may i have the opistures of the myythological symbols please?
How many religions are there in India?
what would happen if i cut my leg of?
What is "convenient amnesia " ?
I am trying to start an art cooperative, how can I gather funding for this project?
Need help with character's appearance?
Poem needed for 3 year old childs funeral.?
How to pause a picture?
what is the difference between internal and external beauty?
There is always more than one side to any conflict ? i needd unique ideasss!!?
How can a student be encouraged to practice playing the piano?
How should i tell my mom...?
does anyone know how to play this.?
what makes pink, pink?
I need a theme for my art project? What should it be?
Are you at work at the moment?
What is Ogoh-ogoh in Balinese art?
Are stores closed in Winnipeg due to Canada Day today?
should prostitusm be a legal business?
Artwork/Painting questions? HELP!?
What the hell is with this "Fifty Shades of Gray" thing?
How can I be more creative while drawing or art?
I am planning to write a hand written poem chapbook? Need some tips.?
Why are mathematical people viewed as smarter than creative people?
If the ancient Romans had had television, what kind of shows would they create?
Can social, political, or economic conditions alter the nature and meaning of art. Why do you feel this way?
As astrounaut, you will travel to the moon tomorrow, what are the books you might have with you and why?
Why are ART students such useless people?
what comes to mind when you hear....?
does anyone make money by drawing pictures?
Please, I'd like to know, what kind of female is worth getting to know from the opposite sex like me.?
Correct placement of signature on a painting?
Is Art History an art or history class?
what is more worse than death?
how can i describe a color (i.e Red) to a person who have been blind since birth?
What si the best question you ever ead here on " Answers" that really helped you?
comments please?
was art created before music?
what can be a good quote for my wedding invitation card's cover??
How can I sing from my stomach not my throat?
Guitar amp question. help!?
my air bags in 1996 riviera deployed while driving didn't hit anything smelled something what happened?
what will u do if someone special is being beaten by an armed robber?
How do I get my parents to buy me something?
name the three most importnt personalitys of banglore ?
How will you honor Jimi Hendrix's life?
What is art?
What is the third sonnet?
can a parent ask a student for pictures that were taken and be able to recive them without getting in trouble?
are you proud to be british?
Scared of boyfriend going to the Art Institute, Help!?
how to snub others , m very lousy in snubbing?
how do I make a rosary?
Help help help Meee?!?!?
How can I meet Miranda Cosgrove?
I need some ideas for my art homework?? PLEASE HELP Me PLz?
What is Good tag name for graffiti on paper?
Do you feel good when you get a thumbs up?
If each language/culture organises and structures everyday life in distinctive way, how is comunication posibl
what does democracy mean to you? in your own words?
Band Art help 10 points?
How can I know if a frame is worth more than the picture inside?
Deviant-ART help with my story, emoticons on my story.?
Native Americans exterminated animals?
what words will people say today that they say everyday?
what do you want to do in your future?
Some important plastic artist in spain?
Do you like Cute Children Postcards?
Need Advice and help?
Greek painting about Diabetes Mellitus?
For you artistic creative types out there....?
anyone here tired of people who are flirting?
calling all art buffs?
What do you think of my poem about a girl named Casey?
How do you live a life full of great obstacles that you feel like you'll never be happy all through your life.
what is a suprising colour for blood?
who do you think took the 2 piccaso paintings in france. how do you think they did it.?
Has anyone ever saved someones life?
What are the online jobs that can be done by a 14 yr old?
A paragraph - tips and suggestions please?
How do I become a Model?
Why can't I breake blocks in minecraft creative?
what is that work which a male do once in a life time while a female do everyday?
whats satori????????????
does anybody have any info on the first microphone?
Ideas on names for a 14 year old girl in my story that i'm writing?
educational institutions in u.a.e?
Are envelopes with plastic windows recyclable?
I need 50 people to answer this question please?
Is my poem really that bad?
What did you put on your DofE application?
Is it okay that i dont want to get married but do want to have kids?
ideas for a short silent film for my media class?
If you had three wishes what would you wish for?
Is Depleted Uranium,used in explosives in Iraq,slowly killing soldiers and people,with radiation?
Help on Art college applications! and my college plan!?
Why did the french revolution enter a radical phase? What was accomplished? What roll did the "Reing of Terror
Which one is the best museum that u have visited and where is at?
Do you believe in ghosts/spirits?
what happened in your latest nightmare or dream?
Hey! I'm writing a new screenplay?
Which aspect of character of a man requires more protection and attention?
Opinions on poem?
Where can I find Vintage Charcoal Pencils such as the Blaisdell Charcoal Pencil Hard 634T?
I want to try knitting a hat, but?
Guys, do you really know the meaning of your own name?
What should I buy? Im not creative at all!?
What are some good wigs I could use for my God Tier John Egbert cosplay?
what does world mean to u?
who are humans?
How can I make this better/stronger?
Looking for a tattoo artist near SC?
what is relative listening?
If you were a mountie....?
What do Mormons have to say after viewing and
Why is that , beeing Roland's language , the lost one in the world , you cannot see him , no mater you try?
why are blacks always shown on the left side of photographs or tv screens?
if mahtama gandhi is the father of nation ( india ), then why mrs. kasturba gandhi is not mother of nation ?
Hi, can someone interpret this sentence? " When you finally give up, that's when a light shines."?
William Faulkner, “A Rose for Emily”What is the point of view of the story?
Check out what others are asking on this site lol?
Books on the subjects of Aesthetics and Composition?
Who has a creative answer to any question that begins with "Wuts?"?
