Honda HRV (1999-2000) 105PS. How fast in practice you can travel with that on a freeway?
I have a 2000 ford ranger with a 2.5 4cyl what upgrades can i do without having problems with the motor?
Is there a part for a car called a gas filter to improve gas milage.?
How many miles does your Toyota have?
2008 honda accord or 2008 acura tl?
i need a fuse box diagram for a 1992 honda civic. does anyone know where i could find one?
Monti carlo is overheating?
is GM and GMC are 1?, whats the relation?
What is happening with MG Rover have they shut down or still going?
What do you think of Mercedes Benz cars?
wat's the current sales turn over of new honda unicorn..?
I need to find out either the blue book or red book value of a Ford Taurus 93 w/100,000 miles?
value of 1982 chevrolet?
i have 1 million USDollars , ( really not a lie ),.. what car should i buy? lambo or ferrari or what?? help!!?
what is the size of the speakers in a 98 integra?
What makes Pontiac so bad?
i can not get my 1998 ford escort to come out of park what could be the problem?
its not the battery but its electrical just dont know what ?
Will a 2010 mazda 3 engine fit in a 2004?
which was the maximum speed of chevrolet C-70 truck diesel 6cyl 137HP 1970?
Is $9,500 a good deal for a 1967 chevy pickup totally restored.?
My Eclipse is down and I need help with it fast?
What should I get for my personalized license plate? I can use 7 characters?
what is the miles per gallon in a peugeot 306?
Should I put regular or plus gasoline in my new 08 Toyota Yaris?
When is 2009 Civic coming out???
I lost my keys to my 2005 GMC Yukon, what do I need to do to get a new key?
94 ranger turning over but not starting?
Is a Ford Falcon 64 w 98K miles a reliable car for a teen now. It needs to last at least for 2 to 4 more years
05 Subaru Sti or 07?
is it normal that my 1988 ford F-250 can run off of Propane?
What motors can i put in my 2003 nissan sentra se r spec v?
How long do you think it would take to rebuild a motor and transmission for a 1973 Chevy Caprice Classic ?
what came with a 1984 s10 durango
Anyone know how many NEW Volkswagen Beetles have been built?
where is fuel pressure regulator located on 6.6 duramax diesel 2001?
how do the car engine work?
I am looking for a roof rack or luggage rack to fit a Toyota Emina 8 seatter?
intrepid & lhs the same tranny?
jetta gas or diesel?
what is a turbo sheild?
06 and 07 honda accord? accord vs. camry?
Interior radio Antenna for Jeep cherokee?
At what milage does the engine in the 1996 Subaru SVX need to be rebored?
What all do I need to replace head gaskets on a dodge 5.2 magnum?
some of mercedez benz have different logo on the back of the car like 'BRABUS'. What's 'BRABUS'?
what kind of exhaust should i get if i just want a nice rumble. nothing too loud or annoying.?
My car tail lights aren't working.My dad says there is grease on the contacts.Is there a good way to remove it
mazda3 07-09 differences?
what is the bolt pattern for a 2003 mitsubishi eclipse spyder?
Should I buy a 2005 Nissan Altima 107k?
my pontiac g6 engine light blinks why is that?
What does UDC on a Hudson's flywheel stand for?
98 Mustang Power Steering Pump?
2008 Honda Civic or Accord?
97 eclipse power steering pulley keeps sliding out and hits water pump?
Who is Better? Ford vs. Toyota?
timming marks on 2.4 nissan?
how big of tires can you have on a jeep to where its still legal in colorado springs colorado?
audi a4 crashed need repaird!!?
what are your dream car(s)?
1999 VW Jetta stalls while driving?
where can i find a coolant return pipe for a 1999 dodge durango?
where is the gearbox on a ford escort?
How is the wheather in Los Angeles now?
How big of an engine can i put into my 1993 ford ranger ??
i have a 2002 nissan skyline gtr r34, i need to know if i can put more boost in to it?
2013 CLS MPG Statistics problem?
fast and the furious bodykit?
98 pontiac grand prix gtp; loud clunk upon start up, developed a loud rattle an knocking and wont stay running?
Subaru Impreza WRX STI?
94 honda accord rear speaker fit?
How long should I warm up my 2012 Accord in the Winter ?
want fog lights and assembly installied after market for 2010 niaaan altima?
Problems with 2012 Honda Civic?
How much is my Jeep worth?
would a volkswagen camper be hard to drive in the snow?
Ford fusion problem p 0456?
My 98 dodge durango dies in idle and when in drives fine in 2nd what could be the problem?
Have 99 dodge stratus new cam and crankshaft sensor new plugs plug wires new coil pack new o2 sensor car shut?
How much would a 2006 Dodge Charger paint job cost?
2008 VW bug 37,454 miles?
d15b8 block with d15 head?
replacing 02 sensors gmc yukon slt 2003?
how often should a timing belt be changed on a renault laguna 1.8?
Hyundai Elantra Maharaja Red vs Twilight blue Wich one is the best?
if you know what a 97 gmc sierra looks like, answer this!?
What to buy Ritz-VDI or Swift-VDI?
what are the exact functions of the advanced key on the 2006 audi a6?
Its & 2005 not a 2003 oddesey?
Removing my 2005 Mazda Rx8's governor?
Should I get 2013 Toyota Corolla S ?
how can i put a 2001 diesel driveshaft in a 2001 8.1 gass rear?
What easy quick things can i do to upgrade my 98 camaros performance?
are LEXUS and TOYOTA different companies or LEXUS is just one of many types of cars TOYOTA manufactures?
Do you like the Subaru wrx sti?
how many miles should a 2004 Chevrolet TrailBlazer last?
Help on turboing my Focus?
would xxr 527 17x8.255/114.3 +25 fit on a 2008 honda civic ex without any modifications?
how do i find the red? wire on cold side of brake switch on a 97 gmc 1500 ?
i have heard that a hybrid car runs off of gas for 35mph and over... what happens if you have no gas?
i`m looking for a 3rd brake light for 1988chevy truck thats custom with bow tie that can be painted red.?
How do I save pre-set radio stations higher than p1-6 in my 2012 Ford Fiesta?
Are there 2 belts (one of which is the serpantine) on the engine of '98 Dodge Caravan?
Which car should i buy? Lambourghini, Audi R8 or Aston Martin?
my vr6 jetta 4sp automatic just nutial up on me?
1994 GMC blows fuse for gauges?
Is the Toyota FJ Cruiser a good suv?
I have a 2004 jeep cherokee v8 n the computer engine messed up need info. Help!?
Technical Specs For Porsche 911 GT2?
Chevy tahoe fender flares?
What are some cool things I can do to my navy blue 1997 ford explorer to make it look nicer?
Can i put a cold air intake in my 2013 Acura ILX?
what is 1994 toyota tercel compression ratio?
where do you add R124 on 1996 lumina?
