Art project... help me.. "transformation art"?
what does this mean "noting 1st row is WS and inc 10 sts evenly across last row. 186 sts"?
Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder?
How do I hide a 3 x 6 foot space on my wall? Any creative ideas?
people who are creative, help!:)?
Have you made a difference in people's lifes on Awnsers > ?
That is the most valuable piece of artwork in the world today?
Does anyone have the recipe for CLAY?
what should I use to replace the ball on my naval ring?
does anyone think john cena s chain gang is a real gang?
Any art projects for my room?
How do you kill time before time kills you?
What impact did drugs, mainly LSD, have on western art? Do drugs enhance creativity?
When did people stop caring about spelling, grammar, and punctuation when writing?
Help. What does this mean?
Who should get the girl?
How to Play the Chapman stick?
Whats the most creative thing you've made?
How is called a person that was born in London?
good health is the most important thing in life?
How does music evoke great emotion?
is it true that beowulf is mentioned in the bible? if so where?
What does the expression painting the town red mean?
How can you break a combination lock ?
what are these art words in laymen?
Why did Emile Durkheim believe that crime is both normal and functional?
Felt Plushie Ideaspwetty ppppppppppppeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzzzzz…
how to get good grades the easiest way possible?
What is the children's story where a fabled animal wants to bake a pie (or cake)?
how would you help a stranger in need?
I am so stupid!!!!!!?
I need to know about Tragicomedy .. Greek?
Which sounds better?
did Adam and Eve have a belly button?
Why is there no section for "The Art of Trolling?"?
is Shakespeare's Measure for Measure a problem play or a dark comedy?
Is it possible for a person to be smart AND a poor writer at the same time?
Ok well i am writing a story and I need a name for my bad guy he Is ancient and a vampire Any help?plz & ty
What is your talent?
What are some good ways to describe a hospital?
How can I create a photo like this one?
anyone ever read The Blind Watchmaker?
Is it wrong to hate intellectualism?
Why are all artwork worth so much money?
Name ideas for my blog ?
how do i become a conman and how do i devise a con e.g. what fundamentals do i need to no?
creative ways in asking boyfriend to sadies dance?
I have a blank notebook. What should I put in it????
What's an arrangement?
Which name will be remembered, for the longest time-frame???
Kevin the points leader...creep?
Little hands Poems?
Where do I find an anime picture of a vampire with long, auburn hair, violet eyes, and red lips?
Period of Artwork that has changed the world in some way? when has art changed society!?
Can you link the Diet and the song Adaa,Jaan liva Adaa?
Stretched cotten bag?
Do you prefer modern buildings or traditional buildings ? Why ?
Ancient China?
How to become a model?
Where abouts can I display/submit menstruation art?
I need help from dancers or performers?
Writing a story? Criticism and ideas please?
Can anyone give me some good quotes?
2 part question: what are the names of the songs that go- dancing when the stars go blue and when u talk like?
I wrote this poem for my wife before we got married, is it any good?
Who else thiks ppl should leave Micheal Jackson alone already and leave him to his life; he's already screwed
It's time for a story! Four teen-agers are counselors at a camp for bratty children.?
What's a good Anbu or FBI name?
How can i clean the burns off paper?
whats the saddest thing you have ever heard?
Is there something on the internet that will let me type in a bunch of words and mix them together like art?
Prank War?....................?
I am making a model of one of the walls of my house help!?
For ten points... Your fave song of all time..?
Is 333 a lucky number?
Is anyone else having problems w/ Answers today? My questions aren't showing up. Unable to see replies.
What does a spirit and or spirits look like?
How far will a bullet go into a wall of ice?
How can i attend the Group discussion topics in an interview?
What does Blake's The Lamb mean?
do u like my poem?
How can I break away from the shell that keeps from becoming assertive?
Things to make for etsy?
are you all really gay cartoon characters?
Whats a good creative way for me to show who i am for a hs interview for A school leaders creative art piece?
What do you think of my Poem?
Has the 21st century witnessed a decline in poetry?
I think i think i failed my art exam today, Does that mean my dream of being a artist is over?
When do you slow clap?
why do people except this mental and physical trap we call order?
Why does it seem so hard to find your own style in the art world?
How to become more manly?
which web site could show the handcraft jugs pots.. etc made of copper during babilon age in IRAQ?
If a person is blind, mute, and lame, are they considered hanidicapped people?
Is this glaze that i can use on fired clay for my ceramics project?
Is life worth living on the edge.?
Do most redheads have a normal temper or is it just me thats a sporn of the devil?
Reaching situations?
is beauty more than skin deep, if so why?
ifell that im empty i dont know what to do i want any body to help me pls?
What is the difference b/w a Galabiyya and a Thobe?
What colour do u like?
To all you art aficionados out there...?
What are the boards that they sometimes have behind a choir? It amplifies the sound...?
what is love?
