coil overs for my 99 mustang.?
Hey does anyone knows where I can purchase red windshield wipers for my Ford Focus ZX3 in Houston?
Hyundai Sonata Cabin Air Filter?
Nissan Sentra SE 2001 ~Alarm keeps going off and I lost the remote to turn it off~?
Just ordered an 07 mustang gt?
who is opel?
Do they make body kits for an 04 Chrysler Sebring Convertible?
HELP transmission shifting problem(automatic) 07 dodge charger shifts normal but every now and then RPM rises?
1968 Dodge dart center console in a 1974 Dodge Dart?
What is the BMW 2002 like as a car?
Would a CDL switch cause a whine in a 93 infiniti J30?
how do i find out my gear ratio on my 12vale honda accord?
94 Mustang HVAC Controls?
My 97 ford ranger only blows really hot air EXCEPT when on MAX AC. How can i fix this?
if i could efford it what kind of car is best for the money?
08 crv seat cover???????????????????
I have a Chevy Van that won't restart after being ran for a short time.Takes up to 20 Min. to restart.?
What was the new price of a Kia Sportage 4x4 in 2001?
97 eclipse has trouble starting?
where is the fuel filter & pump of a 1999 new beetle 1.8T?
does a 2003 f-250 super duty have oil cooler?
who invented a car?
what are the tork specifications for a 1991 Nissan Maxima?
What is the difference between a Jeep Wrangler CJ5, CJ7, and a Sport?
Cheak this out!!!....?
does anyone think the ford taurus is really powerful too?
Headlights don't work, but Brights do; Changing Fuse makes no diff. What now?
My 1995 mercury mystique started making a clicking noise and then smoke out of exhaust and a louder noise.?
2004 Chrysler 300M transmission problem?
saab location distribor cap?
How do you determine what rims and tires will fit your car? Are rims universal?
These little black beetle like bugs in my car?
how do I sync my ride ford?
a good, cool first car?
Can my 72 skylark trans bolt to a 81 camaro both have the 5.7?
subaru trans test results?
Tire specialist? Ford explorer tire question?
how to put in pedals in your car?
Did I misunderstand my Dodge salesman? If you buy a new '08 you have a warranty for life?
location of bank 1 sensor 2 on 06 accord?
is a Volkswagen Jetta a good first car for a boy?
I Heard a Honda CBR1000rr and it was super LOUD!!!?
Can I replace my 1984 camaro doors and hood from a 90-92 camaro?To make the car lighter?
I was driving my 93 jeep cherokee it started too smell real sweet and then smelt like it was on fire seen alot?
i need a car radio for a 89 lincoln town.?
What is the difference between the 1970 Chevelle and the 1970 Malibu?
How do you fix a car cheaply?
is it easier to get financing for a used car or a new car with bad credit?
Will a broken cam belt damage the engine on a Renault Clio 1.2 - petrol engine - year 2000 model?
Where can I get a replacement windshield for a mitsubishi FTO?
How many gallons does a 1994 ford explorer xlt's gas tank hold?
why does my gmc s15 make a buzzing sound?
chevy or ford?
Is the 91-94 Nissan Sentra a good tuner car ?
whats better ford or chvey?
My neon has a bad PCM computer?
Infiniti G37 question?
Will a canopy from my 2006 dodge (2500 short bed) fit on a 2004 dodge (1500 shortbed)?
how much would it cost to lease a 2005 subaru impreza wrx sti?
where to find the best website for pontiac firebird photos for sale?
How come my brand new carburetor starts on fire every time I try to start my camaro?
please,advise new jetta drag coefficient ,complete with units in which it is measured.?
getting p0052 code on 2004 toyota sequoia. its bank 2 sensor 1. What would be the right part number?
does anyone want to buy my BLACK Peugeot 106 independance 2003 reg?
How to find a job in a dutch chicken-slaughtering factory?
Can I put confetti in the tailpipe of a Toyota Paseo?
Where in India is best place(variety,cost) to buy assembled open jeep, & what will be approx cost of doing so?
Is the 2009 mitsubishi lancer de and evo x hood dimensions the same?
My 2012 Yaris Sedan (Manual) 14" ordinary wheels changed it to 15" mag wheels?
How do you mine mercury?
To rebuild or Crate it?
Suzuki Forenza check engine light on. What could be the problem?
Which Hyundai Accent model is good ? GLE or GLS?
Do PT Cruisers do well in Denver with all the snow?
Lexus our Audi and why?
What kind of vehicle can i put a 350 motor In?
Is there any way to convert a 4 door 55'chevy into a 2 door?
will a 1990 ford probe 12 valve head fit a 1991 mazda b2200?
How many people it takes to change a starter?
where can i find computer trouble code reader for a 1992 ford bronco,and how much will it cost?
How long will a 95 Mazda 626 last?
what Porsche cars are fwd?
06 Chevy Impala does not cool outside air, only cools recirculated inside air?
An investment in a van.?
i have a 1954 with a 3od on the tree f100 i got a 390 motor what bell housing do i need if it will work at all?
engine sludge on a honda prelude?
How much is a scion frs?
Anyone looking to buy a scion tC in CA?
how to install cabin air filter on 1993 bmw 3 series?
Is Acura an American car?
what does Ls and Lt stand for when associated with vehicles?
Have a 1988 Scottsdale 4-wheel Drive What about ?
which was the maximum speed of dodge D-100 palomino 8cyl 202HP 1964?
Cars similar to third generation Mustang?
Can Someone Find My Transmission By The VIN?
where can i get the lowest price master cylinder for my car?
Magellan Ferdinand?!?
vauxhall corsa timing chain?
Do you have todays interesting topics?
Do you have a picture of what the fuse box in a 92 lincoln towncar is supposed to look like?
What company manufactures the hybrid portion of the Ford Escape Hybrid engine?
how do you go about removing the door panels on a 2000 dodge intrepid ES??
Which car should i buy out of these?
Anti siphon valve trouble shooting?
2002 ford ford 150 xl 4.2 standard?
what year engine is compatable to put in a 97 sohc dodge neon?
what year is the land rover range rover supercharger coming out with a completly new model?
would racing seats in a 1990 lexus look good?
What would be the best ways to add horsepower to my 1994 Firebird?
hi ive lost my keys to my toyota corolla '88 and was wondering if there was any way to get the key code?
Is the McLaren F1 legal in the United States?
I just traded a 2005 Toyota Highlander for a 2007 Ford Fusion, did I do the right thing?
325xi or 530xi versus X3/X5 series, why and why not?
What car company make the corolla?
glow plug light goes on in a 2005 dodge ram 2500 diesel?
BMW Taxi? Anyone?
is acura better than honda?
I need a picture or diagram of the evap purge canister on a 1997 ford aerostar van?
What's a RX-8 0-60 Mph time??
84 k10 5 speed conversion?
what car should i get for my first car?
95' Chrysler Cirrus - Constant Clouds of White Smoke?
Is this a good amount of HorsePower?
my car wont start it just turns over.has orange spark, and has fuel but wont fire.what should i change?
