fuse keeps burning out on ford ranger dome light?
1996+ mitsubishi galant vr4 ? For u.s ?
2008 benz e350w radio pass code?
2003 s10 Chevy sloshing in the dash?
How much does a front bumper run for a Mercedes C230?
How to get Mazda 1997 626 OEM shop manual?
How can I beef up a 1997 pontiac firebird?
Why is my ac clicking on & off real fast when ideling. this is on a 1991 chevy astro.?
VW Passat Oil?
does a 97 subaru outback sport come stock with a turbo?
Am I a moron?
what RIMS looks good on a 2000 lexus 300gs and the link to buy?
Why won't the antennae on my car go down?
Which is the best among the three?
Rear wiper relay clicks on a 1998 Ford Windstar, wiper does not work, why?
1995 acura integra help?
I want to buy a porsche, but am not bothered about the engine. Just love the shape Any ideas if this is poss?
New BMW Key Programming 2000 528i (New Key is the only key)?
what is the best volvo model ever made? (S40? S60? or others)?
Would you buy a Acura TSX or a Mercedes-Benz 230?
I want to purchase an '02 Audi A4 1.8t, What are the pros and cons?
My Volvo won't start it. Is it the spark plugs? Distributer..? or what?
What year did the make the mr2 2Gen?
Chevy Cars???
when did they start making volkswagens again after the 1960's?
Is the 2009 Camaro out on the market?
Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Bentley, Rolls Royce and Bugattie?
Learning how to drive a stick shift????????
Honda Civic 2002 buckle does not hook up!?
How much would it cost to get a fuel pump replaced for a 2000 chevy trailblazer 4 door?
hybrid cars?
chevy silverado 2500hd vs chevy avalanche LTZ?
where is the fuel pumpr relay on a 1983 fuel inj dodge omni?
Can you put a Ford Raptor engine in a 2005 F150?
How much do you think a vintage Camaro 1980 Berlinetta is worth, V8-305 Great condition T-Roof and 123,000KM?
Peugeot 106 auxiliary drive belt?
Is a Good buy, Volkswagen passat 2009 new (2.0 L)Sedan with 0% for 72 months?
2001 dodge caravan the blower only works any other hot and cool switch not working. i can off air blower?
Whats the name of the Volvo Canada commercial theme song?
How many miles will the timing belt in my 1994 Honda Accord EX last? I have a 155,000 miles on the original?
Why does everyone give me dirty looks in that car?
Mercedes or Lexus?
Where are the Saab cars made?
Faster car in a 1/4 mi. drag?: 98' Grand Prix GT or 98' Eclipse GS.?
why is it taking 3 tries to start my 99 f350 psd to start on a 45 degree morning?
Is it normal for the little car logo to be lit on the dash of a 2001 BMW 316i SE?
I have a 1999 Golf , during the heavy rain the passenger footwell has filled with water.anyone know the cause
Does anyone else experience difficulty swicthing gears in a standard transmission?
Does anyone out there know or have instructions on how to install a convertible top ?
I have a 2009 Honda civic lx with stock hub caps. Would the 17inch Velox Zeta K fit?
Where to find expensive/exotic cars?
Any ford mechanics out there i need a little expert advice on a 2001 f150 we were replacing the alternator and?
i got a 309 j reg Peugeot,how do i get it to run on chip oil.?
Grand Am 2.4L Compression test results seem too high?
2001 jetta MK4 vr6 misfiring on cyl 1,3,5?
where can I purchase a binatone F350 rechargeable battery?
mpg.canada ford fusion sel 4cyl hwy?
how much does a General Manager (gm) make at a car dealer ship?
Can you add a spoiler to a 2003 Ford Taurus SE?
Does ANYONE here know how to CLEAN intake valves?
Question about 1999 nissan pathfinder Car Speakers?
Should I tune my 2011 Mustang GT after putting straight pipes on?
I have a 98 Accord, After charging it, radio is flashing THEFT DETERRENT and asking for a CODE, what 2 do?
Difference between normal Dodge 1500 vs Express?
Mercedes or BMW ???
How much leg room does a f-150 xlt flareside have?
How many miles can I drive when the gas light comes on in a 2004 Ford Focus?
Will a 1990-93 2.2L cavalier header bolt upto a 1989 2.0L cavalier?
What motors can i put in my 2003 nissan sentra se r spec v?
I have a 1975D penny with (it looks like) Kennedy facing Lincoln?
any one any thing about a 84 chevy custom deluxe?
GoldWing 1991 GL1500 No Electrics?
how much will it cost to change honda del sol from auto to 5 speed?
i have a 95 honda passport,it needs a transmission,what will interchange with it?
Are Pontiac's crap??
How do you tune up a 2010 toyota corolla s?
How do I get the code for my ford radio without going to ford code is m040812?
How to bypass 98-00honda accord?
What is a cool car for an older guy?
1997 Ford Taurus. Check engine light on I have two codes P0761 and P0402.?
Most reliable German car brand?
what is the vertical clearance of a starex van with a carrier?
I am looking for a junk yard that will pick up my car and pay me !?
Is the Aero-x Saab ever gonna see production?
replace instrument panel light on my 1993 cadillac?
will most hubcaps fit a Saturn, if its the same size?
How much is a 99 honda accord lx with 100,000 miles worth?
How do you solve the clue to DOIMEDE ISLAND in volvo's the hunt?
Anybody ever use their Streptronic transmission in their BMW?
My father bought me a mustang 2006 for $7000 but it has 133000 miles on it?
Turbo in a 1995 BMW m3?
What can I do, I have a constant whine from the passenger seat of my Chevy Truck, Need to resolve it?
does anyone know the FUEL MILEAGE FIGURES FOR 01 FORD EXCURSION???????
How to do a burnout on a automatic car rear wheel drive without messing up the transmission?
What country is Mercedes-Benz from?
Battery light off after i replaced battery, but still dont knw if alternator is good or bad..?
Will a chevy 454 fit in a s10 blazer.?
chevy interior question?
2003 Hona Civic - How do I change the time?
99 VW JETTA hard shifting transmission???
BMW 5 series problem with the ABS?
Massive Volkswagen Problems. Help!?
What will happen if i lower my car and put rims on it to?
97 honda civic transmission problems?
i need a alba 700 edge wheel 18x7.5 where can i get it if everyone i call tells me its a discontinued model?
1947Chrysler Windsor?
need help weather 2 change the colour of my car or not!!!!!!?
i can not get this web site to come up help?
Does anyone want to buy my fiat 126?
I am looking for a man by the name Tony Martens 54 y.o who lives in Melbourne Australia?
2000 honda accord starts and dies right away?
I want to start a towncar service in minneapolis.?
whats the biggest engine Chevy makes?
Smoke from under engine on 1999 F150 with 100,000 miles on it. Mechanic says gasket between motor..250.00 quot?
Re auto Can i put lower springs on my car, without changing the struts/shocks.?
Mercedes or BMW for limo service......?
Mods i can do to my car?
10 points the best A.Are firebirds and Trans Am's the same cars?
