A short film I saw in school?
[Authoress's block!] My Princess needs some lovers, creative input please?
Is this silly or doable?
does anybody know a birthday peom that includes ladybugs, ants, and bees.?
Do you guys think I can read the future and read minds?
i m azara i want to buy my own house will i be able to buy and how much period of time?
what are some creative ways to say "i opened my eyes" or "i woke up"?
My friends say I use to many big words, and I can't help using them how do I stop!?
What body would a Leekeworld Dollfie head be compatible with?
Do you believe that intergration was the beginning of the downfall of the black family?
I need help with screenplay format?
Whadya think?:D?
What are your favorite inspirational quotes?
Got a interesting question for a project?
The types of -ism's in Art ?
I am in the middle of making a bong out of a 2 liter coke bottle, and dont know how to do the rest?
Cool name for a secret file?
Too long a sacrifice can make a stone of the heart. O when may it suffice?
Need Inspiration, I need you?
Traveling With Art supplies?
What do you think of this?
What are your thoughts?
How can I get ideas to start a story?
is it possible to punch a person in the face and then their head explodes?
What do you people think about end of the world 2012 ?
Increase trumpet range quickly and easily? Need a comfortable D above the staff for Turbine.?
What medium is this piece of art here in?
Did you see that answers has reached 300 million questions?
BORED????? dare you to CLICK!?
What is the truth behind the mystery of the Last Supper by Leonardo da vinci?
what if anxiety was a good thing?
i want to protect this world by creating my art?
I could really use some help here.?
How do you bleach a shirt?
Should i go on the omegle video chat?
How many lightbulbs does it take to change a surrealist?
Help With Developing Characters?
Is life worth living on the edge.?
Can a lady match this?
how to send a message balloon with no helium?
i have a classic guitar.?
whenever i see him i feel like i cant live without me.?
why? you can't ask "how are you" in answer?
Can we make polymer clay at home if yes how?
Help me to speak english.?
Is it better to stain wood when its rough or smooth?
I would like to know the Japanese symbol for "eternity"?
How is art connected to society?
I am bored Do you know any fun websites?
art question ::: need help pleaseeeeeeeee?
Do you like my movie idea?
Can you make up a short story for 'me'?
How is "Macbeth",the play, still relevant in the world today?
IS THERE A WEBSITE where I can look up all the movies that were nominated, and won of the History of the Oscar
where is the saying "Who is he who shall not be named?" from?
how to impress a girls?
I have NO idea how to do this will someone PLEASE for the love of carrots help me?????
How to get discovered? - Photography?
What are some literary devices in the hunger games?
Can you add to this fable that i am making?
Current events in American art?
How can I make it so that only certain people can view my pictures on deviantArt?
Why Do People Hate Pink?
Has anyone ever made art out of corpses before?
Creative Storytelling?
What happens to those people that die without hearing the gospel of Christ? Will they go to hell or heaven?
Art Exam 2011- Need Help! SKY HIGH?
Ideas for mixed media projects in ART GCSE?
I had selected for the post of secretary in dubai based company . 45000/- salary p.m they told me.shall i go.?
ur favorite color?
I wanna sell my screenplay, i am sure it's good but i don't know what to do about it.?
what is the real meaning of the word "ok".?
Should I still try to or not?
have you ever faced marital rape?
Art work palette of king narmer. ?
lesson books/curriculum to improve from average to upper level on saxophone?
what is everything i need to start an art club?
¿How's common life in India?
i noticed some websites sell the title "lady" "lord", etc. is there a registry where this is valid?
Why are people not willing to decipher meaning from Modern Art?
about how many people are living in Isreal today?
Can you keep your mug shots?
Creative Pinterest Board Names?
Cool stuff to learn to do?
Ugly but Intelligent?
Does anyone understand this Click! (are you on my level??) 18 yr old lookin for work?
Gabriel Garcia Marquez?
Where can i get manga cheap?
Would someone mind reading and revising my speech?
What is a single core belief?(examples)?
Should shakesphere be taught in school??
how dose the media portary the canadian coultur?
What is the meaning of life?
Where can I meet someone famous?
What is your favorite "artist town" in California and why?
Carli Gazoorian- What is art's purpose?
what to do at a 2 person sleepover?
Was the painting in Le Divorce a real painting? What was its real name and who painted it?
Okay you Volunteer?
What will my career be?
KEYBOARD SUGGESTIONS HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
I'm thinking of a number between 1 and 10 can you guess it?
Who moved (rolled) the stone?
If it seems too good to be true?
POLL: Why do we have war?
Was Leonardo Da Vinci homosexual? I've read it in his biography books?
who here is Polish? if so what is you name?
Help me make a SPRING BREAK BUCKET LIST! creative people please! ha. ?
What would your super power be?
Both the Hindu and Chinese cosmogonies share this archetypal motif?
Has anyone seen a real rainbow in the sky?Would you like to share your experience.Name country too.?
Art essay about Pablo Picasso?
What makes stand up comedy an art?
please help! what are the characteristics of saul bass work and his working method?
Where are there fields in tampa?
So I want to get into the modeling business?
Ivan Stranski have any siblings?
Laptop keyboard stickers?
Any good art websites? ?
What are some art techniques used in China that have been adopted from the west?
Hi there, My neighbor wants to know what dog breed is Scooby doo the cartoon dog, what do you think, if any?
How do you get acrylic paint off a paint brush?
gcse art help???? :)?
What can a young teen girl do when she's bored, besides shoping, reading and watching TV?