WHY- do i have to change spark plugs at 30,000 miles on 2011 jeep hemi? call my mech. he said no need that th?
what is your dream muscle car?
is the ford KA pronounced 'kah' or 'kay-ay'?
Why wasn't the BMW Z8 sold in America?
i have an o7 dodge dakota v-6 i have gone to emissions 4 times the printout comes up readiness check result -?
what is a gear and a shaft on a distributor?
97 Cadillac deville wipers, cruise, mirror compass, cig lighters all dont work?
what is a saleen mustang?
Poll : Washington or Lincoln or Obama?
how do you rate Subaru impreza TS1.6 2006 version?
Buying a 1988 Honda CRX?
Is the honda CRF230F Good for me?
2006 mk5 2.0t gti stage 2 clutch makes a clunk after letting it out?
Nissan 300zx 90-96 or honda accord coupe 98-02?
whats your favorite color jeep wrangler?
Better car, Corvette or Mustang?
Does anyone know why it is so hard to find a front mounted license plate bracket for a 2009 Jeep Wrangler X?
Where does the chevy bowtie originate from?
what is a pothole that hasbeen filled called?
How to install hid lights inside ford explorer?
How to fix the problem of opra mini ?
Should I get an 06 Acura RSX base model or wait for 07 models?
who can make a custom tube rock crawler style winch bumper for a 1998 Chevy k2500 4x4?
hello my name is Butch. I'm looking for a pair 54 chevy parklamp housings?
Nissan sentra 2007 se_r spec v clock set?
Should I get the new 4runner or the new FJ cruiser?
Outter part of bmw e36 headlight?
Can you put a series II 3800 supercharger on a series I 3800 engine like my toronado trofeo has?
Hondacity,Ford fiesta,skoda Rapid among these which one is best?
8th Gen. Honda Accord KEY Entry (Not Keyless) Problem?
Would be a good choice to buy a Ford Ranger instead a Nissan Pickup?
what is the insurance cost for a honda prelude?
why my stearing column won't lock?
VW TDI Diesel vs Hybirds?
Can I make a 1979 El Camino into a decent street rod?
how can i fix a GOLF 98 diesel , automatic gear while i have all the time problems with the gear , please help
Bolt pattern on 1999 oldsmobile cutlass?
I have a 2002 Malibu that is losing antifreeze and there is oil in my water, any ideas what could be wrong?
Saturn variable transmission lawsuit? (03/04 Ions)?
air cooled motors?
What paint scheme would look sickest on my Explorer?
Which is a better car to buy? A ford taurus or a ford fusion? Please explain...?
What is the greatest classic car every made?
Why would the car shake?
How to install a b20b4 engine in a 2000 honda civic?
What do you guys think of a BMW?
Wouldn't you say that Honda make the best vehicles? better yet so do Toyota and Nissan as well.?
changing dash board clocks in renault scenic?
How do you unlock the back doors in the Mercedes C class 2010 without going in park and have the driver do it?
Why do i have to replace my engine coolant so often.?
I want to get the new 2006 Mazda MX5 but what color should I get? Black or Red? Any suggestions?
How much does a safari top protect a Jeep from the rain?
I have a 2007 ford focus se wagon, and i want to mod it, but is there any aftermarket rear fascias for it?
How do you replace the ignition switch in a 1999 toyota corolla?
What is the release date of the Ford Fiesta in North America?
Where is the computer plug on 2008 grand vitara?
How long should it take to get renault espace key card fob replaced and reprogramed to car?
Buying a used 2011 or 2012 Mustang GT?
'01 Chevy Malibu won't start out of the blue?
91 240sx wont start!!!?
what is the best kind of truck?
Can somebody show me a photo of a New Beetle's UnderCarriage?
The cloth panels on my doors are coming loose on my 2001 Honda. Is this covered under my 10 yr. warrenty?
Why should I buy a Honda? (EG9Sedan)?
What is the spark plug gap for a 1999 Grand Am Se?
will a 1989 302 mustang engine fit in a 1992 ford f150?
Problem with 02 2ltr HDI Diesel 307?
Doe anyone have the fitting instructions for Inxx Bonnet lifters. the car in question is my Mk 1 VW Golf Cab?
My van wont stay running when u have it in gear? 93 plymouth voyager van?
whats the regular oil type for a 1965 ford mustang coupe with a 5.0 302?
whats the best car to write an article on?
application form for land rover/jaguar.. anyone help?
Why does my car engine make a churning noise when accelerating?
where is the fuel shut off switch on 2006 dodge caravan?
I have a 2001 Hyundai Elantra. The a/c no longer blow cold air and feel like stalling?
Honda civic 09 cat back and exhaust can it fit in to a civic 93 dx?
2000 honda accord trunk leak?
I have a customer who has an 03 ford focus zx3?
when is the 2007 dodge durango coming out?
need 2 fix the pass. door window maybe i need 2 take it some place its @1999 chrysler 300m?
What are the specs on the batteries on a 6.0l power stroke in a ford f250?
Hello all, Is it worth repairing a 1986 Ford Mustang LT convertible; 6 cylinar; 50,000 miles.?
How many miles per gallon can one get out of a 1984 CHEVY SCOTTSDALE?
1995 eclipse gs rough idle\stalling\surging?
location of bcm on 2003 mercury sable keyless entry module?
How to Install Fender Emblems onto a Mustang?
how much would it be in japan money to buy a nissan skyline gtr r34?
deglazing honda block?
Why do people always upgrade civics instead of accords?
Where is the crankshaft sensor on a 05 nissan maxima?
Peugeot Speedfight 2 Derestriction?
how much per kilometre to run a 1.3 honda jazz?
What are the best spark plugs for a mitsubishi lancer 2002?
How do I start a 1993 Mazda 626 V6 that has no spark from the distributor?
my 1997 buick lesabre won't start after I added oil. Why?
is a mini cooper stick shift or an automatic????
My jeep isnt getting spark?
1990 ford truck 7.5 has fuel spark and red wire on injectors hot runs on starting fluid?
We're selling our 1970 Monte Carlo. How can we find out the selling price ranges. Car is original.?
new jeeps have tan interior?
Fiats are rubbish?
What's the difference between a porcupine and a mercedes driver?
my car wont start?
What kind of things must you bear in mind when buying a car cost wise?
mercedes benz e500 problem areas?
Is this a good trade: my 02 Acura rsx for a 04 Mazda 6?
Going to change the ignition switch on a Honda?
My Son has got a Honda Civic Type R.?
I own a 2003 nissan altima and i can put 15-20 dollars worth of gas in go 2 miles and the gas light comes on?
where can i buy airbag sensors for a 98 honda accord?
Is a 2000 BMW 540i a good car?
1993 Jetta Cutout problem?
Owners of Honda Element what is your opinion of the Element?
Is 2 year old BMW X1 with 52,000 Km a good buy in terms of reliability?
i want to buy a dodge challenger v6 but people tell dodge is not good cuz it jam a lot it that right i love th?
