Honda Integra SIR V-tec 1997, using oil & blowing blue smoke?
What is better a 2007 Toyota Avalon, or a 2007 Nissan Maxima?
What would win in a drag race? 2009 dodge ram 1500 sport 5.7L V8 HEMI or a 2009 Audi S4?
why my car alarm is always activated by itself?
Is Honda part of General Motors?
when is the 5th generation camaro is coming out?
i rebuild my 2000dt466 7 speed and wouldnt start so i sprayed starting fluid and it start but now it smokes?
Is a 05 v6 mustang a good first car?
is there a site that list vokswagen dealerships by state?
im buying my first truck a ford 1967 f 100 what is an appropriate cost i should i pay?
What does torque mean in car terms..........?
What is the song on the 07 Chevy Colbalt Commercial?
Where/How can I find a good buyer for
Is there a singlecab ridgeline, honda?
why does my 1999 Chrysler heater blow cool air instead of warm air?
How do you like your 2006 Honda Civic (not the Hybrid)?
I have an '05 Toyota Highlander w/32,000 miles. I am interested in selling it?
How much should a tune-up of a 1997 Saturn cost?
why did porsche created the cayman s?
Mitsubishi magna 2002 sport looking for mechanic?
what is capacity of fuel tank of 1997 chevrolet ,canadian,in litres,1500,4x4/ 4.3 engine?thankyou?
Help: mazda 3 question?
Are 2006 Impala Cars Lt Good?
Should a single guy drive a Camry Hybrid?
How can I find out if a known production fault caused the 'big end faiure' of my Mitsubishi Warrior?
Where are Chevrolets made?
alero oldmobile is a good car to drive?
How To Unlock The Key Switch On A 97 Mercury Sable?
Why won't my peugeot 406 start after i stalled it ?
How can you find the VIN number on a 1999 Dodge Intrepid engine?
1999 VW Passat misfire problems?
What is the Correct Bolt Pattern for a 2004 Chevy Malibu LS V6?
Problem with a 2005 suzuki four wheeler?
can a 2002 audi s4/1993 5.0 mustang?
Guys: Do you think it is hot when girls drive Jeep Wranglers?
What are some cheap ways to get more power from a 98 350 v8??
i have exhaust leak in my 93 subaru or it sounds like that, BUT would that turn ur check engine light on?
ford gt //OR// bmw m3 gtr 1 //OR// corvette ???
what's more expensive to maintain? BMW or Mercedes?
peugeot expert year 2000 do anyone have a manual to tell me wht fuse does what im looking for the fuel pump1?
Honda versus BMW?
bmw vs.mercedes benz which one is the better??
will a 97 dodge ram rim fit on a 98 jeep Cherokee?
I keep blowing fuses in my truck and the brake light go out?
What does the carmaker BMW stands for?
dodge cummings diesel looses power?
should i buy a 1999 Volkswagen beetle?????????????/ helpppp?
1991 Isuzu pickup.?
What is 107 to base six? and what is 1001 to base two?
Could the car starting only when the wheather is hot be associated with the ignition switch?
What is a 1988 Bronco 2 worth?
I have a 2003 chevy trailblazer how do i get rid of the funky smell coming from the heater?
Will an iPod adapter work in a Jeep Liberty '03?
Spare full size tyre for Mazda 2?
Does the scion xb 2006 tip over or roll easily?
Ford contour 99, runs very bad.?
how to fix my Cadillac CTS 2003?
Do old Volkswagen Bugs have actual backseats for passengers?
GM vs Toyota Part 1?
What Was The First Car You Actually Owned?
What's the best motor oil for small 4 cylinder vehicals?
where's the a/c relay located on a 2000 honda accord v6?
what is the difference of Isuzu Trooper and Isuzu Bighorn?
Sports Car Enthusiasts?Which Is The Better Car?
How much can I get for my prelude si?
What is the pull knob for at the bottom of my AUTOMATIC shifter box on my 1991 GEO TRACKER?
What is the General Motors SUV equalivent to a Ford Expedition?
Should I get an Audi S5, or BMW 335i sport?
Would YOU guys date a girl that LIKED and RACED cars?...?
need help finding toyota hiace carberetta?
2003 Toyota Tacoma with a blown engine for $6000?
Can the standard sat nav on a peugeot 607 (05) model be upgraded to include speed traps, just by a new cd etc?
Fiat punto only 2 yrs old, inside of the front tyre has gone bald.?
What is the music is called on Subaru Impreza ad spot.
How good is a 2002 Pontiac Grand Prix GT Coupe for a teenager?
Is a 2003 Mustang Gonna Get Stuck Alot in Snow?
I need a speed sensor, for a 93 geo prism lsi where can i get it for cheap?
what is the best kind of spark plug wires for a 2004 dodge neon sxt?
How do you change the oil filter in a2005GTO?
about my 1999 gmc jimmy again?
How do you turn back on the car alarm on a 2003 Toyota Camry?
Does the Pontiac Solstice have a roof?
BMW 323i 2000 question?
how fast is the 1.6 nissan qashqui petrol?
How much should i expect to pay to lift a 97 wrangler while adding all-terrain tires?
how do i own a ferrari and a loamborghini at the same time?
I bought a 1995 3000 GT what should I look at to make sure I can run the engine hard?
Daewoo Nubira 1999 CDX?
How much would it cost to re-chrome my chevy impala bumpers?
What is the cause that vw passat 2003 with good battery not starting?
Floorboard/footwell LED interior lighting?
Does anyone who owns a 2003 Mazda Protege 5 have any problems with it?
Bluetooth pairing mobile phone to Hyundai Getz?
Can you add the communication package to an already purchased Nissan altima after purchase?
would you buy a car that is designed for people of your zodiac sign?
need help repairing dash lights on a 1998 chevy caviler?
Any info on the new Civic 4-door si?
What was your first car? How does it compare to what u drive now?
Black stuff is appearing on my car rims?
It hard to change the head gasket on a 2003 dodge neon .how would i do it?
Which Jeep do you think is a better buy?
what is Infiniti?
how to determine if volvo 240 has girling or ate calpiers?
95 Mustang died in the cold then started again?
Whats the best way to Lincoln from here?
what is the origin of polygons?
Mercedes-Benz or BMW?
How can I make my Dodge Ram 1500 have that deep rumble sound?
whats better?
i have a 94 chevy lumina euro 3.1 with an intermittent rpm surging or cutting off what could be the problem?
What is the gas mileage of a 1998 4x4 4wd jeep grand Cherokee Laredo, with a straight 6 engine?
Where can i find blueprints for a Ford Mustang Shelby GT-H (2006). ?
How to reprogram my sunroof on my Renault Megane?
How much is a dodge dart limited tigershark engine milia air?
I need to know what this car is I know its A mercedes Bens AMG but I am trying to figure out model.?
Anyone driven the new Chevy Tahoes?
which drive is more reliable in automobile, front wheel drive or rear wheel drive?
Anyone with a G6 with panoramic sunroof?
My left turn signal wont blink on a Honda XR650L?
How do I replace a starter on a 1993 GMC Sonoma?
which was the maximum speed of A.M.C javelin 8cyl 280HP 1968?