Where can I find an editor?
does any one know the meaning of sanish?
Whose song is "Party in the U.S.A." ?
What are all the different types of art?
Can you cheer me up? Having a pretty bad couple of days...?
how can i get a girl that is a year older than me?
how i can do my phd in management from iit or iim?
Your favourite unusual word?
What do you remember on a rainy evening when you are alone?
I need Inspiration. Read on...?
what do i need, how to be a model?
Can artists be happy? Or rather, should they?
gang hand signs, pictures, link...?
How do you view someones profile on answers if you know their "name"?
If the baker was crazy, could he make the dough nuts?
What do I need to do to paint an acoustic guitar?
ok i know what a goth is but,i here people talking about emos or whatever.what are they??
What is your favorite piece of literature?
is Q and A a good site to organise and launch a revolution?
What's your creative skill?
Need help coming up w/ ideas (art)?
Is god black or White or yellow?
Why people pay?
How can I stay enthused about a creative project I started working on?
I would like to study classics, but would not like to pursue any of its subsequent careers. What should I do?
Describing a couple waking up?
What is your wish?
what is a lapel?
How to get rid of fear?
Is it true that unicorns poop rainbows? ?
What types of paper are there?
I've been saving my used Q-tips for years, now I have a whole closet full of them. Any creative uses for them?
whats being referenced? : A man mistakes his wife for a hat?
good brand art paints?
Where to buy Singapore coins in chennai?
is this correct grammar?
info on armenian gold coin dikran the great armenian?
Where can I buy a large amount of felt material?
What is post impression? (Art)?
wat should i do to be a happiest person in world?
How to get motivated to practice?
Who is the administrator of the Victoria and Albert Museum?
is zazzle a site worth trusting?
how many best ansers do U have? no lieing?
Anime books, movies, tv shows in english?
how can i get circumcised at age 19?
Fallacies... help =/?
Can you name any work of art that symbolises man´s need to see justice, or man´s constant insatisfaction?
I like a boy but he isn't even in my grade or I don't even know his name. What do I do?
Where can I have a celebrity signature engraved on a brass plate?
Any zombie survival tips?
If you had to choose one word to describe a strong past memory, happy or sad, what would it be?
What can a bored 13 year old girl do?
Best self publsiher???
what are some creative ways I can express myself?
ideas for an art class sketch?
Can you cheer me up?
what is your daily routine?do you engage in creative activities?
Any famous musicians who also paint or make visual art?
Robots...good or bad?
What is Eros's Goal?
Does this sound good? help :)?
What art movement is this?
I need a good interpretation of the phrase "to thine own self be true". I'll take anything???
why do clocks at the clock shops show the time as 10:10?
What is a good website with Victorian era photos?
Need a slogan for a new website for an insulation company! Help.?
What can i do to make my book more fun?
what is a good substitute for choji oil?
What is the History behin d sateen? why was it developed? Any intersing facts about its origin andname?
How do I go about Circus Training?
What is the font from pyzam....?
Soooo super cute little boy?
If a girl Kisses a gurl would you consider her lesbiano or would you just say she is having a good time?
Check out my book? (Thriller) idea?
what kind of objects when human see it, he will "pull,push,squeeze or turn it spontaneously?
guy that skates and plays guitar at venice beach in white turban?
just out of curiosity...?
where does the expression "Real McCoy" come from?
what was the name of the character in GONE WITH THE WIND who said" frankly my dear i don't give a damn
What possible careers combine art and story telling?
is it possible to fall upward while going down the stairs?
Best shot in Photography?
any suggestion on different ideas on my art project?
good packaging!!!! plastic cup soup in a box, pointless?
What exactly is transcendental poetry?
What are the uses of Pendulam and how to learn it? Its predictions are true or not ?
Idea's for creative photo shoots?
Everything about Ryland Lynch?
For those with vivid imagination. Have you ever made a person up and then years later met him/her in reality?
may us say :catholic is a religion in difference with orthodox as it is with Islam?
I am looking for an artist who has painted a picture of children looking at a toyshop window at xmas at night?
Can I use an iron on patch on my ukulele case?
Studying a 'History of Art' course?
How old were you when you, or if you did, started doing drugs/ having sex?
Why can't I breake blocks in minecraft creative?
How do I go about selling comedy (sketches / jokes) to people?
If you had magical powers to eliminate evil from society would you do it?
What does being a "Commonwealth country" mean to the UK economywise?
Help. What is this ? Have you been there ?
How is paper made? :) xx?
In what ways does art reflect identity?
What is this image from?
what is a Hypocrat?
I need an idea for my art project..?
Spring art projects for elementary school. PLEASSE HELP I NEED I IDEAS SOON. WILL VOTE BEST ANSWER?
how would you help a stranger in need?
What genre of art would you call this?
Why is it that when people?
ART A LEVEL help needed, please help if you do art, or your an expert in art?
JESUS was more than a prophet, he did things no one else could do. What about your savior, what did they do?
how to do Chinese Calligraphy?
Did my teacher basically b*tch slap me in front of the entire poetry class?
what will happen if mobiles phones stop existing ?
How do you move your ears? without touching it.... what do you have to feel or do to be able to move it?
What is an art game;what is Moondust?
When will chat allow members to create a chatroom?
What causes stigmata?
Which of the following fine arts class is easiest?
How Do I Do This???
do you believe in what?
Art. Help Please. ;D?
Am I Crazy..........?
where can i get some art suppliez?
