what can i add on my y7 for higher RPMs?
What exhaust brand name does the 2013 V6 Mustang use?
My 98 mercury tracer sputters,shakes, and rattles and stalls only sometimes after first starting or when idlin?
02 vw jetta 1.8t why does my turbo have a weird noise?
2012 Jetta TDI SE a good buy?
What size tire can I fit on my 1984 ford bronco? it's a 4x4?
Looking for VW MK5 Full body kit GTI Style in Australia.?
What is going on when a 98 jetta overheats, and has alot of pressure built up in all of the water hoses...?
Chevy or Ford?
should i get a bmw?
1984 300zx increase horsepower?
can i use a 3rd gen rx7 tranny in a 2nd gen non turbo? and if so whats in the swap?
Mitsubishi HID problem or...?
Mitsubishi Eclipse Good Car?
1998 Ford F150 Engine Question?
does a 2007 saab 93 aero have a timing chain or belt?
I need the manufacturer data for a 2005 Ford F250 I just purchased I have the "VIN" no?
1997 Ford Escort - Grinding noise at low speeds?
question about my 350 engine.?
How do you use a manual clutch-less stick shift in a car?
i have a 96 chevy camaro with a lt1... which is better flowmaster or magnaflow?
is toyota more reliable than BMW?
Viper remote start not working?
can I put p215/60/r15 tires on my 1985 mercedes 300sd turbodiesel?
swap engine transmission scion xb 2011?
My 1990 mazda 626 nonturbo was running and all of a sudden it shut off?
1997 murcury sable 24 valve v6 was driving around stoped at a store. Cameout wont start will turn over, ?
Is anybody else finding Toyota to be highly arrogant in recent years?
does the 2013 honda accord sport have tinted windows?
Lexus RX 300 engine problems DTC's P0301 P1305 and P0300?
if it is not the linkage,what else could it be, or what else do we need to check?
Are AC and CD player available in Maruti Ritz model ?
what is better to drive chevrolet or ford?
Citroens - are they really crap?
How come I see so many Mercedes old or new with one of the tail lights brighter or dimmer than normal?
what is a 2010 Hyundai genesis coupe R spec?
where do i go to see what i can do to my truck for costomizing?
Dodge ram throttle malfunction?
i heard that almost every single transmission on honda accord ex 6th and 7th gen. fails. is that right?
if you had the choice of only the 2, would you take a ferrari? or a lambourghini?
What brand of diesel engine does GM put into their trucks?
Are Honda Accords good cars?
How Many Miles Do You Think I Will Get Out Of A 2008 Toyota Yaris?
IM About to Buy a Dodge Challenger, what are some flaws about this Car?
Is lifter expensive to fix on 92 lexus gs400?
how much is a stock 1972 ford f100 ranger xlt?
What is needed to swap a T-5 into a Mustang?
What is the best way to tell if the transaxle is going in a 1991 Ford probe and the strut are gone or going?
how do I make my 1986 Toyota Corolla AE86 faster?
Where is the fuel filter located in 1998 VW Golf GL engine?
Psych theory states that people buy high end sports cars because of the need to compensate.?
What are the specifications of Mahindra Bolero?
Will a 2.4L header fit on a 2.2L cavalier?
what is your favorite car that hasn't come out yet?
if you could buy any car, what would it be?
The new Dodge Dart for a first car?
I am thinking about getting a truck should I get a Silverado or a F -150?
Is there a problem with buying a 2004-2007 Mustang (100,000+ miles) from a dealer?
Acura RDX 2009/2010? ?
Does 206 steering wheel boss kit fit 405?
how many porsches are sold in a year in england?
what is the last production year of the air-cooled 911 porsche?
2000 Jeep Wrangler Automatic 140000 miles. safe buy?
How can i make my silverado faster?
My ford f550 wont srart?
what kind of mileage does a mercedes e 300 diesel get?
Does the larger engine in the 2003 Land Rover Discovery save you in gas?
Is the 2008 Toyota Yaris a guys car?
What is the Normal fuel pressure on a 1990 Nissan hardbody 4cyl.?
what car do you drive and why ?
01 mustang diablo sport tuner info.?
2002 Ford F250 squeaky front end?
Buying a Used 2012 Mustang V6 or GT?
I need 24 thousand dollars in order to buy a 2006 Audi A3?
Toyota Sequoia - How is its reliability?
Why can't I buy French cars in the US?
mercedes w203 clicking noise problem in dashboard?
What can cause all the transmission fluid to leak out of a 1999 Jetta ?
e-mail adress of bigger engine manufacturers?
Have you bought a Honda Fit or a Toyota Yaris? Need info please.?
mini coopers are made by BMW?
2001 chevy s-10.....reliable?
To Remove Headlights on the 2009 Honda Accord Coupe.....?
Where's the Bose fuse in a 2000 Grand Prix GT?
my 2004 ford focus vibrates when idling?
skyline R32 wat da ya think???????????????
Should I buy the Audi or Volkswagon?
Toyota or Honda?
Ford Motor Company Vs. General Motors?
where do i find a free pdf download for a 1992 ford explorer?
should we bailout gm?
Which mazda should I get? The RX-8 or the RX-7?
ignition switch for 99 toyota tacoma does not turn.?
what can cause a howling noise in an 01 ford mustang?
Who Knows all the colors of of the 4dr 2007 Wrangler Unlimited?
I'm looking at buying a Mercedez Benz and also looking at BMW. Confused on number and letter significance?
Which is a better buy, a Honda Accord or a Toyota Camry?
What should I name my car?????
Do you change your oil every 3,000 or 5,000 miles?
Why doesnt my truck start its a ford f-150?
2000 jetta headlights hid?
How Much would you pay for a c230 benz 2007 with 59k miles ?
1998 honda accord does anyone know what could be wrong I keep hearing a popping noise in the front end? please?
Why is GM always late?
High mileage Sentra b13 worth it?
do turbochargers increace or dexreace your fuel economy?
Can I Put a Lift Kit on My Truck?
Which car made in the US in the last 5 years gets the best gas mileage and has the best emissions?
do u need a lift?
why the hell is gas companies reporting record profit and yet gas remains very high and on the rise. *** amer
i have a 67 camaro coupe can't find part any where?
Why should I not buy a Porsche?
how do i make my 93 chevy corsica v6 sound real good?
where can i buy a second had bowler wildcat in the uk?
what was the price of camaro 1972,in 1972, $3,621,5,295, or 6,750.?
Honda Fit EV 2013????
What is the spark plug gap for 1997 dodge ram 1500?
How much should I ask for a 1974 Gran Torino 351w V8 & C4 With 45K Miles?
i threw a rod in my lexus what are the pros n cons of fixing it?
Kia Forte Help Please?
were is my AC filter in my 2004 Chevy cavalier?
Would you recommend a 2003 Nissan Sentra Spec-V as a good first car?
where do i find custom headlights for a 99 mystique?
How much would 2007 new VW beetles be?
