what is to be done to ease our mind ?
What sparks your creativity?
does anyone know of any free antique valuation sights, preferably for glass and /or vases?
thinkin of buying pedals for my guitar? Help!?
how do you cut and paste?
Does anyone know the website to find out who blocked or deleted you from msn messenger?
the mona lesa is in what museam?
Is my art good to you? Please answer!!?
who is the best architect of all time?
why some people just can't remember something?
suggest me a best excuse for office leave for 30 days.?
Have you ever pee in a parking lot ?
Can i get girl friend in this web?
Who recorded "Suspicious Minds" ?
What is something cool to put on my sons shirt for his talent show?
What are examples of Quadrant II things?
the value of a painting with certification number 605384?
How do I find this out?
I need some ideas :)?
Does an obession with an afterlife distract us from our lives? Explain if it affects you and why.?
What are some creative ideas for my friends birthday present?
Ordering costumised flag anyone?
How do i addion for disney channel?
How does my daughter go about changing her name to her step dads name I divorced her father & he's against it
trying to aquire a cd or tape of kenneth mckeller with the song "angels guard thee"?
what's the difference between two dimensional art and three dimensional art?
Grid themes for Tumblr?
Pictures drawn with words?
I have a "Paperblank" notebook. Any ideas what to put in it?
How to book-bind myself without the middle pages sticking out?
How do we make the world sweet and loving - give everyone a compassionate heart?
has anyone seen ghost in there house?
what did you enjoy better.. highschool vs post-secondary?
Anyone interested in co-hosting a Harry Potter podcast?
where can i get job without doing nothing?
Why don't crop circles get any media attention?
Which is Better......To Control or Be Controlled?
Can I get a discount on apple macs and cameras etc for an art degree?
If "extra" means "more than needed/in excess of"..."ordinary" means "plain";but together they mean special?how
What are the duties of hospital administrator?
My boyfriend was my life; we broke up. Help in reinventing myself?
things to do on a saturday night alone?
What is the best site on Asian Pottery and Ceramics?
what is printmaking (art)?
What to include in my art exam?
If giant, glowing hamsters invaded Canada, would anyone notice or care?
What is your opinion on Cosmic Ordering?
Can anyone help with memory tips?
Help from experienced GEMOLOGISTS or JEWELERS?
d person whom iloved now i wanna leave him boz i found that he is not a good person at all?
My 15 year old is interested in anime. are there any workshops, classes, clubs in alameda ca?
is Xavier's international university is a fake university of bali, goa?
10 POINTS! Can someone please search something for me on
What's the easiest way to draw anime?
do anyone knows where satan lives?
When is Christ coming--to rid the world of ignorant fools??
.... i need some pinata!!?
looking for value of wave stained glass from old church?
how to stay in present thought without mind diversion?
Trees and people for massing model?
Can I replace the original pickups on my Epiphone G-310 with Vintage voiced airline single coil pickups?
How much is a 1962 Starck 38" Spinet Piano Worth?
How to make melted crayon art? ?
what was considered art in the renaissance and 18th century?
What should i drawww?
I cant find any sites with antique animal figurines, or tea cup & sausers/single old plates?
How to make character description better?
It's a Clip Art scavenger hunt! Can you help me?
Need help finding this love poem?
Which is your favorite piece of art that is on display on The Metropolitan Museum of Art?
I need to write a prepostion poem about my room and dont know what els to write?
What is tag and British BullDog?
Difference between "less" and "fewer"?
What do you hate the most and why?
Im confused, how do I write a satirical piece on an area im interested in writing in?
Do you know what responsible means?
Horror/Terror Music Cues?
"If I were dead, and heard your voice, beneath the sod my heart of dust would still rejoice"?
Look for question below.?
Download SleepTracks for free?(OOR TIPPSS FOR SLEEPING!!)?
enumerate the scope of humanities?
How do I find back issues of the Saturday Evening Post, specifically the late 1940's?
What places will hire a 13 yr old in Delaware?
Could anyone provide me with information for a costume I'm making?
i was wondering. so with all this tussling and hussle of man over here, after we die, what next?
Ideas for doing a senior project?
What do you think of my poem??
Ok, if Fences make Good Neighbors, what do Good Neighbors make :-) ???
why are fathers over protective of their fine daugters?
i'm college student,i'm brilliant also.?
Trying to find a Japanese poem along with the kanji for it?
does anyone know the kanji symbol for ambition (Yabou)?
Good sewing machine for fashion design major?
Give me a name?
Are You A Dreamer?
how would you use a villanelle for a poem in English?
I need some ideas please?
Statistics project ideas? need something creative and interesting?
Can anyone translate a manga called Shikii no Juunin?
What is the correct way to list things when writing a document?
y bomb attacks in India y are they doing and for what they are afraid of us?
Why do people wear shoes?
Can i sew these simplicity pieces together by hand?
What Are Some Good Art Forms To Put On A School Projet?
Is there anyone know major theory on anthropology of disaster?
I hate Art Center and the people but I want that to change?
What do you think each art form communicates about the religion it represents?
if you were to have one skill that you don't possess, what would that be and why?
has anyone ever drinken pee?
Zippo info - Solid brass, says: 1932 to 1985, <engraved> Pally?
dont know what to do!!!!!!!!!!?
If you had to write a children's what would it be about?
why do humans think they have the answer to every question?
riddle me this, does a blind man see his dreams or dream about seeing?
HELP!!! I need really good ideas to decorate a bday party in wrestling!!?
are u board ?
A name for a circus/carnival?
How does the saying go...Practice to deceive.....?
