what kind of exhaust should i get if i just want a nice rumble. nothing too loud or annoying.?
Squeaking and rattling noise 2002 Honda accord coupe?
Anybody would you suggest me Hyundai I10 manga or Hyundai I10 sports which one you suggest me to buy and why?
what does DOHC mean on cars?
Do you like the new mustangs better or the old ones?
why the 760LI cost less than the 750LI on ebay?
What other kind of cars steel rim can i use for my 07 chevy malibu?
Need to know if my problem is the distributor or ignition module on 1980 318 doge ram v8 engine?
did xe falcons come off the factory floor with a five speed manual or are five speeds not original for the xe?
How much does a Mercedes C63 AMG Black cost?
i have a 95 honda civic.....?
What cars would be in your perfect 5 car garage?
how much can i buy a stock turbo kit for a 99 gti 2.0l engine?
Will a blank uncut 2008 subaru tribecca remote key work if cut to fit a 2002 subaru wrx?
Why are my ac main vents dont blow any air but only the dash vent?
Where can you buy the front fender of a suzuki lt f 160 2001 quad runner and how much does it cost?
Ford Focus?
What's your opinions on this matter?
Engine upgrades for a 1995 3000gt dohc, engine drill , gasket change , 3ed gen lifter and bigger pistons?
How reliable is a 1997 Ford Taurus with 200K miles on it?
my audi v6 was spluttering when i tried to start it, the mechanic says its the battery, is that true?
Is the right front lower ball joint boot covered by warranty by Ford?
2005 Chevy avalanche grill conversion kit question?
My 96 ford taurus has leaking all the transmission fluid?
when I depress the gas pedal of my car, it takes a long time to accelerate. Why?
turn signel switch?
mini cooper torque settings?
Who Makes the "Smart Car"?
Isuzu Diesel box trucks.?
Why won't my batt. stay charged?
Why is it that people who buy the crappy new V6 Mustangs try and make them look cool?
Should i get a 1995 Audi S6?
Putting 22s on an F150?
new-er VW owners with an ASR mod?!?
my gmc safari van doesn't turn over when started. why?
Does anyone know where I can get Subaru SVX body kits from?
Nissan skyline R34 import to US?
Recomendation Needed: Tires for 1998 Jetta?
I really want a Subaru impressa do you think this is a good car?
20" rim and tire 5 lug?
what can i do to make my 1995 5.0 mustang gt faster than a 4.6 motor?
how would I would kow when my ckeck come?
fast and the furious bodykit?
can a toyota land cruiser last 500,000 miles?
Which would you preferr? 2010 camero SS or 2011 mustang gt?
What is the weight of a Cadillac Escalade ESC?
which is the best car in the world?
Can I ship a Honda Torneo SIR back to the states from Okinawa?
my 2006 chevy impala 3.5 wont start?
Where is the horn located on a 2000 dodge?
how do i locate my vacuum modulator on my chevy 305 engine?
01 nissan maxima gle maybe transmission slipping?
Bugatti veyron?? See why the driver overcoming the hump on the road like this?
My 1982 Honda CB650 wont start?
2.4 L GM dual overhead cam PROBLEMS?
Where is the motor mount on a 97stick saturn s15?
Subaru impreza wrx transmission question?
What kind of car do you drive?
Looking for an American made all, wheel drive, hard top convertible?
Whats the Fiat Grande Punto Advert Song ?(the one with three punto's the colour of the italian flag)?
Dodge Charger or Camaro, which is sexier?
A Honda Civic headlight replacement question?
2001 Grand Cherokee 4.7L issues?
anyone know how to change 1991 mercury sable struts?
Cost of rear differential of 2004 Honda CRV?
how do i disconnet my factory car alarm on a 98 subaru impreza?
In car all in one dvd player for Zafira car?
are pontiac grand ams pieces of crap?
BMW what does it stand for?
what should I do if I want to get my 1980 honda xl 500 to kickstart in 1 kick?
so i am looking for a live stream for apka colors and sahara one like this one
Do you think General Motors is going under?
What kind of Mustang should I get?
what is the lug pattern on a 3/4 dodge 8 lug wheel?
1992 honda accord timing belt snaped?
who likes bmw drivers?
Why would anyone buy a lexus when it's just an expensive toyota??
How much for honda civic Si sedan 2006-2008?
How to change a gas filter of a jetta gl 2.0 2002?
I have white smoke coming out of my exhaust can anyone help?
Legend Lime Metallic or Torch Red Mustang?
We just got the ok to produce the brand new Camaro.. what plant do I work in???
Looking to modify 2012 VW GTI?
what is your favourite car and the one you dislike most?
Chevy s-10 1996, anyone else think they suck?
2003 Ford Focus ac work only on low fan setting?
Who thinks foreign cars need to butt out of Nascar??
i need to find out parts for my 2006 Nissan skyline r34?
Will a 1999 ford windstar 3.8 V6 motor fit into a 1991 ford thunderbird with a 3.8 V6?
Will a 2003 Hyundai Tiburon last me?
I have a 1993 BMW 325 is and a warning light that looks like an exclamation mark turned on, what does it mean.
What are greener and cheaper alternatives to the Toyota Prius?
location of heater blower resistor 89 dodge dynasty?
skoda octavia drives window controle stopped working.?
whow much did 2009 scion xb cost when it first came out?
how to change fuel pump in 2007 chrysler sebring?
did you like 2008 better than 2007?
explorer v8 limited edition?
GPS Navigation for Toyota Corolla 2006?
How to make explorer?
Whether Tata Nano Car is the best to buy for the Middle Class Peple?
Honda swaps need advice or help?
Is This a good deal for a Grand Prix ?
How to remove haze on my car windscreen?
how much should i pay for a Honda pilot?
Hey.. my car has some problems.?
86 gmc SIERRA 3.73 10 bolt rear end rebuild?
Need help with acura shocks pls?
Which 2005 Ford Mustang is better?
How many miles should I drive before I get an oil changed?
Ford Escape Hybrid - Any info?
Toyota Yaris T2 1.0 VVT-I blue/green warning light, help?
are you a?
Should I spend £30k on a new Alfa Romeo Spider?
Lexus GS 400 brakes and master cylinder replaced and now abs light on and alarm going off?
examples of civic rights?
Mazda 3 Sedan Review?
09/02/09 ____ 09/02/09?
Have 2003 Chevy Blazer that the temp gauge goes up and down and heat goes hot to cold and back to hot?
why won't Ford release their 65 mpg car here in the U.S. but it's europe?
where is the fast idle thermo valve on a 90 civic 1.5?
best honda parts for a smoother ride...?
what should i do my Chevy suburban just stop running while driving ,it like it want get any gas to cooperator?
What is wrong here? CRD PT cruiser sometimes sluggish when accelerating?
Will keyless entry work on my 2003 honda civic lx?
I drive a vintage Chevy. Should I get a fuzzy dashboard to match the fuzzy dice?
bleeding brake lines on a 2007 Honda Pilot?
on car parts,i looked for a Pontiac 400 6.6 V8 timing chain cover but could not locate one what should i do?
looking to buy a hoineycomb chrome grill for gmc yukon where should i start?
will the insurance for a subaru cost as much if?