In volkswagon's new commercial "rocketman",is the guy in the shower yelling rocketmaaaaaaaaan Rutledge wood?
What would cause a brake light to constantly light up even without the brake being applied?
I have a 97 nissan harbody 4 clinder and when your aceleate over 1800 rpm the truck jumps and bucks?
where is the backup key in a 2007 dodge caliber. i only have one key?
do toyota SUV's & nissan SUV's really run forever ? I hear like 200K miles before they keel over ??
how do I check transmission fluid on 99 vw golf auto ?
What causes the check engine sensors of a Toyota Sienna to come back on after the codes have been reset?
02 svt focus cruise control problems?
Is this a good or bad deal for a porsche?
Any one having 1999 Chrysler 300M owner manual in soft copy? Kindly share with me?
How much for a flowmaster muffler in a 98 pontiac grand am?
i have a scenic 2001 petrol it is tapping even on idle and blowing grey smoke?
Honda CRV - I saw vehicle that looked like a CRV and was the size of a CRV but its noise was much flatter.?
Why does my abs light on 2003 ford explorer come on?
Porsche Cayman S, Carrera 911, S, S4, Turbo or Viper SRT10?
Mini cooper overheating suddenly. solution please?
99 ford contour won't start?
442 owners?
what is this car and who makes it?
How long can I expect a '96 toyota corolla with 167,000 miles and in good running condition to last? Should I
2001 Mustang Battery cables replacement?
Does the 2007 Chevy Aveo 4-door have an automatic shift or is it manual???
Guys, do you think the 1987 Iroc Camaro was ahead of it time. I mean the car is so clean, and you get one?
How can i increase MPG on my 2002 HONDA accord?
Mercedes ML320 sludge problems?
I'm looking for a used Jeep YJ Wrangler for sand dune use. Are there Jeep trouble spots I should look for?
1997 ford f-150 turns over but won't fire?
Is the 1971 Ford LTD headlight shield and bezel compatible with a 1972 Ford LTD?
Mustang or Camaro, which do you prefer? (even though the stang is better) Still i want now which do u prefer?
i have a 1999 freelander 1.8 petrol.all of a sudden it starts vibrating on drivers when you turn right?
whats some reliable cars like 2002 nissan sentra?
i need directions on how to flip my shackles for extra lift. i am
how to change the blower resistor on a 2003 f-150?
Last phase of volvo what drives edward contest...anyone else can't get the site to work?
How is the nissan pathfinder 2003?
I have a 2008 Town n Country.Rear Blower?
Which car performs better the dodge charger r/t or the mustang gt?
is there a certain type of cvt fluid i have to put in my 2011 nissan altima 2.5s?
Next car advice?
Wat is the full meaning of BMW?
can you help me to find the name of a cover in hyundai accent . the cover in he Ac switch is situated?
08 Ford Edge...Good Buy?
I need a speed sensor, for a 93 geo prism lsi where can i get it for cheap?
Maruti alto 800 can be available in diesel model ?
What would you think of a 23 year old in a Black E320 Mercedes?
What is the Japanese symbol for honda?
Need front end alignment specs for a 2002 Mercedes 420?
does my 2001 Ralley Red honda civic 2dr have clearcoat?
the fuel filter is not on the frame or on top of the gas tank any idea were is it?
Are the 2005-2009 Jeep Grand Cherokees problematic after 100k?
can a automatic g35 sedan have a turbo?
How much should a tuneup for my car cost?
I'm looking at buying a Mercedez Benz and also looking at BMW. Confused on number and letter significance?
What are the bolts to take off a wheel bearing on a '04 dodge stratus? Meaning the bolt head actually.?
Which of the two cars is good , Wagon R or Santo Zing ?
1995 Nissan Maxima has a hard time starting in the morning?
1990 honda civic???????
How much is the average price to lease a 2009 Audi A8?
Which one is better a chevy corvette or a camaro?
Pontiac fiero smoking problem?
On they have a push start button for the mustang.. would this work with the 2010 camaro?
What is Cavalier exhaust size?
like Honda and nissan are japanese cars. What is Land Rover?
im looking for a cheap car and dont no where to look?
what the peugeot 307 model 2007 optional?
2002 BMW 330i Lights keep flashing?
Do you have a car worth over $2,000?
My Honda civic ex 95 turns off randomly when I'm driving, what could it be?
Can you put a t3t4 turbo on a 2012 ford mustang gt?
Which suv do yall like more? Lincoln Navigator or the Cadillac Escalade?
What should I use to drop my '67 Camaro a few inches?
which car is better honda & nissan!?
Is it possible to get a Ford Probe made now even though they quit making them in 1997??
My acura fish tails any one knows y?
How is Duro DZ performance?
cost of a 4-wheel brake job on a 2004 chevy malibu ls?
Ford 300 inline 6?? Is it worth it?
Trade in value of 2005 Honda Accord?
How do u know that she even loves m? and i have the love i wanted from her?
does a malfunctioning coolant temperature sensor affect a cars fuel MPG?
Purchase of a porsche 928?
Where can I find an SRS unit for a 1997 Civic DX coupe with number 77960-S02-A81?
2000 ford expedition misfire?
would 235/60/16 snow tires fit on a 2002 v6 mustang?
what do you think of the hummer h3's? planning to purchase as a family car. im a single dad with 2 boys :)
what kind of car do you drive? love it or hate it?
we hit a hog on our 06 dodge stratus and the piece where the oil filter housing goes into broke?
transmission needed for 1996 plymouth neon?
what gauge is a 2000 ford focus se starter cable?
help! my mom is buying me a truck, i want an f150 but she said all i can have is a ranger :(?
can you give a bmw a jdm look?
Anyone know where i can get a center console for a 96 Econoline conversion van?
1993 acura integra over heating?
Favorite Car?
is it illegal to have fairy lights oon car interior windscreens?
my 1998 mitsubishi eclipse gs only has 1 rad fan relay?
whats your FAVE CARS?
how do i take pictures with a cobra dc125 camara?
what country is alfa romeo from?
Why is it that americans dont build exotic sports cars??
What does GTI stand of on a car?
i got a dodge ram 1500 what can i do to get better gas mileage it 4 wheel drive?
Buying a classic Mustang, which would be a better choice 65/66 or a 67/68 year?
What european car is a good car for a teen? No japanese pieces of crap, please!!!?
How much horsepower does a ......................................??…
SAAB or Volvo?
why am i getting cel p1509 in my 97 civic dx?
what website can i look up to find a great body kit for a 99/00 bmw 323?
do dodge keys have chips in them?
2005-07 Ford mustang man or woman car?
Massive Volkswagen Problems. Help!?
what do parts do i need to rebuild a front end 1982 corolla wagon?
Where is the fuse for the cigarette lighter in a 2009 Ford escape Hybrid?
What do you all think of the 2008 Nissan GT-R?
How are the bmw 530I car and would you buy one?
Is the Chevy Impala a good car buy?
Why Is My Honda Civic 1996 Keep Getting Stuck On Parking And Neutral?
What can i add to my 1984 Corvette to make it faster?
