What size tires is a perfect fit for a 1996 Honda civic sedan? Can I put 17x7 inch rims on it?
Next year i am going to buy a 2005 eclipse spyder i was wondering if anyone had any turbo psi sugestions?
whats the deal with volvos? where are they made, and are they good cars?
the headlights of a 01-03 ranger could fit in a 97 ranger?
any one have a list of good salvage yards on long island?
Sexiest Car ever????????????????????
Can't turn cabin lights off in '07 ford ranger?
Can a genius mechanic help me to understand when to use the O/D feature on 1997 infiniti i30?
were can i locate the speed sensor on 1995 hummer h1?
Which car would you pick and why?
How can i Spice up my silver BMW M3 E46?
Will a Ford 302 V8 Fit in a 67' Ford Falcon that was a V6?
which car is the best in the whole world???
nitrous oxide?
Where to find some nice Rear Diffusers for my 2008 Subaru Impreza WRX STI?
2003 ford explorer truck - Pulling to Right?
I'm looking for a website to trace the VIN of a 1969 Plymouth Road Runner...any ideas??
Painting the interior on my 2002 Mustang?
Does the 2008 Audi Q7 still have those LED lights? If so where are they located?
for all the b16 owners?
Is it possible to put hub locks on 1988 c/k 2500 solid axle?
which car do you like best of all time?
I have a 93 honda civic rubber is melted around my spark plug how do I get it out?
which car is better?
I have to jumpstart my Integra 1993 everytime!?
I saw a gorgeous car today and don't know what it was!! help!?
96 protege side marker lights?
Thinking of buying a porsche 944, good idea or bad?
HELP! Is It worth it to buy a BMW , I'm a student ?
Installing a lift, already have long adustable arms?
"what is the difference between the EX and LX Honda Accord?"?
I have a 2000 nissan maxima that needs a motor what year models will work?
Should I buy a 2004 PT Cruiser Touring?
1997 honda accord dying while driving and engine not wanting to turn over?
How has been your experience with the VW's new Beetle?
What's the difference between a 2004 mustang premium. A 2004 mustang base. And a 2004 mustang deluxe.?
Some of the Toyota owners that I know are idiots....... here's my story.......?
The design of the Maserati Gran Turismo?
how do i remove the front passenger side spindle on a 1994 4x4 ford explorer?
Will a transmission from a 1994 Honda Accord fit in a 1992 Accord with a four speed auto?
2006 Jeep Grand Cherokee question?
I have a 1995 Honda Civic that keeps overheating, any ideas?
what can i do to my Pontiac Torrent so that my ears do not pop when windows are down?
How can I tell the difference between a left and right cylinder head on a 400cid small block chevy?
computation for mercedes-benz actros trucks fuel consumption?
Anybody knows what the best headlight lenses are made of..?
keys locked in boot on el ford?
VW engine code AEG is for what size engine?
Toyota corolla 1997 tempeture sensor?
Is there a way to test Mercedes Airmatic shocks to see if they need to be replaced?
should i swap corsa for punto???????
Where to find the alpine car alarm main unit in 2002 Yukon Denali?
Suzuki Jimny 4x4. Do I have to pay the increased tax on it after Sept in England?
Banshee throttle help!?
Could I have my ECM updated before my iac valve fails on my 2001 i30?
Why is the Viper?
A company wants to take my new VW Jetta to California for testing for a month.?
How much would it cost to fix transmission mount on a 1998 ford escort automatic?
do these turbo parts look like there worth 350$?
How much should a valve job cost on a2001 chrysler pt cruiser?
A Honda S2000 or a Lexus LX470; which is better overall?
car stolen in middletown,n.y at galleria 211 ROUTE?
1996 Dodge Neon. All my dash board gauges went bad all at once.?
Favorite car?? DREAM CAR?? whats yours?
Dodge Viper or Corvette C06?
Did 5.4L F150s come with manual transmissions?
why doesn't my ford with a 7.3 liter diesile start when it gets to running temp?
how to download gas app from android cell to 99 ranger 4 cylinder?
whos in borehamwood?? just wonna know,,?
I need to know what parts connect to a left rear knuckle which is part of the suspension for a 00' elcipse.
is honda repsol 1200cbr available?
will the vw dealerships sell the mk4 body kits ?
my 1995 3.1 monte carlo has a very hard time starting first thing in the morning. then it starts fine why?
when is the new audi q7 going to be in dealerships?
I'm looking at a 1jz mk3 with auto transmission and I wanted to know all I need to make it a manual trans.?
How to reset maintenance required light on my Acura tl?
suggestions on where to find a motor?
where can I find white face gauges for a 2000 hyundai sonata?
Faulty display on audi A4 (95)?
I need some information about shock absorbers and used fluids in shock abrorbers?
Is a volkswagen golf a womans or a mans car.?
I have a Hummer H1 Alpha and it has very low acceleration, so how do i get better?
Where can I find a body kit for a Ford Mustang Cobra II?
check this out...this is why toyota shocks or struts are so bad.also honda.?
What is wrong with my Mazda 2?
i have a nissan frontier -01.. car dies on idle.. is there an idle screw anywhere that i can adjust?
Whast your favourote colour?
where is the mercedes made?
High rpms 2002 vw jetta manual 2.0 liter ?
How long does it usually take to hear from Ford Assembly Plant about a background check?
Can A 2000 Chevy Malibu have a hitch attached for a Uhaul?
What model classic car is this?
What are your thoughts about the gmc safari? Is it really costly to fix (labor charges) for access reasons?
1999 eclipse cut off while driving?
What's your thoughts on a Jeep Wangler?
ford f 150 question heating issues?
Can a 2005 Chrysler Pacifica AWD 3.5 liter v6 be taken off-roading?
What are the most expensive cars?
Who thinks foreign cars need to butt out of Nascar??
What does a Tune-up for a 2010 Ford Escape Consist off?
chevy or ford?
nissan Altima logo on the trunck to replace?
audi a4 convertible 1996 roof not going down?
does someone make an auto ventshade for a 98 lexus es300?
what is the full form of BMW?
whats the letters gt mean on a ford?
What does this beep code mean? (Ford Escort 97 lx)?
Cutting & lifting to put 24s on a 2000 Grand Marquis....?
1997 Trans Am v8 5.7 Liter, Muffler help!?
Can Honda dealership make a spare key from a programmable T5 key?
2007 350z come with forged pistons?
What kind of 2008 Caliber is this?
Facts about 1885 benz patent motorwagen?
ford mustang or mini cooper or Kia Optima ex?
What is the average life expectancy of a citroen berlingo diesel engine?
Does anyone have a Nissan Navara D22 single cab 4x2 pickup?
what tool do i use to replace 1994 ford taurus headlight?
Where is mercedes E320 phone cradle located?
Whats your favorite type of car?
RPM's/Check Engine on my 1995 Saab 900SE?
How much is the cost on labor to replace spark plug on E350 van?
how much is a new 2001 dodge stratus engine?
whether it is good to purchase maruti swift vxi model car?
2003 toyota camry overheating?
