What's the maximum power that a Chevy 350 engine can produce, naturally aspirated?
Where do i find the engine number on my 1998 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer?
Are Hyundai's any good?
do rich peoples drive cars like these?
You think a Kia Optima Sedan (4door) could be an awesome car?
When will Audi A4 change the model completly as A4 2009 is still on 2007 platform?
Will a 95 ford t-bird lx interior fit in a 93?
what would happen if you put a 1994 Toyota corolla radiator in a 1995 Mitsubishi galant?
Fiat Punto Overheating?
How many miles can a chevy cobalt Ls 06 run on a full tank?
Im Buying a 97' Firebird and it's leaking oil.?
integra help?
How are the 2012 Mustangs, V6 and GT models?
What is better for street glow L.E.D.'s or Neon?
Who makes the best cars?japanese.American,or German?read on?
how many miles per gallon do you get on a ford mustang?
how do i make my 2001 prelude faster?
what is the capacity of airbags for ford car models?
1994 Nissan Pickup QUESTION Help?
I'M planning on buying a 1989 firebird 2.8L. are they fast at all? or are they slow, accel or topspeed better?
Is it true that Japanese brand cars are far more better than American brand cars, in terms of quality?
1993 Subaru Legacy wont shift out of first gear.?
Modification on my indica xeta?
How much would I get to scrap my Citroen C8?
where is the catalytic converter on a 1980 plymouth arrow truck?
any mondeo st200s or cougar xpacs for sale in south yorkshire?
What do I need to install an Evo 16G turno on My 95 eclipse gs?
06 Ford Ranger Problems?
who designed the volkswagen?
I have a 94 Jeep Wrangler.. I would like to add new exhaust and glass packs to sound like 350 Chev engine.?
Nissan GT-R modifications?
how do I reset the oil life on a 2007 saturn aura?
What would be your dream car?
adventages of american cars?
Can a scion tc be turbocharged?
What power steering fluid do I need for my 2002 Subaru impreza GX?
Would You Drive Foreign Or Domestic cars?
A Ford Mustang - What model?
is chevy tahoe good for up to 500000k miles?
What make was Steve Erkel's car on "Family Matters"?
2011 Mustang GT 5.0 !!!?
are they still going to make the dodge charger after 2007 ?
No timing advance on my 93 Ranger?
Bent Car Key (Honda)?
in 2016 or 2017 could u import a skyline r34?
240sx question?? Sr20det?
how to adjust camber on a 96 toyota hiace van ?
there is something wrong with my car or is my imagination?
What are good sites for honda performace motor parts? first time bottom up builder.?
The 2004 Acura TL....?
can i use another year for my 1999 Ford Explorer door?
Where, if anywhere, can i purchase a custom made console for a vehicle?
Anyone has hookups with performance parts for a 2005 WRX?
What is AMG and what does it stand for?
looking for payoff on my vehicle,how do i find ?
What's your MPG for your 2005 Mustang?
number of 1936 ford 3 window coupe's built?
what is the largest size rim i can put on a 1996 lexus es300?
Are VW vans made out of magnesium?
Jeep camanche air filter swap?
How gay are Mazda Miatas?
Should I get a BMW 330ci or a Jaguar X-Type?
subaru wrx five speed with a non turbo engine swap, is it possible?
Looking at getting a Ford Lightning..are they reliable?
what will a 2008-2009 dodge challenger srt8 cost by 2014?
how to get an additonal horsepower from my mustang?
What car in the 80's could come in orange with a black bonnet as standard?
What color should I paint my Civic?
I have a 2013 mustang v6 and i want to get a cold air intake, but i have heard it will flood the engine?
change flexplate 1996 jimmy?
Do americans like this car? Guys and girls please!!?
which truck is better a dodge ram or a ford?
Why is there no SAAB`s in the car section..?
top gear,the stig?
How do you change rear disc pads on a buick. there is no visible top mounting bolt on the caliper?
what do you think of the fiat 500 abarth?
2001 kia sephia wont start?
just bought a ferrari f430, any ferrari fans?
2003 Toyota 4runner with 160k miles?
jeep wrangler rear diff ticking noise?
did pontiac stop making firebirds???
What is the ignition timing of ford bantam?
2011 Genesis coupe 2.0t help?
2002 Honda accord shakes when the ac is on!?
Changed honda civic tranny now.....?
Acura TL 2005 side maker upgrade.?
Widest tires that will fit Jeep Liberty?
Why did honda ruin the Civic?
that's the best cars?
Who makes Acura?
what is a mini me swap on a civic?
Is this too expensive of a car?
What color is Safire?
What is the best motor Ford Motor Company ever produced?
Any websites for cold air intake for honda odyssey?
What do you guys think about a girl in a jeep? =) just wondering.?
why do people hate Subaru?
Is there a turbo or a supercharger for a 99 mercury cougar and where can i buy them?
are Honda injectors high resistance or low?
my 93 Toyota pick stalls when it sets in the sun for to long, and it fuel injected.?
1993 gmc c1500 sierra?
my mercedes wont start?
Does anyone know why my Volvo won't start?
Why would a 1993 Jeep Cherokee smoke from exaust only after getting warm?
I have ford explore 2002 , when I turn it on I am able to turn on O/D light or off but when I start running?
2002 ford focus zetec purple coloured cat and gold looking pipes ? Help?
How do i make my miata more masculine?
My 2002 vw new beetle turbo starts for about 1 second and turns back off, what is the problem?
Ford Explorer power window problem, strange!?
is a 6 cylander 3.8 engine good on gas?
why is chevy a better truck than ford?
Front Dashboard?
ford capri 2.8 injection getting water in right exhaust?
What's this sound? Mazda 3.?
What do you honestly think of cars like this?
98 dodge dakota engine swap?
If u had a 'hummer' what colour would it be?
sparkplug replacement lincoln towncar interceptor?
Would this be hard to do on an Automatic Shifter?
Would bull bars look good on my 97' Dodge Ram 1500?
I just bought a 1969 Chevy Nova. What should I do to it? And whats better a supercharger or turbocharger?
I have a 98 honda prelude that i bought with a Turbo kit on it but it doesn't have the turbo. which turbo?
Does anybody know about Mass Airflow Sensor problems for a Volkswagen Passat?
Changing headlight bulb on 08 Civic 2door?
if you won the lottery wat would b the first thing u would buy?
is the 2008 dodge ram a good truck to buy?
How to replace passenger side mirror on 2010 Ford Escape XLT?
are bmws cheaper in germany?
Who are can sleep 24h on his back?
does anyone like the new 2010 vw gti?
what are the models of eclipses and what are the fast ones, how much hp?
Will you ever buy a toyota after all the mess?
what color honda accord V6 coupe color should i get? white,red, blue,silver?
Are Pontiac's crap??
What kind of car what the first you ever remember being in?
ford taurus 07 transmission just quit working?
My 97 Honda accord se is rattling?