How many miles is too many miles when looking to purchase a used Volkswagen Beetle?
Why do ALL lesbians drive El Caminos?
What can I do to increase the hp in a car?
Can a half ton GMC with a 350 v8 pull a 35 foot camper?
Is Acura owned by Honda?
Is a 1993 Lexus ls 400 worth buying ?
What does GTI stand of on a car?
Bmw Drug Test?
00-05 cadillac deville deep cycle battery?
Cambelt change on a volkwagon passat sel tdi 170 bhp?
When is the Aveo U-va expected to hit the Indian markets?
How can i locate the fuse box of a BMW 316i model year is '92 (99hp e36 M40). I want to turn off the abs.?
Which is better: Mazda 323 or Mitsubishi Lancer?
I have a honda foretrax 125 1988 model what kind of oil do i need to use?
what's the opinion of a Hyundai Sante Fe or Tuscon?
When will Mercedes C63 black series be available in US?
Can i put Blow Off Valves in a Volvo S40 1.9T??
Are lotus 7 style cars reliable or is it gonna cost me all the time?
what car is nicer?
2005 is the ford explorer xlt suspension the same as the explorer sprot trac?
Ford Focus Zetec 2005 MK2 shifting is stiff?
Which Camaro from 82 to 92 would be best for drag racing?
where can i get a sroud for a 77 dodge monaco?
325xi or 530xi versus X3/X5 series, why and why not?
What exactly does the speed chip on the 2005 Dodge Neon SXT do?
what is the biggest engine to put in a dodge neon?
Is a 1995 jeep cherokee seat compatible with a 2001 jeep cherokee?
Part number for 2011 Prius lower glovebox door?
68 Chevy nova ss, 73 dodge charger rallye, or 69 dodge charger?
what makes an object beautiful and why?
Help Anyone with a Honda Accord!!!!!?
Where can i order funny 0 gauge plugs?
What do u do about this rumor?
Looking for a new Luxury Car?
1998 nissan altima fuse chart
Can someone help me with my Altima?
Answers for I Have A 1.2 Renault Clio. How Much Would Petrol Cost Me From London To Manchester?
help fixing a 1990 Chrysler new yorker 5th avenue glove box latch?
future of computer ?
Door to 97 Miata is stuck and shut.?
I broke the arm/suspension on the front ride side of my '04 chevy Aveo what is the average cost for repair?
gas prices are insane. can I put regular gas in my audi?
How much would it cost to install a bench seat in the middle row of a ford expedition?
I have a friend who is going to lease a BMW costing $45,000 for $375 a month with $6,000 down. Is this good?
where on the net has good car vinyls?
What will take me to drive a SLK 350?
where to find racing suspension for chevette?
What exactly is the purpose of an "automatic" in a Corvette?
How much boost can astock type r handle with ls vtec b16 head p73 piston, b16 head, gsr cams? ?
which mercedez benz class is a good one for a 4 door sedan w/ a sporty look and feel to it(how it handles,etc)
What are the mustang 91 speaker sizes?
what is the towing capacity of my 2000 ford f-150 4x4 supercab 5.4L automatic with a trailer tow package?
Best Cars Just Out For 17 Year Olds.?
is Renault Clio V6 rear wheel or front wheel drive?
What cam should I use on my c10 pickup?
what is the deal with "racing" civics?
how to adjust Honda Odyssey backup camera (too low/close view)?
My ford fiesta 52 plate needs a code for its radio my serial number is m090918 any help would be great cheers?
Does anyone know if a F-250, 1997, deisel ,crew-cab, foot bed, 97,683miles, for $3920 is a good price?
Hand held sat nav for ramblers can you recommend one.?
do the 02 wrx wagon front coil springs have the same width as the rear coil springs?
Why can my stock Ford Expedition beat every Civic in town?
What are motor mounts.?
do they still make the 454?
How do I activate a transponder key on a 2001 Mazda 626?
Speedometer stopped working in my 1992 Ford Taurus SHO? I heard it may not have a VSS. Where do I start?
air filter and fuel filter for mercedes w203 c180k 2006?
Can I put 97 or 02 Escort rim on an 01 Escort?
How do u install an oil gauge On a Honda acorde?
Coolest looking 2009 car?
I have a 2003 Chevrolet Impala. The seat light for passenger will not go out. Anny suggestions.?
what is the torque spec for a 2003 E500 Sport Edition lug nut ?
Chevy 1500 gas milage question?
Ford GT vs Saleen S7 whos faster in the QM and in top end?
on a 1968 mustang with saddle interior was color was the dash pad?
What do i need for bulbs for 2009 civic si foglights for HIDS?
Where is the fuel filter for a 1997 Mazda millena.?
1990 v6 toyota 4runner rod bearing question?
2000 Ford Explorer stalls while driving?
Can't remove dashboard from 1995 Fordup.?
Available Turbo for 2.7L V6 for Chrysler Sebring?
1992 Cutlass Ciera key-less entry system?
My back door on my 02' Nissan Altima won't unlock does anyone know how I could unlock it?
Is chrylser american or german?
Where did GM got the name CHEVOLET and its crosslike emblem?
95 Camaro pulsating very little in 4th gear.?
How much horse power does a new dodge VIPER have?
I buying a landrover freelander 2.5 v6 auto w reg are they any good?
What is the P T Cruiser
Starter relay 1994 Suzuki intruder?
HONDA CRV...Do you like yours?
i just got a 95 bmw 318is and need more power what can i do?
japanese or american cars are better?
What could be wrong with my 2004 honda civic CD player?
i'm want buy USA car !!! but here in my country the weather hot !!!.which are good in hot weather. town car or
Help Swapping Engines?
Mitsubishi Galant 99-03 owners, don't you think they have the sexiest body of all Mitsubishi lines all time?
Which Impala is Better - 1964 or 1966?
If you were a Jeep dealer, what would you do differently?
what mercedes benz do you have?
2003 Chevy Suburvan wont start.?
whats the best pick up truck on the market?
75 chevy camaro uphill trouble?
1998 honda accord does anyone know what could be wrong I keep hearing a popping noise in the front end? please?
Honda Maintenance Required Reset How To?
can a 2005 dodge stratus 2.7 engine work on a 2001 dodge stratus?
I'm interested in the buying a used auto, which is the better all 2000's Audi A4/Subaru Luganza or Saab9 3
Insurance rates for Volkswagen beetle?
I wanna buy a honda jazz. but which type is better?? 1.4 i-DSI MT or 1.4 i-DSI CVT ?? Please Advise.. Thanks?
Where is the EGR sensor located in a 92 ford ranger?
volvo - stuck on ladder help - how to get past this?
VW Beetle Speaker size?
whats the fuel efficiency for a dodge stratus?
When to use Part time 4wd and Full time 4wd?
Hyundai GPS Navigation?
What is the Name of the car which has four circles as its symbol?
what do you think about girls that drive big trucks like dodge rams and escalades?
How to find timing marks on a 1999 ford escort zx2?
