What is the better violin choice among these two -- A China-made Bachendorf, or a Dynasty?
Anyone compose a song for me?
How can i make my dream come true by meeting Justin Bieber???!?
how can censorship affect the monetary value of a work of art?
A poem for my beloved fiance Amber?
Did other countries go through as many cultural changes as the United States(america)?
Uses of a imaginative!!!?
Pl can i prepare?
About this tiffany vase?
what do you think about my arty website?
I have a roll of 1923 B.U. Peace Silver Dollars, how much are thy worth?
Could a medieval servant gown hide a baby-bump?
why is the sky blue?
In which modern State of India was the ancient university of Nalanda located?
What's a good nickname for me?
Whats your favorite colour?
What would be the best way to make home made die for tee shirts with your friends for a hippie day at school?
how did child labor change a child's lifestyle?
in your think,when the man keep his hir to be long like the woman that's good or bad?
how to annotate and document my work in my art sketchbook ?
within how many year india will devepole in this world????
i have a kiln and would like to know more about using it.?
Comments on my poem...?
how do i learn to sing?
best sites for creative writing articles?
Black or White Which is the best?
Do you feel good when you get a thumbs up?
Can I get my head mounted when I die?
How was the Renaissance art Diffrent from the art of the middle ages ?
define: "leadership" respond ASAP?
What is so wrong with being emo?
a que se refieren con cantar con ocho octavas?
Explain this dream to me?
do u believe love at first sight ?
What does the following letter and numbers mean on the back of an art print.. W/5/35/64?
marching on main street? I NEED HELP ASAP!?
Good question to prompt comments about art?
The Current Art Scene in Singapore?
looking for a really good wristwatch?
can anyone?
How much do you get a year if you choose any related jobs in art?
what were Robert E. Lee's Choices during the civil war, and what were the consequences?
what is duralumin made up of?
Is there a specific piece of art, literature, or music that displays many different cultures in it?
What is your opinion about my poem?
how can i improve my personality and what books by whom i have to read and which type of book i have to read?
where can i download legally free MP3?
What would a corpse look like at a funeral if the person didn't die in one piece?
do dreams come true?
do you think that bi chicks should have to choose which they prefer?
what does register mean??
Will someone please seriously tell me how I can become a film set decorator or set dresser?
The four major components of the Art and Humanities are visual art,music,dance,drama/theatre.?
There is some one inside me who doesnt stop crying?!?
I hate it when I hear people say, "I'm Starving!"?
Do we Trust amazon???
Could software create an "illusion" with WORDS and storylines the way M.C. Escher created optical illusions?
Should I join BBYO?
how much does an jasper original japanese table cost?
Should we always start with ‘Basics’ ?
i am a chubby ninteen year old lost 10 pounds already now i weight 153 im 5 4'?
Vampire names please!?
will virtual reality takes over interior architecture?
I need somebody's help?
what is our most destiny?
I wonder if someone can give me informations about a painter named *Castelli* and his painting "BED TIME".
How much is my Victrola worth and where could I sell it?
what is the relation of communication to research?
how do homeless peeps survive killer winters?
can you do a reading on your footprint?
Rate my poem please! 1-10 1 being bad and 10 being good?
"Do you find it annoying when people quote from the classics?" - Cicero?
~*~Worhol Films~*~?
how to become an art-director?
2004 50p Roger Bannister reverse UK ?
What are the impacts of tourism on the Peak District and how does the local council etc control and compensate?
What is a good book on art history?
how can we girls know if a guy is in love with us or if they just like us as a friend?
what is it called when everything is in black and white and one object is in color?please and thanksss?
please help with sing language?!?!?
Which color describes you?
Does anyone have any tips to improve my "morphing" ability?
do any one know what do do when a boy likes u a keeps on feeling on yo butt and u dont like him?
Ideas for a HUGE art project please?
where the humanity has gone? can"t we bring back ?
Whats your favourite colour?
If you had the power to do anything you wanted what would you do?
What would you like to ask?
Flash mobs... how to?
If you had a planet for your own, how would you named it?
what is the best poem web sit?
what would you call today's most advanced art? try yourself out in answering?
Do you like this poem i bro always makes fun of the poems?
What do u think about Sexual discrimination ?
good hook?
Introduce me Art university or college in Netherlands?
Can anyone tell me what poetic elements are in the poem "Within my Reach!" by: Emily Dickinson?
This is a question for , Inc.?
what am I?
why young people fall in love?
lesson books/curriculum to improve from average to upper level on saxophone?
what jobs can I get as a creative writer?
Help on analyzing this work of art?
I REALLY need a science project and i do not care what it is JUST TELL ME QUICKLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
what is the symbolism of the flower "alium"?
what will you recommend to a beginner guitarist?..?
Art party in Amarillo, TX?
Info on Irish tin whistle?
is there a cup of grail?
whats best beating up blokes or hugging them ?
what are some poetic devices in the poem Please Don’t Read This Poem?
What colours do colour-blind people see?
How much do airbrush hoodies cost?
poem about grandpa?
Has art ever impated your life/personality?
What should I be when I grow up?
Art and Theater... DOUBLE MAJOR!?
what does an orchestra conductor study?
How to become a model? ?
What is this music piece called in the background of the clip?
Which is most important Killing with guns or peace thru dialogue and dialogue alone?
Hobbies for a 15 year old girl?
So, I'm writing this poem for my girlfriend and I need some help?
Where can i find background art for my tattoo?
need quotes about getting past tough times?
what will you do if you are told that it is the last hour of your life?!?
i want to do a fun craft what should i do?