**silly Youtube video ideas to show someone far away that i care...?**
looking 4 art n words ex. the word baseball with a pic in the word whats it called???
Crazy things to do to have fun at night?
looking for anything on artist Geno Fettit?
Doctor Who Costume Help?
what is futuristic island home from (designed) Nigel Gee?
Research paper over adoption, thesis statement?
what are the four vedas?
why english language is not phonetic?
how do you like this poem?
Does anybody know Tyler Elwood?
Writing a personal statement for portfolio?
what should i do..i want to start new hobbies experience new things in life what should i do?
Please Help please?
Creative Bill Ideas...? :)?
what are the parts of the Scales of justice?
I love to write, but lately I can't?
websites that sell art...?
I want to work at DisneyWorld?
how do you draw the simpsons?
what is art for you?
Destruction of objects in Museum Environments....?
I want to make my own rsvp postcards, but I don't know where to get the printable paper in grey linen, do you?
Who is Mabel Hunter in Portrait of the Artist?
What connects these three works of art together?
Winston Smith - 1984?
Why does my mirror image look different than my pictures?
Here's my poem, is it decent or crap? and should I show it to the person I wrote it for...?
Hsc art concept help!!!? Major work!?
does anyone know where the boys and girls club is in redwood city ?
Girls name that would suit this surname?! :S?
A nickname for my name?
why are there so many uptight people out there? if i was as uptight as you i would take a long walk of a short
4 letter word... offend the nose?
what i gonna do if i like a boy younger than me like me?
What if I miss my uni offer?
can somebody sponsor me for an on line survey please it is $34.95?
Clay, Fine art, Or material for a final peice in art?
Riddle...can you solve it??
is it worth it to go out woth a skater or will he just break my heart or somethig?
I want to know the best concentration technique?
geometric artist from 21st century?
im writeing a story should i give up?
Going away gift for my boyfriend?
What is B.O.P.I?
Does anyone have an i, with a heart as the dot?
Is art just for pleasure of should it eduacte as well?
give some examples of people who stick to their principles to suceed in life?
how do you make paint out of crayons.?
how do you troll, i want to learn the ways?
HELP!!!!! what play is this!!!!!!!!!!!!?
What is a good writing topic?
does anybody think that black women snapping their fingers is a turn-on?
Are those 'TEXT' psychics real? or is it just a scam?
does anyone know Joe Lesar?
why it is necessary to understand transition analysis?
How Can Loneliness Motivate a Person to Keep Their Dreams Alive?
what is the GCSE art exam?
product design reference?
I have a large thick piece of glass from a coffee table and it broke in half,is?
Art exam, Texture: Shells VS Feathers?
Cant find a piggy bank anywhere!!!?
Why isn't the number 11 pronounced onety one?
Why do Americans use the ?word "up" so much? I wake up, I throw up, I pick up, I lift up, I'm fed up--what
If you had to choose one word to describe a strong past memory, happy or sad, what would it be?
Where can I purchase snail mail letter paper?
What are Considered Lucky Coins?
what's the latin translation of "anchors of hope"?
What kind of design should I do?
Sophmore class name!! HELP PLEASE?
Mozart Art Project????
Contrary to popular beliefs, Mexicans are not scum Why are people so cruel?
Nome stealing all the liquid latex! HELP?
TV Production video ideas for wreckless driving awareness?
what is the name of the songs that the barenaked ladies preformed on saturday night live?
A fire burned my boyfriend's art?
Possible passions for me to try?
Do you like my movie idea?
Is my dream job of being a costume designer realistic? [10 POINTS!]?
Does anyone know any good mangas to read that are romance, but not ecchi, or yaoi, or anything like that.?
does anybody know what dosh means?
Any tips on how I can get some good practice playing the piano with both hands?
The Samsung galaxy note?
How to talk to people when you have no topic at all?
like my poem?
What would your invention be?
in the poem A may night on the mountain what are the poetic techniques?
Graphics work? need background ideas?
Please Help please?
Stories of revenge. I was only able to remember a few. Tell me more!?
were can i get open your eyes by guano apes?
When a character is named Aura, what comes to mind?
i need my boyfriend always beside me but were far eachother,i want to hate him ,i wanbt to leave him but i ca?
HELP!!!! How Old Is ...?
Who is the most famous person of our time( worldwide)?
What is your favorite subject/person/thing to learn about?
Has anyone here applied for a student visa in Australia and got denied?
Creative ideas for a compare contrast essay ??
who was joseph gandy?
Does Anyone Have Any Ideas For Emotional Barriers For An Art GCSE?
Is anyone else sick of Oprah? I think she is the embodiment of pagan stupidity gripping this country.?
What type of lessons should I take?
can someone explain tabs to me?
in what ways can art reveal Australia's soul?
culinary arts essay?
what is the value of a roberta de la vega painting ? and is she still alive ?
Textiles artists that relate to embellishment?
Is small men i.e., 5 -10 inches human are really present in this world?
Should I Do Dance Or Theater?
What is the difference between advised & adviced ?
Why do people provoke other people?
Do you wanna learn Something Cool?
What do you think of my art?
How to a make a perfect script outline?
What was significant about the time Oscar Wilde wrote and performed his plays?
Who do you want to deceive, besides ugly and dirty New York has the worst and more obnoxious taxi drivers in?
What do you think of Brazil?
what colleges have had the king acamedy held at?
Is there anything wrong with being gay?
Help with ARt!! : Gender Portrayal in Art in the 50s??!?!?
what is your favorite color and what it means to you?
how about korean women's are they unique? how can u describe them?
london is very small isn't it?