Do you think video games should be viewed as an art?
do you guys like this i wrote it myself =] ♥?
can any artists give me career advice?
What is the origin of the expression "Shanghaied"?
where can you take a safe sitter class near huntington beach?
What is the difference between two and three dimensional art?
What do you think is beautiful??
Have you ever wondered why people can spend several minutes admiring a single painting inside a museum yet..?
do you like twilight?
Does anyone animate clay, anymore??
Gothic Story plot, creative writing - Eng Lit AS coursework - HELP!!?
Where can I buy an art/drafting desk?
what can i do with this name (panda bear) to make it more cuter?
What do u do when you're feeling down?
In the 1970's I worked as a freelance photo oil colorist. Is there still a demand for this ??
why are some people so rude?????
Need a short quote/help getting ideas for my class ring?
What do u think about Girls !!!!!!!!?
What makes humans unique?
How is "Woman of Willendorf" and "Eros wearing the lion skin of Herakles" statues similar?
i want to remove a memory in my head?
a website tha can give many images about saving money for the sight a kid?
Christains, What battle are you fighting?
what are some of your favorite quotes?
I still think doctor who out shines star trek ..?
How do you get over paranoia and the feeling that when the time comes, you'll do something stupid?
can anyone help me? and i am serious!?
How should I preserve dried flowers?
Is it Poetry?
are i weird ????????????????????????????????????????…
Why is it so hard for people to believe that a supernatural force may exist that created all of mankind?
Hey me and my Girlfriend have known each other for 1 year i am 15 and she is 14?
Best Sculpture Bust for Masks?
didn't that dirt go from shirt after washing?
Why do so few people have a sense of humour.?
How do you potty train a 2 year old?
Easy guitar songs!?
would you accept 1,000,000 to leave the country and never set foot in it again?
Training as a psychotherapist in London, U.K?
What are some allusions to art in movies?
Would this make a good song or poem?
birthday party ideas! i need an answer very soon and some good ideas!?
Mail to me good spiritual retreat talks for priests?
how do I tag my fanfic?
Actually I love one boy for past 7 years in is 7 years first 2years my love was 1 side then I proposed him ?
Some random poem, want to read?
Is it normal that the sculpey clay is a little soft after you had just baked it?
I need some Ideas for my major art assignment!?
What is the eaisest ways to remove burrs off clothing?
Why did she kill her?
how improve self confident?
Is all fair in love and war?
do you find recycling a bother?
Is this a prank or serious?
who was sushruta ?
what are some things that spin or just move around but dont go anywhere? (example: merry go round)?
what does 4 wide lines mean?
Describe one of your talents.?
Haeger Pottery: I want to know the value of a pitcher I have. Can't find this one on the internet. Help?
where can i get information on people for free? i'm looking for a lost friend who was my sister best friend?
♥ What would..........?
How can I improve my playing?
pls help me creative ppl out there..urgent?
What is a canvas back pack and does it have good use?
I think my girlfriend is an alcoholic, help please, sexual question?
Who thinks Lina Hamilton ....?
Is there anyway I can purchase photo paper with a water mark in the back that I design?
What are these lights called?
how to make a costume?
what is an English word to describe, "Who do you think you are"?
What fountain pen should I get?
creative, arty question, collage, help!!?
Does anyone know Katelyn Rose Lentz????
i have completed my bsc human development nd dip.counselling want 2 pursue career in psychology.options please
How do you shade in water?
can a landlord find out if you have an expungement?
What will you do in one minute???
Journal warning note help?
Are there any contests to do over the summer?
Any good site for guitar learning?
Are headshots from a local mall photo studio good enough to send them into agencies? Read the details!?
Things to do other then the internet?
?Who do I go to homecomming with?
A good art history book?
Can i give advice for a film making.?
What kinds of jobs can you get with an Art degree?
Do you know any Romance Anime manga story that starts AND ends in only ONE book.?
Was Leonardo da Vinci the greatest genius ever?
Little things that make you happy?
Are there good sewing classes in the GTA?
Do you think people are not as polite as they used to be and why?
What colour and why?
"u r my sunshine only sunshine" - where have I heard/read this before?
If I Were President Creative Ideas?
i have a picture has the name herzenswunsch I got it at a estate sale 5 years ago i need to know what value?
Why is Man's greed greater than His wisdom?
What are the best websites for a young novice beginner designer?
am really finding it hard to propose a girl any help pliz?
Marilyn Manson: Tourniquet?
In your opinion, What is ART?
Original story on
What is the title of a movie about a pepsi bottle throw out of an airplane, and some tribes fighting over it?
If there are 5 apples on the counter and you take away 2, how many do you have?
What interests did you have before going in to architecture or architectural drafting?
Can you find the poem The Bride groom by Alexander Pushkin.?
How does manufacture eventually help agriculture?
What do you think of these artists/ types of art work?
What are these things?
what means culture organizational?
why is it important for a child to know what they want to be when they grow up?
Witty sayings like "i recycle boys" and "my boyfriend's girlfriend hates me?"?
Whats a good entry level air brush kit to buy and what to look out for?
how can I find somebody to share my faith with. I find no one within the normal ways?
Irving Berlin Turning Point in his Life?
What's the deal with what's the deal jokes?
How to get people to notice my art?
Do you play more video games than the books you read?
how to avoid stammering while speaking over telephone?
wat r the things that matters 2 u?
Artwork/Painting questions? HELP!?
I need 2 find an individual, original symbol of ancient egypt. Seen any good ones?
WHich is the tallest man made structure?