What make is or was the favourite car that you have owned?
Can a stick shift car have cruise control?
diesel or petrol? which is cheaper?
Acura CL Type S Idle Issue?
Auto- abs,and brake light stay on, with no code readout on OBD11?
what sports car is low up keep, reasonable cost and reliable?
How often do you need to change the oil in a car?
How do I stop oil from coming out of the oil dip sick tube in a 1995 Land Rover Discovery 3.9?
Why do people buy Jeep Wranglers or cherokee and drive in the city?
What parts do I need to make a cold air intake for a 2003 Kia Spectra?
LS Grille Interchange?
meaning of scion...?
I just bought a 06 Ram Pickup what is the best way to keep the engine clean? I want to keep it brand new forev
where can i find a retractable cargo cover for suzuki wagon?
1999 pontiac grand am GT problems!!?
Where can I buy a DFPE/EGR sensor for a 2001 mazda tribute?
how to take off Acura 93 interga headlights?
What are you comments about Tata nano 2012 model?
The warning lamp for the electronic immobiliser flashes continuously for the audi and it cant start. This star?
1889 Toyota 4x4 want start?
Does the Toyota Prius really average over 50 mpg?
How to change timing belt on 99 hyundai elantra?
What is the most fuel efficent Chevrolet vehicle?
What is the difference between a Ford engine and a GM engine.?
Audi TT or Mercedes Coupe Sport?
how can I tell if my 1974 Nova is an SS model?
What Kind Of Car Do You Like?
96 jeep cherokee high miles?? how much left?
Which do people like more? BMW or Audi?
2000 Tundra vs. 2003 F150?
About how much hp will i get out of a programmer on a 2003 4.7 dodge durango?
Civc RPM Q's?
what is the optimum milage for a 5 years old TATAINDICA?
Why is my 2007 Chevy silverado making a squeking sound?
which is a better car?
Can you recommend any "rare" cars? for under 6000?
Can someone tell me, how to remove vw golf 1999 door panel, with manual windows etc? step by step ?
what do you thank of 78 camaros?
Help with BMW headlights?
which car would you get?
xj12-1979- motor has miss, what is the obvious problem?
When will Audi be rolling out their 2014 models?
Cheap Audi TT MK1 performance upgrades?
how much to ship a mustang from usa to nz. and is it worth it?
how much horse power does a 1985 camaro V6 have?
What is your favorite car or kind of car (convertible, coupe...)?
what is your favorite type of car?
Does any one has a 1971 or older BMW 2002 ti for sale, I'll appreciate any feed back?
What car or cars do you own?
I have a 1996 Saab cse turbo 9000 and I want to check the mileage because I think that the mileage is not true?
2003 Subaru WRX 2.0L?
When I try an start my 99 cavalier it makes a kinda tapping sound an will not start is this the starter?
ford ka 51 platedio code ra?
How to replace driver side front blinker lens on 1999 nissan sentra?
Can the new honda fit be flat towed?
what is the hub/wheel bearing replacement cost for 2005 volkswagen gti if i take it to the dealership?
what is the price of pulsar 180cc in gujarat?
what are the best headers for a mustang?
How hard is it to replace the front motor mount by the radiator on my 1991 civic??? mines busted.?
Is there a website that has copies of thank you letters for purchasing?
Are MG Rovers a good car?
I have a 2004 BMW 330ci. Every time I come back to my car, all the windows and sunroof are wide open.?
my 94 honda wont crank after i changed the distributor don't know what wrong ?
Will a Flowmaster cat-back system improve gas mileage for my 2002 Mustang GT ?
Subaru WRX? Is there such a thing? My husband has been saying he wants one...supposedly the are really fast?
Has anyone put electric seats in a 1996 Mustang that did not have them before?
Which one would when out of these 3 races... (which set of cars)?
2001 Ford Windstar running horrible, need help!?
what do the letters; L and I stand for on a BMW ?
My VW is crap. How about yours??
What does a Tune-up for a 2010 Ford Escape Consist off?
Cadillac vs Jaguar? Which would you choose?
2008 Chevy Cobalt Rims?
what will give better fuel economy & power an SS induction kit or a rampod?
What is the cost of BENZ S CLASS?
anyone know a sexy sporty car?
I would like get more info to modifie my toyota echo hatch?
Ford transit start up problems!?
97 Honda Prelude 5speed misfire while turning and accelerating?
Why won't my 2000 Ford F-250 with a 7.3 diesel start?
Whats the best VW Golf?
What electrical problems could cause a 96 nissan quest to shut down after about 5 to 10 minutes after being?
what is the distance from Brownsville,TX to Las Vegas,Nevada?
Can you get a Toyota Matrix in AWD with the 5 speed MT?
Does anyone know wheat the Xa stands for on the Scion?
What's wrong with my dodge durango 2001 4x4 transmission?
i have a 94 probe gt with the klze engine in it.Will performace headers for the stock engine fit mine?
Thinking of buying a bmw z3 can anyone tell me the pro's and cons associated with this car?
"1988 toyota p/u has no power to fuel pump. I can jump the fp and b+ and the fuel pump will work.?
1997 pontiac sunfire that starts to over heat?
How much trouble is it to replace a timing belt on a 2000 Toyota Camry?
90000 miles good or bad on an pontiac aztek 2004?
What truck have more power ford or Chevy ?
do you like ford or toyota more?
What car under 20k could beat an 09 mustang with a V8 engine?
whats better top gear or fith gear?
My 2000 chevy calalier has 164,000 miles, runs good and is paid for. Should I keep it?
Looking to buy a 1997 bmw 525i but it has 173,000 miles on it?
Are people with Mercedes better than everyone else?
honda civic slows down while driving..?
95 2-door Tahoe 350 TBI?
Im worried please help me with my Mustang problem?
Anyone into 54-55-56 Fords?
How to turn off Fuel Pump ShutOff Switch on my 97 Thunderbird?
will a low key battery,cause my engine to disable its rover 75 2lt diesel?
whats your favourite style car?
My high beams work, the daytime lights work, but I can not get the low beams to work.?
how do i get to the old model chevrloet cars?
i hear a lound clunk when making a left or right turn in my 2000 f 150 and dont know what it is?
I'm getting a rattling, like something dragging under my 94 jeep grand cherokee, but nothing is dragging.?
How do I remove 66 VW front glass and rubber and replace?
what would be a good website to find Camaro tees for women?
Does Chevrolet still make the Astro van?
What is the worse brand new car in your opinion?
How many 100th Anniversary Ford Mustangs were made in 2003?
Do you run your hands up and down your Tatas to feel the curves?
Civic type r ep3 v Toyota glanza v civic vti?
Does a Toyota Corolla 2003 model have an engine number and a chasis number? if yes where can i find ithem?
is this a girls car?? ?
which fuse is for the dashboard?
what is the best system for a nissan truck?
cobra engine in a jaguar?
Why would anyone ever buy a Nissan?
Should I get the civic si, if I never drove stick?
Help which car is best overall?
what is my camshaft cwc #115893 270144 made in the usa?
