1998 Audi A8 ~ Can I put 22 inch "Foose" (5lug) on my Audi A8?
which is the best landrover ever made and why??
Car Trouble/2001 Chevy Cavalier LS?
Some big block Chevy help?
Have 99 dodge stratus new cam and crankshaft sensor new plugs plug wires new coil pack new o2 sensor car shut?
what was the last year rolls royce made the silver cloud III model?
Will the seats swap out into my car?
wost year for camaro?
FJ Cruiser Questions...?
i have a 67 camaro coupe can't find part any where?
how do you reset the codes on a volvo s60?
I have a 2012 Nissan Sentra and I have had the Remote car starter installed.?
How do I disconnect the anti theft system on a 1193 lincoln mark iii?
How do you program the universal garage door opener for a 2002 Mercury Mountaineer?
i have a ford taurus 2001 and it needs a new starter how much will it be?
where can I buy a GPS software upgrade for my 2003 BMW 530i?
Turn signal blinks fast, What could it be?
wire harness diagram for 1995 ford escort wagon?
1988 Jeep Wrangler. Is this normal?
is a JEEP LIBERTY a girls car?
where are land rovers made?
what did you pick your car for apart from getting from A to B?
How can I increase the gas mileage in my car?
What kind of Mercedes do you have?
Ford fiesta zetec s 1.6 mk6?
How can you get a Fiat 127?
my vw bus is grabbing?
1987 honda accord fuel problems?
What other dodge OEM radio(s) will fit in a 1990 dodge daytona?
2000 Dodge Grand Caravan ES 3.8?
How to shift a 2011 Honda Insight EX?
The convertable BMW's?
how can i resolve check engine light on 1999 chevy malibu?
what does SMG mean for bmw m3?
Do you know of any dealerships that will let me get a hummer for 100 dollars a month until I pay it off?
Dose SCODA FABIA 1200 CC is it sutabil for 5 persons?
Who can i pay to make a wood gasifier?
anybody here got a lowered chevy truck?
What type of transmission is in my Ford Bronco?
My radiator fan on my 2005 ford explorer 4.6 is very loud during acceleration, what could be the problem?
If you won a free car would you pick a Lexis, a Mercedes, an Infiniti, or a BMW?
My front brakes wont release fully in my 2005 cadillac deville.?
1997 honda civic engine quote please help! I need to know if this price is fair.?
in what year was the 1965 ford mustang built?
Ford Ranger 1996 xlt diesel?
Why does my Jeep Cherokee's (1998) radiator fan keep turning on and off when the AC is on?
Which is better between Maruti Swift Lxi and Ford Figo EXI ?
My 2001 Chevy s10 's radio is locked and Ive got the codes and tryed to unlock but it didnt work what?
Where is the idle for a 1995 grand prix se?
What colour car do you have?
My dads ranger wont crank up?
what engine can i get the highest horsepower from and put in my 2007 pontiac grand prix?
Can you put a K20A engine in a 96' civic?
What is the top speed of the 2002 Volvo s60?
Where is the power steering fluid reservoir located in a 1991 chevrolet caprice?
What do you think about OPEL?
Nissan Maxima 2004 Vibrating?
I have a 1998 chevy blazer and my dash lights have stopped working at night. We have checked fuses, good. We g?
brake lights dont work when braking, 1989 nissan 240sx?
why are hyundais so ugly?
What car shifts smoother?
What is the difference between the types of Mini Coopers? Hardtop, Clubman, John Cooper Works, etc?
Grinding noise in transmission/transfer case area of my 2000 dodge ram 2500 v10. Please help.?
Is it expensive to get a jaguar repaired more than an Audi would?
how are the cylinders numbered for a1993 jeep grand cherokee stait 6?
what is rpm of a car ? what does it do?
2003 Isuzu Rodeo V6 ABS problem?
is the dodge avenger the fastest car in the world?
Is VOLVO the safest car?
WHAT do oxygen sensors do?
balance rod came out from rear wheel?
What do the BMW intitals stand for?
where is the best place to view 1985 carbuerator for 4x4 pick-up?
how to swap a srt-4 motor into a 1996 plymouth breeze motor mout arangment and wireing harnees?
what frame does the econoline use?
Honda Civic door locks?
are saab 9000 turbos any good?
how much money is a honda xr100 r worth in todays market?
I got a prize notification from Volkswagen lottery department.I replied& get prize it true?
HONDA!!! B18? h22? need more power!!!!!!!!!!!!?
which car is the best in the whole world???
HELP transmission shifting problem(automatic) 07 dodge charger shifts normal but every now and then RPM rises?
Honda Civic Clutch question?
Problems getting Jettas out of park?????
hep632 - you need to pull the light switch towards you, this will make interior light come on?
Removing a brake booster on a 1993 Toyota Land Cruiser?
Do you think a Dodge srt-4 is a good buy?
why do people want big cars and fast ones?
How and where do i get the sterreo code of my HONDA CRV 2009? With rerial number 15536444. And ridgeline 20?
What can i do to my 2012 Chevy corvette zr1 to beat a 1998 2jz 240sx?
why did megan fox tell people shes a tranny?
What country makes the best cars in the world?
my 2001 nissan maxima starts but will not idle?
what size of speakers installed in toyota corolla 2008 ... they are only 4 speakers ?
YIKES .. speedometer going crazy?
What do you think of my dream car?
my brother drove his 95 prelude, while it started to lose water and quite on him.?
Will you recomends a 2000 Honda Accord?
What does a supercharged kompressor mean?
What does a 1991 Buick Skyhawk look like?
the truth, is jdm b20b same as b20z? heard too many different things.?
How much would it cost to have heated seats installed in a 2012 ford focus SE sedan? you think its hot for a girl to have a cool car?
What can I name my brand new White ford fiesta zetec? I want a mans name for it!?
Is X3 or X5 better for a small family?
is the panaramic sunroof covered under minis boot to bonnet maintenance plan?
what year did Volkswagen have it highest sales volume in America?
Which one is faster: BMW 325i, Lexus 250 or Passat 2.0 turbo?
where can i find the portable a/c unit for the car?
just wounding if there are any 1973 datsun station wagons for sale in cali,Nevada, and arizona?
Cost to put leather seats in Volkswagen Beetle?
2007 hyundai tiburon performance upgrades?
how do i make my astra 1.6 life faster?
Can a car with keyless entry be steal?
What does code E99 mean on my 1992 cadillac deville?
1997 BMW 740i in Fail-safe mode, what does that mean?
How many miles would be good for a jetta gls 2002?
when is the new 4 door wrangler supposed to debut? If it has, where can I find pics?
1999 chevy silverado 5.3?
Where to buy 2001 Hyundai Accent A/C Switch lightbulbs
What Models & Years Did A 5th Wheel Come On The Back Of A Cadillac?
Location of spark plugs in 1999 navigator lincoln?
Will Ford Ranger aftermarket headlights fit a Mazda B4000?
best fixing glue?
rough idle, stalls when stopped. 92 cutlass supreme?
