What kind of tranny is in a 1994 chevy c2500 2wd automatic?
Can I take a 2003 Hyundai Tiburon GT with a cold air intake through a car wash?
can a 93 ford ranger ever have that import tuner sound?
Which is better chevy or ford?
how to change Sentra 2009 spark plugs?
which is the best car for me... a bmw or a mercedes?
Is the engine of bugatti royale a gasoline engine? if yes how does it work?
What does J15 mean on a corvette's plaque in the door seal?
Rear Brake Adjustment?
Why won't the airbag indicator in my 2000 Volkswagen passat go off after a year and a half of being on?
Is this normal for the ignition switch to have a button on the 240sx?
How much should I offer for this 1994 mercedes E320?
where is the tail light fuse located on a 2007 ford crownvictoria?
What could cause a chevy 6.5 diesel to suddenly not start?
How good are the 2005 wrxs and wrx sti?
could anyone tell me what year honda cr 125 motor i have is . the engine numbers are 5600084 thanks?
Honda civic 2002 coupe vtech problem?
In your opinion is it the dealers or Chrysler products that have created problems for Chrysler?
Can i run 30lb/hr fuel injectors On my 5.4 1999 f-250?
What are some HOT cars?
Who can give me tips on Running my RSX type S good?
b20b block need resleeving?
is there a relay or fuse for 83 dodge pickup truck for full gage?
Whats that car that looks like a box?Make and model would do.Also what about the cost .How much do they cost?
1988 honda prelude engine swap?
Where can I find mud flaps for my 1997 Nissan Quest?
2001 impala my brake lights stay on on when the key is on.?
Why wont my mitsubishi eclipse stay idling? It is a 2003 GT?
99-02 Dodge cummins turbo diesel 53 Block problems?
How do I check the transmission fluid in a 1994 Ford Probe?
which car should i get?
How low can I drop my Honda with rims?
Is this Ford Thunderbird mirror decorative mirror collectible?
My 2006 Nissan sentra is stalling when I come to a stop. Doesn't happen every time,suggestions?
What's the correct tyre pressure for skoda fabia2002?
How do you fix messed up volume and track controls on Ford Focus Steering Wheel?
Opinions about sx4?
a type of car that starts with a T?
1994 Jaguar XJS V12 security alarm problem?
where can i find a place were they put tapestry to cars??
Engine name of mazda bongo friendee?
how to remove the signal relay on a 94 jeep cherokee?
1999 Mecedes Benz is showing a -650 with what looks like an open wrench and a clock on the gauge?
Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme dieseling!?
I have an 04 Jetta with a lot of repairs, is it worth it?
Is an 08 Toyota Highlander for 30,880$ a good deal?
A beetle squirted something on my facr?
How do I get a warranty repair on a Ford Taurus that I didn't buy at a dealership?
Which are the best tires for 2004 Honda Pilot? Rocky dirt road and highway driving.?
h22a1 crankshaft?
What is the current price of mercury ? Are there any sites to check out?
Wut do u think about the 2009 Camaro SS...?
VW golf fuel gauge broken.?
what is the least depreciating car make?
which was the maximum speed of ford mustang boss 302 8cyl 290HP 1970?
How do you install an intercooler in a 1998 mitsubishi eclipse GSX?
Lamborghiny,ferrari or porch?
i have a 95 honda accord with code 24 what is code 24.?
What are some strengths of Ford?
Which brand can honda be compared to?
What are some good rims to put on my chevy cruse?
Volkswagen cars?
1998 Olds Aurora HELP!!!?
Whats it mean when the anitlock light on my 91 acura legend turns on?
will a vehical operate without a thermistat?
What kind of car is this?
Is there a drain line off the heater coil on a 2000 cavalier?
S10 Bench Seat Installation?
injen cai honda civic ex 07?
how to fit a rear wiper motor on a ford fiesta mk4?
Anyone know what size socket is used to replace a wheel bearing on a 98 chevy malibu?
Thermostat location in 96 Subaru Legacy Brighton?
what is the name of the first car invented?
Is a 2007 Ford Taurus a granny looking car?
Range Rover Sport HSE Experiences?
Can you get Daytime running headlights on Mitsubishi lancer Evo?
Photograph locatio of map sensor 97pontiac sunfire?
does chevy have a 5 cylinder engine in production ?
Basic question about the brake system?
Does anyone else have this problem with thier 03 Jetta?
Good b16 Block to go with my b20 ?
I want to buy a Nissan Altima. Is it a good car?
Whats faster, 2005 saturn vue or 2006 pontiac g6?
If you won a prize to choose a car.?
need 1948 pontiac hubcaps?
where i get a online catalog for interchangeable parts for 1979 suzuki sp500?
does ford make the2008 E250 van with a v6?If so, what is the gas milieage?
How to put down the rear sun shade in a 2005 Lexus?
how do i locate my vacuum modulator on my chevy 305 engine?
jeep zj tire question need help?
Car is off & blowing air out vents?
I have a 1999 dodge durango and it shuts down after 15 minutes. have replaced the pcm fuel pump and coil .?
can a 1999 honda civic ex come with a 1.6l dohc stock?
which 3 series bmw should i get?
which is the maximum speed of these vehicles year 1979?
Did Nissan buil the skyline by stealing the tech from Ferrari?
Is a 2006 hyundai elantra a good car?
2003 ford Taurus sel check transaxle light on and receiving these code what should I do p0750 p0760?
mercedez Benz? Good or not good!?
how much does it cost to keep a ferrari?
where will the copperstate vw show be held?
why do all lotus cars begin with the letter E?
2001 ford focus sways in the rear of car while driving over 40?
What is your dream car?
Can anyone lend me £84,000?
Is this a good or bad deal on a 2012 Lexus IS 350 lease?
What insurance group is a MK1 volkswagen golf caddy petrol 1.6 manual? What sort of price would this be?
Escalade or Range Rover?
I need help in timing!!?
FRUSTATED Volvo V70 2007 owner - Please help !!!!?
is the new camaro ever coming out???
How much would I get for my 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix on trade in?
i have a 1994 s15 gmc jimmy 4.3 liter vortec i need to know if it has a detent cable and where it is at?
I would like to purchase a used Honda Accord 2005 with 142000 miles on it.?
2013 Marucci Black 2 or 2013 Easton S4?
How can I tell the difference between a left and right cylinder head on a 400cid small block chevy?
what is 3+3?
What is the most common car that you see?
What automobile is or has been your favorit dream car/trunk or both?
Honda Insight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Mk3 Astra horsepower?
which BMW series is the best to buy?
anyone know the steps for removing frt fender on 1968 chevy pick up?
i have a jeep cherokee 2005 and i want to register it in France. How do i switch the headlights to l h d ?
1995 Chev Tahoe how do I progarm keyless remote. My DLC only has 2 rows of 6 so don't have pins 1 and 8?
Good exhaust system for pt cruisers?
Chevy sb how many ft lbs of Tork do you tighten the bolts that hold the flexplate to the crank?
which it is for you the best sport car?
