is anyone having a whistling problem with their 2012 honda accord coup?
In a chrysler sebring 1997 convertable 6 cyc, are there any down sides? gas mileage? repair cost?...etc.?
where can i tap into 12v in the back of a 99 dakota?
How do you know when you have a 2003 Pontiac Sunfire GT?
What do you think of the looks of the current VW Passat?
Learning stick on a 66 mustang?
i have tata ace ht(chhota Hathi) i want job?
I got a 98jeep Cherokee put ATF a type trany fluid. Isthis pk?
where the hell can I locate a 1968 Ford Mustang Shelby model replica?!!? please help me!?
2009 Jeep Liberty Sport Lift Kit?
A question about Fiat and Italy - Help!?
my 2008 Lancer 2.0 GTS is leaking dark oil underneath what is wrong ?
I found the paper and the box buried in the sand, but does anyone have any idea how to solve them?
I have a sage green 2004 mazda tribute and yellow paint scratched on the door, how can i get it off.?
Looking at a car?
Slp loudmouth 1 vs true dual exhaust.?
Will there be a noticable speed improvement on a 2008 legacy gt compared to civic ex?
what are north dakota facts?
I have the base model Subaru Impreza 2003, how can i make it rumble like the WRX?
Got a renault megane coupe, want to change lights to audi r8 ones, how do i do this and where do i get them?
What do you think of the 2006 Ford Mustangs? Are they cool? Do they suck? Tell me what you think. Please?
What do think my 5.4 f150 will run at the quarter mile track? read bottom.?
HELP!!! i'am trying to find headers and a loud exhaust for my 2003 mitsubishi eclipse gs!?
how long will a dpf last on a brand new skoda octavia i.6tdi?
Does all 2001 VW Jetta manual transmissions have reverse before 1st speed?
How do you change engine mounts on a 2001 turbo beetle?
Does anyone like the new Jeep Compass?
Buying used AUDI bad idea or good idea?
Has anyone had or have a ford cougar 2.5 v6?
How does Quattro work and is it different from other new types of all-wheel drive?
How much are the premium brakes for a 2001 ford taurus?
If I buy an 800$ body kit for my 95 mustang how much will it cost to be professionally put on?
Do you think it is worthwhile to purchase an extended warranty on a used Honda Accord(70000 mi) for $1200?
Do you think that a 2005 dodge magnum is hot?
What's the best, rugged, hybrid SUV on the market today?
looking for pictures of vintage car that had gas headlamps?
would you buy your dream car even if..?
can you put a 2004 ford focus svt 2.0 engine in a 95 ford contour that has the 20 zetec in it?
what parts do they say make BMWs expensive?
what does it mean by sports package in ford focus?
Is a 2003 nissan sentra se r a good car?
how can i make my honda civic faster?
Had shocks changed on my Peugeot 306, now it clunks when going left.Do i need a new drive shaft?or just CV j`s
What Do You Think Of The 5.0 Mustang??
Any opinion on the Mercedes CL500 2000 0r 2001? Mechanically reliable? Your likes and dislikes? Key to watch?
ne Pics of a 92 honda prelude w/ sunroof and hidden lights?
I have a b20a5 and wanna know if a b16 head will fit on top?
How do I get my 94 STS cadi's trunk to close all the way down?
will a 1997 ford explorer gas tank fit on a 1993 ford explorer?
I need a new car but I am under Chapter 13 bankrupcy and I'm afraid of being turned down. Can I do it?
Ford Ranger Fuel Pump?
What car under 25K would you buy and keep for 10 years?
What is an AUDI?
my 1990 honda acccord lx, has an issue with the ignition?
96 toyota tacoma 4x4 v6?
Honda Accord '96?
How can i beef up my tranny in my 2006 nissan maxima sl?
do 02 wrx wagon carry same size shocks front and rear?
my renault clio is having serious engine problems,?
96 Jeep Cherokee fuel leak?
what can cause a howling noise in an 01 ford mustang?
Trade my car?
where can i get a an estimted value of how much it is worth?
How much could i sell a used black front bumper from a 2001 chevy s10 for? ?
Sometimes my a/c does not work on my 02 aztek? any other aztek owners have this problem?
what is your best car?
Does Honda have a program where you can return your leased vehicle early?
1996 toyota hilux rn85r single cab chassis...does this have a low petrol warning light?
How long does a Ford Ranger typically last with proper maintenance, and what mileage does it finally give in?
where can i find a website with downloadable repair manuals?
I need new set of airbags for Toyota Camry SV 40,1997?
why does the ABS warning light keep flashing on my Audi A4?
wuold you trade me please?
Have you ever driven or been driven in a rolls royce?
i took my car in and they say its my computer chip i changed it and my car still won't start what could be wro
how can I clean the inside of my coolant recovery tank?
Mercedes or Rolls Royce....?
What are the most expensive cars?
i have a mazda miata and want to know how to take care of the soft top?
Can I put a 4in lift on a 2004 Ford King Ranch F250 2WD?
Has anyone here driven a mazda RX8?
2008 Acura purchase - what is "Dealer Cash" or "cash to dealer" ?
what does the LHS inchrysler lhs stand for?
Is a Short Ram Intake better than a Cold Air Intake for a daily driver who doesn't exceed 4k RPM?
Starter motor staying engaged?
what is the billboard about with the woman and girl with a real mustang and a toy mustang?
Hyundai Coupe 2.0se speedometer fault?
ford f100 i-beam question!?
which jeep is better?
need help asap with my mustang!?
What would you like to how to turn off 4 wheel drive for honda crv 2012?
Where do I get a Wiring schematic that I can copy or download. for a 1998 Dodge Ram quad cab? My int. lights,?
Where can i sell parts from a 1977 ford thunderbird?
1997 acura cl wih replaced engine with 120k miles?
How can you stop people from "net sending" you messages in Win NT?
Driver's window not working on a 2004 ford Taurus. Power to the switch but no down power to the motor?
Barabas TKR faster than buggati veron?
I have a 2001 nissan maxima and i shut my keys in the trunk i dont have the money for pop a lock and i cant fi?
HOW TO INSTALL A 2004 DODGE CD PLAYER IN A 2001 DODGE CARAVAN ? please help please?
I need to sell 2002 lincoln navigator?
2000 Grand Am GT 3400 sfi issue D:?
Nissan Altima Vs. Honda Civic?
2000 or 2003 impreza wagon?
Torque Converter for a 2000 Dodge Caravan!!?
Is a Honda CBR1000rr dependable?
Does any place sell an electric radiator fan instead of hydraulic for 94 Lexus ES 300?
I need to change my 86 chevy impala 5lugs for a 6lug rim.?
how to install the motor on the electronic window on a 2006 hyndai sonata?
2005-2007 Mustangs?
when the clutch is released in neutral rattling occurs, anyone got advice?
What is your opinion on the 4.3 liter Vortec?
2013 ford mustang v6 coupe?
Buying a 2006 Honda Civic diesel. It has 3 owners already, is this considered too many?
What kind of vehicle do you drive?
can i own a non gtr skyline r34 in california?