Is a VW Jetta a good car for an 18 year old to start out with?
06 mazda 5 door or 06 honda civic?
My 91 chevy cavalier clutch has a lot of pressure?
97 dodge ram dual exhaust?
1997 Ford Mustang V6 3.8L?
Does anyone own an Acura?
i have a 1982 suzuki fa50. it fire's but it just wont start. it ran then it just stoped?
where the hell can I locate a 1968 Ford Mustang Shelby model replica?!!? please help me!?
Does anyone have experience with an APEXI fireball muffler?
Did you hear about the new model Tata is going to produce?
integra gsr front bumper question?
What is the best supercar wver made?
How many miles can you go with gas light on?
What version navigation dvd does a 2002 Acura TL-S need & where can I get one. Free download or used. Thanks?
Blinker box problem on my 95 Honda Accord?
how to install the flex plate on an 87 f-150 crate engine?
Ford, What do you prefer?
which one is better bmw m3 or mercedez benz slk models?
Why my 05 impala heat only works when acceletating?
Can you replace a 99 Oldsmobile Bravada left front door with a 99 Chevy Blazer door?
What is this called [PICTURE INSIDE]?
Where can I find this car/what is this color? (Volkswagen)?
2008 honda civic noise from wheel?
help me find out how to work the map on a car called Nissan Almer Tino?
Which is better in SUVs bmw or audi?
Honda Civic DX 1995 HOW DO i MAKE IT FASTER?
will 4.3 chevy v8 lt1 fit 5.7 lt1?
How much is a candy apple paint job for a Chrysler 300?
ford puma or toyota celica?
Will the front strutts off a 2000 civic lx fit on a 1997 civic lx?
looking for backdoors for ford transit hi top 1990 (h)reg?
air ride on a 99 eclipse?
How do I know if my automatic transmission is going out?
My '97 Nissan Sentra has a loud whirring sound, how do i fix it?
Is a Volvo S40 a good car?
what will happen if timing belt is broken?
Painful, burning when urinating, itching in and around the ?
What Does BMW Stand for?
what weight can I carry on my mercedes medium wheel base?
Need Help to make power in a 305?
2001 toyota prius driver side door automatic lock stopped working...?
is there a big difference between a 97 and 94, v6 chevy s10?
how do i make a strawberry bananna smoothie?
What is your favorite Honda (or Acura) other than the S2000 and NSX?
i have a 93 mazda 626 2.1 4 cylinder and the altanator belt broke.?
How much would it cost to get my 2006 VW Beetle painted?
block heater Mazda?
how much is a honda recon?
Where can i find a turbo kit for 1993 toyota camry 4 cylinders?
93 mercury tracer E-brake light?
Brake issues on a 95 neon?
lexus is 300?
are 2002 rsx easy to steal?
Where can I download a video of the '97 VW commercial "Sunday Morning" (aka "Da da da") in good quality?
whats the nicest car you`ve owned, tested or borrowed?
Buying a 350z, what's the difference between the models?
2002 BMW 325i or 2003 BMW 530i?
where to find 06 chevy impala center console lid?
attention owners of Mercedes wagon C240 or C320, whould you reccomend to buy one?
what is the production process used by VW?
What are the best tires for my 2007 Subaru Impreza?
will a 95 camry trunk fit on a 93 camry?
Will a 2.0/2.3 L Ford Ranger (2WD) engine go into another Ranger (4x4) that has a 4.0/3.0 L engine in it?
Is the 2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT 2D Convertible fuel efficient??
what is the target market for Alfa Romeo?
i threw a rod in my lexus what are the pros n cons of fixing it?
My 2004 E320 has trouble starting at times?
3S AWD help...?
Is VOLVO the safest car?
1990 Toyota CELICA GT- was it made out of metal?
are the 2010 jeep laredo reliable?
Does anyone know where all the vin numbers are located on the 2004 Nissan armada?
Thumping noise from the front of Ford Focus 1.8 Diesel 2001?
What's your favorite color for a car?
what is a misfiring cyclinder?
How much more power to my 2002 impreza rs?
My 2004 Ford Focus front driver side window stopped working?
2010 Nissan Tida will chaneg the shap?
Is a CLK Coupe a good car for a new driver?
Poll: anyone out there own a 2012 Mazda 3?
Do all BMW drivers drive like *****?
2001 Jeep grand cherekee lerado stall engine light on?
Peugeot 206 won't start?
Is buying a Hummer worth it?
Anyone know where to buy a 1982 to 1985 Buick Century "TWO DOOR" Limited?
Should I trade in my Mazda 6 2006 for a 2009 Lancer?
where can i find new car sales figures for north america? europe?
Mid to late 90's Eldorado question?
do u think lambo doors would look good on a 1992 camaro rs?
i have a 2001 pontiac aztec with just over 100,000 miles .?
the roof won't go back up on my new porsche boxster s. what should i do?
Do i need to let the turbo on my new 2012 evo x spool down to avoid damage?
Tools for changing transmission oil on 2003 Acura TL type s?
what mustangs are better 04-09 or 10-12?
What do you think about the Chrysler Town n Country minivan?
what wrench to use if they asked for degrees when torgueing a head?
Where is the power steering reservor, lines, and pump, located in a 1994 dodge caravan?
will u buy tata nano?why?
Toyota Supra: Difference between US and Australian cars?
has anyone had problems with there 2006 kia rio?
Will anyone give me £8,000?
1998 ford ranger 4x4?
Which is better a 2004 used Mercedes Benz S500 or a brand new Mercedes Benz C 300?
is there any problem with chevrolet aveo 2006?
which one is better?
where is the release button or lever to open the gas tank of a lexus rx300 year '99?
My 1994 ranger is stalling HELP PLEASE?
87 Toyota cranks but not starting?
mitsubishi pinnin car?
What do you think about the toyota recall? Will you continue to buy their cars?
what is causing a iginiton key being hard to turn on chrysler 300. have bent one key to point of breaking.?
When is the c7 coming out?
Will cash incentives on Dodge Caravans get better after 7/5/2006? Could they go up to $5,000.00?
99 GMC 1500 5.7L runs like crap after a while?
93 Jeep Grand Cherokee?
Is a Voltswagon beetle a hybrid car?
Need extra car key for 2001 Honda CRV?
Where can I get a DETAILED explosion drawing of a stearing colum of an 88 Jeep Cherokee pioneer 4.0 AT?
What should be the cost of brakes being changed on Volvo S40?
need help finding car ecu?
Car won't go in gear????02 bmw manual?
What is the best/most reliable 6" lift kit for a 1999 2 door Chevy Tahoe?
what does DTS stand for in Cadillac 2006 DeVille?
Will my 2004 model ford focus accept premium unleaded fuel?
What are the Toyota RAV4 cloth seats like?
Where can I find free dune buggy blueprints?
Is this good gas mileage?
A question about mercedes benz SL550?
where can i get my old ranger rover chippd its Year 2000 has a BMW 2`5DHSE engine i bought it to tow my carava?
Thinking of buying a new Mustang GT. Anyone have any feedback on them?
my 2006 dodge ram radio works sometimes has anyone else had this kind of problem?
which is better?