Can i use 50 weight oil in my 540i bmw?
what can happen if I install 255 35R18 in the rear tires for a BMW 528xi when it calls for 245 40R18?
3rd generation Chevy Camaro for first car?
Add power and speed to my Honda Element?
Will 1974 firebird doors fit a 1972 camaro? What is the difference?
mercedes or bmw what you like more?!?
1997 ford escort keeps blowing 100 amp fuse?
how to put heated back window on a beetle?
03/04 cobra heads on 04 gt?
Who do you think is the best car company......?
How much a 2006 Pontiac Grand Prix Key cost me?
Honda accord 1992 help!?
Mercedes-Benz or Porsche?
my 1998 ford contour has 205/65r15, can i put 205/70r15 on it?
whats better mustang or lan evo?
Details on the Ford X-plan for the Escape?
97 Ford Taurus radio?
How can I get my 1998 VW Jetta open? Door handles not working.?
# 1 muscle car 1967 GTO one sweet goat!!!?
does a 2003 f-250 super duty have oil cooler?
Where is the fuel filter located on a 1995 Mercury Sable?
I have a 98 honda accord with 87000 miles on it?
Where can I get A New key for my 2008 Ford Taurus?
Cheapest place to get a toyota hubcap?
Custom turbo shop in Los Angeles?
what goes between a radiator and the radiator cap for a q45 1990?
my car is a 1998 Pontiac grand prix and it stops at 105 how can i make it go over 105 it has a 3.8 v6 i?
Are MG Rovers a good car?
How do I turn off the CHECK ENGINE light on my Hyundai accent 1.5 CDX?
how do i remove door panels for a 2007 dodge ram 1500 to replace factory speakers?
Toyota 4Runner Tire Fitting?
Which car is better?????
1994 jeep wrangler yj?
What is the meaning when you car shows a message check the engine soon?
What is your opinion of 35 year old Men that drive 15 year old Mustangs.?
1998 explorer xlt 5.0?
what kind of fuel does a 2012 Nissan altima take?
Does anyone have a car for sale $500 with tags?
Are couples really having babies just to get a new VW Routan?
Can find "Fuel Pressure Regulator" on my 2005 Chevy Tahoe 5.3L?
where can find used car prices based on model?
Viper 5901, Remote Start and Alarm?
Will the new BMW museum in Munich be open by March 2008?
What is the best car in the world (your opinion!)?
my car was damaged during RETA not covered by insurance. need to check if fema will pay to have vehicle repair
2000 jetta headlights hid?
91yamaha warrior 4 wheeler wont start?
1957 Chevrolet "Two-Ten" 4 door sedan 6 cyl.?
1991 Civic speedometer cable into a B18?
Where are the headquaters of SAAB?
Diagnose my New Beetle Convertible? List of Random Symptoms...WHY IS THIS HAPPENING?
saab 9000 front drivers side wing?
How many Pontiac Fiero models are there?
How do you repair a vacuum leak in a brake booster on a 94 chevy trk?
My 2003 ford explorer A/C unit works, but the heater doesn't blow hot air. Any ideas what could be wrong?
How do I replace the speedometer sensor on my Honda Civic?
how can i find out how many MPG my jeep provides?
Help with 00 mustang v6 shaking!?
Why we don't yet have a car that runs on water instead of gas/petrol? Has nobody invented it yet?
What's a better first car? Honda Civic, or Honda Crv?
looking for a picture of a 1996 Cadillac el dorado?
looking to buy a 1995 dodge ram?
Should I lower my 2002 mustang? ?
How to reset or turn off 2001 FORD car alarm theft light flashing car battery died cannot reset?
My Car makes this kind of noise! please help?
how to recharge an air conditioner on a 2005 cobalt?
What's the most reliable or trouble-free car you ever owned?
My transmission has the pan pattern of a 700r4 but a bell housing bolt pattern of a GM metric pattern.?
1970 Cutlass or 1970 C10?
I am looking to buy a truck 2008 Nissan Titan just wanted an opinion?
Are the people who continue to say Hyundai is junk and inferior, really ignorant?
if my washer fluid light comes on what should i do?
I just got me a 06 mx5, its a hot car?
What's more collectible, a 944 turbo s or a 924 turbo?
is it worth it to buy a 1995 toyota avalon with 259,000 miles on it?
Who Likes the Nissan Maxima?
what is bhp in mechanical term?
simply explain 302 v8 engine?
what year is the fastest and sportiest camry made?
where to buy chevy silverado 350 vortec engine?
toyota 1993 camry front right axle question?
how do i bleed my clutch on my 1990 integra and where do i bleed it from and where the hell is the screw?
My 2005 honda crv instrument panel gauges keep freezing?
Exhaust System Brands?
whats faster a beige corvette or a teal corvette?
Volvo 740turbo 4cyl [85] runs ok but after stopping gas pedal has to be floored to restart.[flooded?]?
What makes a sun visor stay up?
What year infiniti q45 should I buy?
looking for weekend car hire audi tt?
1990 Ford F-150 Funny Start and Hot Miss?
would a K23A1 honda engine fit in a 2001 honda civic lx?
Dodge charger 2007 or Honda accord coupe 2009?
1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4x4?
Do you like the Mazda3?
Which one is better new cbz xtreme or hunk?
Who do i call to sue fox chrysler dodge jeep?
How do I know if my automatic transmission is going out?
my 2007 forester sometimes starts, sometimes it just cranks?
air conditioning?
2005 Mustang Cold Air Intake?
Why do European drivers prefer manual to automatic transmission?
tryng to start to customize my bmw 323i 2000, what's the best way to start?
Will a Mopar Performance PCM for a 2000 Dakota R/T work with a 1999 R/T?
why windstar fog lights won't turn on?
Acura integra question!!! Help!?
how to program a car remote for a 1996 chevy tahoe.?
How long is the brake line on a 1993 Lincoln Town Car?
What is wrong with my fuses?
Internal/External Features of Clio Model's?
Alfa 146 engine swap with sr20det?
Ok look i have a 92 240sx. ka24de. its a t25 turbo.?
What other kind of cars steel rim can i use for my 07 chevy malibu?
Fuse panel 2001 ford van e250?
99 2wd dodge ram rear end?
Why are BMW drivers so rude and pig ignorant.?
2000 Dodge Durango anti freeze question?
Should I get my son a corvette z06?
2.8l engine compatibility Firebird?
What does the acronym TPI stand for?
Why are most American -made Autos total crap ?
A car make beginning with " M " , thankx?
30kva ups 440voltage withs amperes?
1995 ford bronco problem?
**Looking for Mitsubishi 3000gt owner**?
what is ur stand on huummer h2s and how?
how do find the drain plug on an ml320 to change the oil?
I have a 1999 dodge durango, it will blow warm air for a very short time then its cool. no leaks.?
Dodge or Chevy?
How much is a used 1998 mitsubishi eclipse worth ?
What SUV has power seats,movable gas pedals and moon roof?
Oil pump for a 2000 chevy impala ?
what is a good product that cleans chrome??
Do you think these tata's are cute? (pict included)?
Specific seat covers for VW Beetle?