Who in the world, really any where in the world, benefit from your education ? explain?
What do you think of Brazil and Brazilians?
What topic for college art project?
What is the purpose of life on Earth since our destiny is not here and all we are living for is VANITY?.?
If you are female and you wish you could be hypnotized by Kaa the snake, say yes please.?
Any ideas for this essay..?
how long should i be with a guy before sleeping with him???
Does anyone know how to get an artisits name out in the world?
I just took a hepatitis test. I got an A, two Bs and a C. Is that a good score?
If you could have one superpower, what would it be?
Eligibility for the Molson Prize?
tattooing and reference drawing?
Do you know a good reflection poem or bible verse?
What is a creative title for this paper?
What is a kodak? I feel stupid... help?
I am very shy to start to tell someone that I like. I afraid to disappoint?
What are some secluded public places!?
How would you define an artist, can you see if someone is artistic?
Is it safe to sit on my roof?
May someone help me in maintaining my guitar?
Do you know a poem titled "At Mud Lake in the Morning" by Michael Cleary?
what should i use to clean my sword?
What is a good project name?
What can I do to put up quotes in my room?
Best Answer Hoax. come on!?
does anyone know where there is a visable online babbing code online?
What tones do these show? HELP!?
where to buy a flag with just a tiger or a tiger paw on it?
What's Jimmy “JJ” Jue (casting director) e-mail?
I like...............?
Ok, why is the sun hot?
What does art and english have in common?
What is the difference between angry and pissed off?
Why do Europeans shower so little compared to the "Great Americans"? Is it a European union cultural thing?
Character names, please?
Would you rather go to a museum or a library?
Are you awake?
I am going into a college?How can I make friends?
need some famous feminist art? having trouble finding some.?
i need tips on putting on a church based style show for the month on december,also a theme,?
Can anyone tell me the easiest and least embarassing way to tell one of ur guyfriends u like them?
What can i create this journal about?
reeeeaaally bored, what can i do at home?
Good names for fake highschool?
An art question: Anyone help me put these art phases into the right order according to chronological facts?
do any girls wear sneakers without socks all the time and enjoy wearing them sockless? if so why do you?
Who is the best dj in the world?
What is the name for a silhouette on the bottom of a tea cup?
the four factors that affect exposure?
Why saxophone varieties are more common?
help! i have to make an abstract paint about a meaning for beauty?
Were Collins software development methodologies subverted ?
Was the painting in Le Divorce a real painting? What was its real name and who painted it?
Can you think of a better word?
what specific dogmas are placed under questioning and scrutiny in the inferno?
Do you think ur the best?
how old is daddy yankee?
Where can I find this?
how to fish for crappie?
where are some awesome places to take photos in the middletown area?
do you think science can assure humanity a safe future in this world?
What Pop Art artists are there (classic and modern)?
Japanese Mythological Art Question?
What is logging used for?
Should i fight?
What Goes in Graphic Design Portfolios?
Why some people don't believe in GOD?
why people prefer cheap thing to expensive thing?but they know the expensive thing quality is more good than a
do you like bieng made fun of on the web?
Some speeches with at least 500 words?
creative titles for an essay about oscar wilde's "the importance of being earnest???"?
Who is Selfish under this situation?
Iz this kweschun speld wright?
what is a mesolithic in art?
Has anyone heard of a cream that helps to lighten/fade tattoo's.?
are you an artist of any kind?
Can anybody answer this question?
what should be on a card catalog?
What subject gets you all fired up, and why ?
If both are correct. Is there a capital letter after the ! mark. "Hi! how are you?" or "Hi! How are you?"
how stupid would religion look if God was female?
what can i hump that really works well?
What is the best way to paint a kite made out of plastic sheeting??? I need the answer befor Friday!!!?
Art major help (already have the concept)?
Has anyone seen a real rainbow in the sky?Would you like to share your experience.Name country too.?
Read My Introduction on my story and tell me if its good. Please.?
Cheap morph Suits In Toronto?
What Do you think of My poem?
Can someone tell me what a 'Chav' is ?
just answer what you think is well, the answer. How did life start and what chose the rules and restrictions.?
What is your ultimate destination in the next 5 years?
I need an epic speech please!!!?
what can i do with old and scratched up cd's?
I'm making a Jason McCann love story. Any ideas on names?
'Different' kinds of Elements?
What would be a good name for an assassin?
Why doesn't the heart shape look like an actual heart?
Do you like my poem just say what you feel?
What does Claire de Lune make you think of?
what are the alternative products or things we can use to clean and maintain a hair that is dreadlocked?tnx?
What was the most thought provoking question you've ever answered.?
what is the hindi meaning of nikush(its a name)?
Help, climax, resolution?
Art Homework Help =)?
What year and is it possible to fix our Seth Thomas grandfather clock?
why do we take tension when we failed in our mission& we hardworked for this,will u saysuch personsTOCOOL?
How do judges determine the ratio decidendi in a case?
Is all the world REALLY a stage?
2008 10+2 result list?
Who are the Monsters in Greek Mythology?
what is this "treasure chest" thingy midjiggy, something to do with the public domain and publishing ?
Could you tell us what are amongst the most excellent questions ever asked?
Whose song is We Will Rock You ?
where can i find good poems about grandfathers?
help? i have writers block!?
if you could build a art piece out of materials from nature what would you use and where would it be place and?
How to sell an antique?
Is sketching a type of art style?
how to impress a rude girl?
Photoshop: Blonde Hair to dark black hair?
whos the better calassic piano composer?
Please read my poem....and rate it out of 10???
