version , & sparepart price ?
which was the maximum speed of pontiac GTO 400 8cyl 366HP 1968?
are you a?
2002 Corolla got weak power when I released clutch at gear #1?
Nissan Sentra 1997, front disk brakes not firm after I replaced the pads. I bled both the front and rear?
Where can I purchase bearings for an air conditioning pulley on a 2002 Jeep Liberty?
Cambelt failure at 60mph/90kph on an Astra diesel?
Windshield wiper speed on a 2000 Honda Civic?
1998 s-10 cruise control?
If you were in a race and you can pick to drive an BMW 530i or a hundia sonata,Which one would you drive?
What paint fads easier on a car, black paint or red paint?
98 bmw radiator replacement costa?
why the car have 4 wheels?
Honda crew or meets in Vegas area?
Driving Doorless on a 94 XJ Cherokee in Florida?
My 1989 Subaru GL 1800 4x4 doesn't have any power going uphill,need help?
I have a 1995 Ford Mustang with NO spark .?
Is the ford fiesta a car you would pick?
2002 Pontiac Grand Am wont start?
What is the RPM redline on a 2007 Honda Civic Si? How high can u actually bring up the RPMs?
I think about getting a 1969 ford falcon xw v6 auto?
Hhow hard is it to do a main rear seal in a 1985 ford ranger 2.8 ltr. v6?
How many miles does your Honda have? ?
Do they make any automatic volkswagens?
Can I use 1994 Grand Am 2.3 SOHC trans in a 1997 Cavalier 2.2 SFI OHV will they match up?
Who likes Holden Commodores?
does anyone like the 2007 chevy avalanche?
Should i buy '07 Civic LX or EX?
2001 taruse hard starting when hot but cools down runs great?
How do scroll through songs faster on the Chevy Cruze?
Eclipse smoking out exhaust.?
Acura cars have no personality?
Is a Audi a4 a good car for a collage student?
What type of battery do i get for my 06 vw passat?
Winterizing a 2007 Ford Focus for weather in Fairbanks?
How much would insurance be for a 92 mustang?
Fiat Punto 200 model indicator stalk won't stay up!?
i have a 2003 c230 Mercedes Benz, what can i do to beef up my car?
How much is 1978 mercedes benz mobel 450 sl?
how to replace honda accord gearbox light?
I have a Ram 1500 pickup 2002model. How do I reset the engine light?
Can somebody tell me why my car 'judders' in third and forth gear?
how to break into a truck?
what is the correct tyre pressure for peugeot 206 xt?
Should I get this 2001 Jetta GLX?
What year/model etc Mustang is this (PICTURES INSIDE)?
What year and model is this chevrolet ?
What your opinion on the new VW jetta?
Can a Acura rsx engine fit in a 92 accord?
What is the best accessory for the Scion Tc?
Does the Scion xA get really good gas mileage?
2002 escalade truck doesnt start?
How much does it cost to replace an alternator in a 1998 Chevy Lumina? not diy?
If I bought a black Chevy Trailblazer with rims..but I'm a girl?
when is the 2007 dodge durango coming out?
Anyone have a Mercury Mountaineer?
who the f, has a 78 pinto?
92 ford crown vic....does the MAS sensor run off of another item....?
Do you think it is okay for a 16 year old to get a BMW for their 1st car??
Hyundai cars?
Why hasn't Chevrolet brought back the Chevelle?
my car is a petrol engine,but sounds more like a diesel! Any ideas why this is?
how was euro tunnel known before its name change i 1998?
Are Nissan Cars Reliable?
aveo club indonesia?
if someone knows where i could get a compressor cheap for an 88 maxima. pls tell me where i live in new york,
what is the differance between the front spindile and the front rotor?
What,s your opinion of the GM an Chrysler baleout?
What gas should fill my 2012 Altima?
Ford Focus auto lock conversion?
Which is the best muscle car ever made?
why the car have 4 wheels?
What is the typical lifespan in maximum road mileage for a 1985 Saab 900?
car remote won't lock/ open car?
Does anyone have a Nissan 300zx they want to give me?
what can you do with £100 - £150 ?
what can beat a subaru impreza wrx?
Where can I find 1977 Nova parts???????
Not quite understanding automatic cam adjustment (2003 Pathfinder)?
where can i get my old ranger rover chippd its Year 2000 has a BMW 2`5DHSE engine i bought it to tow my carava?
Why is there a rattling noise in my scion tc 2012?
What is the fastest Mercedes Benz?
how do i identify the accessory codes on my 2005 chevy truck?
how much is a fiat brava with 125000 on the clock worth it is a diesel by the way?
Was the r 5 gt turbo the best/fastest hot hatch of the late nineties?
my rsx turn off while i was racing?
How much would a mechanic (in Chicago) charge to replace the following suspension parts on a 98 Jeep Wrangler?
I am getting bad vibrations from the front discs when under heavy breaking with my BMW 5 Series, any ideas?
i have a 98 mustang and its anti theft alarm system?
problem with starting in a 2001 chevy impala?