My jeep is dieing randomly?
Which do you think would win a race....a ford f150 supercharged harley davidson or ford mustang?
Does a Toyota dx have to be certified if it is lowered? Done properly, the springs weren't cut.?
D16 vtech swap??????
2007 Hyundai Sonata Reliable?
how do i fit a parking sensor to an e39 bmw 520 on rear bumper?
where is the air intake hose on a 2003 chrysler voyager?
are kia sephias good cars?
i want to know about mercedes?
From toyota and honda which one u prefer?and why?
BMW Vs. Audi?
where can i get a attachment to fasten my catalytic converter back to body of 2000 ford windstar?
Where could I take my 370Z to get performance parts installed on it in Texas?
I have a 1989 Chevy silverado it starts but doesn't stay running . I?
What do you think about Hyundai?
Is this a good deal for an excursion?
If a Nissan Altima runs out of gas and gas is put in, will it restart right away?
Ford Beeping 5x5 every 45 min?
How do you fold down the back seats in a 2001 Suzuki grand vitara?
rims for my 2012 mazda 6?
What vehicle is better Honda or Toyota or Hundayi?
does anyone own a car with low profile tyres on can u tell me how much road noise u get?
How much is a second hand porsche 911?
Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder tonneau cover?
release/throw-out bearing bad on my 99 vw golf.?
Im considering getting a Jeep Wrangler....?
Husqvarna tc 250 2006 blowing blue smoke and oil coming out of the exhaust what does this mean?
Would you trade your Toyota for a GM?
what is best chevy car there is???
how much did a 1972 camaro cost new?
2006 Scion TC Headers?
which is better?
cheap rear seat cover for 2000 Acura TL?
Do BMW e46 come with adaptive headlights?
what is the best oil to use in your car if you want to make your engine last as long as you can?
Hyundai 21 days to give down payment?
Cars similar to Porsche 911?
Has anyone thought of swapping the cobalt s.s engine for a scion tc engine?
How do you replace a 98 civic power steering pump?
What is the best vehicle, chryslers 2006 300 or 2006 nissan altima?
02 Grand Am Brief Acceleration Rattle?
Which car is is your choice for what i should get?
1999 ford forte au series 1?
what are the name of the?
Mercedes or BMW suv?
1994 Honda civic piston?
2006 Nissan Altima hard starting at times engine vibrates at stops.?
Neon lights: what color?
Nissan Armada or Toyota Sequoia?
sparkplug wiring diagram for1989 honda accord lxi?
can you get into a soft top jeep from the outside?
How is Porsche pronounced?
Will a weber 38 dges fit my 22r?
My 04 Escalade mirrors won't fold, why?
Where to find the alpine car alarm main unit in 2002 Yukon Denali?
Why do people hate fords sooooo much?
05 Subaru Sti or 07?
Is it worth buying a Hyundai or Kia?
on a 2003 dodge ram 2500 what brand of brake pads does it come with?
I'm looking at a chevy HHR 2006 to buy, how are they rated, what car do they compare with?
Does a throttle position sensor failure set a check engine code in a 93 ford f150?
My VIN number says Trans Am, but the trunk says Firebird?
I am buying a 2012 honda civic?
need to know about Kia cars and trucks?
which is the fastest road car in the world?
Xmas ideas for my boyfriends "project car."?
What size tire and wheel for my 2003 Honda CR-V?
what do you think is the coolest muscle car?
Does anyone know why my '91 BMW 850csi shakes when I get to 50-60mph?
What car do you drive ?
Can I get the 2012 Mazda 3 for 22K on the road and zero percent financing?
I have a 2003 Ford Explorer. The key remote doesnt work, battery or replace the remote?
Do all Lexus' have leather interior or can I get cloth?
will a th350 work with my 350tbi in my 87 2dr 2wd?
I sell automobiles @ Infiniti of Memphis & would like to sell approximately 8-10 more vehicles a month; how?
how do i release a seatbelt with an item in it?
Where can i find research to do a report on the history of the internal combustion engine past to present???
which color of Maruti Swift zdire is prefered to buy? White or Silver.?
Honda Accord 2002 Should I switch to synthetic?
Do you like the new mustangs better or the old ones?
Who's the hot guy in the Audi S8 'Suspect' commercial?
88 chevy c1500 trans issues?
What do you think about used Toyota Matrix?
How fast would a 2000 Mustang GT have to be traveling at to flip on a sharp turn?
What kind of car should I get?
Which Turck is better?
how can i supe up my 98 acura integra ls?
replacing my cv joint? on a 2004 pontiac sunfire?
Ford KA, 1.3 litre engine?
Okay, so from one extreme to the next...tell me...?
honda prelude si D4 light blinking?
any mazda performance shops in the Toronto area?
What type of coolent do i use for my 1995 ford Taurus?
Can I drop a diesel into my Ford?
witch do you think is the best bmw car?
will the mazda millenia supercharger fit on a mazda kl engine?
2000 Honda civic idle issue?
I'm buying a Toyota Yaris with an interest rate of 5.36%, is this a good deal?
What can be done to improve gas mileage?
Toyota Financial & Toyota Financial Mexico?
how to recharge the A/C on a 2000 outback L wagon?
Is there any place in the US where you can buy the European made Smart car.?
Will a GM 2200 engine bend valves if the timing chain goes bad?
I am trying to find a video of a Renault commercial where the car turns into a 'transformer' type car.
are rover 25 cars a good car ?
One of my headlights is not working and ive replaced it with brand new bulb and it still doesnt work.?
Anybody driven the new 2006 Volkswagen Jetta? If so, give us some feedback.?
What is the compatible numbers of 255+325?
Why are used Cadillac Deville's cheaper than used Cadillac CTS's of the same year and mileage?
My Ford can't keep up with my Dads Dodge?
supercharger or turbo for a honda si which on is better?
how fast can an 2006 acura tl go?
Honda prelude mods to start with?
2001 ford ex. sport not responding to button on dash when i select 4w high or 4w low dash not illuminating?
My 2001 Monte Carlo won't start?
Is this a deal on a Honda Civic 2012?
Mi ford five hundred makes a noise when start only when the egine ist cold ?
What is the most overrated car brand?
Fuel Economy Problems for my Car?
5.7L hemi engine in 1991 Camaro?
Where is the starter and selanoid at on a 93 Toyota camery?
Dimensions of a oil drain plug on a 2000 honda cr250r?
30 weight oil vs 10w30?
2005 mazda 6 main fuse?
Does anyone know how to reset the Service Engine Soon light on 2000 Grand Am?
Why is my 2007 Chevy silverado making a squeking sound?
i need to know what site can i go on to find a picture of a 1986 chevy impala?
Anybody know where i can get door pins for a pug 205 gti?
How much would you pay for a 2003 mercedes Kompressor it has a supercharged engine and is in great conditi?
Roll cage/harness bar for '93 3000gt?
How Much does it cost too get power steering fixed in a 1986 ford f-150 please help?
(TEN POINTS) How long will it be until Hyundai releases Blue-Link to the Sonata Hybrid? PLEASE HELP?
i need a shifter for a sm465 can anyone help i need one asap $?