Is £5,000 a fair price for a Golf TDI 2004 with 124,103 on mileage?
What should be done first?
What is the cost to get a key made for a 2001 ford explore?
which fuse for cooling fan chevy cavalier?
what is the size of a mini cooper 2008 speakers?
Is it worth it to buy a Hybrid Civic? Do they cost a lot to fix and maintain?
why is the v alligment engine have fuel economy?
Check Engine code P0440, smell of Gas, High fuel consumption of 1998 Subaru Legacy.?
If you could own only one vehicle from the '60s or '70s what would it be?
what is the cause of a trans-axle malfunction?
Camaro is coming back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Where can i find cool, clean looking rims that are not expensive or used rims for my nissan 300zx 1986?
what is the correct belt routing for 1990 bmw 735i?
What I want to know is why don't they have a listing for Buick or at least GM vehicles in general?
How to replace alternator on 94 acura integra?
Which is faster/better performance? A BMW M3 or a BMW 318i?
What car impresses a guy?
2000 VW Jetta starter motor problems ?
Buying a BMW 320i 1994/1995?
car varyity?
If my mustang ran 8 sec in the 1/8 what would it run in the 1/4 about?
What can I use for the AUX IN outlet in my 2009 Mazda 6 i?
Why does 96 chevy pickup leaks water as fast as I put it in?
Why is that people still buy a mercedes knowing the fact that you dont fetch a good price on selling, why not?
98 jeep cherokee fog lights?
Replacing thermostat on 1997 Mercury Villager?
98 grand jeep cherokee rpms jump after long trips and wants to bog down?
Toyota,Mazda,Honda or Nissan? Only have about £600 to spend so need a 'reliable' old banger.?
ford or chevy?
what are the names of the muscle cars that were manufactured by chevy, from 1960-1980?
Toyota supra on E85 fuel?
transmission problem with infiniti qx4?
Anyone out there know of someone willing to sell me there original good running 1936 Ford v8 pu ?
how big is the fuel tank on a 96 dodge dakota v6 sport?
What is a good site I can get an extended warranty on my 1996 Acura TL 3.2?
what kind of gas does a 1996 ford taurus sho take?
Which car is value for money BMW x3 or audi q5 or mercedes ml 250 cdi?
what would be a good cheap car for me to buy (uk)?
what is your dream car!?
Issues with my 2008 Jeep Patriot ESP, TCS, and 4WD systems?
Ford Explorer XLS with electrical problems?
How much more power does the Smart turbo diesel have over the original?
Does anyone know much about 92 Dodge Shadows electrical?
where can I get bmw 630i screen manual ?
1991 nissan 300zx where is the crankshaft position sensor?
What engine will fit in my stock 97 jeep cherokee xj sport with no mods? stock engine is a 4.0 v6.?
why is my 1994 gmc sierra slow to accelerate?
2003 mitsubishi lancer aftermarket car radio?
would you buy GM or Chrysler ?
I want to see ford 2001 macuse?
Thank guys for the info on the 4X4 jeep Cherokee.?
Dodge ram throttle malfunction?
My fiancée was driving our car and got into an accident in an 97 ford explorer will we get a new car?
what's the best way to sell a 91 blazer?
i have a 2002 civic lx 5 speed.I want to know what can i add to my car to give me a faster take off?
is it just me or volkswagen's good cars are only passat and jetta and the touareg?
1977 CJ5 Jeep Gas Pedal?
i want to buy a sports car ,but i confused for colour ,please tell me which colour is nice?
i love benz do you?
what are the Jeep wrangler weather shields like? Not the slimline ones, the full ones?
Peugeot 206cc roaring noise?
2 questions- What does GMC stand for and how did the chevy bowtie originate?
BMW M Class Models cars?
Would this car sell for above $700?
Where is the power window relay located on a 1997 Ford Explorer?
Upcoming Camaro or C6 Corvette?
99 wrangler wipers?
What kind of car is this?
Can anyone tell me about a Studebaker body # G877632 such as the year or anything else?
Audi Allroad Air suspension different than shocks?
2007 honda rebel 250cc worth?
1991 Ford Mustang running horse grill logo?
What's wrong with this 2004 Ford Freestar?
Which is faster, 1986 Civic or 1991 Probe?
What is the factory tint on a 2006 Pontiac G6 GT ?
What could i do to my mustang?
Were can I find 2000 or older eclipse that is $3,000 or less in Marion Ohio that is automatic?
can i replace my astra 1.8i 16v cd engine s-reg with a 2.0 sri engine - x-reg?
96 Ford Explorer w/ 5.0 engine issue..Please read & help?
BMW e39 528i won't start?
does anyone has the answer for clue 6 volvo the hunt?
Have you ever filled out a customer comment card at a Dealership?
Package 1 for Jetta GLI?
05 Pontiac Sunfire has trouble getting into final gear when cold.?
b2600 will not start.Any quality suggestions?
Did Ford make Mustangs in 1962?
What are the differences between new (2012) Nissan Maxima and a 2009?
Do you know where i can find cheap stock parts for my 40th Anniversary Mustang GT?
Where do I find examples and how to customize a 2001 2 Door Ford Explorer Sport 4x4 I cannot find anything.?
63.5 ford galaxie 500 fastback?
What makes the CO percentage high on a 1969 VW Beetle?
what engines can i drop on a 94 prelude si?
POLL: Which car would you rather have, Volvo or Jaguar?
What sports car is the best?
1996 fiat bravo my turn to ask after driving at 50mph for about 5 miles?
will a pioneer avic-d1 fit into a 2002 lincoln navigator?
Can you adjust the seat height on the Scion FR-S?
looking to buy a mercedes w115?
what is truble code 1751?
My 2002 landrover discovery II's navigaition/radio system is on the fritz. It is asking me for a code. wdtm?
GTR or Mustang GT500 Eleanor?
what type of valve has a positive shut off that can be seen at a glance?
How much is a reasonable price to change the timing belt on my 06 Pt Cruiser?
How good is a 2002 Pontiac Grand Prix GT Coupe for a teenager?
2001 Chevy Cavalier Headlight Problem!! Help?
I want to pass 130mph?
When applying Peanut Butter, do you apply it on one Tata or both?
what auto maker uses MM as a logo?
do you like BMW or MERCEDES?
Rate this car out of ten...?
Chip my truck without blowing transmission?
My ford f250 is making a humming sound?
I have a power steering question?
Do 2006 honda civic si sedans exist in an automatic transmission?
Were can you buy a FAKE bov?
Would The Purchase Of A Ford Focus Help With My ADD?
my power steering has all of a sudden become heavy, i have checked the power steering fluid and the tyres but?
I am thinking about leasing a 2005/6 Chevy Silverado- is this a good idea?
i lost my keyless remote to get into my 2005 impala what should i do?
I am about to buy a W140 S600 coupe?
Why does my wifes Pontiac Aztek sevice engine soon light come on and flash?
what is the horsepower in a 93' F-150 with a 5.0?
top speed on a 2003 chev 2500 crew 4x4 w/6.0L stock engine?