I'm looking for new door hindges or parts to rebuild them, for a 73 mercury cougar?
SMB Octane Booster any good would it damage the BMW?
Is this $0.99 dollors or $0.99 cent?
what does BMW sand for.?
will a intake manifold off a ford 351m fit a 351cleveland?
2001 chevy cavalier dies/stalls while driving?
where are the freeze plugs on 1986 accord?
is my truck the 97 gmc sierra the most fuel efficent truck there is?
1998 hyundai tiburon fx- cable clutch or hydraulic clutch?
Head gasket on mazda 626 1994?
Why is GM always late?
how to change spark plug wires on a chevy metro?
What do you think about the Nissan Titan?
Does a Honda Accord 2 door coup with a 6 cylinder have a timing belt or a timing chain.?
How much does it cost to get tires rotated on a dodge neon ?
view manual for 92 honda accord?
Basic question about the brake system?
Can I program my own remote 2012 Chevrolet Impala LT?
Chevy or Ford?
Will i get pulled over using a exhaust cutout?
What Nissan Juke wheels will I get?
Subaru Impreza 1997 Air Intake Filter Question.?
What is the best engine to drag race a 1973 Chevy Nova?
What are your opinions on the Ethanol-85 fuel - practical or just hype?
were to they buy nissan skylines?
VW engine code AEG is for what size engine?
Buying an mr2 daily driver, needs fixing, will this cost a lot?
does a stock lhd toyota ae86 panda trueno still out for sale ?
What's ur dream car??
HUMMER 1 wont start?
My 2001 Dodge Ram 1500 is bogging down, has no working fuel gauge.?
Problem with my 02' bmw 325i?
What size allen wrench do I need to fit the oil pan nut on my 2008 toyota yaris?
chevy guys please help!!! why do most small block chev headers say " WILL NOT FIT ANGLE PLUG HEADS"????
2010 Honda Odyssey burns gas.?
where do I find a cargo cover for the 2009 ford escape?
03 S10 xtreme Rally Stripes, by Maaco?
How often do you change oil in Honda?
How much will I get for my car? Suzuki Alto GL 1999. 56,000m?
What Chevy car is this?
Are all model have the same size dashboard?
how much hp does a 74 914-4 porsche have?
Can someone point me in the direction of a quality kouki carbon fiber body?
is a 1975 ford granada a good derby car for midsize?
What is the best SUV out there and which is the worst?
98 camaro v6 heating up?
what kind of lowering springs can i use on a nissan a31 cefiro?
Thinking about buying a hundai sonata a?
lifter noise, how to quiet?
94 cavalier overheated and shut off?
any one knows where i can find a 6.5 diesel motor chevy?
which car did starskey and hutch drive.?
*~Ford~* or Chevy?
wher dos door spring gos on chev cavalier 98?
Camaros and firebirds. Wich is best?
What color is the rear spoiler on an 03-04 Mach 1 Mustang? Matte Black? Flat Black? Or another type of black?
I just bought a 2005 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited and am getting 10 mpg. What could be causing this?
i need a blue book price on a 1975 chevy chevelle i can't find it?
Classic car with modern motor?
96 bmw 325i hard to start, no idle when it does start, sounds like slight mis-fire, then back fire. .what is?
What is the largest V8 I can fit in my '95 Monte Carlo Z34?
Should I get a Nissan Xterra or Jeep Grand Cherokee?
I live in Penna. If my car is driven less than 5000 miles, am I exempt from auto emission inspection?
How much to replace timing belt on a 2002 Mitsubishi Galant?
having trouble accelerating on highway any help?
My new beetle is just 2 weeks brand new, feel a/c in 15 mins is normal when I start up the car? I live in L.A.
Anyone own a 1995 ford escort?
2007 Wrx STI vs. 06 Mitsubishi Evo MR race (both stock)?
toyota sienna catlitic converter replacement they want to charge 1450?
1999 Ford Taurus 3.0L skipping while going down the road?
What type of oil is recommended for 2003 BMW 745 I?
Anyone got a late model verada with more than 60000 k's? hows it going?
Is the Nissan 240SX popular?
Can someone explain to me what the tranny codes on vw's are for and if they have to match to be replaced?
find delco battery store?
how can i get extra 50 horses out of my mustang?
Can you help me out?
Short shifter for scion tc?
2003 Ford Taurus replace engine question.?
how to change oiler on echo cs 302 chainsaw?
My catalytic converter is broken on my 2002 Ford Escape, should I replace or not worth it?
What was the best muscle car from the 60's?
occasional slight pulsating in left front brake-99 chevy tahoe?
would a impala ss 1996 bet a 2005 mustang in racing?
is saturn a foreign car?
How to check oil pressure on a 2006 dodge charger?
How do I replace a starter on a 1993 GMC Sonoma?
How do you tune up a toyota previa?
Insurance on a 1965 Ford Mustang?
what is the bulb size for the 99 toyota tocoma fog light?
Other than just showing off, why would anyone own a Mercedes?
Why are american cars so cheesy?
What would make a 1999 Mustang look unique?
2004 Mustang Center Caps?
Are there different heater fans fitted to 98 Clio?
Changed the transmission fluid and filter on a 84 chevy sportvan g10 3 weeks ago, added lucas?
99 dodge caravan turns on but will not turn over. battery and wiring
What exhaust will make a 2002 SS camaro really LOUD?
Slowest Honda And Ford Models of all time?
What do you think of when you think of "BMW"?
teenagers! would you drive a volvo?
Should i buy an 1998 AUDI a6?are they good cars please help?
Where can I get airbag suspnension for my Hilux?
When is the second generation mini cooper coming out?
how do i connect fog lamps to a 1999 nissan frontier low beam?
Suzuki lt f 160 2001 quad runner body price and where can I get one don't care if its used?
will it cost a lot to do a paintjob on my 96 honda accord?
How do you change the gear shift knob on a 2002 ford escort?
HELP! D4 light on 99 Honda Accord blinking after removal of distributor.?
Dodge Intrepid 1999. What could be the reason the shift arm is totally slack and wont shift from Park ?
is it possible to change the engine running in land rover discovery with a newer engine 3.0 v6 instead of 2.5?
Volvo v70 radio issues?
vibration in front end when accelerating around a bend?
03 Altima cranks but won't start?
my 2000 dodge neon jerks when i turn the ac on and when it's off it runs fine?
How does the tailight assembly mount on a 90 jeep wrangler?
Where can I find instructions for installing a soft top for my 2006 Jeep wrangler. It's an outland smittybilt
hi, oil pressure sensor changed on mk3 golf gti 2.0?
up sizzing on wheel/tires?
what are best intake and exhaust mods for 2000 civic ex (D16Y8) VTEC? NOT TOO NOISY PLEASE?
do you know where to find a site i can design a car or two?
Does a 1993 MX3 ECU fit a 1993 Protege?
MAZDA 1991 323 ASTINA SP (or 323F) Workshop Manual Required--DO THEY EXIST?