My friend with a honda prelude v-tec manual thinks he can beat my 04 Pontiac Grand Am Gt.whats goin to happen?
Who agrees that FORD is the best car (not a high end sports car)?
I have a 1977 mgb the pedal clutsh is loose the clutsh was replaced 4months ago and the fliude is ok what is ?
Cars similar to the 2006 Volkswagen eos and 2006 Volkswagen Jetta Sedan?
would Boss wheels fit my GT?
What car manufacturer has the longest line of models with the same name?
I have a 1992 toyota camry and the brake light on the dash stays on.what would cause this?
Dodge intrepid knocks only on old start?
Can ford make its presence felt in India, the way it has in the wrold with the fiesta?
which was the maximum speed of ford galaxie automatic 8cyl 300HP 1961?
wat r the old cars vin diesel usses in fast and furious? such as 70' chevy ss, and other clasiic ones?
Is this a good deal on this car?
I am looking for pictures of a 1938 GMC truck from Camby Berry Gardens somewhere in Oregon I think? any help?
I have a 2007 suzuki forenza with 5 codes.?
how many parts on an average car?
Vauxhall zafira cold start fault?
How to install foglights on a 1995 honda civic coupe?
Why would anyone buy a Cayenne?
Should I get rid of my 2003 VW Passat GLS with 127,000 mi on it?
Is there a cooler thing in the world then to watch a 30k 03/04 cobra smoke a 80k 07 z06 vette?
How much does it cost to build a range rover V8 engine?
where can i find a brand new "58" plate Suzuki Swift for £6995?
What kind of lowering suspension should i buy for my 02 Subaru impreza wagon?
is there a toyota dealership in Corpus Christi,TX if so do they have a website?
Anyone know what the silver car is?
Who sings on the Hyundai Holliday commercials?
what is your dream muscle car?
Which one of these cars should i go for?
Chevy Colorado with a Cadillac engine?
Want to buy a certified used 2003/04 Mercedes-Benz E-320. Anybody knows about any complains for this car?
Could the old volkswagon bug float?
anyone agree the aston martin is the most classiest car around?
i bought 2000 ford taurus with 70,000 miles on it...?
How many hours to change a manual transmission on a 1986 4x4 Toyota truck w/2.4 engine?
Ford Fiesta Radio Code?
1969 Mustang for $4000?
How do I take off a 2008 Volkswagen rabbit engine cover?
how to install dodge running boards?
how to get your keys out of a truck?
How do I set the clock in my 87 Chevy van?
New Volvo C70?
From where every part of the perodua kancil car that produced in Malaysia?
what size transmission does my ford explorer have?
trying to find the correct spelling for a car. Karmadia made by Volkswagon.?
06 mustang gt suspension question?
Ford Mechanics out there.I have an 08 Taurus 3.5Lv6 Duratec.Any problem using Full Synthetic vs Syn blend..?
98 Volvo v70 misfires on all cylinders?
Can I switch my factory xenon headlight assembly to standard halogens?
Whining sound coming from my jeep?
Does a 2002 Dodge Dakota truck have left handed threads on the passenger side lug nuts?
What would cause the burning oil smell from my 2008 Jeep Wrangler?
what is the meaning of business and who was the first business man?
Civic? Or a Celica? I need help?
How do I find out my vehickle information on my VIN #?
Low beam failure??? ?
Why do people hate Lexus so much?
where can I get 50 more horses out of my 1994 mustang?
Ford fusion problem p 0456?
I have a 95 Ford Explorer that wont let me switch gear Why?
What kind of fuel does my 2002 acura rsx take?
which was the maximum speed of oldsmobile cutlass diesel automatic 8cyl 105HP 1980?
did the 1981 camaro berlinetta have a stripe kit. if so what kind..?
Where can I find more information about hybrid vehicles?
I want to put new rims and tires on my 1969 vw bug.Any suggestions?
2000 altima keys locked inside how do i get in?
I have a Ford Escape Hybrid. . . I wonder what mileage other owners of the Escape Hybrid are getting?
2001 Chrysler Voyager AC?
What would a jeep cherokee run like if the 4wd switch needed serviced how would it run?
funky number plates?
Are Mitsubishi Eclipse's Good Cars?
what does the i stand for in bmw 325 i?
My 2005 nissan frontier truck 4x4 has a problem with heating just when using a 4WD in the sand tracks?
im thinking of getting a 1999 can i tell if it a Gt like he says?
Can I have shift points reprogrammed? 2012 Silverado?
is 168000 miles good for a bmw 325i 2001 or 2002?
Why do Porches have to cost so much!!!?
Can i phuck my car real hard like crank shtank boobla did to hooble dooble fredrick moorseomi. freni choumba!!?
Does anyone know what car this is?
The R-tronic on the Audi R8?
how do i reset the tyre pressure sensors on a peugeot 407?
I have 1997 FORD CONTOUR and when i turn on heater or head lights is starts missing and car stops running?
Where is the fuse box for Toyota Corola 2004?
what is your favorite muscle car?
can you do a good drift with a acura integra?
I looking for a web site to generate what a car would look like for purchase?
will a turbo off a srt-4 neon fit a sxt 03 neon?
How do you make a ford focus look cooler?
which do u like better,chevy or ford?
how much is a 1956 gmc pickup worth?
How much does a prius cost?
what parts are needed to tune up a jeep grand cherokee with 5.7 hemi?
My car after hitting a small bump quit while going down the road. It has no powder now. What might cause this?
What kind of Lexus car does Joaquin Phoenix own?
is the 1999 ford escort a good car?
Can a factory keyless entry remote be reprogrammed to work with a different car?
What does a drivetrain belt do?
Can you put a mfd from a Nissan Skyline R34 in a Nissan 370z?
how do you change a camshaft seal on a 196 Plymouth Breeze?
location of pcv valve in 94 honda civic clx?
Are all 1989 Chrysler Conquest TSi's intercooled?
I have a 1996 Ford Taurus. My problem is the fan is running which causes the battery to run down and not start
I Have an Audi A3 2006, what steps do i need to take to upgrade my Turbo without messing up anything else?
2012 Nissan Frontier Bumper Replacement?
2007 Subaru Impreza- ?need new engine?
More information on my 1978 ford pinto?
Dodge Neon Transmission Problem????
Mitsubishi Eclipse Good Car?
Need to find out what motor block i have. Ford block # HKA68260, A2872, ETTE3015DB?
has anyone ever seen a pontiac solstice on the road?
Is there a kayak rack for a 2003 Toyota Corolla?
Where can I buy a Bose Car Stereo system for cadillac CTS 05'?
Is a mitsubishi eclipse a girl car?
Who here wants the CJ-5's to come back?
como purgar un toyota corolla 2001?
How to find out my wheel model # for 2012 hyundai elantra?
how to replace 1991 honda accord heater control valve?
Carburetor problems on my 1972 VW Super Beetle?
Would you recommend a 2001 FIAT Multipla 100 16v ELX that has done 79,000 miles?
I have a 2002 nissan altima and this car has the blue smoke?
Is Lexus or Mercedes a more prestigious car?