Engine compression test on 1998 eclipse, asap question !!?
I'm having problems with my 1982 Toyota pickup, can anyone help me?
Need help about timing on 87 honda accord lxi?
what engine can i use to replace my 1989 jeep wrangler L6 4.2L engine without having to replace the trans?
Speed Demons - Best new sportscars?
What is the current rate of the US dollar compared to the UK EURO?
Whats the fastet car you'v ever drove?
What is your favorite Honda (or Acura) other than the S2000 and NSX?
you like ford or chevy?
ford galaxy for childminding?
Grand am tire question?
I have a 2005 Toyota Avalon. I need to know what manufacturer makes the ground effects for the 2006 Avalon.?
Which is better audi or bmw?
what tires to put on a ford windstar 2001 tire size 215 65 16?
Where is the soft top control located in a saab 9-3 conv 2000?
Shall I buy a Seat Altea? Have you got one and are you happy with it?
Should I buy a 2007 V6 Mustang for an entry level driver?
nissan quest 99 moved to new jersey from florida change coolant and windwasher liquid because come winter.?
How do you feel about Toyotas?
Buying a 2000 mustang with 150000 miles good idea?
less expensive lease for BMW 3 or 5 seriesAny one who knows a gut deal on BMW?
How strong is the chasis of Accord 2000?
How big is the Saturn Vue's cargo space in inches?
Whats the best engine I can put in a 67 Camaro?
why my dodge ram 1500 v8 single cab gets such bad MPG?
What should i add to the engine of my 2009 honda civic si coupe?
r there any recalls on the '04 grand cherokees?
Clunk in steering, and very loose steering?
Name of the World's most costly car?
What are the best brand of tires to get for a 2004 Chevy Trailblazer?
I have a 1966 Mustang with an Inline 6 engine. When I turn it off, it will sometimes make a wheezing sound.?
F250 with 6.0 or 7.3L powerstroke turbo diesel?
my friend a supercharger and a mustang help?
96 Jeep Cherokee Country,rough idle after warm up......theres more..?
Jeep Wrangler Reliability History?
Car wont start, 69 mustang, any ideas?
what happened with ferrari and ducati about their badge?
I have a '98 Passat 4 cyl turbo. The turbo is shot. Car still runs fine. What's the cost to rebuild the turbo?
Will 8.8 gears fit in my mustang?
What metal is a Porsche 928's motor made from?
Are PT cruisers reliable cars? I wouldnt be able to get a new one..maybe an 01-03?
98 honda prelude hesitation and cleaning?
how to replace a starter motor on a uk 2008 renault master mm33 dci 100?
what does oem in terms of car parts stand for?
What is the roadholding figure recorded for the new BMW 330i?
The cruise control on my Plymouth Grand Voyager 1997 quit working can you tell me what the problem might be?
can you put a 2004 ford focus svt 2.0 engine in a 95 ford contour that has the 20 zetec in it?
What is wrong with my VW Beetle?
Who else has a horror story on how bad the after sales service of Toyota Quezon Ave. here in the Philippines?
Question about my 2002 BMW 325i automatic?
Idk what year but is a ford 250 with a 6.8L v10 that has 175000 miles a good buy for 5500?
i would like to sell my 199 ford exploreront fender damage?
How to calculate eclipse based on Singapore time?
what is the best website to go on for looking up used cars in the uk?
Volkswagen Golf won't shift?
are 351w and 351w ho firing orders different?
Where can i find a 2008 Suzuki xl7 for 14,000 $ and 2000 miles with 7 passenger?
The radio controls on the steering wheel of my 2010 Ford Escape not working?
how do you remove the front seats in a plymouth breeze?
2004 Dodge Intrepid SE alternator/battery light problem.?
will a 1994 engine fit a 1996 honda civic?
My car was broken into, do you know who did it?
biss code for sahara one?
do you like ford or toyota more?
Are all model have the same size dashboard?
Anyone know a good Lexus mechanic in Houston for pre-purchase inspection?
who is the worlds number one auto maker?
A month after release, are iPhone 5s shipping overnight with AT&T?
What is the whp of a '07 Subaru Impreza WRX?
4 Favoritte celeberties .... Need help with two more?
vw eurovan code p1225, causes engine to stop, why?
My 1992 GMC 2500 3/4 ton is all of a sudden jerking, backfiring and stauling, needs to mainifold gasket?
06 chevy equinox brake lights wont turn off?
Where would I find running boards for a Ford escape in San Jose, ca?
I am buying my first car.. Is it good to buy a 2nd hand one or go for a new one itself. ?
Is Acura Integra engine fit in 93 Honda hatchback?
My nissan micra is only firing with 3 cylinders?
cars. nissan 370z or infiniti g37? which one do you like best?
2001 Eclipse Spyder GT. Automatic transmission problems.?
Will I have a silver mustang when I'm older?
420a engine same for automatic and manual?
which is better, nissan 350z or nissan skyline and why?
are saab 9000 turbos any good?
what car is cooler?
Why is there so many toyota corollas in the steets?
how much money does it take to fill up a 1995 jetta?
Could Anyone Tell me What Car this is?
How much is a 99 honda accord lx with 100,000 miles worth?
how do you find the price of a car before retailers mark it up?
mondeo takes an age to start sends out smoke from exhaust as engine turns then cloud of black smoke on starti
07 jeep compass limited?
Who knows if i can get a different door to fit my honda prelude?
is Chevrolet Impala a good car?
Does a 2009 Hyundai Sonata downshift in manual mode if ur foot is on the gas pedal?
does anyone know what website i can go to find instructions for air cylinder suspension?
whyy doess the sunn shinee ?
I am buying a 2012 honda civic?
I'm going to buy a mazda?
how much is the interest rate on a S 430 Mercedes-Benz / 745 Li BMW if you have a credit rating of 730-790?
Thirty years ago, an American car was at its outer limits once it logged 100,000 miles. What is the limit now?
Need help with 98 Chevrolet Silverado Z71?
1999 nissan maxima se 3.0L want start?
Whats Unique about the 2000 Acura integra Special Edition? whats special about it?
lambos or feraries?
Problem: Key locked in trunk of 2002 Ford Focus. Trunk button won't work. How can I get into the trunk?
I have a 2001 pt cruiser after going through a water puddle the check engine light came on. It was only a 5 th?
2013 chevy cruze vs 2013 hyundai elantra?
How much freon does 94 honda accord a/c hold?
Honda CR-V...why do do many people have it?
what is the number for 911?
2008 Camry vs. 2008 Honda Civic?
Engines that will bolt up with Porsche 914 transmission?
What is the diference between suzuki swift 93 and pontiac firefly 93?
What dose the interceptor pkg include for the 2000 Crown Vic?
It requires premium gasoline but im buying regular for it what could potentially happen to my acura?
Remove Ford Explorer Running Boards?
Where is the fuel system solenoid switch located on a 1993 Honda Civic EX?