Why do Nissan micra drivers NOT know that if you press the right peddle down the car goes faster than 23 MPH
Toyota 4 runner : Which engine still runs better with a higher milestand V6 or V8 -?
where is the oil filter located on a chevy cavalier 2004 model?
how do i know if my car is a Carburetor/T.B.I. Vehicle or a Fuel Injection/E.F.I.vehicle?
Whats up with those datsun Z's?
Need information about jeep grand cherokee LTD 5.7?
name a fast car?
what link is there to order a rubber cover for my back bumper on a PT Cruiser?
What's a better first car? Honda Civic, or Honda Crv?
do you think people wreck there cars on purpose?
how much would it cost to fix a 2 inch wide scratch on the bumper of a chevy trail blazer?
How can I get 500 hp from my 2003 BMW M3?
Engine rebuild or swap?
2006 Ford Fusion "Missing" while idling?
if my washer fluid light comes on what should i do?
Volkswagen Bus, cool?
the new ford mustanges. do you like them?
Does anyone know how to open the driver window of a VW Eos Convertible from the remote?
My radio in peugeot 207?
what are the coordinates for the volvo competition, "the hunt"?
Is this too much to pay for a Mercedes?
2004 honda odyssey the transmission go bad only whenever gets warmed up?
Is there a place or site to order black Honda Civic emblems? All emblems, civic, LX, H?
1990 chrysler 5th ave. don't get gas. relay checks good. fuel pump replaced. fusealbe link changed,was bad.
who safe is the convertible vw beetle?
Do you drive standard, or automatic?
Can anyone give me step by step instructions on how to clean EGR port holes for 98 honda accord?
Difference between surbaru impreza models?
would a 454 or a 350 make a better chevy s10 race truck?
How do thiefs steal cars and what can i do to prevent it?
I took delivery of an Audi TT Coupe 2.0 yesterday - do readers think it is a good car to buy?
tell me everything u know about this car......?
Power Windows installed in a 01 Celica?
How do i change the time in my 2001 jeep grande cherokee?
Is a Nissan xterra a good first car?
2004 pontiac grand am gt?
who is cool? deah?
What's a good car to get under the price of $25,000?
how many of you own a station wagon and what do you like about it?
Will a 5speed 2.8 s10 tranny work in a 2.8 89 camaro?
which is the best mitsubishi evo? 8, 9, 10, mr....etc.....and what are the differences?
94 Ford Ranger Clutch Problems?
i have a 02 mustang can i convert it to a 5.4L engine?
2012 Honda Cr-V EX-L Fog lights?
I just got a 2002 Jeep Liberty. I really need to know how to pre-set the radio stations... HELP!!!?
PORSCHE 911: Which to buy type 993 or type 996?
Solenoid EMF Question?
i have a '99 honda accord and i want to add a spoiler like on other model accords?
what should i name my....?
1997 Mazda Protege Check Engine Light Won't Stop Flashing?
what is your dream muscle car?
Why my Honda give "weird sound" everytime I turn right ??? Is it the wheel ???
Opinions/reviews on Fierce Attitude m/t?
2003 chrysler town and country van died out at stop light?
how heavy a load can a '92 ford ranger xl (2 wheel drive) carry?
Should I buy a Toyota Tacoma or Nissan Frontier?
i have a 96 mustang gt with the code p1443?
i have a 83 Chevy s10 and i want to install a block heater. which plug do i need to remove on my engine?
Can you put 87 gas in a 2000 BMW 323?
What kind of car will last you the longest?
Poor FM Radio Interference?
What is the best colour for the Toyota FJ Cruiser?
how to lower a 1994 toyota pickup?
1986 Honda Civic stalls when cold?
does the 2001 lexus gs300 have a rev limiter?
would a flowmaster super 44 sound ok on 3.2l v6?
New Cadillac Escalade EXT or New Lincoln Navigator?
Is the chrysler 300 srt8 worth it?
nissan GA15 engine. wat's the compression ratio and octane rating?
What car is faster: Audi RS8 or a Porsche 911 Turbo?
How would you install an after market head unit in a 2000 ford Taurus with electronic heater controls?
anybody drive the Kia Rio5 and do you like it.?
Is a 99 hyundai Tiburon considered a sports car?
location of water pump 1999 mazda millenia?
Fuse location for brake lights on 1999 Ford E-250?
where can i find parts for my friends 2005 ranger?
I drive a 2000 vw golf 2.0, and whenever I get gas, my car doesn't want to start. Does anyone know why?
I have a black rsx type s and I was woundering what rims would look good.?
Can't remove oxygen sensor clip Help!?
how to replace rack and pinion steering on 2000 nissan maxima se?
1978 Pontiac Trans Am parts?
What your think of a Bugatti Veyron?
Is it okay for a guy to drive a Toyota Prius?
do you have to jack up the engine to change the right side motor mount on a 2005 nissan altima 2.5?
Why BMW car is more popular among people than other models?
I have lost my Renault Key Card. Does anyone know of a auto locksmith who could help in london?
How do you remove the front hub from a 1998 Honda Civic lx?
Which Lexus should I buy?
Audi A6 or Mercedes E class?
how much comes from a n auto headlamp?
i have a 2007 honda civic lx and wanted to know about break pads?
electic problems on citreon saxo?
Is the Dodge neon engine block the same for all of the 2000+? Or, is it different for 2003+? I've heard both.
Is a BMW Z4 Worth It?
Can you switch a soft top to hard top on a 1996 tracker ?
What can you do if you are driving a Toyota Prius and realize the brakes won't work?
Tires on cars?
My Blazer is leaking gas out of the exhaust, what causes that?
How can I import a Nissan Slyvia that I bought in Japan back to the states?
Which car is better swift dzire or tata manza?
turbo 5sfe mr2 list of parts?
Why does my 1990 GranAm stall out on take off? I have change the fuel filter.?
what kind of car do you drive? do you really think your car speaks for you?
2005 Ford Explorer stuck in park?
Who here dislikes ricers???
Is it hard to find a Ford Mustang Shelby Super Snake?
how do I get 50 more horse power out of my 04 grand marque.?
my 1997 Ford Taurus's oil light is on, and it wont accelerate over 30 MPH and runs incredibly rough any ideas?
Ranger sleeper on a budget for daily driver?
Why do you think Acura stopped making the Legend model?
what do I need to fully build a 95 civic dx 1.5L engine?
How many miles per gallon does a Ferrari 360 Modena get?
I have a Dodge Stratus and am not sure what is wirong with it, can i have advice?
Will these rims fit a 2012 Audi A6 3.0T?
Clunking Noise In Reverse?
Fiat Punto Overheating?
2000 vw passat window problems?
did cadillic make a pickup in the 40's?
How are O-nex HID kits?
Which Turck is better?
How much transmission fluid should be in a 1997 BMW 325i?
How much is Volkswagen T2.0 in german?
Camaro is coming back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
How do you find the website which is one of the best street racing sites of Asia?
What do you think of the new Camaro that is coming out?
hi my 06 vauxhall vectra right rear indicator doesnt work?
Does Ford really stand for FoundOnRoadDead?
Who makes the better cars, Toyota or Ford?