BMW?? Or Infinity G35??
how much could i get for my 05' hyundai accent gt (automatic) if it has a transmission problem?
Porsche 911 what year should I look to buy.?
How long does a factory order Ford Fiesta take to arrive?
Is this a good price?
I have a 1992 Mazda Miata and my turn signals nor my emergency lights won't work. Any help?
Bmw 325i is is cranking but wont start? (video)?
AUDI TT OR GOLF 6............?
Why do I see so many Chevrolet's dead on the side of the road.?
Is 47,000 miles on a 2 year old citroen c1 good? or will have a cosiderable impact on the engine?
Cold starting a 1980 diesel Volkswagen Rabbit?
Key for Muvee auto producer 6?
How many months should you finance a new car? Question about Dodge Avenger too...?
Is toyota the best car company in terms of sales&profits?or is there any german good r rest?
What upgrades should I make for my 2010 Mazda 3?
01 VW Jetta starts then dies, then later on is fine?
what is a cars named "Marathon"? And who makes it?
I need a stock radio wire diagram for a 2001 ford explorer sport. two door.?
2001 Volkswagen Cabrio GLX?
where can i tap into 12v in the back of a 99 dakota?
advice on an Audi 2004 a4 as 1st car?
Do Subaru WRX STI have 4 wheel drive?
where is the vacuum reservoir on a2008 e-350 with a 5.4 engine?
How long of a drve is it from Dana Point to San bernardino?
Where do I get an used Bolero SLX ?
can i fill a 93 ranger bed with water if i had triangle jacks to help support it ? it is an extended cab?
What's wrong with my volkswagen jetta?
Solve this question x^2-91x+323?
Which is better a turbo T3/T4 or a super 16G?
Installing Xenon HID Headlights to Stock car?
Looking for a handbook for a BMW 325 TDS?
How much would it cost to update my 03 Mustang GT?
1993 Infiniti J30?
Did any of the 1958 or 1959 GMC pickips have a Pontiac motor as original equipment? THANKS?
which one is better?BMW or AUDI?
do you like your ford?
Isn't it time for ford to stop making the ford mustang?
Does anyone own a Jeep Commander, and how do you like it?
what are common faults with clio dci 65?
Does BMW have a driving school?
How is the 2012 Mustang V6 premium>?
Have you ever seen an actual Bugatti?
having trouble putting rear crankcase oil seal on 2.5n/a landrover,garage failed to do it please help,julie x?
Lexus IS350 vs. Infinity G35 Coupe?
how do i install a water pump on a plymouth 1997 breeze?
Why does my ford f150 die when I do not press on the brake real hard?
how can i attach two surfboards to the top of my jeep wrangler soft top without surf racks?
Front Seal/Gasket 1998 pontiac grand am SE v6 leak?
my jetta is consuming too much gas and running slower?
What is the stock Tailpipe size of a 2000 Ford Ranger?
1997 Lincoln continental car alarm?
I need to know the address of the scond hand road construction Machinerey dellar in Dubai?
True top speed of a 1974 honda 750?
how does a gasoline powered car work?
My car won't start and it makes a ticking noise?
looking for free, paper catalogs, for auto import parts, or, toyota celica parts?
how much gear oil does a 1999 ford f150 differental need?
Why doesnt an eclipse happen every month?
What is the most comfortable car you have ever driven or owned.?
why dose my Ford explorer sport trac have a 1st and 2nd gear?
is it worth get a citreon saxo 1.6i vtr?
Should I get a performance radiator for my Mustang GT which is a 96 model when I get the underdrive pulleys?
Where can I buy an resent Evo engine? to put in a 99 Eclipse??
which was the maximum speed of chevrolet camaro Z 28 8cyl 360HP 1970?
Where is the "Low" connector for the air conditioning in a 1999 dodge caravan?
How many us gallons of gas does a 2003 Pontiac Grand Am hold?
what kind of car do you have?
what is the horsepower in a 93 f-150 with a 302?
I have a 99 VW Passat wagon 4cyl gas turbo,what sort of mileage can I expect and any tips for improved MPG?
2001 Ram 1500 Towing Issue?
Is a 91' Honda coupe with 185,000 mileage worth 1700 dollars?
How long will a ford ranger last? (km wise)?
Where can i go for a honda gathering or meet up in Dallas, Tx I got a Honda accord 2002..?
Wiring diagram for a OEM full pin stereo harness for a 2003 chrysler concord limited?
what does the GT stand for in Mustang GT?
Are ve series 2 front ends the same as series 1 for an sv6?
What would you buy a Hummer or 2 Volkswagens?
I just bought a 2000 Ford Explorer XLS and need a copy of the owners manual.?
Why did BMW discontinue the 328?
Where can I buy 1/4 Window Louvers for a 2000 Mustang?
How much would a secon hand Toyota corolla cost me , i stay in Mumbai?
Can I put a cherry bomb glasspack muffler on a 91 Lincoln town car?
2008 Honda Civic EX vs 2008 Mazda 3?
Has anyone got the suzuki 1.3 attitude car?
Is this too much to pay for a 2005 Jetta GLI (MK4)?
transmission or torque converter on 1983 dodge ram charger 4x4?
Why does my daughter's 2003 Mazda 6 car's engine unexpectedly rev?
who is Santa jaysurya ?
what do u think of Fiat puntos?
what kind of car runs for miles and miles and miles?
1991 Nissan 300zx TT blown engine?
how many people can you get in a ferrari 599?
why ford ranger only shifts into fourth gear?
what's better for my money?
Will the Ford Escape be a Kuga?
how to replace the clutch on a bmw series 3 318i?
Is der any ader way 2 get rid of d gossipers?
Anyone know where to find a headrest for a toyota tacoma?
How many cylinders does a Mercedes Benz SLR McLaren have?
how to install a fuel filter to a 1999 Audi A6 avant?
Toyota Tacoma 4X4 struts & shocks; What kind shall I get?
is the 350z a girls car?
What is the most ugliest color for a VW Bug?
looking for the firing order for 86 f150 302 engine?
Does it cost more to own a Mercedes than other cars?
how much does it cost to put a new exhaust tip on a 96' jeep cherokke?
Maintenance for 2009 Corvette vs 2009 mustang vs 2009 mustang v6?
Name of little square panel on 2002 Toyota Camry front bumper?
replacing bumpers on a 99 civic ex?
prius hit by lightning?
2008 grand prix cruise control not working and surging?
why do i keep buying naff cars?
if im 14, should i just steel my dads corvette and drive away to somewhere far?
Was it you sat in the blue ford mondeo outside my house at 3am this morning?
how much would it cost to move a mitsubishi 3000gt from los angeles to Little Rock arkansas by a shipping?
Where can I find a hubcap for a 1973 Ford LTD?
what fuse do I need to take out to disable alarm on 98 honda crv?
help! what kind of car is this?
how yo make my 1987 bmw go faster?
Toyota Corolla 2007 maintenance ?
Heavy steering of the Mercedes Benz?
jeep laredo??
Toyota Tacoma or 4runner?
