2001 Chevy truck i put a wheel bearing on now brake fail some time?
Which car would you buy?
What would the CID of my engine be? I have Chevy 350 bore .040 with a 400 crank and 6" rods.?
how do i fix a fuel level sensor on a 2002 ford focus?
Ford Fusion or Mercury Milan?
Is the automatic handbrake on my renault scienic grandé sposed to release as well?
1998 Ford Ranger engine swap from 1997 Explorer 5.0?
how do I change the pittman seal on my 87 ford 150?
1990 sr5 clutch work with 1992 corolla?
how much will it cost to replace the oil pan gasket in my 1998 dodge caravan?
Does anyone have a............?
why wont my stratus go over 2000 rpms?
where can i find oem parts (fender emblems) for my 1997 dodge dakota?
Volkswagen Karmann Ghia?
can a b20b fit in a civic eg or ek?
should lukas transmission be put in my transmission after i got a transmission flush about 3 moths ago.?
Would you like to join my group?
Trueno Ae86 help out?
how many rolls royce's did jimmy saville have?
Sprinkle you said you'd look at a diagram for me on my 96 3.3 Dodge Intrepid?
what is 3+3?
What is the best car to get someone for their 16th birthday?
my steering on my 2000 v8 grand cherokee only turns half lock to the left but ok when turn right?
What's wrong with my brakes? ford f 250 ?
My 96 ford ranger takes off on its own when i put it in gear and take my foot off the brake.?
Where is the fuse box on my 1999 v6 mustang?
design of a petrol engine radiator?
how do you get the spindalls off the axles a1997 dodge intripid?
whats the fastest you'v ever been. mine 137mph?
where can i find a store name pro street auto peformace?
Is it reasonable to drive a maruthi?
"Stereotypically" who drives the worst.?
What is the torque of a car?
What is going with the low beams on my 06 ram 1500?
Any tips on front license plate colors for a White 2004 Mustang?
Can the ABS system be disabled on my 2000 chevy silverado?
Ford 351m. Small block or big block?
What do these codes mean on my 1999 Chevy Monte Carlo?
Mitsubishi L200 windscreen wipers?
Are audi Infiniti and bmw German?
how do you take off the rear dek of a 2008 pontiac g6 GXP coupe?
My '99 ford escort is shuddering when I drive?
What is the top speed of a Volvo Amazon in 3rd gear?
What is a good car for me...?
Why do foreign car lovers think Ford and Chevy are junk?
How do i manually tune a radio in 2003 volkswagen polo?
where can I purchase a caddillac in france?
what is engine mis-fire? on my ford focus?
glow plug light goes on in a 2005 dodge ram 2500 diesel?
How do you take a engine out a 1968 Mercury Cougar (302)?
Do you own a Chrysler 300M or Concord?
How to shift a 2011 Honda Insight EX?
What site has virtual rim display on cars?
I've just bought a Ferrari.Are there any official stats specifying the possible top speed in each gear ?Thx.
how fast can i go in a mustang lx?
Information about jimmy chungs????
Which is the best the Ferrari,Lamborghni,Porsche?
How can I tell if my Nissan has the Rockford Fosgate sound system?
Nissan Canada Director of Marketing contact information?
1995 civic dx belt noises? (video inside)?
I'm tring to find wheels for my 1995 Toyota pickup but cant find ones with holes for my 4 wheel drive locks
Is it true that all of the cars in America are automatic?
Acura Integra Type R or Honda s2000?
how fast can a E60 550i go if ungoverned?
what kind of transmission fluid do you use in a 90 nissan maxima?
Can you put a cruise control on a 2003 Malibu that doesn't currently have cruise control?
When engines idle does the temperature?
Anyone have an opinion on the Volvo S60 R?
If Lexus is made by Toyota then how come it's not called a Toyota Lexus and it doesn't have the Toyota emblem
how to make 1500 dollars in 2 weeks?
I'm going to get my first car.?
Opinions on this car please?
1996 mustang gt starts then immediately dies unless revved?
hyundai coupe fault code p1166?
Can a 2005 mach 1 engine fit in a 93 ford f150?
where is the coolant fan relay loceted in a 98' vw beetle?
Does YAHOO! have a shipping center where they may hold vehicles?
1996 Jeep grand Cherokee v6 to a v8?
why is the porsche cayenne so expensive?
Ford F250 1990 Catalytic converter?
Can a Saleen body kit fit in a V6 mustang? Will there be any modifications? Can a 20 inch wheels/rim fit also?
my a/c for super crew f-150 2004 dash controlers are flashing and doesent want turn the a/c what should i do?
If you could have your dream car what would it be?
do u think that a lexus is better than a bmw or a mercedes??
disable horn on remote starter?
Which is a better car? mazda 3? Honda Civic? VW Rabbit?
will opel be sold in canada as previously stated by Magna?
what does the f in the ford f series truck stand for?
My Renault Clio dash range showing how many miles I have left until filling up is not working?
Subaru Impreza 2003 or Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder 1998?
92 Ford F150, 5-speed manual transmission?
What songs mention chevys?
How do you change a motor for automatic windows in a 1989 mercury grand marquis?
Where will the scorpion diesel be manufactured?
Which one is better? Honda Accord 4 cyl with 48000 miles or Volvo S80 with 80000 miles?
Tony S please help me again with the DIC of my Pontiac Grand Prix!!?
What is the difference between a baja bug and a reguler beetle?
Overheating mitsubishi?
looking for vw t25 camper van starter motor?
i have a 1999 dodge dekota the inside lights are on .?
1990 jeep wrangler, straight 6 cly. Changed the water pump and now it overheats with the thermostat installed.
where can i find metal door foot sills to protect the carpet for a 1986 jaguar xjs coupe?
Car womt start- getting fire and gas-fuel pump makes noise-why wont it start?
Lowering a 2012 silverado ls ext cab 2wd ?
what's the best car to buy, a bmw 316i or bmw 320i?
I have a 2002 nissan altima and this car has the blue smoke?
QR25DE growl with CVT sounds like its breaking, what is a good way to hide that noise?
Remote Smart Key Programing for Suzuki?
anyone have a 95 vw gti vr6 rear disc brake diagram they can scan and send me? thx
Acura cl transmission problems?
puting a drive belt for a 2001 mazda millenia?
how do i replace a cvc joint on a 1995 eagle talon?
1999 Ford Escort zx2 bad fuel pump?
What type of car is this?
Do kia forta 2013 headlights shut them selfs off?
what does BMW stands for?i assume it's German but what does it mean and how do you pronounce it?
i have a 1990 honda accord and my alernator went out after about 8-10 months, is this a common accord problem?
What is the best pontiac every made?
Audi radio code? (I need to exit safe mode) 2000 a6?
Is a oil leak on a 1997 Audi A4 Quattro 2.8L expensive?
how do you fill two gas tanks on opposite sides of a semi truck at the same time?
Any mourners for the dear departed Oldsmobile?
are front windshields larger in size than the back windshield?