How does performance and installation art expand our experience about what art is?
what is the solution for the kashmir issue between India and pakistan?
how do you post art on deivant art?????
what makes you happy????????
how long does it take to obtain a copyright for an approx. 200 page book?
address of block print in baroda
How do I de hornyfy myself?
Why does everyone use ! Answers to hook up with people?
Please read this question?
what is the purpose of life? iam not searching answer about devine meaning.why we born &what we have to do?
if you found out that planet earth was a living thing, how would you feel?
Creative names with Pip?
Nickel sources in Australia?
have any craft ideas?
How Do You Get Over A Nervous Feeling?
How much do wooden model ships usually sell for?
What are you good at ?
Are China crayons toxic?
How can I sculp something.?
Any good ideas for environmental art?
How do i find out what my antique dressers worth?
Do you think artists i.e. authors, actors and musicians are like modern day saints ?
who is a ferret named polo?
Music Questions--Help?!?
i want to get a tattoo for my mother that died i need some ideas or i would like to get a passage or something
For my art project, should study I Mary Poppins, or write a musical of my own? (10 points)?
how can I prove to someone that I wrote a poem I claim as my own?
Art by Inmates. Where is the best place to market this?
How to become an Art Therapist?? Info about the job?
Who is Uriah Heap?
What would you do if art was gone at school?
art help pleeaaasseee?
Is my art worth continuing?
What is a movement (in music terms)?
Are there any good poems/songs about quantum physics?
Why did Adam Young from Owl City write the song Fireflies?
What are today's icons?
Help with Art Project - Photomontage?
Art help? Spiritual reemergence...?
Thank you for your quick answers.?
what is power sharing?
do you have more money than you could spend in your lifetime?
I'm starting a poetry zine? ANY HELP ACCEPTED!!?
Why is J. S. Bach the father of Baroque music?
the clay pipe by marcel m. navarra?
How do you know when you don't have any talent in something?
For you internationals studying at the University of Wales Bangor, how do you like it?
Art project due in a few days, HELP!!?
Should I keep threatening to break up w/ BF to keep him on his toes?
Creative Ideas for an Email?
what should i doo for halloween(diiferent things listed inside)?
do you think this is stupid-funny?
Best place to study Art / Design?
Who's creative and knows about the heart?(:?
what do i need, how to be a model?
What do I do with nothing???
what do you know about the story of "dinner with Trimalchio"?
What supplies do I need for an altered book?
i have an old double salt and pepper box german the bottom has only half?
How to cosplay as Serah Farron...?
Only native English speakers or those members who are fluent in English,please check this paragraph.?
What preserves the integrity of the Nobel Prize?
i am loocking for ben affleck pictures?
Why do I feel I lose myself if I get hurt?
What are some furry art websites?
What should i do?? i need creative ideas!!!?
How can I find out what I'm good at?
Is my dad too strickt?
whats the best dream youve ever had?
lesbian romeo and juliet please help?
Writing a Story Need Help with a Club Name.?
I had a dream that I got together with my bestfriend (who is a boy) but I had a boyfriend already...?
art question ::: need help pleaseeeeeeeee?
he forgot to take his mobile.Now he is in office.if you want to contact him ,call him to the office.?
Metaphor of the heart?
What can I do for this?? I'm very confused and I want a good grade!!?
Severe writer's there a pill for this?
i have my art GCSE final exam approaching, and my topic is 'wraps'.?
What would you call this art?
What is the Delian Society?
hey everyone!! i just got to 900 points!! how should i celebrate?
What do you think about life in Europe?
Would you like to see more graffitti (art) in your city?
How do americans feel about arnold schwarzenegger (whatevaaaar) now following?
A contest clue says "Ever since War and Peace took place, angelic voices are heard" Any Ideas?
Creative ideas being blocked?
does anybody know a birthday peom that includes ladybugs, ants, and bees.?
I have to draw a nature picture. What is the best part of nature to anyone?
How do I access the NPR music repertoire?
Let me know what you think. It's my material.?
Deviant Art pont trouble?
Audition piece for male voice?
very old trunk, symbol of large S inside top half v p, bottom half of S n t, any ideas to mfg?
Whats a cute name to call a penguin pillow pet?
Do I look distinctively Jewish (photo)?
i want dog fangs but not by file-ing and need tips on fake
Please Help me (read description)?
how do i make realistic looking fake drinks from plastic resin or polymers?
I wrote this two years ago. Do you like my old poem?
Will normal spray paint stick to fabrics?
What do the different sizes of violins mean? 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 2/4, etc.?
What is greater than God, more evil than the devil poor have it rich need it and if you at it you will die?
What is the attitude of Ted Hughes towards the Crow in the poem "Examination at the Womb-Door"?
do you believe in the saying that "there is a scientific explanation to everything".?
is there such a thing as moral/immoral art?
['.']Buddhists...: You say that things just are what they are- not good or bad, it just is what it is.?
Is this good/poetic like?
What is the Christian perspective onty in art?
How to colour anime using Paintshop?
Directions or How Do I build a Sleigh ?
what words will people say today that they say everyday?
poor body image, jelousy please help?
what did president kennedy want to accomplish?
What is Propaganda Art?
Is anyone else here a triplet?
I need to know some "retro" words from the 60's and 70's for an art
Wouldnt neighborhood jails be cool?
Title of film about a young Jewish boy in nazi germany? About 15-20 years old I think.?