Im going too buy a Dodge Dakota?
how do I get better gas mileage out of a 2500hd 2003 Chevy truck?
Renault problems?
What is a Chevy gen 3 silverado?
which is the maximum speed of ford bronco V8 205 HP manual year 1971?
I need the fault codes for a 1996 chry sebring 2.5 -v6?
How many kms can Alto k10 go without rest..?
A question about purchasing (or buying) Cowboy Rodeo Logo Wrangler shirts?
1965 mustang 90% original good shape and runs how much is it worth?
i am looking for a website on echo, scion xa,xb engine swaps?
Wheel and tire fitment quesions?
where can I buy a new honda civic hybred at sticker ?
what's the value of a Yugo?
Who makes the best cars, German or Japanese?
What color do you like for a Ford Bronco II?
1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo-On the Rear Hatchback Door the Rear Window does not release or open...?
Ford Escort diesel after being off road for long time (2 months) has starting problem with single 12V battery?
replacement serpentine belt?
Acura's mission statement?
Metal brake line leaking? How to fix it?
What is a good steering wheel cover for a 99 Honda Accord?
about engine over hauling(Hyundai accent Dls)?
which one will be good in all aspects , " polo diesel or pulse diesel " ?
My 1999 ford expedition window wont go down?
1967 mustang squealing sound?
What is the fascination with Hummer vehicles????
what is the best colour for a bmw mini?
have a 2004 dodge ram 1500 single cab looking for some upgrades that are somewhat cheap send soem sites?
input/ feedback on 2006 accord V6 coupe???
Ford Escape 2001 EGR Sensor is GONE?
Subaru Impreza WRX STI or Mitsubishi Evolution X ?
is toyota 5.7 the same has gm 5.7 engine?
How big can the tires on a 2005 GT mustang be without rubbing in the wheel well?
would a 1990 Nissan 300zx beat a 2001 bmw 530i?
What BMW make do you have?
If you are in kuwait please answer my question ?
How much does it cost to replace ford escort lx transmission shif soleniod?
What fuse controls the rear taillight of a 2000 Chevrolet s10?
Is a '91 Camaro reliable?
which one looks better mercedes or bmw?
If you smoke and hold your breath at the same time does it makes your belly button
Should I buy Maruti Swift-Diesel or Tata IndigoLX Diesel ??? I am concerned about mileage and space?
What would you rather have? A 1969 Dodge Charger R/T SE or a 2008 Dodge Challenger?
Vaulkswagen golf: squeeky back by wheel(s)...?
chevy 350 oil motor caps?
Anyone ever have a pinto panel wagon?
What's the name of this car in the picture?
looking for a a targa top for my mustang?
What are the specs on a 2001 Ford Mustang with a 3.6 liter V6?
what will happen to my car once the miles reach 999999?
where is engine oil filter located on audi 1.8 avant estate?
How much would it be if I got a custom color for a new 2010 Ford Escape?
Hid bulbs in honda civic?
2007 Honda Accord sedan upgrades?
2006 Toyota Avalon w/ GPS Navigation Syatem?
Advice on BMW tuning?
What is the difference between the Subaru engine EJ205 and the EJ20?
Power windows/doorlocks stopped working?
Where can i get toyota corolla timing oil control valve assy!?
What make/model/colour car do you drive?
who was the manufacturer of the winning car in the first Grand Prix, held in Le Mans, France?
my lil bro is getting annoying and asked me to ask people how much his silver dollar was worth, its from 1978?
showme the engine on a saab 95?
What's your favorite color for a car?
do they make ford expeditions matchboxes or chevy tahoes?
Do i need social security number to get a new car ?
how many o2 sensors are on a 1997 chevy s-10 blazer 4x4?
Hyundai santa fe 2004- 2.4 L engine Automatic?
Ford F150 or Chevy Silverado?
Has Mazda Stopped Making the RX-8?
what's the most reliable cars in europe?
1996 mazda protege fuel problems.?
Resynchronize Keyless Entry?
What colour Audi TT?
Renault laguna 1.4 2003 oil service light...?
can I get background info on a 1979 car that has a 13 digit vin number?
Would you rather buy a 98 Acura TL, 200hp,3.2L v6, or a 02 Chrysler 300m Special with 255 HP with a 3.5 L v6?
Honda accord won't start please help?
car seat covers for ford contours?
I just purchased a used mistubishi eclipse and need radio code?
Toyota Hiace 2008 key issue?
does anyone out there have an eclipse for sale or parts for a 2g style, Anything at all???Engine or body parts
BMW 530i Touring Multi Changer?
Is the Dodge Dart 2013 a car worth buying? If not, why?
why does the overdrive go out in an aod transmission?ihave two 88 town cars with no overdrive?
what year would you say this car is?
2012-13 dodge charger r/t or a 2000 trans am ws6?
Master Warning light on 07 Accord EXL?
toyota corolla exhaust clicking noise?
How is a 1973 Charger on the freeway for hundreds of miles?
Does anyone else have trouble with their Chevy Cobalt?
Where can I find free wiring diagrams on the internet?
which is best ford or Chevy?
is my corolla seatbelt working?
Numark TT 1610 is only making a faint noise?
Things to do to an 02 Hyundai Elantra GLS?
Looking for error codes po138 and po141 for my 2002 lancer.?
Can i use tj maxx card at marshalls?
2004How much is a motor mount repair for a Chevy classic malibu?
1/4 mile time for 05 GTO (A4 transmission)?
has anyone ever seen or driven a Ferrari 330 gt 2+2 from 1964, how is it an an investment, how is it to drive?
which is better?fuel injection or carbourated 88' jeep wrangler?
2004 Dodge CTD - Stock Oil Pressure gauge - fluctuating?
Someone backed into my BMW 325ci and pushed in the door. Does anyone know how much it will cost to get fixed?
How often should I get oil changed on my 1998 corolla? I don't drive more than 2500 miles/ year?
Will a car charger plug with an out-of-place spring still work?
am looking for people that know interchange parts for a honda civic 98/99/200?
What does UDC on a Hudson's flywheel stand for?
How does a 1.8l Toyota Corrolla get 41mpg while a 1.5l Honda Fit only gets 39mpg??
I'm going to drive my SUV in 4 wheel drive for the first time today. What should I know/be careful of?
Why isn't street racing made legal?
should i buy a 1997 VOLKS WAGEN GOLF RS FOR 1450?
does the gallardo have e-gear like the murcielago????
A crate is pulled across a horizontal floor by a rope tied to the crate. the rope makes an angle of 37 degrees?
Why are Subaru's always plastered in "co-exist" and other hippy liberal stickers?
can some one tell me the difference of these sentra models?
I have a 1998 Toyota Corolla, how can I make it go much faster for less than 200 bucks?
How many engines does a Ferrari have?
How do I remove the ashtray in my 2008 Lexus IS250?
how good is the ford escape hybrid?
does it matter which grade of gasoline i use in my 2003 audi a4?
Camshaft position sensor 2000 Mitsubishi eclipse GS?
I don't know but does any body notice that ford KA is a crap of a car?