If you were the only person on the planet, as it is today, what would you do?
What color do you get if you mix red with pink?
Looking for online art guides for beginners?
I need help coming up with a few names?
What to wear to a teen art show?
Funny/unique nicknames?
Need help for a title for my album?
i need a new job help?
GCSE Art help. please?
Anime Conventions 2012 in Houston?
Shakespeare- looking for a line from one of his plays?
Children's Maturity Level?
Where can I get Naruto screenshots with out the characters in them?
Special Creative book project? Ideas please?
are there any autions on that I may go to and bid?
When writing a portfolio on a wooden & metal shelf, what would you write in the statement of intent?
Does anyone know where I can find Precious Moments Christmas Stocking Patterns?
Hey I want to guys to come up with a full form for the name "Pratik"?
What exactly is the DaVinci's code? About is he saying about God or Jesus?
Help! I am trying to learn how to make out (have sex) with someone. Any advice?
how do you like this poem?
Creative Projects for Human Trafficking?
Secret of height!!!!!!!!?
whats the plastic things on the ends of shoelaces called?
how fast in mph can the Bellagio water fountain shoot water?
modern art or silly mistake?
How do I find back issues of the Saturday Evening Post, specifically the late 1940's?
I am self-confident, self-controlled & disciplined & hardworking, energetic, decisive. But you? U plse in 2007
What kind of funny or interesting things can i do during my pregnancy?
what is the meaning of lathala, it is tagalog word?
cotton bowl party ideas?
Help! Fan won't stop spinning.?
is ancient egyption love poetry the same as our conception of romantic love?
What do you guys think about the voilence the little children are getting?
what do u think about the color blue?
What would be a good reseach topic ?
What is something creative to wear to a 20's themed dance?
Where can I buy a writing journal?
Losing Interest After Mystery Is Broken?
what does 'dont' waste the pretty' mean?
not precious moments?
What are some ideas for a poster of peace?
i have authentic Revell model ship called the u.s.s. constitution,date 1955. complete looking for value?
I am torn between to many career paths to decide what to do with my life?
Who Is That Emo/Scene model, Very pretty With Jet Black Hair?
Do you think beautiful is the most important thing for a woman?Say the truth!!!Seriously!!!?
Please help as soon as possible!?
public domain cartoon?
Is there good persons on earth with good thoughts?
Would I still be able to compete...?
If you could transform into any animal what animal would that be?
Have you ever thought of it? The mirror cheats.?
Any other anti war paintings besides Picasso's Guernica? I think I need 5 of them..?
I need to know about Tragicomedy .. Greek?
What is your opinion of Paris Hilton?
How do you delete albums on Deviant-Art?
What satisfies your creative cravings on a daily basis?
Information about artist Patricia?
How can art represent the ideas and value of a culture?
what, in your opinion, is the bee's knees?
How many books do you read in a year?
Choral Group will sing this song "You Light Up My Life" words & music Joe Brooks need blog for song,
how to be colorful .......?
What poem has the lines "Years have passed by, and left their trace, yet hath thy spirit left on me..."
What pre 1914 love poems do you recommend?
What makes you woman enough?
what are some contributions made by art rooney?
How does someone walk with confidence?
What makes a poem great?
who here is psychic? reallypsychic?
how much is a original lithograph signed by joseph margulies "absorbed in study"?
What is a good name for a crazy old man?
Personal experience on ambition which either lead to success or downfall?
why do two compounds have different meanings eventhough they have similar parts?
What should I do for my art project ?
Can real Marijuana be used as a prop in a film?
Names for a love story?
Im so confused about my hidden talent?
a monologue pondering thing what do you think?
How can I be a good dama?
Art project - I want to take delicate miniatures and put them in gelled balls.... where to go?
do you have any idea about moeris?!?!?
How can i show my parents that i am ready to be a leader in traing at my camp that i get to go in the area?
I have to write a speech for a pageant?
should i follow my dream?
What figurative language is in Should've Been A Cowboy by Toby Keith?
rap, country, pop, hiphop, or rock?
how to make men understand wht woman mean? so frustating.?
What web sites offer free public domain music WITH licenses so that I can use in film production?
what is that can makes your day the longest in your life?
can anyone do me a favor and tell me if you like this?
Whis is the most dangerous weather. Example: tornados, earthquakes rain storm?
Was Frost in New Hampshire or Vermont when he wrote "Stopping by Woods"?
What is this style of art called? (described in details). Please help!!!?
How do I log in to
The time when you have been..?
Name of characters like "LOVE IS"?
Why doesn't hardly anyone wants to show there picture?
what is the mathematical formula for beauty?
a poem of mine plz reveiw it?
why people saying that blonds are stupid?
old Art print with particle board like backing?
What do I need for a Chinese Wish Lantern party?
does anyone know if there is a place online to find out the worth of Campbell's soup 100th edition collectible
how can i get a list of all the possible careers and occupations in us with a description and salary?
What college majors deal with oral interpretation?
where could i find police photo of myself?
Where Is The Best Place To Hide My Diary?
how can i put a word in an animated gifs picture?
For every question answered, more questions arise. Do you think it the questioning will ever stop?
Drawing a shark websites?
could anyone please give me a step-by-step method on how to open my third eye safely? thanks!?
Why do Americans use the ?word "up" so much? I wake up, I throw up, I pick up, I lift up, I'm fed up--what
What is the name for this kind of art?
how do I write in the middle of the page going down?
What is a good subject of a story? I want to write a book but don't know what it should be about.?
Is god real?