Is toyota the best car company in terms of sales&profits?or is there any german good r rest?
1998 Saturn SL2 problem...desperately need help!?
what is your favourite car by Chevrolet ?
Ever drove or owned a ford focus?
Should I go with Jaguar or Cadillac?
HELLO i hope this message goes to a person who is in the uk.As i get messages from people who are abroad?
Are Ford Taurus Wagon1996?
Is this a good or bad deal on a 2012 Lexus IS 350 lease?
web sights containing vw bugs?
Mustang or Corvette??
where can I order 1999 Ford Taurus SE battery cables, my cables are totally corroded & car won't start,?
why is my car's clutch slipping when the engine is cold?
burning smell from dohc b18c1 gsr?
4x4 in ford bronco 2?
2002 Honda Civic or a 2002 Ford Focus?
polish takeing the proverbial?
Kia rio transmission compatability question please help?
Do it sounds like it is something wrong with a 2001Grand Am for $4995.00?
how to discharge a/c on a 98 ford escort?
service settings on VW Bora?
i got 1,52000 rank I'm emcet 2008 local area svu where can i get seat?
Will a stock Subaru Legacy radio fit in a Subaru Forrester?
My mercury sable heater will not blow warm air?
Head gasket on mazda 626 1994?
do you have to cut your CAI to install an aem bypass filter?
When I turn 16 I'm going to buy a 1999 Mustang GT. Is it a wise choice for a first car?
is a kia forte a safe car?
how do i reset onboard computer for 89' bmw 525i?
1999 Mitsubishi Galant belt fell off and bad noise?
96 camaro "RS" problem?
should i get the v6 or the v8 camaro?
What are the Korean car makers relation with the main world makers?
does anyone what to buy a 85 ford mustang in kansas?
is the honda civic si suppose to be the cheaper form of an acura rsx type s?
If I buy a saturn car, would it be wise to buy it with a 135000 miles on it?
what carburetor should i put on my small block 350?
Can my 2009 GMC Yukon tow any of these?
would a 92 explorer look good with 17" alba wolverine rims need answer NOW PLEASE!!??
Can an 89 firebird formula with a 305 over heat?
Why when i move my stearing wheel at a stop it make my revs go up ?
How to run 12-14psi on st185 celica 3sgte?
is it ilegal to blackout my center taillight?
how many lugs does a 67 mustang coupe have?
how much would 56 euro be in dollars and cents?
what oil does corsa g/box take?
how can I manually open the back door on a 2005 toyota 4runner without power?
Am looking for toyota echos in indiana?
2002 Dodge Neon won't shift out of first gear?
2004 RX-8 engine rebuild?
can a bmw and mercedes engine reach 300k milege with no problems?
Iphone 5 and Dodge Uconnect System?
Why is the BMW X6 made in America?
2002 Chevy Malibu broken piece identification?
Ford or Chevy?
How to open ford explorer2005 fuel pump?
Can you convert a Dodge stealth R/T FWD to a single turbo? or supercharge it?
are chevy cavaliers good cars?
i have the stock bose system in a 96 maxima and when i put the cassette adapter in for my ipod, (see details)?
How do i know if i have a bad ignition coil on 1996 infiniti i30?
What brand power steering fluid is used in a 2002 monte carlo ss?
do all 3 series e46 bmw have the same size fuel tank but just bigger engines as you go up?
Wich is better, the SRT Neon or the STI Subaru? (Stock)?
Are BMWs more or less reliable than Audis?
What year would this Altima be?
How many gallon gas tank does a 1987 Toyota Corolla have?
headlights on my volvo don't come on?
Can you put a 1996 Ford Ranger Grille onto a 1996 Mazda B3000?
What is the lexus that can beat the nissan GTR ?
Is the BMW 116 a good car?
Who haves a Subaru???
Should I tint my windows on my mini cooper?
What year did the Chevy Blazer extreme come out?
How much room in in the Glovebox of a Chrysler 300C SRT?
why does the engine valve hit the spark plug in a 1996 honda odyssey?
where can i get pixs of the volturi at the end of eclipse?
I have a 2002 Chevy Blazer.When I go 60 mph or more,I hear an obnoxious vibration.When I take my foot off the?
could I use Used Oil as undercoat for my Jeep?
is it worth changing a head gasket on a 1.2 fiesta 2004?
Can the standard sat nav on a peugeot 607 (05) model be upgraded to include speed traps, just by a new cd etc?
1999 toyota corolla ignition switch key wont turn?
HELLO WHAT DOES 140k miles stand for???!!?
where can i get cruise control installed in my 2001 jeep? preferably in the so cal area?
bmw 0r maxima?
How can I take the mirror off a Vw polo 6R mk8 2011? Thanks?
Can I put a Harmar AL 600 wheelchair lift in a chev blazer?
First year of production of VW Beetle?
Does the automatic window work going up in a Peugeot 306?
what is full form of BMW car?
is there somewhere i can buy a Subaru Rally Team hatch spoiler?
Getting a 14,400 kms driven esteem for Rs. 60,000 !!!!?
Can i put bmw x5 parking sensor in an e46?
Will coilovers for an 88-00 civic fit a 91 crx dx?
Check engine light / 2000 Chevy Prizm?
1992 Toyota Carina Bodykits, Anyone?
Car Question!!!!?
95 jeep cherokee ac wiring problem?
03 Altima cranks but won't start?
Petrol prices in litres but manufacturers and road signs use miles or miles per gallon. Why?
Samsung galaxy s3 clock bug?
My Civic has 100, 000 Km on it. My Honda dealer suggests I replace the timing chain. Is it necessary?
i have 18s hamann pg2 for BMW E46 can i install 235/35/18s?
was the RX7 on Nos when the RX7 smoke the Supra?????????
what engine is replaceable for a kia rio 2003?
Is Cadillac considered the American alternative to BMW/Audi?
Is a Smart Car a good investment?
Any known problems with the jeep liberty diesel?
Solve this question x^2-91x+323?
What is the physical difference between a 03 and 04 Cobra mustang, which is better?
05 dodge Stratus rt 3.0 cant get code p0455 gone?
Certified Nissan Altima?
Blazer won't start.....?
how can i use my command navigation from a new ml500 for USA in Europe????? i tried all DVDs?
2000 mustang fuel pump doens't work.?
Mazda Demio (98-03) - what size speakers?
I bought a BMW....I don't want it anymore?
I have a 2000 pontiac Montana van and lately when you put the van in reverse it won't back up,?
what is the top speed of a 2005 r2 Mazda rx8?
Soaking renault clio! help!?
Does pepboys sell parts for honda civic?
How healthy is red oil considerigs its cholesterol content.?
Trans am or camaro??
Where is the egr valve in a 1991 Volvo 940 turbo?
QR25DE growl with CVT sounds like its breaking, what is a good way to hide that noise?
help with mercedez C200. car internal air circulation button.!?
What are the dimensions of a 2010 Hyundai genesis trunk?
good speakers for a ford ranger?