Best present sport/super car for under $250,000?
hi im in uk have dodge ram 2002 1500 just found a big pool of power steering fluid under vehicle i?
I drive a 1994 Honda Accord. It keeps randomly dying while driving it. Any idea what is wrong?
05-10 Saleen s281 or GT500?
I have a 1977 Dotson 280Z and my spark plug wire got rearranged.....?
cost to replace timing belt on 2006 mazda 5?
Nissan Juke Owners! Is this happening to you?
2001 Toyota Celica GT-S 6 Speed Manual help!!!?
Is it possible for a nissan sentra to pull a tent trailler?
what is the biggest size of rim is that you can put on a 2000 ford mustang?
How Much Boost Does a Stock VW GTI Turbo Put Out?
Is the Hummer H3X a diesel or petrol engine?
What is the model number for a 2008 1.8L TDCi Ford Focus Style HCU unit?
how hard is it to swap out a straight six to a 5.0 in a 1995 f150?
Bilstein HD vs. Rancho RSX?
where could i get outside molding clips for a 88 monte carlo?
What is the factory radio that is used in a 1998 7 series BMW?
Need help with bmw 2001, 330xi 5sp. I think is Clutch,?
What wrench to use for Toyota 7afe Heads?
whatcar do you like?
need to check 100 amp fuse 2009 honda?
Where is the cooling fan switch on a 2002 VW beetle 2.0?
Cambelt change on a audi a4 2.0 diesel, 58 plate. When is it due?
Two Chevelle SS396 Questions..?
I can not find a 1992 ford probe 3l. waterpumb belt tensioner.obsolete by ford! HELP!!?
Why is my "add coolant" light on on my BMW X-3?
I would like to know who design the new dodge 300 ?
i have Peugeot 106 03 indipendant and dont know what oil i need. Also do i just pour in on top of old oil?
disk brakes from salvage.?
I have a 2000 ford escort zx2... need help asap?
I have a 2000 ford focus zx3. What signs would it show if my cat is bad ?
Does this car seem a bit too good to be true?
Dodge Caravan Check engine code P0442 What does it mean?
Do BMW e46 come with adaptive headlights?
How can you make a 99 gmc Sierra look like a Silverado in the front?
i want get painted my car with somebody comercial & get paid for it. Where I can do find it?
92 jeep cherokew laredo wony start?
what honda civics come with v tec engines ?
What the the OFF button mean in my car? TURBO?
ugg dakota moccasins size?
Ford owners: Foreign cars claim their cars will go more miles than other cars.How many miles are on your Ford?
How many seats does this Jaguar have?
To help win an argument with my 9 year old son I need to ask,"is the SKODA cake car really made of cake?"
speed sensor replacement 96 golf 2.0 gti?
What will it cost to repair brake rotor on a avalanche?
What year and model Mustang is your favorite in looks and speed?
1967 mustang will not turn over?
Whats the difference between a Ford 351 Windsor and a Ford 351 Cleveland ?
Is a Dodge Neon an ok first car?
which import car is right for me?
where can i get a mesh grille for 94 f150?
Best for a teenager? Dodge Challenger, Chevy Camaro, or Porsche Boxster?
are there any differences between the 2007-2008 civic Si?
2004 Mazda6 s?? car questions!?
pembuktian gamma sama dengan tiga kali alfa?
on my 98 jeep wrangler every light works but my tail lights?
Are Nissan Cars Reliable?
Wiring tow bar electrics for a Chrysler Grand Voyager?
1997 ford expedition wants to turn off?
The low beams on my 2007 grand prix pontiac dont work but all other lights do.?
Chevrolet Avalanche what is it?
What is the name of the song that is in the a4 Audi commercial?
Dodge Viper or Corvette C06?
Change the song sorting on a GMC Terrain?
Tiptronic Transmission?
What is Overdrive and how does it impact gas mileage?
What's wrong with my 05 Honda Element?
audi A3 vs Alpha Rom 147? any experience?
1969 Ford Thunderbird or 1970 Ford Maverick?
How do you tune up a 2010 toyota corolla s?
Where is the speed sensor on a 1998 buick lesabre?
Why doesn't ford add more horsepower to the Mustang? I mean accords and altimas both have just as much HP!.
Wheel Backspacing And Offset?
Peugeot 206 Front wobble/Clunking?
IDLE Speed sensor question follow-up?
how to stop alarm on my 2003 honda accord?
Is the cake car on the Skoda advert real or just an illusion??
Mau tanya apakah benar ada cv. Mandiri bidang elektronik di sidareja kntor pusat purwokerto cilacap?
Do I need to remove the heat shield to replace O2 sensor in 97 Accord?
Whats the best engine mounts for a 91 Honda Accord 4 cyl auto?
reset procedure for honda radio crv?
I have a few questions about the Jeep Wrangler?
ford mondeo zetec-s 2.5 v6 estate?
87 toyota pu won't start at times/no voltage to starter/wait 5 min or 5 days @ times and then starts. why?
What are the dimensions of a 2010 Hyundai genesis trunk?
what type coolant should I use in 1994 vw jetta?
hi is the mondeo st24 a good car?
What is your favourite Car of all time?
My 2000 Lincoln town car is making a loud humming noise?
my 1995 jeep cherokee is hard to start and when it does start it backfires and stalls-then it will start ESIy?
vauxhall astra h 56 plate, head gasket trouble?
Jet Power-Flow Mass Air Sensor?
If you have an Audi A4 is it a reliable car?
A good Dodge Journey Forum?
The fan on my subaru forester L is stuck on 4. I can not move it back to 1 or 2 settings. How do I fix it?
Will 235/70R-15 tires fit on a 1999 Dodge Dakota?
Why is it that they don't make real Cadillacs anymore?
Can a ls1/ls2 corvette engine be put into a 2001 mustang v6?
2000 neon horn only works when adjusting tilt steering. what could be the problem?
96 gmc sonoma problems?
For sweet sixteen: Porsche or Mercedes Benz?
what do u think of the older (90's) VW POLO'S?
Where would I find out how many Chevrolet Cavaliers exist in the US today?
how is the new nissan 2006 (3) seater pathfinder car.Thanks?
car troubles 93 toyota pickup?
where can i get my old ranger rover chippd its Year 2000 has a BMW 2`5DHSE engine i bought it to tow my carava?
whatt is the mileage and insurance on a ferrari 348 spider?
What are nice rims to put on a blue 98 vw passat?
What is German Engineering to you?
how much does it cost to turbo charge?
Getting grand am need info/advise?
What engine to drop in a 78 Camaro Z28?
what causes my steeing wheel to vibrate, when at low speeds?
Does anyone out there have an electronic copy of the 1989 Nissan Maxima Auto brochure?
best car bmw has for energy, safety,looks prices?
what can i do air conditioning for taurus 95?
Can a mazda b2300 carry 1000 sq. feet of laminate flooring from Vancouver to Penticton in one trip?
Who designed the VW Beetle and the engine?
Will "91 caprice seats fit in "94 chevy caprice?