What can i put in my 1992 acura vigor for a new engine?
how to check blower motor on dodge durango?
I wanna buy a Jeep, but......?
how comfortable is the back seat of an access cab toyota tacoma?
Is the coil pack and module assembly the same?
93 jeep wrangler front wheels?
When was the very first Peykan made in Iran?
H22a into an 85 prelude shell... has it been done??
convert a 2.4 gas engine in a volvo to a diesel. Will the transmission hook up?
Is the Honda Ridgeline the best truck on the market?
i have a jeep cherokee sport and its not starting?
what do you american think of the new pontiac gto which is a monaro from australia redesigned?
Changing a timing chain on a 1.9 Saturn DOHC, is this eaisly done with motor in car?
The gas tank size of a 1999 ford escort zx2 and its mpg?
why are vauxhall care called vauxhall?
i intend to buy a new car Mitsubishi Lancer 2007 (Gulf Specs) the old shape please advise me?
Will a honda GX 160 electric starter kit work on a GX140 ?
Looking to restore my Mercedes?
My 2007 Tundra sr5 4.7 won''t do a burnout?
Where is the rear a/c blower in my 2003 chevy Tahoe and how do i get to it?
How to make my maxima fast with a reasonable ammount of money?
2003 ford escape no start-no ignition light when key turned on-help please?
94 dodge intrepid, wont shift into gear, clunks and makes noise when trying to put in gear. Trans or Cv joint?
what is the name of this vehicle?
93 ford explorer knock sensor location?
How to get another plastic BMW wallet key?
Stock 2012 G37 Coupe exhaust is getting louder, is this normal?
Check engine light came on my Jeep Wrangler while i was starting it.?
Why on earth are even newer Smart cars fitted with a cassette player?
do you think that a volkswagon beetle convertible is a good car for a 16 or 17 year old?
does any1 rebuild bosch abs break systems 4 a 89 chry new yorker r where can I find 1?
chrysler 300 M 2001?
why is fuel coming out of the vent tube on a B model rochester carb?
Buying a used jeep question?
How many miles is too many miles when looking to purchase a used Volkswagen Beetle?
Need to change the spark plugs in my 2008 nissan quest the ones in the back part of the engine.?
why does my 1996 plymouth neon go from getting 32 mpg in the summer to 25 mpg when it gets cold?
1978 VW Super Beetle Convertible parts?
What is 50% off $11.99?
Performance chip for 2008 dodge charger?
Maxima noise after replacing power steering high pressure line?
my car was repoed need help in finding out how I can get back.?
what mekes the axels turn on a car. its located right behind the rotor. its shape like a basket/5or6 rearings.
is mustang the gayest car in the world?
2005 Honda accord ex Mileage limit?
2007 Nissan Versa ? Who has one?
Do you prefer a Dodge, Ford, or Toyota? Why?
Need a GN rear spoiler for a 85 Buick Regal Where can I find one?
do they make snow tires for a 2006 dodge viper SRT10?
How to do I adjust my seatbelt straps on a 2002 New Beetle?
Ignition problem. My '84 Chevy with HEI won't always start when hot. Wait a few minutes, it starts. What's UP?
What Mercedes Dealer in Maryland has the best customer service and fair upfront pricing?
Possible catalytic converter clog??? please help!!?
i have a ford taurus 2001 and it needs a new starter how much will it be?
whats the best size and best style spinners to but on a 1998bmw 500 series.?
how to do timing chain on a mercedes s230?
how much was my 2000 acura tl new?
Is this a good deal for an eclipse?
where can you buy gasohol?
mechanical troubles on a 1992 s-10 blazer?
1982 Dodge W150 grill size?
Can a man drive in a Dodge Neon?
is a ford focus a good car?
Would like to know the timing gear settings for a 94 ford ranger with the 3.0 liter?
im looking for a good used car in wichita kansas around 1,500 dollars?
Transmission flush necessary on Toyota corolla?
Is the Miata a girlie-car?
2009 Honda recall / Honda airbag recall: what Honda models are affected?
Where can I find a free online repair manual for a 1998 Dodge Stratus?
Best rim size on a 2004 kia Spectra LX?
how much to replace hyundai tiburon 04 clutch?
How much should it cost ?
i need a second new mecesdes benz 190e?
whercan i fine daewoo musso parts?
1997 Ford F 150 Serpentine belt rapidly damaged?
Is a 93' mustang hatchback cheap on insurance cause its a hatchback?
which was the maximum speed of pontiac GT--37 8cyl 300HP 1971?
I jus brought a 2009 Nissan altima 2.5 4cyl sedan & I'm wondering what type of gas it takes?
Any info on the new Civic 4-door si?
if can cause detonation?
whats your favorite car?
Wit kind of car do you yous like?
should i buy 1994 corolla with 160k miles for $3100 dollarsk?
Does infiniti navigation systems record a history of use? Mapping, time, miles...?
brake lights dont work when braking, 1989 nissan 240sx?
How to program Remote control door lock / unlock toyota corolla 2005?
Does anyone not like the 06 honda civics? and what color should i get ?
Is a 2000 Isuzu Rodeo LS worth owning?
Unlock code for 6000cd rds eon ford focus. Serial Number: M001611.?
how do i get into my car when my remote for the system dies?
Whats the best model for the Ford Mustang?
2003 Nissan Altima problems.? ?
can anyone tell me good site to buy used cars?
Who is the maker of Jeep, my father says its Ford and that's why he doesn't want to buy it?
What is the diameter of C6 corvette taillights?
Which is the car in GTA vice city 2010 version called as plymouth roadrunner?
Does anyone other there have a Pontiac Vibe?
What kind of car do you drive and what is your mpg?
2002 Subaru Impreza outback exhaust System?
who is the owener of tata?
What is the best Ford motor to beat a 04 Dodge with a 5.7 liter Hemi?
i have a 1991 firebird and it wouldt crank or charge?
When was the very first Peykan made in Iran?
s10 2.2l engine question?
Is 120,000 miles a lot for a Focus 1.8 LX Petrol 1999?
A4 b5 body diffrence?
2003 Toyota Celica timing belt or timing chain?
can i convert manual ford fiesta to power steering?
which was the maximum speed of chevrolet C-50 truck diesel 6cyl 97HP 1968?
Ford inline 6 hard to start and cuts out right way unless i spray inside the air intake?
20 inch rims on 1998 cavaliar 8 and hafe off set tire size 225-35 will thay fit?
I want to buy maruti suzuki wagon r,is it good to buy ?
who the f, has a 78 pinto?
Does anyone know what model and year of Honda Accord does not have a center console?
hyundai i30 trophy (hatchback)?
1999 dodge truck 1500 cat converter problem?
2006 Chrysler 300 grill replacement. Is there a trick or shortcut to getting to the four bottom screws?
2004 Ford Focus keyless remote help?
Anyone own a Yaris?
what is the name of the computer that you hook up to your car and it tells you whats worng with it?
where can i get a manuel for a mercedez benz e320 year 2001.?