What does it mean if someone says a car has 212,000 miles on it, but the motor has 150,000?
Will 99 civic dx Cat Converter fit on 2000 cvc ex(vtech)?
Ski Rack for G35x?
coolant for mule 3110?
should i buy a 2001 acura tl?
when did mustangs first come out?
what is the insurance cost for a honda prelude?
I've always though toyotas are very realiable ..what other car can I trust to be as reliable as a toyota?
this question is about the road and track magazine?
What is the difference between a Ford & a Chevy???
Which honda civic should i choose to street race with?
What problems with failure of the Exhaust Gas Recirculation Valve Passages in the intake manifold in a tracker
Does my Mercedes Benz 2005 c230 sport kompressor have auxilury ports in the back of the stock head unit?
Lsv swap ecu question?
Weird noise when coasting, 91 Honda Civic Auto transmission?
2wd 2002 trailblazer handling in snow?
What would you prefer?
How do I replace a water pump From a Mercedes C280, 1996?
Where is the best place to buy new tires for an 07 PT Cruiser? Not looking for the best tires, just quality.?
Looking for speakers for my jeep...?
How to insrt lwr radiator mnt on 2001 impala?
91 legacy turbo add....NEED PARTS!! help me figure out what i need please?
My parents are convinced that Citroen cars have the best suspension?
Do you agree that a 9 year old BMW is better than a 2 year old Ford?
what are the gaskets under the throttle body air filter called?
Has anyone tricked out their Scion....any suggestions?
Which is a better car, Toyota, Nissan or Honda?
i got these vehicle codes. Any one have a book?
"I need to replace the electronic flasher in my Honda CRV, but I can't figure out where it goes! Any ideas??
How much mileage can a Dodge Charger have?
its 1900 good price for honda civic ef2 ?
compare cars, honda civic, toyota corolla, nissan sunney, kia sonata,?
is the nissan altima coupe fast?
Chrysler Cirrus girly?
if you had the choice of only the 2, would you take a ferrari? or a lambourghini?
Does ford explorer 5 lug pattern match a 2010 Jeep 5 lug pattern?
How can get information to change the chassis frame for Suburban 2004?
Car dont start a civic .?
what are the body part weights of a stock 73 nova?
how easy is it to install a body kit on a lancer?
What is that square cutout on the lower right hand corner of the back of most BMW's for?
My 2007 chevy impala door locks?
Truck running a little hot. Is it gonna blow up?
2013 or 2011 mustang GT?
Ford Ranger smelt hot when shifted into 4wd?
2003 ford taurus clunking noise?
mustang gt why does my car leak fuel after a fill up?
What is the most beautiful model of the BMW Coupe for you?
I'm about to get a 2007 Mitsubishi Spyder GS. Is this a good idea?
Who can tell me an opinion on Ford? Do you like the company? (Free ten points!)?
Which G-class mercedes-Benz would you choose ?
how much to replace idler arm/pulley in peugeot expert?
I'm in the process of buying a car, and I was wondering should I buy a new car or an Old VW Beetle?
What's the best make of car?
Integra or Prelude?
driving 1,004 miles how much money do i need for gas?
what do you think about the Acura TSX '06? Good buy or not?
Why would anyone ever buy a Nissan?
if you were a car, what model would you be?
What are you paying for a 2006 Honda Pilot in the Atlanta area?
basic maintenance on a peugeot 306?
I am looking for a Chevy 350 V8 Big block. Do you know where there are any that are used and in good shape ??
Honda Accord Car Seat Compatibility?
I overloaded my Honda Civic 2000 model. Could I probably damaged my suspension?
help jeep dies all the time?
Alternator control module in 2005 Volvo xc90?
How to install a starter on a 98 BMW 740i?
While driving, my car will rev a little past 2. What's the prob? Fluid is fine.?
how to tune a Honda prelude Si 94?
What is the knocking noise on my Peugeot 206. Starts around the 20 mph mark and increases with the car speed?
alessandro volta?
1999 Saab 9-3 turbo engine and car shakes.?
hypertech vs jet chip in my Camaro?
how to reset service interval reminder message on a 2002 BMW e65 735 ?
Does anyone own a 2004 Isuzu Axiom ?
I am looking at a Black Audi B5 S4. V6 twin turbo AWD 6 speed.?
is it expensive to own a bmw?
1990 ford ranger xlt.horn no work.fuse good.can't find relay. looked under hood but sell dont know where?
trying to find more info on toyota's magazine called "moving forward"?
what is a better exhaust for a nissan 350z? a nismo or skunk2?
Is a 2wd honda crv good in the snow?
What are the bad things that makes people avoid buying french and italian cars?
I have a 1996 Ford Explorer. It recently has started leaking radiator fluid, but ONLY when heat/defrost is on.?
I wanna buy a 2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse... what do you think?
Honda Owners?
Ford KA M011379 permanently locked, any code to unlock please ?
How much milage do you think I could get on this type of car before it kicks?
whats better acura or lexus?
i wont the fast and the furious supra vinyle?
What would Jesus drive?
Will a 4.7 out of an 03' dodge ram fit in an 02' grand cherokee?
My son's Laguna has starting problems?
Nissan Altima 2008 Low gas milage, 20MPG HWY?
whats the best year mustang ever made?
What is a person called who makes wagons?
I am looking into buying a 1992 Honda Accord w/ 169,000 miles. How much should I pay?
Why does everyone give me dirty looks in that car?
How I can download the soft copy of volkswagen polo comfortline diesel car owner's manual?
Which car performs better the dodge charger r/t or the mustang gt?
I have a vw passat which seems to be making a ticking noise ...any ideas why?
neutral safty switch?
Can a 6'2 driver fit in a Scion tC?
How do you get the message of "oil change required" not to show anymore on a 2000 Ford Windstar?
Would I have any problems if I install a electronic fuel pump on my 83 chevy caprice?
96 nissan maxima speedometer problems?
I have a 1980 300 D Mercedes-Benz and I need to the following questions.?
I'm going to buy a Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder what color though?
Where can I rent a Jeep?
what are common problem on '87 ford-mercury topazs?
how to replace 94 acura integra rear shocks?
Ford 6.0L PSD repair manual online?
whats your opinion of volvos?
what do you think of the new camaro?
where can i find a pic of a 2003 mustang shelby car my friend said she has one but i cant find a picture of 1?
Which would go faster up a hill from rest position, a ferrari or a range rover ?
when does an airbag supposed to deploy on a 1998 ford explorer?
how can I hear raven mufflers?
i have a 2005 nissan altima 2.5s and when im stoped with it gear it vibrates can some one help me out?
Does the new Toyota Verso MPV have automatic transmission?
1992 nissan 240sx abs pump removal?
can i add a turbo to a Nissan ZD30DD engine?
Kindly let me know whether it is worthwhile to buy a hyundai Accent (2006 Model) with low km.?
Which is the best racing CAR ever made ?
is dodge an american company?
The Good & Bad of owning a 2000 Cadillac DeVille?
when looking at mercury light directly with your eyes is it white?