I have a turbo system for my jetta 2.0 i want to know what engine work needs to be done before i put it on?
Is it bad for a new Car to drive a 5 hour trip?
VN calis everything works except the power windows and the dash clocks all the fuses are good whats wrong?
My brother is trying to decide on keeping his 2001 VW Beetle or getting a Lexus what would you do?
In a race, 69 GTO Judge Vs. 69 SS Camaro, who would win?
how to fix leather steering column?
Is it illegal to change my 1994 Honda stock Exhaust with the N1 Muffler?
97 Volkswagen Jetta - Windshield Wipers quit working?
2008 GMC ACADIA braking action in turns?
How do I reset my skoda Fabia fob key?
Has anybody heard anything about Mazda's new CX-7 SUV?
which small-block engine has more potential ford or Chevy?
tranny on a 97 neon?
wost year for camaro?
Why do people think that Hondas are amazing?
91 BMW 318I wont start help!?
Is a ford truck a bad first car for a 16 year old?
Whats the difference between Mazda 6 TS 1.8 and Mazda 6S 1.8 (2003)?
84 chevy truck smoking when i reach high rpms?
What size rims and tires will fit a 2004 Ford F150XLT 4X4.?
Which is faster/better performance? A BMW M3 or a BMW 318i?
I am taking my son to look at a 1999 Jeep Cherokee limited. What should I be looking for and asking?
i own a 2006 acura TSX manual.what are good efficient upgrades for my money?any brandname parts in particular?
1996 ford f150 oxygen sensor?
Can anyone tell me where the coolant temp sensor is to the ecu is on a renault megane scenic 1.9 dti 1999?
where do i go to find out how much it'll cost for a 1997 jeep wrangler to be painted and lifted.?
lost toyota van keys?
2004 subaru impreza wrx 7mpg?
Would parts from a 2000 a4 fit a 1997 a4?
What does a Bully Dog Watchdog digital combo gauge #30003 Do?
1996 chevy k1500 clutch info?
Why does my Honda Prelude now idle around 1100 rpm's?
Vw golf smog check with reset check engine light?
Ford Mustang V6 or Chevrolet Camaro 1ls?
What is the problem when the check engine light is on ford explorer?
What is the best oil to use in a subaru outback H6 3.0L 2002?
My Volkswagen Jetta hood wont close?
When was the last time you saw a Ford Escort?
what is better chevy, ford, dodge, or nissan?
how do i replace a knocksensor on a 94 altima?
BMW stands for what ?
Dodge 4500 1 1/2 ton box truck, at what load should I turn off overdrive on highway?
Is a red 1999 VW beetle too girly?
Why are Straight6 engines stronger than V-6 engines. Such as the Nissan Skylines'RB26 and Nissans'300zx VG30DE
Where can I get a DETAILED explosion drawing of a stearing colum of an 88 Jeep Cherokee pioneer 4.0 AT?
Which is the Instrument Panel fuse in 1999 Pontiac Grand Am?
What does a "regency package" do to a 2008 mustang gt?
Difference between 2006 Subaru Legacy 2.5i and 2006 GT suspension?
Does anyone have a picture of a 1983 Corvette? They do exist?
Is buying a Holden omega sport wagon 60th anniversary edition for $34990 a good deal. ?
if something is 1500 bc how old is the thing now?????
p reg peugeot 306 1.6 meridian starter problems?
Where does the towing eye fit on my Renault Laguna?
Does anyone like the 2007 Toyota Camry SE and could they send me pics?
Is it a bad starter or bad battery?
HONDA CRV...Do you like yours?
where can i buy 2008 honda civic hybrid backup lights? ( OEM)?
Do-luck english order help (mr2 sw20) help!?
which is a better vehical? Jeep Wrangler or Hummer?
Rattling noise coming from car when speed up?
having trouble starting my suzuki 80cc?
What year did the make the mr2 2Gen?
Bigger engine for 2000 honda civic ex?
I own a 2007 Ford Escape XLT 4WD and it is making a chattering/pulsating noise. What could it be?
Is it possible to fit a Subaru engine into a modern VW Beetle?
what could i do to my 2005 mazda 6 sport sedan looking to improve the exterior and the horsepower?
Is the 5 door Mazda3 the newer version of the 5 door Mazda Protege 5?
Replica car body kit question?
2002 Nissan Altima 3.5 P0507 Code
which is the maximum speed of these vehicles year 1981?
how to adjust drum brakes on 2004 ford focus zx3?
Chevy v.s Ford?
Would anyone know where I could get discount price parts for Nissan Skylines?
about how much would be the price to replace a transmission on a Lincoln continental 93...?
I have a 1996 ford 460 in an rv.?
what is the fuel pressure for a 1999 jeep cherokee laerdo?
i have a nissan maxima v6 and makes a screeching noise on trying to start,it starts fine and noise stops later
Im lookin to buy a chevy trailblazer and i want to kno what u think like if there good or bad?
is mitsubhishi outlander diesel?
ford gt or dodge viper or a corvette?
chevy or pontiac???wich was a longer lasting and better engine ,trans..etc?
How to put the antenna on a dodge caliber 08 down?
Any Recalls on gm 380 Ci engine?
if you had 10 grand....?
what are the best cars under 30k?
what kind of part do you need to make a camaro roar?
How to get into Ford's SVT Department?
What car has the most bang for the buck in the sports car category?
Why is it so hard to find used Hyundai Santa Fe's and Tuscon's?
what does DB stand for in Astin Martin DB9?
Why doesn't a BMW Z3 have a dip stick for the transmission?
fords or holdens?
what do you think about the new Audi Q7 ?
My mother owns a 2002 Hyundai Sante Fe.?
How much could I get for a 1997 Toyota Avalon with 108,000 miles on it?
Chevy tahoe fender flares?
What kind of antifreeze does a 2011 dodge caliber take?
I have not heard from my salesman after I ordered a Honda Fit on March 21rst. He never cashed the deposit so?
Is there an enormous difference between tose two cars?
how can i make my mk4 1.25ltr i 16v ford fiesta louder when ive already got a sports back box,induction kit?
how much does it cost to fix a 2007 nissan maxima drivers side sideview mirror. i still have the mirror?
help my mk2 faze 1 clio all my dash keeps turning off?
Whats Better a Dodge 1500 0r a Ford F150?
what honda civic is better?
Help! Does anyone know of a VW camper can that can be hired in the south west of England?
i have a 72 chevy pickup and for some reason it won't shift into high gears. any ideas y?
Chevy 350 SB overheating?
Where is the fuel pump or the relay for the fuel pump on a 2000 Mitsubishi Eclipse?
Help guys!!! how much would it cost to get mt clutch fixed on a 2007 nissan versa.?
my mercedes wont start?
1966 ford falcon econoline questions?
What are good long tube headers for a 2001 Svt Cobra Coupe.?
what shall i get for my renault clio 1.4 sport?
who agrees with me about this car??
anybody know someone that has a 1994 chrysler new yorker owner's manual?
oklahoma city chevrolet?
