What are common rust spots for a 1964 Mercury Comet 2 Door?
How do I get better milage out of my Mitsubishi Pajero V6 3Lt??
Edge Evolution F-150 Program.?
how much weight can a V6 pull?
My car makes a loud whiny noise when i try to put it in gear, wont move?
Anyone like porsche? I hate them?
Which american made car should have the title "America's Car"?
How fast will a 2006 ford mustang GT go?
Do you think Toyota should be let to run in Nascar racing?
xa factor UK who do u think will go 2nit?x?
Why would the boot release button stop working on a Ford Focus?
What should I name my 92 firebird??
How to access the on board computer on vauxhall corsa 58 reg sci Eco flex?
What would be your dream car?
2000 ford ranger check engine light burned out?
VW Golf (10 points)???
how do i bypass the imboliser on my 95 ford transit?
i have 2003 chevy 2500 hd with a 6" lift and 35" tires?
were is the starter in a 1995 dodge grancaravan?
cheapest cars forsale?
Hyundai Tucson?
My fuel door will not open with the fuel button on my 2001 VW Jetta?
What size engine is the 5.3 Chevy V8?
are there any professional all-in-one car repair videos? specifically for a 2000 honda accord?
98 envoy transmission?
How much does it coast to take a dent out of the front fender of a 1999 ford f-150?
how do i make my pontiac g6 sound louder without losing power?
2003 GMC Envoy ABS Light, serious issue?
where do i buy replacment seat belts for 1993 mercury cougar?
1995 chrysler cirrus fuel tank capacity?
Question about Honda Prelude?
If GM goes bankrupt, what will that mean for my 1974 El Camino?
Whats the firing order on a 1982 ford thunderbird v8?
What kind of vehicle do you drive?
Is Volvo vt64t880good?
How to program a key fob for 206?
Can the hood of a 2000 Celica GT fit on a 2001 Celica GT-S?
Where is the oil presure line location in a toyota 4k engine?
what is a better car a lexus or a cadillac?
Will a leaking AC evaporator core cause the ECC relay of a 97 Volvo 850 GLT to die?
How much hp can I gain by adding a cold air intake and an exhaust to my stock 99 acura integra LS?
where fill the oil transmition on the new wlks wagen beetle?
What's wrong with my car?
what is the best crossover?
ford capri,love it or hate it?
Chevy or Ford??
Most Exclusive Sports Car in the World?
whats the letters gt mean on a ford?
What model or year is this Jaguar?
audio diagram for mazda 121 metro fms audio cassette player?
Ford KA (2000 - 2002) Question?
what does FSII in audi automible mean?
oil temperature sensor on 98 eclipse rs?
What was the MSRP for the Ford Bronco in 96?
Does it annoy you when you see a small Toyota truck that has all the letters in Toyota, except YO painted over?
What can I name my brand new White ford fiesta zetec? I want a mans name for it!?
chicago bmw dealer?
Problem with 57 plate Astra Estate 1.7 Diesel?
Are Chrysler 300s ghetto cars?
Lincoln towncar prob?
What is the differance between the citation and the chevette?
is a 1998 plymouth breeze interchangeable with a 2001 dodge neon fuel pump?
picture of a fuse panel diagram for a 1992 honda civic?
im looking for information about a car called an isuzu stylists can you help?
My 2000 jaguar s type is dripping water. Is this normal?
why wont my 91 civic start when warm?
vauxhall vectra - heating fan doesn't work or windscreen wipers?
what should be changed on the new Chevy Camaro before it come out?
HONDA!!! B18? h22? need more power!!!!!!!!!!!!?
I need the firing pattern for a 1976 Dodge Ram with a 318. I have the order can you tell me the pattern?
2004 Vauxhall Tigra idle splutter and flicking lights.?
I want a Dodge Charger. Would you recommend? Yes or no?
5 Performance mods for an rsx?
Will a baby seat fit in the backseat of a Porsche 911?
Automatic To Manual?
Need to know if my problem is the distributor or ignition module on 1980 318 doge ram v8 engine?
Is the Toyota Supra JZA80 street legal for P platers in NSW (Australia)?
2000 Toyota Celica vs 2005 Mazda 3 vs 2005 Hyundai Tiburon?
Is this a good buy it is a 95 Jeep Wrangler with 145,000 miles and is a 5 speed manual 4 Cyl. for $4,500 HELP!?
Would you buy the new Dodge Viper GTS (or w/e model is street-legal)?
2004 infiniti i35 with 174k asking $2500. is that good?
1989 s10 transmission?
does anyone know if the sign of a head gasket is blow by changing the oil?
sr20 det torq specs?
Serpentine belt routing for dodge 2004 3500 diesel?
Did my idler pulley fall off my '95 Ford Explorer?
Mazda Miata or BMW 540i?
what is the gross weight of a 1968 vw bus?
what years did toyota make the purple tacoma?
What's the difference between a 2009 Chevrolet Malibu LS and a 2012?
2003 chrysler town and country van died out at stop light?
where can i find a 1993 toyota corolla owners manual?
Your thoughts of the Ford Mustang GT...?
How much does it cost or how many hours does it take to fix front struts on Chevy Aveo 2007?
How to get my 98 Chevy Blazer running?
is it possible to mount a 350 hp engine on opel calibra car?
Has anyone fitted an Ecotek CB-26 to a mazda 626 1999 onwards model?
Could anyone tell me the blue book value on a 98 pontiac bonneville, has 236,000 miles.?
my car don't start ... 2004 bmw 530i?
Volkswagen Jetta '00 2.0 fan problem?
How many Lamborghinis are there in the USA?
Why do people like VW's even though they were Hitler's idea?
What does it mean when cars have stuffed toys hanging from rear bumper?
Gmc 96 sonoma transmition?
my 93 Explorer doesn't turn on?
what first car shall i get? audi bmw mercedes?
I need a radiator core support for a 1980 Camaro Z28 - can't find one - any ideas ?
what is the miles per gallon in a peugeot 306?
Is it worth it to buy a 2005 Nissan 350Z for 80,000 miles?
How do people afford mercedes?
What is the specs for the 1998 Chrysler Sebring JX?
I need help finding a good Cold Air Intake (CAI) for 1998 Nissan 200SX SE.?
i want to put a badge on were my mini is but dont know how to get my badge on please help?
I have an 2008 Ford f150?
What would be better to mod a 3G eclipse gt or a Honda civic?
Is it true that maruti swift's quality is deteriorating?
Can i modifi a v6 vortec mass air intake on 88 2.8 lt camaro ?
what are there different between supercharger and turbo charger?
what bigger tires i can put on a 2002 Ford F150 w/ a 16 inch rims?
How to make a 99 gsx eclipse faster?
can i use a ferrari 360 as an every day car?
Where in Houston can I get a camber kit installed in my 2000 honda civic?
my battery light came on, the alternator tested fine, replaced the battery, still doing same thing?
what is the miles per gallon in a peugeot 306?
93 escort... chugging a bit?
99 jetta cylinder 2 & 3 miss fire what could this be?
bmw 325 cabriolet alarm?
I have a 99 ford windstar tranny manufactory malfunction code?