Can any one give me a value on an 1758-1810 painting of Mrs.Williams by John Hoppner?
all u thinkers think!?
its easier to get soemthing out of ____, then to get soemthing out of her; if she is good at keeping secrets?
What book did you read lately?
What's a body tie? I know it refers to the mafia but I don't know what it is.?
Acrostic poem with tennis?
looking for a flame-less torch?
what are some good movies at are coming out that are worth renting?
Where can I sell purchased art in Chicago?
What is "chewin the cud" ?
Can I put active pickups in an esp eclipse?
How do Lava lamps work?
Am I inhuman or what?
Where can i commision someone to make a little figure of a person?
Can you help me with an art essay?
What's the weirdest thing you've ever heard of?
I can not convince if it is true that Bush is not fighting Islam could it be true?
I want to work at DisneyWorld?
Is love before marrige is good or bad?
I need help with an art project?
What would you turn into?
Is there any art competitions in the uk 2012 ?
What are some good research sites ?
What are some poetic techniques used here?
For an art work, what exactly does it mean to be " after a Greek work of 450 B.C."?
How did art made you more aware of your surroundings and/or environment?
What is "The end of the World" in Chinese?
How do you make a yin yang friendship bracelet?
Is Choi Sung Bong's story fake?
art issues...:(?
how are you enjoying your christmas so far?
Would 'Making Out' be considered PG-13?
Can an Art dealer represent art, from an archaeologist ?
As a teen, Looking for a major is hard any ideas..?
how long should the average domestic toilet last?
what do mean by textile raw matarial?
what is your favorite HOBBIE AND STORES?
I really need good and unique boy and girl names for some short stories that I'm writing?
How come people don't refer to a restroom as a lavatory anymore?
Creativity with a doorknob?
Three mutally perpendicular planes are called what?
im trying to find a tattoo of a number seven can you help?
what is this place called in wisconsin?
Why am I not arty like the rest?
where is the best music university in canada/toronto?
What can i make out of this old victorian vent?
Where can I get a replacement (mouthpiece for clarinet)?
Can you tell me why does this happen?
What will you remember most about Michael Jackson's art ?
I need 2 no everything bout brass!!?
how do you tell someone thank you very much for their help? I found Leif Espinosa website. Thank you Tanya B?
Is it possible to combine writing, listening to my favorite song, and exercising at the same time? XD?
Interesting Item For Sale?
how to market my drapery business?
If you wielded the sort of power that Genghis Khan did, how would you use it?
When did you find out what you wanted to do in your life?...?
If you had 3 wishes?
where can i find dj classes?
I am going to a music festival this weekend and Snoop Dogg and Hank Williams J.R. are playing at the same time
what do u think about the arabic people?
What is your favorite french word?
what is a sound installation;explain?
I am in urgent need of your help!?
what is the meaning of abduct?
Would a nude woman with "Crime Scene" tape around her stomach make a good art piece? (Title: "Abortion")
Substitute for toilet paper rolls?
where r the girls of magdalene today the 3 main characters in the story ?
Vietnam War Visual Project Ideas? URGENT!?
Things I can do with a vase?
What are some banned art that made a big impact on our world?
What are 5 characteristics of Pop Art?
re did the bathroom and was thinking if there is a poem or limerick to hang by the tiolet so people clean up?
Im doing an art project on love?
counterfeit banknotes and stamps?
In what site can I cut the body of an actress/actor (like Miley Cyrus), & paste it to my picture, online free?
What is the definition of Space when there is no void or empty spaces?
Why the guy next to me keeps saying "furry cat" twice in a row every two or three minutes?
4 objects that can be handled only by the index finger?
Need help coming up with a creative idea using only these specific items.....?
Do you think its possible to learn to be creative?
any one ready to share the technics of making staines glass art?
I need an answer, for points?
what was the name of the character in GONE WITH THE WIND who said" frankly my dear i don't give a damn
Is the art instruction school a scam?
Who creat whole world?
Im trying to get into modeling, but i have no time to because of school. Any suggestions?
I need help naming my story, what should I name it?
what is the significance of a bird on the top of a house Chinese style?
I've been with mail since 1995. Now they gave me a penalty because I dissagreed...?
What are the best 3 numbers?
is there anyone that has a broken computer they can give me because i can't afford a new one that works????
Silver from Silver-Plate?
what can i do after BA (hindi litreture)?
what color is betta? green or pink?
Yearbook question for school!!!??? NEED CREATIVE ANSWERS!?
Have you written poems and entered them in a contest? What is your experience with this?
What is the name of this Elizabethan style of art?
How to attract students to attend art class?
I need a funny new motto?
I am new to santa cruz california and I want to get some more tattoos. Anyone know of some good shops?
Designing a Theme Park?
Anyone know a good poem that features alliteration with the letter "F"?
Why does islamic art use geomatric patterns ?
could THIS be a balled?
Question about writers block and professionals?
where can buy a awl tool?
Good thought-provoking ideas for abstract art? (See Example)?
pirate captain names? plzzzz?
List of odd artists? Photography, painting, drawings?
It's raining and I want to do something creative?
Creative Tumblr Names?
Can you think of a good ending for my Green Goo story?
would you classify Beowulf as a Pagan or a Christian?
The Omnivore's Dilemma?
where can i post my art?
Can you please write me a poem with the word Matty in it?
How much does talent have to do with being "good" at something? For ex: Can anyone sing well (at least,
What do you think about Italy?
can you read and listen to rap music at the same time?
Does anyone know any good student-publishing websites?
Art History help! I just need your guises opinions!?
I'm writing a novel about mecha (robots)?
what is a beaner?
how did Marilyn Monroe have an impact on the world ? or just the 20th century?
