Turbo for dodge neon?
How much it cost a Pontic Trans Am 1990?
What is the best oil to use in a supercharged motor?
Need help fixing my 2003 Ford Taurus! Will not go over 20mph what is wrong with it?
what happens if i put petrol in my diesel van?
92 ranger wont blow out hot air?
Power steering issues.?
Questions about the Toyota Echo car...imput please?
I have A 2000 ford focus and I need a new key made. Dealership said they couldnt do anything. Help please?
What was the last year the Chevy Nova was made?
where can i download an 89 dodge dakota owns manual and repair manual?
Does anyone make a bra for the Tata?
2000 dodge neon tentioner belt probelems?
what might be wrong when you start your car and turns off quickly?
Why does my 1990 subaru legacy blow cold air?
Alfa Romeo are they a good car?
Why wont my engine turn over?
mustang or corvette?
how is the 2010 F150 more horsepower than the F250?
How Far Can MY Jeep Tire Stick out past the fender flareS?
How much does it cost to fix a catalytic converter on a 2000 Mustang. It's a 6 cyl automatic. ?
2004 Pacifica blower motor wont shut off with key on or car running.?
2008 GMC ACADIA braking action in turns?
I want to purchase an '02 Audi A4 1.8t, What are the pros and cons?
Do Honda and Toyota have equivalents to the Mits Evolution and Subaru Imprezza?
Is the jetta a "girly" car?
does the 2006 Nissan Altima-S suppose to have a loud motor?
91 explore replaced starter and soliad still just get a clicking noise where to go to next?
mazda 626 gas fumes - JUST getting in without starting up?
Can a 2010 Chevrolet Camaro be converted from RWD to AWD?
Volkswagen R32 transmission
where can i find a belt routing diagram for a 2001 ford taures?
Is anyone else turned off by the Ford Mustang?
Buy a loaded 2007 Scion TC for a young guy: yes or no?
Difference between GMC Seirra and GMC C/K?
What is the Australian version of the Vauxhall zafira?
Anyone have information on the Dodge Caliber?
cars what kind do you have?
What total amount of horsepower does a 312 in a '65 Camaro have?
What do you think of my truck ?
03 Mustang Cobra vs 03 Corvette?
my 93 ED falcon cranks but wont fire i have fixed the smart lock what else can i check?
1970 camaro z28 question?
Are 1964 Mustangs a stick-shift or an automatic?
Is it possible for a nissan sentra to pull a tent trailler?
where can i find a shifter cable for a 1994 ford ranger 2.3 manual?
what kind of gas to put in a 1994 chrysler lebaron?
How to do a C230 Komp Oil Change?
where is the fuel pump relay located on a 1994 Dodge Caravan?
What is Scion going to make in the next couple of years?
94 Saturn SL1 need a rocker arm shaft,,Anybody know where a reasonable one can be found?
Honda Civic 1998 Passanger's Fender?
Proper techinique for driving a standard tranmission. Hubby says I'm doing it wrong. I own a 94 Chevy Camaro.
have 94 aerostar has 92,000 miles?
steps in replacing a EGR valve on a 1996 Buick Lesabre?
Which car is better out of these 5?
Code PO 171 and 174 in BMW 325i/04 ?
1998 Ford Escort issue?
can i put a 2008+ pontiac g6 radio in my 2006 pontiac g6?
2013 ford focus titanium?
I have a 97 ford f150 4.6 L. and out of no where it wont start?
What is the liquid in a car battery?
Which car should I buy?
Are the apex seals on this rx7 bad?
anyone bought the new toyota etios? You views on it, I want to get your opinions first before I purchase?
What is the public's opinion on the 2006 Honda Civic ? How about the Civic Hybrid ?
i wanted to know what engines the 2008 silverado single cab comes with???
what is the purpose of the brake master cylinder cap rubber gasket for a 1986 Mustang 5.0 ?
Im 16 and want to get a mustang, would this be a good choice? and is it hard to learn stick?
Chrysler developed this engine during the 1950's-80's. Do you think Chrysler should further r?
Why is my 1993 honda accord over heating?
How many mpg does a 1987 Buick Century Limited get? Also how big is the tank?
To young to be driving a Jaguar XJR?
1994 chevrolet blazer?
What does it take to put a 144 or142 blower on a 1988 chevy c1500 with a TBI 350?
Where can I find air bag covers for a 2002 Ford Mustang?
where is the daytime running lights module for a 97 pont. grand am se located think it is draining battery?
is there a car made from ugoslavia that starts with a u??
What kind of oil does my 2010 Honda accord take?
what is the biggest size rim that will fit on my 1998 lexus ls400?
are crown vics good in snow?
Which car should i buy?????
Does Jeep Grand Cherokee offer good warranties?
Who here thinks that people who drive Hummers should spend a few weeks in Iraq to see what war is really like?
What is the easiest way to steal a car for cheap?
i have a compliance plate from a 1949 chevy delux sedan.can i legally sell it?
do u think a mustang is a chick magnet?
Electrical problem with Toyota Hilux.?
Can You Tow A Chevrolet Upland behind a motorhome?
Well this is the question car guys get asked alot................Chevy,Ford,or Dodge?
what is best chevy car there is???
what was the last year the cadillac catera was made?
toyota corolla exhaust clicking noise?
Are bumper clips reusable?
ANy one know where i can buy the "taxi" body kit??
how do I fix a "door ajar" sensor on a 2003 Ford Explorer?
Xenon lights for 2006 Mitsubishi Lancer ES?
1992 chevy k1500 fuel problem?
My 2004 Audi A4 Quattro started "caughing up" in first or second gear. The check engine light came on.
which car did starskey and hutch drive.?
would these fit on an 05 mustang gt?
Vw golf mark 5 over revs help please?
Is it expensive to get a jaguar repaired more than an Audi would?
2006 F150 key stuck in ignition?
german made car called may bach?
I have a 97 bonneville with leather seats..will any bucket seat cover fit them?
What kind of engine does a Dodge Viper contain?
i need an instrument cluster for a 1994 bmw 740i?
how can i soup up my 1997 accord engine wise?
wwwhhhhhatttt isssss your favorite car?
2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee, Laredo performance?
1990 chevy lumina 3.1 euro runs but soon as it worms up it starts to turn off i checked the vaccum and for?
I can't focus...Do i have ADD?
Why does my dodge neon come out of fifth gear while driving?
Why do all volvo drivers drive as if they are the only ones on the road?
Is there somewhere on the vehicle where you can find the code to the keyless entry system on a 2004 f-350 ford?
Will my Subaru be damaged now that it was towed?
Has anybody seen the new VW GOLF R32?
trying to find out about a ticket i have recieved on feburary 28, 2002?
How do reset my ignition switch on my 2001 Chevy Malibu ?
how do you check ignition coil?
why won't my 2002 saab 9-5 2.3T start?
On a Chevy 350 which is the number 5 cylinder?
What is the most overrated car brand?
Toyota or Dodge?