I want to write a story, should I write it on the computer or with pen and paper?
has anyone noticed that the game of sword of the storm on kidswbraimundo gets kisse and i love rai and kim no?
what is the meaning of the name "Shawn"?
Do you agree with this? See below for more details...?
web site name of a women who speaks sumerian?
Hi any art competitions in the UK? For teens?
What is the concept of monotheism in Islam?
What day is the Lunar Eclipse this year?
Are you aware of Angeles' poem entitled "Family Reunion?
Why won't all the celebrities give money to the poor?
Moving senior quote ideas?
what should i write a story about?
How much would a 1890 newby & evan baby grand piano be worth these days?!?
What did you find in your pocket?
How Can i step up my modeling career? And attempt to get an agent?
amateur? what do you think?
should we all grow weed smoke it and be happy like in the 60's?
What website would I look up to find this?
T I M E (Can you think of any I left out?)?
do you like?
Why did Michelangelo sculpt a person instead of an animal?
Why do people always copy me?
Kumihimo Wheels Please!!!!?
Can't seem to find my talent?
I want a copy of John Donne's poem "The Hound of Heaven", please.?
How do I mail a package from Ohio but make it look like it came from a dif state?
Does anyone know where I can get pushpin art templates/graph things?
any "cd" for jeniver?
can you answer this one please?
why is abortion an insult to human dignity?
Who has a special gift?
Why is it that every time i try to see myself getting older, I can't?
did Keith Herring go to Pratt?
How to make clay charms...?
What makes someone better than someone else?
What if i told you i talk to God and Jesus? and that also i have three othe gods? and also that im half one?
Next year should I join year long band or join year long art?
Can someone please explain this?
What should I include in a letter to the future me?
wer do i find my question?
give me an example using the goals of pshycology?
How should I sell My Art? NEED ANSWERS PLEASE?
what is a media seminar?
I have a model 59 Violyn and I need to know what size Is better?
An old cassette tape with stories on it, can anyone remember what it was?
facts about renaissance art?
How to contact One Direction?
Is it true that there are only 7 people like us in this world?. If yes, then are they of same age or different
what is
718 in the tens place?
Museums and galleries in the UK?
who, might i ask, is the original casanova?
what is emo??
What do you think of the editing in this pic...?
what is the difference between love and effection?
what equipment/supplies do I need for Art GCSE?
what happens if in a live concert the singer starts to hiccup?
what inventions would you like to be invented?
What famous artists paint reflections ?
Creative art question. ?
12. The _____________ is the top feature of a column. (2 points)!!!!! Art history b final exam! helpp<3?
How come people say there is a woman behind every successful man.?
whats ur favorite color......does it change?
what is the difference in blood of human body?
Is it correct to say Geographical Society or Geography Society?
How will i make a cheering chant?
Is it good to have an affair at the age of 16 or below n why?
Where did all the heroes go?
How would you describe these works of art?
How does a blind person experience Space & Architecture?
Is my art good for my age?
How can you be a perfect mother if you don't see your children because you work hard?
Need Inspiration, I need you?
Where can I buy a writing journal?
I want to make make Buildings but I suck at drawing. Do you need to be a good drawer to be in architecture?
I have no idea what to name my story?
What is your favorite quote?
what does it mean !!!!!!!!!!!?
what is the most violent nursery rhyme ever?
What artist locked himself in a room with an animal (wolf?) for an extended time period?
I need some funny Mottos!!! HELP!?
should I make a blog?
What are you most grateful for?
Is positive thinking works in one's life?
what is your idea about fashion? in your idea it is good for life or not?
Can one pursue an artistic passion and career even after being 30 ? Is it too late ? i'm confused?
Whats written on you're hand?
What are the different types of heroes and literature? explain?
does anybody know what dosh means?
Please please PLEASE help me with this!!!? *10 POINTS*?
Does everyone value happiness?
Im looking for the words to the poem "One ARt" by Elizabeth Bishop and "I Carry Your Heart" by E.E. Cummings
Help with a fantasy novel please?
Help me with this trive question!!!?
how to do string art noodle loops?
Will I be adviseed to ordain propurly?
are black and white color's?
how can i say to my girlfriend for lovemaking any esiest way?
i desperately need a creative idea for a screenplay?
If you could transform into any animal what animal would that be?
how do i make a bicycle look like a horse? HELP?!?!?
why can i raise my ears?
can antone tell me where to download hacks/bots for maple story such as auto-loot and speed hack?
what is life?
help art musem question?
how does spiral jetty inflience the appearance and content of his work?
For World Peace...?
can anyone do me a favor and tell me if you like this?
words that rhyme with prosper?
Which class to choose Music Appreciation or Art Appreciation?
Whats a good web site that tells you what you need to become a stagdesigner, thier pay, and other things?
i need some famous ..can any1 help me? need to be easy to understand.?
What is performance art;explain?
How is the U.K. different for The U.S.A...?
What is a preliminary bibliography?
What should I get my son for his 17th birthday?
Are you winning???????????
What is your best tactic?
Why is among famous artists (e.g. musicians) an over-proportional number Jewish?
what is cunei form?
where can i find lego star wars minis??
Can any one tell me how much this poster is actually worth?
What is the most 'tv moment' moment in your life?
what has been the best most incrdible moment of your life (so far)?
do you believe in God?
How do you remember your first love?
Does anyone know any inspirational quotes as to how someone should live life?
Creative way to present poem to my class?
How to be a Leprechaun?
Has anyone heard of a cream that helps to lighten/fade tattoo's.?
whne you go to church do you have to eat the bread they give you?