Non-Copyright images?
what is one remarkable yet totally ordinary thing about your persona?
What do you do to have fun?
how is gothic novel and subcultre connected with romantism?
For Florida residents. Why don't Florida wages keep up with the cost of living? I am in the Tampa Bay area.
Is my art good enough for comissions on Deviantart?
(FEMALE/19) Do I have a good singing voice?
If someone´s peeing on steps, is it art?
Okay, I know there's no such thing as 'writer's block' but it seems I've lost the ability to write well.
what is best abt islam and koran?
HOW do you ?........?
What do you want to be in the future?
what are raves??
Why we call it sinday?
Creative short story based on Dante's inferno?
i need ideas of what kinda video to make......?
What would you say in a three minute play?
Where can I buy cheap Iwako Erasers?
did Jesus realy exist?.?
What do you think of...?
Name the famous persons havne a1'-ve' blood group?
do you like art????????????/?
Is Depleted Uranium,used in explosives in Iraq,slowly killing soldiers and people,with radiation?
Creative Bill Ideas...? :)?
What do u think about Sexual discrimination ?
where can i find easy paterns of knitting on web or does anyone have any who can share with me?
Tell me what you think about each saying?
Team Edward or Team Jacob?
For a school art project......?
What is a nice website to get a satellite view of weather?
Who's the cooliest person you've ever talked to on this ask question thing?
what is the best time-pass activity one can do at home ?
What do you think of my Poem?
Whats a good entry level air brush kit to buy and what to look out for?
which is harder for u; creating something new (an image, poem, melody...) or recreating it later, from scratch?
Easy simple halloween costumes last minute...?
How to become an Interior Designer or Interior Decorator?
How can I get my viola's tuning pegs to turn easily?
Half-demon character development help?
Can I put arose art crayon in the microwave?
what are the weirdest things under your bed?
What are some topics for Humanities during Medieval time?
Do you know where Guillermo Vargas Habacuc will be this year. I want to protest his 'work of art'.?
What is TV production assistant?
What are those picture thingys?
how can i be good in kissing?
Question: Being on a Panel?
So, i have art block. why does this have to be 20 characters long!?!? D:< damn you oooooooooooooo?
What does belief in the afterlife have to do with art?
What type of art did existentialism inspire? What type of theology?
Thesis for an essay on baroque art?
Will you please type something random..?
what is a collab in art terms?
i work at a dealership and have a bunch of old keys, i feel bad just throwing them away... any craft ideas?
what is the best street weapon?
How can I get my pickles to stop dancing?
Can this be true? Famed Obama 'Hope' poster artist losing hope?
teens with body art/modification?
one chance only??/?
Any good journaling sites for teens?
Why do ppl pee, when they put their hand in warm water?!?
what are interdisciplinary connections, cultural cross currents, and transhistorical connections?
Someone help me with roman numerals?
hey need to do a paper on oedipus!?
where can i buy american comic books here in s.korea?
Who is your favorite super hero at all times?
How many inches of snow fell this week?? UK only!?
Tell me 3 things-?
How much does it stink that I have just got to level 4 and I have to get all that much again to get to the nex
if a mute swears,does his mom wash his hands with soap??
I need a good name for a superhero?
How do I become an art teacher? I have my undergrad in English - HELP!?
Do you think I'm weird?
does any one know the strumming pattern for imyourbiggestfan byNEVERSHOUTNEVER?
Does anyone know where i can find an original african american slave chant?
Please define Georgian style in one sentence for me?
why is looming not looked the same as hand crocheting or kitting?
Can someone check this please ?
What about painted antiques?
Art craft stores in Los Angeles that sell Ribbon? Michaels? Who else?
Hamlet Question?
How long realistically would it take me to become a good artist?
Does anyone know the theme behind the Guggenheim Museum Bilboa by Frank Gehry and the inspiration behind it?
Does Virgininty still matter?.. for you?
doese anyone know where my brothers or sisters are ive not heard from for 25 years why cant i reply to emailed
what dose it mean?
What to do in London?
I'm tire of asking but I'll ask once more, do you have a clue?
was that you or was it me????
Where can I find a falconer to mentor me?
how much would i hand-painted plate made in occupied japan be worth?
sunrises or sunsets?
Can anyone sale a painting at a big art auction house like "Christies (sp?) or Sotherby's (sp?)??
Please gimme suggestions to complete it.....'you dont need a new year to change your life, -.....'?
what is the best festival you have ever attended?
what do u think of this short poem?
Is there a way to retrieve a foreclosure listing without paying for it?
Who is the hottest man on earth? (Your opinion)?
What's a good airbrush gun?
Can I make a living as a writer/musician? (both)?
What should I do? CREATIVE IDEAS PLZ?
Please help you know any sites where I can find Harry Potter drawings?
Can I Try Out For Band If I Don't Play A Band Instrument?
Help! I need creative ideas!?
How do you read tabs?
grammar question. (stuff like nouns verbs )?
What website would I look up to find this?
why more people in india belives in god?
Am I the only one who finds this---?
what colour ?
Add a letter to SLAM to get a HYMN,add a letter to MUSIC to get AN ART STYLE DEVOLPED BY PICASSO,?
Ughn, love help please!?
can any one tellme this....thailand export of fruits...?
Why do Indians think they're better than everybody else?
How do you attribute something in literature that is already widely known?
are u an ecologist?what do u think of them?
Explain the branches of Art?
why a person fall in love.?
what color would you choose for your kids room?
"Game of perfect 100 percent marks in education and higher education" . ..Ideas for an Article ?