What's more classy and prestigious: Volvo or Lexus?
What is an governing chip in a car?
What's the horsepower rating for my 1991 Silverado 350?
Where is the Heat Blend actuator on a 1997 Ford Escort LX/Sport?
'01 7.3 or '05 6.0 Powerstroke HELP!!!?
Headers and TB Spacer on Chevy 350?
Do you think Toyota should be let to run in Nascar racing?
It took 15 mins. to feel the A/C when I start up my new beetle 2006 2.5L. Is this normal? Advise Please?
Which is the best turbo for a protege 99 1.6L ZM Engine? t35 or t3?
Are Volkswagon Golfs good cars?
Which is a better company: Ford or Toyota?
when was maruti udyog limited launched?
Which is better audi or bmw?
Guys tell me your favorite older car??
which is the best cng kit to be fitted in private cars in delhi(india):landi renzo,tommest achille, bedini etc
Scorpio, difficult? ?
What is the best Lexus?
I have a 97 Jimmy that will not let me turn the key?
How many quarts of atf does it take for a 1970 vw automatic?
Is a subaru impreza wrx a good car?
I purchased a used car. Am looking for detailed info. regarding standard and optional equipment for that year.
What is Nissan Sentra gas consumption?
Are you smart??
1996 ford bronco front shock tower catching ?
What concept of emancipation as expressed by President Lincoln?
will a 2006 nissan 350z engine fit in a 2003 nissan 350z?
Scion xB- handling in snow?
Did VW Buses come with audio built in?
How to keep brake roters from getting worped and having to turn them so often?
I have a 1984 Pontiac Firebird with 4-cylinder EFI. I want to put a 6 cylinder engine in it.?
What's your favorite car?
i need information on a 1974 Oldsmobile Ninety-Eight hearse.?
What seats will in an 89 civic?
Anybody know which cars have the strongest windshileds? And what they are made of..?
how much would it bee too paint a honda civic in ontario?
Help bmw m3 e46 gtr body kit?
does seafoam get to all cylinders evenly?
if you could own 1 car in the world what would it be?
My 2001 Monte Carlo won't start?
1993 grand marquis replace heater core?
if you had unlimited cash and had the choice of a bmw or a rover which one would you go for?
where is the fast idle thermo valve on a 90 civic 1.5?
2003 black ford escape or 2003 black land rover discovery?
Stripes or Decal(stripes) for my 2013 mustang?
are chevy cavaliers good cars ?
where can I find white face gauges for a 2000 hyundai sonata?
who modify mercedes cars? is it AMG only? what is the site name?
How often should I change the oil on my 2008 Honda Civic??
Chevy silverado brakes help!!!?
I have a rattle in my chrysler 200m and I need your help?
I have a 08 ford tree fell on my car and I've got big debt on roof isit fixable or write off ?
where is the asr light on a 1994 mercedes SL320?
I have a 99 Honda Accord that will try to start but it just will not fire.?
How do you ramp up the speed of a celica gts 2001?
2003 Honda Accord is hard to start?
I need owners of a VW bug to tell me there opinion on there cars PLEASE HELP !?
What does it take/cost to complete a VW longblock?
How do I install a spot light on a P74 Crown Victoria?
what is a 1993 mercury sable worth?
93 Buick Century......?
Chevy transmission shift time with source?
Off-Roading in my 99 4runner?
do i have to use honda antifreeze in my honda?
can You tell me what year this GM engine number is? It is supposed to be out of a 2002 Cavalier?
my 04 grand am security system does not recoginze my key sometimes, i have a process to reset it but it takes?
is it easy to reset door lock actuators?
If you could only pick between a Nissan Altima or a ford escort which would u pick?
How do I replace light bulb in gearshift console?
whats the normal oil pressure for my engine in my chevy monte carlo?
I have a 2004 Nissan Titan, why does the truck burn my fog lights. had to change four times.?
I just bought a 2012 tundra rock warrior,How do I know if I have the Cold Weather Package?
which is better Mercedes or Subaru and why ?
if i buy a lexus will people like me?
I saw a small cute Chevrolet truck but I cannot find it in Chevrolet's website. Does anybody know the type?
What has you experience been with Mazda vehicles?
did anyone ever have trouble with the tensioner for the timing belt on a ford focus? mine is a 1999?
what is the name of the computer that you hook up to your car and it tells you whats worng with it?
where is neutral safety switch on automatic 97 nissan maxima?
I have a 2006 Subaru wrx. I have an check engine code po457 loose gas cap or leak?
Are 1998 Audi A4s hard to work on by yourself?
wont to now if 1979 and early 1980D's step side sort bed are the same gmc truck?
where to purchase a infiniti intelligent key?
how much is the interest rate on a S 430 Mercedes-Benz / 745 Li BMW if you have a credit rating of 730-790?
Bad o2 sensors in mustang gt?
Why won't my 1997 Nissan Sentra start?
What shall I get next year, Mini cooper S, or Audi TT?
Why is my 2-door 2001 GMC Jimmy SLS heavier, than similar Chevy Blazer with the same options?
Best truck brand Ford,Chevy,Ram?
1999 mustang gt help changing trans had a t45 going with a t56 do i need to get new clutch?
i have a 98 pontiac grand prix GTP and it dont leak antifreeze or anything but i smell it what could it be ?
Today I was driving at about 50mph in my ford focus 2002.....?
any information regarding INDIGO petrol version, CNG fitted : comments and suggestion please?
91 accord wont start, check engine light flickers when ignition is turned and noise or flickering sound coming?
my boot and footwells on my ford escort seem to be wet any reasons why?
Holdens or Ford?????
Difference between 2008 infiniti g35x and 2010 infiniti g37x?
What do you think of the new design of the Camero?
how many tire chains do i need for a Mazda CX9?
Toyota Hilux ute gearchange problem?
2003 Hyundai Getz only running on 3 cylinders?
Ford is CR@P!!!!!.............yes or no?
What auto maker is better mercedes or lexus?
leann lang i love you?
2002 Chevy Impala with 156k miles Shifting Hard?
1995 318 OR 325?? Which one do you recommend and why??
Question about the Nissan Rogue?
Owners of Tatas! How passionate are you about your Tatas?
I have a 94 supra i would like to buy a car cover...?
whats the deal with the 06 IMPALA tapping out at 107mph? does the 06 Monte Carlo do the same?
Need help reprogramming key remote for 2002 Pontiac Grand Am?
97 Ford escort, heater zones not working ?
What's the best "classic car" of all time?
how to get white tow mirrors?
I need my 2001 Acura TL radio code. Purchased from auction and I do?
Just bought 98 ford escort 1.6 5dr. Any insider knowledge for me?
who owns the company bmw?
Corvette or Miata ????
Dodge Stratus ES 1998, help?
vw mkiv lowering springs?
What alarm/immobiliser system would you recommend for my 1974 Super Beetle?
GM 14 Bolt Axle-1979 Model truck. The stamping on the axle is RJU- WHAT GEAR RATIO IS IT? NO RPO CODE 4 RATIO.
Why cant my car get traction?