What are some cylinder shaped things i would have in a regular household that is about the size of a film can?
Anyone know good sources for Samhaine (Halloween items) that time is upon us again!?
Can you give me a list of British names?
If I want to scrapbook & print out an image digitally, will it be acid-free & not harm other elements?
Is the national anthem of Canada in French as well?
Does anyone listen to Audio Books?
Need name for my story. Help?
How to be happy and smiling always?
What month do we celebrate art?
ever want something so bad it hurts?
Are we going to be raising our children in front of the television?
Are you weird?
think of something that does not have a beggining.?
How will i make a cheering chant?
I'm doing my Girl Scout Gold Award project to benefit Haitian children and I need a creative name for it?
do you feel tattoos are self expression if not why?
How old were you when you got your first kiss?
i have never felt this good!!?
What happened after the 3 bears found Goldilocks in baby bear's bed?
are lawyers liars?
What are some themes that can relate to all cultures?
what should my art portfolio consist of?
What do you think of me?
Can you write a story in 6 words?
Can anyone please help me with this essay topic?
what is the best thing to do when your bored besides read a book or watch t.v or go outside or play on the net
want a good name for my art class?
I need Help with My study guide answers these Q . For me asy 10 points !!! :)?
where do worms live?
Looking For a Video Made By A Student At The Art Institute Of Las Vegas!!! Help?
Art Homework- Jim Edwards.?
Help my with a thank you card?
are there any moives from the 30,s 40,s 50,s 60,s 70,s 80,s that make you think?
What role does Art play in Society today?
Which modern temple looks like a lotus?
Who knows about joseph kony?
The only reason I get on Answers is to see if Miss D has a new question and look at her picture. Wrong?
Do hippies believe in God?
if you do not kill him he will, can you shoot him?
figureing of Japanese girl of the 1923 or1925?
Tell me 3 things-?
I need help!!! Fast please?
I need an acronym fast?
How can I start over with this creative field?
Is anyone who draws or paints a picture an artist?
Greek Column Krater? Terms?
What interests did you have before going in to architecture or architectural drafting?
GCSE art coursework!!?
Can anyone translate a manga called Shikii no Juunin?
What is Found Art;explain?
Which art app should I get next for my ipad?
Help with Art History Assignment? Abstract Expressionism and Pop Art!?
What do other people think of poetry?
I must ask...does rap make sense because it doesn't to me!does it to you?
Where am I going?
How do you get started in film production?
are creative people all crazy?
What is a good thesis to write about for Oedipus?
What's your favorite word?
A Non-profit organization with its website as is seeking volunteers to help in raising funds pl?
Is it hard to learn to play violin in high school?
Why am I wasting my time asking questions here?
Are there rememberable quotes that solve mysteries, guide laboratory technology etc?
Typically, do you assume that you are correct or do you not?
How does Roman Art influence our art today?
what do u want to be when u grow up?
Water Marble Nail Art Question. Please Help Me!?
AOL Screen Name Help?
Why are all the questions here so inconsequential to life's real issues?
Is viewing or creating art through the lens of drugs a crutch?
Can any one tell me some companies or agencies who work with black models?
What can (or for that matter, can't) qualify as poetry?
Why aren't you all at work?
where on the net can i find photos of each scene in the golden doors of ghibert.?
Are tattoos adicting?
Pinterest invite? please?
How do you create eternal peace at planet Earth?
what does the phrase "dog in the manager" mean?
What, in your opinion, are the top "worship communities" out there (by "communities", I basically mean any pla?
Does anyone have a good tumblr title?
The word "mother tongue" is often used in India to inquire about the language spoken at home.?
looking for info on a painting done by john Kelly called SAILS AND FOG this one was the 185 of 500 painted?
Funny Shirt Sayings!?
why are terrorist atacking america i mena where this all started?
is it possible to compare serif fonts and sans serif fonts in deeper meaning?
Need help! Discuss Dad and Surrealism.?
Will the London Philharmonic Orchestra be performing pieces from The lord of the Rings anytime soon?
Does anybody have any suggestions for some soft, classical music to study to?
Is there any site that i can get free music???
Sword swallower or contortionist?
I need a new tumblr name!?
AS art over. I need themes for a new project? figures, emotions and time are key themes of mine.?
i want a shagggggy emo hair???
Personal views on my story?
how do u know if you are an artist?
Dream questions -random-?!?
former boy scouts?
What Pop Art artists are there (classic and modern)?
What's the most embarrassing thing that ever happened to you?
My last question for today..?
Technology make everything changes rapidly. And in funny ways affect ART?
Lookingfor wheelchair friends?
Cute tumblr titles? (:?
Question for people in college?
Yiddish expresion that literally translated means "don't put a child in my stomach." What is the expression?
Need definitions for Art vocabulary. Help?
where did vincent van gogh work?
i read a piece of story"The big Switch", i want to know the athor and the novel, but i can't find it, help me!
how exactly do you use a pumpkin stencil?
Whats your hobbies and how long have you been doing them ???
Taylor or Epiphone?!!!Which suit me best?!?
when is the autumn festival in souix falls s.d?
why thukluk editor Mr.Cho Ramasamy is always in balded head? does any infection causing lose of hair.?
What exactly is an antihero?
What do girls like most in a guy?
art please help me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
I pay child support. I stuggled hard, with a small job. 4 yrs to go. Now wealthy. should i pay more.?
What are some ways to excell in art?
Creative birthday ideas for my Dad?