I need a printable diagram of a fuse box diagram for a 1992 honda civic manual trans. 1.5 engine?
mitsubishi mirage 2000 ac fan stopped blowing where is it located?
TOPSHOT not that stupid did not buy car its company car thought this site was for help not verbal abuse?
ford 150 xl need to find out how to change plugs and bearings?
gotta problem with a 2003 ford explorer?
What's a better first car? Honda Civic, or Honda Crv?
what size engine is a mercedes benz ML320?
Ford transit van m reg blue not quite a royal blue or a navy ......any ideas on the actual colour ? or code?
Why does my battery drain when i turn the car off?
Does BMW get a record when my car is towed to a dealership?
Which do people like more? BMW or Audi?
horn not working on a1996 nissan 200xl two door 4 cycnider motor car?
1987 Celebrity hood latch broken. How to open?
whats faster a saleen s331 or a srt 10?
1997 Dodge Ram 1500 leaks water in the drivers side.?
I have a Honda Civic 1.6 SE 2001 and can't find a rubber gaiter for it. Does anyone know where I can get one?
I am buying a 2010 Maxima?
VW TDI Diesel...challenges in owning one and the pluses and minuses?
Where is the fuel filter in a 2006 Chevrolet Cobals LS?
i have a 1985 ford f150 with a 302 CID (5.0 L) V8, Windsor FI, 185 hp (138 kW) engine in it?
Is chevy better than ford and/or dodge, why?
which car better nissan or toyota?
BMW 635csi E24 control arm bushings?
what are symptoms of loose breather element grommet on 2001 dodge ram?
1984 Honda Shadow 750.?
Which is the costliest car in mercedes?
I have an 2005 Kia optima and it runs bad sometimes and engine light doesn't appear?
supercharger for 1990 mazda b2200?
should ferrari is superior than macllaren in future?
Problems with Mazda 3 headlights?
will golf mark v make r36?
I have a 1995 mazda lantis automatic that drives in netural and would not go in reverse?
06 Jetta; is it set so that the wipers go off when you step on the brakes?
I have a 1988 cadillac brougham v8 5.0 I have loud screeching noise?
Why is the shifter in a Prius like a joystick? and does it worsen the driving experience?
I have a 1969 Dodge with a 383 engine with radiator problems.?
how can i check my 1999 grand am 2.4 liter transmission fluid?
hyndai dealers in ct?
installing spark plug?
what year did chrysler sell its 3,000,000 chrysler ??
BMW, Audi, Mercedes or Porsche?
what is the gas mileage 4 a mustang gt cal special package?
wher can i get lockwheel nuts for my 1995 ford probe?
new projector headlights for 2011 corolla le?
Will a 2.5 in x-pipe fit on a stock exhaust on a 2004 mustang gt?
i need the pics of suzuki liana pakistan.and the pics of coure car?
Does my vw jetta need a new catalyst converter ?
I need a name of a vehicle that starts with a "k" besides Kia.?
ford sport trac problems?
Where can I buy the "my fast" figure that VW makes?
online application form for toyota plant in simcoe?
Is 113,000 Miles in a diesel car to high? The car is a Ford Mondeo and is 2005 reg?
what are the answers for the masda contest?
My gas milage is horrible on my 2001 chevy Blazer would that be because of the Fuel Filter?
what are some things i can do to get my car pass its smog?
2013 Mustang owners. Do you love your vehicle? Im gettin a mustang or either 2013 accord coupe. Need help!?
why do people hate on Honda?
What is the best affordable engine swap for a stock d16y engine for a 97 civic?
Own a 1965 ford falcon, just wondering if a turbo 2.3l 4cyl or 2.9l would work besides the same boring v8 swap?
2002 Jeep Liberty 3.7L overheating when defogger is on.?
Which make is better, Lexus(luxurious version of Toyota), or Chevrolet? In Mechanical quality/dependability?
Should i buy this 1986 porsche?
my car wont start it just turns over.has orange spark, and has fuel but wont fire.what should i change?
What does R/T mean on a Dodge Stratus?
When will the 2007 Infiniti G35 coupe go on sale & how much will it cost?
Should I sell my truck or keep it?
which is more reliable: 2004 Toyota highlander or 2002 Acura MDX ?
Honda City Back light price ?
What is the best way to start makeing my Honda ep3 faster ?
tuning differences in 1.8 and 2.0?
Dash area in Chevrolet Silverado with gauges does not turn on.. whats wrong?
what is the resell price of kia carnival see in description?
How is the wheather in Los Angeles now?
Whats your fav......?
Throttle Cable? - '91 Toyo Celica?
what does "UNDERVOLTAGE CONSUMER DEFECTIVE" means in a mercedes-benz?
2001 suzuki grand vitara v6 transmission problems?
Looking for interior door panel 1997 F150?
howdo you put bmw 750li in Neutal when not on?
Do 1996 ram 1500 have a MAF sensor?
Any opinions on Crown Auto Sales in Belfair, WA?
HOW TO INSTALL A 2004 DODGE CD PLAYER IN A 2001 DODGE CARAVAN ? please help please?
Where is the crankshaft sensor in a 1995 Pontiac Gran am 2.3?
My Ford can't keep up with my Dads Dodge?
GMC Envoy Mods?
1997 Honda Civic LX: remote key issue.?
What type of Vauxhall Combo is this?
will a motor from a 1991 GMC sierra 1500 work in a 1993 GMC sierra 3500?
Is it true that Lexus has made a car that can park itself?
which car will last longer toyota or nissan?
About how much does the labor cost to install 4 lowering springs on a 1996 Camry V6 LE?
is Romeo from Calliope Projects?
Is a Nissan micra a good car?
How do you put the drivers side window on a 1996 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme back on its track?
My car will not start. It makes a quick click noise when I turn the key.?
what can i do To my 1993 corolla that under 100 to make it go faster?
why does the intake manifold gasket keep going out if i fixed it 6 months ago?
Does anybody know about Dodge's plans for hybrids and hybrid hemis?
Will someone please sell me a 81 to 87 cutlass supreme , please.?
Will you ever buy a Toyota car? After all these braking problems?
what was the 1st year that corvette made the stingray model?
Why is the Chevy Volt 40K and the toyota Prius 20K?
How is Lexus RX 300?should i buy this car?
how much does a key for a ford foccus with chip?
Any body know if there is a market for my model car?
What kind of car do you all drive?
is a maxima a full size sedan?
can i put an older chevy cavalier engine into a newer one?
how do you make a mini shaduf or shadoof or lever?
My car is humming at 45 mph...what the heck is that??
how can i change the mileage on my car please help quick?
recently bought a used BMW 525, 45K miles, but i am not very impressed with the 0 - 60 pick up? is it my car?
How do I tell the difference if the alternator or battery in my car is bad, the electrical system is failing?
design of a petrol engine radiator?