I am potently interested in buying a scion B from before the time the horses went up and the mileage went down?
is it worth it?
where can i buy battery for my 1998 MB C230?
My 2500 silverado is making a strange noise?
Whats your fav......?
Were is the fuel cutoff relay on 91 dodge van b250?
PCV valve location? 1988 Chevy S10.?
Problems with my 1987 BMW 325is?
Any Honda del Sol owners around here?
Should I buy a new honda Civic?
What is the story of the Toyota RAV4 Hybrid model?
ABS question in Honda Civic?
can a automatic g35 sedan have a turbo?
I have a 2000 ford focus zx3. What signs would it show if my cat is bad ?
What's the Fastest you've ever Driven a Car?
I need more horsepower!!!!?
What kind of cars do people drive?
how do I install Sirius radio into my 2004 Nissan Murrano LS?
My pontiac Grand am smells like gas in the car and when I turn on the heat or air.?
I have a honda civic with a D15B7 all stock, and burning oil, should i replace the head entirely?
How do you pronounce Audi?
How often should I flush my brake fluid on my 1989 Mitsubishi mighty max?
Infiniti g35 radio, navsystem, and ac all malfunctioning?
function of the throttle valve of an engine,?
which is better..?
is the lamborghini gallardo more faster than the murcielago?
will rims (size)16X7 (bolt pattern)4x100 (offset)+40 fit my 97 honda civic ex?
1995 Infiniti J30 car doors won't open?
I want to get the new 2006 Mazda MX5 but what color should I get? Black or Red? Any suggestions?
cambelt change fabia vrs?
What Does the F stand for in F40 ferrari?
What do you think of the Ford Fiesta?
honda transmission problem?
What is a Chevy gen 3 silverado?
What is the difference between a Chevrolet 1500 HD and a 2500 HD? Seems that both are 3/4 ton pick-ups.?
what is the fastest car ever?
Re auto Can i put lower springs on my car, without changing the struts/shocks.?
What is the new puegot? or renault? diesel that is very fast? ~275 hp?
Why did my 1992 S10 Blazer keep Running after I disconnected the battery?
Which would you choose?
Peugeot 306 electrical problems, can anyone help?
how do replace a cabin air filter on a 2009 chevy malibu LT?
Does the Honda Accord 2008 have 4 wheel drive?
Installing a new timing belt on 2000 Subaru Legacy?
2009 Vauxhall Insignia Heating Problem?
I need a solution to air leaking out of my tires around the rims of my 2004 Dodge Neon. What can be done?
what can beat a subaru impreza wrx?
Used 1994 ford ranger?
I have a 2002 peugeot 206 and the key doesn't work to unlock the doors there's no led that flashes?
how can i get some extra horsepower out from my 1990 mitsubishi eclipse 1.8 non turbo?
bookvalueon1994chevrolet2500pickup extendedcablongbed?
2000 honda accord sitting for 3 years?
do old air cooled car engines overheat in modern day traffic(gridlocks, roadwork delays etc)?
How on earth do car companys get there stats?
Can you burn tire in a non-turbo Subaru Impreza?
KIA forte mpg??????????????
2005 pontiac g6 gt "engine power reduced"!!!?
I have a BMW 5 series 06 and the light in dash board indicated the boot ar open, what can i do to fix it?
I have a vw bettle 2003 need some help with it.. I have a major misfire.?
Seat belt is retracted and will not release on a 1999 Dodge Ram?
how do i find a diagram of a fuse box on a 96 jetta?
How do i change my fuel filter on my Hyundai Accent?
Would a Volkswagen cc be a good first car for 16 year old?
Does anyone know who is the maker for the 3.5l v6 malibu maxx ltz engine is it a gm motor or honda?
I have a 91 Chevy s10 and I wanna change my front end to the 99 can it work?
Is it easy to replace the oxygen sensor on a 2003 Toyota Tacoma 3.4 liter v-6?
How do I make my 2003 Ford Ranger Edge faster?
EGR has improper voltage on a 1993 Crown Victoria.?
What are some good jokes about fords?
getting copy of 1992 w-2?
Does anyone drive a Volvo 240 series? I need to know about petrol consumption....?
How many miles can you get out of a full tank of gas for a 2006 Ford Focus?
Corvette Zr1 projector?
is it easy repair a Renault clio dimo 2006 DCI 86?
If a car is Turbo Charged, can the charger be bypassed to allow the engine to operate without it?
908-944-1044 location?
have a 2008 ford fusion and saw that the passenger side floor?
What are the vertical or horizontal asymptote of f(x)=3^(-x+1)?
what is the cost to get just the bumper and front side of car?
whats your favorite kind of car?
dodge dakota engine problem?
Is a 2006 Chevrolet Impala an appropriate car to "blast" polka music on the radio?
which truck should i get?
Who likes the ford five hundred ?
Oil Pan for 2000 Chrysler LHS?
Has anyone ever had a 94 Saturn SL1? How long did it it last (currently lasting)?
Hyundai Sonata 2001 Windshield Washer?
scion TC or mazda 3!?
what is better to buy BMW or mercdes?
if i have shock i still need to buy springs?
equivalent of 12,000 btu to horsepower?
My dad is a Mechanic and is looking to take my Ford Mustang 88 and put a turbo kit on it.?
What car do you own?
P1249 waste gate control valve 2000 honda civic... related to cylinder 3 misfire?
honda accord coupe 2012 i wanna know some tips and tricks for this car pls?
Where can I find a 2005 Chrysler 300 under $6,500?
Hyundai Verna diesel aautomatic or manul plz suggest with reason...plzzzzzzz?
Are there any car brands that start with K?
Can i connect i-mate K-JAM to BMW?
1999 Ranger, throttle sticking. how do i fix? ?
Jeep forums - Need advice changing the heater core in a '00 Jeep GC, manuals, diagrams, dash is removed Thanks
My volkswagen Corrado having electrical problems?
Is my 1995 Taurus SE E85 Compatible?
Honda Accord 1996 DX Power locks?
BMW M3/M4 convertible...will it be a hardtop convertible like the Mercedes SLK?
How can I convince my dad to buy me a Honda Si?
The letters on my toyota truck e.c.t mean ?
What has changed in the BMW 535xi from 2009 - 2012?
Would this car keep up?
2005 nissan altima 3.5 not starting?
1996 Ford Mustang Cobra...into a Super Snake?
Toyota Prius 2001 driver side door lock does not work.?
Best price for this 2005 mustang v6?
Why are Americans fascinated by Lexus?
Audi A4 or BMW 325Ci or 325xi?
Do you own a Ferrari F355? If yes, what can you tell me about it?
What type of rims are these? ?
Does Ford make good cars?
I'm considering buying an Afla Romeo GTV 3.0 V6...02/03 reg with about 50k on the clock...?
I'm looking to buy a new car that is around 15,000. Is the Toyota Corolla or the Saturn Ion a better choice?
Which car is more fun to drive stock, Honda Civic or Ford Mustang?
Where do I get a "coils to cylinders" wiring diagram for a 1999 Pontiac Bonneville 3800 series II eng.?
why the 760LI cost less than the 750LI on ebay?