I need to find the fuel filter on a 1999 Mitsibishi Galant (4cyl). How do I get to it?
Which another front may fall to a 2000 Honda Civic?
why is my 1990 f150 only running on 6 cylinders?
are dodge stratus cars good ??
Are there any cars, make or model, beginning with the letter "Q"?
cadillac timing specs 500?
toyota altezza rs200 as first car and for drifting?
Best Body Kits For A 2002 Nissan Sentra SER V Spec?
what is a good first car?
1997 acura integra HELP please !?
What is the most cost-effective way to improve the horsepower of the 4 cylinder (5S-FE) engine on a 20?
My bora 2000 model comsumes fuel unneccessarily. It also trips off when the AC in turned on. I need HELP?
I have a 94 Honda Accord that's running great, it has 160,000 mi on it now, How long realistically can it go?
I have a sage green 2004 mazda tribute and yellow paint scratched on the door, how can i get it off.?
01 dodge Durango all lights blinked?
what could be wrong with my ford scorpio car?.It jerks and wont start after driving long distance.?
How much is a Mercury Grand Marqui 1993 worth?
Does anyone know the size of the FACTORY speakers on a 2006 Chrysler 300 Limited? (Rear deck and front doors)?
how to lift up the seats in hyandai h1 1998?
Shifter assembly problem?
I have a 1988 300zx Nissian and i cant find the ignition relay can someone tell me where it is?
Why is the Cherokee better than the Jeep Liberty (the successor)?
please help!?
Nissan gtr 2013 launch control?
Why shouldn't I buy a 2006 Acura TL?
how much do you think it would cost me to buy a cheap used honda civic and mod it up a little bit?
Can anyone tell me of car stereo's which will fit Fiat Punto Mk1?
What car brand makes the best car?
do you think Mustang's are overrated among teens??
what gas do you put in a 1998 mazda protege? regular or plus?
Im having issues with my 99 Hyundai Sonata GLS A..?
Eagle summit Tacometer not working?
does anyone know if the honda civic coupe 2008 model can play an mp3 cd in the cd player?
Would it help my 2000 ford explorer if i rod out the catalytic converter?
What type transmission fluid 1998 v6 dodge ram 1500?
how to make fire blow from exhaust of vehicle?
My radio in peugeot 207?
is a 1998 plymouth breeze interchangeable with a 2001 dodge neon fuel pump?
What happens if my aftermarket intake isn't plugged into the engine on my RSX Type S?
2006 Kia Sportage?
how do I change my password?
If i make a payment to the seller, how does autos protect my money?
Should I get the 2007/08 Audi A4?
Does turning the hazard light on in a Chevy Cobalt eliminate the speed govoner?
why do bmw drivers not use indicators?
where can I find bmw restoration parts, specifically engine components?
don't you feel bad driving big SUV/Hummer/pick ups truck .....?
my car Peugeot 206sw 1.4 is using so much petrol why?
Is a black 2003 Volkswagen Beetle girly to have?
TOYOTA 4RUNNER V6 vs V8 engine?
POLL----Which Truck is better Ford F-150 or Chevy Silvardo?
Bmw X5. What do you think of it?
What kind of car would you rather have a Donk or a Cutless?
Best Nissan Ever?
how does nissan determine mpg on nissan leaf?
Is 246k on a Jetta vr6 01 to much miles?
why is my 2000 1.8t beetle getting check engine code 17748. P1340?
Have you ever driven a Lada?
where is the soleniod for 3rd and 4th gears found on a 2003 chevy impala 4T65/E transmission?
does the oldsmobile cutlass supreme coupe year 81 shell the exact same as an 86?
What does the E in E-class mean?
Does Mercury the element impact technology?
How Could i make this look good?
Light Issues with 1989 Honda Accord LXI?
How much does Skoda Superb cost in the US?
Is a mini coupe and a mini cooper the same type of car?
should i get a turbo kit for my boyfriend's birthday?
Best tires**Mercedes c 240?
my bro's top to his 96 sebring convertible when you drive the top wiggles an shakes an makes noice?
Diagram for changing a timing belt on 2005 dodge stratus?
Is the Miata a girlie-car?
where can i get a free key code for a 98 ford ?
How to change spark plugs on 01 mustang gt?
How many rear seats can be heated in the bmw 5 gt?? ( 2 or 3 )?
I recently went to a Hudson National Meet Car Show and Purchased a Lettering off the car saying Hudson Detail?
What is the best general owners book for a 1993 Alpha Romeo 164L?
were can you get a Audi A4 2002,2003,2004 for under 5000 dollars.?
how much to replace idler arm/pulley in peugeot expert?
My 2001 Buick Labsabre motor growls faster as I excel Why?
problem with 79 f-250?
4.6motor installed in a 1967 fordfairlain?
what's better, automatics or stick shifts?
Honda HRX426QX Winter storage question?
Ford Escape 2003 model wont start any help?
I am buying a 2012 honda civic?
Is the chevy camaro coming back?
Does a 2000 volkswagon jetta come stock with a cd player?
chevy vega tire size question?
Is 190,000 miles a lot for a Toyota 4Runner?
Has anyone fit three carseats in the back of an 03 to 05 chevy impala?
is kia optima agood car?
Dodge power wagon cab and frame?
how many airbags are in a 2012 tundra?
i need to figure out my gas milage on my used car.its in litres and km.per hr. can you explain how to do this.
1968 mustang gt fastback or charger?
I need some one who realy know and work on the 1947 Crysler Windsor in Los angeles.?
95 Civic bended rear trailing arm remedy...?
how can i upgrade my headlights at my 1975 beetle?
check engine light came one on my 01 denali and the guages no longer work?any idea y this happened? thanx?
my mom is giving me her 2003 chevy impala?
What type of medium size cars have you been finding reliable?
whats your favorite classic vw!!?
does General Motors own Chevrolet?
What is this warning light on my Corsa?
Would a Jeep Liberty be a Good First Car?
P1249 waste gate control valve 2000 honda civic... related to cylinder 3 misfire?
where is the Pontiac Solstice Manufacturing plant?
How good is the Ford Focus?
Will Civic Type-R seats fit in my 94 hatch and will 95 integra leathers fit in my friends civic 99?
Used Honda Accord or Honda Civic?
what happens if i top off my coolant in my bmw x3 with dex-cool and it mixes with non dex-cool coolant?
Mazda 3 05 problem with steering wheel?
what is a better used car, a nissan altima or toyota corolla?
where are ferraris made?
I have a 2008 Chrysler Sebring Touring the Cruise Control is not working,I was wondering were the problem lies?
whats the torque specifications for a bearing bolt on a crankshaft for a chevrolet lumina 1995?
Nissan murano transfercase?
98 Saturn SL2 new radio, now instrument panel not lighting?
Your opinion of the Nissan Note?
Does anyone know the CEO of dodge cars email address or adress where i can mail him a letter?
Will a 20" rim(size 15/115) fit on a 2000 mustang WITHOUT modifications?
where can i find a slug bug convertable for sale in kansas. no ebay answers please?
bmw or mercedes-benz and why?
Is a Chrysler 200 good for a 16 year old?