JEEEEEEP grand cherokee Light went out?
where can i find the numbers like the emblem for a bmw?
hey , what are the tourqe specs for sylinder head bolts an 2006 audi a4 v6 3.2 engine , tnx?
whitch has bigger loading doblo or scenic?
Me again! How do you fold or remove the rear seat on a 97 wrangler? Thanks!! /?
help with this 3s-16=11?
92 honda prelude si sits at 3000rpms?
Who here thinks the original Mustang looks like a fighter jet with no wings?
tryn to find the build number for my 02 pontiac firehawk?
98 eclipse or 98 maxima?
Body Kits!!!?
ford escape 2002 problems?
How reliable is my Jeep?
Need to know where to find the secound Aspirator in my 2000 yukon i found the one above drivers seat ?
Where can I find an affordable Mopar shaker?
nissan almera driveshaft oil leak?
I want toknow if the car NISSAN SKILINE GTR is legal in us?
Car deck in a 1985 mercedes 300 turbo diesel?
What kind of car do you drive?
Top Gear S14 200SX 1994 test drive by Russel Bulgin?
what is a FC car? I already know the FD and FF, but what is a FC?
i have 92 chevy van 350 fi throdelbody g20?
hyundai elantra?
what engine can i get the highest horsepower from and put in my 2007 pontiac grand prix?
Where is the oil filter located in a 2000 Mercedes benz c230 kompressor?
Where can I purchase bearings for an air conditioning pulley on a 2002 Jeep Liberty?
Where Would I get the toyota corona RT132 on line?
Di mana tempat jual sepatu supra di surabaya?
My head light on my 90 corolla it turn off ?
i have a pontiac grand am?
Putting a 351 Windsor motor into a 1996 v6?
Is Saleen S7 made by Ford?
where is the pollen filter in a 2007 clio?
is this sentence correct about our government and Toyota?
Nissian Xterra crankin the torsion keys/bars for level look?
Are v6 mustangs good on gas? ?
Can you put a diesel into a 2005 gmc canyon?
2004 Renault Clio Front Wipers Not Working?
will 185/70R14 tires fit a 2006 hyundai elantra?
Where can I find a car tent for a ford focus?
I need a 2000 Mitsubishi Eclipse radio Code plz help!?
Is a 1992 Mazda 323 Fuel Injected?
Ford keeps blowing fuse for windows and dome light?
im 5'5 and wanted to know if id be able to get into my ford ranger with a level and lift kit?
Needing a first car, thinking a BMW.?
is there a short shaft water pump for a 454 (maybe a 366)?
1995 Ford F150 rear speaker size?
what car starts with a letter e????????
Is Mazda 323 (1996) a good car?
how do you replace a gps disk on a Pontiac torrent?
how was ford istrument in starting this rapid transformation of american life?
Most of my electronic dashboard does not work ....what could cause that?
name one car and one truck you'd love to own...?
where can i find the info of a 1.8 vectra engine 1993 model?
2005 Chevy Impala ongoing issue?
If you had the choice between the new mercedes C 63 AMG or the BMW M3, which would you choose and why?
intermittent heat in 1992 lumina?
resale in canada for 2008 infiniti g37S 2door coupe?
Is it possible to build a brand new e39 M5 at the factory with the technology we have today?
I need a downloadable owners manual for my 2009 mitsubitshi galant?
what country is the best in car made??
Does the Ford Fiesta Style 2006/2007 have a good engine?
can i convert my pugeot 307 2.0 hdi 90bhp to run on biodiesel 2001-2002 model?
Best way to replace2001 Mitsubishi Diamante transponder key?
how much does a 2009 corolla bumper cost to replace?
What would a 09 vw jetta tdi be worth in 2014?
hAve 65 mustanh like to restore --- what is the value of a restore 65 mustang?
I like the Kia Avanta. Can someone tell me about it?
vw polo initial mileage?
Which Car is the only true American Sports Car?
uk answers only please !!! why are kia's so cheap ?
Y reg Peugeot 206 GTI seat belt warning light?
What kind of battery is used in a 2006 Chrysler Sebring (4 door)?
what year did chevrolet impala come out?
Best first car for a 17 year old girl?!?!?
Which truck is better Dodge or Ford? and why?
I need to replace the head gasket in my 94 Toyota Celica? Can anyone help?
How much is the insurance for a 2005 ford mustang?
what in the world is going on today?
Remove Ford Explorer Running Boards?
How do you replace a starter in 1999 Buick Regal?
i was trying to put 22 inch rims on a 1993 maxima will they fit?
catlyitlc converter replament?
how long do i have to wait for a factory order of a 2006 jeep liberty crd?
i have1994 mercedes sl500 roadster my soft top hard top operation switch light an chimes come on an stay on?
Can anyone tell me of Datsun Z Car clubs, etc ?
Question about fuse box under the hood of a chrysler 300 touring sedan 3.5L?
What kind of problems would come about owning a 1975 Ford Maverick?
what does b.m.w stand for?
Trying to moddify my RSX type S?
How many miles would an automatic 2.litre golf estate do on £20 of petrol?
does a 2003 f-250 super duty have oil cooler?
question about my saab?
How are the Honda Insight and Toyota Prius c?
what is 36k/ miles ?
my low washer and maintenance required light is on in my 91 jeep cherokee laredo. How do i fix the problem?
Can I get a bed liner for a 1985 Chevrolet K10 Silverado?
How to tighten a throttle cable?
What's the strange beeping noise from the back of my Audi A4?
How much does a 2003 F-250 weigh?
why is my mercedes giving me code 006 (idle speed control)?
How much is it to replace a crank sensor in a 2005 PT CRUISER?
Which country do Nissans come from? They're not american cars, right?
why don't they make Toyota Celia's no more?
Any experience with a dodge?
Where can i get a 2003 mazda protege lx grille From?
Your favorite car that you have owned ?
Upgrades for 2006 eclipse gt?
What does se and le mean on a toyota corolla 07 model?
What do the different gears do on a 2003 Chevy Impala 3.4L four-speed automatic transmission?
windshield wiperblade size for scion xd 2008?
What engines are compatable with a 2001 escort sedan.?
Do I have to make some changes to my cars computer if I change tires and modify the bodylift?
bmw or merc whats the best?
Its a Jeep thing... what is there to understand?
I heard the crown victoria is horrible on gas should i still go with the crown victoria?
where can i find a store name pro street auto peformace?
How much can I expect to pay to replace my oil pan on my 2002 Ford Excursion?
91 Toyota corolla with 16000 miles?
Where is the oil pump located on a 2000 jeep grand Cherokee?
where can I find a used bench seat for a 1983 chevy blazer?
Well i have a stock rx8 with a exotic speed st 1 exhaust and i was wondering what i can do to make it spit out?
Will a opti spark from a 1996 firebird fit on a 1996 camaro?
Chevy Astro/GMC Safari van?
325 rear end for 1969 ford truck?
What does GMC's "C" exactly stands for?
Should i buy a 2011 Volvo S60?
What is the first mod I should do to my Acura RSX Type-S?