Which is greater? Emos or rappers?
I'm just wondering if u think my avatar is cool?
i need some famous ..can any1 help me? need to be easy to understand.?
about poetic journey.?
Can someone help me on a poem?
provide me the contact address of pandit ashok vasudev of sahara NCR?
GCSE art exam ideas ? Please help x?
Any Beauty Pageant talent ideas?
Good Morning could you suggest a site,I need to know the time and date in all the countries at this moment .?
what are some commercial modeling agencies in NYC?
What is a mythic overtone?
Why are people so 2 faced?
what is the definition to analogous harmony?
should i go to full sail?
Which 2 Thomas Hardy poems do you suggest for me to talk about in front of my peers in class?
I feel so ashamed!! How do I move past this? What is the root of this issue?
what is the upside of self-pity?
Remove Scratches on Black Painted Knife? Confused?
I need help!! Arts and Craft project for School?
What's your reaction to this story.......?
what makes the story of notre dame de paris a great classic?
Good faux fur fabric?
what's the greatest gift one can offer man-kind?
what is the messenger of aaron carter?
what is the climax of the book Fahrenheit 451?
i need some creative advice?
I need some art critiquing help?
Why do u think art matters?
Exact Leather Dyeing?
guys scale of 1-10? im feeling so down today..(pic included)?
I asked this question under a different category and thought I would ask it here also, so here goes :?
I want to write a book, any tips?
once when i seen you iam inloved your couple with agood look and with a great respect you two are very lover?
how do i break up with this guy without hurting his feelings?
Do you think this is rare?
Whats the most beautiful flower you have ever seen?
How do you make a diamond poem? What Goes Where?
Art exam, Texture: Shells VS Feathers?
Who is a pisces and was born March 16th?
Why is life so hard?
who has ever heard of st.joseph missouri?
For Florida residents- I am a longtime resident. Don't you think apartment rents are getting crazy?
Similarities and differences.. Art?
Can we help Paris stay out of jail?
Is there a sound that make you laugh?
What is the website I can make a photo out of words?
I need opinion on this B-Day poem?
How do you write 70 tens?
What kind of weaving are medieval tapestries?
I'm helping a friend choose a band name which should i pick vanishing light or bloody ending?
Art can only be considered good if it's liked by many people. What do you think?
I keep trying to make the backround for my avatar page a pic from photobucket, but it's not doing anything?
Are they any writing completions for teenager which is free but you win money in the uk?
ppl how can i know if my handwriting is wonderful?i feel that its good?
I have a question about PostSecret?
i have something made out of iron that i want to write on. what can i use that won't come of?
How many papulation in the world?
What were considered appropriate hairstyles for older women in the 1780s?
Is this Art Block or is this something else?
which do u think is the best thing u did in life?
need help for arts and crafts for my 4 year old.?
I need some funny Mottos!!! HELP!?
What Behn poems last stanza starts, "Ah love which art more sweet than wine..."?
pop art timeline with any important events discoveries inventions that may have influenced the work of artists
Island of blue dolphins theme & solution?
Is any of this real or not?
vinyl record art ideas ?
What are some good ways to describe a hospital?
i want to take vocal lessons but im only 13, does anyone know anyone that will take a 13yr? near horsham?
Where do I find Old English alphabet charts in various styles?
Im stumped on this! HELP?
what could i do to protect them?
Going to Funeral on Wed, love the guy, hate his family?
End of the world 2012?
is black a real color?
Do girls like a guy who likes art, or no ?
What feelings does this art piece stir up in you?
What are some creative things to make on Minecraft in creative mode.?
What was your favourite film when you were in Kindergarten ?
how i manage my daily routine?
Do people like helping?
Explain what is the diffrence among Corset, lingerie, Cup A, B & C and sports bra.?
Engraved Name Plates for Journal/Book??
I am going to ask for a small favor for our friends hit by the eastern storm, will you join me?
How to become a sitemodel?
what does an orgasm feel like?
simple thoughts from my heart ,love it or leave it but just read it ,?
i need history in the 1960's kitchen. what was the craze with the wird colors?
Will there ever be peace?
who is for life?
Does anyone know any ebncouraging sayings for a teenager?
How was Erna Motna's Bushfire and Corroboree Dreaming similar to Robert Smithson's Spiral Jetty?
What are some ways i can become more creative?
Do you like my name? :D :D :D :D?
Why do Dutch people generally dislike the taste of garden vegetables?
Art Project involving cd's...?
I would like to become a freelance writer...where do I start?
which country has the most forests?
What are some ideas for a club?
Has any musician felt this?
How could women cut up a live pig for pork?
wat is gothic?
If you had a time machine and good go anywhere you wanted but you could only take one trip?
Looking for currency collecting supplies?
I need help with moving along in my story I am writing ...?
What makes something art?
What is the reason behind woman or girls crying when making love?
Why humming bird is flying backword?
what you think you are?
What would you recommend to someone who was mesmerized by the BBC "Wonders" series presented by Brian Cox?
Each individual is different from other. There must be at least two individuals in world with same characters?
human error in aviation operations.Examples on intentional non-compliance, procedural, proficiency error.?
what is the scariest video/ pic you can find on the web?
Would it be "pregnant" or "with child" in the 19th century?
The Bride Comes to Yellow Sky?
Why do people stay in the own social circles?
looking for the name of a creepypasta story it has a man who is trapped in a room and can hear a man narrating?
Looking for tribal-sounding music, with vocals and various instruments?
How is my new poem. plz comment and any suggestions are welcome. its for all who loves rain!!?
what is the herbert putnam award?