Where can I find an ancient sculpture or piece of art showing an ancient persian warship?
hey ppl i need ur help...?
are video games art??
Any art majors out there?
Do children have heros?
Anyone willing to draw me my Fursona for free?
Have you ever entered a poem with
girl scout gold award?
As we all know, there is a division between classes. How and in what way has art and culture widened this?
What is proper Tom and I or me and Tom. I thought the other person was always first. Thanks?
How do you get acrylic paint off a paint brush?
I hate Art Center and the people but I want that to change?
Popular art forms are no more than a dumbing down of high art. Do you agree?
how to make back pin buttons without a button machine?
Who thinks the world has gone mad?
what was the gross incom on the ushpizin movie?
Can anyone help me to be more creative in btec art?
Is there any problm gettng maried to an old woman?
What is the worst thing on this planet?
Whats a good title for this?
the clay pipe by marcel m. navarra?
Where can I find a picture book of Mary Jones and her Bible ?
How can a man even think of befriending me only to use me for sex and dump me afterwards?
ok i am dating this guy and he called me a friend it got me mad is it right fro me to be mad at him?
i want take a set of pictures with complete stories in order to prepare for tat for ssb interviews?
Please help wich poem should i use for class?
How many items in museum collections are on display? And how many are in the catalog but not on display?
Based on evidence and sources, what conclusions can be drawn in terms of Spartan Art?
what are the 3 places you would Need to see before you die?
Does this sound like a good story to start a series?
What store sells cricut expressions?
im 16 years old and i dont know wat i want for christmas...ay ideas?
Are these the good old days?
Any ideas for my GCSE final art project?
does anyone know what this is in art?
asian designer for dt?
Has anyone felt this way, particularly about The Last Crusade?
I feel sick can I go home?
Does anyone like ninjitsu and know where i can find a dojo thats close to my house.?
do you like twilight?
Where can i find original photos from the artist raphael?
what is it like to have a sibling?
Art nouveau...earrings..please help?
What does "get hot under the collar" mean?
Can anyone do a formal analysis on this work of art?
Does anyone know where to get a bunch of really old newspapers?
Job vs education?which comes first?Do u think is it right for +2 stutdents 2 work & purse her/his education?
What is the title of a movie about a pepsi bottle throw out of an airplane, and some tribes fighting over it?
How many peoples here have had Deja Vu before?
how to stop?
Do I have an American accent? (VIDEO)?
why cant females drive+whos idea was it to let them?
what is pre- raphaelite art and its impact on victorians?
Can anyone translate into english song ndarja by Soni Malaj?
How would create a peaceful society for the world?
Good writers website..?
Will spray paint kill grass? i need cute prom ideas.?
websites that list the innovators of each artform?
which is the best art school for illustration and visual arts?
Yamaha F335 good for beginner?
Who can help you solve your problems better than an Agony Aunt let me help you!!!?
what is MENZA? How do they got their members?
Whats the best tool for cutting?
I have a first edition first printing hardcover of Tao of Jeet Kune by Bruce Lee?
Any theories as to why identical twins have different fingerprints anyone?
interior design count as art & Humanities or Engineering & IT ?
Wooden Horse?
Looking for Vintage or Antique Bikes in Geelong.?
I need art help? x) Artists with stories?
what do we call a bird which is dried for a museum?
looking for london art galleries?
is law part of arts?
What would happen to our civilization if human-being were able to do teleportation and read the other's mind?
When the government provides funds for the art programs, should they have the right to....?
Looking for writers/poets/fashionistas/anybody with spare time and talent?
why can't someone who is greek orthodox take communion in the catholic church and visa versa?
is it true that there is more friendship in the countryside than in the cities?
. What are Chinese Wood Carvings?
What types of stones are these?
i need a conflict for my story...?
do you have garageband?
What colours do colour-blind people see?
Can anyone tell me who designed the cover art to the picture in this video?
Which? :( ??
cheap cabochons in the uk?
Good ideas for nail art?
What happenes when you change telephone number in school ?
what is dylon salt dye?
Art theme help? "Safely Contained"...?
Characterisics of egyptian art?
how would you describe juli baker's character at flipped?
Does anyone know who wrote "The Book Of Dreams"?
Where is the hip place to be now?
How to be committed to do something?
Who makes the photo album in Bruce Almighty?
Any ideas on how to get a local celeb to come to a Relay for Life Benifit? or any fundraising ideas?
do you believe in polgamy?
How can I borrow some money to start a small business?
In Criticism of Milton's Paradise Lost?
Good and creative tumblr names ?
Anyone knows this song?i have 2 clues christmas bells and a mood of 50's 60's but not a chrismas song?
I need help on choosing an art project for my Art class.?
how valid is the study of social anthropology at the + 2 level in schools?
How do you enter from school I need to know this for my art class.?
I have to write an inspiring speech, but want to make it mostly humorous. Any ideas?
do you belive in blackmagic?
what is the value of afaceless and tailess penny?
do you believe that everything and everyone has a purpose???
Does your favorite teacher inspire you to learn? Why does he or she come to mind when posed this question?
Has God started the fire of hell,or is He waiting for final judgement's day?
What is this style of art?
I'm looking for information on a 1953 brass bell that has to do with the 1953 Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II?
Are some people more beautiful than others?
Any ideas for me to write about?
if you like someone should you be rude to them?
Can anybody give appreciation to malayalam script "Koodevide" and "Novemberinte nashtam"by Padmarajan
what are the uses of honey?
"O, bright star, /how you shimmer" is an example of what poetic device ?
dont you have high school musical?