Car quits running while driving. 2001 Ford Escort?
3 speed automatic, in a vc commodore?
What is the difference between the santro xls and the xing?
What engine comes stock in a 1988 - 1989 Honda Accord?
why is britain always represented by sh*t eurovision entries?
how tight are the intake bolts on98 jeep 4.0?
where is the location of fuel tank of mersedes benz 2004 s500?
what is a sedan?
are there any older automatic vw bugs?
Bmw E46 lighting problems?
What do i tune my honda 5200 on drag racing to?
2008 Mitsubishi Lancer Rear Quarter Panel and Tail Light Replacement Cost?
Why did they discontinue the Dogde Daytona?
were to you find the speed control sensor on a Peugeot 106?
anybody got an extra 960 rack&pinion,,, i keep blowing mine?
Lug nuts are stripped on wifes 2011 Kia Sportage?
where is the tail light fuse located on a 2007 ford crownvictoria?
Do you have a diagram of a 1995 Saturn fuse box?
How to factor 12h+27k-6?
2007 Honda civic si sedan 2007?
2002 Honda accord synthetic oil?
2007 ford focus wont move when its on drive or reverse?
vw polo car battery help?
Why do my gauges in my 95 Neon come on and off as they please?
Describe the actions of the piston and the intake and exhaust valves during each of the four piston strokes.?
I just bought a 2006 Honda CR-V.?
wuts ur favorite car?
Is $3,500 good for a 1986 Ford Bronco?
My brake lights doesn't work on my 1995 Chevrolet Silverado. I change the fuses, bulbs and still nothing.?
sr20det blacktop s13?
Is my transmission shoot ?
questions about the conserving/improving the retail value of my classic Volkswagen beetle car?
I'm getting a Infiniti G35 sedan in December ?
Earth gas vs. car gas, which is better for a car?
Vauxhall Corsa 02 petrol 1.0 oil type?
Is a Honda Civic Jewel a sixth generation car?
How can I take a 1977 chevy 350 4 bolt main and get at least 425 hp & for cheap money?
How to turn off TEMPERATURE CONTROL! on a land rover?
Nissan Vs. Acura?
Big block chevy rpm s 10.000?
Is it a good investment into a 1968 VW Beetle-Classic, with 75,000 mileage?
Where buy an honda racing flag ?
Iridium or Platinum Spark Plugs? 2002 Altima 2.5L?
Any experience with the new TDI Jetta? Owners only please.?
most sold car in texas?
How Expensive are Jaguar's to maintain? (Car not the Animal)?
where can i talk about my 1996 dodge ram
Will 2002 tacoma rims fit on a 2006 tacoma?
info on mopar srt stage 1 for pt cruiser limited turbo?
Is the 4 cylinder 2007 to 2011 toyota camry a reliable car or is it just as unreliable as the 6 cylinder.?
looking for wsw 2"wide 225/60/R16 for Lincoln Town Car?
anybody have falken ze 912's on their torquey car?
i need to find a car in the price range of $3000-$8000 and am having a hard time. anyone have any suggestions?
are nopi nationals in Atlanta Canceled?
Ford Mustang - Convertible or not?
do you race VWs please help im a new felow racer?
Can you suggest the perfect gift for a car guy?
Similar body styles on a 2000 Chevy van.?
1984 Honda Accord. Need new air filter. Repco want $42.Any sites to find cheaper brand equivalents?Brisbane?
Will the rear end off of a 99 suburban fit on my 00 silverado?
Which do you like better? 1965/1966 Ford Mustang Coupe or the 1965/1966 Ford Mustang Fastback?
2000 528i ABS Module Alternatives?
How do I know when to change transmission fluid for my 1992 Ford Escort GT?
what car is better?
Does my 2007 Honda civic ex sedan have vtec?
What's the best Honda car ever?
How fast on average are 1969 302 Mustangs?
How can I find the colour of my car?
Is there an HID conversion kit for the 2000 pontiac trans am?
i'm thinkin of buying a ford focus. what do you all think? any suggestions? is it good/bad?
Fiat Multipla problem with brake pedal and steering, advice needed?
Thanks for your previous answers. Now I want to put a 1996 Vortex 4.3 V-6 in a 1990 1/2 ton with?
Which car would you like to own 2001 corvette coupe or factory five cobra?
honda civic question?
Do you love Ford Taurus'? How long has it lasted you?
Why should I buy an e30?
Can you fit S13 Sr20 valve cover on S14 Sr20?? or vice-versa??
where can I find FCC number for keyless remote of my 2003 Honda Civic LX?
2003 Hyundai Getz only running on 3 cylinders?
How is Duro DZ performance?
Where is Subaru Forester manufactured?
where can I get both right and left used headlight assemblies for a 1999 Chrysler LHS?
What was the best year (pre-1995) for a Toyota 4x4 Ext. Cab Pickup Truck and why?
when will we have a subaru diesel,and what spec will it be?
How do I fix the washer fluid sprayer on my car?
Which subaru is better ?
Is the Porsche 911 Turbo S a supercar?
Has anybody ever done a Cummins ford conversion?
georgia auto traders?
How to disconnect odometer reading on 2007 grand cherokee srt8 and will there be any affects or knowing of it?
04 Ford Van Brake Light Problems?
whats your opinion of volvos?
Any comments on the 2004 Hyundai Elantra?
Ford fusion radio "LOCKED 13"?
Whats the differnt between a audi a6 2012 and audi s6 2012?
why did my camry just die and now wont start?
What model classic car is this?
does anyone think the '67 Chevy impala is a really good looking car?
How is a Chevy cobalt?
looking to make 150 per day?
what's your favorite nissan vehicle?
Can I put Mercedes transmission into sport mode before breaking in?
Degree of difficulty and average hours to replace 2002 Dodge Ram 1500 4.7L Engine?
I drive a manual transmission Honda?
2005 suzuki verona has a ticking in engine and when i hit gas it gets faster any ideas?
Can i install a DIC steering wheel on a 2003 chevy silverado LS?
What could cause a chevy 6.5 diesel to suddenly not start?
How much is a matte paint job?
i have a 1985 ford f150 with a 302 CID (5.0 L) V8, Windsor FI, 185 hp (138 kW) engine in it?
Whats a Decent Price estimate for labor to replace Shocks on a truck?
why is Toyota such a good vehicle?
If you have a volvo, is it a good or bad car?
where can i find someone in central ga who buys older automobiles for scrap or such?
miata iat location?
My ABS light just came on in my Subaru.?
Where can I buy a knob for the navigation system on a 2005 VW Touareg?
Whats a better engine a mercedes benz or roll royce engine?
where can i get the details of different car segments in india?
how much does it cost to replace a transmission on a 1994 Chevy Corsica?
warning light on dash .... don't know what it stands for ...?
I have a 2001 Audi A4, what is the best, cheapest way to gain HP etc?
What are the advantages of single turbo setups on an RX-7?
does motegi ff7 fit the versa?
how do i bleed my clutch on my 1990 integra and where do i bleed it from and where the hell is the screw?