2007 v6 Mustang or 2005 GT Mustang? What To Pick?
is a 1999 Nissan Altima a reliable car?
98 dodge durango feels like it is holding back?
my 4.0 liter 1999 jeep dies and wont start the brake locks only until im able to get it started help!!!?
do you like the corvette z06?
What are problems with the 2000 MR2 Spyder?
Dodge lovers which was the better motor: the classic Hemi or the B series Wedge?
How much does the Scorpio Special Edition Cost?
How do I install satelite radio into a lexus IS 300?
How to bleed the cooling system in 2001 Toyota Prius? There is no turbulence.?
When I apply breaks on my car at high spped it is shuddering why?
2000 Nissan Frontier park light don't work?
would it be a good deceision to go for maruti swift?
What's wrong with my 1995 Toyota Avalon?
lift kit for my 08 tundra sr5 4x4?
How much is a dodge dart limited tigershark engine milia air?
Instead going to dealer, how to reset ECU on 2000 honda accord?
Where is the oil filter on a 1987 honda civic?
1996 nissan pickup crankshaft position sensor location?
what is the biggest SUV?
Are my CV joints bad in my 94 Acura Legend?
Anyone own a Jeep Liberty and if so do you like it?
I have a 2009 Toyota Camry?
Is a 2004 hyundai elantra big enough for me I'm 5'9?
intenational marketing strategies of Hyundai Comapny?
For my 350z can i put a blow valve without hanving any turbocharger?
Why doesn't my 2009 Shelby gt500 racing stripes go over the spoiler?
What would my Peugeot 207SW 1.4 VTi petrol car be worth?
Where is the check/fill plug for an 89 ford probe?
2008 Dodge Durango SLT?? Can anyone tell me how theirs runs?
Am I wrong to think Ford its a lousy company?
does anyone know where i can get head gaskets for a 4g93 DOHC engine? the car is a mitsubishi mirage?
I had my 96 jeep towed and when they were taking it away the tires didn't want to turn and made a squeal?
Is a Porsche boxster a good first car?
what tires should i get for an 2000 Xterra?
give the different company bus route of tata technologies in hinjewadi at pune?
Any body else out there into the Ford Ranger GT's?
I would like to know if General Motors has ever produced a Buick Royal or an Oldsmobile Royal?
I am looking for a manual for A 1989 elddies crusader CARAVAN?
what do the check engine codes p1405 stand for on a 97 e 250?
FORD f150 Power steering and problems?
I have a 1995 z71 truck the brake lights come on when i turn the key on and shut off when i hit the brake help?
who is better looking paris or nichole?
Is the toyota celica a girls car?
could you make a 4wd suv into a 2wd?
Where is my motor oil leaking from when it is leaking on to the frame of the car and the skid plate?
Does anyone own a Mazda3 or Mazda 6? How do you like it?
How do I fix the heater blower door under the dash on a 1998 Mercury Sable Sedan?
What car do u drive & whats ur dream car?
how to open glass hatchback on 95 chevy blazer?
how do i find out if my citroen c5 is hdi lx 90 or hdi lx 110 as it doesnt say on any documents?
Difference between Honda Accord USA Built And JAPAN Built?
1999 Citreon Saxo fuse linked to interior fans keeps blowing?
Fiat Punto automatic gear lever extremely stiff when going through Neutral and makes a grinding noise - help?
Can i turn my intercooler around?
How much would someone pay me for a 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee limited with a dead engine?
I have a 79 ford f150 460, i am not getting any fuel to my carb at all, and no gas is comeing out of my lines?
what car should i get?
Am I right to feel bitter?
how do I change a headlamp bulb on a 2007 renault clio a renault?
We have a 2001 Toyota Sienna van. Occasionally the locks go crazy and keep clicking off and on.?
Putting a lift kit on my Honda passport.?
were to they buy nissan skylines?
Can I use a lift kit for a 93-98 Grand Cherokee on my 99?
When will we have cars that can fly?
is jasjar imate blue tooth is compatible with LEXUS car?
Radio code for saab 1997 900s?
Can anyone give me sports model Audi that will beat a Mustang and possibly a Corvette?
Saturn Sky or Pontiac Solstice???
how much would it cost to do this?
Which is better to get, a 2000 honda civic or a 1989 honda crx?
BMW 318ti. High engine revs at highway speeds due to an auto differential swap...?
Does anybody own a civic ex coupe (8th gen.)?
If I was to buy a new truck which one would you recommend?Nissan Titan or Toyota Tundra....?
My 2000 VW Golf stalls at lights. What could be causing it?
I want to put a locker in my Jeep, know any experienced mechanics in Chicagoland?
Car Dealerships?
can a toyota land cruiser last 500,000 miles?
1989 buick century overheating?
Where can I purchase just the hardware for Ford Racing 1.6 Pedestal mounted roller rockers?
Is kia opirus any good?
how many 1994 ford f150 mark iii edition were made?
What kind of car do you drive?
2000 honda odyssey radio not displaying anything please help!!!?
Which year of subaru is best ?
i have a black lexus is250, what color should i tint the windows?
I was wanting to know if there is anyone in the kc metro area that has a firebird they are?
What would you buy, a golf gti or astra vxr?
why when i was driven my car it made a pop noise n died n will not start up but its trying too?
do you like explorers?
Names for black mustang?
what is best car i10 or swift?
Can you help me tell the deference between Ford Escapes?
Is a 1988 Chevrolet Nova a good car?
fuses have been checked. what else would cause all gauges, especially the fuel gauge, not to move?
Why do fords have such low resale value?
What do you think of Korean cars?
How do i know what model my mustang is?
Is anyone else tired,- REALLY TIRED !- of the stupid "Dr. Z" commercials?
is mazda rx8 a japanese car???
I really want a Mercedes. What are the pro's and con's? Is it worth all the heartache?
4.6motor installed in a 1967 fordfairlain?
i saw a new peugeot in bloomfield,nj four door. are these cars avalible in the usa?
Can you get 900 hp out of a 426 hemi v8?
Replacement rear plastic bumper cover on 2005 Toyota Highlander?
I am looking for the funniest answer for what GMC stands for?
Which model of an automobile is easiest to convert to the Batmobile?
how do you unlock the radio after a flat battery?
has anyone heard good/bad about the ford 5.4 pfi sohc 16v diesel engine in the e-350?
my ford ranger get hot when I turn the a/c?
how to replace thermostat on a04 chevy trailblazer?
91 crown victoria headlight assembly?
What does everyone think of Lotus cars?
where can i buy a Volkswagen buses 1964 it doesn't just have to be that year?
Where can I insure an original mini cooper..?
How do I remove the steering wheel cover of a Dodge Ram?
2012 Wrangler Unlimited?
Is An Acura TL A Good Car For A Teenager?
04 mustang will not start, light, radio, alarm work fine but the engine will not crank. what's wrong?
How have Honda managed to build a 7-speed-auto car?
What is your favorite kind of car?
what's the car make/model?
Audi A4 fuel consumption ?