Hyundai Tucson?
2004 Ford Escape Navigation System?
Rhino lining jeep wrangler Jk?
renault clio vs fiat stilo?
Which is the more likely culprit for sudden bad gas mileage?
why is my sierra cosworth spluttering at 135MPH?
What size rim and tire does a 2001 Dodge durango have?
My car is a 99 ford escort. Oil from the blow by has leaked on the starter and wires recently. Also when we go?
98 honda accord.Horn works some time when i press it.can i remove the steering face?Will it effect the airbag?
2007 Acura TL or 2007 Lexus IS250 AWD?
96 Isuzu Rodeo speedometer calibration?
Engine taking long to warm up?
What kind of car would you like to be & why?
I have an 1994 tercel. it seems like my vacuum booster may not be working properly. ?
Would you consider this a girls car?
2012 Scion XB - would you buy one?
Why are guys absessed with cars?
99 Sabb 9-5, whrn I slam the brakes, the car turns off! ?
How to replace egr valve on 1999 nissan maxima?
Do chicks dig the mitsubishi eclipse 2007 model? Does it attract them?
what is the best type of oil to put in a nissan 3.5 altima? it is burning about 3 quarts a month...44k miles?
Where is a good place to find Ford 292 cid parts?
Why does my 1989 Jeep Cherokee's front wheels wobble after I hit a bump at 55+ MPH?
why is the suggestive retail price higher at the car dealership?
What programmer is best for my truck?
would u consider a 2001 toyota celica to be a cool car?
Will Dodge make a small car again?
How fast can i make 06 cobalt ss non sc non tb?
When will I possess a Mercedes Benz?
Can I buy a new A3 Navigation SD card from Ebay and put it in my 2011 Ford Explorer to get a GPS?
What are causes for an auto running hot? I have a 92 Buick.?
Ford Excursion: Need fuel saving tips.?
looking for porformance parts on a1983 S-10chevy thaho pleas?
what 7 passenger vehicle has the best mpg?
what is the best car maker?
what is your dream car?
1997 mitsubishi 3000gt vr-4 vs 1987 porsche 928 s4?
How many KM's will my 1992 VW Jetta get on a tank of gas?
Is a Toyota Sequoia a good vehicle?
Which fuel pump do I use for a 1990 Honda Civic Sedan 1.6L?
okay would it be possible to "revive" plymouth because i love their brand?
What is a long block engine for an import car?
Help! I just got a 2007 impala an think I have a wiring problem in the headlights!?
Oil for a 00 lincoln continental?
free repair manual download 95 ford exployer?
will a 1978 amx 304 motor and tranny bolt into 1968 amx easily?
I have a 2010 Audi A4 and need to replace the front brake pads and rotors. Help?
what is velocity,pressure,quantity of disel & petrol when it exit from petrol pump in india?
Does Chevrolet still make the Astro van?
what is 2 stoke and 4 stroke engine?
Where can i get a new vw sign for a 1974 vw bus?
why does the mazda 3 2012 have a disc button if you can only put in 1 disc?
is ford reliable?
My 2000 ford focus lx has a serious reverberating vibration as soon as its started.?
better to die in?
do the mercedes benz sl500 convertible have 4 seats?
i have a 89 chevy p/u need to know how to change dash bulbs that light up gages?
Ford Escape Luggage rack?
I need advice on what's wrong with my 98 Subaru forester I got it on march its been sitting since then?
Are Hyundais good cars?
Mitsubishi Galant 2002 exterior color recall?
how can i find out every thing about 1988 mercedes 500 sel with 280 engine installed on it ? ?
What exhaust should i get for my 06 audi a4 2.0T?
Does anyone think this is as funny as I do?
Would a brain box make a Pontiac Bonneville stall?
Is there any way to find a list of all automobiles that have been made?
Change engine type from NA to turbo?
i have a mazda protoge 2002 my front wheel shakes at 50-60 miper h the honda dealer Supposealy fixed my swayba?
How to adjust the carburator on a 1987 chevy caprice?
1999 Infiniti i30 & Nissan sentra trims?
Custom F-350 4x4 or a Mustang Gt?
I have a 1995 F-150. I would like to change 80 MPH speedometer to 120 MPH. How would i go about doing that?
What are the names of these rims?
why didn't a new model of a ford SVT lightning come out ?
PT Cruiser Shifter Problems. Help?
How long does Lexus RX 400h last?
Where is the flasher for turn signals located for a 1990 ford t-bird?
fall time change 2007?
Cold air intake for my 350z a good investment?
i have a 2006 dodge caliber and the CEL came on....?
Which Lexus is the one that parallel parks by itself?
Why Do People Hate Ford?
pontiac sunfire convertible top, any ideas why?
Hyundai vs Subaru, which one would you recommend?
what kind of gas should I use for 2006 Infiniti G35?
2002 Toyota Sienna - I cannot remove the new driver's side axle I installed. It requires a 2001 axle. ?
what do you think of a honda [[yay or nay ??]]?
what would be the best affordable engine for a 2000 chevy pick-up?
What are the signs of worn or broken shocks on a 96 honda accord it rattles and vibrates and wobbles a lil bit?
Can a man drive in a Dodge Neon?
The front left tire of my 97 GMC sierra leans out at the top and in at the bottom?
What is the original selling price of a 1926 Chrysler Imperial five-passenger Phaeton?
looking for video how to remove ac compressor 1993 pontiac bonneville?
Where is the fuel filter located in a 2005 Jeep Cherokee?
lowering the seats in a 2004 cavalier
why are there six ducks on the Cadillac emblem?
it is normal my subaru 1.5L water temperature at 95C to 100C in Singapore weather?
Mustang or Camaro?
recently bought a used BMW 525, 45K miles, but i am not very impressed with the 0 - 60 pick up? is it my car?
What do you think of the 2008 Honda Accord?
What do you think about the 2006 Ford Explorer and Mercury Mountaineer models?
What website can I find a 2006 Chevrolet Thunder 1500?
Is the saab 93 convertible well for fluid under the bottom or top of the back seat?
Can I get a drivers license in CA if im only 17? Is there any private classes?
does any 1 have an 2005 sonata what battery should i get for it?
what is the most popolar car in the world?
I cant find my car's body style?
The front turn signals on my ford mustang wont work what do i do?
Can someone please tell me what kind of car this is?
If I have VIN of my Toyota Land Cruiser (1992), how can I know the engine number which was originally fitted?
What about this!!!???
i have a honda accord with a h22 vtec and it has an idle problem and cuts of when i slow down.?
We just purchased a Chevy Uplander Mini Van. Just seeing if anyone else has owned one and how they liked it.?
how is the best way to check if motor on 1996 grand marquis is locked up i put new starter on 2 months ago?
Can I Use parts from a 2005 Nissan 350Z for a 2008?
What do you think about new Fiat 500??
Additional PAS reservoir in Suzuki Vitara 1997 JX sport?
where can i buy a bmw wind deflector?
Is it easy to program my alarm remote for my 2004 Acura tl?
what fog lights can i put on a 2003 accord sedan?