Does everything in art have steps?
Is this a feminine quote?
What length straws do you need to make straw stars and where can you get them?
Help me with art please?
Long distance feature writing course- enough feedback?
How do I change my Signature?
How do glasses symbolize civilization?
need help with movie/book character?
Creative advice?
who is your favorite female celebrity?
ahmadi nejad?
Best teen project ever!?
hauting stories any1 ? well my faimly has lived in one ............?
What is "The end of the World" in Chinese?
Some advice, please???
Pick a colour most creative 10 points :D xx?
I need Inspiration For some original poetry?
Teaching a five-year old piano?
Concept or execution, and why?
I have hit a creative can I get back up?
Is it really possible to watch live television on the net?
help!! excuses for sneaking out!!?
I'm looking for interesting art that you would do on sidewalks, like with chalk or pastels?
What is a really cool or unique quality you have?
Where can i get anime chibi pattern online for free?
How shall we stop terrorism?
What makes King Lear a tragedy?
Why was Roman Emperor nero Cruel?
Are there any forums for Pride and Prejudice fans?
respct in japanese?
please tell me,in ten words or less,what is wrong with the world.?
art exhibit in a korean drama?
Name 3 of your favourite cities of the world? (it doesn't have to be the cities you've visited)?
Anybody know any good creepypasta's?
do you have a pencil drawing in your house?, if not don't answer?
I like painting, you too?
I NEED your help friendly candidates!!?
what is something that takes about 3 hours to do?
how to mack your own fake look real tattoo?
Is GCSE art a good course to take?
By popular demand, Donatello's sculptures were placed where?
does anyone make money by drawing pictures?
Do you think men should wear padded jockstraps under their pants to look like they're more virile?
Macbeth?? Discussion questions about Act 2 Scene 3?
Change Iconic Images for my ART?
What is the most powerful message, motto, saying, quote you have ever heard?
The tamaroa was originally designed?
If I have a 400 Watt cab, does it matter what wattage the head is?
What could the word "alibus" mean in Latin?
what is a loved child?
I want to write to Ian Brady?
Gas masks in modern art?
Team Edward or Team Jacob?
How do you say respect in arabic?
how do you get rid of addiction to tion?
Help: Should my girlfriend and I try this stunt?
IS $2500 too much to ask for 1750 cookbooks ranging from 1800s to 1990s?
what makes you who you are??
Are there any social networking sites for Actors?
What makes you truly happy?
I need a service manual for a vintage Necchi miranda sewing machine Gene Cox
Surrealism and Art Deco?
What is landscape? Words related to it?
Are there any card exchange programs?
Are ceramic tobacco pipes glazed on the inside?
What is mankind most dangerous creations?
i need MAJOR help. who is creative or just smart?
I need some creative cheap marketing ideas, please help!?
If you woke up one morning and it appeared that everyone else had disappeared ? what would you do?
can modelling agencies reject you ?
What are vintage printing plates worth?
Which is a better name? Willow or Jennifer?
What are some popular hair styles in the mid-west and on the west coast?
Is it hard these days to live only by art ?
Are you right or left handed?
What would be a good summer project?
I am looking for a website for my creative inspiration..?
whats your favorite COLOR?
I need some ideas :)?
I want to get my daughter into modelling what agency is best in the UK?
How can i incoperate Alice in Wonderland into my GCSE art My World project?
the poem of half sheet of paper?
Are there any girls left in this world who DON'T have tattoos on their lower back?
what is more worse than death?
hey, am an indian. whats wrong with that?
What does the colour red symbolize?
How long is a piece of string?
anyone write a paragraph on junk food?
Who is the world's tallest woman, what is her height?
what is our most destiny?
Whate are the analogies?
Creativity with a doorknob?
Would posting my writing online for public criticism diminish its chances of being published?
Which guitar is better for me?
why is the world round?
Have you checked out
Need help brainstorming for creative nonfiction reflective essay.?
Why do Ticonderoga pencils HB 2 make my handwriting look good compared to Dixon pencils HB 2?
How long should a signature take to be written?
Can somebody translate this? It might be wingdings. ☼■╬ⁿ?
Do you have a favorite...?
Is it possible to erase my memory of a TV show?
in a %, how many people using this service do you think are sincere?
Words or Art?
could someone tell me the differences between neoclassical styles?
What kind of symbol would you use on a coat of arms to represent a musical quality?
Photo contest?
i just finished with my 10th boards?
is it good to be bad?
why doesnt god listen to us when we need him most? He does reply but why not when it is urgent?
What was life like in the 1890's?
can u make the best bait bucket poem?
What are some creative hobbies a 13 year old boy can do?
Do you like this poem?
how matter and energy have combined to create light knowledge?
master sword maker in japan?
Why was Roman Emperor nero Cruel?
im in the middle of a project called 'Outhere' using non traditional materials, any ideas?
Functions and origins of psychological testing?
Favorite quote?
I need some homemade gift ideas?
Color of Victory?
what r the things that begins with letter U?
When will the movie of Ayn Rand's book Atlas Shrugged be out? Does anyone know when it will be released?
What is one event that changed your life?
What is aztec art and how is it different from Mayan art?
I cant find any sites with antique animal figurines, or tea cup & sausers/single old plates?
Just smoked weed/cig i feel tingly. am i gonna die?
Creative book presentation ideas? help! please?
Er...quick question?
What is 2 girls 1 cup?
What do you think of these ideas for my blog name?