94 dakota no fuel in cylinder?
Where is the fuel filter located on a 95 corvette?
which country has produced MAZDA ?
What years did ford make their 427 SOHC motor , was it a true hemi ?
shaking jeep .. ????
toyota crown?
Exactly what is a vtech engine on a v6 accord? And dont they all have vtech?
Is the Ford Mustang a good car??
If I wanted to rebuild my V6 mustang engine how much would it be?
Is there a "muffler" that doesn't really muffle the sound?
2009 Hyundai Accent radio stuck on AM?
Which company makes the Hyundai? Is Honda a partner?
how many miles per gallon do you get on a ford mustang?
Will a 5 bolt Chevy truck 15" wheel, fit on Dodge Ram van? Both have same tire, 235/75/r15?
Drivers side makes a clunking noise when turning?
I have these three cars in mind, santro zing, wagon r and zen estilo. Please suggest?
how do i get info on mercedes and its pictures for printing?
Can anyone please tell me,which of these luxury cars is better and cheaper to maintain?
Why is there rust on my 2002 subaru forester?
toyota liteace 1990 GXL i think my timing is out?
What size ruins should I put on a cadillac deveille?
Where is a fuel pump relay located on a 1992 Toyota corolla?
Is there any plans for Volkswagen to bring the GTI or R32 5-Door to America?
Which car do you like better?
1995 Silverado TBS issue.?
My 1997 Honda Accord showing "Maintenance required" light?
Where is paint code located at on 08 chevy silverado 1500?
1996 Audi Quarttro 2.8l Speedo.?
I am trying to source a beige centre console for my BMW Z3 RHD UK model, help?
have 2010 ford f150 when back up my front brakes squeal why?
Will These Tires Fit on My Stock Jeep Wrangler?
How to remove the flywheel on a2000 ford expedition 5.4?
do they still make chevy astro vans?
Why am I getting creamed with maintenance on my Cross-Country?
How to turn the honda crv 2012 4 wheel drive to 2 wheel drive?
Can someone tell me what the #6 fuse controls in a 200 vw beetle?
What custom thing should I add to my car?
Will you still buy a Toyota?
what is the full address of Mercedes Benz Factory in Germany ?r=1231386302?
1995 subaru impreza 2.2 AWD?
what kind of car does alonzo drive in training day?
How much will it cost to fix a 2003 mustang Gt with bad rod bearings?
I need black interior door panels, not leather, for my 1992 BMW 318is. Front and rear.?
95 Ford F-150 fuel problem?
Seatbelts in a 1974 Camaro?
How to check oil on 2007 roush mustang?
1997 ford explorer antifreeze?
how easy is it to install remote staer on a 2008 nisson alt. crime stopper kit?
where to purchase a infiniti intelligent key?
The new Dodge Dart for a first car?
Do you drive Ford, Chevy or Dodge..?
From your experience, which cars seem to perform better: Japanese or German?
what size engines did the older chevy malibus have?
What else would i need for a 5in lift on a jk jeep wrangler x?
Pontiac Trans Am how much is it worth ?
what day of the week was aug 1, 1995?
what do u think? could i be a model?
volkswagen engine shutsdown?
I am considering the Scion TC. Is this a good Car?
i want to build a car around around the nissan rb26dett engine?
ABC has website about a contest involving Yukon trucks cant get there Any ideas?
What years did ford make their 427 SOHC motor , was it a true hemi ?
merc or bmw?
What kind of antique car does this emblem fit?
97 Honda civic break lights/inside dash are out, replaced the bulbs/dont wrk, help!?
What can handle liquid neon?
Audi 2008 A4 Bluetooth?
how do I disable my alarm?
Lifespan of a Honda civic?
Where do I ground my car amplifier in my Foxbody (Hatchback)?
What brand Fuel does FORD require to be used in a 05 Mustang?
I have Nissan altima 05 4 cylinder. I had overheating problem . My mechanic said its head gasket need to be re?
Can I buy a pre-owned house without my brother premisson?
How much is a 2004 Dodge Pickup with 190,000 miles worth?
i own a chevy 77 box van, run great, i need to replace the steering ,rubber cap ,on the colum.?
Why does my 2001 Ford Escort stall when I stop for too long?
is synthetic oil or a synthetic blend better for my car than regular motor oil?
what car is cooler?
what is the difference of 2008 and 2009 altima?
Thinking about buying an 87-95 Mustang gt 5.0?
When will the 2007 Ford Mustangs show up in dealer show rooms?
why do car alarms go off for no reason?
lean 2005 sentra...Possible culprits?
BMW=Bent Man's Wish??
how can i fix my 96 jetta glx vr6 driver side door lock?
i want to replace the timing belt of my honda CRV model 2001?
cual es la diferencia entre fabricar un parachoque de autos con fibra de vidrio a fabricarlo con Acero?
How do thiefs steal cars and what can i do to prevent it?
Which trim level of the USDM Nissan 350z has the lightest curb weight?
Ford Escape ABS problem?
Is the Ford Mustang a good car??
How much is the labor of water pump on my bronco?
My 1995 eclipse releases a lot of smoke out the exhaust when I am idle.?
2012 Mazda 3 gear shift box. Need people who own a recent mazda 3.?
My car stops at any given time and no one can seem to figure it out. What could be the problem?
is it ok to put unleaded gas into a Infiniti G35 which is a premium gased car?
What can i do with my honda accord coupe?
How do I fix my electrical problem with my taillights, Keep blowing fuses.?
will they catch me?
Mercedes-Benz Question: Which Benz Is This Exactly? (Picture Inside)?
I have an 81 Cadillac Coup Deville with an V8-6-4 engine. How do I convert it to an 8 cylinder?
my quistion is who make the first car in the world?
Limit as n->infinity of n!/1*3*5...(2n-1)?
i have a '97 dodge ram. 5.9ltr. having troubles accelerating, like something under the pedal.. why/?
i want to get neon blue and neon green braces?
drifting a porshe 911?
What is better Lexus RX 350 or Cadillac SRX?
Where is the transmission module located on a toyota land cruiser, model FZJ80G?
I'm looking into a new BMW or Lexus, which one?
Check Engine Light On on my 2006 Nissan Pathfinder?
My 2002 ford ranger wont start.?
which is the maximum speed of ford bronco V8 205 HP manual year 1971?
which new car models have flip side-view mirror?
where could i find the computer for nissan wingroad96?
car question about audi
If im toyota how would I make people want to come and test drive my cars?
1981 Fairmont?
Help with my ford falcon? ?
How much did the US Version E12 BMW 528i cost new in 1980?
Is there anyway to replace the stereo in a 2005 S40?
Is a 2003 Nissan for $8500 good?
what is a baby rabbit called?
Small block chevy 350. How much HP?
My 05 Chevy silverado 2wd check engine light?
1997 ford mondeo heater is only blowing cold air out,could it be a fuse problem?
How do i put in an intake system into a carburated vehicle?
95 VW 2.0 Oil Pressure Sensor Warning?
Ferrari or Porsche?