Does the 2008 Honda Civic have defective CV joints?
ford focus 2003 can't find aircon charge port?
would a 03/04 cobra supercharger fit a 00 mustang gt?
which it is for you the best sport car?
y wont my car start i was tryig to race it and this guy said sugar will make it go faster so i did that?
Where can I buy 1/4 Window Louvers for a 2000 Mustang?
is the a buddy club exhaust for a honda civic 1.4 ej9?
What do you think of a 96 dodge intrepid? Are they a lot of problems?
Should I buy this Camaro?
Is a Vauxhall Tigra a girly car?
Where is the blower motor resistor in my 89 mustang lx? 2.3l?
I am planning to buy a digital camera. Which company should i buy.?
Why are Lamborghini's/Ferrari's so expensive?
Is Mini Cooper a cool car for girls?
What's your dream vehicle?
Challenger, Camaro, Mustang?
2012 Honda Cr-V EX-L Fog lights?
Do u like five liter mustangs?
I have a 02 Dodge Ram 1500 I've only gotten oil changes, is there anything I should be doing, has 50,000 miles
Is 53811 miles to much for a 2008 Nissan Maxima?
fuse box diagram 79 lincoln town car or service manual?
2000 mercury sable bucking?
How much does the aston martin one-77 cost?
Pro's and Con's of 2012 Passat and Jetta?
how to remove power steering pump off a 1989 chevrolet 350 TBI?
Re Mercedes C270CDI. Brake Force Regulater, What is it, Where is it & can anyone give me an idea of cost.?
ford figo diesel or maruti swift diesel?
I have a 2002 ford taurus se ohc and I just change the ignition coil. I plugged in all the spark plug wires?
Wipers for a 2009 Pontiac g6???HELP?
Is a 2002 volkswagen Jetta 1.8T a good car?
could i beat a BUGATTI VEYRON?
HELP!!! i want to purchase a used Honda Civic, it has 216k miles on it, is that bad?
Hello. I just bought a Subaru Impreza STi '07. I wanna know if I put a catback exhaust,wud it give me more hp?
can i take a fornt end off of a 1996 taurus and put it on a 1992 taurus????
1997 dodge ram vam 3500 with a 5.9 it has no power?
im looking to sawp my transmission?
brake lights on my 1995 nissan sentra will not work?
Toyota Matrix vs. Pontiac Vibe?
what makes a cars fuel line vapor lock and how do you fix it?
Coilovers for 2011 corolla?
Someone Tell Me?
How many miles does the average BMW last?
Cant change wich vents my heat blows out of on my 2000 Dodge Ram 1500?
What is the correct tire pressure for 1998 Cirrus LXi 215x65x15. My tire pressure decal on the door is missing
is rolls royce only for royal people or common people can also acquire it?
2006 Z4M anyone drove it before, did you like it?
where is the Suzuki Grand Vitara made and assembled??
i have a 93-94 xr3i 16v and the plugs come off the lambda sensor can somebody help me ?
where is a pcv valve on a 1990 ford aerostar 4 liter?
how do i fit J-spec headlights into an E-Spec mx6 ?
which car is best for india?
My wife wants to go on a "Jeep" vacation. We don't own one - any suggestions on places to go for beginners?
how much does a 1970 chevy nova cost?
Can i replace my mk5 golf gti engine block (axx) with a 'bwa' code block?
im gettin a car should i get a g35 coupe 350z or hummer h2 p.s. wut do girls like?
2005 tiburon alarm plz help?
Would a door from a 1988 chevy cavalier fit on a 1987 chevy cavalier?
is there a car model called madrid or malaga?
at what speed does a 2003 toyota tundra get the highest gas mileage?
what bumpers are easily interchangeable with a 2004 cavalier?
Is it possible to get a replica of a Ford Shelby GR1 Concept?
Which car would you rather drive; 2001 Toyota Corolla or 2001 Nissan Altima ?
what a courier to pick 5 wheels for a pajaro shogun from newport-on-tray to levenshulme m19 3lx?
which was the maximum speed of pontiac firebird trans am 8cyl 220HP 1979?
2000 chrysler town and country 3.8?
is 100,000 miles too much for audi a3?
Is my 1989 Chevy K2500 a 8600GVWR or 7200GVWR?
Is the Kia Optima a reliable car?? Does anyone own one or know somebody that does own one??
VW diesels in next year?
California 4x4 trails?
what does the car class mean in the car types?
Do you think s2000 is a good car?
why is my 2004 land rover discovery spitting out antifreeze?
1999 dodge Durango engin help?
2001 Dodge Ram 1500 4x4 5.9L MAF or CAI problems.?
I've asked this before and i'll ask again, can a 1980 corvette v8 outrun a 2007 cobalt ss (in accelaration)
What are the distinguishing features of a 'Saloon" car/vehicle?
07 dakota electrical problem?
I looking for a source for gasoline engine governors for f-250's v-8?
Why can't women drive?
Do you consider a v6 for mustang a muscle car?
Would you buy a Colorado or a Silverado?
I'm New to Henry ford Community College, where can I find the prerequisites?
i have a compliance plate from a 1949 chevy delux sedan.can i legally sell it?
Does anyone know where I can get pink/girly car stuff for my citroen saxo?
i have a 1996 megane coupe which keeps locking and unlocking its self non stop. any ideas?
where can i find a picture of a mustang shelby?
i have a 1968 plymouth sport satellite convertable with air do you know how many where built?
My 1997 ford expedition loses speed and will not pick up speed ,now it will not crank its getting fire I dont?
2008 Honda Accord Bluetooth ques?
Which car is better for a young guy: Dodge Charger, Camry Solara, or Mazda 3?
where can i find extrememly cheap new/reman '89 civic parts on the net??
2000 Concorde...Dash lights going dim to bright intermittently when headlights on. .?
How does the 2006 Nissan Murano SL no AWD handle in snow?
how do I know if I need a new car battery or its the alternator?
1996 ford f150 oxygen sensor?
in F1 what does the BAR stand for in Honda?
How is the performance of Indica diesel & Indica Petrol can any one compare...?
Dont know a lot about cars, neither does my sister?
chevy tahoe wont fire but all lights and whistlles works why?
i need 2 know what speaker wires are where with out removing pannels?
hi anybody know a website describing how to remove outside shell of door to get at the window track etc? thank
Would a Honda civic front/back bumper fit a 2002 Acura TL?
98 toyota le it won't stay running?
what is ur favorite driver?
I turn the key on my car ignition and I get nothing, nosound. The lights still work. A bad fuse? Or what?thank
Did I get a good deal on my new car?
what is gmc?
Which id better Ford or Chevy?
what would cause Landrover to build up pressure and overheat?
anyone know how to disable the anti-theft system on a 2003 Mazda 6?
What all is involved in fitting an H22A in an 87 CRX?
size of the shank part of a 83 gm seat belt bolt?
why won't my convertable release to lower the top?
How well would a 2009 Mazda RX8 automatic does against a 2010 Infiniti G37x coupe?
does any one have a chrysler 440, 413, or 383 engin in wilmington, NC?
Is this normal for the ignition switch to have a button on the 240sx?