What is your opinion on VW automobiles?
Which one would u like to be seen in a Mercedes-Benz S-class, the Driver or the Passenger?
WHERE is the windshield wiper motor located on 2003 ford focus SE?
o/s/f knocking noise?
whats ur dream car?
Hyundai i10 Ice Silver color feedback?
Where can download the BMW films?
98 Eclipse RS n/t intake manifolds?
class action lawsuit against general motors for use of low quality parts?
2003 Audi A4 1.8T Coolant Leak?
How can I get an auto report from the USA of my old car which imported from the USA?
2002 infiniti i35 dash lights shut off when headlights turn on?
Lamborghini or Ferrari?
Two weeks ago I purchased a 2006 Toyota Matrix from a Toyota dealership. It has 4000 miles on it and had been
Ferrari or Lamborghini?
Is $190 per month a good deal to lease a Honda Civic? ?
which is more reliable: 2004 Toyota highlander or 2002 Acura MDX ?
Where can I find a wing for my Dodge Neon for less than $300?
I need a replacement drivers side door for a nissan maxima 98 GXE...where is a good place to look?
looking for 65-66 mustang hatch back?
What's the fastest car in the world.?
in newer models does the chevy impala ls and ss have the same supercharge engine?
Nissan Maxima 2001 P0720 error code?
People with goood taste please answer! Which color looks better on a 2008 VW Jetta??
Does anyone know how to remove a Chevy Tahoe's front bumper?
Does Jeep Patriot Sport only come with a manual tranny?
My 96' Mercury Mystique has a loud "hum" coming from apparently under the hood/engine area.?
which is a better car? Maruti 800 0r Alto.?
BMW starting problem?
please show me a photo of the transmission for a 1995 pontiac grang prix 3.4liter.{turbo}?
how do I find original pictures on ebay for a car I bought in april do I do archive?
I want a new porsche, which one shall i buy?
Injen Or AEM for a mazda 3?
which was the maximum speed of chevrolet camaro SS 8cyl 300HP 1970?
camaro vs mustang witch one is better?
If you had to pick one car, which would it be?
Corolla disc brakes!?
2003 Volkswagon Jetta Temperature Light?
1999 Cougar dashboard lights?
Which Car Brand and Model is Better Honda, Toyota or Nissan?
how to repair a vehicle thats running lean?
What is that car that is almost a million dollers? it starts with a m?
Who here wants the CJ-5's to come back?
locked out of renault megane with keys inside and engine do I open?
**Looking for Mitsubishi 3000gt owner**?
Ford f-250 tick help!?
do i keep filling this bottle in the volvo hunt game in bermuda?
Can you put regular gas grade on your BMW??
I want to make my 97 Honda civic faster, but I live in NC and have this emission crap. Any Suggestions??
Why won't my 1997 Corolla start?
what does ext. stand for?
how do you drift in a Honda civic?
how do ou detach a transmission from a engine for a mustang gt?
What is the bhp for 1993 galant single or double overhead cam 1.6 liter?
What is the car models in these 2 videos?
What is the best truck to get?
Peugeot 206 making a Pinging sound whilst driving any speed and is felt in drivers foot well (RHD)?
How to get a secret key code for a 04 beetle?
I would just like to know.....?
How do I give my wife an organism?
i have a 86 Mazda rx7 with no title how can i obtain 1 in Indiana car was abandoned here?
I'm looking to buy an exhaust system for my 1998 V6 Mustang what are my possible options?i only have $100?
Did they put a vtec engine in the honda crx?
Please help with a continuously flashing security indicator light on dash for a Mazda CX-7 10 POINTS!?
240sx idle question only 240sx owners ka24e?
How much does it cost to install a remote car stater in a 2004 hyundai elantra or does it come with one?
Why isn't Honda as popular in Europe as it is in the United States?
are Toyota Carolla's good cars?
Why would someone purchase a regular toyota camry over a hybrid (2007)?
How much would insurance be for a Vauxhall corsa new shape 1.2 sxi be?
where I can fine a mirror for a toyota paseo 1997 passenger side?
how much does it cost to replace catalytic converters on a E430 Mercedes Benz 2001?
87 mustang wont start at all its not the battery so is the engine blown ??
Does a 16 foot Penske truck have a middle seat?
Is Jeep Owned by Chrysler?
Where can i find or get a Toyota Corolla AE86?
What type of rims are these? ?
Did I get a good deal on my camaro?
how to install spark plug boots on spark plugs on ford vtec engine?
Is the woodgrain real wood in a BMW 745Li?
help help help help ???????
my firebird keeps over heating?
Is Hyundai Sonata 2.4 better or Honda Accord 2.0 in terms of APPEARANCE,DURABILITY,PERFORMANCE & HANDLING?
I need help with making my 2005 black Camry stand out a little more?
How do you pronounce Audi?
where is the 2006 hyundai sonata electronic stability control system located /?
What do you think about the Nissan 350Z?
Am I narrow minded if I laugh at anyone who doesn't drive a Honda?
Can I swap my 97 escort lx engine with an escort zx2 engine?
peugeot v- clic doesn't start with electric start?
How big can i go with tires im installing on my 1996 Ford F-150 With a 3 inch body lift?
Turning off the horn when locking 08 Rabbit?
What type of wheel do I need for a 92 ' honda civic lx?
what is the sticker price of the first corvette?
Whats wrong with my 1988 chevy camaro?
Are maintenance on 2003-2005 Audi A4 expensive. If so can anyone give me an estimate of tune ups,oilchange etc?
LUXURY or PREMIUM car with sunshades as an option (OEM),,which models come with it?
is my exhaust too big?
how do i change the oil filter on a 2006 HHR?
Are 1999 BMW 3 series coupes a hassle to own reliability-wise?
2000 Ford explorer auto trans . Starts fine but when put in gear?
Which brand can honda be compared to?
2001lincoln ls only blows cold air?
where can I find good pics of 1987-1989 black pontiac trans am gta?
what is the cost to own 2001 ford mustang?
Bad transfer case or low or old fluid?
i have an 1996 chevy cavalier 2.4 liter manual. it has no power. idles real slow. no exhaust.?
Can u put 22s on a four cylinder?
What are the different Audi models available?
does afiat bravo or fiat marea wheel fit onto an05 plate fiat doblo with 14 inch wheels?
Dont know a lot about cars, neither does my sister?
99 corolla 1zz engines?
how much petrol does it cost to drive 150 miles?
Does anyone know if the stock mp3 player on the 2006 Hyundai Sonata LX can be exchanged with a better system?
202 chevy sonic help?
Will there really be another Camaro and what year will it come out?
Titan pulling power?? Easy points ?
where to find 2003 ford expodetion key pad code?
My 2001 dodge Caravan breaks sometimes looses pressure and the break pedal goes almost to the floor before I?
How many watts does the factory amplifier have on my 96 lincoln town car?
How to reset BMW 1 series ecu?
can a pick-up truck run without a thermostat?
What would make headlights flicker on a 2003 Mazda6?