I don't know how to drive a manual transmission car.?
Code P1698 after engine cleaner?
WHAT do oxygen sensors do?
amature auto mechanic 101?
What are the pros & cons of a Chrysler 300C?
Jeep CJ or TJ? Best years for a used jeep?
What is the average life expectancy of a citroen berlingo diesel engine?
If GM goes brankrupt?
Does a 2000 Pontiac Montana have a plug in to keep it warm for winter weather?
Does anybody know where can I buy a suzuki or Chevy MK1 instrument cluster?
I want to buy a late 90's to early 2000 GMC sonoma. What do sonoma owners out there think about their trucks?
Does a subaru forrester get good gas milage?
What is the real fuel efficiency (avg/ltr) for ford fiesta (diesel)?
why are used tacomas so expensive?
cv joint in 1994 ford taurus?
Where could I find a 1969-1975 Chevy Impala for sale?
Are Ford Mustangs reliable?
can a 1990 ford tempo gl run on e80 and i do not have the manual?
Why do people drive 4x4 SUVs?
my 1994 Bmw 318is 5 speed stuck in neutral and i have no idea whats wrong?
Ask dodge durango sport 03?
How do I get to the diagnostics port on my 2000 vauxhall astra?
parts for a 1936 dodge?
what is the #1 truck in the U.S.A?
Need 2008 Chrome wheel for a Dodge Ram 1500 half tone pickup.?
Leaking roof on MK2 Renault Clio?
What Do You Think of The Chrysler PT Cruisers?
When will the new 2009 Mercedes-Benz SLK models be available for ordering?
1998 BMW 528i automatic door locks.?
1994 jeep wrangler engine problem?
Where can i buy a WOT Box for my 2009 cobalt ss turbo charged?
what is your dream car?
where is the transmission control switch on a 04 ford explorer?
I'm I doing Glide correctly? 2012 Prius C?
Where is the flasher unit located under the dash of a'99 Chevy Metro?
who is the stig from top gear program?
2003 V6 Mustang exhaust?
how do I change the fuel pump in a 89 mercury topaz?
My Daughter has just had her 18th Birthday and ,,,?
can i add an aftermarket stereo amplifier to my 99 cadillac sts easily?
What type of brakes does a 1998 mazda protege have in the rear?
Is it possible to find an owners manual for my 86 Grand Marquis?
Audi S4 B5 vs. Nissan 300zx Z32 vs. Mazda RX-7 FD3S?
Why is my 1990 Plymouth Grand Voyager sometimes stuck in 2nd Gear?
What camper fits on a F-150 supercrew half ton?
Question about 2000 volkswagen Jetta?
how many horsepower does the new jeep cherokee have?
how can i add horsepower to my Audi A4?
installing spark plug?
which is the highest peak in the world?
How much to replace Haromonic Balancer 2001 Pathfinder?
Do you think the 1994 Pontiac Trans Am 25th anniversary car will collect value in the future??
For you Mustang lovers, which one is your favorite?? The car that is... ; - )?
How do I save up for a Ferrari?
2000 pontiac grand prix only blows heat on drivers side,cold air on passenger side?
1994 Chevy Lumina. The power windows on the drivers side have quit. changed motors. still don't work. HELP
where is fill plug on 2002 dodge 5 speed transmission?
Anyone have any Alfa Romeo 147 TS Lusso testimonials?
Jeep Related Baby Names??
is the 1997 toyota camry and 2001 toyota camrys front facia different? like can i use the 2001 headlightson 97?
What is a good web site to customize my vehical?
Power Steering Pump for Mustang?
Whats the biggest rims a 2010 Corolla LE can fit?
Can someone give me free mini beyblades?
Camaro, Mustang, Charger?
Average cost to have valve spring seals replaced in a 1997 f150 4.6 v8?
which car to buy new zen estilo lxi or new santro xing gls?
Cheak this out!!!....?
Does anyone know where to get headers for my 04 3.7 Dakota 4x4?
What is your favorite type of vehicle?
Overdrive 2001 GMC Sonoma?
can you make a sentence useing the word"eulogy"?
Lincoln town car executive vs cartier?
How can I fix my 2000 honda xr200r?
Dodge truck steering incredibly jerky in tight turns?
Does Jeep Patriot Sport only come with a manual tranny?
How can I fix the windshield defrost on my '90 300zx?
What does the "i" mean on the dashboard of a 2003 Saab 9-3 ARC?
What is the fascination with Hummer vehicles????
What is the European equivalent of a Toyota Trueno AE86?
Any news on when General Motors will be officially anouncing the production of the new Camaro?
whats better torque or horsepower??
What years are interchangeable with a 2000 jeep cherokee sport?
What do think my 5.4 f150 will run at the quarter mile track? read bottom.?
what are the symptoms of a bad throttle position sensor-97 sunfire-runs gd.but code reads bad tps..2.2 liter?