2005 Chevy Malibu Maxx LS?
1998 Lexus ES300 P0125 code problem?
How do i make my honda foreman go faster?
i have a hyudai sonata 2000 when i drive it it chokes and it looses power?
How many hours to change a manual transmission on a 1986 4x4 Toyota truck w/2.4 engine?
2008 ford ranger 3.0 rough starting?
Which color of Maruti Swift zdire is prefered to buy? White or Silver.?
Cheapest, but good exhaust system for 2000 honda civic ex coupe?
How often should you have your transmission fluid replaced?
The new Ford Mustang we have in the uk, am i right in saying most are V6's not V8s ?
how do you know if your starter is going out?
My 1990 nissan 300zx z32 wont rev past 3k-3.5k rpms?
What kind of motor will go into a 1981 VW Westfalia?
I need a b20 high comperssion motor?
Lighter Socket 2003 Silverado?
Where is the OBD II connector for toyota FJ Cruiser located?
What was the first year for a factory superchargered Cobra Mustang?
How does Ford ship thier vehicles to Alabama. Train or truck?
I am dating a guy I need your opinion?
Where can I find my gas filter on my 1997 Chrysler Concorde?
Anyone here remember the ORIGINAL Ford Mustang? Do you think the original was cool?
Help someone I am over my head!!!!!?
What is a 1957 "Dual Ghia" convertable and where is it made? Any other Info you know about it? Serial No. 105
2002 subaru outback h6 exhaust?
Ford fusion transmission problems on the 2010?
Does a cold air intake really increase HP and fuel economy?
I have a service engine soon light on and rattling under my car, could it be the catalytic converter?
keys locked inside ford fiesta.?
dodge rams and how many sets of keys they have?
Mercedes or BMW suv?
Attention gearheads! My 1991 Merc. Grand Marquis won't start if parked out in the rain. Help!?
Shifter assembly problem?
Will a 1991 Hatchback Civic amber bumper lights fit into my 1990 integra bumper lights?
I have a 2005 3500 dodge ram manual 6 speed stock with a 6 in tip, how can i make it black smoke?
Upgrading the Mits. Help/Opinions?
Isn't the Infiniti considered a luxury car?
Question about changing oil in a Honda?
what is your favourite car?
Crown Victoria 2003 Police interceptor code P0430?
What is the difference of chevy and Chevrolet?
Whats the difference between 2005 and 2006 Scion tc?
EXPERIENCED MECHANIC 98 JEEP CHEROKEE stalls when you put it in drive.?
can anybody give me the year and model of this BMW?
I have a Buick Lesabre and on the title says its a LCF under description. What does LCF stand for?
Is the 2.0T I4 engine on Audi A4 the same as one on VW Passat?
I live in Arkansas, the Nova is also in Arkansas?
1st used car buying advice-what car?
Okay, I have a Hot Pink z24 Chevy Cavalier, why do people think I am spoiled?
What name brand oil is the best for bmw 540i?
Why are chrysler doors called "Suiside Doors"?
why are ford explorers going thru wheelbearings at low mileage?
Did Jeep Wranglers get a new soft top?
what year is a EE9 civic?
What will happen if you use 5w-30 oil in a 2010 Jeep patriot?
Ford diesel truck motor problems 2002 to 2004?
I have a strange sound coming from my 2002 honda civic when the headlight is NOT on?
Do all 1993 infiniti G20 cars have heated seats?
How can I make a 4cyl accord more powerful or faster?
whats the fastest car?
Had a motor put into an 1 Pont. Grand Am, the check engine lights are on. Does anyone know how to reset?
Anyone know the music for the new Ford Focus advert out recently?
How do you program remote for 2000 Toyota Solara?
Is VW planning on making a new R32 with the newly designed GTI?
In a Honda V6 2008 coupe, do the rear seats fold down?
How far can I go when the gas light turns on? ('91 Honda Accord)?
How would you describe the Chrysler PT Cruiser in one word other than "Classic" and "Retro"!?
honda integra 2002 speed stats?
My 1994 Honda Accord seems to have air in the line....Ive tried to bleed the lines but it didnt work. Why?
Aut D16y8 tops out at 100 mph?
Do straight exhaust pipes make a car louder?
lift kit for my 08 tundra sr5 4x4?
what is the best car to have 2006?
i need help with gear ratio for 2 s 10 blazers?
99 Ford Taurus. Service Engine Light On. Code 1518, Manf Control Veh Spd Idle Speed Control Availability Inpu?
Will a tranny from a 99 Venture work in a 01 Montana?
2002 volkswagen passat gas filter location?
When so desired, why was the Nissan 240sx discontinued and why is it so rare/hard to find?
I Have A Ferrari Spider What Have You Got?
mazda or daewoo cars which is the better?
Do you like this concept car from toyota?
bas est*benz*sign meaning?
Why 1993 BMW 325i transmission is different than US models?
What do you own? A Ford truck or a Ford car?
What color and kind of rims would look good on a charcoal grey Honda Civic Si?
Where will GM build...?
1972 Mercedes Benz 250 Automatic- shifts only twice?
VW Transporter Single Cab?
i just purchased a used 1999 mercury cougar and engine light wont turn off after 2 weeks of driving?
On road price for verna fluidic in delhi?
How much will it cost to change my brake pads on honda civic, garage quoted $500?? is this too much??
Can you watch dvds on the navigation system in the Honda Odessey ( like the Toyota Sienna)?
why does bmw use numbers for their cars such as 740 IL?
How do i replace cigarette lighter in 1997 mercury grand marquis?
Which one actually the real nickname for BMW, Beemer or Bimmer?
I have a 1999 ford escort. Recently i was driving and the blow by hose had came off causing the car to shut?
what years interchange with a 1995 ford explorer 4.0?
Ford Escort Mk.2 - your opinions on the car please?
Would these Nerf bars fit my jeep?
where can i buy 2008 honda civic hybrid backup lights? ( OEM)?
What is the lenght of the wiper blades for a 1997 Honda Civic LX?
Where would i be able to get cheap replacement parts for a 2005 Nissan Sentra? (hood, bumper, etc..) Thanks.?
where can I rent a Merc Benz sports car in Bay Area, CA?
Why won't my shifter shift out of park in my 97 Escort Wagon?
2004 cavalier fuel pump troubles?
2005 ford explorer PATS issue, starter, or should i try programing another spare key?
On 1 to 10 rate da lexus LS430?
Should I buy a 1987 porsche 928 S4 or a 1983 porsche 911?
looking for horn or fuse to check horn for mazda protege?
Chevy Cobalt: Ultra Silver or Yellow?
What is the total length of the bed WITH THE TAILGATE DOWN on a 2000-2004 Dodge Dakota Quad cab truck?
is an acura integra a good car?
What are the coolest cars in the world?
who thinks that toyota is taking over the world?
Who would win between a 98 chevy cavalier or a 2000 grand prix se???
Did the 1942 buick have an overhead valve with a straight 8 cylender?
how many people would get a mitsubishi eclipse for a first car?
What year ford f-150 has the gas cap right behind the drivers side door?