Ford focus headlights no work?
How do i open the back glass on my 2005 ford escape?
Car Problem: 1997 Honda Accord SE: Interior Problem?
2004 chevy silverado 4.3L questions?
Would you buy a Toyota Prius?
how do i install a airintake on a 2001 cavalier 2.2l engine?
97 Honda Accord Catalytic Converter?
Should a 16 year old have a 2009 corvette?
I want a remote for my car that will, unlock n lock the doors, it that possible?
extended warranty on F150?
69 Nova or 67 Mustang?
Should I purchase two Lamborghini Aventador's and a Veyron, or one Maybach Exelero? PLEASE HELP!!?
Noise on rear side of my 05 Accord when hit a small bump?
What color should i buy my car in?
how much would it cost to fix oiler cooler on 97 neon?
should i report someone who i think resets odometers?
1988 Chevy Blazer 4x4 will not start?
Why don't most Jeep Wrangler-driving chicks bother to wave??
does anyone know were i can get a personalized blanket for my baby?
How long does Toyota cars last?
in about 4 years how much do you think this RAM truck will be? (USA)?
My door on my 2000 jeep cherokee will not unlock how do i fix this?
chevys or fords?
replace fender on my blazer?
what is the actual horsepower in a 305 boss engine 1967-1971?
I'm looking to buy a used acura TL, tell me what you think of this deal?
What are the most reliable and inexpensive cars,jeeps, and trucks on the market?
Does anyone out there know or have instructions on how to install a convertible top ?
Hey which cars should I get?
Whats the average price to have fender marker lights installed on my 91 accord? I already have them though.?
Repeat on a 2008 Jetta 6 disc changer?
how much does a 911 engine weigh?
does anyone know how i can build a chevy small block 350 to perform as well as a big block?
how many type of mannul handle in car door?
supercharger for 1990 mazda b2200?
I really want a Mercedes. What are the pro's and con's? Is it worth all the heartache?
How much would I first time car designer get per year, in Australia, working for Ford?
red sports car in New Renault Clio - 2009 TV Advert?
What could be the major problems of acura rl 1996 3.5L V6?
2005 Nissan Frontier for 19k?
I bought a 1979 Caprice Classic 4 door, 305 engine, what is a good way to get more speed out of it?
what type of turbo should i go for on a 91 crx with a jdm b16 1st gen?
Camaro exhaust pipe...10 super easy points?
What's a "sexier" car - the Honda Civic (sedan) or Mazda 3?
What year is my MOPAR 318?
request a free catalog?
Can you burn tire in a non-turbo Subaru Impreza?
if my car is a grand am, what is it a chevy, ford??
1987 f150 transmission code?
the power to my 1999 Ford V6 mustang driver seat isnt working. (power seating)?
are there any recalls on 2001 ford f150 xl sport?
Help with my car. 2001 Mitsubishi Diamante?
does plymouth have a parts catalog?
Looking for a rear bumper for a 77 ford mustang ll?
From which country does Hyundai, Honda, Suzuki originate?
jeep grand cherokee parts?
Which one is better a lexus or mercedes?
What would you like to ask?would the headlight assembly for a 2000 camaro work for a 1999 camaro?
Help. Mercedes 240D Diesel, 1983. Bad fuel, how do you drain in the tank?
Car Question....When driving 55 mph or above, the car begins to shake. Can this be motor mount problem?
Im selling a 2005 suzuki verona online for 2000 but i havent got any offers am i asking to.much?
whats the max HP you can get out of a toyota supra?
Moonroof on my car eclipse is stuck dont open or close what could it be?
Questions relating ducted motors/batteries?
what years parts will fit on a 96' mazda 626?
vauxhall combo 1.7 cdti cam belt change interval?
Test drove 2012 chevy cruze, possible brake problem?
What's wrong with the cassette player on my Camry?
What is the most mileage youve gotten out of a vehicle and what type?
what site can you got to and see your own car on rims?
What kind of car do you drive?
question about 2005 cadillac cts?
which car is more valuble a 1994 Mitsubishi 3000GT or a 1983 Porsche 944?
Can i convert a Honda CR-V '98' to gas and with 198000ks on the clock, is it worth the risk?
Can anyone help me with the firing order for a '98 Dodge (full-size) Pick-up?
I have a 2007 Honda accord is their a built in GPS device on the car that can be removed?
My 1998 Ford Explorer is blowing cold air even when it is set to heat.?
are all ford high boys (70-77.5) a manual transmition?
What is the life expectancy of a Volkswagen?
Location of fuse box on audi a4 1997?
Any hints on removal of the headliner from a NON-tilting sliding roof and lubricant for sliders?
What do you think of this Jeep?
my boot and footwells on my ford escort seem to be wet any reasons why?
Has anyone else had problems with Hyundai Tiburon clutch and flywheel 2003 or newer?
cynlinder capacity rolls royce motor car?
Lexus GS350 or Mercedes-Benz E-Class?
Is the Nissan skyline legal?
what is the top speed of the f4f-f wildcat?
running temp, 2002 jeep?
What other parts will I need to upgrade on my 2003 Chevy Silverado SS with AWD if I get a supercharger???
What is the best and worst name that has ever been given to a car.?
were do i go for a custom built front axle for my 1994 jeep cherokee 4x4?
Hummer H3 - How much (to lease)?
I accidentally washed and dried my 2006 Jetta key. It doesn't work now?
When is SKODA expected to launch the LAURA in petrol version in India ? Its driving me nuts waiting for it.?
repair sunroofs?
fiat punto blowing blue smoke lack of power?
how do i get a free plugs & wires diagram for a 07 chrysler sebring?
I'm thinking of buying a rover 800 for my next car. Good or bad idea?
how to replace the clutch on a bmw series 3 318i?
What is the title of the jazz song of the Renault advert (i think)?
How can I get Ford Galaxy engine guide with parts location?
How do I lock my spare wheel cover on the back of my jeep?
1993 toyota pick up truck?
how much does a 1979 ford f100 motor cost?
My jaguar x type stalls when I hit 30mph and u here a clicking noise?
i have a rhd integra .. does any one kno how to rigister it for california?
How many cranking amps do I need for a Nissan Frontier 2003 .?
Ford Shutdown 2012- Dearborn, MI?
Anyone know what spoiler is on the White beast supra?
Anyone know of a bodykit for a 94 Grand Prix SE coupe? Or a website that might have it?
2003 Chrysler Sebring?
Vtec Over V8?
When will the Honda Fit be available in New Orleans?
2004 pontiac grand prix reliability?
What's the difference between a sheep and a Skoda?
what is the location of the oil filter for a 1988 Honda Accord?
Back seat space in RSX?
I have a 1998 honda prelude sh that was reared i am tryining to determin if they are gonna total it?
where can i save money when it comes to buyin rims for my car?
What's the difference bettween a Ford & a Toyota????
How can i post a complain against dealer's frod to the chairman of TATA MOTORS LTD.?
'68 Mustang for a Starter Car?
Information about buying a used 2001 ford explorer xlt?
wat do you think of these hybrid vechicles?