About my book, Why are you giving me some stick? I,ll wager that the majority of you have read me?
what is the the art of bolt?
What does the word glycerine mean?
how to cut diamond how to find diamond?
Did my nightmare mean something?
Are there any stores in australia that sell Dollfie parts?
What name goes best with the name Beth?
spanish art?
What is your Fave color?
Cynthia Rowley 2443 Pattern?
what stops people from going to church in the uk(mostly white people)?
What do you think about CASIO keyboards?
what does PETA stand for?
why in answers people r so good ??
How can art represent the ideas and values of a culture?
sa re ga ma pa USA auditions?
Do you know of any art competitions for under 18s?
how many points get me into level 2?
Art project ideas with a "cold" theme?
How would one go about obtaining contact information for the actor, Tim Quill?
Please read it's so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
arrange d letters in order.....?
Who is the killer and why?
What material could perfume bottle mockup be?
pllease answer me honestly.?
who is still on level one?
Does anyone know a website like deviantart that allows lolicon and porn drawings?
How to become a pornstar in San Francisco?
Will the world live in peace once again?
Victorian costume weekend ideas?
Is there any place i can Buy Electric violin parts? The piece that you place the battery in broke!?
How can I make high heels NOT scratch the hood of a car?
What are some good blogs that I can follow? I will follow back : )?
Poem for Pennsylvania?
Would you rather........................?
I want to become famous..?
What foods can you give to dwarf hamsters(other than hamster foods)?
The Canon's Yeoman's Tale?
how to become a part-time model?
Do you think rape is wrong because God says that or you think its wrong b/c your moral values are against that
Goals/archievements ideas?
What is the story behind the expression "blood is thicker than water"?
Is UK crochet the same as Austraila?
Has anyonbeen subject or witnessed any paranormal activity or phenomenon?
Embroidey sewing machines?
where do they have opera talks in moscow, russia?
why is night of the living dead a considered a cult film?
Are there any suggestions for fun?
Creative Project to do?
What did teens do in the 90s?
Does anyone else think that Shakespeare is the most over-rated piece of trash who ever walked this earth?
what do you think about this ????????
what do you believe to be a cult???
What do I write in my literature reveiw, please help?
Will I or will I not finish my essay today??
Different portrayals of the human (pref. female) body in art?
HUMANITIES!- Help please?
I am looking for plastic clown (or hobo) hands (approx 2") and feet (approx 1 1/2"). Where can I order some?
What is a good book on art history?
The last little blue envelope by maureen johnson? ?
in a Simpson's episode Marg is commissioned to paint a nude portrait of this nuclear power plant owner?
what is rock strata?
What does this quote mean?
Ancient Pyramids and Ziggurats- Similarities and uses?
I am bored Do you know any fun websites?
ATTENTION: Artists and Art enthusiasts/philosophers!?
i wanna play the guitar..please help?
What is Mary Jane?????????????????????????????????
a pipe ideas?
how can we manage our self?
Where can I find an English-language translation of the text of "Nicolette" by composer Maurice Ravel?
What sort of music would you put this verse to:?
do washburn hollow body guitars sound good?
what are hex signs and fraktur?
What brand/type of guitar did Elvis use in his early years?
What does dead-catting mean?
Anyone here a mid or high level Earth or Water Alchemist?
how to be more creative ?
How can i get to have my boyfriend to talk to me????
Please Help Me! What Should I Name It!?!?
i need long report on any topic for my final project in report writting skills plz help me?
Animal cruelty sculpture ideas?
Anyone know any online antique appraisers that will give an estimate just by looking at a picture of the item?
My names alexis and i want and emo nick name?
Son of a Gun! What is the origin of this exclamation?
what symbol represents me?
Heaven and Hell?
Can you think of phrases that refer to a part of the human body?
how much would i hand-painted plate made in occupied japan be worth?
what are the characteristic features of virgo?
Does anyone know how to get an idea of a paintings value??
Can I substitute viola/violin strings on a viola d'amore?
If thereany job in usa for voice maker of cartoons?
At the Art Institute of Chicago, what kind of stone are the floors in the lobby?
Hey guys, can u please help me out?
I just want a little attention... can some body assist me?
Are there really people who can move objects with their mind?
How to start my own buisness????????
Who's scared to DIE?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
Is there an art to arguing?
can someone give me an idea about what to write for my short story?
If anyone has done the GCSE Art 'similarities and differences' project, please help?
Whats your fantasy?
ART GCSE? similarities & differences :)?
What makes this world better?
I like to doodle (art), any ideas?
Dada and Surrealist art question?
Can anyone tell me what is a post sewing machine used for and what is a cylinder machine used for as well?
Occupations/Careers most concerned with "Cause & Effect"?
what to do to become good to all???
What"s the birthday celebrate greatest painter from Leiden in Holland?
please help me i dont know what to do?
Im Going To 5th Grade! Help! : Boys , Bully , Coolness, Ect., Pros & Cons
Awesome hobbies, anyone?
can you guess with riddle pllleeeaassseeeits really hard i bet you cant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Any info on Museum/Gallery Directors as a career?
i am looking to make a bong that does not require a 2L soda bottle and is not a water bong. any suggestions?
Looking for Ernest Bloch's Sacred Service via Rapidshare?
What is modernism in art history?
Volunteering from home?
PERSONALITY help, please?
simaler names that need to change, please help?
What is patty mean??
Where should I go to build my understanding of influencial art and artists?
how do I title a program that I have downloaded?