If you could have any car which would you have?
Chevy v.s Ford?
escort mk4 brake problems?
if i fix the head gasket on a 98 subaru will the problem keep reaccuring?
What motors were available in the 1967 pontiac grande prix?
What do i need to change the exhuast and headers on my 2003 Honda Civic lx?
Where exactly is the fuel filter located a 2001 mitsubishi galant 4 cylinder?
i am trying to add another 40 to 50 horsepower to my ford fusion? i have i4 engine, 2.3L.?
I'm tricking my civic out! but I don't know what color i should have it painted! A unique nice color! help!
Looking for auto service in MINNESOTA: replace a convertible top on a 90 Chrysler Lebaron?
how many traffic tickets i have detroit?
What Are the defects Of Kia Soul 2012 ?
I am considering buying a used 2000 VW Golf . Is this a reliable car?
Will a 1996 z28 rear axle work in a1996 Pontiac trans am?
Swapping carb v8 engine for a fuel injected v6, where can i get info on the connections an stuff?
Will Ford Ranger rims fit a 96 Chevy Astro van?
How cool is the Mazda RX-8?
95 volvo 850 with no spark..?
BMW 3-Series or Porsche?
Which is the best auto insurance for a land rover in texas (the best price please!!) thank you :)?
what car shud i get?
Ford Focus or Nissan Sentra?
is it 2007 or 2008? I knoe blonde moment but im totally serious?
what is located on top of drivers side valve cover of 2001 dodge ram? is it a breather element? should the gro?
03 Pontiac Grand Am 3.4l having trouble!?
Where is the Oil Filter located on a 1999 Holden Vectra V6 ?
are b f goodrich ta tires any good?
If you had $45,000; would you buy a 10 year-old NSX or a new Corvette & why?
Which is faster? A Ferrari F458 or a Dodge Viper?
who here hates civics?
01 Dodge Stratus a/c blowing through defrost vent.?
How do i install a CD player into a Hyundai excel?
a croking sound in my intake manifold in 02 ford taurus?
My Lexus ES300 engine dies after starting.?
about how much should a new exhaust for a 93 mazda mx6 cost?
What horsepower does a 331 Pro Bullet longblock have?
Are the new '07 Hyundais any good?
How do I check and add transmission fluid to my 2002 Cadillac Seville?
my horn keeps going off i have a 2002 malibu ls?
Would you prefer a BMW or a Porsche?
Hey there I have a question about an 89 dodge raider.?
What does transmission program mean on a 1993 740I bmw?
Where is the thermostat located on a Lexus?
aren't novas class!!!!!!!!!?
What American auto maker is known for the "Mustang"?
Around how much is a 2000 mercedes c230 left mirror?r?
Fixing up a 01 Firebird?
are hyundai and kias good cars?
Please-name which 4th Generation Grand Luxurious SUV coming for you from TOYOTA family?
What's an intake timing control circuit?
Are there any web sites where a dealer can sell unreturnable car parts in other than an auction format?
Lexus GS300 Nakamichi Radio Replacement?
Which are the best tires for 2004 Honda Pilot? Rocky dirt road and highway driving.?
How come Dodge Challenger is thought of as slow compared to Camaro or Mustang ?
In a 96 Chevy Tahoe, is Third row seating possible?
What is the latest model & brand of car that i can take a starter motor from to fit a Nissan E15 car engine ?
Whats the difference between the wrangler LJ, JK, CJ?
what kind of engines will fit in a 1997 saturn sl1 sohc?
does the 1995 Mitsubishi eclipse GS and the RS have the same transmission?
can 22" rims fit on a 98 chevy blazer and if it can, can it ride smooth ?
Where is the DLC3 connector located in a 1995 Toyota 4Runner.?
2012 Civic steering wheel makes clicking noise?
what's going on with volvo new moon contest phase 6?
early1980s chevy dodge or ford body style of a truck?
If I buy a BMW, will my overall quality of life increase?
2006 Ford Five Hundred instrument cluster goes dead.?
Road noise in Lancer vr-x sedan?
Thoughts on the 2011 ford fiesta?
what is the date and day of ram navami in 1991 and in 1992?
How to disconnect the heater core from a 1999 silhouette?
Code for radio car honda crv 2003 serial number 10059554?
What should I name my car?
P185/60R15 84T would they fit 15x7 rims?
hot rod tv?
I have a 94 mazda protege that needs a it worth it? new tires and brakes doneall else is good
Automatic To Manual?
Who would win in a race? 2006 Corvette or 1956 Corvette?
How did Jeep get away with using the name "Cherokee" on its trucks, if thats the name of a group of people?
I need help understanding how to properly utilize my drag radials?
My 2005 corvette c6 has trouble getting into reverse, but has no other problem when shifting to any other gear?
How much will it cost for struts and shocks on a 02 Honda accord?
Ford focus zetec 1999 1.8 petrol radio code?
What should I name my VW Beetle ('98 Silver) suggestions please!!?
Buying a Honda CRZ what should I get with it?
what engines did the nissan 240 sx come with in 1996?
how do you remove a headlight relay on a 93 nissan quest?
can you tell me what 1st car yu ever bought,,,mine was a vauxhall viva?
How can you determine if a 1969 Camaro is an SS versus a clone???
where can i find cheap used cars in germany to buy?
I want to buy maruti suzuki wagon r,is it good to buy ?
should i get a mustang?
1995 Mustang GT not running right. Please help?
Are mazda miata's considered a gay car?
my steering wheel has a slight vibration when I stop in traffic what could be the cause?
If you were my keys where would you hide from me?
My mitsubishi car has 300,000 miles and never broke down.?
Donde va el camshaft sensor para un volkswagen jetta96?
Where is the crankshaft position sensor in a 2004 VW Beetle 2.0?
I have a red Mustang. Does that increase my cool factor?
Lada is really great car?
Is an Eclipse a boy or girl car?
2000 chevy van intermittantly not starting?
Is an engine from a 1998 keep grand Cherokee compatible with a 2001 jeep grand cherokee?
2000 Nissan Sentra. Possible to put in a security system/remote starter?
Where is the CD player on the 98 Toyota Corolla?
Does anyone else love BMW's as much as me?
How much does a roadroce cost?
is the dodge magnum a considered a sports car?
how do i find honda radio lock-out codes?
Cost of Fiat bravo 2000 2.1?
I want a Tiburon, tell me why I should AND shouldn't?
I have a 98 Toyota Camry?
How do I reset my trip milage odometer on a 2003 Accord?
Toyota Camry Transmission Slips?
What kind of vehicle do you drive?
How do you make it so the interior light doesn't turn on when you open the door on a 2008 ford f150 ?
Volkswagon Commercial?
Mitsubishi outlander issues?
1990 chevy pick up truck, coil no spark?
Is Volvo vnl64t610good?
Whats wrong with my Jeep Cherokee 1997 Sports?
2006 Volkswagen GTi?
I see people with huge 22-26" wheels on old cars w/stock 350 motors. Don't huge wheels strain the motor?
Bent frame on 1970 challenger?
Tercel or Paseo?
which one of these cars is the most popular 1964 shelby cobra, 1967 ford mustang,or the 1969 chevrolet camero?