See if you can answer this and get s. What word rhymes with orange? Ha Ha Ha Ha?
does anyone have the same b-day as me?-- mine is november 20th?
What Korean company that makes handpainted porecelain sugar bowl and creamers with a buddah for a trademark?
what u fear most?
why do you close your eyes when somebody tries to hit u?
What you did or will do today?
WHich is the tallest man made structure?
help with cosplay please?
can you guess with riddle pllleeeaassseeeits really hard i bet you cant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
i ran across this and i loved it just wondering where its from?
what inspires someone to follow her dreams?
any one ready to share the technics of making staines glass art?
how would you rate this poem?
How much is a complete set of Royal Doulton "Arcadia" China worth?
Find me some unusual clocks?
Who is the best singer you know?????
Where can I find tribal tattoo designs?
What is Liberal Arts?
Becoming an Extreme Couponer?
what is the meaning of video clip ?
In tha film of your life, who would play the lead?
Do you find it hard to get out of bed when the weather is cold?
who is the second rechest man is this world?
Does anyone know a company that will organise to post something from the UK to Australia?
Is there a set of steps to follow when analyzing art?
Can you give me three good reasons why death penalty should be used?
Looking for astrology book?
Correct placement of signature on a painting?
Which is a better auction house: Sotheby's or Christie's?
What makes Girls so caring and affectionate and lovable? And why do they cry much?
is it right to categorize people according to their favourite movie?
Reading a poem is in itself takes a skill. It needs training and practice. I wonder if this is right or not, w
Internet job?
what is your favourite quote from a book or movie ?
How old is this and is it worth anything?
who do you think is Smarter male or female? and is the male or female better at driving?
university student seeking temporary holiday job anywhere in the world from May-August 2006.where do start?
how come some questioners have photos?
Do you know any anime or manga with neko characters?
I need help with some bible homework.?
Does anyone know if prints produced by General Electric are worth anything?
Why are 9 out of 10 people such lame wannabes?
What is the biggest reason anyone does not believe what the Bible says?
What was William Shakespeare's favorite book/author?
What is a good word for my company's "Word of the Week"?
Do you need a real concept behind your art for it to be good?
How can I be more creative?
Is it true that in the US it is now politically incorrect to say Merry Christmas?
how do you paint an igloo water cooler material water bottle?
please help me with this art/design question?
How can I become more creative?
is saw more disgusting than human centipede?
How to temporarily lock a deviant art page from public view?
Sand bottle art, fire look?
The Da Vinci Code thing is blasphemy to God.?
Why does my mind go blank when I read scientific books?
HELP with a life changing decision..?
good fan fiction sites to post on that aren't
What is the quickest way to meeting Scotty Mcreery?
Do you have any patterns in plastic canvas for the fourth of July?
in planning a public relations program, what steps should i take to analyse the need for that program?
do you believe in angels?
why would some people be so rude at u when u havent done anything?
Cute, cool, creative tumblr names?!?
Express yourself?
I am trying to find the art collection titled "Nouvelles études variées" 1856 France. Can anyone help me?
When you see a sunset how do you feel?
What are the duties of a greeter at an art gallery opening?
What does a sub kick drum do?
What are your views on the John Titor story?
What movie, painting, or song has the similar theme to the poem, "One Art" by Elizabeth Bishop?
What sight is best for valuation of gold rimmed plates?
gsce art inspiration? HELP!?
Website Like quotev???
How to tell my mom and dad I want to be a singer or an actress?
If you could relive one moment of your life so far (without changing anything) what would it be? and why?
victor vrooms theories eg healthy?
what is oldest Art collection that treasure pirates save the coins in?
what are five things?
What are some good websites where i can write poems, stories, and more??
Creative people: where do you draw your inspiration from?
What should I do for my talent competition?
How to preserve an autograph on paper?
who is the hottest amongst the actresses?
good nickname for Miriam?
Can we live on Mercury?
How long can a person live without sleep?
Does a person's range of music say anything about that person?
Does anyone wish they could stay 21 ?
What is scratchboard art;please explain?
What is your favorite saying?
do u ever feel like just giving up and running away?
How does God looks like?Is he Human being or just a Point of Light?
what is descartes trying to proove by melting the piece of wax? what does he mean by the wax is flexible?
The water boy fills the jar at the North well and empty it at the South, who is this tireless?
does anyone know any good banksy quotes?
what is feminist art?
poem for deceased husband?
How to develop my creativity (writing)?
Do you people like quotes?
Theater & old days . An old lady , told me once that theaters used to be dream place . Aren't they any more?
Help with art appreciation!!!?
Hey can you tell me if this Is this good?
what topic bob marley used in his poem ?
Naming question?
What are interesting topics I should research (for enjoyment)?
Lovers of high art : how do you come back down to cold, harsh reality?
who's afraid of the big bad wolf?what the big bad wolf represent to u?