Is the 2013 lexus es a girls car?
Volkswagen golf help! What should I be concerned about when buying?
what is the color name of my Honda Civic 2012?
Is "Ford Stampede" a good name for a large full sized pickup I'm designing?
i need to know which of the 4 headlamps are supposed to come on when the low beams are used on a 1988 camaro?
buying vw type 1 pistons?
If the rear seats of a Nissan 300ZX 2+2 are taken out, is there enough room for a massage table?
what's the biggest motor chevy make????
Vibration with new tires and still no answers!!!!!?
how do i change a u-joint on a 87 ford mustang?
How do you adjust headlamps on a 2000 ford explorer?
First Car? Opinions Needed!?
1999 mustang gt help changing trans had a t45 going with a t56 do i need to get new clutch?
Why is my civic sluggish?
Where is the transmission fluid in a 1995 Honda CRV from Japan?
mazda rx8 eratic idle?
how much for a pair of shocks and sturts for a 2008 nissan versa hatchback cost?
does anyone know what car the mach five was based on?
2008 Corvette Z06 vs. 2008 Ferrari F430 vs. 2008 Gallardo
What engine does a 2005 Lancer Evo have?
blue book value 2006 ford 150 king ranch LOADED?
Which is the most expensive car in the world & what is the cost? What is the cost of Mercedes Mclarens SLR?
1970 camaro z28 automatic tranmission question?
HELP! automatic 1.4 1998 Tigra?
looking for grill gaurd for 1989 S10 pickup?
What Ford Mustang is the best?
Any recommendation on where to get a 2001 Mazda Miata battery (other then dealer)? Thanks!!?
I have a brand new Hyundai Verna. Is it OK to change the rims from 13" to 14" ?
Whats the best sounding car you've heard in person???
Im thinking on buying a Porsche. I don't know if a Cayman S, Boxster or a 911. I have 75,000$?
Is silver a masculine color on a car?
I'm considering used Subaru Forester - looking for your opinion on this car.?
How much would an impreza wrx sti insurance cost at the age of a 21 year old citizen?
2003 Dodge Durango how to?
honda accord 4 cylinder lx acceleration problems?
Please help! Car trouble...?
Will hondas 300ex jet kits work for the fourtrax 250x?
what kind of motor is in a volkswagen v2?
Should i add a fuel cleaning fluid in my 09 Chevy cobalt ss?
2002 Mercury Marquis baby car seat assembly?
ford f150, sierra, or silverado?
Do the Honda Civic and Del Sol share any body parts?
which car better nissan or toyota?
Should i get a mustang ?
can a 1990 nissan stanza airflow meter fit a 1994 airflow meter nissan sentra?
Need help deciding whict car to buy?
what is the best off roader?
A friend has a 2008 Jeep Patriot and he wants to install a CB radio inside, but there is no place to install?
What website can I find a 2006 Chevrolet Thunder 1500?
what is the best tuner to fix up from 2009 -2011 models?
Should i purchase this BMW?
Mercedes Benz semi automatic transmission?
Is a vx220 a great car?
Are all KIAs bad cars??
Is it possible to program your Lexus remote so that it unlocks all 4 doors with one press?
4th gen camaro vssb where is it?
My 97 olds cutlass supreme, engine light blinks when I climb hills and loses horse power?
Who here, in this world likes BMWs?
What is the car company Gamballa?
footbrake question for car?
Acura Legend 1993 160,000 Miles... what do you think of this car, sedan, automatic...! Any pointers...?
is there difference with mazda 6 - '03 and '07 - in the car body ?
Acura RSX-S at an auction in NY?
Can I put a mustang gt engine into a 2001 Hyundai Elantra?
can a 2004 borla exhaust mstg fit a 2007 mustang?
1989 honda civic won,t start is it worth fixing?
How to control the rear air conditioning in a 2003 Lincoln Town Car?
how to fix up a nissan sentry se-r?
I have a 2006 Mustang GT. I found my passenger side floorboard soaked with standing water. What can it be?
How much weight can i put in the box of my truck?
Why are BMWs driven by idiots?
What kind of wheels would look best on a 2000 Honda Accord?
I have a 2005 Dodge 4by4 4wheel drive quad cab tow package 30,000 mileage orignal want to sell what would be a?
my lights are staying on on a 1996 pontiac bonneville?
Has anyone driven a new Audi rs4? if so what are its best points and the worst.?
Do you have a description of a Flanders automobile?
Won't a Subaru beat a SD-455 1973 Trans Am?
What causes the anoying whistle that comes from the mirrors on a 2000-2003 Odyssey at betweem 104 and 105MPH?
how do i get a key code of a vehicle from the vin??
How good is 2001 Mercedes ML320 SUV? I am buying one. Need some reassuring reviews on the same.?
does any know where i can find a geo metro conv. with a flower paint job?
I got a acura Tl For Xmas 6 Speed I can't drive stick should i give it back?
question about nissan altima radio?
Why do people always hate on the Civic Si? And all of Honda's high.reving engines?
1988 Nissan 2wd truck that makes grinding noises from the rear when I accelerate excessively from a stop?
Does the Focus City Pack option come with Electric Rear Window?
how is volvo s40 T 2006? anyone own one?
I was thinking about putting a turbocharger in my V6 Jeep Cherokee for a more beefyer sound, is this possible?
Where can i find aero bodykit for 06 mini cooper?
water pump eagle talon non turbo?
Can you change the suzuki bandit 250cc from the cdi unit to the point ignition and if so how?
97 dodge stratus, poppin fuses.?
my 2000 ford explorer keeps cutting out why.?
Honda prelude 5th generation reliability?
Knocking noise 1995 mustang ?
what is the finest car ever made?
why is it that just because gas is expensive people are driving smaller cars?
anyone selling honda civic? in florida?
I have 2004 Ford explore and it want crank. Its not the battery nor the starter.?
1993 ford lightning wanting to buy?
Can you tell if a car is diesel or petrol?
Who makes the better cars, Toyota or Ford?
Does the Golf MKIV have the motorized trunk actuator?
Is the new Mustang better than the original?
2002 FORD WINDSTAR (U1262)?
Mitsubishi lancer es 2003 car trouble?
2005 Jetta wiper blade problem?
why is my impreza bi polar?
How to remove window from ford f150?
Are Jeep Wrangler TJ's expensive to maintain?
aux jack in my 2006 mercury milan?
Acura integra starting problems?
Will a rear dash of a 97 cavalier fit in an 02 cavalier?
Where can I find someone that will do a VR6 engine swap for 99 beetle?
When will we see the 2007 Chevrolet Silverado?
Ford fiesta 1.6 Titanuim manual 5spd?
The drivers door handle cover of my Audi S-line 2006 model fell off somewhere today, help?
is acura better than lexus?
Is the Toyota FJ Cruiser a good suv?
I have an EB V8 and it is having power surges what could it mean?
M3 or M5 What would you go with?
what is your favorite car that you've ever had?
looking for mens opinions!?