How is the performance of the Ford Endeavour?How much does it cost?
Why wasn't the BMW Z8 sold in America?
What's your fave sports car?
Borla Exhaust (HELP)?
Difference between Mini Cooper S 2010, 2011, 2012?
The cat is rattleing?
acura tsx or lexus is300???????
what are the top 20 cars made with the most fuel efficient including hybrids -state what they are too.?
looking for a speedometer assembly unit for a 93 ford probe gt?
can i fit i turbo kit on my 04 civic,if the kit only up to 00?
Camaro, Corvette, Mustang, Charger?
Does anyone know what website to look for an interior sun visor for my 1994 Chevy Suburban!?!?
What is the name of the key that fits onto this socket?
infinity luxury cars have any connection with nissan?
what is the difference between a mercedes 300 D and a mercedes 300 SD? both of them are turbo diesel.?
what motor will fit my 2000 xterra?
how do i find used toyota corollas?
Does Dodge Purposly Give The "Charger" A Pissed Off Look?
chevy truck will not start?
Anyone else in here hate Mustangs with a passion?
My friend booking suzuki access 125cc white color in aug . He told delivery the vehicle in 60days but we still?
Toyota yaris 07/08 stoplights/ reverse light isnt working?
Toyota Supra or Nissan Skyline R34 GTR?
what year is p056 Renault megane?
ultimate car?
can someone tell me how much chevrolet suburban is for in saudi arabia?
2005 F 150 noise coming from fuse box a/c switch wont work?
Mercedes or BMW for limo service......?
Quick Fix on a Convertable Top?
What years does trac loc come standard with mustangs?
Will Peugeot ever come back to America?
What is the bluebook value of a 1996 Lincolin Towncar?
1991 Honda accord air/fuel ratio?
Scions. Who makes them?
honda civic si 2007?
1987 Ford Bronco II Windshield washer problem?
what is best car for a 16 year old girl?
who sings the song in the new mitsubishi outlander commercial?
1990 Ford Laser battery keeps going flat whilst driving?
1994 Jeep GR Cherokee. Burning out engine computer. On the 3rd one now.?
Where can I find this part number 55030119 ?
2010 Lancer DE Sporty?
What's the difference between Audi a4 and the Audi s4?
I would like to know the # of 1967 ford ltd's made stock with a 428?
what kind of gas to put in a 1994 chrysler lebaron?
junk my 98 caddy deville with a host of problems?
Which is better in SUVs bmw or audi?
Is my engine 1.6L L4 SOHC 16V a D-Series engine ?
Need ideas for cup holders in a 91 prelude?
I have a 07 ford focus and it shut off while driving can it be the alternator ?
My 1993 Lincoln Town Car is stuck in park and I have no brake lights.?
Have 1954 GM paint code #556,need someone who can tell me what color this is or where I can find it.?
Any recommendation on where to get a 2001 Mazda Miata battery (other then dealer)? Thanks!!?
Is a Subaru Forrester a "soccer mom" car?
Why would my steering wheal shake when i press on my breaks?
performance enhancing chip for a peugeot 206?
I need help with mazda rx8 plz!!!!?
Does Chevy make a v8 Camaro other than the SS?
What do i need to change the exhuast and headers on my 2003 Honda Civic lx?
weird humming noise in front (i think)?
Digital Speedo In A 99 Honda Civic?
Holden Astra Brake Pads!?
whats wrong with my vw golf?
How much does a Ferrari cost?
Does anybody know how much a used 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee will costs in 2014?
need to check 100 amp fuse 2009 honda?
what is the cheapest way to tow an suv that is not running?
how to remove # 4 SPARK PLUG 1999 EXPIDITION?
how to install oem fog lights on a 08 toyota sequoia?
When did the Chevrolet Camaro 2ss?
does anyone want to buy my BLACK Peugeot 106 independance 2003 reg?
So a friend of mine claims Toyota is owned by Ford or Chevy, one of them....?
why do people invent a hybrid car? when was the first hybrid car invented?
going to Indiana from tenneessee where are the lowest gas price at?
Car Question!!!!?
black book price of 1995 mazda millenium L?
Cadillac deville Ideas?
I need a vaccume diagram for a 1990 jeep wrangler 2.5 tbi?
where are the anchor points for installing a baby seat in a mitsubishi expressL300 campervan?
bmw or mercedes-benz and why?
What can you say about the Honda Element? Is it worthwhile for a family of 5? How about power?
how do i get more fuel economy from a 4.0 liter ford engine in a ranger?
what, could stop ignition from functioning?
1998 ford mustang won't accelerate?
Are old school (rear engine, '63, '70) volkswagen beetles reliable?
could anyone tell me where i could purchase a rear window spoiler for my 1991 5th generation toyota celica .?
Which is the best quality German car maker?
whats bmw stand for?
Looking for a Classic?
What year did Saab introduce 9-3 model?
98 gand am signal, brake, and daylight running lights dont work?
1993 ford explorer 4x4 eddie bauer edition red book value?
Noise and vibration when driving at low speed.?
Brake and Battery light on in 2000 Nissan Maxima...210k miles?
What exhaust will make a 2002 SS camaro really LOUD?
does anyone think the ford taurus is really powerful too?
Whats my car worth? Used bmw?
Why are BMW drivers such tossers?
Which BMW is the best?
Do you like Hondas?
Need advice for starting up a 66 Mustang.?
I need to know what transmission will fit with an 1968 f-100?
Is this a guy car or chick car?
02 Chevy cavalier theft system problem cause?
15' inch rims on a ford mustang?
Do all Honda Integra's Type R have the steering weel on the right side.?
how do you form a pickup truck club just for people with pickup trucks by Nissan?
Why does my 96 honda civic make a whistling noise when i drive it?
removing 2000 dodge dakota back seats/panels?
2003 BMW iPod integration?
Where can i buy a rear boot carpet for a 1989 Toyota Supra?
any body got a zafira vxr?
Is anyone else turned off by the Ford Mustang?
Where can I buy a b18?
will u buy tata nano?why?
Levling kit for my dodge? ?
Any high performance 6 cylinder engine I could use for my Toyota celica ?
1996 Chevy Cavilier engine coolant?
knocking noise from engine?
coolant recomended for chevy lumina?
my new car?
Audi S4 (stage 3) misfiring. What could be the problem?
is a 32RH transmission from a 01 wrangler interchangeable w/ a 4 speed auto from a 98 Cherokee both 4.0 L I-6?
which one is better bmw m3 or mercedez benz slk models?
Possible catalytic converter clog??? please help!!?
Is a CLK Coupe a good car for a new driver?
how do you find the freezing pt?
what is the ideal age for a guy to buy and drive a subuaru wrx or mitsubishi evo?
What is the average mpg on a 98 Ranger 4x4 4.0 liter?
Just wondering who bought into the 2.99 Chrysler deal back in the summer?
a list of luxury car companies and regular?
Saturn Sky Redline or Pontiac Solstice GXP?
whats the biggest engine i can put in my 1990 chevy blazer 4x4?
what is the difference between Vauxhall and Opel?