What is the meaning of 'bishet' in Chaucer?
Whats a good reason to TP someones house?
can you tell me this models name?
What if you felt confused with a bf/gf because of what people say?
Why do nerds quickly Google facts and use them to get all smug and show someone up on answers?
how i should learn deriving??
look before you leap, o.k?
How tall was he at this age?
Question about selling art?
How many son and daughter Gates has ?
is thumper hott or not?
wats wrong with bieng emo?
Is University of Otago (New Zealand) a well reputed university for Geography courses?
Can you think of a time recently when something called art caused a controversy?
any ideas on how to approach the theme 'home?' art AS level?
i want to do a fun craft what should i do?
How do you like my poem... its rather deep... so id like to know wat ppl think..?
Help-Need a story/poem/paragraph---?
WHO'S MY HERO? please help me pick a hero!?
Why did humans turn in different colours?
anyone know of a good pic that...?
Can anyone explain the symbolism inherant in Greek creation mythology, particularly Cronus eating his children
design a box!?
If you had a chance would you go back in time? What would you change?
Paper Sail Boat WITH sail?
I want to become a taxidermist?
What does a Half Germen Sherpered and half Labodor lokk like?
I'm so bored! Please help!?
How can you measure the amount of creative work you do?
Is there a band that just sends a chill down your spine...?
what's the most beautiful sentence you've ever read ?
how old do you have to be to get your navel peirced in Alabama?
what are some of the major events...?
Do I draw good? :3 ^_^?
why is nobody answering my ?'s?
what would you want in a mansion if money was no object?
im doing art a level i have an exam coming up and i need ideas?
when a girl say 11 or so has their period for the first time do the already have to had satrted pueberty?
Can someone help me with ideas for my A Level Art project?
are lawyers liars?
How to add Caricatures into my art project:Time?
Can you consider vandalism, pornography, and gossip as an art?
life and love. how do you know you should be with someone forever. i love my partner but its not enough!?
Are there jobs which combine language and corporate activities? ?
What are some fun and creative things I can do in my holidays?
where do i find a picture of william shakespare ,where he was born.?
How many hamburgers can you fit in a nostril???
Now grammar describes all possessives and demonstratives as "pronouns" rather than "adjectives. Why is this?
How to write neat and clean?
how can i change my address on my driver license?
i act crazy dont i?
How can I become a good, fast manifestor?
art sketchbook introduction HELP!?
Is there any truth in the old proverb "a camel cannot see its own hump"?
Metaphor Costume : Read description?
What are sparks? (arts and humanities)?
What are the duties of a greeter at an art gallery opening?
what are themes that are prevalent in ancient epic narratives?
Why is it that if we see a guy being mean to a girl we dont say anything?
Why there is more Violence in the Name of Religion ?
why do two compounds have different meanings eventhough they have similar parts?
I would like to get a libretto, in English, of Mozart's Thamos, King of Egypt. Would you help me?
What is bingosoup?
Where can i meet vampires?
Are there any internships for a soon to be high school graduate in the film industry?
Mail to me good spiritual retreat talks for priests?
School Art Project!! Help Please!! #Duetommorrow !!!!?
If you had to pick one stereotype to describe yourself, what would it be?
Do you NEED to be mad to be an artist?
Walker art museum?
what is the study of the art of woodcarving called?
Which art do you like most?
Are art galleries open all day every day?
I am so sad,What can make me happy?
what is the difference between intellegence and brilliant?
which schools in Dehradun provide fine arts as a subject in class 11 and 12?
How do you get past the tans on Army Men 2 (level 11)?
when you guys make your avatar characters do you look like them?
i am doing a crossword, the clue is destroyed, ruined, abolished, it is 3 4 2 words long. Pls help?
Porcelein Wall Heater w/ Swastika Symbol value?
when do u usually go to bed, and when do u usually wake up? how long have u usually sleep?
Does anyone else find Unemployment to be an Artform?
Look, please!!???????????????????????????/?
What can i put on a research page for art, the theme is summer?
did i set a world record for smalest fortune teller?
Do you guys make your avator picture look like you in real life?
What in the world is my art professor talking about?!?
why do people always pretend to be your friend than act like they hate you?
What's everybody's favorite thing to do?
I was wondering if someone knew where I could get a statue of King David of Israel at a economical price?
I have to make a creative box and put things about me in it, but I don't know what to put in it?
Help with ideas for an art project ?
What does this line from Hamlet show about any relationship problems Hamlet and Ophelia could encounter?
who was trayvon martin?
"The naked and the Nude" by Robert Graves?
respct in japanese?
Which poetic element can be described as a pattern of accents, or beats, throughout a poem?
high school pranks?
Bono, is it fulfilling to be such an admireable humanitarian, and also such a wonderful rock star?
Creative minds needed!!!?
I just want to watch Over the Hedge online!?