Were is the drain plug located ona 1998 Plymouth Breeze?
Honda CRV 2000. stalling intermittent code 1399 cant find have just had tuned up.?
where is the fuse panel on an 86 crown victoria?
Should I buy a 1994 BMW 540? What would it be like to own?
Will Ford let car rental companies rent the new Fusion?
im putting a 300 kg lock box on to a97 toyota hilux 3 litre diesel cab chassis how will this affect performnce
How do I find out the name of the colour of my UK Ford Galaxy?
What's your dream car you would like to own one day?
mazda or daewoo cars which is the better?
Honda Accord Car Problem?
help with toyota rav4.. easy 10.?
2005-07 Ford mustang man or woman car?
How do you rate a ford fiesta?
will you buy a 2005 dodge ram 0 miles at $ 20,000 or a 2006 chevy silverado at $ 21,600?
My 1997 Honda accord lx 2.2 non vtech won't start ?
Which aerial will fit my 1997 VW Passat?
muffler gasket?
how can i design a new facility for the manufacture of motor vehicles.? ( Plan of the factory)?
Any Nissan Exterra owners?
new peugeot 207?
Which Mercedes would you rather? CL63 AMG? or CLS63 AMG?
2000 Mitsubishi Eclipse RS with 202,000 miles?
ford transit 260 LX?
How do I change the spark plugs on an Audi A4 1.8 P reg?
Chevy vs ford????????
Anything specific I should be sure to check when purchasing a used Jeep Wrangler?
What is your fovorite kind of vehicle? like chevy, dodge, ford....ect....?
How good is a 2002 Pontiac Grand Prix GT Coupe for a teenager?
how much can i buy a stock turbo kit for a 99 gti 2.0l engine?
Help I need to to ask a auto mechanic a question?
Changed the ignition cylinder on Ford Focus SE?
what does WRX stand for in Subaru WRX?
car died lights went gages went crazy wount start?
will a mustang 11 suspension fit a 1966 mustang?
Would a manual Jeep Wrangler be better than an automatic?
I have a chev. cavalier, it has a skip to it. No plugs. What would cause this?
what did a 1988 Jeep Grand Wagoneer sell for when it was new?
how to replace window motor for ranger?
is there any body kits for 2006 Nissan Sentra?
hood modification to dodge?
What's wrong with my dodge shadow?
do you thnk the pistons would benefit from a coachin change?
Which car is best for me? Audi A4 2.0T or BMW 325i?
what are those 2 thin hose on my oem intake?
What do you guys think of the chevy cobalt ss supercharged? I'm thinking about trading in my 05 cobalt ls for
Which do you prefer, Honda or Toyota?
Which model battery is used in a 1997 Mitsubishi Gallant 1.8L?
Is it better just to get a k&n air filter or a cold air intake ? I own a Chevy Cobalt.?
Does anyone know a website that gives advice on vauxhall astra regarding repair and maintainance?
My gearstick is a bit stiff?
my heater doesn't come on at all in my 2002 dodge durango. all fuses look good. any suggestions?
Can you make a classic vw engine sound like a Harley?
hye kowrang..apa kabar?
2003 Pontiac Grand Am?
witch one to buy? BMW 645i M sport or Mercedes-Benz SL AMG sport?
90 acura intega fuel issues?
Will my driveshaft from my 2001 f150 v6 5 speed work if I put lincoln navigator 5.4 and auto tranny in?
Are 2000-2004 Honda civics small (details)?
my 94 honda accord is leaking water below my starter?
why do car manufacturers make cars that can run so fast when people can't drive so fast because of cops?
98 dodge ram 1500 rims and tires?
Is driving a standard car really that difficult?
How would i aquire a new key for a 2001 mitsubishi eclipse spyder?
how can I make a dodge ram 250 1991 more powerfull?
How do you wear the supra skytops?
Why do my car's brakes squeal so loud when I back up?
What is the knocking noise on my Peugeot 206. Starts around the 20 mph mark and increases with the car speed?
Honda Civic DX 1995 HOW DO i MAKE IT FASTER?
1995 honda accord custom cold air intake?
If u could have any old car (good condition) what'd u have?
Is a PT Cruiser an SUV?
where is a speed sensor and crank shaft sensor be located on a 1.8s nissan sentra?
Which is better chevy or ford?
Putting a new yoke on transferase?
Could I get finiaced for a 2010 Nissan Altima Coupe?
whats a Geo Metro?
Anybody driven the new 2006 Volkswagen Jetta? If so, give us some feedback.?
Does 2012 Audi TT or TT-S have manual transmission?
the better option !! Innova or Scorpio?
why do my cd player my heat or air condition does work?
tell me about honda dealerships in the omaha/council bluffs area.?
I am buying a nissan 350z track at 102,758miles is that a good or bad idea?
car help please?
who is sick and tired of seeing taylor hicks on that insipid FORD commercial?
Am a 16 year old boy and i want a mustang for my first car... gt or v6?
How much (rough estimate) should is my 1965 Ford Mustang worth?
2013 mustang v6 insurance?
what would be the perfect size tip on a muffler for a honda civic, i have a 4 1/2 tip and i want a smaller one
Why does my 2001 VW GLS have a delay engagement from park to 1st gear.?
how to change a tire on 2007 camry s.e. read details?
Should i change Tranny fluid Truck has 192,000?
Is there a performance site for my bmw?
Will the rear window on a 1994 regular cab ford ranger fit a supercab 1993 ford ranger?
anyone know the best place to get a m715?
i just bought a used car and it came with a keyless remote but it doesnt work. do i have to activate it?
Loss of Acceleration?
how does the 4wd switch work in a 92 s10 blazer?
Had shocks changed on my Peugeot 306, now it clunks when going left.Do i need a new drive shaft?or just CV j`s
How do I remove the factory installed fog lights from the front spoiler of a 2006 Pontiac Vibe?
manual book mercedes benz 300E Th 1988, gets Free?
Where s the Camshaft Positioning Sensor on a 95 v-6 ?Mustang?
what is the mixing amount for cont secur bfa?
Can I use a Booster seat in Mercedes E500 wagon's 3rd row??
I have to go to court for my car and I dont want them to take my care what should I do in order to keep my car
How do i find channel rubbers for my 1991 Nissan Vannette?
my 85 volkswagen cabriolet won't start when it gets hot?
I am embarrased to drive my Hyundai, What would be an better, more respectable alternative?
is there a converter for a ford tow command on a 2007 f350 that can be used on electric over hydraulic?
How can you get 2006 S class tail lamps installed on a 2001 S class? any suggestions?
i wan to ask basic car's air-cond system.?
Anyone know a lot about cars?
Ford Mustang VS. Chevy Corvette?
2004Dodge Caravan Temp was Hot/put 1.5 gallon water in radiator,&water coolant tank,is it ok?
What kind of speakers does the 2002 nissan pathfinder have?
sleeping 1998 cadillac deville?
mpg on Toyota Prius?
Volvo 240 failed smog. High everything?
built -in- regulator service?
What sort of person buys a lexus?