Peculiar dream - A modern day political Hansel & Gretal of sorts?
Does a senior picture have to be from your senior year?
Can someone help me describe a scary whisper?
Writing a Screenplay? Need an idea to write?
Les Miserables (the book)?
car graphics?
Can you rate/critique my art work?
i need the address of the astrologer?
spy temizleme free download?
What is a topic sentence?
why do white and black people hate each other. in which country this problem is found more?
Is my boyfriend cheating on me?
How to enter a commercial?
Is this a feminine quote?
I would like to work as an AU PAIR... but I don't know what to do!!!... Someone recommend me a web site..?
What is it that you do to relax? Work is a four letter word. It wears us out.?
How can you compare romanticism and minimalism art?
Lacking guitar-playing motivation?
What word comes to mind when you hear the word teacher?
Who is your favourite character in the film Sherlock Holmes (2009) ?
What is a creative title for this paper?
Who knows the animal that represents September?
I would like to know why our voices sound different?
what time is in new york when it is 8.00pm in surat india and 2.26am in copenhagen denmark?
I need help looking attractive for this boy?
What defines a Hero?
What color should I use?( pic included)?
Road signes ?? HELP !!!!?
What are some names of movies that have artwork titles in their name?
What does Israel have against scholars and those seeking a better life?
Why do the art elite say Thomas Kinkade's art was bad?
How are children (or, young people) exposed to art?
when something is written to represent a real issue what is it called?
Okay, I need Role-play ideas?
Antique maker's mark help?
When will trolling be recognized as the art that it is by the community?
modern christian art?
what do you think of this poem?
why do people want to kill and hurt eachother?
help with fundamentals of art history!!?
How do I acquire knowledge? And what are some good books to read?
is my art good enough for art school?
sad poetry?
have you ever met some 1 famous????? who?? or do u no some 1 who did?
Do you ever wish your life was more exiting?
Help please! Need creative title!?
Everything is art or is art everything?
have you ever tried to make someone listen to you?
The gap between vision and ability to do it?
Will Pearl Jam be touring in the US Or Canada at all in 2009?
What do people like most in the art world.?
What modern architectural or construction achievements do you consider most significant and why?
What kind of paint is used to fill balloons?
10 points to anyone with helpful comments!?
what are your five favorite novels?
What do you think of this poem?
Help me to buy a fountain pen on ebay?
only guys answer please?
pain? help is apprecciated?
A statuette is...............?
where can i find the photo borders for free?
something is wrong and i cant stay high?
Can anyone give me some sites that would give me informaton on our bodies main organs?
How much is a mint condition boxed Countdown teapot worth?
What art related websites are there? ones wher you can upload and submit art?...?
why there is racisme againt muslims?
What is your favorite poem and who is it by?
What is art about to you?
Doesn't Beck's new disc "The Information" rock?
Look at my blog and say what I can fix?'s the twelve days of vacation and nothing to do. any ideas?
what do u think of my mehandi designs?
How can i make subjects mad with QuarkXPress passport 7 work with QuarkXPress Passport 6 with no problems ? ?
tudexo morhsuit size shud i get?
i feel really bad about killing a bee by accident with a tennis ball. What do I do?
ad for helping animals?
What is the RSA and whats it about?
If you had a super power what would it be?
What are some fun Art's and Craft's things to do around the house?
How can I stay enthused about a creative project I started working on?
Where can I get a sound effect of a group of people talking?
can anybody translate the following FRENCH sentences?
Burning DVDS?
does anyone know about wedgwood????
Creative 'art' things to do with a preserved a leaf?
Has anyone heard of "Finnish" glass designer name copied name wllhimaen lasiov. No idea of time period
can someone name an art deco designer and an art deco artist that has work from the late 20th century?
Character Story Names?
What is oriental art?
What type of art does Katsushika Hokusai do?
Am i able to be a model even though im 13?
What can i get a 13 yr. old for his birthday?
I am very poor sri lankan.How can I find somebody to help me to build a house?
what are some great art projects for middle school students?
what are the things that you just hate in people?
was the ghost in Hamlet just symbolic.?
Do you wanna read something real?
Art? I will give you ten points if all are correct?
Where is a good place to view art on the internet?
Can I dye black fabric shoes red?
Animals that represent certain personality traits.?
1)How does Christian art look at its beginning, and how does it develop from there?
can you dislike somone and be religious?
Make life better for people?
how could I leave the past when it keeps on coming back through dreams?
I am a writer and I am looking for a villainess' name. Any suggestions?
who is this person/artist?
is it true that nerdy-type of guys are the #1 heartbreakers?
where can i find pictures of graffidie? (sp)?
Can I sharpen a sword with sandpaper?
Does anyone have this Creepypasta?
i want to know a saying for the class of 2011?
Will I get ear damage if I listen to a recitation of my deconstruction I am trying to memorize?
what is this type of bookbinding called? (picture)?
can you put the writting bigger on face book?
can a parent ask a student for pictures that were taken and be able to recive them without getting in trouble?
how do i clean collectible coins using household items ?
Is there a name for poetry with the rhyming pattern of a-b-c-b?
why doesn't the international dateline cut through any countries???
when exactly do you feel like an animal ?
Whats your nationality ?
i found a necklace at work how much is it worth?
Do you think art is still treated as a form of expression?
Type of cigarettes you smoke? Congratulations if you don't!?
Is the 'letter' a dying art form?
Easter poem or art idea?
What is the best way for a self representing artist to sell art?
raped by a incubus/succubus?
Are we really happy here with lonely game we play?
Why? How come??