Im looking to put exhasut in my 2009 mustang?
i have a 1967 volkswagon bettle just bought can't find the radiator?
Can I put a 1995 toyota camry 4 cly engine in my 1994 model camry?
2000 honda accord sitting for 3 years?
Are car brands CITROEN, FIAT and PEUGEOT available for sale in the US? If not why? Whats country makes them?
Help!!! 99 Honda Accord.. Battery die and now the radio it's asking for a code?? Not clue at all !!!?
What manufacture makes the Hummer?
Whats the best way to sue a big company like Ford Motor Company for a defective vehicle that burnt up?
Why is Mitsubishi Galant so cheap?
Lady in Toyota commercial?
does a white 350z look good......?
Radiator install on a 96 honda accord dx Manuel Transmission?
a/c and first two fan speeds on 1989 Mazda B 2200 quit at same time, could this be fuse/relays? where located?
Levis or Diesel which is the better brand?
What car do you have now?
AM i alone in thinking the BMW e30 M3 is one of the best looking cars ever?
VW 2000 beetle leak??? Pease help!!!?
Does buying a Japanese Car Hurt my country America?
what is the best spark plug setting when using a msd-5 ignition on a fiat x1/9 using n9y plugs?
Which one is better a lexus or mercedes?
what kind of v6 engine can go into an 89 chevy astro?
I need a picture diagram of a steering column for a 1995 Ford Escort. Can you help me?
how to open a locked gas tank lid ?
what is this car make/model (pic)?
How do I remove the old stereo mount from 1996 VW Polo?
Transfer switch for ford f150 for dual fuel tanks?
how to get better gas milage from a ford excursion v 10??? it has a k and n air filter. what else can i do???
Can you change the mileage on the dashboard display of a Ford Focus?
Why won't my check engine light in my 2001 VW Jetta go out?
Does anyone think GM or GMAC will go bankrupt?
Is the Chevy Impala a good car buy?
has anyone ever seen a pontiac solstice on the road?
how to get an additonal horsepower from my mustang?
Should I start putting premium gasoline in my 1996 infiniti I30?
What to replace in a honda accord 98 to run better/efficient?
is a direct injection dohc hemi possible?
2000 Buick Park Ave---Dash lights went off and back on--What could cause this ?
Why are BMWs so great?
my car won't stay started?
changing automatic transmision fluide for E200?
what is a better exhaust for a nissan 350z? a nismo or skunk2?
What do you think of Ford Escort 1997?
My 2008 VW Jetta wont go into AUX mode?
Whats the best mustang?
I am looking for a wiring diagram for a 1986 Dodge 3/4 ton van conversion.....please help?!?!?
would a dodge ram 2500 be able to pull 3 cars?
1998 NF Fairlane Boot Badge?
Who loves the Volkswagen Rabbit? And did you know they are making it again?
Do you own a Jeep so you can take if offroad or is it your daily driver?
Do 2003 F150 Supercab (Door and a half) 6FT bed, 4x4, gas, have any MECHANICAL problems?
Buying an 2002-2003 Nissan Altima?
what modifications do i need to do to my 350z motor?
Will a 1/2 fan keep my Mopar as cool as a whole fan?
how do u rate Nissan Tiida car compared to relative class cars of other industries?
What do SE and SX mean when describing a car model?
where can i find a Chin Spoiler for a 2004 Ford Mustang GT?
How much would it cost to lift a 1996 chevy astro van about 2 or 3 inches?
How can I put an alarm from a '01 Ford Explorer on my '91 Blazer?
code for security on monte carlo 2004?
2001 dodge ram the panel lights all came on and all of the gauges quit working any ideas?
Help me identify this rare Ford muscle car.?
i just bought a brand new 2008 honda cr-v and my ex wife thinks ford is better, what do you think?
why doesnt my car start? its a 91 toyota corolla and when i try to start it it wont.?
Best cabriolet/convertable and most fun!?
Where can i find a motor for a vw bug year 1966?
2001 Toyota Tundra V8/4WD ~200k miles on it. Exhaust manifold?
Will a 15" wheel fit on my Alfa Spider 1974 and work right?
How Many Miles Are Typical???
2000 Dodge Dakota Sport:: Shifting Problems?
does anyone know what years the ecu's were the same as for a 95 eclipse gs?
Ford GT vs Saleen S7 whos faster in the QM and in top end?
Cars, import vs amarican?
what years interchange with a 1995 ford explorer 4.0?
How much horsepower does my 1997 Nissan Maxima GLE have?
What is the difference between the Honda Civic 2006 US Model and Japan Model? Which is better?
how to you make a v6 camaro faster?
2002 gmc draining batteries?
403 or 400 big block in my trans am?
Where are the spark plugs located on a S80 Volvo??
Anyone know where I can decode a Ford Engine Serial Code Number?
i have a bmw 316 i am getting a creamy sludge under oil filler cap is this anything to worry about?
Need to remove my vw bora 2001 car alarm?
saturn automoible?
please, please, please someone help me. dodge dakota 2 wheel drive coil spring installation?
Wer is the oil filter on crysler town /country mini van?
what causes my steeing wheel to vibrate, when at low speeds?
Would a scion tc beat a mustang?
97 Dodge Dakota 2wd in winter?
Need HELP!! Civic 2006 or 2007?
is 2002 Honda sportrax 90 an automatic or is it a manual?
what kind or brand of spark plugs do i buy for a 93 chevy corsica v6 3.1 multi port?
I need to tune my 95 2.0 escort lx turbo?
Does anyone know other car rims that are close to this? Picture included?
Do you prefer black or white racing stripes on a red 1992 Camaro?
Setting timing in AMC 258 w/a Weber 32/36 DGEV?
I had a new engine put in my Nissan Pathfinder and now it eats gas like crazy?
New Camaro?
Jeep Cherokee instrument cluster replacement?
My 1998 ford taurus will not go in drive or reverse but will?
What kalvin do I need for an HID kit on my Audi S4?
1994 Dodge Ram 2500 brakes are locked up?
I need help with my add on alarm. I have a 05 Tacoma want to install the Hornet model 727T.?
how do you change piston rings on a 1992 honda civic?
I got a 2001 f150 i hear some whinning sound coming from gas tank thus that mean fuel pump is going bad?
I got a ford Taurus 98 I was driving it parked it for 10 hour went back it want start no sound at all?
What must I do to reset the 'check engine' light in a 1999 Ford Crown Victoria?
Front Seal/Gasket 1998 pontiac grand am SE v6 leak?
Where can I drive my car on a track?
What is the best car ever made?
How long of a drve is it from Dana Point to San bernardino?
Ford, GM, Chysler Plants closed?
where can i find parts for a 1965 plymouth fury 3 with a c body?
what can i buy with 10 dollers?
can you pls help me find any mercedes benz ml s 350 amg?
I have a 2003 f150 turn ac on and engine star missing?
Anyone know a manufacturer of a universal screw on hood scoop?
mr2 turbo difference in alternators!!?
VW Rabbit convertible?
Why are my brakes on my 06 mustang squeeling?
Better intake for Altima Coupe 3.5L?
how to change a tire valve stem on a 2007 rav 4 with a tire pressure system?