My friend made this poem read it and tell me what you think?
If an Attorney had super powers like in a comic book what would they be?
i want a female Dr who live with me in backword area ?
art project?
Ivan Stranski have any siblings?
'star' art project please help:) asap?
Please help me understand this?!?
What was the worst experience of your life? (Non-Competitive)?
Are there any free online antique appraisal sites?
What would you do if you have only a month to live?
where are artist colonies in Florida?
Can anyone help me please ?
Give me some feedback, is my music good? click the myspace link below.?
Is there an online resource to display your works....?
Creative ideas to show spirit?
looking for someone to teach me how to cut and set gemstones?
Getting Creative Revenge?
If the POLICE had to identify YOU, what distinguished mark would give YOU away???
Do anyone like to join our Egyptian Market Group ?
is there anyone from south africa that speaks afrikaans?
what color are my eyes? (pic)?
What are these lights called?
What does the picture mean on facebook with a dinosaur saying "If your happy and you know it clap your...oh"?
Why won't my amp distort the sound?
How can I get American girl to be my girlfriend?
What do you think about these inspiring words that i wrote about youth? ?
In need of a creative partner?
Anyone want to hear some of my famous poetry? I am writing a one about being a virgin at 40, its called...?
How thorough is my following list of the subfields of the Humanities??
need help with this ancient vaporizer!!?
How can I make my life more thrilling/exciting?
Do people still buy paintings nowadays?
describe the reasoning behind contingency viewpoint.why did it emerge?what implications does it have?
are you done with that?
Do I put my art in a binder for an art porfolio?
What is TAPIOCA?
Its an arrangement of columns in which the intercolumniation measures one and a half diameters?
beatrix potter figures collectable valuation please help?
Do you agree with this? See below for more details...?
is p e e i n g in the shower socially acceptable?
Paint Tool SAI Translation website... what is it for?
is there such a thing as moral/immoral art?
Why does it always seem to be ...?
Words that you can make out of amsterdam?
Does this sentence sound dark and evil?
A question about swallowing goldfish (Live ones)...?
What should I do when this kind of things happen? Like.. how should I use self-defense?
what line art represents the Morrigan ?
Have you seen the movie flight 93?
Serious Question, My wife age 58 has diabetes. She was diagnosed 2 years ago is worried about her weight.?
What was your very first Memory?
Anyone ever attended these art schools/universities?
What is the color of the future?
Ideas for spirit week hallway? (90's)?
How can you tell if you really love someone?
where do i find the boy and girl of happiness is?
Why do drive through A.T.Ms have braile (sp?) on the front of the drive up machine?
What are people obsessed with at Colorado? I mean sports,animals,items...ETC.?
Fine Art course at Uni?
does sixth sense be reliable?
How do i know that a woman is statified after sex?
what are you talking about?
What can I do to have my home in a movie?
What is a "bald room"?
Is this a decent poem?
As an art major do I always have to enjoy art?
Is there provable records for UFO from sky?
What examples of art today are comparable to the antislavery poems of the 19th century?
Do U remember your favorite toy ??
please rate my poem....1-10?
How do I learn more about Chinese Scrolls?
Anna Nichole's SON dies in Bahamas !!!?
Can someone help? Please?!?
which thing is most essential for daily life?
what does it mean when you have a dream about kissing both your ex & current boyfriend?
Jealousy Short Story Ideas...?
Is this a good reason to make art?
What does " I am my own keeper" mean?
Tanya iuta deaf look for date?
i wanna learn how 2 play guitar but without a teacher?
What are a movie, song, and 2-dimensional work of art that share the common theme of "disconnect of body and?
Anyone know about French Art?
Where do I find the form and rules to fill out for the designing of the arts guide cover?
What to do when your bored on an farm with no animals?
Music talk?
How do you make oragami boxes?
My date of birth ''14 April 1995'' how old I'm exactly?
Who is a great contemporary african artist I can choose to report on? I need someone with a lot of work?
Bucket List Idea Help?
Does The Last Name Goodson Sound Irish?
flips, and all that awsome stuff?
GCSE Art Theme Help!?
What phrases can I use besides ''I would''?
i need somthing creative to say!!?
What are sketches?
Lately i feel so bored with my daily life, what should I do?
please give me a brief definition of modernism in art?
short story about regret by Langston Hughes?
creative names, help asaapp?
How did the Middle Class emerge and became educated in the 15oos?
What do you think about this poem?
Name for this kind of Persian art, and where to find more?
Does anybody know any website where I can do some Accounting Practice?
How does american dream exist in the film Pursuit of Happyness?
How to educate yourself in the fine arts?
What are the most important events of the 20th century?
Art Project Ideas? PLEASE!?
How do we make the world sweet and loving - give everyone a compassionate heart?
Who can write with two hands here? As in really nice,good writing?
Which canadian universities offer social work degree programs?
How do I put the Japan earthquake in to story form?
THROW AWAY SOCIETY, should it be thrown out?
Small impoverished town in the South?
Who could counsel a person addicted to answering questions ?
Can anyone suggest me an ethical way to get $1000 within 3 days?
What are some racism songs?
yesterday was my big day!?
Where can I get a Don't Worry Club coin?
Have a poem to share ?
Is longpast a word?
What can (or for that matter, can't) qualify as poetry?
why do people dislike greenies?
Any good project ideas for Beowulf?
What is the definition of the word - sutra?
does anyone know how I can the VMA awards on the net?
Raphael, The Woman with a Veil (1516). What Renaissance values do you see displayed in this painting? How does?
Why the F@#% was I even born?