What kind of car should I get? It's my first car and I need it to commute to work.?
1999 and 2001 Volkswagen Jetta Gl?
07 dakota electrical problem?
What steps (in order) are required to remove the steering column in a 1990 chevy 1500 series pickup truck?
what does PONTIAC stand for?
American or Japanese Car?
how much would it cost to replace my engine in a 2002 mercury cougar v6?
Hi, I live in Mexico and have a 2003 corvette z06?
is the suzuki grand vitara a good first car?
how much does a naza bestari 206 sportivo edition cost?
Can anyone help me with with telling me some specs for a 1992 Mercedes Benz E230?
Where would the turn signal light be on a manual 2002 ford ranger?
1997 Mitsubishi Eclipse grinding noise?
have a ford 600 tractor and my hydraulic lift wont raise?
Someone told me kia cars are made by GM. Is this true?
where is the speedometer cable located on a 1996 chevrolet cavalier and is it a regular cable?
is anybody in love with their car well I am I just turned 17 and I love my mustang more then my boyfreind?
Where are Hondas made?
Is the Mitsubishi Evo DSM? 10 points?
What is the DIN ( Stereo size) for a 2001 Mitsubishi Galant ?
1972 Mustang vapor lock?
Clear code on a mercedes c 280 1998?
which car would win a race?
1980 mercedes oil pump?
Swapping Dashes.....?
Old fashion gasoline or Hybrid and Electro?
Turbo in a 1995 BMW m3?
I have a honda accord accord 1990 it starts but shuts off when im driving any sugestion please?
which do you prefer? Mustangs or Corvettes?
Do 2002 Honda Accord LX's have an anti-theft device?
I'm a girl, own a Porsche 944 seem to get screwed on repairs, of course. Is there any way to avoid this?
Anyone here remember the ORIGINAL Ford Mustang? Do you think the original was cool?
Should I buy a 2007 Dodge Charger with 100,000 miles?
is the fuel pump of a 1996 dodge avenger in the gas tank?
whats a 383 chevy 60 over?
Honda swaps, need help!?
What will it take to put down 300whp with a b18a1?
Why my ford focus won't start with out a jump ?
do i need to swap the ecu's if im swapping motor from a manual 1993 honda civic to a automatic 1992 civic?
puting a drive belt for a 2001 mazda millenia?
supra or rx7?
hi i have nissan micra N reg not starting on cold days even not from jump start but on normal days its start?
what grade of gas is required in a 2005 linclon towncar?
2005 Volkswagen Passat ESP/ASR?
Anyone got a download link for a 2004 Toyota Corolla Owners manual?
where can i tap a boost / vac gauge on a ka24e?
What does this mean?
how many gallons does gas truck hold?
SUVs that look like the hyundai santa fe?
What's better BMW or Ferrari?
Were can i find a 4-cylinder engine for a 91 Mustang LX for an affordable price?
If I buy a 2006 prius, Is their an income ceiling above which I can not take the $3150 tax credit?
when do the 2007 model year Lexus automobiles go on sale?
can I put p215/60/r15 tires on my 1985 mercedes 300sd turbodiesel?
How to fix break lights problem on 99 chevy tahoe?
who sings the new (2012) toyota prius commercial?
My remote control key wil not unlock my 2005 accord, but it works manually?
Where is a shut off at on a doge neon 1995?
will a 95' mustang 3.8 motor work in place of a 98' ford ranger 3.0 motor?
Is 65,000 Miles on a Mercedes Benz to much?
Range Rover or Toyota Land Cruiser 200?
1966 mercury comet wiper motor?
who inventid the first car?
Automatic windows on 93 honda stopped working?
How to check tcm jeep gcl 2004?
Selling a 2000 S-10?
What is the Name of the car which has four circles as its symbol?
can you swap transmissions in a explorer and ranger?
Mercedes Navigation...?
im planning on buying a 2010 camaro for my 15 year old son. do you think thats a good car for him?
i want a muffler for my 1996 ford mondeo.... just too make it sound a bit deeper/better, suggestions?
were can i find a shop manual for a 1972 dodge sportsman camper?
how long is a ford focus estate 2006?
I had to jumpstart my honda element and now the radio is asking for a code?
I took this down too soon - I want to hear more opinions - Why do you own a mercedes?
two different sizes of valave spring retainers on an early 70's ford 302 engines? thicker one for the exhaust?
What is the best way to get more h.p out of my 75 Chevy Nova?
Wrecked a 2005 nissan 350z with 60k miles?
fitting wheel hub hyundai i10?
Question about Honda cars?
which one is better bmw , mitsubishi or ford?
what are the main differences between the hyundai accent hatchback and the i30?
what was the first Honda mad and how many cars are there now what are they including hybrid?
Can anyone tell me please where I can buy an ABS Assembly for a 2002 Chevy Suburban online? Thanks?
Am I wrong to think Ford its a lousy company?
I own a 2013 Lancer GT.. Cheap ways to add a little more horsies?
thinking about a used chevy trailblazer as my next vehicle?
Mini Cooper, or VW Beetle?
2006 Nissan Titan: Is the DVD player Incorporated into the Rockford Fosgate Player or is it a separate player?
Do you have to have a ford camper package on an F-350 to haul a fifth wheel or hitch camper?
99 Chrysler LHS radiator fan not working.?
Which if these is fastest?
can I get the free news about automotive technology?
looking for a 1965 buick skylark?
2010 VW Touran coil spring 'spiral' broke off - warranty issues?
please answer?
What is the best way to add hp to my 2004 Acura TL?
purchase department number of renault nissan chennai?
When does Ford update its Rebates and Incentives?
Subaru's... why are some faster than others?
help me honda people!?
why are 2003 svt cobra over looked by ford?
Ball joint for bronco?
Do you own a 2005 or 2006 Honda Odyssey? Yes or no?
i'm as fat as a car (literally) what should i do?
i have a nissan maxima that will run fine until u shut if off then it wont start until it cools what is wrong.
Do you have a girlfriend yes or no don't lie to me Okay.?
What is the best company to buy replica kits from?
does any one have a 2002 galant ES ? if you do can you suggest some performance parts or list your parts?
How do you make it so the interior light doesn't turn on when you open the door on a 2008 ford f150 ?
has anyone owned a subaru outback 1999 ???
Porsche, why own one?
where to buy cheaper car tire ?
Does anyone know of a website that has decent pictures of available body kits for a Honda Civic?
how does vtec works?
looking for vw t25 camper van starter motor?
How many miles is bad for a Volkswagen beetle?
My 1992 chevy k3500 starts but shuts off right away?
95 vw jetta Glx Vr6 Coolant question?
Where can i find a 1993 or 1995 toyota mr2 in myrtle beach,sc?
removing skin on car door, in order to secure door lock?
Three questions about Skyline R33 (GTS+GTR)?
what are some BMW E36 320i performance parts?
What car should I get sports wise?
What's this switch - 99 Suzuki Grand Vitara JLX?
tire compatibility for 2001 ford explorer sport 4x4?
does anyone know how many 1931 plymouth coupes were produced?
ford thunder bird 1978 firing order?
i have 95 explorer and the light on front is on and says o/d off a dont have idea what is mind?
how much are the bmw 745?