My transmission has the pan pattern of a 700r4 but a bell housing bolt pattern of a GM metric pattern.?
how do i remove my console from my 1999 hyundai accent?
In your opinion is it the dealers or Chrysler products that have created problems for Chrysler?
How much would a motor cost for a 2002 monte carlo?
I bet you cannot name a better sports coupe tha a BMW M3.... simply impossible to find one.?
weird noise on my camaro?
Converting a mkII mr2 into a replica lamborghini kit car?
Which car should i buy out of these?
What is the best car Chevy currently makes??
Oil change frequency for rarely driven vehicles? Must read more ......?
Mercedes C230 2000 question?
1970 olds cutless rallye sport worth?
2006 mercedes benz s430?
What is my car?
how to download gas app from android cell to 99 ranger 4 cylinder?
Does 2005 Chrysler pacifica have mp3 hook up?
What kind of rims are on this honda civic?
Why My Engine Smells Bad?
more info about CFI stuff.?
i was thinkin on buying a diesel cars what is high mileage on a diesel engine?
Can you mod a tundra's 5.7 i-force V8 for better efficiency?
"Kit" Vs. "The General Lee" - Who Would Win ?
Subaru Impreza 2.5 RS vs. Honda Civic Hatch?
my 1996 nissan maxima hesitates when i put it to drive it turns off my itself?
Price of a muffler?
2013 Hyundai Elantra Limited vs 2013 Ford Focus Titanium?
Buying a 2006 Dodge Charger, good idea?
where can I find an AMC 327 flywheel inspection cover?
heater problems ford 1994 taurus gl?
How much does it cost to own a Mercedes?
Is a subaru a "ricer" or a "rally car"?
Need help to buy 05 Dodge Stratus parts?
im buying my first truck a ford 1967 f 100 what is an appropriate cost i should i pay?
My friend is getting a new mercedes _He can't deciede between White or Silver. Black is out. What do you think?
Basil Fawlty's car?
is there such thing as bad gas?
My 2000 HONDA CR-V has check engine light on, the code P0420?
Thinking about buying a VW beetle convertible, pros and cons?
What do i need for a mini me swap on a honda civic?
peugeot 306 auto stuck in park, and no brake lights?
What was your fastest car?
Is a mint 2006 Mazda sedan with 54,000km a good buy for $8900?
I am looking for a used auto part application or fit guide like they use at salvage yards, or the name of one?
Factory headers on a Honda Civic?
What car would you replace a 7 year old Mercedes E240 with?
what was your fifst ride?
Is anybody owner of new Suzuki Vitara or Honda Odyssey? What u think about strong and weak points those cars?
can i run my car on 50 % cooking oil and 50% diesel?
Do they sell the Ford GeigerCars Mustang GT 520?
How To Get More Performance Out Of My Eclipse?
Is it gay for a guy to drive a Electric Blue Toyota Tacoma?
Can you convert a regular 4 cyl gas engine to E85?
Is this $0.99 dollors or $0.99 cent?
I am planning to buy a new car, i am confused between Wagon R (LXi) and Santro XL, which one to buy?
Difference between mitsubishi lancer gts and se?
what car do you own?
Are Volkswagen Passat Good Cars Volkswagen?
I just got a '02 Jeep Liberty and the inside lights don't come on when I open the doors. How can I fix this?
subaru impreza amortizator, shocks?
Why do Audi's suck?
acura or honda?
Hyundai Sonata Cabin Air Filter?
is the nissan skyline legal in the united states?
JETTA OWNERS: i want to glue my 2001 jetta's glove compartment shut HELP..?
Should I purchase two Lamborghini Aventador's and a Veyron, or one Maybach Exelero? PLEASE HELP!!?
Is a Ford Taurus a good first car?
98 vw beetle what makes the transmission take to long to shift?
what modle 2000 oldsmobile silhouette do i have with modle #um16?
03 honda civic ex reliabilty?
tell me what you think about the 1989 ford escort i owned two of them just wondering what you people think?
Do you think the 2009 Rav4 Exterior is kind of girly?
website for vw car parts/accesories?
Mercedes or Lexus?
nissan 350z tint in illinois?
vw polo 1.9 SDI X reg possible gearbox problems?
How do I get the door code to work on 2000 Ford Crown Victoria?
I have a 95 mercedes c280 that was given to me.what transmission fluid can and should i use. it needs to be co?
Mercury 9.9 2 stroke 2001 Cooling system
1998 ford contour having issues shifting, can you help?
Where can I find a Free Haynes Automobile Repair manual for my Chevy Blazer?
What should I expect to pay for a pre 2009 Ford Fiesta and would it be a good first car?
I have a 2000 ex civic with D16Y8 what would be my best step a mini me swap or just after market parts?
Blow Off Valves for a 2002 Lancer?
I own a toyota ist 03 model. how much pressure should i put in all the tires?
Is a mini blind a movable pully or a fixed pully?
where can i find a Cargo Cover for a 95-99 eclipse?
what is the knocking noise coming from the ac/heater fan in a 1994 chevy suburban?
3000 gt or dodge stealth? which do you love best?
Greatest and best looking Mustang?
what is the best way to gain horsepower on my 03 accord?
Service not confirmed on Mercedes?
2008 Nissan Sentra BLUETOOTH?
how to adjust drum brakes on 2004 ford focus zx3?
If Chrysler made a replica 1962 Dodge Dart slant 6 / 6speed would you buy one today?
Honda Civic or Mazda 3 Sedan?
Should I sell my BMW M3 2004 E46 for 21500$?
Who would win in a race?! -- Miata vs. Mini --?
how much horse power does a 1986 chevy corvette zr1 have ?
Do people stare at Porsches if seen on the road?
what off road add on(s) should i put on a 03 jeep liberty?
I have a 2008 limited Toyota Highlander with a push to start engine. I remember at the time of purchase ?
why won't my key go inton my ignition?
Is a M2F4 tranny an LSD or no?? (honda)?
would a man drive a Hyundai Accent?
My 2005 dodge magnum won't blow hot or cold air, blows nothing! Help?
which car would be a better car for a 16 year old boy?
how do i do a oil change on a 2006 mazda 3 on a 2.0 engine?
BMW Vs. Audi?
When does the Toyota Prius 2007 comes out to the market?
which is the best kind of hummer, H1,H2, H2 SUV, OR H3?
How much does it cost to install a remote car stater in a 2004 hyundai elantra or does it come with one?
what is the best parts to put in my 1999 mitsubeshi eclipse?
how do I bleed the hydro-booster on 1999 chevy 1ton?
I have a 98 honda accord ex with a P0420 code. Is this the reason my automatic shifts hard?
What were the original car mats like in a 2003 Renault Clio Extreme?
1997 Honda Crv Power Door Locks Not Working?
Can someone explain to me what the tranny codes on vw's are for and if they have to match to be replaced?
NISSAN SENTRA 07: When it will be available and how much will cost?
Why do the English drive on the wrong side of the road?
is the huyndai sonata a reliable car?
Why are BMW drivers such tossers?
how to take the dash down in a 2002 lincoln Ls?