I am converting my bmw 316 to a 325 so I am strugling with the engine mounts. do I need any adpters?
Installing a Double Din in 2010 Cobalt?
car makes?
Ford f150, E40D, 1990 Xmission?
Dodge dakota radio question?
97 Honda Civic EX ignition/wheel lock?
What is the BMW 2002 like as a car?
Can i find a 2005 mustang V6 for around $8000 ?
can you replace incandescent headlights with LED headlights?
How long will my pontiac vibe 2006 last me?
what engine fits in my 1963 Ford Falcon?
Do all 1997 Pontiac Firebird Trans am have Ram Air?
My 91 chevy cavalier clutch has a lot of pressure?
What's a code P0446 on 1996 Nissan Maxima?
Can I have shift points reprogrammed? 2012 Silverado?
how do you remove the oil pan on a 2005 VW Passat?
Why is my ac clicking on & off real fast when ideling. this is on a 1991 chevy astro.?
Nissan transmission interchangeable?
are b f goodrich ta tires any good?
I have an '82 Chevy 3/4 ton pickup, with a 454 & headers. I love her. Is that wrong?
Is the BMW 116 a good car?
firing order 4.6 v8 ford mustang?
on a 2004 jeep Cherokee, what size is the axle hub nut?
2006 charger seems to lose power after 5 mins or soand charge light comes on why?
Question about a 2005 Cadillac STS with a 4.6L V8 engine?
What is your favorite kind of car? Why?
Ford expedition temp gauge problems?
2008 Cadillac Paint - What Brand Name?
4.8l or 5.3l vortec.........?
Does anyone have any tips for fixing up a '99 Mazda Protege?
I have a 92 Chevy Blazer W/ 204,000 miles on it how long do you think it will last?
Have Volvo 1989 GLE battery keeps loosing charge I?
what is the gas mileage for the hummer h1?
how to replace the canister purge valve solenoid on a 2001 chevrolet tahoe?
Is a 2004 jeep grand cherokee laredo a reliable car?
How's the Prius holding up?
A month after release, are iPhone 5s shipping overnight with AT&T?
What can I do to upgrade my 1984 Toyota Cressida?
Cold starting a 1980 diesel Volkswagen Rabbit?
What does PT for a NROTC midshipman consist of?
are porsche 911's cool?
Will Pontiac come back?
Cheak this out!!!....?
What is more lame? Corvettes or the lame-o's that drive em?
Bmw 5 series petrol, will i GREATLY improve performance?
2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee?
how can i bypass the anti theft system on 98 pontiac sunfire the ignitio was tore out so now the car will star?
1996 mustang power seat movement?
powered steering pipe keeps blowing off under pressure?
how to replace turn globe in xh ford?
i wont the fast and the furious supra vinyle?
i have a question?
Acura Integra Type R or Honda s2000?
What is one of the best gas mileage car sold today?
I'm always taking a dump, especially in the morning, two to three times at least, especially after my coffee.
what is better the dodge charger or the chevy camaro?
Where can I find Honda Accord pictures in the Philippines?
2006 Acura TL -Should I use Low, Mid or Premium gas?
How can i improve my 2000 Chevy Impala?
how do i activate the auto dim headlights in a 99 lincoln town car?
i have a 1977 m400 with a 440 4 barrel automatic the tranny has a plastic dip stick with 2 wires atached?
What kind of car can I get that is a sedan but still has that sporty feel and look?
Why does the air con in my car smell of wee wee, when I put it on? How do I get rid of the smell?
Why is General Motors in so much financial trouble? What is the real problem?
how do i install 5 lug conversion for a 89 240sx?
On a 1999 pontiac grand prix gtp super charged what kind of gas would be best?
what is the front doors speaker size for hyundai getz 1.1 53 reg?
timming marks on 2.4 nissan?
Missfire on numbe 5 on 2003 explorer?
Does anyone know anyone with 22" rims on a chevy blazer? If so how does it ride?
Are Ford F-250 Diesels Quiet on the highway? (2007)?
1976 karmann volkswagen super beetle?
97 honda civic transmission problems?
2004 Audi A6 Auto 3.0L Quattro will not shift into 5th gear?
how fast can a dodge super bee go from 0 to top speed?
What are greener and cheaper alternatives to the Toyota Prius?
Is a Nissan Titan 2wd good for towing/docking a boat?
is it weird for a small guy to drive a mustang or any other big car?
2002 hyundai elantra auto need front and rear engine mounts help in finding them with shipping to canada?
Can a 2008 magnum bumper fit on a 2005 magnum front end?
1988 ford f150 makes weird sound?
How do you adjust the clutch on a 1997 Mazda B2300 pick-up SE?
BMW?? Or Infinity G35??
02 mustang 4.6 engine into 96 mustang gt body?
'03 nissan sentra 1.8, what is the oil capacity for an oil change ?
Ford Fiesta MK4 Suspension Question..?
transmission slips 99 audi a6?
Just bought a suburban. Need help, think the transmission is slipping?
vauxhall tigra/corsa b wireing?
What could i get if i traded my 1999 ford mustang?
transmission problems?
can i put 20 in rims on a 2008 honda crv?
what's the best website for honda accord owners?
Honda Civic 2008 is a good car?
HELP! Cant find my Turbo and BOV?
Why is General Motors in so much financial trouble? What is the real problem?
does the wheels from a 2003 ford mustang fit on a 1984 dodge d150?
I have a GMC sierra 1500 2wd with 245/75/16 sized tires . what sizes can I move up to without issue?
How do you change the clock in a Kia Cee'd?
Where can I find a wing for my Dodge Neon for less than $300?
I'm trying to find a diagram for the installation of the fanbelt on a 1998 Buick 3.8 V6 engine.?
What car has the most bang for the buck in the sports car category?
Does anybody know exactly how the Park Brake on a 2001 Chevy Venture Van works?
what would the life expectancy of a ford mondeo 1.8 lx engine be?
What is the best parts to put on a Honda Civic?
how come my 2001 ford sport track rpm high?
What does it mean when the steering wheel of a Jeep Grand Cherokee starts shaking at Highway speeds? Also, is?
exhaust question nissan z?
Can you install 4 wheel drive on an 07 Nissan Pathfinder?
1996 audi wont switch from heat to defrost?
05 chevy impala hard cranking condition?
My 2006 Chrysler Sebring Shuts off at red lights sometimes, how do i fix it?
ford mustang 2009 v6 coupe?
What size tires is a perfect fit for a 1996 Honda civic sedan? Can I put 17x7 inch rims on it?
what are some nice rsx/s2000/96-2000/92-95 EX interior pieces i can put in my 92 CX civic hatchback?
Which and where is the fuse for a 2002 Chrysler Voyager?
Are BMW's better or Mercedes?
My 1982 Honda CB650 wont start?
Ford or Chevy?
I have not heard from my salesman after I ordered a Honda Fit on March 21rst. He never cashed the deposit so?
Did you notice that all the FORD questions are problems on how to fix them, but the Toyota questions are ....?
Where does the Manufacturer of Subaru come from?
Is an R33 GTST 1993 safe to run a without thermostat?