I want to buy a late 90's to early 2000 GMC sonoma. What do sonoma owners out there think about their trucks?
What color underglow for my 07 grand Prix?
why is gasoline prices are going up 6/29/06 ?
can we install the ford build in nav system on 06 mustang gt since mine doesn't have one? if so, cost?
my check engine light is on for my toyota sequoia 2001, after checking it says oxygen sensor problem. is it se?
03 Jeep. Wanted to jump out of 4 low, put skyjacker bracket on helped but now wants to jump out of 2 hi.?
I have a 2003 Buick La Sabre Custom.?
Why does my 2004 Acura TL not hold the road well?
Overfilled Transmission Fluid On 1999 Chevy Blazer What Could Happen?
Are 2003-2005 bmw's good for customizing?
does a engine has to be pulled out to change a timing chain on (05 nissan quest 3.5)?
car overheating what could cause this, doesn't heat when air is on, 2005 grand prix?
How long can a typical Honda last?
i need a center console plate for a 1965 dodge coronet500 4-speed,i already have console, can any one help me?
any info on nissan versa with VIN 3N1BC13E97L673938?
Dont you hate that Dr. Z on the new Daimler Chrysler commercials? I dont get him.?
What should I name my new red 2013 Ford Escape?
Skoda Felicia Boot light switch?
where is the fuel filter on 1980 mazda b2000 2wd pick up.?
Eg civic with a k20a or b20 bottom end and b18 top end?
what is the fuel tank capacity of a 1998 ford ezplorer eddie bauer edition?
What country is Porsche from?
I have 1998 savana 2500 runnimg rough?
Who would you like to be stuck in a lift with?
i am 14 and i want a wrx sti. i know how to drive and everything so is this right for me?
What kind of car is this?
attention toyota owners: what do you think of your toyota, and who has the most miles?
How do i program a new ignition lock cylinder on 2000 s10 pickup?
2001 Saab 95 6 cyl turbo turns over but won't start. HELP!!?
Can I put a 2000 maxima engine in a 2002 maxima?
2002 jeep grand windshield wipers will not go back to PARK POSITION when they are turned off .?
i just wont to know if the nascar driver dale erhardt jr will win this year. i am a big fan of number 3and 8?
98 honda prelude hesitation and cleaning?
i got a loan from toyota for a 2006 scion and had gap insurance ,if i i get a refun?
how can i know that my 2002 Camaro is equipped with key-less entry?
what is the top speed of a 2009 Bmw 328i and a 2009 Mercedes C300?
I want a car subsidize to Tata Indica vls because I don't have much running so in petrol which is the best?
I need a new clutch for my Integra Type R 1999 model, it's 1.8L. I'm thinking o a exedy sports clutch.?
Thinking about getting a 06 mustang. Will i survive winter?
I need t know where is the thermostat on a 1996 audi A-4 2.8 lts?
what fuse supplies power to electric seats on my 1994 jeep cherokee limited?
Putting a ax^2 + bx + c formula into a(x-h)^2 + k form?
What car do you drive?
is a pontiac grand am or grand prix a good first car?
how much fuel efficient is the bugatti veyron?
Which is the best car ever made?I suggest bugatti and mercedes slr.?
Holdens or Ford?????
My 1994 Chevy S-10 with the W 4.3L V-6 engine has a rough idle problem. Any suggestions?
Do Mazda RX 8 really guzzle excessive oil?
squealing brakes?
do u like scions?
where will you see a bugatti veyron?
I have a 96' honda civic lx with a no vtec engine. i want to know what it is called like the whole code.?
should i change the tramisstion on fluid on a 2001 chev impala?
How do I raise the bench seat in my silverado?
When did Jeeps go into production for the consumer market?
Can somone check this?
iPod 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee?
1978 bronco 351m hp and torque?
Which brand makes better cars? Chevrolet or Pontiac. I am comparing a Cavalier to a Sunfire.?
Remote controlled jeep Cherokee?
concept cars 2007?
Where can I buy a toyota supra mk4?
can you fit a snowboard in a m3?
No Heat or Defrost In 01 Cavalier?
Do doctors build cars now ?
What is the difference between a Chevy C2500 and K2500?
overheating bmw 5 series ??
Why do my fuses for the cigarette lighter keep burning out after i put it in?
Automatic tranmission going bad ?
Where can I buy the remote keyless unit battery? (other than from the MB dealer store)?
front windsheild for vow passat?
Does that mean that a DOHC with VVT does NOT have a cambelt?
bebate on kia?
Mustang window tint...How much?
Any thoughts about Honda CRV 2007?
Are mini-coopers worth the wait?
How to set the ignition timing on a 87 f-150 with the TFI-IV system?
Can a fromt benchseat be added to a Ford F-250 if it doesnt have one?
BMW or Mercedes which one would u pick?
pull fuses out of glow plugs 2005 f 350?
What would be your 10 favorite cars of ALL TIME!!!!?
How can I add real horse power to my 2001 ford f-150 supercrew lariat with a 5.4L v-8 / factory true dual set?
Does anyone know about Honda CRXs?
i just bought a new bmw z4 today in fact what kind of fuel would it need?
Whats a good place or website to buy things to customize my Volkwagen?
How wide of 33" tires do I need?
how to change the ignition switch on a 1996 nissan maxima?
Whats the difference between a Ford 351 Windsor and a Ford 351 Cleveland ?
Whats the song off the new Hyundai Tucson advert?
Will parts from a 97 nissan altima fit a 99 nissan altima?
What is the best pontiac every made?
what were some of the names of Mobile Home manufactors around 1984-87?
1998-2000 vw beetle worth it?
How do I find out what happened to my instrument panel, it stopped working after I changed the battery.?
How do you pronounce Porsche?
what is the numbering system on ford arostar ingition coil pack (91)?
Will "Universal" Honda seat covers fit a 1999 Honda Prelude?
what bolt pattern does a 1988 mercedes 300e have?
I need help with my 95 toyota 4runner.?
How big is the air intake inlet for my mazda b2500?
I own a 1996 Pontiac Firebird, and I am having some engine trouble of the minor kind...can someone help me?
Will my dodge ram truck run fine without the catalytic converter?
2012 Ford Fiesta Fuel Milage?
Chervolet Silevrdao or Toyota Thundra , which one is the best?
What and where is the electrical fuse/relay connection for the sunroof of a Toyota avalon 1995?
Where is the best place to get a awning for my Toyota motorhome?
What is the code p1780 on avw jetta 1.8 turbo?
which is the best car of maruti- ritz, swift, estilo,new wagon -R. i am looking for one of them.?
2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4X4 not working?
Cadillac Color codes?
What is Mercedes-Benz?
95 honda accord... wont start but only sometimes...?
Whats the best car to buy for £200?
how much would it cost to repair the SRS on a 1995 honda accord LX with 125000 miles?
How big is the gas tank on 1995 VW jetta 3?
2003 crown victoria can it go turbo?
who make jeep?
how do you bleed brakes on a 1997 town and country mini van?
What type of transmission is in my Ford Bronco?
2000 jetta gas filling ?
what was the price of gasoline 10 years ago?