"Chick" Cars?
what does the 2+2 mean on a nissan 300zx?
advice on a new car bmw vs 300?
what is your favorite mercedes benz car? and why?
After replacing my 1996 Honda Accord automatic transmission with a used one it is starting to slip again?
What color should i buy my car in?
can you put a small block cheverolet motor in a 1977 450 mercedes sl?
What are the factory settings for a 1988 jeep wrangler 2 barrel carburetor?
1984 Pontiac Fiero alternator belt?
What is the best Lincoln car model ever sold?
I have a 2003 Chevrolet Impala. The seat light for passenger will not go out. Anny suggestions.?
what is the cost of a 10 speed auto shift semi truck trans buikt by eaton fuller. Should I rebuild or buy new.
What do you think of Mercedes Benz cars?
how do the car's lubrication works?
how long do saturns last?
i am working on a 1996 pontiac sunfire with a 2.2l 4cyl and cant get it to start. i replaced a fuel injector?
how much faster will a 2008 lancer go?
How you doing with your 2001 Ford escort sedan?
Where is front blower fan located in a chrysler?
2004 dodge ram truck bolt pattern is it a 5-139? is this correct?
94 Cavalier 4 cyl fuel odor from engine compartment after shut down?
where can i find a Cargo Cover for a 95-99 eclipse?
What country is the luxury car manufacturer Land Rover based in?
200 ford taurus wont go over 30mph. Just roars up to 5000,6000 rpm?
i just replace sum studs on a tire when i put it back together and drive it sounds like something is gridding?
PT Cruiser 2001 Chirping/Whistling sounds @ 40 mph?
How would I improve gas milage for a 97 Dodge RAM with a V-8 engine without spending an arm and leg ?
Which to buy, Lexus IS 350 or BMW 530 ?
what brand of oil for 1999 corolla with 30000 miles not driven much?
I am looking for a Hyundai car club,know of any???
is it uncool to drive a old car?
How to install a radio in a 99 honda civic?
Honda S2000 Vtec power loss?
Replace 3rd brake light for a chrysler hard could it be ?
2004 dodge neon sxt sedan?
should i let my husband buy a Mercedes c class?
Can i repair a convertible top by hand?
which one is better a mustang or a honda and why?
Camaro SS, Manual or Automatic transmission?
1967 mustang question?
where is the pcv valve located on the 2002 mercury sable?
Srt viper or chevy corvette zr1?
GM Duramax pickup?
Security system is stuck on 1999 jeep grand cherokee?
Ford Focus Zetec 2005 MK2 shifting is stiff?
2001 Dodge Stratus a/c does not cool.?
Honda accord 94-97 4 door?
Ford 302 efi problems?
how do you reset the maintenance light on a 2002 Honda Civic?
transmission on95lebaron will sometime not shift if i turn car off and restart it might shift might not?
how much would a new transmission for a 2001 Ford Explorer cost?
Looking for a safe, reliable and economical car for my teenage daughter any suggestions?
anyone know what the radio code would be for a 2002 renault scenic?
Do tata docomo's 2.5 gb data plan gives less speed as compared to its 1.5 gb data plan?
what shoud the feul pessure be on a 1993 ford taurus?
4G63T ENGINE is good?
What is the best lift complete 2-3in kit for my 96 Bronco?
What's wrong with my Honda fuel gauge?
My 1995 bonneville drives perfect then when i go back to crank it up it wont til like 10 minutes later?
Where can i purchase a lift kit for a 1997 ford f-250 light duty standard cab 8 foot bed pickup truck?
Prelude yellow with black spoiler?
Can an automatic scion tc be turbocharged?
insurance on lancer oz rally?
You have £20,000 to buy a car. Which will it be?
what can i do about my honda civic?
How do I find pics of different color RS 1992 Cameras paint work I want to Paint mine and looking for ideas?
What is the best colour for the Toyota FJ Cruiser?
Why arent my break lights coming on for my 93 accord>?
2003 mitsubishi outlander engine not getting any fire?
Why is my Peugeot 306 not accelerating?
can anyone tell me when the first volvo automobile was introduced into the u.s. ?
If disconnect my navigation unit on my 2004 MDX will my information screen begin to work again?
subaru wrx to sti fuel pump?
07 nissan altima ac/heater works when it wants to .... why?
Where can i get a custom 325i badge from?
what size differentail is in 1991 c1500 short wheel base?
I've got a 1990 VW Corrada G60 I need help figuring out what's wrong with it?
About tuning Nissan 370z?
how do hemi's work?
will there be a higher performance dodge challenger? to compete with the GT500 and ZL1?
1998 Ford F150 Engine Question?
How hard would it be to find a blue 1995 Ford Thunderbird?
what does BMW stand for?
How much is a basic transmission oil change at a Honda dealership?
Will a forward facing carseat fit into the rear of a Peugeot 206cc?
Is there anyway I can reset the speed limiter on a used 2007 Pontiac G6 rental car?
what is wrong when you put the car in gear and it will surge forward when you take your foot off the brake?
Where is the fuel pump located on a 2000 Mazda 626?
My Honda prelude has a high pitched squeaking?
chevy S10 with 383 V8?
Cars similar to the ford focus zetec?
where can i buy a rear bumper for a 2006 srt8 jeep?
are dodge good cars?
how do i fix my brakes on a 94 cutlass surpreme?
Im looking for an over the frame chassis exhaust header for a 91 ford pickup?
Why are there not more people driving practical cars, such as the Volkswagen TDI, that gets 60 mpg ?
i need to find an engine for a 1961 Buick Special?
Dont know a lot about cars, neither does my sister?
Whats with Honda's BAD PAINT??
What would you rather have: 1968 mustang or 90-95 Nissan 300ZX?
1991 Honda Accord- Is burning oil rapidly. Not leaking, but burning. What is a possible cause?
Question About The Old 1980 T/A Turbos...?
Do you own / have u owned a Ford Focus 2001 2.0 with leather seats? Plz share. :-) cos it's a rare car.?
How much is my Honda B18C motor worth?
Are Kia vehicles made by toyota?
BMW M5 or BMW 6 series?
where is the snap ring for a cv shaft on a 1991 toyota camry wagon?
How would a Ford Escort XR3i or a Cossie suit me??
how to add water to a suzuki rf900r?
Wud u take a 190 k 04 dodge caravan for a road trip 1900 kms back and forth?
Why does starter on 02 grand am grind only when cold?
Car help. Honda accord need estimate/opinion?
want to know how much our truck is worth?
Nissan Altima coupe vs Honda civic coupe si?
Need a Hyundai i20 "CRDI" badge for car!?
need part # for the hose that goes from gas tank to gas cap?
What is the best car?
how far will a 2008 dodge hemi quad cab 4x4 go once the fuel lite comes on?
How much would my 1963 ford galaxie 500 be worth these days?
bad brakes on pajero?
I have a brake question for my 1966 mustang?