I want to put a CD player in my 94 Chevy Truck with out loosing the current radio controls, Can it be done?
Where Do You Make Soundclips Or Like Commericials Like In a Radio?
What's your overall opinion of the Honda Metropolitan scooter?
Toyota Yaris 06 plate?
Oil in my overflow tank in my mitsubishi galant. what could that be?
can a stock subaru beat a stock 04 mustang cobra?
Whats the Exhaust A/R on the CT20B on the later model Toyota MR2's?
my 94 jeep grand cherokee turns over but it wont start?
Help with 2004 accord lx steering wheel wiring?
Do you think James Bond should be riding a BMW when he could be riding an Astin Martin?
how do you romove the c clip from the rear axle of 2001 E150?
If you could modernize any old car model which would it be and why?
I want to upgrade my 2007 Chevy Impala LT stereo system?
Will having a refurbished engine installed in my Pontiac Grand Am as good as having a new engine?
can you tell me the reliability of cat c toyota aygo ?
Why does my 2005 Ford Taurus get 16 MPG?
96 Mustang CCRM and Fuel Pump?
Cadillac SRX 2010 remote starter?
2012 chevy camaro 2LS vs 2012 nissan maxima?
Will the LED crystal tail lights off of a 2004 BMW Convertible fit my 2004 facelift 325i coupe?
My so called pregnant fat wife wants me to put a chairlift in the Camaro. I am not gonna do it. Do I divorce?
Need advice on a 2002 ford focus 2.0 motor replace?
Jeep Liberty where can i install a d ring tow point?
What's cooler? A black bmw or a white restored mustang 68?
where is the ECM located on a 1999 ford taurus?
1992 Ford Ranger 4.0 Litre V6 5 Speed Question.?
what could cause these problems on my 80s ford pickup truck?
CV joint on a 98 chevy tahoe?
Ford Falcon BF transmission problem?
Which car company make a 4 x 4 model called a Grand Vitara?
99 Ford Taurus leaking from rear?
Main relay price for a 1991 Acura Integra?
2007 Honda Civic with 12,000 miles?
mazda 6 engine pulley sounds when ac is on?
Mitsubisi eclipse 98 help?
I am thinking of getting an Automatic, any comments on the general reliability of Automatics ?
How much would it cost to replace Valve Cover Gasket replacement in Ford Explorer 2000?
How can i make my honda civic faster?
1993 ford ranger engine?
B20 or B16? Stock wise, which is FASTER?
Can steel wheels from a Rav 4 year 2003 fit on a Rav 4 year 1999?
installing sun/moon roof in 94 prelude that didnt come stock with one, possible?
changing fuel filter 1999 ford explorer?
Can a 2005 Chrysler Pacifica AWD 3.5 liter v6 be taken off-roading?
wat does BMW stand for?
Are there good online (or perhaps in a book) instructions for replacing side view mirrors on a Honda Civic?
My car is running hot, what i want to know is what could be the problem?
Can someone tell me a little advice and answers??
Where is a good place on the internet to buy custom rims?
whats the best spark plugs and wires to use on a 1998 ford escort 2.0?
Estimate on cost on repairing a sway bars on a 2003 Mitsubishi eclipse?
Gas Gauge in '98 Ford Taurus?
Can i lower my seats in my car?
Where is the map and iac sensor on my 2006 ford 500?
Did the Jaguar XJS convertible come with a manual transmission AND a six-cylinder?
Should Ford have stopped production of the Taurus?
fords are so cool and everything els is JUNK. right ?
Would anybody know anything about Mitsubishi Magnas?
which one would you pick, 2007 Mazda3 or the 2007 mini cooper? (both bases)?
second hand automatic gearbox?
What rims would look good on a toyota celica?
2006 1.5l mazda 2 timing belt or chain?
what size rims would look best on a 94 honda civic coupe?
A/c dual pressure switch on 1990 honda civic?
My 2002 Dodge 1500 Ram pickup will not even turn over.?
Alright Car Lovers... 1967 Chevy Impala whats it worth?
Pontiac Grand Prix GT Keeps Dying ?
anyone know where i can download a free owners and service manual for a 1993 pathfinder?
BMW trying to be Audi?
why would my starter turn backwards when tiring to start on my suzuki LS 650 savage?
Keep my 1998 civic lx or buy a new car?
I have Mercedes Benz E320 2003, check it on computer and give me SBC, what is it and how to fix it?
Which is better...Mitsubushi Pajero or Ford Endevour? And why?
info on 1971 ford truck with a inline 6cyl turbo diesel.?
What car should i buy, a 2006 HUMMER H1 Alpha or an 2005 Porsche 911 Turbo S? Both are around the same price.?
which cat-back exhaust system: Borla, Magnaflow, or Skunk2Racing,is better for a 4cyl engine?
If It is possible how can i change a 4 lug car into a 5 lug car?
( Cars V8 Addicts) What's the best way to perform a 0 - 60 miles test with an RWD dodge charger rt ?
Is the exhaust of the 2007 VW GTI different from the one the 2007 VW Jetta GLI has?
Turn Signal Problems with 1991 Chevy S10?
Tell me about the Mercedes GLK?
87 chevy cavalier z24 spark plug firing order diagram?
can anyone tell me the displacement and diffrent variants for the honda civic sedan which sells in USA?IS VFM
How to make the nissan skyline in Need For Speed carbon in career mode to look like the one from bonus cars?!?
2007 mitsubishi eclipse gs performance?
I have a 2008 jeep grand cherokee laredo.?
I'm a 16 year old girl whose parents gave her a 89 s10 what are ways to make it an awesome truck??
What is V6 in the automobiles?
what does a throttle body spacer do?
What kind of differences to expect between 2.73 and 4.10 traklock?
I have an 02 reg ford focus the kids have lost the keys do go to my main dealer for keys I live in aberdeen?
datusn 210?
How to reset alarm on dodge interpid?
Where can I find a luxury car rental service that provides chauffeurs?
How much is a 1992 toyota diesel in VERY good condition worth?
99 Corolla, Diagnosis : P0325, Knock Sensor 1 Circuit Malfunction Bank 1 or 1 Sensor. What does this mean?
where can i find parts for my friends 2005 ranger?
does it make sense to change the timing belt?
have a ford cougar 2.5 v6 24v. in usa it is called a mercury cougar?
who rates automobile quality?
1994 Volvo 850 Sedan: My odometer stopped working. How do I fix it?
1997 chysler sebring hemi project?
2000 Nissan Maxiam OBD2 port.?
2007 dodge hemi engine cuts off?
What's a good car to get under the price of $25,000?
What color should I paint my car?
If I switch from premium to regular gas on my Honda civic would that have any negative effects on my car?
Can Corsa B Bumpers be fitted onto pre-faclift model?
How does the Rolls Royce monogram on Wheels keeps upright?
Why do people hate Kia's so much?
Mercedes or Lexus?
need a adress for the nissan payment online?
Does anyone in here has a mercedes benz?
Horrible Gas Mileage in 2002 Grand Prix..... Please Help?
what is better to buy BMW or mercdes?
What is the live nation presales password for drake at the toyota center may 17th please help I need it fast!!?