Are Mercedes-Benz automobiles good quality?
how do i get more horses out of my jeep?
1997 ford Taurus Wont start.?
How do you remove headlight switch on a 1955 chevy belair?
i know that there's no kicker for pulsar 180 & 220cc but is there a provision to fix one? please help me?
what is the best four wheel drive car?
How many vehicles have you owned that were made by Ford so far?
what do you think of japanese's cars?
Has anyone ever had a good Ford?
How can i make my exhaust sound louder on my 2001 dodge stratus r/t?
Jeep rubicon JK lift?
What is the truest luxury car between Cadillac, Lincoln and Lexus?
How could be 2012 VW Passat be faster than 2012 VW Jetta while they both have 170 HP and 177 Torque..?
which would you buy?
auto question ford explorer?
What is the difference between the BMW 325i and 330i?
95 honda prelude or 97 chevrolet camaro?
Should I fix body damage on Toyota Corrolla CE 2002?
Why does my dodge neon come out of fifth gear while driving?
What is the best thing to do to my Nissan Hardbody pickup?
2000 bmw 328i 4-door sedan?
How to prepare Nissan 350Z for Turbo Kit?
Does anyone know where I can find an ambient lighting kit for my 2005 V6 Mustang?
billet grill in tulsa?
Nissan Silvia s15 or Skyline R34 GTT ?
What kind of car is this? Picture included?
whats the top speed on 2004 infinity g35 sedan?
I am working on a 1986 Jeep CJ 7. Should I address the undercarriage rust or mechanical issues first?
what is better colbalt, malibu, charger, or mustang?
Anyone own a Mazda 3s?
how long do i have to wait for a factory order of a 2006 jeep liberty crd?
if my car cannot idle right after it is started, what might be causing it and how can it be fixed?
What are some good factory ballast?
Any tips on front license plate colors for a White 2004 Mustang?
2002 vw jetta 2.0L automatic stuck in 3rd gear?
please I want to buy a Honda CR-V (used), any common problems with this car, is it a good idea?
Pontiac gto vs Pontiac gto base what's the difference?
97 lexus sunroof stopped workin?
my car has a warning light?
Which car would u choose? Honda civic, toyota prius, toyota Corrolla, Nissian Sentra?
The first Fords had engines made by who...?
Where can I find a car body for a 1994 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme, 4 door, with a 3.1 liter engine?
MY brother pored anitfreeze in my 1990 jeep charokee laredo?
Can you put regular gas grade on your BMW??
what would you rather drive, a domestic vechicle or an import? Ford or Nissan?
My 93 Dodge Dakota uses the old type of freon for the AC, BUT?
I'm on Somewhere after Port Royal..what am I supposed to do with the box and book?
dose anyone know were to get a good cadillac cts body kit?
question to shut my friend up, do you think a 1987 monte carlo ss is a true blue muscle car or not?
what is most fuel efficicent automobie?
where do i find 1979 cutlass olds fender bumper and frontclip parts in los angeles ca.?
1987 Nissan D21 Hardbody 2WD Pickup?
97 Camry gas pedal problem, any suggestions??
Automatic locks on my Nissan Sentra?
Q. Is the base 3000gt turbo ready or does it need engine upgrades?
I have a 2003 pontiac grand am 3.4 engine. What type of engine will fit in it?
Gas Mileage difference of Dodge Dakota?
What car would win in a race, a 2001 Honda Prelude type SH or a 2002 Acura RSX-S?
How do you turn on the small headlights on the bumper on? Ford Fiesta Zetec 1999?
Is the Toyota Yaris a good car?
supra or rx7?
does a cj7 fuel guage have an adjustment?
Car preference question....?
Aristo Ecu and Wire harness problems.......?
2000 Ford Mustang V6 vs 2002 Pontiac Sunfire.?
need some help with owner manual?
Will a opti spark from a 1996 firebird fit on a 1996 camaro?
2004 Chevy Truck front end noise?
is 22,754 miles a lot?
2000 honda prelude base gauge cluster failures?
ford escape 2002 problems?
Which is the newest mercedez model?
2002 ford explorer a/c doesn't work and makes clicking noise in back?
Turbo for a 2001 Toyota Camry (V6 LE)?
Why do people buy SUV's-they devour gas. Grand Cherokee Laredo is deadly on the pocketbook. What's up with
what website can i look up to find a great body kit for a 99/00 bmw 323?
Would like to ask for copy of Owners manual for Mazda Bongo Friendee, Model 1995. Thanks?
how can i increase more hp on my 2000 cavalier 2.2?
Why does my 2003 Honda Civic Lx CD player keep saying "Eject" no matter what kind of CD I put in?
i have a toyota corolla 1.3i 16v, when does the timing belt need changed?
10 points the best A.Are firebirds and Trans Am's the same cars?
I want to improve my 98 Celica gt performance. Any idea where I should start?
Honda Fit or Pontiac Vibe?
Bad Fuel pump relay 1988 honda civic DX?
93 ford escort problems. Please help! ?
What's better BMW or Ferrari?
How do rear heaters work in kia sedonas 2004 im having some issues with mine?
camper for my vw beetle? What can I do?
The price of Tata Safari Storme in India?
dodge dakota 2004 fan blower wont go on high or shut off?
hyundai atoz fuel+TEMP gauge fault both pointers are going to extreme right hand side is it easy repair?
I Have A Ferrari Spider What Have You Got?
Are frence cars unreliable?
Corvette Owners! Car Guys?
Where are jacking points on Nissan Vanette cargo 2.3diesel?
where can i find pictures of a Lincoln navigator?
anyone know what the radio code would be for a 2002 renault scenic?
What cars look similar to a Chevrolet Corvette?
is it true you can swap a ser20det from a silvia into a sentra?
Are Volvos good cars?
What type of engine coolant do YOU use in your 2006 ford fusion?
What do you all think about the New Chrysler 300?
Is it possible to shift A/T to M/T? (If so, how and how much?
How much horsepower does a Porsche boxter have ?
Are mini coopers good cars?
1999 Oldsmobile Alero?
Hi, I'm looking to purchase a 2011 Acura TSX and need help?
how can i adjust the head lights ? 04 ford expedition?
What is speed and vehicle stim Code upsized?
Can someone help me with my Altima?
How do I remove the lower rear seat in a Jaguar X-type?
Kia oil change AND lube?
Can i pull a pop up camper with my 2007 ford fusion ?
Should i buy an 1998 AUDI a6?are they good cars please help?
What's wrong with my Minivan? Help!?
Are there any vehicles that are similar to the suzuki jimny jeep, but with 5 doors?
My heater in my 2000 Hyundai Accent only works through the floor.?
Siren type noise on e320 cdi under load?
What is the best engine swap for my 99 honda civic lx?
What happened to the object sighted near Mercury yesterday?
I have a 95 3000GT. It doesnt want to start in the mornings.?
oil in power steering fluid?
Why doesn't my 2006 Nissan Sentra, 1.8 start right away? And it's not the starter!?
I have a question about my car. Please, serious answers only.?
Why do people like HUMMER H2?