What's a five year plan?
Intricate Art Topic Help?
Who's the richest person(s) in the United States?
What are you doing right now other than wasting time on the Internet?
Creative and artsy professions?
Where can you buy patterned or colored duck tape for under 4$?
What was Michelangelo's impact on other artists?
What's your favorite word?
need help building a prop?
what are some short-stories/poems/works of art that deal the topic "mind"?
i am intrested in meiting gold so what can you tell me?
Does anyone know why I am half-sick of shadows?
i was wondering if anyone can help me explain the poem, by eve merriam? how to eat a poem.?
Are ghost real?
i want to know about"literure,culture ande digital media" program and what is the future jobs.?
Original Art Project Ideas?
Which name should I use for my art website?
Who is artist Sky-David (Dennis Pies)?
What THRID colour goes good with yellow and lime green?
what is an artificial intelligence?
What defines you as UNIQUELY human?
what is a pentacle?
Do you like me?
What is the meaning of Anime? *check details*?
How to avoid s forming in clay?
Does anybody know this chick's name, or where I can find the full video of this clip?
How do you think Art will be like in 100 years time?
If a true loving God really exists, why leave the World being destroyed?
what is sexy?
if women are the weaker sex, why should they be submissive?
How do I find an agent to market my art?
Art Project Assistance please!!?
Anonymity in 20th Century art?
yet another case of writers block?
Creative cute ideas ?
if you are greying...should you color your hair?
I have to write a paper on ART as a REVOLUTION?
Do I need a license to sell my art on the streets of London?
Peter Behrens Art Nouveau Flying Lady Desk Lamp - Original or Repro?
i need help with my art class?
how do i get page with all my q's & a's on?
How much are vases at goodwill or salvation army?
how many oceans are there in the world?
how do i get started in airbrushing?
What is gloss translation?
Do you play an instrument?
i need someone to live?
How would you paraphrase this part of this poem?? Please HELP!?!?
Should I keep my journals?
what type of music do you have dealing with r&b like usher?
The season of summer is ending how do you feel?
what is a ocassional poem about your birthday?
How does the selected form of cultural expression compare with other forms you know about from the..........?
Where to find cute pictures for my organization?
any one go to st. maria goretti?!??!??!??!???!??!??!??!?!!!!the hhome of the flying monkeys?
What one amazing thing can I do tomorrow?
how long does hair have to be to donate it to make a wig?
why do we fall in love?
i have several, one is why wont let me into chat rooms on chat ?
Define me "love" in one word?
how do i break up with this guy without hurting his feelings?
when your on probation (IPS) do they violate you for droping dirty on your first test? also can they tell exac
Does anyone know any Art references to a delusionary relationship?
***** #### 4 u?
pearls or diamonds?
if you have a girlfriend at the age of 9 do you think it's to early?
Where can I buy out of date maps?
Quotes/Lyrics/sayings to put on room walls?
How do I impress an art teacher?
Getting Creative Revenge?
what color do you hate the most?
If you have a tattoo and you fall and scrape it will this mess up the tattoo?
what do you choose love or education????
Would it cost much to film a short scene in a church in the UK?
i need serious help finding sum thing to do {art stuff, if you are creative or artsy read!!] ART HELP!?
Trying to get information concerning; a Mr Mark Halligan Philandropist worked at Julius BergerConstruction Co.
How can I scare my mom?! :)?
How can I dry syrup?
what is the most interesting thing that i have to do and not miss it before my life end?
..?Cat on fence is walkingGeese have gone down for swimPony comes trotting up to gateKnows I have candy forhim
So, I'm writing this poem for my girlfriend and I need some help?
Where can find a website to learn to draw Easter things?
Am I the only person who thinks apostrophes are evil and pointless?
what is the differences and similarities between traditional animation and computer animation?
Philosophy and the search for God..?
Difference between Spiritual art and religious art?
Small runs of CD pressings? 250 would be ideal.?
What are your favorite words?
your top ten opera singers? or five if you don't have ten. lol?
How do you make an OMG Hat?
Need to find an Indian Turbin for Saturday 26th August 06 in Cardiff?
what is kirotedo?
How old is would this carmen accordion be(approx.)?
who is this Paris Hiton that you Earthlings speak of?
Which kind of art do you think is more important, the art we see in the cinema or the art we see in art gall?
d person whom iloved now i wanna leave him boz i found that he is not a good person at all?
Why don't I see a lot of watercolor in art galleries? Why don't I ever see watercolor nudes?
where would be the best place to bring someone you just met for a meal in dublin?
How can I stop myself from being so cool?
what's the definition or what does it mean? SYMOLISM in ART?
Writing a short story. This is what I have so far. Feedback?
Which is your favorite? Rainy Days or sunny days?
dear friends, why nowadays people are killing one to other, is therer any scientific reason for that?
what makes animation special?
What is the difference between potentially and realistically?
Homer wrote the odyssey and what else?
Can anyone give me good advice about writing poetry/short stories?
Who said "Accept what you can't change - Change what you can't accept."?
what's the picture of italian guys to british girls'eyes?
How could I make this project for reading more creative?
crotchet hat isn't taking shape?
is art is imitation? why?
please check this out??(everyone will like it)?
what can you do to prevent iron shine?
Are the temporal effects of pipe smoking the same as cigarette smoking?
Do I really need "CorelDRAW X5 The Official Guide"?
Role playing game..............?
does art imitate life or does life imitate art?
give me a name for my next horror script?
what fabrics are waterproof?
Can anyone find me this picture?