Dodge Dakota 4.7 little no pressure with keyon pressure good when idle hard to start when motor cold or sits ?
whats your favorite color jeep wrangler?
78' chevy pickup, voltmeter reads 16-17 volts at idle, pegs at 18 when rpms are increased. whats up?
what do yall think about a 2000 Volkswagon Jetta 1.8T 145,XXX miles on it.?
Adjusting Transaxle bands on 2002 Mercury Sable?
What do you think is the best color for a 91 Toyota Celica?
how much does a farari cost?
I need upholstery for my 1991 honda accord sedan.?
2012 beetle turbo stufffffs!?
Which is a better car color: black or red?
how do I get the rear bench seat out of a 1970 chevelle w/out tearing it up?
do you know where i can get a yenko camaro or nova?
how do you cut the ABS light off on a 96 chevy blazer?
where is the idler on the chevy 2.8L?
Which wheels look best on the 996 gt2?
89 toyota truck doesnt start?
did david suzuki protest?
advice on a new car bmw vs 300?
Is this true?
Where can I find free 2000 Volvo S70 Manual online?
Is Ford a better mudding truck or Chevy?
I have a 2006 dodge charger hemi and my gear is stuck in park I can't put it in gear can anybody tell me?
I have 2001 BMW 325i, and I found out that it has a broken head gasket. What should I do?
are ther any ford privilege customers out there?
First Car - MG Midget?
What is everybody's favorite automaker?
I have a 99 400ex we have replace all electrical stuff new plug adjusted the valves reset the timing and still?
99 dodge caravan turns on but will not turn over. battery and wiring
Accord or Civic?
where can i get a replacement door lock for my 2000 beetle?
What would you do 2005 Audi?
2013 Kia Rio hatchback or 2013 Hyundai Accent sedan?
1981 Corvette. Is there a special way to line up the pulleys,fan,and fan clutch in terms of balance?
should I buy this 2003 Mitsubishi Galant?
Where is the heater inlet hose on a 2003 Chevrolet Impala?
My 1997 Honda accord lx 2.2 non vtech won't start ?
Dodge ram 04 hemi supercharged 535 hoserpower vs 04 ford 350 diesel whats faster?
Nissan Figaro Info?
though i know it's personel. i like to know your personel opinion which one is better between the two porsche
What with Civics?
how do i get a key code of a vehicle from the vin??
If you live here in kissimee, fl can someone please give me a cheap mechanic that fixes hondas?
1990 f150 ignition or steering colum problem?
will f-250 rims for a 2004 fit 1995 with 6 1/2" center?
Why are people so proud of saying they have a "Hummer"?
08 Honda Civic engine light on and no cruise control. Any ideas?
The engine of my car makes a loud thumping noise only after 40 mph.?
Could anyone provide a list of features and services that Ford Sync offers?
For those who know about classic VW cars...?
Jeep Grand Cherrokee master door open when door is shut?
When is that new Chevy Camaro supposed to come out?
Question about the 2010 Camaro SS?
My lincoln ls is overheating?
My Lexus is200 keeps cutting out after I 've driven 2-3miles then starts after 1-2hours?
is chevrolet the same as pontiac?
how do i put a clutch in a 1988 ford ranger with a 2.0 engine?
coefficient of V-belt classic A 21/A 563 CL?
How do I take a governor off a car? a 2006 Chevy.?
what engine (size, and engine name) is in a 1991 turbo diesel isuzu pickup?
How can I convert my ignition starter to push type switch?
How do I disable the beeps on my 2004 toyota tacoma?
Any information abt the next Toyota LandCruiser?
Which of these cars give us the highest mileage?-maruti800--maruti zen--wagonr?
Fan/blower control 04' chevy colorado?
When will the new Honda (2007) CRV be presented and become available?
automatics or manual which do you find is the best to drive?
why does my citroen zx 1.4i keep cutting out?
Is a v6 cold air intake compatible with a 4cylinder? Both are 2 wheel drive toyota tacomas. ?
will 33x10.50x15 tires fit on a stock 2000 chevy s10 zr2?
Colin Ford Information help?
2011 Lancer twitter size?
Honda Accord Interior?
where is the fuel vent hose for a 1998 toyota camry located?
I have a 94 Camaro and it it acting sluggish and missing but only after I have driven about 5 miles.?
Are these good rotors for my honda civic?
Why would the speedometer on my 95 mustang GT stop working?
Changes to Car engine parts OR Entire Engine change post service?
What is your opinion on VW automobiles?
328i convertible VS. 528i BMW?
1999 chevrolet 1500 pickup why a misfire in #5 cylinder?
Any GMC SUV tailgate problems?
neon sign #1 turns on for 4 sec. then turns off for 2 secs. Neon sign #2 turns on for sec. then off for 6 sec?
Iam trying to replace a bulb in a 2010 Chysler 300?
Are Scion xb's cute to you?
hi theres a rattle coming from my toyota yaris's driveshaft or steereing rack ever since i had a bang i? help?
Do the valves kiss the pistons when you lose the timing belt under power off an '83 Toyota 2SE engine?
Whats the downside of purchasing a white car?
jaguar xj6 1970 how do you stop cold start device leaking?
what should I do about my ford?
2004 dodge stratus 2.4L hard to start and cuts out when you give it too much gas.? What could be the problem?
2002 Nissan Sentra Fuel Issue?
how many cubic inches is a 5.7L V8 TBI OHV 16V?
how many litres of petrol can you put in a car say a peugeot 405?
Jetta idle a little high?
Nissan Xterra alarm keeps going off!?
How to fold down seats in a Honda Jazz?
2014 GMC Sierra details?
How do i obtain a replacement gm build sheet?
are the outer and inner bearings for a 79 ford 4x4 the same width?
is a 84 nissan datsun rare?
Anyone know a programmer I could use on 1999 4.2 l v6 ford f150?
1990 Subaru Legacy grinding noise?
I have a '79, F-205 Custom w/460 ci. How can I turn this thing into a street rod?
What do you drive?
Will 205 70 r15 tires fit under my 93 subaru impreza?
93 mustang conv top just clicks top will not go down nor up?
Generally, how reliable are Jeeps past 100,000 miles?
What is the biggest tire i can get on my 1996 toyota tacoma? ?
2001 Dodge Neon Audio System?
looking at buying a nissan 300zx 2+2?
what is 69?
off roading in east texas?
is my starter or solenoid going bad?
how is the timing set on a 2002 voyager? Help please!!?
Daewoo Nubira 1999 CDX?
I'm looking for a web site that will give me information or statistics on a old chevy truck.?
Where is the best place to buy new tires for an 07 PT Cruiser? Not looking for the best tires, just quality.?
I have a 1999 Ford explorer with one issue.?
acura tl or infiniti g35?
This is question for Land Rover enthusiasts in the UK?
In what year did Ford start using electronic ignitions?
1990 ford ranger brake problems?
which is the best oil filter or they all the same?