What makes a V8 sound so much different than a V6?
can you put a glasspack on a 2006 volkswagen passat?
of mercedes-benz cars is the v-6 engine in models 1990-1992 better than the v-8 emgines?
will a 366 tacoma chevy fit where a 6.5 turbo diesel is?
Infiniti G35 Coupe Tune Ups?
does 2006 audi's still have free maintence programs?
what does fuel pump controll out of range mean on an 06 tarus?
Help someone I am over my head!!!!!?
why do people drive a mustang?
Can I get a factory remote start for a 2005 Chevrolet 2500HD Silverado?
how nuch is nitrous these days??
Has anyone thought of swapping the cobalt s.s engine for a scion tc engine?
Is a 1993, Nissan Altima, with 150 000 miles, for $1,500 worth it?
Which is better? A Ford Mustang or a Chevy Corvette?
What is a good alternative if you dont have BMW, Mercedes, Audi, VW money?
MK1.5 Focus TDCi Injector Coding Question.?
how to install a turbo t 62-1turbonetics, and what would be my problems?
Question about changing oil in a Honda?
Does anyone have a logical arguement as to which is the better brand.. BMW OR MERCEDES?
Will a honda accord 99 roll over going 40 sharp sliding turns?
Toyota camry 1999 le 4 cylinder starting problem?
I'm a girl, own a Porsche 944 seem to get screwed on repairs, of course. Is there any way to avoid this?
Honda Portable Generator EM2200x?
How do I hook up a parking light flash on a factory keyless entry on a 1998 Jeep Cherokee?
Does anyone think they are cool?
which is harder weinawski scherzo or paganini caprice 24?
5.7 liter vortec engine exhaust kit?
Its a 2002 cavaliar was not wanting to turn over but still did but now nothing anyone have a idea?
How to start a 2000 Chevy Cavalier?
Is toyota etios gonna be launches as a Taxi in Indore,M.P., India?
Is the Toyota Tundra a piece of ****?
Why does my 2006 Suzuki 250 four-wheeler's starter relay click and not start?
will a 90 si honda crx cv axle fit a dx honda crx?
Do you like the Pt Cruiser Convertible?
1994 Honda Civic problems?
where can i find new parts for a 99 ford explorer?
Infiniti help?
Anyone driven the V6 Hyundai Sonata?
Can I afford an Audi A5 and what are some reviews on it?
98 honda prelude rwd,fwd, 4wd?
how many 1994 ford f150 mark iii edition were made?
What is your dream car?
what would you do if you had this?
Where can i buy a used honda civic in los angeles?
Honda Maintenance Required Reset How To?
What's The Cheapest Engine (That Will Run Good) Into A 2001 Dodge Stratus SE?
Vibration with new tires and still no answers!!!!!?
Which is best car wagonR or i10 pls give me ur opinion?
I streaked nail polish on my car door (white) while opening it. How do I get it off?
What websites are good to find parts, and accessories for my 1985 nissan 300zx turbo?
I have a nissan maxima 05, which is better Ksport GT damper or should i wait for the Tein SS-P coilovers?
Bolts for a Camaro Fuel pump, lost them, now I need the size?
Audi a6 2006?
golf mk4 suspension problems?
How to properly lift mk4 Jetta GLI?
What tire pressure should Toyota Camry 1995, sedan, 3.0L, have?
1997 2.0l 16v vauxhall vectra problem?
Japanese cars in Durban-South Africa?
which was the maximum speed of A.M.C rebel 8cyl 340HP 1970?
Which is more reliable: 2004 Toyota highlander, 2002 Acura MDX or 2004 toyota matrix ?
why some americans stll reluctant to buy japanese cars? they still insist on buying fords,chysler and gm?
What year did chevrolet produce their first v_8 engine?
Where can I find more information about hybrid vehicles?
Whats a good way to upgrade a 318?
are there any recalls on 2001 ford f150 xl sport?
i've changed the clutch on my 97/98 ford escort because it was slipping to no avail.any suggestions please?
WRX Engine Swap?
Is this a good car to buy?
I drive an '06' Mustang GT.What's your favorite Mustang Make Model Year And Why?
will a 2001 Chevy Cavalier transmission fit in a 1996 Chevy Cavalier? Both are automatic with 2.2 engines.?
Will my i6 bellhousing bolt up to my 390?
02honda accord 2.3 liter vtec selenoid valve fault?
can you describe the appearance of ranger rover to me?
85 Ford Ranger 2.3l I4?
upgrading my elcamino from the 4.3 to there any thing i should be aware of before doing the swap?
65 and a 1/2??????
where is the main computer located on 96 legacy?
Fuel pump on a 74 Mercedes Benz 280se.?
Is it possible to convert my 04 hyundai accent coupe hatchback Into a wrc edition?
Planning to buy adsm car....?
VW bug Engine head electrolysis cleaning or alternatives?
Audi S4 2005:Timing belt,or Timing chain?
My husband also owns a 1974 Roadrunner that is nearly complete... I would love someone to finish it too!?
Should rabbits be allowed to drive cars?
Rough Idle used E3 spark plugs in 85 crx was not rough idle before should I not use these plugs in this car?
which is the maximum speed of lincoln versailles 8 cyl 135HP automatic year 1977?
Would like to know where the low pressure valve to the air conditioner is located on a 1999 Ford Mustang GT?
what is a mini me swap on a civic?
chevy 350 double roller markings?
What is the cost of valve seal replacement on a 2006 Audi A4. 1.8 L turbo ?
How much would it cost to get new seats in a 2003 cavalier?
'90 honda accord vs '97 Mustang 3.8?
what is the bolt tightening pattern for a chevy small block 350 intake?
where do i plug in to read codes on 2007 chevrolet matiz?
Volvo Hunt: SoMwHeRE : )?
In what city and country was the 1999 VW Beetle Bug built?
I have a 2000 Audi A6 Quattro. The Alteration and battery are new, over 3 months.?
Are the Camaro convertibles on showroom floors yet?
What's the capability a 2004 marauder has?
why does the fuel pump in 1988 Beretta keep going bad?????? is a 2.8 six cylinder?
should my truck be able to burn rubber?
I need a 1991 Mercury Capri XR2 clutch cable?
what is the best looking car to you?
my 2003 ford taurus acts up ever so often ....... happened 3 times so far?
What kind of car should I buy that doesnt have seat belts?
Looking for good black halo halogen headlights for 2008 accord. ?
what is maxima stage of sun?
which was the maximum speed of mazda RX7-GS automatic wankel 100HP 1980?
is there a fuse linked to the light sensor on the dash of a 2002 GMC sierra?
where do i find the thermostat on a 1998 chevy malibu car?
if one of the bearings goes out on a piston arm should replace it or get a new engine?
Honda dio..................?
Some guys said you gotta have a big ol' truck with a Hemi to be a reeeeeeeeal man!?!?!?
I need info. on a 1985 monte carlo.?
Sidekick LX 2009 or Sidekick LX 2007 (tony hawk edition)?
Dodge Caravan Check engine code P0442 What does it mean?
Do neon tetras get alon with all other tetras?
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