How much horse power and how much would it be to put 4 wheel drive on it?
2009 Nissan Altima coupe pros and cons?
240sx Zenki or Kouki?
My honda CRX won't start?
Question about a Kia Rio?
Can the old VW bugs drive on or underwater?
squealing brakes?
My car is making a purring sound??
just been released from prison girlfriend cheets on me ?
where is the map sensor located on a dodge 360?
1994 mustang v6 control arms?
What is the rear fender on a mustang called?
How much torque can a 89 AOD handle?
Nissan Altima 2008 Low gas milage, 20MPG HWY?
where can I find parts for a 1978 ford f-250 pick up truck?
How do you remove the headlight assembly on an '03 Mustang V6?
Saab 95 does not start?
My '04 Chevy truck is running hot why is this happening?
Would like to ask for copy of Owners manual for Mazda Bongo Friendee, Model 1995. Thanks?
Can you change the color of your dash? (Spedometer & such)?
How can I tell if I have a broken motor mount?
Will a 225/45R17 tire fit on an Integra? What size wheel to use?
is a mini a boyz or gilrs car?
how much in 1/4 mile will a 600hp 240sx sohc with slicks do?
did the 87 buick grand national gnx have airbags?
Service indicator on a Citroen Berlingo 1.4?
what's the car make/model?
teacher's salary of delhi public school,maruti kunj,gurgaon?
What size speakers go in the rear of a 2000 Kia Sportage?
Volkswagen GTI Fahrenheit?
cavalier fought back!!!!?
did annabelle get your jeep oil resolved?
I have a Dodge Caravan Sport 1995, it keeps shutting off while driving can anyone help me?
im driving Alfa Romeo 156 sales speed .. the problem started yesterday , when i started the car .. i heard som?
how to convert manual transmission to automatic?
I received a letter from TOYOTA DEALER ADMINISTRATOR, USA INC. It said my car is "overdue for inspection."
About how many miles can a 2001 Nissan Altima run if it's maintained normally?
should I buy an audi 4 or bmw 3?
What oil should I put in my 98 voltswagon beetle?
what kind of oil and oil brand do i put in my 93 chevy corsica?
Why is my 2007 Toyota Prius have such a low MPG?
a mustang race qestion??
What are the major differences between a Honda CRV and a Toyota RAV4?
Will a tranny from a 99 Venture work in a 01 Montana?
would you rather buy the maybach 62 or the rolls royce phantom?
Does any one know where can I get altezza or euro lights for my '97 Nissan Quest?
what is difference between sohc,dohc, and vtec?
Which car would you say is the better investment..2009 honda accord or 2009 chevy malibu?
2004 ford explorer sport trac 4x4?
Does anybody know what year is the tri-bar/red bowtie Camaro Emblem for?
how much gear oil does a 1999 ford f150 differental need?
What is the app for the Hyundai car called?
Is an 1986 monty carlo considered to ba a classic yet?
Why is the 2013 Mustang V6 so slow?
Why does a Nissan Skyline have the 'Skyline' badge on the back written in English rather than Japanese?
Gti time belt changed 3months ago this year. I heard a noise coming from the driver side. Could it be belt?
Motor mounts for a 240sx the same as a 280z?
What's wrong with my Mercedes?
how to bleed slave cylinder on 07 cobalt ls 2.2L?
whats the best tranny to use on 1995 honda civic D16 engine for drag racing?
2006 Viper or 2006 Corvette Z06. what would you pick?
2013 wrangler B soft top and hard top?
Which is a better truck? Ford, Chevy, Dodge, or Toyota?
98 Mitsubishi Eclipse Odometers....?
Where can I find underdrive pulleys for a 2000 3.8l mustang and a 2008 4.0l?
pulsar 260 cc?
on vauxall astra the fans work but if I put air con and circulation on, they turn on but dont work.?
down payment on a 2003 bmw 745li?
are there any people that are selling 1974 chevy blazers.?
what are the dianogstics codes for a 1996 chevy caprice classic ex.(P0161) need a website from chevy w/ codes?
When do I use overdrive, and How do I know if its off or on on my 1996 Dodge Ram 1500 Magnum Automatic Transm?
2007 chevy cobalt issue?
Is this any good?
96 lincoln continental overheating.?
qhat is the more cheap car?
Mods for 2005 3.5 maxima se
neon trouble code p0325?
Need help with rims for a 2012 Dodge Charger?
Was buying a Mustang as a Teen a bad idea?
what would the chances of the ford- f150 being motor truck of the year?again?
Why is the Cherokee better than the Jeep Liberty (the successor)?
Where can I obtain a used Right Headlamp motor for a 90-93 Toyota Celica?
Simtons of a bad o2 sensor on a 1994 fwd 3800?
Saab 9-3 Winscreen Washer Problem?
can a bmw and mercedes engine reach 300k milege with no problems?
What kind of bulbs are in the dash of a 2001 Honda Civic EX?
Help, I spilled mercury!?
Can you attach and use a child seat on the fold down rear seat of a Volvo V70, XC70?
Euro tail lights!?
How do you set the time (or find out how to set the time) on a 1994 Cutlass?
I have 09 Chevy Tahoe with, ina w 900 bt rse 2 flip down, 4 alpine m780 headrest, pdx-f4,pdx-m12, 4 focal 165 ?
How do you turn the headlights off on a 2002 VW Cabrio GLX while it is running?
what is so special about a subaru STI?
How do I change front (driver side) indicator on 2010 Nissan Micra?
The value of a 1971 Skippy travel trailer?
is my 1997 eclipse OBD2?
Which car is better, BMW M6, or a Audi Q7?
What is the Nissan FB 15 ECO Indicator. Is there eny technology.Is that a mode. in my car when switch on the?
What would you do with 20 grand if you had it now?
Land Rover Freelander Help?
what are the type of really bright, almost blue headlights i see in luxary cars like escalades and mercedes??
Should i buy a Turbo Kit or Purchase them seperatly ? I have 1996 Jetta Trek. How can i make it have more HP?
Im having car trouble and need help?
What is the better car? The 2000 BMW M5 or the 2005 BMW 545i?
What is the rarest car in the world?
I have a 93 ford explorer that rotates but will not start. But will start and run somtimes. Any Ideas????
where can I find pictures of a 289 engine?
does an awning exist for the toyota lucida/estima?
What would win in a 1/4 mile drag a 1996 nissan maxima or a 1995 acura integra?
Transfer Case Fluid - 1997 Tahoe?
where is the heater resistor located for 01 f150?
Jeff's red Jeep on Switched at Birth?
Is buying a Holden omega sport wagon 60th anniversary edition for $34990 a good deal. ?
my car a nissan maxima revs up and down non stop it slams into gear really hard?
When will the new Lexus LS460 be available for sale?
how do i fix this electrical nightmare on this beetle?
my mom is giving me her 2003 chevy impala?
my 1993 toyota corolla is stuck in park...what can I do?!?
1988 chevy P Brake problems?
Chrysler 300 or Dodge Charger?
Help me pick new car please?
How to recalibrate a 2000 nissan xterra speedometer?
i have a 1999 dodge dekota the inside lights are on .?