Is Cadillac considered the American alternative to BMW/Audi?
I would like to purchase a BMW, should I upgrade to the sports package?
how do you make a 2000 Honda Accord stop beeping?
who designed the vw beetle?
How fast is my Camaro Z28?
how available are 1994 Mazda mx6 parts?
BMW x5 satellite navigation TV
Car Lovers... BMW or LEXUS...?
How much do you think a trunk lid would cost for a 2002 Honda Civic LX 4 door sedan?
Changing engine in 1929 Ford Model A, advice please?
Honda civic idle problem?
I have a 2001 1.8t vw jetta and has code P0300 P0301 P0304 P1171 P1542 AND P0102 how do I get rid of the them?
Do 1999 toyota camry's have 2 radiators?
Audi EPC light turns on, problem?
Fiero customization/engine?
Why make a slow "sports car"?
My 2004 Buick regal is having trouble starting?
Honda Civic RDS. Radio displays frequency of station and not station name ??!!?
I have a 2005 dodge Dakota and 4lo light is blinking what can I do?
how much does the mitsubishi montero weight in tonnes and what it is called in the U.K.?
I'm about to buy a new car and have really set my sights on the Ford Fusion.Any ratings or reviews are useful.
How many Miles to the gallon does a 2002 Chevy Cavalier ls sport edition get? Is a 5spd and has 116,XXX miles?
Where can i get a full turbo kit for my 5s-fe engine?
Volkswagen Golf 5 is golf rabbit?
wut is your fav. car?
Would an 04 Terminator beat a 2012 Mustang Gt?
2007 Toyota Matrix Infant Car Seat Installation?
i have a streaking noise on the passenger side of my car i don't hear it all the time what can it be?
Buying a 350z as a first car?
i need an oil pan for a chevy s10 pick up model year being 1992?
Why is my 2001 bmw 330i's service engine soon light keeps turning on and off?
should i buy 1994 corolla with 160k miles for $3100 dollarsk?
should i buy a Chevy avalanche or a Chevy silverado?
What are all the size rims can you put on a 1978 buick skylark?
what do you think about the dodge charger?
hyundai i30 trophy (hatchback)?
How does a 2011 Ford Fiesta start in a "Canadian winter" ?
pontiac Aztek transmission problems?
what are the reviews on the mazda 6?
1967 mustang will not turn over?
my 1995 pontiac grand am leaks green coolant?
are turbo timers generally one size fits all or do I need one specificly 4 my car?
Whats the biggest engine that can fit in a 1985 gmc s15?
pictures of auto parts inside car with outline?
Do eclipses look better with stock , aftermarket, or no spoiler?
where I place the chassis serial of 1970 ford f100?
can you syphon gas from a 97 chevy venture?
Will Peugeot ECU for a 106 work in a 206 if ECU is the same model number?
Looking for a book on this car?
where i can buy a wheel for my hummer??????
cost on 2005 scion xb cam shaft rough eatimate or anthing I can add to the gas or oil?
what specific types of 1973 mustangs were produced?
How many miles until a Mustang becomes crappy?
2004 Dodge Ram3500 CTC 4x4 - lift and largest tires I can fit?
What is a "chunkier, hunk" of a vehicle? A vehicle that makes you grunt like Tim the Tool Man>?
chevy s-10 making wierd noise?
2002 Intrepid wont crank just clicks?
how many miles can a 00' nissan sentra run ?
what is the fastest lamborghini ever mph please?
1985 nissan 300zx transmission problem?
Would you buy a Toyota?
Overdrive for Monte Carlo?
What cold air intake system fits on a 2006 chevy cobalt Ls 2.2?
Pros and Cons of both FWD and AWD?
What would you buy a Hummer or 2 Volkswagens?
jaguar s tyoe 1999 manual auto?
What is the most popular selling truck in the world?
Dearborn, edsel ford high school...anyone out there?>?
are american cars better than asian imports?
How would you disable the daytime running lights on a 2010 toyota corolla LE.?
will a 90 si honda crx cv axle fit a dx honda crx?
1990-1993 Toyota Celica?
I'm a girl, own a Porsche 944 seem to get screwed on repairs, of course. Is there any way to avoid this?
What oil viscosity is correct for 1996 passport 4X4?
my ford escort xr3i.when i start it up it runs fine then cuts out when warmed up i dnt no wats up with it?
what is alloy wheel?
how much does a srt4 engine and tranny with about 25K miles?
How can I improve gas mileage in my 2002 Ford F-150 XLT?
Jeep Wrangler?
Whats your dream car and why?
What is a powertrain warranty?
Renault Megane 05 plate problems (help)?
when using my heater or air condition, there is a burning smell not strong at all what could be the promblem?
What do you think about Hyundai?
1994 licoln towncar..traveling from Phx to Mi?
2010 M6 , 2009 M5 or 2009 M3 which one is better car and why?
What is the fastest car in the world?
looking for car trans am from 1884 to 1996?
Why would Dodge make a car called Ram?
where do SAAB cars originate from?
Which car do girls think is hot? A Porsche or a Corvette?
How to turn off Fuel Pump ShutOff Switch on my 97 Thunderbird?
Honda or a Mustang?
Question on Hovercraft throttle control system?
What's the most reliable automotive engine out there?
the best snow blowers?
how do you know when to replaced a pcv valve on 2003 ford explorer?
Which new luxury car has a closed top front seat section but an open backseat convertible section?
Should I buy a 1997 Dodge Dakota?
how do wemen kmow how to work on cars?
Scion tC or Chevy Cobalt SS?!?! Which One?
2000 (or 98-04) Buick Century?
Cost of replacing converters on 2002 ford ranger?
2010 Honda Civic Exhaust?
Jeep GC 1998 1997 differences?
How many miles does a a bmw 1994 last?
Any New Mnini owners out there? Hey, how cool are we?
does anyone think the ford taurus is really powerful too?
Where is the crankshaft sensor on a 05 nissan maxima?
would my car look good lowered??(pic of car)?
Does my 2004 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Axle have a C-Clip?
What's the gas mileage of a 1981 Jeep J-10?
Im thinking on buying a Porsche. I don't know if a Cayman S, Boxster or a 911. I have 75,000$?
What will happen if I have a bad TPS sensor on a dodge stratus 2.4L engine.?
1987 Camaro Z28 t5 Knocking Noise?
Corsa wet footwell problem?
What does ford stand for...?
Does anyone have a clue if Gm will finally build the 4.9 Duramax engine for half ton trucks?
why does these chevy guys think that they can match up a 5.7 chevy motor with a 4.6 ford motor?
2003 Saturn Vue V6 Awd Cranks But No Fire Sometimes?
whats a Geo Metro?
How can I make my car (2006 ford mustang) a little faster?
mercedes 450gl?
Possible to find a cheap BMW?
Scion fr-s programmed engine speed?
Rate my video for a BMW Ad competition?
whereabouts can i buy this exact motorhome in the UK?