Used 2006 3 series BMW reliability?
i have to let my car warm up before i can drive off?
How to put front license plate in NISSAN SENTRA 1995?
Is silver a masculine color on a car?
do i need to swap the ecu's if im swapping motor from a manual 1993 honda civic to a automatic 1992 civic?
Black,white,gunmetal grey for a 2003 toyota corolla le?
How do I go through winter with a soft top for Jeep?
Toyota Corolla: good car?
Where can I find a purple car that is a 5 speed?
I'm considering buying a used Buick Rendezvous. Has anyone had any problems?
what 's the price for a transmission service for a 2000 ford f150?
what would be cooler, van or truck?
Phantom Stall 02 Dodge Durango?
What Audi has a new lamborghini engine?
Can i trade in a 2012 ford explorer for a Audi TT?
three windsheild wipers?
Dodge Journey or Jeep Patriot?
does anyone know when the new 2007 chevy camaro will be available to the public and how much?
why does ford have such a bad reputation?
need the procedure to change the heater core on a '65 mustang?
What year models can I use the door for a 2005 Ford Focus?
Has anyone had or have a ford cougar 2.5 v6?
Why do people rice out their hondas and whatnot?
Do you think that the BMW 335i is better than a Pontiac GTO?
2002 infiniti i35 misfiring?
Can the 2002 Suzuki Grand Vitara be run on ethanol or E-85 successfuly without damage?
how far is california la from yakima washington?
Honda accord won't start please help?
I want to add spoliers to my Cayman S? where or which websites should I go?
2005 Buick Rendezvous rear differential problems?
Converting VIN so I can get an SiR?
Honda crv rattling noise?
Ford Fiesta driver seat won't lock into place?
how many miles can a 00' nissan sentra run ?
What is the 0-60 time of a BMW Z3 M roadster?
1997 Chevy Blazer. I cannot find the flasher box to make my directionals work. Does anyone know where it is?
Does the 2006 Honda Accord EX-L with Navigation have the home link system on it.?
how much can i sell my 2000 chevy silverdo 1500 for it has 240000 miles?
what country has low labor cost and is a good business site for an automobile company?
Rear Speaker Size in a 2008 Toyota Corolla Hatch HELP!?
Jeep liberty i guess im wondering if i can keep things that werent stock with the jeep?
Are beetles (cars) Just for girls?
Will my 08 dodge ram sound bad with a flowmaster due to the engine running on four cylinders?
Song on Mitsubishi Nissan Commercial?
I want to buy a late 90's to early 2000 GMC sonoma. What do sonoma owners out there think about their trucks?
Morris mini?
how can I fix a bad knock in an '88 Chev 350?
Ford focus - iPod problems?
i have lost the only key to my saab 900. saab say £650 for new keys and a new ecu! anyone have any ideas?
I have pinkish/red coming from underneath my Jeep?? what is it??
4x4 truck ford-chevy?
Can 165/65/R14 tires fit on rims already using 185/65/R14 tires?
Vauxhall astra 1.4 loosing water (HELP)?
Will a Ford 302 V8 Fit in a 67' Ford Falcon that was a V6?
Does the current mustang design only come with the pony package for 2006 or is it every year.?
Is there really such thing as a drivable sofa?
how do you customise a vintage vw beetle?
Can i bring a Mercury Car from the USA to Canada?
How do u reprogram the locks on a 97 grand prix GT?
1990 honda civic with a check engine light, help?
which is better ford or chevy?
My son has a VW Golf and he changed the oil but put the wrong grade in. Will it make any difference. Cheers?
A Compatible Engine for a Ford Capri?
I have a 2012 Ford F-150, how do I drive it in snow?
why i have to accelerate my 98 camaro to turn on?
Porshe, ferrari or lamborghini - who's the best car?
My car dealer says I should change my oil every 3000 miles? Is this true?
What is the acceptable tyre pressure of a mercedes hearse?
My 83 250r makes slap or tock noise when kickstarting what's wrong it won't start either?
I have a 2002 GMC Yukon, and i want to lift it like 2-3 inches how much will it cost?
How reliable are Volkswagen Vanagon's from the mid to late 80's?
2000 vw passat tachometer jumps when giving it gas at 30&40 mph?
can you bypass a rear view camera with upfitter switches on a 2012 ford?
How much would a 2001 jetta vr6 cost if the it had hail damage, broken air conditioner, and 168,000 miles?
Ranault Clio 1.2 16v 2002 central locking fault?
are celicas good cars?
05 wrx low boost high rpm?
How much will the acura nsx cost?
Merc.mystique rotor problem.....?
can you add a push button start to a dodge dart?
why do gays like toyota?
who else thinks lexus' are just glorified toyota's?
How do I paint rims?
Do HID bulbs work in a projector headlight?
what kind of power sterring installed for sezuki swift 2004 model?
Voltswagon Polo 1.2L petrol very low MPG?
I can't decide between a Passat TDI PD 130 and a Passat 1.8T, the TDI costs more to buy?
89 honda accord won't start sometimes problem has got worse what could it be?
2007 mitsubishi eclipse gs performance?
Is It bad to change transmission oil on a 100,000 miles plus for the first time?
Ram 1500 Big Horn quad cab or F150 Supercrew?
Is a Smart Car suitable as a first car for a 25 yo girl?
where is the VIN ON A 1969 Porsche?
Will ford all new ford fiesta will replace the current ford fiesta classic?
2004 Renault Clio Front Wipers Not Working?
Kia K7 2010 Service Manual download version?
What does a Diesel Technician for General Motors make per year?
mechanical problems on 1994 chevy lumina?
Buying an Audi.?
01 Lincoln Navigator brakes?
What does it take to switch a 1987 Chevy Pickup's drum brakes to disk brakes?
mini cooper or beetle - which one would you choose?
jeep liberty, girls or guys car?
Are Mazda cars made by ford?
Thread size for a 2009 Mazda 3 Sport Shift Knob?
2003 Acura Rsx OTTO Racing Exhaust?
Should I buy a Lexus or BMW?
Im looking for a scion XB, for cheap. Like 3-4 grand?
Used Jeep's mileage too low?
Can anyone tell me how to take a lower driverside control arm off a 2008 nissan versa?
photo of1996 nissian altimaengine?
I have a car queston?
my sister has a budget of upto 5 lacs and is considering buying the tata indica vista.. any thoughts?
where can i find a turbocharger for my 04 mazda 6 2.3L?
HELO i hope this message goes to a person who is in the uk.As i get messages from people who are abroad?
Does the 2011 Chrysler Town & Country have rear fog lights?
What sounds better for an of an 05 mustang gt, SLP Loudmouths or FRPP/Borla Stingers?
do rear calipers on a 96 nissan maxima push or screw in?
is better volfswagen golf 4 or volfswagen golf 5?
which car is more reliable?
vegggan questionss! :) help?
I bought my first car and Im freaking can I contain my excitment?
Tire Rotation Torque?
Is a Volkswagen Golf a guys car?