Engine in a 1970 mustange Mach 1?
how much will it cost for a manual conversion?
Some History about the BMW M6 (not too much)?
i have a 2004 Monte Carlo Intimidator SS, only got 1 decal, supposed to more than 1?
Can I put 2005 Roush wheels on a 2001 Roush Mustang?
i have a mitsubishi strada that turns off when i turn on the ignition switch?
what kind of exhaust should i put on my 2011 jeep grand cherokee overland hemi?
which their best car mark is?
sony xplod radio in honda civic.?
which one do you prefer? BMW or Mercedes Benz?
What is a car you dont ever want to see driving?
Wanting to buy a dodge dart should I?
Has anyone ever had a good Ford?
civic lacking high-end power?
who is Tila Nguyen?
Do 300z radiator brackets fit a 240sx radiator?
Anybody own any 2008 and up Jeep Liberty's?
black eyed peas car parts?
I own a 2013 Lancer GT.. Cheap ways to add a little more horsies?
My 1997 ford expedition loses speed and will not pick up speed ,now it will not crank its getting fire I dont?
Inhibitor Switch 1967 Pontiac Parisienne?
1998 jeep grand cherokee wont start no fuel no spark?
instructions on how to flush radiator on 99 chrysler sirius?
My gearstick is a bit stiff?
where can i find photos of 1985 ford escort vacuum lines online?
classic WRX STi Vs. New Subaru Wrx Sti?
How to change air filter on peugeot 307 2.0lit hid 2006?
my keys are stuck in the ignition of my Nissan sentra?
What are the more popular ford models of the 60's and 70's?
I would like to know what kind of A/C refrigerant does a 1996 Toyota Camry use?
How should I spend $5000 to make a '94 Honda Civic LX faster?
How many watt stero is the 2005 pontiac grand prix gt.?
2004,ford free star,at,132,000 miles...for,4900. what is your opion?
How much roughly will a new clutch cost?
My Rims fit on the back, but not on the front! what can i do?
why is it people call Porsche Boxster the poor mans sports car when they start at £33,000-£48,000 love to know
What kind of gas mileage do you get on your Ford Focus?
Potentially stupid question! would a 3.0 v6 fit into any older model mustangs?
Where is the fuel filter located on a 08 mitsubishi lancer es?
cars for tall poeple?
What's a good car to get under the price of $25,000?
05 Jetta GLI 1.8t. Starter seems to be freewheeling, Generator, and MIL lights come on?
when will Hyundai motors release the new Accent in India?
94 civic ex w/abs part from ex w/o abs?
what type of vehicle looks like a car in front and a truck in the back?
What do you think, was the best yr. Chevy Truck?
2010 Camry LE AUX not working?
What type of rim finish is on the 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland Summit?
Ok I have a 1987 GMC S-15 i just had a new rear slider put in and it still leaks?
Vorsprung Durch Technik. What does it stand for?
Jeep Grand Cherokee Lifffft?
Would it be a sin if I had an automatic transmission put in a Porsche 911?
Should I buy a KIA?
How much would insurance be for me if I bought a 2008 Chevy silverado when I turn 21?
does any1 know which relay works the electric windows on my ford seirra 1991?
how much does it cost to fix a 2004 infiniti g35 water pump?
what is the fastest convertible?
1999 Pontiac grand am gt oil pan gasket steps!?
Ford buying Chevy?!?!?!?
What kind of car would you like to be & why?
1998 Ford Explorer....a good buy?
I want to lower my Dodge Ram with a 4/6 kit. Will my 22' rims be ok with 305/45/VR22 tires be ok?
Toyota Avensis 2.0 d4d 3tx 2004 year?
Is Honda City Available in 1300CC models?
How much should it cost ?
my saab 93 2004 tells me that the parking assist has a malfunction and does not work any idea what it could be?
Chevy silverado truck engine swap?
How much does a brand new Rolls Royce Phantom cost.?
Do you heard about car named Logan done by Renault in Romania ? What is you opinion about its performance ?
i have a crappy 2002 ford focus and i want to do some cool cheap stuff to get my car a better looker / driver.?
what is the nicest colour for a car?
what is the largest tire size you can fit on a 1967 dodge pickup?
Where is the wiper motor located on a 2006 Ford Taurus?
Are Toyota Yaris cars reliable?
is mazda rx8 a japanese car???
Ford ranger question?
My mitsubishi car has 300,000 miles and never broke down.?
My front brakes wont release fully in my 2005 cadillac deville.?
My 2003 town and country is leaking red fluid..?
Im trying to find pictures of 96 lt1 corvette engine and maybe a components list (mass air flow etc.)?
Toyota Corolla: good car?
Is this a good first car?
68 Charger or 67 Chevelle?
what do i have to do to supply over size loads yes I want to escort?
I am looking to buy a 2006 Honda Civic EX Coupe with Navigation. How can I locate one?
Which is the best auto insurance for a land rover in texas (the best price please!!) thank you :)?
Can you put a 93 ford 4.0 in a 2000 ford f 150 xl 4.2 l?
Are used Acura rsx inexpensive like under 10,000?
Bad transmission Pontiac 4l60e rwd?
01 ranger, 190K, No tail lights, parking lights or dashboard lights, fuses seem OK, any suggestions?
How do I change the transmission fluid on a 1999 Ford Escort?
What was your first car and did it have it have a name or is it only Hammond that does that?
can I do a direct swap to a cj-7 axle from a cj-5 axle?
auto question ford explorer?
Is this a good deal on this car?
Infiniti FX35 Navigation?
Who else here owns an early 1990's mazda miata?
Dodge, Jeep or Chrysler?
how much hp and torque does a 96 caprice/impala have - at the wheels? Lt1 350, 5.7.?
Any other easy way to get to the Boxster S engine(beside underneath) for touch up cleaning & ckeck ups ?
how many horses does a b16, b18, and a H22 have?
How can I boost my mpg on my 1969 firebird?
What is Ford part no.XS4H 18D395 AB used for?
how much longer does an optima yellow top battery last than a cheapo?
Hello I`m from indonesia and i have some ask..?About mitsubishi?
1990 Nissan 300ZX? Do or Don't?
Does anyone know what kind of rims are these?
Engine swap in a 92 Honda Civic CX HB?
which was the maximum speed of pontiac firebird trans am 8cyl 220HP 1979?
Mine uncle need very detail blueprint or diagram for a front end of a 2005 CHRYSLER PT CRUISER GT?
locate flasher relay for a 1989 ford mustang gt?
How much did a new Chevy Cavalier cost in 1983?
Volvo in mid-1980´ies. Why called "Boxy"?
how to change the language of toyota prius 2010 into english?
I'm thinking of buying a 1981 porsche 930 in ok condition. What should I expect to pay and is it a good car?
why is mahindra and mahindra only in India?
which is the best car in the world?
should i get back together with my x? but im taken i dont want to cheat?
What is the new puegot? or renault? diesel that is very fast? ~275 hp?
Cars similar to the ford focus zetec?
Can police impound my car if i deny they to do a search on my car or open my hood?