What kind of story do you find inspiring?
Do you like That's so Raven?????
How does a 16 year old achieve freedom?
report writing is a science or art..explain it.?
do women like dating men?
Please could you help me (it's serious) ?
why do people make the sign of the cross at the beginning of every prayer??? waht does it symbolize???
Which religion is considered as the first ever religion in the history of mankind?
who is our first creature on earth ?
why do people believe in god?
What websites can I use to find interns to work for me on an art exhibition?
Kahlil Gibran?
Literature, I really need help with it?
creative names, help asaapp?
what is the N64 game that throws rock in it?
Do you have to know how to draw to go to art school?
Who was Claude Debussy?
atlanta civic center dress?
Can someone help me make all the sentences in this poem start with a preposition?
Are YOU superstitious?
people that changed the world...?
WhAt ThinGs CAn Make ME PaPUlAr AmoUng My FrIeNdZzzz?
what does an executioner put on his resume?
how do u like this 1?
what do you think of the name my portfolio name?
I NEED Creative Username ideas?
" who do you think?
does anyone believe in life after death, reincarnation and past life?
Can I sell my art as a print prior to it being sold as a book cover?
Is there really a soul searching trip?
Winston Smith - 1984?
How do you become an manga artist?
Answer mine and ill answer yours!(: 10points/5stars!?
What is the most humaine way to kill a bug or spider?
I made this poem is it good.?
Art Project Ideas? Topic Lost and Found.?
A name for an exhibition please?
Who was the author of the National Anthem?
why is everything depressing nowadays??
What's a creative name for a band spread in a yearbook?
What would you do if you had a blind friend...?
Date month year format lol?
New York Graffiti Marker,
on my guitar why is the open A buzzing at the bridge?
give an example of something you have done where you been creative?
how many questions are there in this world?
That was unexpected... this guy might be a sexual predator?
Abstract meens cubism?
Things like melted crayon art? ?
Is my dorm room haunted please help..?
Am i a weird person to you?
Where can I find a funny 30th birthday poem for somebody called gibbo who is kind?
Project Ideas for GCSE Art!!?
Whats that word?
How to find people who care and help?
define humanities?
Do you think I have any talent?
Answering questions with questions...?
what colors do you think of during spring?and why do we see the colors in a rainbow?
grant used Laptop Iam living in Tanzania,East Africa?
What is an Art/Music Therapist?
can you pls help me on a calender on winter!!??? pls give me sum different & creative ideas!!?
Yearbook Pop Culture Ideas?
whats your truley personal wish for the new year?!?
What are the differences of the following brass instruments:?
I feel like my butt belongs to Stanley Kubrick and I want to cut if off and bury it with his corpse. Will i...?
i wrote this peom what do you think???
do u think bush is a much big terrorist than osama bin laden?
Help with a Book Title for a story I'm writting?
im learning guitar (help)
What's the best way avoid loss of people at sea?
What do you think of these artists/ types of art work?
What first comes to mind when you hear the words "arts student"?
where can i post my art?
what do artists have to do with rulers and empires?
What made Charles Deas art work important?
Whose song is "American Pie" ?
PLEASE help! What do you call this kind of never-ending picture?? PLEASE answer!!?
need a really good creative idea for 2 years?
when will the war end israel i am vijay from india hyderabad.can ask me any question i am in real estate field
what is the most painful piercing you have experienced getting?
is some body else that speak Spanish her?
What type of house would you live in?
Where is tnybob?
why does the wind never stop???
HELP with Joan Miro painting!!!!?
How old are the gargoyles on Notre Dame cathedral?
looking for small 5 sided gift boxes, any sites?
Looking for a penpal? What are some good sites?
My office mate is gone, what prank should I pull?
Have you seen the movie flight 93?
Any good book title ideas?
do you believe there is a purpose to life?
I need a hobby.?
how to chi block my neighbors?
Can you give me your best haiku?
Can you tell me if my poem is good?
Do you find people usually know the answer to there own question? and seek validation?
How do you make muslin go hard/firm?
gap/ and others what do u guys think of the red products?
Does anyone know where i can bite a Vulpix or a Wolf hoodie?
How can i make my own spray painted T-Shirt?
Funny/unique nicknames?
how did "coloureds" come to existence in South Africa?
would u give up Ur smelling sense for $1000,000,000 ????
Which do you admire most for the job they do, a Writer a Painter or a Sculptor and why?
i'm looking for some cool punk boy names.?
What are the chords played in Starfield's version of 'Be Thou My Vision' ?
what to use for an art journal?
Art help please?? s?
origami question!!! related to "gumby"?
Some good Harry/Neville fanfics?
I don' t think i speak clearly.. i think i mumble.. and i have an interview coming up. wht do i do?
how to develope self confidence?
What color would represent Fun , crazy , party , flirt side of a person.?
How th write critical appreciation of a poem?
What, in your opinion, are the top "worship communities" out there (by "communities", I basically mean any pla?
which of the following are strategies for presenting information?
do you like ham?
If both are correct. Is there a capital letter after the ! mark. "Hi! how are you?" or "Hi! How are you?"
Just looking for a critique, shameless self promoting, I guess?
Where can I get some eye of newt?
Dogrib language?
Advanced Music Theory Question (involving overtones)?
Do you know this painting?
Can girls wear morph suits too?
I'm Planning to Write a Story and I need sone help from Creative People!!?
Secret places in miami, Ft lauderdale etc...?
why doe's man sale prohibited drugs, which they know it can affect many addicts destroy their personalities?
Help? i need some ideas plz?