Is there any way to test a VDO temperature gauge without the sender unit?
My Hyundai sonata is making a clattering noise.?
1995 BMW 740i transmission oil check ?!?
is hyundai Equus a good car for vacation?
what causes a p0300 odb2 code on my 03 sentra ser spec v.?
Auxiliary input on Infiniti G37?
What color Honda Civic should I buy?
how to make my honda crx look jdm?
where can i get apiece of the skoda cake. (the advert)it looks yummy?
what is the difference Lancer EX 1.5 sports, 2.0 elegance, 2.0 GT CVT, 2.0 GT MT and 2.0 sports?
What is your opinion on the new 2006 Toyota SCIOn Xa Hatchback?
VW Golf back seats fold down?
Will any Ford dealership work on a Ford truck even if you didn't buy it at that particular lot?
I just got a brand new HUMMER H3, I need a personalized license plate. Any ideas? (i'm 26/white/m)?
Cold Air intake for my 2005 Subaru Legacy (Non-Turbo)?
would putting a racing chip in a ford aerostar be a good idea?
How much roughly will a new clutch cost?
I took my 2005 Jyundai Sonata to the dealership and they said it need a new clutch. nOT UNDER WARRANTY?
sweetest ride?
How can I get my Bluetooth passcode on my Mercedes Benz ml320 2009v?
what is the wheel width on a 2001 vauxhall corsa 1.0i 3dr hatchback?
how much will you pay for a 2006 toyota sienna ce?
why people never believe me when i say that it's possible to build a 900hp 2005+ mustang gt?
Engine or Tranny problem please help 1996 Ford Explorer 4L 6C?
Bogging out on start up on a 1983 Dodge Aires?
Where can i buy a Spiral Cable/Clock Spring for a Nissan ?
front end clicks when you make a hard right turn on a honda accord 1999?
2006 caravan 3.3L i'm looking for asd switch if someone can help thanks chris?
Anyone know about VOLVO wagons....2001 V-70?
Honda Civic has been sitting for 6 years?
Jaguar's AJ V8, V6 meaning?
Camaro rs wiring is screwed up?
Why does my 2010 Automatic Hyundai Getz rev so much?
i need a diagram for a serpantine belt for a 1986 chev. cavilear.?
What is the average milage a average family car makes per year?
have a1999 ford taurus have no power it just dead no lights on dash work fuel pump not comeing go no sinagl li
i have a 2000 ford f150 that only starts when u have the gas pedal to the floor?
Can a 1999 dodge truck 318 fit a 1998 dodge darago 4 wheel drive?
99 Toyota Camry o/d switch doesn't work?
What motors can i put in my 2003 nissan sentra se r spec v?
2001 Toyota Celica GT-S 6 Speed Manual help!!!?
will a stock 74 mustang 2 2.8 v6 auto burn tires?
how to set up bluetooth in my 2005 acura tl?
changing fuelpump on 98 plymoth neon?
How many more miles does a Infiniti g35 2007 journey have left on it has 127,972 miles?
civic hatch wisconsin?
In a 1997 Ford Escort where is the Idle Air control valve located?
Rattle "tic-tic" normal... Forester 2009... I asked about this problem in my previous post...?
How can I get a Pontiac GTO for free?
What's the best way to fix a brake/turn signal light on a 1999 Dodge Neon?
Hi, I'm looking for a service/user manual for my Nissan Vannette(van) 1994 model. thanks in advance. :)?
2005 Honda Accord Rattling Noise?
When I'm driving in my 1975 VW Beetle and I come to a stop, sometimes the engine just cuts out, help?
Should I get a Toyota Prius?
what is the full form of BMW?
I'm having trouble identifying a car..?
i have a 1992 Taurus i had my ac hose replaced and the air worked fine until this morning and it stopped worki
For the blokes?
Are there any body kits for a Volvo V40?
how long does it take a mustang GT to travel 1000 miles?
Need to know what the best winter tires are for a Nissan Altima Hybrid.?
Ford Galaxy flashing red light on dashboard?
now that is why i own a ford?
What starts a jet engine?
2004 infinity g35 worth it? 92k miles?
How to increase horsepower?
How reliable are the cvt transmissions on a audi?
Looking at a 87 RX7 - 100K on the engine, rebuilt transmission for $1,500.00. Buy it?
where is the battery in a 1998 e320?
i want to get a larger size throttle body for my mustang gt any suggestions on the size?
My mechanic can't figure it out.?
alternate rims for 99 buick?
why is my 2004 land rover discovery spitting out antifreeze?
Where is the computer plug on 2008 grand vitara?
1998 Mercury Sable? A few questions...?
Does parking a truck or car on an incline damage the transmission?
Need a little help on exhaust systems?
Benz many miles?
which american pick-up truck is teh best?
what is thye interior paint code for a 1975 ford f100 ranger?
77 chevy bonanza?!?!?!?
Is a distributor for a 95 ford probe compatible to a 96 ford probe?
Color of the car you like?
what is the manufacturer warranty on a 2003 Mitsubishi eclipse ??
Fiats are rubbish?
How to program my 2001 Toyota Sequoia Key?
My Honda civic has smoke coming out near the exhaust manifold?
97 grand cherokee with 5.2L stalls going around left hand corners,why?
When is the new camaro suppose to come out?
Help! Car wont move!?
how can the seat height be changed in a 2012 sonata?
1998 Mercury Sable? A few questions...?
Why don't most Jeep Wrangler-driving chicks bother to wave??
Can you add cruise control to a 1998 Chevy Geo Prizm?
iv got a subaru wrx sti everything on the car tells me its an sti but it dont say sti on the logbook cunfused?
how do i find a 1996 ford f150 with an 1997 body style?
Continuous honk on ford escape 2002?
What is better Mitsubishi eclipse gt or a BMW 328i?
looking for a print ad for the Ford falcon BF XR8 any idea where I can find one.?
Honda civic overheating??? ?
Any Scion XB owners out there? What kind of mileage do you get, do you like the car?
Crate motor or motor rebuild?
if my sensor on my truck is 4 inches behind my catalytic will it make my check engine light come on if cut off?
what rim size should i put on my 95 civic ex/ej1?
Is a 2007 Acura switchblade key compatible with a 2005 Accord?
I have a 1980 Toyota Celica GT. Anyone know where to get the hood ornament/emblem?
What type of transmission fluid goes in a 01 chevy silverado?
would a impala ss 1996 bet a 2005 mustang in racing?
Mustang GT spacing?
need info about jeep wrangler 1994, anything. website.....?
1960-1970 Volkswagon Bug Door Question?
What do u think about the berlingo?
is there any body kits for sale for a 1988 300zx?
Why could my pontiac new lights still be so dem at night? bought sylvania lights now what should i do?
why is gasoline prices are going up 6/29/06 ?
buying car?
why such a small trunk on a mazda 929?
Is Toyota coming out with a new model of Corolla this year?
what does the (V8) mean? 4.6L V8, 24 valve, 300 hp @ 5750 rpm?
What car parts would fit on my ford mondeo lx td 2000?