What could cause 1997 Nissan Altima spark plug wires to be pushed off of spark plug and pop up out of engine?
I just bought a Honda Accord v6 ex coupe with 125,000 miles on it for $8,000. Is this a good deal?
can you guys tell me the first car you had,mine was a mk1 ford escort.?
What is the title of the new mercedes-benz e-class commercial song?
When changing the brakes on a 2002 passat how do you get the piston to push in?
Should I get my son a bmw or an audi for his 16th birthday?
Which lancer evo is the best for drifting?
fuel diagram for a 1996 ford escort?
my 01 acura cl starts and then stumbles, surges, almost dies, then after 3 or 4 minutes runs fine .?
Why won't my 2005 Toyota Prius start?
i have a 2010 audi tt with a clarion audio from japan and i want to change the language?
Why is my engine "overcooling"?
Volkswagen Passat MFD help!?
Help with 1987 RX7 project car?
part number for shock absorbers for mercedes s320 cdi 2005,GF05RHK?
is it better to lease or buy a car?
My ford escort stops after 3 miles?
I am looking for a junk yard that will pick up my car and pay me !?
What is the Period of 2sin((ax+bx)/2)cos((ax−bx)/2)?
When sholud I take my car to its first maintenance service?
98 ford taurus wire problem?
bmw g650gs turn signal lens.?
Is Toyota more than likely going to go out of business?
what type of Ford SUV is this?
I want to know how can I see the year on a mitsibushi eclipse?
where can i find a place for cheap bmw 325i 1995 parts?
What makes/models can I put a ~94 ish Mustang motor/transmission in?
How does people view car salesman?
ford fiesta 1.3 2001?
Who, here, likes Ford over Chevy, and would even go as far as to burn a Corvette to prove it?
Auto Transmission not wanting to catch in drive when cold/rainy?
How much is a 1987 chevy camaro worth?
was there a factory 454 ss comaro chev.if so what year /model and what type of brakes frontand back did it hv
What are the speakers like in the Mk1 Seat Leon?
Please Helps I have a 1989 Mercury 70HP?
1986 BMW 325e??????????????
is fuel cells made as replacement for engines in mortor homes and cars?
Where is the air conditioning port for a 93 honda accord?
My 2006 Mercedes-Benz C230 Sport came out of gear and would not go back in until the engine had been restarted?
Will dropping a '98 10 cylinder 488 cubic inch Dodge Viper engine into my mobility scooter be overkill?
what all new prts would i have to get in order to make 2001 ford ranger lights fit in my 99 ranger?
2000 lincoln navigator?
1988 -1992 Camaros?????
My daughter has a 2003 chevy cavalier. Today when she was driving to work....?
Integra Transmission Problems?!?
brake light not working on 2001 ford explorer?
pontiac trans sport 1996?
Why did General Motors discontinue Sportside beds on their GMC and Chevrolet truck lines?
i need to find a vechile but i dont know the plate number?
Is Lexus car is a brand of Toyota?
seafoamed my civic helppp????????????
Is $18,500 to high for a 99 Acura Integra GS-R with the following..?
Too Good to be true?! Is this Scam or not?
im buying a 1970 vw beetle and the compression is down?
what is the bolt pattern on a 2004 bmw 525i sedan?
how do i find motorwreckers in california?
looking for pictures of vintage car that had gas headlamps?
hours to install new speed sensor control on 2004 Nissan maxima 3.50?
where can i rent a mustang gt/cobra that is a manual in or around athens georgia?
How much room is in the back (cargo area) of the Lexus LX570 when the 3rd row seats are up?
Chevrolet cruze 2011?
looking for name of the Dodge Durango and Dakota package featuring black chrome?
how do figure out how how much can my truck can pull with a fifth whell?
Ford or Toyota, which is better for a first car?
Oil filter on 1999 mitsubishi 4x4 pajero?
2010 Ford Mustang Fuel Economy?
who is the best ear nose throat doctor in Thailand ?
POLL----Which Truck is better Ford F-150 or Chevy Silvardo?
my boot and footwells on my ford escort seem to be wet any reasons why?
Do You guys like smart roadstar?
92 2.4 L Toy Previa Auto. Prematurely shifts gears from 1st to 3rd. Eng Lght on/off. Changed O2 Sens & Plugs
nissan SR20DET?
How much would a 1970 Ddoge Challenger with a 440 engine cost??
Can We Place Kicker On Honda Unicorn Dazzler ?
Where is the thermostat located on a 94 Mazda MX6 V6?
could someone tell me how this works? im looking at this ford capri from 1970s and it has done 106,170km?
What's the name of these rims (pics inside)?
are BMW's hard to maintain?
1987 ford bronco 5.0 302 help!!!?
Will the 2007 Mercedes-Benz S550 Launch Edition appreciate?
New toyota corolla commercial....guy with glasses, i want those glasses!?
How is the Ford 2006 Mustang rated?
Thinking about getting a 06 mustang. Will i survive driving in the winter?
Car advise: Subaru? Wrx hatchback, liberty wagon, and forester which is the best overall?
Where can i purchase taillight covers for a '91 Acura Legend Sedan?
Lexus is F interior and exterior?
Why wouldnt I need a pod filter for my corolla?
Mercedes vs Nissan Skyline in a race who wins?
Get answers from millions of real people.?
Ever owned a 55 C300 or 300-A?
whats a website that would tell you everything you need to know about jeeps?
Civic type r ep3 v Toyota glanza v civic vti?
Car will not start - Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 1999?
On The Hunt, where do you go after Isle the Saint Mary? What are those coordinates?
Are geo trackers a good car for a 16 year old?
where is the fuel pump in a ford explorer 94 model?
Why does my 1994 jeep grand cherokee shut off when i put it in gear?
is 111000miles a lot on a 2000 nissan maxima?should i trade?
Which is a better looking car?
i have 1997 monte carlo brake lights don't work all other lights work what is problem?
Replacing front coil spring 02 cavalier?
what are the largest tires I can put on my '06 Ford Ranger Sport-ex-cab? 2WD?
Baterry size for a nissan sentra 2006?
how to change shift solenoid on jeep cherokee 2000?
Do you have a car? If so, what kind of car do you have?
Honda cbr 125r launch in india or not? What is the on road price of honda cbr 150r in noida,up.?
What kind of customizing can I do to my blue sapphire 2004 honda accord?
95 Ford F-150 fuel problem?
how much is 2012 rolls royce?
Any good tips im becoming a new car salesman in 1 week ,,,,,,,help?
Why does my1989 Honda Prelude transmission only grinds and sometimes misses when shifting into second gear?
Can my Ford F-250 pull a 4-horse trailer?
Will the heater assembly from a 1999 ford ranger or a 1996 ford explorer fit a1997 ford ranger.?
Ford or Chevy?
What's up with the Toyota Yaris?
what color car should i get..?
2012 Toyota Camry hybrid LE? ?
How do kia sedonas run?
what does the T stand for?