Header, short ram intake without exhaust?
2000 honda odyssey radio not displaying anything please help!!!?
If you had achoice to pick a BMW which one would it be?
2012 will be the death of the legend of honda civic?
why 99 volkswagen passat stall in every gear?
1999 Volkswagon Passat engine stalling problem?
What 16 inch tires are best for a 1999 Ford Explorer Sport 2 Door 4WD?
Can you swap the motor out of a 1996 Nissan 200sx?
how much is the minimum load for front tires of camaro type lt?
How do i find my fuse box in my car? And how do i fix it?
how much hp would i gain from headers on my 1998 toyota 4runner v6?
2000 ford windstar lx 3.8l od light off blinks on highway?
2002 saab 9-5 oil getting into antifreeze?
Why isn't street racing made legal?
What is a good car for a teen?
Is Honda K20Z2 engine i-Vtec?
Will P215/60 R15 tires fit a Hyundai sonata 2006?
Is the Prius Gay?
What is the best vehicle, chryslers 2006 300 or 2006 nissan altima?
transmission shifting problem?
hi i have mk 6 fiesta and it seems to be leaking water but cant see where from it only leaks when on the move?
are bmw's better than mercedes?
91 chevrolet cavalier z24 problem please help?
Muscle, Tuner or Exotic?
what make of car is a civic?
74 VW Thing doesn't start except by push. Only a crank or 2 with cables or after running for 20 minutes. Why?
Help with f20b in 98 accord lx?
What othet vehicles have the same bolt pattern of a 98 jeep grande cherokee?
when i start the car, it makes noise?
what is the latest of 2006 model?
do any of you know what a ford lightning is?and do you think there cool looking?
location of turn signal flasher on 1999 ford ranger?
What v/8 motor will bolt up to my 1966 Ford pickup with a three speed manual transmission?
Why is the Chevy Silverado the best truck on the road?
can a 1987 lincoln continental engine fit a 1994 ford crown victoria?
what mods should i get for my 1996 dodge intrepid?
What is the fastest Mercedes Benz?
Why does my 1997 plymouth breeze stall when idling only with a/c on?
How do you change the headlight bulb in a '88 - '92 Toyota Corolla SR5?
Too much boost for stock internals?
what is the tyre pressure for a peugeot 206?
how to check a honda accord 1996 transmission fluid?
Whats the best type of car for drifting, whats the best for street racing?
lOOKING FOR A Cheverolet Avalanche. Anywhere from 2000-2006?
Is it normal for cars to pull to one side at highway speeds?
2000 pontiac sunfire. installing a bypass pulley?
what does it mean when you replace an engine in a 99 grand am and the car jerks when it shifts?
Do you own a 04-07 Nissan maxima? How reliable has it been?
Can I put seats from a 98 accord in my 91 accord?
Turn lights not working?
Going from a 2003 Porsche Boxster to a 2006 Lotus Elise. Would you? Or would you stick with the Boxster?
Which holds up better, Kia or Hundi?
Which car company is better Mercedes-Benz or BMW or Audi?
Problem with Grand Cherokee 1996 diesel.?
How can I open the door to my Nissan Micra 2004 model without the remote control?
Allowable deflection of shafts in gearbox?
1997 Cadillac catera, 3.0 engine, 6 cyl Gas tank cannot breath so the pump keeps shutting off.?
do FORD MUSTANGS really not work in the SNOW?
1970 MG Midget convertible tops?
Can a 17 year old rent a corvette?
should i get this 2003 VW Volkswagen GTI VR6 85,000 Miles?
fitted new radiator to my 1997 323ise and the temp guage keeps rising even idling, water circulating ok help?
do u think lambo doors would look good on a 1992 camaro rs?
What would cause a 98 Nissan Altima to shake around 55-60mph & up?
trying to find the cooling sensor for the fans on a 2001 balibu 3.1?
What kind of lift should I get for an '02 toyota tacoma 4door prerunner V6?
How do I make my nissan frontier louder I already have a flowmaster on I do not want to cut the muffler off?
How do you clean the inside of the front windows?
I have a 96 Honda that need some exhaust valve work done could their be anything else wrong with it.?
What does Audi stand for e.g. auto union ----- ----?
Is a 2003 audi with 127,000 thousand miles good?
Trying to figure out what chevy s-10 i had!?
Is a used ford explorer a good car to buy?
What is your favorite sports car?
need help repairing dash lights on a 1998 chevy caviler?
what does the name ford stand for.?
Dose the car actually exist?!!?!?!?!?
when i press overdrive button on toyota and "OD OFF" does it mean my overdrive is on or off?
Who thinks the GMC Yukon and the Chevy Tahoe looks exactly the same? Especially the model from last year.?
How much can I get for my.....?
what make of car has the badge ////?
2006 Saturn Vue V6 AWD Tire Vibration?
what mk is my ford focus 2002?
I own a 1997 Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder... what should I do to fix it up?
My car is starex Hyundai.(diesel)..This car have also PCV.?
Subaru Loyale Picture?
Do you have to buy Tatas in pairs?
will replacing the battery in a 1999 ford taurus key fob mess up the security system?
I need body parts for toyota camry model 2005 with good prices anywhere in the world?
for rent kia pregio 14 seaters van,?
Why are modzors always modding the hax?
Who thinks that the Toyota Camry's new desing for the 07 model is ugly?
I have a 2003 alero, i have no manual with the car. How can i reset my oil light?
How good is bentley as compared with phantom?
How do i fix a PO442 code on a 2002 Chevy Tracker LT 4x4 2.5L V6?
How much do you think i could get?
Whats Wrong With My 96 Ford Taurus?
1996 Eagle Talon Exhaust?
where are the spark plugs on a ford galaxy?
I just bought a 2002 F-150 4x4 and I noticed the other day it was makin a popping kind of noise when I would?
What should I name my new bright blue vw beetle?
What is your first thought when you see a Hummer?
2001 BMW 325ci Paint Job on bumper?
Iam thinking about buying a 1995 subaru legacy , with 200,000 miles on it , how much life is left in it?
BMW stands for what ?
Would you recommend buying a 10 years old Toyota Corolla?
yukon denali or escalade PLEASE HELP!!?
Why did Audi A4 headlights suddenly stop working?
I need help tomoorow i have to dress like im in the 60's and iwas born in 97 so like i need helpp!!!!!?
02 bmw 525i child proof locks?
I am a college student and want to buy a VW bug classic for a daily driver?
looking at a 1994 ford probe is there any thing that i need to check befor getting this veh moter trans somthi?
How do you determined which fuel pump to replace in an 88 ford Ranger 2.9L?
Is volkswagen polo better to buy..?..What is the cost of maintainence of polo..?
Stock quarter mile time of 90 S10 Blazer 4.3L 5 speed?
what does the suffix numbers T0520TPL , on a big block chevy mean?
Does a Lunati Voodoo camshaft have different valve requirements other than stock?
do you have any history or pictures for a 1963 Ford F-250?