Radio code for saab 1997 900s?
whats better ford or chvey?
will a transmission 99 dodge 1500 work in a 96 dodge1500?
what kind of gas mileage does a 1998 dodge ram give. it has the 24v cummins in it??
Where and how do you replace the cabin air filter on a 2008 Pontiac G6?
how many litres have a fuel tank for vw transporter 2.4 diesel made in 1994?
NP249 transfer case to 251 conversion help?
What do you have to say about the Scion tC?
need to know the gas mileage on a Hyundai accent gl 2002?
is there any diffrence in performance like 0-60 and top speed w the 06 civic si coupe to 09 civic si coupe?
Why are Mercedes Benz so unreliable?
How would you fix up a 96' truck so it looks cool?
I have a Rover 25 with CVT auto gearbox.There is a "whining" sound.Any suggestions?.It's only done 31K.
I have a 97 Honda accord 4 cyl cranks no start?
how do i fix the heat in my blazer without replacing the core?
Possible catalytic converter clog??? please help!!?
Can anybody tell me when will Toyota ETIOS and Hyundai i30 launch?And what will be their ex-showroom price.?
Bad gas mileage on 2012 corolla Le?
How do you make the digital speedometer show up on the screen on a 2009 GTI?
What to do about first cat?
Bmw e30 supposed to be fast?
I need a code for a VW premium 5 radio?
How good is the Azteks MPG?
Why does Subaru kill all the Mitsus, Honda's and other competition in real fast 'n furious steet games
Are Mazdas good cars?
can a ford ranger 2.0L engine bolt to a ford mustang 2.3L engine?
how many miles can i expect?
In general what is better, Audi or BMW.?
Is a Honda Civic and Accord good on gas???
how to bleed air off a 2004 ford explorer xlt 2004 model.?
What's an attractive, small, reasonably fuel efficient, and affordable car for a bloke?
which one is better a mustang or a honda and why?
transmition problems with my mazda 626 1993 help!?
Can i fit in a ford ranger?
could not changing the oil filter on last 3 oil changes make ticking noise?
Is it comman to see an alfa romeo in Italy?
What would be a cool plate name for BMW X5 2007?
MATTE BLACK AUDI A4????!!!!!!!!?
what is better ford or chevy?
cost of a new fitted back bumper for a vw up?
Mustang or Camaro?
1970 Superbird 440 6pk 14,897 origional miles. 150k too much?
nissan skyline engine in a 4runner?!?!?!?!?1?
How to replace crankshaft position sensor on a 1995 dodge intrepid 3.5?
How I can buy used Toyota Prius and ships it from USA or Canada to Dubai (UAE)?
Will a transmiision from a 1990 ford ranger fit a 1995 ford ranger both automatics?
When is a jeep a jeep?
Deisel or Petrol what's best?
I'm looking for a tuning shop that specializes in turbocharging?
Can I get a Job at ford or gm with a GED?
How do you rotate all four wheels on a front traction Honda civic?
On a 1978 Cherokee Chief is it possible to have 2 1/2 inch true duals?
1990,BMW 525i service manual download?
2008 Dodge Avenger braking problem?
How much is this car worth?
What all is controlled through the Toyota Tacoma Touchscreen?
Engine Type as fitted Mazda MX5 ? is it Rotary as in Wankel ?
Is 140,000 miles to much to buy a bmw?
I have a 1987 Chevy Pickup, need opinions?
how to remove the head lights of a 2003 nissan altima?
Where is the ecu location on a Ford Focus mk2 2005 1.6tdci?
What is value of 69 yr old german beerstein set?
How to turn on fog light on 2002 Nissan maxima ?
what does pneumatics mean??
I bought my boyfriend a 2003 Ford F250 for our anniversary and he said something about wanting a superchip?
if my car cannot idle right after it is started, what might be causing it and how can it be fixed?
Will new exhaust void warranty?
honda civic starting/idle problem?
Where are the lights located for the heater control panel on a 1996 toyota tacoma?
Would it matter if you install an ignition control module w/o lean burn, dispite a car has a lean burn system?
Sicion frs malfunction?
Do you have a girlfriend yes or no don't lie to me Okay.?
97 altima doesnt start after putting wd40 in the spark plug holes?
life expectancy 97 civic lx?
is a honda a good car to buy?
Anyone know how to change transmission fluid in a 2003 eclipse GS. (does it have a drain plug or a pan)?
Which of these brands to you associate the most with rich people, luxury cars?
Have you given your car a name?
replace a ecu on a 2002 jeep gc?
how do you spell farfignugen?
how do i get into my car when my remote for the system dies?
guys, why do you like large chested woman so much? (yes i have a small chest lol)?
does anyone have problems with their dodge transmissions?
Does Vortec still produce the 8.1 liter V8?
SRS light on a 2003 toyota highlander?
1997 ford explorer antifreeze?
Where is the rear window wiper fluid reservoir on an 04 Trailblazer located?
What is the difference between a Dodge Neon and a Plymouth Neon?
attention owners of Mercedes wagon C240 or C320, whould you reccomend to buy one?
Would a Nissan 350z be a good 1st car for a teen driver?
Where can i find out how to rebuild a ford transmission? anything online?
Which country bugatti veyron produced?
What is the differences between Audi S series and A series ?
Stupidly powerful porsche...?
Why wont my 1995 Chevy Cavalier start?
Need advice for starting up a 66 Mustang.?
Do it sounds like it is something wrong with a 2001Grand Am for $4995.00?
1978 Pontiac Trans Am parts?
Is Chevrolet is a Korean car?
what kind of custom crome rims would look good on a 2002 pontiac firebird?
how easy is it to change the fuel filter on a peugeot 307 1.6 hdi?
hi ford renger 1994 2.3l?
mustang fuel injectors for a v8 fit on a v6 mustang?
DPF on a Mini Cooper D 2007?
08 nissan maxima had a weak start and then drove real slow like it had no power?
I bought a 2000 hyundai Elantra its already program with a factory Alarm its turn off because i unplug-ed it?
Where can I find a 1996-1998 Nissan 200SX SE-R for $2000 or less in Houston?
anyone know the steps for removing frt fender on 1968 chevy pick up?
i change my clutch out in my 88 dx crx and for some reason it pop real?
Hi the new year is coming and im about to buy a brannew car 2006 but im not sure what i want its just me & my?
down payment on a 2003 bmw 745li?
Does anyone here own an Infiniti Ex35?
i have a 94 s10 blazer and the door will not open from the inside or out?
98 corolla headlights stopped working?
Is 700 a good price for a 98 ford escory 4 door?
What do you think of the new Chev Cobalt that has replaced the Cavelier Z24?
i have a 1966 mustang 6cyl what v8 engine and transmission can i use?
who agrees with me about this car??
looking for funeral plaques the one that sit in the windows how can I get one custom made?
I have a 90 Honda Accord,driving to Big Bear,what shift works best?
what mekes the axels turn on a car. its located right behind the rotor. its shape like a basket/5or6 rearings.
Can you install an M37s front bumper into an m37 base?