How can I reduce my car's mileage from 88,000 to 40,000.unscrew the dashboard or what?
will 2 alpine 15' subs fit into a honda civic 1996?
how much money did honda make in 2011?
Where do I buy the new electronic honda civic gauges and install them in a 2000 EX coupe?
what kind of exhust is on a 1991 suzuki quadrunner?
What is the Tire Size for 2004 Alero GLS?
good first car for teen?
How can I break into my dodge truck??
central locking issue 99 ford mondeo?
Does anyone hate the Ford Focus as much as I do?
What's a good name for my truck it's a big green dodge?
Audi A4 or BMW 325Ci or 325xi?
Did you ever drive or ride in a Fiat 500 or Mazda2 (preferably late models)?
Does anyone love 1960's muscle cars as much as I do?
How is the Ford 2006 Mustang rated?
will an american honda accord exhaust for a 2.2 lt engine work for a JDM accord with a 2.0lt engine?
How can i augment ground clearance to a skoda octavia?
Do you own a Jeep of any kind ?
What is the website address to enter to win a gmc denali?
What type of B series engines will fit with an 95 si civic hatch tranny ?
How many miles can i expect out of a 1984 ford 302 v8?
I jus brought a 2009 Nissan altima 2.5 4cyl sedan & I'm wondering what type of gas it takes?
What kind of car do you drive?
my 1994 tahoe makes a clicking noise when its off and clicks when i try to start it, whats wrong?
civic or eclipse?
1992 ford f150 2wd pitman arm?
where is the oil filter on a 2001 vw jetta vr6?
my car rattles..??
Are skoda fabias ok for blokes to have?
VW Passat codes p1545, P1613, P0103?
how to bypass window switch on 99 ml430?
Where is fuel reset on 92 F350 van.?
which was the maximum speed of ford mustang match 1 8cyl 295HP 1969?
91acura integra cooling system diagrams?
How much will it cost me to give my Mercedes 300E a makeover?
Cost for a Mid Level Tune up?
I have a 2000 Honda prelude and wanna know what mods would be good to start with?
What's wrong with my 2001 Ford Escort??
does anyone know the firing order to this truck?
Is the Dodge Neon made in the USA?
what instrument are played in R&B music?
'95 Ford Explorer has port that looks like OBD-2, but OBD-2 Computer can't read it. Is it OBD-1.5?
2002 honda civic si front end squeeking noise help!!!?
what is the setting of Eclipse by Stephanie Meyer?
Scraping Noise When I Turn Left in my Ford Focus?
i have a ford explorer 95 i am not geting gas i change the gas pump and filer?
Im looking for a pair of Skyline Turbos...?
If I sell my old car, do I remove the old license plate and place it on my brand new car?
what are some ways to boos up power in my 99 ford ranger 3.0 V6?
What is your strength and weaknesess?
Describe toyota cars in three words ?
should i go and get the new nissan pathfinder?
'service engine soon' light will not light up on 2002 Nissan Altima automatic?
Is there any legitimate way to increase gas mileage on a internal combustion engine?
Why isn't repair work done on instrument cluster and gauges on 99-02 Chevy Silverado p/ups?
I need a radio code for a mitsubishi diamante?
replacing wheel bearing in subaru justy?
2001 VW Jetta VR6 strut mount?
What would make a rattling when in idle only?
Wut do u think about the 2009 Camaro SS...?
95 Chevy Charging system, what else could be wrong?
what's my favorite car ?
integra from 0 to 1 (6x^2+10x)dx?
need a wiring diagram for fog lights and headlights for a 1996 dodge ram?
What do u think of my car?
do you like your Audi TT?
We just bought a 06 Chevy Uplander EXT LS. on the 2nd row seats there's 2 small gray plastic buttons w/a child
peplace alterator belt 1994 Honda Accord LX?
What are the hazards in a garage (audi centres)?
2000 ford explorer oxygen sensor?
I replaced a alternator on a 2001 explorer sport now theres a whiring sound in the front.?
Honda accord D light flashing constatly and it will not start?
lost key for 318i bmw 1996 is it posible to get a nother by vin?
2012 mustang v6 or 2010 camaro 2lt?
Who thinks the GMC Yukon and the Chevy Tahoe looks exactly the same? Especially the model from last year.?
Anything specific I should be sure to check when purchasing a used Jeep Wrangler?
best 4 wheel drive cars?
Removing eclipse motor - TOP or bottom?
2010 BMW M3 or 2010 BMW M6?
On 1 to 10 rate da lexus LS430?
does ford own toyota?
Where can I rent a Mini Cooper?
Will these fit my zafira a 02?
will bsnl evdo will increase its speed like tata indicom photon + or pro or reliance netconnect.if yes when?
my ford escort M reg filled it up fresh oil started itup now its smoking whitesmoke and a little loss of power
how to use a dvd player from a 2003 ford expidition eddie bauer?
where can i find a used car for under $1000?
which was the maximum speed of pontiac GTO 400 8cyl 366HP 1968?
57 Chevy or 62 Pontiac Tempest.?