What's a good reliable but not too expensive car?? haha?
Are more than one Lexus called "LEXI"?
What tires will look good on my 02 gtp? size tires?
What kind of person drives a BMW?
New PCM update for Pontiac Grand Prix?
I dont have the manual for my 1993 lincoln mark 8, can anyone email me the diagram?
T3 turbo prelude bolts?
Does anybody have a chevrolet cavilier? Im having problems...?
What car brand makes the best car?
Is the 60's volkswagen beetle a suitable first car?... y or y not?
failed car company 1930-1950.produced about 60 cars. Movie made about founder starring jeff car?
My stereo on my 1998 audi a6?
when did the citroen xantia mark 1 start & when was it replaced by the mark 2 model?
1990 audi 80 quattro starting issue?
What would cause a throttle body to go bad on an 06 civic with 90,000 miles?
Best performance chip for toyota fj cruiser?
Where is the ECT sensor on a 04 hyundai accent?
Is it worth it to get an 2001 Audi S4?
why is it that all the cute girls drive VWs?
plz help about then pirates of the caribbean thing plz?
How to find out if I can use a key fob my Ford Ka2?
2000 jetta headlights hid?
How do you check the transmission fluid on your Volkswagen Jetta vr6?
Grand Cherokee aftermarket lights?
Changing the wing mirror on my 57 plate Renault clio campus?
Using the Manual TipTronic Feature on my mazda 3.?
What are your feelings on the Scion xA? Like it ? Hate it?
which car would you get?
how do i find clear headlights for my 97' firebird?
what is best car for a 16 year old girl?
where is a good place to find 60's nova's?
Whats the most reliable brand of car ?
what do you drive?
The vent fan in my BMW 316 runs fine but there seems to be very little air coming out of the vents -- Mike D?
Recommendation as where to look first to solve my 1996 Toyota Tacoma misfire problem.?
instructions on how to install a radio in a 2001 mazda mita car?
how much is the 2009 ferrari california?
Is buying a bugatti worth it?
Ford Escape ABS problem?
How will a Ford GT perform against a Ferrari Enzo?
what would the life expectancy of a ford mondeo 1.8 lx engine be?
looking for an eyelash kit for a 1999 new beetle?
I'm having brake light problems only with the top break light.?
I would like opinoins on the nissan quest. Love it? Hate it? Why?
Toyota makes and sells the Scion brand name right?
i have a rattel on the pulley side of the motor and i changed the power steering and alternater.?
1999 dodge drango fuel pump comes on and stays on when truck is on not started?
Looking for a book on this car?
What hoods "years" are interchangable with the 1992 ford thunderbird?
How do I locate my family member, Carol Hughes, living in Lincoln City,Oregon?
I bought an 09 mitsubishi lancer es and dont know whether to get headers and cold air intake or a turbo.?
how much will the audi R8 cost in a few years?
Honda ef Jdm d15b non vtec mpfi upgrades ?
98 tracker idles high then loops when air temp in 45 deg or lower?
What was the year of the first Chevrolet Monte Carlo?
Where can i find a 1967** Camaro for under 1000 dollars?
how do you know when your car needs a new battery?
how to install spinners?
what is the best way to gain horsepower on my 03 accord?
What is the roadholding figure recorded for the new BMW 330i?
restriction removed off my 2002 honda cbr 1100xx blackbird?
Which is better Hyundai or Daewoo?
How can we keep the motorhome generator running when we are drving down the road? 2003 Ford V10 Class A?
I'm getting my first car!!?
2001 VW Jetta shifts hard from 2nd to 3rd?
Why are people still buying Gas guzzling SUV's?
What's your thoughts on a Jeep Wangler?
I own a 2001 ram 1500 with the 5.9, this morning I was low on gas after I filled up truck now runs rough why?
Is Transfer Case of 2004 Jeep Cherokee Laredo 4X4 covered under 80,000 mile powertrain warranty?
What Size muffler inlet for my 1994 Ford F-150 with the 302 V8?
Please help with clues on Volvo the hunt treasure map.?
where is the heater and blower capacitor of the 2000 vw 1.8 passat 20v turbo situated?
why does guy think they own girls?
My new 2007 honda civic hybrid is getting only about 32mpg in the city. Anything wrong?
Is 150,000 high mileage for a Honda?
Would installing 4.10 gears in a manual transmission v6 mustang be worth it?
does any one know what is wrong with a fiat punto 2000 x reg if it over revs?
Should I buy a Toyota Tacoma or Nissan Frontier?
02 Honda Civic HELP! Locked!!?
2000 Nissan Maxima SE gauges going HAYWIRE!?
I bought a used Toyota Carina ED 1990. But where I will get Owner’s Manual & other info about this car?
Is Porsche one sllyable or two?
2003 Pontiac Grand Prix coolant leak?
bypass switch for electric handbrake?
I had a problem with overheating and antifreeze or liquid leaking a lot?
What can I do to turn my 1997 accord lx into a drag racing car.?
are mini coopers meant for girls, boys, or both?
is a porsche italian car?
Why do Audi's suck?
what color was a chevy 327 engine in 1966?
Jeep liberty diesel's noise level?
Where can i buy aftermarket parts for a 1989 Volkswagen golf 1.8 5 speed?
What Does BMW Stand for?
supra or rx7?
How can i watch videos in my LX?
How can I fix small scuffs and scratches on my car?
Repairing an odometer?
What's the difference between a D15B honda engine and a B16a ????
How Do You Negotiate With people for buying a 180sx?
X reg Ford Focus Zetec COLLECTION fault?
What does BMW stand for ?????
what kind of car was your fist escort?
My boyfriend broke my hotrod!?
Ford Fiesta MK4 Suspension Question..?
Is it worth to buy Volvo XC90?
How much would an EVAP system test be for a 99 Ford Taurus?
Help! Radiator clogged on Sentra?
Question for Ford gear heads about vibration dampers.?
is it legal or illegal to drive with the windshield down on jeep wrangler?
02 ford focus svt clutch!! HELP!!?
Where's the oil drain plug located on holden vectra 2003?
how long last a ford f450 v10?
Any tips on front license plate colors for a White 2004 Mustang?
Mustang v6 "Girls Car"?
I am planning to buy a digital camera. Which company should i buy.?
Are german made cars better than cars made in japan?
lb7 duramax 2002 transmission error codes?
how is your experience with Honda CRV?
What is ur fav type of car? What color?
how can i disine my truck on the internet?
why dose my 1995 ford f-250 xl have a tick in the engine what could it be?
What's wrong with my 92 Honda accord dx Manuel?
I heard a rumor that the Mercedes Benz C class will be changing designs soon. Is this true?
how reliable is the turbo of the audi tt?
What kind of Lexus car is this?
What Sport Car suits me?
i am looking for replacement seats for my 1999 ford escort ,how can i find this on the net?
Who thinks that the Toyota Camry's new desing for the 07 model is ugly?
What should i get a jeep or truck?
My key is stuck in my 2005 Ford Mustang Gt.?