What do you guys consider an art? What is not?
What r sum things that makes people become racists and haters?
GCSE art final piece ideas ?
in ur opinion which name is better cole or leo?
Art Project Question?!?!?!?
Where can I get my art printed on a tshirt?
Why do so many companies use scare tactics to advertise these days?
If you had the power?
Help finding an art smock?
Art homework HELP? Georgia O'Keeffe?
What is a carnival glass piggy bank valued at?
Why do the art elite say Thomas Kinkade's art was bad?
Who is an ancient, great but not so famous writer, poet and active in writing articles?
Does my signature look good to any of you?
If you won the lottery jackpot and was quitting your job what would you say to your boss?
What is the purpose of art?
How can I learn about Chinese Calligraphy?
Wattpad Recommendations?
Fellow Artsy you guys every get periods of not wanting to make art?
std instalation?
Can anyone think of a creative symbol for me?
Should I follow my dreams and become a Writer, or should I just get a stable job?
how do i make a bicycle look like a horse? HELP?!?!?
The Terrible Edukation System?
Oedipus the king - relevance to today....?!?
soooo bored?//?
How do you "DE-STRESS?
Branches of Art?
IGCSE Art and design annotation?
Whats the point?
what does mithrem vouru gaoyadytim yazamaide mean?
Can somebody please tell me in your opinion,,?
how can I get out of Miami with no money at all,I wanna go back to San Francisco it is impossible to getajob
What genre of music is this?
where can i find a copy of deserada?
How do you make native american beaded amulets?
What literary devices are used in this poem?
Good and creative tumblr names?
Raphael's art, i need facts.?
Art project help?? any ideas?
Creative writing?
I need crazy/creative people!! (: ?
Literary scholars claim that narratives both "reveal" and "create." What does such a claim imply about art's..
yes i really did write this so read it please and thank you and if you want tell me what you think?
Have you ever thought of dying? What dyou think is it like?
various ways to make person smile?
How is wealth without work a social sin?
What is the stupidest thing you ever did?
which 1 of these names is mine???ana-maria,shalyn,karen,jessica,re…
Christ is coming again.What will be your answer when he asks y you did'nt live right?
ours face??
Is it important to practice sex in your relationship eventhough your not yet married?
art project ideas... really creative :)?
i need some names DESPERATELY?
i have a project and i should do a ....?
How to paint details for costume?
Should married men be allowed a mistress like they do in Europe?
What is the story about a man who made a beautiful/realistic woman from wax and eventually she became real?
Since macaroni and cheese is the new Australian national food, what will happen to the kangaroo meat market?
Any ideas on romantic things to do in hollywood.?
why are viola shoulder rests more than violins'?
I want to become a actress?
Please help as soon as possible!?
In Televison what is the time period of a "Season"?
If you suffer physically in this world and you choose to commit suicide?
What do you think about my poems?
how do I conduct a papermaking workshop from my home?
how many craters are there in a golf ball?
what is this style of art called?
What exactly is a Sorority ?
Does History Just Keep Repeating Itself ??
have you ever met some 1 famous????? who?? or do u no some 1 who did?
Has anybody had an out-of-body experience? Please tell me about it ;)?
POP ART PROJECT??????????????
ok i am REALLY FREAKED OUT!!!!! is this a ghost?
what should i do for my surrealist art project?
Can someone write a poem for me?
I would like to write a letter to Sir Anthony Hopkins, any help to get it directly to him?
Why does the funny bone hurt or become numb when you hit it?
What is this called i am so confused?!?
where may i sell art once it's appraised?
Teen writing competitions.....?
what is the difference between erotica and pornography?
Is it okay that i dont want to get married but do want to have kids?
If given a chance, where would u go to live after the destruction of earth?
How wide is a single crayon?
Craft ideas :) please answer!?
Are some people just ugly in the inside and outside or they are ugly with a beautiful heart and how you know?
i'm tired. what can help keep me awake other than coffe?
What is the most spiritually advanced advanced country in the world?
what is the size of the inside cut out of an 11 x 14 mat board?
how long did it take to build St. Peters Basilica and what is its' height and width?
I am married with two kids, but falling in love with another man. One i have been looking for.. all my life?
Is there anywhere in the world that will take my wax carving and make a lost wax gold ring?
how was ur day?
What movie is the cover art on Jedi Mind Tricks' Album "Violent by Design"?
Can you recommend a good church i can attend to me?
My youngest sister dose very evil stuff!?
Can you help me with the name of this episode from Midsomer Murders?
does anyone have the opinion tthat movies, and making movies is not an art form,?
why do men kidnap little girls then rape them?
ivory figures real or not?
I have a few records I picked up at a yard sale... What are they worth?
At about what age do students learn Shakespeare?
What are some unique titles for a book about myself?
Where do you draw the line on ART as "CHILD PORN" ?
I need critique on my character description!?
I need to know whats up with her :(.?
What was the purpose of Egyptian mortuary art?
Why am I an oreo?
A Few Questions About Bronycon?
if a human and trying to change your habits after a long time can you change them?
Symbol for following your heart?
Hey boyz and girls a question for u.?
I am married with two kids, but falling in love with another man. One i have been looking for.. all my life?
need to know about charles damrow oil painting of one bufflow on landscape?
What to do during the summer by myself?
Define my quote?
I am a vampire, and want to become human. how?
Science Fair project namee!!! HELP DD:?
Why isty such an influence in art?
How do you report people on Devaint
does anyone know a generic poem or ode for/to a mechanic?
What are opposites I can create an art project out of? Example: Angels and Demons.?