Something wrong with power steering (whining) 04 tiburon base?
When are you selfish Americans going to stop buying Toyota (helping Japan) & start helping your own country?
will a diablo sport tuner used for a 2008 Mustang GT with vortech supercharger work on a stock 2000 mustang GT?
Help with Clutch smell on 99 9-3?
what is quad seating in cars?
Is a 1999 Acura integra with 95,000 miles for 4,999 a good deal?
Would a 1994 Mustang GT be considered a good investment if I chose to keep it?
Open 99 explorer rear hatch.?
How do you hook up the positive track in a 1992 jeep wrangler?
Balancing brake and clutch?
What kind of gasoline for my Jetta?
if a gmc 6.0 v8 truck has over 200,000 miles is it good? price is 6000?
my car radio has stopped working, golf gti 2008?
94 gmc suburban 5.7 350 k1500 ...way too much fuel from tbi injectors ??any advice?
If i bought an older mid 1990s or older F150 would adding F250 of same vintage leaf springs make it a 3/4ton?
Where can i get softer suspension?
Help!! This black thing just fell off the front of my 2003 Honda Civic.?
12 volt power in a 2001 camry?
Please would anyone recommend the Smart fortwo car, am wondering if its good on gas and nice to drive?
Supra & nissan r35 & 03-04 cobra & chevy camaro ss or ws6?
how do you cut the ABS light off on a 96 chevy blazer?
how many horsepower can a 1jz hold stock?
Trying to disassemble fuel pressure regulator on Chevy motor, problem removing TBI covering.?
What would you pay for 1991 mazda miata?
Is 45 MPG good on gas? Thinking of buying a 2002 Pontiac Grand Am??
is therover m47 block the same as bmw m47 block?
2002 honda accord lx keyless entry system?
toyota GTS project build.?
I just bought a mustang why is the key so expensive?
Are BMWs worth the money?
Where can I find a 2005 Chrysler 300 under $6,500?
What rims fit a honda accord coupe?
Whats Wrong With My Jeep?
1992 BMW 735IL Question....?
Ford P100 1.8 td (reliability)?
Car radio not working in infiniti j30 1993?
where is the speed sensor on a 03 vw Jetta 1.8turbo?
what is the largest size rim i can put on a 1996 lexus es300?
what car do you drive?
How much would i have to spend to beat a 2008 corvette?
1987 Buick Century Trouble Codes?
95 Civic, Need Help Parts From Ebay?
Help Swapping Engines?
D15b7 honda civic rebuild help?
Would a VW Golf RNS 510 sat nav go into a 2006 seat leon?
Is it really worth putting premium grade petrol (98 ron+) in a high performance car? ie BMW M3, would it hurt?
ihave just brought a 1996-dodge viper with a charger is my car any good?
What color hummer would you get?
Is a 1997 Ford Probe a GOOD CAR?
what is the salary of bmw test driver?
Are a Trans am and a Firebird the same thing?
Help very confused and depressed, job application?
steering and suspension problem?
Where can I find bmw z4 wiring diagram?
What is a air filter?
general motors buy out details?
What is the meaning of "Camaro"?
1999 Nissan Sentra A Good Car?
What engine comes stock in a 1988 - 1989 Honda Accord?
Exhaust for a 1983 Chevy Camaro 305 TBI Cross-Fire Fuel Injection?
wot cars do ye guys like?........x?
Will a 94 chevy truck grill mount up to a 93 chevy truck?
i have a 1996 mitsubishi libero and lately ive noticed my revs are running a bit high going 80k/ph?
Olds Cutlass shifter placement?
If I get a Honda will I be cool?
Girl with Mustang? What is your typical reaction?
Toyota vs Honda vs Nissan vs Hyundai vs Mazda vs Ford vs Chevy vs Dodge?
why my truck revs at 3rd gear only?
What size rims will fit on a 1998 Chevrolet Malibu?
2003 Jetta 2.0 engine will not start?
Is Mitsubihi Eclipse a "chic car?"?
need car help please!!!!!!! pontiac grand am?
I am looking for a cold air intake for a 2004 Pontiac Grand Am that is a V4, NOT a V6?
Which car is better between a Nissan GT-R and Dodge Viper GTS ACR and WHY?
Honda Civic Upgrades?
My friend is getting a new mercedes _He can't deciede between White or Silver. Black is out. What do you think?
How much is petrol/gas where you live? It is AU$1.69 litre.?
van or jeep?
are ef falcons reliable cars?
what size motor in a mazda 626 96 says 121.5 cu. in.?
Insurance cost on a 2000 mustang?
how do you bypass ford fiesta immobiliser, 1999 N reg?
I'm working on a 85 cadillac fleetwood rw the 4.1 motor in it can't find diagram for v-belts?
The cloth panels on my doors are coming loose on my 2001 Honda. Is this covered under my 10 yr. warrenty?
what is the wire that hooks up to the cylinoid on the starter on a 1994 chevy 1500 and how do i replace it?
94 bmw 3 series e36 with a chevy 440hp 350 crate, replacemant tranny?
When Im driving dodge ram 2003 55-70 mph, theres to much wind that comes through my door. How to fix?
i only have one remote key for my 1999 vw jetta how can i reset this key?
Are BMW M3s driven by cocks?
We're can I find eclipse that is automatic?
Fuse Shorting Problem in VW?
Will the Tail lights on an 1990 Honda Prelude fit on a 1989 prelude?
95 Civic, Need Help Parts From Ebay?
help with customizing my nissan pathfinder?
My 1997 Deville seems to be starved for fuel.It "bogs" out sometimes.?
Can you upgrade 3.5 motor to a 5.3 motor on an 06 Chevy Impala?
I have a 1998 mercedes e320?
Chevrolet S-10 Extreme ground effects question????
Doesn't anyone hate the BMW 335i more than me?
`76 Isuzu: I re-built the carb, but it is not working right. Idles too fast, and then dies.?
Is this bad for my car?
I own a BMW that just came out of warranty. Its a good idea to keep it or to buy a new one?
how much gear lube do i need for a chevy rear end, 1971 cheyenne c-10?
Which country do Nissans come from? They're not american cars, right?
where is the power steering fluid well loated on a mercedes 88 560sl?
What's your favorite Chevy motor?
How can I work for companies like STILLEN,Hennessy performance,Ford Racing,or TopSpeed Performance?
Whats the front end safety like on a lamborghini?
i want to know where i can get a body kit for my car?
Chevy Uplander Problems PLEASE HELP?
whats the letters gt mean on a ford?
What do you think when I say E type Jaguar.?
Can we all establish that the Cavalier is the coolest car on Earth and should NEVER have been discontinued?
99 ford ranger transmission slips?
engine fans starts as soon as the car key is turned on?
just want a list of all chevy cars made in 1997 with a v-6 in them?
do u like mustangs?
Why do sports cars (like the audi r8) have so many vents in the back?
Tips on how to throw a curve ball in dodge ball.?
Ford aspire error code?
Do you love your car more than your girlfriend?