Guys, do you own a classic hot rod?
What engine is this?(PIC)(HONDA CIVIC)?
Where is the thermostat on a 1998 chevy cavalier?
91 4runner aut trans drain & refill? How much fluid does it hold?
Would I be able to fit a 3.6 TDV8 in an XJ (X350/X358)?
my 2000 isuzu npr diesel is overheating.?
My truck wont crank on it turns but wont start its a 1990 Chevy Silverado?
Where is the main pump relay on the 1989 acura integra?
is pontiac a good car manufacturer?
What is the best type of exaust system recomended for a 1999 ford mustang 3.8? Closest in sound to a v-8.?
1993 altima ,while doing a tune-up I rotated the engine by the dist rotor now no fire from coil?
89 nissan sentra wont turn over?
1994 cadillac deville concours strange noise?
attention toyota owners: what do you think of your toyota, and who has the most miles?
can any one tell me supplier of a heater for a 1971 beetle im freezing?
locked keys in Audi tt how do i get them out.?
Best choice for first car Acura TSX 2009 or Accord 2005?
Can I swap a Ford Ranger 4 cylinder rear end with a Ford Ranger 6 cylinder rear end?
What are the two little lights in the corners of the headlights of a VW jetta Wolfsburg edition?
(1998) 900 Saab Convertible top out of alignment?
98 VW Jetta sqealing really loud!!! please help?
2004 Honda Element, All-Wheel Drive Steering Issues?
how many miles can a 2007 Hyundai Santa Fe run before any major problems?
what size motor in a mazda 626 96 says 121.5 cu. in.?
Where is the thermostat on a 2011 dodge caliber?
How do I replace the brake lamp on a 1998 Ford Taurus?
my aunt needs a new car cheap what is a rock bottom price for a chevy aveo?
I have a 2007 ford escape, 2.3L, what kind of ac compressor do i have to buy?
Which Ford engine is better?
load sensor c4 grand picasso?
Is a Nissan Quest reliable?
BMW 325i will not start... Low oil pressure light.?
2001 Expedition engine fan wont shut off.?
How many Infiniti G35 coupes are made versus Nissan 350z?
Auto Battery Problems! My battery has been being a point where it cant be recharged...?
97 pontiac sunfire keeps dying..whats wrong?
I am looking at a Saturn Outlook with Dark Brahma Jewel exterior. Is this a red color or more black?
i am looking for a website on echo, scion xa,xb engine swaps?
Do you think the 2007 shelby gt 500 is worth $25k over sticker price??
Chrysler 300 or Dodge Charger?
What do you do, if you don't want to drive?
Who out there thinks the new mustangs are seriously ugly?
how much oil does my 2004 chevy silverado with the 5.3 engine take?
Need to know if my problem is the distributor or ignition module on 1980 318 doge ram v8 engine?
What size are the speakers on a 2002 ford expedtion?
Tax return question.I recently bought a Toyota Prius.?
What car is better Dodge Challenger VS Chevy Camero 2011?
Mazda 3 Mazda 3 Mazda 3 HELP!!!!!?
how much is my 1953 ford worth???
What Kind Of Oil Does A 1978 Ford F100 Custom Use?
what are the top rated small suvs?
Do you do the "Jeep Wave"?
Vw engine will fire backfire but wont run?
Replace a ignition switch on a 1991 honda civic?
Hi i have a 1999 grand marquis
why dont the fans turn on?
Radio on 08' Dodge Avenger out?
Looking for VW MK5 Full body kit GTI Style in Australia.?
Van Leaking Antifreeze - 99 Dodge Caravan?
Hyundai dash backlights and gear backlights not working?
How to hookup a gas gauge on VW Dune Buggy?
my cherokee have accelerate problems?
2000 Firebird will turn over, but will not start. Fuel pump is working, no fire.?
Opel/Vauxall Corsa 1999 Rear Fog Light?
Ford Focus 1.8 Ghia 2006 stalling problem?
Program key to start 2007 Toyota Yaris?
1991 nissan 300zx 2+2?
Disable Overdrive system on Ford Focus?
need front end body parts hood grill drivers fender radiator radiator support etc?
Which model battery is used in a 1997 Mitsubishi Gallant 1.8L?
I have a 1993 Ford ranger (stx) the drivers side rear tire wont move the left one will. warm weather?
is putting a renault trafic 2ltr converstion into my renault trafiv 1985 1647cc a big job and is it possible?
Will 2003 Dodge neon tail lights fit a 2000 neon?
How can I disable the alarm on a 2000 VW Golf? .?
RPM Gauge and Automatic?
Do you know why the steering of a S430 Mercedes Benz 2002 feels abrasive?
Honda accord MPG!?! Help!?
Is 198,000 miles on a Dodge Ram 1500 bad?
How much does the 2013 Honda accord cost? ( with Sunroof?)?
Why should I purchase a Lexus over a Mercedes and BMW?
P0138 and P0607 codes on 2010 Corolla S. 50K miles?
How to install a sport air filter into a Renault Megane?
My VW Beetle shifter suddenly stopped workings. What is wrong?
Nissan 2002 Altima??????!!?
how to jailbreak itouch 2g?
how to set up a turbo in a acura integra?
Do the Americans make any good cars, or are they bottom of the pile?
What kind of car do you drive?
dash gages stopped working in 97 ford explorer?
how many miles per gallon on 2000 ford excursion mpg 5.4 gas triton?
Check engine light is on after about 5 minutes of driving. Lincoln 1993 Town Car?
replaced timing belt on 1991 ford mustang it stared up ran 4 5 min then shut off have no spark?
I have a 2005 Toyota Avalon. I need to know what manufacturer makes the ground effects for the 2006 Avalon.?
Do I really need mufflers?
98 Ford E350 A/C goes hot intermittently.?
99 VW passat door problem?
Is dual exhaust factory on a 98 ford f150 triton 5.4?
what is the cost of a 1972 camaro?
upgrading my ford focus?
Rover 25 or Renault Clio????????/?
My 2003 dodge neon got water in the motor .but no knocking nose .does that mean the motor no good .?
my family is going to buy the 2008 acura rdx does it make people look rich????
03 Altima cranks but won't start?
Scion tc 2007??????whats he price?
When is Logan Henderson's Birthday?
where can i find custome dashboard gauges for a 2006 dodge stratus sxt sedan?
Honda Civic DX 1995, good car or bad?
91'Cavalier odd overflow problem.?
Volkswagen jetta or volkswagen cc?
which is the best car at a total cost of 4 lakhs in india?
Isn't the smart car UGLY?
is it possible to re programme a used key card for a 2002 renault laguna, .(UK Only)?
Is the Scion tC a fast car and what mods can i put on it?
good air intake for a 94 integra gsr?
Can I put a 357 engine that's a boosted into a 1968 dodge charger?
Is a Dodge Dakota comfortable for a 6' 2'' driver?
15% of $460?
Where can I find new seals for my eclipse?
How tricky an Eaton-Fuller FRO into 1994-2002 Dodge BR/BE2500?