Setting ignition timing on 1996 Nissan Altima?
i would like to change my honda crv into CNG is it possible wat will be the draw back?
79 Pontiac Trans Am - Is my husband crazy?
2004 f150 5.4L intake port outer diameter? ?
compare merc 300D & 220 cdi?
How many miles will my 2001 1.8t VW passat get with a full tank of gas?
is my 1994 honda civic 4 door a ex or lx?
I have 1986.5 Toyota Supra. After attempting to install a CD deck, car will not start. I checked fuses.?
Ford SUV shows a charge warning lamp - advice - replace alternator. I did this less than a year ago - ideas?
can a honda S2000 beat nissan skyline in drag race?
used ford transmission?
1996 ford f150 oxygen sensor?
Is the '06 VW Beetle worth it?
What decoration should I get for my tata's?
95 mustang gt over heating why?
AC High Side and Low Side for Scion TC?
I can not get the key into the ignition of my 1957 Chevy Bel air, is there a trick?
I need a nice Valentine gift for my boyfriend, who is BMW mad?
can you pop this switch up from the door?
Why does my 05 GT Mustang die when I race it?
2003 BMW 330 CI With Sports Package.?
Can I istall a ford escort engine 2.0 SHOC 2002 in 1998 model?...?
no spark on 89 civic?
I have a 2007 Dec Tata Indica Xeta. The fuel indicator is not working since 2 days.?
Hi im wondering if 1800 is a good price for a 1990 Nissan 240sx KA24DET se model?
My service required light on Camry 2005 is flashing and now check engine light is on too?
My 1995 bonneville drives perfect then when i go back to crank it up it wont til like 10 minutes later?
what are some good german cars?
Honda 1999 V4 h22 swap?yes or NO?why?
where is airbags sensor on 2003 jeep overland?
Why woulpouring water on engine block help start a car?
Where can I find drilling instructions for installing Steel Horse side steps on a 1995 jeep wrangler?
What truck have more power ford or Chevy ?
Camshaft for my car 77 camaro?
which is a better car?
swapped to a chevy 350?
Where can I find a jackson racing supercharger for a honda prelude?
Has anyone ever heard of the company Kairos Autonomi? They make an add on kit to make a car drive on its own.?
Trying to name my car. 93 mustang, blue & white. uncommon, maybe 50s name? Must suit well with "Betsey". Help?
Has anyone had as much trouble with a FORD as i have?
Own a 06 Jetta 2.0T, Engine Light came on. Code P0324 What is the cost?
Ford focus auto zetec?
i have a 1999 dodge neon and i have a short air intake to install but im not sure how to do so?
Connecting wiper l.e.d lights ?
What type of medium size cars have you been finding reliable?
How to make an old truck Stop stalling.?
whats the code. fault code on stilo abarth to turn air bag warning light off?
Having trouble with wiring harness on a Civic EF swapped D16Z6. Will changing the harness to a D16Z6 be a plug?
I am interested in getting a 2003 Ford Explorer. Does the V8 engine really suck up more gas than the V6?
How to turn oil light off on 2006 ford explorer?
1997 oldsmobile cutlass(same as chevy malibu) ABS light on, replaced rotors/pads bad shake keeps coming back!!?
lowest emission car ever i thought it was a honda accord EX?
Lamborghini gallardo advertisment. help required?
I own a BMW that just came out of warranty. Its a good idea to keep it or to buy a new one?
2001 land rover discovery11 engine light came on what the problem?
2007 Honda Civic with transmission issues.?
will gsr blades fit 4th gen prelude?
anyone know anything about the 302 chevy motor such as worth,how to know if it is a real one ? thanks?
which is the maximum speed of these vehicles year 1972.?
Question for limos!!!?
Is g8d most important part when buying a second hand honda fob re the programming or is it Mhz?
help me decide on my new car please?
Is Dodge Building a Hybrid Ram?
I need a used car and here my chosies 2004 Lexus ES 350 premium 2001 Acura TL 3.2?
what is the length of a mercury mountaineer?
Where to find owners manual for 2005 ford explorer limited 4.6l?
How much would you pay for this car?
Cars similar to toyota celica?
What kind of body kit is this for a mazda rx7 fd?
How many quarts of oil does a 2002 Jeep Liberty take for an oil change? It's a 3.7 liter 4X4.?
2005 VW Passat engine speed sensor broken.?
cambelt on my recently bought ford puma is 3 years overdue company i bought it from says they are not liable?
Why would someone purchase a regular toyota camry over a hybrid (2007)?
what is this 2006 mustang gt worth?
What kind metal is made the motor of a honda accord 1995?
Is it illegal to change my 1994 Honda stock Exhaust with the N1 Muffler?
Jetta 2005 GLS TDI sunroof not working?
is there the 7.3 liter powerstroke better than the 6.0 liter?
What kind of car is this?
what size are the stock tires on a 1982 mercury capri?
Mk4 golf hard to get in to every gear?
Which one yould you choose: Dodge Charger RT or Mustang GT Premium?
Help which car is best overall?
how do I find the model number on a holley carburetor?
If a z71 Silverado with 200000miles still good?
Torque Converter for a 2000 Dodge Caravan!!?
1995 Ford F150 XL Regular Cab long box automatic transmission slams when put into reverse?
Ford Mustang for a 21 years girl?????
what is the decibal limit for exhaust in michigan? Where can i measure this?
Which car is best for a girl..options listed?
My 97 olds cutlass supreme, engine light blinks when I climb hills and loses horse power?
How can i find out how many miles to the gallon my car averages?
my 2000 dodge stratus engine gives off alot of heat?
how do u know went an fan clutch is gone bad?
2010 focus or 2008 fusion ?
Rear heat blower not working at all for my 2000 Pontiac Montana extended version. What should I look for?
Where would I find the windows relay on a vw polo 2001 1.4 and what number is it?
300zx white smoke by the battery?
What is the 1972 Volkswagen Beetle wheel bolt pattern & offset?
How is the coil wired correctly on a 1985 Honda Civic? EW1 motor, Carb. New mototr will not fire.?
What's a cool, small, and classy car?
Will this VAG-COM work for my VW Passat?
What is the difference between Hyundai and Kia?
Ferrari or Porsche?
1997 Chevy Cavalier E-Brake handle Removal?
Is a Mazda 6i a good car?
Why is there so many toyota corollas in the steets?
I'm 19 years old, how do I get a ride in a Rolls Royce or something like it?
How much transmission fluid should be in a 1997 BMW 325i?
Car alarm issues. my 98 ford explorers alarms been going off all morning every 15 minutes or so?
I'm thinking of getting a Subaru Forrester. Any other cars or small SUV's I should look at?
Would a scion tc beat a mustang?
What is wrong with my Mazda 2?
is saturn a foreign car?
how do you stop water leak in 1995 lincoln town car trunk?
hyndai dealers in ct?
2008 Chevy Impala making a whining sound?
What are the Toyota RAV4 cloth seats like?
What is the World's Best 4x4?
Just bought a 06 Jeep Liberty....any great advice would be appreciated. Thanks?