2013 Kia Rio, good first car?
FORD FUSION 2.3L ODBII throwing error code P0004
I have a 92 nissan maxima. It runs good when it doesn't shut off anytime it wants.?
What's the rarest car you've ever seen on the road?
What is the size difference between Ford F150 and Ranger Rear Step Bumpers?
which is better porche 911 or ferrari enzo?
can you put a nos system on a v8 with a twin turbo system?
Do I need transponder key when new keyless entry/remote starter is installed in Honda Accord 97?
Electrical issues 2001 mitz montero sport 4wd?
what is the difference between a lexus altezza and alexus IS300?
hey does anyone kow who makes the vehicle scion?
bmw 318i how to bleed the radiator?
2005 Kia transmission slipping?
code p0200 in Chevy s10?
How many cylinders does a v6 mustang have?
which stationwagon/van gets the best gas mileage?
Best way to upgrade a 5.0 mustang?
Do all 2005 chrysler pacifica come with GPS?
My 95 Celica GT won't start if it is raining. I changed the spark plug wires but it didn't help. Any ideas?
What would be a cool plate name for BMW X5 2007?
Speedometer of toyota Camry is not working model 1993.?
Would you pass this up?
How to install an underbody neon kit for a 1997 honda civic?
why does my car fishtail a lot on the rain?its a 96 honda civic?
How can i make my 2000 Mitsubishi Galant Fast?
I am looking at a 98 wrangler for my son is this a good decision on a first car?
what kind of car do u drive?
Srt 4 burning oil because of turbo?
what would be the insuranse on a i20 hyundai ($14,990)?
where is the factory boost control on a 91 nissan 300zx?
GMC V-12, 702 truck engine from 1960's.?
What is the best 4x4 in history!!!?
Jeep seems lower to ground than usual?
Why do Americans insist on killing the planet?
I have a 2006 vw beetle and on my dashboard is a light on that looks like a water pipe, what does it mean?
New Honda Civic or Toyota Corolla?
What is a better car overall? A 2004 Toyota Celica GT-S or a 1999 Honda Prelude BASE?
Why does Ford make such lousy cars ?
Is it true that the engines in Honda Accords manufactured in the '80s 'last forever'?
Brush guard 2004 jeep grand cherokee?
is me getting an Acura 08 proving i get everything i want? my dad thinks i'm a brat?
who rates automobile quality?
1998 Nissan Maxima wont start?
I have a fuel injector question?
Are Kia car good?? Have they gotten as good as Nissan & Hondas?
if evrybody eats pie, then why doesnt evrybody? :D?
what is a growling noise in the rear end-2003 nissan altima?
i have a 92 acura intergra and my car overheats even tho everything but the relay has been changed out .?
2006 GMC Sierra, won't stay running, fuel pump OK?
reliability of 2009 nissan altima? as reliable as infiniti? repair costs ??? what other cars are in its class?
How much boost can astock type r handle with ls vtec b16 head p73 piston, b16 head, gsr cams? ?
How do i know if i have a bad ignition coil on 1996 infiniti i30?
Do you own a Nissan 350Z?
Boy racer had a slap?
will a 2001 passat transmsion?
What is the year, make, and model of the muscle car John Milner drives in the movie, "American Graffiti?"
Do 1995 Mazda Millenia seats fit a 1999 Mazda Millenia?
is it truth that mercedes asked bmw to create motor?
How good is the reliablity of a 10 year old toyota MR2 ?
98 VW Jetta, bad wheel bearing cost?
what do the star symbols on an Subaru Impreza mean?
who is the owner of a toyota corolla reg no mv56ytu?
02 mustang 4.6 engine into 96 mustang gt body?
What's better ford or chevy?
1998 Volkswagen Jetta Motor Swap - 2.0 Litre - VR6 24V?
How Do I add places to favorite places on jeep grand cherokee 2011 navigation system?
how are the cylinders numbered for a1993 jeep grand cherokee stait 6?
2001 Volvo no acceleration?
Peugeot 206 beeping and not starting?
Should I buy a 1994 BMW 540? What would it be like to own?
Roland RS-505 Synthesizer?
I would like to have some reviews about Dodge Journey SE PLUS 2010 ?
should i get a volo or a porsche?
American cars or Japanese cars, and why?
Mk2 1991 gti vs 94 integra ls?
1998 Ford F150 Towing Capacity?
Is it good to buy a 99 towncar with 240k?
Scion FRS or Subaru BRZ?
05 jeep grand chrokee electrical issue. gauges and radio not working.?
Why 02 Toyota 4runner instrument cluster stop working?
Slight problem with 2004 mustang in regards of turning signal?
are cars or trucks better?
what motor mounts do i need to put a b 18 in a 95 honda civic?
what does the pgm-fi light mean on a 87 honda prelude?
How to correct heater core leak for 1994 Pontiac Grand AM?
I have a 2008 Chevy malibu my battery took a **** will it hurt the car to put a battery with higher cca's?
2011 mazda 3 spacers?
Stiff clutch in Evo 8?
Does anyone know where I can take my 2000 Dodge truck to get the gears changed? Near Houston?
Which Country do you think makes the best Cars?
where can i find a 327 block?
I need help. I need some pictures of BMW. May someone send me any kind of pictures of BMW? THANKS!?
2006 BMW 325xi brakes noise?
i'm thinkin of buying a ford focus. what do you all think? any suggestions? is it good/bad?
My 1998 Honda Civic Dx wont start?
wanted 1969 dodge charger if only the body i will buy?
Does anyone know the car with the short eagles wings and an 8 in the middle?
I lost my keys to my Saturn car. I had a spare key, but I need a new clicker. How much does that cost?
So GMC is the australian equivalent of holden?
what does a honda 2007 trx 420 te wire harness look like?
the a/c of a saab 93 1995 how put gas 5 stars?
Is it worth learning to drive 5-speed manual?
trying to change pads, how do you get them off (86 saab)?
converting a vy commodore to LPG?
I have a 07ford fusion leaking power steering fluid?
What is making my tachometer needle jump?
For a first car going to get a 2012 mustang ?
What Fuel should I use for my new BMW 320i Luxury F30?
i have the opportunity to buy a 88 RX7 turbo II, need help with decision to buy or not, keep or sell afterward?
Where is the idle air control valve on '99 Subaru Outback?
the word jeep whats it stand for?
Why is my 2001 honda civic overheating?
Where is the intercooler located on a 2004 chevy silverado 3500 with a 6.6L turbocharged duramax diesel?
Is the Renault Clio a good car as a first car?
has anyone had a whistling noise from front suspension on mk4 ibiza?? what cured this? its irritating :((?
what is the firing order for a 1986 ford 302 engine?
Was the 95 maxima faster than the 96+ because of OBD2?
scion TC or mazda 3!?
Where to find a replacement seatbelt for a Mustang?
is 300k miles on a rebuilt engine bad?
How to install Xenon headlight bulbs on 99 Grand-am?
What are the Specs on a 65 289 Mustang Engine(like HP,TQ, and stuff like that)?
what would be the most likely cause of a late 90s/early 2000 something model of a honda civic?