What are the features available in all variants of Honda Civic...?
Do you think that Ford will be out of business?
Whatever happened to the old Ford Sierras?
how much is my 1985 toyota hilux 4x4 300.000Ks in aust worth needs some work on the tray?
What kind of 05 lancer Evo viii do I have?
what is the speciality in SWIFT CAR?
Did you learn anything anything today ?
Is it possible to stick a 454 big block and a manual transmission into a chevy s10?
How many spark plugs in a 2003 Chevrolet Tahoe?
Is it true Porsche is the most reliable German car brand?
picture of suzuki gn250 gearbox?
Is a Toyota Tercel a chick car?
Jeep Grande Cherokee WJ Help?
Is the honda civic Si stick!?
There is a 1990 porche 944S for sale asking $3000 should i buy it?
02 beetle will not move until rpms reach 1800?
97 jeep cherokee i have to jump it and when i do it wont stay started unless pressing the gas petal?
Which is better for a MINI Cooper- an automatic or manual? And why?
1950's Chevy Truck won't start, except with a jump.?
what's the best car ever built?
Is it safe for me to switch from using plus unleaded gas to regular unleaded gas in my 1996 Ford Taurus?
Help with 00 mustang v6 shaking!?
2002 Dodge Intrepid.?
10 points ba - Which cars faster?
Are Aston martins any good?
my 91 honda accord theres a leak coming from the back of the engine?
Which car is better for longer journeys, a Vauxhal corsa or a Volkswagon Golf?
Is the 01 volvo s40 1.9T turbo water cooled?
I saw this lady driving her Vulva down the street the other day and she looked pretty happy - why????
2005 F-150 King Ranch?
would any one in victoria or anywere be interested in buy a mitsubishi cordia i need to sell a.s.a.p?
Is 190k miles on the chassis of an acura inegra alot and the motor has 80k miles? Is it alot?
what makes the 89 honda accord a good car?
Starter motor staying engaged?
Why are there not more people driving practical cars, such as the Volkswagen TDI, that gets 60 mpg ?
Can the Honda Jazz/Fit run on regular unleaded 88 octane gasoline?
Do you have to convert anything if switching to led tail lights for 02 gmc sierra?
is a yaris or a peugeot 206 good first car?
How do you pronounce "Porsche"?
My 2003 ford explorer is not shifting gears properly?
why do i get poor gas milage?
im 5 feet 10 and have very long legs...would i fit into a mini cooper?
Do i loose power if my exhaust manifold is ed? My Car Bogs At Start. 1994 Toyota Celica 7A-FE 1.8L?
I bought a 2003 Ford Explorer from a dealer in Michigan and discovered there were unusual whining noises.?
why wont my Honda 4trac 300 start when i kick start it?
i keep getting a white powder film on my windows in my 2006 scion tc?
Why is my Peugeot 306 not accelerating?
What is the worst car that you have ever driven?
whats some reliable cars like 2002 nissan sentra?
Does a Nissan 1995 truck have any frame or tie rod recalls ?
98 explorer getting really hot when AC is on?
what is the best car?
anyone have replacement info for clutch on a 2002 f150 v6 5spd?
restore 20 year old engine?
which car is faster an 1993 dodge interpid 3.5l se or a 1999 volkswagon jetta 1.8t?
Which is a better choice for a family of 3, a honda civic or a honda fit?
what keeps the cobra jet mustang from being street legal?
Mercedes-Benz Question: Which Benz Is This Exactly? (Picture Inside)?
Is a 150,000 mileage good for a 2000 Toyota Celica?
I own a 1990 Lexus ES250 and I need a repair manual?
2001 honda prelude rough idle and squeak on start up?
Ferrari or Porsche????
Does Honda have any good environmentally safe/gas-efficient models?
where can i find the blue book value of a 82 mercedes 300 sd turbo??
which Mustang looks cooler ?
Should i get a 98' jeep cherokee?
Would you recommend a 2003 Nissan Sentra Spec-V as a good first car?
Which brand of car is best?
2002 dodge ram van 3500 5.9 no start?
I had a 2000 Chevy Malibu but it would not start?
1968 chrylser 300?
How many quarts of transmisson fluid for 2005 nissan altmia 2.5 automatic?
bmw 328xi vs lexus is250?
1997 mustang coolant leak?
2000 Ford Ranger 3.0 coolant problems?
Starter makes a loud screeching noise every time I start the car Whats the problem? What's the problem?
Hi i have a 2003 peugeot 206 and i keep hearing a awful winding noise everytime i drive it what could this be?
Which Engine Oil is good for my 1998 Subaru Impreza GF1?
transmission problems?
bought car without remote key please help?
need help timing my bronco 2 it pops through the carb?
hi well i like to know where i can get gmc subarban righthand drive 2006/07 in asia?
Who built the first car?
Any tips on front license plate colors for a White 2004 Mustang?
I wanna buy a FORD automobile, but people keep telling me to NOT do so, what do you think ?
35 inch tires on 2000 dodge ram?
What is the cheapest quality paint job?
what are the differnt honda car engines and what is the diffence between them?
in a 2004 chevy trail blazer does the gasket lead under the engine block?
What maintenance needs to be done on a 1996 Luxes ES with 120,000 miles?
1997 Ford Excort Wagon Headlights reversed?
Setting ignition timing on 1996 Nissan Altima?
shaking when my van shifts?
who likes the bugatti veyron? or wot would you prefer?
Oil pressure light in 99.5 jetta?
is it safe to take apart a mitsubishi vs-60703 to get it through a doorway?
why do i have black smoke from 99 isuzu rodeo tail pipe at an idle and when accelerating?
weber carb on '88 dodge ram 50?
In Claifornia How do I give My Wife power of Attorney to sell my Jeep?
How much does dodge dealerships charger to upgrade to leather seats on your dodge charger ?
Best lift kits for 96 Jeep grand cherokee?
What kind of car is this?
peugeot 306 cabriloet roof problems?
Where can i find a integra gsr motor, tranny, ecu, and harness to buy?
I have a sohc vtec 95 honda civic supercharge or turbo?
Does the 328xi have this?
what would be a good lift kit for a 84 chevy c10 custom deluxe that is an everyday driver and work truck?
How to change or check rear light fuse on a Peugeot 206 98 reg?
Will I look gay driving a 2000 Ford Escort?
Hot High Rev 92 Honda?
1992 automatic honda prelude electrical problem?
Do you own a car made by Ford?
Ford Fairmont's...Have you had one?
What kind of a car do you drive?
Have a 2004 F-250 with a 6.0 diesel engine and need help?
How many people file suit against chevy & are successful? Can anyone please share their experiences? Thanks?
What is the highest that a mileage on a car can go? Is it 200,000 or 300,000 or what??
96 civic ex wont start?
Volkswagen T4 de cat pipe?
Which do u think is better Dogde or Ford?
What do the letters stand for on the Acura RSX and TL?
nissan almera driveshaft oil leak?
can a honda S2000 beat nissan skyline in drag race?
which would win between a 1990 pontiac trans am gta turbo 6cylinder, or mitshubishi lancer evo8 viii?