How much would it cost to put a water pump on my 92 lexus LS?
1999 dodge ram dashpad?
address of audi motor cars leicester?
trading in a ford fiesta... money money money?
What does everybody think of the Jeep Liberty?
chevrolet camaro zl1 2012 air filter prob?
Is Dodge Building a Hybrid Ram?
What is the meaning of the word : ( Mercedes ) ?
I have a 99 Audi A4. There is a humming noise, but the humming goes away when I turn right. Wheel bearing?
can i put the 5.7L into the 06 dakota that has a 3.7L?
anyybodyy havvee aa reallyy goodd slogann onn drugg freeweeek?
When was the original Mini first launched? When did the new MINI launch?
Need used front bumper cover for my '98 Diamante. Help.?
Recently I went to a shop for a full tune up on a 2004 nissan quest. Now my timing chain makes a loud noise?
Who out there likes Cadillac Escalade EXTs?
whats better, a Jeep Grand Cherokee or Hummer ?
Where can I buy an inexpensive transfer case for my 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited (5.2L V8)?
Chevy or Ford??
Chevy impala 2014 / ss?
Would you ride in a nissan nv200 from jfk?
Honda Civic 2002 buckle does not hook up!?
Do people usually point and laugh really hard when you show them your tatas?
Who knows the following is true about fords???
What did u did to ur camaro 3.4 ?
Scratched Porsche?
Best fuel efficient vehicle?
How much do a 1976 Caprice classic runs including the ones with 24 inch rims?
1977 ford f250 proportioning valve repair or cheap replacement?
I have a 97 escort zx2 Wat is the accessory that's just left of the steering wheel there's a 8 pt plug no swch?
2004 Lancer Ralliart heater fan speed knob?
Approximate cost (from your experience) to rebuild SOCH 3000GT V6 Engine?
toyota tacoma steering rack and pinion problems at 60,000 miles. Why?
Wiring diagram 89 Honda accord?
2006 Ford Ranger truck won't start?
Are Alpha Romeo cars reliable?
How much would a used Volkswagen Beetle cost?
is the scion xB available with a flex fuel engine?
Im going to buy a scion tc most likely a 2010 and i wanted to get?
Does a 1993 MX3 ECU fit a 1993 Protege?
when my car is at idle my headlight is low but while in motion it brightens?
I am planning to buy a new toyota camry hybrid.Is it a good investment from financial stand point?
anyone have passat value edition interior pictures?
I plan to purchase a used X-terra... any advice? Is this a good car? why?
what is a watercooled alternator?
Dodge Challenger or Chevy Camaro?
how do you dispose of a 1988 ford ranger?
Pulsar 180 or karzima dis which 1 gives high mileage???
What is the best engine for a 1971 plymouth duster?
purpose of flashing red light on dash 2006 Sonata?
I have an opportunity to get a Neon with 50K miles. Any opinions on the Neon?
Is this a good gaming rig?
I just bought a Toyota Yaris sedan. I like it a lot. What do you think of them?
which car is faster camaro or jaguar?
Intake system price For honda?
Jetta Rattling Noise?
Does a 1998 Ford Mustang GT have A Chip in the Key to start it?
98 Camaro Factory alarm going off for no apparent reason.?
do previous year Ford Mustangs come with Independent Rear Suspension?
How much would insurance cost for a 16 Y/O Girl with a 1997 Nissan Maxima GLE?
Would you rather drive a cheverlot or ford?!?
Camero or Firebird?
How do i make my 03 Honda accord coupe v6 V-tec3.0 liter engine go faster?
2013 CLS MPG Statistics problem?
Which is better edelbrock 1721 mechanical fuel pump or Holley12-802-1 electric fuel pump?
Hyundai Elantra Touring won't recognize my iPhone?
Car color is the charger?
Vauxhall Car Trouble Please Help !!!!!!?
220 or 200pulsar?
What is so good about the BMWs?
(old) challenger vs. (old) charger?
Can I get a translation for the word "Rennpolo"?
what is audis capital expenditure and revenue expenditure?
i need to figure out my gas milage on my used car.its in litres and km.per hr. can you explain how to do this.
2000 chevy astro radio lock?
i am looking for wholesalers or suppliers for the videogame consoles,cellphones in the US or CANADA.?
Iam trying to replace a bulb in a 2010 Chysler 300?
my 94 pontiac grand am will not start.there is somthing wrong with the fuel pump.I tested the leads, nothing.?
whats the diff between a suzuki sierra wide track n normal track?
Does anyone else froth at the mouth in joy every time they see one of those bright blue falcon xr8s?
2003 monte carlo question please help!?
what are you favorite cars under 60 thousand dollars?
What is / are the differences between an S.U.V and a C.U.V. (cars)?
How much will it cost me to replace my 2000 VW Passat Heater Core?
Swap a 2006 Pontiac G6 Stereo with a 2008 Pontiac G6 Stereo with an Aux Port?
the shocks that fit in a Bmw 318 and E36 would fit to a 1998 M3..?
Is a Jeep Cherokee good on gas?
which was the maximum speed of plymouth road runner 8cyl 335HP 1968?
Where can I go and pick up racing seats and steering wheel in Los Angeles?
gas gauge problems with seadoo?
I was about to buy a new hyundai accord but when I checked the website, they didnt have anymore accords.?
Un-restricting my Audi diesel engine?
On a 1998 honda prelude should i change the oil every 2 thousand or 3 thousand miles?
Mazda RX8 Owners-Opinions?
what is the middle piece called, in between the trunk and the bumper? 92 Oldsmobile Ciera and that area dented
How do you rate a volkswagen car or the dealership in general?
I am confused about which car to buy a 2007 Altima or 2007 Camry?
Is Hyundai still considered a Throwaway car?
Is A Pontiac Grand Prix gt a girls car??
AudiTT180 from European mainland RIGHT HAND DRIVE? Please help!?
Do you own a Jeep of any kind ?
What are the differences between a 1970 and 1971 Chevy Nova?
What could be causing this water leak on a Toyota matrix?
which do you prefer? Mustangs or Corvettes?
Vorsprung Durch Technik. What does it stand for?
Does anyone know the size of the review mirror on a 99 s-10 p/u?
what is the fastest car on the road today?
Shock and strut replacement replacement 2002 ford focus?
is there anyway to change a v8 engine into a v6 without changing the engine?
Why does my C230 slip on wet roads even if my tires are new?
What do you think about the new Hyundai Genesis?
volvo 850t wont start?
what does the letters"RT" stand for as in Dodge Charger, "RT"?
how do you hook up a tachometer to a 1995 Lincoln Town Car?
has anyone ever seen a pontiac solstice on the road?
hey my 16th birthday is coming up pretty soon and which car do yall think i should get a range rover or a benz
problem with transmission of a 2003 subaru legacy bh5?
Peugeot 306, brake lights stuck on and no rear lights !?
want to shop for whaeel while see what they look like on the type of car i have?