What's Movember all about in November?
Serious People - annoy me!?
any pointers on why vice president is better than president for school club post?
What could you search for forever but never find?
what comes to mind when you hear....?
i am Latin( Dominican) what is the best song and movie from India?
Acoustic Guitar...............?
What questions can be asked to dig out old stories about a locality from young or older residents of that area?
im starting a school newspaper and need topics get people involved and interested..any ideas ? ?
what is pig split leather?
What would be a good way to do this?
Glass and tissue paper?
Please follow me on instagram?
What is the most three important things in your life?
I have a lot of lack of confidence?
in astrology, what is the demerits if two planets mars and saturn placed together?
what is the word for a post or job in which one does nothing but, hold the title of the office and get paid?
Any one got any good Irwin jokes?
for the guys! You like skinny girls or doesnt matter as long as their pretty?
How can I get a straight guy to go gay???
In a house where the dad is absent and non- participatory....?
i need architects to help me in the field of designing undergrown projects?
do you have a specific goal in your life?
I am new to Anchorage, what is there to do?
critique this poem please!!!!!!?
what are the different forms of public art? tell me more about public art?
what do u believe in?
Why does this boy keep calling me ugly everytime he sees and and make fun of me?
Art History project ideas ?
Creative minds needed!!!?
Is it to be or not to be?
Art school? (questions about it)?
About hemp?
GCSE: What to write for an ART evaluation of our whole project?
What are some good art crafts ?
What is "BORUMCE"?
Sense Of Place for art gcse any ideas?
What is the term for being addicted to arson?
Art and design help!?
Is it impossible for someone to know how many colors their are?
junior cert art project help?
Whats your favorite color?
If you saw an innocent person being harassed by someone ...?
where can i get a?
Why does my beer smell funny?
where are the most affordable tumbling classes in birmingham?
An old favorite I like, what do you think?
Whats the cheapest method to get Hydroxatone?
Know the Boston Celtics Pride?
Need a creative name for couples contest !?
Can I put another avatar from a website on the avatar section without creating one in my mail?
im really creative and i dont know how to let it all out?
What came first the chicken or the eye?
Have you ever loved someone so much....?
Anyone know any good Medieval like songs besides Greensleeves?
why do we use a coffin? what difference will it make to a person if he is buried without one?
Need some supporting ideas for my topic: Landmarks represent a place and a public identity?
what is emo??????????????????
I need a little help: where from i can have in mind the line "whether is in our immagination or in real life?"
Lucretia Mott project help?
show me where to find recent works of art online?
An asteroid near missed the earth.?
Wouldn't it make you angry if someone constantly spied on you all the time? Isn't that a breach of freedom?
Easter themed art homework ideas?
guys,girls, ANYOnE!!!.. ...........ideas!!???????????
Is artistic talent just innate and is the artist just a channel for some higher force?
where can i find taglines for a loan lending company?
4 objects that can be handled only by the index finger?
What qualities do modelling agencies look for in a potential model?
need help/ideas for a collage im making in art class?
i talk on the phone almost 4 hours a day, how much do you talk?
Are Russians considered Asians or Europeans?
How to get creative juices flowing?
Can you give me some tips for script writing?
Where is the Leonardo da Vinci exhibit NOW!!?
What are some better ways to say "Welcome Home"?
Memory Box: What to use and how to decorate?
Origami Horse......?
If the Angel of Death comes to take your life what will be the last wish you will ask for?
the goddess eris?
who here is heavier than 160?
Has anyone ever woken up during sleep, not knowing who, why or when you are?
whats the first thing you think of when you wake up in the morning?
if you do not kill him he will, can you shoot him?
A creative title for a poem about summer and a poem about school?
Dose the Ps Vita Play Music While On the web browser?
Info please ref. Franco Curci pottery Sicily (1960's)?
I have an old comp boy doll with no markings where can i find a doll appraiser in my area?
Which artwork of antiquity do you like most ?
how to get good grades the easiest way possible?
How do I position my tongue while whistling? (pucker whistling)?
What are some creative ways to present a person (Estee Lauder) in my leadership class? powerpoints are boring!
Did Bob Ross's voice soothe your soul and make you float on happy clouds ?
I am researching for a story and need relevant sites?
What are examples of Art?
I NEED help please!!!! (art) ?
Things to make for etsy?
Need of Art Project Ideas!?
Does virginity of one person still matters at this time of generation????
What is the sci-fi/fantasy art of Kevin Siembieda;explain?
what do you think of my poem?
Who likes reading????
What to do at the time of death?
what will u do if someone special is being beaten by an armed robber?
How do you sketch....?
What's a good title for Ignorant Girls?
What makes up heteroglossia? (Literary term)?
Where can I find an available internship in london?
What is a good subject for poetry students to write about?
do you know any artisit in the 1800's who did the sheep herder?
second time poem attemp, what do you think?
Great red seamless background for tumblr?
tell me some websites of free music download?
Does anyone know how ?
Where can I find a music contest for composers?
can someone help me analyze this passage from macbeth?
Which class ring should I get?
Lastly, what is the best manga publishing company?
Is the Che Guevara art associated with emo?
How can I make a flower bouquet out of $1.00 bills?
Help me know about thiz building?
Where are my keys?
They know that the dawn of yesterday it has passed away the great Critic in Art Manuel del Rosario Madrid?
whats this called and hows it done?
What do you do when you're bored?
What are some creative ways to write a letter or decorate a post card?
If you we´re a crayon what color would you be?
Nervous and worried??
Do You want to be prayed for?
Is it wrong to smoke a?