2007 Eclipse Spyder roof upholstery problem?
how to reset the engine light on my 2004 honda odyssey?
2008 Chevy Impala making a whining sound?
what is the towing weight for a nissan micra 1.3gl?
is toyota japanese?
what was mercury named after and why?
Ford P100 1.8 td (reliability)?
Do you absolutley have to run premium gas in a Chrysler 300C with the 5.7 liter hemi?
How much is the cost for my crank seal to be fixed in my Lexus?
bigest wheels on a polo?
Audi A6 s-line 2004 Bose Stereo upgrade, after the fact?
what are the torque specs on a 2005 ford f150 5.4 v8?
how come ferraris cost so much? all it is, is an great performing engine, in a hunk of aluminum.?
How do you put an engine in a 93 chevy camero?
Can anyone find me a front valance piece for a 1995 ford explorer eddie bauer?
Why do people hate fords sooooo much?
do you think 1987 cougars are cool?
Honda or Toyota- which is better make of auto and most roadworthy?
what is the dry weight of a 2000 ford f350 crew cab long box?
where is fm radio antenna located in 2006 toyota camry, want to use fm transmitter for mp3 player?
Is ford that bad?
I have 1997 toyota T100 pickup can you help me?
Bad Smell In Car?
What honda should I get and where can I get it?
1997 Volkswagon Passat wiring diagram?
How are Jettas in the snow?
which was the maximum speed of pontiac firebird formula 400 8cyl 330HP 1970?
Nissan Skyline Legalization?
what is a 4.6 ford motor?
1998 Jeep Cherokee Making noise after turning off the engine?
problems with gmc yukons?
2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 Electronic problems?!?
DS vs. DSi Compitition?
does any body knows if nissan titan its built by ford ?????????
What is a Toyota car that looks like a suv/jeep and is compact?
What are the statics of a Mitsubishi?
is there a manual overide for electric seats in a 1995 saab 900se?
Fuel gauge problem 2003 monte carlo ss?
What do you honestly think of cars like this?
How do I lay down the seats in my '95 Plymouth Voyager?
should i switch from 17 miles per gallon to 47?
where might there be a Pontiac g8 upgrades online?
Where is the EGR located on a 1998 toyota camry?
what company makes honda?
What transmission problems do you get with a 1987 Mercedes 260E?
Jeep wrangler best year?
how do you turn off the seat belt warning beeper for the subaru forester 09. i is sooo annoying!!?
Will a 1999 F-150 4.6L 4R-70RW 8-280 transmission swap with a 5.4L 8-330 transmission?
is G.M.C. hiring in the arlington,tx area?
help on a toyota tundra V6 2006?
Gan,bisa gak engkel delta taun 82 di ganti mesin truck ps120.?
BMW drivers??????
what color is best for an 06 wrangler?
your favorite car that you owned at one time?
Our machin shop rebuilt our ford 390 engine we put everything else like heads, intake and all the other stuff.?
Which is a better classic:A Lamborghini or A Porsche?
Looking to Rent a Dodge Sprinter Van?
questions on buying a nissan 350z?
1996 XJ fuse box diagram?
2008 Honda Civic Sedan or 2008 Nissan Versa?
How much Cng gas can we fill in 35 kg cylinder of new maruti 800?
2000 jeep grand cherokee heater not blowing at all.?
PLEASE HELP: What tools do you use to change brakes on a 99 dodge durango?
How do you find out what your girlfriend is angry about?
Pruis & Social Security card!?!?!?!?
How do you remove the back seat of a 2003 hyundai elantra?
do ford cars break down alot?
91 accord not starting?
What is the reprogramming code for a 2003 Accord key?
Top Speed of Chrysler 300C?
Aston Martin One-77 or Ford Mustang (Shelby) GT500?
Honda automatic Transmissions ?
what does sls stand for on a 95 chevy s10?
My 2001 Honda Odyssey gearshift is sticking?
Are Infiniti G35's reliable?
meaning of word megane?
What will be the best engine for my 1970 Dodge Charger.?
Need advice from those with 1986 Honda Civic DX has a blown carburetor...?
How much will it cost to have a professional mechanic install new 3.73 gears in my mustang?
what is the make of the 3 piped catalytic converter I need to replace the one on my 1999 mercury cougar?
What your favorite car model?
1982 Dodge W150 grill size?
dual cd770 I lost my remote where can I find a new one?
smoke and yellow liquid coming from under the hood of my car. 2003 hyundia elantra. Need help.?
which was the maximum speed of pontiac firebird automatic 8cyl 325HP 1967?
1993 Ford Taurus Transmission Question?
What are cool rims to put on my mustang?
Is there anyone out there who likes the Mini Cooper besides me?
I have a rattle in my chrysler 200m and I need your help?
2010 camaro ? is there better out there?
Is prius a good car?
What does the "Toyota" symbol mean, and where does it come from?
How to open 2005 Mazda Rx-8 keys?
How much should I pay for 2006 Honda Odyssey?
What years of Sonomas are compatible?
2001 ford exscursion dash lights do you 1 spot?
How much is a 2001 mercedes m-class ML320 worth?
i have a problem with my 95 mustang gt and i dont know if someone can help me?
Toyota Supra owners HELP.?
Can i lock an autoshapes to a fixed position in forntpage 2003 ?
I have a 05 ford focus zx4st i would like to costumize it, anyone know sites or places to get accessories?
How would I properly lift a Jeep Cherokee xj?
how car works?
How do I life the rear of my 99 Ford Windstar (cheaply)?
What is the material used in Honda civic clutch friction plate?
95 BMW 840ci ! is this car reliable ? please give me some knowledges about this car .. thank you?
What is the biggest possible engine I can put in a 91 Mustang GT?
my van revs to 3k at 80kms/h , is this normal?
Fuel Leaking Near Injector on 1994 Ford Ranger?
Does anybody know offhand if my accord battery will work for my civic?
Next car advice?
Most ugly car in current production?
what type of clutch is there in TATA Aria?
How to unlock tata photon plus CDMA data card?
will 20 inch rims fit a 2011 chevy malibu 2LT?
would an intake for 2007 impreza fit on an 08 2.5i impreza?
What would make a 1999 Mustang look unique?
i Bought a nissian murano and started haveing problem?
What is your dream car??
What size tires should I put on my 2001 Mustang?
Why do mustangs suck so bad?
does anyone have a stereo wire diagram for a 93 pontiac sunbird?
how do i replace a 2001 jetta radiator?
what colour combination is good for vw beetle 2012 turbo?
i wana know about the new lexus rx330 for year 2007 and if it will change the model?
Are the different size ford engines interchangeable?
What the cost for this exhaust work done to a 01 ford escape v6?
Can you put a mfd from a Nissan Skyline R34 in a Nissan 370z?
if the nox is to high how to bring it down?
leaking 98 escort intake vacuum hose?
Can a bad idle control valve cause a high idle when you first start car?
What does a "factory rep car" mean?
Nissan Pathfinder Low Tire Pressure light keeps coming on?