Is it possible to twin turbo a ford fiesta?
What Car Insurance Is More Expensive And Why?(Porsche or Mercedes Benz)?
which is the fastest car on earth?
What is the difference between the 2008 Honda Accord Coupe EX, EX-L and LX-S?
What do you think about Mustangs?
What are the differences between automatic and manual locking hubs? ?
1998 honda civic timing belt. never replaced and have 166000km on car. how long will it last?
How reliable is 2002 Ford Focus SVT?
Does anyone know how I can tell if my '88 Firebrid is a Formula car?
who wants to buy a gold 1966 ford thunderbird that is located in reno nevada?
How reliable are Porsche Cayennes?
do you think the mk4 escort is the most stunning car?
how do i find motorwreckers in california?
99 Ford ranger is not starting?
chevy vega tire size question?
Has Toyota ever used the song "All I do is win" in a commercial?
how can I fix a bad knock in an '88 Chev 350?
How much will paint will it take to paint my 1994 Toyota 4Runner?
What is the most powerful Honda engine?
on a 2002 gt mustang with hydro buster and my brakes are locked up and my power stearin is locked up to?
wheres the cheapest county to by a used car in the uk?
When will the 2007 Infiniti G35 coupe go on sale & how much will it cost?
mlp sensor on a 1992 ford bronco?
What is the difference of chevy and Chevrolet?
2002 Toyota Celica Interior Trim and Parts?
Which is a better car, Toyota, Nissan or Honda?
How many quarts of oil should I put in my 2003 2.4L Toyota Tacoma when I change the oil?
just who is bbc`s top gear`s "the stig" ????
1993 ford escort lx not turning over all the way.?
BMW e36 roof re-sync?
Would an 04 Terminator beat a 2012 Mustang Gt?
need cylinder head for 1985 renault alliance 1.7 engine?
What kind of car does Hayden Panettiere drive in scream 4?
If I am a cosigner on an automobile, what are my rights to get this debt and title in my name only?
99 passat question please help me?
Where can I get or download a 2003 Jeep cherokee laredo owners manual?
1994 chevy lumina door is locked cannot open it to fix the problem need help have had outside handle replaced.
honda civic?
Does anyone know where can i get some honda flags? I need them for an exhibition...?
who is the stig? on top gear?
How to turbo my 2011 Lancer?
does anyone own a Ford 500SE?
Engine trouble 1989 6cyc Ford Ranger 2.9 fuel injection?
Who loves JDM & what do you drive?
How to reset factory alarm on 2000 saturn ls1?
spare parts?
is it worth get a citreon saxo 1.6i vtr?
what kind of engine have a ford mustang gt 220?
Why does my 2009 Ford Focus drives like its in neutral when i first turn on the engine?
How do I find out the color of my 2006 Ford Expedition?
How do you replace a noisy A/C pump compressor idler pulley bearing in a 1994 Cutlass Supreme with 3.1 V6 ?
Can I run my 1982 Mercedes 300TD on Veggie Oil?
is there such thing as a 100% electric car?
can ne1 give me specific detail on how to swap engines,transmission,and put posi in?
Does Mercedes-Benz Factory Warranty covers the sound system and speakers?
Headlight wont turn on. ford focus?
Will or does Daihatsu still sell vehicles in the United States?
Would 17x10.5 wheels in the rear end of my mustang get better grip than 17x10?
Can anyone help me with my diagnosis on my vectra thanks,its electrical?
anywhere i can get a deal on a used 2006 z06 corvette?
How do you replace the side mirrors on a scion xb?
Where do I ground my car amplifier in my Foxbody (Hatchback)?
Where can i get radio codes for a 1997 acura 35RL?
What is a better car Mercedes-Benz or BMW?
what car is better a 08 lexus is or a 08 infiniti g37??
Is 16, 000 alot for a 2004 camper van Aus?
BMW owners...?
98 ford explorer where the fuse for the radio?
Change auto gear knob for Civic EG?
resale value for 2003 aviator inyear 2007?
How do you know which oxygen sensor is out in a jetta, volkswagon?
Lowering springs/coilovers for a 2008 civic?
What Does the F stand for in F40 ferrari?
Can you enable the car alarm on a new honda your self?
If you fill your deisel with £62 worth of leaded petrol wot repair cost?
what would cause the batteries of a gulf stream motor coach to boil over and scorch the wires off?
I am looking for a carbon fiber hood for a 2005 Nissan Sentra.?
Need a car manual online for 2001 vw polo E?
Where can I get Angel Eye headlights for my Explorer Sport Trac?
what does the wire from condencer hook to on 350 chevy?
who has a porsche..........................?
Chevy Cobalt owners need answers?
Ever had any problems with warranties?
Should I buy a Volvo S40 or a Mazda 3?
how do i change thermastat in my 99 monte carlo?
how do you take care of chrome?
Opinion: Do you think Ford Mustangs would make good patrol cars?
Where would the best place be to take my Suzuki 1994 400 Bandit vc edition to be repaired.?
anyone own a mercedes C class? I am considering buying one...?
2012 mustang gt roush super charger how muh of a diffrence?
I have a 1995 GMC Jimmy and when it rains my car won't start. When the sun is out it's okay. What could be the
What is the best turbo I can upgrade for my Subaru wrx?
2003 Hyundai Santa Fe value?
how can I find the "key codes" for the used car I bought, so I can get copies made?
what size are the stock tires for a 1997 chevy s-10 pickup?
Greddy type s coilovers?
How can I beef up a 1997 pontiac firebird?
where is the fuil filter on a 1987 honda prelude?
What turbocharger works on a 1970's 350 golden rocket?
How is a ford bronco on gas? And what type of milage?
What is causing the brake light fuse blow immediately when i put on the brakes of my 2001 jeep grand cherokee?
is there a bolt on rear shock absorber set up for a 1940 ford with transverse springs?
What is a good price for 2000 Honda Civic?
Whats the difference between the following models of BMW?
Chevrolet Camaro Question?
1955 Chevy engine swap question?
how much would it cost for a 2005 mustang engine to be rebuilt?
1991 chevy silverado unable to run?
What model classic car is this?
Can i install Traction Control On 2000 Mustang V6 that does not have it?
I have a 92 honda prelude and i also have a 5500 watt power acoustik bamf amp and 2 kicker cvx 15s ?
So I owe a 2011 dodge charger and was curious on how to give it more horsepower. Any ideas?
Slap stick conversion?
1999 mercury cougar, where is the resistor pack for the blower motor located?
why are most BMW's manual transmission?
camry vs accord?
I have a 97 ford f150 4.6 L. and out of no where it wont start?
Is it true that the year 1992 and under can't drive til' 18 or is it just a rumor?
I have a 97 Z28 camaro with a slp loudmouth exhaust, what can I do to make the car sound even louder?
1998 toyota avalon does not beep the horn when i lock or unlock it, how do i turn this back on?
Why does everyone love Toyota cars so much?
who is president of georgia?
Pros and Cons of a 1984 Porsche 930 turbo cabriolet?
Why on earth are even newer Smart cars fitted with a cassette player?