Identify me connections between inner environment of cells and of the inner environment marine ecosystem.?
Mate selection music????
Help-Need a story/poem/paragraph---?
what is caste discrimination?
How do you become lucid in a dream?
nature verus nuture?
Art ideas !?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
Have my art "thing" gone forever?
OK- If you could "change" something about YOU in high school what would have been? Real or Imagined.
Cast Molding of Pregnant Torso...?
What are some creative ways to present a project?
How do people print bright, vibrant colours?
Would you be as a peeping tom if you saw inside my heart before I did?
Over two years later and still getting previous occupants mail.?
Fear, does it sell more then love?
how can we be satisfied with our husband?
Have you ever really contemplated the intimate and powerful nature of writing?
Are headshots from a local mall photo studio good enough to send them into agencies? Read the details!?
What is an interesting subject to write about?
what is externalised conscience?
Is this a good idea for my GCSE Art Journal, URGENT!?
Has anyone gone to MELANCHOLIE in Berlin??
Will we know everything?
Why do Darwin said that human are from apes? Any prove?
i am looking for some cool ways to earn money for a high school art club?
Tu t'appelles comment?
stupid question but idk why i am asking?
What is art? What defines art?
A helping hand for my website please?
What font did "Freaks and Geeks" use for their titles?
Rembrandt's approach to depicting light in painting?
if you were stuck on an island, what kind of diary would you have? (be creative)?
how to gobsmack someone?
Where can I find graphic and drawing downloads?
how would you write a reflective essay on term-work,reseacher skills?
Who are your heroes ..( that aren't relatives )?
what contribution did impressionist make to the future of art?
who made this art cover on a record album?
What is your definition of non verbal communication? You definition. ~thanks?
is David Copperfield for real?
i dont have fun with my best friend anymore!?
Are those 'TEXT' psychics real? or is it just a scam?
How do I find out if my antique is valuable?
What really amazes you?
Good furry writers sites?
do you believe in fate?
what is Hitler's last name?
Does anyone know Katelyn Rose Lentz????
how an i contact an anonymous member on facebook?
How much does talent have to do with being "good" at something? For ex: Can anyone sing well (at least,
How many latins are in here?
I've been looking for a web site in english or spanish with current anime releases ( news,list, or episodes )
whats the plastic things on the ends of shoelaces called?
training needs anlysis questionnaire?
DeviantART help? whats with watchers?
How to move from animals theme to 'Alice in wonderland' theme?
Art uversities art college around the world?
If you're really bored, have you ever put a black marker spot on the bottom of your fingernail?
If you have sex in a church where she goes every sunday...?
i wish i had a doraemon,where could i buy one?
what is the girl version of naggin by the ying yang twins?
how to impress a girls?
What sights did you come across when you visited the Enchanted Forest?
i want to write a letter to the principal about the new project ?
hey.. i wuz wondering wuts a camel toe.. i mean i herd of it but i have no idea wut it is:S.. does nywon kno?
Anybody creative and arty come here pleasee!!!?
WHich is the tallest man made structure?
How much should i list this picture for?
What can we do to make Bono take all the money he and U2 made last year and end poverty?
Can you name anyone more modest than I am?
I am self-confident, self-controlled & disciplined & hardworking, energetic, decisive. But you? U plse in 2007
I like really unique names. Can you think of anymore?
International "nothingdo"-ers assocaiton? How this sound to you?
Tell me an original poem?
where can u buy a infinity symbol? (in NSW) west sydney?
What is the museum of death all about.?
I just got glasses and im getting made fun of.?
top 10 albums of classic singers?
Does date of birth have any affect on the career prospect of a person?
Creative thinking. ( I need help)?
Can you get good at drawing even if your terrible?
What do you call this torture machine?
What is your most beautiful memory ?
who's seen a ghost?
What does ' Lion Heart ' mean?
What time is it?
Do you like my poem? just say what you feel?
if your life was a color.....?
how to get rid of corruption in INDIA?
Do you think Graffiti is Art or Vandalism ?
What is this art assignment telling me to do?
Childhood is the happiest time of your life - do you agree?
Can you rank these colleges' writing programs?
who is Sir Gabriel Tolkowsky?
Please give Feedback on my writting/Rap Verse(1-10)?
Zippo info - Solid brass, says: 1932 to 1985, <engraved> Pally?
Anyone have a Name to suggest? .s?
Why is it so difficult to find thought provoking questions?
I need to find someone to paint a mural in my room?
What is a responsibility of a laos woman?
Hi, from Japan, let me tell you a eerie story, a 6 years old Japanese kid sometimes speaks fluent English?
my husband wants to start framing pictures where could we sell?
I have a original pencil art of guy s. fairlamb. I would like to know what it's worth.?
Vango or Leonardo?
Hello, I dram lions on my front lawn?
What's a good theme for a writing portfolio?
Red or blue???????????????
Without shoes for a year or hot water which would you choose and why?
Where can I get an artist to illustrate my book?
How little is too little a dose for SSRIs?
If you were a chess piece, which one would you be?
if there was no such thing as religion?
Little help on names for characters?
i hate alot of people & i want to know how to get more friends then enemies.How do i make people be my friends
How do you make reading pdf or a book from pc more comfortable?
Please help me !! Major art problem!!!?
How do you make a heart using the letter X on the computer?
what would be a character perspective in a poem ..give an example?
Any ideas on how i can make the geared tuning and what strings to use in ukulele?
In what year was Jesus Christ born?