Why do people try every little thing to make hondas go faster?
what do I need to know to do a front end swap?
Should a BMW 316i 2002 come with a full size spare wheel?
where can I get new gm prices as of 1/11/06?
When will we have cars that can fly?
Are Toyota's safe to drive?
What does the T in the Model T car mean?
Subaru legacy gtb 1994 station wagon?
05 Subaru Sti or 07?
where is he oil filter located on a nissan quest 1996?
How is the life on a 2000 chevy tracker?
Saxo vtr bad fuel pump relay?
diagram for installing serpentine belt 2003 ford tauras?
Can a 2004 Toyota 4Runner V8 run on Ethanol and not void warranty or ruin engine?
How to replace o2 sensor in 99 Ford Contour?
How to circuit race with an automatic manual transmission?
How much does it cost to fill up a 2006 dodge charger?
How advisable is it to buy 1995 Ford Tauraus with 129000 miles on it for $1000?
Can someone knowledgable about Volvo parts answer some price questions for me?
which car is finer jaguar or benz?
Cost of 2004 nissan altima transmission filter?
How much for a 468 bbc with a 350 trans?
What is the acceleration of a Holden commodore VY Auto trans V6 3.8 0/100kmh (0-62mph)?
Is the 2004 Ford Mustang 50th Edition a good reliable car?
I have a 92 Jeep cherokee radiator has a and their is one hose still attached from the tranny how to off
Used 1999 Infinity 4 door 140,000 Blue Book value?
I have a turbo system for my jetta 2.0 i want to know what engine work needs to be done before i put it on?
2005 accura rsx type s ?
How to deal with the A/c compressor?
My 1999 galant v6 won't start, what should I do?
I need window graphics for sliding back glass on pickup truck. All I've found is for solid glass. Help?
what is the biggest engine i can put in my chevy colorado.?
2006 honda civic ex starts rough then idles rough till normal operating temp.?
99 lincoln cont, driver seat?
Where is the flywheel cover on my 1992 cutlass ciera?
Where can i get a Mini Cooper customized?
Speaker sizes in 02 gmc yukon xl 2500?
Renault megane 1.9dci (Black Smoke)?
Are 300zx bad or good at handling?
Can I replace my 2011 Ford Gt 5.0 front bumper with a 2011 GT500 bumper?
center caps for 1987 pontiac bonnevelle?
volvo s40 2006 reliable or not?
peugeot 5008 why isn't their many on the road ? Etc?
2001 ford f-150,head job done but oil and water still mixing?
where is the flasher fuse located on a mercedes benz 190 at?
I need to travel 200 miles to pickup a car,I don't drive so need ride home plus bringing the car home?
1999 Pontiac Grand Prix Transmission Continued...?
1981 corvette headlight vacuum diagram?
What should I name my 71 marine blue vw bug?
how much abuse can a rim take before bending?
Where can I find a Fuel Tank Pressure Sensor on an 02 Ford Explorer?
where can I buy a Monte Carlo LS front end in LOS ANGELES?
What does the 555 Subaru number mean please?
where is the cruise control fuse on a 1997 s10 pickup?
Question about aftermarket guages?
problems with a 2000 jeep grand cherokee laredo...?
What do you think about Range Rovers?
what is that reservoir in front of my right hand front tire in my honda civic cxi 96?
has Anyone ever heard of an IMCO Performance Exhaust on a 2003 VW Jetta 1.8T? I thought IMCO was American car?
Nissan Sunny 1993 Fuel pump location?
a short statement on how fords are better than dodges?
ford cougar good or bad cars, I prefer automatics, but told that cougars are bad as automatics?
Are paddle shifters faster at changes than in sports mode on a 2008 Mercedes e350?
Any Jeep SJ fans here?
What kind of car is this? Picture included?
VW Polo 1998 1.0L....... power steering?
79-93 Mustang Ignition Problem?
why will my Aspire 1997not start in the morning but will start on the first try in the after noon?
does the ford expedition have a low oil ignition interupt switch?
How many sensors does 2003 Toyota sienna have.?
Vauxhall astra 1.4 loosing water (HELP)?
guyz? i've make up my mind for toyota MR2, help?
Oxygen sensors on a 2009 Dodge Dakota 4.7 V8?
Did dodge make any dakota quad cabs with manual crank windows ?
what is the best type of protectant to use on a convertible top of a mazda miata?
Is there a trunk release in a 1990 Nissan Maxima?
will a tj rollcage fit in a cj7?
how to get my exhaust to stop popping when i rev it in park?
Im either buying a 2008 BMW 335ix or a Audi S5 which one is faster?
Wer is the oil filter on crysler town /country mini van?
what can i do to spice up my marriage????
I drive a 1994 Honda Accord. It keeps randomly dying while driving it. Any idea what is wrong?
Bogging out on start up on a 1983 Dodge Aires?
Whats better 2012 toyota le or se and whats the difference between them?
Which of these cars are better:?
Have 1954 GM paint code #556,need someone who can tell me what color this is or where I can find it.?
hi can i put a 3.0 engine with transmission of opel omega 3.0 in opel ascona b asconas original engine is 2.0?
1993 oldsmobile cutlass cierra. when the engine is cold the car studders and hesitates to move?
2004 mazda miata ls question?
I want a Volkswagen hippie bus for my first car?
Is my 1999 honda crv's ECU in Limp Mode?
Who owns Subarus?
What is up with Volvo's logo?
how to get more power out of my 96 dodge dakota 318 motor?
99 chevy blazer that keeps cutting out only when in first gear. Runs ok other than that. It does not stall out?
There was a pic on fb i saw of this guy on fb & wanna know if there is an app 4 it?
Should I buy a Prius?
1997 honda accord lx stop firing but is getting gas and will not start?
Has anyone ever thought that station wagons were attractive?
on a FORD F250 4X4, does the truck have to be parked to switch 4x4 hi, 4x4low and 2x4hi?
How can I solve my immobiliser problem with my peugeot 106, 1996?
are mercedes reliable?
which would anyone prefer a lamborghini murcielago or a dodge viper gt?
how do you reset the maintenance light on a 2002 Honda Civic?
what color should i paint my car?
Will dropping a '98 10 cylinder 488 cubic inch Dodge Viper engine into my mobility scooter be overkill?
what the best way to get horsepower out of a 2004 Dodge Dakota?
who started "mercedes" and what does yhe three prong stand for?
DOES anyone know where I can get a new or reconditioned cylinderhead assembly for a 2000 VW GTI 1,8 TURBO AWD?
Where is the front module on a 2006 Dodge Caravan to fix the flasher unit?
is it true that volkswagons aren't reliable?
I need to find a way to get my hands on a orange porsche cayman?
I'm having problems with my 1982 Toyota pickup, can anyone help me?
Ok car fanatics... Trans Am v.s. Mustang, any generation which would you rather have?
06 mazda 5 door or 06 honda civic?
99 ford ranger ticking?
I have a 2004 Ford Ranger edge 3.0L and plan on eventually swapping a 5.0 in it?
Does anyone own a 1997 Geo Tracker?