My mazda 626 is leaking from the coolant overflow tank any suggestions?
my jeep has no heat and is overheating...could it be the thermostat?
18' x 9.5" wheels on a '93 Ranger?
fiat stilo dipstick help please?
95 honda civic bulb size?
Does anyone else think Japanese quality is overrated?
Can you identify these rims for this honda accord?
what is the best first car?
lamborghini gallardo or ferrari 360 spyder?
I'm looking for a performance chip for my 2005 G6 but having trouble finding one.?
2000 jeep grand cherokee reverse jumped?
What do you think of the new Toyota FJ Cruiser?
forde escort excessive front tyre wear?
What should I get? My choices are a 2011 KIA Rio for $9999. It has 51,000 miles on it. Or a 2011 Chevy Aveo fo?
Nissan skyline 350GT question?
Is it always worthed to fill expensive engine oil in used car?
Is General Motors responsible for global warming?
Where can I find spoilers & Body kits for a '06 G35?
Advise.....Jag or BMW?
How many GMC Sierra Denali's were made in 2004?
Mercedes-Benz or Porsche?
Help with 2000 Honda Accord?
Should is it a good idea to get a 1995 NISSAN SKYLINE R33 GTS-T for my first car?
What car looks better? Charger, Mustang, or the Camaro?
has anyone in here from uk had problems with the quality of alloy wheels for any mazda say 52plate on?
1988 chevy 1500 350 5.7L 5spd?
Why can I not find a Peugeot RCZ?
I purchased a 1987 Chevrolet Blazer V10. What does the "V10" indicate?
what do you think of the corvette?
Ford Fusion or Mercury Milan?
1997 pontiac sunfire wiring?
my dad is offering me a car i am 17 the choices are a honda civic si or honda accord lx-p which should i get?
How do you change the water pump on a 2001 Taurus VIN "U"?
Renault Clio Heater Matrix?
How can i make my 2007 chevy cobalt coupe faster??
cant get warm air from 2007 jetta?
Is Toyota Prius fun to drive?
What transmission does my 95 jetta vr6 (automatic) have? 096 or 01M ?
Jeep Cherokee Catalyst Converter Recall
95 Zenki Front Bumper?
what is tyre degradation?
two questions about 98 Civic LX?
Ford explorer problems?
Is the exhaust on my 2001 V6 mustang restricted or unrestricted?
are ther any ford privilege customers out there?
how hard is it to swap out a straight six to a 5.0 in a 1995 f150?
Need some tips on jeep parts?
2006 Ford Escape Starter?
My dad is a Mechanic and is looking to take my Ford Mustang 88 and put a turbo kit on it.?
Where is the backup light switch located on my 1999 Plumouth Neon located?
99 jeep cherokee passenger front end is shaking at 55mph?
How do you find/search a car dealer that sales new cars for the lowest price without using a zipcode?
Are 2006 Impala Cars Lt Good?
2002 Chevy Tahoe, quit on me going down highway. Replaced fuel filter, filter was almost completely clogged.?
Is there a temporary fix for my 2001 Chevy Implala intake manifold gasket?
2001 Ford Focus rear drum brake swap?
What decoration should I get for my tata's?
I have a Saturn 2000 SL1,I get a loud BANG when I put it in Reverse. Can you help?
Honda CRV 2001 - fan knob?
Do you like my truck?
Suzuki swift sport turbo cruises in NSW?
Transmission issue with 1999 taurus?
Rank according to what's considered higher, more prestigious, more luxurious: Volvo, Lexus, Infini, Acura.
what is mean of e-traction?
What is the engine weight of Honda Activa scooter ?
When do you use the overdrive off and on button in a car with automatic gear transmission.?
The Hyundai Sonata. Is it a luxury car?
Can I make my 3.8L 04 mustang atleast 250 hp with bolt-ons?
Does lexus have trucks?
whre can i find a drivers side door for a 1993 f150, have checked ebay?
Anyone Knowledgable about Wheel Offset/Backspacing?
89 Toyota truck doesnt start?
Which is more classy an Acura or Lexus?
What is V6 in the automobiles?
Black One Piece Projector Headlights - LED Halo 1989 mustang?
how many passengers does a chevy suburban hold?
no spark in nissan micra?
Does anyone know where I can find a fitted mitsubishi motors hat?
18' x 9.5" wheels on a '93 Ranger?
Ford F150 5.4 3V no power after it reaches operating temp.?
which Ford Mustang looks cooler? 1965 or 2005?
Ac blowing hot air on 2000 ford Taurus ?
i want to put a automatic in a 04 svt cobra mustang is there any how to out there videos out there?
my bmw e60 shakes when from 60mph to 85mph?
Where can I find a picture of a 2011 BMW m3 with the Playstation Logo on it?
What are your views on the Smart fortwo car?
is 99 passat transaxle automatic 5spd an automatic with tiptronic?
Could a Mazda RX8 beat a 370z?
Is the FJ Cruiser a good first car?!?
408 stroker in an 87-93 fox body?
porsche cayenne seats?
Can eclipse 3.6 and TFS integrated? Can anyone help me in this?
What do car do you think would win a 1/4 street race 1992 Bmw or 2000 Mustang?
Is it possible to put a Nissan GTR engine into a 1972 Pontiac Firebird?
BMW Z4 2009, What Is The Following ?
Do you Like or Hate Jeep?
how to install air conditioning in acura b18b motor?
Buying a charger srt-8 06?
Is the 2.0T I4 engine on Audi A4 the same as one on VW Passat?
where is the location of the obd2 connector in a 2001 lincoln ls 3.9 v-8?
Why dont restart the grate Indian Contassa cars with in new technolagy ? its better look than Tata cars.?
Considering buying a 1982 Pontiac Trans am with Crossfire injection for 2000?
Did I fry something in my power windows?
whats wrong with my 2002 honda civic LX?
Land Rovers do 9 miles to the gallon.........environmental crime?
what is the best paint?
I have a 08 Ford Fusion and the ABS lights come on only when I reverse out of the parking lot which is werid?
why is my bronco dieing while going down the road ? all the electrical ,shuts off and the dies?
does jeep cherokee 4x4 when shifte or engage the four wheels work on the mod?
My beetle will not start after several attempts?
Can any1 firn a 2002 Acura 1.7 loaded under 100k, 4dr under $14,000? Let me know!?
2009 Hyundai Sonata NF interior colour code?
How much does a 2006 mustang Shelby gt convertible cost?
if a tree fell in the lake could it swim?
how do i fix parking brake lever ratchet mechanism is slightly worn on vaux astra mk4?
Mpg on a 1971 Dodge Dart?
How do I make my 2003 Toyota Corolla look like the new 2013 Lexus gs-f?
cant get power too toyota pick up 1990 fuel pump?
What was the first sports car ever made?
what would you rather get the 2009 chevy camaro or the 2007 dodge challenger?
2000 Honda Civic shifting problems - Automatic?
Why couldn't that Prius driver with the stuck gas pedal shift the car into Neutral and then brake to a stop?
lexus ls 430 2007?