How to change or check rear light fuse on a Peugeot 206 98 reg?
what is 22" wheel offset I can put on 04 ford explorer?
where is the fuel filter located on a 2002 pontiac grand am?
1997 Volkswagon Passat wiring diagram?
Who knows what classic car this is?
Why is my heat not working in my jeep grand cherokee?
what do you think about this??
Which is a better truck? Ford, Chevy, Dodge, or Toyota?
1990 ford ranger brake problems?
Honda Accord upgrades?
What is a good down payment on a 2011 Ford F-150?
why does my '90 grand voyager stall when it's warm outside?
I have a hood ornament gold lady, on the bottom it says dodge, inc. what did it come of of?
where and how do I repair/replace my 1968 ford mustang convertible dashboard lights?
girls and boyz i am 15 and i am geting car what kind of car shuld i get i was thick a bmw?
What is faster, a VR6 VW GTI or a 1.8 Turbo VW GTI?
how much do you think that a white 1996 ford ranger, extended cab with the fold down seats in the back?
How do i change the oil in a 2005 pontiac grand prix?
Does anyone have the Honda Pilot SUV and how do you like it?
how do i identify the accessory codes on my 2005 chevy truck?
Hyundai Elantra Touring won't recognize my iPhone?
Auto Performance?
What is the Nissan FB 15 ECO Indicator. Is there eny technology.Is that a mode. in my car when switch on the?
If I fit fibreglass panels to a MK1 toyota MR2, will it fail the MOT test in the UK under structural strength?
do you really have to use 91 octane fuel in a Mazda RX8?
Nissan Sentra Spoiler Brake Light?
will bomz 95-00 coli overs fit a 97 eclipse?
Are there any typical problems with the lincoln mkz?
I have a 1991 Honda Accord. When I get up to 50-60 MPH it shimmy's really bad.?
Is the 2.7 litre stratus 2002 engine an interference motor because i think i just jumped time?
Why is my 88 mustang gt 5.0 5-speed reving and doesnt pick up speed?
There is a Street Appearance bodykit available for 06 Focus.Will it also work for my 05?
cheap rear seat cover for 2000 Acura TL?
Informations on Deamg ac500?
2002 Acura RSX? 2000 Mitsubishi Eclipse RS?
My 2000 ford Taurus will crank up and run fine, then when i try to recrank it it will crank and then go dead?
Is it worth learning to drive 5-speed manual?
On-Star: Yay or nay?
this kind of nissan altima?
do you think the chrysler 300c hemi is the best looking thing going today. It's like a big bad bulldog?
how much hp would i gain from headers on my 1998 toyota 4runner v6?
What is the difference between a Nissan Patrol: RX, ST, DX, TI?
How can I get the best fuel economy out of my 2003 Ford Powerstroke 6.0?
Basil Fawlty's car?
Honda Civic DX 1995 HOW DO i MAKE IT FASTER?
what type of software used for vehical modification ?
how is the Mercedes CL-class?
what do you think of the new camaro?
Does chevy have a truck to compete with the 2nd gen f150 lightning?
how much would it cost for a new top for a 2001 sebring convertible, installed?
Should I tint my windows on my mini cooper?
Toyota 4 runner : Which engine still runs better with a higher milestand V6 or V8 -?
How do you set a clock on a 2002 Honda Civic?
Where is my fuel pump on my 2002 ford taurus?
request a free catalog?
will a 2150r0 or a 2150 aw clutch cable fit a english r reg pergot boxer?
Whats the best BMW car for a girl?
How do you know when you have a 2003 Pontiac Sunfire GT?
looking for a seat belt clamp for 1980 Olds cutless drivers side bucket seats?
My friends said there was a 90 thousand dollar Volkswagen?
Would you rather drive a Honda or a Toyota?
Is there any way to tighten the alternator belt on 1995 nissan 300zx?
What was 2006 subaru sti new car price?
Embarrassing BMW noise?
Solve the following: 4z+27+x5=y14?
First on race day?
My subraru impreza outback sport loses hubcaps like it's its job. Is it the factory hubcap or my wheel?
nissian 350z? goods bads?
Do you do the "Jeep Wave"?
I have a 1968 ford mustang coupe im wondering how much I can sell it for?
If my Civic 2007 is slow on braking, would i be able to get that fixed under warranty and not have to pay an e?
Which car should i get?
What is a reasonable price to pay for a 2002 Subaru Forester?
Will a 429 fit in a 1962 Ford Falcon or should I just go with a 302?
Porsche or Aston Martin?
Recommendations for BMW distribution?
What's a better buy? The Toyota Yaris Sport or Toyota Corolla Sport?
Why Dash Lights & Door Locks Quit Working When?
need a set of heads for 1976 ford 351m one is no good, will others fit (cleveland), or stay with the modified?
93 Oldsmobile Aurora problems?
'03 sentra 1.8, whats the oil capacity ?
My cousin has a 2000 lexus rx3 ll with a v63000 fourcam 24 vvi that he has totaled.?
does the toyota venza have a timing chain or belt?
ford ranger radio wiring?
2002 nissan altima - Why does my clutch occassionally looses tension?
2000 Oldsmobile Intrigue Cigar Lighter?
Peugeot 306 electrical problems, can anyone help?
what is the size of a mazda3 intercooler for1.6tds?
2008 AuDi TT QUESTIONS!!!!!?
How many miles does a Mustang get?
Honda civic 2002 coupe vtech problem?
What is the best engine for a 1971 plymouth duster?
how do you take out the radio out of an ae112 corolla?
I would like to stop the odometer of a nissan terrano and activate it as and when i wish how can i do that?
what would be one of the best make/model car to drive?
Problem with 1998 mustang?
what could i do to make my 2002 v6 mustang faster and louder?
what is the full form of BMW?
Which of these cars is the best Acura or Honda?
Where can I find a new front seat for my 1998 GMC Sierra?
Please explain to me the appeal of a '57 Chevy? I just don't get it. I adore lots of Chevrolets....?
I buying a landrover freelander 2.5 v6 auto w reg are they any good?
What is the cost for 2013 Sonata 7500 mi. scheduled maintenance?
hyundai tiburon ????
Does a honda del sol have room for a spare tire in the trunk, if subs are in there too?
What generation of camaros do you prefer?
what would you rather drive, a domestic vechicle or an import? Ford or Nissan?
toyota or hyundai?
Why does the four wheel drive light on a 1999 silverado pick up stay on?
Does anyone have an engine breakdown diagram for a 2001 mustang gt v8?
Need some info for Volkswagen customer service interview! Please Help!?
What is the company of this sports car?
I have a 02 civic and my car is overheating ?
can the battery of maruti swift dzire vxi be used for Maruti 800 car?
waT Would u have to do to make a supra 2jz engine from a twin turbo to a single wat do u have to dotochange it
How do you change the Pollen Filter on a UK spec Mazda 5?
where i can find engine performance information of my Mercedes Benz c220 model 95 in the web?
does anyone know what make (ie oz, konig etc) the standard wheels are on the new grande punto abarth?