How does Chinese art change under Mao? Just a short explanation please. Thank you!?
Please answer Yes or No?
write a nice poem about your surrounding?
How much would a 1993 babushka doll be ?
Do you have any tips on how to get out the brown when you transfer something and it burns?
How is MTV Cribs related to Art?
What could I do with my life?
i am looking for a patern for hotair ballons made from plastic canvas?
how to get scholarship for mastters degree in urban planning?
advice please?
what are some good and bad points of using culture areas to group people?
is bob thomas make fine art?
Don't U hate it?
I'm thinking of a tattoo - any ideas?
What do you do if you half to scratch an itch half-way through meditation?
Beauticians that come to your house and give you treatments around rugby .. The town not sport?
9:11 every night?
What monumet is most popular in the world?
What category would you place art, music, science, philosophy, etc?
how much is it worth...?
Is there a website where I can share a mysterious story that actually happened in my life?
which is the most populated country in the world?
who is a ferret named polo?
how to get real financial aid of US$10,000.00 from charity people through internet?
its verrry collld outside?
how to gobsmack someone?
Why do we need oxygen?
How can they tell whether a 21 yr old is responsible enough to drink?
would any one like to mail me any money for free so i can go to school andget a car to get there with?
Where does this line come from, "You are old, father William", the young man said"?
is keanu reeves beautiful?
ideas for a creative project...?
What do ya reckon?
Wwhat does Whack For My Daddi-o mean?
What is the world's best library?
what qualities should have judging for ahonest man?
Mary Wollstonecraft: A vindication on the rights of woman?
What should I write about? Read the details below to understand!?
Corporate World?
Some advice, please???
how to be creative when composing music?
Can crayola model magic be coloured with regular (other than crayola brands) markers?
Romantic Graduation presents?
title for a paper on history of Broadway?
y do you read these?
Does anybody know about dream interpretation? like what dreams mean?
Did Mircea Eliade or another coin the term "mytheme"?
who is a con artist that is a person expert in cheating?
What are some names for this level?
Are the descendants of mary two-axe earley still alive today? If so, how can I get in touch with them?
what does echappee mean and from where does the term originate?
where can i find images and information on keith kay who is an optical illusion artist?
Does anyone know some good quotes? o.O?
so how come there are so any over wieght people?
how to host an art festive?
How is jazz distincly an American art form? In what ways did jazz help shape modern American pop culture?
Where can I get grant money to repair a Church on the National Historic Registry?
These are my top 10 Movies of all time, in no particular order! Anyone agree on my choices?
In the poem Widsith. Why, he argues, are his travels and stories important?
which web i can find world pop music... and specially where can i find Thai pop music.please....?
Is there a microwave-safe spray I can use on my pottery to glaze it (without firing it)?
Art assignment problem.?
HUMANITIES-Modern displays of opulence by persons in power and various heads of state originated from whose id?
what color is oceana?
what's the difference between nude photography, Erotic Photoraphy, and glamour Photography?
how would you like to watch Jezebel be thrown from the window and be eaten by dogs?
Yes or No?
Does this poem make you happy?
There is a parade happening at school and the theme is Murder and Mystery?
Can anyone help me with a carnival themed art project? please:)?
Er...quick question?
I need a British person to talk to?
Art History question help?
Where can I get a light to scatter stars like this one?
what are u doing now ?
How can i get my friend to let me carve a picture on her back, without putting her to sleep??
Which dwarf are you today?
I'm interested to Learn Magic?
Who is this:
What is pee?
what is deja vue and how does it happen?
whats the craic,how many irish people do u know???
what do you live for?
Creative ways to present a project?
photo collection?
Is my art on deviantART ok?
finding a acoustic electric guitar?
What tips do artists have to become a great artist?
Where can I buy a hardcover journal?
How come teachers sometimes be mean to you and nice to other people, like if you are bad then the'll be mean.
Is this statement about gothic architecture true?
Smoking pipe????????????
what is the act,everyone does?
What do you think of my profile and my photos etc?
What will my career be?
Single mom has question re: son?
Could anyone help m friend with a problem?
I need a Tumblr name!?
WAKE UP!!! What are you afraid of?
do you know any sleepover pranks we need to get revenge fast help?
I really need character help...?
Art relation to science?
does anyone know what phegani means??
What's the best scary movie?
do we have to believe i na religion,or was a men invention.?
Where can I find this?
What is the most efficient poison?
I have an old covered casserole dish with the mark Kopewell china LZU 328 1/2, I can't find reference on it.
I need help !! I don't know where to look anymore !!?
Please i need Art help!!!!!?
what is existential angst and why do some people get it?
What could balloons flying away into the sky symbolize in a poem?
online islamic dream interpretation and dream symbols?
Would it be considered art if covered myself in meat sauce and tossed myself into an alligator pit?
Comments? Questions? Snide remarks?
Does Bsc (hons) Geography require Maths or can one opt for any other subject?
I want a tattoo on the back of my wrist i was told it would slit my veins is that true? And does it hurt??
Information on 1914 Buescher Saxophone???
Would you like to answer this question?
Antique questions I have?
is there an archive of past post secret postcards out there?
What if our planet was fashioned by women, for women?
Are there any artists that have done a piece on the four elements?
what are the three things girls notice in any guy on first sight?only for girls?
The promise given was a necessity of the past: the word broken is a necessity of the present.?
If you get sucked in quick sand, where do you go??
Who out there claims to be a psychic?
Are you easily angered, impatient, or become easily irritated ? We ALL do from time to time. There is?