Is there anyone looking to buy a 1930-1935 dodge pickup truck?
Buying Tata Nano car - is it safe to drive?
wherefrom i can know statewise mobile nos of airte,.vodafone,idea, tata, reliance?
Hi i bought an ABC superchip for my car it was supposed to be for a Subaru but i never got round to putting it?
Which sedan has the largest backseats?
when did they stop making the 305?
2000 Pontiac Bonneville Reserve Tank Size?
What's My '93 Toyota Camry Worth?
Is a 1971 Chevelle Malibu 2dr a good first car?
I have an 05 Pathfinder. The key has a transponder chip. Can I submerge it in water without ruining it?
Volvo Treasure Hunt... Tropic of Cancer?
Why do Audi's suck?
1998 Ext cab, 1500 GMC Sierra keep stalling.?
Who here believes the 93 ford Taurus is hardest hard core car around?
Does anyone know a good places to get after markter for a 98 Monte carlo z34?
i have a 2001 mazda protege and the hormonic balancer kept breaking and had a bad radiator?
1997 Chrystler Seabring JXI?
Guys I have been asked 2write 2page wrt up on Promotional strategies 4launch of entry level cars.plz help me?
which is the best cng kit to be fitted in private cars in delhi(india):la... renzo,tommest achille, bedini etc
do anyother 16 year olds want their first car to be a kind of crappy car from the 90s?
Does anyone have a 2006 chevy colbolt lt coup?
Where is the camshaft position sensor on a 2005 Dodge Ram 1500?
1994 Volvo 850 Sedan: My odometer stopped working. How do I fix it?
What are the best spark plugs for a '99 E36 M3?
Which Car should I get??!
can fenders on 2003 vtx 1800 c be changed to r?
My Honda prelude has a high pitched squeaking?
what is the best metallic automotive paint for mustang?
My key fob has recently started failing to lock or unlock the doors on my Ford Focus Estate.?
What is a Solar Eclipse?
Problem with 2003 BMW 325i?
Toyota Tacoma engine size?
2006 Acura TL -Should I use Low, Mid or Premium gas?
Does a 2000 dodge intrepid have a chip in the key? I want a copy made but dont know where to go?
Can anyone tell me the proper name for metallic blue colour on the VW Golf Mk2 16v?
99 honda accord jerks?
Cavaliers anyone?
Service Ride Control? this rig any good????????
If you were dying in a lift would you press the up button?
My windshield wipers won't shut off!?
which one do you prefer? BMW or Mercedes Benz?
My 1994 Cadillac sedan Deville wont crank on?
How much is it to reprogram a key for new Toyota?
does midas or meineke offer free estimates?
My first car...Porsche 944 or BMW M3?
87 camaro or 89 firebird?
Why does my 2000 dodge grand caravan shake under 20mph?
Someone agree with me that a new 6 cylinder Mustang isn't a bad decision?
Do you think.........?
i just bought a 2012 nissan sentra new and when i took the car home from the dealer i noticed it has 298 miles?
Lexus IS 300(2005) Help?
I've had it with Chevy what should I buy instead?
Am investing in a new car, BMW estate or Mercedes?
Should I put regular or plus gasoline in my new 08 Toyota Yaris?
Would you rather drive a Ferrari or a Bentley?
I have a 2007 jeep compass this light is on (4wd!)what does it mean?
Car votes and opinions?
What do you think about Audi's?
Steering wheel controls on fiat 500?
whats the best spark plugs and wires to use on a 1998 ford escort 2.0?
Would you buy a second hand Ford Escort rs2000 Mk5b in red.?
To all suzuki jimny drivers!!, Is it a safe car to drive long distances on A roads?
ok if i put a 350hp motor in my 1971 chevy nova how many mpg do you think i would get?
air con. swich for a 82 ford bronc 5.8L v8 it on the pump I guess?
99 Ford ranger is not starting?
need help no start on 89 ford f350 7.3l diesel?
anyone know where window relay is on 96 dodge avenger?
trying to find ino on my old car reg:A817PYA vauxhall astra gtemk1 in me
What car do u drive? And are you satisfied with it?
I would like to buy a Renault Megane!!!! Kindly Help?
Does Toyota Auris START/STOP Technology increase wear & tear?
Does this sound like a riced out 2000 civic si?
when will another twin turbo car rival the Toyota Supra?
Is a honda accord ex (coupe) a chick car?
Should I be able to cook a steak through my '97 Accord's heating vents when the heat is off?
Brakes won't lock up?
!999 Plymouth Voyager Misfires?
Planning to buy adsm car....?
How much can my 7.3L Turbo Diesel tow?
How do I remove the front panelling on a Mercury Mountaineer to install a CD player?
who has a 5.0 mustang 1986 for sale?
how to open the back door on my bora as the child lock is on and wont open from in side or out?
2000 honda civic rattling/ speedometer problem?
what would my mpg be on my civic si with an intake?
How do I find out the name of the colour of my UK Ford Galaxy?
how much would you pay for 2010 Honda accord coupe EX-L V4, fully loaded?
Any have a Jeep for Less than $$$1000? :)?
What do you think about the Fiat 500 Abrath commercial?
What to do if a customer service does not reply or even acknowledge your complaints?
1994 chevy 1500 wt v6 start up problem?
which american pick-up truck is teh best?
Do all Dosdge Vipers come with manual transmission or can you get them automatic?
how to turn on 4wd in 09 honda pilot?
Getting a 03 Hyundai tiburon and is has stage 3 clutch but I'm only use to stock clutch is this a big deal?
Which Civic should I choose?
Hyundai Veloster 2013 TPMS?
A great make of car is the honda civic....?
Cylinders Vs Torque & Power?
chevrolet camaro zl1 2012 air filter prob?
motor swap question?
can anyone give me info on a six wheeled kit campervan called starcraft, based on a ford cortina?
is 168000 miles good for a bmw 325i 2001 or 2002?
Is a 2006 ford escape w/118,497 miles on it good for a high school car?
Can I slide on a cruiser ?
What part needs to be replaced on drivers side door of 2000 mercury mountaineer?
What does a spun bearing sound like in a 94 civic ex?
What happens if you mistakenly put a drop of water in the cooling system of a Ford Fusion?
where can i find euro taillights for my 2000 xterra?
Why did someone have to steal our car?
2013: Boss 302 or Shelby GT500?
Toyota Yaris 06 plate?
Turbo manifold for 1997 toyota camry LE?
Where to get a repair manual online free?
Where is the horn located on a 2000 dodge?
I got an 1987 bmw 735i I dont know the code my battery died and I dont know the code to get it started help?
98 Jeep Wrangler Parking light not working?
Does anyone own a Jeep Commander, and how do you like it?
what is the final drive gear ratio on 2013 f350 diesel?
ferrari or lamborghini? which is better?
what was the reason for market fall down for toyota qualis and the market uplift of mahindra scorpio. Compare?
Is it just me or has anyone else noticed how much the new Ford Mustang looks like a shark?
alternate rims for 99 buick?