2004 Mustang!?
are volkswagens worth the cost?
How much would it cost to replace a nissan car key?
I bought 2003 Chevrolet Venture. I'm looking for owner maunal book. I needs to know how set the clock on radio
Which country is the Pontiac GTO made in? American's only please...?
So, Jaguar offer the "Speed-Pack" on their XKR...?
Hi . I've an 2000 audi a6 4.2 and # 14 fuse is blowing,?
1999 Toyota Camry how to align trunk lid?
1991 V 740turbo-won't start.Fuel injectors,c.$500.Any ideas?
Which is better Toyota or Ford? 10 points for best anwser?
how to make new dodge diesel blow black somke?
My car started by itself. I don't know why. I don't have a remote starter.How can this be?
mini cooper fog lights?
Have a 1990 jeep Cherokee no spark?
What size glasspack do I put on my 2000 ford focus se?
how to replace the bushings on a 2002 dodge neon?
'95 Honda Civic Problems HELP POR FAVOR!?
2002 Dodge Neon won't shift out of first gear?
Can a 2003 to 2006 Buick Park Avenue Radio work in a Chevrolet Impala?
Is the 2008 Mistsubishi Lancer evo mr priced at $28000 with 100000km worth it?
Should I get a Nissan Xterra or Jeep Grand Cherokee?
what's the car make/model?
I have a droid incredible and i am going to be buying the 2006 ford fusion and i am wondering what it can play?
what should i get a mustang or a corvette?
Can a 1997 CHEVY CAVALIER Dash Board Fit in a 2003 Chevy Cavalier?
what center bore do i need on a set of rims for a 1970 ford f150 1/2 ton?
If you could only pick between a Nissan Altima or a ford escort which would u pick?
My 1998 mitsubishi eclipse is stalling?
where can i get an air-con button for a ford fiesta?
I have a 2007 4 door Jeep wrangler can you change the soft top to a hard top and make it fit right?
reseting imobilizer on a 2006 jeep liberty?
Are audi Infiniti and bmw German?
How do I fix the washer fluid sprayer on my car?
Is it wise to buy a 2002 Acura MDX with 182,000 miles for 7200$?
Make of truck is best?
Cavaliers anyone?
95 Dodge Ram 1500 5.9L?
Which country or company is the manufacturer of Saturn(auto mark)?
How can I tell if I have a broken motor mount?
Honda sucks!!!!!!?
how can i use my command navigation from a new ml500 for USA in Europe????? i tried all DVDs?
Could I have my ECM updated before my iac valve fails on my 2001 i30?
1977 CJ5 4 wheel drive?
Who Knows all the colors of of the 4dr 2007 Wrangler Unlimited?
What turbo or supercharger system should I use for my 93 Dodge Shadow ES? It's a 3.0ltr, 5spd manual trans.
If you could buy a luxury car, which one would it be and why?
Why my Ford Mustang GT 2004 still has a vibration after balancing and alignment of the wheels?
Headliner with speakers for a 97 chevy EXTENDED cab?
Where can I get a replacement windsheild for a 1966 Toyota FJ40 cruzer?
What makes a modified car loud?
about getting the original key of my car on net?
What does MG stand for in English cars?
Why is my 97 Honda Civic 2 door using lots of fuel?
is a 1971 mach 1 worth restoring?
I wanna buy either Suzuki Swift OR Suzuki Esteem. Which car is better?
2007 chevy cobalt LT rim width?
Is a 1988 Porsche Carrera Coupe front wheel drive?
Why does the Hyundai Genesis look like a Mercedes?
Why is it that on my 1970 Honda Trail 90 when I turn the high beam on it kills the engine? ?
I own a 2003 ford focus SE. in idol car will heat up if i don't turn ac on, what is the problem.?
Will 1975 Corvette parts fit on a 1974? Or what model year parts will fit on a 1974?
How much for a project Ford Bronco?
I want to buy a people carrier?
what do u think of the dodge nitro?
Saturn variable transmission lawsuit? (03/04 Ions)?
i need the owners manual for the 2001 PT Cruiser- anyone have it and willing to part with it?
which is the maximum speed of these vehicles?
What can a 1984 Toyota pickup 2WD tow?
can all mr2 tops come off?
info about mustang kit car?
05 dodge neon oil problems?
Is it true that a Hummer is cheaper to operate than Honda Prius at 150,000 miles?
do jeep wranglers flip over?
i have the new ford focus please help?
fix or repair cd in grand vitara 2002/suzuki?
Which year of subaru is best ?
Where can I find after market tail lights for my G6?
my 04 grand am security system does not recoginze my key sometimes, i have a process to reset it but it takes?
is blink-182 over?
Do manual stick shifts on today's Volkswagen Beetles perform like those on the old, rear-engine Beetles?
What are the differences between these Jeeps?
my 1995 ford taurus will not turn over/start then the check engine light comes on and stays on when the key is?
I am in the process of painting my SRT-4 pink, what do you think?
I need the firing pattern for a 1976 Dodge Ram with a 318. I have the order can you tell me the pattern?
Synthetic or Steel Winch Cable, What Should I go With?
I need body parts for toyota camry model 2005 with good prices anywhere in the world?
2007 v6 Mustang or 2005 GT Mustang? What To Pick?
how i can get up my motor d16z6 to 160 hp?
firing order ford escape 2001?
which car wuld be best to buy, Jetta or Eclipse?
What year and model of a Honda have square headlights?
why is my 97 lincoln continental leaking coolant?
How many miles could be put on a v6 ford mustang?
step by step on how to replace a blower/heater switch for a 1996 chevy caviler?
how come people say that toyota is better than hyundai?
What is Nissan Sentra gas consumption?
are 1955 fords 6-volt negative ground or positive ground electrical systems ?
Honda vs Toyota-which one is better?
Why does everyone hate the Scion xB's?
Are couples really having babies just to get a new VW Routan?
1988 ford f150 makes weird sound?
1976 Mercury Cougar?
where is the 1997 nissan altima knock sensor?
Defrosters In 2G Mitsubishi Eclipse?
Honda motor swaps whats needed?
How much money would it take to install power steering, A/C, and power brakes in 1966 Mustang?
whats the low down on the citroen piccaso diesel.any good?
Is actor Akie Kotabe in the Toyota commercial with "Coach T" ?
How much should I sell my 98 Honda accord V6 coupe? runs well and has 130k miles.?
BMW for a 16 year old girl??
My blower just stopped working in my truck 89 v6 toyota pickup?
Which is better Ford or Chevy?
On Ford cars with an iPod dock, can you control the iPod with the radio buttons?
There is a faint of antifreeze appears coming through the vents?
where can i find information on a narrowed rear tortion housing for an aircooled vw beetle?
when is the new BMW 1 series released?
how do i turn off theft lock device 2000 ford taurs?
Help with 200sx s14 conversion?
Why has america's teens become lost in this ricer bs?
Toyota 4runner or Nissan pathfinder?
NEED ECM (computer) for 1990 ford mustang NOW !!!?