Will these work on an 04 acura tsx?
1999 Chevy Blazer feeling a little low?
how much does a paint job on a 65 mustang cost?
anybody know of the 1957 mercury mermaid car?
how to reset srs service light on volvo v70 2004?
1987 ford fiesta poplar plus radio operation?
Transmission oil to use for a Honda?
Where is the fuse for the radio, Fiat Punto ELX?
Nissan stalls when cranking and shuts off? What could be the problem?
How is Lexus ?
im 5'5 and wanted to know if id be able to get into my ford ranger with a level and lift kit?
Cold air intake vw jetta?
do truckers have problems with lock lizards in beaverton Ky truck stops year 2012?
VW MK3 Interior? easy s.?
honda crv 2008 is it timing belt or timing gain?
why did the odometer go out on my 91accord and how do fix it?
Would you tint your car windows?
I have a 98 GMC Jimmy and it has no fire. Any suggestions?
Ello whats a best first time car other then a ford fiesta or a Peugeot 106?
Does any of the FORD FUSION have Heated Seats are Cruise Control?
why doesn't anyone put the old le mans in gran tourismo 6?
what motorbike should i buy next? I have a suzuki bandit 650s?
What size subwoofers come stock in a 2002 Chevy Tracker?
does nissan offer electronic tracking for their vehicles?
how can i add horsepower without breaking the bank?
Toyota expert ... I have a question about engine etc?
Integra headlight replacement question.?
BMW cutting out while driving?
will 5 lug rims (16 inch) off a 2006 chevy colbolt fit a 2002 toyota camry?
How does the new Dodge Charger compare with the old Charger?
Why do ninnies think a Toyota is just like a Lexus?
three windsheild wipers?
Where can i buy digital dash?
What car impresses a guy?
I recently bought a honda foreman from The quad is green and I want to repaint it... and maybe?
Which is better BMW or Mercedes Benz?
How do i remove the headrests from the back seat of my 2008 chevy colorado?
if my car is a grand am, what is it a chevy, ford??
how is the acceleration on a 89 s10 blazer 4.3l?
2002 mustang gt 5 speed?
Why is my car stalling when I try to start it?
Is the Porsche Cayman an "everyday" type of car?
Help!!! 1997 Nissan Sentra, where is the thermostat located???
"Check Fuel Cap" light on in '04 Lincoln Aviator...?!?
how much camshaft lift will my stock 2.3l pinto engin take??
i installed a new starter on my 1996 aerostar 4.0L engene and the starter will not engage flywheel ring gear.?
2001 jetta MK4 vr6 misfiring on cyl 1,3,5?
How can I make my Camaro look cooler?
Bastard pack on a grand cherokee?
Which muscle car brand are you addicted to?
Why would a G.M. Dealership treat me like this?
I have a 97 dodge stratus?
What's the correct tyre pressure for skoda fabia2002?
is a direct injection dohc hemi possible?
How much does a brand new Rolls Royce Phantom cost.?
What car manufacturer has the longest line of models with the same name?
how to replace tail light cover in 2001 clio?
Is it worth it to soup up a Mazda 3/speed3 hatchback?
dodge ram shaking hard?
2002 VW Beetle, 102k miles, good car for my 17 year old daughter?
How much does a Corvette cost?
when will some in jesup ga. hit the ga lotto.?
like chevy or ford ???????????????????????/?
Where To Buy VW Touareg 3.6L Cylinder Block help!!!!!!?
Should i get a 2007-2010 ford explorer?
2003 Chevy Silverado V8 dies when put in gear?
Rear shocks on my BMW E46 touring?
Why do people like chevys so much?
How do i get a salvage for my car?
97 Suzuki Sidekick-5speed w/ starting issues..not battery & doesn't sound like the starter motor..suggestions?
i have a 2004 nissan maxima and my speedometer, air or radio isnt working?
Anyone have a BMW 320? How much is a full tank?
Selling Jeep Wrangler with Death Wobble!?
what is 36k/ miles ?
How much freon does 94 honda accord a/c hold?
Why did HONDA make an Integra SJ and a Civic if they are the same, basically?
Is it true that American cars are not made as well as foreign cars?
Scion tC or Acura RSX???
What company makes Hummer?
whitch super charger is the best?
why does my gmc s15 make a buzzing sound?
Peugeot 307CC With the fold down hardtop, what are your experiences of this vehicle?
temp guage 2005 z71 thank you?
I have a new VW Beetle Turbo. What are good lowering suspension springs & shocks? Tein, Neuspeed, Tokico?
2006 Honda Accord EX anyone?
How much would it cost to ix this?
Exhaust pipe size on 1984 k30 6.2 diesel Chevy?
2003 toyota matrix problems!?
Why is the new 2012 Honda Accord Coupe no longer available in that Royal Blue color?
How much HP does a 1975 Mavaric with a 250cu in (4.0L) engine have?
Can i put a cold air intake in my 2013 Acura ILX?
1996 Chevy Truck flashes SES light?
factory amp location for mercedes ml350 HELPPPP!!!!?
Where can i buy a used honda civic in los angeles?
2003 pontiac montana idol problem?
Disarm Anti-Theft system in a 96 chrysler concord????
who else thinks lexus' are just glorified toyota's?
my 92 pontiac grand prix starts hard?
I have a classic 900 Saab and I want to know what it would take to convert to RWD?
Can 22's fit on a 99 honda accord coupe?
Certain Car but can't remember?
I have a 1998 Ford Escort and have lost all the keys. NO IT'S NOT A STOLEN CAR! Where can I get a key from?
What would be the best nitrous shot on a 96 mustang GT?
How do you adjust the tensioner on 2001 mitsubishi diamante?
what is the main thing you need to know about Demographic transmission model?
what makes the alarm keeps going off on a 1997 528i bmw?
Wish my parents luck?
why does the heater in my jeep not get hot?
where in india can i find a gearless car?
What could be the major problems of acura rl 1996 3.5L V6?
dashboard lights for both ABS and break , turning on ,reasons?
are dodge good cars?
what can be wrong with my EK hatch?
How much horsepower is there in a 1998 Ford Explorer V8, AWD 5.0?
what are some tricks when driving a honda civic coupe? drifiting?
Premium gas in a Dodge Caravan?
anyone would recommend the type of HID would best look at my 2007 honda civic ex?
2004 chrysler town and country no communication with scanner?
is the koenigsegg ccx the fastest car in the world?
Porsche 911 what year should I look to buy.?
Whats better fords or holdens?In australia?
Seat belt is retracted and will not release on a 1999 Dodge Ram?
ford taurus se problems?
84 CJ7 I6 258 starting problems?
I added green coolant to my 08 ford fusion yellow coolant. Is that ok?
wht is the meaning of tc?
I would like GMC & Chrysler I advanced car Company?