Thinking about getting a BMW. Any advice from current owners?
if you have to choose one from Hond Civic and Toyota Corolla, which one you will go for and why?
power acoustik vs alpine?
What is your favorite convertable that has a back seat?
1991 honda civic fuel pump issue?
Does any one know how a Nissan Altima would look with gullwing doors, do anyone have pictures?
What do you think about the new dodge Challenger?
my car gives smoke at the stime of starting why?
When I turn my engine on in my VW beetle a yellow/orange symbol keeps flashing, what is this?
Is a 2013 Mustang Gt 5.0 worth it?
is tinting my car windows a good idea?? girl needs guys!!?
How much will it cost to replace dashboard lights on '94 Honda Accord?
What exhaust for my 2012 Chevy Silverado?
Typically how is the maintenance and reliablity of a 1987 mercedes 300 SDL Turbo?
Why does my fiesta make a funny noise?
2011 Honda Accord Coupe LX-S or 2011 Honda Civic Si?
How do you turn off the governor on a 1998 chevy cavalier z24, so it can go over 106 without shutting off?
what are the pros and con of a hyrid engine?
what are the good and bad points of a ford mondeo?
i have a 2002 BMW 325ci and i bought new rims for it size 18" x 8" so what size tire do i need?
what is the big deal about this car?
can the battery of maruti swift dzire vxi be used for Maruti 800 car?
Please Help!!!! My 1987 Camry will not go in reverse!!!?
Is there a Kia website to find the chassis # or engine # of my kia 2002?
Putting a Winch on a ford ranger?
6.0 powerstroke overheating!?
amature auto mechanic 101?
The volvo 850 R is suprisingly quick, what other cars does it compare to?
What would cause the ign/lmps fuse to blow on my 94 jeep Wrangler with a 4.0 L motor?
Can at 2004 Volks Jetta Transmission 2.0L fit a 2001 Beetle 2.0L?
Jaguar (XF) v. Porsche (2012/2013 Boxster) v. Mercedes (E-Class Sedan)?
i have a 1998 pontiac grand am GT to drive 10 miles.?
My 2005 chevy impala 3.4 will turn over but wont start?
I had H22A with 200 Hp in my Accord yr 96. How can I make as much as HP at fly wheel say 190 HP or more?
on a honda engine swap diagram says to have the ECU wires facing away from you, which way will that be?
02 maxima tranny in an 00 maxima?
Does anyone own a Kit Car?
98 Ford Explorer squeak?
Chevy or Ford?
can you tow a caravan with a mercedes automatic?
Why does my distributor keep going out on my Integra?
how to contact or email honda japan to complain about honda...?
how much would it cost to replace rear windscreen on 1998 clio?
mercury ignition module on 89 grand marquis?
What kind of car should I get???
renault clio 1.2 grande 2000 key problem!?
what kind of oil filter does a 2005 subaru legacy have?
What does driving a Mercedes say about you?
Timing marks on a dohc neon ?
How much power is there in a MB E320?
98 integra gsr turbo or supercharger?
is the ford focus 2.0 zetec 4v 16v the same as the 95 ford contour zetec?
How much is it for a toyota dealer to install a supercharger on a 08 tc?
2002 Jetta 1.8t 4cyl automatic?
which car is best mercedes or bmw?
So what did you name your car/truck?
Which is best? A 2006 Honda Pilot SUV with full-time 4WD? Or the Pilot with 2WD and the VCM system?
What can I do to increase my 98 avengers performance?
is there any organization that sponser a new idea for a new green car i examined it but i need support?
Toyota supra MKIV & mk4?
what is better a 1979 chevey scottsdale or a 1986 chevey chenneny?
is this a good deal/price?
Should I buy a 2005 Nissan Altima 107k?
Chelsea, so could it be possible the alternator is going out?
Is there a temporary fix for a speed sensor on a 1994 Lumina?
can you put 17inch wheels on a 2013 mustang equipped with 19in wheels?
where to find 06 chevy impala center console lid?
2000 Dodge Stratus ES 2.5 V6 Fog light issue?
What is the difference in a gov-lock and a trac-loc in a 1994 gmc or chevrolet truck??
why is it that all the cute girls drive VWs?
Im thinking on buying a Porsche. I don't know if a Cayman S, Boxster or a 911. I have 75,000$?
where is the headlights relay on a 2007 Pontiac grand prix?
Leather interior conversion help?
which would you buy?
Does the honda crv 2012 automaticly switch to 4 wheel drive when nessecary and 2 wheel drive when is not?
Is 1994 bmw 325ic shift boot same as 1994 bmw 325is?
Can you adjust bass on the soud system of a 2012 Hyundai elantra standard?
what is the correct tire air pressure for a 1998 Corolla?
Would you buy a 2001 Toyota Rav4 with 128,000?
is it a bad idea to put 60 series tires on a lowered vw baywindow bus?
98 dodge dakota 4x4 clutch problems?
how old does a car have to be to be considered a classic???
i want to hire a car in the uk my age is under 25?
do you like BMW or MERCEDES?
is shelby mustang made by ford or chrysler???????????????/?
What is up with Volvo's logo?
1996 Mercedes Benz S420 question?
how much does a car cost?
How to i install a 564t hornet alarm in a 2002 silverado?
what is application to 99 grand am gt?
ignition coil on a vauxhall astra 51 reg?
diameter of flex pipe on 2000 mitsubishi montero sport LS?
Why can't I find a LEFT side(passenger) exhaust manifold for a 1999 ford mustang gt?
can i make money selling cars?
99 - 01 CR-V EX gas mileage?
location of mafs on lexus?
What To Do With $ 150?
how many 1967 Dodge Coronet 440 convertables were ever made???
have a chev 92 lunina wont start replaced power pack and computer?
is acura better than honda?
do u like the car bmw jeep x5 my mom has it and my dad has vw jeep?
im looking to buy a mercedes e class series anywhere from 97-2000 are these good cars?
nissan sentra 1994 engine vibration?
I have 1996 Dodge Intrepid that died last night. Help please?
what are the pros and cons of a '75 jeep truck?
Jeep Wrangler or Dodge Dakota?
How are ford explorer sport trac's on gas?
does the oldsmobile cutlass supreme coupe year 81 shell the exact same as an 86?
Question about 2003 nissan altima?
what kind of cars are this ones?
Did Ford make Mustangs in 1962?
Replacing tires on 08 Yaris?
Have a 1995 dodge ram 2500 v10 motor the transmission is slipping i think can i fix that on my own?
I have a 73inch TV made by Mitsubishi every 15minutes it will go in stand by?
which are more luxury BMW or Mercedez Benz?
What frame is the Chevy Equinox built on ?
how many hp on a 1995 toyota tercel?
Why yamaha rx 135 5speed faster then rx 135?
will a newer head unit work okay in a 1991 BMW 735il?
WHAT year of chevrolet has the ''famous'' cat eye lights?
How do I change windshield wiper motor, 2001 hyundai accent?
Is the Pontiac G6 Grill the same shape/size as 04+ style Grand Prixs?