Is their a big aftermarket for the Dodge Stratus RT Coupe and Dodge Intrepid RT?
causes for antifreeze in cylinder 4 in dodge dakota?
Lincoln Town Car 'L' 2003 mpg?
Can I put confetti in the tailpipe of a Toyota Paseo?
What would you prefer??
98 civic dx salvage tittle market price?
What grade/weight oils does an audi a3 1999 model take?
Trouble cranking, oil dipstick smells like gas 1994 Celica ST?
2001 Mitsubishi Galant starting problems?
2006 Honda Accord EX Sedan. Does this car have auto locking locks???
I need 1974 bmw 2002 brake servos(rhd).?
Which one to buy, WRX or Integra?
my car nissan and is making grinding noise how much will it cost to replace brake pads and disc.?
Ok I sold my 99 civic Si clean title to a person that called me from my ad on criags!!?
1983 Monte Carlo SS Question?
Little Things to Make Car Faster?
What do you think about bmw for a teen?
Nissan Altima making noise from engine?
1994 7.3l ford idi or 7.3l powerstroke.?
does anyone know who makes the Viper ??
I want to buy a Volkswagen passat 2002 model. Are they reliable?
the brand ( Buick ) its a good brand ?
2009 gmc sierra question?
Box under air filter fell off my 1994 Honda Accord?
I have Chev.truck,when run the air and going 65 to 70 it want to overhead. Is that my fan clutch going bad?
What kind of tire and rim to buy for 2005 Scion xB?
what tranny is in a 88 ford ranger 2.3 lt 4 cylinder. its a five speed.?
If a fox is hit and knocked out by a Volkswagen Rabbit, does it feel embarassed when it wakes up?
Is is possible to get my Honda City converted to a low rider?
Looking for 80s 420 sl mercedes?
which car do you think you will buy?
why did VW stop production of Generation V ,1.4 FSI Golf?
Car speaker sizes in a 2008 vw rabbit?
Can I install keyless entry in my 94 ford ranger?
Do i have to rip it all apart?
Where do I get mahindra scorpio?
Chevrolet cruze 2011?
Is oil leaking out of the valve cover on a 1990 Acura Integra common ?
2003 Kia Spectra help!?
Does Mazda still make the Mazda 3 Special Edition? Was there a limited number of these made in 05?
Any opinions or sugestions on car suspension shops in Oceanside, CA?
will a 2.4L turbo engine from a PT Cruiser fit in a 95 dodge neon highline?
installation of pop charger and airfilter?
How are the 2012 Mustangs, V6 and GT models?
What faster engine can i fit in a mitsubishi mirage?
What is the best and most aggressive sounding camshaft for a 2007 Ford Mustang GT?
Is this too much to pay for a 2005 Jetta GLI (MK4)?
Will 265/ 70 R17 tires fit on my 1999 ford ranger?
worst car of all time?
How do I remove an airlock from the fuel line of a nissan hardbody 2400?
focus st core plug repacement?
What type of engine does the '06 Mercedes CLS55 have?
i have a 03 silverado and it clunks when you accelerate quickly or going up a hill and only does it in 2nd gea?
How do you I convince my girlfriend to buy the Toyota Camry XLE over the LE?
if your car donesnt start does it need a starter or a new battery?
Did the 1988 Thunderbird come with just a 302 or a 302 HO?
Which should i buy, audi A4 otr VW golf tdi?
can you update a nissan gps through any sd card?
305 or 350?
What is the best thing to do with a non-running '81 Chevy LUV?
did chevy sell this to the public?
the driver side floor of my VW GTI got soaking wet after a rainstorm (windows & sunroof were closed). why?
2004,ford free star,at,132,000 miles...for,4900. what is your opion?
2002 vw golf. 2.0 timing belt is good but no fire?
which is best, the Mitsi Evo 8 MRFQ340 or the subaru impreza STi?
Do you know, on Fords Model T?
99 Ford taurus transmission?
1996 Toyota Avalon question?
1989 Pontiac Bonneville se issue?
77 camaro column th350 to floor 200-4r conversion?
how much would you pay for this car?
in what year was the 1965 ford mustang built?
Civic Rims,,,,?
What do u think is better? Chevy or Dodge? Personaly i think chevy but i want to know what other people think?
Is this a good buy it is a 95 Jeep Wrangler with 145,000 miles and is a 5 speed manual 4 Cyl. for $4,500 HELP!?
What's your experience while driving Skoda Rapid car during rainy nights?
I have some questions about Jeep Rubicons?
What is it with these foreign cars and their "check engine" lights?
Steering column mounted shifter or floor mounted?
my 2008 hyundai elantra seems to want to take off very quickly when taken out of park or from a stop light.?
i have a j reg 1.1 fiesta...what can i do 2 make it faster?
How can I make my 2000 grand cherokee limited 4.7L v8 faster?
Do you know where I can get a wire diagram for a 1948 Silverstreak Pontiac?
How much to fix a Honda taillight?
why is F1 race called so ?
Do you like the new Camaro?
what is CKD and SKD in car industrial?
what size wrench do you need to change the oil filter on a 2005 Chevy Cavalier?
Any SUVs similar to tahoe/Yukon/suburban?
how much will the Pontiac Solstice GXP cost? base/loaded?
I'm trying to sell a Volkswagen kitcar for 3500 it's pristine condition?
Tell me why I should go Chevrolet?
Has anyone else hoard a 2008 Acura TL aftermarket spoiler? At all? Or, ever?
How much would a paint job be for an 88 Honda Civic DX?
my car needs new clutch kit brake rotors and breaks my fourth gear is going should i fix my car or not?
How can I make my 1993 honda civic coupe D15b faster?
BMW or Audi????????????????
what is a ecm on a 1992 chevy s1o and where is it?
what year did the first 472 engine came out?
an issue with the Nissan Primera computer (2008)?
Anyone ever tried to rebuild a 4T65E tranny?
1996 audi wont switch from heat to defrost?
Nissan Skyline R33 GTS-T Upgrade?
Is the Toyota 4-Runner a fuel injected car?
2002 ford escape engine?
06 honda civic radio code?
did anyone purhcase 08 honda accord lx-p recently? how much are you paying?
I have a 1947 Crysler Windsor and need some mac work in Los Angeles.?
I am trying to find a kit to shave the rear steps off of a 1993 chevy sport side?
How much would it cost to supercharge a mustang?
How to upgrade my Mazda3?
what car has an animal name?
1995 honda accord speedometer cable?
what dose dodge mean?
wat car is better bugatti veyron or the ferrari 360 or ferrari enzo?
Where can I find a 1998 Ford Ranger stock shift knob?
will an automatic tranny from a 97 dodge (318) replace the tranny out of my 2002 dodge (360) auto if flywh cha?
Are Peugeot 206's still in?
how can i decrease the space of the brakesof my 1975 beetle?