If you could own any automobile that you wanted, what would it be?
2012 VW Passat: 2.5 or TDI engine - which is more fun to drive?
Anyone gonna get the new camaro?
how can I be an F1 test driver?
Can a BMW M3 beat a WRX STI in the quater mile both stock?
Why does FIAT have a really bad reputation?
Acura TL or Acura TSX?
99 ford contour will not shift out of park with radio fuse in?
VW Golf GTI Mk2 body styles.?
anti theft system card in mitsubishi eclipse 97 gsx?
2001 Toyota Tundra V8/4WD ~200k miles on it. Exhaust manifold?
where can i get a picture of the honda s2000?
Only Honda owners will no this answer.. Maybe. Help?
Where and how much will it cost?
what BMW stands for?
Having Truck Problems With My Chevrolet Suburban 1994?
Turn lights not working?
I need help with My Toyota Camry running poorly?
Sometimes my car overheats, but now it overheats all the time?
What do you think of the Ford Fiesta?
2003 Nissan Altima 3.5 Sunroof?
my mg zs has front lights but no tail lights,any ideas?
i am planning to buy a which one is better merc clk 250 or bmw 6 series?
why do mustangs suck so much?
Ford 300 Inline 6... what do you think about this engine?
I really want a Mercedes. What are the pro's and con's? Is it worth all the heartache?
I have a 1998 F-150 pickup truck king cab and for some reason I cannot open the back side door?
when i start my focus in afternoon when been stood all morning theres a ticking sound?
whats the nicest car you`ve owned, tested or borrowed?
1999 Audi A6 Quattro Wagon Seating?
Is a 98 ford mustang positive or negativly groud?
What's the best car speaker to install in a 1996 4dr Honda Civic?
Problems with a 1979 Audi?
1996 Honda Accord 4 cylinder, 16V. Timing belt, spark plugs, fuel filter, battery all fine. Car wouldnt start.
If you could have your dream car what would it be?
What can i add to my 1984 corvette to make it faster?
how much is a new 2001 dodge stratus engine?
Will you join me in a moment of silence for Dodge man?
Honda Civic DX 1995 HOW DO i MAKE IT FASTER?
whats the best tire size for a 18x9" rim for a 2003 mach 1 mustang?
do you like mini coopers? coz i love them!!!!!?
What is the music in the 2012 Porsche 911 advert?
Easy question- What other parts do I need to get for a replacement of Shocks & struts?
Saturn SL2 2000 or Honda Accord 1994?
My tempertaure guauge goes up when at a red light and down when moving.?
95 Dodge Ram 1500 rear end locks up?
honda civic mileage?????????????/?
radio not working on ls 430?
2001 Chevy Blazer Air pump P0410?
2008 Ford Mustang GT as first car?
Are Hondas truely fast?
used autos at drive time in douglasville, ga.?
1999 Ford Taurus?
Whats great about the volkswagen passat?
On the '90 Dodge Omni 5-speed, where is the Transmission oil fill opening located ?
What do you think of a 2010 V6 mustang for a girl?
Would a college kid look cooler in a grey VW Golf or a black Eclipse?
will tail lights out of an 89 toyota pickup fit an 87 pickup 2wd standerd cab?
"Chick" Cars?
Should I get a new or used mercedes CLS55 AMG ?
What does the "PT" in "PT-Cruiser" stand for?
Problems with my Jetta, it wont move when in gear? Help please?
What company manufactures the hybrid portion of the Ford Escape Hybrid engine?
Jeep yj Dana 44 conv. Left spring u-bolt size problem?
Is 150000 miles alot on a diesel transit engine?
Honda civic mini me swap?
Problem with Fog Lamps need help?
What is the best car color?
Please Help Me, Brake Problems!?
04 53 reg astra front passenger window rattles and vibrates?
Having problemz wid my caddilac!?
1994 honda accord having idling problems?
How long should I warm up my Toyota Prius C, or do I need to?
I have a 2000 jetta just purchased the vehicle will not shift into 4th gear seems like it will when cold?
i drive a 99 isuzu rodeo and the gear will not come out of park what is wrong?
2011 Lancer twitter size?
Does A 1999 Ford F350 S.D. C.C. Long Bed 4x4 Rear Driveshaft Differ In Length Between The 5 And 6 Speed Trans?
What is the best solution to rising oil prices?
want to find wide toyota used car.?
99 accord heads been replaced starts fine but dies upon acceleration any advice would be appreciated?
How can you tell the diffence between a 5.0L 305 V8 compared to a 5.7L 350 V8?
what is wrong with my brakes?
In sports car which is a better option stick-shift or auto-gear ?
98 ford escort 2.0 sohc engine interference?
how can i soup up my 1997 accord engine wise?
EG Civic Stud Pattern?
coupe and saloon body kit same size on honda Civic 93 ESI (EH9)?
Do you hate mustangs?
Leather seat covers for Acura Vigor?
two different sizes of valave spring retainers on an early 70's ford 302 engines? thicker one for the exhaust?
Fuel Filter on Nissan X Trail?
UK question: can anyone tell me how much a 1999 T reg Escort would cost? what are the specs etc?
What kind of rims do you think will look good on a 8th Gen Civic?
what is the difference between a V-tec and a non V-tec?
Were to locate the themastat for a 99 huaydea sonota?
If BMW 5 2012 was towed on a flatbed with the gear in Park position..could it cause any damage to aut. transm?
Is there anyone here who doesn't like the Alfa Romeo Brera?
What is the diffrence between obd cod 306 and 356?
new seat leon?
Where is the best Toyota mechanic/body shop in west la area?
Why don't BMW's have indicators anymore?
My dodge ram wont stay started after i jump the battery why?
Subaru Impreza 1996 Rebuild or not to?
Can a man drive in a Dodge Neon?
Does my 2000 Ford Focus have ABS braking?
changing rear axle, 1998 dodge ram 1500, 4WD?
Cobalt gauges falling?
Mercedes c180 1994 weird sound from left air vent?
What other kind of cars steel rim can i use for my 07 chevy malibu?
Start/Stall problems 99 Durango?
What car would u choose?
Which is more reliable ??
If I replace the fuse in my 1997 BMW 528i, will my speedometer and odometer work?
Im 17 years old, how can I convince my parents to get me a mustang?
Where can I find a ignition diagram for a p reg Nissan micra?
free download for r32 skyline workshop manual?
not sure about this at 69 am i to old ?
2003 honda accord remote start?
Do Saabs ever break down?
2004 Dodge Stratus Fuel Pump?
where can i find an angel eye kit for an 08 mazdaspeed3?
BMW M models m3/m5/m6/1m?
Clunking noise in front end of 2002 Ford Focus?
how to change 1996 honda civic thermostat?
What is the best way to change the fuel pump on a 97 ford 7.3 diesel?
do you like the bmw or the mercedes better?why?
will golf mark v make r36?