How much does Liebherr LTM1150 cost in the USA?
my vauxhall astra s steering shakes at 80mph? do u know whats wrong?
which was the maximum speed of mercury cyclone 429 automatic 8cyl 370HP 1970?
What type of metal is a 1995 jimmy made out of?
please help! How do you change the time/clock on mitsubishi galant 2011?
question about 96 mustang gt?
what is the most sought after porsche 911?
Type Of LSD Mazda Rx-7 GXL?
Would a 2000 Toyota Camry Solara transmission work with a 2003 Toyota celica? ?
6th gen honda accord coupe Body kit? And mods?
Anyone out there with a 94 Ford mustang convertable?
how do you unlock a 2008 dodge ram without the keys?
If I painted my IROC-Z flat black, would it be undetectable to police radar?
Why does my tranny slip on turns?
what is the Abbreviation of BMW?
Nissan versa clutch question?
What is the horsepower on my 93 Honda prelude si 2.1L if I added magnaflow exhaust, aem short ram intake?
when my car goes above 100 speed on hyway,nois is come, what could be the better solution?
How much would it b to put an Sr20 in my 93 240 sx?
VW golf transmission. does auto mean tiptronic?
Why is the Bugatti Veyron Street legal and the Nissan SkylineGTR34 not street legal?
1990 lincoln mark 7 brake booster?
if you could swap anything you have with someone else...what would it be...?
My 1996 eclipse is ****** up?
1995 Jeep Cherokee sport purchased in 1997?
1997 chevy cheyenne truck 6 cy ,4.3 L wont start?
how much headlight fluid in a 67 ford las camino & the position of the backhand woblershaft bushings?
How to disable the immobiliser on ford transit 2003?
Removing eclipse motor - TOP or bottom?
i'm looking for a 97 honda del sol stock bumper, any stores or websites???
When Acura is going to roll out a new design for the MDX SUV?
Are the 2011/2012 Mercedes Benz E Class Cabriolets chick cars?
what transmission came in the 87 bmw 325is?
Girls what kind of car is best appealing to you?
i need your help mopar brothers!?
Are Chrysler Voyagers a good car to own?
how much money would it cost to rebuild a transmission in a 2002 ford taurus?
Is $190 per month a good deal to lease a Honda Civic? ?
exhaust, turbo charger, waste gate/bov, gauges for honda civic si?
2010 Lexus IS F Or a new Lexus IS 2014 (New face change)?
2007 Infiniti FX35 shifter leather cover?
what is the billboard about with the woman and girl with a real mustang and a toy mustang?
2006 dodge durango starting trouble?
2000 Nissan Altima - Insurance Question...?
I have a 1992 mazda 929 and the gages are messed up?
Suzuki 125L 2009 help?
What cc VW engine would work best?
Does a 92 mitsubishi GT have an aluminum or Metal head?
1993 Chevy G10 V8 5.0L: Where is the abs sensor located in rear?
can you put a body lift and suspension lift on the 2011 Superduty?
JEEEEEEP grand cherokee Light went out?
Where can i buy or find parts for a 1set gen Xterra?
i'm looking for a replacement bed for my 1954 dodge truck and i'm not finding any sources?
2001 Honda Civic Help?
Why is there a rattling noise in my scion tc 2012?
who make jeep?
Can you really feel the difference that the BMW 335 offers over the 328 in terms of horsepower?
Have anyone hear about Dacia?
Which car is better between a Nissan GT-R and Dodge Viper GTS ACR and WHY?
I'm 18 with a 2007 dodge charger (is this good considering my age)?
Question about new 2013 subaru brz?
What kind of car do you own?
what website do i need to go on to find the recent address of someone who just moved?
Do you think the Ford Capri is a legend?
any one why all of a sudden the headlights and daytime lights on my 2003 VW Passat just stopped workiing?
do you have a ford ka?
how to disarm the anti theft system on a 2002 hyundai accent gls?
how to retrofit a power sunshade in a b5 passat?
will a 2009 jeep unlimited wrangler 4 door 3-piece hardtop fit a 2010 jeep unlimited wrangler 4 door?
how do i modify my car to make it look more sporty?
What is better? A Merccedes B-class, or a Renault Scenic?
What better the 2006 Chevy cobalt vs. the 2009 hondai acent?
Is it true that when you buy a new car, you have a period of 30 days to return a car?
How much will I get If I trade in my 2008 BMW for a new 2012 BMW 5series?
What is a good first car for a sixteen year old?
Where can I get a cheap second hand Vauxhall Vectra Estate Steering rack?
What are some pros and cons of the 1995-1999 sentra?
detail physical and chemical property of rubber known as toa 175-75?
what do i do if someone put the green kind if antifreeze and it takes dex?
Is a peugeot 206 a good car to have ?
Convert 1.8 cm3 to the unit m3.?
new camaro?
Fair? $2000 for 2001 Kia Rio?
Does any1 love the butt-warmers on a Lexus?
I have a Ford Explorer with a PO133 code?
how to open a locked gas tank lid ?
who makes the acura navigation?
How do you change the rear brakes on a 91 chevy K1500 4X4 truck?
Question for BMW drivers?
What's your thoughts on a Jeep Wangler?
What is safest for a teen driver? A toyota 4runner or a volvo s80?
Ford Excursion: Need fuel saving tips.?
Can I use a plunger to undo a dent in my car's bumper?
I have a 2007 Pontiac Grand Prix and I was curious if there was any way to supercharge or turbo charge this?
help!! 2000 bmw 323i code?
What kind of car can I get for $1500!?
i own a ford falcon ef 1995, i was cut off by a truck at 50 kph and had to slam on the hand brake and dump it?
need information for aframe to fit 1946 chevy alatemodel car frame?
Is GM's worst enemy the American public's cynicism?
1992 Chevy s10 blazer, fan keeps running after key is turned off.?
Can any one help got problems with my transit van?
how many hours labour would i have to pay for a replacement engine on a nissan xtrail 2 litre petrol 2001?
im looking for a good price for a BMW FLAG?
2015 SRT Barracuda will replace Dodge Challenger?
Acura Integra a good first car?
Where is the trunk release button inside the 2013 Chevy Malibu LS?
I am looking for a 1972-1976 Chevy Impala for body parts...doors, hood, fenders. I need help fast!!!?
1997 Honda Civic LX: remote key issue.?
headlight 1999 civic?
Which cables are positive and negative for the 6x9 rear speakers in a 1987 Nissan Sentra 2-door hatchback?
Is there an Iphone 5s?
Is the automatic tinting mirror for the tC worth it?
Is E-85 fuel safe for a Chrysler Minivan?
Hi I have a Ford 2007 Mondeo?
Honda civic (opinion) and what do you know about them? (problems) (pros and cons)?
which car would win in a straight on race?..2005 honda civic lx manuel or 2002 acura rsx?
What is the average mileage a honda civic can go to?
are chevy cavaliers good cars?
Fix vw gearbox worthing who contacts?
1995 honda accord custom cold air intake?
better automobile?