What's the first thing that comes to your mind when you see the word~?
what are the most important exhabits on rural developments to be held in 2007?
what is your favorite movie/band/music quote?
What is the origin of the word "boycott" in English?
have any of you achieved what u really want to and pls tell me what it is?
what are some t-shirts with logos on them from the 70's??
Has anyone discovered the greatest mind of the 29th century:--G.K. Chesterton?
Can you refer to someone as 'The Jewel in the Crown'?
I have a photography project & idk what to do..?
I want to give you Rs.1500?
has any one had a dream that when they wake there head hurts?
You know any website that......?
If you could be anyone else?
is there an archive of past post secret cards out there?
Help: art/Creative block?
What do you want out of life?
DO you think swine flu is the beginning of....?
Why is depressing music considered beautiful?
can someone give me a list of names?
I need CREATIVE people?
I once met a man with a wooden leg named Smith. Whats the name of his other leg?
i need help does anyone have a good creative project for the religious effects of the black death?
What do you know about an artist of over 50 years ago named C. Carlis?
How to make homemade pins? (See below)?
i need help finishing a poem. i understand that 'poetry is your soul' and all that crap, but i need help
What do you think about murals? Is it art or vandalism?
Can anyone help me with a research project on performing art auxiliaries?
What are some pretty girl names?
Why are guys so romantic at first, then they peter out..?
What would you do if your creativity was vastly improved while under the influence of drugs?
are there any autions on that I may go to and bid?
paper gun that shoots cap gun ammo?
Can you give me a title to a poem I composed?
What riddle remains to be solved by music research?
Organdy, tulle, or netting for EGL petticoat?
If nothing feels right and nothing feels wrong what is the problem???
glitch morrisey looking for 1341 not A134 or 1134 troops advancing up to Scotland?
Why cannot any indian relocate and buy property in the state of jammu and Kashmir?
I would like an any opinion of my writing. I am not looking for specifics just general opinion. Thanks!?
according to you what sort of acton will i take against a person whos has or tried to betray me?
what are some man-made structures?
What form in music is "Tutto lo di" by Orlando di Lasso ?
WHAT IS THE THING THAT ANNOYS YOU MOST? For an example: The grime on your shower stall or The smell of wet dog
What type of art did existentialism inspire? What type of theology?
i just asked a question...?
Is street art an example of pop culture-- does it fit the definition?
Pumpkin carving ideas?
how can i get my poems published?
pottery mark identification?
How do u think I can program my subconscious mind??
Is this a good poem?
Help ! on being shyyy?
How long is the life of our Blue Earth?
How can some one in Iran become a UNICEF member?
I need some creative cheap marketing ideas, please help!?
what makes you feel like crap?
Is goddammit a curse word or is it just a bad word?
what's your dream last night?
How do you clean oil paints out of a paintbrush?
Gymnastics Shirt sayings?
was mona lisa PREGNANT / thinking of her KIDS the secret of her smile?
Is it elephantastic?
how many different types of sticky tape are their?
What would the world be like without the heterosexual male sex drive?
Is my story any good? ?
are any of yall famous im usher my gf is name ed raven?
Would you say Art and music influences what tastes you like a bit?
How would you evaluate the use of 3D technology in the media to present the depth and tell stories?
teach an old dog new tricks???
girls, how often do you wear your sneakers or boots without socks? and if you do why?
'Free hugs' campaign for teens?
how can i make a paper marsha volcano plz help ?
Are there any charity organisation in the me.?
what site allows me to write and post my poems?
Is there a way to change the binding on a guitar?
how bad do you personally think this picture is?(please be nice!)?
Creative people help!! ?
How do I get to becoming a script writer or present my ideas to those in charge?
i need picture of people who made familytree sho me how a familytree picture looks?
who has stolen something in a store and what?
What's a cute care package theme?
any creative ideas?need your opinion?
Was New Orleans disaster a will of God ?
Help me! Has anyone graduated with a Bachelors of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies?
If I cover a glass container in fimo clay is it safe to bake in the oven?
What do you think about Israel?
Brother LS-2125i Sewing machine: Good or Bad? & if so would you say its better than Project Runway LS2300PRW?
Another poem just for all the fans out there! (And others)!?
Is there any material or certain way to make a knife?
can you give us your favourite invention?
Where can I get Polymer clay in Singapore?
i wish i had a doraemon,where could i buy one?
Please, think very much with care :?
Even though you are older do you still feel like a kid?
how old are you?????
As a girl could I make money by just video chatting strangers on the internet? NEED MONEY!?
how hot does glass need to be to be anneiled?
What's your favorite quote?
I'm trying to find out if this cameo brooch is costume jewelry or if it's an antique.?
help. i want to save my life, or "communicate" with others?
A question about Cross Ballpoint Pens.?
what is ulegy???(@ least i think th@s how u spell it?????????
Can a short story be this short?
creative people asap?
Can you write a haiku about life please?
What type of job is availabe to someone with a Bachelor's or Master's degree in the field of poverty.?
what is the best way, to learn Finnish language?
when and where is the miley cyrus concert at?
I need some creative tumblr title ideas?
Is she out there? This is unusual for most.?
If you could be a leaf, what tree would you come from?
What is the most inspirational quote to you?
What exactly is a rave and a mosh pit?
Wnat is a cute name for a baby girl?
what is the similarities b/w a human & animal?
what is the N64 game that throws rock in it?
I'm not good at anything?
what would be your favorite song that reflects your personality? and why?
how old is colbie caillat?