Does anyone know where to find a third seat console for a 2000 Chevy Truck? It's a bench seat third seat.?
what is the bolt pattern on a 1999 cadillac deville hearse its a 6 lug?
2006 dodge magnum...brakes rotors and caliper?
Can I pull a vacum to change my A/C compressor on my auto if I have the parts.?
97 Camry gas pedal problem, any suggestions??
How many Infiniti G35 coupes are made versus Nissan 350z?
How to check transmission fluid in2004 Volkswagen Beetle?
MY brother pored anitfreeze in my 1990 jeep charokee laredo?
Would you recommend the Porsche Panamera Diesel?
Has anyone ever replaced a GLASS rear window in a convertible mustang? ?
Why is my Volkswagen BETTER Than your inferior French car.?
what is your favorite car that hasn't come out yet?
Suzuki Lt500 Vs Raptor 700?
Hummer H2 tire pressure and tire type?
my 2007 mitsubishi eclipse stoped what could it be?
How do u make a 1995 v6 camaro loud ?
Is my engine 1.6L L4 SOHC 16V a D-Series engine ?
what is the best car they make?
i have a 1988 dodge dakota and i have troubles with it skipping i have changed the plugs and wires and distrib?
I have 3.3 dodge caravan 2006?
Owners Manual For A 2002 Chrysler Sebring lx?
Which Jeep Is The Best Buy?
What are your feelings on the Scion xA? Like it ? Hate it?
IM About to Buy a Dodge Challenger, what are some flaws about this Car?
Where does a side stand go on a Peugeot Speedfight 1 year 1999?
I blew my Front Left Speaker out in my 2001 Dodge Dakota Quad Cab?
like Honda and nissan are japanese cars. What is Land Rover?
1997 honda accord f23 swap?
Are American cars built to only last 5 years?
2004 Grand Am..Cruise control assembly?
Can you make the 2005 Fiat Panda 4 seater into a 5 seater?
Do you prefer a Dodge, Ford, or Toyota? Why?
My car tail lights aren't working.My dad says there is grease on the contacts.Is there a good way to remove it
ford sucks, GM blows them away, do you think so too?
My 1998 jeep grand cherrokee is making a loud noise when am picking up speed.?
2002 Dodge ram problems?
Downpipe for base model 2004+ grand prix?
I have an 02' impala and want to get new hubcaps for it...?
A jeep for a teenager?
What will be the best engine for my 1970 Dodge Charger.?
Diesel Fuel Price .. £1.30 per Litre in Bristol UK ....?
would you rather have a Dodge Charger SRT8 or a Mustang GT?
Which is better?
Can I put a supra engine in my 1995 celica gt
-2000 Mercury Grand Marque interior light comes on randomly when not occupied. why and how can it be fixed?
What kind of car can I get that is a sedan but still has that sporty feel and look?
Does the 2005 Toyota Highlander V6 have a timing belt or chain?
I'm thinking about buying either a Toyota Scion XB or a Honda Element. Please forward recommendations. Thanks
1986 ford ltd 5.0engine when i start it it lopes until it stalls i cleaned the egr and replaced the idle air i?
How do you change a headlight switch in a 1998 GMC pickup?
where is the BODY CONTROL in the 1997 ACURA RL?
Where is the gas filter on a hummer h2?
I need to replace a bose factory radio in a gmc envoy 2005.?
what is your favorite car make? What is your Favorite Sports car make?
how do i get to rear plugs 6 cyl dodge avenger?
How reliable are vauxhall, ford and Renault cars?
What's better: 2005 Ford F-150 or 1997 Ford Ranger?
How the Rolls Royce badge on the rims doesn't turn around whilst the car moves but the rims does?
i bought a new car and i want to make a copy of my key in case i lose it but my key has a chip inside it?
clutch contact point on mazda protege?
What car is better (under $15000) Kia or Hyundai ?
what french car has a electric handbrake, no key, automatic lights, automatic wipers?
mercedes benz e320 auxilliary battery where is it?
What is the Japanese symbol for honda?
1993 ford turus,the parking brake pedel is way to high?
what is your opinion of a PT Cruiser?
What do i need to do to get my 1966 oldsmobile toronado running(been sitting for 40 years)?
Arent Ford Medium Duty trucks technically superior to the Super Duty trucks?
What can I do to make my 2008 GT/CS Automatic go faster upgrade wise?
will 215 65 r17 fit my 00' lincoln ls?
I have a question about my 2000 eclipse headlamps.?
sorry... its 02, thanks everyone ; )?
where can i get pictures of the MG-TD car/ Stutz Bearcats car/ Model 'T' car?
Shaving a tailgate. lord fusor?
How do you pronounce "Audi"?
where are chevrolet aveos actually made?
What's different about the 2005 Honda Civic SE "Special Edition?"?
What spark plugs would you install in 2004 Honda Accord 6-cyl 4-door?
Who has a Lexus?
Problem with sparkplugs for a 2002 mazda B2300?????
2000 Honda Civic EX condenser, mechanic estimates $450+ for fix?
What do you do when your water makes a weird noise?
7 seater which hummer is there?
audi a3?????????????
1972 Mercedes Benz 250 Automatic- shifts only twice?
what's the easiest way to lower a honda civic 94?
whate is ls1 stand for.?
why does my subaru legacy have flat spots before the turbo's come in and is there a cure for this problem?
Tyres for big rims yet comfortable ride - 2012 Beetle?
Is this car cool?
Why is my car shutting off?
02 chevy truck why would transfer case lock up?
I'm planning to buy a Dodge Neon from 2000 to 2004, Does anyone with this car have any comments? pros n cons
what web sight do i go on to see how much a car is worth?
Can Corvette C6 rims fit on a stock 87 IROC-Z?
2004 BM 525i problem with car but no warning lights or anything?
seatbelt light blinking?
what should i pick for a car, a 2002 Toyota Solara, or a 2000 Acura TL?
I have a 2001 monte carlo and the engine is revving high.?
Selling my 2004 vw bug?
I have a chrysler crossfire 2004, codes for crank postion sensor and air pump came up...?
nissan motor help??? 1997 nissan altima?
angel eye conversion for my 2007 tibburon?
questions on buying a nissan 350z?
My Jeep takes a long time to start.?
What is the Battery for Oldsmobile Alero Keyless Entry?
occasional slight pulsating in left front brake-99 chevy tahoe?
I want to know what is so great about vtec?
what is the front axle nut torque spec on a 1997 dodge intrepid?
I need good name for my 1998 Camaro?
where can i get a Toyota Vios 2006 model's Owner's Manual in English?
How much is a 2000 suzuki GSX-R 600 worth?
how many Jaguar XJS 5.3L V12 Coupes were made in 1990?
Why did they discontinue the Dogde Daytona?
What is the complete history of the fiat logo?
Towing with a Toyota Camry 4 Cyl Auto?
good tires to lift ford ranger?
honda accord 96 sideskirts?
I am purchasing a 95 dodge stratus but have a question?
do you think the honda fit will sell well in the us?
What are some cars available in America with Hispanic names?
which is a better classic car a 1969 Chevrolet Camaro or 1978 ford Mustang II?
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