Why my Honda give "weird sound" everytime I turn right ??? Is it the wheel ???
were are opel cars made?
if you had an 05-07 f150 how would you modify it?
i got honda accord 1992 and i want to replace all water hoses need info ?
is there a diagram available online of the way to by pass the heater core on a 1985 cadillac eldarado?
How can you find information about a '56 Ford Victoria VEH ID M6RF161887? Thank you Judy
How come my 1999 GMC Jimmy won't GO when I step on the gas?
What could I get to make my 1999 honda civic autamatic faster and have more horsepower?
what does the car class mean in the car types?
I have 2003 ford windstar with a 3.8L V6 motor, it has a cylinder #2 misfire and just replaced the coil packs.?
2004 Dodge Stratus Gas Problems?
Does anyone have a 1992 Mazda Navajo? if so is it reliable and good on gas?
My 1995 Dodge Neon wants to die after it heats up?
Why does Ford make crappy cars for America and really nice cars for Europe and Australia?
Is the Mercedes-Benz SLS an old mans car?
where can i find a company to replace carpet in a 1997 nissan?
What kind of bulb do I need for my Saturn?
Why is there a rattling noise in my scion tc 2012?
What is a good price of a cj7?
Renault Clio '09 warning light and flashing spanner?
can you tell the difference after installing K&N air filters?
i need to buy a new car ,can u help me decide?
i just bought a new bmw z4 today in fact what kind of fuel would it need?
Does anyone know anything about saturn ion2 quad coupes?
what do you think the best car of all time is??
How do i change an Air Filter on a Nissan Maxima 1996?
what is the finest car ever made?
slant thermostats/where on the net?
Suzuki ltz 400 upgrade question ATV?
1998 Jeep Cherokee Making noise after turning off the engine?
302 5.0 duel spline supercharger or a twin turbo?
where is the wheel lock in a bmw 328i?
if the diesel fuel mixing to engine of in volvo engine what may the cause?
which is the best car in the world?
1995 olds aurora makes a grinding noise i never heard before when tryn to start and it wont start?
on a 2003 chevy impala 3.4l what should u set the spark plugs at?
What is a good exhaust for a 2010 Si ,no fart cans more performance than anything?
2005 Mazda 6 Headlight Question?
should i get a 90's z28 camaro or an 80's z28 camaro???
how is toyota primeo car ?
i have a 2000 ford f150 that only starts when u have the gas pedal to the floor?
ford focus 2000 2.0 DOHC misfires on 2 cylinders?
1994 del sol wiring problems.?
are pontiacs bad cars??
i need to know how to program my key pad for my 2004 ford escape so my alarm system works?
What kind of car should I buy that doesnt have seat belts?
1991 honda civic fuel pump issue?
how much is my 350 chevy small block "race" engine worth? only 3000 miles on it.?
Are all jeep grand cherokees 'laredo' and if so what does 'laredo' mean?
Pontiac GTO or Toyota Supra?
How can I tell how large my gas tank is?
did pontiac stop making firebirds???
Does anyone know where you can get replacement tent poles for a jeep tent?
Small Sporty car?
I have a 2000 mazda 626. my car jerks while going at a steady speed also when shifting gears?
I want a Trans Am, the wife wants a lil mustang..?
how is the 2006 Nissan Maxima?
If Ford brings back the Taurus model of car should they rename it the Clitaurus or the Taurass?
What is the towing capacity of a 1992 Ford Crown Victoria LX?
who is going to miss the taurus? and why?
Hi im wondering if 1800 is a good price for a 1990 Nissan 240sx KA24DET se model?
Will grand prix headlights fit in grand am?
what kind of motor oil do I need for 2004 Nissan Pathfinder SE?
Where can I get Toyota 4Runner 1st Gen accessories?
What's the average miles on an 2000 audi A6 sedan?
Anyone ever have a pinto panel wagon?
Can I get a good car for under $10.000?
2009 Chevrolet Camaro?
I am looking to buy my first car and need help with choosing a type of Renault Clio?
does anyone know where to get online wiring diagrams?
any body know how to remove the synchro motor of a wing miror from a 2004 jeep cherokee limited. many thanks ?
which is the best maruti car?
I have a 1998 malibu?
The driving range of a 2013 Santa Fe FWD, 2.0 Turbo ?
'96 ford explorer, are they reliable and what about the transmison on them?
2007 Mustang, staggered wheels vs. non?
How do I get a little more power out of my VR6?
Cadillac CTS????????
Which truck should I buy, a Chevy Silverado or Dodge Durango?
Which car is better.....2008 toyota camry or 2008 honda accord???
how much would it cost to fix a scratch on a model 2005 chevy trail blazer?
looking for a speedometer for a 2005 Mustang GT with KMs instead of miles?
c6 corvette wheels lighter/heavier?
Will Ford Ranger rims fit a 96 Chevy Astro van?
What rims are good for a Mercedes SLK?
95 Civic, Need Help Parts From Ebay?
ford f250 460 HARD cranking and slightly higher oil pressure but still good oil pressure?
what modifications do i need to do to my 350z motor?
honda city how is it?
can a corvette fit 22" rims in the front & 24" rims in the rear?
What auto manufacturer made the Erskine?
transmission shifts hard?
BMW m3 vs BMW m5 vs BMW m6?
My 2000 Lincoln town car is making a loud humming noise?
can you guys name some sports cars better than a mustang!!?
What is the meaning when you car shows a message check the engine soon?
why is my jeep wrangler getting bad gas mileage?
2015 SRT Barracuda will replace Dodge Challenger?
Tranny on 2005 mustang?
anybody know why gas prices are dropping?
Will I get a Ranger RZR 170?
98 lincoln town car a/c?
How do I reset Volvo V40 alarm after changing the battery.?
04 Sport track Trannny slipping only when cold. Once I let the car heat up a little it gives no problem?
Prius 2010 XM satellite audio system?
How much would it cost to get new seats in a 2003 cavalier?
Will a vehicle with bigger engine bypass a vehicle with smaller engine when both are cruising @ the same speed
Benz or BMR?????
Toyota MR2 roadster. Softtop ing, anyone know how/where to get it fixed? (UK)?
how do i check the fuses on the honda odyssey 2003?
Oldsmobile Alero 2001 fuel efficiency problem?
which car is better to buy fiat palio diesel or tata indica diesel?
current price of mercury?
Is a Michelin defender 215/60/15 a good tire for a 2002 Chevy Malibu?
i want to put new speakers in my 94 toyota corolla?
porsche cayenne seats?
Is it possible to install rear defogger in swift vdi ? if yes then from where ?
Have anyone seen the Toyota Tundra commercials?Do you think its all real?
91 accord not starting?
Is my car a peace of junk?
Would a Jeep Wrangler make a god first car?
looking for y pipe built from pace setter headers for my 90 xj part#1191 without buying the header as well?
2007 Hyundai Accent getting bad gas mileage. Help?
My 2008 Nissan altima trunk won't open using the fob or the internal switch?
Does anyone know of a good site to buy some good wheels for a 74 beetle, besides ebay?
What speakers are in my jeep liberty?