Would this be hard to do on an Automatic Shifter?
who is the next chair person after Ratan TATA for TATA Motors?
What tells a Renault diesel pump to stop "priming"?
If i step on the gas pedal of my 06 mustang will the computer restrict me from going into the rpm redzone?
what is the weight of a vtec b16b engine?
honda philippines website please..?
what is the best off roader?
My toyota camry 2008 model Ac keeps coming on and may work now when I start the car and the next time?
chevys vs fords????????
Which is better the tc or kisazhi?
How do I replace the Keyless Remote in a 95 Chevy Blazer LS?
Does Lexus RX300 have CD player or changer?
I would have a 07 v6 mustang, I want to change my grille to the one with fog lights. Is that possible?
Are ford 150 s Realy under powered?
97 Nissan Maxima ignition coil misfire?
Do I need to rev my mazda rx-8 even when I only move it 2 feet in my driveway without using any gas?
Where can I buy car kit?
Infiniti G35?
Future Bullitt mustang ?
Volvo v70 automatic gear locks up in park?
what is the top speed of a 1993 toyota corolla?
how much cost subaru brz 2012 ?
The brake lights on my Honda Accord are not working, why??
Euro tail lights for 1991 Honda Prelude?
What is the different between Blue colour Subaru logo and the pink 'I' Logo?
2000 eclipse gt fans not spinning ?
Lumina 2006- Sound inside the car when fan starts work?
Potentially stupid question! would a 3.0 v6 fit into any older model mustangs?
what does the f in the ford f series truck stand for?
Cute car ideas for a 16-year-old?
I would like to know the # of 1967 ford ltd's made stock with a 428?
whats the biggest size of rims that can fit on a 2006 nissan altima?
I need my failed bank 1 catalytic converter fixed. I have a 2005 Nissan Maxima.?
Will a 2003 Hyundai Tiburon last me?
How can I list my car for sale free? I have a 2001 ETC eldorado cadillac $30,000?
Which Chevelle has better performance?
what can i buy with 10 dollers?
When will the 2007 Chevrolet Silverado be out?
98 honda accord coupe engine swap?
Fuel pump question, 1987 VW?
Why buy/lease a Porsche Cayenne S?
I need a name of a vehicle that starts with a "k" besides Kia.?
how to line up marks on a twin cam nissan 4 cylender engine?
labor time on replacing engine 2001 crown-vic?
where can i find a webside wherei can build a car online? plz answer me!!!?
Who else thinks Ford sux!??
why is my jeep wrangler getting bad gas mileage?
How To Get Started In Rally Car Racing?
best car???? what do u think???????
What is the b.h.p. on W reg vauxhall vectra 2.5 V6?
can any toyota prius owners please give me honest opinions of their cars?
how much is insurance on a 2003 dodge neon? give me some quotes...?
how do you remove a stock stereo fom a 1998 dodge dakota sport pick up?
My Nissan 3.5 will not start! Carb is clean,Fire is Great?
who agrees with me that BMW 2007+ models totally sucks ?
How much can I rent my ferrari enzo?
what exhaust is reccomended for a 91 Gmc k 1500?
Timing belt broke been replaced 1 cyl. not working(4 cyl.) still drivable what do I have to do?
will 1935 chevy pickup doors fit a 1935 international pickup c1?
On a 1993 toyota where is the fusible link located for the head-lights?
2001 Mitsubishi Galant not wanting to gain speed.?
What is your dream car? I cannot afford mine?
Nissan sentra 2007 se_r spec v clock set?
What does the Honda Element look like to you? A toaster oven? A British taxi? If you've not seen it, see:
is audi cool?
My new breaks still squeak?
ford ranger sport lift?
Please help! Honda Civic si 2001 Radio Code..?
My mazda 626 2000 model check light flashes what could have happen?
What do i torque the throttle body bolts to on a 2010 Tundra 5.7?
I have a vw car and just ordered a different stereo?
do performance chips really work?
where can i get/buy an expired UK auto tax disc?
Is it bad to use the Airconditioner in my car for long times.?..I have a Chrysler neon 1995?
Would you consider dodge to be a reliable brand now?
overheated 96 altima!? please help!?
2009 honda accord key casing?
im looking at a 2001 nissan altima se that a dealer is selling it for 6,990.?
I have a 2000 Ford Taurus, there is no heat at idle and luke warm heat at high RPMs?
Can anyone please tell me,which of these luxury cars is better and cheaper to maintain?
Are Audi A4 wheel bolts (97-2000) the same as VW Passat (2000) wheel bolts? I need to know before I buy some.?
What truck have more power ford or Chevy ?
Does this means its end of the world - 1980's 308GTS, MB 450SLC, Mustang SVO - ugly, blah !!!?
is mustang the gayest car in the world?
Hey peers does anyone know where the neutral safety switch is on a 2000 honda civic...?
is the Suzuki DR-Z250 road legal in the uk ?
how to change rear struts on 2004 dodge stratus r/t?
What is the height, the size, to an Ford Sedan car, that I want to build?
Would it be possible to make a 2009 toyota corolla really fast?
where can i find hyundai wiring diagrams for 99 tiburons? the thig is real weird not usual colors, anyone know
My 01Audi A4 1.8T has iS on the left rear.Is this a factory upgrade/what is it?
i have a 2000 Mitsibishi eclipse GT, can anyone get my radio code?
How much would it cost to supercharge a mustang?
customization for a 02 pathfinder ls?
2013 Hyundai Elantra ipod help?
1998 Mercedes Benz s500?
how to get body kits for my BMW?
Need help Volkswagen ?
which car is better chevy impala , toyata camary , honda accord?
What has changed in the BMW 535xi from 2009 - 2012?
What rearend would work best in a 40 Ford pickup ?
what would make a squeaking noise in a jeep Cherokee after i turn on the a/c or heat?
How can i set the radio stations in my 2003 kia spectra?
Would it be cool for a sixteen year old to drive a 2009 nissan maxima?
What are 4 allusions in Kindred by Octavia E. Butler?
What size tires will fit on a 2006 toyota tacoma with a 3" leveling kit? (285x75xr16)?
1983 honda custom cx650 back fires?
I am looking to buy my first car and need help with choosing a type of Renault Clio?
Tribeca Owners...........Need Input?
10 hp engine can run 10kva alternator?
Favorite mercedes.?
What are other engine options for a 2003 Chrysler Concorde? I have the 2.7L v6 and it's almost dead?
What is the safest Car in England?
How to change a ford taurus bumper?
Which IS A BETTER CAR............???????
is my 2000 audi tt fwd a non interference engine?
Are Peugeot 206's still in?
what should i do?my service engine light went off in my 325i. it has around 65k miles?
I'm getting a Acura Integra, Should I get a stick or auto?
2005 Volkswagon Passat Question?
Why do we use the word vauxhall for cars in Uk whilst the rest of the worls uses opel?
Why can't I find a replacement dash online?
Ford Engine Identification Number?
air filter for nissan sunny?
Reliability of 1998 Volvo C70 HT?