Who on earth thinks that I'm not a genius??
What do you think about the name Kinnidy for a girl?
what are some good sites?
Can someone give me examples of how the Mona Lisa is different from earlier renaissance art?
are there any gloves or toe socks for people who have six fingers or toes?
Are you afraid of dying?
What were good qualities of Pandora?
what does eachmysticmagicspellsall mean?
What is a good website for inspirational quotes?
Have u ever felt alone and life just keeps rolling to its inevitable end.?
How do I join the fashion merchandising and design society?
. . .Word association . . . DISNEY. . . ?????
What is a Grotesque? Its an art term?
where can i get great free peyote stitch patterns on the net?
Some questions over "Things Fall Apart" by: Chinua Achebe?
Why do you like to write stories? for me it is because it relaxes me and takes me into an new world?
What do think of my poem?
what does "beyond the pale '' mean, and ''devils advocate''?
who is this person? please i need help!?
why we must be live??/?
How can found my,brother in England??he is building maker and sailor?
what are some good books for a 13 year old?
Art home work for school?
What do you think of the name Lily and what kind of person do you think of when you think of the name Lily?
can one of y'all make the graphics for me please?
How Do I Become Fully Emotionless?
What are some art and craft I can make to sale?
Is there anyone else who wants to watch the world burn?
can you give me constructive critisism on this story i wrote?
DESIGNERS: Which do you prefer - Tumblr or Wordpress?
what was your most painful piercing??? and where do u think the most painful spotis to get a tattoo???
what do you do in your free time?
My art class project?! :0?
Writing a story. Need help with a line for the boyfriend?
what r ten things u want to get rid of???
I need ideas for my art project please help!?!?
What is the direct and indirect relation between sex and literature?
Idea for a stylized color wheel art project?
What is that one ringtone website??
Theatre lighting power help!?
Your opinion on my poem?
i missed my childhood happiness?
phrase meaning?
I 'm a christian living in an islamic country like iran. what should I do to be and live as a free human ?
During Orson Welles and The Mercury Theatre's broadcast of 'The War of the Worlds' did anyone kill themselves?
I want to be a writer?
Ahh any creative people in here that can help me?
Ernest H. missed his last AA. What in the world could he have ben dewing?
I neeed a poem that i need to make into a floral arrangment. Any ideas of what type of poem i can use? Theme?
Question/Opinion about modeling open call in L.A. for someone who really knows about or works in the business?
does anyone know where I can take novie swimming lessons in Santa Clara, San Jose area?
Where does the light go when you switch it off?
Where does the word "rink" come from? As in ice rink.?
need ways to find it, please?
Russian Revolution ideas?
in your own opinion, what is art?
why did the europeans rule the ghanaians and made them slaves instead of paying them a good pride.?
Independence and Responsibility?
Guys do you think im hot, honestly?
Silver from Silver-Plate?
Florida just got cut 14 million dollars on education..would u support cutting the arts classes out?
how to make back pin buttons without a button machine?
Art Project: Make Mickey Mouse/Sea Shell related knick nack!?
Anybody got any good movie ideas?
i want to get my last name tattoo on my in wrist?
art stops being art to connect so closely to religion?
Is it stupid to write letters?
What is LIFE????
looking for a site that makes banners for family reunion?
How do I enjoy art/writing like I used to?
New Tattoo.....................!?
Adultwork help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
What is a canvas back pack and does it have good use?
whats the day a women is most moody?
Who is the most influential figure , ever, in the history of mankind?
how do you think your life would be like if you dropped out of school or got pregnant at an early age?
How much does a viola cost? What are some good learning books?
once bitten, twice shy?
what do student councils use to make their posters?
Is black ink bad for my fountain pen?
How relevant has your art been to your community and to you?
has any one ever experienced demonic possesion?
I understand about Adam and Eve and their descendants, so explain where the chinese came from?
Does anyone else constantly think of pithy T-shirt slogans?
what are the best seats to get when i am trying to get tickets to the fray concert in chicago?
Triangle - what they are stand for?
Those letters asking you to consider joining "Miss _____"....?
Halloween and the moon theme for kindergardeners-- need some ideas!?
I need an answer, for points?
Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions for...?
What is a single core belief?(examples)?
What's the relationship between colour and music?
how a terrorist who takes care of his kids lifestyle and change himself is a positive trend?
What are you all worring about right now?
what are some creative lesbian couple poses for a NOH8 photo shoot?
What is the modern day meaning behind the term 'Muse' from Greek mythology?
Define beauty. Is it just the outlook?or inner self?
I want to Sell a Baldwin Upright Piano Model# 601. What is it Worth?
were can i get free cross stitch patterns online?
what makes today's society a dystopia?
Where can I buy Liquid Metal Polish?
Whats the easiest Guinness world record to break?
Can u guys name me ur 5 biggest fears :D?
Explain various steps in an advertising campaign.?
What is the relationship between Schubert the musician and Goethe the poet?
Where and what is sub sahara africa and which countries does it consist of?
where can i find U.V ink for tattooing?
Name of the movement in present UK housing architecture?
How can I be noticed by agencies?
What should i write about?
Which is the most important component of a work of art?
does anyone know where to get embossing metal poster size 5 or 6 mil?
What is the scariest thing in the forest?
Guitar string tension?
I don't know how to word this for a google search?
Shall the value of arts be measured purely in financial terms?
why we should die for our country?
Idea help for my art assignment?
what are your views about India?
why are people so self center??
How to be good at nail art....?
what do you think about Adolf Hitler?
do you belive in karma??
ideas for a submission challenge?