Moonroof on my car eclipse is stuck dont open or close what could it be?
Which one of these cars should i go for?
is the bmw m5 the best car in the world?
Is Mazda 323 (1996) a good car?
where can i find some powerstroke shirts for sale?
Can you make the 2005 Fiat Panda 4 seater into a 5 seater?
Has Toyota sold 80,000 hybrids this year?
Which is the fuse for check engine light on 2001 lincoln continental?
what is the tint shade on the acura mdx?
How far could I drive when the low fuel light comes on?
My Lamp infected Beaver Has TaTA's?
Was spark now none on a 1966 vw dunebuggy?
Head swap for 92 civic?
How many miles per gallon do you get on your 2000 ford windstar?
what is the country that stays neutral all the time?
Will an EJ20 and 5spd from a GC8 swap right into my 2005 Forester?
Good manual transmission for a chevy 350?
Which set of wheels/tyres work best on an Infiniti G35 sedan.?
Did I misunderstand my Dodge salesman? If you buy a new '08 you have a warranty for life?
Do you think that Ford will be out of business?
Will 17x7 or 17x8 rims including the correct tires fit on a 1964 thunderbird?
Do you own a car made by Ford?
Brake light switch -- is it adjustable? 2001 Chevy S-10?
do ford cars break down alot?
what is the mpg on a 1996 olds ciera?
Is buying a 91 Mercedes E300 with 296,000 for $600 a good idea?
how many miles per gallon does a 91 honda accord gets city/highway?
im planning to buy a car,what is the best car today toyota or honda??
Safari Dicor 2.2VTT Vs Scorpio mhawk VLX?
Which is the best van to carry a wheelchair?
Should I fix the temperature gauge on a 1996 Chevy Lumina?
ii have money for Audi a8.i don"t know!!!!Audi a8 or BMW 750 i???
i am trying too locate a crankshaft pully for a 1998 subaru?
On a PT Cruiser (rental car), what does the yellow exclamation point under the gear indicator mean?
What is the city fuel economy of a Honda Pilot?
Question about Pontiac GTO ?
Which is the best segment B car for Mumbai. My budget is 4.00 lacs. I have shortlisted Wagar R and Santra.?
does a 1999 mercury sable gs have a cd player along with the cassette player?
how do u find the engine range on a 99 volkswagen passat?
I am planning to buy brand new 2011 Scion Tc, I would like to know whats facts on Lamborghini door style..?
Windshield washer reservoir '12 mazda 6i?
How much of a hitch ball drop would i need?
What type of muscle car was used in the movie Highwaymen?
why does my back tire not move after getting my brakes done?
how much cost in labor is it to fix left front axle on 1995 VW Golf III?
Need help on my mazda rx8?
How is ttl.for a 1998 crown vick?
Why would a Toyota Dealership not certify a used toyota?
is all wheel drive that much better?
Is my choice of getting the Honda Twister right?
My 02 chevy trailblazer battery keeps dying, it'd been tested and it's ok?!?
i want to know the specification of specific model of volkswagen company that is called GOL.?
Will buying this car be shooting myself in the foot?
can you put a cool air system in a 86 toyota truck fuel injection?
Hi performance ford escort engine?
my Ford Escort exhaust sounds louder between 1800 and 2000 revs. I've recently had the exhaust repl?
Where is Porsche from ?
Can anyone tell me how to change a fuel filter and/or pump on a 94 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo?
where to find a used or rebuilt volvo b20 cylinder head?
HELP! Scenic radio problems "/?
I drive a bmw and noone gives way to me when really they should?
Fuel gauge on ford f250 always reads empty?
What is good mileage for a Toyota?
My 2001 ford taurus SES sedan wont start even with a jump help!!!!!!!!!?
changing from 2.2 to 4.3 in a 2000 s10, computer question?
So Hitler made the company Volkswagen or the idea.. but was the car he had made bullet proof?
2002 volvo s40 repair manual?
does anyone know the trunk dimensions of a 2012 ford focus?
What is the difference between an automatic transmission and a CVT transmission?
Where is the block heater on a 2001 Toyota Celica?
What is one of the best gas mileage car sold today?
Why does Ford make such lousey cars for the American market?
Child seat in a Mercedes SLK?
what color car should i get..?
1993 accord LX 4 door isn't starting?
Can I make my jeep 4x4?
Did pontiac make a 1978 Gran Prix SSJ?
Why wont my car start?
Why the 1999 porsche 911 is so much cheaper than a 1997 911.?
what is the largest wheel/tire diameter you can fit onto a ford festiva 1993 model?
What does this mean............?
My truck won’t pass CA emissions inspection! 2002/GMC Sierra. test says i have a defective fuel sensor?
how big of tires could i put on my 1987 jeep comanche and not have them rub???
what is the insurance cost for a honda prelude?
What's it like to drive a Mustang?
can i get rid of bad smell from my dual fuel diesel/lpg car?
Is it cheaper to go to TJ to have mechanical work done?
I have changed all my brake pads why are they still squeaking?
what can cause the coolant reservoir to shoot steam out the lid, 90 accord ?
I want to buy a 2012 Ford F 150, what do I need?
Mitsubishi Eclipse Good Car?
2000 dodge caravan trouble starting if i pump the gas pedal it will start?
Best Porsche boxster exterior/interior color?
How can I make my 05 Hyundai Accent better?
I have a Suzuki sidekick and its really bad in the wind... the wind throws me around. Any suggestions?
what year did calvalier come out?
what is the most popolar car in the world?
2006 Saab still available?
Opel/Vauxall Corsa 1999 Rear Fog Light?
want to put 33s on 97 f150w?
Do you like mustangs?I love them.?
What does Si mean on my Fiesta?
2002 chevy impala (metallic galaxy silver) need help?
Silver or Black 2010 mustang?
egr valve?
should i get a 2012 suburban or a 2012 escalade?
my signal ligt on my car goes fast how do i fix it so it goes slower and not blow out my fous?
Where exactly is the fuel filter located a 2001 mitsubishi galant 4 cylinder?
What do you think of the G-6 ?
should i buy an audi?
Is there a temporary fix for my 2001 Chevy Implala intake manifold gasket?
e-mail adress of bigger engine manufacturers?
How much is the cost of A/C repair in 2007 toyota corolla?
Sports Car Enthusiasts?Which Is The Better Car?
will a mk5 jetta bumper fit a mk5 golf?
what's the biggest motor chevy make????
Where can I get a dash cover for this Chevrolet Cavalier 24?
What sort of person buys a lexus?
I am looking to do an engine swap in my 2006 nissan sentra 1.8s. Love the car, its just not fast enough for me?
What is a good mercedez benz indie repair shop in Sunnyvale area?
Audi A5 or Porsche Cayman?
My blinkers dont work on my 2004 hyundai accent what is the problem?
How do I remove the rack from a Dodge Ram Van 250?
where is the flex pipe on 2000 mitsubishi montero sport?
Do you Know if is truth that Ford owns Mazda?
How difficult is it to get a Volkswagon trike (home made) titled? (more details inside)?