What is a better choice for a 16 year old girl...?
ignition timing marks for 2300 ford motor?
how to take off a starter on a Isuzu rodeo 1999?
hemi dodge ram?
what is the meaning of ss?
89 pontiac grand prix value?
On 2000 sierras 2wd do they have tension bars to raise the height of the truck. it a 1500 extended cab.?
is the lamborghini gallardo more faster than the murcielago?
When I accelerate my car makes a whistling noise?
Mini Cooper S failure issue?
how to set up a turbo in a acura integra?
i have a vw golf mk4 how can i display fault codes with dash dials?
will they catch me?
I want a chevy, which is the best to buy?
hyundai tiburon tuning help?
Cost of 2004 nissan altima transmission filter?
Which is best? A 2006 Honda Pilot SUV with full-time 4WD? Or the Pilot with 2WD and the VCM system?
My 2007 chevy impala door locks?
what is the Alternators?
can i put 22s on 98 camaro?
What is the normal factory moon roof tint for a 1994 MBZ C280 with gray or charcoal interior?
Where can I find pictures of a 2000 Toyota Hiace minibus?
What Car Insurance Is More Expensive And Why?(Porsche or Mercedes Benz)?
Need help with a 2007 nissan altima emergency break light?
i was thinkin on buying a diesel cars what is high mileage on a diesel engine?
2006 Jeep Grand Cherokee Sunroof goes up and down but wont open or close side to side? how to fix?
Will my 07 Ford Focus pass emission testing with fswerks exhaust?
what does the gold v on a 1957 chevrolet belair stand for?
how do i enable wap on my mobile in Oman?
Why should I buy an e30?
Driving a Dodge Durango?
Want a BMW 328i but aren't sure about the maintenance cost?
I have a 97 bmw 740il. My back windows, doors and the trunk will not open?
how can i get extra 50 horses out of my mustang?
i need help lifting a ifs 91 isuzu amigo about 3or4 inches?
2005 Ford F-150 Exhaust?
383 Stroker question?
tip i need on girls?
How good is a 2002 Pontiac Grand Prix GT Coupe for a teenager?
I have a 99 mercury cougar?
which one?ford, chevy, dodge and what do you drive?
difference between : m-sport v m3...?
Ello whats a best first time car other then a ford fiesta or a Peugeot 106?
Any details about the Toyota Yaris?
1994 Suzuki quad runner 250 LT-4WDS wont start?
I have Ford Horse (mustang?) emblem. Can anyone tell me what car it came from?
Can you believe it is 21 years since the last Ford Capri was made.?
Should I buy a Lexus IS 350?
How do I set the in dash clock of a 1998 Ford Mustang?
adventages of american cars?
Fuel injector upgrade subaru 1.8?
Is it hard to take the top off of the Jeep Wrangler?
when did Honda open it's first design center in the U.S.?
How much is my used mitsubishi colt worth?
On average how much is an alternator replacement with parts and labor for a 1999 bmw 328i?
Where is the flywheel cover on my 1992 cutlass ciera?
I need to locate the power steering fluid refill container on a Mercedez Benz C-240?
how much are the tags for a 2010 toyota tacoma thats a 2 years behind?
i want to know more about the car by oldsmobil the ""hurst olds""....its the 25th birthday car of oldsmible..n
Iphone 5 and Dodge Uconnect System?
is 200,xxx miles a lot for a 93 civic hatchback?
If I am a cosigner on an automobile, what are my rights to get this debt and title in my name only?
complete raido aentenas 4 dodge truck?
what is the torque specification for 2008 gmc sierra exhaust manifold bolt?
What is a ricer? Is it an insluting term?
Bleeding brakes in 1989 Toyota Supra. Do I need an ABS tool?
does a 1987 ford bronco ii have a backseat?
Ok so my 2001 Chevy S-10 low beams don't work?
Where can I find troubleshooting for my BMW navigation system?
What do you honestly think of cars like this?
just want 2 know if a y7 ecu of a 2000 impreza will fit a 2001 bugeye?
2nd car (sports car)?
how many horses does my car have?
which one is better a Porsche or a Ferrari?
Who knows what size engine the viper has in it? Not v10, the cubic inches???
Where can I a fan shroud for a 1966 chevy impala?
does any one have a dodge viper? can i ride in it?!?
What is a good femal name for a year 2000, silver, dodge neon.?
1994 Mustang GT 5.0L V8: what else do i need to remove to change the plate to block gasket besides waterpump?
jeep grand cherokee lift?
i need a paint chart for cars?
fuel gage on vauxhall corsa b 1997?
will 1998 dodge ram 2500 front end parts fit on a 2000 dodge ram 2500?
1970 MG Midget convertible tops?
Wiring replacement fuel pump 97 GTP?
Can you tell by the VIN number whether a 1988 Prelude Si is 4ws?
Can i LEGALLY take the catalytic converter off of my H reg Audi 100?
Would you buy a Gremlin?
Why does my 96 honda civic make a whistling noise when i drive it?
Lincoln LS heating up while driving ?
2.8l engine compatibility Firebird?
Where can I go online to see diagrams or pictures of Chrysler engines?
2004 chevy silverado transmission whine?
How much is a 1989 dodge aries k car worth?
What should i do?
How much should I pay for a Chevrolet Aveo SVM?
i have honda accord ex v tech 2.2l i got a intake nd some megan racing headers but i still want to do more?
When should I change my timing belt?
How do I make my 2010 Corolla alarm not go off when I hit 'unlock' on the fob?
Can anyone tell me where to get a good deal on a Fuel Injector for 1993 Nissan Quest PN 1660088G10? Thanks.?
Is there any performance chips for a 96 Isuzu rodeo 3.2L that work?
what cars save gas?
What is your fantasy dream car?
Do u think I should get an alarm for my new 2007 BMW 335i?
do you consider a 1985 a classic?
what would be the best first car?
i have a mazda mx-6 1989 i want no how to make it go faster with out forking over a lot of money????
i got 17 inch rims for a 1998 plymouth neon N it wont fit?
What type of medium size cars have you been finding reliable?
Baja bug conversion in the winter?
What is the song At the end of abe lincoln vampire hunter?
Looking to buy a 2012 or a 2013 VW passat or jetta which one is better?
Anyone who has 'suzuki hayate' (bike). please answer this?
Do the back seats in my 2001 Chevy Malibu LS fold down so I can get more trunk space?
Pricing of the Nissan 350z manual?
where can i get the schematics for a 1970 dodge charger rt?
2007 Dodge Caliber Frame Type?
What size tires can i put on 7.5 in lift on 08 gmc?
my renault megane dynamique 1.6 vvt is misfiring?
What is Saab´s market positioning in Europe/Spain?
Where is the central locking button located in Lumina 2006 LTZ.?
My 2000 Pontiac Grand Am Jerks?
Can a brand new Bentley Continental GT be ordered with the W12, or just the new V8?
I am in Somerset pennsylvania,i own a 91 jeep wranglerand i need a local receiver hith dealer/installer help!
Does anyone know anything about 1994 jeep sport trans. (slipping)?
I am looking to buy a Mitsubishi L300 4X4. Any particular mechanical things to look out for?
how do you put the center piece in the back window trim on me 1974 chev truck?