Copic Sketch or Copic Ciao Markers?
Destruction of objects in Museum Environments....?
whos from the uk here?
Help me!!!!?
Help with literature project for school!?
Why do you have to have a favorite?
If I use Americana paint on a mug, is it microwave and dishwasher safe ?(the paint)?
If an artist "throws a pot", should he be expelled from art school?
how can i join acdemy of arts in italy?
What's you favourite "classical" (ie pre 20th century) poem..?
ok so let's say you were?
What should i do with an empty notebook?
What is a good nickname?
Green Yellow Blue and Brown?
Guess This For 10 points.?
Form, content, and subject matter in art.?
Edinburgh Festival, Any Information of good things to do and go and see?
How To Make A Blank Mask With Different Mouth And Nose? And Also Smooth?
Why do people capitalise "lag"?
how can we understand that a tattoo is a prison tattoo?
If a woman is raped, how does she deal with that?
What careers are there for an art administration degree?
What kind of pageants are available to a 17 year old girl living in OH?
Can you find me coloring page of precious moments that I can copy and paste?
Who would you put your life in trust?
how many people are on earth right now?
how to tackle foolish woman?
why is caca brown?
INFO please on a poem I lost....something about I am the sun that warms your face I am the wind.....I am your?
Why does no one answer my questions?? :(?
Iam amazed at the way an Indian saree is draped.?
something to research please?
Immortal verses? i wrote a poem and says its getting published?
One person is requesting for a simple outline image of a gecko .Can you draw and send it to him?
Do you know that in your next life,you won't be able to communicate by internet anymore?
Will Bush be punished for his crimes(MIddle east & other)?When?And how?
Why does xxx mean kisses?
do people actually make money on etsy?
How do I make it look like I'm cutting my friends thoat for halloween and make it look realistic?
Dose some one have a pattern on making beaded key chains?
Why is among famous artists (e.g. musicians) an over-proportional number Jewish?
Do you find it awesome to play with the car ad under your Avatar?
Hey,do any of you guys ever get this feeling?
Futurescope for doing course film editing for a 26 yr professional working currently in automobile industry...?
What Halloween costume can I make with white boots?
craked nila stone will woke?
how exactly do you use a pumpkin stencil?
i really need help!?
Drawingggg tips ? :)?
What are some creative ways to present a project?
Any ideas about Animals in Arts and Literature?
is the mind the greatest weapon a man can have.if not?what?
Renting theatre / playhouse out to stage first run of a new musical?
How can you find out if your art will sell?
it is not rude to use all caps however it is rude to use all lower case so here you go ?
What is flub ?
Do artists, particularly painters, perceive and process information in ways that differ from non-artists?
What are the characteristics of non-verbal communication?
whats a more poetic way to describe stomach fat, or fat in general?
how do you magically cleanse an object like esily any household objct?
What is a good way to write creatively?
Help finding the value of A Advertising Calendar Art Book 1895 Art Etchings The Osborne & Murphy Company ?
What art is considered Byzantine images of saint?
Palmistry question...Please answer!!?
What would you do i'f a planet destroying comet was to hit the Earth in a weeks time?
How Much Does An Alto Saxophone Cost To Rent?
what will you do if you are becoming mad to a person who is also mad?
Does anyone know any artists who use these themes (see details) in their work?
why cant females drive+whos idea was it to let them?
Carving knife protection oil?
Can someone actually read this poem and tell me what it is about, best answer gets to be choosen as best,?
do people have to be anoying?
what is Love and Friendship?
How to increase the self confidence ?
I need help getting in touch with my Medium side. ?
i love to lick laps with laps?
How can I let the world know ,that universal age promised by God through his messengers has come ,162 yrs now?
Why does it always seem to be ...?
j.kinssella who painted homeward bound?
who is henry moore...............................?
where can i download free fonts off teh web?
man is better off while asleep and dangerous when awake. ??
What do you call someone who is not attracted to any sex?
Theory of istoria (historia)?
who was our first president?
How much would a class package be in blick art supply?
How to make a stuffed animal?
help me to speak english?
how do make a thin 3 inch x 3 inch door out of wood?
Geshia Artists?
If a man raised he hand at you what would you do ?
Don't Get Wrapped Up in Drugs Door Decorations?
Any rednecks out there?
Does anyone have Webster’s New World College Dictionary, Fourth Edition; or Webster’s Third New International
is there any monetary help for people needing handicapped equipment?
how much food to bring to an anime con?
I'm looking for a person... Kim Youn Jung.. he also goes by Brian Kim.. If you have any info plz post it. thx
what do you think about what i am trying to write?
Irma likes cats, her sister is allergic to them.?
Is the University of B.C hard to get into?
I need a map of Germany, Austria and Switzerland?
is there a swordsmithing place on oahu?
Have to make a piece of art. The topic is "human and nature". Any ideas?
I need some drk and interesting ideas about abortion for my art piece, i NEED some symbolism... do u have any?
why do people who smoke weed have money to smoke but no job.?
whatat is the difference between religion and religious?
How do your naturally good something/ natural talent?
Help with an art project?!!?
where can buy the poster with the caption: "just when I learned all the answers, they changed all the question
what are the names of the gate gods? the gods that are part of the chinese new year?
Is it really possible to waterbend? Please Reply waterbenders!?
What are similarities between Baroque and Romantic art?
urgent help needed with a caption: for a childrens' fest?
Im trying out for cheerleading? Any tips ?
is this Coalport plate worth anything?
The ancient Greeks are known for celebrating the human body.?