Will the jeep be sluggish?
What is a C service on a 2008 E 350 Mercedes and how much does it cost?
Dodge dakota radio question?
Where do i plug in diagnostic machine in 1991 jaguar?
where can i find a free repair manual for a audi 5000S?
can i buy a lincoin car in the u.k.?
what year toyota rav4 has 3rd row or can you add a 3rd row?
Tires for a 1978 Pontiac Trans Am?
Which american made car should have the title "America's Car"?
Help with my 1994 Dodge Intrepid?
Jeep Cherokee vs. wrangler?
What do you think of female lorry drivers?
pilot bearing size for 318 dodge?
no warrenty applies?
what do you prefer the vw golf or the new ford focus or skoda fabia?
what is the wheel width on a 2001 vauxhall corsa 1.0i 3dr hatchback?
How to put in a automtic transmission on a 1995 honda prelude?
how often do you use fuel injection fluid?
mitsubishi 420a motor turbo questions?
I'm going to buy a Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder what color though?
I need a helping hand on the removal& installation of a transmission for a 89 chevy suburban.?
where can if ind '91 m5?
When did Jeeps go into production for the consumer market?
Ford KA help? - temperature gauge?
Transmission fluid in an 04 Saturn Ion Quad coup (Transmission issues)?
what is the largest size rims that would fit on a BMW 323ci?
Is it true that Japanese brand cars are far more better than American brand cars, in terms of quality?
illustrations showing how to replace the air filter on a 2.0 liter zetec engine on a 2002 ford focus se statio
how much does a subaru outback legacy 2001 weight?
How do kia sedonas run?
what is valve clearance of intake and exhaust valve of a toyota tamaraw FX 7k engine?
Is there a fuel safety switch on a 1985 Toyota sr5?
What size rims void nissan warranty?
IH d361 firing order?
I have a honda civic hatchback dx 91 automatic 1.5L stock i wanna swap it what would be a good engine?
Is GM going bankrupt going to affect car prices?
DO HID healights ever burn out?
what is the best Car ever?
My 2009 Chevy Impala LT, won't start?
How do you remove a heater motor from a 2004 Renault Clio?
Which brand of cars do you like best & why?
so my friend has a nissan skyline and it isnt legal although he wants to race and he has the GT-R with turbo?
a manual to a 2001 gmc yukon denali?
My 2002 Mazda Protrgr smells like fuel why?
Hi..I just got a Maruti 800,1999 Model, How can know the technical knowledge about it.?
information on volvo 2.0GL cars?
whats the best car to write an article on?
Whats better? to supercharge a mustang GT or turbocharage?
Mitsubishi Lancer evolution mr vs Subaru Impreza wrx sti?
tata nano or second hand alto?
i put a new alto on and it still dies out 2004 kia?
What was the last year of air cooled Porsche engines?
Which car is more reliable, a 2002-03 Mercedes G500 or a 2003-05 Range Rover Sport?
What is the best car to buy?
Upgrading a VW Jetta GLI?
whats the vote out there.. Toyota Corrolla or Honda Civic?..I need a new car?
2001 jetta coolant fans?
2013 Genesis coupe cold air intake or short ram intake?
Can my 4 cly accord pull 22 inch rims?
Was the 1951 Hudson Hornet (Convertible) a Standard or Automatic?
whats better 2004 ktm85sx or 2006 honda cfr80f?
VW Golf (10 points)???
How come we use petrol in the uk, and not cheaper gas like america?
Do you own/like your 2005 TDI VW beetle?
Does anyone have the new Scion FRS or know someone who has one?
Is DEMAG AC350 good?
1988 chevy s10 ranger head lighs start bling how can i fix this ??
are bmw's better than mercedes?
How to import my Hummer to Brunei?
I have a 95 crown Vic. Great condition only 100k miles on it. I wanna make it fast. What should I slam in it?
Please Help!!!! My 1987 Camry will not go in reverse!!!?
Your Car! Fill in Please?
what is the biggest engine i can put in my chevy colorado.?
How to change a fuel filter on a 1995 GMC Yukon?
I'm thinking of buying a rover 800 for my next car. Good or bad idea?
No 23 Fuse keeps blowing 1994 C220 Elegance auto this affects the idling and car stalls, help please.?
2001 Dodge Neon Audio System?
Scion TC transmission flush?
Where is the fuel pump and the fuse or relay on a 95 eclipse gs?
how to install white face gauges on a 2001 ford ranger?
I just bought a 2006 Grand Cherokee Laredo, anything I should watch for?
what is the use of that black stick on the dashboard on toyota corolla?
Honda Accord 1999 Brake Lights aren't working. Obvious solutions tried.?
Is it a Law in the State of Michigan, that says tinted windows are illegal?
Is the Ford Focus a girl car?
Can the clutch in a honda civic si be repaired or will the whole thing need to be replaced?
does any one know where ot buy RAM HORN tube headers. ( for chevy small block engines)?
What would you choose, an '07 BMW X5 4.8 or an '07 Porsche Cayenne S?
what is the difference between a 2012 nissan sentra sr and a 2012 nissan sentra sr special edition?
My car vibrates from the front whenever I brake. What causes this?
2001 Pt Cruiser headlight replacement?
Turbo my civic or jdm motor swap?
To rebuild or Crate it?
well maintained 97 corolla won't go into reverse; fluid ok,steering wheel not locked = ??
Ford focus - iPod problems?
A5 stock used with an X7 are they compatible...?
Have 1954 GM paint code #556,need someone who can tell me what color this is or where I can find it.?
Dose any one no about rx8 Mazda overheting problems?
Hpf stage 1 turbo for m3 e46? Good idea?
Where can I find a front wheel hub for a 93 honda civic dx sedan?
could anyone tell me where i could purchase a rear window spoiler for my 1991 5th generation toyota celica .?
ford expedition or toyota highlander....?
What is happening with my 09 g6?
What do I need to do to get satellite radio in my 2009 Toyota Corolla LE?
Is there anyone out there with an eclipse 420a turboed? What ecu did you use? All i need to run turbo.?
stupid q. who will win in a drag race, on street?
Automatic tranmission going bad ?
Is Hhtws a scam?
Where to buy interior lights for a 1999 acura 3.2tl?
Enkei nt03+m vs volk rays ce28n?
Are spark plugs easier to change on a 2009 f150 vs a 2004 f150?
what color for my 1979 mercedes?
subaru knocks in rear end?
94 saturn DOHC making a knocking noise, can it be something besides a rod?
How Do I Replace The Radio On A 2004 Honda Accord?
My mother owns a 2002 Hyundai Sante Fe.?
from how long to change oil the car?
Ford or Chevy?
Looking to put a loud muffler on my explorer. Help?
I have a 2002 Malibu that is losing antifreeze and there is oil in my water, any ideas what could be wrong?
how much will repairs cost on a ford?
how come the early 90's yugo didnt make it the big leagues?
should my truck be able to burn rubber?
where is the heater resistor located for 01 f150?
who is the stig in top gear?
mazda rx8 eratic idle?