Does anyone know how many 1955 Ford Crown Victoria's with 272c.i. 182 h.p. were produced. It's 4 bbl automatic
Jeep Cherokee front drive shaft swap.?
Is there such a thing as a 1957 Pontiac Lemans ?
2004 Chevy Blazer: bing, bing, bing?
How can i boost my automatic 2001 celica gt?
Who is the owner of mahindra motors?
what are the Dimension from a Mercedes Benz S 430?
How many different windshields has Toyota used on the FJ40 line?
quick GMC FPS question?
My 1997 Jeep Wrangler does not want to go any faster than 55mph...Can anyone help??
Im planning on buying a MUSTANG GT 07, OR SUBARU STI 07 which one do you prefer.?
my car smells like melting wax lately, could anyone possibly give me a clue as to what could be causing this?
GTA-Car question!!??!!??
what is the difference between a camaro ss and rs - and which is a better buy?
Long lasting and reliable pick up truck?
where can i get an audi s3 body kit from?
2009 hyundai accent??!!!!?
Faster Sti vs Evo vs s2k?
can you put a small block cheverolet motor in a 1977 450 mercedes sl?
Continuous honk on ford escape 2002?
what is ur favorite driver?
An olds Alero or Chrysler 300m?
Problem starting 1990 honda accord?
Why is there a fuse in my keys?
I have A choice between 2 Cars?
I have a 1999 volkswagen cabrio. With the banjo style remote. How do I program a new remote.?
I'm trying to sell tire rims on eBay Motors and...?
Hand crank Audi S4 4.2 V8?
what would happen if i start my bmw e36 using a duplicate key without the security chip?
1990 Eagle Talon Turbo vs. 2006 honda civic si both stock?
Why would my check engine light keep coming on in my 2005 Dodge Dakota?
Stock 2008 wrx compared to stock 2008 legacy gt 2.5?
what do you think is the best color for a mustang?
Why do nats go to mirrors?
can you find for me a retailer for exhausts to fit my pt cruiser in england thanks?
Is 55,000 miles to much for a 2002 Dodge ram 1500?
Audi S5 or Porsche Cayman or BMW M3 (all 08)?
When and why did GMC stop making the Sonoma?
For 1999-2003 JETTA owners..?
My 1985 Bronco @ has an Electrical problem where the blower and lites work with the key on?
which is better porsche boxter 99 or mazda mx5 99?
How can i find my friend martha jackson phone munber in the white pages she live in memphie tn 1533 semmes?
Need help finding All Terrain Tires?
Top 3 cars?
Where can i buy engine parts for volkswagen parts?
My Audi keeps jumping out of gear.?
Is a 1994 Honda Odyssey For 1600 a fair price?
What is an eclipse?.......?
how do i own a ferrari and a loamborghini at the same time?
suggestions on where to find a motor?
Anyone with a Honda Civic please help?
Honda accord ? Ya or ne?
I'm turning sixteen, and getting a car. My father thinks a BMW is good but I want Mini coop. Any sugguestions?
Which is better, Ford fiesta(new) or Fiat 500?
I have a 88 ford f150 with 2 gas tanks...?
Do you absolutley have to run premium gas in a Chrysler 300C with the 5.7 liter hemi?
What is the difference between all wheel drive and 4 wheel drive?
HELP! I just had a factory spark plug brake off while I was removing it. Its a 05 GT 4.2 Liter Mustang.?
Why does the keyless entry on one door of my car only work in the summer?
Just bought a '98 VW Cabrio - any comments?
where can i get parts for a 1964 vw dune buggy? email
Are Peugeot 206's still in?
How is the supply chain of Toyota in Singapore like?? Especially the 5 stages of supply chain!?
Difference between Nissan 370z and Infinti G37?
95 pontiac grand prix?
Landrover freelander engine swop?
would you buy a 2005 acura with 160k miles?
How do i change the headlight bulb in my 89 C1500?
touble shootingtho 1992 jeep tramismintion will not shift gear poroely?
What is a 4stroke engine?
What are the major parts of a car?
What should I do with my 2002 Nissan Sentra?
2004 nissan maxima,or 2004 acura tl?
Can I make my jeep 4x4?
What is the most uncool car to drive in England?
i would like to buy a 76 or 77 seville?
2000 Honda Civic shifting problems - Automatic?
what oil do you use in a 99 dodge truck?
lights for underneath my acura?
Engine swap possibility?
What gives BMW drivers the god given right to act like maniacs?
Magnaflow exhaust vs flowmaster exhaust.?
Guys, do you think the 1987 Iroc Camaro was ahead of it time. I mean the car is so clean, and you get one?
car has trouble going over 50 mph after being tuned?
What is a good personalized tag for a 2004 Eclipse Spyder convertible?
Need help with rims for a 2012 Dodge Charger?
Looking to see what the warning light(looks like a light bulb with a X over it)means-Audi 100e 1993 model?
how much does it cost to replace the right pony window in a 95 chevy truck?
Will 16" 4 x 4.5 rims fit on an 09 Ford Focus?
Can I have your opinion on what you think about this car?
did ford ever produce a mustang wagon?
How do they make the dodge diesels smoke bad?
How much is a 1998 Volvo V70 with no tires and no engine worth?
what does BMW stand for?
Would you prefer a BMW or a Porsche?
Honda Transmission?
engine light on dodge 2004 truck?
2000 Honda Odyssey window sticking?
How do you make it so the interior light doesn't turn on when you open the door on a 2008 ford f150 ?
Who agrees that FORD is the best car (not a high end sports car)?
I want to purchase coure car which color is most suit on that car?
does anyone have 4.3 vortec head flow numbers?
Why is it so hard to find used Hyundai Santa Fe's and Tuscon's?
2009 Nissan Altima 2.5S?
A friend has a new Ford Mondeo Ghia for hire. They cannot find the bonnet release leaver - where is it?
What kind of car do you drive?
how much oil consumption is normal on olds 403?
What are your feeling in putting a body kit on a car especially a Civic?
what is the best investment into my 04 sentra spec v?
is a Porsche a vehicle for everyday driving (constant use)?
Do some gas stations have better quality gas than others?
What all do i need to change an automatic to a 5 spd?
Buying Turbo Civic Need help!?
Does anyone else have problems with thier AX15 transmission?
Car won't go in gear????02 bmw manual?
passat or jetta.....?
What do you guys think about VW New Beetle 1998?
change a spark plug on a bmw 325 i se from 1988?
89 honda crx windows gaskets loose. water leaks in from top sides and rear. easy fix?
whos awake?just answer?
hi, i have a "93 crown vic, thats a ford, i've been been looking for hard to find parts for it, thanks!
How is the 2002 BMW Z3 2.5i convertible??? the 2.5, not 3.0?
My back door on my 02' Nissan Altima won't unlock does anyone know how I could unlock it?
town car no start p1260?
cars with ambient lighting just like the mustang?
How do I change my odometer from miles (mi) to kilometers (km) on Pontiac Firebird 99 Trans Am?
When will Chrysler finally just die off?
1991 gmc sonoma acceleration issues?