Can a 1013 jeep sahara take a 32x12 tire?
Why is my Speedfight 2 Only doing 40?!?
i have a 73 nova is it possible that its an ss or was the emblem just thrown on there ?
manual transmission question!?
what battery does my 1999 dodge ram van 1500 3.9L V6 key fob take?
How do I sync my keys back to my car?
Where is the daylight module on a 97 Jeep Cherokee Sport???
1997 ford 150 gem module water problems?
how much fuel efficient is the bugatti veyron?
'95 Chevy 1500 4x4 transmission problems. Can you tell me whats wrong?
is a buick rondevxous a good car??
i have issues with my Honda Accord 92, 5 speed manual?
Can you swap trannys on a 1994 bmw 325i?
How to remove Idle Air Control Valve in a 1991 Chevy Camaro?
what kind of gas does a 2002 pontiac grand prix se use?
My Lexus ES300 engine dies after starting.?
350 turbo trans shifts into 2ed while in low?
Are BMW's better or Mercedes?
What do u think is better? Chevy or Dodge? Personaly i think chevy but i want to know what other people think?
Best Owners Club for Mk.4/G Astra?
Can anyone please tell me,which of these luxury cars is better and cheaper to maintain?
how many dodge viper rt10s were manufactured in 1996?
2003 Dodge Stratus front tire setback?
Will a JDM B20B fit in a 7th gen civic?
How would you pick the window trunk lock on a '71 VW Bus?
how many quarts of oil does a 1991 geo prism take?
How much is the price of a freeze plug for a 2004 VW JETTA and what should the mechanic charge to install?
What's the worst car you ever owned?
Where can I get custom XD series Rockstar Rim center-caps?
How much does differential locks help with off roading and what is another way to stay "unstuck"??????????????
What would i need to change, if i were to swap engines to a 6.2l diesel? in my 1987 gmc serria?
Where is the vaccum in a 2002 honda accord?9?
What year is Justin Trudeau's classic Mercedes?
Anyone had their VW air conditioner fixed?
I have a c4 corvette car, when i start it up when its cold it has a rich idle. What can I do to fix this ?
What do you think about the Toyota Yaris ?
which car is finer jaguar or benz?
Sports luxury car search?
Do you think is it a good idea of buying a car on credit?
My 1998 sunfire won't start anti thief light staying on help?
What is the fastest Mercedes Benz?
How can I find out what a 1985 Dodge Ram SUV is worth?
how much should i pay for a 2000 toyota ECHO manual with 155,000 kilometers on it ?
Where is the Heat Blend actuator on a 1997 Ford Escort LX/Sport?
would a 98 intrepid 02 sensor work in a 96 intrepid?
87 toyota pu won't start at times/no voltage to starter/wait 5 min or 5 days @ times and then starts. why?
Is JEEP an American Car?
About what age Cummins 5.9L should i use in a conversion?
Have 1954 GM paint code #556,need someone who can tell me what color this is or where I can find it.?
98 Nissan Maxima wont start?
How can i save a radio station on my 09 civic with navi?
What is the main car from the tv show Crime Story?I know a 59 Ford but I need the rest.?
After Ford 150 transmission swap, transmission won't engage in any gear, advice?
Ladys only please....................?
My Rock and roll bed wont seem to lie flat, whats wrong?
Which set of rims would you prefer?
Where is front blower fan located in a chrysler?
Bridgstone RFT are they on all series up thru 7?
where can i get a service manual for a 1995 camry saloon?
How much does an Alpha Romeo cost?What features/facilities does this car have?
Chevy trucks or Ford trucks?
E46 BMW 328i Vibrating Noise From Engine?
Where is Ferrari located ?
Lug nuts are stripped on wifes 2011 Kia Sportage?
How do i program my car remote for a 2001 lincoln ls?
Any one know how to fit Subaru centre caps?
what country made volvo?
If you smoke and hold your breath at the same time does it makes your belly button
1997 Honda Civic why is the water coolant boiling over the reservoir?
Which Country Makes The Best Cars?
2003 Lancer Cruise Control?
aussiemuscle cars 1971 to 1976 ford falcon gtho351 any for sale in usa?
Is the Lexus IS 300 a girls car??
1991 Toyota Pickup benches for the bed?
I am looking for a 2002dodge dakota with the tailend crash but a good front clip?
Which Car is good for Women in India?
What is the most expensive sedan in the world is it maybach 62 or what?
How much does Liebherr LTM1800 cost in the USA?
A 01 Frd Escort,88K miles. Scrubing noise in front while drvng put new rtrs/brkes stil nois, bearings?
air intakes?
question about what unit i can fit in my 2001 vw 1.8t?
What did you think of that person who paid $6,000,000 on an old 60s Chrystler at an auction?
Civic Si or a Miata?
my 1994 dodge dakota's gas gauge doesn't work.I've changed the pump/sending unit and it will not work still.
chicken post gmc dogtail propeller dignity shuffle or not?
My Ford Mustang (2003 Model) starts shaking / vibrating after I drive it for 10+ Kilometers.?
how can i play mp3 on my 99 Honda Accord?
Fiat Punto MOT Failure?
What is your top three favorite cars?
side panel symbols mean 2001 vw new beetle?
do you have black hair?
Should I Keep My Mercedes?
I have a 97 chevy lumina it want move until it warms up?
What is involved in the 100000 service for 2004 Lexus RX 330?
Mini Cooper S failure issue?
Any body know me?
my 1995 previa would not start, the headlights, horn and the harzad lights doe'nt work. Do not have a service?
Stop cayenne insight lights from going on when taking key out?
What order are the MAF/IAT Sensor wires on my 2002 Eclipse?
Honda or Hyundai?
sheared lug bolts?
2005 chevy cobolt rear defrost resister?
1991 Ford F-150 smokes under the hood while running?
I have 1991 Honda prelude SI 2.1?
2000 honda prelude base gauge cluster failures?
94 dodge colt transmission fluid?
is it possible to put subwoofers under the seat of my 2009 mustang?
Lexus RX 350 or Acura MDX?
Does the 2007 buick park avenue exist?
how much did a toyota MR2 mk2 sw20 cost when it was first released.?
How many miles do you have on your Honda?
is dodge Challenger v6 good with the weight of the car?
fuse lay out on a vw polo 2002\2005?
What's your experience while driving Skoda Rapid car during rainy nights?
Was the Mercedes the first car to be invented?
Mercedes Benz is a prestigious car... What about it's quality, and reliability? Any owners out there?
How do I take the doors off my 2003 Jeep TJ?
Why Peugeot or Renault cars are not present ( imported ) in the United States ? I only know of some old models
Chevy 1500 hard to get in hear?
I have pinkish/red coming from underneath my Jeep?? what is it??
How a neon 2006 clutch system works?
why is ford better than dodge?
2012 scion lease for 200 dollars a month? No down payment?
how to tell what injector pump you have 1999 dodge diesel?