What comes to mind when someone says Chevrolet Corvette?
How do I get behind the glove box of a Chevy s10?
I have a 89toyota 4x4 i have changed caliper seals and soft lines as well as the master cylinder dragging stil?
Need used front bumper cover for my '98 Diamante. Help.?
How do you get to the spark plugs on a 2005 Hyundai Accent?
i have a chevrolet impala 02 with a 3.4 engine,im having a really dangerous high idle problem?
Want a car with sunshades included - PREMIUM OR LUXURY....which ones have it?
what is the real gas mileage of the Infiniti G35X and the Infiniti M35X?
I found the paper and the box buried in the sand, but does anyone have any idea how to solve them?
how do I program a 1999 ford epidition keyless remote fcc# cwtwb1u212?
Question about engine hydraulic lifter?
corvette 1979/value?
any ideas on how to get a good deal on a 2006 z06 corvette? without paying sticker or over?
for a 6th grade school project, we're doing a comparison of 1960 VW Beetle vs. 2006 VW Beetle! Help - thanx!
Mitsubishi Glalant 2010 gas pedal like a feather.?
Where Can I get Rims For My Car?
which is the best deal for the money... Highlander vs. RAV4?
what is the final drive gear ratio on 2013 f350 diesel?
truck power?
has anyone got a cheap body kit for sale for a ford maverick same model?
What would cause a 1995 vw jetta to run rough after warmed up?
my favorite car is a jaguar whos with me?
Can someone tell me how to get crash facts on the 2005 Saturn VUE?
Dodge Neon Transmission Problem????
Is $1000 for a 1986 Chevy S-10 that is in good condition, an good price?
would anybody know if a well taken care of a 93 toyota camry with 100k miles would be a reliable car?
Door ajar on a 99 f-150?
How can I purchase a Toyota Yaris Diesel in the United States?
Where can i find a trenz billet grille insert for a 95 Nissan Maxima (couldn't find on ebay)?
Is the Mazda 3 a good car?
i need help with a lil math >.<?
Which is the best new car under $14,000?
can a nissan titan 4x4 2006 se plow snow?
who is the maker of volvo bus?
I propose to buy WagonR Vxi petrol variant in a few days. My budget is also like that. Please suggest me?
2006 ford escape banging noise on start up.?
is it worth buying a 5.0 mustang or a 5.0 camaro right now?
Land Rover O2 Freelander Check Engine Code P1646?
I want toknow if the car NISSAN SKILINE GTR is legal in us?
will the rb25det transmission mount straight up to the rb26dett motor?
which country is the biggest market for luxury brands?
Dream Car?
mercedes transmission, using manual alot?
are gas prices going to go down?
Ford MyKey Commercial Video?
Does my car really need Premium gas.?? Mercedes E320?
what is CVVT engine?
Is there really a better car engine out there? (Chevy Colorado)?
2005 Honda Civic brake light switch!?
Ford Escort, 2001 - should I buy it?
would a 06 charger bet a impala ss 96 in racing?
How do people afford mercedes?
Why is the Bugatti Veyron Street legal and the Nissan SkylineGTR34 not street legal?
95 honda civic hatchback DX OBD Port location.?
Inner Tie Rod End for 2003 chrysler sebring remove?
how can i tweek my bmw z4 3.0?
which sedan gives best value for money in the C segment? and how is the performance of ford fiesta?
Mercedes-Benz vs Lexus!!!?Whos better a German master piece or a Japanese traced painting!?
I'm looking for the speedometer cable on a 1994 Sunbird?
what ls keri keen?
Will these rims rub on my WRX?
Why do new Mercedes-Benzes lack reliability.?
71 torino 500 queations?
where is the belt to the a/c compressor located on a 93 Honda Civic DX. I don't want to cut the wrong belt?
How much does it cost to lease a Mini Cooper (monthly payments please)?
2005 Chevy trailblazer ext brake light problems please help!?
94 cadillac eldarado gasket?
I've got gas in my crankcase, 71 VW bug?
Girls with jeeps?
What are the best spark plugs for my honda accord 2001.?
How is your Hyundai? we're thinking.....?
what is the best type of gas to put in a 2007 dodge charger regular, plus, or supreme?
How to navigate on Honda Accord 2002 model car?
Any information abt the next Toyota LandCruiser?
2003 ford crown victoria blower motor resistor?
2002 Dodge Caravan code P1684?
Does anyone know about distributor cap wiring?
How to change a ford taurus bumper?
when did the people star buying foregin cars instead of american cars?
If im toyota how would I make people want to come and test drive my cars?
You can always spot a Chevy due to the metal bumper whereas Fords have a plastic same color bumper, right?
What type of BMW should I get?
240sx pliz help me look for one :)?
Which of the two cars is good , Wagon R or Santo Zing ?
how much would my insurance company give me for a 99 jetta?
Ford Hybrid SUV?
2000 jeep grand cherokee reverse jumped?
what is the latest mini cooper model?
2004 Nissan Sentra hard to start and dies while driving.?
Where can i find?
Is there a suspension lift for a 1998 Ford Explorer Sport (2 DOOR) 4x4?
Isn't the Aston Martin brand ranked above the Mercedes brand as far as the level of luxury?
i have a 2001 f150 2wd with a 7.5" suspension and I want to lift it higher!how could I use torsion keys?
Saab 900 temperature question?
whats faster? a stock toyota supra or a stock corvette z06?
What is the average Ferrari cost???
How to find and fix a water leak in the roof of a Jeep Grand Cherokee?
How much should i sell my Maybach for?
why is cheaper?
is it worth it to buy a 1995 toyota avalon with 259,000 miles on it?
Where can I buy spoilers, and black trim for a 2001 dodge neon cheap?
Which bmw is better ?
What is the fastest car and no B/S.?
I have a 1997 Dodge Intrepid how long would it take to fix the valve cover gasgets?
90 toyota pickup stalling?
What type of coolant does 2000 Ford Focus SE use?
how can i fix the timing belt of a toyota camry 1992?
1986 300E Mercedes idles rough?
Do I need a new tranny for my 03 Altima?
Where can I find pink Jeep emblems?
My Jeep AGAIN. My front brakes are locking up but only after I drive for awhile, 20 or so miles on a hot day.?
Question About Older Model Ford Focus?
What is the proper rpm to shift gears In a maruti Suzuki Swift to obtain Maximum Mileage ? mileage?
Is Porsche one sllyable or two?
Looking for Columbiana buick olds cadilac dealer?
was their any recalls on ford?
If I got the new Fiat Abarth is it possible to get different headlights?
DVD-based NAV in I G35 play DVDs?
Ford escort Wont go above 90 and loses speed uphill?
My rear hatch door does not open with the key or the keysless system. It is a 1999 Town & Country?
Do you like Ford cars, trucks, etc?
Is it just me or has anyone else noticed how much the new Ford Mustang looks like a shark?
My 1994 honda accord ex is overheating when stopped !?