I literally took one hit of pot 18 hours before a random drug test!!?
Where is a good, hassle-free site where I can submit erotic stories for free?
Do the rich and famous still have insecurities in life? Explain further please. Thanks.?
how much bud can a bud smoker smoke if a bud smoker can smoke bud the bud smoker smokes bud how much can it sm
what can I do with a B.A. in Art?
i have a modeling and acting interveiw 2nite. should i be myself, or be something that im not???
Can you be my online mentor? I'm in art!?
If you could offer a newborn child only one piece of advice, what would it be?
can a british person do anime?
Was it a good idea to pick HL Art?
Whats this art school? Any ideas?
Ideas On/For My Project Please?
which do you think is sexier?
A short film I saw in school?
Short Suspenseful Thriller Story?
Guitar Melody Help!!!?
Sheena is....?
New to all this. Can you respond to someone that gave you an awful answer without personally contacting them?
How to get paid for my art?
Tsunami dreams?
How can I get people to stop calling me gay?
The highest form of art in Islam is still thought to be?
10 points for best answer! help, pleease? c:?
What is the real sin of the world people today?
Is it possible to bury yourself?
What physical features are most important in helping create romantic attachments?
I want to make make Buildings but I suck at drawing. Do you need to be a good drawer to be in architecture?
What wuold you ... if you ?
what are the contributions of the Babaylans to the Philippine arts?
How to become a model.?
Who thinks Hannah Montana isn't a very good singer?
Parables in the New Testament?
My ink nib tips arn't working?
where are the diomands mostly found in india?
Y u no get creative? Why?
Would you rather be funny or clever?
rate the poem?
Types of Movement?
what do you choose love or education????
Have you ever eaten anthing gross that you thought was something else?
whats the difference between blended and mixed fabrics?
Latin folk art? does anyone know anything about this?
What are some good names for a tiger?
How do I become a good spy?
why are some people so rude?????
Please help with art project ideas!!!!?
Who is the father of architecture?
i belive you sould not show or teach bible to your kids because it has 10 cases of insist or pornography what?
does anyone have any weird phobias?
What do you think of my poem? I'm wondering if I have a talent or if its just something i should let go.?
is steve ditko dead or alive?
do you like to read?
where can I buy a guitar at a good price for beginners but full size?
Can i use dr.bronners shikakai soap ?
What is haunted jewelry?
Would anyone be interested in joining me for a co-writing?
How would you think of this kissing scene?
my boyfriend's mom's birthday is coming up and im trying to write her a poem but im drawing blanks, help me?
I need some hot guy names!?
Is it more convincing to write a letter typed or written?
How long can i person go without sleep for?
Help me pick a guitar?
what is HB Quaregnon pottery?
Does anyone have piano reduction of any uverture of Beethoven ?
Tell me what you KNOW about Gorillas... Puh~Leeeez!!?
i need help with a creative title!?
I wanna make some art with old beer bottles cheaply, any project ideas?
what is your favrate thang in life?
Would this work as a plane?
What really makes you happy?
what is pubic hair?
What is ART?
Know any Pro-self mutilation sites/networks? The art of hurt!?
how do i gain confidence?
can the autobiographies of famous indian ppl b read on net free of cost?
why do girls have way bigger hearts then men? way more sensitive and emotional?
What are Victorian workhouses?
Penpals needed for art project! Much appreciated!?
do you have any poems about "home"?
Creative poster ideas? 10 POINTS FOR BEST ANSWER!?
I am thinking about getting circle tatoos, any help on what a cirlce symbolizes?
finding historical panting of thailand. please help, i need ten artwork?
Is UK crochet the same as Austraila?
Do any of you work at Starbucks? Or do you know someone who has/does work there?
Can someone explain these 3 differences: Classic,Vintage,and Antique. Thank you?
what qualities should have judging for ahonest man?
what is a DAG? i know do you lol?
What's the difference between?
What is the Live Nation Presale code for One Direction?
I need to find some coffee pics?
How do I prepare Chinese Silk pictures to look smooth and flat before getting them framed ?
What name for my Design/Research?
how would you "classify" this art theme?
help with lizard or snake uni-tard?
What is art? jhgdjhgkdjfhgkdjhgk?
Where the Tajmahal is situated?
design a box!?
How would I defend the position that fine arts is a necessary part of the curriculum for a college bound stude
whats the first thing you think of when you wake up in the morning?
How much is a 1972 Slava travel alarm clock worth?
what is your goal in life ?
With regard to industrialization, Britain differed from countries of the Continent in that...? A or B? Help!?
What are some creative things to do when you're bored?
What are some art based jobs?
Parallelism in history as expressed through art exhibits:?
i need to get ideas to do social activities with mentally ill and homeless people in a community setting?
if united way is going to help me with rent and power do i need to bring my bills?
what u think what is life?
Advertising or Fine Arts major?
What do the names Charlie, Sofia and Michelle mean?
Can a color changing pipe be all clear? ?
What are the similarities between pure maths and art?
Creative roses are red poems?
Details on this art???? ?
does anyboyd know Tina a dater from the show mtv next?
How to educate yourself in the fine arts?
Private vs Public School?
What are 3 important things?
How do people print bright, vibrant colours?
Where can I find pop art on the internet for free?
Lovely People Off Answers, Can You Help My Friend?
François Méchain's photographs...?
Rate my Poems plz and tell me what you think of them.?
for the development of the mind?
Drawing then try something else or no?
Creative titles for project plz?
Calling all creative and critical thinkers...?
2004 50p Roger Bannister reverse UK ?
Talent show ideas?