7.3 Powerstroke help?
Wiper/Washer bottle for nissan altima 2005 2.5 how much?
I have a 1990 Mustang 5.0 and i am looking to racing it on the track almost every weekend but i also want to?
What's the full name of BMW?
how to change brake pads in a honda accord 2005?
I got rid of my 2005 Ford Mustang it had 2 many small things wrong with it..and it was brand new,,any1 else?
tryn to find the build number for my 02 pontiac firehawk?
I would like to buy a classic car soon thats easy to maintain and run?
2001 hyundai tiburon compatible engine swap?
Can somebody post Datsun 180K photo?
Can I buy any radio for a 2000 Toyota Solara?
Where do I find production stats on my 1972 Dodge Challenger Rallye, how many are like mine?
Alloys for clio 3 mk4?
where can i find a 1960 chevrolet impala convertible with 348 tri-power engine in it?
Does anyone else love old Mercury Tracer Hatchbacks?
1977 Chevy Monte Carlo?
load sensor c4 grand picasso?
I'm stuck; Toyota Yaris, Scion Tc, Honda Fit or Honda Civic coupe?
Is it okay to put one new tire on my 2003 Ford Windstar Van for a few weeks before I can buy the rest?
Location of VIN on a 1965 Cadillac Coup DeVille?
1989 Honda Accord wiring issue?
changing the starter on my 2000 plymouth neon?
valve adjustment 626 mazda?
which car will you buy if you are given a choice between lexus is300 and gs 400?
most reliable wagon?
The Correct HIDs for my jeep?
how do i clean a sticker off of the chrome bumper of my suburban?
What other kinds of Engines can i fit into my 2003 dodge neon sxt? Or should i just buy a different car?
Was driving my 99 GMC Suburban and all of a sudded the RPM's starting going up for no reason?
2005 nissan maxiam i was pulling a hill when the car did a hard juke and the check engine light came on?
Husqvarna crOwn series motor?
How bad would it be to paint a silver BMW black?
1995 Chrysler Cirrus having problems?
prelude car ignition problem?
What is the fastest you ever went in a car?
will 22rec motor work in 1992 toyota pickup truck?
Will you ever buy a toyota after all the mess?
where is the diagnostics plug located on a 1994 gmc jimmy?
Can you change a front wheel drive car to rear wheel?
Any experience with the new TDI Jetta? Owners only please.?
I am looking for a Throttle body for a gmc envoy 2006 6cc?
are kia sephias good cars?
hello my friends, ok i want to restore a ford 400 bb & trans car R truc would B best & auto R standered?
I really want a Pontiac Sunfire but I do not know if it will be reliable?
How come my gas gage does not work on my 2002 Honda Accord?
used cars sellers and exporters in Saudi Arabia?
How to unprogram keyless entry on 2003 Mazda Tribute?!?
Change vw tyres to audi tyres sizing isssue?
Best Glasspack Muffler for Audi TT 2000?
Your thoughts on Mercedes Benz's unreliable cars and their radio ads?
Did hana hwang really die? or is that a rumor?
My Peugeot 206 Stereo is locked on '4 error code'?
Engine light should i be concerned? 02 jetta gls 1.8t auto 50k?
Is it worth learning to drive 5-speed manual?
i have a 1996 honda accord coup ex edition and i don't know what size speakers to get to fit my front doors?
anyone bought the new toyota etios? You views on it, I want to get your opinions first before I purchase?
my 2001 voklsawagon beetle?
Why would my Ford Ranger shake violently after hitting a bump or small pothole on the HiWay?
what wheels fit on sierra p100 pick up?
my new car?
what is the finest car ever made?
Loud humming noise when I accelerate ..?
why do bmw drivers think they own the road?
Does only 140 horsepower on a honda Civic 08, EX, make the car junky?
Clutch shifts worse yet horsepower is better?
How do you reprogram a keyless entry remote for a 1999 Dodge intrepid?
POLL: honda or toyota?
Which WRXs do not have turbos on them? (which years)?
where will you see a bugatti veyron?
which is the best maruti car?
can some 26 inch wheels fit on a 2002 buick lasabre?
Website that has the following information for at least 50 Car makes?
Honda Civic engine swap?
To turbo my Toyota Celica?
Is the new Audi SUV going to have a hybrid engine option?
anyone heard of nucca?
Is a 98 mustang gt auto good first car?
Do you know anithing about Porsche Panamera?
Is there anyone that want's a Red 93 eclipse w/automatic trans and a 2.0 liter ?
Nissan will have a new hybrid-powered Altima in just a few months-- will Infiniti have a hybrid-powered G35?
Peugeot 206 audible sound when starting car?
Where is the code color or the parts interpretation speaker located on a 2005 Pontiac Grand Am?
2006 Honda Accord timing chain..?
Why are Japanese always leading in car reliability and fuel economy/efficiency(better gas mileage)?
How many miles are on you car?
Do ppl who like Elie Saab's dresses hate Israel?
i locked my keys in my avenger how with a slim jim can i open it?
How do you change the headlight on a 1986 Honda Prelude?
Anyone know about the starting procedure of Suzuki GSX 600 Katana?
How much is insurance for a plymouth duster?
is the dodge magnum a considered a sports car?
Should I go B20 V-Tec or B20 GSR ?
What exhaust will make a 2002 SS camaro really LOUD?
About this car?
Would you buy a Volkswagen Beetle for your son?
Body kit(s) for a 1989 Toyota Camry?
truck wont starts? whats wrongs?
i have a ford explorer with doors that dont open!!!?
do those fuel additives really work . like stp gas treatment that say it cleans your carberator and injectors?
is toyota 5.7 the same has gm 5.7 engine?
Steering wheel for 99 nissan altima?
scooty teenz ke engin oil postara poyara?
attn aussie ford fans!?
Brake fuse for 2004 ford explorer?
Dodge Caravan Check engine code P0442 What does it mean?
Hi i'm looking 4 used range rovers between 99-02. what site do i use!?
Was the 1989-1991 Mazda RX-7 sold brand new in Australia? and can it be import to Australia?
can a 2004 borla exhaust mstg fit a 2007 mustang?
my f-150 tranny question?
03 Nissan Xterra max mileage to look for if buying used?
i have a 2007 toyota tundra and i boosted it to start then my engine light came on is it because of the batter?
why did my camry just die and now wont start?
how much would it cost to fix a scratch on a model 2005 chevy trail blazer?
Nissan Xterra clutch issues maybe?
2000 Lexus RX300 overheated, now won't start, no compression in engine?
Resynchronize Keyless Entry?
Increase Performance On Eclipse GS?
Fiat 500 or Mazda 2 ?
key maganesium on passt vw?
biggest tire i can fit on 03 ford expedition?
Anyone know anything about Ford Taurus Cars?
squealing noise when engine is running on 92 Honda?
Where can I find Orange headlights for my 350z?
Why is my Nissan Altima smoking?
Can some twin turbo a ford fiesta?
How do you replace infiniti g35 coupe headlight assembly?
Why does my car flood 1987 camaro?