What is a good website for Mustangs?
Timing chain for micra 2003?
Is the Porsche an over rated car?
Fiat Punto 1.2 16v vs Smart ForFour 1.1 12v?
what does the hours and minutes on my volkswagen dash mean?
Misfiring and possibly other problems with my 97 s10?
What's the cheapest was to boost the horsepower of my 1998 Nissan 240sx?
Which would you choose Escalade or Range Rover?
What has to be done too an old 1965 ford mustang thats been sitting for 10 years?
I have a 96 mondeo, it recently started leaking from the nut that comes out of the power steering box.?
Tata Manza Aura Vs Maruti swift Dzire VDI?
you like ford or chevy?
Has anyone purchase a catalytic converter from bavarian autosport ( Are there products good?
Used Toyota 4Runner Vs Tacoma?
What's the difference between a D15B honda engine and a B16a ????
What type of layout design is automobile have?
Does anyone know if the 98 Dodge Caravan 3.3 L engine is made by Mitsubishi?
2000 mustang GT or 2000 Celica GT? which one should i chose both are the same price?
i have a 92 honda civic w/ automatic D16y8 can i do a swap with any D series without swappin tranny?
Where is the Oil Filter on a 2003 Chevrolet Malibu? I bought the filter and it is actually a cartridge?
How many people would it take too fill up a volt wagon bug????
Which Vehicle is better?
What is the MPG on a 1993 Suburban 1500 Silverado 2 wheel drive?
07 Subaru Impreza dies while idling to a stop?
is the 2010 nissan maxima good handling?
Have a 1988 camaro 5.0 manual and was wondering if it is a good idea to take out the tbi and put in a tpi?
Does a 2005 Dodge Durango SXT have fog light options?
How to add more horsepower to a 2002 Honda Civic SI hatchback?
My Vauxhal Corsa's accelerator cable is hard each time i depress the pedal. Can somebody please resolve this?
which is the best car i can buy between 6 lakhs to 9lakhs?
What is the horsepower of a BMW 330i sedan?
A list of 50 old cars?
About audi A4 2002 heated mirror?
down pament n emi to buy Santro Zing Plus?
How much hp do you think i have?
ABS light comes on randomly? VW Polo 1.0 E (2000)?
Is 200 horsepower fast for a car?
hi all! i have a 1994 'rolla 4afe(well-maintained) but i'm experiencing severe power loss..i need help!
Where to find a reliable 1999 Dodge Durango 5.9L remanufactured PCM?
2007 VW passat 2.0T fuel pump covered under VW? 10 years or 120,000 miles?
How to take gas out of a 2001 Mazda tribute?
how long will a ford mustang last?
How much will a ford gt Coust today?
I drive a 1990 Pontiac sunbird, and the battery dies if I don't run it for a couple days any suggestions?
Why haven't theauto makers been able to match the mpg of the 1989 Buick Century, V-6. They were getting 34 mpg
If price was not an option would you get the toyota yaris or toyota prius?
Will ford ranger rims fit my 99 saab 9-5?
Nissan 240sx.. Car horn only works when i rotate the steering wheel.?
what was the first year Toyota made the Tacoma double-cab short-bed?
Why do we use the word vauxhall for cars in Uk whilst the rest of the worls uses opel?
1999 chevy s10 has no heat?
what is the correct pronunciation of 'hyundai'?
ratchet shifter on a t45?
What do you think of this car?
Is a 1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS-T for $2500 and 180,000 miles a good deal and car?
Will VW Lupo front seats fit my mk4 Golf?
diagram of timing belt settings on toyota camry?
Where can I find a cheap owners manual for a 1985 Mercedes Benz 500 SEL?
I need a front speaker cover for silver interior vette "97-'04?
why are hyundais so ugly?
Where is the place the new fiat commercial is filmed and what's the song? The one where they go to new york?
how much would a 1999 sunfire non coded key cost?
99 camaro z28 best sounding cat back exhaust?
What do I do about carbon build up on a honda civic?
Fox 1991 not starting?
Is 2012 Honda CRZ fast?
Longivity/Durability of 2007-2008 toyota 4runner Engines?
Why won't my 2006 eclipse trunk open?!?
What is the name of the swing song that keeps playing in the opel astra commercial where the cars fly?
How do I turn off the air ride on a 1995 Buick Riviera?
1998 Toyota Corolla A Good Car?
whats the best car you've driven (and the worst)?
will a transmission 99 dodge 1500 work in a 96 dodge1500?
Miata: Buzzing Sound from Engine Bay?
My 2004 Dodge Stratus CD player wont work?
Whats the price of the mercedes G-class guard?
what would make a bmw stop running ? Shutt off about a year ago and wont start no matter how many times i try?
a forum/website where honda owners can answer/help potential honda customers?
Do Toyota Dealers Around the Country Keep A Single Nationwide Database?
Honda CBR250R highway quality?
Does anyone know how much it is to register a 2010Toyota corolla?
Whatever happened to the old Ford Sierras?
Does the 2013 ford fiesta engine {1.6L 16-valve Duratec® I-4} have a timing chain?
F-150 or Silverado 1500?
How do you adjust the clutch on a 1997 Mazda B2300 pick-up SE?
I got a vw golf 2004 sport auto, would that be alright in the snow? in australian weather?
What did you think of the e90's Suzuki® Sidekick ?
Loudest Exhaust For 1999 Isuzu Trooper?
Where can I find out where all the current Ford commercials are or have been filmed?
What colour is YOUR?
BMW making diesel dosing noise?
What is your Jeep Grand Cherokee's gas milege???
I have a 1995 dodge ram 2500 v 10 on top of the transmission i have a hose about 2ft long what is that for?
how to install an antenna in 94 concorde?
What Type of Block is a Ford 390 Engine?
which is best--honda or chevrolet?
why does my gear car(206) vibrate in low speed?
does anyone know about how much to fix the M.A.F censor on a kia optima 2001?
Tinted tips for Toyota Wish?
buick 200 century turn on and off fog lights?
what is it when i turn full lock left or right at junctions i get knocking noises?
In what way Toyota are better than Honda?
Does Hyundai cover timing belt replacement under its warranty as I'm the original owner of a 2003 Elantra?
i'm ha ing a problem with my 94 chevy camaro 3.4 v6.?
How much will a ford gt Coust today?
hello,could someone tell me what the original engine was for a 1968 oldsmobile 442?
I have a 90 model mits eclipse and it dies when u start it i have?
What is the difference between a BMW 3i series and a BMW 3xi????
Infiniti g35 or nissan 350z?
is a mitsubishi 4WD van a good car to buy?
which is better ferrari or lamborghini?
i have a 86 Mazda rx7 with no title how can i obtain 1 in Indiana car was abandoned here?
1998 Pathfinder 4WD Low?
Does the Lexus SUV 330 get good gas milage ?
Bank 1 Sensor 2 O2 sensor Toyota Corolla?
Would my Scion Xb make it to Tahoe okay from SF, or should I rent an SUV?
I'm looking for a website to trace the VIN of a 1969 Plymouth Road Runner...any ideas??