What type of car is this?
Are there any problems you had with the 2006 Volkswagen Passat, and what are they?
What gearbox on a 2002 BMW M3 would you go for and why, Manual or SMG Manual?
looking for a used car-I really like the 2002 Audi A4, but is there anything comparable price, better value?
Hyundai EON services?
A beetle squirted something on my facr?
There is a faint of antifreeze appears coming through the vents?
Infiniti G35?
i'm changing a clutch in a civic and i can't seperate the trans from the motor, any advice?
Will my Fiesta 1.3 tow a caravan?
How much money is a 1979 mustang cobra worth?
i installed new head on a 1992 mitsubishi?
does a 2005 honda civic lx special edition have a timing belt or a chain?
should i put a flowmaster 44 on my 5.2l dodge ram?
85 toyota pick upper intake?
2003 ford taurus tank size?
Would ep3 CTR wheels fit an Accord type R?
Audi vs. BMW in everything?
What year did ford make an F150 Superduty and also a PRODUCTION lifted superduty truck?
BMW steering lock fault?
What is the USP of Hyundai?
Which is a better car to buy? A ford taurus or a ford fusion? Please explain...?
What gas mileage are you getting with a v-6 Jeep Liberty?
I have a sony 2010 stero that im trying to put in my 1993 ford mustang i dont have wire diragram?
Need car help! 2001 grand am?
What is your gas mileage for a Scion Xa?
Own any year of a Hummer H2, Land Rover Range Rover, or Cadillac Escalade ESV/EXT??
What happens to the engine, if an oil filter is loose?
Can you make a door key for a 2008 chevy aveo that does not have the transponder?
Updating the Highlander Nav DVD..?
Push button start?
how can i tell what number edition i have out of 2883, with my 2004 monte carlo ss/dale jr?
can anyone give me some feedback on buick le sabre's im thinking about buying a used one good or lemon?
2000 chrysler town and country 3.8?
How does the Honda Element drive?
What was the type of car from the movie "Ferris Bueller's Day Off"?
I have a 2000 Lincoln Town car the abs light is on and also shows the off track, I replaced the brake pats?
Import vs Muscle ?
Resetting bluetooth passcode in 2012 Mitsubishi Lancer?
were are the sparks plugs on a chy 300 2.7?
My 1985 Bronco @ has an Electrical problem where the blower and lites work with the key on?
Do you think that the BMW 335i is better than a Pontiac GTO?
how many horsepower does honda accord v6 2005?
is a 3.2 isuzu rodeo engine's crank/rods forged or cast?
Its & 2005 not a 2003 oddesey?
are volkswagen Beetles uncool ?
If you were in a race and you can pick to drive an BMW 530i or a hundia sonata,Which one would you drive?
How many miles do you have on your Honda?
How much is my '73 Ford Gran Torino worth?
Would you buy a Toyota?
hi have a ford focus 2012 1600 petrol zetec 105?
how much would a 1996-99 mint condition toyota supra cost me?
how much is the nissan silvia s15 spec R?
sentra se-r spec-v vs. mazda 6 sport 3.0 v6?
should i take my 2003 e320 merc to dealer for service or take it to local garage?
78' chevy pickup, voltmeter reads 16-17 volts at idle, pegs at 18 when rpms are increased. whats up?
Why does my 2006 Ford Taurus clunk?
Wheres the fuse box in ford 2006 freestar?
toyota yaris or toyota corolla?
Best way to apply a fiberglass hood scoop to a metal hood.?
Should I buy a WagonR or a Swift or Tata Indica?.?
question on 1999 tacoma exhaust manifold?
What is the difference between all wheel drive and 4 wheel drive?
Is there a way that i can put a turbo in a 1984 Chevy Silverado or should i put a 454 in it.?
07 Sti rev alert tone?
Are Saturn Sc1's a good car?
What is the horsepower rating for a 2003 Dodge Durango with a 5.9L Fuel Injected?
What is that square cutout on the lower right hand corner of the back of most BMW's for?
what engine can i put in my bmw x5?
Have 2001 grand marquis that wont stay running unless I keep foot lightly on gas?
Does the Audi A4 has rear wheel drive or front wheel drive on models without quattro?
Ford Focus and Mondeo the same part?
Toyota 4runner sitting for 3-4 years what should i do before starting it?
Where is the left headlight fuse for a 2007 Nissan maxima? My diagram has rubbed off and I can't read it?
Which is the most economic and comfortable car?
Do you think that the Americans are blackening the name of Toyota just to promote sales of American Cars?
I have a 86 ford ranger ut vibrates on the the highway when i go 70 mph,vibration steering wheel any idea ?
wen is the nissan skyline gtR35 goin to be released?
Loudest full exhaust system for Mazda rx8?
what is better serena or caldina?
Parts underneath a jeep wrangler?
4k toyota engine. it have an idle but when it get hot it looses it idle. newly cleaned carborator.?
Fog light question nissan frontier?
What are pros and cons to BMW's selective target market?
Do You Think They Will Ever Make A Hydrogen Powered Dodge Ram?
Will adding an in dash touchscreen headunit and a subwoofer and amp to a 2008 dodge charger void the warranty?
Question about optional gauges, Dodge Charger?
Why does my 96 honda civic feel like it wants to turn off?
02 330ci conv-parcelshelf wont lift so roof can b lowered stps halfway wen button is pressed?
Is Hyundai eon a good one to buy?
Keep my Ford Expedition or switch to a Dodge Charger?
2010 Ford Edge, How many quarts of transmission does it take to properly fill to specs.?
I have a 2007 ford mustang no probs. till 2day when i was making a turn my car just shutoff. Cars automatic?
car troubles 93 toyota pickup?
i bought a srt-10 bumper for my dodge ram?
If the bank is trying to repo a nissan versa?
why does ford have such a bad reputation?
2002 mitsubishi eclispe?
Burning out?
where can I find after market stuff for my Audi A6?
Why are BMWs so popular?
Is anyone interested in modifying an original Citroen DS?
What can I do when my ignition key won't turn?
what can i do ABS ligh on 99 GMC?
What should I do with my exhaust system?
does my 2010 ford focus 1.6 zetec have bluetooth?
which one is best mercedes or bmw?
Plz tell me Honda CB shine problems?
What can beat a BMW...Style and passion at its best..?
2004 ford Taurus transmission bad?
is this a chick car?
97 mustang gt, fuel injected- my car will start, but will only stay running with my foot on the gas.?
Peugeot 806 / fiat ullysse / citroen synergie fuse box - foglight fuse?
Tire size question ford explorer 99?
which has the smoother ride 2012 Audi A4, Audi A6 or BMW 5 Series?
what channel is haye v enzo on plz?
can any toyota prius owners please give me honest opinions of their cars?
What would cause a no viltage condition at the coils on a 2000 Ford Taurus with the 3.0L 24V V6? ?
If you had $150K for a car what car would you get?
1997 Volvo 850 engine problem?
does any one know if a car has ever been turned into a convertible?