My 2000 VW Jetta 1.8t stalls when at idle - anyone know why?
where can i find cheap 65-69 mustang fastback bodies?
i have a 89 ford f150 with the 5.0 it will run but when i try to really get into it it spits and sputters?
buying vw type 1 pistons?
what causes my front turn signal to come on when it press the brakes?
how do I flush my radiator on a 2000 cavalier?
scion tc manufacturing cost?
if i replaced my altenator and it ran fine for three days and now not holding charge what could be the problem
2006 pontiac grand prix ABS question?
How many names does vauxhal (as we call it here in britain) have?
Where can i find a diagram for fuses on a 1994 geo Metro?
What is better? A 302 Windsor or 302 Cleveland?
How do I fix the washer fluid sprayer on my car?
maintenence schedule 1992 corolla 200.000 what is the maintenence schedule?
when is pani poni dash comming to toonami in the U.S.?
Does anyone know how fast an yenko camaro?
1998 Grand Am SE V6 3.1liter Diagram?
Compatible engines for 1990 Toyota pickup 3.0 ?
Audi help with homework!?
Waterpump 01 ford ranger?
is a 1994 4.0 ford ranger xlt extra cab compatible with a 2001 ford ranger stepside?
Can a 6'9 person fit in a 1960s vw bus?
What would be the cause of a Dodge to stay running even after turned off and key removed from ignition?
Why can't I find a LEFT side(passenger) exhaust manifold for a 1999 ford mustang gt?
Which Country do you think makes the best Cars?
Can i put size 18 tires on my 17 rim? ford f150?
Is 207k miles too much for a 1987 toyota Corsica?
Lexus SC430 misfire!!?
i am looking for someone that is looking for a automoblie?
2003 Saturn Vue p0700 code and won't engage in drive?
IM About to Buy a Dodge Challenger, what are some flaws about this Car?
best gas mileage?
Where can I find pink Jeep emblems?
What is the name of the model who does the Mercury car ads?
what is the finest car ever made?
how much should a steering pump for power steering for a 95Ford Escot LX Cost?
what would be a good muffler for a 1991 v6 camry?
Where Can I Find Splash Gurads And Floor Mats For My MK1 Rabbit????????
Ford focus 2003 154k miles good/bad?
08 dodge charger wont start,?
How do you change the gear shift knob on a 2002 ford escort?
How much is it to fix a gas gauge on a 2004 Chevy Malibu?
If you could modernize any old car model which would it be and why?
Will a 2006 Mazda 3's 16" wheels fit on a 2006 Mazda 6 ?
How much does it cost to get the front l+r wishbones replaced on 1.0 vauxhall corsa?
2007 Jeep Wrangler Sahara will not shift out of Park?
IPhone 4s backlights?
good first car for teen?
Is a chevy V6 or a V8 better?
how much petrol do you have to put in to fill the whole tank for a vw golf mk2 gti 16v?
i need help with my angel eyes/halo's on my honda civic ex 1993..?
jdm engine swaps!?
Is a Ford Mustang good off road?
First Motorcyle Suzuki Hayabusa?
what is the life span of a vauxhall engine?
1991 ford ranger wont start?
What site can i go to, to customize my (1995 GMC Jimmy 4wd).?
i have a non modified 5.7L chevy motor what is the best CFM carb to purchase?
What is leaking under my ford bronco?
Changing spark plugs in a 2001 ford explorer sport?
which are better: Muscle Cars of TODAY or Muscle Cars of YESTERDAY?
why people slow at making gas and battery for the van. The gas is going to stay high and not going down offen.
where can i find outside chrome for a 1970 ThunderBird and also the T-Bird emblem?
whats the fastest car around except buggati?
The theft light is on in my 98 Chevy cavalier?
what is the song in the volkswagen jetta commercial?
Should I buy a ford focus or a chevy cobalt?
in the mitsubishi eclipse comerical the song goes (bring on what u got)? what is the song called and who by?
i have a 2004 nissan altima it shifts hard from 1st to 2nd gear. i was told it is the solenoids..same problem?
acura or honda?
My new Honda Civic's battery died. What do I do?
what is origin of the word ""yaris"" ,and what does it means?
my gmc jimmy smells like it is overheating ?
Is the 2002 Mercedes-Benz C32 AMG a "grandpa's car"?
I am trying to sell a 1974 Chrysler Ranger - What is the best site to list it on?
my 69 buick skylarks speedometer isnt working anymore...well it hasnt work since i got it...?
What is the WORST looking car?
drop a chevy 350 into a mercedes 230 sl (1966)!?
ford fusion radio keycode?
Audi A5 or A6?
What is "best car" make?
300zx spark plugs?
Where can i go to pimp my mothers 1997 Suburban.?
how can i get a body parts catalog for a 71 cadillac coupe deville for free?
What STOCK size exhaust piping does a 1999 Grand Am SE 3.4L have?
did adolf hitler start the volkswagen car company?
what does the word Phaeton mean its the name of one of volkswagons higher price cars but dont know the meaning
Fuel Economy Problems for my Car?
Do you have a diagram of a 1995 Saturn fuse box?
How much are my 1973 original Chevelle rims worth?
My 2005 Chrysler Pt Cruiser Automatic starts funny!?
How to fit a b20 b4 engine in a honda 2000 honda xivic civc ?
To turbo my Toyota Celica?
Does anybody know what kind of car this is?
What's the best thing to do about the dash boards in Oldsmobile Aleros when they fold up from the sun?
can I fit a B2000 cylinder head to a B2200 block?
does anyone no the best air intake i could get for my 1998 subaru legacy gt...thanx?
where fill the oil transmition on the new wlks wagen beetle?
2002 ford escape is there a relay for the head lights?
How to make my 1995 mustang gt put out 320 horses..?
is it possible to supercharge or turbo a 3.5 altima cvt sedan?
how can i buy a used car in nigeria?
I am looking for Bomex Body Kit for Toyota Corolla 1995.?
I have a 2000 Mazda 626 looking to customize it and live in Rochester, NY. Any suggestions, sites or ideas?
Will a 5 spd p28 work in an automatic car?
how do you change an Antenna on a 98 ford explorer?
Downpipe for base model 2004+ grand prix?
Which Jeep is best for me?
What should i add to the engine of my 2009 honda civic si coupe?
Ilan ang jeep sa UP diliman as of 2009?
shouldn't Nissan make a Jeep model?
Are Kia Sportages good cars?
dodge chargers or ford mustangs?
What are the best spark plugs for my honda accord 2001.?
How do I remove the seats in my 2004 Subaru WRX?
Did Henry Ford change the automobile in anyway?
Is a Nissan Altima SE-R a good car to have as my first car?
2009 honda accord when first turned on I heard a popping sound under hood?
where is the wire to the air compressor located on my 2003 Dodge Caravan?
I am looking for a part number for a ford focus 2001...can anybody help me?
1998 dodge ram 1500 wont shift in drive?
Honda Prelude Racing Idle Question?
can someone please help?