What total amount of horsepower does a 312 in a '65 Camaro have?
how good a quality automobile is the hyundai sante fe?
Infiniti G37 question?
Where does the vaccum modulator meet the intake manafold?
Scooby Doo or Top Cat?
First Car?
How to replace a turn signal bulb 1997 Chevy cavalier?
Looking for exhaust tip for 2005 Chevy Avalanche?
2006 chevy 2500 remote start?
Whichever is the best in performance ? Maxima or Altima ?
what do u think is best porsche or ferrari?
I am looking to purchase a 2009 Ford F150. Asking price is $14000?
is it ilegal to blackout my center taillight?
what is the best off roader?
01 Stratus needs a new thermostat every couple months?
Where do you put the windsheild washer fluid on a 1990 300zx?
Is $995 for a Porsche 994 a good deal?
is it worth spending extra money to have oil and filter changed at toyota dealers?
Fiesta 1.25 zetec MK4 question?
Sprinkle you said you'd look at a diagram for me on my 96 3.3 Dodge Intrepid?
grand vitara question?
I have a nissan tittan 2007 texas eddition i wan to know if i can put that one gas e85 the one on kroger with ?
Issues with reverse on a 2012 Ford Fusion, requires decent acceleration to move?
I want to know if i should buy this 1998 ford explorer for 800 bucks it has 236000 miles i know its alot?
If I put a turbo in a d16 would I get the same results if I do an engine swap for a b18?
2007 ford f-150 xl won't start?
my 92 pontiac grand prix starts hard?
I have a 1994 maxima and its brakes have squeaks but only at low speed. Pads are fine? Rear drum brakes?
Why is my Honda Civic jerking?
ok this might be a stupid question but...can u change a car from a manual to an auto?
what would cause my fuel pump to keep running when I turn my key off. I have a 1991 ford explorer?
how do i stop my golf gt tdi smoking?
i just purchased 2001 pontiac led halo headlights and im trying to figure out what the green wire is?
1995 Chevy Silverado Hard Shifting?
How do i change the a/c o rings on a 1995 mustang?
should get Unleaded or diesel toyota hilux 2004?
When changing Rotors on a 2006 Nissan xterra?
1996 Jetta GLS Speedometer does not work but tachometer and odometer does?
Supercharge or engine swap?
On the Subaru Outback Sport, can you remove the spoiler yourself? Or you need to go to the dealer? Windnoise
Is it my alternator or the belt to my alternator?
I have a 1996 dodge dakota and I have a 1970 hurst pistol grip for it. How can I make it work?
How does a 2011 Ford Fiesta start in a "Canadian winter" ?
my 1987 S10 2.8 V6 isnt getting fule out of the injectors?
dodge challenger v6 supercharge or turbocharge?
why audi Q7 v12 TDI is not offered in india?
which suv's are the safest rating?
i have a 1990 Honda civic DX hatch it idles but when u push the gas it dies. Whats the problem?
The net price on ford site is over 60K, so do you think 46K is a mistake?
which is stronger and better Chevy or GMC?
how can i find access to 1989 nissan maxima service/repair manuals??
whats better a Chevy or Mustang?
How 2 use 2 solenoids at same time on 71 chevelle.1 on starter,1 on firewall?No pwr 2 motor.has new batt.?
1973 Rolls Royce, Badass or Jackass?
2001 Chevy Suburban: How to override/fix "service ride control" light?
my battery keeps dying in my 2006 honda accord 2.4 liter lx se. i have a heavy system with over 3000 watts and
Car quits running while driving. 2001 Ford Escort?
Which Is FASTER? A Porsche Cayman OR A Porsche Boxter?
Ford Rangers?
prius hit by lightning?
why is Chrysler discontinuing the town and country?
New carbs and intake for a 78 camaro restoration?
2004 impala has 24 pounds of pressure.?
One of my best friends...her parents got her a Carrera for her 17 birthday!!!?
Lowering my 01 civic to 2 inches on oem struts bad idea?
What is the point of a concept car?
where can i find the socket to plug in the laptop to my renault scenic?
when I depress the gas pedal of my car, it takes a long time to accelerate. Why?
h22a1 with these mods puts out how much power?
are parts in a 91 ranger the same as a 93 ranger?
Could Anyone Tell me What Car this is?
How to add more horsepower to a 2002 Honda Civic SI hatchback?
were is 91 dodge map sinsor?
2001 Acura Integra transmission placement?
Dodge Ram 1500 Shocks?
is b18b a vtech motor?
How do you tell by the numbers on the block which series of GM 6.5 turbo diesel it is?
Problem with my voltswagon bug?
Where in the South can I find a Morgan plus 4 for sale?
Where is the fuse box on my 1999 v6 mustang?
Can I take my gmc sierra to get serviced at a chevy dealership.?
Are Ford Mustangs reliable?
I have a question about tranny repair shops.?
what is Tirptonics?
what kind of sound damage crank shaft make?
What size hydraulc connectors does Dodge use?
will mitsubishi furnish parts (chip) for dots on my model wd 65733 tv?
what does the f in the ford f series truck stand for?
What color is this is?
My2.5 jetta 5 consumes alot of fuel what Should i do?
95 accordmy mpg's has gne dwn over time iv changed the filters, plugs, normal stuff, how do i get it back?
which was the maximum speed of renault 12 4cyl 65HP 1975?
will p205/60r15 tires fit a 2001 nissan sentra?
CHEVY TRAILBLAZER 03 Went to the drive in and oops!!!?
Anyone with a 2005 or up Saturn Vue have timing chain broken, issues? ?
I have a 98 dodge caravan that has no power to engine and pops when I try and accelerate..throttlebody sensor?
who do a change the brake light on a Ford 2002 Esacpe?
what does bmw stands for
what is the best car ?
How to fix air conditioner in a 2001 ford taurus?
Wwhys my 1993 chevy silverado overheating when i turn heater on?
how much to rebuit engine for 2002 grand am gt cost?? my car does take of fast like it use to!!?
ford 1999 escort passenger window is stuck in the middle, help?
Are 67 mustang starters supposed to be shimmed?
Fire bird or GTO?
1996 mazda protege question?
2000 Ford Taurus transmission problem?
Is A Hummer a Jeep?
Anyone own a 1999 Lexus ES 300 ?
I got a 2003 Golf GT TDI 150 a custom remap and performance clutch and flywheel 200hp What should I do next?
I have a 98 dodge ram that is leaking coolant?
is 100,000 miles too much for audi a3?
Where can I find a used 1992 Mitsubishi 3000 gt sl engine?
hello iv just bought a 1999 golf gti turbo (2.0) and it has a bad engine misfire has any body got any ideas ?
2005 ford escape wondering about clicking noise when i stop just changed the u joints on it?
How do I grow peas?
whats faster a 2006 porche or 2006 Honda civic Si?
Does a 2008 jeep wrangler radio have RCA ?
Ford focus C Max things to look out..?
Which model of an automobile is easiest to convert to the Batmobile?
How do you change door pins on a 94 jeep cherokee?
I have a 1929 model a ford I* cant sell it Because I dont know how?
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