Why do i do if i cant get my Rear brake bleeders open on my 93' S-10 Blazer?
1989 toyota truck. mickey moused by someone esleto get the truck running that was their goal not doing it?
This's my followup question, I hv p0130 now even after erase instead of p0136 earlier, change rear sensor?
where can i find a website to virtually look a different paint colors for my car?
i need to find some reviews on a mustang?
Do 1988 Jeep Cherokee's with 4-speed automatic transmissions have overdrive?
i have a 94 firebird thats not overheating but its running hot.?
Anti theft on 2001 Ford Expedition Query?
Anti-Theft device in 2000 Ford Expedition?
My key fob has recently started failing to lock or unlock the doors on my Ford Focus Estate.?
how do interchangeable parts help out customers?
2001 ford focus 1.6 aircon...?
SI base unit for time?
What's causing my Dodge Caravan not to start?
Mods 04 Ford F150 programmer 5.4?
1999 chevy s10 has no heat?
HELP 2003 Volkswagen passat started jerking?
Has anyone out there experienced multiple problems with their Chevy Avalanche?
Which car is faster?
Where is the electronic fuel pump located on a 1985 Subaru Brat?
where can i find the cheapest b16 engine at?
canyon 413 cd instal?
Does anyone have a 1992 Mazda Navajo? if so is it reliable and good on gas?
How to get from Lincoln to Manchester, UK cheapest?
what is the difference between a camaro ss and rs - and which is a better buy?
Big block chevy rpm s 10.000?
My 2004 Hyundai Elantra's low beam lights will not work, the high beams do.?
97' Nissan Maxima bank 1 sensor 2 location?
bmw 316 immobilisor problem?
Jdm swap f22b2 do i have to replace all the components like distributer sensors, ect.?
the Ferrari car company is belong to which country?
91 honda accord ex want start in morning have 2 keep turning 4 about 10 min sometimes more then it starts?
are there nice grand am headlights out there?
where can i find a company to replace carpet in a 1997 nissan?
1938 chevy master deluxe vehicle weight?
Where can I find a Ford Focus RS 2003 car model?
Question about Honda Prelude?
what is the goodest car to drive?
For how much can/should i sell my Mitsubishi Eclipse?
69 Fastback or the latest, what's your fave Mustang?
Honestly, is it worth buying a 2005 Nissan 350Z with 80,000 miles on it?
Aux on FIAT punto 59 plate?
i need replacement gauges for my 79 chevy truck?
which is the car that is apt to be driven on sanddunes?
2000 Mitsubishi Eclipse RS with 202,000 miles?
2003 Volkswagon Jetta Temperature Light?
any experience with frozen or stubborn quick disconnect fitting on AC line?
zwinky new user quest?
What type of wheels should i get?
whats the best car u know of?
What does BMW stand for?
what does v6 in cars stand for?
what do you think about a 1999 vette hardtop???
1999 mustang...shakes when under 20mph like when coasting to a stop or just taking off from stop. Any help?
2008 Honda Civic Check Fuel Cap keeps blinking after emissions test?
Tire specialist? Ford explorer tire question?
Average life of Toyota Tacoma?
NISSAN Maxima 89' Engine Won't Crank?
Throttle wont work on 1991 Honda XR200R?
Can't find KellysBlueBook- 1999 Chev/Majestic Van Interested in/ from someone. what's KellysBB price is first.
Anyone with a Peugeot 308?
is a 1991 integra with a b20 swap with 53k miles on it worth 2k?
why is no 1 talking about the subaru's???????????
how wide is a suzuki samurai?
Car you recommend for me?
how do i make my 305 V8 stock engine accelerate faster and just faster with as little money as i can?
1985 buick regal no rear safety belts?
Can a glass of milk be swallowed by a beetle all with a racecar with no wheels, but never burps?
is it bad to drive my twin turbo 300zx in summer?
how to get your keys out of a truck?
Pick a Car! I need help on which one!?
Are jeep pioneers good trucks for a first car?
Which one would you want?
which was the maximum speed of mercury cyclone 429 automatic 8cyl 370HP 1970?
Car shifting funny. 1999 pontiac grand prix (automatic)?
How do I reset a viper alarm on my mitsubishi galant 01,?
Is the Scion XB a good car to lease?
where do you add transmission fluid on a 1988 Ford Bronco II?
I want a turbo kit on my 99 mitsubishi eclipse GS but i don't know where to take it to have it done?
Will a b20b fit directly into my 1991 prelude that has a b21a1?
How do I get the ashtray cup holder out of the dash of my 2001 Ford F150?
What kind of Jeep..??
why the 4WD light of my Mitsubishi Montero flashing even when the gear is in 2h position?
need help with my Nissan Altima intake BIG TIME!.?
I have a Toyota Paseo that I want to add power to. What larger engine tranny setup acn I go to?
Could future Jeeps be made in one of the Axis powers counties?
What speed sounds more realistic?
indicators and hazzard warning lights have crashed on my Chrysler 2.2 diesel PT tourer is this a fuse problem?
Hey when is the best time to buy a car?
My blades on my 145 will not engage?
what shall i get for my renault clio 1.4 sport?
how does the dodge caliber look and is it hot? does it look like the vibe or better?
How reliable is an Opel Insignia?
How old do I sound by Remus Lemming?
2011 BMW X5 - Are they changing the body?
I need help with my 97 ford escort lx?
how fast is a stock chevy cobalt ss or turbo in the 1/4 mile?
Can't get into my 2000 Ford Mustang?
how can i play mp3 on my 99 Honda Accord?
On a shift indicator on a 1966 Mustang two green dots are for drive, how are they different?
Having Marina coil removed?
Has anyone made a sub-woofer box for a 350z to fit behind the driver seat!?
Would the 19" m35 stock wheels fit on a 350z?
what's the best sports car that is american made?
Need batery specifications for 1998 Mercedes C240?
Which is more classy an Acura or Lexus?
How long should I warm up my mercedes?
How much would a nice jeep wranger cost me?
Can you Use Regular Unleaded Gas in the Acura RDX?
My door handle broke, where can I find one?
Question about an 00 mustang v6 engine.?
Who owns Raymond Buick Pontiac GMC Trck in Riverhead, NY?
In a vehicle what kind of rating does a saturn have?
I have a 1990 Honda accord Clicking and grinding noise?
Does the Gearbox ECU on a Peugeot automatic need to be paried to the BSi?
Will the ignition controle module on my 1987 chevy truck still send a signal to my coil and not my injectors?
What color are the stock speaker wires for a '93 Nissan Pathfinder?
1990 civic bodykit? came without instructions?
Wiring schematic for 2007 chevy 2500 hd?
Wheel and tire fitment quesions?
What is a best muffler to install for a Jeep GC WK 2006 4.7 V8 stock piping?
Where is the EGR pressure sensor on my Ranger?
a clock sign like on a dashboard?
what does gt stand for?
I have a 2002 Toyota Tocoma. It has a botton on the gear stick that says "Overdrive" - what is this button?
my car was damaged during RETA not covered by insurance. need to check if fema will pay to have vehicle repair