1999 volvo s80 question?
Dodge Charger ?
Electronic Spark Control Module 98 Chevy suburban?
Would black side skirts look good on a white Chevrolet cobalt 4 door? The black are preprinted and cheaper....?
where is the cam sensor for a 2000 nissan altima?
I am looking to do an engine swap in my 2006 nissan sentra 1.8s. Love the car, its just not fast enough for me?
when was the first Toyota Fortuner made & when will Toyota Fortuner 2007 be released in the market?
Should I buy a 1.6 TDCI Ford Focus with 158k on the clock at a good price?
Favorite car?? DREAM CAR?? whats yours?
what can i do to spice up my marriage????
Can you change a front wheel drive car to rear wheel?
Renault Clio - Cars revving up and down and ticking noise (Electric Fault Light)?
how to repair my 1993 ranger low beam lights?
Which car is a better car an alto or a wagonr ?
97 mercury sable radio?
could I use Used Oil as undercoat for my Jeep?
Where can I find custom fit back seat covers for a 2005 Pontiac G6?
Is a Subaru WRX STi 2005 a good car for me..?
How to idle a Volvo vn 780?
Does a nissan titan have a censor to make it where it cant power break?
Transmission problem ...............HELP?
where is the flex pipe on 2000 mitsubishi montero sport?
Size of 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee fuel tank?
Question about automotive incandescent bulbs?
What is your opinion on the BMW 750li?
Where can I get a harmonic balancer for a 2000 Ford Mustang V6 3.8 L?
What stall speed converter should i use for a 351m, with a .540 lift cam?
How much will it cost to have a custom Honda...?
Is 145,000 miles of a 2008 Ford Fusion too many miles?
2008 honda accord 3rd brakelight and brake lights are on with head lights put a new brake switch on didnt fix?
car seat covers for ford contours?
The engine management light on my 2003 renault megane scenic is not working.?
Is there a performance site for my bmw?
Fiat Punto MOT Failure?
the make of this vend number to a 1974 nova 1x27h4w134993?
Starting the engine and driving is good. Problem is that it dies out when idling. Any ideas?
how to change fuel pump in 2007 chrysler sebring?
Do i have a faulty honda civic? Please answer?
Is my Honda Jazz warranty still valid?
1993 land cruiser electrical problem?
if evrybody eats pie, then why doesnt evrybody? :D?
How much should I pay for a 2003 Jeep Liberty 2WD Sport?
Help me pick a Truck Please!!?
Old Volkswagen Van 1964?
What was the best BMW 3 Series to date?
Which supercar is faster between a Pagani Zonda and a Koenigsegg?
How to program a keyless entry cloneable remote for a Jeep Cherokee?
my integra makes a raddling sound?
i need 2 know what speaker wires are where with out removing pannels?
a question about a fuel regulator?
How much does Liebherr LG1750 cost in the USA?
How much is my Honda B18C motor worth?
99 vw beetle coolant problem?
my 2005 kia sedona overdrive problem?
What does the "SS" in the GM vehicles stand for?
informaton on opel cars?
Need help on chevy avalanche/ cadillac ext conversion?
i have a 2003 toyota corolla, will a pioneer DEHP000IB fit in my car?
'Dealer cost' on 2009 Nissan Murano SL AWD (plus options)?
What does "trail rated" mean?
I have a 93' Ford Tempo and it shakes really bad, does anyone know why?
My battery died, so I need a reset code for a Honda Pilot 2003.?
57 chevy motor swap.?
Is $410,000 a year a lot?
bmw or mercedes-benz and why?
How much did you pay for your 2011 Honda Odyssey LX?
anti coolant leaking......?
In 1964 ,when the consumer Price index (CPI)was 31. Ford Motor Company introduced the Mustang at a price of?
'95 Honda Civic Problems HELP POR FAVOR!?
1996 Cherokee Fog lights install question?
94 Mercedes E320 - Dust Filter Replacement?
How much would a dual catback exhaust help my 05 Chevy Colorado as far as gas mileage?
1997 Ford F250 4x4 Power stroke Diesel needs help ..?
How long will a 1995 Nissan maxima last me out has 243000 miles ?
what is the difference in the monte carlo modles of 2000?
Ford Mondeo juddering under braking - pads,discs or worse?
which fuse is the horn fuse on a 2007 honda civic lx?
Soaking renault clio! help!?
Will this increase any horsepower?
my boot and footwells on my ford escort seem to be wet any reasons why?
nissan sentra engine vibration?
Do you have to flash the ecm after changing it if it is a brand new one on a 2002 PONTIAC GRAND AM?
what color mustang should I get?
Why are ford engines noisier than other engines ?
Can a third rowe seat fit in a ford xls explorer ?
My Ford taurus 2003 has lights that don't turn off when i turn off the car, How do i Turn it Off?
How to wire trailer lights on a 2008 Mustang?
Is the Mercedes GLK a desirable car?
where can i find the embale for lincoln?
Does anyone out there know or have instructions on how to install a convertible top ?
Should i buy a 1996 mitsubishi 3000gt with a blown engine, if i intend to fix it up?
1992 Toyota Paseo?
I have a '95 Honda Civic DX with the stock engine... What can I do to increase the performance?
Why is jobs rate low and cost of living up.?
Am I gay for driving a Jeep Liberty?
What year is this Ford Mustang from?
hyundai sonata problem?
will a trans. off of a 3.8L work on a 350?
How can you turn off the "Service engine soon" light on a 1997 Chevrolet Silverado pickup truck.?
are 245-35-20 tires too big for my accord?
2000 Ford Focus vibrates intensily and makes alot of noise?
What engine is in Malaysian's Proton Gen-2 ?
how do you put a new gas tank door on a 1999 pontiac bonniville?
Help diagnose my 2001 Saturn SC2 problem...?
Is tata megapixel really worthful?
What would the blue book price of a 97 honda civic be?
Teman . Tolong bantu aku untk menjawab pertanyaan nie ya . 1.Jelaskan perangkat keras yang dibutuhkan utk kone?
My mechanic removed the thermostat from my 98 Jetta saying it would releave pressure on the system...?
what does DOHC mean on cars?
is a 2002 mercury mountaineer dependable?
does anyone drive an Acura MDX? How do you like it?
does anyone know how much the mercedes benz f700 will cost?
I recently purchased a BMW X3. The dealer says it has a M-Sport package. How do i Know?
Does any one besides me like 'lamborgini's"?
Need help with my ford explorer?
where is egr valve located on 2001 dodge ram?
how can i add some horse power to my 2002 trans am?
Audi A5 or Porsche Cayman?
Ok car guys, answer me this, which car is a better car...the Nissan 350z or the Infiniti G35 coupe?
Best / Worst coloured car......................?
My vw wont start with remote control key but start with spare key? ?
does anyone know if a bmw's nickname is bimmer or beemer?
how much is a 1996 chrysler´s voyager is worth??
I wanted to get an Audi R8 but it is only 15mpg! So the gas would burn a hole in my pocket. Any suggestions?