Which book should i get?
Give me ideas on how to make a model of a skeleton with all its bones.?
what do you think of this poem?
what if you went to bed and you woke up and there was a dead person in your bed?
Are you a hidden artist? Or do people know about you?
Do anyone know what I can put?
i need writing ideas, best one gets s?
Can I audition for the X factor uk or us if im not american or english?
how do you brake you ankle?
Where Can I find Jewlery Making Supplies?
What should I buy? Im not creative at all!?
whats your favorite color?
How do you feed the paper through a REMINGTON RAND 5 STREAMLINE TYPEWRITER? Which lever is it?
What does yellowish-blue on a Mood Ring mean?
Compositional Technique of Serialism?
Can you write a haiku about the war in Afghanistan?
High School And A Job?
I need some help on an Art project but I don't have any ideas?
whats the hentai that a girl wakes up being liked by some girls and their all around the city ?
can a 11 year old be emo?
Help With Art, Please?
The things they carry......What do you think....?
How Was the art movement Classicism "the art of the West"?
What are some creative hobbies a 13 year old boy can do?
How do you intentionally find creative inspiration?
Can the color Black have more than one shade?
Ernest Hemingway once wrote, 'The world is a fine place and worth fighting for.' Do you agree with him?
when u see a penny on the ground do u pick it up or just leave it there?
i need hlep any one knows a good anime like friut basket on netfilx?
any good art contests (for teenagers) on Long Island?
what are some good bracelet designs?
if you have to define confident through lines or shapes how will you ?
marching on main street? I NEED HELP ASAP!?
Why is 'Ruffled Tulip' allowed to harrass me on my private email and you won't let me report it as ABUSE?
How do I clean a synthetic paintbrush?
Career and Job Opportunities for MSW(Master in Social Worker)?
can you help /?
music using hungarian gypsy scale?
how aree you "saved" or "born again"!?
ART HISTORY Help pleease.?
What would it mean to you if you heard someone describe themselves as "Sadisticly Artistic"?
I need ideas for my english project - are you creative?
Is celebrity portraits an OK concentration idea for AP Studio Art? Please Answer.?
what do you think will happen?
Gcse Art help pleeeaasssee?? I failed before!!!?
is it ok if learned the guitar on an android app instead of a real 1?
Where can I buy loads of scrap booking materials, like stickers and scissors etc.?
gasihrn - arrange this word?
I had a dream about two people dieing in it what dose it mean?
From what Shakespeare play would you find thie quote?
Has anyone here ever heard of the painter John Alston Sargent III and his wife Denise Machado?
Sophmore class name!! HELP PLEASE?
help needed plzz (serious)?
My exam theme for art is 'Waters Edge' but i'm stuck for ideas, any suggestions?
is my art good enough for art school?
I'm thinking about getting a replica Time turner?
how to make a 3d paper model of a bomb or something related to weapons of mass destruction?
In your opinion, what the best country (nations) of world?
i am very creative. i have thought about majoring in graphic design...but...?
Steve Irwin's death could be described as ironic, but is there a less-sardonic/more-poignant word?
Can someone identify any literary devices used in this poem by T.S. ELLIOT?
What is the best source of information on Shoushan Stone?
Where can I find an ancient sculpture or piece of art showing an ancient persian warship?
Feedback on poem?
Does anyone listen to Audio Books?
i need somone he is id saman_s1356?
How to become a model? ?
Please Help! What is the name of the artist who is now deceased who was a white man and had an afro?
more questions bout argentina?
When I refer to Humanities.?
Why new Beta does not have an avatar?
I really feel that either Answers service is very disgusting or peples using this service.?
i would like to find a web site that i can print out some stuff for scrapebooks without having to pay for them
the patronage system used to support artist during the Enlightemnent period?
does any1 know how 2 custom your own graphic/layouts for myspace?
How many people believe that one person can change the world?
Can anybody give the meaning of "Tharanya" and "Ayajiv"? I would be thankful.?
What type of paint should I use on plywood that will dry smooth?
I'm Confused, why do people value life so much?
What do art directors do/ how much do they make/ what courses should I take in high school and major in?
what doyou people think about the drug addicted youth of present generation? who is responsible for it:?
What are some creative funny or artistic things to do with a pair of chopsticks?
Whats the best way to share a feeling?
what is the mane for Russian nesting dolls?
What is the worth of a 1930 Schiller baby grand?
Can someone out there please help me get into the journalism field?
does religion allow us to get drunk?
Creative title for project on Romanticism and Realism?
Can you get a fake belly piercing?
Is today any ones birth day?
What is a creative web design company do?
Who has the Saxophone the music?
how long does it take to mail a letter from phila pa to langley canada?
how do i become?!?
where the personnel management people are being trained for mind management?
what is Stock / Coating: 12C2S / UV1?
plz help me gurls i need gf help?
Finish this old poem...?
Do you think this is a good poem?
Would you say people who are exposed to art have a more positive attitude?
what living creature can be mom or dad?
The Definition of Love In Your Opinion?
Old style artsy first letter?
A great store for parties?
Did my teacher basically b*tch slap me in front of the entire poetry class?
Does Anyone Have any Info. on Fall Out Boy?
Question about The Art Institute of California - Hollywood?
does racism exsist in australia?
What started sbortion?
Who was the smartest man who ever lived?
How do I get my art more attention?
can any one give me a good poem on friendship?????
When asked in an interviw to tell about yourself, what's the best way to answer?
do you think babe is a positive animals film? it important or not and why?
Buisness Day At School?
friendship poems, funny and modern??