Pros and Cons of buying a Jetta?
2002 grand am coolant leak?
Hyundai cars...what do you think?
how do you customise a vintage vw beetle?
Does insurance consider a 2003 Mazda RX-8 as 2 door or 4?
BMW 3-Series or Porsche?
I found a 2003 Honda Accord for a little over $7500 with 130,000 miles on it. Good deal? Best answer gets .?
Who drives Ford Explorer?
what rear end does my 66 mustang have and what gearing is stock?
What happened to my 2007 CRV (Yellow exclamation point) and should i be worried?
What years is Honda 'Grand Civic'?
why some of the power door won't lock?
convert an american nissan any model to a 1995 r33 nissan skyline?
Reason for a 99 intrepid to be running hot?
Would You Rather Have A Brand-New Ford F150, Or A Chevy Volt?
96' Mazda 626 LX 4-cyl: Radiator or head gasket?
No brake lights, tail lights, turn signal, and hazards work?
Where can I get a harmonic balancer for a 2000 Ford Mustang V6 3.8 L?
Does anyone have a Honda with over 300,000 kms on it?
'01 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo Problems?
Is a Toyota Corolla better than a Honda Accord?
1996 Chrysler convertible wont shift gears?
Ford Taurus 2000 Shaking for a few seconds?
Can a toyota fj cruiser tow a travel trailer?
Where can I buy cheaper honda civic si jdm h emblems ?
88 chevy truck heater problem?
wheres the fuse box for a g6?
2001 Ml 320 mercedes suv why yellow triange light came on bas/esp is come on or else car will not move?
What is going to be the price for the 2007 Pontiac Solstice GXP??
Am investing in a new car, BMW estate or Mercedes?
ml320 model 2001 how to change automatic transmission oil?
Anyone got a late model verada with more than 60000 k's? hows it going?
Am I right to feel bitter?
blue book price for a 1992 geo strom?
2002 alero wont start plz help?
Can a '98 Dodge Caravan get 600mi. to a tank highway?
2011 2.5S Nissan Altima?
what is a clone car?
I live in Ontario(Can).Trying to find product called Rub-A-Lube which will remove paint from rubber tire.?
what is the blue book value on a used 1979 nissan 280zx?
i have a 1991 GMC sierra and the heat isnt blowing and the blower only works on high!?
nissan sentra 1.6 or Honda city i-vtec or vtec ?
2000 Dodge Caravan Shakes on 60MPH+?
What does GMC's "C" exactly stands for?
does anyone know about anything bad with Ford Focus?
VW TDI Diesel...challenges in owning one and the pluses and minuses?
Ford Ranger back sliding window cost?
how can i fix a GOLF 98 diesel , automatic gear while i have all the time problems with the gear , please help
How is prius hybrid compared to camry 2007 hybrid?
What does the M in M3 Stand for(BMW)?
What does 9 in the first position of a VIN stand for? I know it is the country but what country is 9?
05 Hyundai Triburon?? Confused?
Would a 2005 acura rsx type-s be good for someone just getting their lincense?
How do you remove a GEMTOP GT Classic bed cover from a pick-up truck?
Anybody own a Daihatsu Copen?
Can the new Lexus parallel park on its own?
Are people generally satisfied with the new CX7?
What is the longest time/miles you held a car for?
produt key tune up utilities 2009?
Horn fuse for 00 Toyota Corolla?
Code 10 on a cbr 929?
2013 Genesis coupe cold air intake or short ram intake?
Why don't Americans want to buy cars from General Motors?
How do I operate the antenna on a 1994 Toyota camry?
What is the most powerful Honda engine?
Is Mitshubishi Eclipse 2007 a good car or not?
What size engine is the 5.3 Chevy V8?
I have a 93 honda civic and my idle goes up and down up and down. ive changed the idle control valve?
how do i take apart top part of my dash where the padding is on my 1966 cadillac deville?
which was the maximum speed of peugeot 505 turbo injection bosch 4cyl 142HP 1985?
why chrysler concorde 3.2 engine revs up?
2001 huyndai sonata shutting off.?
what kind of exhaust should i get if i just want a nice rumble. nothing too loud or annoying.?
Why do my tyres wear out so fast on my BMW M3?
Can I put confetti in the tailpipe of a Toyota Paseo?
If you have a volvo, is it a good or bad car?
Filters and amounts for oil change on a 2005 cavalier ?
2007 Shelby GT500?
is a mini a boyz or gilrs car?
Is a Porsche 911 a safe car for a first time driver?
would a impala ss 1996 bet a 2005 mustang in racing?
What kind of Cam should i use on my 96 Camaro SS?
is there any material difference between BMW 520i E39 model 2000 and 2003 especially in the power?
Does anyone know the changes that will come to the 2013 Honda civic?
Will anyone give me £8,000?
2003 Jetta 2.0 only runs correct when its dry out and there is no moisture of it runs rough and no starting it?
Were have problems our car wont start all it does is click in th ignition relay .?
Dodge Challenger or Chevy Camaro?
Is a Dodge Neon an ok first car?
Are VW Jettas good cars?
Why aren't the speakers on the right side of my 2009 Audi A6 work?
what are the good and bad points of a ford mondeo?
I put 20"s on my 2002 dodge ram 1500 V6, and ...........?
Where is the fuse for the accessory power for the trailer plug on a 2004 Chevy Silverado?
What can you tell me about BMW that I don't already know?
What is happening with Toyota? Why so many car recalls?
I have a 2004 mercury mountaineer and it want start and it's already paid for?
Military surplus jeep?
How reliable will a 2002 Hyundai coupe 2.7l be?
I found a 350z I would like to purchase but, it has heavy mods, I don't want to be over priced.?
any broadway employees?
74 super beetle wont start when hot?
1994 honds accord, help?
bmw m3 v8 2007?
the location of the back up light switch on a 1998 jeep cherokee?
Whats a good tuner for a crown vic?
a e46 m3 or 2007 335i?
Ford Ka 1.3i Reliability?
Ford Mustang for a 21 years girl?????
If you had the choice between the new mercedes C 63 AMG or the BMW M3, which would you choose and why?
what do you mean when the vehicle has V6 engine or V8?
What's wrong with my '92 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme?
Would You Rather Have A Brand-New Ford F150, Or A Chevy Volt?
what plates are on school busses?
will parts for a 1989 corolla sw fit a gt-s? Specifically the Cassette player?
mitsubishi 1998 diamante question?
Thinking of Buying a 2008 Saab 9-3 Aero S - A Good Idea or Not?
how do you install a 96 lincoln town car hood ornament wihout removing the grille?
Was this a good decision or not?
why is ford better than dodge?
Renault Laguna Jumping Out Of Gear?
What are 1967-68 Corvettes w/427 c.i. engines, AVERAGE condition selling for in your country?
i am looking for a web site with statistic information on the 1969 dodge charger and 1969 Chevrolet camaro?