Reliability and durability of 2003 hyundai sonata?
i am looking for a car alarm with remote start at a reasonable price for fuel injected manual transmission?
which one is best mercedes or bmw?
Is installing a Pontiac grand am 2001 Left fender a do it yourself type of job?
what bumpers can I put on my 1973 beetle that has 1975+ fenders?
my 2002 ford taurus dash lights dont work?
5.3 with a 5 speed in a '01 silverado?
What is a good car for a teen?
1994 Q45 door lock issues?
What tires can fit on my 4runner?
2003 Cavalier won't start.?
2003 bmw z4 2.5 central locking fuse keeps blowing and keys stop working. HELPPPPP!!!!!?
how do i reset an airbag ona new mini without going to a garage?
2006 Murano SE - Any feedback on it?
i just bought a 07 toyota corolla, the head lights come on when i start the car and stay on is that normal?
What's resonable price for 07 Toyota Camry SE V6 with cloth seat and navigation system?
what did i just drain out of my Ranger?
How much should it cost to replace the brakes on a 67' Mustang?
i want to know about toyota n series diesel engines?
how many times do i have to fuel up my honda civic 2003 ex on my way to Disney world?
I have a 1997 Chevrolet Camaro that won't pass?
Is ferrari a german car?
dc5 type r or ep3 type r?
What is the answer to the first question on the Volvo contest?
why did the inventor of the beetle volkswagen designed its engine to be located in front of the vehicle?
Ferrari or Lamborghini?
HI I am looking for a stock jeep cj7, 1984 radio?
Could you get a 2002-2005 BMW 330xi with sport package?
who owns the company bmw?
What is my muscle car worth. 1969 dodge 340 swinger 4-speed all original?
where is the fuel shut off valve located on a 2001 honda accord?
Is a V-8 engine in a car much more powerful than a V-6?
what cheap mods can i do to my 1996 honda prelude SI for performance and to save gas?
Getting Code 43 Error on 91 Chevy 1500. Timing?
door decks grand wagoneer and brown paper?
How many miles per gallon does a 2004 chrysler 300 get?
Is a ford tempo a reliable car?
Why is my 2007 Civic Lx getting bad mileage?
how do you open the bonnet on a ford fiesta finesse?
Where can I get a comprehensive list of all makes and models of automobiles?
Whats the best sounding1999 Mazda Miata Performance Exhaust?
Help decoding chevy engine?
Bluetooth Troubleshooting 2009 Pontiac G6 GT Coupe help?
how do you take off the rear dek of a 2008 pontiac g6 GXP coupe?
need help with 2000 frontier cheap lift?
How can I make my car exhaust as loud as possible?
where can i find some articles about the lastest technology of automotive?
What's top speed for 93 300zx non turbo?
What's your opinions on this matter?
will a turbocharger for a 2.0 fit on my 2.3 on my 2004 focus roush edition?
1999 Mercury Cougar A/C blower only works sometimes.?
my wheels fit perfectly as far as the bolt pattern. they just rub against the calipers?
98 mustang gt tailpies/flowmaster?
I'm looking to buy a 2005 Ford Taurus SE, If you owned or own this type of car can you?
how do you change spark plugs on a 90 lincoln towncar?
Is the VW Passat a gay car?
is porshce suv a good suv or do they have better suv then the porshce !!!?
what is a growling noise in the rear end-2003 nissan altima?
does anyone have a '72 Ford Galaxie 500?
2007 FORD FUSION problems: anti freeze a lil low. put some more in there. later chk engine light came on. took?
what cheap mods can i do to my 1996 honda prelude SI for performance and to save gas?
problems changing my brakes ford f-150?
Old Porsche as a first car?
Infinti i30 HELP!!!!!?
Should i avoid a 2005 Excursion?
Can you help me name the maker of this minivan?
1994 Jimmy?
What is the solo acoustic guitar music on the Jeep Cherokee, etc. commercial?
If you were in a race and you can pick to drive an BMW 530i or a hundia sonata,Which one would you drive?
2000 Nissan Altima - Insurance Question...?
Can anyone tell my what code (66) means on a 1995 legacy rs twin turbo please?
Can a 2001 Ford Focus with 2.0 Zetec engine use flex fuel (E85)?
How do I Replace a Cigarette Lighter Socket in a 1997 Ford Thunderbird?
What does this button mean? Chevy Tahoe?
oil pump and oil filter question?
What looks better on a rover 25, crystal clear front indicators or the crystal black?
Should I buy a black 2010 Dodge Caliber?
2012 dodge ram pros and cons?
The fan on my subaru forester L is stuck on 4. I can not move it back to 1 or 2 settings. How do I fix it?
how many keys can I program for my 2007 honda pilot?
Is an Infiniti engine in a Nissan still considered street legal?
Which is your favourite supercar?
How many seats are there in the Toyota Sienna?
Golf mk 4 Air Con Filter,?
I have a 1983 Nissan Maxima and the computer has been replaced three times on this vehicle. Shed some light?
Wish my parents luck?
Are german made cars better than cars made in japan?
searching for 2006 dodge handicap van?
Is there any way to make a Chevy th350 transmission an Overdrive transmission?
what could i do to my ford mustang to look really cool?
How can i find susspention springs For 1987 nissan 200-sx-xe front 2- each.4cyl. fuel inj.?
Vauxhal Vectra warning light? What is it?!?
do the 2006 nissans have a GPS system ??
how do you repair a Torque Converter Clutch Circuit Malfunction on a honda accord 2000?
What's the difference between a sheep and a Skoda?
How do you suggest securing a highly desirable antique chevy that cannot be garaged?
My daughter took her 2012 VW TDIin for free oil change and maintence failed to tighten the oil filter...her ca?
How do i change my fuel filter on my Hyundai Accent?
What kind of car is super nanny driven around in?
What's the best Ford 'Sports' car?
How much would an oil change cost on a 2010 Acura tsx?
where is the air intake hose on a 2003 chrysler voyager?
should i change my wheel bearings soon?
I have a 78 nova what's it worth?
Citi Golf Life revs once but doesnt start?
Can A 2005 Altima transsmision and engine fit in a 2003 altima?
So a friend of mine claims Toyota is owned by Ford or Chevy, one of them....?
I have an 2005 Kia optima and it runs bad sometimes and engine light doesn't appear?
Is a 1970's corvette a good starter car?
I have a set of american racing wheels and I want to know what kind they are. There not on there web site.?
Anyone know where i can find side view mirrors for my 1974 ford maverick? They MUST be chrome...?
where is accelator in alto vxr?
Where can i find a cheap actuator for my 4 wheel drive on a 91 chevy 1500 w/t?
timing chain jumped out of time while doing headgasket 02 altama,now what?
would u consider a 2001 toyota celica to be a cool car?
wiring harnesses?
2005 Grand am factory colors?
Are Toyota's safe to drive?
I have a 2003 Tahoe and the ABS light suddenly came on. After I shut the car off, I hear a a constant sound. ?
How do you remove the schroud over the battery compartment in the 1.8T Passat?
2001 Dodge Caravan, what do you think?
How do you remove the front hub from a 1998 Honda Civic lx?
How much should, I sell my 1977 Cadillac Coupe Deville for?