What is the name of the tube containers that are used to hold drawings/plans?
Antique Music/Jewelry Box Price?
What do you need to own a sword in the uk, if you can, where would you get one from?
What is your favorite smell?
Does anyone have a good, short love poem for a girlfriend/wife?
Does Anybody Know Someone That Models?
What do you think, "The literate words we speak and read and write are just the tip of the iceburg in communic
What are some really cool crafts?
Shop project ideas for gifriend?
What do you think about?
Anyone know any names common in the Gullah/Geechee culture?
where can i find info on mother and child by diego rivera?
What is Still Life art? ?
Would Help stop the war in afgan?
Please read this and let me know what needs fixed?
How many of you toss coins in fountains?
How do i really tell if i am a medium?
What is a good summer project for a rising 9th grader?
how many of you take advantage of the handi-cap parking?
Heeelp meee...about art?
How to keep patient/make time go faster?
I need some help with my current acting situtation.?
when a girl say 11 or so has their period for the first time do the already have to had satrted pueberty?
A2 size art ideas suitable for gcse?
clever ways to wrap a game case?
who is the most important ARTIST of all time?
What type of art would you be interested in buying?
Is modern art... art?
cool things to do with wine labels?
i need writing ideas, best one gets s?
As a world, do you think we have become better, more accepting and peaceful?
Can you write an ACROSTIC poem with "INTEGRITY"?
Trying to identify maker of a plate. Made in France, sheep on back, floral plate?
What do you think of this poem? Does it make sense?
Does anyone know a good newspaper article that i could turn into a story?Prefrabally something not that recent
Do you know the name of this book?
How can I learn about Chinese Calligraphy?
Can somebody help me with my Art Homework? (Monet)?
trying to trace a poem by Patience Strong-Thank you for guiding me thus far?
Is there a band that just sends a chill down your spine...?
For my art class we have to illustrate a
Creative service projects for the marching band?
Who is better: Angus Young(ACDC) or Eddie Van Halen(Van Halen)?
time is valuable?
I hope someone can help?
What makes you believe in spring, even if you know it isn't really here yet?
How should I start my story? Please Help!?
How many days dose it take a man to impregnate a woman?.?
what is Justin Bieber number? plz dont give fake one?
if a pickle costs a nickel how fast is the train going to have to go to beat the fly please explain you answer
How would I type ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)?
What is the Celtic symbol for survivor?
Is it an honor code violation for art if you copy a picture from the internet?
What do you think of this poem?
how to make fake boobs?
When do i get to level 3??? I already have 809 pts!?
High school, wanna become a monk for a month?
do you believe that "everyone" must have a talent ?
What would be an interesting trinket to send a foreign pen pal?
should I shut my gallery?
I need a British person to talk to?
who else is bored except for me?
Where can I find language totors online?
How do I change my Signature?
Picture a woman standing on a marble balcony. What would be a good background for this picture?
What qualities make somebody 'talented' at art?
I've been heating/burning acrylic/plexiglas for an art project - at least a week,off & on. Am i going to die?
What is the correct way to list things when writing a document?
What are good words to describe 'The Human Form' in art?
Are there more competitions like AE's live your life?
Sophmore class name!! HELP PLEASE?
My friend is looking for a nickname, what's a good street nickname?
what is a reliable cell phone model?
Location of The Lightning Field
what's a good comeback when people call me fat?
I need an idea for a short story...?
who is this song by?
My mom told me that if I take art classes it can help out my college or something?
Latin Translation Please As Close As Possible?
Creative people please help !?
Where can I find a picture of two young holding hands, then two old holding hands?
how do you get a good eye for art?
How come this song makes me cry? the song is called the ghost of you by my chemical romance.?
Which pencil case...?
Do demons and angels exist?
Opinion on my art theme?
whats the answer to this riddle?
whao was franklin benjamin?
What do you think "The art of victory" is?
How are a main idea and a topic different?
Ok so I am interested in becoming a model. Probably not anything big just for a little extra cash on the side.?
Does anyone know anything about the painter Robert Sticker?
i would like to know more about what is law and give me some basic introduction to law?
where Is steve & How can we keep up with him?
How do I get more views on Deviant Art?
what was the prominent silhouette of the 80s?
Why are the people in ancient egyptian art turned sideways?
here people?
How do you improved your ability to reason logically and quickly?
I'm doing a poster about drugs and I need some ideas?
Where do i find a price guide and buyers for my avon collectables?
Does acrylic paint stick to dried liquid latex?
Submitting your ads and short films.?
why would some people be so rude at u when u havent done anything?
Looking for copy of art on web: famous in 70's; girl under tree in fairy costume with wings looking at moon.
what do u think on the boy who smoke cigarette?
Is there a difference between the expressions "within AN hour" and "within THE hour"?
What art style is Jack Skellington?
What does this poem mean?
bansky fans?
What continuities and discontinuities do you see between Islamic and European culture? How do Islamic art, mu?
Would a film with a Cast like this make a good Christmas Comedy & become a Box-Office Smash Hit film in the ye
hey i have my arm in a cast and it is hot pink.what should be my next color?
How much should I sell this pastel art piece for?
Is there any where to find a Pink Floyd Latch Hooking kit?
explain how geographical location affects or influences art?
trying to find a lid with holes in top for airfresher?
hey guys im doing an art project on street art and im stuck for ideas, please help?
Texas Body Art pricing?
what is the meaning of lavina?
Weed themed piggy banks?
Can I use sharpies for nail art?!?
What are some really funny or scary chain letters?
How to become a pornstar in San Francisco?