Mitsubishi eclipse 2003 need to replace catalytic converters do not know what to buy..rear front left or right?
What does RAM stand for?
Im planning on buying a MUSTANG GT 07, OR SUBARU STI 07 which one do you prefer.?
Does 1995 corolla have timing chain or belt?
Japanese woman from Toyota print ad?
Mitsubishi 3000gt idle/ radiator fan problem?
Which Honda Civic trim models have cruise control?
Where can I find the year by year sales of Blue motion cars like VW Passat for all over the world?
2001 dodge neon po302 misfiring?
My 1990 mazda 626 nonturbo was running and all of a sudden it shut off?
What could be wrong with my car?
Celica GT-S VVTL-I solenoid problem
1992 honda accord ex memory problems?
Will a 94 ford explore transmission fit a 94 ford ranger?
how do you unlock a 2008 dodge ram without the keys?
How much is a Volkswagen Watch worth?
please may i have the honda navi and radio code for ridgeline 2007?
Fiat punto only 2 yrs old, inside of the front tyre has gone bald.?
What company makes 2012Mazda3 genuine navigation system?
does eating mercury make you smart ?
Saab 900 Talladega or not?
why do ford a/c compressors click so loudly?
I have a volvo S80 1999 & my wipers wont switch off.?
Honda Civic 93 - CEL won't display any codes?
Cost to put leather seats in Volkswagen Beetle?
service engine soon light?
My brother has a 2000 Pontiac grand prix and the problem is when we try to start it it just keeps choking up?
what was mercury named after and why?
how can i upgrade a honda accord engine 1990?
scion TC or mazda 3!?
how many mileage is a 1997 nissan sentra supposed to have?
JEEP WRANGLER OWNERS!!!!!! who deal with snow!!!?
how many spark plugs does a 2000 mercedes e55 has?
Heater problem of my pontiac montana 2000 model?
how mcuh would it cost to paint a suv black if it is a dark purple now?
Is Chrysler making a 300 convertible?
Chevy Camaro vs Ford Mustang?
Mice in my ford Flex - how do they get in?
Can a nissan dealership work on a infinit car?
how do i reset my key remote!?
how much would it cost for restore 1988 Mustang? This is a G T 302 Original car Im the only owner,and like to?
Is it possible that an upstream oxygen sensor has the same electrical connector as a downstream (same car)?
ford sucks, GM blows them away, do you think so too?
How/or what direction should I take to become an Engineer for bmw?
Which one is better a lexus or mercedes?
which compact car is best?
what would it cost for a 1970 ss chevrolet chevelle 454?
1984-1985 HYUNDAI PONY rear wheel drive?
3rd row seat in a H2?
older C6 corvette or new mustang?
98 eclispe rs speedometer help?
if i buy a peugeot 307 1.4 hdi wit 100,000 miles + am i looking for trouble?
i have a 91 ford escort gt and it has the 1.8 liter dohc engine 4 cylinder , it starts up fine but when u rev?
I have a 1997 eclipse and it needs a motor. can i put a turbo version in without needing a new wiring harness?
why did dodge make the new charger a 4 door????????
why do all volvo drivers drive with lights on?
Does a 2007 Honda accord have fuel injectors?
Why would someone want Kia's Active Eco system turned off?
how much does a rolls royce ghost cost?
03 navigator air ride suspension problems?
How do you change the headlamp in a 2000 Chevy Z71 PU Truck?
1994 Celica Pre-Fab Exhaust?
How many Centennial Edition Ford Mustangs were made in 2003? They only made them in black.?
Plan on getting an rx-8... help please.?
My 99 Ford Contour is having a problems with the ignition?
Where would i go to get body kits installed on my mustang 2005?
I had a 2000 chevy malibu engine ligth is on we change gas cap but it still on what can I do?
How many tons a isuzu npr 1997 can carry?
Chrysler is putting an 8-speed transmission in their cars?
how can i assemble a car?
Looking for a car under $5000 preferably 2000 or newer, 5 or 6 speed manual any suggestions?
I have a 1984 Pontiac Firebird with 4-cylinder EFI. I want to put a 6 cylinder engine in it.?
are there any classic vw bug crews in los angeles county?
Why will my VW Camper not run properly?
How often should Mazda 3 transmission filter be replaced?
geo tracker motter swap?
how realible is the 1999 VW Passat?
Toyota quality declining?
have a 1985 mustang GT, stalls when approaching a stop sign , or slowing to round a corner. we changed switc
i want to purchase rims but first i would like to see them on my vehicle. what site can i go on and see them.?
where can i find a 1964 impala car in greensboro, nc?
My new beetle is just 2 weeks brand new, feel a/c in 15 mins is normal when I start up the car? I live in L.A.
What kind of differential does a 91 crown victoria have?
is there a such thing as third party transactions and will it be insured?how do we deal with fraud?
Will a body kit for a 1993 Mazda 626 fit on a 1992 model?
How do I fold down the back seat on a 98' Plymouth Breeze!?
are ford and general motors located in columbus ohio?
My 93 mustang lx is making a grinding noise when I put it gear?
2000 Mazda 626, cooling fan issue connected to defrost button?
how many 1973 nova ss hatchbacks were made?
About tuning Nissan 370z?
Trade in my GTI and get a moded s2000?
toyota camry VS honda accord?
Got my oil changed, now my 1999 honda is SO loud when I accelerate!!?
has a corvette ever came with a v6?
Can anyone tell me where to find a cheap limited slip differential for a 350z?
how can i put a grant steering wheel in my 96 chevy?
i have a vauhxall astra 1.7TD izuzu engine ?
my car drives jerky & also idels high?
What would cause voltage at the coil to alternate between 12v and within a few seconds 8v?
What kind of car is this? What year?
how hard would it be to change a 87 f150 over to a manual transmission?
May car swerves a little when im driving, what could be tha cause?
What's your dream car?
Halo headlights for 2001 cavalier coupe?
1993 ford turus,the parking brake pedel is way to high?
1998 ford e150 econoline spark plug and coil diagram/firing order?
timming marks on 2.4 nissan?
my car has a warning light?
How do I disassemble roof rails (audi a6 4b)?
2005 Toyota Sienna VSC Lite.?
how can i check if my abs sensors are bad on a 90 acura legend LS4 dr with auto trans?
I have a set of E39 BMW 5 Series springs and I need to know if they're for a sport package or not?
how long do you have to wiat till you get your drivers license in alabama?
where can i find a 94 eclipse gs cylinder head?
97 Sunfire GT TPS-how to replace?
Henry Ford's new factory?
does anyone know where there is an old Chevy Suburban (1968-1972) waiting to be bought +restored??
does a 2002 vw jetta have a thermostat. if not will it overheat?
Where is Ford based?
whats the exact difference between a 5 door and a 4 door car?
What is the difference between a 36 ford pickup door and a 41?
Toyota prius 2001, ebay# 260968852048 is it a good year, willing to purchase 4k? any thoughts from the pros?
ford expedition or toyota highlander....?
New transmission needed? I6 to V8?