What kind of car should I buy? Chevy Cruze, Dodge Avenger, Or A Ford Fusion? ?
is a 2002 chevy blazer the right vehicle for me?
hi can anyone tell me where the bonnet release is on Peugeot 307 please !!!!?
Ford Raptor vs. GMC All Terrain?
Who is Better? Ford vs. Toyota?
Why does my 2001 Ford Escort stall when I stop for too long?
I have a 2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT 3.0 Auto Non-Turbo, How do I install a BOV?
1989 toyota corolla fuel injection?
Please I need an accurate answer to my question! Where is the Fuel Pump located in the Ford Taurus? 2004 lx?
2.7 V6 twin turbo in a 2000 Suzuki Grand Vitara?
How do I activate my MMI Remote Control For AUDI?
When is the new camaro suppose to come out?
What is your dream car?
What type of fuel does the new Lexus IS250 take?
to visit a web regarding evolution of body shape for car?
Audi A4 immobiliser problem 1999?
does an 87 camaro have a gas reserve?
A 1998 Buick Regal GS rear or front wheel drive?
What are some good tires for 99 civic ?
can a 6 cylinder engin fit in a 1999 mitsubishi elclipse Gsx?
Is honda dio 2012 model is good choice of scooter?
Best / Worst coloured car......................?
what's better for my money?
How many 1983 ford ranger 4x4 was built?
My parents are convinced that Citroen cars have the best suspension?
does anyone think the ford taurus is really powerful too?
I'm getting a 2001 Mitsubishi Diamante, is it a good car? I have kids...?
What is the bolt pattern of the 2005 Chevy Cobalt base model?
Where do I get a new seatbelt for 94 ford explorer drivers bucket seat?
Anyone had their VW air conditioner fixed?
Rim size on a 2008 dodge avenger sxt v6?
Does anyone know how to temporarily override the on-board dvd player on Hyundai's Santa Fe?
Is the Mercedes CL65 AMG the best car in the world?
What kind of gas mileage?
How old are you? and What kind of car do you drive?
2005 Ford Explorer battery replacement ?
why dose my car keep dying?
what does saab stand for?
How much does it cost of the duplicate of bmw 750Li 2011 model?
Planning to buy a 1999 hyundai Elantra. Any suggestions & Reviews?
Is this car sucks or what...i became a philosopher because of this money pit...Does anybody suffuring like me?
ok, im a young buck, but justpurchased a clasic 1963 impala, and it has a 3 on the tree, how do u shift,HELP!!
will a 90 si honda crx cv axle fit a dx honda crx?
My Eclipse is down and I need help with it fast?
who would win a jetta 1.8t 2002 or a mustang 5.0 2005?
should i buy a bmw m3 or a porsche 911?
1998 Mustang Lowering kit?
2000 nissan maxima transmission problem?
How do I open up the hood of a 1997 Jetta GLS? Thanks!!!?
Promblem with Honda Civic 1998 cd player?
are dodge stratus cars good ??
haven cars caravan, Harp hill, markyate have they got a internet address if so what is it please?
Should i get a 1987 chevy caprice or a 2000 (or up) ford crown victoria?
belt route for 98 honda passport????
Owners of the VW Bug Convertible: Can you give me a review of the car?
How much was a 2004 Nissan Murano new?
What type of gas does the 1971 Ford Torino 500 run on?
is it wierd for a guy to have a honda civic!?
How can I lift my ford contour?
Scion TC question?
Audi help with homework!?
I am twelve and i need money.?
1994 Suzuki quad runner 250 LT-4WDS wont start?
I need help with my 99 dodge avenger?
96 ford contour v6 code says part cloged cat converter.could it be o2 sensor?
How much can I sell my car for?
Who comes up with these car names??
Ford's are supposed to be slow... so why do i keep beating Vettes and Camaros?
Can i LEGALLY take the catalytic converter off of my H reg Audi 100?
will a 92 accord 4 dr rear aftermarket bumper fit a 92 civic 4 dr?
Is it okay to splice an RCA cable for a car stereo system to go from one amp to two?
Ford Fusion/Focus, Injector valves seating breaking up?
Who makes the quietest 4cycle engine?
Why is a Camaro faster then a Mustang?
Trade in my 04 celica for 07 scion tc?
i have a 2002 silverado 4.8l starting problem 96k miles?
What is with the last phase of What Drives Edward - the moons?
Camaro vs. Mustang?
My 1997 nissan sentra needs gas pedal pumped to start.?
Why can't I fill up my 06 Corvette more then half way?
1992 Ford Aerostar door Panels?
how do you know when your car needs a new battery?
why do people change their car every year?
i know that there's no kicker for pulsar 180 & 220cc but is there a provision to fix one? please help me?
Do 1999 toyota camry's have 2 radiators?
Jeep Cherokee reliable?
fuel diagram for a 1996 ford escort?
does warner brothers studios have a junkyard for vehicles used in shows?
What is best BMW or Mercedez Benz?
I need to find the fuse box lay out of a 1997 Jeep Cherokee?
What is this color called? (Volkswagen beetle)?
where can i buy/find police rims with the chrome hubcap in the middle for a 2007 dodge charger?
I have a 2008 mazda rx8 that wont start. sounds like the starter is working & pullies turning. just making a w?
Where is the starter on a 1997 Mercedes?
2004 Nissan Altima Compass & Temperature Rear View Mirror?
Which is better BMW or Mercedes Benz?
Henry Ford authorised workers to be fired on and sent money to Hitler on his birthdays and attacked Iococa?
What is curb weight of a 1988 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera?
wheres the place to buy a Honda in Texas without trying to JACK up the price?
Is a 1971 Chevelle Malibu 2dr a good first car?
Still hoping someone will help me with my seat attachment?
oil transmission honda 96 accord?
where can i get apiece of the skoda cake. (the advert)it looks yummy?
What exactly is a b18 swap ?
What will have to be done to put flush rims on my 1997 honda civic coupeEk?
I'm a 16 year old girl whose parents gave her a 89 s10 what are ways to make it an awesome truck??
What is the stock HP on a 97 4.3 V6 vortec engine?
when MERCEDES-BENZ going to change its E class shap?
2002 ford pickup is leaking water when it rains and getting fuse box and wiring wet.does anybody have any idea?
1997 oldsmobile eighty eight remote program?
1999 pontiac trans am tcs and abs lights are on ,reset the computer ,still on?
Anyone own a 49-50-51 Mercury??
what is your favorite car that hasn't come out yet?
I'm looking to buy a VW beetle (my first car!)..not sure if I should or save my $! Is it worth buying??
where can i find the parts for the interior of a mustang?
How many engine mounts does a 2003 VW PASSAT V6 GLX have?
where is Turkey ?
Why would my bmw window go down?
If you have a volvo, is it a good or bad car?
2004 ford Taurus transmission bad?
Where is the CD player on the 98 Toyota Corolla?
Engine management light?
I.2 16v ( 2001) renault clio dynamique get home mode ?
My 2001 explorer sport I need to know if it's coming apart?