What's the gas tank size on a 2002 Honda Accord?
where is the flywheel located on a 97 jeep cherokee?
were there any factory made cars between 1967-1971 with more than 400 horsepower?
I need help with some codes with my Audi A4?
How much does it cost 99 ford transmission?
I need to see a fuse box diagram for a 91 Crown Vic - can't find one in any of the manuals that I have?
What's the best? a tropper or a montero?
I have a Volks wagon Golf GTI and when I start it, it makes a terrible sound (like its scream).?
'03 nissan sentra 1.8, what is the oil capacity for an oil change ?
What is the best car and best make to buy if you are purchasing a vehicle for the first time?
Rear lights on hatch of 1993 VW corrado do not work?
Chevy silverado brakes help!!!?
How can I get an auto report from the USA of my old car which imported from the USA?
whats a Geo Metro?
Who drives a ford?
89 nissan sentra wont turn over?
does anyone have a jeep wrangler?
i need to buy a new car ,can u help me decide?
is a 1999 jeep grand cherookie with 200000 miles on it a good sale for $1500?
what is the big deal about scoobs ?
Is the new Camaro a good looking car?
1992 toyota Camry has broken timing belt I believe. 2.2 non interference engine. Should it be alright?
Anyone have any opinions on Dunlop, Kelly and other brand tires?
How do you like your 2006 Honda Civic (not the Hybrid)?
Do you prefer black or white racing stripes on a red 1992 Camaro?
2007 chevy cobalt ls oil life question?
Name of the World's most costly car?
Does anyone know the routing for the vacuum lines for an 1983 GMC CABALLERO with 229 V6?
i have Citroen relay 2.5d . the drive belt snapped i replaced it but the engine wont turn over i tried to jump?
What car would you recommend a 32 yr old single male dentist to drive? between 40-60k. Please gimme a reason.?
Is a 99 hyundai Tiburon considered a sports car?
Does anyone have a logical arguement as to which is the better brand.. BMW OR MERCEDES?
why difficult to obtain a tourist visa for a disable person ?
are dodge good cars?
forde escort excessive front tyre wear?
I also have a 1999 ford taurus which fuse runs tail lights and dash lights? None of the descriptions fit.?
How fast is a 2-way controlled PORSCHE 911 GT3 PORSCHE 911 GT3?
Engine in a 1970 mustange Mach 1?
Looking for a good,reliable car for a good price for a teenage girl. Under 100K miles & reasonably priced.?
how to make my 2012 sentra look sportier?
Have anyone seen the Toyota Tundra commercials?Do you think its all real?
What was the first year of production for the Model A Ford?
out of curiosity which one U think is better LS VTEC or GSR???
why does my ford 1994 ford bronco buck priodically while driving/ check engine light appears off and on?
Customizing a 2013 Mini Cooper S?
Is the Volkswagen beetle 2001 a lemon?
1997 subaru impreza outback sport exhaust?
How much will the 2005 nissan 350z be worth in 2013-2014?
Next car advice?
how to replace battery mb c230?
is $200 a reasonable price for a 91 s10 blazer?
the cost on replacing my 99 volvo c70 convertible top.?
why can you not buy land rover defenders in Canada,the best 4x4 in the world?
How easy would it be to change from a 4.6l V8 to 5.4L V8 on 1999 Ford Expedition?
How is new Honda Shine bike interms of mileage and performace?
where are the turn signals located?
Whats a good teen car?
Is driving a standard car really that difficult?
2004 Honda accord v6 3.0 transmission problem?
Do the late model(03-06) mustang GTs come with headers???
toyota GTS project build.?
1992 Volkswagen cabriolet wolfsburg edition 1.8l 8 valve interference engine or not?
Was trading in my 05 lacrosse still owing $7500 with 89000 miles in for a 2010 dodge charger a smart move ?
I have a 2000 Nissan Altima and it overheats when I drive it and shuts off. It cools down when the air is on.?
about how much will a 2010 camaro ss be by the end of next year?
What should be the cost of brakes being changed on Volvo S40?
Fixing up my 99 grand Cherokee. Help please!?
will 206 gti alloys wheels fit on my W reg pug with no spacers??
Thinking of buying this 89 ford bronco II?
what costs more? 2005 Dodge Neon or 2005 Honda Accord?
Are seats in a 2000 mustang gt bolted directly to the frame?
how much does the mitsubishi montero weight in tonnes and what it is called in the U.K.?
do all Jaguar 2003 s-tpye cars have the chrome Jaguar name plate in the trunk?
what does BMW stand for?
iatr on 06 cobalt ss?
The Camaro?
change complete mirror assembly on mercury 2004 monterey?
How much more hp would I get after putting pacesetter headers on my 2002 grand am?
How Many Miles Is Too Much For A 2004 Nissan Maxima?
New V8 Supercars game!?
Are 2000 Saturns a good car?? What about 00 Kia Sephias and 96 Hyundais?
What does the carmaker BMW stands for?
Which car would be the better choice?
my 1995 mercury sable 3.0 L,gs.transmission went south isnt there a taurus 3.0 L that will fit in it ?
my 03 crown vic is making sparking/static noises and smoking?
torque specs for 4.3 chevy 1996 rod and crank bearing caps?
What is the difference from a Mercedes 300TD and a 300TDT?
Does anyone have a Toyota FJ Cruiser and if so, how do you like it?
I own a 2000 dodge grand caravan. i noticed an electrical short on left rear light set and no plate light.?
"Chick" Cars?
What do you think of the 2008 Camaro's?
Is there anything worse than a guy driving a Eclipse? So sad.?
Ford explorer lights wont turn on?
i have lost the only key to my saab 900. saab say £650 for new keys and a new ecu! anyone have any ideas?
92 2.4 L Toy Previa Auto. Prematurely shifts gears from 1st to 3rd. Eng Lght on/off. Changed O2 Sens & Plugs
is a 1997 bmw m3 to much for a 16 yr olds first car?
How to change air filter on peugeot 307 2.0lit hid 2006?
How much is a car battery for a honda accord ex.1995?
can i put 350 tbi injectors in a 454 tbi housing and get better gas mileage?
How good is a kia rio vs. a Honda Civic (as far as reliablility and gas mileage)?
Honda or a Mustang?
Is the new Jeep Compass a safe car for a new teenage driver?
Mounting bowie knife in jeep wrangler?
Does BMW 318d SE has Bluetooth?
Acura Integra Type R or Honda s2000?
2003 Honda Accord? what are those two black trim-like things on the roof called?
What is the mph of a 2003 Mitsubishi montero?
How much are my wheels/tires be worth?
I am getting a new BMW M5 touring, are you jealous?
Which is better nissan r33/34 skyline or nissan 180sx?
does anyone know the original equipment tires manufacturer for an 03 Accord LX?
whats wrong with my vw golf?
alfa romeo best model?
How to fix the low bean lights on my 98 chevy silverado truck high beam works but low beam doesnt work?
What name brand oil is the best for bmw 540i?
I have an issue with my 1996 mustang gt!!!!!!?
I own a 91, 2 Wheel Drive Jeep Cherokee Laredo?