"Service Engine Light" keeps coming on.What should I do?
what car to pick between thesee?
What are the standard features of a Honda Civic value package?
My '95 Dodge Stratus has a small anti-freeze leak...what could be the cause?
I have a 99 ek hatch and i want to know if all models of the hatch 96-99 fit for my rear driver side window?
1983 GMC Sierra engine swap question?
I just bought a Honda Accord 2001 v6 ex coupe with 125,000 miles on it for $8,000. Is this a good deal?
Im goin to put 20's on my truck, dodge ram, but they tell me bigger tires waste more gas, is it true?
I have a 97 ford taurus abs light is on only when in drive?
what indash navi fits on a Hyundai tucson 05 something cheap with a large screen?
Can't remove dashboard from 1995 Fordup.?
Can you guess my favorite car?
Nissan Altima (2008) or Honda Accord (2008)?
My fuel meter stopped working in my jaguar sovereign 1991 how can I fix it?
how to connect and ipod to a toyota 6 disc in-dash?
Chevrolet cruze 2011?
What causes a toyota corolla AE100 consume more fuel than normal.?
1990 Nissan 300zx z32 2+2 ecu?
Which one? 2013 Audi S4 vs BMW 335i xdrive?
i just bought a 98 ford mustang gt. what should i modify first the body or engine.?
What does the 4X4 module for 2002 Ford Explorer look like?
Is my suv a truck or is it a car?
I am about to buy a BMW 325i, is this a smart buy?
would you prefer a golf?
Is my 2000 ford focus fuel pump or fuel injector bad?
How do i make my miata more masculine?
what are the models of eclipses and what are the fast ones, how much hp?
will a shaker kit fit in my 2002 XR6 AU?
i saw a new peugeot in bloomfield,nj four door. are these cars avalible in the usa?
Simple, who's gonna end up on top Toyota or GM????
Replacement 2008 GMC Sierra fog lights?
why does my dodge caravan overheat only when the ac is on?
Fastest engine that will fit in a Datsun 310 hatchback ?
I just got a2012 civic I'm using the ac alot is there anything I need to keep watching like fluid levels?
what type of turbo should i go for on a 91 crx with a jdm b16 1st gen?
Which vehicle is better (in both value and quality)?
wots the fastest car in the world?
2003 350Z TPMS System Question?
2000 Toyota Celica GT VS 2000 Ford Escort ZX2?
When does the 2009 Toyota FJ Cruiser come out?
how much would you pay for a 91' toyota celica?
what's with the rotors on 2002 toyota sequoia keeps charging me to "grind" twice now at 65000 miles
Is the Alpha Romeo Gulietta worth buying?
What year did Nissan pathfinders get 7 seats?
I miss my Miata something awful. I got arthritis, and couldn't get out of it.?
What are the must-have accessories for maruti wagon R?
m car is a hyundai elantra 95 model i need to reconnect my ac condenser & the hoses?
Where to find Shifter Cable 98 Nissan Sentra,?
Does a Dodge Dart have sports car insurance?
Why do people rice out their hondas and whatnot?
Does a 1999 chevy K1500 (old body style) have a 1999 style suspension, or the old series suspension?
Which is better for a MINI Cooper- an automatic or manual? And why?
Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X?!?
How do I fix the CD player in my 2003 Chevy Malibu?
Performance chip question for 2011 Camaro?
I have a 2001 Ford Focus and need the radiator changed and a full tune up. Want to know the cost?
is my car broke????
how many ford boss trucks were made by ford?
What draws people into buying a BMW?
Best rpm to shift at?
how much will it cost to have a clutch installed in my 1997 vw passat GLX VR6 wagon wagon?
where is a volvo agency in dallas/fort worth tx area?
which car is the best to buy subaru or mitsibushi?
what KIA was a Ford Aspire?
which is better Lexus or Bmw?
how do I replace or repair a burnt clutch on a 91 GEO Prizum?
2005 Grand am factory colors?
How much would it roughly cost for a brake pads for a mitsubishi grandis?
how many porsche 997s are produced each year (incl. 2006)?
Can a BMW M5 with 4 of your friends really beat a Corvette?
1988 ford f150 makes weird sound?
How do you change the starter on a 91 Chevy Illumnia?
what car am i talking about, anyone?
2002 VW golf automatic tranny that slips in and out of gear at a stop no leaks?
How do I beat my friends RSX?
Wiring harness kit for 2001 s10 tail lights?
2001 Pt Cruiser headlight replacement?
Favorite car?? DREAM CAR?? whats yours?
2009 Lincoln MKX? Is there gong to be one for 2009?
What type of car (not the best pic)?
Anyone know of a tailgate lock for a 1994 toyota Pickup truck?
does anyone know any good off roading trails in or near stillwater OK for a jeep?
Check engine light will not go off on my 2003 Ford Focus?
What kind of rims do you think will look good on a 8th Gen Civic?
metling baterry post car?
What can you say about Henry Ford the car manufacturer?
Why does my Jeep shut off while driving?
where are temperature sensors on chev. 350 engine?
Can you confirm if Whitford Eclipse Coating is PFOA free?
what do i need to get a 93-97 Supra to be a rocket??????????????
which sedan gives best value for money in the C segment? and how is the performance of ford fiesta?
How much is the tax on a 2006 peugeut 307 1.6 ?
Henry Ford said people could have the model T in any color, as long as it was what?
Should I lower my 2002 mustang? ?
so If i get the 275/35r/18 inch tires on all 4 wheels...I should have more traction than the 265/35r/18s?
What kind of car would you rather have a Donk or a Cutless?
I have to jumpstart my Integra 1993 everytime!?
i have a 95 honda civic.....?
what modifications should i add to my acura el 1.6 ?
what is power train rig?
I am looking at a Black Audi B5 S4. V6 twin turbo AWD 6 speed.?
does anyone know why my 97 jeep cherokee alarm keeps going off for know reason?
Mustang or what?!?!?
Looking for a Jeep Wrangler or CJ7?
are chevy cavaliers good cars ?
Whats a good cheap exhaust system for a d15b7? engine?
Nissan Sentra 1997, front disk brakes not firm after I replaced the pads. I bled both the front and rear?
my 1992 camaro jerks around after it runs high?
i have Chevrolet" barina "?
what car model do you like subaru,ferrari,toyota?
Srt4 Stage3?
does the engine motor of 1995 lincoln continental fit on a lincoln continental 19974.6L also?
Any Mustang GT rivals..?
If someone gave you a car, In great condition...?
do you think body kits on a civic look good?
where can i find a 1993 toyota corolla owners manual?
i want to model for LTA. what do i do?
Can i put a turbo kit on a fiat punto 55s 1.1 8v single point injection 1997? if i can how, cheers
Ask Bill Ford about the auto industry?
The drivers door handle cover of my Audi S-line 2006 model fell off somewhere today, help?
What are the smallest fitting headers?
How available are parts for a 2001 eclipse?hat would you like to ask?
i have a car ( fiat tipo 1.6 ie ) and i wanna know the technical information of the car , plz help me?
How do I tell if my 1997 Honda accord is an ex or lx?