Turbo manifold for 1997 toyota camry LE?
what is the best and best looking& eas of install for a hitch for 06 focus zx3?
My windshield wipers won't shut off!?
2000 Toyota Celica vs 2005 Mazda 3 vs 2005 Hyundai Tiburon?
about 79 ramcharger speedometer?
88 thunderbird v-8 will not stay cranked?
Can Mazda make a key for an 1998 626?
What kind of transmission do i have? 1997 v6 automatic mustang?
shock absorber not comming backward automaticaly?
I need a name for my car. I know, it's weird LoL, but I would like some opinions please =]?
what caused my 99 explorer to lose power?
Someone tried to pick my door lock and now I can't get the key in-where do I get it fixed?
Can you make a classic vw engine sound like a Harley?
How do you ramp up the speed of a celica gts 2001?
why does engine check turns on in Geo Prism Lsi?
what is faster cayenne s or mustang cobra?
How to set timing on Honda Civic d15b?
Honda vs Toyota?
selling 96 jeep cherokee lorado its is rebuilt motor and trans. i would like $1000 for it 8326426564 katy tx?
Does anyone have a 1991 toyota celica?
how much does general sports car weigh.?
whats wrong if white smoke is coming out from the back of my car?
How much horse can I get in a daily driver?
Ford owners: Foreign cars claim their cars will go more miles than other cars.How many miles are on your Ford?
How To Lube My Speedometer Cable?
What is the hourse power of mazda3 1.6 with Gulf Specs. ???
1990 525i bmw icv help?…
Power steering Pump Problems?
Can the new Lexus parallel park on its own?
Infiniti G35 tire sizes?
Would 245/35R20 tires fit a 2001 mustang?
axle nut size-1994 Ford Tempo?
How do you reset the Check Engine Light on a 2002 Ford Taurus?
I am getting a Mazda Rx 8 and a turbo should i get a manual 6 speed or a 4 speed automatic?
i just wont to know if the nascar driver dale erhardt jr will win this year. i am a big fan of number 3and 8?
What is a good website for car customization?
2003 Subaru Impreza Non-turbo vs 1996 Toyota Soarer Non-turbo which is better and faster?
2002 dodge darago intermitent wipers don't work?
Why radio doesn't come in well in my kia?
Owner! Have anyone of you lost the warranty on your car after changing anything on it including the radio?
question for people who drive a jeep?
Cheapest way to fix 1995 Pontiac Sunfire?
cost to own on a 87 crown vic station wagon?
My 1999 V6 Mustang is surging when idling, any idea what this could be & what it may cost?
1998 dodge stratus fog light question.?
2002 Nissan Altima break problems...can you help?
How do I make text appear on a 2008 Toyota Camry LE Stereo?
How to swap a transmisstion from atomatic to manual / standerd on honda B20Z?
Where is the CD changer in the celica t sport?
used airbags have to have matching vin numbers with sensors?
what is your all time favorite car?
What kind of car (coupe) is this?
i have a 2000 mustang gt it has a poping sound and a missing sound ...i have changed the plugs and coils?
i need an opinion on my jeep grand cherokee front axle?
BMW headlamps question?
1978 buick lesabre timing?
1995 chrysler conv top wont close all the way is it motor or something else?
Does a Toyota 18'' 5 lug rim fit into a 2004 Dodge stratus 5 lug base?
What kind of lowering suspension should i buy for my 02 Subaru impreza wagon?
Have a 1988 camaro 5.0 manual and was wondering if it is a good idea to take out the tbi and put in a tpi?
why does bmw use numbers for their cars such as 740 IL?
How much would a new gear box for a seat ibiza, year 2001, be?
I have a 2003 F150 88,000 miles on it and front brakes been changed 4 times out of warranty what is wrong?
What is the redline limit for a 1994 Toyota Tercel? Redline for the RPM?
I got a job delivering cars for bmw. They pay 10 per hour. I dont believe this is reasonable. Do you guys?
my 2007 ford tarus won't start?
What do you think about Toyota Corolla?
Is there a certain number in the VIN number to tell if a car is a true SHINODA BOSS?
what type of anti-freeze should i use for my honda accord 94 ex?
How do I program my keyless entry in my 2008 Honda Pilot?
How to replace an alternator on a 2002 honda accord?
ford mustang seat problems?
My 01 cavalier starts then shuts off?
Repair costs of Audi/VW vs. American (used loosely) cars?
i need to replace the coil pack on nissan 4x4 truck?
which was the maximum speed of ford F-600 truck diesel 6cyl 135HP 1968?
Does the G37 front sway fit the G35x?
My 93 Dodge Dakota uses the old type of freon for the AC, BUT?
i have a acura legend 1995 my sunroof not working,is ther any way i can close if manually?
Will 17" wheels from a 2006 Lexus RX330 fit on my 2004 Toyota Sienna XLE?
Super 10 muffler on 2004 4.7L ram?
when does a brand new car need to get its first oil change?
A car for a 19 yr old girl?
What's ur fave car make and model?
How to replace Ford Ranger PCV, Crankcase Vent Hose and Connector?
What is the mileage on a 1969 vista cruiser?
how do i make my ford f350 have more power with out braking the bank?
Do you like the new (2005) design for the Jeep Grand Cherokee?
where is the camshaft positioning sensor on a 95 toyota avalon?
can you find lambogini kits for a fiero?
What happen to my Hyundai Brake System, similar issue as the Toyota ?
your dream car?
The driving range of a 2013 Santa Fe FWD, 2.0 Turbo ?
Are Audi's good cars? What are good things and bad things about them? How is the 1.8 turbo?
2003 toyota sequoia o2 sensor?
What can i do to make 20 inch rims fit on my 1999 toyota corolla ? and around how much would it cost ?
95 jeep GC lifter/pushrod/rocker question?
Does anyone have any experience of the Hyundai Getz? Is it a good car?
30 - 35 mpg for a 1.9 tdi?
Is It bad to change transmission oil on a 100,000 miles plus for the first time?
What's good good looking mud tires for Chevy s10?
Who is the stig from Top Gear??? Have a Guess?
Tires on cars?
peugeot 206 bobine allumage pb quand retrograde de 5eme en 4eme?
What do you think about mustangs?
I want a Trans Am, the wife wants a lil mustang..?
What is better,a Bugatti Veyron or a Koenigsegg CCX?
estimated labor costs to have starter replaced on 2004 hyundai santa fe?
body panels for a 62 ford fairlane?
chevy vs ford draggin?
how do i find used jeeps for sale?
I have a 2000 vw jetta and my power windows wont roll up. where is the fuse located for the power windows?
Would a Chevy Tahoe be a good first car?
what are the best valve covers for a 2001 mustang GT with the V8. I cant seem to find any nice ones.?
is it true that volkswagons aren't reliable?
Which should I buy, the Lancer Evo or WRX STI?
lights on a volvo?
Would the cost be great if I switched out my V6 for a V8 ?
where can i find a turbocharger for my 04 mazda 6 2.3L?
What is your fovorite kind of vehicle? like chevy, dodge, ford....ect....?
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