Why is my 1997 Chevy Silverado "eating" starters!?
My 2000 dodge neon hesitates to turn on & when it does turn on i put it in gear it will turn off.?
how do you repair a Torque Converter Clutch Circuit Malfunction on a honda accord 2000?
should we get our daughter a bmw?
why do all volvo drivers drive with lights on?
Can you get a 2013 ford explorer with 4x4 and "Towing pkg"?
How much air does an F22B1 vtec engine consume?
I have a 1997 BMW 740i?
Which One Do You Like Better Ford Or Chevorlet?
Chevy G20 "black canister ball" under hood?
How can i get my mailbox with previous mails?
Does anyone else think the Lexus narrator sounds like a total wasp?
Mazda 626 not stalling when clutch is released?
Has anyone had experience with putting a car seat in a VW Beetle (new)?
Help recommend headlight bulb for Acura RL?
Where can i find cheap performance parts for my 06 civic coupe?
how do i get the back doors of my 1994 ford van open i can hear the lock work but they will not open?
does chevy have a 5 cylinder engine in production ?
Honda Prelude 2.2 vtec vti auto gearbox makes a grinding noise sometimes does works 't?
Are subaru Impreza reliable?
I have a 1990 Honda Acord 2.2L Eng. how is it on gas?
1990 Honda Civic Timing Question...?
I need a 5-speed transmission or a gear splitter for my 1978 F-150 4x4.?
if you had the choice of only the 2, would you take a ferrari? or a lambourghini?
Are all Volkswagen Beatles standards?
code needed for car stereo Peugeot BLAUPUNKT 1996?
Can anybody tell me where I can buy a manual for a Suzuki Vitara 94 Model. In Austalia?
why is my drl on my car keep flashing?
Why are auto makers comming out with these very Compact cars?
Where is the block heater on a 2001 Toyota Celica?
why is ford better than dodge?
Does the 1999 Mercury Villager have an 100 volt outlet?
1998 acura cl cigarette lighter socket not working.....?
How to make my 1993 Honda Accord LX nicer?
How did Ford emerge?
bmw m3 E46 what shud i pay?
what do ya'll think of a new mazda3 for a sixteen year old??
Is there a website that has copies of thank you letters for purchasing?
I am looking for a shop to put a 4BT Cummins in my 94 Jeep Cherokee. Any ideas?
2002 Honda Civic EX, rough idle, hesitation and sputter?
What is the average price of E85 fuel.?
2002 Ford Mustang V6. Engine flush, Engine Restore?
BMW 330ci individual throttle body?
best car for a 16 year old girl ?
Chevy Spark in mountains/snow?
2000 blazer my car squekes, do you know why?
Will 2002 tacoma rims fit on a 2006 tacoma?
Do any celebrities drive Jaguar Xj8 ?
Misfiring engine help?
About looking for a good locking gas cap...?
how much does a 1986 Toyota Corolla Sport GTS Hatchback go for?
What is the horsepower on my 93 Honda prelude si 2.1L if I added magnaflow exhaust, aem short ram intake?
How can you tell if its the alternator or the battery that is bad?
How to increase horsepower?
Is it possible to put a turbo on a 2.8 liter V6 which is in an S10???
i have a 1999 dodge neon and i have a short air intake to install but im not sure how to do so?
where is the cruise control fuse on a 1997 s10 pickup?
strut replacement and alignment?
Checy colorado vs ford ranger?
How do i get another key made for my ford focus car?
How do I pimp my Eclipse?
Why my new 2012 civic ex only 19 mpg ? do other buyer have same situation?
I would like opinoins on the nissan quest. Love it? Hate it? Why?
replace a tail light in 06 canyon?
What transmission to put in a 2002 Honda accord?
What can you say about a 2004 ford explorer sport trac?
here is another one. Why do cars bounce around when u put coilovers or lowering springs????and do u fiz tht??
2002 dodge ram seat back lever?
1995 Eclipse Rs Key chipped or not?
Death Valley info about driving conditions through the park during the middle of June?
Would I fit in a 1991-1993 Honda Civic EF,EG, etc hatchback?
In a 2003 Honda Accord is there anywhere I can hook my phone up to?
What engine is better for a Chevy Chevelle SS supercharger or a 454 big block?
Fuse 15 Honda accord 98 ex keeps blowing out?
what kind of car is reliable, fast with lots of horse-power?
Where can I find a good used transmission for a 95 Mitsubishi Galant in Columbia, SC?
Dodge neon acceleration problem?
I have ford focus tdci 05 plate and my hand brake light stays on when its not in operation?
Camaro pre heater hose?
Winter tire sizes for 2011 Hyundai Elantra?
Does anyone know when the new Ford Focus 2007 is going to be out??
how to pronounce porsche?
What do I do I have oil on my Spark plug in the 5th cylinder.?
Can anyone tell me exactly where the "low pressure" point is to regas the air con on a 2002 laguna dci tourer?
How much would it cost to tint the windows on my 2012 BMW 528i?
factory 2005 impala speakers?
is 2006 Porsche Cayenne Turbo good for a long distance drive?
Will you ever buy a toyota after all the mess?
do you know what GMC stands for?
08 vw rabbit speed warning light?
Is a Dodge Dakota comfortable for a 6' 2'' driver?
Eagle Talon TSI I need one asap!! 1st generation?
whats the difference between the 2006 mitsubishi eclipse and the 2007 mitsubishi eclipse?
I just purchased my 2012 chevy malibu in april and the brakes are making a horrible grinding noise?
88 toyota corolla with 249,000mi.. Do you think it's okay to drive on freeway?
When is the 2012 Nissan Sentra coming out?
why does my gear car(206) vibrate in low speed?
How much would a computer cost for a 1994 Chevy Beretta? how much would it cost brand new and in a junk yard?
can a purge valve be put on wrong on a 2000 hyundai?
this question is for bmw enthusiast?
97 honda civic trouble Help please!?
2001 Pt Cruiser headlight replacement?
Why does my '06 Camry only get a pathetic 22 mpg??
What size rims should I get for my 2001 C240 Mercedes?
who was the previous owner of Mercury Mariner VIN#4M2CN8HG2BKJ07373?
Laguna or vectra?
Ferrari or Porsche?
1999 pontiac grand am gt engine problem starting?
How does a Honda motor swap work?
what car is better cadilliac or mercedes?
Needing a first car, thinking a BMW.?
where is the antitheft relay switch on a 1999 chevrolet cavalier?
Lancer evo 06?
What's up with the Toyota Yaris?
mula sa cubao Paano ako makakapunta sa rockwell business center?
How much could i get a 1SS 2010 camaro for?
Where can I find a Fast Idle kit for a GM Tow truck?
My 1995 Jeep Cherokee only starts now when it wants to.?
2011 Porsche Boxster Spyder color code?
Which fuse controls lumbar support in S420?
What does the power steering filter look like on a 1999 ford tauras...dohc?
Who would win between a 98 chevy cavalier or a 2000 grand prix se???
Whats wrongwith my jeep?
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