2000 Ford Explorer Parts! Please Help!?
what service should i do to my audi a6 2004 at 90k?
Car question, 98 VW POLO?
If These Large employer Factories are cutting waiges to 1/2 then why doesn't everyone do it? Their bills aren'
what is rocker panel on vehicle? no smart comments just simple answer?
what can you do with £100 - £150 ?
how to buy a bmw with $47000 salary per year?
What has you experience been with Mazda vehicles?
What is the sportiest looking car that has been made by Ford?
how much should i pay for a 2000 toyota ECHO manual with 155,000 kilometers on it ?
What is the current rate of the US dollar compared to the UK EURO?
I have a 89 honda prelude that has minor damage on the front. Should I fix it, or sell it?
Any ford mechanics out there i need a little expert advice on a 2001 f150 we were replacing the alternator and?
marcedes E-class headlight problem?
Question about a 2001 Jeep Wrangler?
Does having the tailgate open on my truck give it better gas milage on the free way?
Fiat by chioce or by price?
Some good, 4 door cars?
Will my 1 ton front hubs off my 1985 chevy suburban bolt on to my half ton 1976 chevy front spindles?
What year is this Ford Bronco?
I have a 2000 dodge 2500 truck 4/4.reverse works drive doesn't,please help?
What's the best engine ever made?
Why do newer Lexus have cassette players?
1990 Ford F-150 Funny Start and Hot Miss?
Hot licks exhaust for beetle?
how many horsepower is a porshe 911 turbo?
how to turn on the esp on a saab 9-3?
truck wont idle when cold, runs good when warmed up. 1990 ford, 5.0 liter.?
extra quart of oil in Honda 98 CR-v?
Who knows a site to get GM chevy astro parts online. need a big selection of small replacement parts.?
anyone else heard of the VW brake sensor switch causing car to not go out of park?
350z pppppppppppplllllllease help?
Who wants to buy my 92 Continential? 800.00 us dollars runs drives Missouri? Decent shape?
does anyone think the '67 Chevy impala is a really good looking car?
how do I tell if my grand cherokee is a wj or zj?
how can i get a BMW?
What's 75% off £89.99?
whats the best thing to increase horsepower on my 2003 acura tl3.2 a supercharger or cool air intake?
How do I tell if my 1982 Porsche 928 is a Weissach Special Edition?
how is kia rondo, it is a fuel efficient MPV ?
what is a nissan 240 sx 1996's average lifespan?
What's your opinion on Citroen C4 Coupe (a French car), and if it's worthed to buy one?
Should I spend my money on a lambogini or a house??
What is better Honda or Yammaha?
how long do jeep wranglers last?
1993 chevy silverado 5.7liter?
Chevy Malibu?
what is the hottest car on thae market is it the ford gt?
will renalt cleo fit a vw polo?
How do you program a Keyless Entry Remote on a 2010 Toyota Camry SE?
'95 Mazda 626 4-Cyl Cold Air Intake?
How do u say abt this car?
was Pavarotti's funeral car a Nissan Dorma?
Should i buy the Lamborghini Murcielago lp670 sv or the Ferrari Enzo?
2004 X5 the Door lock button and Hazard light Buttons in console stopped working.?
Audi TT 1.8 or Mercedez coupe sport C180?
can i put a AC Autotechnic Revolution Carbon Fiber Muffler on a 2004 honda civic stock without buying somethin?
1995 jeep wrangler wont go in 4hi?
97 Ford Taurus wipers turn on but not off?
Honda Civic DX 1995, good car or bad?
what is the best car?
Is a b18 motor fast on 95 Eg hatch?
I'm thinking about getting a 2001 G20t?
Where is my fuse box in my 1995 Honda Accord LX?
Do you think that the current BMW designs are crap?
What's your favourite American car ?
Ford inline 6 hard to start and cuts out right way unless i spray inside the air intake?
what transmission is in my 2000 pontiac sunfire?
which was the maximum speed of ford mustang match 1 8cyl 295HP 1969?
If I buy an 800$ body kit for my 95 mustang how much will it cost to be professionally put on?
where is the fuel filter located on a 2003 Passat Volkswagon?
I hv P0136 code on my check engine light on, which O2 sensor should I change front or rear on my 99 Impreza TS
Is it better to buy or lease a car?
How do I turn off the check engine light in the 2001 Volkswagen Jetta?
how do i installthe fog lights in a yaris?
'service engine soon' light will not light up on 2002 Nissan Altima automatic?
what is the average for maruti suzuki wagonr 1.0 lxi cng?
will a 95 neon ecu 420a engine fit my 95 eclipse 420a engine?
Fuel gauge on ford f250 always reads empty?
3.0,6 cylinder 90 toyota truck, bucks when you step on gas , wants to stall when you come to a stop?
Audi A4 3.0 2004, i get check engine error code p0050,?
which car would win a race?
Well my 1998 dodge truck shakes in fifth gear and I am trying to find out what's wrong with it?
How much will it cost to change my brake pads on honda civic, garage quoted $500?? is this too much??
What is the difference between a Ford GT and a Ford GT40?
i'm looking for a 1988 ford crew cab, not the entire truck just the cab its self any ideas on where to look
What are your thoughts about a 1997 Boxter, is it a good buy?
does maruti 800 std. model has MPFI engine?
I'm buying a 1997 Jeep Wrangler, what problems/issues should I look for before buying it? Car specific.?
Can someone plz give me an accurate diagram showing the safe lifting points of a 1990 chevrolet cavalier?
94 honda accord question?
What is the 69?
who manufactuers water pumps for fiat 682 trucks in india?
Where can I record service on my new Toyota?
I have a 1999 Golf , during the heavy rain the passenger footwell has filled with water.anyone know the cause
2002 Ford Focus smoking oil leak?
i have a 2001 chevy s10 and the dtc codes p0179 and p0130 came up i need help?
How to remove the wire harness on my 2001 Audi A6 in order to change the low beam head light?
Do you absolutley have to run premium gas in a Chrysler 300C with the 5.7 liter hemi?
Changes in the 2008 Toyota Prius from the 2007 prius?
Is this a good deal? For a ford 7.3?
2009 Mazda 6?
What was the original price of a 1972 Chevy Camaro?
how to change Sentra 2009 spark plugs?
which is the worlds best car?
Are the absorbers and spring of an EG and EK civic the same?
Difference between mitsubishi lancer gts and se?
The Most Sexy Car?
I have a Honda Prelude SH 1998- Whats the BHP? And how is a cheap way to increase it??
what do you prefer the vw golf or the new ford focus or skoda fabia?
96 dodge dakota blower motor resistor switch?
Will Headers from a 5.0/302 Mustang work on a 5.0 Ford Explorer?
I have a 2001 VW TDI (DIESEL) the EGR valve is sticking and has caboned up the manifold. Parts alone are $500
Siren type noise on e320 cdi under load?
what exactly makes a miata girly?
how many horsepower can a 1jz hold stock?
Which would you go with Camaro or Mustang?
I am 20 years old and recently purchased a 2004 Cadillac Escalade ESV, but people don't think its for me?
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